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  1. Roleplay Type: WoEName: Chipper WishesSex: MaleAge: StallionSpecies: UnicornEye colour: BlueCoat: A dusky, sunburned sort of reddish light brown.Mane/Tail: White, with silvery streaks. His mane is similar in length to that of Fluttershy, but styled differently. Bangs on both sides of his face. His tail is astonishingly fluffy, looking not unlike a fat cirrus cloud.Physique: Deceptively physically weak for a stallion. Chubby and unintimidating.Residence: PonyvilleOccupation: Researcher in the various rodents living in Equestria.Cutie Mark: An acorn, sandwiched between a pair of winglike leaves. This signifies his love of rodents, as well as the lengths he'll go to to protect them. He earned his Cutie Mark after raising a litter of mice when their mother was eaten by a snake. Unique Traits: His cheeks are noticeably chubbier than normal. Ironically looking not unlike cheek pouches on a chipmunk or hamster. The aura created by his unicorn magic is pink. His name is a pun on the words chipper and chipmunk. History: Dubbed "Pumpkin Baby" by nurses when he was born due to his coat colour, it was one of the few good nicknames Chipper Wishes was given. "Lardface," "balloon cheeks," and a few things that don't bear repeating were thrown around during his childhood, due to the pudgy chipmunk cheeks he sports. But things weren't all bad. He was a bright student, and he did have friends. Chipper Wishes had always shown a particular interest in the myriad of buck-toothed, squeaky things called rodents, so it makes sense that he would eventually seek out a career that would allow him to get up close and personal with these adorable creatures. But it won't be enough forever. Chipper Wishes hopes to one day move to Whitetail Wood, to be surrounded by the creatures he so adores. Character Personality: Chipper Wishes is caring not just towards the creatures he studies. In a pinch, and especially in an emergency, he can be counted on. However, if not at work, wrapped up in studies, or helping somepony out of a jam, Chipper Wishes is very childish, with interests to match. Expect the occasional off-colour joke, or for a good bit of the bits he makes to be spent on toys and games. Character Summary: Chipper Wishes is a chubby cheeked authority on rodents, and a fun-loving foal at heart. He's approachable and friendly, and well-versed in handling dangerous situations. He won't be solving any problems with brute force, but he's a good friend to have around when things go south.
  2. Name: Moonshade Gleam (Moon Gleam) Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Unicorn Character Color: Sleepy Grey Mane/Tail Color and Style: Night grey and star yellow Eye Color: Star yellow Physique: Average build, slightly above average height Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Stargazer and researcher Cutie Mark: Crescent moon with star sparkles and clouds unique Trait: Lunar and nocturnal based magic. History: Moon Gleam was born to any other family, a mother and a father, his mother being a pegasi and his father being a unicorn. He inherited his father’s horn but shares both his parent’s colours. Ever since he was a young foal it was hard to get him to sleep; always staring up at the silver moon with the mare in it. He loved that story and was entranced by the moon and the monster said to had lived in it. He always practised night based magic such as sleep spells or creating small glittering stars and moons in his room. He got his cutiemark at a sleepover when he helped a friend with insomnia. From then on he wanted to study the moon, nocturnal magic and help those with insomnia and nightmares, though dream magic is still out of his grasp. Personality: Moon Gleam is calm and collected, helping out others in a calm manner, even when it’s meant to be stressful. He always has a tired yet happy gaze (Mostly because he stays awake all night) Yet still manages to function normally. He values his friends and ponies in need over anything, ironic since he helps those with sleep related issues yet still stays awake all night. Not a lot gets under his fur and bothers him, other than the sun. He loves Luna’s Bat pony guards, what can he say. He loves a stallion in armour and who can stay awake all night. Character Summary: Moonshade Gleam is a Unicorn who specialises in lunar and moon based magic. Helping out ponies who have trouble sleeping and wishes to do dream Magic and enter Ponies dreams just like Princess Luna
  3. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria. Name: Floats Sex: Female Age: Filly Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Brown Coat: Greyish Blue Mane/Tail: Sea Foam (very blueish green; to sound less exotic). Physique: Floats is a remarkably light pony. Her father would point out that a stout breeze could knock her over. However, she is not frail, and has been know to be hard worker and a fast racer (if one can ever get her down from the sky). Residence: Grew up in Trottingham but, as a Filly, never stays there long. Occupation: She finds herself in a lot of different places in equestria. Because of this she finds a way to deliver pony’s mail and packages (though, mind you, this isn’t a concrete job). She also loves to drop into parties and events and aid in their set up or to simply join the fun (mainly to stock up on balloons, but THAT is another story). Cutie Mark: Float’s cutie mark is a single, large balloon (the kind you would see on a hot air balloon). Unique Traits: Floats is very knowledgeable about flying, she has study nearly every flying method available: Magic, wings, ships, etc. However, why do any of those things when you can use balloons? Another unique trait is Float’s wingponies Thread and Bare. A duo of “sock” puppets (or the pony equivalent), thread being a little sarcastic and bare being a little shy. P.S. I am clarifying here these are NOT magical sock puppets. At all. History: Float’s mother was an athlete and her father was a postal worker. Her father would take her on his postal route sometimes. And the two of them would sit on look over all of Equestria from building, hills, and even mountains. Float herself grew up competitive. She would race the other foals and was the fastest in her class. But didn’t pursue that much, since she got her cutie mark. One day, as she lay upon a bench at school, dozing off, some of the foals decided to play a trick on her. As she slept, they tied a balloon to her and snuck away, snickering to themselves. And indeed, she began to rise, pulled by the force of the balloon. When she awoke, Floats found herself staring down at the ground below... the ground far below! There was a moment of panic when she realized this. After a second, however she looked around and noticed all of Equestria spanned below her. In that instance she knew! Her eyes flashed and a sudden rush of inspiration came over her. All the memories of her sitting with her dad came back. Is there any better way to view Equestria? Today, Floats is riding through the sky on multiple balloons, perhaps not going as fast as any other pony. However she finds both an Adventure and a beauty in each trip. Whether from delivering packages to various villages or dropping into parties to celebrate an event (and mainly to stock up on her ever dwindling supply of balloons). Character Personality: Float’s has a breezy personality. Casual and cheerful, nopony seems to be annoyed or aggravated by her presence. She gets very bubbly when she’s helping ponies or competing. In contrast to her own personality, her sock puppet Thread is very sarcastic and her puppet Bare is shy and keeps to himself. Character Summary: Floats is an easy going, bubbly pony who loves just that, floating. She finds herself delivering packages/mail to and from places, as well as dropping into parties for a quick laugh. And, though Floats may not make Equestria’s skies any safer, she can sure make them fun!
