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  1. (( This is an open, public thread - like the various 'stand in line' threads around the forums, but not so structured. Feel free to distract Dash from her writing somehow, or to just have random hijinks happen nearby, inspiring her for her upcoming scenes! Have fun, feel free to be crazy. )) Rainbow Dash had been considering this a long, long time. It was the perfect story. A young mare, growing from an unpresupposing beginning to becoming Captain of the Wonderbolts! And, of course, the dramatic and gripping adventures along the way. She'd figured out all sorts of things about it ... but the one thing she hadn't done yet, was actually start writing it. The idea was the hard part thought! She'd knock this out in an afternoon! She had a saddlebag full of parchment, a whole case full of freshly sharpened pencils, and she settled down in Ponyville's cafe to a fresh cup of coffee. Ahhhh. (sip) How to begin? Well ... first, she needed a name for the main character. She'd already figured she couldn't call the character 'Rainbow' in any way. That'd never work. But she'd come up with the perfect name... Aurora. She wrote the name down. "Aurora," she said to herself. It was lovely. In fact, if she ever had a foal, she'd want to name her foal that. Not that she had to worry about that anytime soon. But it wasn't ... quite ... there, for a truly legendary character in a book. Aurora .... something. Something with a prism? Prisboom? Aurora Prisboom. No, let's suggest princesses... Sunprism? That was nice! Except Aurora was a 'night' name. Starprism! Even better! "Aurora Starprism." she whispered. Then, lower voice, trying out its dramatic overtones... "Aurora Starprism." There we go! But... no, it was lacking something. This needed to be a fast character. Something for speed... "Lightspeed." she whispered to herself, struck by inspiration. "Aurora Starprism Lightspeed... ... No, wait. Aurora Lightspeed Starprism." She stopped and thought about it. Yes, the name was indeed awesome... but there were many awesome names. What made this stand out over those? It needed just one more little touch to take it from awesome to most awesome. Like... oh, she'd once seen something spelled with a y instead of an i. That was pretty epic! "Aurora Lyghtspeed Starprism. Aurora Lightspeed Starprysm. Aw, how to choose? Wait! Why choose? Aurora Lyghtspeed Starprysm!" She couldn't even stand her own awesomeness. Never had such an awesome name for a main character been fashioned in all the history of bookdom. She let out an excited squee, kicking her hooves for a moment, and then settled down to start her book.​ The Ultimate Flight by Rainbow Dash My name is Aurora Lyghtspeed Starprysm, and I am a pegasus pony. I have a coat as ebony black as the midnight sky under a new moon, speckled with shining white stars around my flank, where my cutie mark of a bright star shining a white beam into a prism and scattering it out into a field of northern lights that takes up half my side. It's impossible to distinguish where my mane starts and the cutie mark ends, because my mane and tail of pale northern light colors look exactly the same as my cutie mark. I have always wanted to be a Wonderbolt. When I was little, I was teased a lot, because of my eyes. For some reason, my eyes were always white, as if I was blind, even though I could see better than anypony. That didn't stop them from teasing me, though - Blindspeed, they'd call me. Or Sunblind. I didn't know at first that I could see better than them, because the bright light of the day often hurt my eyes, and I would wear dark glasses a lot. That made it hard for me to see. But the problem was that I was seeing the light too well, and that's why my eyes hurt. Even now, I often wear shades, even at night, just to protect my amazing vision. But that's only the first of my many talents.​ Dash sat back and savored the introduction to her new character as she sipped her coffee. Awwww, yeah. This was gonna be AWESOME. And so easy!​
  2. The doors to the ponyville foals hospital hissed open as a light brown flank slowly backed out, waving inwards as she did, the sound of foals clapping and cheering was heard from inside as the familiar pony bowed and smiled, promising them she'd be back again soon. There was a huge grin plastered across the mare's face as she walked away, under her wing was the latest Daring Do book "Always so awesome" she said quietly, even if she didn't want to always admit it, she absolutely loved reading to the foals at the hospital. As she walked, almost skipping, she soon shifted to flying, having no idea what lurked around the corner... There was the sound of a tree limb snapping back into place, and then a bad crash... followed by a second one! a garbage can lid rolled down the street... there was a moment of uneasy hooves, then they took off galloping... On the nearby wall was a perfect outline of the pegasus who had been catapulted into the wall by the large tree branch, and below it were some garbage cans which had... cushioned her fall... she was lying there completely dazed, moaning a little... ((Now just what is going on here... or maybe we should ask "WHO'S THAT POKéMON PONY?!"))
  3. Scootaloo Celestia's sun was just starting to dip into the horizon, when any passers-by might hear a sad sound... was that... crying? it was coming from the hiking trail near ponyville that lead up into the mountains... If anypony followed the sound, they would find a familiar orange pegasus filly sitting on a rock, nearby her scooter, with her helmet, leaned against a tree, and a large picnic basket sitting next to it, it wouldn't take a genius to realize that scootaloo had been waiting there all day for somepony, no doubt her idol, and that said pony had failed to show up... something all too common now that dash was a wonderbolt...
