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  1. Name: Anu Hur Sex: Male Age: Adult Species: Diamond Dog (Anubian jackal) Eye Color: A warm purple in color Character Color: pitch black fur with golden designs scrawling across his body. Mane/Tail: There is nothing special going on with his tail, it is simply the tail one would expect, but as for his head he is sporting dreadlocks that he sweeps behind him and ties into a short ponytail. This hair is black like his fur, though there are golden ones scattered among the black. Physique: He is an impressive figure, straddling the line between strength and speed, though speed was winning a little bit. He is fairly tall, though certainly not the tallest you would find. The golden markings covering his skin are reminiscent of the time of the pharaohs, and despite what one may think, are actually a part of his coat. He is rarely seen without his robes on, which is comprised of light, white cloth with gold trim around the outside. They are somewhat opulent, but fitting for his previous role. He also wears a black collar of sorts, it's only decoration being the ankh hanging from the front of it. Residence: Currently traveling, though his home is in the Great Desert of Saddle Arabia, near enough to the river to collect its water. Occupation: Former Alpha of his pack, currently exiled and working as a mercenary or professional fighter, depending on what he can find. Cutie Mark: N/A Unique Traits: Markings: Anu's markings are ones he was mostly born with. There are a few that were added as he was growing up through ink and such, such as the eye of Horus design over his right eye. This particular design is special though, in that he can close one eye to increase the senses of the other. It acts essentially like a magical spyglass, letting him see further away. Fighting Experience: Anu has plenty of practice fighting between training, the sparring he does, and the actual fights he has been in. He mostly fights unarmed or with dual kopeshs, occasionally using his bow should the need arise for ranged combat. His fighting is reminiscent of dances, though more breakdancing than ballroom. History: His childhood was one with few hardships in it. His father, the alpha of the clan at the time, worked hard to make sure his son would have a good life. Anu was a happy pup, playing his days away with the other kids until one day they wandered a bit too far from the clan. They were attacked by a wild animal, terrifying all of them into hiding. They had to avoid the thing for hours, unable to truly escape until one of his friends slipped up and gave the others a window of escape. Seeing the animal go after their friend though, they worked together to scare it off, saving her life. After that, they made sure to stay close to the clan, and Anu decided he needed to be able to fight, and so began his training. It started out and went for a while as traditional training, learning to fight with the kopesh and bow. One day though, his training diverged from what was normal, the day he was introduced to the popular music of Equestria. A traveling dj had heard of their clan and came to visit, putting on a show for the diamond dogs in exchange for some supplies. Ever since that day, his training diverged, and he started crafting a style around what he had heard. His life remained an easy one up until his father decided it was time to step down, a contest being prepared to help decide the next alpha. He trained even harder in preparation for it, eagerly entering in the hope he could help the clan like his father had. In the end he did not win everything as he had hoped, but he was one of the only ones to consistently make it into the top five, and when the final decision came in as to who would lead their clan, it was him. Overjoyed, he worked just as hard as his father to lead the clan into the future. His rule was marked with peace and prosperity as he worked tirelessly to protect them. That is, until he tried to create an alliance with a group that someone really didn't like. This small group inside the clan plotted in secret, eventually emerging into the light to revolt against him. Caught completely by surprise and betrayed, it didn't take long for him to be defeated by them, and he was exiled into the desert. He left quickly, moving from place to place looking for something to make him strong enough to retake his position. Personality: Anu is a very intense individual, tending to be somewhat irritable and quick to anger. He can also be rather vicious when he's fighting, not holding back unless they are sparring. All that being said though, he's nice enough to his friends and allies, rarely if ever getting seriously physical with them. He doesn't make friends easily, but those that can get through to him will find themselves with a very loyal friend. Also, he will do almost anything to get to his goals, the main exception being sacrificing friends. Summary: A former alpha of his pack, he is now a wandering warrior in search of new power and work.
  2. Roleplay Type: Age of Heroes Name: Mouser (Stable Loop) Sex: Male Age: Young? Adult Species: Diamond Dog Appearance: Covered from tip to toe in shaggy Charcoal grey fur, Mouser is a mountain of muscular Diamond Dog defying depictions of wizards the world over. He towers over most creatures when he doesn't slouch, and even then is taller than most ponies. His eyes, dull purple with an olive starburst, are distinctive in that they bear a ring if faintly glowing ice-blue pigmentation next to the pupil. When actively using his gift, this expands sharp spikes that flare outward and he gains a limbal ring the same colour, giving his eyes the appearance of clock faces. He sports a fluffy tail that curls up once unless he's in a dour mood. He's inherited his father's old long coat, which is normally all he wears in his civilian persona. He also carries a wizardly staff for the look of the thing and because it's a sturdy piece of oak about five feet long. And how can anyone with Mouser's build possibly maintain a secret identity? The answer is in an object of power he retrieved roughly a week before the expedition that would have discovered it anyway, leaving in its place an IOU. The Amulet of the Scales is rumored to do a lot of things. Ancient accounts claim "ye ameyulette, beynge used bye a neophyte who knowwes notte that whyche she hunttes, bestowes powerr withe whyche she despenseth justyce." but scholars generally agree that it's magics primarily dealt with tracking and flight. In the paws of someone who knows the proper activating phrases however, such as Mouser, it transforms the wearer into an adolescent dragon. Combined with his goggles and various other occult (but entirely mundane) pieces of jewellery, this gives Stable Loop the perfect disguise: a dragon pretending to be a gremlin. The draconic scales are a silvery gray, and he wears an oversized cotton cap with 'ears' over what are ostensibly his horns. Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Hero and sometime wizard. Not on par with his father or siblings of course, but he can play with the toys. Unique Traits: Mouser is a massive breed, a Caucasian Mountain dog, who normally weigh in well north of 150 even without being Diamond Dogs. He moves with an alarming amount of power and grace, especially for something his size. Powers: Temporal Review: Mouser has the ability to look forward or backward along the timeline with absolute clarity. When looking backwards he can see what has happened to a person, place, or thing as if he had been there. Looking forward presents a unique set of challenges though, as he sees nearly all possible outcomes and must decide for himself which of those is likely to be the timeline he'll be in when that junction arrives. It's dangerous to be down the wrong trouser of time after all. Momentary Reprieve: Mouser is able to shift his true self outside the boundaries of Time, effectively pausing the world to give him thinking space. With some effort, he can occasionally pull others into this realm as well, depending on the individual in question and how firm their sense of self is. In this realm, time does not flow, the mind needs no rest, the body no longer matters. Emotion, language, and thought are all that exist. Mouser normally uses this in conjunction with his power of Review to allow him to not only see, but analyse the timeline. Window Between Worlds: Mouser can keep tabs on more than just alternate timelines, he is able to step briefly across the boundaries that sperate worlds, allowing him to see and interact with alternate realities. This is one of his few powers that he cannot share with others in any capacity. Deja Faisant: Those who know Mouser will note that he's nearly always where pain and trouble isn't. He never stumbles, trips, or falls when he doesn't intend to. Things don't fall on him, ignite him, or hit him. He never runs into anyone or is run into by anyone. Without knowing about his powers one would suspect he was just uncommonly lucky, but in truth he just generally knows where to be in the next couple of seconds. Temet Nosce: As a matter of course, Mouser knows where his physical limits lie, and what it would take to transcend them. Recursion: What most think of as Stable Loop's primary power, this allows him to designate a number of participants who then experience a given stretch of time that repeats itself until either Mouser releases it or they hit a predetermined condition. Mouser can only have one such loop active at any given time, and only his chosen participants can even remember that the loop happened at all. Random events tend to turn out differently in each iteration, and events will always finish playing out and then reset one more time when he stops the loop. It is from this power that his codename is drawn. Hopeless: Not a power per se but Stable Loop was, perhaps luckily, never officially a member of the Hopesguard, and as such Marionette contains no more information on him than any other prominent citizen. Strong like the Mountain: Again, not exactly a power, but Mouser's size gives him a certain amount of strength, which he retains even when in dragon shape. Diamond is Unbreakable: Like all Diamond Dogs, rocks and gems offer little resistance to his paws, claws, and jaws. Occultist: Mouser can use magical artifacts and implements as if he were a full Wizard, though raw spells elude him. This makes him the least magically talented of his siblings who have any knack for it at all. Prime Weakness: Temporal manipulation is a Prime power, and as such comes with its own drawbacks and a specific weakness. For Mouser the two weaknesses are random events, like lottery drawings, die rolls, raffles, etc, which completely flummox his predictions (the more even each possible result the harder it is for him to choose an outcome, and the more results there are the less likely that outcome is to be correct), and secondly the more people know about his powers the less he'll be able to manipulate and control the outcome. His outright weakness is that if he intentionally breaks his word, his powers become limited in scope to events within a dozen seconds for the next dozen hours. History: Never what one might call the runt of the litter, Mouser was named somewhat ironically. From a young age he was precocious and far more aware of the world than he ought to be, avoiding the big troubles all puppies get into with a deftness that was uncanny. His wizardly father suspected temporal shenanigans immediately, but as the Diamond Dog was unable to manifest even the simplest of spells, he shrugged it off as just one of those things that happen some practitioners. It started as vivid dreams of fantastic places little Mouser swore were real. But since by this point his sister was strolling some the house like walls and doors were mere suggestions, his family again wrote it off as youthful imagination. Then the headaches started and stopped almost immediately, and the pup's considerate little gestures started being unsettlingly prescient. Finally his father pulled him aside and got the talk from Mouser, who quoted it verbatim before he'd had time to actually say anything. He Gazed upon the soul of his son, then nodded with satisfaction started helping the boy keep his secret. His siblings eventually drifted to the Academy or their personal pursuits, but Mouser never did, electing to isolate himself instead in the foothills of the Griffonstone range, always just missing any would-be visitors not sent by his family. Often by visiting his family. And so he was one of the best kept secret allies of the burgeoning hero scene. He was an active and staunch ally of his sister and her friends, though when Marionette was built he started to withdraw, saying the team didn't need him as much. Then the Guard fell. When Rosetta came by, he had her favorite meal waiting for her, though he himself was nowhere to be found, along with a note apologising for everything and encouraging her not to give up. He kept himself busy after that tracking down and subduing or redeeming fallen heroes, always one step ahead of anyone who knew him as Mouser. It was during this time frame he earned the nicknames "The Gray Ghost", and "the Untouchable". The next time anyone who actually knew him saw Mouser was when he just happened to be at an outpost near the Hesperian desert. He'd cooked Rosetta's favorite meal again for her and caught up over dinner, though he seemed distracted by something he refused to talk about. And that was it. He all but vanished after that, hiding in his mountain fastness and refusing to see anyone by dint of simply never being there when other people came. Character Personality: A tough nut to crack, Mouser is both self-reliant and self-effacing. He has the low grade Atlas Complex nearly all oracles and seers develop, with a side helping of absolute self assurance that comes from literally being able to see in real time the consequences of decisions he hasn't made yet. Notable Allies: The former members of the Hopesguard, to varying degrees: Rosetta, his sister whom he supports wholeheartedly and without question any time she would have asked. He's more than a little overprotective of her, when she lets him be. Bahamut, begrudgingly. He blames Bahamut nearly as much as he blames himself for Rosetta's condition. Marionette, he claims to like her, but was more or less retired by the time she was constructed. He certainly likes that she had very little information about him. Enemies: Court of the Winter Queens, Mouser has inherited some bad debt from his grandfather, who didn't think he'd have children, and runs afoul of the debtee from time to time. He owes them a favor they aren't keen to call in. Yet. Black Haze, Mouser avoids the Hopebane at all costs, and has gotten pretty good at it. He claims any meeting between them will only end badly for everyone involved. Senor Caballero, the bandit whose fateful meeting with Bahamut and Rosetta crushed his spirit before that meeting even happened. Mouser makes a point of keeping him in prison.
  3. Envelin