  4. Roleplay type:World of Equestria Name:Fm Eddy Sex:Male Age:Stallion Speices:Earth Pony Eye Color:Blue Coat:Burgundy with black splotches with a black mane Features:Cropped Tail and long mane tied in a pony tail Physique: Average build with a bit of a gut from enjoying a bit too much Cider Occupation:Radio DJ Residence: A lonely radio station trailer on a hill outside of Ponyville Cutie Mark:A record with radio tower on it.Cutie Mark Eddy found him self wandering through the the arts and music district of manehattan after really tough day at school. He had just decided to wander and let his hooves take him were they may. At the mouth of an alley way between a music sheet shop and a violin repair shop he saw the flickering light of a store down the narrow passage. He had never seen it before despite making his way through this part of town many time on his way to and from school. Being curious and probably more then a bit foolhardy he made his way into the dark shop. Inside it was a mixture of the scent of dust and heavy incense that gave the inside of the shop an almost misty atmosphere. On the walls were posters for bands that he had never heard of and there were rows upon rows of records, tapes and cds. There was music playing over the stores sound system that he would soon to know as the classic IRON MARE track Sun and Steel. Before he could even pick up one of the various cds on the rack a voice came up behind him it was heavily accented but understandable if you took the time to listen. He turned and saw a very large Caribou with stringy hair and a impressive rack of antlers every inch engraved. The Caribous name was Snori by the name tag he had on his dark leather and patched vest. He had been watching the young colt wander around the racks for a few moments before deciding to strike up conversation. Eddy had so many questions about all the really neat art on album covers, or what kind of music this all was. He only had a bit of money on him so Eddy picked out something recommended by Snori and took it home and listened while he worked on his next Ogres and Oubliettes campaign for his friends, this music was a grand inspiration to him and soon he found him self saving up for every bit he could to buy more music. The songs of war,rage,dragons and ancient wizards scowling from their crumbling towers made his imagination run wild. After the 3rd week of returning to the store he found him self listening to the radio and found that nothing on the dial was as fun as what he had been listening to, so with a bit of help from Snori and some of the Caribous freinds he got the basic equipment to start a small pirate radio station. On the first day he was supposed to help out the broadcast his flank shone and appeared the record with the radio tower. Personality: "Hey friends out there in radio land its your pal Fm Eddy here on 96.7 the record stack with all your classic rock and heavy metal hits!" the phrase that is said at the start of every broadcast day. Eddy is a radio DJ and spends most of his time digging through dusty stacks of records,cds, and old cassette tapes that have those rare live show recordings done by a half crazed fan, who had shoved his way through the press of the mosh pit to get a recording of that one song the band only does on live shows. He throws him self into the music he likes and with glee brings it to those with a radio and hopefully tuned into his little hilltop station. He spends his free time playing paper and pencil rpgs and shopping at flea markets and estate sales grabbing up music for the stations collection. Unique Traits: He is really good at promotion his station, he goes out of his way to hand out pocket radios, do door prizes and contests whenever he can to get the listeners involved. If he cant convince you to listen to that new Power Metal CD you are also probably a vegetable or a rock of some kind. History: Born in Manehattan he was raised by his aunt Cranberry Fizz an owner of a fine drinks establishment. His parents had passed away suddenly after his fourth birthday in a cart accident on their way back to town from canterlot. His aunt was loving but her work often meant that Eddy had to fend for him self more then half the week after he turned 7, that was pretty easy since she kept her pantry stocked and the older mare downstairs kept an eye on him but not as well as she probably could have and chalked up any trouble to Colts will be Colts. His school life was rough as he was always small for his age and Manehattan was rough all around. That is to say he did not have freinds he spent most weekends in the kitchen of his aunts apartment playing Ogres and Oubliettes with his buddies. He received his cutie mark when he was 12 and began his life long love of radio and music. He got away with his small pirate radio station for years until he got caught with his set up on the rooftop of the apartment building he lived in with his aunt. In all honesty he had no real knowledge of what he was doing was in any way illegal so the local radio officials did not peruse legal action against him but they did have interest since he had more or less managed a small radio station by him self for little over half a decade. When he was finally old enough to move out of his aunts apartment they gave him a job at the main station in manehattan first working as a music cataloger and then eventually a radio tech. When he was 21 after petitioning for a sub station out in ponyville he was given the go ahead. So pulling up steaks and having a trailer and a small radio tower set up on a lonely hill outside of town he began broadcasting music, news,and more then a few bad jokes out into the airwaves. Summary:Eddy is a radio DJ who loves to spread his love of Heavy Metal and classic rock, whenever some one needs a game master for O&O or a player for said game he is always first to jump at it. He always puts the radio station first when he can and tries to be useful to his community by sharing local news and traffic reports.
  5. Roleplay Type: World Of Equestria Name: Roach Sex: Stallion Age: 25 Species: Earth Eye Color: Silver Coat: Dull Brown Mane/Tail: Dark grey (Almost black) Physique: Roach has a moderate tone and muscle build to him from living in the badlands. Excessive exposure to the sun has given him freckles on some of his exposed features (Face, hooves, chest) In place of regular teeth, due to an accident a few years back, he has been fitted with a set of durable steel chompers. Residence: Roach lives in an old mine system in the Badlands. While he considers this his true home, he does have family all over Equestria and occasionally travels back to either visit them or just to tour some of the many great sights the world has to offer. Occupation: Miner Cutie Mark: A steel pick hammer, pointed end embedded into stone Unique Traits: History: Roach is one of three children in his nuclear family. They all grew up under the same roof, but not a single one ever behaved the same. He was never any good when it came to schooling, book smarts just weren't in his vocabulary. Though not the brightest when it came to that, he had a knack for identifying animals and wildlife. He was gifted for having survival instincts unlike any other in his family. When disaster would strike, he would be the first to know. As he got older, he found himself being pleased with the idea of a life outside. He took to building shelters in the backyard, refusing assistance from anypony who offered it. He wanted to live a life where he could explore, be out in the open and make something of himself, for himself. Of course, in order to do that, he needed money. A close friend of his offered to talk to his father, who was a miner by trade, to get him a job. In less than a week, an old stallion came to his home and took him off to start training. Many years passed and Roach was loving every second of it. He was a natural when it came to work and his knowledge of dangerous animals, as well as having keen senses to dangerous environments, benefited everyone in his field. He earned his cutiemark in mining some time ago already and kept to it like his life depended on it. It happened shortly after he completed his training and put him out on the field. At the time he couldn't afford a pickaxe, so instead he carried a decently sized pick hammer to do the work. The first few hours couldn't have been more uneventful, just swinging at rocks over and over again to find nothing within them. It was just a few short minutes until it was time to leave when he finally struck something. As he broke apart a large stone on the cave wall, it burst open to reveal a large number of gemstones that nearly blinded him with their radiance. He was filled to the brim with excitement, the joy he felt practically pouring out of his mouth as he drooled at the sight with a dopey smile on his face. A strange tingling sensation followed, as well as a chill. He glanced around, his eyes soon resting on the mark he now holds on his flank. But that's history. The job was enjoyable, but the areas they worked were running low on precious minerals. Roach suggested going to a place much larger, a place that ponies were fearful to touch. The Badlands. Of course, given the dangers of being in such a place, they declined his suggestion. In a fit of anger he completely destroyed their official headquarters, taking down their primary support beams and causing the building to come crumbling down. Obviously, this didn't work too well in his favor. A lawsuit was filed and the company sued Roach for everything he had. He was left poverty stricken, homeless, and jobless. This went on for about a year before he decided to change it. If the Miners weren't going to scavenge the badlands for what riches it may hold, then he would do it on his own. And he did. He traveled to the Badlands, took on countless struggles, and dug down deep. In time, he found what he was looking for. With all of the minerals he found, he could move back to the civilized world and retire as a millionaire. It was tempting at first, but by then he had already fallen in-love with his new life. So he stayed in the Badlands, mining what he could, adventuring as he pleased, and occasionally touring the cities back in Equestria. Character Personality: Roach can be laid back every now and again, but he's a tough stone to crack. He has no problem sharing stories about himself, but prefers to keep his emotions and feeling to himself. He's fairly open-minded as well, but stubborn as a mule when it comes to his beliefs on certain topics. While adventurous and fun at times, he can be stern and has no problem telling it as it is. Probably the worst thing about him is his temper; This is the only thing he truly struggles to control. Being used to living on his own, he can be slightly hostile to others, especially if their new. Character Summary: Roach is a tough stallion, born into a large family. He's worked as a miner for as long as he can remember. While fun to be around, and typically a generous soul, he can be stubborn, bull-headed, and down-right mean at times. He likes to think that there's nothing in this world that can break him, which is kind of true. He's anything but fragile, unless it comes to how fast you can make him mad. Despite these, he's a hard worker, a loyal friend, and has a determination that could rival just about anypony.
