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  1. Melody Arts trots into PonyVille. She had moved here from Cloudsdale. She looked around. Everything was strange.
  2. From the album: Request/trades/gift art

    Quicklime asked me to help her design a griffon based on her beloved peachfaced lovebird who died recently. He sounded like an awesome little guy. I hope I did him some justice. This is the first time I've drawn a griffon but I think it turned out great.

    © Character (c) Quicklime. Art (c) me.

  3. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria (WoE) Name : Sleet Shock Sex : Male Age : Young Stallion Species : Pegasus Eye Color: A deeper brown, similar to the mane/tail.Hex Code #472400 Coat : The coat is a lighter shade of brown, described as the shade of “Beaver” or under the hex code of #9F8170. One accessory that Sleet always keeps on nose is his glasses. His eyesight is not perfect and he does require them to see. If he is doing one of his ice trips then he would have a pair of goggles, used to keep the harsher weather from his eyes but still allowing him safe passage through the clouds. Mane/Tail: His mane and tail are both the color of a darker brown. To specify through Hex it would be #402000. They are both well kept, where the mane is short and goes over the forehead and around the neck. The tail’s hair is straight and long, reaching just a few inches above the ground. Physique: Sleet is a rather thin Pony, requiring some extra clothing when going into extremely low temperatures. He is slightly taller than the average pony, making him stick out a little due to his height. Residence: Marelia – A Snowy Mountain Resort. Occupation: Air Carriage Services Cutie Mark: Sleet’s Cutie mark is of a lightning cloud, replacing the drops of water with flakes of snow instead. The history behind Sleet’s cutie mark starts from trips when he was a younger colt. With the various lessons coming from living in Marelia he would have to learn about the harsher climates that he would be helping control. Throughout his younger ages the colts and phillies would be instructed on the drastic nature of the weather encircling their little mountain town. Survival training was not something taken lightly, and upon those voyages came a stick set of rulings following these expeditions, you would have to stay with the group, keep close, do not waste time, and for the upmost do not disobey a teachers direct orders. During one trip up Sleet’s curiosity got the better of him, and going through the various caves higher up the mountain, he stopped to observe the ice laid in the walls. It was oddly beautiful, and he could not tear his eyes away from the sculptures hidden in behind the layer of ice. Through his own mistake he shakes his head, realising now that the rest of the party had managed to go on without him. His obsession with the sculptures in the ice had lead him astray from the rest of the group, and so he started to run to get out of the cave and back to his group. He had no idea how far ahead they had gotten but he had to do his best to get back as quickly as possible. To his misfortune however a storm had picked up, the amount of footprints he could even find already lead out of the cave that he was in, and the only option for him to get out of her and back down the mountain was through this passage. Taking his time he did his best to try and think it out. Following the rules he was told earlier he would need to stay safe. The worst he could do is the only thing that he could think of at the moment, so he hunkered down on the inside of the cave, looking out into the blowing snow, and preparing some kind of strategy. There was no wood in sight, probably deeper into the storm, and by the time he got to it and came back he might not even be able to start a fire. He didn’t have any kind of survival equipment on him that would last him, as the directing party held all that would be needed for that sort of situation. Without food, water, or a proper sort of shelter, he had to do his last ditch effort. With his mind set, he stretched his wings. He would have to do the stupid act. He would be in trouble either way, but he thought that he might be able to at least propel himself in a way that he could get down the mountain in one way or another. He walks back in the cave to get a good running start, and with a jump and wings set out from him, he began to flap. With the efforts he got with his wings he gritted his teeth. It was a stupid idea trying to fly in this kind of snow. All it would do is clump on his wings and just hold him back, but fly down the mountain he did. Continuing to flap and flap, he just kept his eyes closed, flying high enough above the tree line to be safe. The cold crippling around him he continued to plow through. He would not be held back from the group. He would not fall behind for too long, and he would apologize to his teacher for falling behind in the first place. Down near the bottom of the mountain, the teacher was once again counting the number of students. As she was coming to the end of her list she came to realise that one was missing. Looking around the group she was making sure to account for everyone, and if this “Sleet Shock” was not one too quiet to talk up in a crowd. With a scream off in the distance, the teacher looked up. Down from the skylines came the look of a snow covered Pegesi rolling down the last section of the mountain. He flopped down into the snow with a gasp, making sure to keep himself in half decent shape. The teacher picked him up and scowled, starting to give him the biggest earful of his life, but as he panted and looked up to the teacher, he had come to realise that that kind of flying wasn’t.. as bad as everyone was telling him. He was doing just fine, and upon coming to this realization, his flank started to shine as his cutie mark appeared. He knew now that he was a pony meant for flying through difficult weather, helping those who couldn’t help themselves and having the endurance to get through these difficult storms. History: Sleet’s life was filled with the pleasures of the frozen north. Growing up with his mother and father was one of the highlights of his life. His mother was the one to teach him flying, as his father worked mainly as a weather control pony on the resort mountain. He would eat regular meals, see his mother and father each night, and he would enjoy his life of growing up in such a joyous town. IT was always such a happy place for him, including the summer months where he would help out with the short farming seasons. He would learn mostly from his mother, as his father was rather busy during the days. However the time spent with his father was always an enjoyable experience. They would go on camping trips, enjoy the scenery, and overall have a fantastic time. He would learn of the various methods of food preparation from his father. The various meals and treats were something of a personal hobby, and he strived to learn more and more. As he learned more Sleet listened. His efforts were driven elsewhere but the thought of having so much food at his disposal sounded like a good idea. One of the most important days he had was one of his younger birthdays when he was still a colt, he received his most important possession. His Phonograph. When Sleet likes to calm himself down or work on something at home, he would always have the crank turned on his trusty phonograph. Music was something that had always driven him to work, and during his years of growing up he would do his best to always have it in places where he would be working in. As he grew older, he knew he would not need to stay at home any longer. He took up his things and headed for his own little home on the mountain. He was rather used to the change in seasons and went to start looking for work. After the various trials he was put through he was recommended to work as an Air Carrier due to his high endurance. He has continued this job through his life. When he wasn't transporting others to and from his little vacation home, he would be joining his father in weather control. Character Summary: Sleet is a hard working Pegasi, always focused on the task at hand. There are times where he is a little too focused on the task at hand, and ignores all outside interactions. When he is in this extreme point of focus it requires the touch or a loud noise to get him out of this trance. When working he is very dedicated, and will go to no bounds to get his task complete. However even he would get tired from flying through such harsh weather, and when he`s not on the job he is rather relaxed. He enjoys listening to the records that he can get his hooves on, and when he`s not busy with one of his jobs for the day he will just be sitting in his main room listening to his calming music. One thing that he finds frustrating is a pony who keeps asking the same question over and over. As much as repetition is the key to a successful job well done, three’s nothing that bugs him more than somepony asking him about how long the trip is going to take. He usually expects that travellers know how long their trips are going to take, and upon being asked he tends to get a little irritable. He tends to be a bit bashful, as he just sees himself as a very durable pony. He would thank his mother’s gene’s to that respect. But whenever it comes to a compliment he will simply brush it off, as he doesn’t see himself as too special of a pony to deserve such praise. He is mainly looking for some people to be friends with after all, no reason to put him on any pedestal. When dealing with other ponies, it comes rather easy for Sleet to trust them. HE usually holds others in a rather high light, and although he does not result to praise very often he would be willing to put his trust in others should they be doing good actions that he can either see or hear of. With his level of trust it also comes with a level of distrust, which is rather hard for him to develop in others. It would take actions rather evil for him to really consider you much more than an annoying friend, and as such would try to be friends with as many people as possible. It comes with the trait of being born and raised in a vacation town. When dealing with a pony at first meeting, he will act calm, relaxed, and do his best to get his usual happy greeting off. He wants to give a pleasant expression from the get go, as that’s usually the best way to deal with the various folks throughout Equestria. The image included is an older design, and one question that I've had concerning technology in Equestria that I can never really seem to find the perfect answer to. Going by the rules of the forum I am willing to assume that technology like mp3 players and the like are not going to be allowed in this scenario? If that is the case then those can just be the earmuffs that he uses whilst travelling.
  4. SirJude

    Sleet Shock

    From the album: Jude's Pony OCs

    My main Pony which I usually turn to when it comes to representing myself in the community. The front leg is a bit off, but I didn't want it to just be down, as I wanted to try showing that he was offering something, I usually use the fluff...? Whichever kind of hair on the horse which goes over the hoof. BigMac being a large inspiration in that front.

