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  1. Roleplay type: WoE Name: GoldenGlow Nickname: Goldy, GG Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Aerion (Bat Pony) Eye color: A reflective hue of copper and iron, almost rusty like a sunset. Coat: Her coat is a light pastel yellow overall, with freckles under her eyes and dotting her legs. Her legs are very fluffy towards the hooves, with a design of melted wax. Her snout appears as if dipped in sunlight, and she has the same golden melted wax patterns on her ears as she does her hooves, with the tell-tale batpony tufted ears being a deeper yellow than her coat. Goldenglow has an excessively fluffy patch of fur, slightly darker than her coat color ringing her neck and chest. Goldenglow maintains this level of fluffiness in winter, and blows her coat in late spring through summer. GoldenGlow's bat wings are the same color as her eyes almost, a shifting gradient of orange to a deep red. Mane/Tail: Goldy's mane is a mass of long, thick white hair, braided into one large braid held together at the end by a large pearl, a family heirloom gifted by her mother. The end of her long tail is also thick and white, and held together with a simple red tie. Both her mane and tail have streaks of bright gold in them. Physique: Goldy is a little taller than normal ponies, and because of that she's more lithe and slender. She has a very feminine body with pronounced, delicate curves, and long thin legs. Though not as tall as the typical alicorn body type, she has a few inches on normal ponies. Instead of a full length tail, she has a long and thin furless tail, with her hair at the end. Like her body, her face is slender and petite. Her mass of excessive fur however gives off a thicker vibe. Golden's family has some interbreeding, particularly with pegasi. This mixing of blood leads her to be slightly cathemeral, but thats where the pegasi attributes cease. Residence: Currently resides in a cottage in Hollow Shades when she's not stationed elsewhere. Occupation: Goldenglow works as a disaster relief specialist, often requiring her to be shipped from place to place depending on where the disaster occurred. Goldenglow specializes in leading response efforts, grief counseling and search and rescue, but does any job required, from first aid to helping in homeless soup kitchens. She also participates in blood drives, emergency drills, and educating the public on what to do in case of an emergency. Cutie Mark: Golden Glow's cutie mark is made up of three pillar candles side by side, the one to the left of medium height, the middle being the largest, and the candle to the right being as small as a tealight. All three candles are lit, and golden wax drips from them. Goldenglow received her cutie mark during a particularly bad snow storm in the Luna Bay. The heavy snowfall and blustering winds led to an avalanche, which buried every home and cave beneath it's frozen weight. Goldenglow immediately took charge and organized a search party among those fortunate enough to not be buried too deep, though it meant a lot of tough digging in the freezing cold. She searched through the whole night, and led any survivors to safety by candlelit lanterns. When daytime had dawned and she had managed to get everypony out alive, only then did she notice her cutiemark had appeared with the dawning of a new day. It was then she realized her special talent was leading others towards the light, being a guide and working with others. Unique Traits: Golden Glow has reflective copper eyes, and her varied freckles are also reflective. In the dark, her cutiemark glows slightly as if the candles are really lit. Like most Aerion, she has remarkable night vision and keen hearing, accompanied by tufted ears and fangs. Unlike most Aerion however, her fur is thicker and longer because her family's home in Luna Bay is often very cold and snowy. History: Goldenglow was born in a wintry fishing village around Luna Bay. Though it was populated by different sorts, Goldenglow's family was among the few bat ponies crazy enough to settle somewhere cold. They fished in the warmer summer months, and hibernated on and off for a couple weeks at a time in winter. The community was rather isolated, so goldenglow learned the importance of community, family, and teamwork. Though she didn't make any truly long lasting friendships, she was well liked in the small village. However, limited options in colts her age left her with little choices in choosing a partner. When she came of age, Goldenglow's parents began pushing for her to choose a partner, and Goldenglow continued to stall and stall. She'd read plenty of books about romance, and had the perfect idea of what her future partner would be like, and no colt in her village matched her ideas. Eventually fed up with her indecisiveness, Goldenglow's parents took it upon themselves to arrange a marriage for her. Although Golden was furious with her parents, she calmly went along with it, reminding herself that family and community came first. She tried her best to get to know her fiance, and to learn to love him. Though Goldenglow tried, her fiance simply wasn't invested in her, and frequently flirted with other mares. On the day of their wedding, Goldenglow was fed up. She loved her village, she loved her family, and she felt a strong sense of duty to them. But more than anything, she felt a duty to herself. She realized that though her talent was guiding others, she needed to be able to guide herself first. Seeing no way out of the marriage without letting down her whole village, Goldenglow instead ran away from home, taking with her very few belongings. With no idea of where else she would belong, Goldenglow traveled from town to town, never quite finding what she was looking for. Eventually, she decided to get a formal education to specialize in her talent of guidance. Goldenglow had arrived in canterlot a couple months before the time of the royal wedding, though she had no plans to attend. She enrolled into a disaster response program, and a couple months into the course, the changelings attacked Canterlot. It was when she and the other students were mobilized and began helping others in the midst of disaster and working together that Goldenglow realized she found her community. Being a bat pony, Goldenglow was able to search and find any hidden and trapped ponies well into night hours after the changeling threat had been dealt with. She provided counseling to rescued ponies, and was recognized as being extra useful for her nighttime advantage. After learning all she could of disaster response skills and graduating, Goldenglow traveled all over equestria to aid in disasters, mostly caused by equestria's villains. Though she usually lived wherever she was deployed, she had nowhere to go for when peaceful quiet times appeared. Goldenglow saved up enough money to buy herself a rundown, abandoned cottage in Hollow Shades, completely remodeling the small cottage and living peacefully with some honeybee hive boxes in between disaster relief efforts, selling the honey, wax, and hoofmade candles at the farmer's market until she is deployed to another disaster. Personality: Golden Glow is easily flattered, typically an easygoing laid-back Aerion. She's calm and gentle, her demeanor inspiring tranquility in those near her. Goldy is often considered the 'mom friend', always very prepared for every situation and willing to lend a hoof. She can be impatient in high stress situations, but that is also when her brave side shines through. Golden is compassionate and agreeable, and sees the best in everything and everypony. She loves helping others, and is very modest and humble about her actions and deeds. Unfortunately, this virtue can lead to self deprecation, and the belief that she honestly truly isn't good enough. She pushes herself to do better, even if it harms herself in the long run. Goldenglow is responsible, but because of this puts herself under way too much pressure to succeed, as well as behaving in a bossy manner when put into a position of power, especially under high stress situations. She's a pony-pleaser, and finds it hard to say no to others. She is a natural-born leader, though reluctant to lead unless necessary, full of passion and charisma with a great deal of pride and joy in guiding others to work together to improve themselves and their community. She radiates authenticity, concern and altruism, unafraid to stand up and speak when she feels something needs to be said.The interest Goldenglow has in others is genuine, almost to a fault – when she believes in someone, she can become too involved in the other pony’s problems, place too much trust in them. She is tolerant and reliable, charismatic and altruistic, always seeking to do good in the world. However, Goldenglow is also overly idealistic, too selfless to the point of giving so much of herself until she's spread too thin and thoroughly worn out. She's too sensitive with fluctuating self esteem, and her biggest weakness is being unable to make tough decisions. She can become paralyzed in thinking of all the consequences her judgment call will have, especially if equineitarian.She can become offended if her efforts aren’t reciprocated when the opportunity arises. Her Meyer-briggs personality type is ENFJ-T, the Protagonist persona. Golden Glow likes honey cakes, her bees, a warm cup of chamomile and mint tea, things that glow, especially flowers and bugs, and books about fantasy and romance. Goldy dislikes being too hot, and she overheats easily with her thick fur. She dislikes birds and getting wet when she doesn't want to, such as puddles or unexpected storms. She hates loud noise, especially loud music that hurts her sensitive ears. And no matter what you say, she will never EVER like milk chocolate. Goldenglow absolutely adores fruit, since it was a rarity to have it fresh in her wintry village. Her hobbies include long nightly flights over forests, and reading by the fireplace. She also enjoys planting flowers for her honeybee hives, though sometimes she needs help due to her black hoof when it comes to gardening. GoldenGlow loves kids, and wishes to have foals of her own one day. Relationship info: Goldenglow takes dating and relationships seriously, she wants a long term partner and is definitely not into casual flings. She shows commitment by taking time and effort to establish herself as a dependable, trustworthy partner. She's very attentive towards relationships, but can come off as overbearing and needy. She's very affectionate, and loves displays of affection. She wants to help her partner achieve their goals, but she can get so caught up in helping and pleasing her partner that she neglects her own needs and goals. She wants to avoid any kind of conflict and might undermine her own principles to keep the peace, which results in being too preemptive in resolving conflicts, asking for criticisms and suggestions in ways that convey neediness or insecurity. She's a dependable lover, interested in stability and the selfless satisfaction of her partner, believing true happiness is mutual happiness. Currently she is single, but looking for a partner. Character Summary: Golden Glow is a compassionate young Aerion mare from Luna Bay, who ran away from home to escape her stifled personal growth and her arranged marriage. After entering into a disaster relief program, Goldenglow works to help everypony around her, and bought herself a small cottage in Hollow Shades to sell honey on the side. Golden doesn't visit her family, she's too afraid of facing her family and village's disappointment, or being forced back into the marriage and since she didn't leave on the best terms, she's afraid to go back. Every conclave, she attends in secret under a cloak and makes certain to avoid her family. Note: I didn't know how to take my first application out of approved characters in order to re-app Goldenglow, so i simply made a new app. The old Application is here.
