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  1. ((Found this app on an old flashdrive, excuse the funky smell - its a little past it's prime, but I figured I might as well see if its still viable )) Roleplay Type: Mane RP (FiM Cast) Name: Spike the Dragon Sex: Male Age: "Baby Dragon" Species: Dragon Eye Color: Emerald-Green Scale color: Purple/green Markings Color: (Spikes - Green) Physique: Short and slightly pudgy, having not burned off all his "baby fat" yet. Cutie Mark: NA Origin/Residence: Where ever Twilight Sparkle is! (Currently Ponyville) Occupation: Twilight's Number-One Assistant Motivation: To have Gemstones for every meal, to have Rarity as his own loving mate, and to please Twilight in any way he possibly can, no matter how difficult the task may be! Likes: Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Gemstones, Rarity, and Rarity. Dislikes: Anyone that hurts Rarity or Twilight, having to take naps, and (sometimes) still being a small "baby" dragon. Character Summary: Spike began his life as an egg held by Princess Celestia. When the monarch became aware of the potential in young twilight, she created a special test for her - to hatch a dragon egg. This was no small feat, even fully-grown unicorns would, at best, have great difficulty in completing this feat and had it not been for a coincidental Sonic Rainboom, twilight would have failed and Spike never been born! (At least, not to her) Once he was hatched (and returned to proper size by Celestia, following the magic surge that not only brought him into this world, but enlarged him to the size of an average house) he was raised by the princess and her staff to assist Twilight in her studies and to ensure she fully understood responsibility. However, it was quickly that the roles changed and Twilight was teaching Spike responsibility instead. While still young and living at the castle with Twilight, Celestia attempted to teach spike magic, however the only spell he was able to master was a teleportation spell used to send scrolls to his desired destination near-instantly. Despite his apparent lack of ability to cast other forms of magic, Spike still practiced, strived, and excelled at the one magical skill he did have, which made both Celestia and Twilight very proud of him (a flaw that took root and would haunt him over and over throughout his life) When Twilight's studies took her from Canterlot to Ponyville, Spike went with her to continue his job as her assistant. However, even if he had not been required to he would have requested it as he had grown very attached to the unicorn, seeing her as a big sister and loving her a sif she had been one of his real clutchmates. When the reached Ponyville, Spike met the love of his life, his (he hopes) future mate, the unicorn Rarity. While Rarity has been less infatuated with the dragonling than he was with her, Spike continues to spend time attempting to impress her and show his love. Though, possibly unfortunate for spike, he is, as they say, putty in her hooves, and willing to do anything he can to make her happy. Upon their arrival in Ponyville, Spike became the voice of logic in Twilight's life during her less sane moments, though she returned the favor when he had his own lapses over his love for their friend Rarity. While he tries to always consider others' feelings, Spike's sense of brutal honesty can often make him come off as snarky or even ill-tempered, but he really does have others' best interest at heart and will do anything he can to lend a hand to anypony who needs it (Though this is a bit of a curse as well since being such a young dragon, Spike still suffers from Narcolepsy when he gets tired.) Spike has had a rather happy life in ponyville, though it has not been without it's metaphorical (and often physical) bumps and bruises. He has been forced to learn humility many times and also had to learn that sometimes you have to place your trust in your friends, especially when the task takes place at night (or is too big for him - not that he ever wants to admit it). His two harshest lessons came from his own flaws, his pride and his inane dragon-greed. The appearance of an owl in spike's library one night forced him to re-evaluate his place in life, unfortunately coming to the wrong conclusion. Because of this he foolishly tried to break up Twilight's friendship with her new pet, thinking that the owl would take his job and Twilight wouldn't want him around anymore. He learned that friendship is a powerful bond that ties people together very tight - both Twilight and Owlolicious, and Twilight and himself. Though running away was not one of Spike's better decisions, he learned a valuable lesson from it and only grew closer to twilight in the process. His second lesson came in the form of greed. While he has yet to completely master it, he has learned the dangers of being greedy (both in the Moral sense and, for him, the physical sense). Because he was raised in the canterlot royal court without any great need or want, a lot of emphasis was never placed on birthdays. So, when the fateful day came around in ponyville, he had the sudden realization that a birthday meant people gave you gifts, unfortunately he failed to understand that these were meant to be out of their love of you and not out of obligation. Because of this, his greed awoke the monster within his scales, slowly transforming him from a loving baby dragon into a ferocious monster. If not for the power of love being stronger than his greed it is uncertain just what his fate would have been (and even with his triumph over his greed it's possible he may face some consequences of his actions in the future). Spike, having been returned to normal by the power of kindness and generosity took the lesson to heart and learned not to give in to his desires... well, the ones that don't involve Rarity, anyway. Over the years, spike has grown and matured (though just how much is up for debate...) There was no doubt some crow being eaten over the issue of pets though, as later, spike found and rescued a phoenix egg that his rival Garble had found and was going to... well... with a little help from his friends, spike saved the egg and adopted the phoenix chick, who he named peewee. Unfortunately having spike around was enough of a fire hazard, after an undisclosed number of incidents, peewee was returned to the wild, much to spike's disappointment. While in the beginning, the little dragon was not only content, but almost insistant at staying by twilight's side, as time has gone by he has learned to handle himself quite well. Though perhaps a little too much of Twilight's nerdiness rubbed off on him - he now runs semi-regular O+O games as the Dungeon master for himself, Big Mac, and Discord (and possibly letting Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie join in on occasion) and while his stories seem a little shallow, the fact he is dedicated enough to plan them and see them through says a lot about him. however, old habits die hard. When the time came for spike to enter the next stage of his life, going through the slightly horrific stage known as "the molt" he once again feared that his time with twilight was coming to an end. It, of course, did not (and given the strength of the pair's bond, its questionable if even Death himself could separate them) however it did end with spike receiving a power boost and a new set of wings --- which allowed him to once again be the great hero (at least in his mind) by saving both his 'fair damsel' as well as the zebra shaman zecora from the clutches of a Roc. While spike started life as a simple test of magic and responsibility for Twilight, he has continued his life as a student himself, always learning, but never forgetting those closest to him. With his favorite hat: http://fav.me/d4jl5ke Video/Voice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBZLxgb9bzk I think this song sums up Spike and Twilight Perfectly: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3xdaNBO39A
  2. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Autumn Blaze Shadows name: Silhouette Gloom of the sun-down land Hoof puppet: Twiggy Bloom of the old woods Sex: female Age: Mare Species: Kirin Eye colour: Moderate gold Coat: Light goldish gray with goldish gray ear tips Mane/Tail: Moderate tangelo Physique: Autumn Blaze stands around the average height of an equestrian mare without being to lean or full in body. Like all her kin she has cloven hooves and scaling along her muzzle back back. Her mane is very big, looking line a lion's it grows all the way around neck in very thick fur. Her tail is long, like a giffins, with long mane like fur growing on the underside starting half way down the tail all the way to the end. Residence: ‘The Grove’ as all Kirin do. Her home is found just outside of the Grove, one made by her own two… four hooves! Well she was welcomed back to the Grove she found it easier to not move everything she did. With her plans to travel the world she has left everything she cant take with her behind there, interesting friends in the Grove to keep an eye on her home well she is away. Occupation: Singer, speaker, stand up comedian, playwright, carpenter, farmer, herbalist, Etc, Etc she’s unemployed. Cutie Mark: N/A Unique Traits: Autumn talks. A lot. But when one digs past what looks to be an utterly insane mare she has real talent with many things. She can grasp almost anything with shocking speed but never master it. She is a jack of all trades, master of none. Not that she can ever focuses on something for the time needed to master it too began with. History: “From a wonderful dad! I mean mom! Stallions can’t give birth. Besides the point they were totally awesome parents but this is about me! So this is my story with all the complicated descriptions and comedic tangents one can hope for! When I was reeeeally small they told me I was gifted! But that’s all boring things, I don't even remember half of it. Maybe for the best, you ever watch a foal? All they do is chew on things and cry about something you can’t hope to understand. Tried foalsitting. Don’t recommend it. But when I was not so small I found my voice! The first time! Not the later time. That is later. I found I just loooove singing. And talking! And other things! I was helping all over town, farming, building that, sell this. It was a wonderful time and everyKirin just loved me to bits! Ask them! I know every single Kirin ever I think! Well some time later, not missing too much. First crushes, good times, bad times, filly drama. Truuust me, you don’t need to know. Just ask Summer Flare! She’s like, my BFF! Well anyways the ‘big thing’ most known about us is not talking! Well one day… well lats back up! Sometimes we, the Kirin, get like mad! And not mad like “oh i dropped my bread!” but “that Kirin is on fire!” mad. It even happens to me! We just get soooo mad. Boom, fire! Yelling! Good thing fire doesn't hurt us! But it hurts are homes. What leads me back to what happend! One day we had a big one. All of us got in on it. Free for fall! It was bad. But Rain Shine she’s like, are queen or something do to how tall she is… I think. But she did not join in. She saw us going to town on the town, just everything was on fire, and got really mad at us. So seeing as the start of this was us yelling or something, I don't know, I think it was the price of something, she made us all go in the Stream of Silence. No clue how it works or why it is a thing! But it suppressed are voices aaand emotions. You ever had both suppressed? Not fun. Well! I was stuck like that for years and all the talking I could do was in my head! I got reeeealy good at it. But the voices in my head got boring and rude after years of being stuck with them as roommates. Well one day well I was arguing with Silhouette Gloom in my head I tripped and fell down in a lot of flowers. Well! One of them told me brew them in some tea! … I don’t remember why I did that honestly, have you ever tossed some random flowers in tea? But it was so worth it! Not the tea, it tasted pretty bad. But it did give me back my voice! Best day ever! I just had to let out a years worth of words! And I did! Well after like, one week Rain Shine told me get back in the river or leave town... So after moving out of town to a hill with a stunning view I got to work! Made a home, farm, made friends. Silhouette Gloom is my favorite, don’t tell Twiggy. And made a living! … it was boring. And lonely! At first it was not a bad but after a few years it was just like not speaking at all! But with all the emotion! Well my saving grace came. Applejack! She is just the best. She cooks real good as well! So she got all brave and went to make us all talk! Us is Kirin. Well I had this gut feeling it will not work. I hoped she’d make it work but well, no Kirin knows Kirins like a Kirin! So after arguing about it with myself I set off to see how it was going. Good thing I did. Applejack and, to my shock, not at all a shadow, buttershy were about to go swimming in that Stream of Silence. Not willingly. I think… they were not puting up too much fuss for it. I almost did not save them! Maybe they wanted it. But my gut… or a voice told me to go save them! So I got all fired up and went racing in! Good thing they just did not drop them in the river or something. But after saving them we all talked and this time Rain Shine did not just tell me to leave and not come back. In fact she sided with me! And Applejack… Oh and flutterfly. Well I made them all that tea to let them talk! Told none of them how it tasted. Was fun. But after that they let me back in to town! All the talking, jokes, it was good. But I saw something that just did not leave me. Applejack and Shyflutter were outsiders. I am going to be honest I didn't even know they were a thing! And there is a world full of them! And others! I just… had to see it all. So after a few years of planning I packed my bags and took to the road! Ok I didn't plan it in two years. More like one year. But I feel ready for it what can go wrong?” -Autumn Blaze, speaking to the world's most unlucky train passenger. Character Personality: Autumn Blaze is very excitable, chatty and eccentric to the extreme. Having gone years with no power to speak, than years living alone after that has left her leaping at every opportunity to talk, make friends or just interact with something. She made several imaginary friends that she speaks with with the two primary being Silhouette, her shadow, and Twiggy, a hoof holding a stick. This was born from her years of solitude and well being around others have helped combat this, she still speaks to them very often. This gives her a less the “all together” appearance around others. But she means well and will happily work with others to spend time with them. Even if it's just doing the dirty work. Character Summary: Autumn Blaze is an eccentric Kirin that spent much of her life unable to talk, then followed by being outcasted and living alone after curing her lost voice. With the help of Applejack and Fluttershy she was welcomed back to her town and was allowed to cure all of them from the self imposed silence. After living with her town she found a growing wish to explore the world and see more. There was so much she has yet to see or hear. So packing her bags she jumped on a train with no real game plan other than exploring the world and going wherever she can.
  3. Hey ya'll! Aizen here again. Was just curious to see if anyone wanted to try and RP with Cheese Sandwich over here - I just got a bio up for him and all. I'm not really looking for anything in particular, just a scenario that Cheese would realistically appear in. He's currently on his way to a certain competition, to add a little flair to the celebrations (I was thinking of throwing him into an event at Iron Pony, but only once the celebrations began :P). Any character could intercept him on his way there - Just don't get him too far off-course from his original goal - Boneless Two might have some words for you.