    © http://sirjude.tumblr.com

  5. From the album: Rainbow Blasts Gallery of Awesome

    Somebodys OC from DeviantArt.
  6. Name: Banzai Gender: Male Age: Stallion Species: Pegasus Character Colour: Banzai's coat is a dark cyan blue that becomes slightly lighter towards his hooves, typically kept clean but little else. His face is marred with freckles, minor burn scars, and small cuts, giving him an weathered, intimidating appearance. His fetlocks are closely shorn and his wings are immaculately preened, as important to him as they are. Eye Colour: Banzai's eyes are a rich ruby red, contrasting strongly enough with his muted blue body and mane colors that his eyes are oftentimes the first thing many ponies who meet him notice and/or comment upon. Mane/Tail/Other: Banzai's mane and tail are a darker shade of cyan than his coat, with his mane cut short and kept restrained beneath a bandanna at all times to reduce wind drag. His tail is kept in a longer, tight and curved style. Insofar as accessories, he frequently wears a tight crimson neckband as well as weighted steel horseshoes. Physique: With a lifetime of different physical pursuits behind him, Banzai's physique is very impressive: he maintains a thin, athletic body with a strong musculature that is easily noticeable while not impeding his movements and range of motion. His flight muscles are the strongest of them all, second only to his legs; this, coupled with a larger wingspan compared to most Pegasi and his stamina, easily allows him to kick off the ground quickly and keep himself aloft for hours on end. On the other hoof, his wingspan means his aerial speed and endurance is impressive, but his acceleration and mobility is sub-par. He simply cannot move his wings quickly enough in midair to achieve the necessary level of control. Residence: None; wanders across Equestria, taking refuge at inns, motels, or other public establishments. Occupation: Freelance mercenary Cutie Mark: A pair of triangles with the corners overlapping, one red and one white, enclosing a golden lightning bolt. Unique Traits: Banzai is a strong combatant, owing both to his special talent and to his training in the REA. His specialty is hoof-to-hoof combat: in close quarters, Banzai makes use of his strong physique and ground agility to outmaneuver his opponents while bombarding them with powerful blows from his weighted horseshoes. When this proves insufficient, he draws on his knowledge of Pegasi weather magic to manipulate water vapor into razor-sharp 'blades' around his wings- a technique he saw in action from the Wonderbolts and later learned in the REA- and uses these natural weapons coupled with footwork to force an opponent on the defensive with unbalancing attacks and quick darts to and fro. As a former member of the Trottingham Weather Team, Banzai has a decent understanding of the intricacies of Pegasi magic and the effects it can have on the weather. In appropriate environments, he can manipulate the weather to a localized extent to give himself an advantage in a forthcoming conflict or just to open up some sky for him to use. This same knowledge of water vapor in it's many forms is utilized in battle, especially against opponents who can also fly, in order to turn a fight on it's head with weaponized thunder-clouds; on his own, Banzai's ability to manipulate lightning can only be used to stun an opponent for a few seconds, at best. That said, however, few are aware of this fact, and a storm-cloud hurtling towards anypony is frightening enough on it's own. History: Banzai was born in the depths of the Kuznitza District of Stalliongrad, the foal of born factory workers- to the point where both of his parents held cutie marks in labor and manufacturing. From the very beginning Banzai's parents believed he would follow in their footsteps, and sought to make it easier on him in the future by forcing him to toughen up in the present. Thus, Banzai was made to perform hard labor from the moment he could handle it, and pushed constantly to make himself bigger, stronger, more resistant to injury, and more tolerant to pain. He was made to haul heavy loads of his parents' products across the District under the employ of the same manager, oftentimes by flight as well as hoof. He broke bones from fallen metal and dangerous aerial maneuvering through the streets, burned himself countless times over the years from the searing heat of the forge, and only ever received a pittance for his servitude. Through this, Banzai felt as though his life was being dictated solely by others for their sake, not his own. Freedom in his life was a hard-won privilege, often taken away when he inevitably collapsed of exhaustion or injured himself. Worst of all, he was never allowed to leave the smog-laden depths of the Kuznitza District. Never, that is, until he took it upon himself. As the years went by, Banzai found himself unable to stand the grind of his life and the sheer helplessness he felt. Given only a basic education and still a blank-flank despite being in his early teens, he knew he was not doing what he was born to do. In a moment of bitter anger and desperation, Banzai took every bit he had to his name along with his meager belongings and fled Stalliongrad by train for the city of Trottingham to the south. In an unfamiliar city with little knowledge of how to survive on his own, Banzai found his bits dwindling almost as fast as his hopes. He took what work he could find, regretting his decision to leave home without a word to anypony and looking on vacationing families with silent jealousy at the happy, normal lives they led. They knew their purpose, they knew what they were meant to do in life, but it seemed he never would. That changed when he took a little time to see a Wonderbolts airshow that was in town some three months after his arrival in Trottingham. Like many Pegasi, Banzai knew about the Wonderbolts, but only ever from second-hoof accounts or what he could read in the papers- never once had he seen them in person. He went into the show not knowing what to expect or feel from it, and was immediately blown away. Their speed and agility in the sky, their close-knit teamwork, their daring tricks and uniformity without pressure: freedom incarnate in the eyes of the long-suffering stallion. On that day, Banzai felt he knew his purpose in life: he would become a Wonderbolt and join his new idols in the sky. The revitalized stallion started out small by taking a job on the Trottingham weather team. There, he spent months learning the ins and outs of teamwork and weather control. He honed his flight skills through his work alongside his own set of exercises and tricks, feeling more free in the sky than he ever had beneath a smog cloud. Despite his new-found goal, however, Banzai had issues getting along with some of his co-workers, many of whom were intimidated or annoyed by the boisterous stallion with a blank flank and raunchy humor. He tried his best to set aside his feelings, but they never did the same: one day during break, a cocky teenage pegasus bucked his drink from his hooves while sharing a few “choice” words. Banzai only just restrained himself from planting a hoof firmly in the colt's face, but nonetheless quit the weather team a couple of days later- feeling no desire to remain where he was not wanted- for his next objective: the REA. Banzai found enlisting into the REA to be the easiest thing he had ever done: he was more than qualified physically, and his willingness to learn intrigued his superiors. Like many, they were skeptical of a colt nearing the age of adulthood who still lacked a cutie mark, but such doubts were extinguished when Banzai proved to be a very capable soldier, outperforming many of his comrades. Even in combat exercises, an area where most Equestrians didn't do well, Banzai proved to be exceptional, picking up techniques and skills quickly and applying them easily in mock battles. He even found he could tolerate being given orders, coming from ponies he admired. For a time, Banzai wondered if he needed to continue on to the Wonderbolts: here in the REA, he felt as though he had found a place to belong, a place he could remain- of his own volition- for years to come. Why should he leave this behind to pursue a lofty dream? His question was seemingly answered for him when, months after Basic, Banzai looked upon his unmarked flank and was reminded of a painful fact: he still had not found his special talent. Being a soldier was a wonderful life as far as Banzai was concerned, but it was clearly not what he was meant for. Thus, he began turning in applications to the Wonderbolts, making sure to mark down everything he had accomplished in the last few years. After an honorable discharged, Banzai immediately departed for the Academy and, upon arrival, was set to work post-haste. Obstacle courses, teamed flying, laps, the Wonderbolts put him through everything he could have imagined and then some. The former laborer found even his exceptional stamina tested by the difficulty of their tests on a regular basis, but he pushed through with all of his perseverance and skill. Banzai had never had so much fun working in his life, flying high above the clouds in the pursuit of a dream that felt so close to reality, he could almost taste it. Not everything was so clear-cut and wonderful, however. Much as on the weather team, Banzai met several ponies among the Academy trainees that didn't take to him well; Banzai found himself alienated and restraining his temper on several occasions. Certainly he made friends- but more often than not, they were pressured by other trainees to abandon the “Freak from the North”, and some of them did just that, to Banzai's dismay. Though growing more bitter at his fellow trainees by the day, Banzai tried to write off their attitudes as simply the environment they were in. Nopony would be at the Academy without an immensely competitive spirit, and Banzai was starting to catch the eyes of a few of the Wonderbolts with his performance thus far. Thus, he concluded, the other trainees had to be jealous of his abilities. Furthermore, he decided that, for the sake of his dream, he would give them even more to be jealous of. As the day of final examinations approached, Banzai cut himself off from others and pushed himself to the brink of exhaustion to be faster and stronger than any other candidate even as the stress began to mount: after months in the presence of his idols and more than a few compliments, he had yet to receive his cutie mark. What if he had been wrong? What if his destiny wasn't here, but elsewhere? Doubts began to cloud his clarity of thought as Banzai drove onward towards what he believed to be, what he prayed to be, his fate. The day of final examinations arrived, and despite being on autopilot and mostly going through the motions, Banzai knew he was performing well. None of the maneuvers or tests posed much of a challenge for him, and his partner was keeping up without issues. Eventually, it all came down to one last trick: a pair of tornadoes spun in opposing directions that would be directed into each-other and dissipated. On paper, it was a dangerous move, perhaps even lethal if botched. In practice, it was a common trick for the Wonderbolts, as it depended mainly on trusting your wing-pony to stick to the plan and follow through. Banzai barely knew the pony he was flying with, but he knew she knew the technique, and stuck to his component perfectly- and thankfully, she did the same. The duo merged the tornadoes and completed the exam without incident, but despite their success, Banzai couldn't escape a feeling of dread that lingered through the day as he waited for other teams to take their turns. In the end, Banzai's feelings were well founded. Though he performed exceptionally, he learned at sunset that he had not been accepted into the team: his skill was not questioned, but rather his ability to work with others. It seemed that Banzai's anti-social streak in the weeks leading up to the examination had not gone unnoticed, and had removed him from the running before he even left the ground. Banzai made no secret of his devastation, packing his bags and departing the Academy in tears. The next few weeks passed in a blur, with Banzai wandering back into the seedier sides of Stalliongrad, hopping bars and blowing what remained of his academy stipend on vodka and motel rooms, his dream shattered and his hopes for the future along with it. He felt he had nowhere left to go, unwilling to crawl back home to toil in the factories again yet unable to figure out where else to go or what to do. Banzai felt truly broken and hopeless, crying himself to sleep every night as his anger and depression grew. Whether it was fate or coincidence that changed his sad circumstances, Banzai would never know. What he knew was the face that walked into one of his frequented bars a week to the day after he left the Academy in shame: one of the graduates, one of the ones who had been chosen. A Wonderbolt, albeit out of uniform and accompanied by several other ponies for what looked like a simple night on the town. Banzai didn't mind when they walked in, laughing and drinking. He didn't care about the looks of amusement from their faces as they noticed his presence and his sorry, unkempt state. He didn't even react when that one graduate began making jokes about his reaction to the news that he hadn't been chosen. When he called him a blank flank, it was like Tartarus opened underneath that bar. Banzai didn't think, didn't stop to wonder about possibilities or consequences. He let years of anger, bitterness, and hatred explode from him upon the ponies who had finally broken the camel's back. One by one, he hit them with bottles, with chairs, or with his own hooves. He spared none of his considerable strength in his blows. And as quickly as it began, the fighting stopped. Four battered and broken ponies laid unconscious at his hooves midst an empty and equally broken bar. All of the rage, all of the bitterness had finally been released, and it had felt amazing. It was only the next morning, long after he had quietly departed the bar and slept well for the first time in weeks that he noticed it: his cutie mark had finally appeared to him, and Banzai couldn't believe it. By beating a group of ponies within an inch of their lives, he had discovered his special talent?! At first, he was mortified: what kind of pony was born only to hurt others? And yet, as he replayed the previous night over and over again in his mind, he felt no regret; there was only sweet satisfaction and the wonderful rush of adrenaline. Suddenly, the things he did, the injuries he gave those ponies, bothered him a lot less. If this was what he was meant to do, how could it be wrong? This realization washed over his mind like a calming tidal wave, as Banzai genuinely laughed for the first time in years: at long last, he knew who he was, what he was born to be. He no longer cared what he had to do, or who he had to do it to: if it meant no longer flailing in his life, no long being uncertain of his reason to exist, he would accept being hated, being hunted by society. If his special talent was to hurt others, to cause strife and conflict, then so it would be. Character Summary/Personality: Banzai is an odd pony to meet. Off the clock, as it were, he's very social and laid-back, the type of pony who would invite you to a bar and pay for your tab so long as you could take a joke and tell a tale or two. He's loud, he's abrasive, his sense of humor ranges from dry sarcasm to raunchy quips about mares, and after years of restraining himself and letting the world trot all over him, Banzai speaks what he thinks as bluntly as a sledgehammer to the face. He can also be cocky about his skills, in anything, and isn't afraid to broadcast it. If you anger him or just so happen to be his mark for the day, however, Banzai is a brutal and dangerous pony who has little restraint and zero mercy. Learning of his special talent has led to Banzai lessening his grasp on morals, and the volatile stallion can be quick to start a fight. Nevertheless, he's far from suicidal, and will not attack somepony he knows could defeat him- not without a plan, at least. He fights with a zeal and sheer excitement that few ponies can match, and truly enjoys the rush of battle and the thrill of seeing an opponent defeated at his hooves. The difference is almost night and day, and Banzai can shift between the two 'sides' of himself without warning. If there is a major flaw to his style of fighting, it is that he enjoys prolonging a fight to get the most out of the rush. His time in the REA has left Banzai with a strong desire for camaraderie, something he realizes is in understandably short supply for a pony like himself. This lack of companionship is probably the one thing he regrets the most about his talent, and he spends many days in the seedier sides of Equestria looking for ponies who would befriend someone as unusual as himself. Banzai holds a deep-seated hatred of two things: hard labor and the Wonderbolts. The former because it reminds him of his parents and the hellish life he led before, and the latter because he looked up to the Wonderbolts as a dream made reality, only to have that dream shattered like glass simply because he strove to excel. Despite no longer having a need for a dream, Banzai still deeply enjoys the sky, and regularly takes flights purely for the fun of it, but he never performs any of the aerial tricks he learned at the Wonderbolt Academy; to him, the memories associated with them are poisonous, and distract him from his new purpose in life.
  7. [ UNICORN ] RP Type - Free For All Name - Midnight Rose Gender - Mare Age - Teen Threads - Not Active Yet - RP STATUS: Available, just ask RP Type - Free For All Name -Harmony Chaser Gender - Mare Age - Adult Threads http://www.canterlot...-can-join-hehe/ RP STATUS: Available, just ask [ PEGASUS ] RP Type - Free For All Name -Scissor Hooves Gender - Mare Age - Adult Threads http://www.canterlot...-can-join-hehe/ RP STATUS: Available, just ask
  8. Krad1213