  4. The world can be a very hostile place. Some do not welcome you with open hooves. Some would want to see you dead. The trick is knowing how to defend yourself. Heavy snowfall rushed through the mane of Ruby Spear. Her coat the color of rose quartz, her short-cut mane ruby. Of note were her determined sapphire eyes, covered up with a wooden plate designed to help visibility in this sort of weather. She had a wool jacket and scarf, the former black and the latter green, to fight back the cold. Attatched to her side by a leather strap was Magic Rifle, a long wooden piece with an ornate carving of Her Majesty's cutie mark on the stock. This particular gun's origin could be traced all the way back to the Pony-Griffon War, and it was a story she was fond of telling. She moved through the forest at a brisk pace, intent on keeping the blood pumping. She was not alone in her scouting duty, however. "Is it colder than usual today, Krulos? Or am I just imagining things?" She asked, her voice slightly muffled by the scarf.
  5. DISCLAIMER: this thread is meant as a Rule and Lore repository/discussion topic for all RPs utilizing the Sombra War AU. If you want to plan a specific Sombra War RP thread, please do so in OOC Discussion. INTRODUCTION Long ago, a cruel unicorn by the name of Sombra usurped the throne of the Crystal Empire and enslaved its inhabitants. His aim: to exploit the power of the Crystal Heart to cover all the lands in darkness. But before King Sombra could realize his vision, he was challenged by the might of Princesses Celestia and Luna. Wielding the Elements of Harmony, the royal sisters defeated the Dark King and imprisoned him beneath ice. However, they could not prevent Sombra from making the Empire vanish, locking it in time until the magic powering his curse lifted. Much has changed in the thousand years since the Crystal Empire’s disappearance. Princess Celestia now ruled alone; her sister having lost since lost to the Darkness. Unable to use the Elements of Harmony anymore, Celestia hoped that a new generation of Element Bearers would emerge and become Equestria’s champions, but it was not to be. Without the Element Bearers, it was only a matter of time before the Dark King returned. When the Crystal Empire finally reemerged, so did Sombra. With no one to stop him, the evil stallion used his power to turn the crystal ponies into his soldiers. Gathering their full strength, King Sombra’s legions marched upon the lands of Equestria; destroying, conquering and subjugating everything in their path. Faced with this grave threat, Princess Celestia had but one choice... to mobilize her entire realm against the forces of darkness. *** Today, much of Equestria is ravaged by the scourge of war. Earth ponies, unicorns, and pegasi struggle over land, sea, and air for the freedom of their homeland. Anypony not fighting on the front lines is dedicating themselves towards the war effort, toiling in support of their beloved armies. Equestria’s defenders are resolute, but that may not enough to hold the Enemy at bay, for King Sombra even now gathers all evil to him. Savage creatures from forgotten abysses, bloodthirsty mercenaries from faraway lands: all are answering Sombra’s call. Some whisper that it is only a matter of time before the Dark King ultimately triumphs on the field of battle... and bring Equestria under his oppressive shadow once and for all! For anyone interested in this alternate future where the armies of Equestria defend their homeland from the hordes of darkness..... you shall be indulged. ------ THE STRATEGIC SITUATION Gray Overlay = Sombra's conquests Red Lines = disputed territory At this stage of the conflict, the defenders of Harmony and the legions of Darkness have settled into a deadly stalemate. Huge swaths of Equestria lie firmly under the dominion of King Sombra. South of the Great Nimbusgait Lakes and the Delamare River, land constantly switches back and forth between the two armies. Up towards the North, pockets of besieged resistance remain around Stalliongrad, Seaddle, and the Hasufel Mountains, kept alive at great cost through herculean resupply efforts. King Sombra knows that by itself, his Crystal Legions lack the numerical and technological advantage over the rest of Equestria. To compensate for their weaknesses, Sombra’s legions wage a campaign of total war. Whatever territory they can’t hold, they plunder what they can take and burn everything else to the ground. Every able-bodied prisoner captured is forcibly brainwashed into the Crystal Legions; the weak are sent to toil as slaves for the Dark King’s cause. Lured by the promise of war spoils, caribou clans, griffon sky-pirates, changeling spies, Maretonian sorcerers, and other cutthroats fight in the name of the King of Evil. At the head of his hosts, King Sombra himself uses his fell magic to overwhelm his foes, for there are few among the living able to withstand his might. Thus far, Equestria survives the Enemy’s onslaught through the courage and unity of its ponies. Yet with each moment the war continues, more and more land goes up in flames, while those who hold the Great Shadow grow more weary from the neverending fighting. King Sombra does not intend to stop his attack until Princess Celestia is finally vanquished, and her stronghold of Canterlot wiped off the face of the Earth. Few ponies wish to acknowledge it, but they have no hope of winning the War as long as Equestria stands alone..... ------ GENERAL RULES CLASS RULES SCENARIO RULES: PLAYER VS. GAMEMASTER SCENARIO RULES: PLAYER VS. PLAYER ------ ACTIVE THREADS [Solstice Heights] Fire and Sword [Crimsonrine Sea] Only Hope
  6. Dunes The Earth Pony grumbled as he pushed his way through the encroaching... was it a forest? They called it a forest, but he felt it was more like a jungle! Why was he here? This was far from his normal hangouts, and even further from the places he normally explored! He crossed the rickety old rope bridge over a deep gorge as he thought back to the odd visitor he had had recently, claiming that there was a wealth of knowledge, not to mention artifacts, to be found in the abandoned ruins of the old Castle of the Two Sisters, deep in the Everfree Forest. *CRACK!* *yip! Yip! yip!* A flick of his whip sent a timberwolf scurrying, to be so 'dangerous' and 'frightening' these creatures couldn't take so much as one good snap from his whip, he almost wished for more of a challenge... but returning to his thoughts, he remembered telling the visitor that he usually went for much older ruins, being an archaeologist, but the visitor had promised to make it worth his while, and set a bag on his desk, a mixture of bits and gemstones... normally he wouldn't take on a 'private service' like this, but he was running a bit low on funds, and even if it wasn't exactly his normal job, it would pay the bills, so after agreeing, and the visitor leaving without giving him so much as a name, he set off, wondering just how said visitor had managed to practically vanish from the town so fast, since nopony there had seen her... but that wasn't he main concern, his concern was the huge castle looming before him in the distance... whatever it might hold for him to... discover...
