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  1. From the album: Muddy's Album!

    Starlight turns into a really lanky teenager...and FINALLY gets his cutie mark.

    © Stacey Lenaghan

  2. Reposting this from before the system reset. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Spearmint Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Clear blue Coat: Icy blue Mane/Tail: Both Spearmint's mane and tail are two-colored - a pale green on the outside, yet the central section is a wintry green. While Spearmint's tail is downright average in style (straight, yet somewhat long), her mane is styled heavily in the front, into three locks, two of them a paler green on the outside, yet the center, larger one is the wintry green one. The remainder of her mane, as well-kept as her tail - reaches to the base of her neck. Physique: Spearmint isn't much for physical strength, instead preferring to focus on her gift as a Pegasus - wings, and flight. As such, the somewhat small Pegasus is an accomplished flier, preferring speed over precision - yet she's no slouch in precision. Endurance-wise, Spearmint is not the type of Pegasus to fly for days - but she can hold her own. Residence: Ponyville Occupation: Winter Weatherpony Cutie Mark: A series of seven windswept snowflakes, Spearmint earned the Cutie Mark on a wintry trip to the Vysokii district, in Stalliongrad. Her love of winter was rarely brighter than that day, one of the coldest Stalliongrad had seen that year - however, when it came time to leave the forested trail and return to the hotel, Spearmint would wander off the beaten path willingly - to plow through a nearby snowbank or two - only to lose her way with the snowfall. But her love of winter and the cold caused few problems for Spearmint, managing to find her way back to the cabin where her parents were staying - and the surprise in seeing the Mark she had earned in the trip itself... few things were as surprising as that, both for Spearmint and her parents. Unique Traits: Spearmint constantly wears a pink scarf and matching hoofmittens. History: Born to Snow Squall and White Ice in Cloudsdale, as a filly, Spearmint was never the straight-A student her mother wanted her to be, nor was she the aspiring weatherpony her father wished she would be. In fact, Spearmint would more often than not saying that she would never be a weatherpony - instead preferring to focus on what she wanted to be - a racer. She would be forced to study by Snow Squall on more than one occasion, though, and while Spearmint is grateful for this today - she'll also mention that not being able to focus on her racing career is what prevented her from truly reaching elite status as a racing pony. Nonetheless, Spearmint performed quite well in races and won her share of them. However, the factor that stopped Spearmint's dreams cold wasn't her studies, but rather, her weather preference. Always preferring the wintry weather, Spearmint always seemed to be better, happier, and even more confident in the winter than she was in any other season, and while her performances in races seemed to reflect such - nearly always in the top 3 in winter and the short transitions to autumn or spring - and in the lower half of the field in any warmer weather - the appearance of her Cutie Mark only reinforced that fact. It was when her career as a racer started to falter, really before she truly turned professional, that she was forced to explore other ways of life, other professions, and ironically, she would follow in her family's hoofsteps - more than half of her family worked as weatherponies, and Spearmint would be the next one of the family to find her calling - unfortunately, her love for winter had also affected just how good she was at bringing such weather. She would quickly find out that she was excellent at bringing in many types of cold weather - but her ability for bringing in anything else - be it a thunderstorm or even anything simple as a rain cloud, suffered. Finally unable to face her failures in racing which were becoming well-documented in the city, she decided to take up the job of a weatherpony, but as much as she loved the city of Cloudsdale, and being with her kin, she could no longer stay, the focus of competition, racing and being the best too much for her. She decided to move to Ponyville without so much as a word - and while her life appears to be looking up in the friendly town, she does wish she could get back to a racing life. Character Personality: Spearmint is quite the friendly pony most of the time - and will usually approach anypony that interests her, be it to talk, enjoy a nice flight, or even a good meal. In fact, Spearmint is such a fan of flight that one will rarely see her on the ground. Her nature as a Pegasus is still very much within her, though, and if challenged to a race - she will have a hard time turning such a test down. Spearmint also adores the winter season, and is most active then, but come the summer months, her dislike for the warm weather will usually mean she will quiet down, become less active, and generally less cheerful. She will sometimes look for an isolated corner to create the wintry weather she loves so much, as well. Another thing Spearmint has a hard time turning down is if she sees a friend in trouble - she will often look to lend a helping hoof. Character Summary: Spearmint is a friendly weather-pony that specializes in the winter weather - and loves everything related to winter. Unfortunately, this also translates to an equal dislike of most things summer-related. Born in Cloudsdale yet recently moved to Ponyville - Spearmint will struggle to say no to any race - and a good meal is also something she will rarely decline. She does wish she could get back to a racing life, though...
  3. From the album: OC Art

    Was listening to "Daddy" by PSY today, and felt like drawing something. So it turned into a somewhat younger Pummel and his son Dawnguard. The hardest part about Pummel was probably the hair - so, short, can't use it to cover up mistakes, gah! Stars in the background were taken from an online source. General Pummel © Bellosh101
  4. Zeig


    From the album: OC Art

    Yes another new character. I think I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I'll have lots of OCs that get little to no use. Son of the highly decorated General Pummel (played by Bellosh), Dawnguard is out to follow his father's hoof steps in making Equestria a better place. Hopefully he'll be able to tone down the dramatics enough to actually get stuff done. "My spear hoof hungers for justice..."
  5. [ Pony Related Character ] Name: Soarin' Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Pegasus Pelt Color: Light blue Mane/Tail Color & Style: Dark blue, windswept Eye Color: Green Cutie Mark: A lightning bolt splitting a storm cloud. Physique: Trim, athletic build Residence: Cloudsdale, but is often 'on the road' Occupation: Wonderbolt Character History: From a young age, Soarin always dreamed of flying hard and fast. When he was just a foal his parents took him to see one of their shows, and his eyes were WIDE open from the opening act to the thrilling conclusion. He grew up enamored with each generation of Wonderbolts, and always asked his parents to take him to their shows when they were in Cloudsdale, making a special point to see every show when their lineup or their repertoire had been expanded. In Junior Speedsters Camp he was always eager to show off, something that cost him more than one race to pegasi slower than him, but something none of the councilors could convince him not to do. Late in his last year of the camp, one of the Wonderbolts in that generation, Thunderwing, handed him a flyer for the Junior Wonderbolt camp that had been recently established. Where the speedster camp focused on fast, the Wonderbolt camp was all about -STYLE-. Soarin had style in spades, and was one of the star pupils in camp. He earned his cutie mark by performing a triple shoot-the loop with Thunderwing in his second year, which he calls his 'Best. Day. Ever.' to this day. When the time came to replace retiring members, Soarin was a natural choice because of his technical ability in the air, even if he was accident prone and downright clumsy with solid ground under his hooves. Character Personality: Soarin' is easy going and rather happy go lucky. He tends not to think things all the way through, but he's as dependable as you could ask for once he's agreed to something. Just don't expect things to go off without a hitch, because he's quite accident prone. He's usually quite ready to chat with complete strangers, fan or no, in part to get to know his fan base but mostly just because he enjoys idle conversation. Which is not to say he doesn't know how or when to be serious. The primary thing holding Soarin back is that he's not terribly inventive, so while he can easily do anything he wants to do in the air, he's not the one to turn to for new stunt ideas, and he tends to forget to eat in the lead up to a show, causing him to have a tremendous appetite afterward. He doesn't usually mind this too much, since it usually allows him to indulge guilt-free in a nice slice of pie. Character Summary: Work hard, play hard, try not to leave too many craters. This is Soarin's philosophy in a nutshell. A consummate entertainer, he's utterly devoted to his fans and to the Wonderbolts, and is one of the higher ranked non-REA 'bolts. He may be accident prone, and sometimes he misses the obvious, but he never lets anything keep him down for long, and is always willing to let bygones be bygones. If he pushed harder, he'd be a living legend, and he kind of lives up to the legend. In short, he's Soarin' of the Wonderbolts, and he will rock. Your. World. (Thanks for the image, Tales!)
  6. Viridian


    From the album: Viridian's Gallery

    Attack from behind! Viola and Plot Line, a request I decided to do.