    From the album: My OCs

    Anubis is a very loyal diamond dog who was originally a service diamond dog to a creature known as the Sphinx over 1,000 years ago. The Sphinx's legend dates back to times before Equestria was formed. The Sphinx was said to be a noble and knowledgeable leader, building her land on an empire made of sand. The Sphinx's rule was simple. Only the one who holds the most knowledge would be the ruler of the empire. Many ponies and delegates from all across the land would attempt to solve these riddles that she would make. Royalty and brilliant philosophers eagerly challenged her for a spot in her nirvana of an empire. One day, a young peasant pony had traveled from her own town, challenging the Sphinx for a spot in her empire. However, unlike all of those before her, the young pony quickly finished all of the trials, tasks, and puzzles before her, eventually defeating the Sphinx herself. Appalled from her own defeat, she predicted that the empire of sand would fall and start anew under the hoof of the young pony. From that point, she had exiled herself, sealing herself and her companion Anubis with her in stone Upon excavation of the ruins that Anubis and the treasures of the Sphinx were laid with her, the contact had caused Anubis to be released from his stone prison. Confused and unsure, he followed the ponies who had found him back to Equestria to start a new life.
  4. Superhero Name: Mutt Appearance: A diamond dog of grey hues with hints of purple, mid sized and surprisingly well kempt for a member of the species, though still not exactly what one would consider well groomed. Perpetually seen wearing an unreasonably thick leather collar with a diamond shaped diamond that is inexplicably whirl cut in the front slot and five similarly shaped empty slots on the perimeter of the collar. Additionally, the collar bears an inexpertly forged oval tag (clearly mismatched and greatly at odds with the fine but simple collar on which it sits) with the letters MUTT crudely inscribed to it. Mutt with his complete collar. (By Pressie!) Powers: The Diamond Collar: A relic from the Era of Bowie, this mystical artifact shields its wearer from curses and oppressive magic and grants its wearer great power. Power enough to topple a king. Power enough to liberate a people from tyranny.. or at least it would, when whole. It does not come off. Enhanced Senses: Mutt has all the senses that come with being a diamond dog, which include a wide and sensitive range of hearing, a powerful sense of smell suitable for tracking, and excellent vision in low light environments, and some vision in dark environments. Malleability: The diamond of his collar grants Mutt the power to stretch and deform his body as he pleases, stretching up to several times his current length, though he is limited by the amount of mass his body contains and cannot stretch indefinitely without injury. Enhanced Durability: Mutt's stretching powers render him almost entirely impervious to blunt impacts. It would require and extreme amount of force in a blow or an extreme amount of weight pressing upon him to cause him harm. In addition, he is resilient to electric currents (though not immune) and can ingest some objects that would be otherwise harmful for a normal diamond dog. Or other lifeforms for that matter. The elastic nature of his body allows his lungs to be extraordinarily efficient. He can hold his breath for a very, very long time. Enhanced Strength: Mutt has the strength expected of a diamond dog and more due the resilient nature of his body. When unrestrained, mutt is capable of summoning several times the strength and force a diamond dog of his size would be expected to muster, though this usually requires room for a wind up or creation of adequate leverage through manipulation of his form. Known Weaknesses: As a trade off for his fantastic powers, Mutt is weak to bitter cold, and, to a lesser extent, high heats and adhesives. And, sadly, inherent weaknesses of not having a set shape. Anyone capable of summoning more force than him is also capable of rendering him less than effective. Mutt must therefore be very careful around those with super speed and especially super strength, and those with giant size. As a diamond dog, his brain is not particularly well suited for extreme thinking. While he maintains roughly the same intelligence he had before his change, the prevalence of instinct as a controlling factor in his behavior has left him with a reduced degree of self control and created a weakness against mental attacks. Alias: Once known as Rolling Tempest, now known as Mutt. He is in no position to hide his identity as his very identifying accessory will NOT come off. Backstory: Born a pegasus, and to a wealthy family of ponies in Canterlot who's power manifest ever third generation, his generation. Rolling Tempest wanted for nothing, save freedom. A blatantly spoiled child, Tempest coasted by in his studies and learned and progressed only at the bare minimum pace accept by his parents, which, much to his chagrin, included Cotillion and years of exceedingly rigorous advanced flight training in the hopes of getting him accepted into a flight defense corps on merit. The boy's only friends assigned for him through politics, many of them getting powers of their own.. but his never came. A disappointment to his family and an inexplicable breach of accepted truth, his parents began to push him to excel in all other categories. His schooling, his flight, music and dance. Feeling the pressure and greatly distraught that his birthright was denied him, the colt began to rebel. The boy took to sneaking out at night and flying on his own terms, seeking thrills and freedom he could never have hoped to have under the crushing weight of responsibility his family had thrust upon him. As years passed, his rebellion only grew and he would disappear for days, weeks at a time, resenting his lot in life and the fact that those with powers had to exist at all, if they didn't, he would never be pushed so hard. In his teen years, his rebellion came to a head, he adopted a new hobby of barnstorming and other stunt flying. This began to take up more and more of his time, and his parents disapproved. Everything came to a head when his parents attempted to put their hooves down, resulting in a violent argument with them, at which point he fled from his home, and Canterlot in haste and anger. For several days, the young man enjoyed his unbridled freedom, no more shackles, no more responsibilities... but soon he began to miss the comforts of home. The things wealth and a lineage can get a pony... and so he resolved to go home, after one last run. The pony had discovered a cave and tunnel system in a series of hills far north of home, and in what can only be described as an action devoid of common sense, he took to the skies and dove inside. This went about as well as can be expected. Surprisingly, for the first few hundred meters he expertly wove his way through the geology, lit by shafts of light beaming through the surface, but as he got deeper in, he got deeper down, and it was only a matter of time before he made an error. And so he did, he misjudged a turn and hit a wall wing first, and fell down. Down a slope too deep to climb, deep deep into the ground, and tumbling end over and into a colony of diamond dogs. Not the nice kind. The kind parents tell naughty children stories about to keep them in line, the foul, terrible kind that imprison ponies to do labor. The kind that live by strength alone and organize their hierarchy not by merit or vote but by aggression. With a sprained wing and no way to get back to the surface, the pegasus had no choice but to be subjected to a new yoke while he healed. A literal one... it was only a few days before his wing was healed enough to get him some lift, and those few days were quite enough. The first chance he had, he took. Slipping free of bonds not built for a pony of his size, he fled, and the dogs gave chase. They are fast, but with flight, he is faster... he is also lost. With no way of knowing how to get back to the surface, he flies blindly up and down through tunnels, only to find his wing is not as healed as he thought, and soon he's forced to land and run, no longer able to flap. Exhausted, he finds himself at the edge of a pit, dogs trailing in the distance. No idea of what's ahead in the darkness, but knowing well what waits behind, Tempest makes a leap of faith, gliding into the dark... Pitch plack, an empty hole, pure terror. But suddenly a light, a guiding light, and so he swooped toward it, wing aching, the sound of howls and barking fading behind. And then, he landed, ankle deep in a pool of water, the source of light apparent. There, in the darkness, in a small alcove, lay wrapped around what for all the world seems to be an especially ancient natural pillar, a collar, beholden of but a single gem, a diamond, glowing in the darkness. The only source of light. Inscribed on the pillar in effectively chickenscratch were the words. 