  6. Name: ColdRemedy Gender: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Earth Pony Eye colour:Orange Character colour: A darkish green Mane/Tail/Other: A straight, thin brown mane and a brown, bushy tail. Physique: ColdRemedy is a rather short mare, standing at a small 3ft2 with a roundish shape that compliments her flank and chest(when not covered up). Don't let that fool you however, she is as strong as a Stallion. Her face is angular in shape, with a snout that looks like a deer. Her eyes drooped low most of the time, making her look tired or disinterested even if she isn't. She is mainly seen wearing a cloak, covering her back from sight, hiding her cutie mark. Residence: As of now she has no residence, unless you count the road as such. Occupation: ColdRemedy is an Alchemist, going from town to town selling healing remedies and other potions to the locals. Cutie Mark: A potion bottle adorns her flank, however it is covered more often than not. Unique Traits: -Remedy's Cart: A large cart she brings along with her, hooked up to her back as she tugs it along, everything she needs is in that cart, food, camping supplies, even a portable stand for her to sell her potions. -ColdRemedy has vast knowledge of the world and lore of Equestria, as she learns a lot in her travels. History:ColdRemedy was born into the large bustling city of Trottingham, growing up in a small apartment with her father, Helping Hoof. Helping Hand was both a father and a nurse at the local hospital, making it difficult to take care of ColdRemedy, but he needed to keep the job to pay the bills. ColdRemedy, once old enough, started helping her Father with cooking and cleaning around the apartment, which Helping Hoof was forever grateful for. One thing Helping Hoof couldn't figure out was how ColdRemedy could help with everything he needs and still get straight A's in school. The teacher at Trottingham always liked ColdRemedy, calling her "The best Teacher's pet she has ever had". However being the Teacher's pet came with disadvatages, like being a target for bullies. At the time Remedy was not very strong, so bullies had an easy time messing with her, her oddball nature didn't help her too much, except it gave her some snappy comebacks at them. Around the time everypony was getting their cutie mark, Remedy still wanted to help her father out more than she has, so she took an apprenticeship with a local Alchemist so she could hopefully start selling the potions to help pay the bills. However she found she had a certain affinity to Alchemy, enjoying conjuring up potions and tonics for her teacher, usually successful in making a good potion. Her healing potions were the best of her potions, being able to heal everything from small wounds to to broken bones. However they do have limitations on what they can heal, they also slowly heal the recipient, not instantly. The Alchemist teacher was so proud of ColdRemedy when she made her first healing potion, because that was when her cutie mark appeared, a red potion bottle appeared on her rump. Alchemy almost always made Remedy smile, but the grin on her face was so large her teacher was surprised she could smile that much. After about a year of teaching from the Alchemist, he let ColdRemedy start selling her potions in the shop. The healing potions kept selling out faster than she could make them. Which was perfect for helping her Father. By herself she was able to pay the bills and Helping Hoof could head back to school to become a full fledged Doctor. If there was a time to be proud of ColdRemedy, it was now. A couple more years past, and Helping Hoof was now a Doctor, and ColdRemedy a full grown Mare. She wanted to see the world and her father wasn't going to stop her, with tearful goodbyes ColdRemedy set off with her cart, traveling the land of Equestria selling her potions and learning new things. Character Summary/Personality: ColdRemedy is an oddball to say the least, she definitely isn't easily approached, with her disinterested look and sarcastic tone, but behind that is a caring mare who just wants to help. She likes making sarcastic comments and doesn't beat around the bush. Her droopy face makes it hard to judge emotions. Many would say she is mysterious, the reason being nobody ever asks her anything, which she will willingly answer if asked. She likes a good conversation as much as anyone else. Please give criticism to this, I want to make a good starting character and wanna know for sure it will work well for the world. No it will not be an anti-social character, just an odd one. I haven't made a new character in a year or so...
  7. Two of my OC's are moving, so I was wondering, do I need to re-ap them?
  8. Hello one and all to another installment of QuickLimes Guide to Roleplaying and Character Creation! Today I figured I'd talk about something I know a good deal about as I do it nearly every day as part of my job as a RPH and that issss -drum roll- Application "Critique"! Yes that's right, when you go and help someone on their application by making suggestions, pointing out where things are possibly not going to pass, and in general help them get their application looking the best it can before it gets approved! As a Rph it's my job to go through applications and help users along, however other users often do this as well! This can be very helpful to us especially if the info you present is correct and it helps them out! Here are a few personal guidelines you should go by when critiquing an app. Note for the RULES of critiquing an application you go here [colour=#ff8c00]The Elements of Honesty[/colour] This blog post is a more personal take on how I think one should go about it! Alright lets get started Give the RPH in charge of the application a chance to read the application! Don't dive right on it the moment you see it and try to do their job for them! If we don't do our job Rosie will punish us severely! Make sure to never use absolutes! Never tell a user "You can't do this" or "You shouldn't do that" That's/our/ job to do, and only we have the right to tell them they cannot do something, instead if you notice something in the application you know is going to be an issue help them on another area, a Rph likely has already spotted it and is working on writing up a Critique. Make sure you know the rules of WOE and FFA before commenting! The last thing we want is to give a person who's never apped before a misconception of the site and it's rules! Some common mistakes are [colour=#0000ff]Alcoholic drinks: We DO allow them, however we do NOT allow addiction, sloshed behavior and drunkenness, these are all a big no[/colour] [colour=#0000ff]Weapons: Unless your character absolutely NEEDS them for their job, such as being a Royal Guard ? They aren't really allowed, we don't allow sword carrying ponies, spear carrying ponies, ect[/colour] [colour=#0000ff]Military: Unless it's a Guard Pony this should probably be left out of the app, we don't have a good deal of Lore on it anyways.[/colour] If you see someone making up lore, it is alright to point out that you don't recall reading that, and that the staff frown upon making lore up for things. If a RPH steps in to do the work please stand down so they can do their job, a lot of us have been doing this since we joined so we can handle it We appreciate any help our users give us! So DO feel free to Critique apps and to help out If it weren't for that a lot of RPH wouldn't be where they are now! But be sure to be considerate, to be fair, and above all else be HELPFUL Don't nit pick silly details, and keep the goal of helping them pass in mind. Thank you so much for reading I look forward to seeing ya'll in the Application forum Your Royal Excellency the [colour=#006400]Queen of Ravens [/colour]signing off :Rarity: :Rarity:
  9. Ok....so here is my crossover application. i dont think this is the right place for it. but here it is anyway. if your interested in having a fickle character, msg me or leave a comment. Name: Tempest ​ Sex: Male Age: Prime of life Stallion aged equivalent. ​ This character is for Crossover, not World of Equestria. Therefore the playable Species list does not apply here (or so I understand it). My World of Equestria character Application will be submitted at a later date. Species: Draconiuses ​Eye colour: Right eye is green, Left eye is white ​ Coat: Tempest’s body is formed as the Following. Pony head with a mint coloured coat, a body of a cheetah with a black body and yellow spots, Right front leg is a chicken leg, Front left leg is a Frog leg that is coloured red with pink spots. Rear Left leg is a Cat leg with brown fur, and Rear Right leg is a Mint Green pony leg. ​Mane/Tail: His mane is black and white, but his tail is purple with blue stripes. ​ Physique: Due to the mixed up body parts, there are many athletic, skinny and muscular parts. ​ Residence: Tempest currently resides deep in a cave in the Everfree Forest. Only emerging to practice his trade on the unsuspecting traveler, and occasionally onto surrounding towns. ​ Occupation: Currently employed in practicing the arts of spreading chaos. ​ Cutie Mark: Not applicable. ​ History: § Tempest was born on the western edge of the Everfree Forest. In a small home made of wax coated paper and salt blocks and sugar cubes. § Life for Tempest was surprisingly easy, raised in a deep forest/woodsman life style. (well, easy and happily as it goes considering who his Parents are.) § Father is Discord, (now stoned…literally.) Mother is Eris, Spirit of chaos from the age of Discords rule of Equestria, before the rule of Celestia and Luna. § There is no other family that is known of right now, rumor has it that the Pony Screwball is Discords Daughter, but that has not been verified at all. § Tempests life is still very much the same, still a woodsman life style. However, his heart is filled with anger and hate towards the Alicorn sisters Celestia and Luna, for taking away his family, and now a even more burning desire to reap revenge on the little ponies of Ponyville, especially the ones called Twilight Sparkle, AppleJack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy for banishing his father before he could be reunited. § Tempest inherited the home from his family and maintained it over the years. Hoping and praying for his families return. § Tempests hopes’ to one day, over throw the Royal sisters and corrupt the Elements of Harmony, but he does not feel ready to enact his plan yet, he is waiting for more time to pass. Planning and scheming.