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  1. From the album: Steadfast Watch

    Awesome art of my OC Steadfast Watch from http://asktheguardponies.tumblr.com/
  2. From the album: Request/trades/gift art

    This is Mojo's request form my Portrait thread. This ones looks quite a bit different from the others since I've improved a lot on my shading technique before drawing this one.

    © Art by me, character than Hasbro

  3. From the album: Regular Cast Pics

    I am personally not into shipping between the "mane six" as I always felt that it would be disruptive to the "best friends forever" dynamic between them. That being said, I am not so bitterly opposed that I wouldn't draw it under the proper circumstances. In this particular case, this is for my good from Phil (or "Phil the Time Wizard") who is a huge RariDash shipping fan, so these are in salute to his spirited devotion to his favorite ship.

    © Characters © Hasbro Artowrk © Brianblackberry

  4. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Gypsy Gold Sex: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Magenta Coat: Piebald; black & white pinto (based on the Irish cob/Gypsy Vanner horse breed) He has white stockings on all of his legs, an almost all-black face, and a white star. He also has fetlocks over gold hooves. Mane/Tail: Dark indigo-purple, thick, wild, and long with many tiny gold bells tied into both mane and tail. His mane and tail are both styled in 'pony tails' with cerulean ties. He wears a braid on the right side of his face secured with a cerulean bead and magenta bead. He also wears a single gold hoop earring in his left ear. Physique: Tall, skinny, lanky Residence: Cloudsdale (though he travels around a lot, especially to perform in other towns and cities) Occupation: Street entertainment - slight-of-hoof tricks, singing, juggling, acrobatics, and optical illusions Cutie Mark: A gold horse shoe and two gold coins; Gypsy learned his purpose when he finished learning from the travelling troupe of performer ponies who taught him their different trades. He enjoyed seeing the wonder and amusement on his audiences' faces that he knew that was what he wanted to do from the moment he began, regardless of how little or much money it made him. His name, Gypsy Gold, became somewhat ironic because although he never had much to call his own and was never very rich in wealth, he found richness in other things. The gold horseshoe of his cutie mark came to represent his wandering vagabond lifestyle that he got accustomed to while the two gold coins symbolized the metaphorical (not actual) wealth and fortune he found in the joy of his gypsy lifestyle. The cutie mark as a whole also references the gypsy saying that "Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter, it gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark," which suggested that gypsies value not gold (symbolized by the gold coins), but equine (symbolized by the horseshoe). History: Gypsy Gold grew up not knowing his parents. He made friends with a poor unicorn foal who taught him how to steal food since he had no means of earning it himself. As he got older, he began to realize what he was doing was wrong and wanted to stop. He didn't believe that he nor his unicorn friend had any right to take what wasn't theirs no matter how hungry they were or what they were capable of. The unicorn magic his friend used to steal the food just made Gypsy feel that it was all the more unfair and that they shouldn't have stolen just because they could. He left the small town he had grown up in and followed a troupe of travelling performer ponies instead. They taught him many tricks with which he could entertain the masses and make some money for himself. Once he had learned everything they had to teach him, they left him to fend for himself with a few coins and best wishes for a brighter future. From there, Gypsy discovered the city of Cloudsdale where he didn't have to worry about magic or the unicorns he had come to mistrust so deeply. Often, though, his love of roaming and visiting new places calls him to venture to new and interesting parts of Equestria where they haven't yet seen the performances he has to give. Character Summary: A vagabond and an entertainer, Gypsy's performances include juggling, acrobatics, optical illusions, and slight-of-hoof tricks when he can for the amusement of younger ponies. Another of his favorite things to do is fly low over treetops and spend time in canopies leaping from branch to branch in dense forests. As far as personality, this pegasus pony is friendly and kind to others, especially foals, and is very humble. He tends to be a little shy around girls, especially forward and bold ones. He is usually very chivalrous, though. He's somewhat afraid and untrusting of magic and, by association, unicorns. As he believes, all magic has a price, so he doesn't like the use of it at all. He also dislikes particularly arrogant and haughty ponies. Gypsy Gold is a bottomless pit. He can never seem to get full. However, he's very active which makes him use up a lot of energy and it might be his high metabolism that causes him to be so hungry all the time (like butterflies and hummingbirds, who have to be constantly eating because they're constantly in motion). His meager earnings as a street performer aren't always enough to fill him up, so he's still quite skinny. (He should be taller with longer, thinner legs and a more athletic build than below.)
  5. AutumnTea


    From the album: Character References

    Padlock is an OC who has been accepted for play in the Canterlot games. Her profile can be found here and the art can be liked or favourited on DeviantArt here. :3
  6. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria RP Name: Fast Track Sex: Male Age: Colt Species: Pegasus Eye color: Vivid Cerulean Coat:Dark Grayish Brown Mane/Tail:Long and shaggy. A mixture of dark grayish vermilion and grayish brown. Physique:Lean & healthy. A little on the short side, but so what? Residence:Canterlot. In a small community near Canterlot's main train station. Occupation:Student. President Of The Canterlot Model Train Club For Colts & Fillies. Cutie Mark:A little red locomotive. History:There was no surprise that a colt born of two ponies who worked in the railroad industry, would grow up to be as interested in trains as his parents were. His father, Box Car worked as an Senior Engineer for Canterlot Railroad, and his mother, True Trestle could be found in the front offices of the very same company. Along with their employment in the railroad industry, Fast Track's parents filled their home with train memorabilia, from old signs and paintings, along with several toy train tracks that ran throughout the house. These little trains were also used for delivering notes, snacks and other goodies to different rooms in their house. On every weekday morning, just before class started, Fast Track could expect an delivery of both an buzzing alarm clock and a bagged lunch to arrive at the 'station' near his bed. It was also not much of an surprise when the colt received his cutie mark, that it was railroad related as well! The little brown pony was rewarded with a cute little red locomotive for a branding after he successfully recreated an rather impressive scale model of the route from Canterlot to Ponyville, complete with major landmarks in his basment. What made this even more special, was that his parents while normally were very busy, were able to help him. Once a day, either his father, or mother were able to lend a hoof to his ever growing model. The final track was laid down one rainy Saturday evening with the entire family on hoof to watch the 'laying of the last track' ceremony. Character Summary:Fast Track is what his grandmother would describe as an 'scruffy little brown coated colt who really needs to get a mane-cut!' The Pegasus pony, while a little on the small side for his age, is packed with enough energy to fuel two adult stallions. This helps him, as when he's working on something, from a little world for his trains to inhabit to actually designing and building the little trains themselves, since buying them at the store fully assembled was something only a little foal or casual hobbyist would do! While a friendly pony, it generally takes him awhile to warm up to a new friend, and in social situations which involve strangers, the young colt tends to float in the back, hoping not to gain any attention. And while shy, once trust is gained, Fast Track can be VERY chatty with his new friend or friends, even more so if they have any interest in any of the hobbies he enjoyed, be it trains, mechanical do-dads, hoof-ball stats and whatever else that kept the young colt's mind busy that day.
  7. Name: Solar Swing Sex: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Pegasus Eye Color: Soft blue. Coat: Thin and soft yellow-gold. Mane and tail: Straight and weighty light yellow with creamy streaks, all dyed and styled to match his sister, with a short braid and ponytail to keep the mane out of his eyes and a sun-red bow on the base of his tail. Physique: Lithe and absurdly athletic with firm but lean, packed musculature. Residence: Currently in Canterlot with his mother, but planning a move to the north. Occupation: Member of a corps de ballet, ballet dancer. Cutie Mark: A ballet shoe. History: Solar Swing was born into a home that was as conflicted and loving as possible, his parents Castor and Amorous Rose providing two unusually distinct views for the young colt to adhere to. In a way he couldn't have been born into a better family, the wealth, prestige, friendliness, and diversity of his upbringing reflecting the values of his family as well as those he would come to learn through his experiences in the upper crust of Canterlot society. His father was a member of the Royal Equestrian Navy and his mother was a highly qualified nurse and the both of them laid many attributes at the table of their children. Sugar Star, Solar's sister, also played a huge role in his life as constant friend, companion, and model for behavior. This was true even as a colt. Whatever Sugar did, Solar wanted to do- she was the bees knees, the coolest thing in town. When she started to put bows in her mane and tail, he did so. When she took dance class, so did he. When she stopped taking dance classes and focused instead on the martial talents her father wished to teach, Solar tried to follow. But he had developed a love of ballet at that stage and even found his cutie mark while filling in for an injured dancer during the performance art center's recital. So sublime was he that his cutie mark appeared mid performance, much to the additional delight of the paying audience. He would continue his ballet training from then on, diverging from his sister in one meaningful way. Exactly one. He idolized her as they grew up to a marvelously accurate level. Whatever she wore, he wore. Whatever she was disgusted by, he was disgusted by. Whatever she liked, he did too. Whatever she didn't like, he didn't as well. All in all, a pretty happy standard for him to follow. His good instincts for what to do and who to emulate followed him into school, where his ability to adapt and be as absurdly friendly as possible to everypony he met made him a fabulously well-connected colt with a great deal of friends. As a student he was perfectly average, remarkable for neither the quality of his grades nor his lack of effort. Much was made of his lack of 'care' but the point was that why should he? He already knew what he wanted to do! He pursued dance as he grew older, doing whatever necessary to get himself ingrained into multiple dancing companies. He started to spend as much time training and dancing as he was anything else. This started to pay off as he neared the end of his schooling. One of the premiere dancers in the city and somepony who had been able to dance in several performances without the 'required' academy training, Solar received multiple offers to further his career and training up north. He settled on the Saraneighvo Classical Arts Company, where he is planning to move to in just a few months. Personality: Solar is excitable, trusting and accessible, both easily led and easily able to lead depending on those around. His leadership comes less through words and more through action as does the majority of his following. A bundle of fine energy masquerading as silken hooves, Solar is possessed of an extreme tenderness of heart and spirit. He couldn't imagine hurting somepony else and he equally can't imagine somepony else wanting to hurt him. This collection of traits has led him to be end over end gullible, an entirely guileless individual who wears his heart on his sleeve. He is anything other than a drama king as he is possessed of a naturalized family trait of mental fortitude when he perceives himself under assault, a streak of stubbornness coming up to the forefront of his open mind when he is under duress. Not that he considers himself under duress often. His bubbly, happy personality makes him almost instantly popular where he goes, so ready is he with the kindness of his heart and so open with those same words that many ponies can lean on him for some sweet compliments. He can be led by his friends but they find he has room for only one pony in his life whom he follows around like a stray puppy dog, following her around whenever he can with a dutiful smile. He loves his sister dearly and considers her the coolest, bestest pony of all time. He couldn't imagine her being wrong or being anything less than correct, a fact which has led to many of his traits being pleasant copies of her- even down to the fact he wears bows, though he wears his on the base of his tail as opposed to his sister. He has been told she has taken advantage of by her as she knows she can get him to do anything, but everypony knows that is balderdash. His sister never lies or plays tricks like that! As most ponies can attest in the same manner, Solar loves his mother. Busy as they are they always find time to hang around and play, Solar more than happy to show his mother a few wonderful moves on the ballet floor. Of course she can give as good as she gets in that regard and Solar can be found tagging along on her shopping excursions, often times holding the majority of her bags. In many ways, Solar takes after his mother in many regards- a desire to please, a commitment towards maximum effort at every little thing, and even taste in stallions! Just as his mother found herself a nice, strong REN officer to hitch to, Solar is currently dating a nice, strong Guard officer. He admires his mother immensely for all the good she can do for others while still maintaining a certain air of authority, something Solar lacks- maybe it is because she speaks Prench better than he can, even though he could pass as a natural Prench speaker to most. If there is one pony whom Solar knows he can't really impress, it is his father Castor. They are so very different in so many ways, but that does not mean a great amount of love and respect is lost between the two. Solar honors his father by the way he tries to present himself to others: Honest and forthright, befitting the son of a great stallion. From Castor Solar received an intense sense of dedication and desire to do things the right way instead of the easy way. There is no uncertain amount of shame hiding below the surface that he is the first and only member of his family to forsake joining the military, a fact which at times can make him feel as if he is spending his life frivolously. In his honest and engaging mood he will ask his family this and in their unrelenting love they give him the answer he is happy to live by.
  8. TwoBits