'No the wate of oppreshun and be wurthy. Let this powur take you to freedum.' After spending several seconds registering the horribly spelled message, and seeing no other way out. He took the collar, and put it on as though compelled. Immediately, a searing light filled his form, the great energies of an ancient and powerful artifact filling him to the brim with its mystical energy, wracking the small alcove with unbridled might and vaporizing the pool in which he stood. The floor crumbled. Down into complete darkness. Down into rushing water, thrashing wildly struggling to breathe. Unable to keep on the surface, completely disoriented. It seemed ages he was stuck in that river, ages he thought he wouldn't survive, but eventually it slowed... and leveled... and then sped up once more. And then, a drop, down deeper, into a deep pool... and finally, with a last burst of effort, onto the shore.. Dripping wet, caked in sand and mud... he stumbled in darkness down into the tunnels, following a new channel back along its current upward, barely able to walk, unable to see. And then, suddenly, a light, blinding at first, but only torchlight. Then, teeth! another dog. "Halt!" the dog demanded. 'Oh no' the pegasus thought... all that effort, only to be caught yet again. How deep did the settlement go? "What is your name, boy?!" demanded the dog, to which tempest could only stare. "To which pack do you belong?" to which Tempest could only uhhhm, and reply.. "None? What?" and so the dog took him, and drug him through tunnels, stumbling, and thrusting him out into the light. Only for Tempest to see not hooves, but paws in front of him. After a testing of the sight he saw, shock overtook him, and he lay dumbly as the dog spoke. "This is your pack now. You are on the bottom. You are a Mutt, and since you do not have one, your name will be Mutt!" and so it was that his collar was given a tag, and for two weeks he, now a diamond dog, was insinuated into their culture... Learning that territory was often competed in by several packs, each attempting to find a better claim, with different rules and different methods. He was worked, hard. But no harder than any other dog. Still he needed freedom, and much of his time he spent studying their maps... his ability to even marginally read them garnered him favor with the higher ups, but he did not care. He was just searching for a way out of this madness he'd gotten himself into, and one day, when he had memorized a route, he was allowed to go to the surface... A chance at which he jumped, and there he fled. Blinded by the light of day, he ran, ceaselessly, unendingly, for hours until his lungs were fit to bursting and his body felt as though it were a furnace unto itself. And then he dropped, hungry, tired, he slept. The boy awoke to the smell of ponies, and food... And so, starving, body growling, up and over a ridge he followed the incoming wind, coming into sight of a large city, a city of tall, clustered buildings and dark streets. A city of far too many people. A city of noise and activity so frenetic it seemed as though it couldn't help but keep going through the night. Like a city that never sleeps. And down a hill, across a plain and a river, and into the city he went, trundling as if he owned the place, and soon, he realized, this was a very poor choice. His high speed, filthy form, and growling body gave him an appearance that is, shall we say, uncharitable. As did the fact the he almost immediately found himself eating an entire watermelon that he had no way to pay for. So it was the he fled into the alleys, the backstreets... but it was not long before he was apprehended and arrested, finding himself flung into the jail for a night of shame and regret. When morning came, he was released from his cell and thrust before an official. "You got any papers, boy?" he was asked, and he could feel through the tone that boy was not referring to his age. "Papers?" he replied, confused. "I'll take that as a no..." replied the official, and the dog was made to sit, and listen. "I don't know what it's like where your kind come from, but down here we have rules. We don't take what ain't given and we treat everyone with due respect. You wanna live here, you gotta abide by those rules, and don't think we don't got plenty of muscle to make sure you do." Tempest nodded weakly, ears flat, tail tucked. A diamond dog had never submitted to authority so easily, and the official took pity on him. "What's your name boy?" The pony checked his tag. "Mutt, huh? Not flattering, but okay. I ain't gonna question your names. But so long as you behave yourself, you can stay. We always got a place for GOOD people here. But know this boy. We don't take kindly to shenanigans from your kind around here. You're on a short leash." and so it was that Mutt was formally registered as a Citizen of Equestria... provisionally. And released onto the streets with no idea where he was, who he was, or what he was going to do. He couldn't go home, not like this, and he didn't even know where home WAS from here... So, he made his home in the alleys, finding a place to sleep, and reflect, and to finally have a proper existential crisis about how he'd gone from a rich kid buried in pressures but with extravagant comforts and the world his oyster... to this hulking thing that some might consider a second class citizen with no home to call his own. For days he wallowed, bemoaning, eating what was discarded as none would hire him. For weeks he collected debris to shore up the small corner of discarded packaging he called his home. Then on just another dreary day that soon turned to heavy rain, there was a cry from a few alleys down. At first he tried to ignore it, he needed no trouble... but he couldn't keep quiet. Out into the rain he burst, rounding corners, ears twitching, taking in conversation, until, eyes gleaming, he rounded a corner and bounded off a wall up into the air, grabbing a mugger bodily in each paw and hefting them into walls. A spinning dervish of instinct, the third mugger was soon smacked into the ground. He thought he had helped, the villains incapacitated, but the pony only bolted in fear from the display. Dumbstruck, Mutt, as he had accepted being called, retreated to his corner as the police and a 'hero' arrived down the way to subdue the criminals... He listened, and he frowned. At first, he was resentful. He was just trying to help, and she looked at him like that! But the more he stewed on it, the more he couldn't blame here. If something like him had come charging through a blinding rain toward him and attacked three people in short order, he'd have been frightened too. And then he had a thought. A simple, but life changing thought. Even if he didn't look like a hero then, that was the first truly useful thing he had ever done with his life. The first measurable thing he had ever done for society. For others, and of his own accord. That was his own choice. He wanted to do that. He helped someone because he wanted to. Is that what it's like, to be a hero? He laid back, and closed his eyes, listening to the rain pattering against his sagging roof, feeling it drip upon his toes. If being a hero felt right... he could be a hero too, couldn't he? Someday. Allies: None Villains: None Notability: A criminal record of one count of petty theft. One unregistered assault. No heroic notability.
  5. CaptainMcDerp


