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  1. Roleplay Type: Anything | FFA Name: Briar Rose 'Rose' is often used as a quick, short, nickname for her from those that are close friends. Please do not start calling Briar Rose, 'Rose,' unless she gives you permission or your character has had multiple interactions with her. Sex: Mare Species: Alicorn (created) Formerly a Unicorn. Eye Color: Pink The same pink as her cutiemark. Coat: White Mane/Tail: Lime Green Does contain some lighter yellow-green highlighting, but it is not always present. Physique: Residence: Occupation: Cutie Mark: Unique Traits: History: Character Personality: Character Summary: Character Appearance:
  2. As you probably have figured, we just released a whole bunch of new Lore today, expanding to the East of the World of Equestria. Unfortunately, it will be some time before we are able to update the Official WoE Map. We can, however, offer you a WiP Map made by resident mapmaker Brianblackberry with the vast majority of new locales. That way, you can have a sense for where everything is supposed to be: DISCLAIMER: Not the final product. And please only reply if you have questions; this is not a place to make map suggestions.
  3. The Veiled Garden & Bohemian Club: In the midst of Canterlot's low-rent district lies one of the quaintest and most fascinating bits of architecture in Equestria: a pub that is, in the most literal sense possible, inside out. It presents to the outside word a utilitarian and frankly ugly windowless facade of grey, crumbling stone. Above the only door is carved the name of the establishment, "The Veiled Garden." But if a pony were to walk through this door, they would immediately receive the impression that they had walked out into a spacious and airy patio, with a bar to the left, tables and chairs set out anyhow in the middle, and a slightly area to the right, reminiscent of a stage. The whole is covered by a latticed roof of wood, and beyond the supporting beams can be seen a garden. The garden is full of bushes, hanging plants, and flowers, which fill the air of the place with a fresh, sweet scent continually. The arrangement of the landscape, combined with a few strategically placed mirrors, gives the illusion of an open area in front of one, as if the whole were not enclosed within four stone walls in the middle of the city! The origins of this establishment are as singular as its design. It dates back to a time when the artistic world of Equestria was wholly dependent upon aristocratic patrons, and was therefore dictated to by their taste... or lack thereof. During one period, about 830 CY, the overall aesthetic demanded had become so apalling that the artistic community could stand it no longer! They began to congregate around a this pub, which was much more ordinary back then, in order to offer mutual commiseration and support. Over time, this developed into what would be known as the Bohemian club, a gathering of artists, actors, writers, journalists, and other reprobates. When a large commission would leave one of its members temporarily flush with bits, they would take them to the club, in order to support their fellow creative types making work of actual merit, as well as improving their place of meeting. Over time, this led to the gradual independence of Equestria's art community, which experienced a new florescence paralleled by the transformation of their headquarters into the Veiled Garden as it is today! Even today, the Bohemian Club still serves its original mission: to support the free play of art and ideas. Anypony engaged in creative work is eligible for membership, which entitles them to criticism, reviews, collaboration, and sponsorship, all of which are given generously. Even if one is not a member, they may still share a drink among those congregated around the Veiled Garden, which still holds the atmosphere of its original clientele, the origins of Equestria's first counter-culture. -Beyond the Tourist Trap: A True Globetrotter's Guide to the Real Equestria ​
  4. Name:(Closed) Halcyon Bright Starlight Sex:(WIP) Female Age:(Closed) Filly Species:(Closed) Pegasus PonyEye Color:(Closed) Dark Coat/Style:(WIP) Dark (Not as dark as mane/tail with a buttery sheen) Main/Tail:(Closed) A long, black, dark and silky mane with nearly straight curls. Their tail is the same as the mane. Physique:(Closed) A teen pony body with long, thin legs, small mid section and a head smaller than an adult pony’s. Residence:(Open) Under a rock shelf/cave along the Bramble range in the Northern Painted Pinto Desert betwixt Gaberrot and BeakBreak city.Occupation:(WIP) They sell the wares, gems and valuables they find buried in the desert predominantly spending their time collecting things like water, food and special plants for surviving independently the Equestrian wilderness. (Natural campsites) Cutiemark:(WIP) A semi- luminous silver star inside of a ring of 6 colorful smaller stars. The colors are red, purple, blue, green, yellow and pink. The mark represents Halcyon’s intuition regarding stars and their place above the ground at any given time of year, daylight or faint light. While fleeing a local disaster, Halcyon and a few other ponies stole a large frigate. On the ship were various star charts and maps used to navigate the currents and quickly travel between two shorelines. None of the ponies on the ship could read and none of them knew anything about stars or star charts except for Halcyon. Halcyon spent a fair amount of their free time reading about stars, studying star charts, and other navigation maps at their home; using what they learned, Halcyon managed to guide the ship of first time sailors safely through rough waters. Halcyon told the ponies what to do to control the ship while guiding them to avoiding dangers like landmasses, reefs and rocks; without Halcyon they would otherwise have sailed at the mercy of the currents and winds. ​History:(WIP) Where was your character born? I cannot answer this WOE-ly (Open)Halcyon lived contrasting lifestyles growing up from a foal. They experienced the unity of a tightly nit tribal group rich in tradition and culture, strongly believing in the power of unity and team work over conflict and competition. Their value on culture and jovial depositions are the personality types Halcyon craves. Later in their young life they would be uprooted from their initial lifestyle and given an unrelentingly demanding lifestyle instead. Here Halcyon would be instilled with the values of discipline, diligence, etiquette, and patience. They would learn to read, write and become interested in the heavenly cosmos as a result of their father's occupation requiring navigation skills as well as knowledge to operate a boat; allotting Halcyon pent of material to absorb.Halcyon's mother was a wise Pegasus who memorized the cultural practices of her tribe. The long standing culture and meaning behind practices, ceremonies and festivals were all hers to memorize and share with both her tribe and her children. She was given the leadership of the tribe for being the most familiar with the traditions.Halcyon's father was a foreign Unicorn map maker/explorer who happenstance traveled to a new settlement to discover new opportunity. After finding her tribe he fell in love with Halcyon's mother, for a short time at least. After discovering her riches, Halcyon's father married a Unicorn mare and had a young foal; Halcyon's little sister. It would not be until years after birth that the father would discover Halcyon's existence and take them home inciting the cause for their split lifestyles. Halcyon's step mother not the kindest or warmest mare to know and she was quite unhappy with Halcyon's presence in her home. She took every opportunity to make them more tolerable to her sensibilities as well as be intentionally cruel for her own relief.While living with their father Halcyon spent a great deal of time with a nanny whom not only taught Halcyon but gave them advice to help ease the troubles they faced learning to be a more tactful and appeal to their step mother's various sensibilities.Halcyon has a little sister, aunts and cousins but they do not have any bearing on their life anymore. The last time Halcyon saw any of their family was on the frigate before the storm.Halcyon has spent a lot of their time roaming from place to place and digging up the Earth looking for hidden objects they sense hiding beneath the surface. They generally fees more welcomed in the wilds and avoids buildings habitually however when they find enough valuable object they head to Gaberrot or BareBack Gulch to trade. Between meals and before sleeping Halcyon writes their dreams in their books whenever they can manage to afford the ink; spending the time they cannot write ruminating their dreams or reading something in the time they normally would write dreams down. Halcyon escaped a terrible situation with the help of their mother and a group of colts and fillies, Halcyon's older pony cousins. Together they stole a frigate and sailed out towards the sea to escape. At the time Halcyon intended to return but was washed off the boat during a sea storm. (During the storm Halcyon asked a sea serpent for help. The serpent did what it could to save everypony on the ship but at the cost of Halcyon's memories.) Halcyon was rescued by a sea serpent and later awoke drifting on a cloud . They drifted over the Nimbusgait Lakes, the Allicor Mountains and into the Painted Pinto Desert's The Bramble Ranges mountain chain where the cloud withered away into rain trying to ascend the slope, gently and miraculously placing the Pegasus lost safely on the range.Halcyon doesn't have any places they would like to go. They travel for the sake of traveling, not to arrive at a destination.​Unique Traits:(FFA) Halcyon is a slightly less than functional Pegasai. Halcyon’s wings have a small amount of natural metal inside of their wingtips. They can detect things buried in loose or shallow ground using their wings. Halcyon also is not able to fly as easily as other Pegasai and their feathers do not interlock properly. Halcyon’s wings absorb water very easily and Halcyon is inclined to sink in water making them unable to float as easily as other ponies. Lastly Halcyon looks and sounds very effeminate as a young pony. (Cutesy even) Character Summary:(WIP) Halcyon is special because they can see the stars day or night and even regardless of sight know which way is wrong and which direction is right due to their natural insight of starlight foresight. Halcyon is great at navigating.Halcyon is motivated by their curiosity and desire to know culture like they once did. Halcyon dreams about their mother and their current goal is to find a better place to live than or find something valuable in the Painted Pinto Desert. Their hope is to one day understand and perhaps discover what happened to their memories as well as the reason for their lucid dreams.Halcyon has hobbies like digging to find interesting things buried in the ground and playing with various objects to create strange decorations. Halcyon highly dislikes swimming and dragon fire. (will faint)Halcyon's list of real hobbies is very brief presently as their only actual hobby is writing but they can potentially have more. Halcyon has had a lot of peace living alone in the desert and will default to writing, wandering around, digging holes(like a Diamond dog(but not as good)), reading literature they've collected or things they have written, decorating their den with rocks and trading whatever valuables they find.Halcyon likes to make good impressions and is easily embarrassed by faults in their behavior but does not put much stock in their physical appearance. Generally Halcyon focuses on a first impression to create a positive relationship then simply compliment their impression with their genuine nature, positive attitude and reliability.Halcyon has a natural childish naivete in that they will take everyone's word as truthful being a trusting individual. This helps to make Halcyon an easy target for scam artists and the like, prone to making bad decisions by way of misinformation and usually taking something drastic before they realize they are doing wrong. Halcyon is easily flustered and will fail to proactively establish their presence in an active area. They will criticize their own shortcomings as harshly as their step mother would if she were there in the flesh.#65000B Draft 1: 3-26-15 (WIP): Not finished/Lacking information. (Open) Looking for suggestions. (Closed) Looking for corrections. Test :Sun: (How do I use these things?) T-T | Not sure how to make the large curved boxes either. (Working) |Here goes nothing.
  5. Lux

