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  1. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria. Name: Smolder Sex: Female. Age: Fledgling (Filly) Species: Dragon Eye Color: Moderate Cyan. Scales: Brilliant gamboge with light gold underbelly, wing membrane, and ear fronds. Spines: Moderate orchid Physique: Mostly slim and trim. At the final stages of losing the last of her baby fat. Residence: School of Friendship, previously a resident of the Dragon Lands. Occupation: Student at the School of Friendship. Cutie Mark: None. History: Before being dragged, kicking and cursing to Ponyville, Smolder was your usual resident of the Dragon Lands. Once she had finished her 'molt', she found herself fending for herself, as dragons her age were expected to do. Some young dragons found this to be an traumatizing experience. Not Smolder. She loved every bit of it. The freedom to go where she wanted and do anything! Nobody to hold her back! If she wanted rubies for breakfast, she could have it! If she wanted to chase after pigeons, she could do it! But her freedom did not last very long. For some reason, the recently minted 'Dragon Lord' decided that out of all the young dragons in all the lands, Smolder would be the perfect pick to represent her kind at a pony school for FRIENDSHIP! Seriously? This boggled the young girl's mind. Why would a mighty dragon want to spend time with fuzzy little ponies? Prancing about. Bouncing up and down on rainbows. Looking at silly princesses! Gah! But this was different. Other species were being welcomed to this school and dragons would not go underrepresented. Reality quickly dawned on the fledgling as the Dragon Lord and dragon-kid found themselves at the 'School Of Friendship' in all its pink and purpley goodness! Even worse was what hid behind the doors. Screeching Hippogriffs! Poofy ponies with their heads in the clouds! Bizarre shape-shifting weirdoes! And even worse, a big dumb Yak would had already started the traditional 'Yak Destroy All Things That Yak Sees!'. There was also already a young dragon at the school. Had the Dragon Lord lied to her? Nope! She would later find out, the little dragon actually lived in Ponyville. This was too much for Smolder! Dragons were better than this! Still, the Dragon Lord had made up her mind. Smolder was now a student of the school if she liked or not. The school was a bit of a mess at first. Problems came up, and they were conquered. Smolder slowly started to grow close to her fellow students and even found the classes to be rather informative...And enjoyable. How odd. She even developed a slight fondness to the little, awkward dragon Spike. The little fella grew up with ponies and had only recently encountered his own species. This would be something that needed a look into. Maybe she could at least teach him how to be a proper dragon...As the issues arose. No need to rush him. She even came to his aid after an dodgy no-good dragon tried to take advantage of lack of a father in Spike's life. "Dragons are rude and rebellious, but they aren't lazy lumps who take advantage of their kids." Character Personality: Smolder is feisty and independent. She has learned during her stay at the school that she can remain that way, but having a few friends to back you up doesn't hurt either. She has also started to embrace things the younger Smolder would have never considered. From a good cup of tea, to even feeling a little more comfortable of her rapidly expanding feminine side. Character Summary: Smolder is an young dragon quickly entering a world only a few of her kind have dared in recent times. No longer will dragons be solitary creatures held up in caves. They would have homes and be part of an thriving community of creatures big and small. Weak and strong. A society where the smaller would not need to fear being trampled by the larger members of society, but instead combine their own special skills and strengths and create something special. Would she be able to embrace such huge changes, or would she find herself back in her lonely old cave?
  2. From the album: Mal's art!

    This was just an art I wanted to add, even though it's not pony or connected to pony. It's... my 'sona.
  3. dragonofruin


    From the album: Mal's art!