  2. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Starlis Odyssey Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Aerion (bat pony) Eye colour: Light purple Coat: Very dark blue (00132F) with patches of white spots Mane/Tail: Light blue/gray (2E3D54) with dark imperial blue highlights dyed into his mane. He keeps his mane on the short side and often in a ponytail that he let's hang over the left side of his neck. His tail is cut short so it’s never longer than half the length of his back legs. Physique: Starlis is slightly shorter than than your average Pegasus or Aerion and is lean but fit, often working out to stay in shape but is not overly muscular in build. His left wing is smaller than his right as a birth defect which makes flying difficult if not impossible sometimes. Piercings and jewelry: Two silver studs in each ear (Four in all), Silver snake bite. Often wears an old family pendant with a crescent moon on it. Residence: Las Pegasus, outside of the Ground District. A small trailer home with a large property dotted with barns full of junk and scrap with a launchpad and runway for his many tests. Occupation: “Scrap Yard Operator / Owner” is his official job as the primary junkyard of Las Pegasus. But his true work and love is building alchemical rocket powered vehicles, a job he hopes he can making a living out of one day. Cutie Mark: A shooting star flying upwards over a crescent moon. Unique Traits: Starlis is a gifted engineer that can build complex machinery without the help of magic with his steady hooves and lips. This has allowed him do what many believed can’t be done without the use of telekinesis. History: Starlis Odyssey, named for his fur looking like a star filled sky, was born to a poor family in Las Pegasus with an earth pony father and Aerion mother. With little money he grew up in a trailer home as his dad worked full time as a construction worker and his mother was a failed singer that did work at low end bars and pubs for Bits. As such he learned to make do with what he had around him and be thankful for even small gifts, but his life was never hard as his family loved him with all their hearts and Starlis was never without love, hugs and time with them. As such he views his young life well and has strong ties to his family that lasted for the rest of his life. His first true hardships came with school due to a birth defect with his left wing being stunted in growth and lagging behind his right. This severely hindered his ability to fly with other winged classmates and unfortunately gave rise to an easy point to bully Starlis, some nicknamed him ‘Stupid Oddity’ by the more mean spirited classmates. This made Starlis dislike his classmates and grow into something of a lone wolf not playing with others. In the place of such things he took to reading and learning, fascinated by the world around him but most of all the sky and what was found beyond. Soon, space and all that is in it became his favorite thing to learn about and his family was the first to notice how smart Starlis was even at a young age as he wanted ever more complex books about space, stars and the world around him and with what little bits they had, they gave him as many books as they could stand to afford. This early help and nudging for him to follow his interests helped set Starlis on his path of love and borderline obsession for reaching the stars. But the true level of his love for space was only unveiled when his family managed to see a show hosted by an astronomer and scientist about the possibility of space travel and reaching the moon or beyond. Starlis was utterly captivated by this and his head was overflowing with the image of him flying alongside the moon. He’d fly higher than anypony has ever flown before. This dream was wonderful and powerful. Starlis sitting up on the back of his father yelled he’d be the first to do it. He’d fly alongside the stars and moon and be the first pony to ever fly so far from home. So emotional and strong was his statement many guests turned their heads to look at the colt, just in time for all of them to see his flank shimmer as a shooting arched over a crescent moon. This was his destiny, his calling. He was to reach the stars, this is what he believed with all his heart and so did his family. But a destiny and dream that would be hard to follow. Even if he came from a rich and powerful family reaching space is no easy trick. No pony has done it before and many believed it can’t even be done at all or it violated the natural order. But even as a colt Starlis worked hard. Taking up odd jobs to make more bits to help buy more books as he took the challenges head on. But as time passed and he put more of himself behind following his dream he suffered in school. The bullying only grew worse as his small wing became all the more showing with age as he grew and it did not. It didn’t help any that he found school boring and many of the classes he was forced to take did not appeal to him at all. So one day he refused to go and after speaking to his family, they allowed him to drop out of school. Free from the bullying and pointless homework Starlis found himself to be much more happy and only a year after dropping out started building his first small alchemical rockets. Well basic and barely being able to fly more than a few hooves worth in the air they were the first steps of proving that his plan to use an alchemical rocket may work. Helped along every step of the way by his family. When he was a Stallion he already had a long backlog of rockets under his belt and many different models, many of which were flying high as a pegasus and integrating the first recovery systems and clockwork gearing to help guide the rocket more or less where he wanted. But as the years passed it was time for Starlis to move out, something he welcomed as his newest rockets needing more room and space to build and the mayor of Las Pegasus was getting rather angry about the testing and how far up they were reaching so close to a pegasus city. So with the help of his family Starlis saved up and purchased a large chunk of land outside the city limits. But needing a real job to help pay for his rockets, he offered to let his land be used as a junkyard by the city. The mayor allowed it and even set it up as job payed for by the city. With a small but steady income and plenty of free scrap and parts Starlis had the time, room and land too keep improving on his alchemical rockets, reaching newer heights and more heavy payloads along with his first small time contract work for advertisements or events where rockets impressed onlookers by reaching to the heavens. Well falling short of his dream for now, Starlis fully believed he was well on his way and he will achieve it even if it’s years away it mattered not. He was on track and with every year closer to achieving the impossible. Character Personality: Starlis is driven, hardworking and a very eccentric batpony that can often be a real hoof full to be around, but his passion and love for what he is doing shines clear at all times. He lives, breathes and dreams space and rockets and there is nothing that will stop him. No matter the cost, time or risk he believes the ends will justify the means for the betterment of all ponykind. Character Summary: Odd, eccentric and a genius, Starlis is a bat pony living just outside of Las Pegasus in a junkyard where he makes rockets. Hailing from a poor family with a earth pony father and bat pony mother he grew up with a love of space. Pushed on and helped by his family, he followed that dream as best he could even dropping out of school and pushing on ahead he claimed a large block of land just outside of the city that he works in as a junkyard. A job he is fine with as it allows him plenty of free parts and the time to work on his dream.
  3. From the album: OC

    So i just finished with this beautiful Aerion mare, anyone want to roleplay? I'm excited to use her, maybe in a plot involving the supernatural occurrences in Hollow Shades?