    Fluttershy in a Box

    From the album: Lux's Gallery

    You are walking down a gritty city street. Passing by an alleyway, you see an unassuming cardboard box. Then you hear a noise soft like a dove cooing. The sound seems to be coming from inside the box. As you approach you see the box has writing on it. Free to a Good Home. Then as if noting your presence, she appears from the box, her shinging blue eyes staring at you, as if to say, "Please take me home with you." I had an idea for this while reading My Little Dashie. I thought that if it would be cool to find Rainbow Dash in a box like in the story, why not a Fluttershy? This piece took at least six hours. The problem wasn't Fluttershy or her box, but I kept trying to come up with a good city alley layout.
  6. From the album: My original art.

    What am I doing wasting time on stuff I wanna draw when I have too much work to do? Dx So this is a pony I had in my head for a very long time. Music helps me get the creative juices on overdrive and I was inspired to draw a beautiful, flirtatious pony with perfect ruby lips as her trademark. Yeah I need to work on lips more. Might make her a model. Or a makeup sales-pony. I'd like to give her a name and Ive got a few ideas in mind. I think I just wanted an excuse to work more with hair. Im surprised I was happy with the mane/body colors I had first chosen when I first thought of her, since now I cant see her in anything else. Cutie mark ideas also in the works!

    © This pony is mine!