    From the album: Bits' OC art

    …okay, so my computer's still dead and I had to color this with pencils and then upload from my phone. But I feel like it turned out a'ight for my first actual attempt at pony art. I TRIED AND THAT'S WHAT MATTERS. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Anyways, this is pretty self explanatory from the title, I think. I figured I'd use my character Nightflight as a model to see if I could draw pony-style, and I'm fairly happy overall with how it came out. Once I can use a tablet and digital art program again I think maybe I'll come back and clean this up for use as an RP header or somethin'.
  9. Name: Amber Glass Sex: Female Age: Foal Species: Pegasus Eye Color: Green Coat: Amber's coat is a soft, pastel-like orange color, with cream colored freckles on the bridge of her muzzle. Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are both long and wispy. Her mane casually sits to one side of her neck, curling gently at the end. Both are a bold orange-red color. Physique: She is a little taller than most foals her age, which could likely be attributed to her long, skinny legs. She's small in frame, and perhaps a bit frail at a glance. Her face is well-rounded, still maintaining a degree of baby fat. Residence: Calnais, Prance Occupation: Student Cutie Mark: She doesn't have her own cutie mark yet. History: Amber Glass was born to a loving couple in the town of Calnais, Prance. Her time as a very young foal was filled to the brim with love and adoration from her parents. Certainly, she didn't grow into a carefree, adventurous, imaginative young foal over the course of a single night, nor on her own. Her parents were an exciting pair of well traveled adults --- her father a private detective, and her mother a budding young author. Every opportunity she had, she would pester them for stories about their adventures across Equestria. She wanted to know every detail, every mystery, every romance, every funny moment they had ever encountered. Such stories were the lullabies she would fall asleep to, and such stories were the triggers to opening her mind to new possibilities and experiences. Of all the stories her parents would tell her, there was one that stood out. It was her favorite story --- her mother would tell it to her whenever she would ask, which must have been a thousand times since she learned to formulate full sentences. It was the story of a young detective in Canterlot, who was investigating the mysterious disappearance of a precious necklace. As the story went, a young mare had called upon a private investigator to help her find the necklace, which had gone missing in the middle of the Grand Galloping Gala. The private detective spent the whole evening searching the Gala, interviewing guests who would take the time to speak to him, and tracing the young mare's steps... Then, as the Gala was coming to a close, and all hope seemed to be lost for the young mare's necklace, the detective found a clue which led him all the way to where the necklace was in the garden. Certainly, the story was simple. There was no criminal, no high speed chase through a market place, or even deception --- but as her mother had always put it, it was the story of Amber Glass, and without it, the little foal wouldn't be there. By the time Amber was old enough to attend school, the little pony's mind was filled with imagination and curiosity. She wanted to know everything about anything. She had questions about everything around her. In fact, she had so many questions that her teacher had to establish a class rule limiting the number she could ask, lest they be there all day discussing the exact same topic. As she learned to read, she found books filled the gap of knowledge the adults in her life couldn't fill. She would spent countless hours reading --- but, most importantly, she would spend countless hours reading stories about detectives. Her upbringing had led her to a great fascination with the crime solvers and their lore. She loved a good mystery, and if there was one to be read, she would be reading it. Even further than that, if there was a mystery to be solved within the confines of her neighborhood, she would be solving it. No case was too small --- wherever there was a lost toy, or earring, or sock, she would be there, enthusiastic and ready to go. In her pursuit of knowledge to learn, and mysteries to resolve, she would leave no stone unturned. Naturally, she often got herself into trouble, as she would often go where she shouldn't, or would interrogate others perhaps a little ... Too fiercely. Despite her brash nature, however, Amber Glass was friendly and well-meaning. She loved her home town, her school, and living in Calnais. There was nothing in the world that could possibly make her happier ... Aside from maybe discovering her cutie mark, the greatest mystery of them all for her. To this day, Amber Glass continues to live in Calnais, Prance, though she often travels with her family across Equestria for one reason or another. She is still a school-aged foal, and has yet to discover her cutie mark. Character Summary: Despite her delicate features, Amber is far from a delicate young foal. Excitable, adventurous, and perhaps a little too imaginative for her own good, it isn't uncommon for the young pegasus to engage in some mischief. She loves a good mystery. In fact, she loves mysteries so much, that she's inclined to seek them out, regardless of whether it means she'll get into trouble... Which, more often than not, she does get into. Over the course of her young life, she has been entranced by stories of detectives. She views the world in a semi-noir fashion, where everything new and mysterious can and should be investigated --- and where it's difficult to always know who is a good pony or an evil, maniacal, cat-stroking super villain! While Amber does not harbor a paranoid distrust of others, her initial interactions with new individuals have more in common with soft-ball interrogations than casual conversation. That is to say: she asks a tremendous amount of questions, and isn't always the most subtle. Although her initial front can seem off-putting to some, she's a caring and loyal child when push comes to shove. She would do anything for a friend, and were one to call on her, she would be there faster than fillies and colts promised free cupcakes. Or at least as quickly as her little wings could possibly carry her. While she is socially active, she does enjoy a good moment of quiet from time to time. Amber's past time is books. She loves books, she lives for books. If there is a new book to be found, she will drop everything to experience the knowledge contained within its pages. Especially if it's a new edition of her favorite detective series ever: Prancy Drew.
  10. Castor I don’t deal in compromises. Compromises in principles lead to compromises in lives. Name: Admiral Castor, REN Sex: Male Age: Stallion nearing the end of his prime, though nopony would know it looking at him! Species: Pegasus Coat Color: A deep midnight blue (#003366), with onyx (#353839) feathering around the fetlocks. Mane/Tail Color and Style: Onyx (#353839), kept impeccably trimmed and coiffed to military regulation. Eye Color: Olivine (#9AB973) Physique: Tall, muscular, fit. Broad-shouldered with a powerful build and chiseled facial features. Residence: Raised daughter Sugar Star in Canterlot, later transferred to Seaddle to command the airship group stationed there. Occupation: Commander of Equestrian Airship Operations Group One, stationed in Seaddle. Cutie Mark: A telescope with the outlined constellation of Gemini beside it, symbolizing his constant skyward gaze, forward-thinking mentality, and his commitment to building bonds with those he leads. Cutie Mark Story: Castor’s love of astronomy extended to his fascination with using the stars for navigation. He is a self-taught cartographer and orienteering hobbyist. As a colt, Castor spent much of his free time exploring the woods near Trottingham. He would regularly serve as a guide for fellow classmates wishing to see the great outdoors. One day, a sibling of one of his friends became separated from the group on their way to a campsite Castor had picked out. Despite the light giving out, Castor continued to lead the group in search of their lost comrade. His knowledge of the woods and his periodic checks on the stars for their location in the forest allowed them to continue to search without getting lost themselves. Finally, after a night of searching, they found who they were looking for. With his task complete, Castor led the group to their campsite, set up tents, and promptly fell asleep. When they awoke the next morning, he found his cutie mark in place, a mark of his exemplary leadership and talents as a navigator. Character History Out of the gates of Tartarus there blew a dread wind, a harbinger of the coming darkness. Out of the gates of Tartarus sounded a clarion call, a chilling note that struck fear into the hearts of pony and griffon alike. Out of the gates of Tartarus, wreathed in flame and smoke, every bit of Equestrian Earth shaking beneath his iron hooves, walked Castor the Mighty. Or so the recruits at the Seaddle Naval Station like to say. Despite outward appearances, Castor was not forged in the fires of Tartarus. His beginnings were quite humble, in fact. Castor grew up in Trottingham, the unassuming son of a pair of college professors, it was long believed that he would also follow in the path of education. But as he matured, it became immediately apparent that Castor was something else entirely. The young stallion grew tall and strong, with a stone-steady countenance to match his granite features. But Castor was far from a muscle bound meathead. The sterling colt became an astronomy nut, absolutely devouring any text he could get his hooves on about the night sky. By the time he had completed grade school, he had memorized entire portions of the sky over Trottingham in all seasons. His interests continued to expand as he matured. By high school, he had become a specimen of a young stallion, fawned over by mares and fought over by athletics coaches for his physical prowess. But Castor spurned them all. He had already made up his mind the day he had seen a formation of Royal Equestrian Navy airships crossing the sky over Trottingham. He wanted to command his own airships some day. He joined the Navy shortly after leaving school, completing a tour of duty as an enlisted stallion before jumping to officer track. He passed with flying colors, eventually being assigned to Canterlot’s small but growing fleet. It was there that he met his wife. Soon after, they were married and they raised their children as Castor climbed the ranks. Eventually, Castor hit Canterlot’s glass ceiling. With no further promotion available, Castor looked like he would be stuck as a bureaucrat before ever being assigned to a command of his own. Serendipity was what saved him. Castor was offered a promotion to Admiral as commander of the newly formed Airship Operations Group One stationed in Seaddle. While it would require some relocation, his grown children and otherwise limited career opportunities made the choice a no-brainer. Castor now lives in Seaddle and commands his own small fleet of airships, overseeing the training of their crews and maintenance of his vessels. Character Summary Admiral Castor is a stallion among stallions. He stands nearly as tall as the alicorn princesses and his broad shoulders and chiseled musculature are a better match for a stallion half his age. Adding to his already intimidating physical presence, Castor has carefully cultivated the image of the uncompromising master and commander of the fleet. He takes great pride in his work and expects the same of the sailors under his command. Any who fail to give their all are sure to meet his wrath. Though many a recruit has been terrified by his imposing countenance, those who have served under him find Castor a highly capable, if firm, commander. Many outside military circles may also find his brick wall appearance and demeanor to be offputting. But underneath the stern and stony exterior is a kind and loving father and husband who adores his family and dotes on them constantly. Castor understands the need for spending time with family. His leave time is almost always spent on his children or his wife. Castor lives in Seaddle with his wife Amorous Rose and is visited regularly by his daughter Sugar Star and son Solar Swing.