    Handsome Pegasi

    From the album: Krad's Art

    Wow I look goood~ Look at them eyes and that hair is sooo cool Tell me what you think I drew this in Sai ain't I a clever pony :3
  9. From the album: new stuff that isnt awful crap

    carry on my wayward sockpony

    © me

  10. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Cat Napper Sex: Female Age: Young mare, late teen years Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Very light gray, nearly white. Coat: A very pale desaturated baby blue. Dark navy stockings cover most of her four legs and fade into light dun stripes at her shoulders/thighs. Constantly she has dark markings under her eyes and looks very tired as a result, and has a black blaze along the bridge of her nose. Mane/Tail: Long and not very well kept, a bit scruffy. Mainly a dusty brown with a blue streak through the middle. Her forelock is parted over a pair of copper goggles that she's normally seen wearing either as a headband or over her eyes. She claims they aid her vision but the truth is the goggles do, in fact, do nothing. Sometimes she wears matching knee guards, elbow guards and shin guards, something she took up thanks to her lazy, reckless flight habits. She has copper horse shoes that she annually changes to protect her hooves from her less than stellar landing. Physique: A good few inches shorter than most ponies her age, strong hind legs and good hearing. Average sight and hearing abilities but she's very in tune to colors, and rather picky about good schemes. Also noticeable is a very prominent gap between her two front teeth. Residence: TBD Occupation: Traveling freelance painter, though she also dabbles in several other artistic mediums commonly singing and music related things as well as other forms of drawing and illustrating. Cutie Mark: A black canine pawprint with a pencil tilted over it. History: Cat Napper was born and raised most of her life in Cloudsdale like most pegasi. As an only child, Cat made very close friends with most others her age and felt them as siblings. Practically bouncing off the walls as a foal, her teen years arrived with a sudden decrease in her energy. Her parents were deeply concerned with this as well as the fact that she still hadn't found her motive. Her friends became enemies as they shied away or openly mocked her "blank flank." In early life Cat was enrolled in Cloudsdale's Flight Academy where she was considered a gifted flyer, mostly thanks to her characteristic flight style of riding the updrafts and then using gravity to reach an incredible speed. She was tactful and creative, but dropped out before she could graduate due to her more than destructive tendency to crash land and wreck school property. She spent more time outdoors gazing over the land by herself and sketching the dips, archs, and cliffs of the mountains she saw. Without thumbs, sketching was a difficult feat. The adaptive and inventive Cat Napper held the pencil between her bent fetlocks and figured out a loose sketching and painting style from there. Pretty soon everything she saw around her became a potential art subject. She preferred to draw the less common things, whenever there was a griffon or a hippogriff nearby her pages would be filled with depictions of the odd creatures. She never took her artwork seriously until the day she ventured to the ground and met a family of Earth ponies. She made friends with a daughter around her age, a photographer named Picture Perfect, and took interest in their pet Akita, Sasha. She'd never seen a dog before, such a playful and loyal animal. She spent a lot of time living on both worlds, one hoof in the clouds and another on land, a few years of friendship on Earth and scorn in the skies. Things seemed like they would never change, not until she received word from Picture Perfect about Sasha's old age. Growing arthritis and hip problems became such a struggle to the old dog that she could barely get up. She stayed the night with the grieving family after Sasha passed away, she shared their pain as she had grown very close to the Akita. Upon returning to her home, she stayed far away from anypony who tried to insult her like usual and worked on a painting longer than she had ever before. She didn't leave home and she didn't stop for hours on end until the piece was finally finished. She poured every drop of emotion into it, a portrait of Sasha, and left to bring it to her friends on Earth. That was one of the rare moments you'd see Cat crying, but of joy and not sorrow. Her old friend's memory was preserved, and her Earth pony friends were smiling through their loss. That was the day she earned her cutie mark, and the day she realized that this was her calling. After reasoning with her parents upon her 16th birthday two years later, Cat left to wander Equestria in hopes of sharing her art with others, making others smile in the worst of moments. It's all she's ever wanted, to bring a little bit of sunshine into the hearts of those who need it. Character Summary: Catrina Elizabeth Napper or Cat Napper, more commonly just 'Cat', is a pony who always tries her absolute hardest to put her best hoof forward no matter who or what she is dealing with. Sometimes in a ridiculously overbearing manner. Sometimes she's too much to take in at once being very active and full of thoughts and ideas that never seem to stop. Everything inspires her, from breathtaking natural phenomenon to simple urban settings, and she reads into it all with a ridiculous amount of depth. She is very friendly, almost too much so, and terrible at planning or thinking for herself. On several occasions she's known to throw down her needs to help a complete stranger. She's entirely chaotically minded and unable to keep a schedule of any sort One of the hardest thing to adjust to regarding this pint sized artist is how quickly she can reverse herself. She can go from a ball of nothing but energy and enthusiasm to a sleepy lazy slug of a pony in a matter of seconds. She is also quite easily irritated by the most unexpected of things and situations, which results in some very confusing and pointless arguments. Should someone be able to deal with the emotional rollercoaster that she is, they would find a friend for life. Keeping herself in very little consideration, Cat considers her friends to be more valuable than the air in her lungs. If she really loves someone she feels as though she should take responsibility for them and make them happy no matter what. Bad situations are smoothed out by her generosity, often times to her own expense but if she feels like she failed a friend, the guilt is something she will have a very hard time letting go, if ever. Overall this little pegasus can be blunt and irrational with an innocent disregard for common sense, overflowing with dramatic emotional flair, but definitely someone who pours her honest heart and soul into everything she does and everyone she meets. ((new ref sheet is coming soon because jeez does she need it))
  11. Krad1213

    Paint the Pegasus

    From the album: Krad's Art

    It was a commission for a wonderful artist http://hoofsplatter.deviantart.com/
  12. MudBug

    Lightning Twist

    From the album: Muddy's Album!

    Another conceptual drawing.

    © Stacey Lenaghan

  13. From the album: OC Requests & Trades

    Doing some updated pony images of my OC characters as I am not happy with the old images anymore. In addition to the updated art and mixing in my own style, made subtle changes for each of the characters to make them more in line with the color schemes of the ponies in the show; Marizpan's colors are unchanged but I had to make her a new cutie mark. marzipan is one of Pedestrian Wolf's OCs. She is an artist and is the friend of Purple Haze and Sunrise Beach, who she constantly hangs out with as part of a close trio of friends.