    © OCs: JNormalDude

  7. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Dawnguard Sex: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Light blue Coat: Pure white Mane/Tail: A strong golden color, almost as vivid as the armor he wears. Physique: A little taller and muscular than the average Pegasus, Dawnguard inherited his parent's excellent physical conditions. He has an athletic build that identifies him as somepony who regularly keeps their body fit and in shape, though his features are still rather coltish in nature. Residence: Formerly his family's villa in Stalliongrad, but as a somewhat recent addition into the REA, Dawnguard is stationed in Canterlot for his training, and is often deployed to other training facilities throughout Equestria. Occupation: Private First Class in the Royal Equestrian Army Cutie Mark: A yellow sun with a portion of it darkened to imitate nighttime, representative of night turning into morning. Dawnguard grew up in a relatively happy and healthy home, never wanting for attention or care as his mother and his grandparents were always ready to provide him with both, but one figure remained conspicuously absent in the young colt's life. Dawnguard's father, a high ranking member in the REA, had duties that kept him from visiting home very often, causing a rift between him and his son. As a young colt, Dawnguard accepted his mother's explanations about responsibilities and duties, but as he grew older, those explanations festered and shriveled with each visit that left everything to be desired. It soon became a bitter resentment for the missing father figure who seemed to have no time for his own family, who cared too much about his stupid work with his stupid guards friends in stupid Canterlot, and even Dawnguard's mother failed to dislodge that growing disgruntlement. But seemingly all of a sudden, news reached Stalliongrad of a Changeling attack on Canterlot, one that had almost ended with the fall of Princess Celestia. All of his family was stunned, but none more than Dawnguard as further word reached them specifically, regaling tales of a dark grey Pegasus who had rallied the guard and kept order among panicked citizens, potentially saving hundreds of lives in the process. Dawnguard was stunned, finally realizing that the 'stupid work' that had kept his father away from the family had also saved pony lives. All the resentment that had festered inside seemingly dissipated at once, humbling the young Pegasus. It was, however, a revelation for him, one that ignited a new fire to replace the bitterness in his heart to take action, to help solve the problems that kept his father busy and estranged. His cutie mark appeared then and there, which was all the indication Dawnguard needed to start on his new path. Unique Traits: As he is more physically adept than the average Pegasus, Dawnguard suffers in the flying department. He is not a precision flyer, having particular trouble maneuvering in tight quarters, and a slow reaction time in correcting his flight path. He is geared more towards endurance flying, allowing him an easier time making long journeys across Equestria and flying through inclement weather. The ribbon that Dawnguard keeps wrapped around the base of his ceremonial spear is not, despite its placement, a token from a marefriend. It was a gift given to him by one of his sisters, right before he left to join the royal army. History: Though they came from Stalliongrad, Dawnguard's family was not part of the upper crust of society. The second youngest sibling between three daughters and one son, the young colt was born to two loving Pegasi, and grew up with hardly a care in the world. As a relatively new family with new foals to take care of, chaos was to be expected, but the family grew up healthy and whole, and Dawnguard's family was the picture of the Equestrian dream. That soon changed when his father Pummel, a member of the REA, began regularly leaving the family to return back to his work, leaving his wife and children behind. To the young colt, the rare visits his father paid were too few and too far in between. Dawnguard grew closer to his mother and siblings as a result, but even she began to become more active in her work as newly named Treasurer of Stalliongrad. The Pegasus instead turned to his school activities and friends, though he didn't take to scholarly pursuits all that well. The appearance of his cutie mark and newly reformed feelings for his father, however, changed everything for Dawnguard, prompting an immediate shift in his goals and aspirations. Dawnguard began applying himself to his schooling, intent on margin passable grades in order to be accepted into the REA. His persistence paid off, and Dawnguard was almost out the door of his home without looking back. His mother persuaded the eager Pegasus to wait a few extra days however, in order to bid a proper farewell to his family. Dawnguard (reluctantly) agreed and spent those few days giving his goodbyes, but soon enough he was heading off to Canterlot, with a single duffle bag on one shoulder and the aspirations of his foalhood on the other. Any lofty dreams of grandeur and dramatic rescues, however, were thoroughly dashed by drill sergeants and training routines so intense, it was probably only thanks to his exercise-crazy mother that he managed to keep up. Though he was disappointed that he wouldn't get to immediately dive into the Everfree Forest to battle some hydras, Dawnguard persevered, finding his stride and place within the army. As of the present, the Pegasus has just recently been promoted to Private First Class, a rank he carries with great pride - and hopefully, just the first of many. Character Personality: Above all else, a pony would be hard pressed to find a stallion as genuine as Dawnguard. Eager, sincere, and passionate, the white Pegasus showcases everything he has on his hooves, and keeps nothing hidden up his sleeves. He shares his secrets as easily as he shares his dreams, lofty and grandiose as they are, and has no problem speaking up. It is obvious that Dawnguard holds some subjects close to his heart, as he is a very passionate pony who can easily get worked up given the right prodding. Eager to both please and make himself known, Dawnguard is quick to volunteer for an assignment or help somepony out, especially if they appear in any way victimized. His desire to bring wrongs to right seemingly give Dawnguard more energy than the sun gives Equestria, and the Pegasus will not sit down and sit out for anything less than four broken legs. Given his dreams of becoming a high ranking REA officer like his father, it is perhaps not surprising how passionately Dawnguard views his job. He despises law-breaking on any level, believing no pony has any excuse to skirt around the law in a country like Equestria, and is quick to pin-point potential law-breakers. Dawnguard is so ardent about his desire to bring order to chaos and right wrongs, that he can sometimes take his defense of Equestria to ridiculous and unrealistic proportions, requesting Unicorn-powered electric fences around Equestria's borders or attempting to scold a pedestrian for jaywalking. As a very energetic and active stallion, he is also still struggling to get used to the REA's policy of "peace before violence" when dealing with citizen concerns, and more often than not, foregoes an attempt to stand down a criminal in favor of forcibly bringing them to justice. The Pegasus, for all his sincerity in wanting to promote a better lifestyle for Equestrian citizens, also has very black and white outlooks on life - a thief is a thief, no matter why they may be stealing. This clear-cut moral line has romanticized the army in Dawngaurd's eyes, to the embarrassment of his bunk mates - Dawnguard behaves and treats others as if he is a knight in shining armor, often speaking in flowery or poetic language or using archaic terms to express his views. The Pegasus even named his ceremonial spear the day after receiving it, treating it both as a real weapon and as an extension of his "righteous fury brought forth to deliver my swift and powerful retribution!" He often expresses this passion as if it were a tangible force to be reckoned with, warning others that his "spear hoof" cannot be contained, or that fear only makes the bloodlust of his spear grow stronger. Dawnguard is aware that his behavior is dramatic and sometimes frowned upon, and being called out on it will usually give him pause for a while - at least until the fury that is his righteous quest for justice can no longer be contained. Regardless of his ardent tendency to behave so dramatically, Dawnguard is an affable stallion who has little trouble getting to know others and make friends. The Pegasus generally has positive relationships in his life, though the one with his father is strained. Dawnguard no longer resents his father, but neither does he exactly know who his father is. Everything about the older stallion boils down to his title and rank - Dawnguard can recite his father's military accomplishments by heart, but doesn't know who the stallion's favorite singer is, or what he likes to do in his spare time. Worse still, the Pegasus easily accepts these congruencies, believing them to be normal for families with active duty members. Still, it is obvious to anypony with eyes that Dawngaurd respects his father and reveres him as a hero of Equestria, even if he chooses to salute the other stallion rather than shake hooves. Character Summary: Despite his over-the-top behavior and overly passionate desire to wage war on all things evil, Dawnguard is a genuine pony who wants to see Equestria made better for EveryDay sir and ma'am. Eager to bring wrong-doers and evil to justice, the Pegasus is all too ready to take to the field to fight some dragons and haul in some WRAITH members. Hopefully his time in the REA will temper his dreams of glory and action into wisdom and peace - until then, ponies will simply have to suffer his "righteous fury". [[ Relationship to General Pummel has been approved by Bellosh, though he might request some changes be made to the app. ]]
  8. From the album: Regular Cast Pics

    Figure to throw up the full version of the November banner. Flutters was adorable to draw in this.