  4. Name: Golden Glow Nickname: Goldy Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Aerion (Bat Pony) Relationship status: Single Relationship info: Golden Glow gets crushes easily and is a bit of a romantic. She likes to read romance novels and dream of her perfect stallion. Golden Glow is straight but is aesthetically appreciative of mares. Goldy's idea of a perfect stallion would be somepony who is brave, bold and committed. Protective, romantic and charming. Because of her gentle nature, she actually prefers a contrast to herself, a 'rough around the edges' grumpy but heart of gold kind of stallion, perhaps as a result of reading too much romance. The most important thing though is that he must care very deeply for her, everything else is just extra. Golden is presently looking for a relationship, though it's not her main goal. She likes to take things slow but if there's sparks she may melt a little faster. How to win her heart: Grand gestures and acts of bravery! She's easily flattered. Her favorite flowers are Gardenia and Wisteria, her favorite chocalate is salted caramel filled dark chocalate (the darker the better) And her idea of a perfect date Is a moonlit trip to the beach, or going on a dangerous adventure Eye colour: A reflective hue of copper and iron, almost rusty. Coat: Her coat is a light pastel yellow overall, With gold colored freckles across her nose and dotting her legs. Her legs are very fluffy towards the legs, with a design of melted wax towards her hooves that is the color of gold. The tip of her nose is a gold color, she has the same golden melted wax patterns on her ears with golden tufts of fur, and there is an excess of neck fluff around her neck, also gold in color. Golden Glow's bat wings are the same color as her eyes almost, a shifting gradient of orange to a deep red. Mane/Tail: Goldy's mane is a mass of thick white hair, braided into a large braid held together at the ends by a large pearl, a family heirloom gifted by her mother. Streaks of gold run through her hair, and the tuft of fur at the end of her long tail Are also braided with streaks of gold, except her tail braid is held by a simple red tie. Physique: Goldy is a little taller than normal ponies, and because of that she's more lithe and slender. She has a very feminine body with pronounced, delicate curves, and long thin legs. Though not as tall as the typical alicorn body type, she has a few inches on normal ponies. Instead of a fully length tail, she has a long and thin furless tail, with her hair at the end. Like her body, her face is slender and petite. Residence: Born to a colony in Unicorn Range, currently resides in a cozy cottage in Hollow Shades. Occupation: Golden Glow makes her living by hoofcrafting candles of all shapes, sizes, textures and aromas. Using beeswax gathered by the bees she keeps, and the honey to flavor other things, she makes aromatic candles that are easy on a bat pony's eyes and sufficiently light the area while smelling lovely, never overpowering to a bat pony's keen smell. She uses only organic and natural ingredients, and even sells artistic candles. When the need arises, Goldy makes specialized enchanted candles from magic crystals and stones, for almost any purpose imaginable. Goldy also takes it upon herself to light the pathways and trails with lanterns, to guide those who get lost in the dark forest. If anypony gets lost, she is among the first to volunteer to help find them. Her warm and welcoming glow has led many non-nocturnal ponies out of the dark wood. Cutie Mark: Golden Glow's cutie mark is made up of three pillar candles side by side, the one to the left of medium height, the middle being the largest, and the candle to the right being as small as a tealight. All three candles are lit, and golden wax drips from them. Goldy got her cutie mark when a group of earth ponies from vanhoover decided to go mountain climbing, but when night fell they become lost and afraid. The rest of her colony thought it'd be best not to intervene, seeing as they'd only frighten them more with the superstitions of Aerion and possibly send them into a panic. Golden Glow however couldn't bear to hear their frightened cries as they trundled around in the dark. She grabbed a lantern and flew out into the night, and without revealing herself to the group of earth ponies, She lit their way until they found the path back to vanhoover. Once they were safely on their way back, her cutie mark appeared and she realized her special talent was guiding the lost with her gently glowing light, offering guidance and hope. Unique Traits: Golden Glow has reflective copper eyes, and her varied golden freckles are also reflective and glow slightly. In the dark, her cutiemark glows slightly as if the candles are really lit. Like most Aerion, she has remarkable night vision and keen hearing, accompanied by tufted ears and fangs. Unlike most Aerion however, her fur is thicker and longer because her colony's home mountain range is often covered in snow. History: Golden Glow was born to a colony of Aerion who nested in Unicorn Range. Her father, a white stallion with gold markings named Dawnstar was an elder and leader of the small community. To facilitate a bond with the neighboring colony of Galloping Gorge, he arranged for his only daughter Golden Glow to marry the son of the other colony's elder when they came of age. Growing up, Golden Glow vocally opposed the arranged marriage. The relationship between her and her parents frayed and tension was high. When her wedding day came, Her mother bestowed a large pearl to Golden Glow, a family heirloom passed from mother to daughter. Golden Glow uses it to hold her braid, and decided then and there that if such a priceless heirloom was to be passed to her, she wanted to pass it down to a daughter from a stallion she truly loves. So she ran away from home, With a suitcase of her most precious belongings. Golden Glow travelled to Cloudsdale, Ponyville, and Canterlot searching for a place to belong, causing the locals a fright in the process. She offered her services of candlemaking everywhere, but nopony needed her talents or wanted a bat pony around due to the myths and superstitions surrounding her kind. Running out of money and hope, she used the last of her money at a cheap inn at Canterlot, where she overheard news of a small village shrouded in mystery, Hollow Shades. She heard that it had a sizeable population of bat ponies and decided to head there the next morning. Upon arriving to Hollow Shades, Golden Glow became immediantly entranced with it's small town charm, friendly villagers and mysterious happenings. While exploring the hamlet, she came across a candle shop already there. Golden Glow entered to find an old, lonely white unicorn mare, whose hair had silvered in her old age. Golden Glow asked for a job there and while the old mare named Vanilla Wax refused stubbornly, Golden Glow persisted and begged and reasoned. Finally, she caught the old mare's attention by saying she'd work for free, as long as she could live there and that with her working at night, the mare could keep her store open 24 hours which meant more business. Vanilla Wax conceded and allowed Golden Glow to work for her. Apprenticed under Vanilla Wax, Golden Glow learned all of the old mare's secrets, tips and tricks to candle making, including how to make enchanted candles and collect beeswax and honey from the three hives she kept. After hearing of Golden Glow's tale, the old unicorn welcomed Golden Glow and taught her everything she knew. Golden Glow picked up Vanilla Wax's hobby of guiding newcomers to the village at night, but due to the mare's age and deteriorating health soon it was only Golden Glow keeping the unicorn's tradition. Golden Glow took care of the mare in her old age, and when the old unicorn became bedridden with a simple cold, she decided it was time to retire. Vanilla Wax gave her shop to Golden Glow, who became like a daughter to her in the few years they were together since the mare had no foals or fillies to call her own. Vanilla Wax retired to an old folks home in Canterlot, and Golden Glow still visits her every month. Golden Glow was welcomed into the community as Vanilla Wax's replacement, and became known as a friendly Aerion who made candles as good or better than Vanilla Wax. Character Personality: Golden Glow is typically an easygoing, laid back Aerion. She's calm and gentle, her demeanor inspiring tranquility in those near her. She's soft spoken but has no issue speaking up. Golden Glow is often finicky and has a great deal of attention to detail. She's very emotionally sensitive and remarkably empathetic. She's soft hearted and wears her heart on her sleeve and has the unfortunate tendency to be gullible. While Golden Glow is laid back and gentle, this does not make her a pushover. She's witty and sarcastic, and when it comes down to it she can be fierce and steadfast. Golden Glow likes honeycakes, her bees, a warm cup of chamomile and mint tea, things that glow, especcially flowers and bugs, and books about fantasy and romance. Goldy dislikes being too hot but hates the cold more. She dislikes birds because they always chirp right before she goes to bed in the morning. Getting wet when she doesn't want to, such as puddles or unexpected storms is disliked. She hates loud noise, especcially loud music that hurts her sensitive ears. And no matter what you say, she will never EVER like milk chocalate. Her hobbies include long nightly walks through the woods, and reading by the fireplace. She also enjoys planting flowers for her honeybee hives, though sometimes she needs help due to her black hoof when it comes to gardening. Golden Glow loves kids, and likes to tell spooky stories to tourists and foals. She's social, but quiet unless a reason to speak presents itself. Character Summary: Golden Glow is a young Aerion mare from the colony of Unicorn range, who ran away from home to escape her frayed relationship with her parents and her arranged marriage. After being taken in by an old unicorn mare who owned a candle shop, Goldy learned all the tricks of the trade and inherited the shop from the senior mare, whom retired. Golden doesn't visit her family, she's too afraid of being forced back into the marriage and since she didn't leave on the best terms, she's afraid to go back. Every conclave, she attends in secret under a cloak and makes certain to avoid her family. ( Picture is drawn by me )
  5. Character Application Valve Cell Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Valve Cell Sex: Female Age: Filly Species: Aerion (Bat Pony) Eye colour: Lime Green Coat: Greenish-Grey Mane/Tail: Wavy two-tone Viridian mane and tail with cream-green composites Physique: Lightweight, prioritising speed over strength Residence: Hollow Shades - The Foothills Occupation: Ranger - spends her night patrolling the forests surrounding Hollow Shades Cutie Mark: Blank Flank Unique Traits: Night Vision, flight, cloudwalking, enhanced hearing, extensive knowledge of the wildlife surrounding Hollow Shades History: The runt of her colony, Valve found herself feeling greatly detached from the Aerion she grew up with, and faced consistent bullying throughout her early fillyhood. Due to these grievances, Valve struck out on her own and made it to the town of Hollow Shades, where she found refuge with an elderly shopkeeper and his wife. In exchange for a bed and warm meals, Valve promised the elderly couple that she would protect Hollow Shades from the threat of hostile wildlife in the forests surrounding the town. It is worth noting that in her career as a self-named "ranger," she has encountered creatures of various calibres, including vicious timberwolves, cragadiles, and the occasional cockatrice. Character Personality: Valve is a friendly filly who has spent the better part of her youth cultivating a protective nature over the ponies of Hollow Shades, particularly over the elderly couple giving her refuge. That said, she is prone to outbursts of frustration when things don't go according to plan, and struggles with a constant need to prove her worth due to having been underestimated as a foal. When someone abuses her friendly demeanour, they run the risk of finding themselves under Valve's scrutinous watch. Character Summary: Growing up isn't easy, especially if you're the smallest filly in a whole colony of Aerion. After striking out on her own, Valve Cell found purpose and self-worth in serving an elderly couple in Hollow Shades, where she adopted the mantle of "ranger," and began running nightly patrols through the forests surrounding the town. Valve is a friendly girl who can be the best friend you've ever had, but when her compassion is used against her, Valve becomes a nightmare of an enemy and will go to extreme lengths to make sure the offender in question cannot bring harm to the ponies closest to her.
