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  1. Nightmare of Equestria; chapter one It was a dream I had a long time ago, well a series of dreams, rubbing gags against my consciousness, or perhaps another life of another me I did not know. Maybe it is something to better consider a nightmare, persevering against my efforts to turn a blind eye to it. This other me had needed help, yet I could only watched as his life became what mine could be if I gave in and let the ponies tame me. After the troubles with Tirek in the stead of being looked on as a hero, as a pony who had given up his only possession in seeking forgiveness: I, me, we, were instead gazed upon with scornful eyes, as a monster…. This was how that nightmare began, and how it may always end. ------------------ It had been mere hours after the celebration. Not everypony was feeling the same, accommodating warmth that Mayor Mare had insisted upon. While the princesses of the sun, moon and friendship had kept hearts open to the idea of celebration in the wake of victory, there were eyes still eyes that bore upon the chimeric beast with disdain and unease. He was attempting to reconcile with his past, but there were many who did not wish to forgive as easily as the Mane, at least as one of them tried. For all the pomp and parade it did not change their knowledge. The Mane knew what he had done and he was no hero, but the instigator. Even the princess of friendship was unsure with the decision of the royal celestial commandants. They were the sun and Moon, but were they, any longer, close to the lives of the ponies they tended to? Did they understand that passing out forgiveness to a monster like him was, not in the least, like forgiving a corrupted sibling, who had no control of her heart and mind? So many questions, yet no worthwhile answers. He could very well do it again and bring harm to the sanctity of their peace, the harmony they fooled themselves into believing they had. There was so much hindsight to be had, and no foresight at all to what treating such a being could create. The chaotic spirit had settled himself beside his yellow-furred companion, enjoying the food provided. He turned his head down, talking to her with a smile, as he did. He had settled himself comfortably on a pillow, the vibrant decorations fitting the autumn months just before Hearthswarming Season. Those sharp teeth were put on display, causing some to shirk away. Fluttershy politely listened to the spirit, but she did not speak up. Discord could only assume it was the crowds that had her tense. So he ignored it. He was oblivious to it all, taking in stride the new community he had been welcomed into by the princesses, a world created by a power even greater than their own. "Did you hear, Fluttershy?" His voice low, but not inaudible to the crowd. She turned up her head shyly. "Huh?" Her ears pinning down as she held her cup. "Oh, I'm s-s-sorry. What d-d-did you say?" She looked down to her plate, food uneaten. Discord frowned, feeling she was distant. "Oh, Discord!" Mayor Mare called, trotting up to the crooked serpent. "Since you want to be helpful, how about I put you in charge as a helper to set up for Hearthswarming events with Applejack and the others?" Across the way Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Twilight were seated. At the mention of her name the Apple perked her ear, but come the mention of the snake helping, if he even knew what that was, seemed to call her full stop. Her shifted direction had caused Twilight and Dash to stall their conversation. They looked over to the blonde mare, who had suddenly become nervous. "AJ?" Dash questioned as she raised a hoof, but the farm pony had already turned about face on the pillow seat. "Now just a darned minute. You're putting him in charge of something that important so soon?" She tried to bite her tongue back a bit, but she wouldn't be honest with herself otherwise. "I got it handled on my own just fine, he'll just want to goof off." The Mayor giggled. "Well I think that's good! We should have a fun holiday after everything being so stressful. What do you say Discord?" The spirit blinked, feeling his emotions swell a bit at the opportunity. "But of course. I have a perfect idea!" Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes, resting her cheek on her hoof. "Pfft, this I'll have to see. Hope you don't lose to him AJ." Twilight chuckled. "It sounds interesting. I'll come too." It seems it was settled. Discord would be in charge of the festivities for Hearthswarming! He had a fantastic idea, something fun for his new friends. The spirit floated off and popped out of existence with a blink to start planning. Once he was gone Fluttershy let out a sigh and walked over towards the others. "I'm a bit tired. I think I'll b-b-be going home now..." She lowered her head, peering through her bangs. Dash zipped up and pulled Flutter into her forelimb. "Come on let's go have tea at your place!" Flutter looked down. "I-I don't know.…" Twilight stood and walked over. "I think it would be fun. Come on Fluttershy. Since Discord has run off we can have us time." "Well… okay. I s-s-suppose that's alright." Discord sat in his yard in Chaosville, a glass jar between his legs as he filled out little raffle tickets, said prizes of critter pets bouncing around him playfully. "I think I can put on a lovely theater play about all of this. I can change." And hopefully be forgiven too… He looked to the ticket that had "fox" written on it before sticking it into the jar. To be continued….
  2. Hey everypony! Well I've been wanting to do this for a while and I finally worked up the guts to do it. I am posting my old Halloween fanfiction I wrote for Haloween 2015 and posted on FimFiction and fanfiction but FImFiction has the sequel I am working on . Anyway here it is if you are interested Oh and heads up my OC Lunar Relic is included so if you don't like OC's you might not like this story to begin with. Also it is a 17.6 thousand word story divided into 10 and I should have all spelling and grammar issues sorted out (Excluding some of Applejacks speech since that is for effect) Anyways if you read it and find any problems with spelling and/or grammer I missed please let me know. Description: After everything settles down from the Tirek issue everypony returns to a normal life. All but Fluttershy who had been having emotional issues ever since the issues on Sweet Apple Acres. She goes to Twilight for help although she wasn't much help. It wasn't until later that night she figures out what was truly wrong... she was still a Vampire Pony... only now she had a thirst for blood not apples or fruit. Can Twilight aided by the mysterious Lunar Relic uncover the truth behind the odd chain of events and save Fluttershy? Find out in... Night of the Futterbat! Link: Night of The Flutterbat
  3. Hay, so I finished a halloween story about Flutterbat and I got mixed results with it so I figured why not post a link to it here. Also have a pal of my from London named Mark Hyder who did a reading look him up on youtube if you want to hear his readings I would suggest it since he is really good at it! but here's the link to the story, http://www.fimfiction.net/story/207537/night-of-the-flutterbat If an interesting Flutterbat or vampire fanfiction interests you then you might or then again might not enjoy this story!
  4. This Story takes place after the Nightmare Moon incident in an alternate universe, the mane six have not been formed, but Celestia herself managed to save her sister from that darkness that overtook Luna. Anything is possible in another universe. I like to hide references throughout my story, so if you find one, then you may try and guess where it came from in the comments section below. Chapter 1: Two Minds, One Body Chapter 2: Lost Memories Chapter 3 coming soon!
  5. Hey everypony. So, i have this fanfic i'm writing, and i'd love some critique/ideas if you have any. First though, i would love it for you to read the fanfic in it's entirety so far. Three chapters. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11343292/1/The-Journey If you could, favorite and follow the story, and leave a review? They all help! I'd love advice on my how to improve my writing, and ideas/things you'd like to see in future chapters, and what your favorite part is so far! Thank you!
  6. Would you like your oc in a movie? If so, please comment down below. I'm in need of background or main characters for my movie.