    © Characters © Hasbro Artwork © Brianblackberry

  9. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Arta Factia Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Pegasus Eye Colour: Green, and seen through a pair of elliptical-lensed glasses Coat: Cream Mane/Tail: Chestnut brown. Mane is usually pulled back into a ponytail and secured with a beaded scrunchy, but on occasion she will let it down. Tail is a standard length, combed to a shine, but otherwise she does nothing fancy with it. Physique: Slim, and slightly shorter in height than the average mare. Thankfully, she has wings, so hard-to-reach places aren’t a problem! Residence: Hoofington Occupation: Architect Cutie Mark: A baluster (e.g. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/1/1e/Baluster_(PSF).png/100px-Baluster_(PSF).png ) Arta, whenever her nose wasn’t buried in a book, found her young eyes appreciating the subtlety of sculpture, something she first noticed upon seeing a statue in Baltimare. That had sparked such an interest that before long it wasn’t merely novels that she was taking home from the library, it was also books on art, especially those about sculpting. Wherever there was a statue to be seen, she would see it, and fancied that when she was older, that was what she was going to do, chiseling and carving out great works of her own. One day, though, she came across a particularly interesting building in Baltimare, one not built like many of the others in the city, and her interest began to veer more towards architecture in general. ‘Buildings are like functional sculptures,’ she reasoned, and decided that they deserved as much scrutiny as did the statues scattered about the city. She delved into books on architecture, doing her best to comprehend the terms and techniques described within, the modes and styles of the past and present, and soon every building she saw a work of art, whether it be elegant and extravagant, with sweeping lines and arches, or severe and almost Spartan, with straight, unforgiving lines. The filly, graced with this newfound knowledge, sat down one day and decided that she, Arta, would try to design her own building. The product of several days of drawing (and plenty of erasing!) saw her with a crude but effective blueprint drawn up, and the intensity of her focus had been so much that she hadn’t noticed the tingling sensation on her rump. It was only when she proudly showed the blueprint to her parents that they pointed out her newly acquired cutie mark, a single baluster, representing her love of architecture, as well as symbolically referencing her attitude toward supporting friends and family, as a baluster is part of a balustrade, something to lean on for support and to protect one from dangerous falls. History: Arta was born in Baltimare, the bustling seaport city of Southern Equestria. She is the daughter of a literature professor (her father, Pensive Scroll, and it is no doubt partly his influence that led to her love of reading), and a professional groomer/stylist (her mother, Swift Dive, from whom Arta learned a good deal about how to make herself presentable, and then some). Growing up, her parents showed her how passionate they were about their own talents and interests, but they were wise enough not to prod and push her in a direction of their choosing, instead letting her explore the world for herself...well, Baltimare, occasional vacations to Canterlot and Fillydelphia, and as many books as she pleased. And ever since she decided upon a career in architecture, they have supported her throughout her schooling and beyond. Now, she lives in Hoofington, having moved there for the peace and quiet that Baltimare doesn’t offer, working as a freelance architect out of her modest two-story house. She lives simply, and her only unnecessary spending (though quite necessary to her) would be the money she spends on books. Word has slowly been getting around of her name, and commissions are slowly but surely starting to trickle in, leaving Arta with enough work to get by comfortably. Summary: Arta, a student of sculpture and architecture, can’t help but examine the world around her, looking keenly at lines and shapes. Her close friends know this and don’t bat an eye when she does it, but to strangers she can seem to be a bit odd, assessing how structures, as well as ponies themselves, look. Unlike some architects with dreams of grandeur and their names in lights, she wishes only to have a good reputation and a modest amount of renown; to be swamped in commissions and requests would not be ideal for her. She likes books, chocolate, a wide range of music (she often listens to music while reading, if only to further fuel her escapism), and snuggling with friends. Outside of her work as an architect, she dabbles in writing poetry and short fiction, and has had a few pieces published in various literature journals. She is kind and quite accepting of others, delighting in the multifarious quirks and proclivities of those she meets rather than going out of her way to find fault with them; that being said, if she sees behaviour that is generally agreed to be demeaning or cruel, she has no problem putting her hoof down and speaking up. Arta is good at making friends, and makes them quite easily, but she doesn’t like being around too many at once - a few, or perhaps just one, at a time. Though she can be fairly outgoing and sociable when the mood strikes her, she does have a tendency to squirrel herself away with her scribblings and her books, and sometimes it takes some prodding to get her out of the house. Of course, once you drag her out, she usually perks up and is happy to go along with the fun.
  10. From the album: Art For Friends!

    Here is my OC Arta Factia, laying comfortably in bed next to her beau Aldric (a character belonging to my friend Inky, who is my bestie batpone!) and sharing something from the book she is reading.
  11. From the album: Art For Friends!

