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  1. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Kotemati (A shortened Unyasi phrase for the two words 'Globe' and 'Trot') Sex: Mare Age: Young Adult Species: 'Zony' Zebra/Pony hybrid Eye Colour: Blue Coat: Yellow with dark yellow stripes. Mane/Tail: Orange with orange-red streaks, her mane is a mix of zebra mohawk and the flurried mess of an earth pony's hair, making her 'hawk a touch floppy and ungainly at times. Her tail is fully ungaily, a mess of striped hair. Physique: Strong and stable. Residence: Travels from place to place. (Her 'home' is back in Unyasi.) Occupation: Explorer/Rambler - Future Tribe leader. Cutie Mark: At first glance this appears to be nothing more than an elaborately tribal horseshoe, the detail is n the colours, the green leaves of the horseshoe and the blue of the spiral. The jungle. The river. Kote has been to them all and enjoyed every moment, she's an explorer, a wanderer, somepony who enjoys going out there and seeing what the world has to offer and her mark shows that vibrantly - even if it might be hard for others to see. History: Daisy Globetrotter was a pony diplomat and explorer 'extrodi-mare', going from place to place and taking in the cultures of the Equestrian world! When she journeyed to Unyasi, she came face to face with Warrior-Chief Moya of the Matunda, or 'Fruit' Tribe and after several months in the company of the Chief and his tribe, the earth pony found herself rather smitten to say the very least. With him and his family. A few more months, a few truths told, some time spent together and an engagement later and miss Globetrotter found herself married to Moya by the turn of the summer solstice the very next year. By the second, they were both blessed with a child, a young 'zony' whom Moya - in honor of his wife, named 'Kotemati'. Or Koti, for short. Koti was a VERY adventurous young foal, from her first step, to her first whinny, every movement the filly had was full of energy. Where her father walked, she would follow, what her mother would seek, she would seek too. Everything was an adventure...sometimes too much. One day, during a particularly heavy heat wave, the tribe took a moment to rest in their homes and relax...Koti had other plans however and took on her own adventure. When Daisy and Moya awoke, they were terrified at the disappearance of their young daughter. For days they searched. None of the tribe could sleep, especially not their leader and his wife as they sought everywhere for their youngest member. About three days later, the filly reappeared out of the brush of the jungle overlooking their golden plains. Though thoroughly chastised for going alone, both parents were amazed at their child's survivalist methods as she regailed them both and the tribe about her journey. So excited to tell them all, she barely even realized that underneath all the crud and muck she'd managed to build upon herself during her journey...she'd earnt her cutie mark. Years passed, Kotemati grew into a beautiful, strong and dependable zony for the tribe. She made both her parents very proud, but one day her mother noticed her daughter looked...almost rather whimsical as she stared out over the golden plains of Unyasi. It was a look she knew all too well, the wanderlust, the yearn to explore, it'd been in her own heart many years back and she knew what she had to do for her child. After consulting Moya, both zebra and pony agree'd that their child should go and explore Equestria, see the world and enjoy what it had to offer...but only if she promised to keep in touch. The young mare was delighted. The tribe threw a party for the youngster on the evening and the very next day, she left for her explorations, saddlebag in hoof, her mother's savings and explorer kit and a heart seeking adventure! And to that day, Koti rambles from place to place in Equestria...seeking thrills, seeking new culture and never forgetting the pride of her family back home in her heartland of Unyasi. Character Summary: Kotemati is almost like the embodiment of adventure with how free spirited and thrill seeking she is! She enjoys seeing new sights and spectacles, no matter how dangerous and life threatening it may be, but she also enjoys seeing the smallest, most 'insignificant' parts of Equestria outside of Unyasi as well. She has a huge appreciation for life, from its tallest tree, to its smallest ant, even to the darkest bits of history that've plagued Equestria. Despite her positive outlook however, she's not a push over and can be very overbearing when it comes to seeing new things. Often trying to push people into new experiences, like rollercoasters, or mountain climbing, or monster wrestling or something like that. She doesn't do it out of anything malicious, she just does it because she's overexcited and an extrovert at heart...which can obviously lead to her more negative emotions. She has an angry side, but it only shows when she's being protective - having grown up in a family environment with a father who is leader of a tribe, she's learnt that protecting your family and protecting your home is very important. This means she can get very protective to a point where she can get very into somepony's face about it, again, it's not that she's mean spirited, she's just trying to be - what she thinks - is right for the situation. When she isn't overly cheerful, or fiercely protective, Koti is a hardcore survivalist. Knowing what plants you can and can't eat, what animals sleep where and what stars to follow when you're lost. Everything she's learned from her parents. Needless to say, she's a pony you'd want as a Scout leader or as a leader in general if you're lost in the wilds.
  2. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Lime Stone Pie Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Lime Green Coat: Smoky Purple Mane/Tail: Her mane is longer on one side than the other, with the back seemingly cut with a razor, so it stands up on it's ends, bangs scallop across her forehead, but don't hide any of her face, her hair is a smoky grey color, that tight ropes on the brink of purple, her tail however is neat and short. Physique: Lime is built like a rock, with powerful legs, lean muscle, and just...the slightest bit of pudgyness as she has a secret weakness for anything sweet. Residence: The Pie Family Rock Farm Occupation: One Day inheritor of the Rock Farm, currently working it since her Father is enjoying retirement (Enjoying being taken with a grain of salt or five) Cutie Mark: A lime with a slice cut off of it, over two white stones History: Lime Stone is the oldest of her three sisters, granted all that means is that she was born first ( a few hours first to be precise) with Maude following, before Pinkie and Marble tailing after. With this knowledge of being the eldest, Lime took the mantle upon herself, being the boss of them(granted Pinkie didn't seem to listen to her too often, which caused/causes some friction) Usually being "the voice" of the group with well meanings, to her she's just being a good big sister. While Pinkie took to her Grannie Pie, Lime was always her Grandpa's grandbaby, and she loved listening to stories about family and tradition, that's how she heard about Houlder's boulder, the history behind it and just how important to their family was, in fact the young Lime got the idea in her head, that so long as it stood where it was, their family would prosper and have good luck! That led to some issues, as it was a huge, huge rock that leads to a lot of imagination wanting to use it, which usually ended up with Lime Stone SCREAMING at them to get off, worried something bad would happen to it , and by consequence, the family farm ! The day Lime Stone got her cutie mark was just another day for her at the beginning, granted the middle got interesting as Pinkie got her cutie mark, threw a party, and for a while it felt like the family had a unknown energy! But after it was all over, and Pinkie seemingly having a new spark in her..Lime felt conflicted. While she worked the rock field, cracking rocks with her hooves, and the pick in her teeth, she thought about her role in life, what SHE wanted to be, did she want to go off like Pinkie was bound to do? No... The filly swung her pick down, and it caused the floor to crack! Falling deep into a cave that was just below her. When she shook the distortion from her head and got up,she realized she was in a cave of both (oddly enough) quartz and limestone, the quartz gleaming and sparkling with the light allowed in from above, and seemed to reflect all around it. Lime walked towards the smooth quartz, instantly taken by it's shine and brilliance, placing a hoof on it to stare at her reflection, attention being drawn by the ceilings, and the floor..and the ground, which were primarily limestone... That was when it hit her! Pinkie Pie was the quartz! Beautiful, sparkly, and it's own entity, but Limestone, no LIME STONE could be the support and structure! She grinned "I can take care of the farm!" She jumped with purpose, clapping her hooves, her grandpa's traditions, her father's hard work! She could do that! SHE could keep the good luck flowing! With that her flank flashed, and there upon her flank was her cutie mark. The Lime symbolizing her acidic and blunt personality, and the stones representing her deep roots in her family, and their traditions. After Pinkie left, Lime shadowed under her father Igneous and as she grew older, took on more and more family responsibilities, and she did so with pride and purpose. Character Summary: Lime while having her positives, such as loyalty, dedication, kindness, and being generous, has her hangups as well, very blunt, pushy, and tends to bark orders at others. None of this is done with malice however! Most of the time it's from a deem founded need to protect both herself and others around her. She loves her sisters and her family dearly, in fact her family's rock farm means the WORLD to her, one could compare it to the adoration of a family farm (wink). Not so stubborn and hard that she can't change her mind, nor her ways to accommodate new traditions, and world views, after her hoof to hoof with the Apple Family, she's starting to develop an appreciation for other views (especially if they bring sweet rolls)
  3. Name: Edelweiss Goldplume Gender: Male Age: Col...uh...Aglett? Young. He's young. Species: Hippogriff. Eye colour: red Character colour: snow white Mane/Tail/Other: His tail is kept loose and free, but his feathers, tail, and coat are completely depigmented, The only colour on him is his beak and forelegs, which are pinkish, his red eyes, and his black hooves. Physique: Wiry and lithe Residence: Cloudsdale. Technically. Occupation: Bestest, most adventurest sky pirate ever! Cutie Mark: A compass rose mounted as a ship's wheel Unique Traits: Albino hippogriff with a lot of spunk, and a small scar on his belly, a little to the left side, where he learned how not to fly. History: 'There once lived a pirate captain. He was cunning and daring and bold as the summer sky, but most of all, he was a charming rogue who loved a little too much, a little too often...' This is how many stories began when they were told to the unassuming and meek little hippogriff named after his mother's new favourite flower. He was so small and so very white, and she was a florist who knew her flowers, and knew the name would be a fitting tribute to her homeland of Germaney, and his father's line, though she never really told the griffin about his foal. She'd tell the little guy bedtime stories to calm him down. 'Feeling tied down by his noble birth, his first act as a captain was to steal his ship and fly her into the rising moon....' As he grew, the pegasi and griffin children alike would tease him for being a hybrid of the two races, for being an albino, for all manner of things, as children are wont to do, especially the griffon cubs. And whenever he came home, she would tell him the newest story of Tarisio's exploits from whatever newspaper she'd read them in. 'He was afraid of nopony, and nothing stopped him from finding and having those things he desired as his own' ...and so the tales went as Edelweiss grew. It was no surprise to his mother when he was the first colt to get his cutie mark, nor that it was related to his father's profession. What she did not expect was for him to go off on his own with no warning, prompting her to write the toughest letter she'd ever have to write. Character Summary/Personality: Although once timid and meek, a (relatively short) lifetime of stories has transformed Edelweiss into a rambunctious go-getter. He was flying nearly before he was walking, leading to no shortage of 'fun' for his mother Rosenkospe, who is fortunately a pegasus. He got the notion into his head 'somehow' that pirates were suave, debonair adventurers, who never let anything get them down. And he figured, since his daddy was a pirate, he'd just go try to find him and make HIM take the hippogriff on adventures. Edelweiss is cocksure and headstrong, and often spends more time doing than thinking. As such, he hasn't really found much in the way of anything important, and instead is mostly just wandering Equestria, trying to find his father. That said, he doesn't have a dishonest feather in him, and is quite willing to work for his way, (granted, there's not all that much work he can do, given his age). Finally, while one might think somepony who'd been teased as much as Edelweiss might be bitter or sensitive about it, the hippogriff is surprisingly proud of both his hybridism and albinism.
  4. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Yuri Sex: Female Age: Younger Teenager Species: Eastern Dragon Eye colour: Soft pink Scales: Pure white, with a spattering of purple and pink along her back and legs Hair: Yuri's hair is thin and fine, and runs along her entire body to end in a flaring tail. With her ability to manipulate wind, her hair maintains a wild and uncontrolled look, as if it is constantly being pulled back and forth by a gentle breeze. The young dragon also has a habit of wearing a small, dark pink charm alongside the side of her head, a good luck charm from her parents. Physique: Slender, lithe, and elongated, Yuri's body is built for speed and unsuited for strength. Like many dragons that hail from the lands east of Equestria, Yuri more resembles a serpent twisting through the air rather than the more commonly seen winged dragons in Equestria. Residence: Formally Amani, though she travels very often. Occupation: None. Yuri is still maturing into a full grown dragon, and as such doesn't have a job to hold down as she travels around. Thanks to her time in Mti Nguvu however, Yuri makes for a decent herbalist, and specializes in healing salves and potions. History: Born across the sea east of Equestria, Yuri remembers next to nothing of her homeland. Eager to move away from the growing dragon population, Yuri's parents decided to move across the sea to the Zebra lands of Unyasi, hearing of their open, natural landscapes and low levels of settlements. Despite the initial trepidation and suspicions of the lands inhabitants, Yuri's family made it clear they were only looking for a simple life, and were soon welcomed among the zebra tribes as respectful settlers of the beautiful lands. And beautiful lands are what Yuri grew up in. Eventually settling in the peaceful town of Amani, the white dragon spent her younger years exploring the breathtaking scenery and flying across grassy green fields. It became a common sight to see Yuri playing with zebra foals along the sandy beaches, or racing and weaving between forest trees. When she was older, Yuri and her parents took a trip up to Mti Nguvu, where Yuri spent some time learning herbalism from the master brewers that lived in the mystical city. Despite her idyllic upbringing, Yuri became naturally curious of the world outside of Amani and beyond Unyasi - especially of a country called Equestria, a place that zebras spoke of often. Yuri soon became enchanted with the idea of setting out on her own to explore this fabled land, and experience the strange adventures that were said to occur there. With her simplistic and minimalistic upbringing, Yuri has become entirely comfortable living off the land as she explores her new surroundings, and shows no signs of slowing down her journey to learn. Character Summary: With a bright personality and curious nature, there are few to no ponies that find it easy to ignore the dragon from Amani. Yuri is a generally cheerful and friendly dragon, eager to meet new faces and get to know others. Eager and raring to learn, there is almost nothing that can bring the young dragon slowing down to a halt. Emotions are easily read on her face, as she has no concept of keeping her feelings and thoughts hidden from others. Luckily for her, friendly ponies are nearly always ready to help her along her journey, leaving Yuri rather carefree and mellow in her day to day life. With her secluded and sheltered upbringing, Yuri is naive to many things that most others take for granted. She could be charged three times the current price for bread without her being any wiser, just as easily as she can be taken in by the first sob story she hears. Though not unintelligent, Yuri is definitely not very learned, leaving her to flounder in many situations. She can be rather dense and oblivious, allowing sarcasm and subtle word play to sail straight over her head, along with modern phrases or slang words. Yuri's dragon heritage has left its mark on her, however. As with almost all dragons, Yuri has a greedy streak that she has mostly grown out of, but can still crop up in certain situations. Her obsessions seem to center around any and all opals, though black opals - the rarest of its type - are her absolute favorite. Seeing one can cause her to become almost possessed in her desire to have it. Very rare or magical plants also stoke her envy. Despite her normally bright personality, Yuri also has a bit of a temper on her. Slow to burn, the dragon can explode seemingly without warning, though she almost always feels guilty afterwards. Unlike most dragons born and raised in Equestria though, Yuri cannot control, create, or manipulate fire. Instead, she has a special affinity for wind and air. Yuri is able to use her dragon magic for other things, such as blasting compressed pockets of air from her mouth, but she mainly uses her magic on air currents to allow her swift and twisting movements as she flies. Her abilities also make her faster and more agile than most other dragons her age.