    From the album: Request/trades/gift art

    This one was extra late. I've been pretty busy IRL and for some reason I've been having extra trouble getting things to look right lately. Is that what peeps call an art block? Either way I overcame it! (eventually ) and I'm pretty happy with how this one turned out. I feel like the gems in her pocket could use some extra detail though. I might edit it a bit later. Kalime belongs to Quicklime and the inspiration for her design comes from Artyl's Diamond Dogs drawing.
  6. Hello all! I would like to create some relationships for my new diamond dog Liviel. Dunno what kind of classifications I would put here like the other ones I've seen, but she would definitely have some kind of relationship with anyone at the Fenghuang Monastery while she was there. (Sorry if I spelled that wrong.) Anyways, if you have any ideas for a relationship between her and your character, or an idea for an rp to create a new relationship, don't hesitate to post below! Thanks for reading! Here's her app, by the way:
  7. Name: Liviel Mizu Sex: Female Age: Adult Species: Diamond Dog (Hokkaido) Eye Color: Blue Character Color: White fur Mane/Tail: She has her hair in a ponytail, hanging behind her so as to not get in the way. Physique: Liviel is of typical height for a female Diamond dog, with a body that is lithe and has the musculature gained from the practice of martial arts and the exercises involved in that. She has scars, but they are not noticeable through her fur. She wears a simple white gi with blue wave patterns on it, as well as matching pants. Residence: Mostly travels, but the Fenghuang Monastery will always be home to her. Occupation: Lives off the land, teaching martial arts from time to time as she travels. Cutie Mark: N/A Unique Traits: She has skill with martial arts, both unarmed and with her weapon of choice, a Nagitana. History: Parents are not something that Liviel got to experience, not really. They took care of her for a time, according to her caretakers, but she had no memory of them and the only thing they left her was her name. As such, she grew up in and around the monastery, playing in the nature that surrounded the site and exploring her little world. As she grew older, she began to notice that some residents would leave and not come back, and new ones would come and not leave for quite some time. She learned this was because they were students of the monks, and from then on she wanted to be a student as well. The day when she would be old enough couldn't come fast enough for her, and she would often be in the background of lessons, copying the movements. Then one day, it happened. She joined the monastery as a student instead of simply their charge to raise. It was during these early years of training that Liviel met the future empress, a friend she would never forget. Throughout her training, she excelled at the martial arts portion, and she soon realized what she would do to help maintain balance. She would fight for those that could not and teach those that could but didn't know how. Of course, she did not shirk her other studies or her responsibilities, but her main focus now was the honing of her martial arts. She always made time for friends though, especially when they needed help, even if it meant not finishing her task and getting in trouble from her teachers. In time, she became an Annointed Follower, like so many before her, and she reluctantly left the only home she had ever known, to spread what she had learned wherever she could find that needed it. There was no boundary to her journey, and her goal was to visit every place that would have her to teach and protect. Personality: Liviel is a very friendly dog, only fighting in defense of herself or others. She prefers to resolve disputes peacefully, and will try to talk it out before resorting to fighting. In this manner, she is a flowing river, going along her way peacefully. That being said though, she is a rock when it comes to her morales, unwilling to budge an inch on them. When she does fight though, she becomes a raging river, giving no rest. It is much easier to be her friend than her enemy, as you simply have to not be fighting her friends to not be considered her enemy. She is fairly intelligent, speaking just as well as anyone else in her situation. She is also fiercely loyal, and will stick to her friends until the end. She is not one for fancy adornments or elaborate clothing, preferring her gi and her nagitana to be her outfit. Summary: A friendly, loyal dog, Liviel is uncompromising in her beliefs and unwavering in her convictions to protect those she has deemed in need or her friends.
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    Good Dog!

    From the album: Requests, Gifts, Commissions

    For one of the most formidable characters I've yet to see on the forums, Dog is surprisingly adorable. Sadly, I'm pretty terrible at anything anthro-related, so this rough sketch was the most I could do for said adorable puppy. I can't wait to see more doggy Dog antics in the future~ Dog (c) Imagination
  9. From the album: Request/trades/gift art

    Behold the most adorable diamond doggie! I'm a little out of practice right now and decided to draw some stuff before I start the Peachy thread. This one is a little experiment. I didn't use layers and just painted over the sketch. It's quick, fun, and looks good so I think I might be using this style for the portrait thread. I don't think this is Riffy's actual hairstyle, but by the time I noticed it was too late. ^^ Riff Raff belongs to Zeig (There was an error the first time I tried to upload this so there might be duplicates.)
  10. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Tuukka Alias: Alpha Sex: Male Species: Diamond Dog [Malamute variety] Eye Colour: Light Blue Coat: Is he white with black patches, or black with white patches? I dunno, have a reference. Hair/tail: No hair to speak of, however his fuzzy tail has a bit of a curl to it. Physique: Broad shouldered, like most of his kind, though he is fluffier than most. He has a laborer's figure; lean, but not bulky. Residence: Homeless; Travels via caravan Occupation: Freelance mining foreman Unique traits: Intellect: He has a remarkable memory and an insatiable curiosity. His analytical state of mind saw him rising to more supervisory roles rather quickly, eventually rising to the top. In short, he's a good deal smarter than the rank-and-file Diamond Dog, and he knows it. He prefers to out-wit than to overpower. Though among Diamond Dogs, it's not too hard. To those more academically inclined, like Ponies or Griffons, he can still hold his own. Charisma: Tuukka can be very emotive and diplomatic, even seductive at times, to get what he wants. The power of persuasion is valuable indeed to any leader. He knows how to get into the heads of his workers and inspire confidence even in dire straits. He doesn't tend to use flowery phrases and prefers to be straightforward, however he has no issue putting his foot down if his patience is tried. Fuzzy puppy: Having grown up in a northern tribe, Tuukka is quite accustomed to the cold, and even seems to prefer it. History: Tuukka was the first of nine born in the northern realm of Equestria, to the East of the Gates of Tartarus, to two miners, his mother and father. Even as a pup he had a dominant and curious personality. If there was a meeting, he wanted to listen in. If there was a strange sound or smell, he wanted to investigate. His home only allowed for so much exploration, however, being underground. The pack resided in a very closed environment in order to shield themselves from as much of the magical seepage and electromagnetic storms from the Gates as they could. This, of course, made for a very rugged and hardy Diamond Dog. Members of the pack still had to go outside to gather food, water and lumber, as well as venture out to trade. Their underground village had many winding mines, some stretching for miles. So long as they could keep finding ores and gems, they would continue to dig and continue to work, and it made them prosperous enough to serve their purpose. They could forge their own tools, furniture, and supports, while trading excess metals and gems for more difficult to come by supplies in their region. His puppyhood was one of wonder and mischievous behavior. Escaping his parent's clutches, he'd run through the many shafts of his home, sometimes to the workers' ire. There were only so many times you could tolerate a little grey blur zipping out from between your legs and tripping you in mid swing of your pickaxe. When he was forced to sit still and not cause any trouble, he'd sometimes pick up gems that were deposited into the workload just to look at them. He liked to watch the pretty colors dance around in the flickering lights of torches, and sometimes tried to make little pictures with several gems of different colors... At least before they were taken from him to be turned in, despite his whining protests. Eventually, he was old enough to do some work of his own. But, he knew this meant he couldn't wander around with his friends so much anymore. "It's a life of hard work, for the good of the pack." his mother always said. It wasn't until he saw the value of what she was saying that a sense of community really hit him. He realized the gems and ore they mined were important, both for their own economy, and to trade. They needed to have gems to trade for vitals, such as food and water. If there was no food to be foraged or hunted, they needed to trade. If they could not trade, they could not eat. If they could not eat, they would die. When supplies ran low, or mines began to dry up, Tuukka often took it as a personal responsibility to fix the problem. As a budding adult, he was already developing a take-charge attitude. He enjoyed showing he had initiative and leadership potential. When a mine dried up, rather than the typical 'tell the boss' mentality, he would say 'no, let's try over here first'. Over time he learned how to prospect, rather than just mine. He learned how to identify veins and minerals, and where to find them. Eventually, he was leading his own crews down to new tunnels, managing the miners and taking stock of what they dug up. It was his personal mission to make sure his home could prosper. As time went on, his sense of community and longevity saw him having the potential to become the pack Alpha. His parents, in their elderly stages, were proud of his accomplishments and take-charge attitude. The pack itself knew his work ethic and his loyalty to the group. But, one thing he never grew out of was his curiosity. He turned down the pack's decision to name him Alpha, instead deciding to take on a more entrepreneurial lifestyle: He wanted to leave his home and travel. It was one of the only times he had been called foolish. With the Gates causing constant chaos, everyone was sure he'd meet his end. By himself at least. A few others of a similar mindset, tired of being stuck underground and wanting to see the world, decided to go with him. Despite numerous protests, he and his small pack or rogues left their home behind. They braved the Forest of Leota for a short time before deciding to move further south and seek prospects there. He was honestly surprised to find calmer climates when he did travel, and it made him think about the nature of the Forest and the terrible gate it holds. In truth, it fascinated him, but for the moment he preferred the safer climates of central Equestria. They considered themselves a band of adventurers, though old habits die hard. They found themselves working for bits and gems, to once again trade for food and supplies. Not wanting to degrade back into contentment, they decided to make their operation freelance. Anypony who wanted to hire them, for whatever they may need a crew for, they would gladly accept. From this, they got what they wanted. With Tuukka at the helm, and being the primary negotiator for contracts, the others insisted on addressing him as Alpha. Eventually, he took to the title, even preferring it to his birth name. Alpha built up the small group to a bustling band of freelance miners, having their own traveling caravan. They were able to purchase tools, carts, clothing, food, and even hire cattle to pull them along. To this day he still isn't sure what a bunch of bulls would even do with bits, but so long as they're willing to work he overlooks it. Now, Alpha continues to search for new prospects, willing to strike a deal and see what the earth holds from him. Character Personality and summary: Alpha is self-confident almost to the point of arrogance, seeing himself as being above others, even southern-dwelling Diamond Dogs. He can be snide at times, and prefers to speak in a straightforward manner. He has no trouble telling it like it is, even if it means irritating potential clients. He's running a business, not a charity. When not working, he has a strong sense of community and it is very easy for him to socially involve himself. The welfare of those he works with is important to him, even if ultimately it's to fulfill his own goals. He sees himself as a great leader, and enjoys filling the role in whatever capacity he can. While he prefers to have work in general, he's much more inclined to take work of an unusual nature. If it piques his intense curiosity, he'll take it. If he can get a sense of adventure AND get paid for it, he's a happy dog.
  11. From the album: OC Art