    This is a picture I made of Seaward Skies, a pegasus OC belonging to my pal TheAndyMac.
  12. This pony is me!! He and I are looking for special somepony's!!!
  13. Note!: I'm not sure if we can have characters who are Royal Guard officers, so please tell me if I need to change anything, as I just took this and hammered, bashed and reworked it from another site I'm on. I will work on it as soon as possible once notified! Thank you! Roleplay Type: World of Equestria! Name:Arcus / Arcus Revenir (Note: He's told almost nopony about his other name, he's known only as Arcus!) Sex:Male Age: Stallion Species:Pegasus Eye colour: A weird Dull Orange! Coat: Blue-Silver! Mane/Tail: Chocolate Brown! Mmm, tast- wait... Physique: Coming from the rigorus training of the Royal Guard, Arcus is a surprisingly well-built, tall stallion. He has pretty average sized wings, and usually cuts his mane and tail short, as required. Residence:Cloudsdale's home, but Canterlot is where duty calls him! Occupation:Lieutenant Colonel, serving the Royal Equestrian Army. Cutie Mark:An arrow embedding into a shield, leaving a trail of night-blue light. History: Born to a pegasus mother, and a unicorn father, Arcus led a pretty hectic life. His father, Thunderstrike, served in the Royal Equestrian Army, so Arcus didn't really get to see him much. But his parents couldn't let Arcus stay at home either, since his mother often accompanied his father, and he didn't really have any relatives to take care of him at home. So they did the next best thing, and took their son along with them, wherever his father was going. As a result, Arcus got to travel a lot, never really settling down, never really making any friends, for he knew that they'd eventually move away anyway. Sure, it was a little sad... But hey, good things come to those who wait! A few years later, Arcus' dad settled down to a little more permanent position. Serving as one of the many "Guardians", tasked with protecting civilians against various attacks from wildlife, and the like. They didn't have to move around as much, but they were still far apart, with Arcus staring at his father's station in Canterlot from Cloudsdale up above, longing to be with his father... And, one night, staring at Canterlot from the clouds above, Arcus decided. If his father couldn't come to Arcus... He'd be the one to come to him. And so, little Arcus threw his decision to fate. To serve Equestria, following in the hoofsteps of his father... And fate gave it's answer. Soon after the decision, under the soft, shining light of Luna's moon, Arcus gained his cutie mark. A simple arrow, embedding into a shield, and leaving a trail of night-blue, glowing light. He thought it was fitting, of course, as he would aspire to be just like that arrow... He would hit his mark. === The Years After == Years after deciding and gaining his cutie mark, Arcus joined and underwent the rigorous training of the Royal Equestrian Guard, and has risen up it's ranks, from his enlistment as a officer recruit, up to his current commisioned position of Lieutenant Colonel. Much to the delight of Thunderstrike, Arcus decided to become one of the many "Guardians" as well, devoting his life to keeping the citizens of Equestria safe from harm. He occasionally visits the REA's training centers, listening to the stories of the new recruits, and maybe even sharing stories of his own. Because he knows that they can do it too. They can hit their marks. Character Summary:Arcus loves his job, serving in the Royal Equestrian Army, and he loves it when others decide to do so as well. Under the training of the Royal Guard, he's taken many defensive and weapon courses, proving himself to be as proficient in using the spear as he is at using words to solve conflict. He's also a proficient flyer, practicing his flight patterns often. He's also practiced diving like the arrows of his name, twisting and falling like a literal arrow in flight. In his free time, aside from practicing his flying, Arcus swims! Especially in the great lakes under Cloudsdale, Arcus does try to sneak some swimming into his schedule from time to time. It also gives him a chance to practice diving into water, which is a plus! Like the water he loves swimming and floating around in, Arcus is a pretty free-flowing and natural stallion. He's optimistic, rarely seen without a smile, even in the most serious of moments. He finds ways to comfort others, as seeing others in pain is one of the things he hates the most. He can be protective at times, and believes that there's much more to life than just living for yourself. He'd much rather talk than fight. He likes making friends, especially among his fellow Royal Guards. He finds it much more enjoyable to work when there's friends all around you. He can be rather lazy at times, however, and cutting deadlines close are some of his worst fears. He tries to work on it, though, honest!
  14. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Glitzen Glamour Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Pegasus Eye Colour: Fuschia (#DA0CA6) Coat: Blue (#5050E8) Mane/Tail: Long Orange (#FF8000) mane with a slightly windswept look. Curly tail of the same colour. Physique: Slender, curvy, and feminine, easily mistaken for a filly. Residence: Ponyville. Occupation: Stylist and Designer, Mane Stylings, Clothes, Decor, the whole nine yards! Owner of Puttin' On The Glitz in Ponyville. Cutie Mark: A hand mirror with a bottle of perfume and a comb reflected in it. History: Born in Cloudsdale to Red Robin, a interiour designer, and Yellow Ribbon, a seamstress, Glitzen was raised around beauty from birth. Until he was old enough to enter school, his parents would take turns bring him to work. His father would impart to him knowledge of colour theory and what sort of things would really bring a room together. While his mother would teach him how to sew, something that she felt every pony needed to know, even if it wasn't to make dresses or suits. After all, who knows when a curtain may get a tear in it! When Glitzen finally was old enough to start school, the pegasus didn't really quit fit in with other colts his age. They were more interested in rough housing or flying or sports as little colts often did. Rather, Glitzen found himself hanging around fillies, more interested in the clothes that were made for their dolls, or the way their manes were done. Something that his cousins mocked him for quite often. Though as he grew and made friends with the fillies in his school, he began to try his hoof at mane styling. Something that Glitzen soon found he had a knack for. One day, a Little Miss Cloudsdale pageant came around, and a close friend of Glitzen's was entered! After a bit of discussion with the staff, Glitzen was allowed to be her personal stylist. It was a good thing that the filly was a later contestant in the show, as Glitzen spent a good deal of time working on her mane and tail to make it 'As beautiful on the outside as she was on the inside' as he put it. When it was finally his friend's turn to go up on stage, Glitzen spent the whole time pacing back stage, peeking out of the curtain occasionaly to see how it was going. He was just as nervous as his friend, if not more so! But when the winner was finally announced, his nerves were melted away, replaced with pride and excitement for his friend...Which would then be shadowed by the excitement of the new mark on his previously empty flank! A small hoofmirror with a bottle of perfume and a cute little comb reflected into it. After the dual celebrations were over, Glitzen and his parents made their way home. Though not before his father decided to swing by for a present, as congratulations for his son getting his cutie mark. It was a fashion kit, a rather costly one at that, but one that Glitzen cherished and worked hard with every day to perfect his newly realized talent. Later on down the road, Glitzen found himself attenting a prestigeous fashion institute. Eventually graduating with honours and a burning passion in his heart. He never forgot just how happy ponies seemed to be when they felt beautiful, how excited his friend was when she won that little pageant. Making others feel good, felt great! And so, it was then that he decided to open up his own beauty parlor. Originally he thought to open it up in Cloudsdale, but that left so many ponies on the ground who wouldn't be able to come to his shop. And so, using some money he had saved from helping his mother work or the odd manestyling, Glitzen purchased a building in scenic Ponyville! A lovely little two floor building, the upper of which he converted into a home and studio, and the lower which would become his shop, 'Puttin' on the Glitz'! Character Summary: Glitzen is a genuinely kindhearted sort of pony. Friendly, open minded, and reliable. A pegasus with a great love for beauty and making ponies feel good about themselves, GG it quite easy to get along with for most ponies. Though sometimes his flamboyant and seemingly carefree attitude may rub some the wrong way. Glitzen's upbeat attitude is nearly impossible to squash, but when he's down, it tends to hit hard. Letting the drama queen in him come out. Where everything feels awful and all he wants to do is curl up in bed and wait for the horrible world to just stop spinning. Thankfully these stints don't seem to last very long. Ever since he was a little colt, Glitzen was never a very masculine pony. Still to this day most ponies assume him to be a mare upon first meeting him. Something which he never disputes or confirms. As he does get a bit of a kick out of ponies reactions upon finding out he's really a stallion. It's always funny seeing how red an embarrassed stallion's face can get when finding out that he's a stallion too. Poison Joke Reaction: Reflection disappers. A true style emergency! Font Colour: (E700AD) Relationships: Willow Wisp: "Willow darling, thanks once more for being my first customer in Ponyville! I hope you find somewhere fabulous to wear that dress." Honeywing: "Oh Honeywing dear~ Seeing you again was such a treat after coming here. You've been so wonderful to me! The night at the Gala will be one I'll remember forever and always~" Bramble Rose: "Ahh, my wonderful model! Bramble dear, thank you ever so for stepping out of your comfort zone for me, the fliers have made business boom~" Neon Pop: "Neon Pop, the Pop Princess! What a treat it was to meet you, I'm elated that you enjoyed your styling, and I do hope you'll come again sometime!" Buckwheat: "You adorable little thing you, it was such a pleasure meeting you, I do hope your Mother and Grandmother loved their outfits." Dubstep: "Dear, I'm so glad you liked your tux! I hope it was a smash at the party! Stop by again anytime you like." ​Maximilian Rockefilly Jr.: "Such a charming businessman. I do hope that you and Silk had a lovely time and I hope that we'll be able to do business again darling!"