  7. Rp type: Free rp Name: Dandilion Sex: Mare Age: 18 Species: Unicorn Eye color: Green Coat: White and slightly longer then most ponies Mane/Tail: Yellow, mixed with light yellow, mixed with white. Usually has flowers or leaves in it! Physique: Thin, but avrage pony size Residence: A small cottage in Whitetail Woods Occupation: Gardener Cutie mark: Three pink flowers. She was raised on a farm by earth ponies, and fell in love with the land, so she learned to use her magic to make flowers grow. She was teased by other ponies, saying gardening was not a unicorn's job. But she loved it. She planted her own garden, which became an eplosian of color and beauty, and that was how she recived her cuite mark. Dandilion was born on a farm outside of Canterlot. She was the only unicorn in a large family of earth ponies. Her life was filled with amazing summers exploring Whitetail Woods (where she now lives) and winters by the fire. She had many chores, but if it had to do with gardening, she loved it! She was bullied at school by other ponies for loving the earth when she was not an earth pony. Her parents are Pink Lilly and Leaf, and they are old, but they try to visit as much as they can. She has five other siblings, all stallions, four that are older (19, 25, 25, 30) and one younger (15). They are Johnny Seed, Bull Horn, Crazy Ears, Mud Bug, and Li'l Leaf. Now she helps with community gardens inmany cities, as she has become incredibly full of gardening knowledge. She hopes to one day work in the Princess Celestia's Royal Gardens. (And her secest wish is to become an alicorn, but she knows it is far-fetched). She loves to sing and dance, as well as doing some minor painting and drawing, and she loves to read. She is kind, and gentle hearted, almost flower-child like. Unforunatly, she can lose her temper. She fears never making friends.
  8. I'm tired of the single sentences in a regular RP, such little detail and the very important role of one person to continue such RP in another sense. So now I'm planning my own Rp to help others flesh out their character, improve responses and have a little fun on the way: Here is the prelude: Ever want to go on a fantastic adventure filled with conflict, courage and excitement? Well, too bad. You must pass the following exam to ever become a full-fledged character worthy of some ones thought and effort to place you in a story like that. This test will prove you are character, not some molded up clay figure waiting to be squashed from some 'better' idea. You have depth, right? Or are you just the shallow of the mirror, not the figure that stares back? Be wary you can and will die if your actions... well I can't tell you more about that. But in it of it all, if you choose to accept: Good luck. Here are the rules: 1. You can't kill other ponies that are in the Rp, at least not without a good fight. If you try with other means, I will save them being the narrator I am. 2. Not being shallow I need a more than two line response most time 3. Sign ups are here: Name: Age: Race: Color of: Mane: Eyes: Tail: Background: Personality: Powers: Imma update it soon aftershcool.
  9. Name: Nougat Gender: Male Age: Young stallion Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Purple. Character colour: A very light creamy (nougat)color, with small, black, freckle-like markings on his snout and other bits of his body. Mane/Tail/Other: His mane and tail however, are pitch black. Physique: He has a build much like a an average unicorn or pegasus...but without any wings or horn. Maybe a bit scrawnier, with a narrow snout. His mane and tail are also quite shiny. He could probably look fairly fancy and 'handsome' if he wanted, but he always just gets them crudely chopped and hacked short at very blocky angles so they're out of his way. He also wears clothing; a white lab coat and of course...the goggles. He also has quite a few dents and scratches from botched experiments in the past. (Maybe I'll actually draw him someday. > >) Residence: He lives in a windmill-converted-laboratory and home near Germaney. Though he's no stranger to traveling long distances if there's something he wants or needs. Occupation: "SCIENTIST". An expert in magitech, specifically. That what he believes and wants to be, anyways. "Eccentric hazardous loon" could also apply. Cutie Mark: A beaker filled with some kind of dubious substance, bubbling with energy and possibilities. Or explosions. These aren't mutually exclusive. Unique Traits: Nougat is brilliant. Maybe. It's hard to tell sometimes. Either that, or he's very skilled at pretending at things. Also, his goggles aren't just for looking sciencey; he can see magic through them, and they are among of his most sophisticated and precious items. History: The start of Nougat's life is fairly mundane. He lived at his family's candy shop; it was both their home and workplace. One if his earliest and most prevalent experiences is being less capable at certain tasks than the rest of his immediate family. They were all unicorns, but he was not--they were also much more vibrantly colored than him, which he now blames on his most likely rare genes, in relation to both. His family didn't mind his lack of magic, of course, and always assured him that they loved him all the same. For a time, this satisfied him, and he kept working at the shop, getting fairly dexterous with his bare hooves. He still occasionally envied all the magic going on around him, though. And then he started noticing pegasi. They also had something he lacked...and flight looked like so much fun! While he was stuck on the ground... He wasn't even very strong for an earth pony, having never done much manual labor in his life. Even the nice and fluffy words of his family couldn't completely cheer him up now. He wasn't sure why other earth ponies seemed content...but he just wasn't. Seeing no solution to this, however, he simply kept helping with the candy business. Their candy wasn't just ordinary, though. His family had long made a gimmick of putty a tiny bit of magic zip or oomph into the candies; entirely safe, of course. After a long while of becoming acquainted to it, the gears in Nougat's head began to turn like never before. The candy wasn't even alive, but it retained magic... At this stage of his life, he wasn't sure what mental step to take next, exactly. So he simply kept working. But now, paying much closer attention to the more subtle processes of the candy making. His thoughts began to race faster and faster each day, and he took technical mental notes of the cooking, melting, mixing, spellcasting, everything. This was a major turning point in his life. He came to the revelation that this wasn't just candy he was observing, but physical and magical processes that applied to the rest of the world as well, and a beaker appeared on his flank that day, rather than the expected candy-related image the majority of his family had. From then on, he made frequent trips to the library, bringing home several books each time. Nothing as silly and frivolous as picture or fantasy books, though, but books and physics and magic. Now he began to truly understand the way of things, and he felt happy and excited for the first time in a while. Even though many of the magic books were intended for unicorns, so he couldn't really put most of that knowledge to practice... But he was now thinking in a scientific manner, at least. The candy wasn't even alive, but it retained magic...this applied to other things, he'd learned and figured. Anyone could use magic, with the right device, he thought. By this point, he was old enough to move out of his own. Though he enjoyed the company of his parents and siblings, he felt like he no longer fit in at the shop. Also, he was concerned about blowing it up with all the new ideas buzzing in his head. After receiving a generous amount bits and supplies to help him on his way, he was off on his own. Now he just needed a place to live...and work. Nougat recalled hearing of a spooky old abandoned windmill that colts and fillies would often make dares pertaining to. Well, if it was really abandoned...he figured this could be an ideal, and isolated, spot. Luckily, it was still there. It was a dump, and indeed, adequately spooky. But the idea of a laboratory in a windmill just seemed right to him. And more importantly, it was free. In a 'finders, keepers' sort of way. So, he cleaned it out all by himself, shooing away any brats and delinquents and animals that frequented it while he did so. He even got the windmill turning again, eventually. He used the bits he'd had to buy some equipment, an everything was set. Sort of. Not...really. Being over eager, a lot of what he'd bought wasn't even really magic or useful. And the stuff that was useful required magic, even if it was just in-part. He at least had some contraptions and gizmos that he can use... Once in a while, he' even went out on a little jaunt or adventure and stumble across some kind of magic trinket, but he tended to either use them up or break them fairly quickly. At least he had his mind, and notes, and theories, and books. But...he was and still is mostly unable to put them into practice, for the most part. His greatest accomplishment so far has been enchanting his goggles, which to his amazement, actually ended up working. It seems so, anyways. They haven't blinded him or anything yet, at least. And with them, he can see magical energies...which has made his trinket hunts a bit more fruitful. And helps keep him out of danger--when he doesn't just run towards it, anyhow. He could at least tell if some merchant is trying to swindle him, now. And with legitamate items, he's gotten some actual work done, which has been a major boost to his confidence and