​ Character Summary: § Tempest excels in causing havoc and chaos in the world, he has a particular ability to distort the colours of the world and alter them to his will. § Tempests motivation in life is driven fully by vengeance and anger. Tempests greatest dream is to take over Equestria and enslave Celestia to use her magic and break the magic of friendship and free his father Discord and to make Celestia and Luna to revive the spirit of his mother, Eris. (whom they vanquished when they rested control of Equestria from Discord in ages past) then to turn the Elements of Harmony into the Elements of Disharmony. § Tempest loves salts and sweets, Pretzels and Marshmallows are his personal favorite, especially Strawberry flavored Marshmallows. Life wise he loves riddles and pranks, creating total chaos and complete mayhem. He Dislikes the Idea of Harmony, (and for good reason, since Harmony was what took his family away) He also Dislikes the idea of friendship, for no traveler ever gave him the chance to become friends. So he was alone and always avoided by the passer by’s and wanderers. § Tempest has a secret hobby, he gathers water from the marsh and boil’s the salt out, testing it on allsorts of breads and pretzels. Trying to find a perfect taste. He also loves making sweets, saltwater taffy and delectable treats from ages long ago, chocolates and sweets filled with fruits. § Tempest tries to be calm around the travelers that pass through. But becomes cross rather quickly if he feels ignored by them. He doesn’t like being alone, but is convinced that this world has turned on him just as Celestia and Luna had taken away his world when he was so very young. He tries to make friends, but has felt that nobody cares anymore. So he no longer tries to make friends, instead he lets his emotions terrify them, scare them away and wreak havoc on them, he thinks would ignore them. § Tempest is not good at keeping his temper, he is not good at giving other ponies and creatures a chance to prove they are actual friends, always afraid he will be betrayed and turned on. Tempest has always failed at accepting loyal friends; he is never giving them a chance, and therefore always failing at making new friends, always failing at having someone trust him in return. § Tempest has 2 fears that haunt him. The first fear is to be vanquished and loose his chance to rule Equestria. His biggest fear is: that he will fail at reuniting his family, and becoming happy as he was when he was very young. It is this fear that could make him fail, when confronted with defeat, he loses the will and heart to carry on, believing he has failed his family.
  10. ANNOUNCEMENT: Calling all nurse and doctor ponies! Canterlot's own General Hospital and Veterinary Care Clinic is hiring! We are a rapidly expanding hospital that needs smiling nurse and doctor ponies to help us meet our expanse of patients! All applications will be considered! Medical licensing preferred, but not required if you have adequate work experience! Inquire within! Feel free to inquire here, or if you already have an active nurse/doctor/vet/acupuncturist/whatever pony, you can walk in to the clinic in-character here: http://www.canterlot.com/topic/5169-canterlot-hospital-open-for-business/ Come one, come all! >3< Respond, plz. Like This
  11. Name: Writ "Storyteller" Phillipe Sex: Male Age: Elderly stallion Species: Unicorn Pelt Color: "Salt and Pepper" Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: Long, slightly wavy silver tail and mane with traces of black Eye Color: Aquamarine Cutie Mark: An open book with a dreamcatcher on the pages Physique: Fairly tall, fairly thin Origin: Canterlot Roleplay Type: Mane Occupation: Storyteller Motivation: Keeping both himself and others entertained in his old age through the use of stories, though teaching younger ponies about some of life's lessons is also something he enjoys. Likes: Stories, attentive listeners, adventures, happy endings Dislikes: Giving up, ruining the story, boasters, being called a creepy old stallion Character Summary: Writ is a travelling storyteller, pulling along his cart from city to city, setting his tent up along major roads now and again. Anypony can walk in, but once they do, they may be in for an experience unlike any other. Writ is a Unicorn, and though he only knows a few spells, one of them has been very well-practised and has become quite popular - a spell that controls and joins the dreams of other ponies. It is this spell that Writ uses most often, and it is this that he often uses to tell stories, placing his 'listeners' as the protagonists of the story, letting them truly become the ponies of the old tales of adventure and heroism. Not that he would do this to an unwilling audience - for that matter, as soon as somepony tries to wake up, they are almost always able to. There are smelling salts and spells for the ones that have trouble otherwise. Still, his manner of 'storytelling' is far more involved, both for him as the storyteller and for the listeners and the protagonists, than the usual campfire tale. Writ can, of course, simply narrate a story normally, but much prefers his way of doing things, as to him it provides so much more depth and so much more fun than simply listening to an old stallion talk. But, he realizes he is getting old, and he only has so many stories left to tell, so he has also taken to writing his stories down for future generations, while looking for a talented unicorn to learn his spells. His life started long, long ago in Canterlot. As he's raised 5 foals of his own, 23 grandfoals among them, and so far 3 great-grandfoals among -them-, he feels reasonably accomplished with his bloodline. Not that any of his family have really had his talents for dream-mastery spells, as much as a few of them have attempted to learn. But, of all his family, he lives with none of them; his wife, a mare several years his senior, has passed on, thus leaving him alone. With no ties, but still a small bit of spring in his step, he has decided to travel, meeting whomever he happens to meet, spending the money from selling his home on his expenses as he goes. It's an adventure, of sorts, as far as he is concerned. Though, as far as he is concerned, the stories he offers are much more interesting than his wandering his last years about Equestria. As a foal, and later as a colt, Phillipe's life remained fairly mundane – a unicorn born to a unicorn mother and father in Canterlot, their first of five children, and one of two sons. His father, a gem-cutter, and his mother, a teacher; he was raised in a fairly well-to-do environment, and was afforded the magical education his parents could provide. Though he was a bit quieter than his brothers and sisters, he nonetheless got along with them easily enough, spending time with them when their parents were busy, acting as something of a baby-sitter and teacher for his youngest two siblings, as any eldest sibling might. However, the time which he found he was appreciated most was when it was time for a story; in this, he surpassed his father in availability, but with practise, so too did he surpass his father in emphasis, explanation, and entertainment. As time went on, his stories started seeming more tangible, he and his siblings able to get a more vivid idea of the story, as though they could see glimpses of what it would be like to actually be there. Soon enough, Phillipe started dreaming of these stories, vividly, and quickly found he could control them – upon waking up one morning, this gave him an idea. If he could control these stories, in his dreams, perhaps somepony else could too – and what better way for a unicorn to experiment than with magic! And so, Phillipe began to understand his capabilities better – research, study and experimentation started to come into his storytimes, which initially made them more boring, as far as his older siblings were concerned. With time, though, progress began; he began with basic hypnosis spells, being able to talk to somepony in their sleep. From there, he worked on dream spells, slowly being able to shape and influence a sleeper's dreams. Storytime was becoming exciting again, at least to his youngest brother and sister. There were backfires, of course, such as nightmares and restless nights. But, with time and practise, Phillipe slowly brought his idea to fruition; one night, there was abruptly no storytime from the oldest brother. There was simply going to sleep – but it was then that the story began. It was crude, simple, and short, but it was a successful start. Phillipe woke to a cutiemark on his flank – thus encouraged, he began to refine his art, making the magic of dreams his field of study throughout the rest of his school career. As a stallion – a much younger stallion – Phillipe was a bold, outspoken pony. He adored speeches, though he gave few of his own. He engrossed himself in the more virtuous shades of personality – courage, honour, bravery, integrity, honesty. He loved the classic 'hero', the champion, and though he knew he wasn't particularly cut out to be such a stallion, he still tried to portray some of the personality involved, simply because he felt that being a generous, honest, upstanding citizen was simply the right sort of thing to do. It didn't hurt that he had a love for hamming it up a bit here and there, either. However, though this was certainly a hobby of his, it was not really his specialty – after all, so many ponies enjoy tales of heroism. But, as he grew older, he fell in love, and thus lost some of the theatrics. He raised his first foal, and learned to be cautious. He raised a family of foals, and learned to be humble. He lost a colt, and learned to be sombre. He watched his mares and stallions move out, and he learned to take the beaten road. He watched his children have children, and he learned how to share his wisdom. And, with time, his wife said her final goodbye to the world, and he learned to love the past a little more than the present or the future. Perhaps he would have been a hero, had he been bolder or stronger. Instead, he spoke of heroes, and he offered other ponies a chance to be heroic in various stories, and as he grew up, he realized that he was far more satisfied with being a storyteller than a story character. He now spends his time as a nomad, wandering the main roads between the major cities, often showing up whenever or wherever festivals may be held, and simply choosing his own route at any other times, taking his wagon with him wherever he travels. Sometimes, he chooses to set up his tent and entertain whoever might be interested, and other times he simply watches the modern-day lifestyle and appreciates the changes around him. Perhaps he will settle in a small apartment someday, perhaps not.