  7. Life and death are decided in the skies over the Crystal Empire. In the aftermath of a continent-spanning war, an empire lost to time suddenly reappears in the frozen north of Equestria. Its beauty is unspoiled. Its magic, powerful. Its people, curious. Their first contact with the modern world has drawn the attention of all nations in the Pax Equestria Alliance. In the interest of establishing diplomatic contact with the Crystal Empire, Equestria dispatches an envoy to the capital. But during the talks, reports of a new threat falls upon the diplomats’ table. Villages are being systematically wiped out and newly-emerged cities plundered for their ancient treasures. With no modern army to defend them, the Crystal Empire turns to Equestria for aid. Task Force Paladin from the Alliance airship fleet is dispatched to provide protection as the Empire is brought up to speed on the modern world. Lieutenant Commander Firefly and Timberwolf flight of VFA-108 are seasoned veterans, combat fliers of the highest caliber. But even the best cannot escape the scars of war. Images of battle continue to haunt Firefly, demons that she cannot seem to exorcise on her own. Meanwhile, she still has a squad to lead, a new recruit to train, and bureaucratic red tape to deal with. Patrols and drills are boring grinds compared to the pitched battles of the Continental War. But what begins as routine patrol work rapidly escalates into deadly dogfights and furious fleet actions. There is more to this fight than just a few rogue griffons out for blood and coin. As the situation rapidly spirals out of control, the Timberwolves find themselves embroiled in a conflict that will determine the fate of not just the Crystal Empire, but all Equestria. Set loosely in the Para bellum universe with influences drawn from the Ace Combat games. Soundtracks are drawn from a variety of military games. Tracks are indexed in the author’s notes at the bottom of each chapter. Rated Teen for warfare, violence, and language. Art by Zicygomar. ​
  8. Chapter 1 - An Unwanted Guest. It was a dark and stormy Nightmare Night , the perfect night for telling horror stories , eat candies and make Tricks ! Or rather , it was the perfect night for almost everyone . In his Cottage , Fluttershy had closed every door and window, so that nothing dangerous could get inside. Although the most dangerous he could be is a big mosquito. " don’t you forget something ? " said Discord while floating above Fluttershy. " No , I don’ t think , ” Fluttershy answered, wondering if she had forgotten something. " Not even a certain party ? " Said Discord. “ A party ? ” Fluttershy asked, when she suddenly gasped and said, " Oh no, Twilight Special Nightmare Night Party ! " " Hallelujah ! " exclaimed Discord, making confetti appear out of nowhere, " and tell me are you planning to stay here ? No, seriously, because it is a bit that I don’t go to a party of us beloved Princess Twilight. " Fluttershy sighed and began to turn around, thinking and mumbling. Shortly after, she sat down, looked at Discord, and said , " if you want, you can go" " Will I remember you last year ? " Said Discord with very serious tone, " when you come to the library crying, soaking wet and cooled after the storm has turned off the lights in the house ? " " Oh, right, " said Fluttershy disconsolate, "if only I had a way to call you, how does spike when it sends messages to Princess Celestia" Discord sighed and began to think. "So ," he said , " you need something that can contact me wherever I am. Possibly something small and manageable. Hmmm" A few seconds passed in silence, punctuated only by the pouring rain and howling wind. "AHA, EUREKA ! " exclaimed happy discord. With a snap of his fingers, he materialized a small necklace with a blue diamond hanging. "If you needed my help," he said, as he closed the necklace around the neck of Fluttershy, " think of me intensely and I will arrive here in a blink of an eye" Fluttershy smiled, then stood up and hugged Discord. "Thanks ," she said happily, " and say hello to the other !" " Obviously , my dear, " Discord said happily. Then , in a flash , he teleported. Meanwhile, at the library ... The others were just arriving and, punctually, they wondered where it was Fluttershy. " perhaps remained at home, you know how it is " Twilight said. " what a shame ," said Applejack. "Oh no, now what ? Now that I had brought some delicious pastries with pumpkin ! " exclaimed wincing Rarity. "Ah , don’t worry , " said Discord , " I will eat someone for her". "Oh , Discord , " said Twilight cheerfully , " I'm happy that you were able to come , but ..." " Where's Fluttershy ? " Asked Rainbow Dash. "Oh , well , you know how , " Discord said with his usual tone, " storm , a moonless night , the fact that it is Nightmare night ... " " ugh , okay , we get it " said again Rainbow Dash . " I don’t ," said Pinkie Pie, " I missed at " moonless night " , could you repeat everything ? " There was a moment of silence . "uh , we' ll talk later , okay ? " said ironically Discord . And so they began to party! They went on to dance, to tell horror stories and also read some stories too . Until ... " Hey , what have you to your hoof ? " Asked Applejack while pointing Discord’s hoof , who continued to beat on the floor . "Oh , oh , it's like my twitchy tail ? ” Pinkie Pie asked anxiously. “ Actually , ” said Discord , “ it is rather difficult to explain the " why " , let's just say that Fluttershy is calling me” The hoof continued to beat harder and harder, so he begin to break the floor . " Oh , **** , " Discord said worriedly , " I'd better go now , it looks she is pretty worried . " So saying , discord re - snapped his fingers and disappeared . The 5 , meanwhile , wondered why Fluttershy could be so nervous. Rainbow Dash suggested that it could be for the same event the year before , while Rarity said that maybe it was something serious ... this time. While the 5 spoke , spike came down from upstairs with a letter in his hand. It was signed with a " D " . Twilight took it , and began to read : " Twilight , We have a small problem from Fluttershy , you may ONLY come you? Discord. “ " It must be serious , " said Rarity " Discord wrote something seriously ! " The other four looked at her with a scornful look . " All right , girls ," said Twilight , " I see what the problem is and come back immediately " And in an instant , Twilight teleported to the cottage . " Oh , thank Celestia you came , " Discord said with a strange worried tone . " What is it , where Fluttershy ? " Twilight asked . Discord brought twilight to Fluttershy room and recommended she to not worry or get nervous.. With all this tension , twilight was already preparing for the worst . Arrived in front of Fluttershy’ s room , Discord knocked on the door and said that there was twilight . Fluttershy came out , he looked exhausted, trembling and his eyes were full of tears . " Twilight ," she said sobbing , " Please , you must help me ! " " Fluttershy , what happens ? " asked worried Twilight . Fluttershy hesitated and glanced at Discord . " P - please , Twilight ," he began to say Fluttershy , " don’t get mad , he ... he is not like the others , I - I'm sure ! " " What are you talking about ? " Twilight asked in a tone somewhat grim . Fluttershy left twilight enter in the room. She stopped when she saw what was in the bed . It was one of them. " Fluttershy , " twilight said with a shocked tone , " You know what is that ... thing ? " Fluttershy not answer. "Do you remember what they did to my brother ? " For a few seconds , Fluttershy stood in silence. " I'm sorry " She said. Twilight sighed and , still shaken , she replied " okay , I’ll heal him , but I want to know every detail of why you brought a changeling in your house "
  9. Hey everypony (is that still a thing? I hope so...) Anyway I figured I'd jump in feet first. I'm not sure how widespread this fanfic is, as I only recently stumbled across it. It's called "Chains" by Bookybrony. The premise is that the world of Equestria is more or less as it exists in-show save for one difference. Humans exist and have been enslaved for two-hundred or so years. It's unique in the sense that it presents a light grey take on Equestria. The ideas of Celestia as a tyrant or a grimdark setting have floated around since the fandom's beginnings. Here though? There is slavery, and it's undeniably evil. Celestia's more misguided then evil though, and the general themes of friendship and the like are all still there. It's a darker, more evil Equestria without being entirely evil. The pegasi being abolitionists helps I'm going to go over some backstory from the fanfic in general, but I ugre you to all check it out for yourselves. https://www.fanficti...702067/1/Chains So the basic backstory...around 200 years before the start of MLP:FiM a human nation called Azure Dawn was discovered on the fringes of Equestrian territory. At first things were going well and Celestia and the human prince developed a frienship. Problem was humans were omnivours, and the very idea that a sentient species sharing a border with ponies could concievably eat ponies is seen as a major concern. Still things are going well until a group of humans kill and eat a pony. The humans treat the offenders as criminals and execute them for muder but the damage is done and Celestia is strongarmed into allowing the Equestrians to enslave the humans. Fastforward 200 years later and Twilight Sparkle has a human servant she named Chains. The fanfic follows them around, but I'll be breaking from that. That I stumbled across this thing now is just one of those coincidences. I've recently seen Ridley Scott's Exodus: Gods and Kings movie, and I think I'm one of twelve people on the planet who liked it. So the idea of a people in slavery struggling to survive was fresh in my mind when I read this. There's also the fact that I had recently rewatched Andew Lloyd Webber's Jesus Christ: Superstar movie which will naturally touch on similar themes. That musical, that movie, and that fanfic then propelled me to dig out another Lloyd Webber song, "Close Every Door" from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. http://youtu.be/WEzEROSj11Q?t=5m13s So that's what's been on my mind reading Chains and then thinking this unoffical sequal up That's key. I don't know Bookybrony. I have not spoken to him. This is entirely of my own creation, and was not sanctioned by the author of the piece this serves as a sequel to. Lastly, before I light this candle...I know that the inspiration I've mentioned is Biblically themed, and that's a sensative topic thesedays. I'm not trying to mock or promote any belief or set of beliefs. Merely using the story elements that appear in these Biblical stories and their adaptations. If you are offended by these story elements being used in this way I truly apoligize. It was not my intent. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Callum's muscles ached. The human of 27 years lay in one of the top bunks of one of the many slave huts that dotted the edges of the quarry outside of Fillydelphia. That it was a top bunk was particualary rough. After a day of hauling stone one didn't want to have climb a ladder to get to bed. Stil, the promise of a sweet sleep, even the small five hours he'd be allotted, made the climb work as his muscles ached. He'd done the same sort of work he'd been dooing for fifteen years, but today was especially brutal. Normally willing to stay awake if only for a bit to think to himself, Callum passed out. He wasn't sure how long he'd been asleep. Maybe for a few hours. Maybe only seconds. All he knew was that he had been propelled from the nothingness of a deep sleep into the middle of the quarry. Startled, he stumbled before sensing an uneasy stillness. Yes, it was the middle of the night. Yet not even the sounds of the world filled the air. Cautiously he called out... "Hello?" his voice didn't echo. His heart began to race. Whatever was happening here wan't natural...he made haste to the ramps only to be stopped. "Hello Callum." At least that's what he thought the voice said. It wasn't so much a voice as much as it was a song...a song that called the crackle of a fire to mind. He turned and looked up...a ring of fire circled him overhead...the voice had come from it...he was sure of it. He looked...the ring of swirling red, organge, yellow, purple, and blue...the song-like voice...he couldn't help but fall to his knees. "You know me..." he whispered. "Yes, you and your people. For all two hundred years of servitude and many more before that. I am yours, and you are mine." Callum tilted his head. "We are yours?" "Yes. All things are me and I am all things..." the ring of fire shrank and moved before him, dancing. "And you...all of you...are to be free." "Two hundred years?" Callum asked. "It's take two hundred years." "All things must be allowed to progress as they are. It is time for you to know your freedom. You and your kin. All of them." "All things must be allowed?!?!" Callum found himself yelling at this...this...whatever it was. "Yes, but know the Azure Dawn will be restored." "The what?" Callum asked, angry now, but also confused. "Your freedom, your culture, all have been taken. But now is the time of your freedom. You will know what has been forgotten." Callum glanced at the creature with a sideways glance. He wished to question it more. Why whatever it was allowed a race it apparently cared for to toil in servitude, under creatures that possessed powers humans could never hope to comprehend. Yet...he couldn't. The glory of this thing... "Why come here? The princesses...they could free us all. Tell them." "The moon wishes you free...the sun claims to as well but dathers as your people, my people, suffer. Excuses are two centuries old. There will be no more." He wanted to ask more. That Celestia claimed to want humans free was news enough. She was a symbol of fear to most of his kind. A human could be beaten merely for catching a glimpse of her supposedly divine form. Yet he found himself calmed...the urgency to ask these questions not extinguished but calmed. "Then why me?" he managed to ask. "You tame that which is untamable. And ride between two streams." Callum could only shake his head. "I have no idea what you're speaking of." "Your people either accept their servitude and will not rebel, or they harbour hatred for your oppressors that would see them slaughter ponies with no regard should they be convnced that rebellion were not futile. You posses that rage Callum. I know you do. I feel it. Yet I know you will not slaughter an innocent. And it is this what I seek. To lead my people to freedom yet to not see more ponies die then is neccecary." "You don't wish them dead? You claim to care for us, but you do not want to see our oppressors killed?" Callum asked, his voice almost yelling again. "I am yours, and you are mine. As are all things. They have stumbled and erred. Some will die, yes. Yet there will be no genocide in this act." "I don't know...what you expect of me" Callum replied and stood. "I've toiled in this quarry most of my life. I've been merely a slave for all of it. You...you cannot expect me to do this." He turned to head to the ramps back up to the slave huts. The fire flashed before him and then towards him. Callum froze, eyed winced shut, expecting to be burned. Yet...it did not come. It passed through him. Filling him with a warm, comforting feeling. "As long as you stand before tyranny, you will never be alone." Callum awoke, his grey eyes wide awake, body stiff. He was in bed. A top bunk. He looked around. Everyone else was fast asleep. He looked out a window. It still seemed dark. No hint of morning. He lay his head on the think, mangy pillow. It was a dream...but it felt real...and he still felt that warm glow inside of him. His mind raced. A diety? It appeared to be one of some sort. No human had any memory of their culture before enslavement. Two centuries had stripped their culture from them. It could have been an old human god. It was possible. The ponies claimed Celestia and Luna were divine. If they were it wasn't outside the realm of possibility that another...he took a deep breath, exhaistion catching up with him as he passed out.... The next day played out like most. The slaves awoke at the first inklings of dawn and were hearded into groups to perform their tasks. Around midday a brief break was allowed. Callum would have been content to find a place to sit and eat the ration of nuts and berries provided but not today. Not after the night before. He was looking for a group of slaves. The human elders. They were the oldest workers. They mostly settled disputes between human slaves. It was a suitable arrangement for the pony overseers. They weren't forced to deal with every problem that cropped up. The elders, meanwhile, would promise not to promote any form of disobedience. That was the problem. What few privlieages they were afforded was based on the ponies allowing their existance. What he was going to propose...they could reject it outright. Yet he didn't know who else to go to. Finally he saw them, sitting in a circle, eating their meagre fill. Callum approached, standing before them, waiting for one to notice him. "Yes?" a man of around 45 asked, raising his hand to his eyes. "I...um..." Callum stumbled over his words. He hadn't actually thought about what he was going to say. "I've come to speak with you. About something very important." The man nodded and motioned for his comrades to spread out, to make room for Callum in their circle. The younger slave nodded and sat crossed legged. "I...I don't know how to begin really. I guess it started last night..." "What started last night?" another elder asked. "A dream. I had a dream." The elders looked at him, some showing amusement, some showing annoyance. "A dream son?" the first elder to have greated him, a human named Lede, asked. "And why bother us with your dreams?" "Because of something I met. Met in it. It told me...told me it wanted us...all of us...free." "The quarry?" anothr elder, named Niels, asked. "No. Humans." The elders sat in silence for a moment before Lede spoke up. "You should go" he said, looking down at his megre lunch. "If I'm wrong, pitty me for my stupidity" Callum answered standing, a sharp egde in his voice. "But if I'm right!" he added, yelling and as turned his back and marched towards the centre of the quarry. "If I'm right, then I have to see..." he approached a hearty looking Earth Pony named Klondike, one of the overseers keeping an eye on the slaves as they enjoyed their restbit from drudgery that day. The pony turned, looking at the human, yelling and approaching him. "Quiet slave" he hissed, lowering his head with a snarl, looking like he might charge. "And back to work for all of you!" he yelled to the other overseers as much as to Callum and the rest of the humans. Everywhere Earth Pony guards began to heard the slaves into their work gangs. Callum, however, stood firm. "No." he said firmly. Klondike laughed. "What was that mongrel?" he asked. "I said no" Callum answered, trying his best to sound steadfast, despite panicing. This was idiotic! Stupid! If he only got a beating out of this he'd be lucky. Still the words "never alone" echoed in his mind. He stood firm as the blue Earth Pony approached. "Back to work. Now" he growled. Callum just closed his eyes and shook his head. The next thing he felt was a powerful thud. Klondike had bucked him square in the chest. He flew back, landing on the quarry floor. He cried out in pain. Ribs cracked, easily...the back of his head was pounding...he'd hit it against the stone floor. He'd die here...how could he not? Yet he felt himself stumble to his knees. His injuries were real yet...yet they didn't matter. He felt the pain. Felt death inching closer yet...yet they just seemed so distant. "No" he said once more, kneeling broken before Klondike. The Earth Pony gunted and went buck him again yet...a flash. A flash of fire protected Callum, sending Klondike hurtling the other direction. Callum, for his part, stood slowly. He didn't know how but..but whatever that flash was...his ribs no lohger hurt. His head no longer hurt. His bones no longer ached...Suddenly, without thinking it through, he raised a fist. "FREEDOM!" A mob of human slaves overwhelmed the Earth Pony overseers as Callum stood by, not moving, watching... "You will stop this later but today...today it must be done" the voice! It was back! It didn't speak clearly. It danced on the sounds of the world yet Callum knew...he could hear it! "Move, and know that the time is now." And so it was. The Fillydelphia Quarry was abanonded. Its human slave population having made off. The dead Earth Ponies earned the wrath of officias who condemned the uprising, vowing to find the escaped slaves and punish them. And yet among human slaves rumours began to circulate. A band of fighters...no rebels...no an army...were amasing in the forests. Led by one who promised freedom. Not by his hand, but from another's. Azure Dawn was rising.