    Ice Storm's dragon, Nira!
  4. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria (Mane RP) Name: Shimmer Sex: Male Age: Teen Species: Dragon Eye colour: Pink (#FFC0CB) Coat: Dark Cornflower Blue (#1c4587) with a Gray-Silver (#cccccc) underbelly. Mane/Tail: While lacking a mane, he does have strangely ‘floppy’ spikes that are adjacent from each other and follow along his spine to the tip of his oddly long tail, all of which are a translucent and slightly shimmery blue (#cfe2f3). Physique: While not uber muscled, Shimmer has a lithely built frame with most of the muscle centered around his legs. There isn't a lot of excess fat on his stomach or arms, but there is a noticeable 'baby face' to his cheeks. Two large 'fangs' stick out from his mouth. Residence: He and his ‘father’ live in a small ranch-house on the outskirts of Appleoosa, despite having enough bits to have moved to a big city long ago. It features three bedrooms and one bath with a dining-and-kitchen combination alongside a very small living room. There is a short porch on the outside and a fully-functional telescope set up there. The surrounding land is taken up by rich garden and a few small personal foodcrops, with apiaries scattered throughout. The entire land smells of lavender. Occupation: Shimmer gaies pocket money by taking people out into the desert at night to star gaze, as both a 'body guard' and a 'tour guide' for the stars. When doing neither of those, Shimmer helps his father take care of their considerable number of apiaries - which they often loan out to the various farmers of Appleoosa to help pollinate their crops. History: Shimmer was born as normally as a Dragon could be, raised in Dragon Mountain like many other inhabitants that gave it its name. Unlike a large number of those residents, though, he seemed to develop a conscience. And manners. And respect, even though no one really respected him. This was the nature of teenage dragons he often told himself. Not only because he found most other dragons his age - and sometimes older - rather unpleasant, but also due to an increasing curiosity regarding the lands outside, Shimmer left Dragon Mountain in order to learn more about the world. Eventually, while traveling alongside the river southwest of Dragon Mountain - which in turn became the rocky, hill-filled terrain that ran parallel to a stretch of the Everfree forest, Shimmer happened along an older, westernly gentlestallion who was being harassed by a pack of timber wolves. Shimmer was quick to action and frightened the wolves off, and after the gentlestallion’s plentiful thanks, offered to escort him the rest of the way he was going. Unknowingly, Shimmer and this stallion would later come to an agreement, and eventually form something akin to a father-son bond, however odd it might seem. Settling into ponykind wasn't easy for Shimmer and it took a full year before he was certain any kindness on part of the mysterious ponies weren't some kind of trick, as he had learned to expect from the dragon teens he had grown up with. Character Summary: When not working, Shimmer is a somewhat shy dragon. He prefers the company of ponies he knows, but isn’t averse to making new friends - he’s just a tad more careful about doing so. Once comfortable in any given setting, he’s as sociable as they come and will talk at lengths about his hobbies - namely stargazing and, as a result of his father, beekeeping. He tends to favor locales that are naturally quiet, which in Appleoosa constitutes very few places that aren't privately owned. His favorite place in the lands encompassing Appleoosa are, perhaps unsurprisingly, the apple orchards. A/N I've been inactive on this site for a very long time, so I'm not sure if dragon OCs are still allowed. Please do let me know if there's anything I need to change or adjust.
  5. Shifted The year is 3147 AD. The streets of earth are lined with tech, and the sky is no longer the limit for many corporations. Cities have grown vast, and mother nature is as relentless as ever, constantly reminding humanity who is truly in charge. However, On July 17, 3147. Everything changes. Many people on earth do not realize this, but earth is actually two worlds within one. There is the physical realm of existence, and there is the mythical realm. An entire parallel reality that runs along side earth that no one knows about. No one, except a select few. In this mythical Realm, Dragons, Griffons, Centuars, Unicorns, Pegasi, and other creatures of magic roam free, unable to directly interact with humanity, but shape it all its own. Likewise, humanity shapes the mythical realm without even trying. One thing is forever certain among those who know of both worlds. If one gets destroyed, the other is as well. In both worlds, there are a select few that are born with the ability to both sense the other world, and in certain locations, switch between them. These indivuals are known to the wise as Shifters. Some people regard Shifters in high fashion. Others, on the other hand, believe them to be crazed individuals that can't keep themselves quiet. However, Shifters can be very powerful, and regardless of a person's belief towards them, everyone knows not to piss one off. Reality just seems to break around them to make sure everything goes a shifters' way. Recently though, a disappearance in a prominent Shifter, Veronica De LaCrouse, and significantly more extreme natural disasters have even the disbelievers worried. Once prominent rivers have run dry, sea levels threaten to consume Australia, and the ever looming threat of war between nations is prominent. In the realm of magic, a once extinct volcano, has begun showing signs of significant activity, and all activity has been deemed unnatural. The magma in the core is a dark purplish green instead of the bright red that magma has grown to be known for. It raises the question, how long do we have? Setting: This Roleplay will take place on a futuristic Earth that is set 1129 years into the future. The Mythical Realm is a parallel earth and has no human civilzations at all. There are however different civilizations for each race there. The races that are available are as follows Earth Realm: 3 Magic points. Minor Magics Only (There is no in world benefit to any race. It's purely decorative.) Black White Asian Hispanic Indian Arabic Mythical Realm Pegasus 20 magic points Dragon 50 magic points Centaur 15 magic points Ogre 10 magic points Griffon 20 magic points Unicorn 30 magic points Avian 30 Magic points Roleplay: All players will generate a character using the character database on the site. All characters will be linked in this thread as well as this opening post for organization. The Character Form can be found at the bottom. The players of this roleplay will be renown characters within the setting, a will all be a shifter. Shifting can be done at shift gates and a shift cannot be stopped for any reason once it's been started. However, you may simply leave again once the shift is complete. A shift between worlds takes fifteen minutes in game time. The more detail you can give the better. No detail is ever too small. Even ones you feel could be insignificant could have a drastic impact on the story. All Out of Character chat shall take place in the designated channel. No Out of Character comments should be in the In Character channel. Rules for Character Creation: For the earth realm, standard human races. Once your Mythical Realm race is chosen, it is permanent for that character. If you wish to play a different Mythical Race, you must create a new character and either have that character leave the current mission, or kill them off. Only one Player Character Per Player please. NPCs Will be controlled by Me. Standard Forum Roleplay rules and etiquette apply. If after 24 hours a post has not been made, any person can make a post to progress the plot. Magic: The Mythical Realm is full of magic. The following magics are available. Minor Magic (One Magic point) Earth (inorganic) Fire Wind Water Light (Includes healing) Advanced Magic (Two Points) Ice Lightning Magma Earth (Organic) Darkness Major Magic (Four Points) Poison Dread Regeneration Pure Arcane Energy Magic Skill Level (Put this next to your magic type to show your skill level with that magic. Beginner ( No Additional Points) Novice (Plus One Magic point) Amature (Plus Three magic points) Adept (Plus Six Magic Points) Expert (Plus ten Magic Points) Master (Plus Twelve Points) Legendary (Plus 15 Points) Character Form: Name: Age: Gender: Earthen Race: Earthen Magic: Mythical Race: Mythical Magic: Appearance: (Description or picture) Personality: Backstory: Players: Myself: Nira Dana Garcia Pyro: Nox Sidus
  6. BeGoneThots