    © © JenWolf 2014

  14. Name: Ragnar Dreki Gender: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Pegasus Eye Colour: Teal green Character Colour: Dark Red Mane/Tail/Other: Black Physique: he is a bit small for a stallion and with for the most part a slimmer body type then some stallion except his hind legs which look much bigger and muscular then the rest of him, though not by huge amount, his wings also look not particularly strong Residence: Usually travelling with no specific place to live, usually camps in forests, close to towns or other houses even if they aren't close to town themselves, sometimes asks to stay at some other people's place for a pay Occupation: Trader as a job and an independent researcher of dragons as his hobby job, also helps animals as a hobby Cutie Mark: a black dragon head Unique Traits: Able to make and carry around special containers that can hold lava and dragon fire, has an easy time persuading and talking to dragons, has an unusual effects on dragons that makes him able to do almost anything even able to collect the treasures of even the greediest dragons though important to note he cannot stop a dragon from fighting back if he decides to attack a dragon History: He was born to a family that lived in cloudsdale. Both of his parents were pegasi, and both of them worked as weather managers. He was given the name Ragnar Dreki after his great grandfather who was known to have beaten dragons back in defense of a few towns back in his prime. From a young age Ragnar Dreki did not enjoy any respect for his name, in fact it would be one of many reasons why at an early age he was bullied. He was bullied for many differing reasons, he wasn't strong, he was an abysmal flyer, he was awkward in conversations, his name was unusual, he was eventually the only one without a cutie mark, he had unusual interests in animals but in particular dragons and monstrous creatures, this combined with him being sensitive to judgments and insults and seeming to be never able to pull the courage in himself out to fully stand up against others as he was afraid of hurting someone else either emotionally or physically. He never told the adults about it though eventually the teacher did discover about the bullying and told his parents and the others parents about it to try deal with it, and while Ragnar Dreki's parents were supportive of him they could not be long from their jobs often, usually working overtime, leaving the little foal alone, which he didn't mind. He often entertained himself with his own imagination when he was alone. After many years in his school he eventually snapped and tackled down one of the other pegasi, but when the fight was broken he didn't speak much when questioned why this happened. The unfortunate result was that almost nobody knew his side of the story. As his parents heard the others foal's story they had a talk with him, scolding him for being violent, and he didn't speak back. His father told him a quote that had gone down the generations, that quote being "Know your enemy as I know my son". Ragnar at first didn't understand what that meant but it was imprinted in his mind since then. The day after instead of going to school he wandered off and looked down to the earth below him and sighed, however not knowing nor expecting it he was suddenly pushed off the edge by one of the friends of the foal who he had tackled. The foal that pushed him thought Ragnar would just be okay and escape fine and simply left so he would not get caught. Ragnar's wings were however to weak to be able to stop his fall, the only thing that softened his landing being a few branches and some leaves. He went unconscious when he finally landed. When he woke up it had been over an hour, as he looked around he noticed a cave. He went inside and saw a massive dragon asleep on a pile of gold and gems. He was amazed seeing that, knowing he could live for long time with only a small portion of the treasure. He gently walked towards the sleeping dragon and its treasure, the dragon opened its eyes when he got close. Despite being so close to a dragon he was not terrified nor afraid, the dragon simply stared at him, even while Ragnar took some gems and other parts of the treasure. Ragnar left, confused by the calmness of the dragon as he left the cave he finally noticed he had gotten his cutie mark. Ragnar never came back to cloudsdale as he traveled around Equastria. Over time he learned how to make special containers that could contain dragon fire and lava and be carried around safely, usually filling them with dragon fire or lava and sell it for various uses or even give them away sometimes. He had often given some of his wealth to people he found deserved it or organizations he found deserved it, in other words those who were good, kind or nice in some way. Often living off from treasures he took from dragons or his unique skill in creation of special containers. Character Personality/Summary: He often acts shy and a bit un-confident around others when in conversation, unless he knows the person is good and kind or it simply being a customer interested in what he is selling. When he is trying to sell things he tries to look confident and hide his shyness, seeing as it being important for his livelihood to sell stuff. He is very confident around dragons, animals, monstrous or unusual creatures and those who are kind. He can be gentle, nice and kind to many but can break in matter of seconds over insults or if he thinks you are focused on simply judging him, either in an aggressive fit of rage from insults where he could try to hurt the one who insulted him or into fear, sadness and self loathing from being only judged. Ragnar has easy time relating with others who struggle with similar problems, but can be outright terrified of those who are either assertive or seem to lack kindness, fearing once again to be judged or being punished for being different. Ragnar often tries to see the good in others, regardless of whether they are monster like creatures, dragons, animals or ponies, but his fear to be judged can get in the way of it often for him. He ends up having problems seeing the good in some people who are not social outcast and seem to act mean for little or no reason, especially if that is directed to him or his few friends. Ragnar will do almost anything to those who have either been kind to him or to others but has hard time helping those who are not kind to him or he has not seen been kind to others. Ragnar adores dragons and many creatures and unique animals, often able to tell anyone anything about them, or at least anything he knows about them. However while he knows a lot of things he almost never speaks about them, fearing being wrong and being judged badly for it or even insulted over it. Ragnar is often very imaginative, sometimes creating huge world in his own head. An interesting result from that makes him actually like Discord's idea of having the world enveloped in chaos, or at least have a good amount if it meant the world would be more fun. A consequence from that makes him actually question what is said about Discord and his history, though once again he is not outspoken about it and neither has he put too much time in researching it, but he is very often skeptical of what is said about Discord. Ragnar while not necessarily thinking the future will be good, he often looks to the future with optimistic eyes and thoughts, thinking things might get worse, but only the future can get better, while the past could never be made better, as he cannot change the past. Ragnar had also over the years of being bullied developed a bit of a martyr complex, feeling nobody else should suffer his challenges with him, that only he should go through the hardships. The only ones that can get him over his martyr complex are his friends, who he values more then his own life and all the treasures in the lands, at least the few he has. Ragnar being physically weak has actually made him develop a bit of hatred for the glorification of physical accomplishments instead of accomplishments of ethics. Ragnar can develop a seriously dangerous hatred for those who are mean to his friends, to the point he might try to ruin that person's life indirectly, though he would stop any such action if his friends requested so. At the end of the day, Ragnar might have trouble making friends and showing who he is, but bestows as much of everything he cans for those he considers his friends.
  15. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Nightflight Sex: Female Age: Adolescent Filly Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Light golden-brown Coat: The dusty grey color of charcoal Mane/Tail: Ebony black; the mane is cut short, with a choppy forelock and a general appearance of tousled shorn edges. The tail follows in the same suit, though remains at full length. Physique: Wiry, lean, and nimble; just a little below average height. Very physically fit, though ranking more in the the "speed, agility, and endurance" side than "sheer force of strength". Residence: Las Pegasus Occupation: Nighttime thrill-seeker and explorer; cloud surfing supervisor for a regular income Cutie Mark: a black silhouette of an outstretched wing, surrounded with three small white stars History: Nightflight was but a wee little schoolfilly the weekend she, her parents, and a couple of other pegasi with their foals went group camping in the Allacor mountains. Nightie was a reclusive little filly, preferring to entertain herself rather than spend much time mingling with other ponies--but she was rather adventurous, and on their second night at the campsite the two other foals did manage to talk her into sneaking away for an unsupervised exploration of the mountains while their parents slept. After some minutes it became apparent the other foals were approaching their adventurous thresholds, as they stuck mainly to the ground and the lower branches of what trees were around--Nightflight, however, continued to venture boldly higher and higher, right up near the top of the tree line. She had barely spent two minutes looking out over the mountains from a treetop before a strong gust suddenly blew in, lifted her up, and tossed her wildly back at the trees, much to the horror of the other foals watching. Frightened, Nightie acted on first impulse, unfurled her wings and shifted her weight to veer aside, barely avoiding a collision with a tree trunk. And the next. And the one after that. All other thought was driven from her mind as the filly focused only on what was immediately in front of her, twisting, swerving, and looping past all night-shadowed obstacles and danger with a dexterity and instinct usually heard of only in practiced mares and stallions. Even after she was able to slow her momentum and come to a shaken landing safe on the ground, Nightflight stood frozen for a few moments, head swimming with the roaring thrill and rush of racing and navigating almost blind through an unknown environment, alone in the cold shadows of night with the wind's chill surging through her feathers and coat. Far from being terrified by the experience, Nightie found that she had LOVED it. Somehow, the uncertainty and adrenaline of what had just happened struck a chord in the young filly, igniting a craving for thrill and excitement that she had never known she possessed. In that moment she was finally brought back down to earth by a silvery glow building at her flank, and she turned her head to find her cutie mark materializing in what remained of its fading light. From then on, even after she grew enough to move out on her own and get a day job helping supervise Las Pegasus' cloud surfing attraction, she would spend her nights heading out of town to find newer, riskier environments and places to race through in the moonlight, over time honing her courage and reflexes enough to begin considering making a living off of it somehow. So far she has yet to think of how to make it happen, though her nighttime talents make her a valuable contributor to the occasional nocturnal search and rescue down below the clouds. Character Summary: Nightflight is--perhaps not surprisingly--a night owl. She feels her best when the stars show themselves in the sky, when all other ponies have fallen asleep and the world is peaceful and cloaked in shadow and silver moonlight. Of course, all her nighttime escapades do leave her rather tired during the day, and while she can stay awake enough to function at her job she becomes somewhat slow, dull, and indisposed to chatter, tending to spend most of her free daytime reading or eating. Other ponies will find it far easier to befriend her after the sun goes down, when her personality livens and she becomes relaxed and humorous--or even a bit of a smart-aleck, when she's feeling bold or riled up enough. Although Nightflight can be sociable and enjoy friendly and rambunctious company to a point, what she truly values is those cathartic nights spent alone, testing her limits or even just admiring a moonlit landscape from the freedom of the skies. In this vein, one of her eventual goals (perhaps the only clearly defined one right now, to be honest) is to someday make a cross-country flight across Equestria, beyond the Badlands and to the northern tundra, and then back again--all by the gentle light of Princess Luna's moon and stars. Nightflight shies away from participating in league sports, preferring to utilize her specialized talent for her own personal enjoyment. She still makes a point of keeping up an exercise regime, however, out of necessity for both her day job and her less organized nocturnal ventures (plus, she's come to take a fair bit of pride in her lean and healthy physique, and is not about to let it collect idle bulk anytime soon!) That said, to the surprise of some starting to know her, she DOES also enjoy her fair share of reading (primarily fantasies or comedic novels, with some literary masterworks sprinkled in), browsing comics, and even a little bit of tabletop dice-rolling, and while far from being a master of any she can certainly surprise ponies sometimes with the gleeful, geeky-grinning references and explanations she spouts out from time to time.
  16. MudBug

    Old vs New - MudBug

    From the album: Muddy's Album!

    Namesake and first pony OC; MudBug drawn in the style I have now.