  7. It had been a peaceful day in the town, strangely there were no dragon attacks, wild windigos or even a certain white unicorn running around screaming about the worst thing _ever_ happening. A nice, Calm day. There was a nice breeze blowing out of the woods near the everfree on the outskirts of town. While these woods were note technically part of the everfree they were still considered moderately dangerous, since it wouldn't' take much to wander too deep and be inside the nefarious forest, but they were close enough to the town to be safe enough that ponies routinely wandered around in or near them, and the road went straight past the woods. There was something different though, As you walk, or perhaps glide by low to the ground, you her a quiet voice from the darkened woods "Will you play with me? Come play with me!" and from where you hear the voice, you see an old and battered hoofball roll out of the woods towards you... What will you do now?
  8. Scootaloo The little bell dingled over the door to sugarcube corner, then it made a LOUD noise of... some kind, along with the *smash* as the door was slammed... thankfully it wasn't slammed too hard since the pony doing the slamming was a small orange filly, but it was still quite a noticeable sound. Scotoaloo found her way over to the bench, she was wearing her helmet and saddlebags, which she tossed onto the bench next to her, from the look on her face it was clear she was fuming over something, which was only made more obvious when she exclaimed, almost non sequitur "It's not fair!" she hit the table with her tiny hoof, then slumped back and slid down several inches in the seat, her rage already starting to face with the sweet, sweet smells of the bakery pacifying her. She sighed, finally looking around to see if anypony else was around...
  9. It was a pretty calm and uneventful day in Ponyville. There were no zany mishaps, no monsters encroaching from Ever-free forest; just a calm, quiet day. Well, until now. Above the Castle of Princess Twilight Sparkle there was a faint spark of yellow energy that repeatedly flashed into existence before disappearing, a few moments later it would return, although this time considerably larger and more intense before a loud almost explosive boom pierced the tranquilty of the town's average day, and a flash momentarily blinded any who were looking in the direction of the castle. Once everyone had their sight returned they could see a large airship now resting... well not so much resting as skewered by the top of the star like spire on top of the castle. The impact; if one could call it such had shaken the castle somewhat but had caused no aesthetic damage to the building. The ship on the other hoof sustained a fair bit of damage and had smoke billowing from the spire's point of Entry. (new color scheme) "Ngh... did it it work?" She asked nopony in particular, rubbing her head as she regained her sense of orientation. She sniffed once... was that? She sniffed again... smoke? Oh Sweet Namesakes of the Silverbeaks! The mare broke into a gallop and traveled to the engine room where she saw a sight that almost made her cry, instead it made her scream in pure anguish; a scream that practically shook every house in ponyville. Once she let that out she wasted no time and took a fire extinguisher off the wall and swiftly ending the source of the smoke. "Don't worry, Zeph... I promise will fix you up as soon as I can... just don't fall apart on me." The mare patted the metal walls of the ship before heading above deck. She surveyed the landscape and her brow furrowed, "Where in Aquellia am I?" she thought to herself. Those thoughts ended relatively quickly as she noticed the familiar city in the distance; Canterlot. Judging from it's position and environment below, this must be Ponytown? Ponyburg?... Ponyville! That was the name. Well technically since Bevel knew little about the layout of Equestria beyond the location of the school she attended a while back and the location of where she was born... it couldn't hurt to check. What better way then by asking the locals? She then jumped off the side of the ship, looking like she was going to plummet to the hard ground below, but soon her saddlebags top flap opened up and a pair of helicopter rotor blade extended and folded out, spinning and keeping the mare aloft and easing her descent down... At first on the flat roof of the castle, and then when she realized she probably was going to have to salvage this helicopter gizmo to rebuild at least a portion of her engine. She then made some quick calculations in her head and teleported down to the floor in a yellow flash of magic. It would probably be polite to introduce herself and explain the situation... especially to the pony who's castle she'd run into. Approaching the large doors the mare made use of the knockers that loud practically unignorable knocks on the door... that made her head ache from the sound. She then waited for someone to answer the door or anyone to approach her.