  4. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Cheese Sandwich Sex: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Earth Pony Eye Color: Brilliant Chartreuse Green Coat Color: Light Orange Mane/Tail: Cheese's mane and tail hair are both a dark brown. Both are extremely puffy and unkempt, as Cheese believes it makes his image all the more goofy. On his head, the hair is a bit curlier. Physique: Cheese's body is rather slender and lanky, making him taller than most other ponies out there. Residence: Wanderer (though his hometown is Manehatten) Occupation: "Super Duper Party Pony" (traveling party planner) Cutie Mark: Cheese Sandwich's cutie mark is, well. . . a cheese sandwich. Grilled, to be exact. It represents his love of cheese and accordions. Cheese received his cutie mark as a direct result of Pinkie Pie, who's attitude and partying skills inspired Cheese to become a "Super Duper Party Pony", just like her. Unique traits: Cheese sandwich is the self-proclaimed "Super Duper Party Pony". With that in mind, whadaya think he does? The pony travels around Equestria, putting on parties that turn frowns upside down and obliterate any negative feelings whatsoever. He lives for this kind of stuff. As a result, Cheese has taught himself to be a good singer and musician, specifically with accordions. He also carries around a rubber chicken he got from the party where he met Pinkie Pie, which he named Boneless (not the original, which he left with Pinkie after leaving Equestria later on). History: Cheese Sandwich wasn't always the loud, goofy, extroverted pony he is today. In fact, he used to be quite the opposite: Shy, quiet, and lonely. His family wasn't anything special, really. Just normal ponies living normal lives - And content to keep on living normal lives. Anything spontaneous or random was frowned upon in their household. This left Cheese with not much to work with. As a result of his awkwardness and silence, he was often regarded as an oddball by other young ponies. Those ponies and their families had color to them. They were interesting. Cheese longed to be like them, despite his parents insistence that normalcy was key. This went on for some time as a kid, with Cheese remaining isolated from others. Eventually, once Cheese was able to, he left Manehattan, unable to connect with others with the constant pressure of his parents on him. For the longest time, the colt wandered, unsure of what to do. He was free to do what he wanted, but he just couldn't. His past had made socializing nearly impossible. He was far too shy to even begin with that, and had no experience in talking to others. So, he remained in his shell for awhile longer. Luckily, things changed for the better within one day, one crazy day. The day Cheese met Pinkie Pie. By chance, the colt had stumbled upon one of her wild parties. Cheese didn't even have time to react to it. He hadn't been called strange, or ignored; Instead, after being pulled in, Cheese had the time of his life, the first true party he'd ever been to. He even spoke with a couple ponies, who, luckily, didn't seem to mind his apparent shyness. Though Cheese Sandwich didn't directly speak to Pinkie Pie, just meeting her and seeing her doing the thing she loved was enough to inspire Cheese to do the same, earning him his cutie mark. Though Cheese had never originally had a hobby or goal in mind, party planning and humor drew his attention. Taking the rubber chicken he'd gotten from the party (which he named Boneless), Cheese finally started his new career - His career as a Super Duper Party Pony. Not only that, but Cheese also finally learned to dive right in to socializing, getting over his shyness in awe of Pinkie Pie's own extroverted attitude. That is what he does to this day, planning over-the-top birthday bashes, surprise parties, and get-togethers for all, so that they can experience the same happiness he'd felt on the day he finally found a purpose - And an entertaining one, at that! Personality: Though Cheese Sandwich used to be a shy, quiet one, he's since then grown to be more like Pinkie Pie - If only more of a clown than a hyperactive type. He's loud, outspoken, and more than eager to perform something crazy and hilarious if it'll get everyone smiling. With him, there's never enough of a good thing. Why have some fun, when you can have all the fun? No party is complete if it isn't drastically over-the-top, and everyone is involved. Bad days are nonexistent with Cheese Sandwich around. On the contrary, though, Cheese Sandwich has another side of him, which he usually uses to introduce himself to others. He has a very serious demeanor, wearing a dark cowboy hat and poncho, the only hint at his true persona being his rubber chicken, Boneless, which he carries on his back. He's all-business in this state as he travels from place to place. Once he's there, though, it's true Cheese sandwich time! Character Summary: Though he may come off as a bit odd to some, Cheese Sandwich is certainly the type of pony you'd want as a friend, almost always cheery and goofy, ready to give someone the party of their lives. It doesn't matter if you're shy, edgy, quiet, or plain mean. Cheese's attitude is contagious: Stick around him too long, and you'll eventually pick up on his partying.
  5. Cup Cake (Mrs. Cake) Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Cup Cake (goes by "Mrs. Cake") Sex: Mare Age: Mare Species: Earth pony Eye color: Pink Coat: Baby blue Mane/Tail: reddish pink, looks like whipped cream. Physique: A little more to love Residence: Sugar Cube Corner, Ponyville Occupation: Baker Cutie Mark: Three pink, cherry-topped cupcakes Unique Traits: Mrs. Cake has an uncanny ability to remain cheerful in the most dire of circumstances. She can get nervous, but is always found with a smile on her face. One of the easiest ponies to get along with, she is never without a friend. Which, of course, is not exactly bad for business. History: Cup Cake wasn't always her name. She was born to the name Chiffon Swirl. As a filly, Chiffon was brought up to be a very polite, gentle and caring young mare. She often would surprise ponies with her maturity at a young age. But also, at times, with her spontaneity. Mostly, the later was heavily influenced by her closest friend, Pear Butter. The two were inseparable as fillies. They had all sorts of crazy fun adventures together, and they would tell each other everything. One day, her friend ended up marrying a stallion from her family's rival. An Apple. After being rejected by her family, Pear Butter and Chiffon Swirl became closer friends than ever. Soon, Chiffon met a new Stallion who she grew close to. His name was Carrot Cake. This stallion was a little awkward and quirky, but he had a certain charm she simply could not ignore. However, sadly, it couldn't all be sunshine and rainbows forever. It came to a sudden and tragic halt when Pear Butter (who'd adopted the name Buttercup) and her husband Bright Mac tragically passed away. Chiffon was devastated. The only thing that kept her afloat during this difficult time was her coltfriend Carrot Cake. He was strong for her when she couldn't be. It was this loyalty that finally brought them so close there was only one way to go. Chiffon Swirl married Carrot Cake, changing her name to Cup Cake. Years later, they met an enthusiastic pink filly who reminded Mrs. Cake, in some ways, of her late friend Buttercup. She may have been an exaggeration of her spontaneity, but something about this filly just made her happy. When she heard she was looking for a new place to say, she couldn't resist offering her a live in job at her bakery. Years more passed, and she and her husband became the proud new parents of twins! Pound and Pumpkin Cake. Something different about them, even tho both their parents were earth ponies, they were not. Pound was a Pegasus with a proclivity to smashing thing things with his hooves, and Pumpkin was a unicorn who just liked putting everything in her mouth. Together they often got into mischief, making caring for them difficult, but nothing her husband and her couldn't handle together. Despite the challenges in her life, Cup Cake felt like she was truly blessed to have the ponies she did in her life. She was always grateful for her many friends, and most especially her family. Character Personality: Outgoing, positive and genuinely caring. The motherly type. She always looks to find the good in others, and tries to make ponies happy. Character Summary: Cup Cake used to go by Chiffon Swirl, but changed her name when she was married to Carrot Cake. She's a generally happy mare. Friendly and caring almost to a fault. She has twin foals who are a hooffull, and a sort of surrogate daughter/employee named Pinkie Pie who lives with her, always keeping her on her toes.
  6. Name: Little Strongheart Gender: Female Age: Young Sow Species: Buffalo Pelt Color: Copper Mane/Tail Color & Style: She has a puff of tan forelocks on her brow. Her tail is standard to her species and the same color as her body. Eye Color: She has large black pupils with just the slightest hint of dark brown surrounding them. Cutie Mark: NA Physique: Strongheart is lean and athletic. She's lived her whole life out in the open on the frontier and as such shes as tough as a saguaro cactus! She can run and jump with prowess and can also sneak in stealthy fashion when needed. Residence: She lives with the rest of her herd on the plains outside of Appaloosa. They are a semi-nomadic tribe, living in teepees and changing locations with the seasons. She has recently been granted use of her own teepee by her father Thunder Clap who happens to be the chief of the herd. Her teepee is smaller than some of the others but that's perfect for her! The young buffalo was even allowed to add her own painted decorations to the outside of her teepee which she is quite proud of. Occupation: She doesn't have an occupation per say, though she is the daughter of the chief of her tribe. That is a great mantle that she daily learns to bear. Some say she may indeed be the first female chief of the tribe someday... only time will tell. History: Little Strongheart was born to loving parents on the open plains of the Painted Pinto Desert... at least that's what the ponies call the lands. To Little Strongheart and her clan the area is known as the Great Eagle's Land. Her father Thunder Clap was the chief of the Strong Horn herd, and her mother Standing Stone were ever so proud of their offspring. It was easy to see from a very young age that their little yearling was made of tough stuff! The day she was given her name proved that she would follow her heart and do what was right no matter the cost to herself. Strongheart had been tasked with protecting the years harvest of buckthorn as it dried in the sun. It was a job often given to young ones in the herd to teach them responsibility and help them grow up. It was a rather hot day and they had been put on duty not far from a small creek. She and three other yearlings were to guard the buckthorn from robbing crows for the whole day. Her parents knew that the ones younger than her would most likely be enticed to leave their posts to go play in the creek. From a distance her parents watched as Strongheart kept the others at their job by telling them stories of great buffalo from their clan. Her stories brought fortitude to her own heart and the hearts of the other young buffalo. For this she was awards with both the name Little Strongheart and two eagle feathers that she wears with pride in her headband. Years later a group of settling ponies made their way to the edge of the Strong Horn tribe. At first there was great rivalry as the ponies took no stock for the others living in the area and planted an apple orchard right over the top of the ancient stampede grounds of her clan. She had trouble for a while, trying to understand why ponies would do such a thing with no thought to others. Eventually she was able to realize that they would not be able to see eye to eye until they came together. Right before the clan and the new town of Appaloosa came to ruin, they were able to work out their difference over a shared taste for apple pie! Strongheart was an important part of this history as it was her that worked hard to help her father understand that the ponies did not mean them ill. She continues to grow up in the Painted Pinto Desert with her parents and the rest of the Strong Horn Clan. Now that there are good relations with Appaloosa the tribe stop by on occasion. Trading, sharing pie, and meeting others being the main purpose of these visits. Strongheart has taken a liking to many ponies in her encounters with them and holds the Mane 6, Applebloom, and others in high regard. Character Personality: Little Strongheart is very proud and can be a bit un-trusting at first. This has lessened over time though with the more ponies she meets. Once she is a friend, she is a friend for life and will defend and protect those in her care. She is wise beyond her years and very trustworthy. She also knows how to laugh and have fun! The more time one spends with this young buffalo the greater the reward will be! Character Summary: Strongheart lives with a passion in all that she does and being given a name to match her forthrightness makes her even more bold to stand up for what is right, even if it doesn't always seem like the most comfortable choice. She is a solid friend and a proud member, and possibly someday leader, of the Strong Horn buffalo tribe.
  7. Name: Braeburn Gender: Male Age: Stallion Species: Earth pony Pelt Color: Golden Mane/Tail Color & Style: Peach and golden/tan in large swaths in his mane and tail. Being a rough and tumble kind of pony has lead to his mane and tail being somewhat of a huge mess. Mostly he can hide the mane do under his Stetson but his tail is left to tangle in the breeze. Eye Color: A gradient of granny apple green. Cutie Mark: A red and ripe braeburn apple a'course! Physique: He's a bit on the lean side but muscled well enough to get the job done! He's determined and tough to the core which makes up for the fact that he might be a bit more willowy than some ponies with his occupation. Residence: Braeburn lives in the same farm house that he did when his parents first brought him to Appaloosa. He keeps it up as his parents retired and moved to Ponyville for a more clement environment. Occupation: Braeburn works on one of the oldest apple farms around. An original fixture from which Appaloosa sprung. History: Braeburn came with his family to AAAaaaapaloosa when he was just a little colt. His ma and pa brought him with them when they took the offer to help settle the lands out west. They were offered a sum of bits and their pick of land on which to farm. Since both his parents had been struggling to make ends meet they quickly jumped on the train as soon as the tracks were laid to this new settlement! Little Brae was soooo excited to get to his new home! He loved the dust, and the cactus, and the ranges and plains. So much more room than the little apartment he had been raised in in Vanhoover! This was going to be such an amazing adventure. He took to his new life like a duck to water as did his parents. Brae worked the apple farm with his parents, planting trees from seedlings of the first apple trees planted out west. He worked hard and became quite strong in the physical sense and in his nature. His pride for his work grew as their farm grew and soon they were exporting far and wide with the the sweet braeburn variety their farm was known for! His parents are now retired and Braeburn is the full heir to the farm! He hires ponies when needed to care for the modest orchards. Braeburn loves his family and his farm and hopes to someday have a family of his own! He's been known to give various ponies the eye but so far he hasn't found the stallion of his dreams... Character Personality: Brae is a fairly laid back pony unless e's crossed on anything to do with family or farm in that order. He's is loyal and true once his loyalty is won. His is an Apple so family ties run deep and true. He is fiercely protective of his farm and his way of life and can get rather ornery if anypony disagrees with him on pertaining issues. Brae loves to have a good time and can often be found at the cider saloon in his home town. He also has something of a singing voice and is a regular at song and dance nights. This stallion is not afraid to be up front of a crowd or to champion a good cause. He's up for adventures and though he'd hate to be gone for too long he does wonder what it would be like to get away from Appaloosa jut for a while and explore a bit more of Equestria. Character Summary: Loyal and true to the core Brae is a good son and a good friend. He puts others before himself and at the same time has great pride in his accomplishments as an apple farmer and resident of Appaloosa! He's got that wild west spirit inside and in most situations he's ready to willing to do his part to make his friends and family proud!
  8. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria. Name: Smolder Sex: Female. Age: Fledgling (Filly) Species: Dragon Eye Color: Moderate Cyan. Scales: Brilliant gamboge with light gold underbelly, wing membrane, and ear fronds. Spines: Moderate orchid Physique: Mostly slim and trim. At the final stages of losing the last of her baby fat. Residence: School of Friendship, previously a resident of the Dragon Lands. Occupation: Student at the School of Friendship. Cutie Mark: None. History: Before being dragged, kicking and cursing to Ponyville, Smolder was your usual resident of the Dragon Lands. Once she had finished her 'molt', she found herself fending for herself, as dragons her age were expected to do. Some young dragons found this to be an traumatizing experience. Not Smolder. She loved every bit of it. The freedom to go where she wanted and do anything! Nobody to hold her back! If she wanted rubies for breakfast, she could have it! If she wanted to chase after pigeons, she could do it! But her freedom did not last very long. For some reason, the recently minted 'Dragon Lord' decided that out of all the young dragons in all the lands, Smolder would be the perfect pick to represent her kind at a pony school for FRIENDSHIP! Seriously? This boggled the young girl's mind. Why would a mighty dragon want to spend time with fuzzy little ponies? Prancing about. Bouncing up and down on rainbows. Looking at silly princesses! Gah! But this was different. Other species were being welcomed to this school and dragons would not go underrepresented. Reality quickly dawned on the fledgling as the Dragon Lord and dragon-kid found themselves at the 'School Of Friendship' in all its pink and purpley goodness! Even worse was what hid behind the doors. Screeching Hippogriffs! Poofy ponies with their heads in the clouds! Bizarre shape-shifting weirdoes! And even worse, a big dumb Yak would had already started the traditional 'Yak Destroy All Things That Yak Sees!'. There was also already a young dragon at the school. Had the Dragon Lord lied to her? Nope! She would later find out, the little dragon actually lived in Ponyville. This was too much for Smolder! Dragons were better than this! Still, the Dragon Lord had made up her mind. Smolder was now a student of the school if she liked or not. The school was a bit of a mess at first. Problems came up, and they were conquered. Smolder slowly started to grow close to her fellow students and even found the classes to be rather informative...And enjoyable. How odd. She even developed a slight fondness to the little, awkward dragon Spike. The little fella grew up with ponies and had only recently encountered his own species. This would be something that needed a look into. Maybe she could at least teach him how to be a proper dragon...As the issues arose. No need to rush him. She even came to his aid after an dodgy no-good dragon tried to take advantage of lack of a father in Spike's life. "Dragons are rude and rebellious, but they aren't lazy lumps who take advantage of their kids." Character Personality: Smolder is feisty and independent. She has learned during her stay at the school that she can remain that way, but having a few friends to back you up doesn't hurt either. She has also started to embrace things the younger Smolder would have never considered. From a good cup of tea, to even feeling a little more comfortable of her rapidly expanding feminine side. Character Summary: Smolder is an young dragon quickly entering a world only a few of her kind have dared in recent times. No longer will dragons be solitary creatures held up in caves. They would have homes and be part of an thriving community of creatures big and small. Weak and strong. A society where the smaller would not need to fear being trampled by the larger members of society, but instead combine their own special skills and strengths and create something special. Would she be able to embrace such huge changes, or would she find herself back in her lonely old cave?
