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  1. [ready]Star Note

    Name: Star Note Gender: Female Age: young mare (like a 20~ year old human) Species: earth pony Eye colour: silver Character colour: dark pink Mane/Tail/Other: her mane and tail are long and wild (almost feathery), light blonde colored with white streaks in the hair Physique: her body shape is similar to princess luna only as a normal earth pony, Residence: A traveling pony, originally from Manehattan Occupation: professional musical performer Cutie Mark: stars on two eighth notes Unique Traits: She is best talented in her voice, 2nd best skill is acting, but she has to practice more in her dancing. she also likes to draw for fun but its more a hobby than anything. She also loves wearing costumes History: She always grew up watching musicals with her family who were musical reviewers for the Manehattan Press. But always wanted to be on stage instead, one day as a filly she auditioned for her school musical, and even though bullies who would try and convince her that she wasn’t good, she performed and succeeded in receiving a really important role, she wasn’t the star yet but she was close enough when her cutie mark appeared. Ever since she has been traveling equestrian to perform in as many musicals as possible and learn about different cultural musical sounds. And sharing all she's learned with others Character Personality: Star Note isn’t afraid of being the center of attention, she is afraid of being the center of NEGATIVE attention. so she struggles with critiques unless she trusts the pony telling her it actually just wants to help her. So general ‘your terrible’ will definitely piss her off! cause of all the plays she’s in she loves romance, but if ever she find her special some pony, they will have to either join her travels or get used to her being away till she’s ready to settle down. Character Summary: Star Note is a musical performing pony who loves to shine and stand out but struggles with negative critiques! she loves those important to her and loves meeting more ponies and traveling.
  2. Star Note.png

    From the album Star note

    Her official design feel free to ask to rp!
  3. Hemelo

    Name: Hemelo Gender: male Age: old Species: Earth pony Eye color: gray Character color: Light Brown with a mosaic of interconnected dark brown tattoos covering his legs, torso, neck and the back and sids of his head. Mane/Tail/Other: has a short grayish brown mane and tail. Physique: His face looks like the bark of an old tree. His body is lean but well muscled for his age. He seems to be either balding in parts or his hair is thinning. Residence: Appleloosa Occupation: Farmer, though since his granddaughters discovery of her special talent he had been spending his time training her in the ways of controlling her anger and aggression. However, this has taken a backseat to traveling as he has taught her all he can. The rest is up to her. Cutie Mark: a horseshoe bound by a metal chain Unique Traits: The more pain he’s in the stronger he gets. Depending on the role play he also has the ability to control the ink in his tattoos though the skin needs to be broken for that to occur. He can and will keep fighting despite his injuries. History: Born in Appleloosa, he discovered his talent when a he almost got trampled to death by a heard of buffalo. He ended up returning the favor to the one that almost killed him by beating them senseless. This act of aggression was not tolerated and he was punished for his actions. Later on, he learned to reign in his talent and with this realized that it was more effective and by far less of a problem when he used it to defend others rather then just himself. This came in handy for when he met the love of his life, a chef during one of her trips to the country. She settled down with him and they raised a family on his ancestral farm. Now old and semi-retired he likes to travel around to places he’s never had a chance to see in his youth. Character Personality: Good natured and optimistic he is slow to anger and he normally gives off an air of naivety when it comes to others as he believes that there is some good in everyone. Character Summary: He’s basically a good natured berserker who prefers to work problems out through talking rather then violence. However, when he has to, he is fully capable of switching to the latter should the moment arise. He will generally step in if someone is in trouble or being mistreated in an attempt to settle the matter peacefully. This is especially true if he has already made friends with either party beforehand.
  4. Savage (Ready)

    Roleplay Type: World of Equestrian Name: Savage {Iron Hide, will only ever introduce himself as savage.} Sex: Male Age: Adult Species: Horse Eye colour: Emerald with a hint of yellow. Coat: Dark Grey with a few tattoos. Mane/Tail: Reddish Brown hair with grey streaks. Physique: Thicc and big. Residence: The everfree forest? Any woods or open fields off the road. Occupation: Originally was a guard, commander during a war, a blacksmith, and now just a general farm hand for hire. If he can get close enough to ask. Cutie Mark: Iron hammer, during a bad winter storm in the mountains, savage went up alone to gather ore. This ore was needed for a very special sword commissioned by a a prince. It wasn't magical just needed to be visually appealing, the wyrm ore was rare and hard to get too. It could only be found in the belly of a crystal wyrm. Savage took off into the deep mountains and storm. He came back a week later with his cutie mark, and doesn't talk about the incident. Unique Traits: Savages height for one, he can generally step over most ponies he comes across, though he's not tall enough to make it sorta awkward if he did. Also tusks and a general appetite for meat. From there he definitely follows his name, Iron hide. History: Savage started his life amongst his family, constantly nomadic in the northern tundras, thick hide and skin against the bitter winds. Like many of his family he moved out of his family group and made his way into warmer climates. Happy to explore and learn about the world. From his father he knew how to gather ores from the earth, from his mother he knew how to shape them into weapons and armor. He made his home in a small community that served apart of an earls territory, with his size and natural strength he was hired into being a guard, though preferred his blacksmithing work and was simply on call. Though disagreements and lies between two butting authorities caused the small kingdom to come unraveled in a civil war. he had to fight against many friends. His weapons were used against many old allies. He didn't take to this well and after a few years of participating, he defected and ran away. Though because of this war he has a deep hatred for magic users. From there he traveled very, very far to equestria where he hoped it would be peaceful to live. Unfortunately ponies art use to practical gaints so he's regularly mistaken as a monster in the forest, and being mostly carnivore, it doesn't help. Though because of the nature being extremely tame. Hunting is extremely easy. Character Personality: Savage is a very quiet stallion, he generally has no reason to speak to anyone. Though if your a kid he will happily speak to you, he enjoys the presence of children, if anything it reminds him of simpler times. Beyond that Savage doesn't have a short temper despite his intimidating brutish looks he's very level headed and tactical. He'd rather talk to someone then to harm them but if they continue to pursue him he doesn't mind getting rid of them. He doesn't care for enclosed spaces and seem to have a phobia of them or atleast will begin to have a panic attack if bound in any manner. Though if you use magic he will attack first, he does not trust unicorns and will run them off before much words can be exchanged. This has unfortunately garnered him the title of Forest Monster. Character Summary: Savage is a story teller, though only to the young, he travels and helps out farms, rarely goes into town. He distrusts magic users and finds most people to much of a bother to try speaking to. Though despite this he is a very laid back stallion, enjoys the open road and sleeping under the open skies. Equestria is a therapeutic visit for this old war horse.