  10. THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE!!! Luna's moon was just starting to peak over the horizon, most ponies would take one look and decide it was time to start heading indoors and settling in for the night... But not this pony! Trixie was hanging her curtains from the stage, smiling as she less than gently stomps on the stage "Trixie is most pleased, this stage if of such quality!" she smiled, of course if she had known exactly who had built it, Specifically Applejack, she might not have been quite so happy --- or maybe she would, she was actually fairly neutral to twilight's friends, even if she might even now still harbor a few tiny grudge-like feelings for the alicorn herself... But, she was far from that now, so no reason to focus on it! Trixie finished hanging her curtains and began affixing her stars to the stage, hearing some pleasant sounds, she glanced over her shoulder to see some ponies walking past and commenting on how nice it was to be having regular shows in the park again, which made trixie smile - she liked being the center of attention! She finished hanging her stars and went around the back of the stage to continue unpacking her wagon, she had a good feeling about this performance, what could possibly go wrong?
  11. Celestia's sun was just starting to dip into the horizon, when any passers-by might hear a sad sound... was that... crying? it was coming from the hiking trail near ponyville that lead up into the mountains... If anypony followed the sound, they would find a familiar orange pegasus filly sitting on a rock, nearby her scooter, with her helmet, leaned against a tree, and a large picnic basket sitting next to it, it wouldn't take a genius to realize that scootaloo had been waiting there all day for somepony, no doubt her idol, and that said pony had failed to show up... something all too common now that dash was a wonderbolt...
  12. The clouds were bright and clean, fluffy and light, really it looked like the cloudaseum had been given a once-ver and then a second-over! Of course this was one of the biggest races of the year, with even the wonderbolts competing! "Fillies and Gentlecolts! Please make your ways to your seats, the race will begin momentarily!" said the announcer Behind the door in the ready room/showers stood a pegasus of a golden brown hue with dark mane and magenta eyes... oh it had taken hours and upon hours to dye her mane and tail those exact shades, and it seemed almost like a huge waste since it was temporary, but still it was worth it for this! How Twilight had managed this one she'd never know, but she was glad of it, and she knew all the little foals would be too! "Racers, Please make your way to the starting line!" The pegasus placed her safari hat on her head and slipped into her green jacked "ok, you can do this, your Daring Do, you can handle anything!" she said, heading on out the door "...And in the third slot, a Special Celebrity Guest, competing in the honor of the Ponyville Foals Hospital, to which any and all of her winnings will go, Miss Daring Do!" The pegasus Flew out, waving at all the foals and even pulled out a miniature replica of the famous sapphire statuette, which she then gave to a foal in a wheelchair "...And in the fourth slot, to defend the honor of the Wonderbolts, Soarin!" The familiar blue flightsuit obscured most of the stallion's body, but it was still quite recognizable and he had almost as many cheers as the last contender, though he seemed to have one small filly who was blowing raspberries at him and instead waving at contestant number 3... (Leaving an opening here in case anyone wants to join the race itself)
  13. Ponyville, Celestial Era. The bright rays shone down from the sun, their glow both pleasing and frustrating. Six in the morning, and the milkmaid still hadn't arrived. Glass Huffed, her patrons were particularily fussy about their morning tea, and the greatest injustice was that so was she. Packing and unpacking the shop took about two hours of her sleep. Each. So bleary-eyed, she awaited a sign from the hill that somepony was coming. Truth be told, it wasn't the first time this had happened. Ponyville's agriculture really relied on Miss smith and her family's apple farm, most other farms were slugging to start with such a powerful competition. So everyday in order to get milk to the growing village in time, a Pegasus or earth pony would have to travel around five miles from the nearest farm (They tried unicorns - only once, The poor guy looked ready to die). She leaned on her hoof, observing the village in her boredom. Houses were still being constructed, so among the skeleton-like buildings were tents of every color. Ponies were already up, fixing buildings, bringing in logged trees from the edges of the everfree and levitating pieces of their future homes. It was busy, but content. Finally she noted the milkmaid had arrived, a large bulky earth pony named Rosie Ranch. The mare unloaded the crate from the cart filled with milk, Smiling with a tired expression. "Howdy Rose, Thanks for gettin' the milk on time. The place is really coming together, huh?" "Yeah, *Puff* Little Snowflake and I were going to move in when they finish the inn.." "Oh, right! How's the little tike goin? He was a little thing when you were first starting this route." "He's all grown into a baby foal, though I'd thing little is a bit false.." "Got the family bulk ey?" "Aye, even as a Pegasus he's doing his playmates a fun activity by balancing them on his hooves." Glass chortled, imagining the scene. However, a quick check at the sun told her clients would be arriving soon. "Ah ponyfeathers, I'd best be getting back to work. Have a good one Rose." "You too Glass!" The mare trotted back down the road, no doubt going to deliver more cargo. Glass hummed as she trotted out from the counter, and flipped over her welcome sign. A new day had begun. You may use characters that are set in the past or in the current times, but please adapt their backstory so it will seem fitting. You don't have to make a new character, just insure your character can fit in with the setting.