    © Stacey Lenaghan

  17. Name: Dunder Blust Sex: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Pegasus Eye Color: Light Brown Character Color: Light brown Mane/Tail/Other: Big and fluffy tail and mane. Dark Brown color. Physique: Larger than most ponies of the pegasus variety. He is strong, he tries to keep it that way, not wanting to slip down into average muscle mass. Sometimes subconciously flaps his wings, whether he is nervous or excited. Residence: Born and Raised in Solstice Heights. But moved to Cloudsdale because it is a little bigger and has more Pegasi. there is also much more to do in Cloudsdale and is a good point to travel from to get around. Occupation: Works as a chef in Cloudsdale and an explorer when he can. Cutie Mark: A pan in the background with a rapier over it. The pan and the rapier make an "x" shape. Unique Traits: Always has a blade on him somewhere. Unless he gets completely disarmed, of course. He also is a total wimp to the cold, and prefers hotter and dryer climates. History: He was born and raised in Solstice Heights where he went to school. He was smart, math and science interested him the most. He also got into many fights. He wasn't very social by his own ignorance, and his size and his lonliness made him a target for bullies. He didn't want to get into a fight, but he did because he knew that he needed to defend himself. His parents and his siblings were a major impact on how he grew up, they told him to not stand down and to work hard if he was ever to get anywhere in life. He grew out of this in his later school years, he got friends and ponies liked him and turned to him for advice sometimes. He loved philosophy and science, mathematics was almost lost to him. He never had a special somepony, he never thought he needed one and most of his friends didn't. He got his cutie mark as soon as he could, like most ponies. It started when his friend convinced him to take Rapier classes together. By the time that Dunder had been in the class for a month, he was already on par with his friend, who had been training for use of the weapon for much, much longer than Dunder. His teacher even noticed, a former Royal Guard as well as trainer for Royal Guards. At the same time he had by chance been taking culinary classes at his school, he had almost taken a pottery class, but he had signed up too late and the last slot had been already filled before he could get his chance. He passed the class, and was doing fairly well in his rapier class. He was thinking one day. He wanted to be a soldier, but didn't think he had the stomach for it. The thought of taking another ponies' life was both terrifying and exciting. He didn't notice until later that day, that his cutie mark appeared. He stared at it in silence for long enough to realize, that maybe he could be a man of peace, a chef, and a stallion of war with his rapier. He got out of school, he decided he wanted to become a royal guard, so he began training in the arts of combat. He knew he was naturally good at fighting, one of his few forte`s. He finished his mastery of the Rapier, but the Royal guards still didn't accept him. He never gave up, but knew he needed to do something, so he became a full-time chef. A skill he learned form his family. He has been through much after moving to Cloudsdale and living on his own. He has met amny ponies, all who have imacted him in their own ways. He gets out to adventure more, and loves the feeling of getting out and exploring anywhere he can. He also enjoys expanding his martial skills, and has proficiency in longsword, sidesword, rapier, staff, and daggers. Character Personality: He likes to get out and expeirience life. He tries to be nice and kind, but can sometimes come off as bitter if the other pony shows bitterness first. He is also afraid of being excluded or getting alienated by his friends as a bad habit picked up from his past. He can also sometimes trust too much or trust too little in others. He likes simplicity. straight-forwardness, as in being told things as they are. He likes to fight but knows there is more to life than just that. He hates when ponies try to flatter him or others to use them later. He also hates when ponies are loud and obnoxious. He cannot stand when ponies refuse to help one another. Character Summary: A strong pegasus stallion who enjoys to explore and go out and experience life with the sun in his eyes and a sword on his hip.
  18. From the album: Regular Cast Pics

    Making a set of a dozen different "ponies in socks" magnets for an upcoming convention (these were first showed in pencil in a thread); managed to finish the entire set. Not sure if all are suitable for the gallery (although none are adult), but I figure at least the Fluttershy one is with its emphasis on cuteness is alright. I'll put up the others later.

    © Characters © Hasbro Artowrk © Brianblackberry

  19. Krad1213

    Love love love!