knowhow, even counting the times where things just blow up in his face. He doesn't need a horn to fiddle with magic! Somehow, either through self-enchantment or device, he believes he can cast off the earth pony life, and become able to actually wield magic himself, eventually..! Flying wouldn't be too bad either... And why should he even stop there? With magic and technology combined, anything seems possible for him. In theory. He ran out of bits a while ago, and being a weirdo who lives in a sort of tower doesn't exactly rake in the money. He's still working this part out. He certainly has no shortage of passion or grand ideas, though. Character Summary: It's sometimes hard to tell if Nougat truly is smart...or if he's just an eccentric weirdo playing at being a scientist with all of his big words and bought/found hardware and magic, dabbling in things he really shouldn't be--he wasn't even properly educated! He really is quite bright, though, despite his somewhat young age and lack of experience; always intensely curious and analytical, as well, if a bit absent-minded. Logic also has a prominent presence in his mind, even when dealing with the mystical. He often regards legend and myth with great scrutiny, ignoring all of the flowery language and fluff, and attempting to figure out the how and why of all the pieces work--if they even exist. Some would say that's missing the point, but what do they know? He does realize, though, that sometimes...magic just doesn't have to make much sense, necessarily. While on the verge of a discovery or during experimentation in his lab or anywhere else, Nougat can become very exciteable, even giddy at times. However, when he isn't, his behavior changes drastically. He becomes straight-faced, dull, and almost listless. Quiet, too, though he doesn't actively go out of his way to avoid talking to anyone. It's more like, after all the time he spends cooped up in his workshop, he kind of forgets the possibility exists. He also usually seems as if he has somewhere important to be or somewhere to go, no matter the setting, which can make him seem dismissive of anyone who tries to slow him down to chat. Unless they say something that intrigues him; then there's a good possibility of him never shutting up if they continue being interesting afterwards. Lately, as he begins to get gradually more competent, he's becoming a teensy bit...ambitious. Boundaries and limits have even less meaning to him nowadays then ever, and he becomes severely pushy if anyone ever tries to discourage or stop him. Even if it's just for the simple purpose of 'taking a break'. Nougat always has dozens of ideas and schemes buzzing around in his mind at any given moment, and he certainly can't stop for something so trivial. Or anything else for that matter. He just doesn't seem to understand or accept the fact that, as an earth pony, he also has special abilities of his own.
  10. Name: Figment; or "Honey Smiles" when undercover Gender: Male Age: Adult Species: Changeling Eye colour: Light blue and with white in the center. And...bug-like/compound-y. Character colour: Dark gray Mane/Tail/Other: The frilly thing on the back of his neck, and his tail, are both slightly light gray. The shell on his back is dark bluish, and his wings are light blue and translucent. Physique: When not disguised, he really doesn't look much different than any other of Chrysalis' drones(as they are in the the show/comic). Maybe a bit on the scrawnier and lighter side, for a changeling. Residence: The rest of the Swarm; though, due to his work, he often travels alone and camps near settlements and whatnot. Occupation: Spy, agent, scout, that sort of thing. Unique Traits: Aside from his leanness, he doesn't really have any outstanding physical traits. However, he takes pride in his spell-casting aptitude, disguises and acting, and wits, of course. However, he is not very good at physical combat or other tasks that require strength... Also, he has most likely above average decision-making skills for a drone. Which probably isn't saying much. History: Figment's life has always gone all according to plan. Mostly. His early stages of life did, at least. There was nothing at all special about him; he was like any other drone. He was given the task of going deep undercover and just...observing, mostly. Maybe giving an emotional nudge here and there, testing how suitable a community was for love gathering. It didn't make him special, though. Not any more than any other changeling. There was never any thought or question by him of ever wanting anything else out of life, and his outlook hasn't really changed much over he course of time. In the time leading up the latest invasion, he'd been doing just that. Things started...not going according to plan when it actually happened. For the first time he'd ever witnessed, the Queen's plan...didn't work. The attack was a disaster, and he ended up getting pummeled and cast away like most of the others. Luckily, he managed to regroup with the rest of the swarm. Despite this, though, he never lost any faith in Chrysalis or the hive. Because that would just be silly. After recovering from a fractured carapace and all other manner of dents and scratches, he was back to work. Though, this time, he did something he'd never even considered before. He made a request. From his experience, he thought maybe it would be possible to, instead of kidnapping and replacing someone, gain love via a unique disuse--greatly reducing the risk involved. To his surprise, he was allowed. The catch was he had to do it himself, as not to waste any other changeling's time with his unorthodox idea. He agreed, hoping maybe he'd help the hive gain a safer alternative while they recovered from defeat. He invented the friendly, sociable, and honey-colored pegasus, "Honey Smiles", to attempt this. Though, with little risk comes little reward, apparently. He's found it's much harder to earn love than it is just to intercept it by replacing someone. So, he often finds himself a bit...starved for love these days. He believes he'll get it right eventually, though, and perseveres, showing up in various towns and settlements, testing the residents there. He doesn't want to return a failure, after all, especially after being given such a privilege. Character Summary: First and foremost (in his mind, at least), Figment is a loyal drone just doing his duty, and puts the Queen and her hive's needs far above his own. He rarely holds any personal malice towards anyone he deceives or feeds love off of. If anything, he's a bit intimidated by ponies, considering the disaster that was their last invasion attempt. Plus, he often works without the support of others readily available, so he believes, if discovered, he'd get beaten up all over again like the last time... This doesn't discourage him, though; it's all part of his job! And his cover has never been blown ever before. Though, he does have close calls at times when his ambition and eagerness to do great things for the hive outstretches his abilities... Even though he doesn't complain, and is used to it, he gets very lonely very easily while working by himself. The thought of being isolated from any other changelings and having no clear orders at times, terrifies him. Again, he doesn't let any of this discourage him, and carries himself as some sort of perfectly competent and super serious mastermind when not undercover. Unfortunately for him, this has the side-effect causing any mistakes he makes to be particularly hard-hitting. Surely, if he was following someone else's orders, he would never goof up the ways he does... He often hesitates and freezes up whenever he has to 'go outside the script' while undercover because if it. And occasionally, he has bouts of...weakness. Even though he sees ponies in general as deceptively strong, war-like creatures, he will occasionally run into one that maybe isn't so entirely awful to be around. Figment then finds himself entertaining all sorts of bad thoughts, like wishing he could talk to them as himself and not as some cheery, blithering characature. This, of course, is a big no-no, unless ordered otherwise, so of course he never acts on it. He mostly just ignores any unpleasant or strange feelings he might have. His emotional distress is small potatoes compared to the hive's needs. Speaking of which, his cover, Honey Smiles, is one he put quite a lot of work into. Honey Smiles is the most lovable pegasus possible. At least, Figment's idea of 'lovable'. He his permanently cheerful, and friendly, and happy to an almost sickening degree. And most certainly overbearing...though, Figment often doesn't realize this, which confounds him endlessly when ponies sometimes don't react positively. Sometimes he does regret picking a pegasus disguise, though, because when offering favors in exchange for possible affection, he's often very clumsy...being more accustomed to using magic to manipulate things rather than his bare hooves. Also, he has a serious taste for apple cider after trying some while undercover. (I took some creative license in some parts, so feel free to tell me if I bent things too far is some bits. > > )