  5. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Big McIntosh Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Green Coat: Red Mane/Tail: Honeysuckle Physique: Burly Residence: Ponyville Occupation: Apple Farmer, Singer Cutie Mark: Half-Cut Green Macintosh Unique Traits: Workhorse: Strong build and bred to work McIntosh comes from a long line of Apple farmers. He can pull and carry weight more than three times his own with little effort, putting him on part with most professional construction ponies. This also includes a skillful hoof in repairing buildings, tools, and other items around the farm. Bass: Being of such a heavy vocal range Big Mac can hit the bass range and has place in the Pony Tones as a professional singer. Farmer: Being he is a farmer he has a natural green-hoof and can care for many types of crops, excelling in his family’s main crops of Apple Trees. History: Born of Bright Mac and Pear Butter he is the oldest of his siblings all general responsibilities around the farm fall to him. He’s spent his entire life on the farm, but that is not to say he has not travelled, as his main responsibility is delivery of the goods to other parts of Equestria as well as making the barn and homestead are in tip top shape. He has learned from his family how to tend to his farm, the majority of his smarts coming from his granny whom he works to make sure she stays on her rocking chair at this age! He is, in practice, in charge of the family second to Granny Smith. This, unfortunately at times, meant he had to keep an eye on his little sister Applejack who, in her youth, could lie til the cows came home. And it was so seeing as the cows were always the bulk of her responsibility. It took a lot of brothering to ensure the wild Jack learned some sense, but that didn't mean he didn't support her when she needed it. As they grew so did their work on the farm. When Apple Bloom was born there was hardly I'm between the new foal and chores! But Mac didn't regret any of it. Leaning he had the voice needed by the Pony Tones his helping out eventually landed him as a member. He's met many ponies and made many friendships throughout his life. Because of his work he is quite good at speaking with other ponies, only if it is because he lets them do all the talking… he has met the princesses of Equestria and has even teamed up with Princess Luna during a carnival, one year, in Ponyville. He has participated in the Annual Sisterhooves Social to help poor Apple Bloom out of a bind and has even gone as far as make a fool of himself to impress a mare he fancied. All and all while McIntosh had lived on the farm all his life: there was little that kept him from experiencing the wide world of Equestria. Character Personality: An easy going figure who stands opposite to his hot blooded sister. He is close to his sisters, strongly bonded to them and willing to do anything to make them happy. Although he is a pony of few words that does not mean he will not speak up when push come to shove, if left as the only voice of reason in the room. Shy when it comes to romance he often has trouble finding ways to express his more heartfelt feelings to outsiders. Character Summary: A hard working, rounded earth pony who works hard and spends his free time playing O&O or singing with the Pony Tones he is a helpful pony who never turns away a friend, or stranger, in need, even if he will question it on occasion. He's an experienced farmer, well liked and well socialized and always willing to lend a helping hoof.
  6. Roleplay Type: Mane RP Name: Grand Pear Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Brown Coat: Mostly yellow-orange Mane/Tail: Tail is gray, Mane is gray with a streak of burnt orange Physique: Elderly Residence: Ponyville Occupation: Business pony/pear grower Cutie Mark: a single pear sitting upright Unique Traits: He has returned to Ponyville after a long time away. The father of Pear Butter/Buttercup who married Bright Mac who were the parents of AppleJack, Big Mac and Apple Bloom History: At a young age, Grand Pear became the patriarch of his family that settled outside of Ponyville on farmland that bordered Sweet Apple Acres. Soon the Pears came into direct competition with the Apple Family as each family sold their signature fruits. This brought Grand Pear into an ongoing feud with Granny Smith, the matriarch of the Apple family. The two leaders of their respective family groups were so busy trying to ignore/compete/feud with each other, neither of them noticed the budding friendship (that later turned into romance) between Granny Smith's son Bright Mac and Grand Pear's daughter Pear Butter. The relationship really blossomed during the aftermath of the 'water tower' incident, when Bright Mac (preoccupied with staring at the beautiful Pear Butter), accidently smashed the Pear's water tower. Enraged, Grand Pear first blamed his daughter for the disaster until Bright Mac stood up and confessed, taking full responsibility. Grand Pear ordered Bright Mac to rebuild the water tower, a task the young Apple stallion gladly accepted because it allowed him to spend more time with Pear Butter. The pair of lovers continued to secretly date despite the ongoing family feud. Grand Pear forced his daughter to make a crucial decision when he announced that their family's plans to move to Vanhoover. Through a private wedding in the woods officiated by Mayor Mare, Bright Mac and Pear Butter got married, much to the outrage of Grand Pear and the surprise of Granny Smith. Forcing the newly married Pear Butter to choose between moving away with the rest of the Pear family or staying with her new husband, Pear Butter chose to stay. This so infuriated Grand Pear that he basically disowned her and abruptly moved the Pear clan to Vanhoover the next day. Pear Butter became known as Buttercup (the nickname Bright Mac has given her in childhood) and was accepted by Granny Smith into the Apple clan. In Vanhoover, Grand Pear opened a Pear Jam store that over the years, became famous, known far and wide throughout Equestria. However, despite his successful pear business, Grand Pear still was not completely happy. Over the decades, long after the death of his daughter and her husband, Grand Pear found himself alone and very remorseful. Too late in his life, he realized what a huge mistake it was to disown his daughter, whose only 'crime' was loving a member of the Apple family. Swallowing his pride and wanting to somehow make amends for his past, Grand Pear returned to the Ponyville area, first coming into contact with Apple Bloom, one of his three grandchildren he had never truly met before. As the three curious Apple siblings (Big Mac, Applejack & Apple Bloom) began to investigate how their parents had met, they discovered the entire story and the truth about Grand Pear's relationship to them. A very apologetic Grand Pear received forgiveness from his very loving grandkids. Later, in a very emotional reunion, Grand Pear and Granny Smith met face to face and decided to make a new start, to finally end their long, long feud for the good of the grandchildren they share. Their happy reunion was affirmed when the three Apple siblings showed both Granny Smith and Grand Pear the now fully grown twisted Apple-Pear tree their parents had planted a long time ago as a sign of their union. Now Grand Pear is a welcome part of the Apple family story, and Grand Pear finally has the peace of mind so desperately missing all of his life. Character Personality: For much of his life, Grand Pear was very headstrong and stubborn. However, in his elderly years, the Pear stallion had become very loving, generous and kind. He was still very sorrowful for his past meanness, but is very willing to somehow make up for all his past misdeeds. Grand Pear is now a modern citizen, and especially kind to the Apple family and the grandchildren that had grown up not even knowing who he was. Character Summary: Grand Pear had lived a very troubled life, allowing his anger to govern the life choices he made for his family. But now, all of that is in the past as he and the Apple Family have set aside their past differences. Grand Pear is still strong minded, but now all of his energies have been devoted to nurturing his once-broken family ties rather than ignoring them. Grand Pear is a great example of how one's life can change for the better. Anger should never be a motivation in life, a lesson that it took many decades for Grand Pear to learn. Though 'Friendship is Magic', family ties can be even more magical!