  5. Name: Havardr of Heil-Barn Sex: Male Age: Elder bull Species: Caribou Eye colour: Silver-blue Coat: A brown coat which has been weathered with age and significantly grayed, especially down his back. Like most caribou he also possesses white fur on his chest and underbelly. Mane/Tail: Havardr does not have a mane, but sports a decently long grey beard. He has a scar over his left eye which he can no longer see out of, from one of his younger exploits. His antlers are likewise damaged from countless battles and tests of strength. Physique: Despite advanced age, he is still among the strongest of the Caribou, large and burly, with an opposing physique that is greater than many caribou much younger than himself. Residence: Heil-Barn. Though in his younger days he was once called the wandering king, he has since settled down more, travelling only for matters he deems necessary. His daughter is often his proxy. Occupation: High King of Whitescar Cutie Mark: N/A History: Havardr was a warrior born, both his parents were in the vanguard and never was far from battle. Back then he was told there were constant battles between clans, and so he was brought up similarly, but not without high moral guidance and the striking idea that peace could only be achieved through unity. Like many during this time, all his friends and compatriots were brought up similarly. Playtime was done with wooden swords, dulled spears, and wooden shields. Play fights were how they entertained themselves. Natrually during this time fights were one with varying success, there was always someone better it seemed, but as he continued to grow as a calf into a bull, the amount he lost diminished into nothingness. Growing into a bull of great stature many others took notice, sometimes following him. He was a leader born, his first true test came when a large dragon descended upon his family's land and tried to steal the riches within. He lead a small group of bulls and cows to fight against this threat. The dragon had other plans, rather smart he knew he couldn't face so many and offered a challenge to a one on one battle. As the leader, Havardr took up the challenge, with his shield in one hand and his trusty spear in the other he charged on ahead. The flames of the dragon destroyed his shield, but he used this to his advantage, forging on into the dragons's reach. Tossing the shield aside he attacked as the dragon used his great claw to swipe at him. He lost his eye that day, but the dragon lost far more than that. The spear became legend and Havardr became known by many as Dragonsong, the slayer. This name would stay with him for the rest of his life. The other thing that would stay with him for the rest of his life was the cow that he had met that day who would later become his wife and lover. Though not the king of Whitescar, he was now the first and foremost protector, every caribou was willing to follow him into battle, however not all were. Some caribou were resentful of Havardr's fame and sought to bring him down. A great inter-clan war erupted and the chieftain lost his life trying to quell the battle. This lead to many intense battles that would leave him scarred and his antlers broken. But even with the scars he never lost always coming out ahead of his opponents.He would eventually quell the uprisings and defeat the jarl of the opposing forces. His clan saw fit to appoint him the new jarl of the clan. It wasn't long after that he had a daughter whom he named Randgrid. He vowed to bring her up the same way as he was brought up. She grew into a strong young cow of which he was immensely proud. Once he was appointed jarl, he vowed to make his clan better by weeding out the corruption and decadence that had befallen them in the days of war. He gathered his clan, and lead them to the Spine of the Serpent. Only he knew what lied ahead and many whom first left with him disappeared along the way through the perilous path to the Spine. He had met Bitr the Blind and other guides whom helped lead him upon the proper path and warn him of the dangers that lay ahead, even suggesting how to avoid some of the more deadly challenges. Though this did not exactly make the trek easier, it did allow him to prepare mentally for what lied ahead. Upon reaching the entrance he told them that upon entering there would be no turning back, and that everyone would either pass or perish. Many battles were fought in the halls of the Spine, through the perils only about a quarter made it to the first tomb. Those that had though had proven themselves honourable and strong. When he reached the tomb of the grandfather he saw the crypt with the sword he wielded. The curiosity was too much when he looked upon the sword that he wielded. When he touched it he had a vision, that to this day he believes was of the future. He saw two possibilities, the first was destruction of the Caribou clans if they remained separate, the other was of prosperity united. When he saw this he deemed the expedition a success, noticing that only the strongest remained. He turned back to those that stuck with the expedition and announced that it was a success and that it was time to return to the homeland. Then a shadow loomed over his home once again... Shape-Changers who stole emotion. He used his fame as Dragonsong and his power as the newly appointed jarl to amass forces across all clans, especially since he, himself, had made his clan a smaller force, he knew he could not win the battle alone. Most followed willingly, some begrudgingly, but all fought for Whitescar that day. There was a shape-changer that was larger than all the others whom Havadr faced himself. The magic she possessed was powerful but he was headstrong and cunning. With the help of his wife and daughter, enough of a distraction was made, so that he was able to use his legendary spear to wound the invader and force her to retreat her forces. He lead the charge to their hive outposts to ensure they would be unable to threaten Caribou lands again for some time. The leadership he showed that day lead to the Jarls of all the clans (except Olin and other rebellious clans) to name him the first High King in over a century. With great humility he accepted. The first act as High King was to open up trade and diplomatic negotiations with his neighbors including the Crystal Ponies, Equestrian Ponies and Griffons. This was met with much controversy, but he trusted that strengthening ties with neighbors would serve to do more good for the caribou than being at odds with them. The more allies that were had the greater strength against the evils in the world. Though the shadow of WRAITH began to recruit from the rebellious clans, and Havardr vowed to bring them to caribou justice. This was especially so after his daughter was brainwashed and used in an attack against the crystal ponies. Character Summary: Havadr is a proud caribou, but has a cool head and never leaps into battle without some assurance of victory. His long life has afforded him wisdom that few caribou could equal, and he knows that war and violence are not the only way. A good leader can lead into battle, but a great one could lead into peace. This is what he firmly believed and despite the many scars he bore from the life long of battle, and in fact he believed that is what those scars taught him most of all. And though he professes peace among all else, he still carries with him his spear. He is good natured and fair, he will never seek judgement without proper cause or reason, and he expects the same of those under his rule. If someone brings a wrongdoer to him, they best have the reason or evidence to support their claim, lest the meeting may not go as they desire. As a leader he is cunning and strategic. He does not believe entering into any situation half-cocked. This is something he wishes his daughter Randgrid would pick up upon some day. He cares a great deal about his clan, and feels that entering into any situation without a plan could harm themselves as much as whom they are fighting, even if their might is superior to their foes. Naturally this means, though he is king, he has no aversion of leading his own into battle. However he will place the survival of his clan and those in his party over fool hearty endeavors. Even despite all of this he will seek to please his subjects as best as he can, even seeking to serve them if the situation calls for it. There are times he can even be found playing with calves in his village. He lives for his people, wishing to make the caribou clans of the north the strongest they can be, no matter what that means. He seeks peace above all else, but never forgets the strength that placed him in this position in the first place.
  6. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Jenna Laukkanen Sex: Female Age: Young adult doe Species: Caribou Eye colour: Glacier blue Coat: Dove gray, with cream underbelly and lower legs Mane/Tail: Vanilla blonde ‘mane’ kept short with bangs Physique: Statuesque, in strong physical shape. Average height for a caribou, with smaller antlers. Always wears a twisted black iron torc around her neck, and a harness and pack bags made from dragonhide. Residence: Traveling / Skaftafell Occupation: Adventurer / Treasure Hunter Cutie Mark: None, but she does have a runic symbol branded on her left flank, Vegvisir Pet: Amethyst crystal ram named Erik History: Skaftafell is a small village on the other side of the mountain from Heil. It is on the edge of a huge valley glacier and has extensive black volcanic sand flats. As a result, the land is more fertile and has more varied vegetation than most other areas of the country, which isn’t saying much. This land has been fought over bitterly, but it is now under the control of the High King, and his soldiers protect it from other marauding clans. The caribou who live here are mostly farmers, but the Laukkanen tribe of Clan Vatna are artisans. Antti and his sons, Tukka and Pekka are blacksmiths. They forge weapons of war, shields and axes, but also useful household objects like cooking pots and fire grates. Lindis, the matriarch of the house, spins flax into threads which she weaves into fine linen fabric. Jenna is the youngest of the family, and the only daughter. As soon as she was old enough to be useful, she was put to work helping her mother. At first it was winding the linen threads into skeins, and then as she got bigger, she helped by stirring the dye pots and hanging the freshly colored skeins up to dry. Her favorite task was gathering the herbs and plants needed to make the natural dyes used to color the linen threads her mother spun. She would spend the long summer days wandering the fields and mountainsides, and come home with her pack full of herbs and mosses, as well as whatever curious treasures she had found. Rocks with holes worn through them by the glacier, pretty wildflowers, delicate bird skulls, things like that. As she grew older, Jenna displayed less interest in the making of textiles and more interest in the finding of lost treasures. She would wander farther from home, and come back carrying things she had dug out of the ice, or found wedged between some rocks. Gemstones, old gold coins, arrowheads, dragons teeth. All of it she kept in a little chest under her bed. When it came time for her to go on a quest for her rite of passage into adulthood, she was gone for two months. When she returned, she was carrying a spear that had to have been a century old, and the skull of a beast that no one in the clan could identify. She had decided that she would travel all over the known lands and the unknown ones, hunting for treasure. Character Summary: ​ Jenna loves to look for buried and hidden treasures. Not just the traditionally valuable stuff, but also anything unique and really odd. She is friendly, for a caribou, but still every inch a viking warrior. She can fight with a sword as well as any of her clan, but she prefers not to solve every problem with the blade. She acquired her pet ram, Erik, while traveling through the Crystal Empire. She plans on bringing him back home to Skaftafell and trying to breed him with the winter hardy Whitescar ewes to make wool that is brightly colored, but strong as iron. She is not very good at sitting still, preferring to be active as much as possible. The thought of spending hours in front of a loom fills her with loathing. However, she does know the art of nalbinding, and will make little cords with bits of wool when she is bored with nothing better to do. Mostly she uses them to hang some of her smaller treasures from her antlers like ornaments. Jenna is a strong swimmer, but is afraid of flying and refuses to ride in any of the viking airships. She is okay with delving deep into caves or climbing along the cliff faces of the fjords, as long as solid ground is beneath her hooves. She wants to someday go back home to her village, hopefully with a nice stag (or stallion) and settle down with a herd of sheep. As long as she can still go adventuring whenever the mood strikes her, she’ll be happy.
  7. Name: Eindride Gender: Cow Age: Adult Species: Caribou Eye Color: Steel Grey Coat: Her coat is quite dense, allowing her to comfortably travel through all types of weather. The outer layer is course and able to sheet off water, the inner is soft and downy to keep her warm. She is grey, tinted with a light natural violet. This color lays on her like a blanket, traveling from the top of her head down her neck and over her back. The color fades to a soft cream under her neck, her belly and down her legs. Her legs fade from cream to black around her fetlocks, giving her black hooves. Mane/Tail: She has a tuft of black fur between her ears that travels part way down her neck. This fur is wispy and often frames her face when the wind swirls about her. Physique: Eindride’s physique fits the structure of her life nicely. She is built for long treks of the harsh territories. Her body is strong and resilient, carrying just enough bulk to make her a formidable opponent and help her to withstand the elements. Her antlers are traditional for those of her species, though perhaps a bit larger than most cows might have. She displays the trademark of her species proudly, decorating them with small strings of stone beads and feathers here and there. Residence: Eindride is a traveler by trade and nature. She has no permanent residence. Occupation: She is a traveling trader, and when the mood takes her a competitor in the battle arena of the Saar. History: Eindride was born into the clan of Barn. Her mother stopped her work as a rudimentary alchemist just long enough to birth the little caribou calf. She scraped and saved to have enough funding to keep herself and her small calf alive. Eindride’s father died about two months before the calf’s birth in a Viking raid on the docks where he worked. Though he had been a mighty bull, a well aimed arrow from a foe beast knows no distinction from the weak to the strong. Eindirde’s mother did not grieve long, hardening herself like the ground of the Serpent’s Spine. When she was able to care for her own basic needs, Eindride was left for the large part to fend for herself. In the settlement of Barn, young ones did not always attend school. Some were transferred from their days of calfhood straight into the working world. This did wonders to straighten out even the most rowdy of young caribou. Several years labor in the ship yards and sea ports of Barn hardened the young ones into thick skinned steel tempered caribou. Eindride spent her first few years working in the dock yards, as her father had once done. More raiders came and went but the young cow held her own against them all. She would not fall as her father had, a point she reinforced by wearing a light coat of chain mail from her neck down between her front legs. The garb was nothing special, most of the caribou that worked in the same area wore their own protective gear least an unexpected attack befall them. She soon tired of her mundane job, wanting more from life than toiling away to afford a dwelling in Barn. After packing up a traveling bag she set out to travel to Heil. The city of the High King and of fire seemed like as good a place as any to head towards. She took with her a few bottles of the special tonic that could be taken from the sparse seaweed that grew near the docks of Barn. Her mother had been making the tonic for years. It was used as a remedy for various sicknesses and ailments that were known to befall those who lived in the harsh regions of White Scar. The trek to Heil was exhausting though Eindride found she loved pitting herself against the elements. She fought through the drifts of snow and ice, carving out a path for herself through the white wilderness. She emerged in Heil with greater self realization and determination than she had ever known. It was not long before she discovered she could make decent funding by selling her extra bottles of tonic. She noted to herself the desire for such goods in Heil and soon decided to continue her trek to Saarvagerg. The trek was twice as long as the one she had recently concluded from Barn to Heil. It took her over a season to make the trip but she again enjoyed the solitary existence in the harsh climbs of Whitescar. It was in the Saar that she discovered the arena. There had been a smaller scale arena in her hometown, but nothing like what the Saar boasted. Feeling strong and slightly reckless from her traveling adventures, she found herself signing up to take place in the battles of the arena. After losing her first match to another caribou, Eindride decided to stay in the Saar to hone her raw strength into the art of battle! She spent the funds she had procured from selling tonics on training and purchasing weaponry. This took her many seasons, including time to put into practice what she had seen her mother doing in producing tonics. She taught herself the art of tonic production and of battle! Eventually she became skilled enough with the long handled ax and scythe to enter the arena once more! During her next set of battles Eindride was able to best many opponents, earning a place for herself among the battlers of the Saar arena! Having the spirit to wander embedded deep within allows Eindride travel about the lands of Whitescar as she sees fit. She will stop to make tonics and to battle, but she never stays in one place for too long. She is known in Barn, Heil, and Saar by many caribou and others as a peddler of healing tonics or as a formidable force in the open arena! Cutie Mark: Though she does not have a cutie mark, Eindride has had various runes dyed into the fur of her flanks and rump. These she believes add to her strength in battle and her ability to make healing tonics. Character Summary: Eindride very much resembles the land that she so frequently wanders. She is who she is, not bothering to or even thinking of covering up her true nature. She is often cold and calculating especially after years of fending for herself in the harsh expanses of Whitescar. She can however, have a way with other caribou since part of her livelihood depends on selling goods. When she does make business transactions she does not mince words, sticking to the point in selling her wares. She is quite assertive when she needs to be, especially when it comes to where she appears on the listings at the arena. She will do what she must to be pitted against those who she feels will bring in the most profit should she win. She has been known to gamble both with funds and with her life in general . A high price can be won in the arena, however it might come at the cost of one’s own life. She has also risked herself on various occasions in the barren lands of Whitescar battling weather, ice, and freezing cold. Eindride is proud of herself, her resilience, and her abilities. She knows she owes some of who she is to her upbringing though she long ago dropped alliance to clan Barn and kin. She is able to adapt into various situations from the busy high streets of Heil to the bitter cold night on the lands between Heil and Saarvargerg. Some caribou look upon Eindride with disdain as she has no allegiance to a clan. Eindride however, sees this as freedom to come and go as she pleases. It is her key to living a life as wild as the winds across the Spine of the World Serpent!