  11. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Sugar Star Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Tickle me Pink Coat: Sugar’s coat is thick, healthy, and soft to the touch. Its hue is a warm sunglow gold. Mane/Tail: Straight and voluminous vanilla yellow with streaks of very pale cream. Star usually keeps her mane in a loose fishtail braid or ponytail to keep it from her eyes. Physique: Very athletic and toned but still quite feminine. Residence: The REA barracks in Canterlot. Occupation: Specialist in the Royal Equestrian Army. Cutie Mark: A shooting star with a pink tail that takes the shape of a wing. As a filly, Sugar Star and her mother were both very confident about the filly’s cutie mark being related to one of her many talents: beauty, baking, dance, or pageantry. When she was young, Star was an absolute whiz in these subjects. She didn’t start off that way, however. She was very much her daddy’s little filly, and she loved to roughhouse and play with him outdoors. But her mother saw that her Star had natural good looks and grace (much like herself) and decided to see if she’d be interested in something she herself had dabbled in when she was a youngster. At first, Star wasn’t interested; pageants, dancing, makeup, and dresses? No way! She laughed her mother off and then flew right outdoors to race other fillies and colts her age. Eventually, though, because she loved her mother and wanted to make her smile, Sugar Star donned a pageant gown – just to try it on. She loved it. In fact, she adored it. Her mother was happy, she was happy, and her father could only laugh at the whole situation. For a few years, Sugar Star indulged in pageants and performing. She was quite good, and gave a lot of lovely young fillies a race for their bits! And most importantly, she was happy. Well, happy but for one concern – all the fillies and colts her age were getting their cutie marks, and even though she felt certain she would get hers during a dance recital or a shopping spree with her mum, her flank remained bare. It happened during a dance recital. Sugar’s dance class was performing its last number, wowing the crowd as per usual and wearing huge smiles while they did it. Their costumes and set design for this show were particularly good, and the parents in attendance were going wild with their cameras! One parent, however, got a little too excited, and backed right up into the table holding the five-tier cake that had been custom ordered to celebrate the last dance recital of the year. The small commotion that was caused by the cake artist and the parent drew Star’s eye for a moment, but everything settled down quickly. The filly just so happened to turn her gaze back to the cake when she noticed that one of the table’s legs was shaking. It was all about to come down! Sugar Star, knowing how important that cake was to the artist and to all of the dance students and their parents, leapt from the stage with a lunge and a few flaps of her wings, then made the aerial dash towards the back of the auditorium. Things, however, were not that simple. Decorations and strings of lights made the space between the stage and the cake very difficult to maneuver through, and Star made a show of great agility in navigating through the obstacles. There were many confused “Ooooo’s” and “Aaahhh’s” as parents who weren’t sure if this was all part of the show watched the filly darting through the décor. More clear than any voice present, though, was her mother’s distinctive “AAAHHH!” of confusion and worry! Finally, Star made it through the decorations and had a clear path to the cake! She dove, flying swiftly, and made it just in time. Well, just in time for the cake to topple onto her. She didn’t quite make it in time to save the cake, and she was sorely disappointed. The cake artist was in tears! But when her mother came and helped her scrape away clumps of moist cake and sugary frosting, what she found beneath the mess made up for her failures that day: she had earned her cutie mark! Finally it all made sense! Sugar Star had always admired her father’s heroic work in the REA, but when she got swept up in her mother’s frou frou lifestyle she had forgotten all about that! From that day on, Sugar knew without a doubt that she wanted to dedicate her life to making Equestria and the world a better place, and it would be her wings that carried her towards her dream! History: Sugar Star was born to two pegasi in Canterlot: high-ranking stallion in the Royal Equestrian Army and a doting housewife and nurse. Though she loved rough housing and playing with her father, Star had a stint where she indulged in a more feminine lifestyle with her mother that distracted her from her fascination and admiration for her father’s military work. Once her cutie mark appeared, however, Sugar Star devoted herself to training and preparing to join the REA. The only feminine art she didn’t brush aside was dance. That helped her in the long run, too, since it gave her a looseness and fluidity while flying that really enhanced her agility! Alongside dance classes, she spent her time as a filly going to flight camps, speed camps, camps that focused on fancy wingwork – you name it, she enrolled in it! She pushed herself for years, until she was finally old enough to join the Royal Equestrian Army and follow in her father’s hoofsteps. She knows that in some ways she disappointed both her father and her mother. A military lifestyle meant she had less time to share with her mother bonding over ribbons and makeup, and though her father was glad to spend more time with his daughter, he knew better than most the difficulties of being in the REA. It wasn’t that he believed she didn’t have the stuff - he simply preferred the idea of his daughter living a happy, carefree life with more opportunities for him to spoil her. Since she joined the REA as a private, Sugar Star has worked her way up to the Specialist rank. Though it’s been a tough journey so far, she’s relished every moment of it, knowing that all of her toil brings her closer to her father in many ways. Getting to follow in her father’s hoofsteps and do him proud while protecting Equestria and its citizens has kept her happy as a clam. She wants to continue to climb ranks within the REA in her life and continue to push herself as a nimble flyer. It’s a pretty simple goal, but it’s one that’s very dear to her heart! Character Summary: Sugar Star isn’t exactly a tough nut to crack: she’s bubbly, sweet, has a bit of a playful/mischievous streak, and thinks the world is full of friends waiting to be made. Both on and off duty she is full of smiles and kindness and is always eager to help everypony to the best of her abilities. And if there’s nothing she can do, or if she is the cause of somepony’s hurt, well...consider her heartbroken. But not a crybaby - never a crybaby! She grew out of that pretty quickly in basic, and nowadays she only sheds a tear when somepony around her is really hurting (she saves tears over her own problems for the privacy of her room). Her empathetic nature doesn’t allow her to just brush off another’s pain, but instead drives her towards feeling it. It’s the main reason she was so eager to join the REA and she continues to dedicate herself to it. She wants to do some real good in her life! As a soldier Sugar is very professional and capable. She’s good at what she does, knows how to take control of a situation, and knows how to tackle a problem. She knows when to follow orders and when to ask questions, she’s resourceful, decisive, and possesses a good heaping helping of leadership skills (when a situation calls for them, anyways). And of course she’s got the athleticism to match as well: agility in the skies and on the ground, great hoof-to-hoof skills, and proficiency with swords and knives. The only quality she’s really lacking is confidence. Fearlessness? No problem - she can work past her emotions in order to perform her duties. But confidence? That’s a whole other can of worms. Sugar’s ultimate goal with anything in her life is to help others as much as she can. Any kind of failure hits her hard and has a terrible snowball effect. If she feels she has failed at one little thing she starts second-guessing herself like crazy. She’s very hard on herself, and the worst part about it all is that she’s prone to just bottling all of that uncertainty up. Another very important side of Sugar Star is the fanfilly in her. She’s always had a love for graphic novels and comics, which was a major influence on her love of hero stories and heroism in general! She sees her father as a kind of superhero and is terribly proud of him because of that. She’s actually quite a huge geek and always compares the ponies she meets to the character types found in her favourite romance and coming-of-age comics! Of course, most ponies end up being compared to Sailor Mare characters since it’s her #1 favourite comic series of all time! Sugar Star herself is a lot like the female leads in these stories. She has no real experience with romance, she can be very timid and bashful despite being almost painfully friendly, and she blushes at just about everything! Unlike most of those characters, though, she’s outgoing and definitely not a doormat. She is, after all, a soldier - meaning she’s one tough cookie! Some of her talents outside of flight and combat include dancing, baking/cooking, makeup and hairstyling, and knitting!
  12. Name:(Closed) Halcyon Bright Starlight Sex:(WIP) Female Age:(Closed) Filly Species:(Closed) Pegasus PonyEye Color:(Closed) Dark Coat/Style:(WIP) Dark (Not as dark as mane/tail with a buttery sheen) Main/Tail:(Closed) A long, black, dark and silky mane with nearly straight curls. Their tail is the same as the mane. Physique:(Closed) A teen pony body with long, thin legs, small mid section and a head smaller than an adult pony’s. Residence:(Open) Under a rock shelf/cave along the Bramble range in the Northern Painted Pinto Desert betwixt Gaberrot and BeakBreak city.Occupation:(WIP) They sell the wares, gems and valuables they find buried in the desert predominantly spending their time collecting things like water, food and special plants for surviving independently the Equestrian wilderness. (Natural campsites) Cutiemark:(WIP) A semi- luminous silver star inside of a ring of 6 colorful smaller stars. The colors are red, purple, blue, green, yellow and pink. The mark represents Halcyon’s intuition regarding stars and their place above the ground at any given time of year, daylight or faint light. While fleeing a local disaster, Halcyon and a few other ponies stole a large frigate. On the ship were various star charts and maps used to navigate the currents and quickly travel between two shorelines. None of the ponies on the ship could read and none of them knew anything about stars or star charts except for Halcyon. Halcyon spent a fair amount of their free time reading about stars, studying star charts, and other navigation maps at their home; using what they learned, Halcyon managed to guide the ship of first time sailors safely through rough waters. Halcyon told the ponies what to do to control the ship while guiding them to avoiding dangers like landmasses, reefs and rocks; without Halcyon they would otherwise have sailed at the mercy of the currents and winds. ​History:(WIP) Where was your character born? I cannot answer this WOE-ly (Open)Halcyon lived contrasting lifestyles growing up from a foal. They experienced the unity of a tightly nit tribal group rich in tradition and culture, strongly believing in the power of unity and team work over conflict and competition. Their value on culture and jovial depositions are the personality types Halcyon craves. Later in their young life they would be uprooted from their initial lifestyle and given an unrelentingly demanding lifestyle instead. Here Halcyon would be instilled with the values of discipline, diligence, etiquette, and patience. They would learn to read, write and become interested in the heavenly cosmos as a result of their father's occupation requiring navigation skills as well as knowledge to operate a boat; allotting Halcyon pent of material to absorb.Halcyon's mother was a wise Pegasus who memorized the cultural practices of her tribe. The long standing culture and meaning behind practices, ceremonies and festivals were all hers to memorize and share with both her tribe and her children. She was given the leadership of the tribe for being the most familiar with the traditions.Halcyon's father was a foreign Unicorn map maker/explorer who happenstance traveled to a new settlement to discover new opportunity. After finding her tribe he fell in love with Halcyon's mother, for a short time at least. After discovering her riches, Halcyon's father married a Unicorn mare and had a young foal; Halcyon's little sister. It would not be until years after birth that the father would discover Halcyon's existence and take them home inciting the cause for their split lifestyles. Halcyon's step mother not the kindest or warmest mare to know and she was quite unhappy with Halcyon's presence in her home. She took every opportunity to make them more tolerable to her sensibilities as well as be intentionally cruel for her own relief.While living with their father Halcyon spent a great deal of time with a nanny whom not only taught Halcyon but gave them advice to help ease the troubles they faced learning to be a more tactful and appeal to their step mother's various sensibilities.Halcyon has a little sister, aunts and cousins but they do not have any bearing on their life anymore. The last time Halcyon saw any of their family was on the frigate before the storm.Halcyon has spent a lot of their time roaming from place to place and digging up the Earth looking for hidden objects they sense hiding beneath the surface. They generally fees more welcomed in the wilds and avoids buildings habitually however when they find enough valuable object they head to Gaberrot or BareBack Gulch to trade. Between meals and before sleeping Halcyon writes their dreams in their books whenever they can manage to afford the ink; spending the time they cannot write ruminating their dreams or reading something in the time they normally would write dreams down. Halcyon escaped a terrible situation with the help of their mother and a group of colts and fillies, Halcyon's older pony cousins. Together they stole a frigate and sailed out towards the sea to escape. At the time Halcyon intended to return but was washed off the boat during a sea storm. (During the storm Halcyon asked a sea serpent for help. The serpent did what it could to save everypony on the ship but at the cost of Halcyon's memories.) Halcyon was rescued by a sea serpent and later awoke drifting on a cloud . They drifted over the Nimbusgait Lakes, the Allicor Mountains and into the Painted Pinto Desert's The Bramble Ranges mountain chain where the cloud withered away into rain trying to ascend the slope, gently and miraculously placing the Pegasus lost safely on the range.Halcyon doesn't have any places they would like to go. They travel for the sake of traveling, not to arrive at a destination.