  9. I want to put together a Birthday thread for Celestia. Like she knows the day is coming and doesnt care anymore. At this point I would like to invite both cast and OCs. Especially players that have an interest in a long thread. I dont think a surprise party is in order, Im thinking more an an event where some pony expresses the need to celebrate it not as a holiday but just a day where Tia doesnt have to be a princess. She gets to take off the crown and just mingle with other ponies and enjoy sweets while laughing. Now the only place large enough to fit that many ponies would be Canterlot Palace Garden. So I want to hear what suggestions everyone has. Anyone interested in putting forward an idea?
  10. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria. Name: Yona. Sex: Female. Age: Filly. Species: Yak. Eye colour: Olive yellow. Coat: An unsaturated, warm light-red colour. Mane/Tail: Mane is a reddish-brown, and her short tail matches her coat. Physique: "Stout" would be a polite way of putting it, having the general yak qualities of being rather large, a healthy lung capacity and plenty of shaggy hair with which to stave off the worst of the Yakyakistan weather. As is the way with yaks, Yona is also surprisingly strong, although she is rather clumsy with it, and her strength isn't backed up by particularly huge reserves of stamina. Residence: School of Friendship, previously a resident of Yakyakistan. Occupation: Student at the School of Friendship. Yona is best at being student. Cutie Mark: None. But if yaks did have cutie marks, they would be best at having them. Unique Traits: Good at smashing things. Logs? Smash. Walls. Smash. History: Prior to moving to Ponyville as the representative of the yaks in the School of Friendship, Yona lived with her family (best family) in Yakyakistan. While there were no doubt many great times - maybe even close to best times, in fact - spent alongside her siblings, parents and grandparents, the most exciting period of Yona's life began with enrolment into the School of Friendship. Having been selected to represent the yaks at the newly founded school and, while Yona initially doesn't do well under the academic rules set out by the EEA, her friendship with others begins to blossom. This finally culminates in Yona, along with the other non-ponies attending the school, being withdrawn from the school. Fortunately, the bonds of friendship between the group weren't so easily broken, and the group sought refuge amongst the dilapidated runs of the Castle of the Two Sisters rather than go their separate ways. Once the school became independent, and free from the strictures placed upon it by the Equestria Education Association, and after an incident involving puckwudgies and needing to be saved from the strange creatures, Yona and the others were invited once again to attend the School of Friendship. Now that the school could be run according to Twilight's own specifications, lessons were fun, interesting and helpful; the rougher, rather arrogant attitude that Yona once held was smoothed away through activities and lessons. During her time at the School of Friendship, Yona has overcome - mostly - her arachnophobia, learned the value of sharing, and developed an enduring appreciation of Rockhoof, the Keeper of Equestrian Tales. Character Personality: While still very much a yak, and therefore prone to loud outbursts and saddled with the belief that yaks are best at just about everything, time spent amongst other creatures at the School of Friendship has made her a little more bearable to be around. While she will still, occasionally, point out that just about anything relating to Yaks are best, not only does she mostly keep this to herself, but she has come to understand that there are some things that other creatures can do well. At times she is excitable, which usually manifests itself in rather destructive outbursts and, coupled with her clumsy nature, can land her in trouble. This doesn't seem to really bother her in the slightest, and the occasional trail of destruction left in her wake hasn't diminished her enthusiasm or curiosity. If yaks had a sleeve upon which to wear their heart, Yona would wear her heart on her sleeve, and would be the best at it. Character Summary: The excitable, clumsy and occasionally loud representative of the Yaks at the School of Friendship. Having begun to learn the value of friendship amongst ponies and other creatures, Yona is still a yak, with all that entails, but has begun to understand both how to behave oneself around non-yaks and the importance of good friends. Yona still, however, likes to smash things. "Yak can take yak out of Yakyakistan, but Yaks still have best sayings."
  11. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Lyra Heartstrings Gender: Female Age: Mare Species: Unicorn Eye Color: Golden Coat Color: A pale minty green Mane/Tail: Lyra doesn't spend undo time on her mane and tail. Her mane is medium length and she keeps it swept back away from her face. It is the palest or turquoise with a streak of white. Her tail is long and unkempt like her mane. Physique: She's a tiny bit pudgy in the middle but that just adds to her cuteness. Other than this she's pretty much normal in structure. Residence: Lyra lives with her very good friend in a cottage in Ponyville. Occupation: Lyra typically holds two or three part time jobs at a time. She's good at decorating and organizing though she can't stay on task for very long amounts of time. She's been known to work at the flower shop, the tea shop, and fairly often she works in the delivery business. Most o the shop ponies in town know her and have hired her. She's a hard worker and having lots of jobs keeps her from loosing focus. Better to have lots of short term tasks. There are also stretches of time where Lyra is not employed at all. Cutie Mark: Lyra's cutie mark is a gold three stringed lyre. It represents her natural flow and cadence in her life and her ability to calm or energize others. She oddly enough has no musical talents at all. She got her mark fairly early on an elementary school in Canterlot. She noticed after wanting to follow the instructions from the teacher to calm down she was quickly able to calm herself and have the effect of calming on the little ponies around her. Same thing when she got excited, other around her just tended to perk up! One day in particular she could tell one of her friends was really down. She sat with them for only a few minutes and the friend was up and feeling good again! When she stood up she noticed she had gotten her special mark! History: Lyra was raised by a loving pair of unicorns in Canterlot. One was a mane stylist and quiet the eccentric mare. The other was an attorney and very logical and down to earth. The two mares had that magical moment when their love was enough to bring a little filly into the world. Lyra grew up with lots of friends and lots of good times. When she was old enough she moved away from her moms but still held a close relationship with them. For a while she worked in Canterlot until one day when she met her best friend Bon Bon while visiting Ponyville. Lyra fell hard for the sweet tan coated mare and it wasn't long before she had packed up and moved to Ponyville to be with her love. Lyra visits Canterlot often enough, always making sure to stop in to spend time with her moms. Character Summary: Lyra is good natured and kind. She has quite a volatile spirit which reflects into those around her fairly often. She has a friendly personality and is well liked by the ponies in Ponyville. She can be seen with her marefriend Bon Bon most of the time as the two love being around each other. She's content and happy with the life she leads in Ponyville.
  12. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Inky Rose Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Pegasus Eye color: Persian blue Coat: Light persian blue Mane/Tail: Inky Rose’s mane is styled into braided pigtails, and her tail is long with small waves. Her mane and tail are dark gray-violet with lighter gray-violet streaks. Physique: Inky is long and lanky, with a slim waist. Residence: Manehattan Occupation: Fashion Designer Cutie Mark: A black rose dripping with ink. When Inky received her cutie mark, she had barely just broken into the world of fashion as a designer. She was always found inside a boutique or clothing outlet, and then she would scurry home to draw the outfits she had thought of. Every afternoon, she would sit at home and continue to try to perfect her designs. After hours upon hours of working to no avail, suddenly, a new found sense of creativity and drive flooded her body and drowned her room with light. It was then, that she found her cutie mark. Unique Traits: Inky prefers dark fashion styles, and will never be seen without gothic style clothing. She prefers to walk leisurely and fly quickly. History: Inky Rose was born in Cloudsdale, but her family moved to Manehattan shortly after her birth. Inky’s family moved there to pursue their passions of performing. While growing up, Inky was surrounded by art of all forms, but she was always infatuated with the edgier pieces. Inky Rose’s love for fashion grew as she continued to see the cultural importance it held in Manehattan, she would often visit boutiques for inspiration and then hurry home to flesh out her own designs. Once she found her true calling in fashion and earning her cutie mark, Inky Rose’s mostly gloomy look on life changed and caused her to become more confident. Near the end of her adolescence, Inky started to create and promote her outfits, even participating in Fashion Week, where she was complimented and accepted into the fashion community. When debuting a new clothing line, Inky will model the clothes herself, just so that her face is still known. Character Personality: Inky Rose has a typically gloomy attitude, even when working on things she loves. She is often blunt and to the point. Inky retains low energy and hardly picks up her pace even when she’s in a rush. Character Summary: A fashion designer pegasus from Manehattan, Inky Rose fell in love with fashion at a young age. She takes pride in her work despite her glass half empty attitude. She speaks in a slow, almost tired, tone and only moves quickly while she flys, preferring a slow trot.
  13. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Rarity Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Unicorn Eye color: Moderate azure, with a light cornflower blue eyeshadow. Coat: Rarity’s coat is a pure light gray, almost white in color. Mane/Tail: Rarity’s mane and tail are a stunning violet. Her mane and tail are kept in long and gorgeous curls. The curls of her mane go over her neck and the left side of her face. Her tail is kept in one tight curl that bounces behind her. It is very obvious she takes care of herself. Physique: Rarity holds her slender body with elegance and class. She has powerful legs to carry herself with pride. Residence: Carousel Boutique, Ponyville Occupation: Seamstress, Fashion Designer, Shopkeeper, and most importantly the Element of Generosity Cutie Mark: Three blue eight facet lozenge diamonds. Rarity received her cutie mark during one of the most extraordinary phenomenons. It didn’t seem that way at first though, but it all started during school in Ponyville. Rarity was born a fashionista, and her work has always been kept to a perfect standard, and if it wasn’t perfect, Rarity wouldn’t accept it. This includes the costumes she made for the school play. While her teacher commended her work, it was deemed unsatisfactory and simply drab to her. She insisted on remaking the costumes until they were perfect. After her second attempt, she still was unhappy with the costumes and as if on cue, her horn lit up with a light blue aura. It dragged her continuously towards the left until it reached a large geode that appeared to be a plain boulder. Upon seeing the boulder, Rarity became disappointed. She thought her horn would lead her to her destiny, but instead, it brought her a rugged rock. Suddenly, a vibrant rainbow streaks across the sky before expanding into a large ring with a resounding boom. This splits the boulder in half revealing it to be filled with precious and dazzling jewels. She put these jewels to good use and used them to spruce up the costumes. Upon seeing the crowds admiring faces, and finding pride in her work, Rarity’s flank started to glow before triplet diamonds appeared. Unique Traits: Rarity possesses razor-sharp focus, which she uses to expertly craft clothing. She wields magic powerful enough to levitate many articles of fabric and sewing tools as well as use them. On top of her precision in sewing, Rarity’s magic can mend and fix anything from butchered hair to broken wagon wheels. Her magic developed a spell all on its own that she uses to unearth gemstones. Aside from her magical abilities, Rarity poses strong legs used to give powerful kicks. Rarity’s charm has been beneficial to her and her friends, as it can convince even the most adamant stallions to falter. History: Rarity was born in raised in Ponyville. At the time, Ponyville wasn’t the biggest attraction, so Rarity lived a simple life, aside from her passion for fashion. She has always been in love with the craft, even before she started her own works, she admired passerby pony’s garb. The styles, the patterns, even the material, you name it, and there is no doubt Rarity hadn’t already studied and admired it. She had been the only child for most of her life, but due to the company that was always around her, and friendly community members, Rarity was never lonely. She had fun with the other children and lived an almost normal childhood. Her love of fashion and the ability to create beautiful outfits brought her into higher social circles, but she never forgot who her friends were. Rarity remained true to her friends because they were always there to support her. This is what sparked her giving nature. After getting copious amounts of support and admiration, Rarity wanted to give back to her community. She started small at first, lending a helping hoof here or there, eventually making costumes for every school play. During one of the plays, Rarity even earned her cutie mark. Her skillful work always brought attention and more chances to continue her craft. You needed costumes or outfits made? Rarity was your gal. As the mare’s life progressed, she began running her own boutique where she was able to practice and sell her lovingly crafted masterpieces. Whenever a pony walked into the Carousel Boutique, Rarity made it her mission to make sure they left looking fabulous and feeling confident. Rarity’s generous nature was always present, be it helping a customer find their perfect season complexion or giving them fashion and life advice. You can always count on Rarity to give a helping hoof. One year, during the Summer Sun Celebration, Rarity is tasked with preparing the decorations for Princess Celestia’s arrival. On this day, in her boutique, a plum unicorn walks in with a terrible mane, Rarity goes right to work to fix this atrocity. When Nightmare Moon escaped from her prison, Rarity was among the group to help Twilight Sparkle save Equestria from eternal night. From then on, Rarity stuck by her new friend's sides, be it Changelings, Dragons, Parasprites, or even simply a bad mane day. Rarity’s love for her friends knows no bounds, and as long as the magic of friendship connects them, there is no chance she would ever trade them for anything. Character Personality: Rarity lives a glamorous life. One look at her and anypony can tell that Rarity enjoys keeping herself clean and tidy. Rarity values everypony’s beauty and will go out of her way to be sure they look their best. Rarity keeps herself pristine and hates getting muddy, her mane and tail never collect dirt or grime because of Rarity’s high standards of hygiene. A pony’s physical beauty isn’t the only thing that matters to her. The true colors of a pony, are what help Rarity determine who they are and what their style is. She would never give a flashy pony dull greys and murky blacks because that’s not who that pony is, granted she wouldn’t give anypony a dull look anyways. Rarity loves receiving compliments and encouragement on her craft. Like any craftspony, the compliments and good wishes are what keep them going, and if Rarity had never received that support, she may have never found her life’s calling. Rarity is a sophisticated pony and speaks with a formal tone, while she can be a drama queen, Rarity likes to think of herself as regal. She can be a bit stubborn, especially if a pony’s ideals don’t quite match up with Rarity's, though she is quick to recover and understands everypony is different. While she can be adverse to getting dirty, if the situation calls for it, and something needs to be done, Rarity will take charge and get the problem handled. Once done, though, she’ll go take a nice bubble bath and relax. Rarity is a generous soul and is always there to lend a hoof. Do you need costumes, a dress repair, a hair fix? Rarity has you covered. The glamorous pony is more than just looks and delivers help to anypony in need. That being said, she may take matters completely into her own hooves and get so enveloped in her work that she forgets about other pony’s artistic styles. She is always quick to correct her mistakes and offers to help in a more productive manner. Character Summary: Rarity is a unicorn fashionista, who resides in Ponyville. She runs a shop, the Carousel Boutique, where she sells hoof-made clothing. As the Element of Generosity, Rarity is a giving pony. She spends a generous amount of time helping others around her and giving back to her community. Even as a filly, Rarity was always ready to help, she even made costumes for the school plays the schoolhouse threw. The support of her peers has always kept Rarity driven to continue her passion, and in turn, she supported them. Even when she was off on adventures with Twilight, Rarity always found a way to give back to Equestria. She is so devoted to her adoring fans, she would even sacrifice a part of her beautiful tail. A drama queen at heart, Rarity loves to be the center of attention and finds herself drawing the spotlight away from those who need it. She can be misguided in her attempts to help and can be overbearing without meaning to, but she understands her faults and always tries to correct them. Rarity, while being very charming and beautiful, is more than her appearance. She is a strong and loyal friend, who always pulls through and can take charge when she needs to. She is pristine and a perfectionist, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t willing to put in the effort to get a task done. Simply put, Rarity as a whole is generosity personified.