  6. Roleplay Type: World of EquestriaName: Feather LightSex: FemaleAge: young mareSpecies: aerion\bat ponyEye colour: greenCoat: light gray with a purple tintMane/Tail: sky blue. Usually wears her mane in a ponytail to keep it out of her face, changes to a bun for special occasions.Physique: Slim, shorter than the average pony. Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Does odd jobs to earn extra money while studying to become a judge. Cutie Mark: A balance scale with a feather in the right and a heart on the left. She got it at school one day when the teacher set up a mock trial. Since there was an odd number of ponies in her class and the two sides already had an even number. The teacher asked her if she would mind being the judge and offered her extra credit. Feather accepted, and the teacher helped her make a costume and push a podium to the front of the room. After hearing both sides and making her decision, she was confused about why everyone was congratulating her. Her teacher showed her in the mirror, and after getting permission she left during recess to go show her family.Unique Traits: Tends to wave her hooves in the air as she talks and doesn't even realize she's doing it. History: Feather grew up in one of the many Bat pony colonies across Equestria. As a filly she lived for being able to see ponies from other colonies at the conclave. However, she considered few of them actual friends due to not seeing each other long enough to form true friendship. Her best friend in the colony was her cousin, even though he would always get in trouble, and she would always tell. The two of them would often play games like superheroes or detectives. When she announced her move to Canterlot, the two of them got into an argument. He claimed that she was abandoning her family, she said she couldn't stay cooped up forever. They still exchange letters, but their relationship is strained.She is close to her father, although her mom is more distant, as well as her twin brother. Her father kept trying to pressure her brother into military service as one of Luna's guards, while her brother wanted to be a writer. As for Feather, her father approved her career choice. Her mom was the opposite. She approved of her brother's job, while she wanted Feather to be a house wife and marry into a noble family. An idea she protested. Loudly. The two attempt to be civil, but both of them are to stubborn to come to an agreement.Her brother isn't as determined as she is, and just goes along with whatever their mom says.Most of her time was spent spent reading in an old treehouse, avoiding her mom, and helping her father with boot camp by setting up dummies or cleaning. When she announced she was going to Canterlot, her father was happy for her, her brother said to be careful, and her mom glared at her and left the room. Feather is trying to become closer to her brother, and they exchange letters as well, with the condition that neither of them mentions Mom.Feather is currently in Canterlot university after getting a scholarship from an organization that helps bat ponies enter society. During one of her first days there, she meant a group of supposedly nice ponies, who did a complete 180 when they found out she wasn't from a noble house, calling her "that common bat pony criminal." She quickly discovered that acting how they expected her to kept them away. Character Personality: Feather can be headstrong and unwilling to compromise, which makes her more comfortable working on school projects alone. However in a social setting, she is super outgoing, although she only sees a few others as close friends. Everyone else is just ponies she talks to sometimes. Most of the time she is perfectly willing to teach others about bat pony culture, but if she's working or if you said something offensive, Feather will glare at you until you leave. She's not above useing the bat pony's reputation if it keeps bullies away from her. Feather can't stand the stuffy ponies who look down on others and assume they're criminals just because of social status. Character Summary: Feather Light is a young bat pony mare currently living in Canterlot to farther her studies. Her cutie mark is a balance scale with a heart on one side and a feather in the other. She has a light gray body that looks slightly purple, and a sky blue mane and tail. She had an average life in a bat pony colony. Feather is outgoing in social settings and dislikes ponies who make assumptions based on social status.
  7. Name: Gridlock aka Officer Lock Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Aerion Pelt Color: Very dark grey fading to black as the fur travels down his legs. His wings are black. Mane/Tail Color & Style: Lock’s mane is brushed forwards into a large spiky shock. Strands of his forelocks tend to fall over his eyes and down his face. His tail is hock length, he uses gel to style it into spiky ends. Both mane and tail are dull black with a shock of electric yellow running through them. Eye Color: Electric yellow Cutie Mark: A black and white checkered flashlight with a yellow beam of light pointing towards Lock’s head. The beam ends in pool of light a bit away from the light source. Physique: He is fairly lythe which gives him a great deal of agility. Lock’s figure is light weight and he is not well muscled but this suits him just fine. Residence: An upper story apartment in downtown Manehatten Occupation: Gridlock’s public job is as an officer in the illustrious Manehatten Police Department. He works for the intelligence department, specializing in gathering information for the force. Unique Traits: Lock is an aerion in maintains all the basic features of his kin. His eyes are a bit sensitive to strong sunlight and he is usually found with his sunglasses either over his ears or resting between his ears. He lives a double life which is explained in the history section. History: Gridlock grew up in small aerion colony in a far off section of the Whitetail Woods. His mother and father raised him together though neither of them invested a large amount of time in their offspring. His father was away often time as he worked as a cab driver in Manehatten. His parents taught him all the basics of life but since neither were very emotional creatures, Gridlock often found himself left to his own devices. The young areion often found himself wondering if he was even wanted by his parents, especially since his name reflected a situation his father was not very keen on. Still, Gridlock made it through his early years with few scars. He attended classes taught by an areion elder in their village during his early years and when he was old enough he transferred his life into the city of Manehatten. He had always wanted to move to the city, ever since he was a young one. His cutie mark was one of the factors that let him know that he was destined for the city. One day he was playing with his friends near his home in the Whitetail colony. They were engrossed in a game of make believe. His friends were pretending to be the bad guys but Gridlock just didn’t seem to take to a bad guy role. Instead he decided to play the cop. When his friends worked up a plan to “rob the bank”, take the collection of shiny rocks they had all collected and placed in a box, Lock decided he would do what he could to protect them! He found it fun to try to figure out what his friends were planning and soon enough he had devised a scheme to trick them and keep the treasure safe. Only after they were done playing did the friends notice the mark that had appeared on their friend’s flank! A flashlight lurned on in the darkness. The beam of light faced forward, towards Lock’s head, making a pool of light before it. Lock was good at searching for clues and putting together pieces of plots. From that moment he knew he wanted to be a part of the MPD! Once he had moved to Manehatten, he joined the force and worked diligently for them for a few years. Then came his first major bust! With the clues he was able to piece together a heist operation that was organized under the regime of WRAITH. Once the bad guys had been put away, Lock got to thinking. WRAITH was a mastermind of crime. Thought they were sometimes caught, overall the ponies involved in the operation ended up making lots of bits and having a degree of control and power if they were able to move up the ranks of the operation. With his calculating mind it didn't take Lock too long to realize that perhaps there was a more lucrative business out there. After arranging for a meeting with WRAITH representatives Gridlock took on the role of being a leak from the MPD to WRAITH as needed. Though this connection isn’t always needed, Gridlock has been able to use it to his advantage on multiple occasions. Mostly for small time operations at this point. Eventually, as trust in him grows he will be part of larger operations. Character Summary: Gridlock is a pony living a double life. He is able to maintain this position almost flawlessly. Being a sneak and a charliton comes all too naturally for him. It is almost as if it was bred into him...which it may well have been. His demeanor is calculating overall, and he is quite careful in the ponies he chooses to associate with. He does keep a wide circle of associates though none of these know the real Gridlock. He isn’t even sure who the real Gridlock is at this point. To this end his name fits him extraordinarily well. Because he has chosen to live a double life there is a backup in his mind when it comes to knowing exactly who he is or what he wants. To those in his MPD circle he is intelligent, smooth, and overall genial. He knows how to have fun with his friends and can be quite social when the mood takes him. He enjoys a good laugh and can be witty. These characteristics have landed him many friendships. Though many ponies call him friend, he has a hard time saying the same of anypony he knows. This is mostly because they don’t know the real Gridlock. To his contacts in WRAITH he is cold, calculating, and efficient. He has yet to have botched a job and readily leaks the intel he is asked for. He doesn’t call anypony in WRAITH a friend, they are a means to an end for him. Gridlock has spent a lot of time trying to force himself into thinking the choices he has made are the right ones for him. This is a difficult task that he struggles with constantly. Though he doesn’t want to admit it, he is addicted to his turncoat lifestyle. He looks forward to his meetups to spill information and the bits transferred into his account for his trouble aren’t really the reason why. He gets a rush out of the job and that’s his favorite part of the payoff. He has recently realized the meaning behind the coloring of the flashlight on his flank. He is mixed up, much like the two colors on the flashlight. Two contrasting lives, lining up along side of each other like the pattern on a checkerboard. It is possible that this is not the real meaning behind the coloring, but at this time Lock feels like it is.