    From the album: Krad's Art

    Just Spirit doin his thing. And look he's a got a sweety >w<
  20. Heya guys, I recently watched the episode 'Filli Vanilli' and all I have to say is Fluttershy's (or Flutterguy's) voice is amazing! I can't get the song out of my head!
  21. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Snowstorm Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Blue Coat: Sky Blue, She sometimes wears a dark blue jacket that has a snowflake design on it. Mane/Tail: Her mane is a dark blue with lighter blue highlights. Her tail smooth and slowly flicks out at the end whereas her mane is more spiky. Physique: She's around medium height, not to tall and not to small. She's not muscular but she's not scrawny. Residence: Cloudsdale (currently) Occupation: Weather Team Cutie mark: When winter came she was ecstatic and spent most of her time playing in the snow. Forgetting about the warning she was told by her parents about certain snow storms she continued playing until the snow began to fall more and more heavily. Soon the wind had caught up and a storm had started. She didn't panic, she loved the snow. She flew up and used all her strength flying against the wind and found her way back. When she got back after her parents had scolded her for ignoring their warnings she noticed her sister staring, curious she followed her sisters line of sight to find she had gotten her cutie mark. A snowing storm. History: She was born in Cloudsdale and stayed with her parents and younger sister Thunderbolt. Ever since she was little she adored the snow and winter. One day she went with her father to the Factory and there she saw how the snow was made in preparation for the winter. As she was growing up she had a hard time adjusting to school as she was very different to her family, and example is her sister, Thunderbolt, who has more of a reckless personality and is quite popular whereas she was shy around other ponies and usually said things without realising the consequences. Because of this she only had a handful of friends and they were the ones she grew up with. Whenever she had free time she would spend it either with her mother cooking or with her father flying and practising to become part of the weather team, she didn't have a great relationship with her sister. Wherever she went she was found with a small black log book in which she jotted down anything that interested her, whether it be recipes or advise from her father. When she was old enough her father took her to the factory once again so that she could apply for the job, she had practised night and day to make sure was fast enough and could do the job perfectly, or at least the best she could. Thanks to her ability of being able to fly through snow storms she got the job she had wanted. At the moment she is currently working as part of the weather team in Cloudsdale (Thanks to her father who first gave her the idea when she was younger and had visited the factory).But soon she will be travelling Equestria on her own adventure to see all the seasons in their environments. Summary:She has a cold personality and doesn't really take much interest in other things, she can get along with other ponies but has a tendency to say things without thinking it through, but whenever she hears any pony talk about winter her mood sparks up and she joins in and comes across as being quite compassionate about it. A fear that she has had for a long time is her fear of bugs, she doesn't know where it came from but any creepy crawly seems to freak her out. A weakness that she has is mainly due to her harsh personality. She doesn't seem to take other ponies likes into consideration which usually gets her into minor trouble. She can be understanding with some things but generally doesn't seem to be mindful. She speaks her mind so to say. A talent that she has acquired is that she can withstand flying through snowstorms, one thing that she keeps to herself is her talent for cooking. She loves any winter sports such as ice-skating, she enjoys cooking and going for a quick fly (Which were adopted from her parents). Her hobbies usually involve cooking, ice-skating and flying. In her spare time, she is either thinking up new recipes or flying around and recording anything that catches her eye. Her dream in life is to travel the world and see all the seasons in their different environments in which she will be recording in her log book which she always carries.Since the world is a big place she had another note book in which she is planning to use on her trips.
  22. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Fable Weaver (Nicknames include: Weave, Fable, F.A Weaver.) Sex: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Pegasus Eye colour: A dark chocolate like brown. Hard to tell what it is sometimes though, as he hides his eyes behind a pair of round, dark red framed glasses for his sight, as he is as blind as a bat without them. Coat: A lighter kind of brown, sort of like milk chocolate, although don't tell him that as he dislikes milk chocolate. Doesn't like the flavour. He likes a more bitter kind of chocolate. As his one and only accessory, he can almost always be seen with his trademark bow tie around his neck, coloured a dark grey for the actual tie and a lighter grey for the strap. Mane/Tail: His mane and tail are in two colours, both a smokey grey for the majority of his hair and a dark red for a characteristic streak in his mane and tail. Sort of looks like ketchup, but a bit darker. The style of his mane is done in a classy, neat way with some style to it. Smooth and well kept with some spike to it on the sides and in front. The red comes in through the middle of it and continues down in a strange kind of streak more to the side. His tail is more stream-lined and neat compared to his mane with not a hair out of place, ending in a slight flick for character. His red streak follows the shape of the tail down to the very tip and on both sides. Physique: Not very buff in the slightest, Fable is more scrawny then anything, although he is of average height for a stallion his age. For what he lacks in muscle and strength, he makes up with his clear logic and mental ability to put together difficult puzzles and conundrums in his every day life and job. Residence: Currently lives in a moderately sized two story house on the outskirts of central Fillydelphia. Originally wanting to live in Ponyville, but because of the lack of unoccupied houses and because it's become quite crowded according to the paper, Fable decided on the next best thing. Occupation: Fable works, and hopefully for a good long while, in his house writing novels mainly about mysteries or detective/investigations. All of his work is fiction and one of his most popular book series is "The Closed Cases of Prof. Hoof Print", in which he has accumulated a good number of fans across Equestria. The continued sales of said series and others have allowed him to live comfortably and happily. Cutie Mark: Fable's Cutie Mark consists of a regular, open book which on the left side has a magnifying glass enlarging a big question mark on said page. On the right side contains a mess of symbols and letters that does not only contain the common Equestrian alphabet, but of many languages such as zebra, griffon and dragon, describing his skill at deciphering puzzles or odd symbols of any kind, if they are meant to be read a certain way. Although Fable's Cutie Mark is quite strange, he is never-the-less proud of it for both how it looks and how he got it.Ever since Fable was a young child, he was always pressured to be a great flyer like his father. His father always wanted him to follow in his hoofsteps follow the great line of flyers in his family and do great things with his wings and perhaps become a Wonderbolt someday. This drove Fable to not be as close to his father, and quite timid in his young age because he never wanted to be a great flyer, he didn't care about toughening up his body, doing flying drills or go to flying schools during the summer in which his father made him do. His passions lied in the completely opposite direction, as he preferred excelling in school, resting in quiet places and having fun with a small group of friends he had. Most of all, though, he really enjoyed reading books about fiction. From fantasy, to adventure, action, mystery, and history, he was quite a bookworm. Fable was afraid of telling his father this though, as he didn't want to end a line of fantastic flyers and disappoint him, but another part of him wanted to pursue his passions more and tell his father in the nicest way possible about how he felt. One day, as Fable got to his house after school, Fable met with his father and told him about a flight school he was going to attend in Cloudsdale instead of his regular school in Manehatten since he was of age to really develop his flying skills. This started something inside of Fable, he decided right then he didn't want to keep living like this any more, doing something he didn't like doing, and he had to leave his home because of it. He told his father right then and there about his passion of reading and soon-to-be writing, and how he was leading his father on by agreeing to learn about flying when though his heart wasn't in it. Fable apologized for not telling him sooner, and hoped that he would understand and let him live how he wanted to live, within reason of course. Fable's father was struck with surprise at the revelation, but regained his composure and embraced his son, apologizing as well for pushing Fable to follow what he wanted him to do and not asking Fable himself for what he wanted to do. To restore a bond between them, Fable's father told Fable that he once really liked reading detective novels before he was consumed by his own will to become a good flyer. Now that they had some common ground, Fable's father stated that he may pick it up again after all those years, and perhaps read what his son wrote. Realizing that from school, one of Fable's stories from his class in Equestrian Language Arts about creative writing, A detective short story about Prof. Hoof Print revealing a closely guarded mystery about Canterlot, got him an A Plus, and decided to show his father it. Fable's father told Fable about how gifted his son was at writing, and stated that his story brought back memories from a series he read when he was a colt. Hearing the praise from his father about his passion about writing and succeeding telling his father the truth about himself, along with finding out his story was a hit with someone he deeply cared about, gave Fable's life purpose and deciding to become the best mystery novelist for his father. Along with that, was Fable's Cutie Mark. History: Fable Weaver was born a healthy baby pegasus in the large, bustling city of Manehatten to his parents Quick Streak and Fair Breeze. As a child, Fable lived a pretty normal life for a pegasus, training to be a great flyer like his father, something he didnt want a part of. Fable was more comfortable with peace, quiet, no pressure to be the very best, and most importantly, his books and way with