  15. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Sugar Glider Sex: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Honolulu Blue Coat: Honey Mane/Tail: His mane is a rich harvest gold colored, accented with the same color of blue as his eyes, his mane is a tad on the longer side, so he normally keeps it smoothed back, his tail hangs very long, having two streaks of blue in it. Physique: On the taller side, with a slight muscular build, though his size is deceptive as he has a elegant grace to his movements Residence: AppleLoosa Occupation: Apiarist and Honey salesman Cutie Mark: A golden chunk of honey comb with bees flying around it. History: Born in Ponyville, Sugar Glider used to play in the grassy meadows, playing all sorts of make believe games with the other foals in his class, but his true love was for that of the striped yellow and black being known as the honey bee! Now his family already had a thing for bees, it was good for the town to have a bunch of bees in the area, kept apple blossoms pollinated, made healthy crops! It was a good relationship to have with both pony and bee kind. Instead of going to flying school in Cloudsdale, Sugar instead chose to go to the down home country classroom of Ponyville, learning about the basics of education, and more importantly it let him stay closer to home to learn all about bees and how to take care of them. His cutie mark story is not one of pomp and circumstance, he was simply a young foal helping his daddy remove the comb from the hive for that late summer's harvest , his dad carefully scraping off the capped comb, cutting a special piece of the golden drenched structure just for Sugar Glider! The foal took the comb and sunk his teeth into the soft, waxyness, letting the mellow sweet taste flood his mouth! That was the moment, that pure satisfaction of tasting something you helped make! That feeling of pride knowing your bees had been so well taken care of that they could afford your harvest! That was when his cutie mark happened, he knew then he wished for nothing more than the simple but oh so important life of an Apiarist. After staying with his family to properly learn all there is to know about bees, come the time he heard word about a new settlement opening up the young pony could hardly contain himself with the urge to go! It was to be a new town, a new apple orchard, a new chance at life for him! With his family's blessing and with a few of the hives he tended to, he boarded the train to AppleLoosa! The town's only been around a year or so, and after the little "altercation" with the Buffalo wound down Sugar Glider was finding himself right at home! Sure he's not the only one keeping bees, as another pony called "HoneySuckle" is also in the area, so they have a sort of unspoken but friendly rivalry. In all honestly though Sugar Glider don't mind! Healthy trees and plants meant happy ponies and happy bees, and happiness makes the world sweeter! Character Summary:​ Sugar Glider is a down to earh pony that is a tad set in his ways, he does things the old fashioned way, cutting his comb by hoof, extracting the honey the same way, and tends to scoff at a lot of "conveniences" other Apiarists might use in this modern age, such as centripetal force extractors and "bee suits"! Pah! Despite this stubbornness for tradition, he's a good hearted, generous pony that is quite content selling honey for bits, and conversation, a lover of checkers, hot cider with honey stirred in, and with a secret love of all things Bridal way and play related. Sugar Glider is also a very capable weather pony, as he did learn as much as he could about the weather and how it affects bees, while not his every day job, if another pony calls out sick, he is quite happy to fill in their spot. Cutie mark design: LazingAbout94
  16. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Emerald Bliss Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Light Green Coat: Light Green Mane/Tail: Minty green with solid white stripes throughout it. Physique: Mostly normal, A tad on the skinny side. Residence: Vanhoover Occupation: Jewelry Selling/Crafting Cutie Mark: A Sapphire, Ruby & Emerald in a triangle shape. History: She was born in Cloudsdale and lived with her parents, loving and caring about them always. She went to a school nearby and made a couple of friends that she liked very much. She was not very good at flying but not the worst in her class, She learned pretty fast but had snags along the way. She had two friends that she went to school with until all three finished school and one of her friends parents moved away for a job offer in Manehatten and the other's parents moved to Vanhoover for her father to become a miner stallion. Emerald gained her cutie mark one day as a filly while making jewelry with her mother. Her mother made jewelry as well but only as a hobby, not as a job like Emerald would eventually end up doing. Since her only two friends and her best friends moved away. She asked her parents if they could move because she wanted to be near her friends again. Her parents said no at first until one day her father got a job offer in Vanhoover. So all three moved to Vanhoover and she started a jewelry selling stand in the middle of Vanhoover. She got the jewels from her friend's father and split the profits with him. Pretty soon she had enough to get her own house and moved nearby her parents, but she still visit's them almost everyday. As for her friends she visits them every week or so and talks to them for a while. Character Summary: Emerald is a kind and gentle mare that enjoys Cooking as well as making friends when she can. Although she is not the best at that particular thing, she is good at cooking and her craft. She has a store to sell and make her jewelry in, Although she does do it at home with her own personal collection of gems at times. She is worried that she will lose her friends if they ever move off, But she tries to make sure that does not happen anytime soon. Overall she is very sweet, But she does have a shy side, Depending on his the pony has a temper or not. But she does love to talk when she has the chances.
  17. Role Play Type: World of Equestria Name: Cherry Jam Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Pegasus Eye Color: Amber Character Color: A light magenta boarding on pink. Mane and Tail: Mane and tail are both silky sea green with streaks of bright green running through them. She keeps her mane and tail long and flowing when not in the air. Her mane drapes down in a long wave over her neck with stray strands of forelocks left free to wisp over her face. Physique: Jam isn't quite as toned as she used to be in her Wonderbolts days. She moves with poise and capability both in the air and on the ground. Though she has an injury to one of her wings, still is still capable of flying. She just can't fly quite the way she used to. Residence: Currently she resides in an apartment above a bakery in Canterlot. Occupation: She once worked as a trick flier for the Wonderbolts. Since her injury she has taken to baking and runs successful tart shoppe and bakery in Canterlot. Cutie Mark: Three starbursts of different sizes, one larger than the others. The stars are yellow with orange centers. In front of this is two red cheesies on their stem. History: Jam was born to two pegasi in Cloudsdale. She spent her early days scraping by in classes so that she could be on the school's flying team. Her father was a speed flier, competing in Cloudsdale derbies when he had the chance. He also had a full time job working in the Cloudsdale weather factory. This allowed Jam to see that though there might be something you truly love, responsibility often leads to one having to invest time and effort into endeavors outside of one's true passion. Her mother stayed home when Jammer was young, raising the little filly and her brother. Jam's parents always believed in their little filly and were so proud when she made the second string of the flight team at her school. Jam was happy with this but always wanted to be first string. She practiced and trained intensely, honing her skills for the coming year's tryouts each season. It was during one particularly intense training session that her cutie mark appeared! Triple stars with...cerries in front of them?! A symbol of her love of flight for sure and the cherries...well they remained a mystery for a long time! It was during her third year of high school, years later, that she finally achieved her dream of being a first string flier. Though she was not the best on the team, she gave it her all and had a great time! When the year of graduation came, the flight team got to sign up to try out for the famed Wonderbolts! Jammer had never been more excited! Her coach was in charge of choosing who would get to go to the Wonderbolts tryouts as only the best fliers from each school would have a chance to tryout with the famed flying team! They held a tryout at school to pick those that would go to the Wonderbolts competition and though she flew her absolute best, she was not chosen to try out. She continued to work hard, not letting the defeat get to her too much. Once she graduated she was able to attend a tryout for ponies that were past the age of high school. She had never stopped training, pressing as hard as she could after her dream of being a top flier. During the tryout, she attempted a trick maneuver that hardly any other ponies would dare to attempt! The ponies running the try outs saw the guts and determination Jam displayed and she was chosen to be a flier for the Wonderbolts! Jam flew for the Wonderbolts for about a year, loving each day of her new adventure in life! One days she was training and decided to throw in a new, particularly dangerous, flight maneuver. The result was a full on crash into the ground. Along with other inquires that healed after while, she ended up permanently straining a muscle in her wing. It was an injury she couldn't recover from completely. Though she can still fly, her days of flying tricks are over. Since her injury kept her from returning to the Bolts Jam made her way to Canterlot to take on something she'd always dreamed of but never been able to do in Wonderbolts training...baking! It was once she was working with the good stuff that she figured out why her mark had those delicious looking red cherries! Top athletes could not hope to taste the wonderful treats of tarts and cakes but she had a;ways wanted to! She took her salary from the Bolts and started her bakery where she now turns out wonderful treats of Canterlot citizens and even further away! Her bakery has built a good reputation! Summary: She is fun, loves to laugh and joke. She feels everything intensely and is often given over to her emotions. She loves her family and friends and can often be found spending time with ponies she is close to when she's not working with a smile on her muzzle in her bakery. She tries with all her might to keep a happy spin on her life. Though there are areas, especially in the area of flight that can bring her down, she tries to look for the good! This mare never does anything half way. She's all or nothing and never backs down. It takes a certain type of pony to be her friend, but once she has made a friend she will never let them go. When it comes to stallions and sometimes mares she can be something of a flirt, often leading to the embarrassment of particular pony that can't quite handle her intense nature. All in all Jam is a lot of fun to hang out with! She lives life with all she has; when she's baking or hanging with a friends.
  18. From the album: OC's <3