  8. Name: Halvard, of Clan Breen Gender: Male Age: Adult Species: Caribou Eye Color: Slate Blue Character Color: In it's natural coloration, Halvard's coat is an unremarkable tan. The pattern is nothing unusual either: lighter on the chest and stomach, and darker along the back and flanks. However, like much of his clan he has tinted his fur all over with crushed bluestone, making him look like nothing so much as an ambulatory iceberg. Mane: Brown, and the only part of him not tinted in his clan's color. He keeps it short, so as to not snag in his helmet. Nevertheless, it's always something of a mess whenever he takes it off. Lately, he's also grown a short beard, which is dyed blue. Physique: Stocky. Not overly burdened with bulk in either fat or muscle, but obviously built more for enduring rather than engaging in charges. You can see it especially in his stance and in his pace while walking. Every step is cool, smooth, and deliberate; no energy is wasted when Halvard moves, and when he stops, he is as still and steady as a rock. He does both with equal ease whether he is only draped in a fur cloak, or whether he is suited fully in his set of heavy armor, a prized and cherished possession of his. Residence: The cities of Barn and Heil, depending on where his duties take him. Occupation: Vakstrya (guardian) over the routes of Whitescar; primarily the one between the port of Barn and the High King's seat of Heil. Cutie Mark: None. The closest thing he has is the emblazoning of his clan's mark on the chestplate of his armor, the rune for B, cleft down the middle as if carved by a glacier. History: Halvard was born in deep in the territory of Clan Breen, on the far western coast of Whitescar. There, the land has been scoured by the many glaciers that have given their name to the clan in the tongue of the caribou. Being isolated for generations on the literal fringe of the caribou lands, the clan had developed many peculiar customs and traditions, which range from the purely cosmetic coloring of their coats with blue powdered stone, to significant variations in myths and their interpretation. Not that the young caribou born in the shadows of the fjords knew that. Halvard was a typical caribou child, respectful of the dictums of his elders, hopeful of being counted a good member of his clan, and eager to begin learning to fight as soon as possible. This he did in good time, according to the methods of Clan Breen. And here is where the first difference came in: where most other shamans in most other clans passed on the common saying that, "The strong survive," in the far past of the clan their founding shaman had rendered it, "The survivors are those who are strong." This minor difference in wording led ultimately to a strong emphasis on endurance and counter-strikes in Clan Breen's fighting style. As one of their great warriors put it, "Some fights are won by obtaining the first strike. All fights are won by obtaining the last." Halvard, much struck by the wisdom and wit of this saying, took it to heart, and lives by it to this day. The same emphasis upon endurance also applied to group tactics and strategy within the clan as well as individual fighting, leading them to stress fortification and resource management in their training of the young. This, Halvard also dutifully applied himself to, and by the time he came to his Will Test, he could dig a trench as well as patrol it, and could go farther on less bread than most his age. His parents, typical defensive warriors of Clan Breen, crushed the bluestone for their son's first coloration before sending him off to the Southern Wilds. The first leg of Halvard's journey was a lengthy march to exit the lands of Clan Breen, for while their growth was slow, it had been steady, like the advance of their namesake. Many a neighboring rival had taken their lack of aggression for weakness and led raids against them, only to find themselves too exhausted by the end of the next growing season to dislodge Clan Breen from new entrenchments in their own territories. After many days, Halvard finally found himself in the lands where caribou did not have blue coats. There, he discovered that those who did not think of Clan Breen as weak nevertheless thought of them as weird. Far from discouraging him or making him question the customs of his kind, this only made the young caribou even more proud of being distinct from them; he need carry no banner to proclaim the name of his Clan! Confirmed in his identity, like his fathers before him, he pressed on. At long last, he arrived at the Southern Wilds. This would be the last, and hardest, leg of his outward journey. The flower of Clan Breen, the delicate teal Eisbiscus, grew nowhere else. Fortunately, Halvard's training had well prepared him for the ardors of trudging through monster-infested territory. It helped that he did not waste time trying to pick a fight with everything he came across, as that would have been a waste of time and energy. He fought just enough to demonstrate to the local fauna that there were far easier prey options available, and retrieved the Eisbiscus blossom with little major trouble. His return to the clan was a joyous one, but his stay was destined not to be long. While Clan Breen was extremely careful in managing the resources of its territory, that usually meant that most born to it survived to adulthood, which tended to put a strain upon them later down the road. Not enough caribou failed their Will Test to justify summary banishment, so that left only one way to preserve balance. On the years decided by the shaman, all adult caribou would submit a marked piece of wood with their name marked in runes. After calling upon the wisdom of the gods, the shaman would draw as many names at random as was needed to keep the clan's resources in balance, and those caribou would be sent off. Unlike most clans, who would send out their weakest warriors, Breen had long ago decided to leave it to the decision of their deities as to whether the clan would be worse for losing its best warrior, or best bee-keeper. It was the opinion of most of them that the gods had decided wisely so far. Halvard's name was drawn the very year of his return. But, such was the way of his clan, and he did not complain. After all, he was not expunged from the clan itself, only told to seek his life and fortune outside of their western homeland. Though it was, admittedly, with a heavy heart that he left, he knew that, in the cities of Heil and Barn, as well as fortified spots along the roads, those who had been sent out before him still wore their coats of blue, and would recognize and welcome him. He arrived in Barn, and quickly found houses where his clan-mates had settled. Such land as they had secured in the city was considered by them to be Clan territory, and so any Breen member was welcome therein. Halvard soon learned that there were many places for a caribou of his talents; the skills valued by the Breen were useful in the running of a city and the guarding of Whitescar's roads. He soon found a place among those who guarded the roads between Barn and Heil, known as the Vakstyra. And so he lives to this day, keeping watch over the travelers between the cities during the day, and drinking with his fellow-exiles in the evening. Character Summary/Personality: As with most exiles, Halvard has, if anything, exaggerated all the characteristics that mark him as unlike those around him, as protection against losing his heritage and identity. Clan Breen members will often color their hides blue like glacier ice; Halvard is never seen in any other color. His clan fight defensively; Halvard has used his Vakstrya pay on a full suit of armor, which is actually rather rare among most caribou, who prefer to maintain mobility. Even his choice of weapon is peculiar. Clan Breen, in their own homeland, mostly fight with the normal weapons of the Vikings, but sometimes they have been caught in the middle of building their signature fortifications. In many memorable cases, they have fought their foes armed with nothing but shovels. Halvard's own weapon is based upon this principle. It consists of a heavy broad shovel blade, sharpened at the edges, atop a warhammer head that is flat at one end and a spike on the other. It can function, therefore, as both a building tool and a weapon at once. In conversation, Halvard observes the same principle that he does in battle. He almost never initiates it, but he is always ready to respond, even with wit, when he can manage it. Sometimes, though, his bon mots are lost upon his audience, since they refer to things peculiar to his clan, and therefore sound like complete nonsense. ("Well, that's just the last vegetable.") His attitude towards High King Dragonsong is the same along with the rest of his clan. On the one hand, Clan Breen are among the most conservative of the caribou, insofar as they resist changes to their tradition from the outside. On the other hand, their peculiar position, particularly their developed propensity for administration, along with the community of loyal exiles throughout Whitescar, means that they stand to gain quite a lot from a more peaceful future for their lands. So, they agree to stand with the King... as long as he does not ask them to kneel.
  9. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Lími Sex: Male Age: Adolescent calf Species: Caribou Eye Color: Green Coat: Dark brown, with a lighter patch around the underbelly Mane/Tail/Ect: His antlers are growing in more slowly compared to a caribou his age Physique: Less muscular than usual for a caribou his age. To help keep warm, he wears a cloak of muted-green linen most of the time. Unlike many caribou, Lími does not equip himself with armor or weapons when travelling outside the boundaries of his adopted clan. In fact, he rarely uses such things at all outside of training. Residence: The Grand Hall of Clan Askr, in the east of Whitescar Occupation: Ward of Sigrun, Yarl of Askr, and her sister Ylva Cutie Mark: N/A History: Lími hails from Clan Aured, a scion of a proud line of chieftains. His older half-brother by several years was Brann, a prodigy in the art of the viking warrior who Lími idolized very much. When Lími was just a wee lad, Clan Aured’s leader, the one called Dragonsong, earned recognition as High King of Whitescar and pledged to abandon the old traditional ways of his people’s past. Brann disagreed with Dragonsong’s vision and promptly left Whitescar, leaving his devastated little sibling alone in the capital city of Heil. Assuming that further life in Heil would prolong Lími’s grief, elders made arrangements to place the boy in the care of Clan Askr, wardens of eastern Whitescar. There, the boy found a nurturing home away from the politics of the capital. While Lími grew to accept that Brann would no longer be part of his life, he still eagerly anticipates the day when he reunites with his half-brother. By then, Lími expects that he’ll be a grown adult worthy of Brann’s respect. Just one huge problem in that plan though; Lími’s development as a warrior is abysmal compared to other caribou his age. The boy shows little to no proficiency in any combat skill whatsoever, no matter how hard he tries. Lími’s biggest fear deep down that when the time comes for his Will Test, he will end up failing it and become a disgrace in the eyes of both his brother and his adoptive caretakers, whom the boy now regards as family. Character Summary: Unlike the standard caribou stereotype of a boarish brute, Lími is rather soft-spoken and gentle-hearted. While establishing friendships doesn’t come easy for the introverted boy, he does treat anyone who speaks to him with extraordinary courtesy and kindness. Although Lími won’t openly admit it, he cannot bring himself to bring harm to a living creature. Furthermore, his highly deliberative and hesitant nature help contribute to Lími’s inability to learn combat skills. Lími, when appropriately prompted, professes a desire to grow up into a respected warrior. And yet he spends many hours each day pouring over scrolls in the keeping of Clan Askr’s shaman. The young adolescent finds himself drawn to old epics and songs, especially those about legendary caribou possessing magical abilities deemed impossible in reality. In fact, Lími even finds time to write an epic of his own about one such character, although he dares not show it to anyone despite his natural writing talent. In many respects, Lími is caught between two worlds. Even though his older half-brother Brann has since passed into disrepute, Lími’s rose-tinted memories of his early youth color his positive perceptions of the so-called “Red Jarl.” On the other cloven hoof, the lad’s time living under Clan Askr’s roof leads him to question some of the more negative aspects of the old caribou traditions. That, and his genuine love for his adoptive guardians ensure that Lími rarely, if ever, talks about his brother anymore. A mention must be made of Lími’s animal companion, Hammer. A dark-silver dog of the Northern Inuit breed, she was a mere puppy when gifted to Lími, back when the lad briefly lived in Heil. The two have been inseparable since, although Hammer frequently behaves as her master’s polar opposite. Instead of being reserved like Lími, Hammer jumps up on anyone she sees and expects them to play with her. However, one should never underestimate Hammer’s ability to protect her master. The loyal dog is indeed a caribou’s best friend.