  12. Name: SilverShine Sex: Female Age: Filly Species: Unicorn Coat Color: Aqua with silver sparkled coat Mane: Silver with Aqua streaks Hooves: Golden Eye Color: Silver with very small golden flecks Cutie Mark: Silver Moon Crescent with a Golden shine around it Physique: Healthy, slightly muscular with a crescent scar on left ear Origin: Trottingham, moved to Gallopocus Islands Roleplay Type: Crossover Occupation: Seamstress Motivation: SilverShine used to be terrified of the dark, but one night she had to drop off some of her work at a friend's house. Her friend depended on her to get an outfit ready for a dance at the Gala, she finished the dress the night before the Gala, but it needed to be there in time and there was no messanger to deliver the dress, so she braved the darkness. She used all the courage she had and made it to her friend's house to drop off the dress. After she dropped off the dress, she noticed her flank had formed a cutie mark. She looked closely and it was a silver moon crescent with a golden shine around it to make up for her bravery and for helping a friend out when they were in need. Likes: Candy, Water, Apples, Funny People, Randomness, Shyness, friends, fashion, glow-in-the-dark items Dislikes: Bullies, Veggies, enemies, her need for things to be perfect, being in the spotlight Character Summary: SilverShine is the type of filly that would go galloping into danger head-on for friends without a flinch, but is shy as can be. She's tough when you get to know her more, but when you first meet her she'll be a shy little filly. Fashion is one of her top hobbies, she can't go a day without drawing out designs or helping a friend with clothing ideas. She is also amazing with advice, even though sometimes she needs it herself her friends will be there to help her out. She's a little nervous with magic, but when it's a time of need she can be powerful. One of her dreams is to design a dress suited for a princess.
  13. Name: Insight Sex: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Unicorn Pelt Color: White Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: His mane is sort of grayish, normal flowing and decently kept. His tail is fairly decent as well, nicely kept but not extravagant. Eye Color: Blue (Wears glasses) Cutie Mark: An open book with magical swirly sparkles around it. Physique: Average build. Origin: Canterlot Roleplay Type: FIM/Show Roleplay Occupation: A magic researcher and scholar of Canterlot University Motivation: Finding the mystery and “cure” behind his "handicap" for knowing the inner workings of magic but not able to perform them. Likes: Quiet places, reading, libraries, donuts and coffee, running around. Dislikes: Noisy places, noisy Ponies, Heights, being in one spot for a long time. Character Summary/Background: Insight was as ordinary as other young foals his age. He was curious about the world around him and always eager to learn something new. He was mostly attached to his mother who served as a teaching instructor's assistant at the Canterlot School of Magic. Accompanying her when she usually ran errands for the school's top instructors. Just like any normal day, he trotted along with his Mom to the different libraries magical knowledge. She was to pickup some old book or dusty scroll that one of the elder instructors needed. This particular day however, after procuring the said book, his Mom met an acquaintance and they began talking and catching up on old times. Seeing that this would take a while, he started to wander around the library in the hopes of keeping himself occupied. After a few minutes of wandering around, he finds himself near an old and “seemed-to-be-forgotten” section of the library. Amazed that no one was around, and having not to worry about his Mom warning him not to, he ran among the bookshelves happily. He took a wrong turn however and hit a bookshelf. All the books instantly crashed down on him as it formed a small pile with him buried in it. He struggled to get out of the pile and somehow managed to get his upper body out. With his hind legs still stuck in the books, he notices an open book in front of him. He paused and looked at its contents. At first he thought it was weird because all he saw were weird pictures. Some recognizable to be mountains, trees and other inanimate objects. Curious as he was, he flipped through the pages and saw nothing but those weird pictures. In no time, he was flipping through all the pages and something strange happened. All the pictures disappeared. It's as if the book was empty to begin with. Spooked at just what happened, he manages to free himself from the pile of books and runs back to his mother who had just finish talking with her old friend. Still spooked at what just happened, he keeps to himself as his mother taps her hoof on his head asking where he's been. He just shrugs it off and says that he was just fooling around. A few days later, he experiences something extraordinary. His mother was on substitute teacher duty that day. She was teaching a class of young colts and of course he was there as usual but in a corner waiting patiently for his Mom to finish. A question is thrown to the students about “levitating multiple objects in the air”. A young colt raises his hoof to answer, and doesn't quite get it right. A few other Ponies try to answer but none seem to get the right answer either. Baffled as he is, he goes right in front of the class and explains, clear and simple. His mother's jaw drops as she hears her son explain it spot on. Everypony checks their textbooks to verify if he's got it right and to their surprise, not only did he mention what the book said word for word, but also gave a detailed explanation that everypony could easily understand. Thinking this to be a fluke, they all start throwing questions about magic according to what their textbooks says. He answers most of them with little difficulty. Amidst the commotion, his mother notices a cutie mark appear on his flank. An open book with magic swirly sparkles around it. After class, he tells his mother what happened the other day in the library, about knocking down a bunch of books and looking at a strange book with nothing but pictures that disappears when he scans through it. Baffled by this mystery, his mother searches for the book but its nowhere to be found. The librarian did mention that she arranged a pile of books scattered on the floor in one section but did not find any books with nothing but blank pages. Hearing about this, the elders and instructors decide to give some special training and figure out a way why he cannot use magic like every other Unicorn. They also ponder as to what this mysterious book is, as nopony has heard of such a book before. He spends a few years in the school but he never finds out why he has this special talent in the first place. He could discern magic, its components and its inner makings but he could not do any magic himself. Apparently, the elders at school think that his deep knowledge in magic might have hampered his ability to actually use it. He was later admitted to the Magical Studies of Unicorns in Canterlot University where he continued to do his research. Now, as a young stallion, he decides to travel over Equestria to find a “cure” and “answer” to his special “talent”. Would he be able to use magic normally like every other Unicorn? Or would he be stuck like this for the rest of his life? He packs his bags, his little journal, a quill and some ink, a few supplies and travels to learn every bit of magic he may encounter and possibly help in "curing" his condition. Minor edit: I just took out the old attachment and used the gallery image that I uploaded. Thanks~