​Unique Traits:(FFA) Halcyon is a slightly less than functional Pegasai. Halcyon’s wings have a small amount of natural metal inside of their wingtips. They can detect things buried in loose or shallow ground using their wings. Halcyon also is not able to fly as easily as other Pegasai and their feathers do not interlock properly. Halcyon’s wings absorb water very easily and Halcyon is inclined to sink in water making them unable to float as easily as other ponies. Lastly Halcyon looks and sounds very effeminate as a young pony. (Cutesy even) Character Summary:(WIP) Halcyon is special because they can see the stars day or night and even regardless of sight know which way is wrong and which direction is right due to their natural insight of starlight foresight. Halcyon is great at navigating.Halcyon is motivated by their curiosity and desire to know culture like they once did. Halcyon dreams about their mother and their current goal is to find a better place to live than or find something valuable in the Painted Pinto Desert. Their hope is to one day understand and perhaps discover what happened to their memories as well as the reason for their lucid dreams.Halcyon has hobbies like digging to find interesting things buried in the ground and playing with various objects to create strange decorations. Halcyon highly dislikes swimming and dragon fire. (will faint)Halcyon's list of real hobbies is very brief presently as their only actual hobby is writing but they can potentially have more. Halcyon has had a lot of peace living alone in the desert and will default to writing, wandering around, digging holes(like a Diamond dog(but not as good)), reading literature they've collected or things they have written, decorating their den with rocks and trading whatever valuables they find.Halcyon likes to make good impressions and is easily embarrassed by faults in their behavior but does not put much stock in their physical appearance. Generally Halcyon focuses on a first impression to create a positive relationship then simply compliment their impression with their genuine nature, positive attitude and reliability.Halcyon has a natural childish naivete in that they will take everyone's word as truthful being a trusting individual. This helps to make Halcyon an easy target for scam artists and the like, prone to making bad decisions by way of misinformation and usually taking something drastic before they realize they are doing wrong. Halcyon is easily flustered and will fail to proactively establish their presence in an active area. They will criticize their own shortcomings as harshly as their step mother would if she were there in the flesh.#65000B Draft 1: 3-26-15 (WIP): Not finished/Lacking information. (Open) Looking for suggestions. (Closed) Looking for corrections. Test :Sun: (How do I use these things?) T-T | Not sure how to make the large curved boxes either. (Working) |Here goes nothing.
  13. (Please note that this application has been prior approved by Presteza as their character has a main role in her story. All references to Khamsin, the dojo, and the 'The Way' are Presteza's creations and used with permission.) Role Play Type: World of Equestria Name: Kestrel Strike Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Pegasus Eye Color: Steel Grey Character Color: Deep grey, boarding on black with dark purple pinion feathers. Mane and Tail: This young mare’s mane and tail are shining raven black with a streak of dark purple. Both are long and straight, cut to fall softly when she has time to actually do her mane and tail properly. She keeps it out of her way during training by braiding it and tying it back on her neck. She lets her tail flow freely in the back, sometimes plaiting the middle section. Physique: Kestrel is well toned due to long hours of consistent training at the dojo. She strives to remain completely in control of her body at all times. She has excellent reflexes, adding to the smooth manner in which she carries herself. Everything about her body is lithe, calculated, and collected. Residence: She rents an upstairs apartment in Canterlot not far from the dojo and Joe's Coffee Cafe. It is a modest place to call home but has everything she could need. She tried to keep it neat and organized, working to add some discipline into as many areas of life as possible. Occupation: Her main concern is learning to master the path of ‘The Way’. This means long hours of both supervised and unsupervised training at the dojo in Canterlot. When she is not practicing, Kestrel works part time as a waitress at Pony Joe’s Café which is located near the dojo. Cutie Mark: A silhouette of a kestrel diving down for a strike. For details on how the mark was gained see history. History: The pegasus filly was born to a professional dance artist pegasus mother and a business-stallion pegasus father. As a young one, Kestrel’s father was a part time falconer and often took her to enjoy his favorite hobby. The young filly was fascinated both with the partnership her father had with his two birds and with their seemingly effortless ability to fly fast and true. Both were peregrine falcons that her father purchased years before Kestrel was born. They were trained to dive like arrows out of the sky after the lures she and her father would toss in the air. Kestrel was also instructed in the fine art of dancing from her mother. She was accustomed to ballet, tap, and modern dance styles, all requiring a great deal of strength and stamina. She enjoyed learning to dance and often put in extra hours of training to become strong enough for the more advanced forms and techniques of the dancing arts. Soon she was excelling in the styles her mother taught her. Kestrel got to take part in many dance competitions after that, often coming home with ribbons and trophies. At one on particularly challenging dance competition, Kestrel found herself matched against only one other pony to take home the top prize. She would be the second to perform a special piece for the judges. The young filly could feel her heart beating fast as she took center stage. The spot light focused on her and she began her routine. Spinning, kicking, and whirling, all with the grace and ease of one born to the task. Then, on one particularly difficult position in the dance, Kestral tripped! She could feel her hooves coming out from underneath. She was going to fall flat on her face! The filly seized the moment, contracting her muscles and springing into an amazing leap with spread wings! Though it was not part of the original dance, the move was a huge success. It saved her from the fall, and won her the event! It was after she left the stage that she realized her cutie mark had appeared. The Kestrel is a bird of great strength from within. It uses precision and agility to knock birds twice its size out of the air! She had learned all about such birds from her father and had always admired their abilities. The mark showed that she had agility like a kestrel in flight, able to control her body for whatever task was at hoof. Though her parents were both proud of her, and it seemed she had found in calling in life to follow her mother’s hoof steps, Kestrel was still left wanting. A career being a professional dance artist was at her hooves, but it did not fulfill her the way she thought it would. She knew there was more to her new found cutie mark than being a great dancer. One day as she was walking the streets of Canterlot, she came upon an event. A mixed Martial Arts tournament was taking place. Though she had no understanding of martial arts at the time, the cheering of the crowd made her take a quick peek inside. There in the arena stood a tall pegasus stallion. Despite the crowd’s cheers and the fact that he was facing an opponent twice as heavy as himself, the stallion seemed so calm and collected. The reddish brown fighter moved like water as his opponent charged towards him, hooves ready for a strike. It seemed he would go down but the stallion stepped quietly to the side and delivered a blow that sent the other stallion straight into the mat! Such power, such grace! Kestrel had never seen anything like it! She had to meet this stallion. Not long after their first encounter, the stallion fighter whose named was Khamsin, asked Kestrel to become a full time student at his studio. It was a newly built dojo called the Desert Storm’s Studio of Self Defense. She was untrained in the art called ‘The Way’, but seemed to possess the qualities he was looking for in a full time student. She was strong, capable, and had great control over her body. Plus she was willing to devote herself entirely to learning ‘The Way’. Kestrel has spent the last year and half training at the dojo. Though she is far off from mastering the art, her frequent training has allowed her to move up many ranks. She trains under the strict tutelage of her sensei Khamsin. In the dojo Kestrel was finally able to tap into an art form that spoke to her like nothing else ever had. She continues to learn how to take her body to new limits, training her muscles to respond efficiently, and her mind to observe the world as keenly as her namesake. EDIT Kestral studied at the dojo for many seasons and eventually took what skill she had learned out into the world. She had become restless and sought out more than what The Way could offer her. She went far and wide, gathering training from various and sundry sources. Over time and because of some endeavors of the villainous nature Kestrel has taken to swathing herself in leather and black. She also covers the bottom portion of her face in black lest she be recognized. The deadly mare is never without her trusted katana. She seeks to better herself by villainy or other wise and thus she has sought out WRAITH... Summary: Though she could be one of the best dancers in Equestria, Kestrel has opted to take the path to discovering ‘The Way’. She remains a young mare bent on developing herself as a full-fledged master of the art she has undertaken. Like her sensei, kestrel retains a love for her art form, using it as a way to center and better herself while also looking out for others. When she is not hard at work training, Kestral also knows how to relax and have a good time. She often visits the dance clubs of Equestria, putting her background training to good use on the dance floor. Lately she has been especially fond of the rave scene, having discovered a fixation for light sticks and glow in the dark paint. Besides being a committed follower to ‘The Way’ and an avid practitioner in dance of all kinds, Kestrel maintains a soft side as well. She has developed a skill in painting and is particularly drawn to artistic calligraphy. Khamsin has allowed her to display one of her original works entitled “River Over Stones” in the back entry way of the dojo. Many are the evenings when she can be found in her apartment with candles lit, incense burning, and calligraphy brush in her muzzle. She is also currently undertaking the task of developing her own unique dance style. This form which she refers to as ‘Wind Fan’ is an art form that is designed specifically for those with wings such as pegasi and griffons. Use of the wings for fan like maneuvers plus in air movements renders this style impossible for all but those graced with feathered wings. She sometimes interweaves practicing her dance techniques with her training in ‘The Way’, but only when Khamsin doesn’t see her! Deviation from her training outline is not acceptable dojo protocol. Most ponies enjoy Kestrel’s company though to some she can seem a bit blunt. She does not mince her words, however she also takes into account the feelings of others. Since she has spent much time training and focusing she can often offer sound advice tempered with reason to her friends and those that wish to seek her council. As she is a full time student at the dojo, many individuals who train there offer her respect. She takes this all in stride, wishing to be seen as any other student. Since she is in good shape and naturally attractive, Kestrel has developed a certain way around stallions. She is much more sarcastic with the males of her species, keeping them from really getting to know her early on. Those stallions she does have in her life are trusted friends. She also has a close circle of mare friends, some of which are students at the dojo. She is well liked at Joe’s Coffee Café, often serving the regulars there who ask for her by name. Overall Kestrel is a confident, calm, and calculated young mare when practicing ‘The Way’ and her dance and painting art forms. She is much more willing to let loose and be wild when she visits the clubs of Equestria. She leads a balanced life with control and discipline counter balancing her love for the dance floor and moving with the music. This balance allows her the ability to remain focused and agile, like the kestrel as it strikes.
  14. Zeig