  14. At last, it was done! The last of the snow had been shoveled aside, the winter doldrums banished with the winter weather, and all the groundwork laid for a springing of Spring! Once again, Ponyville had a right to be proud of itself, and all the ponies that had pitched in to help the town keep up its old tradition of wrapping up winter the earth pony way... and it's new tradition of getting it all done on time! Thus, once Celestia's sun gave way to Luna's moon on the final day of the event, many were inclined to celebrate. Ponies (and other volunteers) who didn't immediately go home, therefore, congregated at the Watering Hole, Ponyville's premier salt bar. It also provided cider, a dance floor, and good cheer to all those who came to enjoy its hospitality; and was large enough to serve the whole town, if you didn't mind getting acquainted with your neighbors! As far as venues went, though, it was considerably more rustic than the sort you would expect to find somepony like Prince Blueblood. But then, you wouldn't have expected him to participate in a small-town's Winter Wrap-Up at all. Which, in turn, was why he had done it. After all, if your reputation is unfavorable, surely the best way to repair it would be to do the opposite of what it predicts? That was the theory, anyway. The results in practice had been... mildly successful, insofar as he had come across as a stallion ready to lend a hand and not too proud to work. As for the actual value of his contribution... well, it was better than nothing, but not something to buff up one's standing with the common pony. But that was alright, because the Prince had a surefire backup plan, one that had never failed to get a crowd on his side. He walked straight into the bar and announced, in a loud, stentorious voice: "Tonight, all the drinks are on me!" If he couldn't earn a good reputation, at least he could afford it!
  15. It was a warm and cool day in ponyville, the weather was just slightly cool and the sun was shining bright, the perfect day to be outdoors, and a familiar pegasus was just trotting back from a day spent reading to the foals in the garden of the ponyville foals hospital. Now admittedly This pegasus wasn't too familiar, after all her full-spectrum mane had been dyed several shades of dark grey (which had taken hours, but she decided she wanted to try just so she wouldn't have to mess with a wig) and her cyan coat was a golden brown, her tri-colored lightning-bolt cutiemark had been superimposed by a compass rose... on her head was a safari hat and around her chest was a green explorer jacket, her saddlebags even had the correct brooch on them. Little did she know what awaited her... Just around the corner, Rarity stood at the base of a tree, her horn glowing as a alrge branch slowly bent down with a familiar feline on it "REALly, Opalescence, why do you insist on climbing these trees when you can't get back down?" chided rarity as she slowly bent the branch to the ground. The feline stepped off, her nose in the air as usual, and Rarity released the branch... just as Dash was coming around the corner *SNAP OOF CRASH* the sound of the branch hitting the pegasus and sending ehr flying straight into the wall was all too familiar to them. "Oh! Rainbow Dash! Are you hurt? Did you tear that drab yet perfectly detailed costume I made you!?" exclaimed rarity hurrying over -though not too quickly- The pegasus groaned as she rubbed her head "huh? Rainbow? what... happened?" "Opal was stuck in the tree... again..." she took a moment to glare at the cate, who ignored her "so I bent the branch to the ground so she coudl get down, and I was too hasty in releasing it! oh, I'm so sorry" "That's a relief" "it is?" asked Rarity, a bit surpised "I was worried it was an attack by Ahuizotl!" "gazuntite" said rarity "No, I defeated him years ago. Now I'm having to fight Ahuizotl. You probably wouldn't know about that, I try to keep my adventures low-key" Rarity just blinked, wondering exactly what her friend was going on about "come again?" "oh, I forgot to introduce myself" she said, standing up "I am Daring Do, Adventurer Extraordinaire!" she said, with a sweep of her hat Rarity's eye twitched "oh no...!" ----- The fashionista burst into the Castle, her mane looking more than a little disheveled from the stress "TWILIGHT! TWILIGHT! IT'S HORRIBLE! it's dreadful! IT'S THE WORST THING EVER!" she exclaimed, before even making sure her friend was there "i FEAR I HAVE BROKEN RAINBOW DASH!" Meanwhile the pegasus was being drug in by rarity's magic and looked more than a little annoyed "Just who is this Rainbow Dash you keep accusing me of being?" she asked "TWILIGHT!!!!" yelled rarity again in exasperation, clearly stressed and worried about what she had done...
  16. The doors to the ponyville foals hospital hissed open as a light brown flank slowly backed out, waving inwards as she did, the sound of foals clapping and cheering was heard from inside as the familiar pony bowed and smiled, promising them she'd be back again soon. There was a huge grin plastered across the mare's face as she walked away, under her wing was the latest Daring Do book "Always so awesome" she said quietly, even if she didn't want to always admit it, she absolutely loved reading to the foals at the hospital.