  14. Name:Melody Night Sex:Female Age:Young mare Species:Unicorn Coat Color:Slatey dull grey Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style:Mane colour is a deep red in colour, long and straight over both sides of her head with the left side brushed back so that her right eye is usually covered but left eyes exposed. Her tail is the same slatey grey as her body but with one red stripe running from base to tip along the top. She sometimes styles her hooves in black when performing. Eye Color:Vibrant pink Cutie Mark:Grey and black microphone Physique:Slightly short for her age and on the slightly larger side of an average build Origin:The town of Solstice Heights was where Melody was born and raised until she finished school at which point she moved away to Pillydelphia where she currently resides Roleplay Type:Mane Equestria Roleplay Occupation:Gothic rock/Classical singer Motivation:After gaining her cutie mark during a talent show, Melody made it her ambition to entertain as many ponies as she could with songs written by herself. Likes: Listening to music, singing, making people smile and cupcakes Dislikes: Rudeness, unhappyness Character Summary:Melody's personality is friendly, happy but slightly shy when directly talking to others and tends to stay quiet unless spoken to or until you get to know her. She is more likely to retreat and avoid confrontation than engage and overcome. As a young foal, Melody began to mimic songs that she heard and when she was of age her parents sent her to a music school to see if her singing talent would develop. A few months after starting Melody took part in a talent show where the students all showed off what they had learned and after a nervous start she wowed the crowd with a beautiful song after which her cutie mark appeared showing that she was on the path she was meant to take. After that night Melody said that she would to whatever it took to graduate and go out into the world and perform in front of crowds of ponies and make them smile. When she told her parents of her dreams they simply smiled and nodded, saying that they knew from the first time they had heard her sing that she would grow up to become a wonderful entertainer, and that night had only reinforced their beliefs. With a reinforced look on her life, Melody went on to graduate and move out on her own, a decision supported by her parents who saw her determination to excel at what she was good at and wanted her to be happy in doing it. Wanting to find herself a quiet place to reside in, Melody moved to the town of Phillydelphia where she currently resides in a small house on the very outskirts, away from the noise and bustle of daily life. Phillydelphia was her choice due to its links with both small town and large city, increasing its throughfair of ponies and increasing the various stories she could hear and sights she could see, all adding to her pot of inspiration
  15. Name: Wild Cane Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Earth Pony Coat Color: Dark green(12441a) with a white diamond on his forehead, and long white feathering on all four hooves that nearly covers them. His hooves are a much darker green(081b0c), almost black. Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: His mane is long, wavy, whimsically curled. It is the same dark green as his hooves, but streaked through with a fresher lighter green(9db258). His tail is docked in the modern style, with all the fur beyond the actual tail trimmed short, and the remainder curled into a small bun held with a orange ribbon. Eye Color: Orange (ce7e17) Cutie Mark: A small cluster of bamboo canes framed with bright green leaves. Physique: Wild Cane is large for a stallion. He's taller than average ponies, barrel chested, with a broad muscular frame and build of a clydesdale horse. He's reasonably strong and surprisingly agile for a pony of his size. Though he occasionally has bouts of clumsiness involving bumping his head on door-jams, and knocking things off of tables. He has a calm and deliberate gait, and holds himself in good posture. Origin: Wild Cane hails from the mysterious forests surrounding the Great Nimbusgait Lakes. His elderly mother and father, Snapdragon and Oleander were both adventurous botanists from Trottingham lured to the sheltered gardens and hidden vales of Nimbusgait by the promise of exotic and undiscovered plants. The couple spent years there, loving every minute of observation, analysis, and discovery. They had become so attached to the place that eventually they came to call it home. From his first breath, Wild Cane has called it home as well. He lives alone in the modest cottage his parents once lived in, nestled in a well tended bamboo thicket a distance into the forest. Roleplay Type: Mane Equestria RP Occupation: Wild Cane tends the largest known bamboo thicket found in Nimbusgait, nurturing the plants, and harvesting the long stocks for purchase by ponies around Equestria. He is also a skilled pan-pipe player, and performs on instruments made from the very bamboo he tends. Motivation: Wild Cane spent his childhood in the forest, away from the comforts and toys most foals enjoy. His mother and father instead taught him what enjoyment in life could be gained from the natural world. One day his father showed his young wide eyed son how to fashion a pan-pipe, and very crudely how to play it. To their combined delight, the foal was a talent. His cutie-mark represents this moment, a discovery of the musical side of himself tied closely to his bond with nature. His aspirations are simply to make beautiful music, live and love the forest, and share the wonders of exotic Nimbusgait with anypony. Likes: The outdoors, plants, music, silence, birdsong, animals, honesty, mushrooms Dislikes: Cities, liars, noise, spicy food, fighting, injustice Character Summary: Wild Cane is a slightly strange pony. His exposure to larger pony culture was limited when he was growing up, and he absorbed bits and pieces of Trottingham culture from his parents. He is a gentleman, honest, and with a sense of honor. However he is uncomfortable around crowded towns, and various aspects of technology. He is quiet, doesn't speak much, and has a slow paced and deep voice. Crowds overwhelm him, and he is easily lost in quick conversations. His parents saw to his schooling, but his overall education is lacking in comparison to most ponies. He is a bit isolated from other ponies, and lacking in more specific social graces. In general he is a peaceful pony, but gets easily stressed out when his peace is shattered. Made using GeneralZoi's pony generator.