  14. Roleplay Type: WoE- CastName: OcellusSex: FemaleAge: FillySpecies: ChangelingEye colour: TurqouiseCoat: Teal with a red and white spotted wing carapaceMane/Tail: Pink and translucent in colour, with flecks of white through itPhysique: Somewhat small for a changeling, most likely due to her age, standing at the normal height for a pony her age.Residence: Living quarters in Princess Twilight's School of FriendshipOccupation: No occupation, full time student enrolled at Princess Twilight's School of FriendshipCutie Mark: Not applicable Unique Traits: As a changeling, Ocellus has the innate ability to transform into other creatures, seeming very adept at doing so, she has shown ability to transform into creatures as large as a bugbear and as small as a mouse, along with imitating different ponies she knows. She can also fly like most changelings, however despite having a horn, does not appear to be able to use magic History: Ocellus was born or rather hatched during the end of Chrysalis' reign, making her still quite young when Thorax took over and allowed the changelings to embrace love and let it into their hearts instead of feeding on it. In her hatchling years, she seemed to live life rather like Thorax did, seeming like an odd one out amongst the violent changelings, often picked on by the older and tougher ones she became rather shy and withdrawn around others. Once Thorax took over however the hive became a much more welcoming and peaceful place, a place where the young changeling thrived, becoming rather close to Thorax mostly due to the leader of the changeling's ability to get along with others and make sure his hive was alright. Due to the nature of the hive community, Ocellus' parents would have just been drones in the hive, evident from the fact she is lacking the antlers that the leaders of the hive possess. Upon the opening of Princess Twilight's Friendship School, Princess Twilight invited Thorax to send a changeling to the school, that changeling being Ocellus. Ocellus was naturally nervous of the choice, being moved so far away from home to be near creatures that she had only heard about in stories. However while at the school she made friends with the other creatures quickly, forming a close knit group. Even when school got boring, Ocellus didn't sleep through classes, putting her education in friendship first, and working hard to make Thorax and the hive proud of her with the hopes of learning all about friendship and spreading the message of it across the hive and beyond, learning more about the creatures that shared their borders while she was at it. Character Personality: Ocellus is a shy changeling, often shapeshifting into other forms around other creatures so she can blend into the background better and be ignored by them. However while learning at the school of friendship she seems to be coming out of her shell, staying in her own form more often, changing forms as reflex reactions instead, such as transforming into a mouse when afraid or other small creatures to hide more easily, and when she is made too nervous around pony company has a habit of turning into her pony form to blend in better. However Ocellus is also one of the more learned amongst her group, paying attention in class more and reading up on subjects, having a penchant for books. Character Summary: Ocellus is a shy and nervous, but kindhearted changeling with a penchant for shapeshifting out of sticky situations and reading up on what she can. She is a student at the School of Friendship and is already learning the basics of loyalty, kindness, generosity, laughter, honesty, and magic.
  15. "Pony say what to Yak? Pony best hope Rutherford only misheard" Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Rutherford Sex: Male Age: Stallion / Bull Species: Yak Eye colour: Green Coat: mix of browns to dark oranges Mane/Tail: mane is a dark orange color that covers most his face, his tail is short and brown Physique: Rutherford is extremely strong, large and very hairy. Standing much taller than most ponies with many just barely reaching his chin. His entire body is covered in thick heavy fur. While extremely useful for the extreme cold of his home, he easily overheats in warmer lands. But underneath all of that fur is powerfully built bull that can put the strongest earth pony to utter shame with his power. As such Rutherford can be very intimidating in looks alone without the help of his short temper. Jewelry and piercings: Rutherford has two earrings, one per ear that ends in small bells. His jewelry is the black crown of Yakyakistan. Five golden hoops around his horns, three on his right horn with two on his left. At the base of his horns are golden crowns. His last bit of jewelry is a golden band used to hold the end of his beard together. Residence: Yakyakistan Occupation: Prince of Yakyakistan Cutie Mark: N/A Yak don’t need silly flank mark Unique Traits: Rutherford is strong, a statement lost in meaning around Yaks but Rutherford is strong even amongst them. Well this plays a big part in helping him keep other Yaks in line and following his orders, his most useful gift is a underlying compassion and intelligence that has allowed him to be the first Yak Prince in countless ages to even follow real diplomacy with other kingdoms. Even if he is hardly good at diplomacy, he makes history for trying and successfully making allies for Yakyakistan. History: Rutherford, like many princes was born to power, inheriting a kingdom from his father. As such this played heavily in to his youth and upbringing as he was groomed from birth for leadership. But with all things Yak, this grooming was nothing like most princes in the world. No fine living, silk beds or the best teachers gold can buy as one studied in the best schools in the kingdom. No, Rutherford was raised to be more than just a prince. He was groomed to be THE Yak all Yaks will look up to when he takes the crown. As such, Rutherford’s youth was one of training to be all a Yak can be. Nothing easy, nothing given to him yet nothing short of flawlessness was allowed in the outcome. And trained he did over the years as his father built his son up in to the perfect Yak. But such training left only a small amount of room for real learning, something most yaks never bother to worry about. But the young Rutherford took a passing care for it and did spend what small freetime he had reading and learning about the world around him. What he found was somewhat disturbing, Yaks truly were the best things to ever live. This was true. But the Yak kingdom was… Small. Very small. A small dot in a big world that has done nothing of note outside its borders. But bringing it up to his father got nothing but hot air and yelling about how Yaks do not need to care about the outside world. All that matters was Yakyakistan. Something Rutherford took to his heart, even if his worries never faded away fully. Such matters did not return to Rutherford until the passing of his father and his taking of the crown. The first years of his new leadership were spent just enforcing the changing of crown and proving to all Yaks he was a worthy leader, something he did in short order thanks to his powerful body and lungs. After firmly rooting himself as the new prince of Yakyakistan he followed in his father's footsteps, putting Yakyakistan first and foremost. Yaks were the most important thing after all. But the book he saw about the outside world haunted him, if Yaks were so good why did they hide away? It made them look weak, like cowards! Yakyakistan had to step out from the snow and show the world why Yaks are best. And so he declared to see the outside world and show them all why Yaks and all things Yak is best. After looking in the few books he had, he decided that Equestria was the best place to start with, a powerful land that for many long years enforced peace across the land and even on Yakyakistan itself. A land so strong must be almost as good as Yaks. Sadly such hopes fell flat on the face as the ponies of Equestria proved to be clueless and insulting as they mocked him and his fellow Yaks in a never ending mess of ‘acts of friendship’ that were so half assed Rutherford could swear they were trying too mocking Yakyakistan itself. But he pushed on to see if the ponies could redeem the mess only to be further insulted. The breaking point came when Spike ‘played’ the piano for them. At first Rutherford was fully impressed by the young dragons skill only to see it was fake. This was the last insult, if the ponies could not even bother to send something that could play a song for real, then they had NO respect for Yaks and yet they were seen as the stronger land. Angry at the sheer amount of disrespect and how pathetic they were he declared war on them, he’d not let Yakyakistan be overshadowed by such a worthless kingdom. But the war was not to be. Stuck from heading home thanks to a rather large herd of sheep blocking the way Rutherford was tracked down by the pink pony known as ‘Pinkie’. While not fully willing to join her silly party he was not heading home anytime soon and took the offer. A blessing he did as Pinkie fully changed his mind over the course of the party with the most important part being her honesty and taking the blame. Rutherford was moved by Pinkie's apology and called off the war along with giving the ponies another try as friends for a thousand moons… So long as they don’t have a repeat as bad as the first visit was. After that evenetfull outing Rutherford did not feel the need to have any more trips like that. He’s made his point that Yaks can do things outside of Yakyakistan and even built a strong friendship with Equestria! A good thing as having the biggest power in the land on HIS side made Yaks all the much stronger, not that they needed help being strong. But this now means he had to deal with more politics and all it comes with… Which was letters. Lots of letters. Most of them being about one pink pony. While charming at first the sheer amount she sent him was… Alarming. Most of all after he let slip about Yickslurbertfest in a letter back to her. She was stubborn as a Yak and he liked that and seeing as she did play a big part in Yaks becoming friends with Equestria, he sent her a letter letting her know she may come. Much to his pride Yickslurbertfest went very well with the pink one, she learned fast and was soon fitting in almost like a Yak! Something he took some pride in as he clearly knows how to find the best pony of all the ponies to be friends with. So in honor of this and Yaks being friends with Equestria the next session of stomping had even more smashing and stomping! At least until all the fun of smashing set off an avalanche. This was nothing new to Rutherford as it happens every year. But this time there was a lot more snow than normal and the digging started up another avalanche only adding more snow to the already overwhelming amount. Well his pink colored friend offers to get help from more ponies he had to refuse. First Yaks do not need help and more so, as the Prince of all Yaks, he could not be seen as weak and needing the help of their new alles. So he declared that the Yaks will just ride it out until the snow melts. But as the day passed and the next one came many Yaks started to feel effects of no food or shelter from the cold. But none were willing to speak up against Rutherford. All but the pink pony. While gentle at first, her pushing to have him ask for help proved too much. Yaks do not ask for help, Yaks are strong and will not go groveling to the ponies. This disagreement ended with Rutherford losing his temper and casting the pink one away along with her honorary yak title. With her gone he settled back into trying to work out how to save the Yaks without being un-yak like. Until a plan was found he pushed his fellow yaks on to just ride it out and be strong. Despite growing unrest among the yaks toward their prince's leadership, Rutherford knew he had to stay strong as a rock. Yaks will make it and Yaks will do so without asking for help, and so he and his Yaks went to bed again in the cold and snow. Only to wake up to Yakyakistan being back to the way it was. The sky was clear, the snow was gone, the farmland green and food safe in the huts. The Yaks declared the snow did melt and Rutherford saw them true, Yaks can just ride out all hardships! But Rutherford had feelings something was wrong. Snow did not melt so fast, let alone in the dark. Looking around he spotted a pink tail leaving the front gates. Following her outside Rutherford confronted the pink one. While she tries to explain it away he knew what she did and more so, knew it had to be done. But it was not the yak way to ask for help. Not ever, even if it may be their doom. So he thanked her for helping them without hurting their pride, like a true Yak she did not make them ask or beg for help. She just did it. As such he went back on his outcasting of her and reinstated her as a honorary yak again and gifted her a set of yak horns on a helmet to help her fit in. Seeing her as a true friend he allowed the pink one to come and go as she sees fit as a true friend of Rutherford and all Yaks. After this and the passing of time, Rutherford made more deals and pacts with Equestria with the help of Blueblood. Trade deals as well as other diplomacies forged anew. In the time to pass Rutherford saw his land growing and prospering more. While it was a struggle to keep it ‘the Yak way’ he knew this was for the best. Yaks were stronger than ever and he wished to only see it grow and rise. One day he dreams of Yakyakistan being the city of a grand kingdom and not the only Yak city. If Yaks want to be powerful they most grow. Yakyakistan was the best city in the world, but just one city. Character Personality: Rutherford is loud and incredibly short-tempered, often yelling or shouting to make his point and exploding into rage over the smallest mistakes or slights against him, real or imagined. But when he can keep his temperament cool he can be gracious, caring and understanding. But underneath his volatile personality is a prince that deeply cares for his fellow Yaks and kingdom and wishes to see it grow in power and surpass the stangented unchanging place it use to be. Character Summary: Rutherford is the Prince of Yakyakistan and Yak Kingdom, while stuck firmly in the Yak way he has allowed for many deals with the ponies of Equestria and forged a friendship with the pink pony. While rocky at times he feels Yaks and Ponies can work together for the betterment of all yak kind, he wishes to keep the friendship strong as he looks to the years ahead with pride and hopes to keep growing his kingdom. Yaks were no longer just a dot on the map, no, he wanted them to be a real power and knew he must someday expand his borders as well. As such he must be willing to travel more and do more… Diplomacy.