  11. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Jade Julep (JJ for short) Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Deep Blue Coat: Green, but there are golden spirals dyed around her legs, face, and neck. Mane/Tail: Her mane is slightly unkept, it is short, a mint green, and has a strip of white in it, it is a little jagged, and the bangs fall in her face ever so slightly. Her tail is long, matches her mane, and is very shiny. Physique: She has a tall, lean build, that gives her a graceful appearance, but do NOT be fooled! Residence: Canterlot Occupation: She runs a Salon called "Dyed in the Wool" it is a salon like boutique that styles hair, and does her very special dyed on tattoos Cutie Mark: a brown handled paint brush, the tip of the brush is dribbling sparkling gold paint that makes a swirl design around the brush. History: [colour=#282828]JJ was born one bright spring morning to her parents Vinyl Gloss, and Heavy Duty; Her Mother Vinyl Gloss was a stylist to the stars! She did all the great models hair and makeup and was renouned for her taste in colour, style, and the ability to bring out a ponies inner beauty with just a few dabs of makeup. Heavy Duty was part of the REA and was a steadfast and loyal soldier, but his true devotion was to his family.[/colour] [colour=#282828]Jade Julep was named for her coat colour for one, and Julep for her taste right off for mint leaves as she would often munch on them to help with teething issues, but as she grew up She shortened the name to JJ (It sounds more Cique ) And from a young age was really into the fashion and makeup industry, following in her mothers hoofsteps beautifully![/colour] [colour=#282828]One day for a sleep over her mother suggested that her and her friends give each other make overs! JJ was excited as she had been practicing a new way to accent a pony without having to constantly apply make up! She got out her supplies and asked one of her friends to volunteer! When they came over she took out a stencil she had cut herself, and stuck it on the ponies cheek, carefully adding some make up to the stencil(She recalls this like it was yesterday! It was a glittery dye her mother used for her hair sometimes) Once the design was covered in product she let it sit for a moment before peeling it away, revealing a golden spiral that stayed on her friends cheek![/colour] [colour=#282828]JJ was thrilled! Her mother not so much...though she couldn't scold her daughter too much as she had also received her cutie mark! Her special talent being innovative and creative ways to accent a ponys appearance![/colour] [colour=#282828]Growing up JJ was always a fashionista! She wore her mane in a messy, defiant style, and she wore a red bandana, red shirt, and always wore slippers on her back hooves to make her stand out; After graduating from a very high end makeup and design school she set to work interning at various salons, spas, and even her mothers salon to get a taste of the business.[/colour] [colour=#282828]Once she was confident in her own abilities she opened a boutique in Canterlot called “Dyed in The Wool” A hair salon/ makeup parlor where she could sell her own brand of beauty! Her special “Tattoos” are a house specialty involving painting a pattern on a ponies coat either free hoofed or using a stencil, allowing it to dry, and then accenting it with jewels or glitter![/colour] [colour=#282828]They are 100% temporary and it’s easy to wash them off if needed, or if you require a longer look she uses mane dye to make them last a little longer.[/colour] Character Summary:JJ is a light hearted soul with good intentions, and an eye for what looks good! It is not uncommon for her to stop a Mare (or Stallion) on the streets and rave about a particular aesthetic of them she finds pleasing to the eye! JJ gives compliments both honestly, and freely! And seldom says something without 100% meaning it, however she can lay it on a bit thick, and can also turn on the magnifying glass a little too strong at times and end up insulting instead! (Example : Oh your mane is such a beautiful colour I hardly even realized it was dyed! it really helps de age you by 5 years!) JJ is very patient, and suffers tunnel vision if she is working on a client! Refusing to lift her head as she delicately applies gems to a ponies work, or is carefully cutting and styling their mane for a big event like the gala! Despite being very fashion forward JJ is also not afraid to get her hooves dirty! She has a cousin that runs a small farm outside of Canterlot, right on the edge of Whitetail Woods and every year during the harvesting season JJ rolls up her sleeves and goes over to help her out. Her cousin almost wishes JJ was a little more prissy as JJ tends to spend more time falling flat on her face than pulling carrots out of the dirt... Her light hearted nature, sincerity, and passion for fashion are all wonderful traits that really make this mare a one of a kind piece of art all on her own.
  12. Roleplay Type: FFA Name: Mr. Re or Cellar Re Sex: Male Age: Younger Stallion Species: Earth pony Eye colour: Teal Gray Coat: Chalky white, regardless of lighting Mane/Tail: His mane was short, brushed downward with spikes hovering over his eyebrows; his tail shared a similar coarseness but was quite longer in comparison. There was a difference between his coat and his mane and tail, his mail/tail had slight yellow hue. A strange colour, vague as if an artist dripped yellow into a bowl of white and mixed to get a result. Physique: He has a taller, much skinner build regarding his earth pony brethren. Residence: His local business was his residence like many of the citizens in Equestria. However, unlike many, his house lacked a fourth wall. It was a roof room for insulation, the of the estate was served as lodging for the guests. It was a cold room with warm sheets. He put many details to make his room simple, only four of five elements stood out in this abode. Inside there were the following: a desk, a bed, a lampshade and a door each in their respective corner. The bed and desk faced each other and sat along where ceiling met the floor; The opposite side held the door and lamp. The last detail that many wouldn't have noticed until hinted toward was a rock, adorned in the center of his roof. It meant to him that he could not understand the full inter workings of society and its rapid erratic change, that new was old because new is nonexistent just because of the combined variations in trends and fashion, that ponies were made from society and their history which he could never have a chance to fully research nor interpret. But to many, his simple answer to this obscure object was “I live under a rock.” Occupation: He works at The “Tavern Of Mr. Re's” in Fillydephia . Cutie Mark: Cellar Re was a surprisingly astute apprentice to the many mentors that had the experience to teach him. He was always slow and lazy when attending to the work assigned to him, but he soaked up every lesson. For every teacher, there was a test at the end, which he passed with an above average grade every time. Soon he knew many things: how to cook, clean, grow crops and write novels, yet all of these talents did not earn him his cutie mark. It got repetitive, each month and each teacher would say “ He would be a good... {interchangable}... But not a great one”. It was frustrating for the young colt to burdened by these many things. Soon, he became faded to the world and to life itself. As his parents were, he were; both were obsessed to find him a cutie mark. Whilst his mother and father exhausted the physical approach, he worn out his mental abode. He gave up one day,but that was the day he got his cutie mark... The boredom numbed all limbs in Cellar's body. The fog covered the sun and made a gloomy moon over his day, the bed and blanked seemed to bind him in place. Transferring mentors was a difficult time for him, his parent, however, enjoyed spending time together finding him a mentor. And the colt's dead stare moved to the window and back to his flank. An empty full mind. It was the worst day ever. The day was a never ending sigh, as it continued it felt harder and harder to breathe out with seconds slowing, life itself gasping out through his strained lungs. This was the case until there was no air left, then he took another breath. A whole day past and night had followed with a new breath under his chest, he used the air for ins and outs. The mind needs to be clear, too many roam around inside here. Still eyes closed, he did not notice. For an hour he meditated, though this was his first attempt. His last deep breath gave the colt peace in mind and an general idea of a cutie mark. What ever it is, I'll have to repeat it over and over again. Simple, that's it. Focus... Focus... Focus These were his last thought before going into a deep trance, void of any activity, a purge from an active life. He knew meditation was the most repetitive thing he could do but it did cleared his mind. Little did know that it had earn him his cutie mark. This is what his cutie mark looks like. Day to day, it changes meaning to him based on his mood and or stature. Sometimes he thinks he's the pin that holds the universe together, or maybe the universe itself, other times he is just a point in an endless cycle of life, or a pony doomed to a tedious eternity. History: Cellar Re was what this Mr. Re used to be. He was born of a pun made from his parents, the Unicorn Cereb Concise and the Pegasus Dude Meister. A competitive duo, always trying to best each other either in brain or brawn. Funny, even in the excruciating pain of foal conception, they placed their wagers against each another;a Pegasus for Meister and an Unicorn for Concise, 100 bits from the loser. In the strange case of pony genetics (and to the irony to both parents), he became neither of the two, instead he became the fourth race... an earth pony. They were disgruntled on the outcome of their bet, but having both lost( they were good sports for the matter), they gave their bits to the new bornly victor, Cellar Re, their son. And that's how he earned his first 200 bits in ten seconds flat of his birth. Though he could not fly nor use magic, he shared the same intuition and speed as his lineages proceeds. Meister was fast, so was he; Concise was smart, and so was