  16. Name: Quilhorn Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Unicorn Pelt Color: Light blue Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: Well-kempt, somewhat long dark-blue hair, gray 'highlights' in hair, tail simply dark blue. Eye Color: Turquoise Cutie Mark: Quill writing in a book Physique: A bit smaller than the average stallion, and fairly skinny, but nonethelss healthy Origin: Manehattan Roleplay Type: Equestria/FiM Occupation: Writer Motivation: A love of artwork, in all its forms, though Likes: Writing, creativity, higher society, puns, wit Dislikes: Pugilism, brutishness, noise, censorships Character Summary: This pony is, by no means, a jack-of-all trades, nor a heavyweight in terms of magical ability or in body or a terribly strong one, but what he does, he does well, and what he does is write. Quillhorn has always been a fellow of creativity, though he has a reputation for being a bit eccentric. He is not an inventor, mind you, though he would suppose that he invents settings and ponies, albeit temporarily, in the minds of other ponies. His creativity lies solely in words and ideas based thereupon. He has a very strong habit of speaking in something akin to older English prose, though not so much as to be indecipherable or overly complicated - rather, he simply speaks in a manner slightly outside of the norm, using a bit of older english, and remaining fairly verbose. That aside, he is also liable to 'narrate' out loud as he considers something or begins doing something, though this is entirely on purpose and seldom done. In terms of magic, Quillhorn knows but a little magic, which he handles with pinpoint accuracy. He can create and shape rather small, translucent illusions, which he mostly uses for better-visualising what he's writing and as an aide when storytelling, and he is extremely good at fine motor co-ordination when holding things with magic, though his strength at such is a bit minimal, suited for quills, parchment, and books. As for his personality (ponyality?), Quillhorn is a fairly energetic pony in his own right, fairly enthusiastic while keeping his voice and his language well in check. He enjoys the company of other ponies, especially of those who have interesting stories to tell, or for that matter a desire to listen to interesting stories he's heard, read or written before. His favourite works are often fictional, though he finds accounts of real adventures to be much more fascinating. He is a fairly respectful pony, and a fairly respectable one in return. He has a bit of a love for jokes and puns, as well as witty turns of phrase. He`s a reasonably charitable pony otherwise, though the occupaion of scribe doesn't earn him a huge amount to be generous with. Still, he enjoys life, and will often do favours for another pony in need, simply because he believes in karma. He is happiest when those around him are happy and-or fascinated in what he has to say, which is the driving force behind his story-telling and his writing. As such, many of his stories have happy endings - he personally enjoys stories with twists, tragic endings, or perhaps no real sense of a heroic end, but realizes that these aren't as popular with younger audiences. Quillhorn was born in Manehattan, one of several siblings brought up by his parents - a reasonably well-to-do couple. His mother, an accountant and his father, a teller, his foalhood was fairly well off. Though he didn't really pick up on his parent's penchant for economics or mathematical skills, he did at least appreciate some of the stories of their clientele, though even the most interesting ponies one meets in a bank are all to often fairly mundane in the greater scheme of things. He did, however, pick up on their sense of grooming and fashion, and thus he keeps himself fairly presentable. His mane and tail receive plenty of care each morning, and though he would rather avoid getting either dirty or dishevveled, he accepts the idea if such must happen. The youth of this unicorn was spent, largely, exploring possibilities. Of course, his parents suggested mathematics and economics, but those he found much too dull for his liking. Magics and sciences, however, he followed for some time, but in spite of his efforts, he never really excelled at either, and though he found each interestingin its own right, he abandoned such notions as being more struggle than success, though he had managed to pick up magic to some small extent. But, those were not his passions. Though art tickled his fancy, and fashion was a way of Manehattan life, neither of those really caught Quillhorn's attention, either. Stories, however, did, and it was in these that he engrossed much of his time. At first, he simply read, but soon enough, he started to write stories. As soon as he had learned to read - learning at a fairly young age, at that - he started to surround himself with books. Guides, studies, papers, manifestos, biographies, but most of all, stories. Despite his love of stories, he hadn't actually considered that stories would be his vocation - after all, as far as he knew, nearly everyone could read and write, and nearly everypony enjoyed a good story. He didn't consider himself to love stories and writing more than anypony else. However, as he continued through foalhood, he realized that he did, in fact, read and write far more than other ponies of his class and age, and for that matter more than many mares and stallions did. It was through this that he decided to embrace love for such, and it was in this that he started enjoying literature fully. He began putting much more effort into writing than before, putting quil after quill to use. He wrote short stories at first, simple nursery rhymes and tales for young foals, much like himself, then pushing on to try and match the literature meant for cols and fillies, engrossing himself in the ideas of high adventure with parties of amusing adventurers. He began researching and asking more questions, to better undersand a range of ponies, and the motivations of those older than him. Soon enough, he was writing plays for his class, and upon the successful finish of his first play - The Tale of Ursa Minor - his cutiemark appeared, much to his own pride; he now knew that writing was to be his vocation, and he couln't have been happier with anything else. From there, he studied literature almost nonstop. His colt years were largely spent furthering his knowledge of the literary world, solitary, yet quite happy amongst his many written works. However, a writer is often not one who earns huge amounts, and as he got closer to becoming a full stallion, he ended up moving out of manehattan for cheaper residence, and a place where theatre still runs strong. He's still looking, though his 'freelance' work as a scribe, cartographer, playwright and editor leave him with enough to feed and house himself reasonably well. He has a fascination with exploration and adventure, at times when stronger, bolder companions are about, but otherwise keeps to the beaten path more often than not.
  17. Name: Sun Shower Sex: Female Age: Filly, but right on the brink of marehood. Species: Pegasus Pelt Color: ★ When Sun Shower was born, she was actually almost completely black. Her coat lightened significantly, as she aged, though, finally becoming a medium shade of ash gray around the time that she graduated primary school. Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: ★★★Along with her black pelt, she was born with incredibly light hair, so light that it almost looked white in the sun. That too mellowed out quite quickly, becoming the shade that it is in her first four years. She likes to keep her tail tied in a bow, albeit it's so loose that it hardly helps her. Her favourite bow has a light red, almost pink, check design. She has a single strand of light blue in her mane, which she had done in her rebellious state not too long ago. It isn't obvious by any means, as the rest of her voluminous hair covers it. Eye Color: ★ When she's sad, her eyes seem to darken until they are almost black. However, when she's angry, they seem to become brighter and paler. Cutie Mark: Sun Shower's cutie mark came to her only just recently. It's an open umbrella surrounded by hearts. Physique: She may be a bit stockier and shorter than other ponies her age, but it's nothing too notable. Her eyes are a bit wide-set, and her ears are usually plastered back against her head when talking with others. She can't run very well because her right hind leg slips out from beneath her, landing her with a very weak right knee. That's why she prefers to keep to the air-- her knee can't hurt her there. Origin: Manehatten Roleplay Type: Mane Occupation: While her 'official' job is helping with the weather along with most of the other pegasi, Sun Shower is often described as incompetent for that job. She'll half-complete her work either out of laziness, or because she's incredibly distracted. She's in this job because of a few reasons. For one, upon realizing that most of the pegasi in Ponyville had a job in that field, she just kind of assumed that she should, too. Secondly, after so many years of repression, she wanted a job that would allow her to fly most of the time. And thirdly... she needs some source of income to pay for college. She likes to say that her true work is watching over the little foals in the park, at the playground, and anywhere else they might be. Motivation: It's a rather improbable motivation, and Sun Shower is well aware of that. However, the stubborn filly refuses to budge on her goal. She wants every foal in the world to have a very close friend, and if that friend is her, then she wouldn't mind. She also yearns to protect them all from the evils of adulthood. She's trying to save up enough money to go to the University of Trottingham to hopefully pursue a degree in child psychology. Likes: - The Ocean - Children - Reading - Music - Sunshine - Lemonade - Flying - Cuddling - Coconuts - Bubble Baths - Herbal Tea Shampoo - Sleeping - Adventures Dislikes: - Schedules - Heavy Objects - The Cold - Winter - Dragons - Cities - Restraint - Milk - Coffee - Foul Language Character Summary: When Sun Shower was born with wings, it send a ripple of confusion through her family. There hadn't been a pegasus in the gene pool since Great Grandma Turtledove! Some ponies called that there had to be an affair, but this was a half-hearted accusation; they all knew that the