creative writing. Fable spent the majority of his childhood estranged from his father, trying to avoid most of these flying drills but managed to convince his father it was simply laziness in order to not crush his father's view of his son and continuing a long line of strong, brave flyers. Because of this, Fable became very timid and not have a strong bond with his father, as well as feeling the effects of being pressured to be somepony he wasn't. His mother, Fair Breeze, however had a closer connection because she did not egg him on as much to be a great flyer, yet he still didn't want to explain his own passions.It wasn't until he was pushed to announce his love for reading and creative writing that most of the stress was taken off of him and he was able to fully pursue writing stories for everypony to enjoy. Fable's father embraced his son's talents and took him to more advanced classes in creative writing in order to enhance his son's potential. Before long, Fable wrote his first book series titled "The Closed Cases of Prof. Hoof Print" with his new knowledge in tow. He became quite the celebrity in Manehatten and was greatly liked by many. It was only when he was old enough to purchase his own house that he decided to move away from the loud, cramped city and move to someplace less crowded and more peaceful to work on his books. After seaching for a bit, he saved up enough bits to buy a house in the city of Fillydelphia where he still lives today, only being accustomed to the new environment after only a few weeks after moving. He hasn't made many friends yet, and isnt too worried about making friends right now, but he is willing to give the citizens a chance. Fable hopes to continue making mystery novels, reading history books for his inspiration, and one of his dreams is acting out one of his characters and solving a true mystery in Equestria nopony has ever solved before. His drive is always to impress his father in terms of his detective novels and to keep up his father's interest in said book, as well showing that it wasn't a mistake to follow his own dreams instead of following his fathers. Character Summary: Fable Weaver is quite a character of knowledge and strong logic, excelling at all things that include solving puzzles, from deciphering potential clues with his trained eye, finding patterns to a certain motive and deducing what ponies do or feel and why, and using his wit and logic to get out of any situation he's in. All of these skills Fable acquired from countless hours trying to perfect his perception of the perfect detective to star in his mildly acclaimed mystery novels. Fable was charmed by how a stereotypical detective thinks and acts that he subconsciously adapted to that style of thinking.Fable hopes to continue his work in the creative writing field until he is old, or tired of doing it, although to the latter, he won't be doing any time soon. He has many ideas for plot lines and stories in his books, and he strives to keep his father's interests at heart and write for him, as it was him that guided him in the first place. In the end, all he hopes is to have a quiet, peaceful life with a family and continue to do what makes him happy. Oh, and he also has a personal dream of living out his characters and solving a true mystery in Equestria nopony has ever tried to figure out yet. Kind of a far-fetched dream, but Equestria is a biiiiig place... On a more personal level, Fable enjoys many things that may not seem as "fun" or "exciting", such as lying on a grassy hill at night, admiring the dark colours of the sky while contemplating life and sorting his thoughts, reading back through his old, past books for a quick laugh, and vanilla ice cream. Nothing beats the good old classics! He also enjoys getting praise from fans on how his books are doing, but he doesn't like to boast about it, he'll just accept it, and maybe ask why they like them and what's their favourite book. In Fable's spare time, he mainly reads books that could improve his story output and characters, or even read for fun sometimes like Daring Do or history books. An odd hobby for Fable is collecting things that he deems "interesting" or "out of place", and could lead to a potential real-life mystery. From an old vase he buys at a flea market, to a simple bottle cap lying on the ground, anything could look like a piece of a puzzle to Fable Weaver. In public, Fable isn't much of a pony that goes up and greets somepony to become his friend, unless they look interesting enough to him. No, he mostly doesn't look for ponies to converse with as he is almost always thinking of something else entirely. I could take a little poking and prodding to ask him something, but on a good day, he's up for a good chat with anypony. He isn't fond of boasters who like to flaunt their talent or bullies who judge others of based off of first impressions, or in other words, scratching the surface on an individual. Everypony is unique and likeable no matter who they were, or what they did. If he were to meet someone like that, I would normally fight back with his greatest asset, his hard, calculating logic and wit to dumbfound the individual. Fable may be a smart, calculating pony, but all ponies have their weak points. For him, he is not one to be accepted into the Wonderbolts, as he is an exceptionally weak flyer, as he has nearly put all his focus on creative writing, and nothing physical at all. He can't lift more then wagon, and the best he can do with his wings is keep him airborne for about a minute, if he needs to, or even remember to, as he almost thinks he's an Earth Pony and forgets he even has wings. Another flaw of his is not being very emotional, or understanding of a pony who might be having a bad day. Instead of comforting them, he will normally make some ill-advised quip about the problem or suggest some temporary cure to the situation, like a warm bath or to eat some chocolate. This lack of emotional understanding is normally not accepted by other ponies, and can sometimes even push him away from others. Finally, Fable's fears involve not being able to use his skills effectively for himself and others around him. He worries about disapointing his father by somehow losing his job as an author and not provide mystery novels for him without any way to publish them. Another worry is that Fable might not live his dream of being one of his characters and going on a journey to solve a case like Prof. Hoof Print, therefor making his life meaningless and for naught. At least by his words, anyway. One last worry is not being able to settle down with a family when he is old enough and forge a peaceful, iddylic home for his family and be happily blissful for the rest of his life.
  23. Name: Tough Spirit Gender: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Pegasus Eye color: Blue Character color: Light blue is a debate OwO Mane/Tail/Other: His mane and tail are a sandy blond with a slight curl to it. Physique: He is tall as is most Stallions. He is lean and not very muscular. Residence: CloudsDale Occupation: WeatherTeam Storms Cutie Mark: His Cutie Mark is a Tornado with a moon and stars caught in its winds. Stands for Courage ---CMStory--- He decided to sneak out and go adventuring in some area near his home one night (an area considered dangerous or mysterious or something of that sort.) While bravely exploring the place, he met a filly doing the same. They joined up their investigations. At one point, the filly sped ahead of Tough Spirit, disappearing through the foliage ahead. Before Tough Spirit reached her, he heard a frightened yelp; when he burst into the clearing the filly had rushed into, he found himself and his fellow adventurer faced with a huge wild bear . The bear had reared up on its hind legs, teeth bared and a hungry look in its beady eyes. The filly was locked in place in her terror. As the bear lumbered forward, Tough Spirit knew he had to do something to rescue the filly; so, he quickly formulated a rough plan. Now, he had experimented with his mirror-image flying move before, but never really perfected it... It was still rather shaky, but it would have to do, for lack of time to devise a better plan. He mustered all of his courage, then sprung into action. He flapped as hard as he could, speeding in circles around the bear. It swiped at him, luckily only grazing Tough Spirit's tail with its huge paw. He flew faster... Phase 2. He just needed to hold it long enough to confuse the feral creature. The move's main part began to show. First, it appeared as barely a few wisps of smoke trailing behind him, but soon became more evident as illusory copies of himself. But, now his rhythm and strength began to falter- but, thinking of the importance of doing this right, of what was at stake here, his courage soared, giving him his second wind. It appeared to finally be working, the bear glancing around bewilderedly and shuffling backwards. At last, just as an off-rhythm wingbeat brought Tough Spirit crashing into a bush, the bear gave a final roar and scampered out of sight. Upon opening his eyes, Tough Spirit found the grateful filly in awe of his performance, and an image on his flank. Unique Traits: He has a special move he calls the 'Soul Dash' as he can't think of something else to call it and he has yet to perfect it. It causes mirror images of him to appear like an after image. History: Tough Spirit was born in Canterlot as a foal as his parents were not sure how well of a flier he would be. He was raised in Canterlot till he a colt with decent flying abilities. As a colt he was getting into a lot of trouble sneaking around pulling pranks, swiping sweets. One time he took so many sweets he complained for hours how he would die from being too full, he ate so much he couldn't fly right. Of course he got scolded quite a bit too by his mother Swift Wind could be quite harsh at times. His father was a Unicorn who liked to dabble with potions some of which blew up in his face. One day his father made a potion and left it alone to go wash up. That was a mistake as Spirit trotted in and bumped his head against the table knocking it over, it didn't land on his head, nope it fell into his mouth which he ended up drinking down to the last drop. The potion had a strange effect on the young colt, for a while it made his main change colors with is mood but that faded after a month. Strangely after that faded he had developed a taste for strawberry milkshakes. Character Summary: He's playful and likes to play pranks. He does his best to find ways to make people smile. Some people would say he's not serious enough but he can be serious when he thinks the situation needs it. He hates it when things get to serious and always finds a way to make thinks a little lighter. He is always trying to bring a smile to his friends. He can be a bit flirty from time to time and tries to impress some girl with his fantastic flying skills. At times he gets very shy and hides himself in the clouds or behind his wings. He also doesn't always think things through so he can sometimes end up in a mess. He loves strawberry milk and milkshakes.
  24. SuperSaiyanMeg