    {This is Deerie as a little one. Clueless about everything.(:}

    © www.theshadowdeer.deviantart.com

  19. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Windwright Sex: Male* Age: Stallion* Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Blue Coat: Teal/Cyan with white markings blanched into it, see his summary. He tends to wear nothing, though when he's working he has a lab coat, a face mask, and goggles, and he owns a harness-style pair of flight goggles and bomber-style coat he uses when he needs to be out in severe weather. Mane/Tail: Blue with navy lowlights, he keeps a swept-back, slightly feathered style to his mane, leaving it looking somewhat wind-tossed. Physique: Average build, a bit taller than usual Residence: Rainbow Falls Occupation: Self-styled chemist, he makes and distributes medicines and cosmetics. See follow-up post. Cutie Mark: A 'tribal' stylised staff with a line winding around it and a pair of 'wings' at the head. The butt of the staff dips slightly lower than most cutie marks, but not so far as to be particularly outlandish. Cutie mark (warning, large) He acquired this cutie mark rather later than his peers. He wasn't just the last in his class to have his mark, he was the last foal from among his siblings and cousins, and had actually entered high school before he found it. He had found an interesting looking flower beside the school's track, which he took to one of the teachers. In the process of trying to identify it, the pair discovered that it glowed when a unicorn's magic was applied to it. While the teacher thought nothing more of it, Windwright continued experimenting with the flower until he'd made a paste out of it, and like any colt who's read way too many comic books, he used it to paint a "cool" mask on one of his unicorn friends. This had three effects: first the paste dyed the friend's normally red coat orange in the affected area until it finally washed out; because the 'mask' touched his friend's horn, the stained area glowed like a torch for three days whenever the friend used any magic at all; and Windwright himself gained a cutie mark in the same style as the pattern he'd made, albeit with much finer lines. History: Born to a pair of weather pony parents, Windwright was the first of three siblings. Due to genetic quirks in his family tree, he was the only pegasus of the three, and his parents tried to stress different aspects of weather work from a young age; Windy never really had a knack for these, however, and often spent long periods of time flying from place to place avoiding the lessons his parents tried to impart. Eventually they shrugged and moved on with life, but Windy found that he rather enjoyed flying and built up a rather impressive amount of stamina for his age. He retained this trait as he grew into an awkward foal, and for a time he thought about making a career of it if his cutie mark never manifested. His circle of friends was small but diverse, due in part to the fact that his sisters were a unicorn and an earth pony, and he therefore never really understood the cliques that often developed in other foals. As he started his teenaged years, some of his peers began avoiding him for having a blank flank at such a late age, but his friends helped see him through. When he finally did earn his mark, the event was accompanied with relief more than excitement, even if it took him another few years to understand what the mark actually represented. Shortly after school, he did something incredibly reckless and somewhat foolhardy, flying alone from his home to Las Pegasus with nothing but his saddlebags of books and a vague idea of what he wanted. Once there, he started studying under unicorns and alchemists, trying to understand the science behind their magic. It was during this sojourn in the desert that he met and started exchanging letters with Storm Watcher, the stallion he would eventually come to marry. Eventually Windy moved out from under the tutelage of other chemists and began developing his own brand of pharmaceuticals, with the backing of some rather generous investors who eventually took the business side of things over more or less completely. This left him free to pursue development of more products. The first of these, and the one that drew investors, was a mane-conditioner that eventually gave his cosmetic line its name 'Wind-Touched', which due to a combination of ingredients that reacts with a pony's innate magics gave its users a wind-tossed boost to their manes. Around this time, he also started cultivating some of the harder to find herbs and flowers he used, and experimenting with new breeds of plants. A combination of the need to expand this space and being evicted from the home he shared with Stormy due to a work-related explosion (could have happened to anypony, I swear) led the couple to purchase a new home in Rainbow Falls, where they now reside. Character Summary: Windwright has two major states of mind. When he's working, he's usually extraordinarily focused, taking meticulous notes and exact measurements, with the end goal being reliable results that do the same thing to anypony using one of his products, every time they use them. His instruction guides tend to read more like engineering manuals than cookbooks, leading to passages that are difficult for lay-ponies to follow, but that nearly anyone with the technical know-how needed to create the products can use to get the right formula every time. This lends itself very well to other ponies being able to mass produce the things he makes. This same level of focus also applies to reading anything related to a project he's working on, which often leaves a haphazard pile of books from different cultures in his wake. To this end, he's learned how to read certain types of books in several foreign languages, and he can reliably translate Itailian, Prench, and Zebra texts dealing with plants, herbs, potions and the like. His penmareship could use some work, though, as the notes he accumulates during these binges are nigh incomprehensible to anypony else, and only barely to Windy himself. When not working, though, he's actually quite laid-back. One of the results of his upbringing and the environment he grew up in is that he's very accepting of other ponies differences and foibles, and overall tends to be very forgiving and mellow. One of the odd habits he picked up during his time in Las Pegasus was testing some of his products on himself, since it was somewhat difficult to find other test subjects. Notably, after developing the formula for his pelt-blanching agents, he's had Storm Watcher etch designs into his pelt about once a season, when the coat regrows. The pair tend to make very elaborate patterns that mimic or complement his cutie mark, most often on his neck, cheeks, chest, and shoulders. The dye doesn't take well to his feathers, though. Another is that since he, rather by accident, discovered the formula for a potion that temporarily swaps the imbiber's gender *he frequently spends several hours a week as a mare, for little to no reason at all. He doesn't market that potion because aside from altering the primary and secondary sexual characteristics its effects are rather unpredictable, but it is a formula he keeps a short stock of that he gives out on request to those who know about it. His relationship with Stormy brought some profound changes out in Windwright. For one thing, it expanded his social circles rapidly, as Storm Watcher was always an insatiable flirt, a habit Windy was more than happy to reciprocate and eventually emulate. For another, Stormy never held the stallion's eccentricities and focus against him, and was happy to leave Windy to his own devices while he pursued his own talents and jobs. In turn, Windwright opened up and started supporting not only Stormy's efforts, but those of their other friends and family members. It was from Storm Watcher that Windwright learned to forgive quickly. Both also serve as voices of reason to the other's pursuits, never afraid to point out problem areas in the other's work, or ask important questions. Stormy also helps out with some of the more tedious tasks that support the pair's pursuits, tending to trees in the orchard and herb patches in exchange for the use of one of the greenhouses (the largest, actually) and Windy's efforts in manipulating the weather systems therein from time to time. The two complement one another well, and often the toughest part of their marriage are the periods when their jobs keep them apart for one reason or another. However, Windy does have his own flaws and quirks. He rarely interacts with most of his family, and takes great pains to keep them estranged. His playful teasing can be taken too far, and he rarely notices when it does until the damage has been done. He's quick to apologize, but very slow to express gratitude verbally. He can also be somewhat abrasive if he's in a poor mood, or trying to focus on something else. Additionally, when he is working on a project it's often very hard to get or hold his attention. Windwright on the right, Stormy on the left.
  20. Name: Agile Speeds (pronounced “a-gile” rather than “a-jile”.) Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Night blue Coat: Sunshine yellow. His wings are also night blue. Mane/Tail: His mane is short cropped, complying to the Equestrian Wonderbolt standards. His tail is also short. Both are straight and night blue. Physique: He is fit, relatively muscular, and tall. He is unflinching and adopts a cool, cold and emotionless expression. Residence: Canterlot Castle Occupation: Command Chief Master Sergeant (yes, it's a mouthful) of the Wonderbolts Cutie Mark: A circle outlined by a dark blue circle of cloud. The inner circle is split into half: on the left is half of the sun, and on the right is half of the moon. It represents him now, rather than him then. The half-sun and half-moon represents his passion to protect both princesses with equal affinity as Command Chief Master Sergeant of the Wonderbolts. The circle of cloud represents, however, his sworn oath to protect the Princess of the Moon first (he would still protect both, just this one first) in his Oath of Allegiance. His cutie mark appeared during the first time he watched his father wear the Oath of Allegiance after returning from a two-year hiatus to take care of Agile's sick grandfather (now deceased). He loved the sincerity and warmth of the words, and was immediately inspired to fight for Equestria like his father. He only noticed that his cutie mark had appeared after his father sat back down and pointed to his flank-he had been so focused on listening to the Oath. History: Agile’s father, Fly Bolt, was the First Lieutenant of the Wonderbolts (the second highest ranking position) in his time, and ensured the success of many treaties by protecting the Princesses. His mother, Lune de Ami, was born and raised in Prance. She moved to Canterlot a few years after she secured a job as a guard for the Lunar House, where she met Agile’s father. Agile has a twin sister named Agnatha “Aggie” Speeds. Aggie teaches at a public school in Canterlot. The two don’t really get along, as Aggie was against his aspirations to become a soldier. Agile was born and raised in Canterlot, by his maternal grandparents. His parents were often away for missions, but they always tried to come home for all holidays or special dates. He learned about the Equestrian Guard through his father, and aspired to be part of the army. He studied very hard in school, and graduated first class with honours. He quickly rose through the ranks as an officer, and is now extremely proud of his title. He participated in several "peace-keeping tours", in which he protected the Princess while in allied countries. Despite his busy schedule, he always finds time to spend with his family (and his marefriend, Prune Rose). Despite not being on the greatest of terms with his sister, he still loves her very much, and hopes that she will someday come to terms with him. He secretly admires her, and how she is able to look upon the poor, the needy, and the injured with as same as heart as she would look upon the rich. Because he spent so much time in the presence of royalty, he is used to discrimination amongst the “peasant ponies”. Occasionally, he also uses the impolite manner of speech-just by habit. He hopes to abandon this unneeded quality and look at everypony in the same way. Character Summary: He has a strong character and loyal heart. He appreciates every little thing anypony has ever done for him, although he rarely shows it. He loves the unimportant moments of life, and treasures every gift. He has a deep understanding of life. However, he still tries to keep an enigmatic attitude about him, so that he wouldn’t ruin the feelings of others. He is extremely considerate and kind. He looks up to those that love and care for others even more than him (his sister). He is easily forgiving, and never holds a grudge. He isn’t afraid of much, as he believes that fear is an image conjured by the mind (the "deep understanding of life" part). He hopes to become a lieutenant like his father, and to spend more time appreciating the night. Unfortunately, he is also easily angered as the downside of being easily forgiving-he often feels guilt for being upset at the other. He takes great care to protect the ones that he love, and had much practice at that when he was young (because his sister was a unicorn in a family of pegasi, she was frequently bullied and was often teased for trying to be more "Pegasus"). He will do anything to protect his family-including risk his life. He is also very stubborn and headstrong-just like his father. Image by DavieRocket on FimFiction.net.
  21. From the album: Lie-i-fee-ore-ia's Commissioned Characters