    Remember when I said five OCs were more than enough for me, way back in my first OC compilation? Yeah...yeah, those were the good 'ol days. Another group of OCs that were approved and have gotten art for their character logs, so once again, uploading them all in one batch rather than in separate pictures. The only one who doesn't have a character log yet is Revenant, but his picture's done. I need to work on utilizing different poses and expressions...this batch is pretty vanilla, especially compared to my other two compilation pictures. Honestly though, I tend to rush through the character log art in the first place, so all in all, I'm happy with 'em! Because each banner was a different size before I merged them all into one picture, they all came out looking kind of blurry and unfocused. Larger size is best size for viewing!
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    Riff Raff

    From the album: OC Art

    My latest character, though I'm not certain what I'm going to be doing with him. I wanted to add a dull-witted but kind-hearted character to my roster that would go around hugging stuff, and decided to go with a huge Diamond Dog that's pretty much a walking teddy bear - a contrast of hulking appearances and a gentle nature. And also a teddy dragon plushie with a hauntingly familiar color scheme. It doesn't hold any meaning - I honestly blanked out on what to color the dragon plush after I jokingly put in purple and green coloring, and ended up keeping it that way because it looks really cute.
  13. RolePlay Type: WoE Name: Riff Raff Sex: Male Age: Older pup, just shy of adulthood Species: Diamond Dog Eye Color: A vivid purple that encompasses his entire eye Coat: Raff’s fur is dark chocolate in color over most of his body. He sports some light cream coloring around the edges of his ears, fringe, and tail, and the fur of his underbelly is entirely cream in coloring. Physique: Like most Diamond Dogs, Raff is built with a heavy upper body and more slender lower body. Life in the diamond mines of his pack have molded him into a fit and buff Dog, with muscles to spare, and he towers over most ponies, easily reaching the height of three full grown males when he stands at fully upright. However, with his pronounced chest and arms, Raff prefers moving on all fours rather than using just his hind legs, but can do either equally well whenever the need suits him. Residence: Officially Gaberott, where his parents live. Unofficially, Raff spends most of his time in a cozy little cave he dug for himself just outside of Ponyville. Occupation: Just about any task that involves some heavy, but not delicate, lifting. Clearing land is one of his favorite jobs, as he has a particular fondness for punching and grinding rocks with his fists. Unique Traits: Perhaps a trait made obvious simply by looking at him, Raff is an incredibly strong Diamond Dog whose brute strength outclasses most anyone he meets. With his heavily muscled arms, strong legs, and wide chest, there is not much that can stop the veritable bulldozer that is Raff. He is strong enough to tear his way through solid stone if he sets his mind to it, and the Diamond Dog’s thick body also ensures a heavy endurance to injury and pain - he’d more sooner feel a spring shower running down his fur than a couple of rocks falling on top of his head. Unsurprisingly, Raff’s top-heavy build makes him much less agile than others, especially when he is standing on his two hind legs. On all fours he can move fairly fast for his kind, but tends to tire out quickly. Unlike many Diamond Dogs, Raff does not have a gem-studded collar to boast of, instead sporting a purple and rose scarf wrapped and tied off around his neck. Although his pack had a relatively secure standard of living, generations of stubbornness and desire for heritage meant a continued diminishing of gems in the land, resulting in less gems for young pups to find and fashion into a collar. In all his years of digging through the caves of his previous home, Raff has only managed to find a single diamond, and considers it to be his greatest achievement. He wears it as a necklace, carefully tucked away under a scarf that hides his otherwise bare neck. History: Through some poor decisions and streaks of stubbornness carrying far back in the leading line of Alphas, Riff Raff was unfortunately raised in some troubled times. Born into a pack of Diamond Dogs living near the base of the Roundbottom Hills, the young pup lived a relatively happy life, one that was nonetheless strained due to some issues within the pack. Though many Diamond Dog packs tended to move and relocate once their mines ran dry, Raff's pack had decided long ago to remain in place in order to honor the long-dead founder of the pack, a decision that had been carried out for generations to become more of a matter of pride than tradition. While the cave systems in their area may have been rich in minerals and gems in the past, by the time Raff was born the pack was struggling to continue their way of life. Still, Raff's parents did their best to give their son a good upbringing, teaching him the ways of mining, digging, and hunting, all while supporting the pack within their own positions. As the youngest of the pack, Raff was often considered the "baby" of the group, sometimes teased and bossed around, but always protected and cared for, a role that suited the young pup just fine. Unfortunately, being the youngest pup also meant he had to make do with the leftovers of the pack. A ragged and cotton vest with an, albeit cute, picture of a duck served as his vest, while his neck remained empty and bare. In fact, a single diamond became Raff's crowning glory, a fact that greatly saddened his parents - and even the rest of the pack. The lack of gems available for the younger pups to find eventually ended up being the final straw, and the current Alpha finally relented. Determined that the pack should move towards other Diamond Dog civilizations, every single member packed up their meager belongings and began making their way out of the hills and to the south, planning on heading south around the Everfree Forest towards Gaberott. However, unused to traveling and moving around a large amount of bodies at the same time, the pack was taken surprise by a sudden and terrible storm, causing a panicked Raff to become separated from the rest of the pack and be caught in the turbulent river. He eventually washed up on shore, soaked and utterly lost, and might have spent the entire night curled up on the riverbed if not for a passing pony. The traveling mare took pity on the young pup and carried him further into the woods towards the shelter she'd erected to wait out the storm. Raff took immediate comfort in the presence of another, warming up by her fire, eating the food he was offered and playing with a stuffed dragon doll the mare was carrying with her. As it grew dark and cold, the mare covered Raff with a thin, purple and rose sheet, and let the Diamond Dog sleep while she kept watch. It was early the next morning when Raff abruptly woke up to find himself alone, with no trace of the mare other than her thin blanket and the stuffed toy he'd kept clutched to him throughout the night - though, it became apparent that he wasn't as alone as he thought. Within moments he could clearly hear the sounds that had woken him up, that of a howling Diamond Dog pack, and without a second thought he was running as fast as his legs could carry him, sheet and toy held fast in his grip. His parents and the pack were overjoyed to be reunited with him after a sleepless night, and though they were a bit confused over his new artifacts, no one questioned it, all too eager to get settled in their new home. It took several weeks of traveling, foraging, and scavenging, but the pack managed the rest of their journey without any trouble, arriving in Gaberott. The Diamond Dog settlement welcome them with open paws, and the pack was finally able to live a quality life instead of surviving on the edge. Raff, however, became taken with a new idea - to find the pony that had saved his life. He would spend many more years growing up from adolescence into the beginnings of adulthood, but he would never forget his dream, the dragon plush and sheet a constant reminder. As soon as he was ready, Raff was hitting the road, heading back towards the river running nearby Roundbottom Hills. His trademark blanket, now far too small to serve its initial purpose for his large frame, was converted into a scarf, while the dragon toy remained a fixture at his side for all his travelings. Raff eventually found himself wandering near a pony settlement called Ponyville, which was very nearby the hills his pack had previously called home. It took the suggestion of a neighboring Diamond Dog for Raff to come to the conclusion that his mysterious pony might live in Ponyville, but that slim idea was all it took for the young pup to dig out a cozy little base for himself nearby the settlement. He doesn't do too much mingling within the actual town, but it has become a common habit for the Diamond Dog to take up watch near the outskirts, toy clutched to his chest as he keeps a hopeful lookout on the ponies wandering into and out of the town. Character Personality: Contrasting his rough and seemingly brutish appearance, Raff is the epitome of a gentle giant. With a simplistic and facile mindset, the young Diamond Dog behaves more like an overgrown pup than a newly grown adult, delighting in the most immature or facile of things, such as stuffed