  7. Apple Stars

    From the album My OCs

  8. Roleplay Type: Free-for-all Name: Apple Stars Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Earth Pony Eye color: A bright baby blue Coat: Blonde with white freckles on his cheeks Mane/Tail: Dark brunette tied in a short spiked ponytail with an orange mane tie Physique: Skinny though with a bit of muscle to him. Residence: He tends to move around a lot due to his job. Mostly in Manehattan or Canterlot but he'll always come back to Appleloosa one way or another Occupation: Stars is a famous country-styled singer who often visits different places each week to sing for the ponies and other species of Equestria. Cutie Mark: A green apple with three stars flowing down the side of the apple Whilst on a trip with his father to help them bond and make up for lost time Apple had gotten back into secretly singing. It had always helped him calm himself when he was a foal. As they slowly started to bond over travel and discussions about the farm and life being famous the colt was confident enough to show his father his singing voice and when he did, things took a big turn. He felt it was for the better. After some convincing and encouragement, Cunning had set up a small show in Canterlot where all the primmest and proper ponies live. His son would be the star and show off his singing voice to the world but Apple didn't know if he was ready. In fact on the night of the show, he ran from it before it began, way too anxious to show other ponies his voice afraid of judgment and looks of disgust. He didn't feel like he could handle all those eyes on him and face those ponies head on. It was too much so he found a small alley way to hide in and stayed there for a few hours. Making sure he was hidden within his covers of old boxes and a dumpster. Of course, all too soon in his opinion one of his father's bodyguards found him and made him walk back to his father. Unable to handle the pressure Stars cried on Cunning's shoulder all while he comforted his son with soft words and praise. Telling him that there was no reason to be scared and that he was here for him. That was a moment in his life that became precious to him but he still didn't know what to sing and that's when the best thing his father has ever said to him came forth. "Sing about what you love" His farm, his family, that's what he loved the most. Suddenly finding lyrics in his head Stars got on that stage and paid no mind to the audience, only singing about what he loved. He soon heard cheering and hooves clapping together but continued to sing his heart out, feeling what his true passion was and what he was meant to be. Right then and there his cutie mark appeared. Unique Traits: The only earth pony in his immediate family who has an apple in his cutie mark History: Foal years - Born in the small town of Appleloosa to his mother Orange Cider and his father Cunning Shades, Apple Stars was named partly after his great, great grandfather who used to be part of the apple family making him a distant apple along with his mother. As a foal, he was a shy and timid thing. Always clinging to his mother and crying whenever she had to go to work on the farm. He was lonely most of the time due to his father always being out at shows and being a model around Canterlot. This is what sparked a creativeness in the young foal as he started making up his own games to play instead of crying all day. It included singing and pretending to farm like his mother. Colt years - As he grew up, Stars assumed he'd just be an apple farmer like his mother since he had given up on singing due to how shy he was around other ponies. He was perfectly fine with being an apple farmer however and grew close with his mother. Often remarked as mama's boy by his cousins. Of course, Orange was rather prideful of that name and would always call him that resulting in him feeling embarrassed most of the time. Though despite this, he was still a rather hard-working stallion and did his best to support his mother while working the front at a small little bar that Orange's family had owned for generations. . When his father came home there was always some uncomfortable distance between them. Since he was never around much of his life there had always been some sort of distance between them. Orange wasn't fond of the distance between her two boys and came up with a plan to bring them together and sent them off on a trip with each other to further their relationship having no idea that's what changed her son's life forever. After getting his cutie mark he excitedly went on the train the very next day and making sure to hug his father goodbye since he still had business in Canterlot. With a happy mind and heart Apple had made his way to Appleoosa where after he announced his cutie mark everyone celebrated the fact that he had become a small time celebrity and had gotten his cutie mark. After that celebration, nothing had ever been the same. When his father came back they both bonded a lot more and he felt happy to get to know his father along with going with him every time he left and starting up his career as a performer. He started singing in small towns at first like ponyvile and slowly over time worked himself up to be able to sing in front of millions of ponies and sign autographs. Stallion years (Where he is now) - Now living in manehattan and famous the stallion still does his best to visit his family and had gladly taken over his father's career when he retired only he sung. Sometimes he would model here and there for a promo of his new show but besides that life was good for him right now even with it being instantly busy. Although one thing had always been bothering him and that's his recent discovery of liking other stallions. Character Personality: Apple Stars is quite a shy stallion despite being famous. He still has a hard time speaking to ponies one on one though his fans rather think that's cute. He also has the personality of someone who wants to help ponies in bad situations. He's gentle and understanding and is willing to do anything to help somepony. Stars is also very soft-hearted. He'll always try to remain calm and collected in the face of confrontation even if he has plans to avoid it at all costs. With family and close friends: Gentle and caring, Apple Stars can be the best friend that may exist. In fact, he often put the needs of his friends in front of his needs. He is loyal, devoted, compassionate and whenever there is some problem in the family or among friends, he will do his best to resolve it. Stars is expressive and he will not hesitate to express his feelings to the ponies around him. He expects others to be open to him as he is. Communication with loved ones is very important for him. Character Summary: Just a country stallion who worked his way to fame but still has a soft heart and mind.
  9. Name: Chesster Pierce Gender: MaleAge: StallionSpecies: Crystal PonyEye colour: Amber Character colour: The Coat is a very creme off-white color, with brown at the tip of the ears and a bubble gradient from hoof to elbow/knee consisting of a light red, shaded red, brown red to brown at the hoof. Chesster has two short scars across the muzzle and one on his left ear, all of them earned in scuffles with childhood bullies who didn't like being tricked by the clever colt. He has a longer scar on his left side, extending from his shoulder blade to his hip, and forked slightly in the middle. This scar is from when he first joined the guards and got into an accident while sparring without armor. Mane/Tail/Other: The mane is an ombre of a neutral red to dark red at the hair tips, and is light and fluffy, ultimately straight. The mane is about shoulder length, and partially covers his upper back. His tail is the same way, and is similar to a cow's tail. He also has a short goatee, the same color as his mane and tail. Physique: Chester is a tall, muscular stallion without the stocky build of most distinguished stallions, and measures to about 5 foot. Though what he lacks in a broad barrel body he makes up for with his athletic, slim physique, good for sprinting and low endurance activites. Residence: In the canon universe, he lives in a secluded manor in Whitetail woods. In the Sombra undefeated universe, he lives in the Crystal Empire. Occupation: Originally, he was a soldier and then a commander of the Crystal Empire, due to his talent for strategy and tactical decisions. Under King Sombra, he was ruthless and deadly efficient, as one must be to survive under King Sombra's rule. After Sombra's (second) defeat, he fled the empire and makes a living from his manor in Whitetail Woods. As a hobby he goes to chess competitions and jousting matches, and if he needs the money he does mercenary work, dealing with threats from the Everfree and elsewhere that occasionally come out to torment the ponies of small towns. Cutie Mark: His cutie mark is a knight and a pawn in four alternating squares of black and white, the chess pieces representing his propensity for strategy, careful decision making and tactical decisions. He also happens to be really good at chess, checkers, and