  10. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Ylva of Askr Sex: Female Age: Younger cow Species: Caribou Eye colour: Silver Coat: Ylva’s fur is thick and short, the perfect coat for keeping her warm in harsh climates. Her face, legs, spine, flank, and front of her belly are all a pale-to-dark brown in colour while her ears, chest, and around her mouth are all a silvery-white. That same white is sprinkled throughout her body’s brown tones. Mane/Tail: Ylva’s mane is little more than overgrowth of fur around her head and neck, as is typical for Whitescar caribou. She keeps her mane braided and beaded. Physique: Battle-hardened, thick, and muscular (though not without a certain grace and poise). Ylva has the strong body of a warrior with large, many-tined antlers - the ideal sort of beauty in the Whitescar. In the town of Askr, she is most frequently seen sporting a blue-grey dragonscale coat with a large hood (made of dragonscales she collected from a nest) over a white tunic and a gown of chainmail. While traversing outside her clan’s territory she always equips her spear, steel greaves and a helmet which are all inlaid with blue-white Askr wood in runes which tell of the history of her Clan. The greaves she wears upon her forelegs are quite unique, as both have curved blades upon the front for close-combat. Residence: The town of Askr, which lies in the Eastern forests of the Whitescar. Askr is something of a remarkable gem buried in the snows of Whitescar. Beneath the ground hot springs bubble and burst forth in jets of steam through cracks in the ground, wide pools of hot and soothing water to be found dotting the snowy landscape. Quite a few are found in the Askr woods as well, instilling a powerful ethereal feel in the atmosphere. The steam, you see, is not the only boon in this land, for the trees here are filled with a magic said to come from one of the Clan’s old gods: Tuktu, the Warrior Bull who rules the stars. The trees pull nourishment not from the sulphurous ground but from the plentiful magical energy that fills air, making them a highly-sought material for inlaying weapons and armour, or anything metal or stonework in general. The aether here is so dense and present that it crystallizes and dances in the branches of the trees like starlight. Askr is famous for its beauty in the harsh sparsity of the north: how could one not stand in awe of blue-white trees full of starlight and wrapped in a soft whisper of steam? Occupation: Shaman and Spiritual Leader of Askr, Right Hoof of the Jarl of Askr. As a shaman she is the top source of songs, poetry, dance, rituals, and stories of caribou and Askr culture. As the Right Hoof of the Jarl she serves her sister as a consult, a weapon, and spiritual presence. Cutie Mark: N/A, though she and her sister both carry their Clan’s banner emblazoned upon their flanks. Ylva wears hers on her left flank, a tree with the rune for the A of Askr. History: Ylva was born one half of a whole to a proud mother and father in the territories of Askr. She and her sister Sigrun were not born identical twins, but there was no doubt in the minds of any Askr caribou that the Silver-Eyed Sisters of the East were anything but one soul in two bodies. From as early as they could stand tall, the two sisters trained together and prepared for the hard life they would face in the Whitescar. Their mother and father both taught them the ways of battle and survival during the day, but at night when the northern lights danced across the sky they taught them the songs and stories of the caribou. Ylva and her sister excelled in both areas, but it was clear where their interests were drawn: Sigrun was born to be a master tactician and warrior while the lighter-hued twin absorbed every word of every story with an eagerness unparalleled by any other in the clan. Her love and pride for Askr and the caribou of Whitescar was nurtured from birth this way, and Ylva and her sister both were infected with an ambition and desire to do more for their kind, to carry them into a better future. This was why she could not complete her Will Test. As she grew into a hard and tried warrior, Ylva sensed that there was something...wrong in all of Whitescar. Something off. When breeding the Askr trees and what scarce crops they had, all in the Clan knew that it was vital to mix strains and strengthen the product. Bottlenecking any species would cause it to dwindle: that was why the meeting of isolated clans to arrange marriages was vital as well. Left to stagnate without change, anything would falter. The caribou traditions were beautiful, but they needed to evolve and adapt. When it came time for Ylva’s Will Test she left wordless, the usual cheer in her demeanour replaced with a sombre stillness. She did not return, and she had told none of her plan - not even Sigrun, for she knew her twin would demand to join her...but this was a journey she had to make alone. Instead returning to her Clan successful she elected to travel to new places in the world and learn all she could of those cultures she knew to be flourishing elsewhere. The cow learned much of pony and gryphon culture, committing every detail to memory. She would take this valuable insight home, and tell her Clan of the many advances that ponykind and gryphons had made while the caribou remained the same, always struggling. If they could make peace and ally with these nations, they could open up trade that would bring precious resources to the North. It had to be done! Taking all she knew back home, no joy could ever be measured to that which soared in Ylva’s heart the moment she first stepped back on the rocky banks of the Whitescar. This was where she belonged, where the cold sting in the air as she inhaled filled her lungs and her heart with music. As she journeyed home, however, something...old beckoned her. She was drawn north, past the Askr territories and into vast, empty wilds. Each day saw her more hungry and tired than she believed possible, and though snow lay all around her to quench her thirst the cold bite of it as she tried to eat it was too painful. When she grew delirious from the strain, however, something happened that she will never forget. The northern lights descended from the sky and she drank them deep, knowing that the Goddess Cow of the River of Light, Qalipu (pronounced hollipu), had found her. The light fell down and touched the snow-covered earth, leading Ylva forward. She followed that path, energized, for three full days where it ended at a vast mound of snow. There, she knew what to do, for Qalipu’s name means “the one who paws.” So Ylva pawed at the snow, and it collapsed to reveal the mouth of a cave. In the cow went, finding a hot, humid space heated by hotsprings as her Clan’s territories are. There, the cow slept, and had an unforgettable dream. When she awoke in the dreamspace she saw a pond, still and stagnant and full of twisted fish. In the distance, she and Sigrun began to paw at the earth until fresh water sprung forth and fed into the pond before leading to the ocean. The fish came back to life and began to live as salmon do - in the ocean and the rivers, thriving and plentiful. It was a sign, and when she woke Ylva knew Qalipu had guided her to this vision, for all around her tired body were tall growths of Qalipu’s Mane, a weed her kind had not seen in over a century. Indeed, they had believed it to have disappeared from the Whitescar for good. She collected this weed and finally returned home, with her knowledge, her vision, and (most importantly) the mane weed her offering of worth to her Jarl in place of refusing to do her Will Test. Except her Jarl was gone. In fact, the day of her return was to be the day her sister Sigrun was to be named Jarl. There was no time to waste, then. The beauty of Qalipu’s Mane would prove Ylva’s sister to be a true leader of caribou. So Ylva boiled some of the bushels of weeds down and mashed them into a paste to create a pigment, one that shone with the many colours of the northern lights. With that, she branded her sister’s forehead with the mark of the Jarl and performed one of the old rituals, calling upon the favour of the old gods. On this night, Sigrun was named Jarl and the sister who had returned to her named her Right Hoof and Shaman. Character Summary: Ylva, much like her sister Sigrun, is the embodiment of a Whitescar cow. She is harsh and fierce - a taciturn and solid sculpture carved from coldest ice. She is resilient, resourceful, and an able fighter thanks to being reared in one of the world’s most unforgiving environments. Ylva is a daughter of the North, a child of snow and fire, of ice and of ash, and many say that breathing deep the cold air in the White Scar is what gave she and her sister Sigrun their famous arctic silver eyes. If the bitter cold has taught the caribou anything, however, it is the value of warmth. In the pantheon of the old Askr gods there is even a God of the Hearth, a deity completely separate from those of fire and magma. The warmth of home is so valued in the territories far from the the volcanoes and running lava of the Whitescar that it is said to be a divine intervention of the cold, something deeply spiritual and vital to Askr culture. So despite the fact that the territory of Askr is resting atop steamy hot springs that create a bizarrely humid climate in the frigid north, the true warmth in Ylva’s Clan rests within the caribou themselves. Her kind face hardships unfathomable to those who dwell in lands of plenty such as Equestria, and her kind have carried each other forward literally and figuratively for many years. When the wind howls, the caribou boom with love and laughter, and Ylva is one of the loudest of them all. Outside of battle and duty to the Jarl, she makes it her mission to make her sister laugh, to sing loudly with the warriors of the clan, and to bring warmth to all she can. Cold nights spent sheltered from the cold lead to a culture proficient with song and story. These traditions were passed to Ylva and Sigrun from their parents, and the lighter-hued calf took to these traditions more readily than her sister, learning every note and every myth and legend of the caribou and of the old gods. She learned the value of symbols and tales, and the more she learned from her mother the more deeply spiritual she became. Tails of the Caribou Goddess Qalipu and her brother Tuktu filled her dreams and waking thoughts, and the wonder she felt from the very first tale her mother told her remains alive within Ylva to this day. Her calfhood, though full of struggle thanks to being reared in the Whitescar, was full of beautiful memories. She is fiercely proud of what her kind have accomplished and loves their traditions, their culture, and their history dearly...but she senses a dissonance as well. The world around them all has been changing, thriving - though their old ways and rejection of the new prevented them from growing into a future that would help them flourish. Why struggle for survival and resources when abandoning some of the old ways to accept peace, trade, and allies could help the caribou with the immense struggle for survival in their brutal homeland? The cow learned much of ponies in her travels, and she holds an immense sense of respect towards them. They have advanced far beyond the caribou in their lands of plenty, and though seemingly weak they possess a valiant and noble spirit that is likely impossible to break. They laugh at the greatest dangers and join together the moment they are threatened, with more ease than the Clans of Whitescar could ever dream. Ylva wished to see the caribou ally with these admirable folk, and though her thoughts were radical they were thoughts shared by the High King and more importantly: her sister Sigrun. Together they aim to make Whitescar a changed placed, more willing to embrace peace and become one with the modern world. But of all these things, the most beloved and precious thing in Ylva’s life is her sister, Sigrun, the Jarl of Askr. The shaman’s loyalty and love go first to Sigrun, and she dedicates her life to both the gods and her Jarl. As right hoof she is an advisor, a warrior, a confidant, and a comfort. Any who dare utter threats to the controversial leader will see the fury in the silver eyes of the shaman: a fearful sight indeed. To Ylva, her sister must always come first. Her own joy and comfort must always be secondary to Sigrun’s. Even the greatest pain and heartache was easily forgotten knowing that she was doing so in service of her dear friend, her only sister. She ever saw herself as Sigrun’s watchful shadow, and would proudly and happily serve and protect the Jarl until she drew her final breath.
  11. Name: Randgrid of Heil-Barn Sex: Female Age: cow Species: Caribou Eye colour: Silver-blue Coat: Most of her fur is a daker tan color. Her chest and underbelly are a speckled white, with a prominent tuft of furat her chest, while the fur around her mouth and nose is a somewhat darker brown. Mane/Tail: Randrgrid has a tuft of thicker fur on her head which resembles a mane. It goes all the way along the back of her head and neck and is feathered slightly at the front of her face. She also has prominent antlers, large as a bull caribou. Physique: Randgrid is well built and muscular as testiment to her incredible strength, though smaller than a male in sheer size. She is used to wearing thick plate armor, heavy and shimmering over all of her bod, and an armored crown of sorts with feathers in it for her head. A great sword is usually found at her side. Residence: Heil, at the palace of her father. Though it's rare she is found there outside of feast time. She is usually found traveling Whitescar and doing her best to catch bad vikings. Occupation: Princess of Whitescar; proud warrior, and enforcer of the royal will. Cutie Mark: N/A History: Randgrid of Heil-Barn was born in Barn, daughter to the Caribou who would come to be called King Dragonsong well before he was ever crowned High King of Whitescar. She was from the start a proud and aggressive, yet good-natured young calf, who had a vision in her mind of cleaning up the evils of Whitescar, one viking ruffian at a time. She was strong for her age both physically and in mental fortitude, and for it she was able to pass her Will Test with less difficulty than most young caribou. Her toughness made her somewhat arrogant, however. She had a habit of picking fights with caribou over twice her size in her youth, which often times would lead her into trouble that would often need sorting out by her father. As her father came to be recognized as the first High King in over a hundred years, Randgrid entered adulthood and became herself a full fledged warrior. She had a deep pride for her father and the part her played in attempting to unify and propel Whitescar away from its more barbarous traditions and toward a standard more like the rest of the world, but she had it in her heart that someone still needed to answer action with action. Having little interest in the stately life of a princess, Randgrid took to a life of wandering, setting her sights on cruel and wicked vikings and fighting to bring them to justice. Her travels took her to every corner ot Whitescar, and even to the badlands of Equestria, hunting down criminals so that they could face justice in her father's courts. It was a hard life at first, but through years of her pursuits, Randgrid became a force to be reckoned with, a warrior to be feared. Her exploits are vast and numerous, with countless vikings opposed to her father's rule being cast into the dungeons of Heil solely through her intervention. She is well renowned as The Valkyrie of Heil to most vikings, after female caribou warriors from myth who came for the souls of warriors, and is feared and reviled by many. It was in pursuing a criminal agent of the Red Jarl as he met with agents of the shadow organization WRAITH that she was knocked unconscious and set under a wicked curse by an evil unicorn named Cyprianus. Under his curse, her mind was robbed from her and she was made to be a wicked berserker who took part in the invasion of the Crystal Empire by the resurrected King Sombra during the Crystal Faire. Freed by triumphant music played by an enterprising youth, she went on to help the ponies of the empire defeat a terrible dragon summoned by Cyrpianus. Character Summary: Randgrid is above all a cheerful, good-natured caribou. Even in dark hours, there is usually a smile on her face and a joke on her mind. She loves nothing more than feasting, drinking and enjoying music and good times with good friends. She is ultimately assertive, blunt to speak and quick to act. She does everything big and bold and is close to fearless. She spends very little time thinking things over, preferring to instead cut straight to the action. She could be called impulsive, and also reckless. She has for it, many times found herself in perilous situations which have been difficult to escape. She is of fairly straightforward mind and in general not a brilliant or tactical thinker, but rather the sort to just power herself through a situation by force of will alone. She is however good at adapting to a situation and responding accordingly. Even when she knows things aren't going well for her, she's unlikely to acknowledge it. She is ultimately proud of her father and the Heil-Barn clan. She thinks that Whitescar can and will one day be as peaceful and fair a land as any other, and is determined to make it so. Her temper can be triggered quickly by saying an ill word about the High King or his rule. It is a rare day that she doesn't end up embroiled in some small disagreement of some sort. She could be called irresponsible in some ways, and it does indeed seem she takes things far less serious than most, but she is a caribou of strength and character, with a well defined sense of justice, which decides her course of fate.