animals and bright colors. Despite being able to look after himself, Raff finds much more comfort being dependent on those around him, looking to them for leadership, comfort, and praise. At his best, Raff is a sensitive and gentle soul that wants nothing more than a good scratch behind the ears, and his simplistic mind yearns only for attention and affection. Much like a pet dog who loves its owner unconditionally, Raff has no qualms revolving his entire life around any hands or hooves that show him kindness. Though he still considers the pony that saved his life to be his ultimate companion and friend, the Diamond Dog is not adversed to showing others devotion and loyalty, as his puppyish nature seeks out affection at every turn. Once his trust has been earned - which can be as easy as tossing him a bone - Raff becomes loyal to a fault, loving others without stipulation. It is easy to obtain his affections, and harder still to lose them. Even a withdrawing of affection and attention isn’t enough to deter Raff from his loyalty, following through a one-sided relationship for a long time afterwards. Raff’s puppy-like nature and views, however, are not always a good thing. As his simplistic nature coincides with lacking maturity, the young Diamond Dog can display said lack of wisdom in his every day life. Despite being a relatively sweet-natured and docile pup for most of the time, Raff can fall into foalish temper tantrums under the right circumstances - tantrums that can have devastating results, as the young Diamond Dog has not yet learned how to control his strength. Full blown fits of rage, often resulting from bouts of jealousy or insecurity over someone's affections for him, usually result in broken pieces of furniture, landscaping, even sections of buildings. His simplistic mindset also lends itself to his overall intelligence, unsurprisingly enough. While the young Diamond Dog may represent physicality at its peak, he is most assuredly not the sharpest tool in the shed - quite the opposite, in fact. Raff is dull even compared to other Diamond Dogs, with low reasoning and logistics skills. Complicated ideas and concepts tend to sail straight over his head, and anyone who asks him to count any higher than his fingers allow can expect to be waiting for a long while. He also tends to speak in broken Equestrian, using third person and truncated sentences. Raff doesn't see a problem with any of this however, and in fact prefers not to overburden his mind with useless knowledge, preferring to simply do what others tell him. Character Summary: While some ponies may harbor negative and unkind views of Diamond Dogs, others know that not all the bumbling beasts are bad, and no clearer example could be found in Riff Raff. With a docile and pliant nature, Raff is just about the sweetest creature a pony could get to know, so long as they're able to deal with the rare but destructive episode of rage. With an inherent need to love others and be loved in return, there is almost nothing that cannot endear to the young Diamond Dog. All he seeks in return is a kind hoof and an affectionate word.
  14. Fido D Dog Basic Information Roleplay Type WoE Name Fido Sex Male Age Adult Residence A Diamond Dog den southwest of Ponyville. Occupation Gem digging, bed snoring and food eating. Appearance Eye Colour Fido's entire eyes are gleaming yellow which colour is only interrupted by his black ovate cat-like pupils which helps him see in the dark tunnels of where he realms. Look He's all covered in grey fur apart from some particular body parts such as: claws, nose and eyes. Fido got a noticeable undershot due to his big canine teeth which would be very uncomfortable to have in his mouth. He got big claws compared to the other Diamond Dogs around him, a short, tousled tail and small rounded ears laying against his head's sides. Fido’s always carrying a grey west in which pockets he keeps his dearest gems in case he want to take a look at them again. Physique So for Fido's physique: First off, we have to point out his outstanding 'hunkyness' as it's his major personality trait. He is buff even for being a Diamond Dog -- which basically means that he's really buff. Fido's long, muscular arms combined with his strong claws are a great access during his digging and are practically made for throwing around boulders like they were fluffy pillows. Fido's often seen with his paws on the ground since such big arms are way too heavy to wield around the whole day long. This position is the reason for his very hunched profile as for all the Diamond Dogs there is; but he’s loved the way he is. Actually: His very hunched back + His really big arms = Lots of gems = happy doggies. History Born in a Diamond Dog den in the north our friend grew with a growing enthusiasm for gems and their glimmer. Fido’s parents occasionally dug down gems for him and his friends to find just in order to see their faces shine up as they dug them up and split them between themselves. This of course led to that he was often pointed out by his parents where to dig and he still likes it when he get pointed out what to do and where to dig instead of doing that himself. He lived happily with his parents for a very long time. All the food he could eat, all the gems he could dig and a cosy bed with soft sheets to snuggle in. But then he grew up, and he grew up spoiled in his parent’s eyes. They wanted him to be as strong, intelligent, independent, as a Diamond Dog could possibly be. So they gently offered him to leave the den to seek his fortune elsewhere, to see the world! Not thinking much about it, he thought that his parents probably had a fair point and so he chose to leave. When Fido had left he realized that he might not have thought that through as soon as he began to get hungry. Where was he heading? More importantly: What would he eat on his journey there? All the questions made his head hurt so he decided to push them aside and carry on. Fido walked by a village of really strange creatures. They walked on four legs and had some kind of drawings on their flanks, which drawings Fido actually found really pretty. What confused him was that some of them screamed at something in his direction, it made him uncomfortable so he trudged away from the screams with a slight headache. Though, he could really never get the drawings out of his thick head. By getting around by eating all the food he could get his paws on during his journey, he finally met two other Diamond Dogs called Spot and Rover. Spot was tiny but really clever as a Diamond Dog and Rover very charismatic for a Diamond Dog. Fido liked them. They were nice and complimented his muscles and Fido took everything they said by heart. They promised a lot of things, things as gems. He liked gems, he liked them, he liked what they said, and he liked to join them. Which they eventually offered him and he was naturally immidiate to accept it. Fido’s job was simple. They needed a ‘Dog of order’ to make sure the rest of the Diamond Dogs were fair to each other and didn’t fight over gems that were split between them. That happened pretty often in the den and then it was time for Fido to go in and hold them off each other with his huge arms until they’d calmed down. He also worked as a bodyguard for the rest of the administrative leaders: Spot and Rover, and was considered one of the leaders as well but he didn’t give that much thought. Though it would soon turn out that his very presence made the Dogs behave and that made his job even easier! Everything went on fluently and nice. Fido had been given back his comfy life and was fed every day. He had a good relationship with his parents since they were proud that their son had become a leader of a den. They had a huge cave were they kept their gems and it looked like a minor dragon treasure. They were all happy, but then they noticed a treasure that would make their work a lot easier! A pony, Fido now knew that there were ponies, with the ability to find gems like they were flowers on a field! Though, capturing this pony appeared to be a huge mistake… At first Fido really liked the pony. She was white, soft, and had a cutiemark of three diamonds, his favourite gem! She was really pretty in Fido’s opinion. The pony even showed the location of some gems and every dog was excited which made him excited! Then the pony refused to dig, then she refused to drag the cart, and then she even began to wail. Fido’s poor ears couldn’t bare the sound and only the comfort of jumping into a cart of gems could slightly suppress the feeling of getting his head squeezed between two rocks. To make a long story short: That pony and her friends ended up taking all of their beloved gems with them and the den was emptied within minutes. The den is now slowly returning to its former glory but it’s nothing compared to what they once had. Fido has been on the outside multiple times to learn more about these fancy ponies and their pretty cutiemarks. He has played with some younger ponies and has come to enjoy their company as they seem to enjoy his company. Even though he mainly realms in his cave kingdom he’s still pretty often able to be found among ponies though he tries to be discreet just in case the ponies would scream at him again. Summary Well… let me put it like this: He’s not taught about manner in any high class school in canterlot. He’s taught manner in a Diamond Dog den and he doesn’t even quite live up to their low standards. Who need to chew food anyways? Fido’s just as charismatic as he’s clever, which says little, but he’s able