he. Yet, this colt had also adapted the bad qualities of them, being uptight and thinking rash countered the opened mindedness and intelligence he had. His hometown was in the cool foggy city of Stalliongrad. It was here where he grew up and here where he got his cutie mark. But the years preface that had been hard on him, much had needed change within him. He was quiet, so quiet were the days of his youth; no pony in his class would talk to him... much less go near him. An isolation due to a rumor of a disease that only applied to him, Look germs. It was disease without symptoms nor impediments. The thing became just a title, a notoriety among his peers for being weird and obnoxious. Having this devolved him from his social counterparts. It gave him a severe insecurity on what others think about him. Despite these disadvantages, he maintained a higher intelligence, a characteristic that alienated his peers, than the other ponies in class. Consequently to both reasons: social stigma and unique intelligence, his parents adopted home-schooling... He got his cutie mark. It wasn't as life changing as he thought. Though the colt had his cutie mark, the destiny behind him obscured him. Swirls and swirls, round and round, it was simple now. All he need to do was find a occupation that utilized repetitiveness. He thought and laughed. All cutie marks were of some sort of repetition: He could be what ever he wanted, though it would take some practice. He thought again then smiled. The colt knew exactly his occupation would be, an owner of a tavern. Character Summary: Mr. Re is simple in his complexity. He shares multiple qualities between a young colt and a old wisemare. He is apathetic at times but tries to tend to that as much as possible. Full of wisdom as well as recklessness, he can make dumb decisions on purpose because it is his way. His life , however, is full of repetitive factors, and he will do anything to change that. Re loves attention, yet is insecure about judgment, often over-thinking encounters, leading him into a inward spiral of isolation sometimes, though it's always resolved. The colt is content of being in-content, he likes being happy with way thing are and how everything can contradict itself for that matter. He is well adept at peeking into problems of other ponies, a very snoopy pony indeed. The colt is very open pony and will always answer questions to the best of his abilities; he has no secrets as long as you ask the proper questions. Due to his age, he is very naive and spiteful, trusting and looking for revenge. He has a lack of common sense and also has a tendency of energy spikes. In summary, he is a very happy contradictive pony.
  13. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Valour Bound Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Crystal Pony Eye colour: Dark Purple Coat: Pristine White Mane/Tail: Made up of four shades of pale blue. Her mane is short, choppy, and often kept in a ponytail. Her tail is also short and choppy. Physique: Val is very tall and leggy. Her lithe figure belies the strength of her wiry muscle. Residence: The Crystal Empire. Valour lives in a small apartment near the palace. Occupation: Freshly enlisted into Royal Equestrian Army. Cutie Mark: A shield made of crystal wreathed in blue flames. The shield symbolizing her protective instincts and the flames her burning devotion to those she cares for. Valour got her cutie mark on a beautiful sunny day in the fields outside the Crystal Empire where many of the fillies and colts liked to frolic and play games. She and a group of classmates were enjoying the sunshine. They decided to play some games, teams were being picked and Val was chosen early but one of the older fillies refused to pick a friend of Valour's despite the fact that he was the last pony left. Val stood up for her friend and got the mean filly to stop picking on him. Afterward her friend jubilantly exclaimed that her cutie mark had appeared and in the excitement everypony forgot the squabble. History: Valour had a rather normal childhood, with good friends, colt and filly alike, and was rather fun loving and cheerful. She loved to play in the fields around the kingdom with the sheep. She struggled to find her place as a Filly though, not getting her cutie mark until she was quite a bit older than most her age. When she finally did earn her cutie mark, then began the quest to find what job was perfect for her to apply herself to. She tried lots of jobs, first was being a shepherd herself. She found herself getting bored of standing around with nothing interesting happening. Then came a string of jobs where she thought her talents would come in handy, but none of them ever felt right. She knew there was a particular job that would make use of her skills, and give her a feeling of accomplishment and pride that nothing else could. Since the return of the Crystal Empire Valour has been acclimating to her new life quite well. She loves this bright new world living under the rule of the Princesses. She was jubilant when Princess Cadance was named the ruler of the Crystal Empire. As soon as she heard about the Royal Equestrian Army she began training day and night. She constantly worked out, drilled, and trained her mind, body, and spirit. She found herself to be quite a skilled swordsmare. She was certain this was what she had been meant for all along. A job protecting and serving for the sake of peace and the ponies of Equestria! She enlisted very recently and was ranked in the upper portion of her class in training. She; having found her purpose, has now been taking time to enjoy her new career. Finally taking some time to relax during her time off from work. Something she hasn't done much of since she set out to join the REA. Character Summary: Valour is quite the dreamer. She loves to stare up into the night sky at the stars(or sky crystals as she likes to think of them) and think about all the wonders the universe must hold. She dreams of someday standing vigil at the side of her new Princess as one of the elite Crystal Guard, and in efforts to reach that lofty goal she strives her hardest. She has a no surrender mentality and never stops trying! When it comes to her dreams she is willing to put in the long hard hours to make it a reality. Quitters never accomplish anything is her motto. Val is a cheerful and upbeat mare, a big smile often stuck on her face as she happily does things most would rather not. She works hard, and plays harder. Always up for a challenge, Val can sometimes get herself into mischief despite her good intentions. Above all else Valour feels an immense sense of duty and honor. She wants to serve her new rulers as best she can, and wants to earn the respect of those she encounters. She doesn't believe in the easy route and will purposely take special "short cuts" when travelling or making her way around the Empire. One of Valour's favorite things to do outside of work is to spend her days out in the fields where she spent much of her childhood, mingling with other ponies that enjoy the serenity, as well as shepherds and their flocks. She often visits the train station to see what kind of visitors and tourists the Empire is getting and loves to meet these ponies. Her most favorite place in all of the Empire is where the crystal spires burst from the ground at the borders of the Empire. She loves to climb upon the wider spires and stargaze from them at night. She also enjoys sports and playing with the local fillies and colts on her off time. She secretly dreams of meeting her special somepony and having foals of her own.
  14. The first character is (me) Numbuh 100,000,000 infinity. She is leader of sector R, and everyone calls her Numbuh 10 for short. Age: 10 years old 2nd is Numbuh 20,000. He is the 2nd in command of Sector R, but loves to build things. So he is kind of 2nd in command AND 2x4 technologist. Age: 11 years old 3rd and final is Numbuh 29. He is a field operative of sector R. Age: 10 years old You might be wondering what humans are doing here, right? Well in the Crossover (still thinking about it) they meet some sort of evil creature that sends them to PonyVille, so the 'creature' can torture them. Some characters that have cameos.... Numbuh 12.3 (Soopreme/Supreme Leader of the Kids Next Door) MAYBE Vondorf (evil villan that plans revenge on Numbuh 100,000,000 infinity.. you might or might not know why. Only if she decides to tell you.. which is rarely. So good luck with that. XD) MAYBE Kerikak (General of Vondorf's wolf army. Yes, Kerikak is a wolf too. He has a red gem as an eyepatch on his right eye. trust me you don't want to know how he lost that eye.) I'm still thinking on the characters with cameos though. =/ This story is in progress!! Oh and if you wanted to know what Numbuh 29, 20,000 and 100 million infinity's Pony names are, they're right here. =P Numbuh 10: CatsPaw Numbuh 29: CakeMonster Numbuh 20,000: SteamPunk So that's it. I hope you enjoy the crossover as soon as the grey button at the bottom of the OC discussion that says "You cannot post a new topic here" lights up because it's REALLY getting on my nerves!!! If this crossover is ever posted it will be called: Codename: Ponies Next Door
  15. [colour=#000080]Howbeit our dreams hath joy of Luna's guard,[/colour] [colour=#000080]Perhaps there is a time when such delight is lost,[/colour] [colour=#000080]For amid the night the mare shall rest her art,[/colour] [colour=#000080](Some tell) to sing about what mattered most.[/colour] [colour=#000080]With skies so dark and clouded,[/colour] [colour=#000080]A cause of nighttime sorrow,[/colour] [colour=#000080]Arrays of thoughts stay shrouded,[/colour] [colour=#000080]Faith lost until tomorrow.[/colour]
  16. Brony1337