    This is an image done by Davie Rocket. It features my OC, Agile Speeds. It was requested over Fimfiction, and I absolutely love it!
  22. Athens


    From the album: Characters

    Here's one of my characters, Gemini. I think I made Gems' tail a wee bit too long. Oh well. Here's his page.

    © AthensTheGreat @ DeviantArt

  23. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Star Crusader Sex: Female Age: Mare Eye Color: Amber Coat Color: Whitish blue Species: Pegasus Build: Above the average height for a male pony, and built for both a mare and a pegasus. Mane/ Tail Color & style: Reddish Blonde mane that takes on a near Militaristic fashion with some amount of flair. The left half of her mane is braided together into one long tail that has been thrown over her neck towards the right side of her head. And as for the right, it's a short cut bang that rolls over her right brow, as it curves towards the back. Her tail is short cropped, and banded together near the base, following the usual REA fashion. Cutie Mark: A Tower Shield with Wings Origin/Residence: Canterlot when on Duty/ Stays with her brother when off Duty. Occupation: Low Ranked Officer of the Royal Equestrian Army Motivation: Law, Order, and Harmony Dislikes: Evil Doers, Criminals, Injustice, Selfishness, disorder Character Background: Born to a Noble Family of Fetloch in Manehatten, Crusader was the oldest sibling of two, and also the largest. She always had a stern heir about her, with a natural resting glare which intimidated many other foals. She would often try to make a conversation, but any attempts she made with ponies whom were willing to give her a chance just went off terribly. Usually by her saying the wrong things, or just being a foal that’s awkward to be around. Naturally she became frustrated when ponies began to avoid her. And eventually she became a bit of a bully. When her brother was old enough to go to school. She’d walk him to class daily. Play with him during recess. He was perhaps her only friend. And was possibly the only pony in the school whom could get her intensity to die down a bit, so she was somewhat a pleasant foal. One day in school however, she heard her brother cry out in anguish in the playground. A few bullies were picking on the poor foal. Something inside of Crusader drove her to action, quickly coming to her brother’s aide and beating those bullies back. When all was done, her brother pointed to her flank, revealing a new cutie mark. A tower shield, with Wings. This symbolizes her daily pursuit and dedication to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Later on, she began to grow fascinated with Joining the Royal Equestrian Guard. She spent hours studying, and training her body till it was time to join. Just before she enlisted, her mother Star Breezer, joined by her little brother presented her with a Family heirloom. An enchanted tower shield with a polished front, and branded with Celestia’s Sun, and Luna’s moon beside each other. This very shield had been passed down generation through generation to scions of the Nova Family whom were to make a career serving in the Royal Equestrian Guard. Character Summary: Star Crusader, following closely to the Philosophy of the Nova family, and perhaps far more strongly than even her own mother, highly values honor and pride, with only Justice and Harmony triumphing further. Crusader is about as Stoic as a brick, with keen eyes always keeping tabs over everything in her surroundings,. Not even something as insignificant as a church mouse can escape her scrutiny. That being said, she takes her job seriously. She will stand guard for hours on end, should someone tell her to. She will turn herself into a body shield to protect a helpless pony. Chaperone foals without so much of a complaint. Bring the wicked to justice with her righteous fury. And as for life... a little too seriously. She takes her mannerisms from work and applies them everywhere. Even when she is supposed to be off duty, she seems to forget that. Don't underestimate her ability for conversations however. She's a very articulate mare, and speaks with proper pronunciations... even if some of the titles she uses may just be archaic. But she is also a no nonsense mare. And severely hates it when ponies beat around the bush . She can quickly become irritated when a pony dances around a topic (Though she wonders why no pony has requested a lovely evening with her.) Often calling them out to just spit it out, or to hurry them. She takes threats seriously, and any threats she makes will be more than willing to carry out immediately if she has to. Many ponies claims she doesn't have a sense of humor, and this is almost true. And this is perhaps one of the weapons in her Arsenal. Intimidation. Even when it's not intentional, she holds an imposing form with her personality, her stance, and her stature. And she uses this to her advantage when trying to keep true to the pacifist ways of the Royal Equestrian Guard. After a dramatic entry by crashing down to the earth from the sky, or something simple as slamming her shield down to draw focus, she will demand the immediate surrender of her foe less they face her unrivaled wrath. Should they not humor her, she'll be more than willing to show that she is no spring chicken to chase, or combat. But this sense of justice is also perhaps one of her biggest shortcomings. Usually openly announcing her presence... or being what is characteristically known in the Royal Equestrian Guard as Lawful Stupid. Crusader is an incredibly gullible mare. She will chase after obviously false leads, screaming into the air how she will defile their nefarious deeds. And return sulking about how the fictitious villain had gotten away. And finally... there are softer sides to her. With foals, delicate ponies, beggars, and soft cute things. But the strongest in particular, her adoration for flowers.
  24. Name: Summer Sky Gender: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Aqua Character colour: Paleish yellow Mane/Tail: Ocean blue with a few streaks of paler blue. She wears her mane long, about shoulder length on both sides, messy due to a lack of attention, and a few bangs sometimes like to fall in her face as well. Her tail hangs just above the ground, also pretty messy. Physique: Average, a bit small if anything. Residence: An apartment in Fillydelphia, along with her rabbit Pepper. Occupation: Wearher pony, part-time writer. Cutie Mark: A blue sun drawn in a swirly, childlike fashion. It represents her ability to always have an optimistic and positive outlook on things, as well as her love for sunny days. History: Summer Sky was born and raised in Cloudsdale, along with her twin (and older by ten minutes) brother, Winter Haze. However, their parents were never expecting twins, so this was an interesting surprise. And on top of that, Summer was also born with a rare birth defect- her hind legs were much weaker than they should be. She had braces put on them as soon as she learned to walk, and also took some medication to help rebuild the tissue. It was painful at first, but Summer eventually learned to walk with the braces, albeit awkward looking. But a few years later, something exceptionally odd happened- tissue was building back up, but only in one of her legs. This was both a blessing and a curse, as Summer eventually only had to use one brace instead of two, but still... It didn't But as she grew into her fillyhood, Summer began to despise that brace more and more. It was weird, it was uncomfortable, and worst of all, kids kept staring at her in school! She kept begging her parents to get it off, but they always replied with no. This got to get so much that one day her brother walked in on the filly trying to take it off. He simply watched as Sumner tried to stand up without it, only ending up painfully falling over immediately. Winter understood her pain more than anyone, and quickly went to help her out it back on, just as her doctor taught him how to. And as her brother was doing that, the epiphany suddenly hit her- why does it matter if ponies stared? That piece of metal was part of what made Summer Sky, well , Summer Sky, so why was she trying to change it? It was her life, who cared what others thought? Sure, it was uncomfortable, but it's not like she could change it or anything! And so, Summer spent the next day with a smile on her face: ignoring the states, and bring herself. And at the end of the day as she was walking home, her cutie mark finally appeared. As the years went on, Summer learned to fly much better than she could during her elementary years, and was hovering around whenever she could. She also began to come up with stories, mostly adventure and fantasy, and would write them down. Writing became a little hobby for her, and was something she enjoyed