  16. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Tempest Shadow (birth name is Fizzlepop Berrytwist.) Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Blueish green Coat: Violet/purple Mane/Tail: Fuchsia, mane is in a longish mohawk, tail is mid-length. Physique: Tempest stands taller than Twilight Sparkle, but is shorter than Celestia. She is physically fit, strong and is more powerful than she may seem at first from looks alone. She has a scar over her right eye with her most dominant feature being her broken horn that left her with just a sharp jagged stump of a horn. Residence: Canterlot (formerly), spent much of her life as a wanderer before joining the Storm King's Army. With the defeat of the Storm King she has taken to wandering again in search of someplace where she can truly call home again. Occupation: Formerly the most trusted commander of the Storm King. Currently she has no occupation. Cutie Mark: two explosive blasts of magic mark her flank like fireworks similar to an upside down cherry. Unique Traits: The most obvious trait of Tempest is her broken horn. Yet she is powerfully gifted with magic and even with a broken stub of a horn she can unleash powerful, but unstable magic. But it does heavily restrict what she can do with her magic due to how unstable it is. Spells that need care and finesse are outside of her ability to control, regardless of the power she wields. As for strong as she is in magic, she can never do most of the spells unicorns take for granted. History: Fizzlepop Berrytwist was just another unicorn born on the outskirts of Canterlot to a modest family and home. She made friends, got along with others and was generally a happy filly. Her two best friends were the unicorns Spring Rain and Glitter Drops, fillyhood friends she played with and trusted. But her nice and ordinary life soon came to an end. When playing a game of ball with her best friends outside the more beaten paths around home they lost the ball in a cave. Too young to look at or care for the warnings marking it as unsafe, Spring Rain and Glitter Drops were too scared of the darkness and sent Fizzlepop alone to retrieve the ball. Brave, but young and naive she ventured deep into the cave in search of the ball and eventually came across it. But she was not alone as the ball had found its way into the den of an Ursa Minor. Enraged at the invasion of it’s home the Ursa Minor attacked the small filly. Fizzlepop had no hope against such a monster and was lucky to escape with her life at all. But the attack permanently scarred Fizzlepop, both mentally and physically. Her horn was broken beyond all hope of healing, she was lucky enough to keep her right eye on account of the expedient help she had gotten after the crisis. The effect this had on her life was far reaching and forever changed it in one horrific moment. The young of many races can often be heartless and evil without fully understanding how their remarks and actions hurt others. This was extremely true for Fizzlepop’s closest friends. Her scarred face and broken horn along with the loss of magic made her an outcast to other fillies and colts as the majority of them in and around Canterlot were unicorns. Lacking magic that worked like other fillies, and was often scary, unpredictable and dangerous, the fillies and colts around her pushed her away, shunning her for being as different as she was. Soon Fizzlepop was utterly alone, picked on or feared, even by her closest friends. Even the parents of other families grew spiteful and often took their foals away when she showed up at a playground to keep them safe. Angry, upset and not fully healed mentally or physically, the distressed filly did the one thing all parents fear, she ran away from home. Not even with a cutie mark on her flank, Fizzlepop packed what she could one night and left her home and family. It was hard, brutal and a testament to her power deep inside she survived. As the years moved on she saw many parts of Equestria, from the frozen lands of the north to the blistering heat of the western frontier. She saw more of Equestria than many ever dreamed of seeing and took on many a fake name and moniker as she ventured through the land. Along the way she developed and grew. A loner with no trust of others, she never stayed long to make friends or get to know others. They were all more or less, faces in a sea of many she has seen as she saw that Equestria was not all that one would be led to believe. She saw the flaunted wealth of the rich and the hopelessness of the poor. Acts of kindness alongside lawless crime. She learned the world was unforgiving, mean and often the only thing that can truly save you was yourself. It was during this time she trained herself to master her magic as best she could. Without teachers her magic was raw, wild and untamed, much like her it was forged alone and without help. During this training she gained her cutie mark, two explosive blasts of magic marked her flank like fireworks similar to an upside down cherry. A humorous mark, given her birth name of Fizzlepop and one she hated. She was a broken unicorn and her magic was a shadow of what it may have been. Fireworks are petty things, used to amuse foals and ‘wow’ the gullible masses and seeing a mark that looked similar to such a thing insulted her. She was not just some show to point at and mock, she dreamed of being so much more. Something she can only be with a fixed horn. It was not too long after this event she she stumbled on a crashed airship and within it’s broken remains she found a magic item known as the “Misfortune Malachite” and soon after she encounters the first troops and servants of the Storm King. choosing to keep the Misfortune Malachite for herself she evaded them for a time even with the Storm King’s best servants on her tail. This game of cat and mouse came to it’s end in the north when the Storm King himself finally managed to trap her after she nearly avoided him again. Her skill, tenacity and unflinching determination impressed him. In need of a servant of her skills and power he made her an offer to join his ranks. After a short exchanging of demands it was settled, she’d be given the rank of commander and lead his army to conquer more lands but most of all, conquer Equestria. In return he promised to heal her horn upon completing her part in taking over Equestria. Agreeing to join him she took on the name ‘Tempest Shadow’. Gifted with an airship all her own, an army and more she started working on her plan. No easy feat as she knew she had to win in one blow or the power of the alicorn princess and heroes of Equestria may best her if given time to form a coherent response to her invasion. During her planning she tested her new found power of command and took part in skirmishes with other lands and wars of conquest in search of the tools she needed. In time she slowly pieced together what she needed as she learned more about the princess and an upcoming holiday in honor of one named Twilight Sparkle. Seeing this as an excellent time to strike with all four in one place and all the tools she needed at the ready, she waited for the day to arrive. When the day arrived, so did Tempest, a changed mare from the filly that ran away from the city years ago she was clad in black steel with the respect and fear of her troops. Her weapons were ready, her plan was ready and the pieces of the puzzle unknowingly moved into place for her. The strike was fast, calculated and planned. The four alicorn princesses did just as she hoped and came up front as if they were going to defend the city alone. Something she knew they had the power to do as her airships and troops were nothing to the power of four alicorn princesses. But they were blind and walked into her trap, as if they wanted it to happen. In one fast blow three were defeated before they fully understood what they were facing. The plan was perfect and executed without fail… until the last alicorn. Saved by an onlooker and helped by some pesky friends, the last alicorn managed to get away. Understandably upset she intrusted her second in command to fix this as she lead her army in conquering the city and beating the royal guards that were flooding out to stop her. Like she predicted they were utterly worthless and few escaped the city that did have fast wings or happen to be a rich unicorn with a impressive bodyguard that beat her way out of the city with him along for the ride. But some rich prince with no real power was not worth wasting her soldiers on tracking down as she learned from her second in command that he failed her. Taking him with her she entrusted the city to her army and took a small force with her to follow after the last alicorn. Hot on the tail of the last alicorn she was never far behind, the alicorn and her friends only just barely slipped out of her clutches a few times. But with her deadline drawing near, Tempest pushed ever harder like a wolf on the hunt of injured prey, and with one well timed leap for the neck she trapped the last alicorn alone. Something she found all too funny as the alicorn of friendship was alone and with none now. Taking her back to Canterlot she had time to talk to this last alicorn and shared time speaking about why she had done what she has. Tempest found Twilight funny and blind to how the world truly works and dismissed her as nothing more than as foolish as the rest of ponykind. Canterlot was hers and all four alicorns were as well. Equestria was beaten even if the rest of it was not fully aware of it yet. The Storm King will have all the power he can hope for and will easy put the rest of Equestria to heel. Everything he wanted was presented before him like a fine dinner on golden plates and Tempest tasted her victory in the air. Her horn will be fixed, she had an army, power and more. Maybe he will entrust her with all of Equestria itself as he never was one for such things. He wanted the power, not the boring part of running a kingdom. Yet he did nothing to fix her horn, putting it off more and more as they celebrated. At first she let him enjoy his power, his victory she delivered to him. But soon she grew more desperate, begging him to fix it now. The years she spent wanting it fixed was here. She won, she won her horn and wanted it more than ever as her prize was hers to be had. Only for her victory to be shattered by his betraying of her one true wish. He no longer needed her. She was a tool, a pawn, a means to an end, used and now being tossed to the side. Shocked that he’d do this after all she has done, she was dumbfounded and just watched him summon up a powerful storm and tornado. The tornado's winds were too strong and she was pulled away and only just managed to get one hoof on the railing of the balcony overlooking the city. With her grip slipping Tempest watched her life flash before her eyes, this was going to be it. She was to be broken against some buildings or rocks inside the tornado or tossed out of the city and fall to her doom. Yet the one she hunted down, trapped and viewed as foolish rushed over to save her. Where the Storm King did not care one moment as she slipped closer to being pulled away in to winds it was last Alicorn, Twilight, that saved her and pulled her back to safety. This act of kindness stumped Tempest. Twilight had no reason to save her let alone offer help at all. In fact Twilight had plenty of reasons to hate her. Yet, Twilight saved her. This went against everything Tempest knew and believed in. This... selfless act to save somepony not worth saving permanently forced something to change inside of Tempest as she watched the battle go down between Twilight and the Storm King. While one battle raged another one was going on inside of Tempest as she struggled to find her place. Finally, when it was all over she watched Twilight and her friends all together… As friends. Together they beat her… They beat the Storm King and only when divided did she manage to even get Twilight. They were the winners here and it was all due to them working together As friends, not alone. But in that moment of victory the Storm King had not yet been beaten and had what he needed to pull a clutch comeback against Twilight in his hand. Tempest looked deep inside of herself and knew what she had to do. Rushing out, she jumped over Twilight and her friends all moved to defend Twilight from her, they were clueless of the real danger just behind them as she made contact with contained stone spell. It activated over her, the magic tuning her body to black stone as she crashed into the Storm King. The spell transferred over to him as well, turning both into black flint like stone as they fell. But once again it was Twilight that saved Tempests life. Catching the stoned Tempest mid air using the staff, she placed Tempest gently back down and using the tremendous power inside of it, reversed the stone spell freeing Tempest. The day that followed seemed like a blur to Tempest, not due to speed, but all that was happening inside of her head. Well Twilight offered friendship, an offer Tempest took. She was a conflicted mare no closer to her dream but forever changed in ways she hoped… maybe for the better. But Canterlot was not a place she can stay as she had done too much harm to it and worse, it was the home of her family. Something she dared not see face to face if they still lived there. So before the party was fully over she said her goodbyes and parted ways. Promising to send letters to Twilight about how she was doing and “friendship reports” for whatever reason. But with nothing left, no army, no rank, nothing, just like days of old she took to a road leaving Canterlot in search of a way to fix her horn or to discover her true calling in life and be happy. It’s as if she had been given a second chance and this time she hoped the outcome would be much better. Character Personality: The events following the end of the Storm King changed Tempests personality in many ways, but one can only ever change so much. Her horn remains something she is very obsessive over and even after all that happened, something she dreams of fixing. She is more open to the help of others now and ‘friendship’, but years of being so untrusting of others and alone has left her extremely socially awkward and slow to reach out to others or believe them. As such she can sometimes be difficult to talk to as she is just use to keeping her past and a lot about herself secret. But with the door open she is trying to open up to others more and try to reach out and make a friend or two. But she can be easily overwhelmed by socially gifted ponies that ask too many things too fast. As such she prefers more slow social interactions with her giving up details over the course of a longer timeframe. But for all the good changes, many dark holdovers stay deep inside of her. She misses her rank of commander and leading an army. she felt like she mattered and was respected and most of all she felt powerful. She had a place in the world and power over it, and with all of it gone, she was just a lone broken unicorn with nothing. As such she had a hard time shaking off the feeling of being powerless and defeated, years of work and she was in the same place she started years ago. Character Summary: Tempests was for a time, commander of the Storm King's armies. But with his fall she finds herself back where she started many years ago. Hoping to change for the better she is open to trying to make friends, as she knows even if twilight calls her one, she’d never fit in fully with the rest. So she has taken to the open road, searching for a way to fix her horn and maybe make some friends she can trust along the way.
  17. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Big McIntosh Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Green Coat: Red Mane/Tail: Honeysuckle Physique: Burly Residence: Ponyville Occupation: Apple Farmer, Singer Cutie Mark: Half-Cut Green Macintosh Unique Traits: Workhorse: Strong build and bred to work McIntosh comes from a long line of Apple farmers. He can pull and carry weight more than three times his own with little effort, putting him on part with most professional construction ponies. This also includes a skillful hoof in repairing buildings, tools, and other items around the farm. Bass: Being of such a heavy vocal range Big Mac can hit the bass range and has place in the Pony Tones as a professional singer. Farmer: Being he is a farmer he has a natural green-hoof and can care for many types of crops, excelling in his family’s main crops of Apple Trees. History: Born of Bright Mac and Pear Butter he is the oldest of his siblings all general responsibilities around the farm fall to him. He’s spent his entire life on the farm, but that is not to say he has not travelled, as his main responsibility is delivery of the goods to other parts of Equestria as well as making the barn and homestead are in tip top shape. He has learned from his family how to tend to his farm, the majority of his smarts coming from his granny whom he works to make sure she stays on her rocking chair at this age! He is, in practice, in charge of the family second to Granny Smith. This, unfortunately at times, meant he had to keep an eye on his little sister Applejack who, in her youth, could lie til the cows came home. And it was so seeing as the cows were always the bulk of her responsibility. It took a lot of brothering to ensure the wild Jack learned some sense, but that didn't mean he didn't support her when she needed it. As they grew so did their work on the farm. When Apple Bloom was born there was hardly I'm between the new foal and chores! But Mac didn't regret any of it. Leaning he had the voice needed by the Pony Tones his helping out eventually landed him as a member. He's met many ponies and made many friendships throughout his life. Because of his work he is quite good at speaking with other ponies, only if it is because he lets them do all the talking… he has met the princesses of Equestria and has even teamed up with Princess Luna during a carnival, one year, in Ponyville. He has participated in the Annual Sisterhooves Social to help poor Apple Bloom out of a bind and has even gone as far as make a fool of himself to impress a mare he fancied. All and all while McIntosh had lived on the farm all his life: there was little that kept him from experiencing the wide world of Equestria. Character Personality: An easy going figure who stands opposite to his hot blooded sister. He is close to his sisters, strongly bonded to them and willing to do anything to make them happy. Although he is a pony of few words that does not mean he will not speak up when push come to shove, if left as the only voice of reason in the room. Shy when it comes to romance he often has trouble finding ways to express his more heartfelt feelings to outsiders. Character Summary: A hard working, rounded earth pony who works hard and spends his free time playing O&O or singing with the Pony Tones he is a helpful pony who never turns away a friend, or stranger, in need, even if he will question it on occasion. He's an experienced farmer, well liked and well socialized and always willing to lend a helping hoof.