  12. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Asilia Sex: Female Age: Adult Species: Diamond Dog Eye Colour: pale green sclera with a black iris. Coat: Asilia coat is black, groomed short and smooth all across her body. She typically wears a pocketed white vest with emerald green trims and a thin white collar with a gold leash-ring studded with emeralds, nicely contrasting with her dark coat. She also wears a series of tight golden rings around her right fore-arm, a mark of her time spent in Unyasi. Mane/Tail: Asilia's tail is about six inches long and fairly thin, groomed as smoothly as the rest of her coat. Her ears are about four inches long, jutting up from her head to a point, almost like elongated arrowheads. Her ears are pierced with golden rings, right around the halfway mark on each. Physique: Asilia's physique is lean but strong, the body of a creature who trained herself well but with an emphasis on endurance and speed than strength. She stands just above the height of the average stallion, with a toned musculature and good body proportion, unlike many of her kind. Her form is thin and aerodynamic, and seems geared towards sprinting on all fours, as her fore-arms are only slightly larger than her hind-legs. Her head is proportionate to the rest of her body, with a slightly elongated snout ending in a gray nose and gentle curves along her face. Residence: N/A; owns a small property in Ponyville Occupation: Storyteller / Alchemist Cutie Mark: N/A History: Asilia was born Cocoa in a Diamond Dog settlement in the far north, on the border of both the Frozen North and the sea. She was a middle pup who was neither exceptionally strong nor oddly weak, and spent much of her early life working in the pack. She was only ever an average worker, unable to distinguish herself but neither falling onto the Alpha's bad side; she was only ever... there, and it bothered her that she couldn't be of more help no matter how she did. She rotated duties often, trying to find a part of the pack that she could be of more use in, but in every role- from mining to fishing- she felt unfulfilled, like there was some point to herself that she was missing. Her only solace was in the oral history of the settlement; their storyteller, a well traveled and elderly Diamond Dog, frequently shared tales and histories from both Equestria and lands beyond with the pack, and Cocoa eagerly soaked up every song and every legend she heard from him with gusto. These stories, tall tales, and legends helped spur her imagination on what may lay beyond the little area her pack mined and settled, sparking an adventurous spirit within. Cocoa only remained with the pack until she was a late teen, when she decided to strike out on her own in the hopes of finding her niche in the world. She eventually found herself in Baltimare, on the other side of Equestria, where she stopped for a few months to earn some Equestrian bits and decide what to do. Curious about the tales she had heard in her pack, she decided to trace one and see where it led her. The tale she chose was a legend about a mystical forest on the other side of the world where magic grew from the land itself and the inhabitants lived among the trees, one she was almost certain had to be fabricated. Yet, in her studies, Cocoa discovered that it was in fact a real location: Mti Nguvu, the heart of Unyasi. The idea that one of those places, spoken so fondly of in the tales of her pack, actually existed excited young Cocoa, and she made the decision to make a pilgrimage to that wondrous place. Using the bits she earned doing odd jobs around Baltimare, she traveled by ship to Unyasi and made her way across the unfamiliar land. Her skills came in handy in surviving the natural and untamed land of Unyasi, allowing her to forage and protect herself from the wilds, and with help from the local Zebras she found herself entering the mystic tree city within the massive rainforest the natives called the Brakenweld. Though the initial reaction of the inhabitants to a Diamond Dog in Mti Nguvu was lukewarm, Cocoa endeared herself to some of them by pulling her own weight, sharing some of the tales she had learned from her pack in her early years, and exhibiting a desire to better herself. Over the course of several years, she assisted the inhabitants and absorbed any knowledge she could- even becoming an apprentice to a Zebra potion-master, from whom Cocoa learned the art of alchemy. She accompanied her several times to the forest floor to gather ingredients and herbs, sharpening her mind and her eye for detail as she searched the lush forest floor with her master. In such an exotic place with so many unknown wonders, Cocoa felt satisfaction at the work she did and the zebra she helped, growing strong in body and mind from the labors she performed. By her fifth year Cocoa was a welcome face in Mti Nguva and considered a native in all but body, reflected by the name she was given by her alchemy master: Asilia. As time passed, Asilia began to miss Equestria and seeing other Diamond Dogs. She had discovered so many new things in her time in Unyasi, and become a far better Diamond Dog for it- but she felt it was time she came home. The journey back to Equestria was far more memorable with the knowledge that she would be welcome back at Mti Nguva if she ever wished to return, though with the great number of stories that Asilia had learned in her time there, she felt that now she was ready to take up the mantle of storyteller, as the one who inspired her to travel to Unyasi in the first place had- but not just for Diamond Dogs. Asilia had learned so many new tales, legends, and histories in those five years that she felt it would be criminal not to share them with everyone she could in Equestria. Thus, she became a traveling storyteller, using her knowledge of herblore and alchemy to bring her stories to life for anyone who wanted to learn, or even be entertained. She found a certain joy in watching adults as much in awe of her tales and magic as the foals and pups, and that happiness affirmed for her that she had discovered what she was meant to be doing with her life. Character Summary: Asilia is a kind soul, if a little energetic. While growing up in the pack, only work and stories could keep little Cocoa in one place for any length of time; otherwise, she was off playing with other pups or getting into all sorts of trouble in the pursuit of fun. This adventurous nature remained with her throughout her childhood, and is arguably the reason she left her pack behind to travel- first to Unyasi, then across Equestria. Even now, wearing the trappings of a storyteller, she's fond of adventure and good company in her travels, and doesn't enjoy silence very much, unless she's in the midst of a story. Asilia loves being a storyteller, and she's actually quite good at it. Never a shy pup, she can handle a crowd easily enough, and though her voice still has the slight nasally undertone that is indicative of Diamond Dogs in casual speech, she can (with some effort) force it out of her voice when performing. She handles her shows with style and flare, punctuating her words with tosses of illusion powder or potions born from the lessons her old Zebra potion-master taught to her. Neither singing nor rhyming comes easily to her, however, and she tries to avoid both in her verses. She tells tales from the history and legends of both Unyasi and Equestria, having spent plenty of time learning both, and desires to learn a few from Aquellia, as well. Outside of her 'work', Asilia is a loveable mutt with an open heart and mind. She's slow to anger, and loves to socialize about anything and everything ponies want to approach her with. She's respectful and has a decent grasp of when not to say certain things, though getting on her bad side- difficult it may be- leans her towards selective hearing, and has a good sense of humor. She enjoys hearing about noteworthy things ponies do, in particular- ever looking for new stories to tell. Having had her eyes opened to the magic within the earth and soil while in Mti Nguva, Asilia has a particular love of discussing the arcane- be it traditional or alchemy- with ponies knowledgeable in the subject to compare notes and perhaps learn more from Equestrian minds. All it really takes to become Asilia's friend is to show that you're honest and want to get to know her; the rest, she feels, comes on it's own through discussion and time spent together. Fears are something that Asilia has struggled with for a good part of her life. Perhaps the foremost one is a fear of fading into the background, a feeling she has had personal experience with. The other half of the reason she left her pack (alongside adventure) was because, despite how hard she worked, she never stood out among her peers; she was only ever just there, completely ignored when she wasn't messing up at something. To Cocoa, it was maddening to be so utterly unimportant to those she considered close to her. To Asilia, the fear takes the slightly different form of negative receptions to her shows: to one day tell a story and be booed away by a crowd. Though it has never happened to her before, the fear still drives her to learn new tales and find ways to change her routines on older ones, breathe new life into each performance so her acts never get stale. As she travels long distances regularly, Asilia likes to stop in to towns and cities not only to tell stories, but to relax and unwind. She frequents salt dives and clubs alike when the mood catches her, able to cut it down with the best of them in both conversation and dancing. Whenever she's feeling more peaceful, she tends to drop by a library to study history in search of another story to tell, muddle about in alchemy, or forage for herbs and ingredients. For those times when she absolutely has to relax for a while or take a break, she rents a small home in Ponyville where she keeps belongings she cannot carry with her; there, she recharges her batteries in the quiet country town by making pottery (another art she picked up in Unyasi) or reading, and is easily able to depart for anywhere she wants due to Ponyville's central location in Equestria.
  13. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Whisper Willows Sex: Female Age:Grown Doe Species:WhiteTail Deer Eye colour: Sumemer Sky blue Coat: The typical creams and browns of a white tail deer, her coat is absolutely covered in soft white spts, and a kiss of white is upon her muzzle. Mane/Tail:Her "Mane" are long, soft silken strands of earthy brown, often kept at bay with a cherry red bandana. Physique: Light and graceful, with a hooffall so soft you can hardly hear her walk Residence: Formerly White Tail Woods, now traveling Equestria in her Retirement. Occupation: Former Berry Farmer. History: Whisper was a farmer from the day she opened her eyes, parents naming her after the soft fur of her coat and the way she walked, hardly making a sound at all, it was like she moved in a constant whisper. She was no stranger to hard work, and quite happily did as much work as she could, helping make jam, studying her figures,and all that stuff a farmer needs to be good at what they do! Smart as a whip and very quiet, she was the apple of her Mommas eye that was for durn sure! She would attend school at a classroom scarcely down the street from her farm, working very diligently and earnestly in her studies, disliking math and loving literature class! Though one thing that seemed to sour art class from her was a student by the name of Silver Sage! That buck had taken a liking to her, and it felt overbearing at first! He was one of the most popular boys in school, and getting used to what he wanted! Why in a "grand gesture of love" He painted her portrait on wood and glazed it, presenting it to her with a big expecting smile, and seemed right put off she didn't swoon from it! Nonsense! She went promptly home after class to her mother and bitterly seethed about "Dumb boys that expect too much!" And she was gently soothed with a nuzzle, telling her to not be too harsh on the boy, after all he was still young and learning, as was Whisper herself, and to show him kindness and understanding... Very proud Whisper had already established that while she was quiet and soft, she was also firm and didn't take any form of nonsense! Whisper was bound and determined to not let that durn boy have another instant of her day! But he approached her to apologize for his action, and asked her if he could try to be her friend instead of forcing a connection! This was a little shocking, but Whisper saw the earnest truth in his eyes, and decided to allow it. That lunch period he sat by her and they started to talk about their interests and hobbies, him learning about her fondness for bird watching and making bird houses, and she about his fascination with painting. Time has a way of changing everything, and soon feelings of friendship blossomed into feelings of love within the doe, during a conversation between them, with the way his eyes shone, the way he spoke so earnestly about his passions, and with the way she couldn't imagine a day without him? Whisper stole their very first kiss, nuzzling him afterwards. In time she asked him to run her Family farm with her, since her parents left it to her and were heading out to explore the world, he eagerly accepted, and took on the finances and other business matters so that Whisper could put more work into HER area of expertise which was growing the sweetest, most succulent berries possible, and ensuring a family fun berry picking expedition! For the longest time it felt like their life needed nothing more, they had each other, business was good, the sun rose every morning, and the moon every night! What more was there to want? Alas Silver Sage asked for something she could not give him...a child. Due to genetics she was unable to do this, and hung her head forlorn, because him mentioning it, made her realize they COULD benefit from a child's presence in their life. Sage did not give up however! Their home was comfortable, they were well off enough..they could adopt a child! Whisper at first was doubtful, but was soon eager to start the process! Never in a million years though did she expect them to fall madly in love with a little unicorn filly! Why her eyes were as green as a new leaf, and her little mulberry stained muzzle was just so precious! They agreed this was the child that would make their house a real home! Both parents raised her to the best of their ability, sending her to Canterlot to learn about her magic, and supporting her in all her endeavors! Whisper particularly loving to help her learn all about the joys of farming, just like her own mother did..it warmed her heart when Mulberry's cutie mark was berry related, and she was slowly becoming convinced that her daughter would be able to run the farm one day. And finally that day came! Both parents deciding to retire, and with tear filled eyes, Whisper entrusted the farm to Mulberry..her little Mel Mel.. With a kiss and one last hug, Whisper and Sage headed off to explore Equestria, keeping in touch with letters, and care packages Now Whisper is exploring the new chapters of her life, seeing all that there is to offer in this big, wide world. Character Summary: Whisper is a stark contrast to her husbands rather brash personality, preferring to let him do the talking in a situation, while he is more emotionally driven, Whisper tends to think her actions through (and sometimes overthink them) Always one to stress about deadlines, worry about not having enough supplies for something, and capable of fussing a little too much over her personal appearance when meeting new creatures! She shares her husbands empathy however, and is easily influenced by the others around her, her mood rising or falling depending on the company she keeps. Whisper does the cooking in the relationship, in fact Sage is banned from all kitchens, cooktops, campfires, really warm rocks until further notice! Her cooking is to rival that of any gourmet chef, and her jam will knock your socks off! Her other interest includes painting, and reading, if the town they are visiting possesses a library she will be there for hours just curled up in a good book. (MEGA mega thanks to Captain Derp for drawing Deer Mama for meeee!)