    Sugar Star

    From the album: Requests, Gifts, Commissions

    Felt like trying to draw something pretty and soft today, so I used Sugar Star as my model. Looks like she's in the middle of one of her shoujo fantasies? Kind of happy and not happy with how it turned out, though I think I like the overall look of it. I think the skin shading came out the best, though it suffered a bit on the wings. Sugar Star © Elderflower
  15. From the album: Brace Yourselves. Art is Coming.

    Tiny! The very first OC I created. (Before any of THOSE ones... *shudder*) I'm still thinking about the name, but overall, I'm pretty satisfied with her appearance! Criticism would be very much appreciated! I'm still new to the drawing industry after all!

    © Art belongs to me. My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro.

  16. Roleplay type: World of Equestria Name: Khamsin Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Pegasus/saddle arabian horse hybrid Eye colour: Orange red Coat: Dark Brown Mane/tail: Platinum blonde Physique: Khamsin is taller than the average pegasus or pony in general but to the point he could be considered gigantic. His build is strong and sturdy, covered primarily in lean and strong muscle. Residence: His Self defense studio in Canterlot, more accurately a slightly messy apartment located above. Occupation: Self defense teacher, primarily to foals. He is not above working other jobs should business in his studio become slow. Cutie mark: Two Saddle arabian symbols enclosed in a circle. a symbol of the martial art that his mother taught him. Ever since he was little, Khamsin loved to study martial arts. He was not so much enthusiastic about the violent aspects of it, but instead loved to see how fluidly, efficiently, and sometimes beautifully the equine body could move and perform. The inquisitive young colt would often pester his mother and father to buy him another book of martial arts philosophies and then scoff when he didn’t seem to bother with physically learning them. One day, Khamsin’s class went on a field trip to a Zoo. There were many animals that had been gawked at and admired by the class. When the rest of the group was leaving the bear exhibit for the next animal, Khamsin noticed that two trouble making foals were trying to get a closer look at a bear who was apparently sick and very irritable. Before the colt knew what happened, the two students fell into the bear’s den and landed right on top of it before rolling off and cowering. The two were earth pony’s so trying to fly out of the enclosure was most certainly not going to happen. The only thing that the young Khamsin could figure he could do was fly over and distract the bear while the two ponies called for help. The young equine was dodging like crazy, at first he was doing so rather sloppily, but as he went on he realized he was wasting way too much energy, so he began making smaller more controlled and fluid movement, eventually he managed to outlast the beast before it fell over from a combination of exhaustion and a cold. After the staff came back and got the others out and helped out the bear, the two ponies who were thanking him nonstop eventually pointed out that his cutie mark had appeared while he was engaged with the large creature. History: Khamsin is the offspring of the union between a small town of The Royal Equestrian Army and a saddle arabian martial artist. The two’s union eventually produced a young foal whom they named ‘Khamsin’; because he was strong like the desert windstorms that ravaged the town where his mother came from. Growing up, Khamsin was a bit of a troublemaker. He was often seen playing pranks and getting into trouble around his hometown. The colt had an incredible amount of energy that often left his parent’s unable to catch him and bring him home from his antics unless he wanted them too… or they got the drop on him. In school he was difficult, usually sleeping through classes and annoying his teachers to no end. While he may not have been the best student or the best foal when out of the house, he was actually a very good son back home as he often had to take care of several brothers and sisters. It was only after the colt got his Cutie mark that he realized what he wanted to do with his life. He practically begged his mother to teach him the martial art from her family. Once he managed to prove he was going to take this seriously, she decided to teach him. Among all the forms and styles that Khamsin was reading about in his youth, he found his mothers to be incredibly practical and useful, it wasn't flashy or relied on excessive movements, instead it focused on incredible speed, great strength, using the strength of an opponent against them, focusing on vulnerable spots, disarming, grappling, and was built heavily to make sure it’s user ended any conflict quickly and got home safely. The philosophy of his mother’s style seemed to be one that was useful for life in addition to conflict; She preached being flexible and fluid, to have no set or rigid way or method besides what one believed to be right or wrong. Eventually, Khamsin managed to master this art and even modify it further and surpass his teacher. As a teenager, Khamsin eventually got involved in Equestria’s mixed martial arts tournaments. His family's fighting style proving to be incredibly effective against all types of opponents. Initially his parent's weren't sure about him using his skills in such a way, they changed their tone once he told them what he planned on using the prize money for... After winning multiple tournaments he used the money from the rewards to move out of town and build a martial arts studio in Canterlot to teach more ponies his style and philosophy to another Generation so they can defend themselves against Equestria's recently increasing list of enemy entities… he’s even seen that some members of the Royal guard and R.E.A. were interested in learning from him. Summary: Khamsin is one of the best martial artists in Equestria, Capable of fending of a multitude of threats with his bare hooves alone. While Khamsin is a lover of the art of self defense, he believes adamantly that it should be used primarily by him and his students for exactly that, and never actively goes looking around picking fights. Combat isn't the only thing Khamsin is good at, From all the comics he liked reading as a kid he has a surprising knowledge of old graphic novels and issues that some ponies may have never heard of, he actually still has his old collection in a closet in his apartment in Canterlot. Having grown up in a house with several younger brothers and sisters, he's also very good with colts, fillies, and foals; a trait which has helped him when interacting with his much younger students. He's also a very good cook.. even if he doesn't know a whole lot of recipes. As a flyer, Khamsin is excellent. His years of training and honing his body has resulted in him being able to fly at immensely high speeds and is able to very quickly move in short busts. When he as able to fly without anything impeding his momentum he can move almost as fast as some of Equestria's best, although without the training they likely have he has difficulty stopping from speeds higher than his namesake. Too teach others how to better protect themselves is one of Khamsin's biggest goals in life, the other would be to have a good time. Khamsin's other great hope in his life is to be able to take care of his family, he has often done this by teaching his younger family members the basics of his style. Comics, parties, martial arts, pretty ponies, and good food; these are the things that Khamsin loves the most. On the slowest of days in his studio in Canterlot, he can be found reading from his sizable collection of books or going to the nearest comic store to add to it. On the night's on weekends , Khamsin can often be found partying in clubs and the like until he either passes out or decides to head home to sleep. Khamsin's interactions can vary wildly depending on those he talking to. In the case of pretty mares he'll often flirt act confident, but always tries to keep from being considered as rude ;He was raised better than that after all! Regardless of who he is around, Khamsin exudes a feeling of confidence that borders on cockiness; some find this charming, others might not. He usually tends to get along best with ponies who share a passion for what they love with the same gusto that he does... but also don't mind having a good time while doing it. The appearance of anypony whom Kham considers 'hot' can very easily distract him from any task he is doing. While the stallion has an excellent judgement in regards to any fight he gets involved in, Khamsin isn't the best judge of character; he can easily be tricked into doing what another pony wants if they butter up his ego (and/or in the case of mares) flirt with him.
  17. Name: Thunder “The Bolt” Charger Sex: Male. Age: Young Stallion. Species: Pegasus Eye Color: Hazel Coat: Slightly redder shade of burgundy. Mane/Tail: Long and flowing, slightly curly. Natural brunette, dyes it blonde. Physique: Well built but not overly muscled- strong with perfect endurance. Astonishingly chiseled and handsome. Residence: Manehattan with his wife Hortensia, though he spends most of his time outside of Manehattan at his job. Occupation: Professional Wrestler Cutie Mark: A pegasus diving through the clouds fast enough to break the sound barrier. Character History: Born to a failed author and a seamstress, Thunder's mommas loved their son a lot but both were awkward at best. Neither were really the best for a foal and while they were always kind, they had a hard time making him do anything he didn't want to do. The young colt ended up spending his days out with friends, most of whom had a more solid learning foundation and took advantage of the trusting foal. Despite this he grew up well (if poor) and made a good friend in the youngest daughter of Ram Rodger, one of Manahetattan's more famous wrestlers. As a result, Charger was able to get into the Garden Arena for free and watch Manehattan Mid-Town Championship Wrestling's weekly programs there and meet the wrestlers in the back. He fell in love with the storytelling and the athleticism, which lead to a desire to do it himself He would try and do it at school but he ended up just getting in trouble by doing flying DDTs on random schoolfoals. He ended up not paying much attention in school as he wrote terrible storylines and created wrestlers all day long, more and more excited every week to see MMCW. After several months of this his author mother Dreamy Dreams came with him to a show. She didn't really like it nearly as much as her son did but when she went to the back with him, her career as an author (successful or not) came in hoofy. Half of the creative staff left to help form a rival promotion and the desperate owner of MMCW hired the mother onto the staff as a writer to help create the shows. Charger was excited because he could see even more of the promotion! Charger was now always in the back, getting very familiar with everypony in the back. He quickly became liked by the majority of the locker room who took to his charming stupidity and friendly energy. As he grew up, he started to run errands and get involved in the production team's work of setting the ring up and getting the reel to reel taping stations set up- which he also took advantage of by watching hundreds of events on projectors.. When he was of the proper ae, he went to the promotion's owner and begged to be allowed to start training. He was allowed, mostly because they needed younger talent and his mother was by now head of creative and threatened to leave. He took to it all well and was soon performing, but more than a few in the back started to feel like his mother was favoring him. After he made a name for himself the MWCC did a talent swap with the Heartland Wrestling Alliance based in Ponyville, where he spent the next few years. Being outside of Manehattan was a culture shock but he found it easy to adapt, his personality always given more to doing as others told him to do or seemed to work rather than what he thought, and his work with Gala Justice earned him his first crush and belt. From there he traveled the territories, earning a bit of fame and fortune. It would be several years before he made his way back to Manehattan, this time as a bona-fide upper-midcarder on the rise as his mother left the business. It was during his return that he met his wife at a show, the beautiful and bodacious Hortensia. Their whirlwind courtship ended with a marriage, something that really excited hum because he thought maybe somepony from the Fed would crash it but nope. Nonetheless, the future is bright for a pony not so bright- beautiful wife, good job, and he gets to see the world! Who needs any schooling at all when you have that? Not this stallion! Character Personality: Charger is dumb as a doorknob in most cases, something he would readily attest to. If it doesn't involve