    From the album: My Drawings

    My OC SnowStorm

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  25. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria. Name: Sky Blue. Sex: Female. Age: Mare. Species: Pegasus. Eye Colour: Sky Blue's left eye is a soft green, her right eye is a deep purple, incidentally her favourite colours. Coat: Sky Blue's coat is a rich blue, all over her body. She has no blemishes, or marks, aside from her cutie mark. She only ever wears one thing, a cream coloured satchel, with stylised teeth, full to the brim with scrolls, and chocolate chip cookies. For important events that require formal wear, she usually wears a simple white suit, with a cyan tie, and white top hat, with cyan detailing, since she likes to stand out. Mane/Tail: Sky Blue's mane and tail are kept short, but not overly so. For formal occasions, her light blue mane is usually stuffed inside a top hat, while her light blue tail is braided, with a simple clip to keep it from springing everywhere. Physique: Moderately fit, despite loving cookies, and other such sugary treats. Keeps herself healthy and fit, even though she comes off as lazy and bored. Doesn't fly often, and as such, her wings aren't exactly in peak condition. She can fly, and sit on clouds, and could make the fly to Cloudsdale, but she isn't as strong a flier as other average pegasi. Residence: On the outskirts of Manehattan, where she can study and relax in peace, while still being close enough to the city to go to formal outings and such, on the rare occasion she's invited. Occupation: Scholar, she likes to research magic, and the history of it. She wants to discover everything she can, even though she doubts the possibility of it. To keep herself financially afloat, she helps out in various bookstores, and the Manehattan library, using the time to look for obscure or forgotten books, without much success. She hopes one day to visit the Canterlot Archives to do some real research, but her hopes are low. Cutie Mark: A book and quill. Sky Blue received her cutie mark as a filly, as all ponies do. She was once far more interested in competitive flying, and wished to be a Wonderbolt. However, one day, while researching flying techniques, and and ways to improve her flying skills. While using one of her friends as a stepladder, she found an old, small, dusty book, about magic. Curious, she took it down, and began reading it; In a matter of hours, she'd read it cover to cover. While she didn't really understand much of it, she wanted ti understand it more, and began searching for more books, finding several of them she and her young friend were able to reach. She read for hours, and eventually began taking notes to help her understand what exactly she was reading, and to write down things of interest, or other possible books she could look for. She ended up falling asleep, her head in a book, and she woke up the next morning, her friend shaking her; When she was properly awake, she realised she had her cutie mark, and had been so busy reading, she had barely even noticed. Since then, she's read every book she can find on magic, and similar subjects, and has also acquired a passion for fiction. History: Born to a young mare and stallion in Fillydelphia, and named Sky Blue, she was born into a happy, simple family. Growing up was easy for her, although she had some difficulty making friends. Her mother was a mare named Quill Tip, who fell in love with a young guard, named Dusty Tome. Her family is rather large, with family members dotted all about Equestria. Half sisters and brothers, through blood or through bonds, cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents, and the like. Sky Blue's life is a simple one, spending her days exploring Manehattan, or studying magic. When she winds down too much, she can sleep for hours; Her record is thirty six, and she is known to talk in her sleep, or sleepwalk. She has a rather severe fear of mirrors, after an incident during a Nightmare Night celebration when she was younger involving a rather mean spirited prank in which she was locked in a hall of mirrors. As a result, there's not a single one in her house, and she visibly avoids looking at mirrors when she can. She got to where she is by working hard, and counting on her friends, eventually able to support herself in her simple apartment, befriending several others along the way. Character Summary: Sky Blue reads rather quickly, able to finish most average sized tomes in several hours. She likes to cook, although it usually has rather inedible and undesirable results. The one think she can really cook (or in this case, bake), are cookies, and as it happens, they are her favourite food. Her biggest hope, her biggest dream, is to discover everything she can about magic. She quite likes people, and being around them. Her biggest dislike is outright rudeness, and can be rather snide, and mean, to those who shun her for seemingly no reason. Otherwise, she's very upbeat, and cheerful, although she has a tendency to speak in double talk when meeting a new person, and getting overexcited. As for what she does with her time, she usually sleeps, reads, or writes. She is a fan of exploring the city of Manehattan, although she has discovered the majority of the nooks and crannies of the city, discovering plenty of obscure places, quiet cafes, dark bookstores, abandoned, forgotten buildings, and such. She loves to make new friends, but, as said, speaks in quick double talk when overexcited, leading to confusion from some, annoyance from others, in most cases. She only has three true friends, although she doesn't see them often, as they live in other parts of Equestria. She can't fly effectively, and usually makes bad first impressions, by making a fool of herself. Often the life of the party, although she can be very quiet and reserved if she has a headache, or has just made a fool of herself. Her biggest fear is, put simply, mirrors. She's also rather scared of water. When she was younger, she had a nasty spill while practicing flying, and almosr drowned. Ever since then, she still hasn't gotten over her fear, or learned how to swim.
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