  14. Roleplay Type: Canterlot Chronicles Name: Regrost "Gravy" Growler Gender: Male Age: Young Adult Species: Diamond Dog Eye Color: Yellow Character Color: Blue / Grey, but his left eye is surrounded by a black patch of fur. Mane/Tail/Other: His head and tail fur are the same color as his body fur. His ears are rounded and droop slightly down the sides of his head. Physique: Shorter and smaller than a typical diamond dog, but has the usual over-built upper body and tiny legs. Residence: Born in a diamond dog pack near Stalliongrad, now drifting around Equestria, finding work where he can. Occupation: Cook History: Regrost was the runt of his diamond dog pack. He was frequently teased by the other pups due to his size. It was discovered early on that he had difficulties eating the raw meat that was favored by much of the pack, so his mother learned to cook for him, and taught Regrost as he got older. He found that he had a talent for it, but that became another source of teasing from the other youngsters. One of his primary tormenters happened to be the son of the pack Alpha. When Regrost was just out of adolescence, the Alpha died, and his son became the new Alpha. The new Alpha and his cronies forced Regrost into a fight, and he naturally lost. He was cast out of the pack in the middle of winter and stripped of his wealth. The only thing he managed to keep was one diamond earring that he wears to this day. Injured, freezing, and starving, he managed to stumble into the pony city of Stalliongrad. Luckily, the crew of a pirate airship found him, and helped to nurse him back to heath. Regrost had been taught that ponies were weak and blindly obedient to their princess. But these ponies were far from weak, and were living outside normal society looking for riches and adventure. Regrost saw an opportunity with these ponies to rebuild his wealth and maybe as a way to get back at his old pack. He taught himself to cook pony foods as well as carnivore foods, and got made the ship's cook. The crew gave him his nickname of Gravy, and he now prefers that to his old name. Unfortunately, the crew broke up, and Gravy found himself with no real place to go. He couldn't go back to his own pack, and joining another diamond dog pack cold be difficult. At the same time, he didn't fit in with the militaristic society in Stalliongrad. So, he's recently been drifting around Equestria, with a huge pack of pots, pans, and cooking utensils... and gems, of course. He picks up work where he can, looking for some place where he can make a really good score... and maybe something he could call a pack. Character Summary/Personality: Like most diamond dogs, Gravy is motivated by greed, but more than that; He is determined to make something out of himself, despite his limitations, and prove that the pack that rejected him was wrong. While he is not above jokes and pranks, Gravy is usually rather gruff toward others. He can be fiercely loyal to any group he'd consider a 'pack,' but he's not ready to trust anyone that much yet. Gravy isn't a fighter, but he will defend himself and others, and he has access to a wide assortment of knives. Though his smaller stature makes it easier for him to live among ponies than other dogs, he still gets angry when someone comments on it.
  15. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: SilverSage Sex: Male Age:Buck Species: Whitetail Deer Eye colour: Misty forest green Coat: He has the traditional colors of a whitetail deer save for them being more "frosty" in tone, silvers and whites replacing dark browns. Mane/Tail: While his tail is a traditional whitetail, his "mane" is a bushy mess of silver locks that sweep upwards and frames his face. Physique: Sage has a very sturdy build that has come from years of farmwork. Residence: Formerly Whitetail Woods, currently traveling Equestria and enjoying "retirement" Occupation: Explorer/Traveler,Freelance Artist. Cutie Mark: History:Sage was born and raised in Whitetail Woods, His father was a proud lumberjack, and his mother forager from day one, and they lived happily in a wee cabin in the woods, with Sage trotting about a mile to go to the local school. He was always a smart one, very bright and creative, and he loved to paint! Painting wood with a brush betwix his teeth becoming a pasttime of his, it was during a class that he first made eye contact with the most beautiful doe he had ever seen...Her name was Whisper. He fell head over heels, it was just a childhood crush and he would surely grow out of it! But she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, as a way of winning her affection he painted her portrait on a slab of wood, which he glazed and polished afterwards... it was a little creepy and Whisper was at first a little put off by the odd but sweet gesture! He was offended that Whisper didn't seem to appreciate his efforts and went home to complain bitterly to his father that "silly girls" didn't appreciate his grand gesture! His father sympathized but stroked his young buck's hair and told him that the painting was very nice, but possibly too much...? With a girl like Whisper he should probably take it nice and slow, Slowness was not one of Sage's favorite things but he was determined to at least get a date with that pretty doe! Sage took his father's advice to heart though, and decided that he should forge a friendship with her and learn more about her, sitting by her at lunch and talking, learning more about her, and in turn she learned more about him... Her family owned a berry farm, and she was passionate about it, but one day wanted to see all of Equestria! He learned about her love of art, and of fashion, and about how her favorite blossoms were cherry blossoms! It was amazing how much he learned when he took the time to try! Their friendship grew strong, and come the time that they were both done with school they were attached at the hip! Sage shared with Whisper all sorts of things, about his love of painting, his desire to also travel, but how he enjoyed the peace of the woods, and the quiet of the snowfall...and during his discussion of all these things, Whisper the shy doe stole a kiss. The kiss was what turned them from friends to soulmates, and the two decided that it was best for them to combine their passions! Whisper's parents had moved on from the farming business and had left the farm to Whisper, who without hesitation asked Sage to run it with her, since during their time she had learned his head for business was stronger than her own senses on the matter. He readily agreed and the two soon moved in to the farm together, and it flourished under their hooves. They were not sure when they decided to get married,but it was during the breakfast dishes that Sage finally glanced at Whisper and asked her to be his bride, and she agreed to it, there was no grand gesture, no pomp or circumstance, just two hearts deciding they were stronger together than they were apart. The wedding was in a clearing, under the weeping willow... it was gentle and beautiful, and afterwards the two went back to running their farm! For a while things were wonderful! There was nothing more they could ask for. Well almost nothing... Sage was feeling empty, their life needed something, there was a void that he could feel and wanted to fill! He wanted kids...but Whisper had to explain to him that due to genetics that was going to be impossible biologically. This did not deter him in the slightest! Sage pressed that their life was comfortable enough and that they could use something to love, and it was agreed that they would look into adoption. It was a spring morning when they brought home the little Unicorn filly, and named her Mulberry Blush, both parents positively aglow, Sage looking like every inch a proud papa! And from day ONE, the little filly was a Daddies girl! Sage always down for tea parties, and dress up, and Whisper teaching their daughter the day to day works of the farm! As neither of them were unicorns they spent her to a school that would help her hone her natural talents...It was hard to raise a unicorn, but the struggle made the end result so much sweeter... When Mulberry got her cutie mark? Sage cried like a baby! So proud of his baby girl learning what her destiny was! Even though cutie marks had never truly made sense to him, it meant something to her! His baby girl was growing up! And grow up she did into a fine and responsible mare! So sure of her were both her parents that they decided to retire early and leave the farm in her hooves. Sage and Whisper now travel Equestria, learning all they can about this world they call home! Sage wanting to even go as far as Unyasi to learn more about the art and culture there...He is looking forward to a life of adventure and travel. Character Summary: Sage is a gentle soul, with a love of art, passion for adventure, and a interest in all cultures, while still being a rough and tumble buck, able to stand his ground in the toughest of situations! Head strong and stubborn, tending to be a bit set in his ways, but can always be turned to the right path with gentle guidance (OR a firm smack upside the head!) He is very empathetic and can connect strongly to all creatures on an emotional level, though is also more prone to give in to certain emotional impulses, strongly contrasting his wife's calm and cool demeanor. Having a head for business and numbers, before retirement he ran the financial side of the farm, keeping tabs on inventory and profit, and likes to see himself as a shrewd businessman...buck. SilverSage is also very easily offended, be it by a remark or by someone not "appreciating" his art, but he is not so self absorbed he cannot learn from criticism, and every day he is adapting and changing to the world around him. (A HUGE thanks to Captain McDerp for drawing Sage for me!)
  16. From the album: Request/trades/gift art

    Crystal Snowflake belongs to Rarity.

    © Art by me, character by Rarity

  17. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Shadow Fang Sex: Female Age: Young Adult Species: Diamond Dog Eye color: Dark purple. Coat: Smooth, shiny, black hair covers her body. She has a long snout, and short, pointy ears. She wears a fang shaped piece of obsidian around her neck, hung by a thin strip of black leather. Mane/Tail: N/A Physique: She stands a little shorter than a full grown pony. Residence: She lives in the southern Diamond Dog settlement in the heartland of Equestria. Occupation: Gatherer and scout/spy. Cutie Mark: N/A History: Shadow Fang had grown up in the background. No one had ever paid her much mind, and she was able to get away with a lot by pouting and showing her puppy dog eyes. She learned that she could earn more by getting others to do something for her, and she found that if she said just the right things she could get even the biggest bullies on her side. Her keen eyes could help her figure out others easily, but they are also adept at finding various foods in the Everfree. She was swifter than most of the other gatherers, usually getting back to camp before everyone else. Her skills were good enough for her to be accepted into the scout squad, but she's still trying to work her way up the pack ranks the easy way. Lies and information, that's all it takes. Character Summary: Shadow Fang always appears friendly at first, but you can be sure she's thinking of some way she can use you. Manipulative and a clever speaker, she can almost always get what she wants, whether that be an item, or a favor. Even her collared stone she got from someone else. However, she finds her life missing something (like some friends. *hint hint*), but she has little time to dwell on such thoughts, as she's always trying to learn something about someone, and figure out how to use that to her advantage. She prefers to use non-violent methods to reach her goals. She believes that no one can be trusted, because how can she tell if she meets someone just like her. If she's ever going to be a top dog in the pack, she has to be cunning. If she has to let a few dogs fall so that she may climb, why should she care? She shouldn't.............right? But she does. Deep down, she truly does care about others, she just can't see it because she's never trusted anyone enough to call them a friend, to let somebody else care about her. She's not necessarily happy with her current state of affairs, but she believes it's what she must do, that it's the path she must take. A very lonely path.
  18. Roleplay Type: Canterlot Chronicles Name: Soft Paw Sex: Male Age: Teen Species: Diamond Dog Eye color: Deep Blue Character Color: Short hair, mostly cream colored with oval patches of brown. One patch covers the top right of his head, from the right side of his nose to the right back of his neck. Another patch covers the left of his chest, under his arm. A final patch of brown is a small circle on his right foot. His fur is soft to the touch. Mane/Tail/Other: He wears a watermelon tourmaline jewel on a thick leather cord around his neck, the jewel in the shape of a leaf, so that it appears the leaf is burning. Also, when he's running the curiosity shop, he wears a green apron. Physique: He stands about as tall as a full grown pony, but is skinnier than most Diamond Dogs. He has a short, rounded muzzle, as well as rounded ears. He has a tail similar to that of a Golden Retriever's, but less furry. Residence: Canterlot Occupation: He runs a curiosity shop owned by Golden Compass, every now and then being invited to join Golden Compass on a journey. Cutie Mark: Not applicable. Unique Traits: He has the uncanny ability to discern unusual objects from something somepony picked up at the Crystal Empire Souvenir Shop. History: Soft Paw was born to Fang and Muffy in a small forest pack of 17 Diamond Dogs. His father had wanted to name him something more ferocious, but his mother won the fight. He grew up learning all of the skills every Diamond Dog learns; hunting, mining, and rudimentary crafting. However, his natural clumsiness continuously got him in trouble with the pack Alpha. One day, he managed to accidentally bury half of the food supply in a cave in. After that, the Alpha had no choice but to banish him from the pack. His parents didn't want to see him go, but there was nothing they could do, the word of the Alpha was law. Soft Paw's mother, Muffy, gave him a reminder of home. It was a watermelon tourmaline gemstone cut in the shape of a leaf, hung around his neck by a thick cord. After his mother gave him a kiss on his forehead, he ventured into the woods alone. Soft Paw tried to survive on his own, but his clumsiness made it impossible for him to catch any game. He was left to foraging as his only means for finding food, but he wasn't having any luck with that either. On the third night, as if things weren't bad enough already, it began to rain. The only nearby shelter he was able to find was a hollowed out log next to a dirt path. Not an ideal shelter, but it was the best he could do. Soft Paw took off his gemstone necklace and held it in his paw, staring at it as he lay there. The way it was cut made it seem as though the leaf was on fire, as if to remind Soft Paw that the life he had was gone. As he drifted off to sleep, the fire of the leaf seemed to be dancing. Just an illusion, but it was strangely peaceful. When Soft Paw woke up, he was in the back of a wagon surrounded by all kinds of strange goods. He opened his paw to find he was clutching his gemstone tightly. He put it back around his neck and rolled over to get a better look at his surroundings, and gave out a yelp at the sight of a creepy mask laying right next to him. At this, the wagon stopped moving. Soft Paw tried to hide in the shadows behind some of the objects, but before he could do so the rear flap opened up, and a shadowy figure spoke to him. "Well, you're finally up," it said in a rough yet friendly voice. "Please don't hurt me," Soft Paw squeaked out. "Now why would I do that?" The creature replied, sounding appalled by the very idea. As Soft Paw's eyes adjusted to the light streaming in, he saw dandelion colored pony standing before him. A pony? A pony!? He had heard a lot of things about how vicious and demanding ponies were, so he wondered about this one. "You look hungry. Do you want something to eat?" That was how Soft Paw met Golden Compass, who would be his mentor and guardian as he lived among the ponies, aspiring to be a trader and adventurer just like his savior. Character Personality: Soft Paw is, as already established, a very clumsy dog, but he is also has a kind heart. He also seems to have a knack for picking out strange and unusual things, which is why Golden Compass trusts Soft Pawn to run the curiosity shop. Doing so, Soft Paw spends most of his time buying and selling strange, unusual, and wacky objects. This also gives Soft Paw a chance to learn how ponies behave, so that he may better fit into their society. He is shy, but this does not stop him from going out into the city to pick up supplies, nor does it stop him from getting out of the city every now and then to enjoy the fresh air. He doesn't really have many friends, most ponies he knows he considers to be acquaintances. Soft Paw tries his best to not stick out like a sore thumb among the ponyfolk, but he can't really help it. Luckily for Soft Paw, while he's clumsy on two legs, he is quite stable on all four. However, while it may seem noble to attempt to fit in, Soft Paw takes fitting in almost as an obsession. He dislikes standing on two legs in front of ponies, and try as he might he can't help but use his aposable thumbs. Golden Compass has told him repeatedly that he shouldn't worry about such trivial things, and Soft Paw will listen, and remember, for about a week or so. Soft Paw respects Golden Compass' guidance enough to obey, but he just can't help himself. He's always thought about asking somepony to teach him, but he's too shy to ask anyone other than Golden Compass. Besides, they'd probably just say no anyways. Character Summary: Soft Paw is a clumsy dog trying to fit in among ponykind, and runs a curiosity shop for his savior Golden Compass.