  18. From the album: MLP Characters

    Been having a lot of fun with these Okami drawings again, but I wasn't sure what character to draw next. I do have two other dragon ponies to draw, but neither of them are prominent enough for me to really have a desire to Okami-fy them. So, I wafted a bit, until I got a request to see Prince Blueblood from the show in this style. I thusly present to you said Prince, in all his magnificent, rose-tinted, sparkling visage, with the rose petals dancing in the wind behind him. Such sparkle, much wow. This was actually a really easy one to do, I sketched and finished it in like...an hour? Maybe not even an hour. It's always a chore trying to keep the overall look and "feel" of a hair style when it's billowing and waving in the wind, but I think I managed a pretty good job in this one! Prince Blueblood (c) Hasbro
  19. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Berry Punch Sex: Female Age: Full-grown mare Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Purple Coat: Lavender Mane/Tail: Burgundy Physique: Voluptuous; Berry’s a curvy mare and proud of it Residence: Ponyville Occupation: She runs a small shop selling both fruit juice and wine. Cutie Mark: A bunch of grapes with a strawberry. Sho originally got her mark after an incident where she asked her parents for an increase in her allowance. Instead of just giving her the money, her mother insisted on her actually learning how to make some herself, by working alongside the family produce business. She suggested juicemaking, which the young filly tried, and soon found that she had a talent for, blending different fruits into new combinations that were very tasty and popular. The increased business from both the product quality, and the cute filly selling it, were more than enough to get her both the desired income, and her cutie mark! Unique Traits: Despite her common, unsophisticated manner, she has a cultivated taste. Berry can pinpoint what kind of grape a wine is made from, and usually from where the grapes came as well. History: Berry was originally born in Canterlot, to a pair of earth ponies who sold produce to the city-dwellers. Her father had worked his way up from running a small street cart to the status of respectable middle-class shopkeeper alongside his wife. Despite his own hard-working nature, he tended to be a rather doting father, much more inclined to indulge his only daughter rather than inculcate his work ethic. While this was balanced by the efforts of Berry’s mother, as a foal she was given more leeway to play and have her way than many of her peers. This didn’t prove to be much of a problem at first; young Berry was as willing to help around the house and shop as she was to get into trouble as a young filly, which was fairly often in both cases. Nonetheless, after getting her cutie mark, a fairly steady future seemed set out for the young mare, either taking over or branching out of her parent’s business. And it wasn’t as if that would necessarily make her unhappy, either; she enjoyed running a business, bantering with customers, and convincing them to leave with just a little more than they intended to buy. However, a few curveballs were set ahead of Berry as she grew into a mare. First off, there was no denying that Berry had grown up to be a very attractive mare, who could catch the eye of any passer-by. And in Canterlot, these passers-by can be very high up indeed. Her parents were not blind to the possibilities this could open, and hence would both allow and encourage her to pursue a social life that could bring her into contact with all classes. Secondly, at one of these little get-togethers, Berry discovered and developed a taste for wine. Like most ponies who were new to the stuff, it had a tendency to go to her head. Thus, her early adulthood was full of increasingly wilder parties with the scions of the upper class, opening the gates with her looks and ostensibly there to promote business contacts. Sooner or later, this lifestyle was bound to catch up with her, and as it turned out, the consequences came rather soon. After one very busy and poorly-remembered night out, Berry found that she had become pregnant. Who exactly the father was remained uncertain, but it was telling that several prominent families of unicorn nobility were willing to pay good child support money to keep the whole business quiet. And they did pay; Berry’s parents made sure of that. Truth be told, both of them felt a little guilty that their own pressure and ambitions had led her to this. For Berry herself, the experience was a sobering one, in both the literal and metaphorical sense. In time, they all came to the conclusion that the best course of action was for her to move to another town, one with a lower cost of living, and use the money gained from keeping quiet to open that other shop they’d talked about. No sense leaving a single mother without any source of support, after all. After some deliberation, they chose the town of Ponyville as a quiet but promising place. They’d all come down to visit, and found the town to be particularly welcome to outsiders, even those with less than stellar paths, priding themselves on being good neighbors and supportive of newcomers. Berry could not think of a better place to raise a foal, and so was rather eager to get started! The money paid for a small house and a market stall, again where juices could be sold to refresh the passers by. However, some trace of her old life stuck with her, as Berry also branched out into fermented juices, bringing in good wine at affordable prices to her now-fellow citizens. Soon, the mare gave birth to her daughter, little Ruby Pinch; prime competitor for cutest unicorn filly in the world, as far as her mother was concerned. Although, it had to be said that Berry did make some effort to make sure that Ruby didn’t go down her own path; teaching her from the outset to regard all ponies as equal, no one worth impressing more than another. She couldn’t be prouder of how the little one is growing up, and her business is doing well. By now, Berry is seen as one of the fixtures of Ponyville life, always willing to pour a little out to sample for her customers, even picking back up a few of her old flirtatious ways with particularly nice ones, and generally enjoying village life. Recent incursions by Princesses, monsters, and magical mayhem notwithstanding... Character Personality: Berry Punch is an open and friendly mare, a loving mother to her daughter, and always willing to talk with her customers. She has a good eye for business, despite her easy manner, and is always putting a few bits aside here and there for her daughter’s future. She tries to strike a balance between encouraging a star-striking ambition, and keeping a level head of practical, protective realism about her. With other adults, she is friendly, sometimes outright flirtatious. She has rather developed than lost her good looks, and she is still not afraid to take advantage of them to get traffic into her little wine and juice shop, though she’s rather more careful about moving past business to the personal. She’s an active participant in Ponyville town life and events, and has grown to love her second home even more than her first. Again, magic and mayhem notwithstanding. Character Summary: A loving mother, friendly and flirtatious shopkeeper, and active Ponyville citizen.
  20. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Shining Armor Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Unicorn Eye color: Blue Coat: White Mane/Tail: His mane is a dark blue, with streaks of light blue running through. His mane runs about the maximum length for a Royal Guard, just barely fitting underneath. Physique: Still in recruiting-poster shape! Residence: The Crystal Empire Occupation: Prince Consort and Captain of the Guard of the Crystal Empire Cutie Mark: A six-pointed pink star on top of a blue shield, with three small five-pointed stars above it; it symbolically represents his ability and desire to shield and protect other ponies from harm, physical, magical, and emotional. He first got this cutie mark during one of his trips out to the park with his beloved little sister, Twilight Sparkle. Naturally, her idea of having a good time was to sit in the shade of a tree and read a good book. Unfortunately, some slightly older and rather larger foals seemed to take issue with that, teasing her for being a nerd and an egghead. Her BBBFF, however, was having none of that. Zooming from across the field, where he'd been with his own friends, he immediately threw up a shield spell around Twilight, knocking back the would-be bullies into the grass. It was while he giving then a severe talking-to about bullying and extracting promises that none of them would ever harass another foal again that Twilight actually looked up from her book to see what all the fuss was about. It was then that she noticed that Shining Armor had gotten his cutie mark! The pair of them were quickly caught up in the celebrations, allowing the other foals to beat a hasty retreat. They did end up keeping their promises, though, which only confirmed to Shining the life path that seemed set before him. Unique Traits: His magical specialty is defense, whether in shields, enchantments, or wards. While he is, admittedly, much closer to average in terms of magical talent than his prodigy sister, in this field, he can equal her in terms of spellcraft intricacy and casting power... as long as he remains healthy, un-cursed, and un-enchanted. History: Shining Armor was born in Canterlot to the union of a noble scholar (Crescent Sparkle) and author (Twilight Velvet). As might be expected from such parents, they took great care in the upbringing and mental development of their firstborn son. As soon as he was old enough to understand, Crescent would talk to his son about the world around him, as well as little lessons about the way he should act in it, based on the Sparkle family traditions of hard work and service. His mother, Twilight Velvet, exercised her own kind of influence, reading bedtime stories of her own authorship about brave heroes rescuing the helpless, protecting innocents against evil, and the ultimate triumph of good over evil. As influential as his parents were upon the young Shining's life, the birth of his little sister was as influential as any event in his young life. The tiny purple unicorn would not only be his Little Sister Best Friend Forever, inspiring his protective instinct and assisting in unlocking his special talent; but also through her he was to meet Princess Cadence, the love of his life and mare of his dreams, when the pink alicorn was asked by Princess Celestia to babysit for the Sparkles. Trouble was, she entered his life at a particularly awkward time for the colt. As a young foal, his upbringing had been well-rounded enough; a little on the bookish side, but with as much of outdoors rough-and-tumble that any other colt his age would enjoy as well. But when puberty hit him, it hit him hard. His legs grew faster than the rest of him, bringing growing pains with them along with awkward movements. It was bad enough for him to miss a year on the Hoofball team while his body worked itself out, leaving holes in his schedule that began to be filled with rather more "nerdy" pursuits: comic books, ant farming, and a regular Ogres and Oubliettes group. Stereotypically, these were the sorts of things that could spell doom for a colt's amorous intentions. But either the cliches were wrong, or Shining led a charmed life, because as it turned out, having an outlet for his heroic fantasies ended up encouraging them. He could be a heroic paladin, protecting the weak, saving Princesses, and in some small way live out the stories his mother had told him. His own charisma also enabled him to bring out the best in his group, making firm friends out of all of them. And when they found out that he had an actual Princess babysitting his little sister, well! They weren't going to let him get away with not trying, at least, to ask her out. Shining Armor was, in turn, shocked to find out that Cadence actually admired him too! She had seem him with Twilight, being the loving big brother that he was, and as she herself was quite fond of the little filly, that counted much for her. And, perhaps, she was wise enough to see that this awkward phase of adolescence for him wasn't going to last forever, and that end result would be worth the wait. If that was the case, she ended up being right! Once his body had sorted out its new size, Shining began to develop very attractively, not the least of which because Cadence was encouraging his ambition of becoming part of the Royal Guard. Soon, he had grown up into a fine young stallion, and was off to the academy. Here, his O&O experience once again bore unexpected fruit, as the tactical experience he'd gained from his game time gave him an edge on many of the officer recruits. He still kept in touch with his family, friends, and Cadence, though as the days got fuller for him, and for Twilight, they ended up visiting each other less and less. Which was perfectly understandable, she was now personal protege of Princess Celestia; while he was advancing in the ranks of the Royal Guard, while also managing a relationship with Princess Cadence. That probably still wasn't a good explanation for blindsiding her with the wedding invitation, when it finally came. But given the absolute disaster that the wedding almost was, thanks to the Changeling invasion, forgiveness all around was the best order of the day. And so, the Prince and Princess were wed, to live happily ever after... Only, now Shining was to find out why his mother, in her wisdom, ended the stories with everyone living happily ever after, not peacefully ever after. The honeymoon was barely over before the Crystal Empire returned, with him and Cadence now tasked with saving it from Sombra, and leading it into the modern age. Thanks to all the friends they'd made, and a quick-thinking wife toss on his part, the Empire was indeed saved, rejoicing in it's new Crystal Prince and Princess! And then, just when Shining thought the biggest challenges of his life had come, he became a father. To an alicorn. Well, never let it be said that love and courage ever backed down! Character Personality: Shining Armor is a stallion who tries to live up to his ideals, which include, but are not limited to, being as much an actual knight in shining armor as he can be. He has a strong sense of family, the love of which is the anchor of his life; wife, child, siblings, and parents. But he also has a lighter side to him, with a sense of humor that has proved necessary to keep sane in the midst of the nonsense and chaos that sometimes accompanies his calling, especially now that he's a Prince of an actual country! As those close to him also know, part of him has never really grown out of his nerd phase, enabling him to talk equally comfortably with his friends about geeky esoterica as he does with his fellow guards about maneuver, drills, and sports. He argues that there's no real difference in kind between the two, only in the fields they prefer to specialize in. Willingness and ability to span social divides like this has also proved quite helpful in his new political tasks... Character Summary: A loving, protective, idealistic, and humorous stallion. A bit of a nerd, but one who has been courageous enough to actually try and live his dream.
  21. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Discord Sex: Male Age: Stallion (and so on) Species: Draconequus Eye colour: Yellow sclera, red pupils Coat: Grey Fur, Brown Feathers, Red Scales His main body consisted of brown feathers with a set of wings: one blue pegasus wing and a purple bat pony wing. His head was covered in grey fur, while his tail was dotted in red scales. Mane/Tail: Black and White A stiff black mane, short cut, ran down his neck. Thick white brows and a white beard distinguished the ancient wizard. His red scaled tail was tipped with a white tuft. Physique: Chimeric Serpent A long body, much aligned with a qilin's, he was an amalgamation of creatures. Perhaps once a proper draconequus hybrid, he is chaos. A manticore's paw and a griffon's claw as forelimbs made him look quite fierce, but the awkward hind limbs that appeared to be the leg of a deer and the talons of a gator, he was ended with a dragon's spined tail. The most important feature was his head. A horse's skull was topped with the twisted horn of a ram and the three-point horn of a qilin with the teeth of both a dragon and pony, as well as an extended snaggletooth that would look much more ferocious had he the pair. Residence: Ponyville & Chaosville Occupation: Spirit of Disharmony and Confusion Cutie Mark: None (Tornado in Pony form) As such the form itself was the result of playing a prank on Tirek, the mark representing his chaotic nature. Unique Traits: Reality Distortion; As a prince of chaos it isn't out of the ordinarythat the brute has extraordinary magic. Rather than using it for conquest he uses his powers primarily to play games or alter power balances between tyrants and followers. History: Existing long before before the Spirit of Chaos has lived through many worlds and timelines. Ruining civilizations and kingdoms was a hobby, a form of enterprising entertainment that sustained the universe in a backwards sort of way. It prevented the stagnation of life. It kept things from becoming boring. Either watching Dragon Butterflies fall to extinction or toppling a tyrannical Jackal Empires it was all in the name of chaos, whether it helped others or not. It was not until the realm of Equestria did he find his match. It is unknown why he came at odds with the alicorn princesses. Perhaps a spoiled friendship born of the responsibility of a princess of harmony and a prince of chaos, or it could have been his rampant desire to topple the peaceful creatures of Equestria. Whatever caused the disagreement Discord didn't take no for an answer. In the stead of ruining the kingdom and moving on he sought to shame the princesses and conquered their land, turning it into a paradise for chaos. His influence spread far and wide. Some places in Equestria, today, still bare the scars of his chaos. Faced by a pair of angry princesses he was defeated by his arrogance, which outshines his competence for a split second. The Elements of Harmony would petrify him for centuries on. The peace and harmony of Equestria kept him encased in his prison. He would angrily watch as time passed him by. By chance he was touched by chaos in the form of arguing fillies. With this he was able to break free of his prison and stole the gems of his opressors. Picking a new territory in which to throne chaos he would pick the home of his rivals' most precious student. Game after game he outsmarted the manr, the new bearers of the Elements of Harmony. He disrupted their harmony and separated their powers all in an effort to continue the game so rudely interrupted by Celestia and Luna years ago. Even in all his effort the studious bookpony had managed to beat him at his own game and he, once again, found himself frozen in stone like some space cowboy knock off. It wasn't until they released him of their own volition would they present the cantankerous spirit with a proposition, one he would do his best to pervert. Manipulating Fluttershy's kindness he had her swear off her participation in imprisoning him. In a show of genuine loyalty she had kept her promise. It confused him, at first, so the deranged chaos god took it as permission to continue his destructive games. He was soon drawn into a moment, provided an epiphany, that maybe it has just been a friend he was looking for, others he sought to impress. Hardly mature, rarely honest of the feelings in his own, savagely ancient heart he couldn't believe such… yet he accepted the rehabilitation, reluctantly. It was not an easy task to reign in such a defiant being and the difficult task of keeping him on the path of good would be difficult. Once one went chaos, one never went back. So when Tirek encouraged dubious behavior as a means to live out one'sdesirea, who was Discord to resist? Such a lack of resistance created turmoil and the near collapse of the kingdom a second time. Celestia and Luna gave up their power, everything that made them near-gods, to protect their little ponies. This action confused the spirit of confusion, but he let it go none-the-less. She had some fabulous plan, he was sure. But when Tirek betrayed him the spirt felt first paw what it felt like: what he had done to the mane. Shame filled his heart. After the disaster he honestly apologized. He could now see why he needed to change some aspects of himself. But not all of it. Thereafter he tried to become a better 'citizen of Equesteia'. Helping at the Apple Family farm, or lending a lazy paw during Changeling-Umbrum alliances. Much of his time was spent with Fluttershy, playing with the Cutie Mark Crusaders, having become an honorary member himself. He continues to try and change, not hurt his friends, but that didn't mean he didn't cause chaos now and than… keeping the sister on their toes, ho ho ho! Character Personality: An anti-hero of sorts. He is untamed, arrogant, egotistical, but still can be caring and loyal. The draconequus can be foalish in his nature. A spoilt brat who can be demanding, but easy to please. He is a temperamental sort. His chaotic nature makes him both predictable and unpredictable. His desire to defy authority is kept in check by his friends and desire for friendship. With a grand sense of self worth he has an underlying regret due in part to his temporary betrayal. Playful, irresponsible he also has a strong sense of creativity naturally born of his chaos. Be it creating life in mundane objects or weaving world's from madness: he's never boring. Character Summary: He is the pinnicle of the anti-hero troublemaker. Chaotic Neutral in the purest sense. He doesn't bow his head to authority, his loyalty is assured with kindness and the problematic, pretentious personality of a prince of chaos are provided by his foalish cajoling and moral mockery of Aesop as his tails. While inclined to provide embarrassing, demeaning moral lessons, he also has a habit of nonsense and naughty noisemaking. Prominent in history as a feared tyrant, but slowly restoring his reputation as a chaotic prince and not a monstrous warlord. He had a heart beneath tall that feather and fur. But he still rather have fun while quietly protecting his playmates as long as time will allow.