  8. From the album: OC Art

    I should really stop designing OCs to the extent where I want to put up an application for them. Random drawing of a Bat Pony I did the other day, with a bonus picture of his mane out of its ponytail. I think adding an Aerion to my small roster would be really cool - but he'd need some major tweaking. At the moment, he's basically writing out as a carbon copy of Inkbrand. Though, according to some people, multiple Inkbrands running around wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. Also couldn't help the somewhat cliched 'black coat white mane' trope. I'm an absolute sucker for lighter hair colors paired with darker skin/fur colors.
  9. Name: Ebony Dawn Gender: Female Age: Mare Species: Aerion Eye Color: Gold Character Color: Grey Mane/Tail/Other: Mane is short and both mane and tail are messily styled. Both are light purple. Physique: Athletic, slightly muscular Residence: Wanderer Occupation: Ex-guard. Now wanders using her skills to help wherever needed. Cutie Mark: Crescent Moon overlapped by a knife Unique Traits: She's skilled in the art of close combat due to her guard training, and carries a personalized set of eight throwing knifes that have her cutie mark engraved on them. History: Following in her father's hoofsteps, she chose to join the guard, signing up as soon as she was old enough. Once her time in the guard was up, she chose to travel around Equestria, using her skills to help others, choosing not to settle down yet. Character Personality: She's friendly and not afraid to meet new ponies. She enjoys helping others, fruits of all kinds, and having a good time. She loathes pickles. Character Summary: Ebony is an ex-guard who travels around lending aid to anypony who needs it. She's learned close combat skills from her time in the guard, and carries a set of personalized throwing knifes with her.
  10. Roleplay Type: WoEName: Marquis Ebony CenturionSex: MaleAge: Older StallionSpecies: Pegasus with Aerion Blood (His grandmother was an Aerion-but he has no Aerion qualities)Eye colour: Black pupil with a navy blue iris. The black is not an opaque colour, seeming almost...glittery in a translucent way.Coat: Black. His hooves, and the area around his cutie mark, are a navy blue (same as his iris). Similar to his eyes, the black colouring of his coat seems to glitter and sparkled under the moonlight.Mane/Tail: Short cropped mane and tail, black and straight. Like his eyes and coat, his mane and tail seem to glitter under the moon. However, one flat streak in his mane and tail are navy blue. Physique: Muscular and fit, always ready on the job. He is of average height, and a very honest, down-to-earth pony.Residence: Ebony Manor. He occasionally spends his days at the barracks within Canterlot Castle.Occupation: Brigadier General of the Lunar Guard Cutie Mark: His cutie mark is rather cryptic-a single, neon yellow dot. At night, this dot seems to glow in the dark, like a faint magical flashlight. It's quite a confusing story to most, how he got his cutie mark. It was the same day that he scored a Bull's Eye in archery, the same day that he got perfect on a test about circles (tangents, geometry, symmetry), the same day he finished creating his hoof-made clock, and the same day he won a 2 v 1 (he was the 1) ball game. But that didn't matter, because that was all in the day. What mattered, happened at night-when he stood under the full yellow moon, and felt a true connection to the space above him. The circle was a symbol to the moon, a source of light that he could always count on to guide him in the darkness. It was a sign that proved his loyalty and future to the Lunar Guard, as well as an obedience and respect towards his maternal Aerion ancestors. His cutie mark had appeared at night, when he should have been fast asleep under his covers. Instead, he had stared through his window at the moon~ Next he knew, his precious cutie mark had appeared-a cryptic message to his parents and all those around him, but the honest truth to nopony but himself. Unique Traits: He's horrible at flying. Seriously. He's energetic and extremely enthusiastic about it-but he sucks. He's slow, can't go for longer distances, but can't sprint, either. However, he has very good night vision. He can't see as clearly as an Aerion, but his eyes are extremely fast at adjusting to a minimal light setting. He's very good at strategy and math, skills that had brought him far in his career. He has a knack at telling time without needing to see a clock (even though this ability isn't always accurate to the minute, it gives a pretty general idea to his Guards). As well, he has esteemed precision and accuracy in all that he does-another skill valuable in his position as Brigadier General. History: Born to a pair of mismatched lovers, his father was descended from a long line of REG's. His mother was an Aerion from Prance, and the two had met in a fairytale love between a general and a beautiful mare. Alas, reality set in, and his father left back to Canterlot to serve his Princess. His mother was forlorn and torn, realizing that the little love they had was but a thin ribbon when put to the test. He would always choose his duty over his family. She raised her foal in Prance, with occasional letters and gifts to fill in the hoofsteps of a father. She named the foal Ebony Centurion, "Ebony" after the foal's grandmother; "Centurion" being the paternal family name. Ebony's colthood was filled with bullies and strife. He was teased for not enjoying the rowdy fights his fellow classmates loved, bullied for often being under the protective care of his mother. Even his own father told his to "Stallion Up". He had gotten his cutie mark earlier than most folk, but the little fame he achieved from that was quickly swiped away by teasing for the "dot". They called his cutie mark stupid, horrible, meaningless-and called him useless. It didn't help that his flying abilities were beneath the ground. Okay-correction. He had no flying abilities. He was a Pegasus, that could barely fly. When he got his marks for the semesters, he would be teased for being a nerd and smart-mouth. He was teased for every possibly reason-but the worst was yet to come. His father visited a few times a year on holidays, and he treasured every moment. The days his father wasn't around, the cards and exotic gifts were always in place. His classmates thought it was very cool how his father was A Royal Equestrian Guard, but they didn't think it was very cool that his father ditched him. That's the opposite of anything his father had ever done, but somewhere in his heart-he started to believe it. He started believing that his father didn't love him, and that he needed to prove himself to be worth it. He started believing he was everything the bullies had ever put him as, and he started believing he was a pity sob story that nopony would ever like. He began to believe that he was worthless without being able to soar into the skies with extreme precision. He believed that he needed to be worth it. He needed to join the Royal Guards. He told his mother, and she frowned upon the idea. He couldn't understand why-afterall, wasn't he growing up to be just like father? But that was exactly what she feared, losing her son the same way she lost her husband. He decided that she didn't understand the dire-ness of the situation, and made the ultimate decision to join the Guards. He needed to be something. Oh, he had long gone past the stage of doing this for his father or friends-he was doing this for himself. He had convinced himself so hard that he needed this, that he had started to believe the lie like it was the most honest truth. He left for Canterlot soon after. His father met him at the train station, and he was surprised to see the look of...sadness from his father. Sad by what? He'd never know~ He loved his life as a Royal Lunar Guard, and climbed the rank ladder as fast as he could. He dedicated himself to working, the time spend on duty eventually caving into time spent with colleagues, friends, and eventually-family. It was just as his mother feared. His letters home became far and few, and he saw his father only on duty. In fact, he was of higher rank than his father! He was a Brigadier General, but he had paid the terribly cost. He had lost the support of his colleague, the encouragement of friends, the hope of family. He was completely and utterly alone. And for what? To prove himself. And he did-but to who? On the other hoof, he began to enjoy all the money and power he had earned as a Brigadier General. He bought and managed a large area of land-renaming it Ebony Manor: so that all who knew his name would not remember his young and weak past, but rather be in awed at the majestic manor. He hired a troupe to manage the Manor, and lived generally isolated from the rest of Equestrian society. He used all his spare time developing methods to enhance the RLG, or working as a strategist for diplomatic missions, as such. He became even more renowned, not just as a popular Lunar Guard, but also as a mysterious stallion who hid away in his large Manor all the time. Gossip and rumors spread in high tide over Equestria. When he was awarded the title "Marquis", gossip spread even more. What was this stallion doing in his free time? He spends all his time in that manor, and he earns a new Royal title?! He was still young, and the mares still loved a valiant young stallion. He saw no light in flirtations, only in working and proving himself to absolutely nopony. But, when his mother's letter came with the traditional, "Go get yourself a wife and I some grandfoals", he conceded. He married a lighthearted rising celebrity, away from home as often as he was. Their one foal was a filly named Ebony Radiance (although she grew into the name Nightingale), and he really couldn't bring himself to love her more than as a future RLG. He had given up on love long ago, and his family seemed nothing but a burden. His connections with his parents grew more and more distant, until he found himself accepting every single position required for out-of-town endeavors. Perhaps it was to get away from his family. Or rather, his failures. As his daughter grew, he pressed more and more for her to become the first Aerion in the family to join the RLG. She had been raised by the lists of housekeepers, butlers, and family friends-the two having little ties save for blood. She refused. He relented. He could never understand how, or why, she wanted to pursue a pointless career in music over loyalty to Equestria. In the end, it was his loss. Like all of his opportune colleagues and friends, he let his daughter gather