    From the album: Just sketches

    A little more grown up, but still young enough to have fun with life.
  7. Powerful roars shook a cave deep within the Everfree Forest; painful snapping could be heard along while a vast number of brightly colored changelings were being ejected from the cave with great force, a pile of their battered or outright broken bodies was piling up outside. A blue stallion sized dragon was descending deeper into the cavern easily cutting down any changeling opposition that crossed his path; the brave ones valiantly tried to fend off the dragon while smart ones fled in fear. This was something the dragon Bolt tended to do from time to time when he needed to let off steam and after being saved by Princess Twilight he was feeling particularly powerless. A dragon's pride was more important to him than even his horde of treasure; so here he was deep within a cavern in the woods taking on a changeling hive in order to gain the location of it's queen. In one final assault the entire swarm rushed the dragon, Bolt smiled gnashing his teeth into a cocky grin before he looked skyward and gave a mighty roar; this roar yielded a powerful stream of fire spewing forth to burn and braze the festering colored insects. This hail of fire was enough drive the rest of the swarm out of the cave; leaving only one remaining. Bolt towered over the cowering changeling looking into it's fearful bug-like eyes. The fearful changeling tried to flee only for the thunderbolt of a dragon move swiftly pinning him against the cave wall. The blue reptile gave an aggressive smile tightening his grip around his prey's neck; he was enjoying lording his superiority over this lower life-form. Finally he had what he wanted, one of them pinned to a wall like a fly. Inhaling the dragon took a deep breath to calm himself before speaking in his rough and raspy voice. "I'll make this easy for you. You tell me where Chrysalis is, I let you go and you and buddies can come back into the cave. If you don't feel like complying I burn your entire home to the ground." While he was interrogating the fly-like pony he couldn't help but wonder why the changelings were brightly colored and not the usual jet-black. "What in Equestria happened to these monsters? I was sure they were a darker color and their queen would be here. Never mind that now, as soon as I squeeze her location out of this guy I can leave."
  8. "A Fast crafty menace to society, bent of the destruction of anyone who disagrees with him." - Celestia Biographical information Name: Bolt Gender: Male Race: Dragon Age: Young Adult Occupation: Wandering Hero Description/ Physique: Bolt is A pony sized dragon with blue scales and silver spikes and horns. He is full grown yet only as big as a male stallion. He has been seen walking on all fours as well as two feet. He is a laid-back and cool-headed character. Like his name would imply, Bolt can move at the speed of sound (and even exceed this), and has lightning fast reflexes to match (hence his name) In addition to this being a dragon also grants him the additional abilities to fly breath fire and has immense dragon level strength But his speed is his greatest feat. Concept I created Bolt as a tribute to my love of classic gaming. His powers and personality and are attributed to Sonic The Hedgehog as he's a super speedy show off. His design is taken from another classic game hero Spyro The dragon. I chose Spyro because I've always had a love for the primal power and evil nature of dragons. Bolt is loaded with special abilities and powers just like any retro video game character, this is fun as I can use them creatively for story purposes. In the end if Bolt is powerful,fun,flashy and over the top just like classic video games. Personality Bolt is impulsive and passionate he loves the spotlight and fighting more than anything else in the world. Bolt finds fun in fighting monsters and proving his superiority. Bolt is incredibly flippant, casually mouthing off to even the most powerful of creatures,this is because as a dragon this makes him exceedingly arrogant, he believes all other lifeforms are below him in power and ability. Bolt is somewhat a show off and often makes a performance out of every fight. Bolt is seemingly unmovable in the face of danger meeting it head on with excitement and skill. The blue dragon maintains a laid-back demeanor during such situations and is never without a witty taunt or comeback. Bolt is very in-tune with his draconic instincts as he's prideful,selfish and very quick to anger. These instincts lead to to his very Alpha Male behavior. For example Bolt can become very defensive around other males as he doesn't respect very many of them. He's often cited as merciless, appearing to have no sympathy for the others at times. He gets a kick out of rubbing others the wrong way specifically those in positions of power. Bolt also used degrading nicknames for those he didn't respect. This however balances out as Bolt has a soft spot and respect for women. This tends to be because he doesn't feel his inflated ego is threatened by them. Overall, he was very aggressive and quick to snap back at others who attempted to provoke him. While not shown preforming stunts or fighting Bolt is a very relaxed person with vast amounts of friendliness for his fellow Equestrains. While Bolt is one of the most friendly and charming guys you could meet that doesn't exactly make him a good person. The blue dragon while friendly is exceedingly and overwhelming selfish,egoistical and incredibility uncompassionate. If somebody asked Bolt to fight a large monster or move a heavy item he'd gladly grant the request,because it allows him to show off, as opposed if a pony was on fire and came to Bolt asking for help he'd either ignore them or if he was feeling rather sadistic he'd just laugh at them. While the makings of a good friend lay on the surface one should never come to rely on or trust Bolt. The only thing Bolt admires is action as he believes they speak louder than words. Given his flare for dramatics Bolt often chronicles his adventures and releases them as novels. Despite the rather forceful extent of Bolt's abilities he is also quite the talented writer and wondering philosopher, believing strongly in freedom and ones free will. Bolt enjoys flirting and the back and forth romance and courting brings as well. Powers and abilities Bolt has the ability to move and react at incredible speeds, many orders of magnitude greater than those of ordinary ponies. He could run at velocities causing the sound barrier to shatter every time he takes off. Bolt has shown to have dragon strength, as seen when punching through stone with brute force, He can also carry ponies and objects that are several times his weight. It is debatable whether his attack's main power comes from his supersonic speed or his dragon strength, or a combination of both. Most moves that Bolt performs while fighting involve his feet and legs more than his hands, because of years of running at sonic sounds he has a killer kick. He can also being a fire dragon breath and manipulate fire as well as being completely immune to his native element. In line with his super speed, Bolt has displayed amazing feats of movement and has the reaction time to match. He possesses great acrobatic skills and agility, alongside astonishing reflexes. Bolt relies on his animal instincts to avoid hitting things when running at super speed. Should Bolt ever be running at fast uncontrollable speeds, he can use the Drift by opening his wings to create anti velocity drag to properly control his momentum, he also uses his wings to break as well as turn. several times, Bolt has been shown to have great resilience to physical damage. However he has a low tolerance to magic often getting caught in of Spells from high level unicorns due his crippling ego getting the best of him. Likes: Like most dragons Bolt is totally obsessed with treasure. He's constantly on the watch for gems and gold he can claim as his own too add to his horde. Unlike Spike Bolt is ruled by his draconic instincts much like the teenage dragons displayed in the show only with a more positive spin as he desires to be a hero. Bolt revels in dangerous situations as they allow him to show off. Not that he'd ever admit it but the blue speedster has a massive crush on Twilight Sparkle. He has nothing but respect for her accomplishments and hopes to someday work his way into her circle of friends. However seeing as how Twilight often reacts negatively to arrogance that's not likely to happen. Dislikes: Beyond all measure Bolt despises authority figures. Free as the wind he's never been one to mix with rules and regulations. People who are uppity or proper frequently get on the dragons nerves as he'll try to press their buttons. However he has one exception to this rule. He has nothing but respect for the purple pony Twilight as he's been an admirer of her exploits for a long time. Motivation: Like most dragons Bolt is motivated by greed and is totally obsessed with treasure. Beyond this fame and glory are his goals. He's waiting for a day something big enough comes to prove he's just as good as he boasts. Strengths: Aside from his super sonic running speed and natural abilities as a dragon Bolt is quick witted,snarky,brash and confident. Never one to stop and question his own motives his selfish desires are sustained by boundless willpower to prove he's the best. Weaknesses/Flaws: Bolt has an ego so big it would crush a lesser dragon. This causes him to act recklessly often landing him in situations that turn south very quickly for him. Such as picking fights with far more powerful opponents and mouthing off in front of ponies who can put him in his place. Bolt is also extremely weak against magic from the smallest levitation spell to impressive feats of magical energy beams. He also has a big mouth That leads to boasting about acts way beyond his capabilities. He is also a weak flier as his wings are to big and bulky to allow for swift movements in the air. He instead uses his impressive wingspan to break and slow him down when turning corners while running at high speeds. Fears: Despite all of his power and pride The royal sisters and dragons bigger than himself scare the hell out of Bolt. When you can move the moon or sun it makes carrying a bolder or breaking the sound barrier seem trivial. He also has a massive crush on the Princess of Friendship. He will often try daring feats and brash acts to impress her and is terrified one of these days Twilight will catch on. Type Of RP World Of Equestria Roleplay
  9. starsteemer