  19. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Kalime (Ka-li-me) Sex: Female Age: Young Adult Species: Diamond Dog Eye colour: Jade Green Coat: Her coat is a ashy grey, and a bit of it fringes a little longer than normal and hangs in her eyes just a little bit Physique: Kalime has a slender figure with rather large paws, a lithe waist, and slender legs, she keeps this figure by constantly moving upright, though when walking gets too straining she moves to run on all fours, her upper body is covered by a red vest, and she wears a black collar with several light blue triangular diamonds around it, with a bit of amber dangling down. Residence: She lives in a Diamond Dog Camp many many miles away from Ponyville that boarders near the EverFree Forest. Occupation: She is a Miner, spending most of her time deep under grounds, using both a pickaxe and her paws to claw through the rock and to get out the gems, Her group primarily uses them for trade with Ponies, for tools, and for decorative pieces such as furniture, and for practical uses such as mugs and bowls if need be. History: Kalime was born the runt of the litter, but was very quick to adapt, she is slight for a Diamond Dog but it soon became apparent that the tiny pup was a bit of a power house! Not one to be pinned during play, nor one to slack off during her work! She occasionally wanders around Equestria to trade wares and to get a little culture, as even at a young age Kalime was fascinated with Ponies! They were so pretty in all their colors! She couldn't help but want to get closer! She openly tries to befriend any pony she meets, though is aware that Diamond Dogs don't have a good rep due to their slightly foreign and strange ways. This strange behavior was noticed by the pack, but soon it wasn't WEIRD it was "Just Kalime, she is silly dog" and since she was such a good study, she even taught the younger pups for a while, taking them under her wing when they get their first pickaxe, or learn what their skills are, always eager to help her pack out, it is very clear that while her mind and body may wander the lands of Equestria, her home and her heart is with her pack, which she is deeply fond of and connected to. Kalime has a diet that is omnivorous however due to pony influences she sticks to a primary vegetarian diet, She does like her meat but prefers it cooked to raw, but is never one to complain! Her pockets are often stuffed with Gems she has decided are particularly pretty and she tends to give them to others as a symbol of friendship! Though she is close to Ponyville she seldom goes there, as she is afraid of scaring the pretty ponies! Though she has noticed a very pretty white pony near her camp that comes and gets gems effortlessly from time to time...Kalime thinks the pony is pretty though wonders what she needs the gems for..? Her pack tends to keep to themselves, dealing and trading with Ponies when they have to, her mother was not too pleased with her youngest pup's interest in the world beyond the safety of the camp walls, but doesn't forbid her as she isn't a pup anymore but a grown young lady...Doesn't prevent others in the pack from being unhappy with Kalime's rather unbridled enthusiasm and interest in Ponies, but her outgoing nature has gotten her to befriend several and they can indeed see the benefit of her friendliness. Due to this Kalime is often the one that does trading or deals with the Ponies, as she has such a friendly air about her. Character Summary: Kalime is a very curious individual with a spunky attitude, that will swiftly turn sour if she feels someone is being threatened, it is part of her very nature to be loyal and compassionate as she was a runt, and was doted on by her mother, While a bit abrasive and possibly irritating (being overly clingy at times) She is a genuinely good soul that just wants to get to know the creatures she inhabits this world with, she wants to collect gems, make pretty things, and to observe! Her personality is best described as "Alpha Dog" having always taken a more paws on role in things, she likes to lead a group to victory and can be authoritative without being nasty, a firm believer that one CAN be firm and disciplinary without being a big jerkface. While she is the child of the Alpha she has always known that if she wants the title herself she is going to have to earn it, and has been working very hard to forge relationships and to exhibit traits that grant one this position, and things are looking good, chances are if she keeps working at it she will be the next Alpha of the Pack;The only hindrance in this effort is the fact that Kalime also loves to wander the mountains and fields and lands of Equestria, though this has also brought new and interesting tools and gems to the camp. Kalime Herself The Image is not mine, the original artist and image are here I give full credit and if they wish I will remove the image
  20. Roleplay Type World of Equestria Name Brooke Sex Female Age Doe Species Deer Eye color Light teal Appearance Her coat is light grey with a white spotted muzzle and white legs, while her hair is a medium length, spiky, and has been dyed smoky salmon in color along with her tail. She is almost always seen wearing a salmon colored saddlebag with a pattern of white swirls. It's where she keeps her sketch book and travel journal. Physique Slim and somewhat tall. Voice Deeper than the average doe, her tone is very soft with the tendency to crack at times. Residence Garden Gait Occupation Travel writer and sketch artist. History Brooke grew up with her parents in the quiet little village of Garden Gait. Being a tight knit community, she grew up feeling like everyone was family. There was never a moment where Brooke felt like she had to tip hoof around anyone and was more often than not totally comfortable around others. Her father and mother encouraged this by putting value in honesty and sincerity. Ever since one of her childhood friends got their cutie mark, Brooke had been fascinated by them. So much so that she began to sketch the cutie marks of every pony she knew and would often interview them about their special talent. During her time out of Garden Gait while accompanying a friend, Brooke ended up not only documenting cutie marks, she also loved to write about her travel experiences. It wasn't long before her goal in life was to become a travel writer. After awhile, she had an extensive collection of travel literature and felt it was time to make it official. With a lot of determination and a bit of a struggle, her first book was finally published. She was not at all a big name in the book industry, but it felt good to know others like to read her books. To this day, she travels through Equestria and documents her experiences. And after gaining enough skill from sketching cutie marks, she also began to illustrate her books as well. Character Summary Brooke's disposition is calm, thoughtful and soft spoken. She's not one to babble and usually resorts to short and to-the-point sentences, but she's friendly enough and manages to seem so without putting any effort into actively displaying it. This is because of the overall gentleness she naturally possesses. Her keen logical sense and ability to tell it like it is makes her quite popular to those who need advice. Having grown up in a family-like community, she'll openly express irritation, be a little blunt, and willing to bicker with anyone. Like her father always said; "You can't be close friends without sharing a few arguments." She's not at all easily offended or upset in social situations so she assumes everyone else is the same way. Her inattention to formality knows no bounds. For instance, she will ask to document any pony's cutie mark in her sketch book no matter how esteemed they are. She'd ask Equestrian royalty if she got the chance. Brooke has a wide vocabulary due to her occupation and enjoys literature of many types. She also became quite skilled at sketching because of her cutie mark collection. She is very fascinated by cutie marks and studies them during her free time. She also started dying her hair and tail a shade of salmon. It may seem like it, but Brooke doesn't wish she were a pony. She's simply inspired by their colorful mane and tails. This sometimes causes others to mistake her for a strange looking pony. Credit: Image drawn by me.
  21. Roleplay Type: Free For All Name: Aether Pyrse Star Sex: Male Age: Younger Stallion (Being equivalent to teenager) Species: Dragon Eye color: A near teal green (#15FD4D) Coat: Shining, smooth and golden scales (#FFC600) He also wears royal armor during his occupation. Mane/Tail: Instead of mane and tail, Aether has silver (#E0DFDC) horns on his head. Physique: He's average pony height on all fours, and double on back legs. He's a bit muscular, and he's a little above average pony weight Residence: The Everfree Forest Occupation: Canterlot's new royal guard, will be on the lookout and fighter. Cutie Mark: Not applicable Character Summary: Aether trains at the palace, where he tries to fit in. The guards still accept him onto the team because he's great at aerial combat, awareness and protection. He is very serious, but he does want fun once in awhile. This dragon makes sure the passing by ponies mean no harm, but he wont stop until all castles mean peace. Aether loves his home, the castle and all the nice creatures coming to their aid. Of course, he likes the ponies who like him back. Now, all the rude ponies, the attackers and some scared citizens make him upset. In his spare time, he sleeps in the Everfree Forest. He also goes on adventures when given permission. When you come face to face with the beast, state who you are, your purpose for and drop all defenses and weapons. It's hard making friends with such a ferocious beast. He has a weak sense of touch and can't know if a pony is lying. It's also a problem when he's too wide to fit in gaps because of his wings, even when folded. His worries about Equestria being destroyed might come true, and maybe the castle will collapse or all guards will be defeated. History: Aether was born on Roughrider Ridge. His parents were Deathe, the father, and The Leather *, his mother. One day two earth ponies came to the scene. Both were cloaked in green. One was a stallion with a cupcake mask and a palm tree charm with flame eyes. The other stallion wore a top hat on his cloak. The cupcake stallion said, "They finally have invaded this area." "They must be after our gems. I've never seen dragons up here." "Take 'em away." Both pulled out strong vines and attached his parents to them. "If you disobey, you get locked away in Tartarus." They were dragged away, not even putting up any fight. Aether growled as he lunged at the ponies and clawed at the vine. The dragons broke free and chased the ponies off the edge off the ridge. They flew off after the criminals, but Aether tried to fly after them. He dove to the ground and tried to find where they went. Years passed as Aether wandered through the Everfree Forest. He looked into the sky to see a mountain with a structure built on the side of it. Fascinated, he flapped his wings and sped off to see the location coming closer. He landed on an empty port. The dragon wasn't noticed at all as he walked among the crowds of ponies. Aether finally reached the beauty, but was stopped by two Canterlot guards. "Halt! You may not pass!" A guard barked. "Who are you? You must leave!" A third guard pushed the others out of the way. "Autumn Hoof, Fish Crest, stand back," The pony crouched down and asked, "would you like to come with us?" Aether nodded. He was brought onto the mountain to find his parents sitting at the top. "They want you to join us. I'm TimeWolf, the hidden guard. Well, not all hidden." The golden dragon spoke up, "Why should I join?" "Because, we are being raided all the time. You must start training." "Fine, I'll train." He trained day and night, and soon was nominated as a guard. Soon, the new guard hopes to go on a mission. *Pronounced Daythay and The Leether
  22. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Prism Yew Sex: Male Age: Hart Species: Red Deer Eye colour: Powder blue. Coat: Though he was born with the earthen hues of all red deer, Prism’s perfectionist nature when it comes to his work and sense of aesthetics sparked him into dying his coat many different colours until he had found his perfect hue. His coat is now violet that fades into indigo around his extremities, with a very pale off-white along his underbelly, the insides of his legs, the bottom of his tail, and up his chest in the shape of an arrowhead. Antlers: Taking after his father, Prism has an uncommonly large rack with many tines. As to the exact number of tines he carries upon his head, Prism likes to keep that a secret – it always amuses him to see others puzzling over his antlers! Physique: Tall, slender, and toned. Prism inherited his father’s large physique as well as his antlers, though the violet hart’s more sedate lifestyle has left him on the slender side. That said, he does enjoy getting out of the house for exercise when he’s not caught up in his work, so he’s not lacking in muscle by any means. Residence: Ponyville. Occupation: Weaver/knitter. Cutie Mark: N/A History: Prism Yew was born and raised in the cold climates of Stalliongrad, where his parents made an honest living. His father was a blacksmith and his mother a seamstress, and both were equally talented in their respective fields. Despite their skills, however, both possessed a fondness for practicality that kept them from really making a name for themselves outside their small community of workers. They were relied upon for their plain, sturdy goods – perfect for working ponies and deer alike! Though Prism respected and admired his parents, he was born with something of a flamboyant streak as far as his father was concerned. Right from fawnhood, he was always trying to encourage his parents to try making beautiful things. If his father pounded the metal like so, it would create lovely ripples in the sword he was making and help it to shine prettily in the light. Or if his mother simply tried embroidering little motifs into the collars and sleeves of her outfits they would appeal to the fillies in Stalliongrad as much as they appealed to the hardworking, farming mares that were her typical clients. He knew they had it in them, but they simply did not care to listen to him! That did not mean he was about to give up, however. He believed in them. After all, they had given him a name as fanciful as Prism Yew. If they gave their son a name so connected with rainbows and colour, surely they could use a little more colour in their lives and work! He would help his parents as best he could, constantly running his mouth about the improvements they could make in their businesses. Sometimes they would take bits and pieces of his advice for gift pieces requested by their customers, but usually their creative flares were as modest as the very nature of their typical work. Eventually, after learning that he was simply named after his great grandfather, Prism resigned himself into accepting that his parents were simply not the flashy type. It soon became apparent that once he got his opinionated nature under control, Prism was actually a quiet little fawn. After a few consecutive weeks of hard work with no pesky opinion pieces being thrown in his parents’ faces, his mother finally decided that she would let her son tag along with her on one of her trips to the fabric store. This was something she had been avoiding for some time, for the fabric store she frequented carried as many beautiful, sparkling materials as it carried practical cloths – something she feared would make her son’s… “helpful” opinions go a little overboard! Prism Yew was elated at the prospect, and from the moment he stepped into the store something had awoken in him. Bolts of soft and shimmering cloth lined the east wall of the shop, with samples of fine dresses, cloaks, and mantles showing the types of garments one could make with the products. The clothing was lovely, but something about the fabrics themselves enchanted him. From that moment, he knew he had a dream to follow: he wanted to be the one making these lovely fabrics. Excitedly, he began interrogating the shop owner about her work – eager to learn as much as he could. From that day on, he started to spend much less time at home, and when he was he was much quieter than his parents ever would have expected: with something to throw himself into passionately, he simply dropped off any trace of his opinionated and obnoxious nature. He had better places to put his energy! Soon, Prism Yew found himself apprenticed to the weaver who made the fabrics that had enchanted him so and learned her trade: he even learned how to knit from her! The fawn was adored the act of weaving in any form, and hungered to learn as much as he could: and that included knitting and crochet! He eventually took over the shop after his mentor has retired and slowly began to make a name for himself. Soon, though, the violet hart began to long for a more reclusive lifestyle and decided that he would like to move away from Stalliongrad. He had succeeded in making a name for himself, but found that tending a shop took away from his art, and he wasn’t particularly fond at the idea of hiring on an extra set of hooves. It would simply be too much bother. Instead, he decided to pack up and move away someplace relatively small with a warmer climate. After a bit of research, the violet hart decided upon Ponyville. It seemed like the ideal location for his requirements, and with all of his best clients more than happy to conduct business through mail order if need be: nothing was holding him back! So Prism moved and got himself settled, and now he’s ready to enjoy his life by dedicating it to the creation of the finest fabrics his cloven hooves can craft! Character Summary: Prism Yew is a bit of an oddball. He inherited his father’s physique, every bit of which is terribly masculine. Long story short: he’s tall, he has very large antlers, and he’s got the stern features to match. Something about the way he carries himself is dark and looming, with just a pinch of mystery (thanks to his quiet nature). That said, his every passion possesses a flamboyant streak one normally wouldn’t associate with a hart who has such a macho appearance! His greatest loves are weaving and colour, which he brings together to create heavenly fabrics. Silks, samites, chiffons, linens, and every type of cloth you can imagine: he makes them with threads he spun and he colours them only with dyes that he has created. Being raised by a blacksmith and a seamstress left him with an inherent perfectionist nature, and so he controls every element of his craft. Prism is meticulous. Every hue must be perfect, every thread in order, every shimmer just so. His fussiness leads to an eccentric nature that comes to life in odd ways – usually in his antlers. In order to maintain perfect tension in his weaving, knitting, crochet, and spinning, for example, he feeds all of his materials through the tines of his rack. Before he approves of the colour or shine of a product, he needs to see them in all possible lightings, so he’ll carry samples of fabric in his antlers for days before they gain his approval. He even has the same process of carrying fabrics and threads around his in rack in order to test how they weather the elements! He’s such a perfectionist, in fact, that the reason he decided to dye his coat in the first place was so that he might better match his craft for a better working atmosphere! Between his pale, dyed coat and the veritable rainbow of fabric pieces and threads he carries in his antlers, it’s not hard to see Prism Yew as a bit kooky. Even his house is a bit kooky, with the two-story stone cottage painted the colours of the night sky and inlaid with mother of pearl to recreate the look of the stars! Despite his kookiness though, he is always friendly and terribly polite. He’s also an excellent host! Part of working under his mentor, a unicorn mare named Snowy Silk, meant taking charge of her shop. If he was anything but polite, friendly, and hardworking, she would always give him an earful! And though this may come as a shock to those who know Prism, his life doesn’t revolve entirely around his craft. He also has a love of the outdoors, with a fondness for swimming and running. Sunset and midnight are his favourite times to get out, usually, so that he might enjoy their stunning palettes. He also keeps a modest talent for playing the harp somewhat to himself. It’s something he enjoys doing in his spare time, or when he’s reached a roadblock in his work. It’s not surprising, though, that the hart turns to plucking threads in order to make music and find inspiration! All in all, Prism Yew is a quiet, friendly deer, who, despite being utterly obsessed with his craft, still has room in his heart for many friends and a good sense of community! He’s easy to laugh at (and certainly enjoys being the butt end of a joke if it means he can help others laugh), doesn’t take himself too seriously, and is always willing to lend a helping (cloven) hoof!