her things and leave...forever. His life now is rather bleak. His wife is often on tour, his daughter is gone, his family has lost contact with him, and the few friends he has are rather...boring. He wants to redeem himself, but he's quite convinced he's past redemption. He's become the villain within his own story-trying so hard to do something heroic. Now, he lives in Ebony Manor: still working in the RLG as a Brigadier General, still completely absorbed within his work, and still loyal to Equestria. He's a good stallion-just in the wrong time and place. Character Personality: Loyal, eager, and hardworking-he puts Equestria as number one priority. Number two is his job. Number three is the REA and keeping it intact. Number four is maintaining everything he needs to continue in his job as Brigadier General. His wife, family, and daughter are shy close to fifth place. He's enthusiastic and energetic, always trying hard to excel and bring his sector of the guards to the best they can be. He's completely and utterly loyal to Equestria, willing to do anything to keep it safe-whether it be diving headfirst into a skirmish, managing the front lines of a diplomacy debate, or organizing an escort mission for the Elite Royals. He dedicates all his time to the RLG, and makes sure no Guard under his watch is out of line. He feels that joining the RLG was the turning checkpoint in his life-neither for the good or the bad. He gets over events very quickly, traumatic or not. What's in the past is in the past, no matter what happened. He's always cool, calm and collected-unless somepony accuses him. When he does burst, he becomes very aggressive and haughty. It's not a very good quality for a RLG, but he rarely gets upset (considering most would be smart enough not to accuse or poke hooves at a Brigadier General). He is a strategist and likes to plan his actions ahead of time; no matter how small or large the matter may be. He's intelligent, clever, and precise. He hates it when things don't go his way, and will do everything in his power to keep things on the right track. He hates spoiled Elite Royalty-understanding that most ponies have to work a lifetime or earn their title; but knowing that these "idiots" get their title by birth. Oh, and he hates Prench food. And everything and anything to do with Prance. It brings back memories of his mother-things he would rather leave in the past like all things that has happened. It brings back memory of a different lifetime: when he was young and innocent, disillusion and powerless-when he was weak. But he's not anymore, and he doesn't like things reminding him of the young colt that used to be him. Character Summary: Eager to prove his worth as a Pegasus who's terrible at flying, this stallion joined the guard and rose to become a Brigadier General; but at what cost?
  11. ((Another long character app by Lyi~ Sorry, I tend to get carried away with creativity.)) Name: Ebony Radiance aka Nightingale Gender: Female Age: Late teenager, young mare Species: Aerion Eye colour: She has a white pupil and a black iris-both adapted to the dark. Character colour: She is a deep, navy blue, and her wings gradient from that into midnight black. The tips of her wings are a pale, almost white, yellow that has a sparkling quality. Mane/Tail/Other: Her mane and tail follow a similar colour gradient as her wings, going from deep, navy blue at the root, but to a light blue. Both her mane and tail are long and straight, braided into dreadlocks with small metal shards tied to the ends as a fashion statement. Of course, they also double as a weapon in case anything wild happens during party nights. Both the tips of her mane and tail host the same pale yellow, almost white, colouring and shimmery quality. Physique: She is a bit below the average height, but makes up for it with her other features. She has proportionally long legs, improving her agility and speed when running. Residence: Downtown Canterlot. She owns a manor in Garden Gait (just to prove to her father that she's perfectly capable without his aid), but spends most of her time in a high-tech, magic-fueled apartment in downtown Canterlot. Occupation: DJ and Lunar Guard (on Reserves) Cutie Mark: A silver turntable needle aimed and stabbing into a brilliant, neon pink treble clef. Having a mother than loves social events and gatherings, it made sense for her to be brought into some of the more...tame ones. It was a small garden party in Manehattan for singers and songwriters, a little gathering for fellow creative minds like her mother. She was a mere filly, always hopeful to gain her cutie mark each and every day. As the party progressed, the DJ started to play some remixed tunes of popular music-and she loved it. She bounced around towards the turntable, watching the expert moves and listening to the powerful music. When the DJ left the station to grab a drink, she had the devious idea to try the art herself. She went into the station, only to find it a whole lot more complex then she had expected. There were just so many buttons to press! She struggled for a little, deflated that she couldn't manage to make even a single sound. Raised in a household of adults and ponies older than she was, she always felt left-out with cutie marks. She was the only one without her special talent defined, and she worked hard to search and find her destiny. At the party scene, she knew that spinning the turntable and making the music that blared out of the speakers was her destiny. She felt it. Alas, she was about to leave, with no avail at the turntable. Perhaps it was not her destiny afterall~ Just as she was about to leave, the DJ returned. The DJ herself was young-a rising star named Aurora "Borealis Scheme"-and had gone through the toils and troubles of finding a special talent. With the gentle waves of magic, the DJ grasped the young filly's hooves and guided them around the turntable and record. The soft beginning of a song played, and Nightingale's heart soared into the sky. Sure-the song wasn't the showcase, blaring remix that she had expected~ Sure-it wasn't her spinning the record and mixing the turntable~ But, in that very moment, it didn't matter. It was pure ecstasy, and she loved every note that came from the record. The next thing she knew, her flank was pulsing a dim, neon blue light similar of that to her coat-and her cutie mark appeared. Unique Traits: As an Aerion, her unique traits include night vision, flight, cloudwalking, leather, bat-like wings, ear tufts, slit-pupiled eyes, As well, she has oversized wings-though more of an indifference to her than any other feature. She is also able to go for long periods of time without full-cycle sleep, able to regain her energy with several small naps. This ability has served especially useful for her job as a DJ, as many of the parties and events occur at night. History: Born to a high-ranking REA member and a model/singer/fashion designer, Nightingale's life was anything but eventful. Sure, her days were filled with Royal Galas from her father and party invitations from her mother-but, truth be told-majority of her life was spent in the Ebony Manor. Her parents were often away, and her family social status lounged in-between normal Canterlot family and elite socialite. That moderately popular status was quite confusing, and reduced Nightingale's peer group to a few others with 'in-between' families. They was neither popular enough to go to those 'Elite' schools, but was too high-ranking to fit in normally in a local academy. Her life was a shadow behind her parents', and neither parent actually served the 'parent' roles up to her. As time grew, she found her joy in music-and was able to strike a mark in the family history as a DJ. She lead herself through the shadows of her family to stand up in the music industry-to the respite and disapproval of her father. Her father, Marquis Ebony Centurion, was a high-ranking member of the Lunar Guard. His family had served in the REA for generations, and he had hoped to continue that tradition with Nightingale becoming the first Aerion in the family to join. Her mother was Luxor Radience, a model-turned-signer-turned-fashion designer. Neither parent was usually home, both often on excursions for work. She grew up as Ebony Radience, raised by the Ebony Manor household. Away from parents. Her 'father' was the family butler, and her 'mother' was the housekeeper, her 'aunt' was a friend of her real mother, and her 'uncle' was her father's old work partner. She never had a certified schooling, preferring to spend her time shadowing others and working her Aerion magic in spying on Elites. Her mother was an Elite, and her father was nothing more than a commoner-that placed her in the middle. The few friends she had were almost all Aerion, enjoying stalking the night as much as she did. As she grew, she found her life more and more uneventful. The only things that spiced up her day were visits from he 'aunt' and 'uncle'. She had grown so used to her parents' absence, that seeing them around just made her uncomfortable. The parties her mother used to invite her to grew monotonous and similar, and the brilliant Royal Galas her father brought were all mediocre and blank. It was all the same~ She saw no purpose in life, and everything seemed bleak. Even the joy of stalking the night and spying on ponies seemed too much work for such little benefit. Everything seemed monotonous, and the days that she wanted to stay locked inside her house overcame the days that she ran free outside. But it wasn't just that-she was coming close to the age to register for the REA. Her father wanted her into the 'club' so badly, and started paying tutors to train her for duty. She struggled and resisted against a future she saw no love in. Her father was horrified when she asked to pursue a future in music. Her mother had bought her a DJ station, complete with turntable and speakers-the moment she touched it, she knew it was her destiny. It was, afterall, the meaning of her cutie mark. Or so she thought~ Her father used the cutie mark to his advantage, saying the turntable needle was in fact a spear, telling her to relinquish her love of music to join the REA. The argument and monotony lasted for years, until the day of the registration for the REA. She made the ultimate decision to pursue her own dreams, unheading to the ideals of her father-and leaving home. As soon as she stepped foot outside, light and colour returned. Nothing governed her anymore-not family, not the REA-just music. She swore to make music her life, and to never lose that colour again. She also realized that, without her family, she had no money. She was