    From the album: OC

    IDK why but i really wanted to make a mlp dragon OC. This is Rusty! That's his nickname though, his real name is Copper. I actually have no clue where i want him to live or what his proffession will be. I mean dragons don't need jobs but he should be good at something! I luv him though, even if he gave me a tough time drawing him same as GoldenGlow. My best babies just have to be naughty... ANYWAYS who has ideas for jobs he could have? I'm not sure what would fit
  10. (Art done by me) Name: Copper Nickname: Rusty (uses this as his name)Sex: MaleAge: TeenageSpecies: Dragon Eye colour: A minty green, like pennies exposed to oxidation. Coat: Rusty's 'coat' is made up of tough leathery hide, which is a dark brown tortoise shell pattern. He has copper colored scales running from his chin all the way to his tail, covering his underbelly. The top half of his head is black with a stripe running down from his eye. He has two horns on his forehead, two sweeping back, and two more on his upper neck. His ears are shaped like fins. His wings are a reflective copper, as well as his claws and tail fin. His legs have black 'socks' and he has black stripes down his tail. Three black spines on each side of his taile have reflective coppery hide stretched between them, used for maneuvering well in flight. Physique: Rusty is a teenage dragon and smaller than other dragons his age, but that doesn't mean he's not strong. At all fours, He's a solid three feet taller than an average bulky stallion. Rusty isn't as strong as other dragons either,but compared to a bulky stallion he has average strength. Rusty is lean and fit, built better for maneuvering and speed rather than strength. Residence: The peninsula off San Palomina Desert. More accurately, a cave in one of the sandstone cliffs. Seperate from his arena, his cave is located by the beach and more comfortably outfitted than some wild migratory dragon's homes. The entrance to his cave is up from the ground about two stories, and has an overhang to keep rain from blowing in. The entrance can be blocked with a doorway of woven plant fibers, moved into the cave entrance when the elements need to be kept out. Sandstorms, heatwaves, tornadoes, earthquakes and monsoons can occur, but almost never snow. Occupation: While dragons don't normally have jobs, dragons also normally are tough and committed enough to amassing their own hoard and competing with others. Rusty wasn't a strong fighter, though he had clever wit on his side. He started collecting animals and making them fight, and the betting of gems from other dragons allowed him to rise in social and economical standing. Other dragons that picked on him originally praised him for the entertainment, and his adopted father was proud when he started using his blacksmithing skills for good uses. When Rusty became old enough to leave home, He set out for a secluded area that ponies wouldn't discover, but still accessible for the dragons to travel to the ponies. The peninsula of San Palomina Desert was perfect and Rusty carved out an arena from a sandstone mountain along with some hired help. The arena is about 4 acres in diameter, with seats for dragons carved into the vertical part of the bowl. The ground has cave entrances on each side, where cells made for containing combatants are located. He never fights combatants to the death. Likes: Pennies, hot weather/sunbathing, tropical flowers, sandy beaches, tropical fruit, shallow warm water, Loves Coffee. Dislikes: Snow (Or cold in general) Swimming, Singing, Anything that's detail oriented, bigger dragons Unique Traits/Skills: Knows blacksmithing from his adopted father Mortar, but isn't very good at heavy lifting and usually works on small simple stuff. He's gotten proficient at hunting, trapping and tracking, especcially concerning when he wants to capture a new champion. Things he's bad at: Pillaging and fighting, he has to use intimidation and bluffing to win against weaker opponents. Fears: Caring for someone else, bigger dragons, and most of all he fears helpless, being caught in a trap like the prey he hunts and being utterly unable to escape. Goals: His goal is to find his real parents, and to either find, train or raise the ultimate fighting champion. History: Rusty was kidnapped from his real parents when he was an egg, and from where no one can say, though from his sandy coloration he seems to be from a hot climate with sand. A changeling hive had plans to raise the dragon to fight on their side, but as they passed over the badlands they were caught by the female green dragon Flora, who stole back the egg. She searched for his real parents but after having no luck, decided to adopt him much to the displeasure of her mate Mortar. Mortar is constantly dissapointed in his adopted son and cold towards him, though Flora loves Rusty with such a fierce intensity that her mate dares not challenge her. Personality: Like most dragons, Rusty is aggressive and loathe to talk about his feelings. He has a hot temper, and doesn't rely on others. He has a dark sense of humor, a gentler side and occasionally talks to himself when alone. Rusty is self consious, and a little vain. Despite his self-consiousness, he projects a persona of false confidence and charming wit to hide his insecurities. He's not an inherently bad guy, though he does enjoy the creature fights. He just wanted to be accepted in dragon society and the fighting of other creatures was the one thing he was good at setting up. He's self controlled and mostly solitary. Trivia: * Rusty hunts his own champions but allows other dragons to admit their fighters too, for a fee naturally. * Uses special crystals to create a dome around the arena to keep in flying creatures. * Rusty cares deeply about his best fighters and treats them much better. * Secretly finds ponies adorable and would like to have one as a pet.
  11. Name: Kojo Sex: Male Age: Older teen. Species: Dragon Eye Color: Green Character Color: He is mostly black in color, except his underbelly, which extends from his chin to the base of his tail, as well as the tips of his limbs and tail, and the membrane of his wings, which are all a neon green. Mane/Tail: The closest thing he would have to a mane would be the almost leaf-like protrusions coming out of his head that could be mistaken for large ears from some kind of rabbit. He also has a ring of protrusions around his neck that look like giant flower petals, starting out as neon green near his neck and transitioning to a dark green fairly quickly. His tail, like his neck, has flower petal-esque things, making a shape reminiscent of a closed flower. These are colored the same as those around his neck. Physique: Despite his age, his body is not much bigger than a dragon child, certainly much smaller than what he should be at. He is fairly well muscled, though it is the kind of strength born of regular farm work. Residence: Ponyville Occupation: Alchemist/potion maker. Cutie Mark: N/A Unique Traits: Alchemy: Being an alchemist, he knows how to mix certain things together to create what he wants, at least most of the time at this point. Dwarfism: As evidenced by his small stature, he was born with a condition that kept his body from growing past a certain size, though thankfully it didn't stop his wings from developing for his smaller body. History: For most of his life, he had lived on the farm, growing up with a family of ponies. It was a good life, and a happy one, as he helped out around the place as he grew older. Even when his condition started to become obvious, having not grown bigger at all in the past few years. Still, he loved his adoptive family, helping out wherever he could. He had no idea who his birth parents were, and honestly he didn't care, he could guess what they thought of him. In any case, once he was old enough, he left the farm, seeking to make money through a different trade and send some back home. After a bit of experimentation, he discovered that the profession he liked the most was also one he was good at, the making of potions and tonics through mainly plants. Now well on his way to becoming a full-fledged adult, minus the size, Kojo works his shop happily, still heading back to the farm whenever they need help. Personality: Kojo is a very friendly individual, more likely to initiate a conversation than wait for someone to approach him. He is nice to everyone he meets unless they give him a reason not to be. Even if he doesn't like you though, he'll still be polite usually. He talks with the accent he grew up with, making it hard to understand him at times. Summary: A small dragon potion-maker, Kojo is ready to help out with any problems you may need potions for.
  12. From the album: OC Art