  17. Time ticks by, second by second, day by day, era by era. The world above may never know the eye that watches them, and perhaps it is best that way. 6:05 Luna Time Celestia's sun sat on the horizon, coloring the partly cloudy view with a palette of yellows and pinks. The rays fell down upon the village of Stardust, letting the residents know that the end of the day was nigh. As the sun sank into the distance, the moon rose to take control of the sky, the streaks of gold and red about to give way to a black canvas filled with small twinkling jewels for those up late to admire. Such a breathtaking sight, ignored by a Changeling, wearing perscription sunglasses and writing in a beaten brown journal attached to a thick gray string tied around his neck. Texty sat quietly upon the hill, recording the meaningless events that had transpired in the last five hours. To him, and to many, this village was nothing more than a pit-stop, a place to stretch ones hooves- Or talons, as the case may be- as they transferred to another train. Some days, the ponies passing through outnumbered the ponies actually living there. He had just come from a historical convention over in Canterlot, and was going to take a rest at this town in New Equestria before returning home to The Crystal Empire. Finishing his log, Texty pushed his pen into its holder on his journal. He wanted to look around town a bit before renting a room at the Motel, but for now he took in the moment of peace and quiet.
  18. The train makes its slowing approach to the town's station just as the evening begins to settle in. The position of the sun allowing for its more orange colors as it slowly makes its way to sink into the horizon. That is, until a blot of black races up and away from the rear car silently slices its way through the sky. At least it would appear to be that way to anyone who happened to be looking skyward; a possibility that the flying figure is mostly hoping to be false. In the meantime, it finds necessity in a small bit of reconnaissance to survey the area; and it hardly takes long to find a decent vantage point. ... The figure squats to appear as merely a blob of black as his blue eyes scan over the rural town from what he gathers to be the town hall. He perches himself atop the tall structure as he observes the citizens below while trying to be the least conspicuous as possible. In doing so, he is quick to sink into feelings of uncertainty. In what appears to be the town center, all he could make out were the all too familiar equine figures that trot their way along the ground. Granted, the evening hours make for a less densely packed area, but never before has he felt like such a minority; perhaps the only of his kind... He sighs. After doing so, he does his best in mentally preparing for the many challenges he'll inevitably face as a newcomer to this realm. "Alright.. here we go," the dark figure utters to himself as he prepares for his descent. Though he decides that landing behind the town hall could be his best bet for avoiding too much attention. Without even thinking twice, the bipedal would lean backwards and let gravity do the work. An instant later, and he dives headfirst into the ground; then reaching the halfway point between the peak of the building and the ground. He reorients his body in the style of a backflip to allow his feet to point down. Finally, he would allow his aura to manifest and enable him to slow his fall so that his feet gently touchdown with little to no effort. He lets out one last breath before turning around...
  19. The estate of Duke Enjoue Souriant is located a ways away from the nearby town of Nayst. The duke's stately home is nestled in a valley of green, a single road winding its way along to the gates of the grounds. While it is a little hard to see from a distance, the estate of the Duke seems very lovely. Planted in the midst of colour, the square house is the only building in sight. Three floors of towering windows, wide rooves and decorated walls of white stone, speckled with the enticing colour of gold. From a distance, it is also possible to observe that the house is flanked by a variety of colours and paths of its own. A small rotunda stands in its midst, a nice place to eat amongst the flower beds. The garden is in full bloom and the pegasi among the hired help have cleared the sky for the guests. It is fortunate then that the guests are now arriving. Each will have undoubtedly received a formal letter from the Duke welcoming them to the estate for a feast. The Duke in his letter assures the guests that there will be plentiful food and entertainment provided with the opportunity to socialise and dance with other members of the Prench nobility and other persons of note. There were some basic instructions as to how to locate the estate and a happy sign off with the Duke's personal signature. To some, the letter will have no doubt been a surprise. There are only vague memories of the Duke and Duchess, having met elsewhere for some small function or another. Perhaps having met at a party, or even accompanied the Duke himself on his most recent expedition to a Prench ruin. The discovery of the glittering jewel which has been since named 'the Starstone' and has caused a bit of a stir. It is said that the gem glitters with white light and is reminiscent of a star in the night sky. Quite a number of jealous mares undoubtedly would like the Starstone for themselves. Still, that is at the back of everypony's minds right now. Though time will tell if the Duke and Duchess are willing to show off this attractive gem at tomorrow night's feast. As of now the guests are arriving, either on hoof or by carriage as they see fit. A delicate looking iron gate blocks the path to what seems to be a garden lane, with hedge rows lining either side. The path seems to carry on and end at the house just beyond, though also veers right towards the rotunda and the garden that is undoubtedly just the other side of the hedge. A rather menacing stallion is standing guard at the gate, dressed nearly head to hoof in plate mail. Between the armour though it is possible to see he is a tan coloured stallion with a brownish mane. He stands at attention, seemingly ignoring the approach of the guests, though anypony with an instinct can tell he is on alert. The stallion is holding a freshly sharpened billhook and looks forward with a dead stare. Anypony who knows anything about weapons and armour will no doubt know that the billhook is not a Prench weapon by any means, though his plate mail is reminiscent of an enlisted Prench soldier. The guard is wearing a blue and red tunic underneath all that armour, the colours of the duke. A fence appears to extend out from the gate to encompass the house grounds. What do the guests do?
  20. Lunar Relic a maroon unicorn sat on a bench reading a book. He had just moved to Ponyville from Canterlot so that he could continue his studies into olden pony text. He closes his book and sighs before saying "Gee... I thought I could find some friends here but... I haven't had much luck." He looks at the few clouds in the sky and his mind begins to wander.