  10. "Once upon a time, There was a powerful being of chaos who's name ponies to fear to speak. This creature, so terrible was his power that any pony who look upon him became corrupt and changed into a terrible form that drove them to the brink of insanity. The creature, half giant squid, half dragon, had been said to have fallen into the ocean from the very stars, long before there were ponies in Equestria. one fateful day, a royal pony came to sing by the ocean. The creature heard the beautiful song and came up from the depths to stole the ponies voice. telling her lies about why she lost her voice and showing her visions of her friends betrayal. Unable to sing any longer the unicorn cursed the ponies of Equestria. That she was unable to sing, so to would the ponies be unable to sing. No words of joy would ever grace the lips of anypony. The royal unicorn fell into despair that was soothed only by the creature's lies. together they rained chaos across Equestria that had been matched only by the damage done by the draconequus. The exploits of these two were enough to rouse the twin royal sisters. Soon the twin sisters of night and day came and banished the creature and the corrupted pony to the world of dreams ruled by the younger sister, until a way could be found to defeat them and break the curse lain upon all the lands. They also took the source of the creature's power and locked it away for eternity guarded by Cerberus at the gates of Tartarus. Their work almost complete, the sisters together cast a counter spell that even they were forced to partake in. For now when emotions ran high, those ponies who were not to sing, must sing and sing with what was in their heart. Thus the curse has been kept at bay for a thousand years. But it is said that when the stars are right, the song of darkness could bring back the creature and the royal princess on a night of fan-fair and joy, where everypony's hearts are as one. To this day, some ponies still see the dark creature in their dreams, as they wake from nightmares screaming in terror yet unable to remember what they saw." **************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Twilight looked up with a frown. Since becoming the princess of friendship she'd not really gotten to read much lately, when it was not study work. What with royal duties, tea's, and meetings taking up much of her time. She sighed and remembered how this whole journey had started. in all that time she had never finished this book on old equestrian mare's tales. Today while having a small break in her duties just before bed, she'd picked up the dusty volume emblazoned with a golden unicorn on the front. The last time she had read something from this book, it had taken place not more then 24 hours later, the track record of this book was not really good she would say... But then again. That tale of the two sisters was true. This one was not. Twilight gave a happy sigh and used her magic to close the book and set it on the stack next to her bed. She turned out the light and snuggled deeply into her covers. It was a silly thing to think that could happen again. Completely illogical in fact. Little did she know that unscheduled clouds were rolling over the Canterlot as she drifted off. a gentle rain soon pouring down into a howling storm by the midnight hours. Soon the clouds obscured the moon, and the stars and drifted determined outward, toward pony ville and the lands beyond. And it was with a peel of thunder and bright tropical blue lightning the princess woke from a terrible nightmare she could not remember.... -To be continued-
  11. Google Docs Link (Most Updated): https://docs.google.com/document/d/18_3GAmJNhr18Rn6Iee2--yal-GXdgBAYnLhwsGVVOkI/edit?usp=sharing What I have so far down below... Prologue: *The camera recording starts* My name is Shadow Scoundrel. I used to be a human... Funny how I’m here, in a place that I thought was only a fantasy. This place… “This” place I now call home. It’s strange… like it was made for me. A paradise, if you will. I remember how it all began. How I got here, the infestation of Zombies, the “Swarm”, Dr. Edward Richtofen, Samantha Maxis, her father, Dr. Ludvig Maxis. I once knew them as characters and species of fictional stories. Now I sit here. This is where I begin my story. It was 10th of January in the New Year. Hmff, seems like ages ago, never the less It was my Junior year at my high school, Bret Harte High, I was typing on the computer for my english project during 5th period. Suddenly the lights go out. I got pissed for a moment, then remembered that it saved right before it went out. I was fine. I was happy when I heard my teacher for that period noted that “Since of the power outage, you’ll have to contact your parents or wait for the busses and go home for the day.” I was able to call home and get a pickup. While I was heading home, I had a weird feeling, like, like, ok…for a lack of a better saying, like something bad was about to happen. Regretfully I was right. The next day, on the 11th. An Orange fog slowly rolled in. I went outside with my usual getup, my leather jacket, Gloves, and my bandana, I was a tanned caucasian, chocolate colored eyes, brown-blackish mix for my hair, and was longer than a buzz cut, but not even close to my shoulders. I decided to record a video for my channel, after the posting the video, the video got millions of views, and it wasn’t for what I was saying, it was for the fog. The CDC where confused when they searched for any edited video evidence, they found none, and decided to investigate. (This is what they told me sooo… yea…) They arrived within the next day, they got into their suits, checking to see if it was a terrorist attack or something, I went out as well, again in my getup, with my airsoft guns; A magnum, a bolt action rifle, a semi automatic pistol, and a spring action pistol, but before that the F.B.I. Was questioning me asking If I knew what it was or if this has happened before. I answered their questions. I look to the barn where the CDC were about to enter the fog to see chemical properties and the F.B.I. Agents where down there as well. As soon as they touched the fog; it explodes like a nuclear bomb. Yet there is no more fog, and I’m not dead. I look around I see parts of the earth floating in the air, the place where the CDC and F.B.I. were, gone. As if they had never existed. The Airsoft guns turn into their real versions of their counterparts. There is light spewing out of the river, and the heat, it’s like going from a blizzard to a volcano within milliseconds. It hurt a lot, and the smell, It smelt like what I imagine a rotten body going through the crematorium. That is when I saw my first “Real” Zombie. More of a “Shock and Awe” for the first thing of reanimating of a corpse, wait a minute, why is its eyes glowing? Why is its glowing orange? My mind is racing of things, then one thing of my ideas makes me almost fall flat on my face, my theory of how universes works, where anything you think, is your perspective of you happening in another universe. “Maxis.” I whispered. “NO ****ING WAY!! NO ****ING WAY!!!!” I screamed “Listen, I need your help. I don’t have time to explain everything. DON’T listen to Dr. Ludvig Maxis. He is sending me back to when it all started and ending the world I’m sending Samantha down there so I can buy you some time. That rat and I don’t get along but we agree on one thing, and that is to not destroy the world, and it’s survivors. You and Samantha are the only survivors left as of my knowledge. You can make some soldiers with the M40A1 Sniper Rifle Packed a Punched. They are Idiots, but they will add some protected firepower, and… they don’t move that much.” He is sending a missile down to earth to ignite the earth remaining air, I’ve slowed the launch so it will reach earth about a little bit over an hour.” Richthofen says “All right.” I reply, “Wait what? I thought you would need some convincing.” Richtofen says with confusion. “Richthofen. I know too much as it is.” Episode:1 “Bloodbath on the farm” Chapter 1:Samantha “Do you have any weapons?” Richthofen asks. “Two rifles, (Including the one in the house) two handgun, a revolver, and a bat.” I reply. “Good you will need them. You will find her near the barn on your property.” “All right. But is there any way to go back to my family here?” “What are you talking about?” “I was here but it wasn’t with a **** load of zombies Richtofen, it was nothing like this then I see an orange fog on my property, the CDC and the F.B.I. People were here as well then BOOM! I’m here.” “It sounds to me as if your world, and ours have collided, and has sent you to the future, or is it present. What year is it again? Anyway I can’t fix it. It’s physically impossible thanks to those Dummkopfs in South Africa, now there dead because of them listening to him. I’m surprised that you are here…” “No way back…” “Correct. Oh… Yea… you cannot time travel backwards, it’s , just as I've said before, “not possible.” That hit me like a wrecking ball. All of me just wanted to do SOMETHING! SOMETHING, Instead of nothing but I couldn’t. Even I knew it, it wasn’t going to happen. I will never see my family ever again. “Turn around.” Richtofen said, “I’ve, ah… I think I’ve found them.” I turn to see five crosses on the ground marking the five fallen. I see the names, “Mom… Nan… Sis-is…” I fall on the ground, partly for the resend of disgust, another for shock, and for that of agony. “My family forever lost…” “Look, you need to focus. Samantha will arrive any minute, forget these feelings and focus that can save the last of humanity. FOCUS!” Richthofen yelled. “**** YOU!” I screamed! “IT WAS YOUR ****ING FAULT IN THE FIRST PLACE YOU GOD FORSAKEN NAZI!” I yelled. “I know, and I regret it. I never meant to do the amount of destruction that I've caused. But the thing was is that I wanted to end the war. The element 115 drove me insane. I had no control over myself, and I’m sorry, but there is nothing I can do to change that. Two minutes till the particles of her teleportation will hit the atmosphere. Two more till she reassembles at the barn. Hurry! You, must get going, I’m fading! Good luck.” Richthofen said with with his last breath.. “May god have mercy on your sole Edward.” I said coldly. Then, with his look of sorrow,he was gone. I Hear Maxis, “What! There still is one, where is Samantha!?” I run to the barn to get to Samantha, if she dies, she heads to Maxis I cannot let that happen. I had to hold out with the few guns that I have. And find a way out. The blood dripping from all the infected, the blazing of the bullets the blood and limbs fly through the air. Through all the chaos, I don’t know, but during that moment all went black. I see a night sky surrounded by a light blue waves. What made me regain consciousness was hearing Maxis scream. “STOP!!!!!” and I wake with two ****ers just holding my intestines, I grabbed the bat of mine and slammed them into the ground, the others just standing there. Watching me, with their soulless eyes. I fall, "(Looks like the belt broke on the conveyor belt)". She was alive. Holding what looked like quick revive. As soon as it hit my mouth, it was as bad as what Dempsey has said “Tastes like red herring dipped in cat piss, blaaah...” All of a sudden I feel excruciating pain where my ribcage was... and I see everything growing back into me. It reminded me so much of “Meet the medic.” Except there is no maniacal laughing, no light show, and no Archimedes. I Picked up Samanthas hand and said. “We need to get back to the house.” she shook her head in agreement. First,I went to go grab the guns that I dropped, all my guns were out of ammo, I grabbed them and the bat, She helped me as I limped back to the house as fast as we could go, still puzzled for the thought of “(Why did Maxis stop them attacking us… because if Samantha dies, wouldn't that mean she would be back with maxis?)” We enter the farmhouse, “Home sweet home.” I said with a mix of sarcasm and sadness. I locked the doors, barricaded the windows checked my ammo supply. I decided to rest. Still thinking this was all a bad dream. Chapter 2:Established Contact The darkness in the room is complemented by its coldness. Yet, it has one thing that I myself didn't expect… Comfort. Yet uncertainty of the darkness as if the comfort that I have was distrusting… The mare of the night spikes through the darkness like a lighthouse in the blanket of fog. Something I don’t see clearly, till she stood at least ten yards, or was it ten feat? It was so dark I couldn't get a real measurement of the distance. This moment almost got me as much as going into this infested hell hole. Yet hit me harder than losing my family. It is still to me a confusing feeling that I can’t describe in great detail