    M'not kidding with the title. I'm not really sure what I intended Yuri to be. Actually, I don't think she was meant to really be anything, except sort of dressed up for the festivities of costuming. The sash that is flowing around her body was sort of reminiscent of sashes some eastern dragons are depicted trailing while they hold pearls in their claws. I always loved how they constantly moved along with the dragon's hair, never falling and sometimes not even fastened to the body at all, like in this picture. Just held aloft by the dragon's innate magic and aura. The hat is... There. It's just there.
  13. From the album: SymphonicFire's Doodles

    After discovering I can draw (ish) and I can vector them, I just can't stop! Shan Pui is my eastern dragon I have been trying to draw/app for a long time, but I either don't have the time or skill (until now that is) Shan Pui is a mix between a chinese dragon and Haku from 'Spirited Away' who, almost like Haku, is a guardian of a river that he was named after. I named him after the Shan Pui river because it was in my home country (before moving to Canada) and I wanted an oc that represented my chinese heritage. Of course I can't exactly mention 'chinese' in my app and the fact that he's a guardian of a river, so I'll have to adjust some stuff. ...I really need to start studying...
  14. Zeig


    From the album: OC Art

    Another "I felt like drawing but didn't know what to draw" evening, so I decided to try practicing humans again by sketching a MLP character of mine I've yet to "human-fy". I like how she came out, though her expression looks a little bland. Though I'm not good at conveying expressions with this semi-realistic style, it's just something I need to further practice with. But otherwise, yeah, not too shabby. Her hair was especially fun to draw, trying to translate that waving, hair spine onto a person. I think it'd be neat if I was able to eventually conceptualize all my OCs as humans at some point. At this point, Yuri makes...five? ...So that's like, ten more human drawings to go, lulz.
  15. Name: Ember AshGender: FemaleAge: 18Species: Dragon.Eye colour: Green and RedCharacter colour: Dark greenMane/Tail/Other: has a long scale covered tail about half the length of her body, her feet and hands end in large talon like clawsPhysique: Tall, covered in Dark green scales, large wings cut in a few places and has one large scar like gash across her faceResidence: Valley of the Dragon PeaksOccupation: Unemployed, Likes to roam around Cutie Mark: NoneUnique Traits: Has very big and sharp claws and can breath fire hot enough to weld steel togetherHistory: Ember isn't actually from anywhere remotely close to Equestria or her home in the Valley of the Dragon Peaks but was exiled from her birthplace after she was discovered to have killed one of the other residents of the small townCharacter Personality: Generally angry towards strangers but is actually just lonely deep inside although she doesn't admit itCharacter Summary: Ember is just a lonely dragon who was exiled from her home and forced to leave and come to the Valley of the Dragon Peaks
  16. The great arena of Saarvarberg was once again ablaze with the fiery anticipation of it's crowd and those they cheered for. It was once again time for the chieftain of the great clan to the east to provide a fight that would show not only her clan's strength and resolve that shone brightest in their current leader. The rafters and stone of the great arena shook with the fierce hoofstamps of the audience. A roar of excitement that could make the earth tremble came from the ocean of horns and thrilled grins making up the crowds behind as the large doors behind her parted wide... Two silvery white lights came into view of the assembled races at the other end of the ring. A cloven hoof stepped out onto the earthen floor below and soon came the visage of cow attached. Tall antlers then emerged behind her, their points having been sharpened prior to the battle. Unlike the wild slightly messy mane she bore in her earlier fights, Sigrun's manestyle was changed into that of a great braid partly visible on the back of her head. The fighting of dragons usually required a caribou to keep flowing manes secured or risk them getting burned up and reaching their skull. Instead of the chieftain's usual armor ensemble (a mixture of plate, mail, but mostly leather for free movement), Sigrun seemed to have switched to an entirely leather armor. A trained eye for armor crafting and leather working might have noticed though that the gear she wore was treated with a fireproofing for the hunting of the Lindwurm variants across Whitescar that breathed fire. This brought back memories. Back when she was still making a name for herself as a teenager among her clan she'd lead a group of warriors to fight a scaly menace causing her clan grief and ordered them to wear similar treated garb. Given the nature of her preparation it should be obvious who she was facing today... Once her opponent a great red dragon whose name made her have to stifle laughter due to how... "unexpected" it was. She'd realized that this one was a teenager, just a large one... By Hvarder's beard she managed to bring a fully fledged adult dragon when she young after the High-king had managed to himself; it was that dragon's treasure that built the foundation of the Askr Clan's success in recent memory that brought them out of just a small army of "Woodcutters who learned how to fight" to a powerhouse clan that held most of the eastern lands of Whitescar in an iron hoof. Speaking of Woodcutters though, Today Sigrun had brought a surprise for the audience. She was hardly the first chieftain to bring their clan's relic weapon into the fray in an arena or a battlefield, but it was still a relatively rare occurence. Sigrun's clan was however the first to make changes to the weapon in someway that didn't disastrously effect the magic behind it and render it useless. At the cow's side there was a crude, and rather painful looking axe. It seemed to be made of an unidentifiable material with several runes etched into the blade, but somehow simultaneously blunt edge. The handle seemed to have a mechanism similar to the weapon she'd brought in to her battle with swift squall previously but only on the handle of the weapon. The cow looked up to the dragon from her side of the ring, "Good luck, Big red." she said in an almost affectionate tone, her eyes narrowing slightly in an almost predatory fashion.
  17. From the album: MLP FiM Characters