his career and passion as a pro wrestler then he is subpar at best. When it comes to wrestling however he is a savant, knowing the psychology and performance skills in such depth and detail that it rivals his knowledge of holds and movesets. His relative stupidity outside of the ring can be played off rather easily as he deals with a lot of children, leading many to believe they are catching him at weak moments or playing for the children. His ability to self-deprecate and joke about himself aids this perception. Perception matches reality. He is a very kind and good-humoured stallion, more than ready to lend a helping hoof to anypony who requests it. He is free and easy with his money for a good cause. Making friends has always been easy for him as a nice combination of traits and fame make him accessible and easy to deal with, and his extrovert nature means he ends up meeting all manner of pony on a near daily basis. Of course much of the time this ends up with Charger getting taken advantage of by some ponies with unscrupulous desires, but it is a good trade. In any case he rarely if ever seems to learn from these incidents, though it is up for debate whether he is unable to learn or if it is a case of him just believing in the innate goodness of others a little too often. Charger is a romantic at heart, believing fervently in the powers of chocolates and flowers and being a true gentlecolt. Nopony can tell him that this isn't a good way to the top of the love pile because he is married to an utterly charming and beautiful mare, herself a well known performer. She tells him what to do and he does it, though that is just part of a long-running series of Charger doing as pretty much anyone tells him to do. About the only thing he is able to do on his own effectively...is his job! And at that he is great. Easy to work with but a snout for good storylines and the workings of a crowd, he is easily able to adapt and do what is needed. He is just as popular in the Stalliongrad Grappling Federation as Manehattan Mid-Town Championship Wrestling as a result, his timeless babyface in peril character getting heels over from one end of the nation to the other and making him a fan favorite. He also likes wooden models even though he is hopeless at putting them together.
  18. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Wind Wisher Sex: Female Age: Younger Mare Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Light peachy-orange (#FF9966) Coat: White Mane/Tail: Periwinkle (#9999CC) highlighted with pale creamy yellow (#FFFF99). While her mane and tail are both long and rather lush, she often keeps her mane bound in a low ponytail 'do to keep it out of her face, whether she's working or taking care of daily business. Physique: Slightly tall for a pegasus; slender, moderately in-shape; wispy fetlocks around her hooves Residence: Rents an apartment in Canterlot; frequently travels for her studies Occupation: Ornithologist; student at Canterlot University Cutie Mark: Wisher's flank carries the image of a yellow canary borne aloft on a gust of wind. At one point during a particularly lonely patch in her childhood, Wisher happened upon a canary hatchling left stranded from its nest, and when no bird parents came back for it she brought the baby into her home and began raising it in an old box. With diligent research and tender, vigilant care, the hatchling continued to grow strong and healthy, keeping Wisher company when she often shut herself away in her room doing homework. Wisher felt the canary provided her some form of deeply desired companionship during those dull days, something the filly sorely needed until she and her friend started their new study group and she found herself with more time to mingle with other ponies. Eventually Wisher found room to make more of an enjoyable life for herself beyond school, and after a little over a year the canary matured and made its way to rejoin its free-flying brethren, much in the same way that Wisher's cutie mark also materialized to symbolize how she, too, would eventually find the freedom to shape her life as she desired. On a less profound factor, the cutie mark could also be interpreted as a more literal representation of her profession as an ornithology student. Wisher had already liked and admired birds from the start, so it's probably no big surprise that she ended up studying them for a living. History: Growing up with her parents in Baltimare, Wind Wisher showed a noteworthy learning aptitude in her early years, even to the point of being considered for earlier enrollment in school than other foals, and so it was expected practically from the start that she would go on to do great things. As a result, most of her childhood was built of study schedules, extra credit projects done not to save failing grades but to polish an already outstanding report card, flight school on the weekends, and "free time" reading prescribed by her mother and father as a mental whetstone during vacation periods. Wind Wisher was happy enough to do well in school if it made her parents and teachers happy, and after a little while she came to genuinely appreciate the future necessity of keeping good grades. And yet...as much as she poured herself into doing well in school, she still felt a growing pang of wistfulness every time she had to turn down playtime with her classmates or a visit to town because of her ever-constant workload. At some point a curious Wisher tried her hoof at drawing and painting. It was the first thing she'd tried in which she felt she could actually do whatever she wanted, and in very little time the expressive activity grew onto her like moss on a rock. In her enjoyment of the hobby it began to take up what little time she did have to herself, and even spilled out into her homework schedule. She so dearly liked doing it, but...she had to admit it probably wasn't her special talent. She just didn't seem to be very good at it no matter how much she practiced or researched, and after all her drawing caused her grades to take a dip she found herself receiving a rather dour lecture from an austere teacher, advising her to "cast aside such directionless frivolities" and buckle down on "what she should already know to be true priorities"--namely, to focus solely on academics, as she had previously done. Wisher came away that afternoon feeling so devastated, so wrecked with shame. She had never meant to slack on studying--she'd just been trying to find enjoyment in something totally different from everything else everyone wanted her to do. But to have let her grades go like that, and be scolded for the activity she loved--and, worse, to be labelled for the first time in her life as irresponsible!--the little pegasus filly felt more and more miserable the longer she thought on it. She managed to keep a calm enough face until later that day, when she went to help her friend Fuschia Foster with homework, at which point the other filly finally coaxed her into a tearful recounting of the lecture and how horrible she felt for it. Much to Wisher's surprise, her normally tranquil friend just about exploded in hot, righteous indignation at the story, raging over how any teacher could dare to make foals feel bad over things they enjoyed, how dare they try and teach ponies to think that schoolwork was the only thing that ever mattered in the world! And, to Wisher's further shock, Fuschia swore that she would make sure Wisher could still have time for art if Fuschia herself had to lend a hand in helping Wisher organize her studying time better! Such an expected show of vehement faith and support was more than Wisher could handle--the little pegasus's control fell, and all she could do for a time was hug her friend in desperate thanks and weep, unable to speak but still managing to convey her feelings of relief and gratitude. So it came to be that the two friends began studying together on a regular basis, Fuschia devising such new ways of learning and scheduling their time in such a way that Wisher found she was remembering things much more easily than when their teacher was droning out his lists and textbook paragraphs, yet was actually starting to find bits and snatches of time that were genuinely free to do whatever her heart desired. Some of the other classmates learned about what the pair were doing, and after a while these study sessions grew in size until Wisher was part of a good-sized group led under Fuschia's patient and clear advising--and soon, Wisher finally was able to begin reaching out and making friends with some of her peers. Wisher was no longer merely content, but moving towards honest happiness. This, she realized, was a small taste of what she wanted her life to be--successful, yes, and not without direction, but with a happy, healthy medium between work and fun that felt right for her. Her parents were wary at first of this change to her study habits, but after time passed and she only continued to do well they could find no real complaint with it and began granting her a little more autonomy over her day-to-day life. Once she came of age, Wisher promptly relocated to Canterlot University to pursue a career in ornithology, at first enrolling part-time to accommodate a weather team job so she could accumulate enough savings to get by. In the current day, Wind Wisher is now covering her tuition through grants and scholarships, occasionally cycling through part-time or temporary jobs to cover the costs of her little apartment and research expeditions. Character Summary: Wind Wisher has come a long way from her complacent roots; while by no means brash or forceful, she has become a lot more assertive in advocating for herself while still keeping her cool. While she still recognizes the significance of a higher education, she now takes a more lenient approach in planning her classes and other obligations so that she can still have time to herself to relax--to stretch her wings, as it were. Wind Wisher is generally rather quiet, both in terms of manner and how she physically presents herself, and while she may appear tranquil to some the majority of passerby tend to find her a bit difficult to initiate conversation with. This isn't out of disinterest or lack of friendliness on Wisher's part--rather, she's usually either distracted by her thoughts or a project, or just doesn't have anything to contribute that she thinks sounds interesting or relevant. Give her some time and something she's passionate about, though, and pretty soon she'll find that common ground and begin to warm up to a pony. She's been rather slow to establish casual connections because of this, but the small group of friends she does have she holds close and dear to her heart, and even if she can't find the proper words for a situation she will try and help with a gesture, hug, or even just her own presence as a listener when needed. Though she generally isn't quick to speak without lots of careful thought, Wisher does get flustered from time to time, and is prone to developing a very noticeable stammer if something does embarass or surprise her into a burst of word-babble, not really helped by the fact that she's even worse at finding the precise words to reflect her thoughts when this happens. She sometimes also gets a loud, persistent case of the hiccups if startled or upset. Although Wisher is more at ease living in Canterlot than in the clamorous bustle of, say, Las Pegasus or Manehattan, she does still feel cramped if forced to spend more than a month or so there. For this reason she will often leave home for a time, whether for one of her frequent research-related observational forays or even to just spend a day in the sky and stop to visit someplace new and different. She feels more at home in the sky than anyplace else, to the point where she's become quite adept at long-distance flights and often ends up forming small clouds to sleep on during her trips rather than a bed or sleeping bag on the ground. She still dabbles in recreational art from time to time, mostly pencil sketches or watercolors of landscapes or whatever particular bird has her interest at the moment. However, she doesn't view her skill level as being noteworthy at all, and is embarrassed to ever let anypony else lay eyes on her works. As such, she keeps her drawings locked safe in a box in her travel satchel, or in a closet when she's staying at home. In addition to studying various bird species in their natural habitats, Wisher also keeps a number of domestic birds such as canaries, finches and parakeets in her home for companionship and the pleasure of hearing birdsong while she goes about her in-house business. She is quite motherly towards them, and often even tries mimicking their chirps and trills back at them, sometimes not realizing she's doing this until somepony else points it out for her. The birds are allowed to roam free in the house for the most part, though she will sometimes keep them in their cages for the comfort of some of her more persnickety, cleanliness-obsessed guests.
  19. Viridian