most card games. Chesster first got his cutiemark when he defeated his bully in a battle of wits, and got revenge by humiliating his bully. Unique Traits: Chesster learned how to battle in heavy armor and fight with a sword, overcoming the challenges being an earth pony posed for sword duels. To make up for his lack of magic and to confuse his foes, he has a helmet with a sharp, fake unicorn horn on it, for fooling attackers into thinking he's more skilled in magic instead of other areas (such as strength) and as use as an extra sword, his helmet horn can be used in a sudden thrust or to parry a blow, or act like a spear while charging an opponent. History: Chesster is from the Crystal empire, from a family of poor grain farmers. As a foal, he was small and weak and hung out with the smart, nerd kids, which got him picked on and beat up frequently. Escaping bullies led to Chesster becoming quick witted and clever, and he became disillusioned with friendship, since his 'friends' often betrayed and abandoned him to save themselves. He came to rely on himself, and focused his skills with years of study and research to develop his skills, studying famous commanders and tacticians to improve his skills. He trained himself with vigorous excersize, making it his goal to join the royal guard, to prove that he could rise above his roots and become greater than those who tormented him as a foal. Chesster climbed his way to where he is (or was) by being the smartest, and the most determined. He demonstrated great skill in combat and strategy and joined the royal guard, but his intelligence and cunning helped him climb the ranks. Due to a incapacitating 'accident' caused by Chesster in his ambition for power and position, the commander at that time became unfit for duty, and Chesster was promoted. He used his position for power and personal gain, sometimes blackmailing to get what he wants, among other unethical methods to amass a small fortune. When King Sombra rose to power, Chesster immediantly swore loyalty to him, recognizing power and realizing Sombra was his chance to rise above. Chesster demonstrated his loyalty by helping to enslave or imprison the crystal ponies, and kept the rest of the guard in line and following Sombra's orders. Chesster took his duties very seriously, taking every opportunity to prove his loyalty, through any means. When Sombra was defeated and the Crystal Empire fell to Sombra's curse, Chesster fell with it. When it returned, Chesster had his memories blocked like the rest of the crystal ponies, though he remembered his loyalty and understood the logic behind the block on his memories. Chesster prepared for Sombra's defeat or victory by gathering his belongings and his wealth, and a small portion of his most loyal guards. When Sombra was defeated by Twilight Sparkle and her friends, his memories returned and Chesster left the Crystal Empire, fearing repercussions for his role in enslaving the crystal ponies. Chesster built a small manor in isolation in Whitetail Woods with his ill-gained money, and spends his time preparing for King Sombra's eventual return, sending out search parties to find any trace of the King of Monsters. Character Personality: Chesster is clever and devious, always using underhoofed, dirty and sneaky tactics to win. He's very proud, has a strong sense of loyalty and tends to be selfish. He doesn't care who he has to defeat to rise to the top. He has no pity for the weak, since he believes if he could escape his weaker self, so too can everypony else, but they simply don't want to. He cares most about himself, but on occasion can be selfless for personal gain, or as an investment. When Chesster wants to be, he can be quite suave and charming, usually coming up with clever and flirtatious compliments to mares or superiors he's kissing up to for favors. Chesster can sometimes have a large ego, and takes critisicm poorly. He's very prideful of what he does and a cold, quiet anger takes him when his skills are called into question. Chesster puts on a cool and collected exterior, preferring to appear mysterious. He acts cold, but deep down he really wishes somepony would make him feel something more than a lust for battle and power, however his cold, logical and calculating nature can put ponies off. Chesster also doesn't recognize most of his flaws. His redeeming qualities would likely be his extreme loyalty, He's very loyal to his king and his guards, and wasn't loyal to the original ruler of the Crystal Empire because he secretly believed she was too weak to rule. When needed, Chesster is willing to set aside his pride if it benefits him in some way later on. Chesster likes fine dining, sparring with his loyal guards, and winning. Chesster dislikes other ponies acting like they're better than him, hot weather, and ponies telling him to get a haircut. He can be somewhat vain about his long hair, however impractical it is for battle. To remedy this, he gets somepony else to put it in a bun or ponytail. He likes strategy games and riddles. He has regal, lavish taste, a penchant for the finer things in life, and believes he deserves nothing less. His sense of style is modest but expensive, and he prefers dark tones or shades, particularly mahogany and red velvet. He likes dark brown and red, and may be biased due to his coat colors.He likes to pass on his skills, and enjoys teaching them to the next generation, however rare that may be. Character Summary: Chesster is an ambitious crystal pony with a skill for strategy, originally a commander of the crystal empire under king sombra, and since his defeat he has retired to a manor in Whitetail Woods, awaiting King Sombra's hopeful return. While waiting for his king, Chesster sometimes leaves his manor in disguise, to participate in chess competitions, or other such competitions requiring a level of intelligence, sometimes jousting. Whether he wins or not, Chesster evaluates his tactics and plans for better ones next time, growing and learning however he can. He also prefers to be called by his last name Pierce, as he believes the name Chesster isn't nearly as intimidating enough. He greatly prefers Lord Pierce and Commander Pierce. Chesster thought of the crystal fair as a distraction and preferred to focus on his studies and training, secretly though he envied the fun that other ponies had and wanted to go, but his reasoning was that he had nopony to go with him so there was no point. Chester's base design
  10. Iseiaisha [ready]

    Name: Iseiaisha Sex: Female Age: Middle aged Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Cyan Coat: Navy Blue Mane and tail: Dark Grey Physique: Stocky Residence: She has an official office in Kyoma, although she is only there intermittently, and she has an apartment in the same city. She also has several safehouses spread across Neighpon, and a few in other regions. Occupation: Karasu of the Shogunate Cutie Mark: A spear piercing through a tree, representing Iseiaisha’s drive to accomplish her goal. It was harvest time. Among other things, for farmers this meant trips to market to sell off surplus, and make sure they had enough to purchase what they might not be able to make themselves. Too young at the time to do the bulk of the carrying, Hidzume did what she could to help all the same, largely at her own insistence. She was put to work in smaller ways generally, clearing the way for the cart, making sure things didn’t fall off of it, or helping setup and run the stall. This particular season however saw the family suffer an unfortunate occurrence, the father fell ill. Thankfully it was not life-threatening, but it would leave him bedridden, and that would set back their schedule. As the family debated what to do, Hidzume stated that she would replace him, so they would not fall behind. The idea was shot down immediately, as such a task would be far too much for her young self to do. Although she made as though she’d listened, Hidzume had other plans. She went to bed early that night, specifically for the purpose of getting up early the following morning. She knew she couldn’t tackle the task alone, but she had accounted for this. She coerced her older brother to help, although admittedly he only did so because he worried she might try even if he didn’t, and if it was going to happen it would be better for someone responsible to be present. The journey into town was several gruelling hours, while the nearby wilderness was relatively tame the route was long and bumpy enough to cause problems, but the pair emerged triumphant! Sure, Hidzume would be bedridden for several days herself afterwards, and she’d be chewed out by her parents after that. But she had proven that when she set her mind to achieving something, she would not be denied it. Unique Traits: Iseiaisha began her combat schooling as a soldier, and the skills and understanding that come with that are something that never left her. Through her training, and the subsequent years on active duty, she gained a familiarity with tactics, logitstics and combat with a number of basic weapons. The training also gave her new techniques for handling