to comprehend a conversation as long as the amount of fancy words is kept to a minimum. Long sentences are not of any help in his struggle of getting a paw around what’s going on either. He’s awful when it comes to reading the body language of anypony, he won’t understand that you’re annoyed until you start to scream at him or simply tell him that you’re angry. Fido himself is an open book for anyone to read, a look in his direction can tell whether he’s angry, happy, or confused. He’s secretly jealous with practically every mare and stallion because of their cutiemarks. Though he really like foals, they’re simple, playful, small, and don’t possess cutiemarks, he likes that. Fido enjoys being manipulated, yeah you heard me; the less he got to think by himself the more comfortable does he feel. So as a last thing; because of the way Fido’s built he tends to… turn things upside down more often than he intends to do. Personality Fido’s buff, dumb, slow, careful/brutal depending on the situation, clumsy, the opposite of behaving, confused, loving, and plain with his language. Dislikes Loud noises; such as screams and wails, being confused, taking decisions on his own, ponies having cutiemarks, birds (especially ducks), fights, fancy talk/foul mouthing, and being hungry and/or tired, mean creatures. Likes Gems! Cutiemarks, younger ponies, gems, lonely walks in the moonlight, digging, eating, snoring, friendly ponies, compliments, cake, frogs; they’re so funny! And Gems, especially diamonds! Secret wishes Fido wishes to find true love one day. He would love to have a cutiemark. To not be seen as a threat all the time. Be able to give hugs without squeezing too hard.
  15. Name: Rex Gender: Male Age: Young adult Species: Diamond Dog Eye colour: brown Fur: Splotches of light and dark grey. Mane/Tail/Other: Covered with a number of small scars from past combat and various misadventures, though not particularly noticeable at a glance. Physique: Slightly above the average height for a diamond dog, with a muscular build. Residence: Wanderer, former pack was somewhat nomadic as well Occupation: Adventurer for hire Unique traits: Rex carries a giant 'sword' (essentially a rough, slab of metal), also is notably strong from lugging the thing around all day. He also has a lot of informal fighting experience. History: Rex believes that he had an unremarkable upbringing, but then Rex thinks a headbutt is a perfectly acceptable form of greeting. Despite being larger than average even as a pup, he nonetheless had what might be fairly typical upbringing for children of his pack. The pack followed a philosophy of leadership through strength, and as such fighting was not only allowed but even somewhat encouraged between members, at least in controlled circumstances. Combat was the most common means of conflict resolution, pack mates could often be seen sparring with each other and even pups were encouraged to play-fight. All under supervision of course, the pack's leaders and elder members knew their position would be damaged if otherwise capable dogs were seriously injured. All the same, a part of pack philosophy was that the world was a dangerous place, and one couldn't rise to meet it by hiding from all danger. It was better to practice, starting young and with friends and family, to prepare oneself to face the world head on. Rex was a fairly average as pups went, taking well to the lessons and philosophy of his pack, though with something of rebellious streak. Though he didn't search for opportunities to challenge authority, he was found to be very vocal and aggressive when told something he didn't agree with. This only got worse as he grew older, as the increase in size and experience only made him more stubborn. Keeping Rex in line was a trying endeavor, and it couldn't last. Scouting was among the tasks shared among the pack, and it was on one such excursion that Rex saw an REA group practicing maneuvers. Nothing came of it immediately, but Rex was heavily affected by the encounter, and developed a new obsession: the Guard's weapons. The pack had their own smiths and created their own gear, but such things were merely helpful, never a priority. The pack could have taught him, but Rex was impatient. Still young, and overcome by a new idea, he disregarded the pack's wishes and jumped right in, attempting to create his own gear. However, due to his inexperience the results were less than impressive, and valuable resources were essentially lost. Reprimands and arguments followed, which would be resolved in the usual manner. Rex was by now one of the better fighters of the pack, and so was able to win the fight. But his emotions got the better of him and instead of ending how they usually do, which each participant dusting themselves off and getting back on their feet, this one ended in broken limbs. It would be months before his opponent had recovered. A part of him felt he should be proud, as he'd proven himself the more driven warrior and won the dispute, but he couldn't stop feeling like he'd done something terrible. It was the first time he'd ever seriously injured anyone, and it left him conflicted. He and his pack could agree on one thing: he no longer belonged within. For Rex, the pack's structure and hierarchy was stifling. For them he was dangerous. It was decided, through begrudging agreement, that the best thing for everyone would be to send him off on his own. Either he could find his balance and restraint, whereupon he would be welcomed back, or he would not return. Though the events gave him pause, he never fully gave up on his desire to learn metalworking, and more about the Guard. Taking only a few day's supply of food and the 'sword' that he had made, he left for Equestria, in hopes of finding someone he might learn from. Personality: Rex is surprisingly friendly, despite being quick to fight. He still shares his pack's belief that anger between two individuals will fester if left unchecked, and that good-natured combat can provide a means to vent. As such he honestly believes fighting is both a legitimate and the best way to resolve grudges and arguments, though he is slowly realizing both that ponies don't agree with that sentiment and that it makes no sense with debate. Having seen the consequences of acting rash, he's become more patient than he used to be, or at least more willing to wait for things important to him. Though unsure how to go about the looking, he still searches for someone willing and able to teach him metalworking. In the meantime however, he works as an adventurer for hire where there are ponies in need, to keep his skills sharp and ward off restlessness.
  16. "Yes? Dog listen. Dog ready for crush pony!" Name: Bruschi Bonetrotter Alias: Dog Gender: Male Age: In Equestrian years or Dog years? An adult either way. Species: Diamond Dog Eye colour: Green Character colour: Black Mane/Tail/Other: He's got a white spot in-between his shoulder blades. A birthmark. Physique: He's a hulking individual, built like a brick outhouse. He stands several heads taller than your average Diamond Dog, with much broader shoulders. Usually a dog of his physique would be used as a guard. However, he prefers to mine. Easier to get at them gems so the scrawny ones don't hog em. He has the strength to adopt a bipedal stance, and will often do so during combat to appear even larger, however he will often travel on all fours. Residence: Has a camp in the Pinto Desert, originally from a Diamond Dog settlement near the southern boarder of Equestria Occupation: WRAITH Henchman Cutie Mark: None. Cuties marks are dumb and for dumb ponies. Unique Traits: Dog is a uniquely strong individual, having done nearly nothing but move and break rock his whole life to get at gems. Having the experience and build he does, he can move most heavy objects by himself with ease that would probably take at least four of his weaker kin. Not being all that bright, he also uses his strength as a mining tool when actual tools fail him. Having broken his paws multiple times punching rock, he's grown a tremendous tolerance to pain, as well as being able to actually put a dent in those rocks. At least he has the good sense to wrap his knuckles now. When it comes to mining he'll often use a set of steel knuckles he had made, though against more squishy things he seems to prefer to wrap his fists in chains. He'll keep cloth hand wraps on him as well, as he feels pretty naked without something over his knuckles. A personal habit. They're his 'going out' hand wraps. When it comes to fighting things he can't reach, such as bats crowding him in a cave, a griffon thinking he's cleaver mocking him from the sky, or just a pegasus pony in general, he has in his possession an old Aquellian blunderbuss to wipe those smug looks off their faces. Though the weapon is, as stated, old, and will fail him at times (such as during inclement weather). It also takes a good long while to reload, so his policy for using it is usually 'one and done'. History: Dog was born to your typical mining family in a Diamond Dog settlement to the south. He wasn't the runt of the litter, but certainly not the brightest. And certainly not apt to sharing. He was possessive and greedy as a pup, often getting into fights with his siblings and other pups over hogging something. Of course he eventually grew out of this once the puppy stage passed him by, but his inherent greed was still prevalent. When he started working the gem mines, he would often try to smuggle gems out for himself rather than turning them in to the workload. After