    Dark Rose (WIP)

    From the album: Digital Art

    Some people suggested me to use Inkscape. Well... this is my first WIP draw with it, called Dark Rose. I know it isnt the best so if you have any idea or tips please tell me.
  17. From the album: Peggly's OCs

    This is something that I was working on for a bit in Ps still practicing with ways of using the pen tool to get those nice curvy lines that I love so much. I can't shake the feeling that using the pen tool is somehow limiting my capacity for making awesome artz, but I guess I'll just have to work things out for myself. Peggly-Sus is my LPW character, not really my ponysona, though I guess you could see him like that

    © AsthmaticPegasus

  18. I've been working on a picture on and off for a few weeks now. It's gotten to the point I hate looking at it and just want to finish it. But I don't know what to add detail-wise to make it not so.... plain. http://aibiki.deviantart.com/art/Background-wip-3-303852478 I've since removed the names from the tombstones. But that's about all I've done. The graves/yard are mostly what I'm looking for details for.
  19. From the album: Diego's Art

    WIP of my entry for the February drawfriend. Will hopefully have it coloured and finished tomorrow or Wednesday. Gonna be a comic too. :3

    © Diego Havoc 2012

  20. In her early years, Grani had never met another pony since she lived in Talonpolis. Her mother, Glass Slipper, was nine months pregnant with her before having to move due to a business decision with the trading company that she and her husband, Gram, worked at. She was an elegant, white-coated earth pony, who could always be seen wearing beautiful silk dresses, giving her an ethereal look as the fabric lagged behind every controlled step that she took. She had been on extended leave due to her pregnancy, which her husband had been struggling to maintain on his own. Gram was a quiet and focused unicorn, dedicated to his job, rarely displayed affection in public, and had a well-groomed grey coat. Despite how he could be perceived as cold by others, he would always find time to spend time with his wife in private, removing his facade of aloofness and indifference to become soft and affectionate. One day, Gram had been contacted by his boss to be transferred to the Griffin capital Talonpolis to expand trade as an emissary for the company. Knowing the tension between Griffins and Ponies, he respectfully denied the offer, fearing for the health of himself, his wife, and their unborn child. The businessman that was his boss only cared for profits and money, and gave the worker an ultimatum of either taking the position, or to become fired from the company. Gram wasn't even given time to ask his wife about the decision, and submissively agreed to the proposition. When he had gotten home to inform Glass Slippers of what happened, she quickly accepted the circumstances and didn't blame him for the decision, but only cared for the health of their child. Gram shared the sentiments but vowed to do whatever it took to keep them safe. With the increased pay in the dreadful position he was in, the two of them chose to go around the Painted Pinto Desert, as they feared how the heat would affect either Glass Slippers or their unborn child. It had taken them two months to finally arrive to the gates of Talonpolis. Gram remained indifferent to the sneers and jabs that the Gaurds and some of the citizens spat as they walked to their new home at the other end of Talonpolis, near the Badlands. He chose to have a house made there due to it's closeness to the Griffin company that he had to now work with, yet had no surrounding neighbors that could harass them without being out in the open. Glass Slippers tried to match his facade, but it was easily visible how hurt she was by it all. Though disheartened at their initial racism, she never allowed herself to make such thoughts of them herself, unlike Gram, who's coldness seemed to increase more and more. One month later, when Glass Slippers had entered labor, Gram, for a moment, had lost his cold exterior in his excitement, apprehension, and fear at the upcoming birth. That all soon came to an end as Gram and Glass Slippers entered a nearby Griffin hospital. After teleporting the both of them, Gram had cried out for help and explained the situation to the surprised, silent Griffins. After a moment as confusion welled up inside of him, a front attendant simply told him that they didn't help ponies in their hospital. This drew the line for Gram who's head swiveled around to see that nobody cared to deny the statement. It was only the intervention of a Griffin doctor who finally decided to accept helping the couple, after considering that killing the unborn child of an emissary was too much. Glass Slippers was elated at the change of heart, but only emitted heaves and grunts of pain in her pained state. It seemed that only the doctor was willing to help as Gram continued to use his magic to carry his wife to the operating table. Luckily, birthing Griffins and Ponies weren't very different, making the actual procedure go off without a hitch. A relief in such a emotionally strenuous day. The newborn foal cried out and was quickly delivered to her mother to be quickly tended to and soothed, ceasing them moments later. Softly talking to one another, they pondered on what to name the beautiful, baby girl, deciding to name was Grani. Thanking the doctor, he humbly accepted it, no longer holding any apprehension to the ponies. The three of them left hours later, after Grani had gone through numerous check-ups to determine her health, which ended up being perfectly fine. For the moment they left, the Griffins had enough sense and heart to choose not to grief them in their happiness. The years that followed were happier ones. Gram's show of extreme care for his family in their crisis was something that many Griffins could respect. He had began negotiations with the Griffins at one of the trading companies that he needed to find an agreement with before coming back. It was slow, tedious work that required time for messages to pass higher up into the ranks of both Griffin and Pony companies. Glass Slippers had returned to full health a few months after giving birth to Grani, and was more than happy to spend every minute of the day with her. Grani was a curious and happy Earth pony, who's bubbly, infectious giggles affected even Gram when he spent time with her after returning from work. Grani never became much of a hassle to her parents, always following the rules that had been set for her, and only found difficulty with Glass Slippers's teachings in cooking. She was banned from the activity, much to her disappointment. The only thing that her father disapproved of was her curiosity. She always asked questions about the Griffins and why there weren't any other ponies, and anytime she asked if she could meet any Griffin children, it was quickly denied. This led her to have a hidden feeling of loneliness, but with some effort, ignored it as Grani spent her time with her mother and on the etiquette lessons and such, befitting a noble. Grani loved her father, but couldn't remember him ever being very personal, having forgotten his constant attention when she was but a foal. Gram's job took most of the day and extremely stressed at their hardheaded behavior, but he himself never said anything bad about them. And so she grew up without having much in the area of friendship and social skills, but never complained. Soon, she became more reserved and only lived and acted as a noble would, sophisticated and proper. She was a teenage filly when her parents had taken notice of the change in her personality, and blamed themselves for her loneliness. With ambivalence, Gram finally agreed to find some way to give her a friend, remembering how his own childhood lacked in friends. At least until they were able to return to Bareback Gulch, and maybe even move to a nicer place like Canterlot. If only it could have been that easy. If only they weren't such an easy target. It was very rare for a hostile dragon to bother anything that had to do with Talonpolis. One night, while Gram, Glass Slippers, and Grani were asleep, flames rained from the sky and the shrieking of the wood and those of the beast filled their ears and struck unimaginable fear into their hearts. Grani had no idea how to react to the situation. Tears filled her eyes from fear and the lack of oxygen in the smog and dust that blotted out anything more than two feet in front of her. Finally the roof had fully collapsed as the scaled, black form of an adult dragon filled her vision. It's eyes held no kindness, but overwhelming greed and hunger. She felt resigned to her fate before a large piece of debris flew straight into one of it's eyes, surrounded by a telekinetic glow. Her father and mother quickly grabbed her and ran as far away from the beast as they could, ignoring the pain from minor burn wounds. Looking straight into the panicked eyes of her parents, they only said one thing. Run. And so, as was within a Pony's natural urges, she ran in the sight of danger. She ran in the dark night. She ran, even when under normal circumstances she'd easily fall and tire by now. She ran for help she believed she would surely get from the Griffins. Bursting into the office of a local Griffin guard, she quickly made a retelling of what had happened. The story had slowly eased the Griffin out of his initial defensive stance, but the guard was no less suspicious, though Grani had taken no notice of it, having never heard of any reason to dislike Griffins. Running back to her home, a sense of loss filled her at the sight of the demolished home. The only home she knew for nearly all of her life. Grani called out into the burning ruins, but the crackles of the wood were her only answers. The Griffin gasped beside her, making Grani swivel her head to him and just as quickly look up to the sky to see the dragon in the distance, with what seemed to be two objects in it's claws. It was headed into the Badlands. What little hope she had was renewed at the chance of the two blurs being her parents. Begging the Griffin for help in retrieving them, with a straight face, he answered no. She couldn't believe that. She wouldn't believe that. Questioning why, the Griffin looked conflicted for a moment, but finally decided to tell it as it was. The Badlands were bad for a reason, and were too dangerous for a rescue mission for two ponies that were unlikely to be alive First and foremost though, he had no reason to dislike them, but they were just ponies, and he was a Griffin. He flew away without another word, leaving the distraught filly behind. She had no idea what to do now. Beads of light were piercing the gloomy clouds overhead, casting large shadows in front of her. Amidst all of the spikes of grey that crept onto the ground, a distinctive shape of a cross could be seen towering above the rest. Turning her head, Grani shielded her eyes at the sight of the Sun, but what she saw was almost like a sign. Over the mountains of debris, a sheathed sword stood impaled above it all. It was only used for decorative purposes, but was a completely viable option for combat. A jumble of ideas floated around her head, but they all centered around the need to possess the sword. Gingerly maneuvering the hill, she clenched her teeth around the handle, and pulled it free without any difficulty, the lightweight blade easily sliding out. She didn't really know where to go from there. This home was all she knew, having been sheltered her entire life. Grani was nearly a mare now, and more than anything, only wanted her parents back. The blade gleamed even more in the light, now that it was fully exposed. Sliding it back into it's sheathe, she fastened it to her upper body, and began walking into the Badlands, following the trail that the dragon made. She was now in front of the dragon's lair, the entrance surrounded with claw marks and blackened stone. Vile and putrid odors wafted out of it, smells that she had never experienced or made a tolerance of, which made it all the worse. A think column of smoke rose out of the top of the mountainous cave, making it seem like an ominous volcano at any distance, easily pointing out the lair and darkening the surrounding area. It had now been hours after the attack. Despite how unlikely the more positive outcomes were looking, she just had to know. Steeling herself, she walked forward into the lair with courage and bravery, unlike herself. It was dark for a long time before the angry, red glow of the inner sanctum flared to life. Before her was an incredible amount of jewels, gold, and other treasures that littered the entirety of the ground, massing mostly in the middle of the cave, where her target was. Clearly seeing the size of the dragon, Grani felt she was in over her head, but had to find out what had happened to her parents. Looking around, she fortunately didn't see hide nor tail alone, but wasn't able to see the living bodies of her parents. Calling out quietly to avoid waking the dragon gave no results as well. It was truly disheartening. Grani felt more and more like a little foal now, scared and confused. It was only the reassuring weight of the blade fastened to her side that stopped her from crying and mourning as a noble would. The blade made her a warrior, as largely untrained and inexperience as she was. Voice firm, she called out to the dragon. Waking seconds later, the dragon roared out in anger, suspicion creeping into his voice as he questioned who would dare steal treasure from Fafnir. She ignored it and questioned quietly, and in a deadly tone, what had happened to her parents. It took a moment for the dragon to understand what she had asked, a gluttonous smile emerging on his face, his single eye glinting with smugness. He stated that they were delicious. In a haze of anger and pure wrath, she cried out, sword pulled from sheath and ready to attack. The slash managed to damage his arm, but on the second swing, Grani lost the blade within the treasure when Fafnir had blocked it. She dived into the hoard to retrieve it while Fafnir cradled his arm. The dragon did not dare to use his fire, for fear of damaging his gold. It turned into a game of cat-and-mouse as Grani continued to dodge claws and teeth, as she kept her surroundings in mind, realizing that Fafnir avoided damaging the treasure. Finally finding the blade in sight, Grani grabbed a pile of jewels and gold, only to throw it all out of an opening on the side of the cave. Fafnir gasped in horror and dived for the treasure, greed overcoming any semblance of thought or reason. With blade in her mouth once again, Grani charged towards the unsuspecting dragon to land the killing blow. Running the sword through his back, rising to it's chest, Fafnir ceased in his grabbing of the gold. As a last act, his claw shot out and latched crushingly onto her left fore and hind legs. His falling body pulled her down with him into a large river below. It was only by steeling herself, despite the pain of which she had never experienced anything coming close to a fraction of, and moving herself on top of the body as it collided with the body of water with resounding force. With the last of her strength, she dragged herself onto land and feinted. Grani awoke within a Griffin hospital, as an old doctor and the night guard she had spoken to, sat beside her. It turned out that the lack of smoke rising from the mountain warranted an investigation from Griffin soldiers. They ended up seizing the gold and finding her body. Asked by the doctor in an almost reverent tone what had happened, she summarized it quietly, fitting into what he had imagined. The night guard was actually the one who had brought her to the hospital, as the others had thought it to be a lost cause. She had been hospitalized for around three weeks now. The doctor then asked her what she would do with the dragon's treasure. She simply stated for it all to be put into rebuilding the home to it's former condition, and for a funeral for her parents. They would become the most expensive graves and monuments in all of Equestria. Asking to be alone, she then quietly mourned her parents, now that she was given the opportunity and closure. Grani became very respected in Talonpolis, the feat of bravery and her story of sadness. She didn't hold any malice towards her father's company. Her father's goal soon became fully completed as trading flourished between the Griffin companies and that of her father's. A package also arrived for Grani, which was a pet monkey named Sigurd that her parents had bought her for her birthday. She had never felt more sad and happy on the day she became an adult, nearly three months after the battle and the end of her hospitalization. A letter came to her from Princess Celestia, who empathized in her loss and offered her to do whatever she could want to do, within her power. Surprised, she soon chose that if anything, she'd want to become one the famed Royal Guard her mother had told her about, and where her father had served a term with. It was this decision, made late at night as she gazed into the constellation Orion, that she finally obtained her cutie mark. Sigurd seemed to think this was a good idea as well. Weeks later, she began her training. It was strange to meet other ponies, as she would either be shy, too polite, or rough and tough like a Griffin when it seemed like a good decision, which it almost always wasn't. Slowly, she began to fit in. While pets normally weren't allowed in barracks, Sigurd was an exception, and this was the extent of special treatment that she allowed herself to take as a Royal Guard. Grani chose to take patrols and reassignments to other posts in various parts of Equestria, since she loved traveling and just being surrounded by so many new faces. New pony faces. Grani still carried the same blade her father had once owned. Soon enough, she retired early from the Royal Guard, making traveling her full-time occupation. The bits she received from her father's company and from being a Royal Guard funded all of this easily. Every anniversary and birthday of her parents was a time when she would visit the monuments and house, which she now owned. It served as a place of rest for when she just wanted to settle down for a little bit, it's residence in Talonpolis something she never found to be problem. It was also something of a final gift from her parents.
  21. BaconofChaos