    From the album: Viridian's Gallery

    So much experimenting, but I'm trying to figure out how I should draw the line art...Well anyway, here's the lovely Dandelion who I ended up making a complete drawing of after a few minutes of sketching and playing with anatomy stuff. Incredibly sketchy and really weird looking, but it did start from a sketch. Didn't intend this xD

    © OC: Viridian

  20. From the album: Viridian's Gallery

    Drawing of an adopt I got, Tangy Lemon c: As you can see she doesn't care..yeah...I got bored okay, I'm sorry.

    © OC: Viridian

  21. From the album: Viridian's Gallery

    I'm glad about how this came out c: Experimenting with my technique of coloring eyes. So shiny! Well this is WolfVenom's oc on FIMFiction, Blissful Breeze, catching a bag in mid-air, one supposedly of bits.

    © OC: 8WolfVenom8 (FIMFiction)

  22. Name: Dusty Skies Gender: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Forest Green Character colour: Light Tan Mane/Tail/ Dark brown in colour, but she has dyed a light blue streak in both her mane and her tail. The mane is often messy due to a lack of attention, only making it look nice for special occasions. She is always found with her flight goggles, whether on her head or hanging around her neck. Physique: Dusty is pretty well built, as she likes to keep herself slim and fit for flying. Residence: Manehattan Occupation: Weather Pony Cutie Mark: A tornado with a dust cloud around it. History: Dusty was born and raised in Manehattan, a pegasus with unicorn parents. Her parents were very high up socially in the city, and very... prissy, to say the least. They never wanted their daughter to get dirty, for fear of embarrassment from their friends. And as such, they never let Dusty fly out on her own. Dusty hated this. All the other pegasi her age were flying whenever they wanted, so why couldn't she? Eventually, she got so fed up with this that Dusty began to sneak out and fly on her own. It felt amazing to her, just the freedom of it all was great. In fact, she loved flying so much that she began to sneak out more and more often. She even began to teach herself tricks, her favourite one being flying around in circles until a mini tornado appeared. Of course, the dirt she picked up always got in her eyes, so she bought her very own goggles to prevent that. One day though, Dusty was caught. Her parents were furious and she was immediately sent to her room, which Dusty went to reluctantly. Eventually though, she got bored of pouting. Her parents seemed to be talking about something interesting. So, she put her ear to the door and decided to listen in. They were upset because the antiques they kept in the attic were needed for an auction tomorrow. But neither of her parents wanted to go up there because everything was so... well, dusty. Dusty knew exactly what to do. Grabbing her flight goggles, she sped out of her room and into the attic, her parents following curiously. She then began her trick of flying in circles at top speed. Sure enough, a mini tornado formed. After a moment, she stopped, grinning ear to ear at her parents. All the dirt had been swept away, and everything was clean... except Dusty, of course. The filly was covered head to hoof in dirt. But she didn't care. And frankly, neither did her parents. However, she was still sent to immediately take a bath. As she was washing herself clean though, Dusty noticed something on her flank. Her cutie mark. And so, Dusty's parents let her fly whenever she wanted, regardless of how dirty she got. One day though, they announced something- her parents were moving to Canterlot. There was more sophistication there, they said. But they gave Dusty a choice- she could to with them to Canterlot or stay here and make her own living in Manehattan. By now, Dusty was a young mare, perfectly capable of living on her own. It didn't take long for Dusty to make up her mind. If Manehattan was prissy, she couldn't imagine how bad Canterlot could be! Nope, Manehattan was fine, thank you very much. Her parents didn't argue. And so the mare was left to live on her own. She makes her bits as a weather pony, eventually enough to buy herself a small house in the city, where she lives now. Character Summary: Dusty has been, and probably always will be, a tomboy. Girly stuff is just not for her, she'd rather be flying and getting herself as dirty as she pleases. And although she may not show it, she has a kind heart. She can appear sarcastic, brash, and risky, but Dusty is always willing to help out anypony in need. Her favourite place to be however, is in the air. When she's not doing her typical weather pony tasks, she is always out practicing her stunts. It's Dusty's dream to be able to perform these stunts for the ponies of Equestria. Heck, she could even be a Wonderbolt! Regardless, Dusty is fairly content with her life at the moment. She has a house, a job, friends... what could be better? Dusty's life is far from perfect though. Her biggest pet peeve has to be the prissy ponies of Manehattan. Their snottiness has always bothered her, and she tries her best to steer clear of those types. Her other dislike, or more like fear, is embarrassment and failing. She can't stand to mess up in front of anypony, and tries her absolute best to avoid it. However, Dusty loves making new friends. If you weren't rich and snotty, you were alright in her book. She's a pretty accepting mare. From pulling the occasional prank to racing and doing stunt-offs, hanging out is one of Dusty's favourite things to do. All in all, Dusty Skies is a mare with a passion for flying, not caring how messy she gets. She hopes to become something great, but doesn't plan on it. For now, she'll just have to stick with pulling off stunts in her free time. (Here's a picture, something I whipped up in Photoshop since I don't have much time to draw. Maybe I'll draw her soon, I dunno.)
  23. Roleplay Type WoE Name Flaxen Feather Sex Male Age Stallion Species Pegasus Eye color Blue Coat Light pastel blonde Mane/Tail A slightly sharper blonde than his coat. Physique He's of average height and a little on the chubby side. Residence Canterlot Occupation Botanist and Dendrologist Cutie Mark A Sakura branch filled with pink blossoms. Cutie Mark Story Ever since he was a foal, Flax loved the massive garden in the back yard. He would spend almost all his free time there and accompanied his mom when it came time to water them. The thing he liked most about plants and trees were the sheer variety, uses, and colors they came in. The flowers were beautiful while the fruits and veggies were delicious. He couldn't think of a single reason why anypony would dislike plant life and trees. One day, he decided he would plant his own set of flowers in the garden. He used his allowance to buy some seeds. They were going to grow into beautiful daisies. Flax dug tiny holes and put them in the ground. After watering them, he just sat there and watched. The little colt was eager to witness the first sign of life. The first little sprout. Everyday while doing his homework, Flax watched it closely until the day it finally sprouted. However, his excitement was short lived when the plant soon afterwards shriveled up and died. He went to his mother, sobbing over the plant he accidentally killed. He was terrified that Celestia would find him and throw him in a dungeon for taking a precious life. That poor baby flower never deserved such a fate. But after getting him to calm down, and assuring him Celestia wan't going to get him, his mom told him the flower wasn't in season yet. That's why it died. She explained that you must care for each individual plant differently and learn about it beforehand. That settled it. The flower's death shall not be in vain. Flax went to the library to look through a list of plants and trees that were in season. He was soon taken aback by an image of a cherry blossom tree. It was just gorgeous! He had to have one of those in the garden. These particular trees were especially delicate so extensive research was necessary. Once Flax felt like his knowledge of the Sakura tree was good enough, he purchased a little tree and carefully planted it in the garden, following all the steps he read about in the library. With his new found knowledge, he nurtured the tree with the utmost dedication. And after awhile, it was clear his new baby survived the transplant and was now flourishing. And he did it all by himself! He was so proud. Not just of himself, but of his Sakura tree. It showed so much bravery and strength for recovering so fast. That's when he knew this was his calling. To become a plant and tree biologist. Studying and nurturing plants and trees was his absolute passion. In fact, from this day forward he would strive to become a professor of plant and tree science! His flank sparkled and his cutie mark flashed into existence. A Sakura branch filled with beautiful pink blossoms. History Flax was born and raised in Canterlot by his mom and dad. His mother, Honey Bliss, is a doctor while his father, Russet Dabble, is a successful inventor. His father preferred to go under the name Dabble Doodle when refereed to as an inventor, but is addressed as Russet by his wife. He is rather close to his family, and Flax enjoyed his company. However, he often gets embarrassed by his dad's need to showcases his wealth and has a bit of a hard time getting through to him. Flax finds his mother easier to talk to, even if she's a bit eccentric herself. She's very kind and caring but also loves to prank ponies. Flax doesn't quite share her sense of humor, but they get along very well. Both parents are very understanding and supportive, but also firm when need be. He has a very close bond with his sister, Hazel. They are inseparable and rarely seen without each other during their free time. Hazel balances out Flax's tendency to be a bit of a push over. Flax met a unicorn named Vesper who was struggling. He about to loose his apartment and didn't seem to have a place to stay. Flax knew he couldn't just leave him there and offered to let him stay at his house. Vesper eventually agreed and took up residence at the mansion. He seemed a bit uncomfortable at first so Flax tried his best to make him feel at home. Because of Vesper's eagerness to repay them for their kindness, Flax decided to offer him a job as a housekeeper. Since then, Flax took it upon himself to help his new friend grow and flourish in the world, just like a little sapling. Ever since he was a foal, Flax loved plants and greenery. He used to think his destiny was to play the violin but soon realized his future was instead to be a botanist. He stills practices the violin as a hobby and enjoys playing to the plants and trees. Flax expanded the garden with his parent's permission and converted it into a large sanctuary. He loves to travel Equestria, searching for plants he's never seen before and collecting their data. Or bringing them ack home is the conditions are ideal. He's becoming quite a skilled scientist and hopes to one day be a famous professor. Flax and Hazel crated an enchanted comic club recently, hoping to make a connection with a community of fellow fans. There's nothing like being immersed into a story on such an intimate level. It's a blast to say the least. They took to calling their club Infinite Realms. Character Summary Flax is a tender hearted fellow who once cried when he realized snakes didn't have any legs. He's profoundly caring and empathetic to a fault. He'll let himself suffer in order to avoid hurting somepony's feelings. Even if they needed to hear the truth. He'll also offer to help others even when his schedule is full, making him overwhelmed easily. He is a sitting duck for anyone who wants to take advantage of him. He's not necessarily naive, he just feels like everyone deserves a chance. To him, every pony in the world is a potential best friend. But his abundance of comfort around others gives him the tendency to say sappy or melodramatic things. He gestures quite a lot and is almost always smiling. He also trots with a spring in his step and is hardly ever seen without looking happy or content. He's quite motherly towards anypony he considers a friend, always trying to make them feel like they're loved and appreciated. But he tends to jump at the opportunity to save someone from an unpleasant experience, even if it's necessary or helps them grow as a pony. Flaxen has a low threshold for pain and tears up easily. He's also easily distracted and has trouble making decisions on his own. He'll stay in the same shop for hours, trying to decide which toothpaste to get only to return it to the shelf later after realizing he bought toothpaste a few days ago. He tends to attach a personality to each plant and tree, even going as far as naming some of them. The one thing in the garden that holds a special place in his heart is the cherry blossom tree he planted as a colt. He took to calling her Sakura, and takes extra care to make sure she's healthy. As a result, she's gotten quite large and beautiful when in bloom. He loves to play the violin in the garden and believes the plants and trees really enjoy the music. He loves sweets and can't pass a bakery without purchasing something. He also loves fruit and has a hard time drinking tasteless liquid. He took up cooking and loves to use fresh ingredients from the bountiful garden. He's not the best cook, but his dishes are still impressive. Flax took it upon himself to make sure Vesper had a healthy diet since he would live off of nothing but toast if left to his own devices. The unicorn assured him he didn't have to do that, but he still eats the food and that's enough encouragement for Flax to keep it up. All in all he's a very friendly pony who treats plants and others alike with as much care and consideration as he can. Hoping to see them learn and grow to someday become something great.