myself. Yet never the less, I kneel “I notice that you know me, how?” she spoke. Honestly, how do you tell royalty that you’re a cartoon character from a TV show? “I just had a feeling that you were royalty...that’s all.” was all I could say. “All… right… then….” “There is a way for you to make portal on your property, you must follow the steps that are in the scroll.” “What scroll?” “You’ll see it, but it’s now time for you to wake.” I woke with that **** Quick Revive in my mouth. “**** this is nasty!” “I see you're up, come in… here…” I get up to see what she is looking at, the dog. She’s lying on the ground, with her embers dying out. With a bag on her back. “What is she doing here and why is she not chewing us up at the moment?” “(Just like what happened to Richthofen, she went mad with the element. She is nearing her final breath)” She was speechless, I brush the side of the dog with my hand; a bolt lurches out like a hidden dagger. “****in Hell!!!” She regained her voice. “You say “****” a lot don’t you?” “Yea Samantha.” “How did you know my name?” “(**** Think of something)” “That German told me before he left.” “Richthofen”? “Yea, him.” I look in the bag. “What are you doing?” “Just looking.” I see the scroll. “What the ****? That was only a dream.” “What was only a dream?” “When I was out did you hear anything?” “I heard you mumbling a lot” “I saw a “(don’t want her to think I’m crazy)” a… person of high importance and She” “She?” “Yes a she, anyway she said that there is a way for us to escape by a scroll that is located nearby. “Ok... I guess, that explains why the bag appeared right after you woke up.” “Wait this appeared.” “(Oh so that’s why you were speechless)” OK, that makes sense, “Let’s see what it says…” “Whatever captain.” She replied, “(Smart ass.)” Dear Stranger, I see the predicament that you are in. We are also in a situation of dire need of your assistance, but first you must enter “our” realm. We have a loose connection with yours, but we need a stronger connection for you to enter our realm, but first you will have to follow the steps below if you want to escape your realm. Establish a Full connection to my realm. You Must have an ample amount of power supply Find a solid object that is wider than yourself Make (or get) a metal (any kind) rod long enough, about, 15 hooves long and connect it to the object you wish to use as a portal. Wait for us to tune it to your location Note Bring anything you want to bring; you will not be able to come back Enter the portal Good luck, PL Chapter 3:The New Me(s) “PL?” Samantha said in confusion. “That’s ‘Her’.” I replied. “Oh, she says here, “hooves”, what type of measurement is that? It’s not metric.” “I think she meant to say “palms” and did not noticed the mistake.” “(Smooth thinking)” “Hmff, I would think someone being of “high importance” would I guess, all the stuff that she is doing. “Well tally-ho.” I said with sarcasm. “Don’t ever say that again.” She said with a mother like scolding. “I know. I won't.” I chuckled. “(OK, first let's establish what we are bringing)” I check what would be my mother’s room, which is now full of dust, and see the 360, not functioning, so I grab the hard drives, and this computer, I wonder why this, the xbox hard drives, and the TV where the things that still worked. I put them in the car which was still parked outside, next to the outside restroom. I see the key on the seat and open the trunk, “Still works.” I grin as the word exit my mouth. “What’s this?” Samantha asked, “It’s a car from the time of the two-thousands.” “What year is this now?” My guess it’s still Twenty fourteen, so yea... Twenty fourteen.” “two-thousand fourteen?” Samantha Questioned. “Yea. Well, we know what to do, let’s get to it.” “All right then.” She said with a smile on her face. Then she turns back, “What about her?” The dog is now resting on the couch in the living room. “Well, if she lives, and I mean “IF” she lives, then yes we will bring her along. I’ll put her in the back seat.” Umm, what is your name by the way?” She questioned. “Shadow, Shadow… Scoundrel. Just call me that for now.” The look on her face seemed like she wanted to laugh. Almost made myself want to, “Fine, just Shadow to you, K?” “Fine.” She replied. It didn’t do anything she still had that grin on her face, well its better than being depressed. The dog now sits in the car. I feel a surge through my body after I put the dog in the car. I see a bright light. My arms and legs lock, and I’m blinded, Then there is blackness, “(Hello new “friend”)” I wake with my face on the ground Samantha shaking me for me to wake. “Get up.” She urged like a mother getting her child up for school... “Come on. What the...” “Ok, Ok, Ok, what is it Saman…tha” there were two others of myself on the ground motionless, “Samantha” I asked. “Does Quick Revive have any side effects?” “No. Not that I know of.” She said with a quiver. They slowly rise, the looks on their faces were different from that of mine. One was decaying, with the draining of sanity that you can see through his eyes and the other of machine, cold and heartless, I barely was able to say the few words that exited my lips, “Hell….O” “Hell...O” They both said at the same time, while looking as confused as myself. The decayed said with the voice of what I sounded normally, but mixed with that of a smoker’s voice, and the other my voice with it saying with mixing pitches, with a bit of electronics mixed in. I Reach out to touch them, and they disappear, “(How did this happen, how did… the shock from the dog, “Fluffy” if I remember correctly from the CoD Zombie Storyline. It transferred to me.)” “Well…. that’s…. kind of cool.” As I coughed. “Wait, what happened before they arrived?” Samantha asked, “I put the dog down then my arms and legs locked into this position.” The light is brought back, yet now I’m not on the floor eating the dirt. “I think know how I can call them out now.” “You “think.” Samantha replied. “Well,” I started “We got **** to do.” Said the decayed, “Peop-p-ple to me-eat, and thi-i-ings to sh-sh-shoot, le-et’s g-go.” Said the second. “Just another day at the office?” Samantha asked. I replied with, “Yeah, ‘cept the meeting room has changed.” Chapter 4:Guard Dogs “Well...” I started, “Do we all know what were are doing?” The nod of myselves confirming while Samantha was still looking at me confused. “What?” We asked, “Well… What can we use to make a portal, and what about this place?” She asked with a concerned look. “We are leaving, I’m afraid that this place passed being saved… I’m sorry. The fog from CoD Zombies began to show up, the perk machines didn’t show, only the “Der Wunder Fizz”, and “Quick Revive” appeared. Falling, like the nuketown zombies map. “Der Wunderfizz” landed next to the Outside bathroom, costing with a “3500” on the machine, Quick revive landed in the back yard, “2500” on the sticker replacing the 1500 that use to be on there. The Pack a punch was 10K, and landed on the roof of the house. The box spawned next to us aligned with the outdoor bathroom wall. Out of the darkness The Doc appears. “I’m sorry Samantha, but I will not be able to hold them off any longer, young man, whatever your name is, protect her.” “Fine Maxis.” I replied. All of a sudden a blue mist appears, It’s “Weasel” from “Mob of the Dead”. “Would it be fine with you guys if I stayed with your group?” “What is it weasel?” I asked “I’m guessing you broke the circle, Huh?” “How do you know that?” “I have a way of knowing, I’ll explain later.” “I’m on my last one, and I’m not able to get any back cuz, like you said, I broke the circle, hold both my hands and I'll resurrect here.” There was a bright glow where he was and on my hands. A big flash and he is now here, but also two hell hounds appears. “Wait a sec.” I shouted, they're not killing us.” I look at the other mes, they knew what I was thinking, “We should try that.” They put their arms out like I did to resurrect Weasel and four more dogs appear. The two from the mechanical, I might as well call him as I do now, Machine, and the other is Dekay, the two from Machine was more mechanical, reminded me of the Robo-Hounds from the Call of Duty: Online, the one from China, and the others from Dekay looked like the decayed horse from Undead Nightmare DLC for Red Dead Redemption, but as dogs. We have a little extra help, and that is needed as much as possible, it look like they will never stop coming, it’s like we will never have a “round” for us… “OK,” I start, “Weee Wi-i-ll n-n-n-eee-d-d-d-d” Machine started, “What he is trying to say,” I injected “is that we will need a few things before our escape.” “What will it be then?” Weasel asks. “A 15 Palm metal pole, something bigger then the car,” I pointed to show him, “to enter the portal and, any belongings that we can bring into the car.” “15 palm?” Weasel questions, “See my palm,” I start, “Yea.” “We need the length of 15 following each other like a conga line for it to work, like this.” “Oh, okay, make sense.” He replies. Weasel takes a look at the dogs, “Um… what are “they” doing here?” His voice quivered. “They” are apart of me.” I replied calmly, even though to myself I sounded like a lunatic. The look on his face said it all. “You've been “Touched”, haven’t ya pal?” “No. I’m not insane Weasel, In fact I will show you.” I said with a smirk. I called them back, the light seeping through my veins. “cool, can you put them back out, I think we will be needing them.” “You “think”.” Samantha starting to show some Lieutenant Smartass. “Why I oughta-” Weasel starts “I have lost control of them!” Maxis shouted. “Samantha, get in the car you'll be fine there!” she gets in the car, “You see the lock that is closed?” I yell, “Yes!” she yelled back muffled from the window, “Do you see the lock with it open?” “Yes!” “Good hit the locked one to lock the car and pressed the unlocked one when we want you to unlock it, OK?” she shook her head in agreement. The dogs growl as that **** orange fog comes rolling in, “Guys” I start, “Lets get the items, then get in the car, head to the barn and attach to it, its wide enough, and hold out while they locate us. Clear?” I stated. “How do you know that they are even trying to find us?” Weasel asked. “Do you belive in God Weasel?” “I don’t know, so much **** has happened that, I just don't know anymore.” “Bout an hour to do this, lets go.” “By the way, how did you know me, plus me breaking “the circle.” “Well...I’m from a different universe, where this is all a video game….that people play…for entertainment...” “Really? hows it like there.” “Well, there are no zombies, thats a start.” He chuckles, “Humff.” was the only other reply from him. “You built a plane and used it to fly off Alcatraz, but it was shot down by the lightning and you landed on the bay bridge.” The zombie groans were getting close the dogs started growling again. I put my gun up, I gave my rifle, and my now P99 to Weasel. I see the points above the box location. The names listed: Shadow Scoundrel, Dekay, Machine, Weasel; with the points underneath. “At least we will know if we have enough to buy the **** box.” I said. The boxes price was not how its normally, 950, its now 1,950, and we start out with a big fat 0. “Na uh uh. You start out with the pistol.” Maxis says. “Hey I thought you wanted