pain, which combined with her natural traits makes her a very resilient combatant. The shift from soldiery to espionage brought with it whole new sets of skills. Iseiaisha recieved intesive training ninjitsu, which included both a form of direct combat with a basis in misdirection, and techniques for avoiding combat in the first place. She knows how to remain concealed, discreetly gather information, and stealthily approach a target. History: Iseiaisha, then known by her birth name Shitto No Hidzume, grew up in a farming community on Dosanko. Her village itself was fairly secluded from the attacks which plague the region, but she nonetheless heard much about them. Though much diminished from the raids of old, they were still a constant source of gossip and thus concern. Hidzume however took what many would call exactly the wrong things from these stories. She took away only the tales of the mighty heroes who’d defended Dosanko in ages past, and while the stories their modern day soldiers who guarded the island weren’t as dramatic they were more real, which made them just as interesting. Those stories inspired Hidzume, but also proved to be a source of frustration. As much as her family insisted that role of a farmer was a noble and vital undertaking, it never felt very heroic. It was too much based in routine, how could one prove their bravery or tenacity if one could not take any risks? She found glory where she could, initially by trying to take on the more dangerous tasks, around the farm, and eventually going beyond that. Whenever she got wind of some critter that might threaten the farm, she made it her mission to ward it off. It was one thing when that was merely pests, but when she moved up to predators, her parents had enough. Fortunately, there was a military academy relatively close by, and Hidzume was of age my then to be sent to it. Though done with a heavy heart, it was thought to be the right choice by all involved. The filly was excited to follow in her heroes’ hoofsteps, and learn their ways. The rest of her family hoped her natural energy could be tempered by discipline. She did well, her own enthusiasm for the subjects carrying her through those aspects she would have otherwise struggled with. Naturally, on completing her pass through the academy, Hidzume went on to join the service proper as many of her classmates did. The capabilities she demonstrated in training earned her a junior officer’s position. It wasn’t actually a command position of any sort, but it was a fast track to it. In peacetime it is more difficult to find opportunities to advance or find glory, and at times it was a challenge for Hidzume to retain her poise, but she persevered. Her battlegroup was called to action every so often, but most of her early career was essentially guard duty. It was not what she’d been hoping for, but her role models would not quit in the face of unexpected challenges, and neither would she. While she had limited opportunities to show her valor, over her early years she was able to demonstrate her dedication to her position. In time, Hidzume earned a small squad of her own, and her first command brought with it a task. Several villages in a rural area had reported bandit attacks. The problem was deemed too small for a full sacle military response, but the damage could not be ignored either. It was thought that the task would be a perfect fit for a fresh commander looking to get a taste of leadership in a combat situation, being just serious to merit a response, while minor enough that the danger would be minimal. These assumptions proved perhaps too correct. After taking a few days to speak with the townsfolk, and get both the details of the recent attacks and the lay of the land, Hidzume began her hunt, and it only took a few days before bandits were baited into a trap and their band routed. They were never particularly skilled, having been driven to raiding towns out of a famine in their own home villages, rather than greed or challenge, and Hidzume mused on this even as she rounded up the stragglers. She found herself conflicted, being proud of a job well done, yet at the same time not being sure the bandits really deserved what came to them. She began to wonder if there had been another way to resolve the situation. Hidzume continued on as a soldier for several months, but during that time her doubts weighed on her. The life of a soldier seemed less and less appealing, if one would be forced to choose between doing her duty and finding the best outcome, as she had. After a few months of competent but increasingly distracted service as a soldier, she took an extended leave of absence. Hidzume had grown dissatisfied with her situation as a soldier, yet the mindset, and her drive to protect remained. She still wanted to fight, and she was determined to continue, but that was no longer enough. She was sure that, if she just knew the right approach, she could have found a better outcome and could do so reliably in future. As with many soldiers, she had until this time viewed the more subversive schools of warfare disdain, but now she saw them in a new light. She realized that with the right intelligence, or a blade in just the right place, one could change the course of of a battle or even prevent it entirely. Of course, there were no academies available to learn spycraft or ninjitsu, or at least none that could be publicly accessed. It was however, possible to find a mentor, if one knew where to look or had the will to track one down. Hidzume had both, and she demonstrated them in her search for someone who could teach her the skills she sought to learn. After a month of this, she caught the attention of one of the few ponies staffing the office of the Karasu. This pony found Hidzume’s efforts sloppy, but saw potential in the attempt and the mare who made it all the same. She had found her mentor. Hidzume underwent a period of intensive training, to bring her up to speed on the tools of the trade, which included both more direct means by which a ninja would reach a target or gather information, as well as the more roundabout methods of espionage. And this did not stop at mere demonstration and practice, Hidzume was called on to do work in the field long before her training was complete, evidently her teacher thought that a live environment was vital to the learning process. It was during the first of these that Hidzume picked up the name Iseiaisha, adopting a new name while in public to make her and particularly who her family and friends were more difficult to track down. Though finding the methods unintuitive at first, Iseiaisha persevered, and came to appreciate the means to control a situation that such methods offered. Once again her dedication proved to be her greatest asset, and after many years of service she rose through the ranks, first to achieve a position in the office of the karasu, and finally to relatively recently be selected to be the Karasu herself when the time came. Personality/Summary: Iseiaisha is something of a paradox. As the Karasu she is valued for her ability to act subtly, and yet at the same time it was her direct, driven approach that garnered her attention that allowed her to achieve her current station. It’s not that she can’t scheme, it’s just that when she has an objection she puts intense focus on it. Unless otherwise required, she prefers to strike her foes harder and faster than they can react over intricate plans, and she’s willing to put herself in harm’s way to achieve her goals. She’s less willing to put her subordinates in similar danger, although at a certain points she sees that as a hazard of the job and a risk one must have realized when entering the field in the first place. She sees espionage as the most brutal and underhoofed means to solve a crisis while putting the least number of ponies in harm’s way, and she embodies that interpretation in her tactics. She’s only had to change this mindset recently, as she’s begun to control the Karasu’s intelligence network. Now managing so many who each have their own modus operandi, Iseiaisha has taken up a hooves-off approach. She allows her agents to choose their own methods, provided they find success and avoid too much attention, as a disguise, a concealed vantage point and a spy golem all accomplish the same thing in the end. In person, Iseiaisha tends to be laid back. She’s a pony who’s seen much over the course of her life, and was so often called upon to make split second decisions in critical situations, such that little truly fazes her anymore. Which isn’t to say she can’t be surprised but rather that surprise isn’t enough to stop her from taking action. She takes her responsibilities very seriously, both being a career soldier and now holding a position of importance in the shogunate. Beyond that however she’s very easy to talk to, having cultivated conversation as both something useful to a spy and an alternative to combat as a soldier. Additional Notes: As this character is going to be the karasu, I'm going to want to get it approved by @Zeig as well as the usual process before I'd consider it truly complete.