determined and headstrong, passionate...and now the newest music sensation of Canterlot. Now, she roams the streets of Canterlot, playing music for the Elite socials, Underground Music Scene, and everything in between. She has established herself a reputation as the maverick without bounds, musical freedom from society's estranged grasps. A few years back, she joined the Lunar Guard...but on Reserves. She had long lost contact with her father, disowned from the family fortune, status, and blood ties. Her mother, on the other hoof, had frequently supported her musical endeavor-paying for unpaid fees, helping her gain connections, introducing her to the musical side of society, just to name a few. The two remained strong supporters to each other, and her leaving of the family only seemed to strengthen their filly-mare bond. Her music can be heard in various different parties, and her original mixes have become Equestrian sensations. She loves her job, and makes sure that nothing will ever get in the way again of her true passions. Character Personality: Strong-willed and passionate, she can easily get fired up if it involves music-especially her music. Under normal circumstances, however, she is seem as cool, serene, and 'chill'. She rarely gives much thought to anything, but everything she does must serves an underlying purpose and has to benefit her in some way or the other. She's fun to hang around with, very unique, more-or-less respectful, and has lots of friends. Her lucky-to-go attitude brings about her phrase, "I make friends as fast as I drop them". She holds standards for everything, and if somepony disrespects those rules-they're out of her game. She is usually a cheerful, happy mare-but anger is as powerful inside her as any other. If anything, her coolness allows the lava to bubble up and carry the pressure stronger when it bursts~ She has a filly-like appearance to her that doesn't represent her age, and many tend to act 'adult' around her and treat her like a little filly. She hates it when that happens. Other than that, she's a mare with few complaints and brings about good times. The only topic she really gets passionate over is music-and most of her anger moments evolve around disrespectful listeners. Character Summary: Ebony Radience is a DJ with a passion for creating music, and she won’t let anything get in the way of her passions-even if it means going head-to-head with a high-ranking member of the REA.
  12. RP Type: Canterlot Chronicles Name: Nocturnal Melody Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Aerion (bat pony) Eye Color: Green that glows in the night. Coat: Royal Blue Mane/ Tail: Black with a Green Highlight. She keeps her mane and tail looking a little unkempt to add to her wild persona. Physique: Nocturnal has a small trimmed body with long legs. As with all Aerion she has bat like wings, fuzzy looking ears, eyes with slit pupils and protruding teeth when she smiles. Due to her shape and color she sometimes is mistaken for a certain Princess, but she is often flattered by this. Residence: Formerly Leota Woods. Currently Canterlot Occupation: Works at a night club called Deja Vu and is a singer. Cutie Mark: An Aerion eye similar to hers superimposed on an eighth note, representing the haunting quality of her singing. Unique Traits: Nocturnal Melody is an Aerion or sometimes called “bat pony.” As such she has better vision during the night than most ponies but has worse sight in the day. Her hearing is heightened which helps her to sing as she can adapt to tonal changes. Nocturnal Melody has a natural gift for music with a very haunting tone to her voice. Her voice naturally has a tremulous vibrating effect that along with her passion provides an interesting quality to her tone. Her music style could be described as gothic symphonic metal even when she sings a Capella. She also is skilled with playing anything piano related but prefers a harpsichord when she sings. While she normally doesn’t always wear clothes, Nocturnal Melody does wear while on stage and sometimes out in the city a black dress with black boots on her legs. On her forelegs she sometimes wears spiked bracelets. History: Nocturnal Melody was born years before the return of Nightmare Moon took place. Like many of her fellow Aerion she lived with her parents in the Forest of Leota in a colony there. She got her name because she was born during the night time but wouldn’t stop crying no matter how much her parents tried. It was then that her mother sang to her which quickly lulled the sleeping newborn into sleep. As a filly, Nocturne continued her love of singing, taught by her mother who herself was a very talented singer. She was found to have even at a young age a very unusual hauntingly beautiful voice. Her father, who was gifted as a pianist, also taught her how to play the family piano. It was as if the two knew that their little Nocturne was destined to be a singer, but the filly had one thing that at the time prevented her from fulfilling her dream. While she was comfortable with playing in front of her family or close friends, she got very nervous when asked to sing in public. The Aerion would forget the lyrics to a song or even end up being unable to sing at all. At first Nocturne felt like she was going to be cursed with such a beautiful voice and not being able to sing with it in public, but one day her town had a talent show. The filly gathered the courage and entered the show. As the music started she began to get stage fright again but she saw her parents and friends there, and this gave her the strength to overcome her fear and sing a haunting melody that left the crowd stunned silent. But the best surprise came when she got her cutie mark! Soon the Aerion began putting on multiple performances for the town, but Nocturne felt a desire to know what lay beyond the borders of the forest of Leota. As a young filly she was told that the forest was safe and the world beyond that wouldn’t understand what she was or even become scared. She was told of how a thousand years ago the Aerion left and made their home in the forest, but surely she thought that other ponies would be open to meeting her. Besides that the Forest of Leota was already dangerously close to Tartarus and the kingdom of the changelings, so how bad could Equestria be? With her parents’ reluctant blessing Nocturnal Melody set forth from her home, flying by night and sleeping in the day. Most ponies gave her awkward glances when she saw them although some were terrified. The pony however was undaunted, not willing to rest until she found a place that she was satisfied. Finally she came upon Canterlot at night, which while most of the city was shuttered up for the night there was still a few lights on. She became instantly attracted to a club like a moth to a flame as she flew through the streets, hearing the music and seeing the bright lights pouring from it. She strolled in and found many ponies dressed in dark colors and a metal band playing on stage. To her surprise the ponies didn’t get scared seeing her but welcomed her. She found out it was actually a talent night for artists, a perfect time for her to make her introduction. With no fear she flew up on stage and sung a spellbinding melody that left the ponies cheering for more. After the show was over she was asked to help operate the club and singing the manager saying her talent was just what was needed in the city. There was even a nice little apartment above the club that she could stay. It was at that moment that Nocturnal felt at home. Character Summary: Although intimidating looking at first, Nocturnal is a very friendly pony who likes to meet others. She especially loves talking to others about the night and music as well as learning as much about the city she calls home. Her personal goal is to show that Aerion like her are not intimidating, just misunderstood. She takes most criticism of her and her music well but she does not tolerate those who treat her differently just because of the way she looks. Although she doesn’t see many ponies at night as in the day it doesn’t bother her as long she is able to make friends. Overall Nocturne is looking to continually improve her musical style and maybe even create a band to tour Equestria. But for now she is content at the club and having Canterlot as her playground at night! Her picture:
  13. It had been a long and tiring day in the perpetually hectic city of Ponyville. Some strange mishap with adults getting turned into foals, or so the troublemakers declared as they demanded to be changed 'back' into big kids. A tiger striped griffoness wasn't sure what all happened, but there was tons of yanking and grabbing on her feathers and tail. She wasn't looking forward to flying home in the dark and had opted to clean herself up before deciding on how to pass the night by. The sloshing of water snuck into the periphery of her perception, inspiring her with her first task of the evening. She had to clean the grime of kid sober and street dust from her battered form. While a normal pony might have sought out a quiet place to clean off, Aquaria was no normal pony! The rose-colored eyes of the hybrid stared back at herself in the fountain as she tried to contemplate a way to sneak past the similar looking guard who was trying to stop her potential bath. Little did the guard know, nothing could stop her this evening, especially not her excitable reflection! With a quick lunge, the weary lifeguard 'snuck past' her reflection and landed in the cold water with a splash. A normal pony might have shivered, but Aquaria simply rolled her white and black form in the water, the lifeguard used to cold water from her swimming in the sea. Her feathers sucked in the water as she played in the fountain, splashing water on the empty city streets. She quickly started swimming in the cramped quarters, looking for fish, her excited eyes unable to spot any at all! "They must have gone south for winter," she thought to herself, giggling at her own 'misfortune'. Her misfortune was quickly rewarded as she saw the glint of Luna's moon on a loose bit in the water. She gasped excitedly and scooped the coin up in her talons, her eager eyes basking in the glory of her great treasure. Aquaria's joyous celebration was quickly interrupted before she could finish. The lifeguard could sense something sinister nearby, maybe an invisible monster of some sort. She carefully tucked the coin away and nervously looked around. Her mind was playing tricks on her, the sloshing of water sending Aquaria into sensory overload! "Is anyone there?" she whispered lowly, the overeager lifeguard hoping nobody would respond!