us to protect your daughter!” I Screamed. “Well, a thought popped into my head, “If she dies, she will be with me no matter what in Agartha. All the weapons goes into the box. “Well, ****.” The P99 and the “Survivor” pop back into my hand and the holster he put on all of us, and one on the back for rifles/shotguns and other bigger weapons. There was another sidearm holster on the otherside of me, well I have a place for both of my pistols. “And I’m going to be taking those dogs away, you will have to buy them off the wall.” A Hellhound symbol just like in “Mob of the dead” appears on the outside wall of the front porch the price “3,000” “And One more thing”, A Price Tag appears on the car, “500,000” “And another five-grand to open the the barricade in front of the cattle guard.” I looked at samantha, “I’m sorry I wanted to make it a little more safe, so I barricaded the cattle guard while you were sleeping.” I facepalmed. “Well, we will have to buy the barricade, build the portal, then buy the car. Great!!” I said. “Well at least they can’t get into the car, right?” Weasel asked. “Ye-Ye-ye-ye-s-s-s” replied my mechanical self. Dekay stayed quiet, nodding in agreement during the conversation. “EY. Can you make the computer of mine be the easter egg song?” I asked with a bit a sarcasm. “I don’t see, why not.” All right then. At least I have music to listen to while I kill things. I made a playlist of songs. “Just press play guys.” I said to the others as I placed it on the car, everything is packed, I have the computer on the hood, I got my backpack on me, my military backpack is in the car filled with family photos and the hard drives, they have family photos digitally kept in there with a few family videos, the TV is in the back seat with Samantha, and Fluffy. The Mystery box will be placed in the trunk of the car with Der Wunderfizz as well. I want to keep it, and I will get the dog powers back after we win. but first I need him to agree. “HEY Maxis! I got a deal for ya, if we are able to buy the car we get to keep the box, including we can use it for free, and we will be able to move it anywhere with us, and is light enough to pick up, but still have all the guns, Der Wunderfizz same thing, and, I get my powers back. OK?” “What do I get then?” Maxis asked. “What do you want?” I yelled. “My daughter, without being killed by those Dummkopfs, and a slow and painful death for you and the others.” “It’s a deal!” Then the first zombie hops the barbed wired fence. “Time to nut up or shut up boys.” Chapter 5:The Final Countdown Blood draining to the river, us four are tired, down, but not out. “We have the portal ready! Check to see if how many points we need to buy the **** car!” I yelled. “1,000 Left for you Shadow!” Weasel yelled back. “I’ll Hit the box then I will buy the car! I finally get to the box,”(Two thousand, nine hundred and fifty points to get, we got this.)” All of a sudden, an old friend comes back. Hello darkness. “PL” comes out of the darkness, “We have connected to your realm, enter when ready.” “Good we will be there in a few minutes.” I replied, and the starry night fades away and I’m standing, samantha staring at me, confused again. She mouthed “What the ****?” “We have connected, hold on Samantha.” I replied, her eyes widened up, “Finally!!” Her muffled voice through the the car. My grin begins to show as I take a look at the box, to see what I've spun, and My smile got even bigger, I remembered a specific quote, “A smile will take you a long way, a smile and a gun, will take you further.” I grabbed the submachine gun from good old Russia, the wood stock shines through the darkness, the drum magazine that holds Seventy-one rounds of pure head destroying awesome. The gun in the box that I now possess, was the PPSH-41. I pulled out the M40A1 and “PAPed” it. The glow that the gun made was almost awe inspiring considering the duller earth. I hear weasel screaming. “HELP!!” I look over I see him running from a herd of the basterds. I put the butstock to my shoulder, looked through the scope, I lead a little in front of them aimed a little above them to account for drop. Three shots rang, 10 bodies fell, then four came back up, shooting the zombies. “(Looks like Richtofen was right.)” Weasel ran to the box, “Ran out of ammo?” I asked, “No, I just keep getting the ****ty stuff from the box.” I gave a soft chuckle. He just shook his head. The Thompson came out, “Finally an automatic!” He yells. “By the way Weasel, we are now in full connection with the new world, we just need the 50 grand to buy the car.” I mentioned. “Great” he said back. “I just need one more thing to do. You Cover me.” “All right.” he stated. I grabbed the shovel from the garage, and walked to the graves, and started digging. “They were buried for a resend you know.” “Well they weren't given a proper burial.” I snapped back, “So I’m going to do that where no zom-*******S can get to them.” Where are we putting them?” he asked. “The Trunk, behind the box.” was all I could reply with. About two minutes passed and I have all four of us digging and having the dogs watching and distracting the zombies. We wrapped them in the tarp that we found in the barn and put them in the trunk. “(500 more points.)” I thought. I pull out the PPSH-41 and mow down the few that were chasing my hell hounds. “LETS GO!!!!” I called them all back except Machine. I bought the car, as Machine went and got the box, Weasel grabbed Der Wunderfizz and put them in the trunk. I drove the car. We went to the barn and got out to see if its working, to double check, I put my hand in, the wood on the barn react as if I put my hand into water. “It’s active, we can go!” I bragged. I’m about ten feet from the car, zombies ****ing grab me, I left the **** gun in the car, Weasle save me with his Thompson. “Thanks.” was all I could muster up, we look up and the missile is about to enter the atmosphere. “Lets go.” but more of them surrounded us he gave me the tompson. “I’ll distract them, get to the car, I’ll meet you there.” Weasel demanded me to go. He took a deep breath as he went. I had to fight to get the car. I found out where weasel was when I got to the car. Samantha’s look said it all, “look behind you.” So I did, and I see a pile of the undead ripping his body apart. Hands going into his flesh like a hot knife through butter. His screams were muffled by the undead over him. I put a bullet into his skull from the car, I did not wish to see him suffer. I took Machine back, as I got into the car, saluting him as I drove into the portal. Inside the portal, I had excruciating pain throughout my body. It went black, I wake in a room, still in the car. I got out feeling light headed, and my visuals were blurred. I let the others stay, I found one of the guards on the ground, I checked for a pulse. “(He’s still alive.)” I stumble through the hallways, “Help.” but my voice was weak, “We… W-w-we h- We…ha… have wounded. Hello.” I fall to the ground noticing I had no hands. I was too tired to worry. I close my eyes, all I can hear is the clicking and clacking of hooves approach my body “help them first.” I pointed towards the room that I left from. “Put him in that room, and you go gather help for the others.” someone said, “Yes your majesty.” was there response. As they leave, I descend into the darkness, not being able to hear. Episode 2:The Angel of death has come Chapter 6:Awaking to a new World I’m in a giant bed, everything still blurred, I notice the black blur in front of me, I raise my arm to touch my nose, all that is there is yet another black blur, “What the ****?” I then noticed that “Black blur” between my eyes was my mouth. “(I can’t believe it, I’m here.)” I look to see what my new setting that I’m now apart of. My vision improves over the time. I start seeing details that I did not see before. The tapestry looks impressive, I wonder who made it, the art style for the wall was something simple, though it fitted with the room. To me at least, I’m not into home decorating and ****. I see the mystery box placed on its side to the wall on the left of me, the PPSH on the top of a cabinet next to the door, the TV was also on the cabinet, and this computer was next to it. I look to the right, where a nightstand holding a glass of water, and a note. Hello “Shadow”, Your friend is recovering fine, yet she is still in shock. She is in the room across from you. in fact she is the one that said what your name was. You will be treated by our greatest doctors and nurses of Equestria. Your recovery will be within the day. The bodies we found. We guess where your family so we are going to give them a proper burial given by your permission. The dog is fine by the way. Will talk to you soon, PL “Do you want to see him.” I hear the same voice that commanded the guards. I know that voice. Now my ears take note that there was six different voices that respond. Six familiar voices, one that I can’t put my hand, wait a minute, “hoof” on it. Till they entered the room, The light blinded me, I squinted, “Looks like he still out. We should let him rest.” The door shuts, I wanted to say something, but still to no avail. My back was stuck by a hidden blade of pain, as if someone stabbed me with both blades to the two spots on my back. I jerk up, but black out. “(Darkness, you should knock first at least…)” “You’re conscious I see.” I look to see her. “Yea, just in pain right now.” The “knives” twist, I catch myself before hitting the ground. “You seem to have wings growing in.” “Yea… hurts like hell though. Oh sorry.” “What for?” She questions, “Oh, just ah… that word is considered to be “foul.” As in something you shouldn't say.” “I see, but what does it mean?” “Its a place where… someone really bad lives… did you ever hear of “angels and demons” at all?” “No.” She replied, The room is still as dark as when we first met. “Then Nevermind what I said.” “Fine then, but there was one thing I noticed.” “What?” was all I said. “When I stated, “I notice that you know me,” you’re answer was untruthful, so my question is, “Why?” “I will tell if you promise me one thing.” Only one will know everything. “What is that you request then?” “That you never tell any…pony, right anypony about this. You can tell them the fact I am a human, well “was” human, in this conversation. Clear?” “Understood.” “Because of my universe, you…all of you…are…just… a fictional character in a TV show, and the girl… she is…just a character… in…a…game…” The look on her face was that of wanting me being thrown into the nut house. A smug look arrived on her face “Prove it.” “Your name is Luna your sister is Celestia, you were banished to the moon for a thousand years, twilight defeated you. Her and her friends fought Discord, returning him into stone by them, then put there elements into the tree of harmony a bit later, Now the box is here which needs six, but they opened the box to defeat (name here) keys so… yea.” The face of hers was that of disbelief, but I was right. “Time for you to wake then.” “Yea.” I replied. I see door open, bluried by the light once again, “You are awake, you ok?” I see the nurse, Redheart, “Yea, just some back pain, thats all. I’ll be fine.” “Let me know if you need anything.” “One thing,” she turns back, “Do you know of anypony named “Lyra Heartstrings?” “Yea, why