  21. Watching her library be destroyed by Tirek had stunned Twilight. She had expected a lot of things but he was so far away and the explosion so powerful- it was all gone. Luckily nopony or nocreature was hurt, but it was all gone. She had taken it in for a second before she had charged off to battle and used as fuel for the raging fire within. That wasn't the only whirlwind event of the day, or even that hour, involving what would be her home. The Tree of Harmony produced a castle of her very own, an at times disconcerting piece of crystal arhecticture not fitting in with the Ponyville skyline as it were. It was a sign of not only her new role as Princess, the Princess of Friendship, but her new home and seat of power for the Ponyville area. It was hard for a lot of ponies to grasp, even if the results were bound to be lovely. The Princess of Friendship ruled from Ponyville of all places- who would have thunk it? Certainky not Twilight. Not in a thousand years could she have imagined her luck, first at having made such great friends with which she had saved Equestria five times and the Crystal Empire once, and now being so lucky as to have her seat of power located within walking distance of them all. It didn't make certain aspects of being a Princess any easier even if she now had castle staff to help out with a lot of the minor matters. Now that she had a castle, she also had to deal with a great deal of foreign relations and visits and her court was rarely without a foreign supplicant praising the newest grand Princess of Equestria for this deed or that. She still had work to do of all sorts, from the high and mighty to low and ignoble. Every department imaginable wanted her signature for this, that, or the other and she often found herself spending as much time giving her signature to law and budgets as talking to ponies! That was why, as the Princess of Friendship, days like today were important. She couldn't pass along her own knowledge, help out ponies in need, or arbitrate disagreements from behind a quill half as effectively as she could on her throne. Then she could be as sincere as needed or as firm as needed rather than go long-winded in her replies, and her openness allowed for ponies of all sorts to meet and greet her if that was all they wanted to do. It was a more relaxing way of doing things than perhaps Celestia was used to even if that was entirely luck-based. While she had her fair share of nobleponies edging into her court looking for favor, she had far less of a court politics contingent than other Princesses were forced to deal with. No, the majority of her visitors were normal ponies or business ponies, and on those two accounts she was well-qualified. Of course she wouldn't do it alone. Friendship was collaborative after all and she couldn't imagine doing it without Spike, her number one assistant and close confidant. He sat next to her in his own tiny little throne with a table separating the two with some tea, crackers, and a few nice gems on it. To her left was one of the Twilight Guards who stood watch over the Princess on her rainbow throne, raised several steps above the floor at the end of a red carpet. The carpet started at the entrance of the castle and went through the whole hall to her hooves, the path that ponies could follow to her laid out in a straight lane and flanked by two squads of guards along the route. The sun was already high and she was behind, so Twilight nodded at one of them. He bowed and opened the door to the throne room, outside of which was the main lobby and the entrance to the two sides of the public library. "The Princess is open for visitors. One at a time, no pushing," the Guard spoke plainly, he and another Guard's crossed spears opening for the first of many ponies to meet Twilight. OOC:
  22. Rainbow Dash floated proudly in the center of the Hoofball field, proud in her role providing for the young colts and fillies today. She was wearing her cap, and the whistle round her neck, and carrying a trusty clipboard to keep track of everything. Before her was gathered a small group of said colts and fillies, all chatting quietly with each other - or not-so-quietly in many cases. Behind her was a pile of equipment - pads and helmets, bags and a water cooler, and lots and lots of round balls. Oooo, she couldn't wait! This was so exciting! "ALL RIGHT, everypony! Gather round and quiet down! Today is the day lots of you have been waiting for! The day you graduate from the Ponyville Area Youth Hoofball Association and move on to the Junior Leagues! For others of you, it's a return! Another chance after last year, another year of games, and future victories just waiting to be had! That's right, it's TRYOUTS!" she cried excitedly, soaring up into the air with her wings splayed. "Who's gonna be on the team? Is it you? You? Or you? Who knows? We're going to find out! We're gonna go up against lots of far-reaching teams in the Junior Hoofball League! We've got games coming up against Canterlot and Manehattan, Fet Loch and Hoofington, and even Appleloosa's putting together a team!" She flew up and down before the group of little ponies, grinning eagerly. "And whomever comes out on top will come away with little trophies to commemorate how awesome you did! Are you all looking forward to having little trophies for your little trophy cases?! Cause for the first time, I'm going to be helping you win them! And the first step is picking the best team we can pick! Let's meet your potential team-mates! Everypony one at a time, shout out your name, and how much Hoofball you've played in the past!" And with that, she pointed at the first pony to the left. "You start!"​
  23. A few weeks had passed since the night of the attack on the Crystal Empire, and while it seemed that most everything had been recovering quite well, Ice Storm still had what was left of her wound on her side from when the spear had cut her. She was moderately surprised it was taking as long as it was to heal but at the same time, the salve that she had was going to make it to where it healed without any sort of scar, so the slower the process the better it was working she presumed. She did not that the wound itself had been sealed and mostly the bandages where only there to keep the healing salve in place for it to do it's job. She had already been closed now for just over a week, and she was relying on her funds from her Ponyville store to keep herself afloat right now. Her magic use she felt could get her by now, but it still left her a bit weak at the end of the day if she used too much of it. She made sure to try to use a bit more ever day to try to increase her natural resistance again. With any luck, she could open again in a few days and begin serving all of the ponies here in Canterlot once more. For tonight though, tonight was a night of relaxing for her. she had spent a lot of the day out trying to get things prepared as well as going to the herbalist for a new supply of the salve that she needed to keep on her side. She already had everything set on her, and now she found herself resting under her favorite tree in the park just looking up to the sky. The freshly risen moon glinted off of everything on the ground as the silvery light basked and graced itself upon the landscape, casting shadows that some could describe as spooking while others could explain them as awe inspiring. Ice Storm would always take the latter. She always found everything about the night skies intriguing. She liked how the stars aligned in the skies and that depending on how you looked at them, different shapes could be seen. her own icy blue coat was vibrantly reflecting the light from the moon where it was visible, although holding a more silvery tone than normal from the natural light given from the lunar beacon. The bandage around her waist also glimmered a bit, although was quite obvious to anypony that could see into the park. "So many things have happened in so many different ways... and I'm not completely sure that I even understand them all..." she started to herself, using a small amount of magic to open her saddle bag and proceed in making herself a snow cone. "I can't help but wonder what is going to happen next, but whatever it is... I would very much prefer it not to happen for a while, at least if it's something that's going to cause harm to ponies. I don't think I could handle any major catastrophes again for a while..." she finished with a sigh as she took a lick from her cone and just peered into the sky.