    I really enjoyed that episode. My art was a little rusty when I drew this because I hadn't drawn in awhile. It's also closer to the show's style than I intended but I seem to do that when it's the first time I draw a character. There's a fair share of things bugging me with this one but overall I'm pretty happy with it. *nodnod* Edit:: Because of the dark backdrop, some mistakes are showing up that I didn't notice before. Eh, I'm too lazy to edit it right now. It might be magically fixed later though. :I
  18. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name : Princess Ember formerly, now Dragon Lord Ember Sex: Female Age: Dragon equivalent of a young mare Species: Dragon Eye colour: Deep Red with dark blue eye shadow Character Color: Aqua Blue with Turquoise on the front of her body. She has a Dark Blue scale patterns on parts of her body, tail tip and spines on top of her head. Physique: Princess Ember isn't the strongest of dragons and is very small for her species. Her small size does bring the benefits of increased speed and agility. She also has two downward curving horns, although they can't be used much for combat. She can also move and fly well despite being in armor and carrying others on her back. Residence: The Dragon Peaks with her father, Torch, and mother Flare. Occupation: Formerly the Daughter of the Dragon Lord Torch, currently The Dragon Lord. Cutie Mark: None History: Ever since she was a hatchling, Ember was placed with great expectations of being the daughter of the current Dragon Lord. She was taught that strength and power were all that mattered among dragons and that who had the most of these traits were deemed fit to rule. Because her father knew that she was not as strong as other dragons, and maybe because out of love, Princess Ember was prohibited from participating in many of the physical challenges that dragons engaged in throughout the year, much to her dismay. To make matters worse, she was often teased by other dragons due to her small frame despite her title as Princess. It didn't help that her father was the one of the biggest dragons in Dragon Peak! Because of this, Ember always took opportunities to prove that she was just as worthy of respect as other dragons, maybe even more. This often brought her father's disappointment upon her. Another thing that Ember was taught was that friendship was meaningless. What mattered were strong alliances only to vanquish enemies. It didn't help that dragons only met in mass for certain events and then dispersed across the lands just as quickly as they met. With these in mind and her teasing from other dragons, Ember felt it was best being and doing things by herself. After all, would she really want a "boulderhead" as a friend? She had a few friends growing up,but they were all fleeting and once again Ember was left alone. She began to form a a wall of emotions around her, rebuffing any signs of emotions that would show her as weak. It wasn't until she met a certain dragon and his pony friends that she experienced a culture that valued and encouraged emotions and friendship. It couldn't have happened at the worst time as Ember, upon hearing her father was passing on the title of Dragon Lord, to prove that she could be strong by competing. Even worse was the small dragon wanted to help her! She rebuffed him and his pony friends, but the more that he offered his help even at the cost of not becoming Dragon Lord, the more that she realized what she had been missing by rejecting friendship! After being given the title of Dragon Lord, Princess Ember has a new outlook on the world. Granted she doesn't think that she'll go as far as being like ponies. Still she does plan to hopefully promote dragons working together more, focusing on other strengths like intelligence and confidence, and open relations up with ponies. Perhaps one day she'll be as friendly as the ponies she met and spread friendship among dragons... maybe. Character Personality: Princess Ember has a complex personality. At first glance she's very independent, seeing dependence as weakness. She is initially cold and hostile towards others, rebuffing any sings of affection of attempts at friendship they may have. She understands what friendship but sees it as not needed at best and a weakness at its worst. She also doesn't like to show any of her positive emotions towards others like joy, mainly reflecting disgust and at times anger. She also doesn't like to talk about her feelings. This personality is mainly a means to shield herself from being disappointed by fair-weather friends and to show her strength. Recently though, her personality has shifted. She has become willing to help others and even to accept friendship in her life, realizing how she was acting towards others. It was in this moment that her true personality shown through rather than the facade she put up. Although she has taken a step towards being more open, Ember still has difficulty warming up completely to others. Besides being the daughter of the Dragon Lord and now the Dragon Lord herself, Ember does have a thirst for life and tries to quench it by doing activities on her own. She loves physical activities like exploring new areas of Dragon Peak, testing her agility and speed, and of course flying! She also has a taste for history as she loves learning about the history of dragons. Despite not wanting to be helped by others often, she can and will help other dragons if they are in dire need of aid. Character Summary: Ember is a dragon who although abrasive and hard to trust others is willing to change for the better and accept friendship in her life.
  19. Name: Ember Sex: Female Age: Fledgling Species: Dragon Eye colour: Ember's eyes are her name sake, as they are a golden orange, like the glowing embers in a fire Coat: Her scales are primarily an icy blue, with diamond shaped scales in a deeper blue on various places, such as her upper legs, tail, and face, a frill of deep blue fins are at the top of her head, and go down her neck, and a pair of ivory colored horns hang down, curling up slightly at her jaw line to frame her face, her under belly is a shade or two lighter than the rest of her, and her wings fade from a royal blue, to a light blue. Physique: Ember is a runt, so her body is on the small scale of dragons, however just because she's small doesn't mean she's any less of a dragon, her wings are strong, and her light, more aerodynamic body make doing sharp turns, and faster flight possible. Residence: The Dragon Kingdom Occupation: Ember is now the Dragon Lord, and is working on establishing peace, and forging "FriendShips" With other kingdoms, despite "Friendship" being a new and almost scary topic for her and other dragons. Unique Traits: Ember possesses a quick wit, fortitude that is unmatched, and the boldness of character that is required for leadership, she is capable of being firm, without resorting to her father's almost tyrannical methods, she is also quite empathetic for a dragon, and due to this is a bit more open minded, and capable of expanding her world view easier than most dragons from the realm. Being a dragon, Ember is also capable of fire breathing, and is working on the whole "summoning dragons via making them glow" sorta thing. History: Ember was the only egg to her parents, former dragonlord Torch, and Mother Burn, and to Torch's dismay, she was a runt, however this did not diminish the affection that the dragon lord had for his young, and this turned into a fierce nature to protect her from all harm, even if he was unsure of how to quite go about that, so he did a bit of everything, from insisting she stay close during their migrations, to making sure she had other dragons watching even from afar, Torch's worry about his only daughter's protection seemed to be a pressing struggle in Ember's youth, granted she knew it was out of love , so for a while she just went with it. However as she grew older, she didn't like the side effects of it, Her father seemed to think that she was anything but strong, so she sought to prove him wrong, practicing her flying, her diving, her hunting, her hoarding, anything to get him to see that she was more than just a runt, and more than just his little Princess! She was a DRAGON! As competent, if not MORE so! Than any other dragon in the entire REALMS! Things came to a head when it came time for her