mare was too loyal. But sure enough, the little black foal was born with wings and a strange limp, but other than that, she was a very ordinary pony They didn't like her flying, though. They claimed that it was because it 'looked so horribly and embarrassingly clumsy', but they would never admit to anyone that they didn't want to be stuck on the ground when their own flesh and blood could fly wherever she wanted. So that was why Sun Shower never learned how to fly. Only when she grew up did it become obvious to her parents that she didn't talk. Now, they weren't sure if it was because she couldn't, or because she wouldn't. All they knew was that for most of her first few years in school, they'd get calls home from her teacher because she was 'being disrespectful'. In fact, she only had one pony she could truly call a friend-- a colt, around her age, that appreciated her silence and could communicate easily without words. Now, Sun Shower's parents, a stallion named Sunshine and a mare named Misty, were very conscious of their image. They were also acutely aware of the gossip spreading like wildfire-- the perfect, cosmopolitan, couple had a child who was so... so... unlike them? They feared for their image, and they would stop at nothing to maintain it. And that was the reason that the door would be locked in the middle of the night. Sun Shower became a shaky, trembling girl, but at least she talked. She tended to mumble, and often couldn't find the right word, and still much preferred non-verbal communication, but she did talk. But some neighbours would swear that they heard broken sobs coming from the apartment. However, those rumours were easier to squash than the ones about their daughter being an invalid, especially when happy chatter about a new baby on the way drawing attention away from the older foal. Sunflower, Sun Shower's younger sister, was born with a lovely blue pelt, a vibrant green mane, beautiful blue eyes, and no wings. Yes, she was the perfect daughter for the equally exquisite Sunshine and Misty. The two sisters were polar opposites. Sun Shower was quiet and reserved, while Sunflower was loud and boisterous. Sun Shower was awkward, while Sunflower fit in wherever she went. Sun Shower was artistic and meek, and Sunflower was social and demanded attention when she entered a room. Sun Shower was intelligent, sure, maybe even brilliant, but to the socialites who were her parents, she was always second to her sister. This carried on for years, until Sun Shower finally get fed up. She was just a few years away from reaching the age where she couldn't be called a 'filly' anymore, and she was still a blank flank. Her sister, although four years younger than her, already had her cutie mark-- a sunflower, which wasn't a surprise to anypony. Beneath her quiet exterior, Sun Shower was seething. Maybe that's why, in a silent act of rebellion, she got a single streak of bright blue in her mane. She didn't care that it was raining-- nothing could have stopped her from doing that. It was on her way back that she saw a tiny foal huddled under the awning of a building, trying to keep dry. Sun Shower hardly processed her actions-- all she knew was that suddenly she was sharing her umbrella with the little foal, running her hoof through his mane, and even going so far as making him laugh. At some point, he admired her cutie mark, and exclaimed how fitting it was. Sun Shower didn't understand what he was talking about, until she looked at her flank herself. Sure enough, finally, a cutie mark was there. Sun Shower was stupid enough to think that her parents would be proud of her. However, they had already accepted that Sun Shower was their 'problem child', and would never live up to Sunflower. When they refused to believe that their eldest daughter could possibly be good at anything, she didn't get sad. She got mad. And since a mad Sun Shower doesn't usually think before she acts, when she finally calmed down she was on a train to a quaint little town that she had heard of called Ponyville. She didn't regret her actions, though. All that she did was write a letter. Not to her family, but to her friend-- the one that she'd had since childhood. She begged for his forgiveness, and expressed her gratitude for him always supporting her. She also told him that she hoped to see him again soon. And once she got off at the train station near Ponyville, the very first thing she did was mail that letter. The very next thing she did was teach herself to fly. It was embarrassing at first. Humiliating. But sure enough, after almost a year of intensive effort, she was just about as apt as a standard pegasus. It's been about two years since she fled to Ponyville, and her parents haven't tried to contact her, which is all well and good. She keeps contact with her childhood friend, and gets along very well with the foals around Ponyville. She always was like a child at heart, after all-- so connecting with children comes naturally to her.
  18. Name: Rue Sex: Female Age: Filly Species: Unicorn Pelt Color: Periwinkle Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: Wavy grape, with a bold lilac streak Eye Color: Blue Cutie Mark: A Rue Flower Physique: Soft Origin: Canterlot Roleplay Type: Main RP Occupation: Part-timer seeking work. Motivation: Surface: To have fun and be free. Srs Bsns: To seek redemption and to help others do the same. Dear Diary fodder: Her path to improvement as a friend includes learning to let other ponies in, sacrifice for the sake of friendship, "you can't tell a book by its cover," learning to accept help from others. Likes: She loves foals, outcasts, experiencing new things Dislikes: Snobs. Stiffs. Ponies who frontin'. Ponies who can't acknowledge their mistakes. Character Summary: The Hoofington Elementary Equinerer: Local Pony Profiles: Rue By News Flash Hello Everypony! This is your school reporter News Flash with this weeks Local Pony Profile! We're looking at Hoofington's mysterious newcomer: Rue! With rumors and speculation swirling here at Hoofington Elementary, we're digging up thez TRUTH and delivering it to YOUR FRONT DOOR! Rue, at first glance, is an intimidating figure. Small, but with a carefully cultivated "edge" maintainted to send a message: Dark eyeshadow, Red hoofpolish, and a carefully sloppy beheaded mane. When at peace, her movements are calm, her expressions detached, but when excited, I noticed she would become more animated in expression, and move with more deliberation. She has a disarming directness that sometimes borders on intrusive or rude, but I never felt that she was paticularly agressive without provocation. Interview below the fold. * * * News Flash: Rue, it looks like you attended the prestigious Hoofvard academy in Canterlot. Tell us about that. Rue: It sucked. NF: Ah. Well... Okay then. Reports say that you were admitted on an academic scholarship? You must have shown some aptitude then. Rue: Yeah. But to the other kids, it just meant I wasn't admitted by the usual means: money or contacts. NF: So you were an outsider? Rue: Yeah. I was too cool for those spoiled rich brats. NF: Huh, that's funny, because various accounts suggest otherwise. Your first grade teacher's meeting notes read "Rue seems eager, but unable to form friendships with her peers." Rue: Hey! How did you get a hold of my records? What sort of school paper is this? NF: Here at the Hoofington Equinerer, we believe in journalistic diligence. You just keep your answers honest, and we'll keep these records to ourselves, capiche? Rue: Why you little! [Rue Sighs] Whatever. Yeah, I wasn't a popular kid, and I caught heck those first couple years. But it wasn't long before I found some friends. We had eachothers backs, and they taught me how to be tough. Still wouldn't call us popular, but at least the bullies had to think twice before they tangled with the Dark Horses. NF: So you formed a gang? Rue: A gang? That makes us sound like monsters. We called it a "social trust." We didn't need violence. We had a bad reputation, and that was usually enough. NF: Usually enough? Rue: Usually. Sometimes, somepony wouldn't get the message. We did what we had to do. Our pranks were legendary. NF: Oh? I'd like to hear about that. Rue: Yeah? Well, you'll get to experience one first hand if you get too cocky with those records. NF: Well! Let's move on then! Uh, tell me about your family life. Rue: What family life? Once dad got his break in Canterlot High Society, he was too busy for anypony, and mom was constantly involved in planning parties, managing the household, and schmoozing big wigs. I wasn't the sort of child that impressed those fancy types, and they were the sort of ponies that impressed me, so I kept to my bedroom a lot. I didn't really have any friends until I met the Dark Horses. NF: You got into a lot of trouble, it would seem. Rue: It was summer. We were bored. NF: You got your cutie mark that summer. Rue: Look, I'm warning you, kid. NF: D-don't worry! We couldnt dig up any facts about 'the Incident at the Castle! Rue I can't imagine you could! But I can tell you this much: I have never regretted anything as much as that. Which is how I got it. NF: Your Cutie Mark. A Rue Flower. You got it for your regret? Rue I've regretting things before, but always for the wrong reasons. This time, I had made a deliberate decision to do better. I apologized to the Viceroy, as sorry as I'd ever been, and that's when it appeared. Now some kids get easy cutie marks. They fix a table and get a hammer on their hip. They go on to be happy little carpenters. I screwed up and got a flower on my flank, and I'm still not sure what to make of it. A cutie mark is a major event, and it doesn't happen without a reason. The Viceroy understood this, and forgave me. Hoofvard did not. NF: They expelled you. Rue: [Rue Nods] Mom and Dad were livid. They sent me away to live with someone who would give me some "tough love": Auntie Hemlock. NF: Oh my. Rue [Rue Shrugs] It's no fur off my flank. I never needed them anyway. And Hoofington isn't full of snobs. I'm better off here. NF: Still, I can't imagine that it was that eas-- [Rue interrupts me here] Rue: That's enough questions. You've got enough for an article, kid. NF: But -- Rue: No more questions. * * * After a calm and reasonable discussion, we agreed to end the interview here. Cutie Mark: Character Sketch: Original arts ^ Clockwise's Rendition, 20% cooler ^^
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