  23. Roleplay type: World of Equestria Name: Shift Sex: Female Age: Adult Species: Diamond Dog Eye Color: The whole eye is colored bright green, apart from the cat-like, black pupil. Coat/Tail Colour: White. As long as she's clean at least. Shift wears a green vest with big pockets to contain her most beloved gems. Her fur is short, smooth, well-groomed and it follows her figure with great perfection. She had let her fur grow on her head and then made a long braid out of it which she keep on hold with an advanced and decorative knot. Physique: Shift's built pretty slender and a bit taller than the average Diamond Dog length. Thus she's always towering above the ponies she meets. Muscles is neither something she has or something she feel an urge for possessing. Her canine-teeth are not more than two peaks pointing up from her mouth. Shift often carries herself with her with her paws off the ground to make herself appear taller. This special stile was adopted at an early age and she has trained her muscles since so that she can stay like that for several hours before she needs to rest her back. Carrying such heavy arms is quite exhausting in the long run so she saves it for when she wants to do a good impression. Like when she's around celebrities or other important profiles of Equestria. Residence: She was originally from a northern Diamond Dog den but is now happily established in Canterlot. Occupation: Our dear Diamond Dog is a Jeweler in Canterlot with a shop where she sells and buys gems and elaborates their worth according to weight, size, shape, color and pureness. Her shop is quite popular among the wealthy ponies in canterlot with her manner, appearance, professionalism and accuracy when she sets a price on the goods. History: Shift was born in a northern den and raised by her parents along with ten other siblings. They lived quite happily since the whole den's inhabitants lived like one big family and everydoggy knew everydoggy. She was happy by the time, they were mostly friends except from the ordinary siblings fights. They were always fed by the rest of the group who worked together to keep the den up and running. She was very young, too young to remember much from it, but she remember how the whole den had to move because the gems were running out. As wealthy as the group was; they had to build huge wagons to be able to move the gems. The biggest and strongest Diamond dogs pulled the carts and Shift, who was just a puppy, was set on top of one pile of gems to "guard" them. The white puppy was very excited about her new responsibility and clapped her paws together by pure enthusiasm while she laughed cheerfully and they began their journey towards the fortune. The Diamond Dogs sang and chanted with great devotion as they walked and Shift enjoyed their united voices and she tried to join in as far as it was possible. They had left the rocky area and journeyed into a forest for some time when suddenly a wasp landed on Shift's nose. She yelled out loudly and flailed violently until she finally tilted backwards and tumbled down the pile of gems before she landed heavily on the ground. Shift yelled at the Diamond Dogs but they didn't hear her faint voice over the singing. Her legs didn't carry her very well and her attempts to catch up with them were all useless. The groups disappeared into the forest and their voices faded over to echos from every direction. She was lost. Shift finally ended up on a road before her legs give up. She just took a seat and sat there for several minutes until a wealthy mare find her laying on the ground shaking and with her big eyes filled with tears. The pony pitied her and took Shift to her heart and decided to adopt her as her own child. Said and done; she took the puppy with her to her big house in canterlot and treated her like her own daughter. The mare paid for her education and made sure she was always well fed. Shift got a lot of friends in her school and she got very close with her adoptive mom who she truly loves. One day when she was with her class by the jewelry she impressed the storekeeper with her widened knowledge about jewels. She went up to the the most expensive and beautiful goods as soon as she entered and named them all and could even say things like "These two sapphires would be equally worth this ruby and three of these crystals would be approximately worth 90 bits." etc. Though one day her family eventually found her, they had constantly been trying to find their beloved little puppy ever since she fell of the cart and the vague tracks and some rumors about a Diamond Dog in the pony society led them to Canterlot. It was an enthralling reunion with many tears, hugs and terrified ponies who did their best to not be swept inside a Diamond Dog group hug where they stood on one of canterlot's busiest streets.Shift took a break from school while she traveled to see the rest of her family. More tears were shed and hugs dealt by the den as the whole family welcomed her back. She finally got to see her parents and the rest of the family. Shift even got to play with some of the cute, newly arrived members of the family. Even though she was happy to see her family and even though she loved them; she was making herself a life in Canterlot and the life her family offered didn't appeal to her anymore. Thus Shift decided to travel back to canterlot again but she promised her family that she would come back and visit often. A promise she has been very determined of keeping and sometimes some of her family members came to canterlot to visit her in her environment, always fascinated of the ponies and the little things the society had to offer. Sometimes a bit too fascinated. Shift continued her studies about gems and many ponies got impressed by her inborn skills and she loved the attention! One day she wore a vest to the school and when she got compliments from every direction she began to carry different outfits as often as she could and even made a braid to make her look even more beautiful. She decided to open up her own jewelry in Canterlot when she reached adulthood and the shop's attraction increased highly as soon as a few prestigious ponies had recommended the shop in the news. Shift was invited to many important parties and galas and her life as an important individual in Canterlot began. Character Summary: Shift always smiles towards her customers with great devotion and does her very best to make them feel comfortable and important without being too ingratiating. She is friendly, humorous, well-mannered and occasionally flirty when she interacts with others. Appearance is everything for Shift and she likes to take it to its very peak and to make sure everypony notices her arrival with glittering eyes. She's not afraid to use her look as an advantage to get her will through and might even be a bit controlling. As you might have noticed; Shift is very superficial. Sometimes ponies happen to be fascinated that she had managed to be such an upper class in Canterlot and she's soon to brag about it, in a sensitive manner of course, and then turn it around as a motivation to others. Why wouldn't they be able to be a fabulous profile if a Diamond Dog was able to reach there. It's true, she is a very important profile in Canterlot and she's loved by many and envied by just as many who wish only to be her. A thing she 'forgets' to mention though is the greed which slumbers within her mind. A lot of the things she does, are things she does for her own winning in the long run, may it be intentional or spontaneous. She wants to do the greater good for her surrounding but she keep finding herself with ponies who try to help in as many ways they possibly can, and often for her own winning. When Shift isn't working one can often find her with her friends or at any important party for the Equestrian supremacy. She really enjoy to interact and socialize with ponies, especially if that includes compliments. The interactions are always handled with utmost sensitivity and she avoids to directly insult anypony, even if she might present her disapproval wrapped in a skein of modesty. Don't let her decency fool you. Shift is certainly a master with her tongue but while one hand is feeding you the other one is ready to slap you. Every flaw you display, every quirk that reaches her emerald eyes is printed in her mind. In preventive purpose, of course. She would actually never diffuse anypony's flaws if she really didn't have a good purpose doing so. Though, indeed, it gives her a bit of an advantage if something would occur. Fundamentally, it's more like a trained sense which she has developed in order to easier find her own flaws. Shift does always note to herself whenever she sees a flaw on herself but rather than trying to develop from it, she masks them with their opposites. Instead of her greedy self Shift uses a mask to constantly offer her help to anypony in need. (Though a fee is always appreciated) Instead of presenting her judging side she compliments them with the opposite of what she think they represent. Constantly a weighing where her bad sides need to be weighed up by actions and phrases. Never realizing that the false game she plays is her greatest flaw. ​Even though the superficial upper class is her regular arena she doesn't mind to interact with the more ordinary ponies of Equestria. (Bloating is a flaw.) It happens occasionally that Shift attends to more unbridled events. She even payed a certain 'barn dance' her presence once, and even though she didn't quite 'enjoy' the event, she certainly didn't regret it either. The whole thing had some nostalgia to it... The dancing, the singing, the food and the general feeling of having fun was something she faintly recognized.
  24. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Iron Will Sex: Male Age: Mature Species: Minotaur Eye colour: Black with yellow sclera Coat: Cobalt-silver upper half, dark cobalt lower half Mane/Tail: Mohawk and a bull's tail Physique: Extremely top-heavy with an emphasis on pectorals and biceps, pronounced tapering and fairly thin legs, much like a cliche body-builder. Residence: Largely nomadic, but owns housing in Breakbeak Cliffs. Occupation: Motivational coach and showman. Previously bodyguard and bodybuilder. History: Iron Will began life in Equestria out of curiosity – he had heard of these creatures called ponies, and he had the fortune to meet with some of them; most of them were polite enough, some of them were too easily intimidated, but on the whole they struck Iron Will as being interesting enough, and the wanderlust in him was strong enough to get him to make the trek from his home to greater Equestria. At first, he simply acted as an unusual visitor – an oddity, often misunderstood and sometimes feared, and he used this to his advantage. Not as a bully nor a robber, but rather, a bodyguard and a spectacle, showing off where he could for bits and services, impressing those around him with the capacities being a Minotaur lent him. After all, there was no pride or self-respect in being a thug, but he could most certainly feel good about being impressive and protective of those who needed inspiration or assistance. It was fun, to him, to hear ponies cheer and marvel, and as time went on, he started doing more and more showmanship, as a performing muscleman at times, showing off his strength and his courage to face mighty obstacles. He even helped out from time to time, if something very large and heavy needed moving while he happened to be about. But, still, while it was both rewarding and amusing, it wasn't satisfying to him – he knew he could do more, and the idea of being a spectacle was addicting. It was then that the idea of confidence seminars hit him - he could go around, using his impressive stature and booming voice to show off how incredible self-confidence could be! He could rally ponies and inspire them, bringing them up to the level of those around them, with seminars and shows! Yes, it'd be more writing and less lifting heavy things, but that was fine with him. Slogans simply came as part and parcel with the showmanship – he'd been doing that sort of thing for years! So, he tours Equestria - Iron Will's the name, trainin' ponies is his game! His talents, he uses out of a desire to do good, but still he keeps to his honesty and integrity, trying to instill both confidence and self-respect in those ponies that need it. Still, he keeps himself in check, and makes sure to keep to his promises - if you don't keep your word, you're out of the herd! Character Summary: Iron Will is no shouting simpleton, nor a basic boisterous boasting bullheaded brute. Iron Will is, for all his volume and bluster, a creature of both professionalism and standards. He is more clever than his initial impressions may let on, and more reasonable than his imposing stature and excessive volume may imply. That is not to say he is the paragon of civility and manners hidden in a brusque and burly shell, but he is nevertheless civil and personable in his own way. Though he is very much focused on being able to maintain self-respect and confidence, he is also rather concerned with life being reasonably 'fair', as well as maintaining a level of his own discipline. Of course, his practises aren't all that define him. Off the stage, he is the life of any party that suits him - a high-octane, muscle and mayhem sort of guy with a love for thrusting himself forward into the exciting and the unknown. Though he can get a little carried away at times, it's never by malice or in anger; his immense size and strength do him few favors when he's barelling into a doorway not quite his size, or slamming down a massive fist where only hooves were meant to tread. Though he's no gentle giant, he's still a rather even-tempered fellow, and seldom does he bully his way out of a situation that he feels responsible for. As for how he spends his time? Showing off and testing his limits, like any good high-energy showman would! Skydiving? Get the parachutes! Cliff-climbing? Absolutely! Boxing with gryphons? Get the pads on, featherheads! Rock concerts? Throw up the horns and scream! Not unlike a few ponies, Iron Will simply wasn't built with anything between 'sleeping' and 'full blast' on his energy dials. Iron Will puts out energy until he runs out of fuel, takes a few naps, and then gets back on his hooves for more. He also enjoys carpentry from time to time - after all, everyone needs a hobby, and there's a certain satisfaction to be had in making something useful with your own two hands.
  25. From the album: The Wonderous Pegasus's Album

    Here's my dragon OC, Therian, a bookworm on all things animals and magical creatures. Hope you like him!

    © Therian is my creation, and cannot be used in RP under any condition; he cannot be used in Fanfiction, unless I give you permission to do so.

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