getting caught several times, he was assigned to small groups rather than mining on his own, and having others there to stop him from stealing did well enough to keep him in check. Though even after he was no longer a puppy, it was very clear he wasn't very smart. When he started working in the gem mines, he often broke tools by using them inappropriately or too hard. When this happened, there were several incidents of him just trying to punch the rocks rather than report the broken equipment. It usually resulted in some broken bones, a trip to the medical center, and a grumbling Dog with casts on his paws for a little while. Though repetition is the mother of learning. After a few trips to the medical center, he decided he may need to protect his fists. Noticing some iron claws some of the other dogs used for digging in especially rough soil, and noticing the pointed ends of pickaxes having the best breaking effect, he had a pair of spiked knuckles fashioned for him. This eventually saw him not using other tools entirely, enjoying the feeling of breaking stone with his own paws. It gave him a feeling of accomplishment, like nothing could stop him. With these knuckles he was often observed laughing with joy as of broke stone after stone under his pummeling, armored fists. He wore them all over the place! Though it was intimidating to some, even his fellow Diamond Dogs, fearing the brute's temper while he had them on. Strangely, Dog noticed this, though felt uncomfortable with his bare knuckles exposed. He started to wrap them in cloth, and made a habit of always keeping his knuckles covered. Life was simple, and good. At least, until the dumb ponies came into the picture. Equestrian officials approached the settlements alpha with an offer of bits to move on to a new area, arguing that the mines were nearly dried up anyway and they needed to expand. The alpha happily took the money, though this angered a few more radically minded dogs, including Dog. They stayed behind while the rest of the settlement moved on, still mining to see if they could take the last of the earth's fruits before the ponies could. After refusing to leave, eventually the Army was dispatched, and the Diamond Dogs were forced out of their mines and driven out of their former home area. The other dogs went their separate ways, eventually wandering into other settlements. At first, he moved onto another settlement. Smaller ones that shared boarders with Equestria, but his people nonetheless. Though it just kept happening. Again, and again. Ponies buying the dogs out of land, and driving out those who stayed! AGAIN, AND AGAIN! Dog was too focused on the ponies that forced him out. He didn't like them, seeing them as over ambitious and conquering. He had heard about incidents with other Diamond Dog groups, and started to think they were persecuting the Diamond Dogs, forcing them out of their lands and scattering them to the winds. Truthfully, doing business with Equestrians was incredibly profitable to the settlements, and didn't inconvenience them too much in the grand scheme of things. Dog just happened to stick around too long, and see only what was in front of him. From then on, he was often hostile and condescending toward ponies, simple-minded as he was, though when words failed him he could always use his size to scare them. And so he did. Over time, however, he realized it was the Equestrian royalty he despised moreso than ponies themselves. Still, they managed to annoy him whenever he met them. He traveled Equestria, going from job to job. He usually worked for griffons, as he naturally didn't connect with pony employers. His name, Dog, even came from a griffon foreman who often greeted him, "What's up, dog?". Though the foreman was being snide, Dog took to calling himself that regardless. To him, being a Diamond Dog was a point of pride. He took work in griffon-populated Equestria and Aquellia as a bouncer, laborer, and a bodyguard, really just anything where he could take advantage of his physique and possibly hit something. He did well, as he was happy to be working. It gave him purpose, and focus. His simple way of thinking made him particularly useful for the roles he filled, as he often did whatever his employers asked of him. He was being paid for it, so why not? It wasn't until he went on a griffon expedition into the Pinto Desert that he rediscovered his passion for mining. While exploring a cave, having been hired as an archaeologist's guard, he discovered natural gem formations along the walls. After he had fulfilled his part of the contract with the griffon, he returned to that cave and began his own mining operation. He quickly built up a stockpile of gems, and as the archaeologist's discovery was made public, more and more adventurers and sightseers tried to find the cave for themselves. Instead, they found Dog. The hulking brute continuously drove the ponies off, and established a sort of 'bridge troll' reputation, mostly to mock him. He had declared the cave his home, and didn't want any of those ponies taking his gems. Though he's thankful the Equestrian government can't bother him so far out in the frontier, getting more and more unwelcome visitors is only solidifying his hate for Equestrians more and more. He knows it's only a matter of time before the royal sisters do something about it, as his response to these visitors had only been getting increasingly volatile. Dog is now an active member of the militant group WRAITH, hoping to topple the Equestrian government for what he believes to be unjust treatment of his people, and for making him feel like a refugee. To the group, and it's mysterious leader, he is as loyal as anypony could ever ask for, and then some. His fearsome mass and aggressive personality make him the perfect tool to bully malcontents and Equestrian loyalists into submission. Character Summary/Personality: Dog is a simple-minded individual. He loves manual labor, or work where his strength is needed. He is a bit full of himself when it comes to his physique, and will often mock creatures weaker than he is. Even among friends. Though his conduct is the same his work ethic. Strong-headed, arrogant, and blunt. He is not subtle by any means, and opponents will often hear him before they see him. Certainly not the type for clandestine work. In a way, he is the epitome of brute force. Despite his dislike of ponies, he can and will work with them from time to time, so long as their interests are similar. His true hatred is for the Equestrian government, or even Diamond Dog elders who cooperate with them. His social circle will usually have aggressive individuals within it, or those who prefer brawn over brains. Scientists confuse him, and when he gets confused, he gets upset. He knows it's in most folk's best interest to avoid brainiacs. On that note: Dog. Is. DUMB. He is very easily confused or outwitted. However, to this same effect, he cannot be easily reasoned with. He doesn't think in the same manner as others, and is often too self-absorbed in his own ambitions to hear the other party out. He speaks simply and often can't articulate his thoughts very well. Should he take a liking to someone, however, they will command his loyalty outright. He will do as they say, willingly and without question. He is loyal to a fault to those he does connect with, mostly because those he does connect with often agree with his views of Equestria in general. He knows he's no leader. He's not smart enough for that. Playing the part of strongman or henchman suits him just fine. More action for him, and less thinking to do. They point, he does.
  17. Kalime had had fun at the Crystal Empire! Certain events were fuzzy, as she had blocked them out due to them being rather stressful and scary, but now she was ready to move on! First thing first, she put up a information booth in Ponyville since that was where she lived the closet to. It was a nice booth, draped with some of her nicer gems, and had a pretty red cloth over the top of it to give it a refined look, the sign however was a bit crude. Kalime's Diamonde Doge Info Booth It said, Kalime practically beaming as she sat there with a nice stack of papers she had found of Equestria's knowledge of Diamond Dogs (it was shockingly limited) and was more than eager to clear up any misconceptions, and in exchange she was hoping to learn a great deal about Ponykind! Her tail wagged as she sat at her booth, large paws clasped in front of her, with a sign right in front of her that said "Ask me about Diamond Doges" Her spelling needed work, that was for sure. (Ooc notice: You are fully allowed to keep your canon interactions with Kalime from the event! I have no issue bending around this )
  18. Accellerant


    From the album: Accel~Le~Rants Doodles

    Forcing myself out of a rut, I've decided that I need to work on my observational skills! Besides, I've been wanting to draw ponies and Diamond Dogs for a while now and what better way to learn than through study? Source: Not perfect but we'll get there!

    © LOLOLOLCOPYRIGHT! Characters are of course © Hasbro.

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  20. From the album: Mysterious Mare Do Well (Fan fic art)

    Featured in The Mysterious Mare Do Well #1. Ruby Tooth was a Lower Boss of the Hoods street gang. He's a vicious crime lord with a pension for blood and an affitiy for rubies. He may come off as a low class thug but there's a devious mind behind his burly accent and roguish mannerisms.
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