  22. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Queen Chrysalis Sex: Female Age: Adult Species: Changeling Eye color: Emerald Green Coat/Chitin: Jet Black in it's natural form Mane/Tail: The color is on the blue side of bluish-green, though it's a more of a mane-like substance than a true mane as such, capable of having holes in it, unless she brushes it out. Physique: Tall and slender in the legs; she thinks herself (quite justifiably!) to be the epitome of changeling feminine attractiveness. Residence: The Main Hive of the Leota Occupation: Queen of the Changelings Cutie Mark: N/A Unique Traits: She is the utter master of the glamor magic of the changelings; able to imitate the appearance and mannerisms of any pony, though obviously the closer they are to her natural form, the easier the deception is to pull off. There is no one in the Hive better at extracting Love, or any other emotion, from the other species of Equestria, and none more efficient at converting it into power. She's also a good hoof at Hive Construction, able to create pods and tunnel material strong enough to hold even the more powerful types of ponies in a couple of hours. Her suite of offensive magic is nothing to sneeze at either. Altogether, her suite of abilities make her an imposing figure to deal with... if you even notice that she's there! History: There was a time before the Reign of Queen Chrysalis. The Changelings had not been what you would call a proud people; indeed, they suffered from something of an inferiority complex. After all, as they lived by absorbing love, but never doing so in their natural form, they tended to be subject to low self-esteem about their natural looks and abilities. Changelings were especially good at sneaking and spying, and had set up quite an extensive harvesting network, but their leadership was weak, and tended to be de-centralized. No great efforts to expand or take over places were undertaken, for so long a time as to make Equestria on the whole forget even about their existence. But all that was about to change. For, in the central Hive of the Leota, a new Queen had come of age. This was Chrysalis, and she was a queen not content with obscurity and barely getting by on stolen love. No, she had a vision for the changelings she led, one that involved them having quite a bit more power over those they harvested from, and considerably more pride in themselves. This vision, combined with her charisma and (to their eyes) beauty, led all the changelings of the outer hives to fall under her sway. They had never thought of themselves as great, but she did, which could inspire in them a loyalty bordering on fanaticism at times. Her plan was as bold as her rise was swift. She would lead the Hive to take over the realm ruled by Princess Celestia! The opportunity was too good to pass up; the very Princess of Love was marrying a powerful unicorn in his own right, and the strength and power of their combined love could fuel an army. And Chrysalis was only too happy to provide the army... The Plan was perfect, and right up until the very end, it went off without a hitch. Cadence was kidnapped and replaced; Shining Armor was placed under the Queen's spell, his love harvested and his magic drained. Few agents were able to infiltrate the city before the shield rose, but outside the city, the whole army awaited its fall. It all went right... until the arrival of that blasted Twilight Sparkle! Trouble was, success had made the cold queen cocky. She missed the cues, leaving Twilight suspicious. True, she was able to successfully cast all aspersions back onto the lavender unicorn, leaving her isolated and alone in her suspicions, but Chrysalis just couldn't resist that one act of spite that went too far. Instead of shoring up her deception with her 'future sister-in-law,' she took a gloating delight in confirming all of Twilight's suspicions after her friends would no longer listen to her, before sending her to the same prison in the Crystal Caverns that she had placed Cadence in. From there, the whole perfect plan began to unravel. Twilight was still strong enough to help Cadence escape, revealing Chrysalis' deception during the wedding ceremony. Still undeterred and full of confidence, the Queen shattered Shining's Shield Spell and began the invasion. And it still almost worked, too; the love harvested up to this point gave her power enough to defeat even Princess Celestia! But once again, she got cocky, and made one last mistake: she forgot that the source of all her power, Love, was from two ponies other than herself. And Love is always a renewable resource... The blast of love which signaled an end to Chrysalis' plan was a huge setback, much larger than even the ponies might have anticipated. Not only was the whole invasion force cast all the way back to the Badlands and Leota (with all the resulting dislocation, disorganization, and injury you would expect), but the whole Hive network of harvesters and spies was disrupted, partly from the Love Blast, and partly from the renewed awareness of the existence of Changelings among ponykind. This one-two blow has left Chrysalis' hegemony over all the outer hives shaky, although her rule over the central Hive is still secure. Confidence in their new ruler dipped somewhat among the changelings, given the hyped invasion had failed and love was now short in their homeland. But the vision that Chrysalis had imparted upon them was indelible in its effects. No more would they be content to be mere skulkers and sneaks, whatever their ultimate destiny may prove. For her part, the Queen is now seeking alternative means of building her Hive's power and raising up her people, not to mention securing her rule. If out and out warfare isn't feasible, perhaps a front of diplomacy over a campaign of subversion might work... Character Personality: Chrysalis certainly wouldn't think of herself as a tyrant, and appropriately enough for a Queen of the Changelings, she seeks even more to be loved than feared by the changelings under her. Though, if fear will get them to do what she wants, she has no qualms about using it. She seeks to lead by inspiration and charisma, enjoying nothing more than the feeling of a crowd behind her, solid in approval of her plans for them. In her own way, she genuinely cares for the welfare of those under her, as all her plans are ultimately meant for the betterment of the Hive as a whole. Just don't think that because she's a patriot for her nation, she'll care a rap about yours! On a personal level, she enjoys the feeling of towering over and dominating those she talks with, having all the power in the conversation. She does, however, have a great respect for boldness among her subjects and subordinates; as such traits had to be encouraged in order for her own bold schemes to have any chance of getting off the ground. She greatly enjoys the admiration of others, both of her power and her looks, which she is not afraid to use, either to further her ambitions, or just to tease. Chrysalis knows that she can inspire attraction, and will often adopt a sultry manner just for the heck of it. Character Summary: The Changeling Hives never had so ambitious a ruler, so determined in her plans, so ruthless in her pursuit of them, nor able to inspire loyalty like her.
  23. Name: Rainbow Dash Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Pegasus Eye Color: Purple Coat Color: Sky Blue Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: Dash's mane and tail are her namesake, being all the colors of the rainbow. Her mane is notably less volumous and also shorter many mares. Both her mane and tail are slightly crooked and spiky from cutting them herself. Physique: Strong, Fast, despite some calling her "lazy" she is in peak physical condition as one of if not the fastest pegasus in equestria. Cutie Mark: White Cloud, outlined in blue with a Rainbow Lightning Bolt Origin/Residence: Born in cloudsdale, However currently lives in Ponyville. Occupation: Wonderbolt Unique Traits: -Rainbow mane/tail (While there are some ponies with a partial-rainbow, such as Celestia, Dash is the only pony widely-known to have a 'full spectrum' mane/tail except her father, making some think it may be specific to her bloodline) -Speed (Dash has demonstrated time and time again that she is one of the fastest ponies in all of Equestria) -Agility (sometimes - While Dash often lives up to her nickname of "Rainbow Crash" when she can focus and keep her mind on what she's doing she can perform amazing agility stunts, such as dodging Quarrey Eels. Character Summary: If you were to ask Dash to describe herself, she would sum it up as "I'm the most awesome pegasus in Equestria!" While there is some merit to this, there is far more to her than just "being awesome." Rainbow likes to speak her mind and she never sugar-coats anything, if she thinks your doing something stupid she'll tell you in no uncertain terms. However, once you get past her often callous attitude, you'll find a very kind mare who is always there for her friends or anypony in need, even if it means giving up on her dreams --- her friends are THAT important to her. Character History: It was a stormy night when two ponies received the gift of the most beautiful rainbow they had ever seen - their daughter. Rainbow Dash had a rather nice, if average, foalhood (likely the first thing that pushed her to always do her best and why today she lives in a veritable mansion in ponyville). Sadly it was not long after that her father became the primary influence in her life. He always did the best for his daughter, spending as much time with her as he could, taking her to sporting events and races, seeing her enthusiasm, he bought Dash her first pair of flight goggles before she ever learned to get off the clouds. He also enrolled her in flight-camp every summer, which quickly became one of the highlights of her life. Despite her seeming lack of aptitude for landings (or even flying straight at times), which earned her the nickname of "Rainbow Crash" --- a nickname that sadly fits to this day, though it has always been less due to a lack of skill than due to a lack of attention to what she was doing --- flight camp was where she made her first friends and had her first encounter with bullies. Both of these forever would shape her life as she learned "The Deffinition of Cool" from her friend Guilda, and later, learned about true kindness from her friend Fluttershy. These two revelations came at a high cost, though, as Dash let her 'coolness' go to her head, she began bordering on being a bully. It was Fluttershy's kindness to one of Dash's 'victims' and her explanation of how it was not cool to push ponies around that made dash realize the error of what she was doing (though it did not completely cure her of being a bit of a plothole at times). Unfortunately, her greatest achievement of her foalhood came with a dose of absolute horror as she defended her closest friend's honor from the camp's real bullies. Ponies had cheered Dash's rainboom and the counselors even overlooked the damage to the grounds and poor treatment of the bullies, but none of this meant anything when she found Fluttershy was nowhere to be found. Completely disregarding both the camp's rules and her father's own warnings she flew down to the ground, hunting long into the night for her friend, only finding a single feather, thinking that Fluttershy had paid the ultimate price for dash's shenanigans. It was the next day after silently crying herself to sleep the night before (hiding her muzzle as deep into her pillow as she could so not a single sound escaped of her breakdown) she went to breakfast with bloodshot eyes and found out that the counselors had gone down again that morning and found Fluttershy. Since then the two have been as close as sisters, and Fluttershy was one of the few ponies dash would allow her 'mask' of ego and bravado to slip around, showing her softer, more tender side. As the two got older, Fluttershy moved to Ponyville due to her fear of heights, but they kept close by writing letters often. Fame was a double-edged sword for Rainbow, at first it boosted her ego and made her feel more special (and made her even more crazy with her 'stunts' she came up with, though thankfully being a filly most were either relatively safe or were too far out of her reach). However, as she got older and didn’t do another rainboom, ponies started dismissing it as a rumor and claiming Dash had made it up, the bullies were all too eager to feed into this, and while Rainbow never reached the point of infamy, the rumors were starting to wear on her. Her father, seeing that she was starting to face more and more trouble, arranged for a place in Ponyville near where her friend lived and as a birthday gift presented Dash with a first-class ticket on an airship to Ponyville. While it was sad to leave home, and in a rare moment for the mare, tears were shed, Rainbow knew she needed a change and accepted it. Once there she found work with the town's weather crew and, as she would say "The rest is history!" While Dash's life was always somewhat exciting, it was the arrival of Twilight Sparkle that made the mare's world turn completely upside down. She was put through many trials, proving time and time again that she would always be loyal to her friends (even when her dreams were on the line) and with their influence she even began toning down her plothole tendencies and gaining some maturity (highlighted by her time at the Wonderbolts academy where she was paired with a pony who Dash would later say "...was a lot like me - the old me, before I learned what friendship was really about! Hey! Stop getting all mushy on me!") This maturity also made her finally realize the importance of a certain filly to her. Being able to protect Scootaloo and help calm her fears, earned Rainbow the title of 'sister' to Scootaloo, which, while it probably meant more to the filly than the mare, filled a special place in Dash's heart that she didn’t even realize was empty until then. While multiple encounters with her idols in less than ideal circumstances would have left other ponies disillusioned, Rainbow continues her pursuit of her dreams, though perhaps with a little more realistic view of them... (in fact she has though sheer coincidence been imparting more and more morals upon the team, and no doubt will one day be all the more proud when they offer her a position). Image: http://th04.deviantart.net/fs71/200H/i/2014/041/c/6/dashing_smile_by_thediscorded-d75xzee.png http://th04.deviantart.net/fs70/200H/i/2014/022/d/7/hey_there__hoofsome_pony__by_dasprid-d73ben8.png http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2013/185/1/5/above_the_clouds_by_spectty-d6bz637.png Fanon Music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Djy7cKkqTkk Canon Music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHf-YnY9k7k