do you ask? “(Well I might as well tell everyone about me being in another universe and being human, just nothing about the show…)” “I’m from a different universe, as a human.” “Really?” Sarcasm was strong with how she said it. “What was it like then?” “The one I escaped, or the one before that?” I replied to get close with her sarcasm. Thats when I leaned up more, and the wings showed, she kneels, “What that oh its nothing, I’m not royalty.” Then how in the hey do you have wings and a horn?” I thought for a moment, an idea hit me, “(Maybe the power from “fluffy” gave me the horn, while I was supposed to be only with wings.)” I pitch my idea to her and she just shook her head, noting what I was saying. “Hmm, looks like she and you will definitely get along.” She leaves the room, I get up about an hour later, just wanted to get used to my surroundings, and walked like I’d normally would and walked toward the mystery box, and I look towards the cabinet again, and I notice that the PPSH, and the M40A1 were sitting there, waiting to be used again. I decided to open the box, It played its old jolly tune, and traded them for my old guns, “(The PPSH, and the sniper are overkill as it is, I’ll keep the box in here till I need to use it.)” I exit my room to check on Samantha, she is fine, thankfully, Fluffy sitting in her dog bed, alive. I go to see a guard, I asked him if he could lock the room that had the portal. He replied with a yes and went down the hall. “One more thing.” His head peaks around the corner. “Where may I find the royals?” a common seventh grade joke reminds me of the look on his face; How do you wake up Lady Gaga? Poke her face. As he stared at me blankly, his response was of the tone of, “Where do you think?” Even though all he said was “Throne Room” I stared blankly back at him till he walked away, “(Smart ass, Smart asses everywhere)” I approach the throne room with the feeling of being watched, not in the sense of dread, but more on the lines of a “I got your six,” ya know? I knocked, as I did so, you could hear it echo in the next room. The door slowly opens. And some-pony comes out, “Are you the one that has “her” all upset at Luna?” he asks. He was brown with an hourglass as his cutie-mark, and he wasn't wearing any armor, seams the Doctor is in. “Maybe, I don’t know…” I reply. He lets me in, “I will be escorting you to the throne room.” He states. “What is your name then?” I ask. “Clockwork Whooves.” “Ah,” was all I could say. “Married?” I asked. “Do I have a Missis?” he asked. “Yea.” I answered, “Her name is Derpy” “You two travel?” “Yes, quite frequently, I know the royals, and was just stopping by.” “(That doesn't surprise me Doc)” “I have two questions for you.” “What’s that?” “Why are you on your hind hooves? And What is your name? we turn a corner as I reply with, “I once was human, now I’m here, and the names Shadow Scoundrel.” We stop at a huge doorway, “Here it is. The royal’s throne room.” I open the door, “Thanks doc.” He turns back surprised as I smiled and entered. Celestia is glaring at Luna while Twilight stares at me with a questioned look on her face, not noticing my wings. “Why are you walking on your hind hoofs?” she asks. “Why not?” I reply with a cinderblock of sarcasm. “Enough!” Celestia orders. I look at Luna, “You Good?” She looks comforted as she shakes her head in agreement. As the other two do not notice her response. Suddenly, Twilight screams, “What happening to your hoofs?!” as I look, hands. “(I lose them… and now they’re back.)” Her screams had been drowned out “I started with these, what‘s the big deal; I just got them back that’s all… Speaking of witch.” “(Might as well impress them a bit, right?)” I spawn in my companions. DeKay and Machine looked like how I do now, again, with their differences, DeKay looked as if any part of his flesh would fall off at any minute you can see the tendons flexing with every movement he makes. With Machine you could see the pipes and wires going throughout his body and his eyes glowing green. “Let’s call in the hounds.” Do I really need to describe what happens? They spawn in like they did the first time, it would be a waste of space for me, and a waste of time for you, why would I do something like that to you, honestly… Am I such a person that would do something like that to the reader? NO! Any… Way… lets continue with the story, “Sit” we three say spontaneously. All 6 sat, better behaved that any dog I owned previously. That’s when we show the wings and grabbed our handguns. Twilight seemed to be the only one frightened by the weapons that I, sorry “we”, possess. I guess there is something about humanity in her castle library, if she still lives there… “You seem to know something Twi? Please, answer so may the others know what you have noticed.” She looked around more nervous than anyone else in the room. “The weapons of humanity… They were just a legend…” Celestia notices as well “Guards get him he is armed!” they enter the room, the dogs growl were loudening. “Hold on a ****ing second!” I barked, “Hear me out alright? I’m trying to figure out what the **** is going on here and you want to kill me while I have the upperhand, seriously, think about it, do you really want me on your bad side?” The Guards notice the hand guns. “Dooooo yooooou waaant tooo diiiie ha ha heeee? Keeeeep coooommmiinnnnng.” DeKay threatened as he twitched, aiming the guns at them. Celestia tied to… Stun at least… In the words of pokemon, “It was not effective.” Machine turns around and aims at her, “Want, to, be, a, part, of, this, to, sun, shiiiii-ii-i-i-ne?” She looks as if though she was about to say something until she noticed Machines face, noticing that he wasn’t kidding, and closed her mouth. “Be at the door.” She said with that of a sound of defeat, and mixed with that of a growl. “Well then ‘Sun-but’ what do you need help with?” Yea… I’m pushing my luck… The only response was a growl from Celestia, Twi saying that it’s “not how you behave towards royalty,” me responding to that with “You should know none of you are better than anyone else here, Twilight.” and muffled giggling from Luna. “If you're willing to work with us, we are in a war with the Changelings, they are attacking all civilisations on the planet, Dragons, Griffins, and Ponies alike.” I think for a moment, “(The Mirror Pool)” “I have an idea, I even know where the base will be at.” “Do tell.” Luna states. “Do you remember an instance with a certain pink pony that ended up destroying parts of ponyville?” Twilight surprised finally speaks up. “The Mirror pool? How did you kn-” “Ah-Ah-Ah, No time for questioning, It’s time for me to put my plan into action. Luna, would you mind accompanying me to where it is located.” She smiled as walks off of her “perch” and we walk out those ****, big ass doors. Chapter 7:The Calm Before The Storm “May I ask what is your plan?” “The plan?” “Yes.” “The plan is simple your highness, use the Mirror pool to increase soldiers and to increase weapon production, and use the overpowering force to overpower and kill the Changelings Queen. “Cutting the head off the snake” if you will.” “As in.” “Never mind” we step through the heavy forest, the heavy fog from the dew is slowly rolling in, in the color of white, surprisingly. “Its over here Shadow.” “Ah… so… what do we do? Lift it up?” “Yes its protected from any magic that would move it.” “Alright, physical work will do it…” I start to do it, “(1. 2. 3.)” I lift it over my head but the rocks weight went away and I fell into the dirt ramp down. She giggled as I heard the thud of the rock. “I tried telling you, but you would not listen.” I just shook my head and laughed it off as I got up and dusted myself as off. Then a vibration in my jacket pocket I pick it up to see what. The song from Sublime starts playin, “What I Got” and I instantly remember Saints Row The Third. I start singin it. After I turned it off. The look on Lunas face was that of looking surprised, and happy yet, confused. Most likely for the language barrier between “English” and “Equestrian”, and I’m using the dialect, in other words I’m using the newer version of what the Equestrians use. “So, about the bodies.” Luna started off, “Yea, um… you guys have resurrection spells right?” “They might be in the archives.” “After the war, I’ll check it out, to me ‘Magic’ is just science.” “How so?” “You can always invent new things with the knowledge that you gained over the years.” If its not there, experiment. And I have all the volunteers that I will need.
  12. So, the title i hope says it all. There is a story i've been working on for AGES, but see, i often get to a point and think 'No, what i've done is ****' and delete everything because i don't really have anyone to discuss it with. So, i'd like to stop destroying all my work and have someone who i can talk to about my ideas and such. Now, i'd be happy with just 1 person to do this with, but any number of people who want to help, i'll owe ya'll a favour. Before i contrinue, i should probably explain the story. It is based on a Video game, and while it was originally planned to be a pony fic, its kinda adapting into a parady fic of the original series, not the intention, but it, well, just sorta happened. I'm stuck at the point if it'll be anthro or not even related to ponies, but again, i need someone to talk to this about. The game it'll be based around is Dragon Age: Origins. Knowledge of the game, plot and such isn't nessacery, but naturally, it'll be great if you know what i'm talking about. But, like i said, i'll happily take anyone who is willinging to help. I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. I think that's how the expression goes anyway. Now, i'd happy comunicate through multiply platforms, Canterlot is naturally a convient place, because i can easily record messages and get a small group. Skype will also work, and i also have an xbox360 if we feel like it'll be cool to talk voice-to-voice or something. Anyway, if you have any queries, questions, or are interested, reply to this or hit me up in a Pm. Thanks guys for taking the time to read my HUGe ass message, i didn't plan for it to be this big, it just sorta happened. Anyway, catch you guys later.
  13. Setting of the Emerald Sun is a collaborative project between myself and a friend. We put quite the bit of time and effort into it. Setting of the Emerald Sum That is a short summary of the story. Below is just an excerpt from the world-building. If you like what you've seen, read the full chapter with the link provided. Favorite, follow, and comment as you see fit.
  14. I have begun The Living Darkness, a celebration of Friendship is Magic season 4, the Doctor Who 50th anniversary, the Christmas season and Matt Smith leaving the programme (less a celebration and more a farewell in that case). The story is about Clearwin, a Unicorn mare living in Ice Draught, a Unicorn settlement more than 1000 years before Twilight came to Ponyville. Right before she is killed, Clearwin finds herself whisked away by a mysterious Earth Pony stallion calling himself the Doctor. They end up in a frozen, ruined Equestria where ponies are hunted by the "Dark Ones". The Doctor and Clearwin must help Twilight Sparkle's resistance against the Dark Ones and discover what happened to Equestria.