  24. Name: Silver Weld (Nicknamed Sil) Gender: Female Age: Mare Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Dark blue Character colour: Grey Mane/Tail/Other: Silver's bangs are positioned above her eyes, the rest of her mane on the right side of her head. Her tail is "layered", the same black with light blue streaks color as her mane. Her accessories include simple rounded black glasses and two black bracelets on her front left hoof. Physique: Sil's head is stallion-like, but curved for a female look. She has the regular build of a pegasus, but slightly skinnier, mainly because she is very agile in the air. Also, Silver Weld has metal wings, due to a flying accident at a young age, where she brutally damaged her wings. Residence: Ponyville Occupation: Silver doesn't have an occupation, so she mainly creates new inventions in her spare time, or helps around Ponyville with her mechanical skills. Cutie Mark: Her cutie mark is a grey cog with a wrench over it. She earned this cutie mark when she was a older filly, when she constructed her replacement wings. Silver, growing up, had loved flying. It gave her a sense of freedom, and she preformed tricks whenever she had the spare time. She also was very interested in the mechanical arts, inventions, and everything metal. She made her own personal "workshop" when she was a filly, and spent most of her time in there. One day, she had came up with a blueprint for an invention she wanted to show to her friends. She took off to the sky, flying as fast as she could. She had got distracted watching a blacksmith pony, and veered off course. This was a very fatal mistake. Before Silver registered the event in her mind, she had already crashed into a clump of trees near Sweet Apple Acres. When somepony found her, she was severely injured. Her wings were cracked and broken. Once she got out of the hospital with news that she could never fly good again, she set out to find a solution. Thus creating the idea to make metal prosthetic wings for herself. After weeks of working, Silver finally completed the wings. She fitted them onto her back, and looked at her flank. A cog with a wrench over it had appeared. She was overjoyed. Unique Traits: Silver Weld has excellent knowledge of mechanical elements and history of famous inventions. She also has a pair of prosthetic metal wings that boost her flight speed up to speeds excelling 70 mph. Sil, since she has help from her prosthetic wings, can preform excellent flight tricks difficult for some other pegasi. History: Silver was born and raised in Ponyville, her whole lineage descending from Ponyville. Her parents were expert fliers, always encouraging their daughter to move forward and never give up at flying. Silver always obeyed her parents, and looked at them as her role models. She wanted to be just like them when she grew up. But after her accident, Sil had other dreams in mind. When Sil have her accident, she parents were devastated. Their daughter could never fly straight again, due to her injuries. They didn't give up hope, even the odds were against them. Her parents supported her with her dream of her prosthetic wings. They helped with deliveries and the like, overjoyed that heir daughter might fly again, and better then before. Silver Weld eventually completed her project, and grew up tweaking her wings, and inventing many new things to make Ponyville more efficient. Character Summary/Personality: Silver Weld is very outgoing, the "life of the party", so to speak. She communicates with everyone, and she loves making new friends. She is also very protective of her close friends. But sometimes, she won't get along with some ponies. She will tell some ponies that she like machines better than them, but that's just her nature. She has a pretty short temper. But, Sil has learned to control it, so she won't ruin her inventions when they fail on certain tests. Silver doesn't let her past affect her, especially her flying accident. She is bolder, more focused, and faster than ever. She is grateful to her parents for supporting her through her whole life, and visits them in Cloudsdale, where they moved shortly after Silver recovered from her flying accident. Sil also participates in many flying competitions when she can, aside from inventing new things in her workshop. Her house is practically covered in blueprints, and she cleans frantically when she expects company, even though everypony knows how messy her home can get. A few likes of Silver Weld's include music, machinery, flying, and, of course, metal. Music, in Sil's vision, explains her where other words fail. Machinery and metal come naturally to her, hence her cutie mark. Also, flying, to Sil, is a luxury, especially after her accident and her metal wing achievement. Flying gives Sil freedom, where she doesn't have to be grounded to the ground, no pun intended. Her dislikes include fake ponies, bullies, rust, and isolation. Isolation is also Sil's biggest fear. She hates tight, closed spaces, they make her worry and panic of no escape. When she was very little, she was stuck in a tree for a few days. It was her fault, but nopony could have heard her, for she made barely any sound. Therefore, isolation and closed spaces terrify Silver. Rust, of course, is a natural dislike for any blacksmith pony. It ruins machines either very slow, or very fast. Fakes and bullies act too proud for her liking. Bullies, most of the time, bully for fun, which Sil hates with a passion. She believes everypony has a right to stand up for themselves. Fake ponies, are, of course, fake. They end up getting in lots of trouble and despair when someone finds out their true self, which ends badly most of the time. Some of Sil's life goals are to either join the Wonderbolts, or given the opportunity to construct or repair a great attraction, where everypony adores. Her goals are very simplified, for she prefers to be simple on things like this.
  25. Name: Cory Gender: Female Age: Teen Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Her left eye is tomato red in color, while her right eye is a purplish blue. There are instances where both of her eyes will turn red or blue, but in most situations there hue is always like the description I described. Character colour: Her coat takes the color of pure white. Mane/Tail/Other: Her mane has a goldish, yellow hue. It is long and straight. She keeps the other side loosely tied and lets it hang on the left side of her neck. On the other side is where she lets the parts of her mane that wasn't tied up to hang loose. Physique: Cory is lighter and smaller than an average pegasus. Residence: Cory has no actual home, so she travels around a lot. Her never ending curiosity fueling her to see new places and things. Occupation: Cory has no actual job, so to earn bits, she takes usual jobs like being a deliverer, an employee, and other things as such. Cutie Mark: Her cutie mark is three question marks. The one on the center is bigger than the other two and is red in color while the other two is purplish blue. ​Cory achieved her cutie mark when she found a bag she shouldn't find. Little Cory trotted through the woods. Slowing down once in a while to take a peek on some bushes or trees. Her red and blue hues would never stay focused on one spot. That is, until she found a brown 'thingy' hanging from a tree branch. She trotted over to it and looked up at the bag. She jumped. Nope. She jumped again. Didnt work.This time, she hugged the tree, and brought herself higher up the tree, climbing it on very tiny distances. Until, she jumped up from the tree. While in mid-air, she flapped her wings as hard as she can, giving her only the tiniest boost she needed to grab that bag from the tree. When she fell, the belongings of the bag scattered around the bag. Her eyes sparkled when she saw all the weird looking 'thingys' shining against the shadows from the trees. They have weird shapes and different markings implanted on them. She approached one of them with caution. She stared at it for most probably the longest time before finally touching it. The moment her purely white hoof made contact with the 'thingy', she felt a chill run down her hoof all the way down her inner soul. She shivered, and retracted her hoof at almost the speed of lightning, and held it close to her chest. "Hey!" She looked up immediately, to see a strange pony wearing a cloak. He couldn't be recognized. "Get outta here! Scram!" Cory looked at him blankly, before blinking once then galloping away. When she got home, she went immediately to bed. Only to recognize weird looking shapes on her flank. She stared at it and poked it a few times. "I wonder why I got it..." Unique Traits: Due to Cory's light build, she has very stamina and can stay afloat for the longest times. Also because of her small body, she can be a stealthy one and can sneak through tight places and spots. On to the topic of her eyes, both of her eyes can color. It can even change where both of her hues can have the same color. She never knew why, but she mostly theorize that it must have been that 'thingy' she touched when she was still a filly. History: Cory most probably has the most normal childhood on the record of childhoods. The only difference was that she got bullied a lot due to her eyes, but everytime she stares at her bully for mostly the longest time, they stop bullying her. She never knew why, which she thinks about even to this day. Her parents are very busy ponies, so she is mostly left to anything she can do. Which resulted her in growing some independence, making her move out a little earlier than she should. Character Personality: Cory is mostly portrayed as emotionless. Her outer appearance might give someone the thought that she's a pure, innocent, pony. But the truth, is that she is the true opposite of that. Due to her so called 'discoverings' she has uncovered things that she isn't supposed to uncover. Though she has a straight face most of the time, her emotions are mostly portrayed through her actions and eyes. When both her hues are there usual color scheme, she's fine. When both her eyes are blue, she might have a soft spot for you. When her eyes are red, lets just say, she might not like you very much. And because these event happen rarely, most of the emotions are seen through her actions. The bad side is that she sticks her muzzle into everybody else's business. Her desire to know more causes this. She also doesn't care about other ponies that much. She mostly does things that benefit herself, and only herself. She might appears like an awesome friend to you at first, but she might dump you the next minute. Character Summary: Overall, Cory is a overly curious pony who always wears a straight face, and has different colored hues.
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