  24. Name: Diamond Tiara Sex: Female Age: Filly Species: Earth pony Eye color: Various shades of blue Coat: She has a sparkling clean pinkish plum colored coat Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are two-toned, white streaked with bands of lavender. Her forelocks are swept back behind her ear and her mane falls in a styled curl over her neck. Her tail is ground length but is kept up off the floor by its wavy curls. Physique: Certainly not skinny but also does not carry extra weight. She is pretty much average for a filly her age. Residence: One of the fanciest villas in the district of Ponyville. Occupation: Student intent on discovering who she is really meant to be. Cutie Mark: Diamond’s cutie mark, which she displays quite proudly, is a light blue tiara with five spheres surmounting the top. At first she believed this mark recognized her entitlement to living a rich pony’s life and her pride. She has recently discovered it means much more. History: Diamond was born in Ponyville and grew up wanting nothing. Her parents Filthy Rich and Spoiled Rich did everything they could to raise their only filly with the best of the best. As often happens when a pony is given everything they could ever want, they quickly grow entitled to such treatment. The young filly had only to point at a toy or a treat and it was hers before she could blink! Of course there were limits to this as their money comes only from a fairly successful business, but if they couldn’t get her exactly what she wanted they would always find something close. It was during one of these encounters that the filly earned her cutie mark. A symbol that she could get any pony to do what she desires. On a trip to a gem shop in Caterlot, Diamond’s eyes alighted on a particular sparkling rainbow gem set in a breast collar. It was absolutely stunning but the cost was far more than her parents could afford. The filly took on an air of indifference to her parents for a long spell, hoping her behavior would cause them to go out and buy the jewelry for her. In the end, Diamond’s father was able to purchase a smaller rainbow gem elsewhere and had it set into a breast collar for his daughter. Diamond was pleased with the present and as her father fastened it around her neck her cutie mark appeared! When her parents enrolled her in public school she was introduced to the fact that she would not always get her way or what she wanted and she did not take to it well. She soon whittled a domineering role for herself at school, pushing various ponies around to get herself exactly where she wanted to be socially. She considered herself better than every filly and colt at school and only one pony was really worthy to be her “friend”. Silver Spoon was initially drawn to the powerful social position of Diamond Tiara however she quickly learned that Diamond’s definition of “friends” was not quite what she was hoping for. Diamond often used Silver to her advantage. As she continued to grow up Diamond only became more domineering. Diamond was often the ring leader when it came to mocking and belittling “blank flanks” at their school. Though Miss Cheerilee and others tried to keep her from doing so. There was no filly or colt without a mark that had not tasted the lash of Diamond’s harsh remarks. Things continued to escalate as the years went by until Diamond had turned every single other pony at school away from her. During the student body president elections even Silver Spoon had had enough of Diamond’s ways. Diamond had considered herself a shoo-in for president. Nopony would dare vote for somepony else! She had it locked up…as she had the secrets of others locked up and was willing to spill them as needed. There was something else that had began to spill inside of the young filly. Though she had been raised to push for her desires and to make others do what she wanted, it didn’t really feel right to her. She saw other ponies, markedly the Cutie Mark Crusaders, enjoying the one thing she really longed for but had never really had. Friends. Something she couldn’t buy, and something her current behavior could not win her. This longing became more and more intense especially after Silver Spoon turned her back on her. Diamond sunk to an all time low, knowing that what she really wanted was the one thing she had pushed away her entire life. Then everything changed when the Cutie Mark Crusaders stepped in! Though she pretended at first that they had not affected her, the Crusaders showed her friendship when it was the last thing she deserved. The same three ponies that she had mocked a ridiculed for years not only invited her to hang out, but pushed her to make a decision that would change her life. Instead of trying to unseat the currently voted in student body president, Diamond stood up to her mother, protected the reputation of her new found friends, and had a message delivered to her father that would help Pip keep his presidential role! By making this decision she was not only able to secure a friendship with the Cutie Mark Crusaders, but the encounter gave the Crusaders the moment they had always longed for! They earned their marks and she found the true meaning behind hers! She could make other ponies do what she wanted. Instead of using that fact to her advantage, she would use it to help other ponies! It was the direction her heart had always longed for! Diamond Tiara has a very strong personality. She is abrasive and doesn’t always say what would make another feel great. She is however, working on this. She has discovered who she really wants to be and she has never felt so whole! Character Summary: Though she has much more noble aspirations than she once had, it takes a long time to teach a pony new ways. She is still very much self absorbed and often speaks out without thinking. She can become very temperamental and quite callous when the mood takes her. She spent a large portion of her life getting everything she wanted and so when she does not have things go her way she tends to simmer in ill feelings. It will take the help of the new friends she has acquired to help her move past these behaviors so that she can continue to grow into the pony she wants to be. Any pony who does become of friend of Diamond must have thick skin. She is still learning and often resorts to her former nature. She is teachable however and though she is extremely bad at apologizing a friend can see when she is trying to apologize through her actions if not her words. She tried hard to not be manipulative now and will also pause to listen to others where she once would talk over every pony else. She is a conflicted filly and very much needs friends to help her know which path to walk down. Overall, she has a sense of freedom about her that she never experienced until recent events. The desire to be a good friend was lock deep within her all along, just aching to get out! Now that she has shown she has a softer side, she also feels vulnerable. This is the one feeling she has tried to keep at bay. She needs to learn that being a friend means balancing being strong and being vulnerable at the right time and in balance in her life. Diamond Tiara is extremely passionate. When she sets her mind to something she will give all she has to reach her goals. She is either all in or completely adverse when she lives her life day to day. If she thinks something is a good idea she will endorse it to the end of her means. She has also learned that she can quell bullying and fighting as well as she was once able to start it. Other ponies listen to her and do what she says, which helps when trying to convince ponies of the idea of friendship instead of malice. She is proud of her abilities to influence others and desires to train herself to use her special talents for the good of herself and others. Diamond Tiara has a long way to go and she will make many more mistakes, but she is defiantly on the track to becoming the pony she wants to be! "Uh!" Diamond Tiara glared about the Cutie Mark Crusader's tree house. "Where are they?" She paced back and forth in the dimly lit room. Her insides were churning. It still felt weird to be hanging out with other fillies, especially the Cutie Mark Crusaders. She had earned back Silver Spoon, thank Celestia! She really didn't know what she would have done if her best friend in the world hadn't forgiven her. When she really thought about it, Silver Spoon really was a true friend. Diamond had been awful to her for years and yet, they were still friends. "There must really be something magical to this friendship thing..." She clamped her muzzle shut, worried that somepony might have heard her. This was all just so new. Sure, she felt absolutely great now. She was free to be who she really wanted to be. Her parents had changed their tune towards her. All she had to do was tell them what she wanted and they complied. It was easy with her parents. She knew they would respond that way but...could it really be that she had that kind of influence on other ponies too? She still had a hard time believing that. If it was true, that was a lot of power to place on one earth pony. She would have to learn to handle it so she could make the right choices. Thus, her friendship with the CMC. Well, that and the fact that she was starting to think the three of them were actually kind of cool. They still did lame stuff sure, but well, they had a friendship between each other that she dearly yearned for. She would learn to be that kind of friend with Silver Spoon and then who knew! Today was going to be a day of spending time with the Crusaders and Silver Spoon. She was sure the CMC were viewing it as a time to share more of the ideas of friendship with her. She knew she would probably say mean stuff a few times but she was working on it. "Geez, there's a lot more to this than I thought..." She contemplated the day for a moment. She didn't even know what was planned. It was then that she heard voices and hoof beats coming towards the tree house. "Ok Diamond, you can do this!" She tried to relax. This was supposed to be fun!
  25. Name: Rarity Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Various shades of blue Coat: On first glance it may appear white but her wondrously groomed coat is actually a very light shade of grey. Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are brushed at least two hundred times each day before painstakingly forming them into perfect purple spirals. Physique: Rarity is a mare with indoor tastes, preferring a trip to the spa over a trip to the gym. She does however, keep herself fit. Her figure is charming, neither muscular nor thin. She takes care of herself to the utmost, always making sure she is a pleasure to behold. Residence: Ponyville is her home sweet home and the place where her first Boutique was opened. She also holds a second Boutique in Canterlot. Occupation: Rarity is first and foremost a creative fashion designer. All of her designs come from her heart and are originals. She is also the head businessmare in charge of Carousel Boutique. Along with her holds in the fashion world she is also the keeper of the element of Generosity. Cutie Mark: Three diamond cut gemstones grace this mare’s flanks. They are light blue and faceted in design. Unique Traits: Rarity is on the forefront of the fashion industry. She may view the talent in others at fashion events but none can equal her in creativity. Her designs are legendary, even being worn by Princess Twilight Sparkle at important royal events. Ponies line up around the block when she debuts new designs and the fashion world waits on the treads that spur from her efforts. She is so creative that she feels it simply dreadful to have to create more than one of any of her designs. She prefers to design based on the individual pony to allow them to feel truly comfortable in their special creations. There is no pony that can match the creative expertise of Rarity. From princesses to pop stars, her hoof mark is permanently etched into the couture world of Equestria. Part of the reason her designs fit the ponies she makes them for so well is her generosity. Rarity will go to great lengths and beyond to make sure ponies feel cared for. She cares so much she would even sheer off her own wonderful tail to help another creature out. Her ability to put in long hours and put her heart and soul into each design she creates is fired by her spirit of generosity. History: Rarity grew up in Ponyville with her two loving parents. They adored their little filly and did what they could to bring her up right. Though they both lead important business and social lives they always managed to spend time with their little filly. As many loving parents do, Rarity’s parents tried to teach her the best ways they knew how. Her family was moderately wealthy and it wasn’t long before the young Rarity noticed that she had toys and nice things that other little fillies at her school did not. One of the best presents she had been given by her mother early in life was a sewing machine with many different fabrics and threads. When they spent time together Rarity’s mother would often show her stitch patterns and various designs. Rarity took a liking to clothing design right away! It wasn’t long before she was coming up with unique patterns and asking her parents for more buttons, buckles, and fabrics to decorate with. Her parents were proud and gave their filly what they could to help her with her new found passion. Eventually the time came to put her creative efforts to good use! She was asked to design costumes for the school play! Every pony loved the designs but they just didn’t have that edge that Rarity had wanted them to have. The audience liked the costumes but they weren’t astounded the way she wanted them to be. She was trying to think of what else she could add to make the costumes really special when her horn lit up! Next thing she knew her horn was dragging her down the road away from the play. For a while she fought it but eventually she just let her horn take her where it wanted to go. It led her to a giant…rock. The filly was so upset! Not only was she not at the play, now she was here in front of a big silly rock. What was she supposed to do with a rock? A moment later a huge blast of energy and color rent the sky and the rock split open. Glittering gemstones of all sorts lay inside! Rarity’s eyes lit up. She knew exactly what to do! Soon the costumes for the play were an eye catching glittering display. The audience erupted in cheers and applause when they beheld the wondrous glittering array. It was then they she spied her cutie mark on her flank! It was her destiny to make others shine with her talents and skills. Rarity moved full force on her new calling in life! Once she graduated from school in Ponyville she enrolled herself at several design institutions and then attended the Manehatten School of Beauty and Design. She loved her experience in the big city and it only aided her in her creativity. Her instructors often let her go her own ways with lessons as she was outmatch by no pony in the field of creative design. She won many honors during her time in school and graduated with a prestigious degree. After graduation she had planned on staying in Manehatten to open her first fashion boutique. Since she had graduated with such high honors there were several designers willing to back her first venture. She was so excited to start her career! However, family came first. Her parents, over extended in their careers, asked if she could watch over her younger sister Sweetie Belle for a while. It was a huge decision but in the end she would not let her family down! She returned to Ponyville and opened her first boutique there so she would be close enough to help care for Sweetie Belle. The two still share more of a mother/daughter relationship than most sisters would. After opening Carousal Boutique Rarity continued to watch over Sweetie Belle until her parents were able to take over the responsibility once more. A while later Rarity met Twilight Sparkle. This friend along with all the others she had met in Ponyville accounted for her life becoming a whirl wind of adventures. It would be exciting enough just to be the top fashion designer in Equestria but Rarity is also the keeper of the element of generosity and a close friend to the newest Princess of Equestria. Character Summary: Rarity is a friendly and charming mare to know. She tends to intimidate some ponies though once a pony gets to know her they can see that she is a true blue friend. She is willing to give her all for others and sees the brightest possibilities in others. She loves to help others learn who they are and to be comfortable with themselves. Her creativity knows no bounds and she can come up with entire wardrobe concepts based off of a pony’s likes and personality. Her styles have been featured in the most prominent ways all across Equestria. Princess and pop stars wear her line, she has been a feature cover on countless fashion magazines, and she is the talk of the town at fashion gatherings of all kinds. Rarity is generous to fault. She will give until it hurts and then give some more. Not only does she go to great lengths to help others but she often appears at special events and fund raisers to help various ponies with their philanthropical undertakings. At her boutique she often gives discounts and even gives out specialty items when she thinks it will help another pony out. She loves the charge she gets from a crowd! Though she didn’t get to start her business in Manehatten she will always remember the way the city made her feel. She loves to be in the middle of the hustle and bustle, the glitz and the glam that make up a big city. She has learned many lessons over the years, one of those being the opening of her second Boutique in Canterlot. She wants to please others but she has learned that sometimes she needs to put her hoof down to get things done the way she knows is right. She has become quite the savvy businessmare over the years which only adds to what she can give to others. As far as faults, she has as many as any pony. She often spends far too long making herself look perfect. She cares a great deal about what others think of her to the point that they will go against her better nature. She takes poorly to anything that is not praise and has a very hard time dealing with not being the absolute best in her business. She has been known to work overly hard and to put too much pressure on herself. Rarity can also be an over the top flirt if the mood takes her and she has trouble coping with not getting what she wants from another pony. Thankfully when the hard times come Rarity has been gifted with the best attribute anypony could ever ask for, good friends. Overall Rarity is as charming and pleasant a mare as anypony would ever want to know. She is faithful, kind, and generous to a fault.
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