Father to step down, and thus the Gauntlet of Fire was to begin, Ember deciding that THIS was the event that would finally prove once and for all that she was more than capable of anything and everything. And she was right, during the Gauntlet, Ember found out she was capable of even more than she realized, for Ember learned of this strange, new concept, "Friendship" From the pony raised dragon Spike, who's kindness, loyalty,bravery, and refusal to give up on Ember, was what won the Gauntlet. Ember was ready to kneel and follow new Dragon Lord Spike, when the scepter was put in her claws...a bit of fear passing through her, for a moment she doubted herself...but Spike assured her that she was the BEST dragon for the job, as he was needed in the Pony kingdoms...With the scepter in her claws it was finally the proof that Torch needed to trust his daughters abilities, and he couldn't have been more proud...were Ember a more emotional dragon she would have cried. Now Ember works to expand her knowledge of other kingdoms, wanting to work with Spike, and other ponies to establish relations between Dragon Kind and the rest of Equestria, and contribute to this world that they all share. Character Personality: Ember is used to being the runt, so she is a touch abrasive at first, as if she's got something to defend, something to shield from harm, but when confronted with kindness, honesty, and friendship seems to warm up rather quick, and when she does, the Dragon Lord is truly a loyal friend, that will stand by you no matter what mountains, foes, or even DRAGONS stand in your way, her harder personality aspects simply being due to the nature of all dragons, sometimes she can still be selfish, easily prone to anger, and flat out greedy, but these are traits she is personally trying to get in check, after all a leader needs to be selfless. Character Summary: Ember is a strong, fierce, and very adaptable leader, who is opening her mind to new things, she's a bit crude when it comes to some cultures, and it's a HUGE learning process, but she's a fighter, and won't give up till she reaches her goal, and then only stopping to plan a new one, before continuing onward! She knows she has huge footsteps to fill as Dragon Lord, so all her focus is towards bettering the Realm right at the moment, but she wants to expand her knowledge, and maybe even bring dragons into Equestria as allies instead of terrors, turning foes into friends. She also really really really wants to know what a "WonderBolt" Is, as she's heard through the grapevine that they are some sort of "elite" pony flying team, and she is itching to find out what that's all about...Oh oh! And "Pizza" and whatever the heck a "Cutie Mark is" There's a long journey ahead, and Ember can't wait to get there!
  20. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Princess Ember (Also known as Dragon Lord Ember) Sex: Female Age: Young Adult (Although her father would call her a child) Species: Sky Dragon Eye Colour: Dark Orange Coat: Ember's body is primarily covered in cyan scales. Her torso is covered in a thicker set of pale turquoise scales. She has indigo membranes on her wings along with trace blue scales dotting her body. Mane/Tail: She has dark blue crest atop her head that trails off to the back of her head. Her crest is accented by her gray horns and her tail is tipped with a dark blue ending that resembles an immense feather. Physique: Ember has a wiry frame that is substantially more slim than most members of her species. She has been referred to as small and weak by other dragons, but can manage to be highly mobile even while wearing heavy armor. She has a powerful set of wings that are more than strong enough to carry far in excess of her own weight with relative ease. Residence: The Dragon Lands, on an unnamed volcanic island. Occupation: Princess Ember is currently the Dragon Lord and manages the affairs of dragons whenever necessary. When free from the problems of her subjects, she often studies the texts of other creatures, lending her small collection of ancient tomes to any others who wish to learn about the world around them. Cutie Mark: She is a dragon and does not have a cutie mark. Unique Traits: While small for a dragon, Ember is still taller than most ponies thanks to her draconic heritage. She can breathe fire, but often avoids doing so to avoid scaring her less than fireproof friends. While dragons have a tendency to be greedy, she manages to share well with others, although she is prone to prideful outbursts when stressed. As the Dragon Lord, she can call upon other dragons in Equestria to gather in the Dragon Lands for meetings, but only does so when immensely important. History: She grew up in the immense shadow of Dragon Lord Torch, her father. As an only child, her father was immensely protective, valuing her like one of his most prized jewels. She was never for want, but often found herself resenting her father for never letting her earn anything on her own. Her pride often prevented her from succumbing to greed, knowing other dragons would mock her if she accepted a treasure horde gifted to her by a doting father. This, combined with her young age, for a dragon, has lead her to be smaller than most other dragons. This small size only drove her to be more competitive, working immensely hard to overcome her size with any knowledge she could find. She learned proper grappling techniques from dated instruction books and learned how to properly fit and wear a suit of armor that she used to compensate for her size and attain a level of anonymity. Ember was determined to earn the praise that her father showered upon her and set to win the gauntlet of fire, a difficult trial that determined the next dragon ruler. She was willing to do anything to prove her worth and even befriended a stranger who knew nothing about his own species. She eventually succeeded won the gauntlet and earned her reluctant father's respect. She now hopes to rule as Dragon Lord with as much success as her much more imposing father. Character Summary: Ember is a proud dragon who wants to be treated with respect and dignity. She is willing to do anything to prove her worth and toughness, even going so far as to openly disregard the wishes of a dragon lord! She is rash and takes risks, but calculates them as best she can. She opted to wear a disguise to avoid the detection of what would have been an angry father her refused her entry into the dangerous gauntlet to determine the next dragon lord. Her overeager nature has gotten her into trouble though. While flying over an immense body of water, she accidentally crashed into another dragon and fell into the bay below! If not for the help of another dragon, she may have been on a one way trip to the bottom of the sea. She is surprisingly knowledgeable for a dragon, reading up on the basics of other cultures from any dusty tomes she can get her claws on. While she may not know exactly how many alicorns live in Equestria, a number that has only recently started to change, she knows enough about ponies to respect the deeds and power of the primary species in Equestria. When confronted by members of other species in her native lands, she is both impressed and confused by the bravery of another species to encroach in the dangerous lands of her people. She hopes to visit foreign lands and create friendships and alliances with all the creatures in Equestria to better serve all the species in the immense world. Princess Ember is a bit unusual for a dragon, one of the few natives in the Dragon Lands who hasn't outright refused the idea of friendship. Her years of reading about ponies and their odd 'friendship' made her willing to accept the concept after she dealt with her own foolish pride. She earned the friendship and respect of her father by managing to complete the gauntlet of fire when he thought she would be unable to complete it. She also befriended a small earth dragon during the gauntlet who taught her that friendships are more than just convenient alliances. She hopes to become friends with wise creatures across Equestria so that she might learn more about their grand world that her species has often spurned and mocked. She secretly hopes to gain the respect and appreciation of other dragons not by ordering them to, but through calm and well intentioned leadership.
  21. From the album: OC Art