  24. Hay thinking of this as an idea for a RP and I wanted to see if anypony was interested. The whole plot is Sombra took over Equestria after Celestia died and enslaved all of Equestria. A small resistance group called ELF (Equestria Liberation Front) has risen up in Manehatten and seeks to over throw Sombra and restore peace and harmony to Equestria. Here's the positions for ELF. Also need a King Sombra and a few for his own little group of ponies. If you want to add your pony or play as a cast member send in either a link to your OC's information (or just post it) with a small descriptor I can use here like with Lunar Relic a few sentences to sum it all up. We can start when Sombra, a Deputy and at least one other member has been found. The RP will occur at all times also looking for a pony to help with deciding fair moves in the RP. I will use some of my OCs and anyone can choose any regular cast pony as their role just say what position you want them to be. Sombra- The Tyrant ruler who took over Equestria after Celestia died. Sadistic and ruthless he enslaved all of ponykind. The hidden truth is he killed Celestia to gain power over all of the ponies. He resides in Canterlot Castle trying to figure out who the group of freethinkers are by directing a small elite force of 6 ponies to gather information and in the end destroy the ponies part of it. (I will take him should things not work out and nobody else chooses him) Sombra's elite force:(6 slots) the group of ponies that assist Sombra whether by will or force can include cast characters ELF- Members of the Equestria Liberation Front includes OC and cast as well. Their goal is to destroy Sombra and establish a new fair ruling system in Equestria. They believe all ponies should be equal by default until their actions prove otherwise. Based in a secret bunker under the home of Lunar Relic in Mainhatten. Leader: Lunar Relic (Nickname: Lunar), Male Unicorn- Smart, brave and courageous he is highly talented in magic with the special ability to give himself wings he uses this to portray himself as an Alicorn to help boost moral in the torn world of Equestria to gather support for ELF. Deputy (Second in command): Qaline, Female Earth pony,- A cold and aloof pony but fiercely loyal to those lucky enough to befriend her. An assassin from the northern tundras she is stealthy and lethal. Lunar chose her to be the Deputy for her skill and loyalty. Members: 5 slots open please put a specialty for your pony should you wish to join. For example is your pony good at battle? Gathering information? planning strikes? Shutter Speed, Male Unicorn- An illusionist with a silver tongue. hard to catch but defenseless when he is. While a bit of a loud mouth he will shut up when things get serious. Moderators (Moderators of the RP to decide what is fair or unfair to do/say): LunarRelic, RainbowDaringDash
  25. *Important* See and sign up through the OCC thread; it explains everything. Cheerilee It was that time of the year again, the Saturday after Winter Wrap Up, the first of a few Saturdays when Ponyville Primary School teacher Cheerilee did her annual conference with each of her students and their guardians. As much as students disliked having to be at the school on a Saturday, even for an hour, these yearly evaluations were very important for the foals' future, for they helped each student better succeed with their education in the school, and just as importantly, help them further figure out where they want to go once they graduate from the little red schoolhouse. For Cheerilee, sacrificing a few Saturdays for the sake of her students education was well worth it. She felt it was her purpose in life to make sure every foal in Ponyville had the best education possible, armed with the knowledge and the skills to know where they wanted to move onto in the next stage of their lives. It was during their years in her school that just about every filly and colt of Ponyville discovered their special talent after all, giving the mauve earth mare a golden opportunity to help each little pony best utilize their newly discovered talents and help them blaze their own individual path to adulthood. Cheerilee sat at her hay bale "stool" with her morning coffee and lifted the first of many manila folder onto her rarely uncluttered desk. There was a full day ahead, so an early morning start was necessary. First student on that list was written across the unusually thick folder, "Haywire". Hopefully the farmer filly will be on time, and just as important, who was she bringing with her?
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