    From the album: Diego's Art

    Poor Twilight. She's read a dozen books on the subject and she still can't work out how Pinkie does that without magic. (Updated with a better quality version)

    © Diego Havoc 2012

  22. Name: Insight Sex: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Unicorn Pelt Color: White Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: His mane is sort of grayish, normal flowing and decently kept. His tail is fairly decent as well, nicely kept but not extravagant. Eye Color: Blue (Wears glasses) Cutie Mark: An open book with magical swirly sparkles around it. Physique: Average build. Origin: Canterlot Roleplay Type: FIM/Show Roleplay Occupation: A magic researcher and scholar of Canterlot University Motivation: Finding the mystery and “cure” behind his "handicap" for knowing the inner workings of magic but not able to perform them. Likes: Quiet places, reading, libraries, donuts and coffee, running around. Dislikes: Noisy places, noisy Ponies, Heights, being in one spot for a long time. Character Summary/Background: Insight was as ordinary as other young foals his age. He was curious about the world around him and always eager to learn something new. He was mostly attached to his mother who served as a teaching instructor's assistant at the Canterlot School of Magic. Accompanying her when she usually ran errands for the school's top instructors. Just like any normal day, he trotted along with his Mom to the different libraries magical knowledge. She was to pickup some old book or dusty scroll that one of the elder instructors needed. This particular day however, after procuring the said book, his Mom met an acquaintance and they began talking and catching up on old times. Seeing that this would take a while, he started to wander around the library in the hopes of keeping himself occupied. After a few minutes of wandering around, he finds himself near an old and “seemed-to-be-forgotten” section of the library. Amazed that no one was around, and having not to worry about his Mom warning him not to, he ran among the bookshelves happily. He took a wrong turn however and hit a bookshelf. All the books instantly crashed down on him as it formed a small pile with him buried in it. He struggled to get out of the pile and somehow managed to get his upper body out. With his hind legs still stuck in the books, he notices an open book in front of him. He paused and looked at its contents. At first he thought it was weird because all he saw were weird pictures. Some recognizable to be mountains, trees and other inanimate objects. Curious as he was, he flipped through the pages and saw nothing but those weird pictures. In no time, he was flipping through all the pages and something strange happened. All the pictures disappeared. It's as if the book was empty to begin with. Spooked at just what happened, he manages to free himself from the pile of books and runs back to his mother who had just finish talking with her old friend. Still spooked at what just happened, he keeps to himself as his mother taps her hoof on his head asking where he's been. He just shrugs it off and says that he was just fooling around. A few days later, he experiences something extraordinary. His mother was on substitute teacher duty that day. She was teaching a class of young colts and of course he was there as usual but in a corner waiting patiently for his Mom to finish. A question is thrown to the students about “levitating multiple objects in the air”. A young colt raises his hoof to answer, and doesn't quite get it right. A few other Ponies try to answer but none seem to get the right answer either. Baffled as he is, he goes right in front of the class and explains, clear and simple. His mother's jaw drops as she hears her son explain it spot on. Everypony checks their textbooks to verify if he's got it right and to their surprise, not only did he mention what the book said word for word, but also gave a detailed explanation that everypony could easily understand. Thinking this to be a fluke, they all start throwing questions about magic according to what their textbooks says. He answers most of them with little difficulty. Amidst the commotion, his mother notices a cutie mark appear on his flank. An open book with magic swirly sparkles around it. After class, he tells his mother what happened the other day in the library, about knocking down a bunch of books and looking at a strange book with nothing but pictures that disappears when he scans through it. Baffled by this mystery, his mother searches for the book but its nowhere to be found. The librarian did mention that she arranged a pile of books scattered on the floor in one section but did not find any books with nothing but blank pages. Hearing about this, the elders and instructors decide to give some special training and figure out a way why he cannot use magic like every other Unicorn. They also ponder as to what this mysterious book is, as nopony has heard of such a book before. He spends a few years in the school but he never finds out why he has this special talent in the first place. He could discern magic, its components and its inner makings but he could not do any magic himself. Apparently, the elders at school think that his deep knowledge in magic might have hampered his ability to actually use it. He was later admitted to the Magical Studies of Unicorns in Canterlot University where he continued to do his research. Now, as a young stallion, he decides to travel over Equestria to find a “cure” and “answer” to his special “talent”. Would he be able to use magic normally like every other Unicorn? Or would he be stuck like this for the rest of his life? He packs his bags, his little journal, a quill and some ink, a few supplies and travels to learn every bit of magic he may encounter and possibly help in "curing" his condition. Minor edit: I just took out the old attachment and used the gallery image that I uploaded. Thanks~
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