  11. Hero Name: Rabble Rouser Powers: Entropy Magic Rubble’s power’s manifested at a young age when she was a filly. A rare and potentially volatile magic that can control, manipulate, and be empowered by entropic energy. A constant side effect of this power is that the energy will constantly be building inside her until it is released through some way, if not voluntarily she will eventually do so involuntarily in ways she prefers not to describe in pleasant company: In mild level a burp, in more severe cases, a more severe method. When she was with her family she dealt with this by letting off the ‘pressure’ in an unused bunker beneath their hideout. Nowadays she uses a special device, provided by the academy to more easily regulate it and provide a more pleasant way for her to ease the burden. The method that she vents her excess energy is in fact her primary mode of attack and defense. Her magic in a fight can be used to enhance her speed to impressive levels only slightly above peak equine condition and even passively now she has used it to grant her an astonishing degree of raw physical strength. Her prefered method of fighting would be the short range blasts of magic that fire from her hooves. These blasts allow her to easily and quickly break down, cut through, rapidly decay or in some cases completely disintegrate whatever is caught in their line of fire. Luckily for many, her magic only works on inorganic matter as well as sustained magical forces: such as shields or illusions or other things. Alias: Rubble Rose, mare attending the hero academy through the blessing of the Moonlit Knight’s Reformed to heroes program. Backstory: Originally born into a small time family of criminals, Rubble Rose was just the youngest child among them, yet through luck or fate was granted a very useful power that the family decided could be used to allow them easy access to banks and the money there in. The family pulled a multitude of jobs across the Fet loch region with their new muscle at their beck and call in order to serve as a distraction and easily break through vaults. The series of heists went on for a long time with several amateur heroes losing out to the pony being called the “Demolition Mare” or “Demo-mare”. The damages to property (but no loss of life) eventually resulted in the arrival of none other than the Equestrian. The fight went a little bit longer than expected but eventually Rose was left defeated and her family were apprehended. Her, being the youngest, was given lighter sentencing and sent to live in a secure facility for empowered individuals where her powers were to be suppressed. She spent a year there before being released for good behavior and being a model prisoner. While she was there she would watch the news fanatically and see all the heroes on the magi-view broadcasts. Seeing all the citizens who were so happy to see great heroes who risked their lives… it was inspiring, and a stark contrast to how ponies looked when she arrived on the scene with her family. When she was finally released, she had learned that thanks to her behavior in the facility she was eligible to apply for the reforming villains effort! She accepted immediately, but at the request of the United Equestrian Government she was given a special horseshoe that keeps track of her location and in case she ever goes rogue can be used to incapacitate her if necessary. Now she seeks to try her very best to become the kind of hero who can help ponies and put everyone at ease, and put her past behind her. Allies: Rose has yet to make any friends or join any leagues, but she does tend to write the equestrian often, even if she doesn’t get a reply back very much. Mostly the letters detail how grateful she is to her for saving her from her old life. One day she hopes to be able to openly aid the Equestrian someday too… While she is old enough to be on her own now, Rubble has been ordered to spend some time with a family in canterlot. Those in it are actually in charge of informing the gov’t how she is behaving, if she looks like she might return to any criminal behaviors etc. Currently Rose is unsure how to really approach them, but values them greatly and tried her best not to cause them any trouble. Enemies: Has none as of yet but is somewhat afraid of tabloids in case they reveal info about her past which she hasn’t taken any measures to hide. Notability: Having only started out as a hero and still training in the academy she is still one of the lesser known heroes attending.
  12. The train came to a stop slowly at Canterlot Station. Caramel was still rubbing her eyes from being asleep a fair bit of the trip, and thus took time to realize they were in fact actually back in Canterlot. As the girls boarded one coach that was sent for Princess Twilight, Stormstride and her party slid quietly into a more common coach that was less noticeable. CaramelCream followed her mother into their carriage, leaning against her softly. Feather Touch gently covered her with a wing like a blanket, keeping her warm as they rode up the hill. It was still early, and most of the residents of Canterlot were just now waking to prepare for the day. Caramel fall back asleep between her parents, breathing softly as she let them hug and hold her to them dearly. Too much had happened in recent times for the filly to actually process and become accustomed too, and sleeping was her way of accommodating all the information she had been bombarded with. Twilight and the girls had begun discussing softly the plans for the party, setting Rarity to task making a little princess party for the filly while tasking Pinkie and Applejack with the foods. Pinkie had taken time to talk to and get to know the filly on the trip, and picked out a cake to make. Applejack was making party foods from fresh fruit, providing the ponies present with a bit of variety though with a more healthy selection in mind than just the usual party sweets. Fluttershy tended to setting up some games for them to play, with the help of Rainbow Dash. They set up the races, hopscotch, bag toss, a piñata, and pin the tail. Though, they tried to keep as much of it all in the ballroom as they could possibly. The gardens were restored, and no sign of combat remained, it was still best to not allow the place to be filled with young ponies who might find a piece of metal still left out or missed in the cleanup; as a cut in the hoof could ruin a party fast. Caramel slept on, even as her mother levitated her along between herself and Feather Touch. Stepping from the carriage they looked around at the pleasant morning with clear skies and clean air. They often wondered how it was always like this after every tragedy that happened here, though likely there was magic involved in the cleanup. The pair bowed to Celestia and Luna respectfully as the sister princesses came forward to greet them, though admittedly there was tension in the air. No pony wanted to speak of it, especially with the filly there; albeit she was asleep and deaf. “Lady Stormstride, Lord Feather Touch. Welcome to Canterlot Palace,” Celestia said softly, then she returned the bows and smiled at them. Luna looked at the young filly, her eyes soft and gentle as she watched her dreaming, but left her to the dreams she had in peace. Turning her gaze to the mare and stallion, she could read them just as easily. Stormstride was still full of regret, still mourning her brother in her heart and dreaming of those events again and again every night. Her husband however seemed more concerned for her wellbeing; she could see the movements he made to always keep her in the field of his view, and how he tried to ensure he could step between her and a possible threat. A warrior as she was, she was vulnerable. The guards with them were in plain clothing and carried only ceremonial weaponry. It was meant to display, not to fight and Luna wondered if the short spears they carried even truly had an edge. Though when she noticed Caramel was being levitated by Stormstride, her own magic extended and gently lifted the filly, helping to hold her up for Stormstride. She turned to the side and gave a gentle bow, gesturing with a wing. “Perhaps you would like to take time to rest in a room before the party this afternoon?” Luna offered, to which Stormstride nodded softly. Feather Touch gently kissed her cheek and whispered to her he was going to help with the party while she took CaramelCream for a nap. She kissed back and went with Luna to a guest room provided for them to sleep in. As Luna opened the door for the mare she spoke in a soft voice. “I… understand how you have felt about the upper class ponies of Canterlot. Things are not exactly equal with many of them. You were an honest pony, and a good soldier. I hope that one day, we can make up for what was done to you Stormstride. It was not right, and more than myself feels that way.” Stormy looked to Luna as she lay Caramel on the bed gently. The lunar princess was oft more elegant with words than her sister, even if she did not know it. “It is not that I have wanted things made up to me. I simply could not tolerate the thought that these things were accepted as common place and would continue. Putting an end to them so that there was never another pony like myself was my end goal. I just… didn’t realize that trying to force those