when no one else was around. Her social skills were improving, also- Summer began to make very close friends who she could smile with. Eventually, Summer and Winter grew old enough to move out of their parents' house, and got little places not far from each other in the town of Fillydelphia. Summer got a job as a weather pony- enough bits to pay the rent. She also got a pet rabbit, a dark grey furry fluffball named Pepler who she's come to love. She still lives in her little apartment to this day, still wearing her brace and not self-conscious about it one bit. Character Summary: Summer Sky is an optimist, always seeing the positive side of things. She loves to smile and be happy, and is at her best when flying. However, Summer doesn't mind wearing her brace, she's accepted it as part of what makes her unique. She also has a bit of a quirky side- occasionally letting wander into daydreams and not paying attention.She isn't the brightest, but her mind goes into it's deepest when she's writing. Of course she's perfectly happy with her life, but when writing her fantasies Sumner can't help but wonder if she should really be looking for something more in life. Also, she can be a bit awkward and a bit of a klutz, (Most times luck just isn't on her side, and she'll find herself stumbling into weird situations,) but she isn't shy in the slightest. In fact, Summer loves meeting new ponies, and is happy to make a new friend any day of the week. And if a friend is in need, she'll do whatever it takes to help them. Her best friend, however, will always be her brother Winter Haze, as antisocial as he might be. Bothering him is probably one of her favorite pastimes. Overall, Sumner Sky is a generally carefree mare who isn't afraid to be herself, as weird as she might look from a distance. [Quick note as well, Winter Haze is another character of mine that I'll be soling soon. Also, here's a doodle of her: ] [Her cutie mark is something like this, though a bit of a lighter blue. But here's the general idea. Also I don't own this image: http://i.imgur.com/mAmUyMN.jpg ]
  25. Role Play Type: World of Equestria Name: Heart Breaker Gender: Female Age: Older Filly Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Cobalt blue Character colour: Sun tanned orange from hoof to nose tip. She also has some deep orange freckles sprinkled over her cheeks. Mane/Tail/Other: Heart’s mane and tail are both unkempt from spending time in the ocean. They have a slightly tangled appearance from recently drying from a salt water soaking. She does take care of her mane and tail she just prefers spending time on her board to spending time on her looks. Her locks are bright yellow with striking orange highlights. She normally wears them loose though she has been known to bind up her tail for serious surfing days. Physique: This filly stays fit from her favorite activity, surfing. She does have toned muscles but Heart is never one to say no to snacks or meals with friends. Because of this she is not exactly slim. She maintains a balanced physique over all. Residence: A board shack on the edge of Suntrot Bay right near Bridleback Shores is where Heart calls home. The shack is really just that, nothing more than some drift wood woven together with seaweed rope. She as decorated the entry to this dwelling with a colorful blanket that she purchased on a trip to Manehatten. She has also decorated the place with various shells and gull feathers over the years. Outside she has a fire circle and lots of driftwood logs to sit on. It is certainly humble but the perfect home for a pony like Heart. Occupation: All of Heart's life revolves around the sea and surfing. Her two main sources of income are holding surf lessons for ponies that come to visit the sea side and shaping boards. She sells boards out of her board shack. Although she does not get too many customers, she has been known to make quite a few bits every now and again from a good sale. Cutie Mark: A black and white four pointed compass over a red heart. Unique Traits: Tide is a filly that belongs in the ocean. She is rarely seen without her trade mark rash guard. This black, sleeveless guard both protects the pegasus from cold water and makes her look awesome. She is also never far from her favorite long board. Though she can ride short and long boards she prefers the laid back nature of surfing the long board. Her board is bright blue, with a white bottom deck. She has also etched a picture of her cutie mark on the nose section of the board. Her wings have an unusual sheen to them due to a technique she uses to keep them safe when surfing. It was soon in her career on a board that Tide knew she would have to find a special way to care for her wing feathers. The large orange plumage became soggy soon after she had caught a wave. She often used wax to give her boards a surface her hooves could stick to, why not try it on her wings? Tide spent some time with a block of wax, rubbing it through her wing feathers. When she was finished they had a chalky look to them and were completely water proof. When Tide next caught a wave she was able to spread her wings to add to her stability on her board. Her wing feathers were completely protected. This extra balance allowed the filly to perform tricks and ride waves longer than many other pony surfers! History: Tide Breaker was born in Canterlot to two proud pegasi. Her mother High Shine and father Classy Top had both been born and raised in the high class city and maintained quite posh tasted. They brought their daughter up with dignity and tried their best to breed refinement into the young filly. They both often found themselves wondering about the young one they were raising. Even from her early days Heart Breaker went against the grain of Canterlot. Though she tolerated fancy galas, dinner affairs, and fine clothing, she did not love such things as her mother did. Both parents loved their daughter and wanted very much for her to be happy. They just could not seem to make Heart Breaker find joy in Canterlot the way they did. One day, on a very special birthday, they decided to take their daughter to the sea shore. She liked to be outside and dearly loved being in the sun. What better present could they give their daughter then to spend a day with her in the sun? Heart Breaker had never been to the sea shore before. She instantly fell in love with it! The salty air, the white sand, the wonderful crashing waves! The filly felt more at home for that day then she ever had in Canterlot! When she had come of age to leave the home of her parents she began her plan to live at the beach. Though her parents had trouble at first understanding their daughter’s decision to leave Canterlot, they supported her. They did understand that she had found something she truly loved. Once Heart had made a home for herself on the shores of Suntrot Bay she spent many content days just sitting and looking out to sea. It was then that she spotted some ponies on boards, catching waves. Being instantly interested she waded out to watch them. Soon she was introduced to surfing and never looked back! It was on the event of catching her first wave that she felt her flanks begin to tingle. Sure enough when she brought her board back into shore her cutie mark had appeared! The compass over the heart represented that though she had been born far from it, her heart would always be with surfing and the sea. The sea was her direction in life, pointing her to her heart’s desire. She developed a livelihood for herself revolving around surfing and the sea she loved. She became a board shaper, selling her craftsponyship to various ponies that she believed would be good to their boards. She has also been known to give surfing lessons to ponies that desire to both love and respect the sea. Character Summary: Heart Breaker is a laid back pony. Everypony who knows her feels at ease in her presence. She has an earthy, raspy voice that is quite interesting to listen to. Heart has a competent personality when it comes to what she loves best, surfing. This competence spreads through her life, giving other ponies courage to reach their dreams. Many are the day when Heart’s board shack is filled with friends. They come down to spend the day relaxing and being with a good friend. She also holds campfires at night when her friends are visiting. Staying up late in the night and talking about life is one of Heart’s favorite activities. She also maintains a love for her family. She returns to Canterlot fairly often to spend time with her mother and father. Though she does not love Canterlot the way her parents do, she still enjoys a day shopping and sipping smoothies with her mother Heart is an all around good friend and daughter. She is a joy and an inspiration to many!
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