  15. Hello everypony, i am in need of those who play yugioh, but everyone is welcome to join in on this. Now, for a long time i have wanted to mix my favorite thing that i love, Yugioh and My Little Pony. However, i am creating my characters deck and have hit an impass, one i would like to ask you all, along the lines of canon characters, and what decks they would use. Now, i have already had my own ideas, but anyone who wants to put down an idea, i will listen to it. But, if you are going to put down an idea, Please give a reason to justify it, not just 'cause they are cool' or 'i like them'. Thank you Now, for the deck ideas i have already have: Twilight Sparkle: - Spellbooks. Rarity: - Gem-Knights. Rainbow Dash: - Blue-Eyes White Dragon Beatdown Fluttershy: - Watt (Can change) Pinkie Pie: - No idea! There are not enough toon monsters/support for me to do anything with them Apple jack: -Heroic Challenger/Black Luster Soilder. Apple Bloom: -VwXYZ Sweetie Bell: -Elemental Hero's Scootaloo: -Harpie Ladies Shining Armor: - Not really sure. Princess Cadence: - Ummm, no idea Spike -No too sure, dragons? OC's: Original owner:Name;Deck. Shadowbolt0: Midnight Blossom: Crystal Beasts Shadowbolt0: Tempest Gale: Photon's Those are the major ones i can't do, i've done Celestia and Luna. I might do Shining Armor, but i dont' know yet. If anypony, even if they haven't played yugioh could help, i'd owe you. If you haven't played, comment on how you think they would duel and what types of monsters you think they would use. If you have, maybe comment on what you think is right and wrong, maybe you think certain monsters would suit a certain character more. Any advice would be much appreciated. Anyway, this is yo boy, signing out for now
  16. One thousand years after her banishment, Princess Luna returns to a flooded world - with her sister nowhere to be found. Yet with the help of the Equestrian Remnant's valiant airship, the Nocturnal Thunder, and an alternate Mane Six, she may soon find answers at the edge of this strange, oceanic realm... Give her a read . http://www.fimfictio...ound-of-thunder The SOT Collab Group Presents... Entry 26-A - Chief Navigator Twilight Sparkle's Command Log October 12th, 1001 A.G.F. Once upon a time, they said this world was home to a million secrets. Secrets hidden in the woods, the caves, and within ourselves. Secrets that could shatter the world, or simply shatter the sense of one's self. Yet it isn't always for the best for such secrets to be found… My mother once said that the island I live on is just the tip of a massive mountain, one of the highest in the land formerly known as Equestria. To the old ones, this mountain must have been a sight to see, casting a shadow over half the nation… a nation of soil, not water. That was, until Princess Luna became corrupted, having grown envious of another’s sway over the heavens and the ponies below it. A being known simply as Princess Celestia. Her own sister. I've read about this being... studied her: I've been fascinated with her since I was a filly, though I can't put my hoof on why. It's like deja-vu in a way - I feel like I should know her... but I don't. And for some reason, it makes me sad. Everything I know about what happened all those years ago is from my books - some of them centuries old. The two fought… The former was defeated – exiled to the moon for a thousand years. Yet solving one… ‘problem’, awoke another. Sensing weakness, one who had long since dwelled in places nopony was meant to see, beneath a stormy maelstrom in the Central Ocean, awoke: the dreaded old god, Nathusha. Once again, Princess Celestia fought selflessly - however, this time, not for the sake of those who dwelt in the light, but those who dwelt above the seas... Yet, despite all her efforts, he cast down the solar goddess... ... And claimed the greater whole of all land as his own. The solar princess was not killed, however, or so say the legends. Celestia, a being of beauty, was captured by Nathusha and brought back to his home of R’Lach, deep beneath the waves, to be his queen. Neither have been heard of since. Nopony even has a clue where R’Lach is. I never knew this world, so I sometimes wonder why I long for it. Equestria, or the Equestrian Remnant as it is now called, has moved on – the world has moved on. We’re used to the sea – we respect the sea, yet… the sea was meant for visiting, not living upon. I sometimes wonder what it would have been like had Nathusha never came. What would the world be like? Would Princess Celestia still be around? Who would I be? Would I even ‘be’ at all? Again - I feel... cold at the thought. However, the past is the past and there's no use worrying about what could have been. Now all that’s left is to look towards the future. A future set under the moonlight. For, one year ago, Princess Luna returned. Or ‘Nightmare Moon’, I should say. I was ready. Two days before it, I was given a scroll containing an ancient prophecy by a mysterious stallion named Captain Black Harness, whose family I suppose once served the ancient solar goddess. Five others were given identical scrolls, five others who are now my greatest friends: Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie (Or Captain Piepan, as she is called), and Applejack. Together, after journeying to find the sunken Elements of Harmony, we freed Princess Luna from her ancient burden. And she was grateful – to her sister and to the Elements. Our nation took to her like a daughter to a long-lost mother. Over the past year, she has guided us. Loved us... Protected us when need-be. With her help, she has made the Equestrian Remnant strong in the eyes of the world. I even became her faithful student in the art of magic - an honor I never thought I'd be bestowed. Yet she did not forget who she was – and her wrath over her sister’s absence could be felt for many moons. Yet Captain Black was not done delivering messages. One stormy night, he knocked on her palace’s doors, holding a message that held a simple set of far-away coordinates, ones near the edge of the map, and a single message written in her sister’s hoof-writing: ‘Fly here for answers.’ With a new-found determination, the Princess of the Night sought to travel this long journey. However, because of her weakened state brought upon by her battle with the Nightmare, as well as a loss of connection with her sister, she could not hope to travel the journey… At least – not alone… ... ... ... ... .. . Chapter By - Silent Bob Edits By - Cor200, Doccular42, and Salacar Artwork By- Various Deviantart Sources - Some Edited by Silent Bob Map By - Silent Bob
  17. Hi! I'm Sugar Song and I am here to write a fanfic about my pony. Sounds pretty lame, eh? It's my first time writing a fanfic so please cut me some slack if you are continuing. I do write as a hobby and hope to continue after schooling so I would love some feedback on how to improve because I'll be able to apply it to my writing that I am working toward publishing. My story is about the life of my OC, Sugar Song, a filly who learns the power of friendship, of leadership and confidence. I hope this turns out well and will post chapter 1 in a couple days!!
  18. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/25836/starswirls-initiation This is my story. It involves an original character, Spelltome, teaching Starswirl the Bearded how to cast spells. More will happen, and I've already hinted at such. I just thought I'd share it here for those of you that just, love love love fanfics. I know I do.
  19. [colour=#282828] Heres what i have so far... Once upon a time a young filly named Neo lived happily with his royal parents and siblings. He had an older Alicorn brother (insert name here) and younger Pegasus sister (name). Born with a horn and had an addiction to books, He had always dreamed of becoming like his father and mother. But One day when he was out playing with his sister Disaster struck. The kingdom was attacked and destroyed by the Changelings. His parents told his brother and sister to fly off and Neo was to run off into the forest as far as he could, and to not look back. Before he left his mother gave him an enchanted book which wrote about a significant part in the characters life. The character was Neo. Off he ran into the forest never looking back, Never stopped running. He was lost in the everfree forest until he stumbled upon a town called ponyville. Struggling to stay alive he starts stealing… Unfinished… what do you think so far (repost from the wrong section) [/colour] Quo)te MultiQuote Edit
  20. well might as well put this up. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/55021/The-Clockwork-Alicorn-Book-One%3A-Charms read and enjoy
  21. [redacted: If Canterlot thinks that a PG picture of Dashie with a pair of panties in her mouth violates the all ages content policy[colour=#282828] then they'll probably think my fic would too, seeing as it deals with adults topics such as emotions and relationships.] [/colour]
  22. Hey everypony! Midnight here with a topic about Lunar Love, pride and joy of my writing. In this topic I will discuss ideas for the story, and even give you guys sneak peeks into unpublished chapters, simply cuz I love you guys. Here, have a link! http://www.fimfiction.net/story/36544/lunar-love
  23. Using the forum to write a story, read if you want
  24. [colour=#444444] I woke up in the Ponyville hospital this morning. A heart condition, they said. Now I'm stuck here, waiting to die, and all the company I've got is a bookish pegasus and a pony in a full body cast who hasn't said a word since they rolled him in here. Nothing to do but reflect on the life I've lived—or should I say, the life I've wasted.[/colour][colour=#444444] My name is Second Fiddle. I was a violinist once...[/colour][colour=#444444] http://www.fimfiction.net/story/53252/Wrong-Side-of-the-Glass[/colour][colour=#444444] Any sort of response, feedback, or discussion is welcomed. [/colour]
  25. Hello! Mister Chippy here with something that wasn't ever actually intended to be a full blown story. This was originally just one small part of the backstory for a character that I might be fielding in an RP that explains how he got his name and his cutie mark. However, as always happens with this character, the story just took over. Before I knew it it was 11 and I'd written five pages. I really like this story and hope to do a lot more with this character. Just one brief warning, this story does have some sequences of action and some mild violence. Just keep that in mind while reading it. Nothing graphic, but this is an all ages site so I figured that I'd better put this here. And so, without further ado, here's the story! Hope you enjoyed it!
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