changes was what created things like… him, in the first place. I still have the journal. I still make documented notation though now purely for research and benefit of pony kind, both in Maretionia and Equestria. And my goal is the same, that there never be another pony like myself ever again,” she said as she stroked Caramel’s mane softly. “It never goes away does it?” She asked suddenly, looking up to Luna whom already knew what the question meant. She also knew what the answer would mean for Stormstride when it was spoken aloud but she felt it was better to be honest at least “No. It never goes away. You will always remember, and so will other ponies. But it is up to you now to decide how best to use that power. Yes, it can be a corrupting force but seeing how pure your love for your family is and always will be, I feel confident enough you can control the knowledge you have of the dark arts. You must decide if it is a course of study worth looking deeper into, or if you are unwilling to search for answers there any further. Either way, you know you have my support, and I will always be here to answer any questions you have. I too tasted that power and leapt upon it in anger, seizing it as a weapon to further my own goals, rather than realizing it made me a slave to desire,” Luna turned slowly and walked to the door. She paused only long enough to look back and watch the mare slide up on the bed and gently pull her daughter close. Leaving them to sleep peacefully she watched Flashfire take his position outside the room, beside a normal REA soldier. The stallion’s blind, glazed eyes were looking forward, spear in hoof as he stood there silently like a sentinel. Luna had thought to speak to him, however she left it be and ventured down to the kitchens to see how Pinkie and Applejack were faring. Pinkie was baking a lovely cake with extra thick icing, making certain it varied in color and flavor since she knew Caramel had no particular favorite. A soft smile crossed Luna’s lips as she watched the pink mare working. Applejack had a few trays of snacks ready, rather delightfully made in color and shape; all of them radiating the scent of fresh fruits from her orchard blended with treats such as currants, jams, and peanut butter. Celestia was in the ballroom helping to decorate and place the games. Although no pony was certain what sort of dancing Caramel preferred, they prepared several kinds from the noble waltz to the more fun and loud music most Equestrian foals seemed to favor. After all they knew she had lived as nobility for a few years now, and that she was getting to the age where she would be looking to other ponies, and it was possible she might ask for a proper dance. Feather Touch was uncertain himself, as the only music in their castle had been Buck’s playing, and no pony had lifted any sound like it since. Celestia frowned at hearing that, knowing how much wider the hole that his death had left. Blueblood had said that there were no sounds made in the castle the whole time he was there, aside from the light conversations and usual cleaning sounds. Celestia then began to wonder where Blueblood was, she had seen neither he nor Psmith all day. Surely he was not sulking in his room, nor would he be out from the castle today of all days; so where would he be that he was not here to greet his friend and her daughter? The soft clop of hooves drew her attention and answered her question. Blueblood had been to the tailor it seemed, as his suit was freshly refitted. Psmith was not far behind in a new suit as well, and carrying a small wrapped box. Then Celestia noticed they were leading a group of ponies up to the palace. The guests were arriving now, which made her smile. Stepping away, she moved to let the girls take over and show the young ponies the games to play as she ventured to find her sister, locating her easily as she had returned to the window that she was often standing at. Contemplation on her countenance, the lunar mare was silent as her sister approached. Celestia looked out the window as well, looking over that patch of garden with the hedge maze and fountain. It was always a peaceful place, unmarred by anything yet devoid of color and special correlation. A patch where, in the past no pony had tended anything there, just a bare patch in the gardens that could be used for something and no pony knew what. “The guests are arriving sister. Would you like to greet them with me?” Celestia asked softly. She figured her sister would say no; that she was waiting for Stormstride and Caramel to awaken before taking them to the party. However Luna surprised her with a soft smile and a nod. The pair walked down to the ballroom together, joining the girls as they set up the last of everything quietly and told the colts and fillies to go ahead and begin playing, and to leave any gifts on a small side table. There were only a few gifts brought, as Caramel’s list was most short indeed; cookie cutters, beads and bobbles, and bits of shiny jewelry. It seemed she already had anything she could really want, and had just made a list for those that felt obligated to bring her a gift. As they were moving down the hall, they came to the door where Stromstride and Caramel were sleeping. Luna paused before turning to Flashfire, and asking him to give them just a few moments more before waking them and letting them know the guests were arriving. He nodded, and gave a gentle salute before returning to his pose. Celestia thought it odd that he was her honor guard so far from home, and that HeavyHoof, her captain and stand in steward was the other. Perhaps Stormstride had her reasons, or perhaps these two were just on vacation with the family; either way she was pleased to see Flashfire seemed healthy and active still. The sisters carried on back to the ballroom, coming in and instantly the foals crowded around them all bowing or clamoring about how they looked. Celestia had to giggle, seeing Luna look rather startled before she settled into the attention and smiled at them. Luna explained that Caramel had traveled from a land far away and was taking a nap so that she would have the energy to play with her friends. She had not forgotten them and was going to be very happy that so many of them showed up with their parents and teachers. Celestia did a fast count, finding twelve foals, roughly fifteen parents and two teachers; that was actually more than she imagined would show given that the list of guests only had thirty on it to begin with. This was mostly every pony except one teacher that had since moved away from Canterlot to teach elsewhere. Twilight was smiling to the side with the girls, watching and helping where they could. The parents were mostly sitting in a section of chairs set out for them, conversing about old days and how things had changed a bit. The foals were a few years older now, most had their cutie marks and others were still blank, but all of them got along. The district was once more at quiet peace and a few asked about if any of them had actually seem Stormstride the last time she was around. It was then one of the teachers spoke up, stating they had and that she had made a rather hefty donation to the school to afford new things and repair the building. Another parent spoke up, noting how Stormstride had seen and commented to them that the school no longer had a guard posting and the street section was being neglected. Princess Celestia filed those away in her mind for later when she would speak to the commander of that barracks about it. Perhaps there was just nothing wrong and she was trying to please every pony. Celestia felt the nudge of her sister’s wing as she came back to reality. Caramel was coming into the room with her father leading her. She wore her bright ear bows and smiled as she hopped forward to greet her friends again. Celestia and Luna smiled as they watched, feeling the joy in the filly to see her friends again, and tell them how her life was now. Though strangely, Stormstride was missing and so was Cadence and Shining Armor. Luna went to go find them, but her sister gently blocked her path. “My sister, you should stay and enjoy the festivities. I think it is you that our little guest of honor wanted most to meet. You are, after all the princess that would know her best; I will find our cousin and her husband. I have a feeling they are with the Lady Stormstride.” Celestia slowly stepped away, letting Luna join the foals in their party as Caramel invited Luna to a game of hopscotch with her. Celestia did not have to go far, as she found the three outside the ballroom. Stormstride sat upon a bench, catching her breath quietly. Shining Armor was speaking to Flashfire as Heavyhoof was holding a glass of water for Storm. Cadence fanned the mare gently with a wing, helping her cool off a bit better. “Is everything alright?” Celestia asked, coming over with concern for the mare. Stormstride nodded and let out a slow heavy sigh. “She is just tired. Having a foal is a great burden on the mother, so I can only imagine having three at once,” Cadence said which got a chuckle from Heavyhoof and Flashfire both. As Celestia took a moment to kneel beside Stormstride she could tell the mare was alright, just tired and easily fatigued from everything. Celestia understood all too well, and let her rest as she