  14. Zeig

    The White Fox

    From the album: OC Art

    After a short hiatus away from ponies, I wanted to draw one to reacquaint myself with my drawing techniques and such. Decided to practice on Xiphos, my newest bat pony OC who only has a few art pieces done of him at the moment. The hair came out a little wonky, but overall I like it. I really need to get him into some threads, ideas for his character are liable to burst out of my head at any moment.
  15. Name: Azure Moon Gender: Female Age: Teen Species: Aerion Eye colour: Azure eyes. Character colour: Azure Moon is mostly a white color but her hooves are a bright azure color. Mane/Tail/Other: Azure Moon's mane and tail are both a bright azure with dark blue highlights. The mane looks very wild and untamed as she doesn't like cutting it nor brushing it. Her tail is strangely always straight despite the fact that she never takes care of it. It is also so long that a small portion of it drags along the ground when Azure Moon walks and it trails along when she flies. Physique: Azure Moon has multiple scars along her flank where she was once attacked by a group of Timberwolves. They were rather deep gashes at the time and she did her best to take care of the wounds. Unfortunately, since she does not know much about medicines and the like, she wasn't completely sure what to do with the gashes and merely washed them out with water and dressed the wounds with gauze. Azure has a slender figure but she is slightly toned from exercising each day. Residence: Azure Moon lives along the edge of Ponyville by the Everfree Forest in case she ever needs to duck into the forest to avoid any crowds from seeing her. Ponies don't typically enjoy seeing her as they usually think she is 'bad luck'. Occupation: Azure Moon just flies around Ponyville looking for ponies who need a bit of luck. She'll bring them small trinkets that grant them a bit of luck and sometimes even a miracle. She is also an amateur alchemist who occasionally repairs other ponies' objects as long as they are small and she isn't seen. She always leaves a note telling the pony to leave a few bits for the repair at an abandoned house, which is always enough to support herself. Cutie Mark: Her Cutie Mark is a blue crescent moon. It symbolizes how Azure Moon spreads luck as a blue moon is very rare. Unique Traits: - Luck Charms: Azure Moon specializes in luck charms and the like, having studied them intensively from foalhood. - Astronomical Knowledge: She is very knowledgeable in astronomy and is often seen at the top of a hill just staring at the night sky. - Amateur Alchemist: Azure Moon has also just recently looked into alchemy and because of that, she is only an amateur alchemist who can perform small transmutations such as: make a little toy, repair small objects and transmute something small from the ground. Azure always uses a piece of chalk to draw her transmutation circle. - Stealth: Because of Azure's slender body, she's rather stealthy and can easily keep a pony from seeing her if she wishes. Of course, Azure tends to get cocky with this and ends up making a mistake, which will lead to another thing until somepony finally notices her and she attempts to make a break for it. History: Azure Moon was not always an Aerion. She was once a beautiful and popular Earth Pony who spread luck everywhere by making luck charms. It was her special talent; something she discovered when she was a young filly. She had been playing outside with a few friends when she heard of a pony who had a bit of bad luck lately. Determined to help the pony, Azure began to study a how to create small charms for luck and managed to make one luck bracelet. After she made the bracelet, Azure headed to the pony's house and placed it by the door on a hook when the pony wasn't looking. Almost immediately the pony began to gain better luck and it was then Azure found that it was her calling to spread luck. She was kind and traveled all over Equestria in search of ponies in need. She loved to speak to other ponies and was very compassionate and caring; the exact opposite of what she is like now. This transformation occurred because of a pony's selfish desires. Had that pony not succumbed to those desires, perhaps Azure would still be that happy pony she was before. It was a warm, sunny day when Azure was asked for help by a unicorn with a purple mane and ice-blue eyes. He asked Azure to give him and his orchards some luck because his farm was currently overrun by bats. Azure immediately went to help him, being the kind pony she was back then, but she did not know that the unicorn was merely leading her to a trap. The unicorn had never liked her; in fact, he hated how carefree and happy she was. The unicorn always thought that Azure had it easy; she had no cares in the world, unlike a hard-working farmer such as himself. And so, when Azure reached the area the unicorn had said was invaded by bats, she was astonished to see a completely bat-free orchard. When she brought this up to the unicorn, the unicorn immediately shot her with a spell that seemed to have made her part-bat. When Azure saw what she had become, she was distraught and rather hurt by the unicorn for doing such a thing. She tried to tell other ponies about what had transpired but nopony would come near her, let alone believe her. Furthermore, nopony would hear her out so she was not able to find somepony to perhaps turn her back to her original form. Azure decided to just accept this new form as her new self and gave up searching for somepony to help her. Because everypony shut her out, Azure became cold and rather rude. She began to travel for a place where she could be alone and arrived at Ponyville. She found a hotel room there and stayed in Ponyville for some time before settling in. She needed to see how the ponies would react to her presence. At first, ponies would avoid her because she was different and well, a 'bat-pony', but as time went by and they saw how Azure never bothered anyone, and gradually began to try talking to her. Whenever a pony tried to talk to her, they would be put off by Azure's rather cold personality and thus the ponies began to ignore her completely. Character Personality: Azure Moon is very cold and rude. She dislikes being the center of attention but strangely likes crowds. She's not usually the pony to start a conversation or even talk anypony but she sometimes makes small talk with a pony if they don't run away from her as most ponies do. Azure is also strangely optimistic as she always believes in that small glimmer of hope in the darkest of moments. She never gives up and stays strong, working as hard as she can. If a pony manages to get on her good side and they eventually become 'friends' of some sort, Azure will be much kinder to them and that pony is guaranteed to never be left behind/betrayed by Azure. Of course, becoming Azure's friend is almost impossible as Azure has completely lost any sort of trust she had in others. The only way to gain her trust in you is to gain her respect and stay on her good side. Character Summary: Azure spends most of her time shut in her home but occasionally she'll leave the house and give some luck to those who need it. Azure often goes out to listen to some music, however, as she does enjoy listening to Octavia's or Vinyl's/DJPon3's music and will sit in during any of their concerts. Whenever Azure has nothing to do at home, she'll sometimes go out to the crowds and sit on a bench just to pony-watch. She'll chuckle at seeing a pony make a mistake or just humiliate themselves (Azure is a bit of a sadist) and she'll secretly watch couples enjoy themselves. Azure, while she won't admit it, likes romance and actually wishes to find that special somepony someday. Because Azure became an Aerion, she refuses to visit her family in Canterlot because she fears that they would never accept her as she is now. Despite her tough demeanor, Azure is very self-conscious about her appearance. She'll get suddenly shy and quiet if someone insults her appearance.
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