    Felt like fiddling around with animation today, so out came this little doodle. Click on the picture and scroll a bit to see the animation! For those of you that don't know, my eastern dragon Yuri is just a little bit fascinated with ponykind. She and another dragon are currently traversing Equestria in hopes to meet several different kinds of ponies, and their first run in is none other than Prince Blueblood. For having to deal with two strange dragons essentially barreling their way into his home (including one that has a very poor concept of personal space), he's being a pretty good sport about it. (Also no, I didn't forget about his horn. It's there...somewhere). Prince Blueblood © Hasbro
  22. Zeig


    From the album: OC Art

    Maybe, roughly...two hours of work, for this one? Like many dragons, greed is one of Yuri's character flaws, though it's yet to really come into play in an RP. Still, I got inspired to draw an adult Yuri who was unable to fight a greed-induced growth spurt, resulting in her rational mind deconstructing down into an unthinking and avaricious beast. It'd be a pretty sad end for a character like Yuri - luckily, she's accumulated quite a few friends who could potentially snap her out of it. A rampaging Yuri might be fodder for a future RP. The face was heavily drawn from Miyazaki's work, because I could not figure out how the world to make a dragon snarl. Turns out it's all in the furrows of the snout/eye ridge and creases of the mouth.
  23. From the album: MR4Y's House of Random

    This was a request for a friend, which needed a suitable reference for his dragon OC. License - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/
  24. From the album: Scythe Chronicles

    ======FRAULE ====== While it obviously isn't much of a Pony nor will ever be gazed upon by your eyes on this forum, Fraule is a grievously wicked Ice Wyrm whom Umekile(my Pony OC) encounters in the Far North of Whitescar. He is an Enormous and Overgrown dragon who's breath is strong enough to frost over full villages and leave a Tundra in his wake. With great power comes his Greed and unbridled lust for Gold - the Essence of all great dragons - and thanks to the abnormal level of magic emanating from the Spine of the World Serpent's close proximity to the heavens it has afflicted the behemoth with incredible size, causing him to Dwarf most others. Wicked, Corrupt and highly Intellectual it takes a master riddler, clever mind and a double-dose of insanity to want/successfully trick this tremendous calamity of a dragon. Drawn in College Seminar Class on the backpage of a Notebook lol
  25. Name: Vermithirod Gender: Male Age: Ancient Adult Species: Dragon Eye colour: Yellow-gold with slitted pupils. There is a scar over his right eye. Character colour: Vermillion scales Mane/Tail/Other: He has old man gray/silver accents on his back scales, horns, and spiked tail club. His claws are the same yellow-gold of his eyes. His jawline is edged with sharp, gray/silver spikes similar to a beard. Physique: His horns are curved backward and he has a scar over his right eye. He's about average height, somewhat stocky, and slightly robust, but physically able-bodied. Residence: In a cave around the Hasufel Mountains. Occupation: Tutor and teacher Cutie Mark: None Unique Traits: He doesn't like using force or any of his dragon abilities unless he absolutely has to. History: Vermithirod grew up pretty much on his own due to his strong sense of independence and dislike of relying on others. He wasn't too fond of most others regardless of their species because he felt they were superficial, valuing politeness over honesty. Thus, he resolved to become the exact opposite, quickly developing a reputation of being brutally honest in all he said and did. Because of this, he wasn't very popular with his peers. This was just fine with Vermithirod because he didn't want fake friends who would leave him the moment they saw a side of him they didn't like, so he decided to show his worst side always to ward off the weak-willed, shallow, and faint of heart. At one point, Vermithirod got curious and bored with his solitary life as a dragon away from other dragons and wondered what ponies enjoyed so much about living in a community. He wondered if they were more considerate and caring of each other than dragons were and decided to check it out himself. From time to time he ventures out of his cave to go visit and learn more of what they're all about, hoping to find less shallow and more considerate personalities that know what's truly important among them than his fellow dragons. Character Personality: As a dragon, he is very proud and somewhat arrogant. Vermithirod is a cranky, cantankerous curmudgeon. He is blunt and rude with most (though is much nicer to females), acts condescending, and likes to be a know-it-all. He is very brutal with honesty (to the point of being cruel) and does not mince words. He seems to relish in others' disappointment and despair and it seems to be his goal to get them down to his grumpy, cranky mood. He absolutely despises 'sunshine' personalities. Extremely cynical and negative, he sticks with what is practical and logical and will not use force unless he has a very good reason to or someone challenges him. He takes his dignity and pride very seriously. He also pretends not to give a damn about the world and what they think of him. (Key word: 'pretends'.) He also has a pet Sheltie dog named Rue who seems as playful, friendly, and energetic as her caretaker isn't. Despite her puppy-like energy characteristic of her breed, she's old and doesn't have eyes. Vermithirod took her in when he found her in the wild. The reason he acts this way is to keep away and/or scare off shallow beings who aren't worth his time. It's those who have the ability to see past his prickly exterior that he feels are worthy enough to learn who he truly is - someone a lot nicer and more caring than he likes to pretend. Character Summary: Vermithirod is a dragon who occasionally ventures from his cave from time to time to learn more about ponies and their society. He is intrigued by their lifestyle and community and does his best to teach others what he knows as much as he tries to learn from others. Though he can seem brutally honest, uncaring, and downright cruel at times, he's actually a much nicer being that he'd like to admit and it's only those who can see past his prickly facade who will notice this. He has a playful, old pet Sheltie dog without eyes that he rescued from the wild. (Below is Vermithirod sketched by me. Please ignore the human head.)
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