spoke. “Stormstride, even though we see not eye to eye, I want to thank you for allowing us to do this for your daughter. Blueblood expressed to us how much it meant to her, seeing he and Psmith as her uncles. And in light of… what has happened we wanted to at least offer something for your family. I know you likely meant no true ill toward Equestria and only wanted me to feel your pain. However, revenge never begets anything but more vengeance in the end. It creates only a circle of suffering. If you still distrust and loath me I shall fully accept that and make no further efforts to speak to you once your family leave the party today.” Stormstride shook her head softly and sighed as she looked up to Celestia. The mare was looking for the right words to say, something to express her own sorrow and her apologies as well. Celestia let her just take her time, knowing there were things the mare probably wanted to say, and in certain cases spit at her. “It is not you… I had an issue with Celestia. It was what you had come to symbolize. In the lower districts, you’ve become a goddess. Untouchable, unapproachable, unreachable except by extreme means; ponies outside this district, outside that large wall the nobles built to keep out the riffraff that ponies feel unable to even look upon you except the rare glimpses of you at sunrise and sunset when you step out on your balcony. Have you ever see a dirty train worker come to bring concerns of work place safety to your attention? What about a doctor lacking proper access to equipment in the clinic? Under paid, under staffed teachers at the low end school my daughter used to attend? Or maybe the few foals that were living in a hovel up the hill from the school stealing supplies and food to get by. “None of them felt they should bother you with their petty issues because you have a whole nation of problems to run, Gala’s to plan, a school for the wealthy unicorns, etc. Thing is… I never hated you. I just thought I did. I hated what you symbolized to the less fortunate, and I certainly hated anything of the posh ponies that lived inside this district. When I realized I had the blood of nobility in my veins the first thing that ran through me was utter disgust and want to rid myself of it. But then I had a thought; what if I could use that to rip away everything these ponies cared about and give it all to the ponies they looked down their noses at?” Stormstride let it go, figuring the princess could guess the rest from there. Celestia had a fair idea why Stormstride felt the way she had, and probably the tipping point had been the rather nasty divorce that left her bitter toward ponies that bought things, rather than have worked and made them. Miscommunications of the needs of her barracks between misfiled reports, understated urgency of supplies and filing errors because Flashfire was going blind and too proud to admit it compounded issues. Further miscommunications between the leaders of the REA, misinterpretations of the situations in her review and inspection of the barracks, even misrepresentation of herself by how ponies viewed her just further pushed some ponies away. That was something she could not always help, however it seemed Stormstride was looking past that, not justifying her reasons but explaining them and what they led up to. Celestia felt it was better to let a pony work through their own issues, and to express themselves to find the answers they sought. Only then could a pony really call anything they had truly their own. “I was in the wrong, and likely will always be in the wrong. I have the mentality of a soldier, in the body of a scholar. Maybe I have become worse than what I thought of you, maybe not. My actions were unforgivable, even if I didn’t…” Stormstride stopped midsentence as Celestia held up a hoof. “My dear Stromstride, I have long come to understand the desperation of the few that fall through the cracks. You are not as alone as you think you are. You have your family, your friends, and you citizens that stand behind your rule. From what I understand, you have quite the little haven for Pegasus and Earth ponies inside your town. And seeing Lieutenant Flashfire here as a functional member of your honor guard has proven enough that you have undone whatever dark spells you had them under. You have much more to be joyful for than you have to fear. You are not expected to be perfect, and neither is an allicorn princess. We are all ponies, and we all make mistakes, the only difference being that sometimes those mistakes affect more than just the ponies around us. I know you do not want to speak of it now, but before you leave, would you please sit to discuss the matter with myself and my fellow princesses? There is a matter I believe you will find most important.” Celestia did not tell Stormstride anything more, but merely accepted the nod of the mare. “Thank you. Now then, we better get you up and prepared. Your husband is about to have a dance with your daughter and it would be most improper to rob you of your chance to watch your young daughter display her best hoof forward to her friends.” Celestia stood and slowly offered her hoof to Stormstride, which surprised the pregnant mare. The party was lively, and as promised there was a variety of activities and food, the cake was delicious, gifts were given to the filly and she loved each one though; she was partial to the simpler gifts of things like marbles and the little mane bow her Uncles Blueblood and Psmith got for her. As the afternoon wore on into evening, the parents rounded up their kids and thanked every pony for hosting the small but wonderful party for such a unique filly. Luna and Celestia only left long enough to lower the sun, and raise the moon, as Blueblood and Psmith spent time talking to the girls over some juice and a slice of cake. The girls were most impressed with his ability to dance not only the proper waltz with the guest of honor, but her pregnant mother as well. It was after Feather took their daughter to be tucked into bed that Stormstride met with Celestia and the other princesses in the dining hall for a late tea and to talk. The noble mare understood she would likely be made to answer for her crimes as it stood, and her misuse of her abilities against ponies that were still Equestrian ponies at the time. She could never absolve herself of that list of crimes. Adding further salt to the wound, she would like also be forced to speak about what the spell is that killed her beloved brother. Arriving in the hall she found no guards, no servants and surprisingly the girls were absent from Twilight’s side, having opted to leave this to them as Princess Business. As Stormstride came up, Cadence levitated a chair out for her, and helped her sit. Luna opened up the conversation by offering tea and left over party treats. Stormstride sampled them sparingly, her appetite lost as her mind dwelt on the things she worried about. “May I ask… are we here to discuss the crimes I committed, or to discuss my sentence for them?” she asked suddenly, which greatly startled all the princesses. “As well as I am aware, there are no crimes or charges listed against you Lady Stormstride. In fact the only thing I could think to bring against you might be the discussion of how little you eat. Certainly a pregnant mare must need more food?” Luna said. Cadence and Twilight agreed and asked if she would prefer different food. Waving off the question, Stormstride turned that gaze upon Celestia, though this time there was that inquiring look. She was digging for information and Celestia brightened up a bit, smirking as she spoke slowly. “I will answer your question, with another one. Are you still able to cast all of those dark spells now that your horn is mended and your soul cleansed of that evil possession?” The solar mare asked, which almost got Twilight to spit her tea. “Really now Celestia! Such an improper question to ask. And in such an improper manner too. One must certainly have more tact than this! This is not a proper conversation for tea!” The disembodied voice of Discord came from the empty chair beside Twilight before he merely popped into existence there. Summoning his own tea cup he allowed Twilight to pour him some tea and he selected a particularly gooey peanut butter and carrot cracker. Stormstride arched an eyebrow, though his arrival had little more effect on her than that. Twilight seemed very interested in why Stormstride was so calm. Though when the mare spoke, she hinted at something that made Celestia giggle. “You must be the stallion my brother hinted at from one of his trips. Par chance, you have not visited his grave have you? We sent out a notice for you in the manner he suggested to reach out to you if you were needed for something. However we did not believe you had shown.” Stormstride sipped her tea slowly, watching his measured and rather regal reaction. “I have been there. Rather odd, such a large stone box for broken bits of mask wouldn’t you agree? What would he think when he looks upon a grave baring his own name? One should think it most improper for nobility to bury their kin when they are still kicking and screaming.” Discord turned his misshapen eyes on her and met her firm but inquiring gaze. They had never crossed paths before, until this moment and yet they spoke on a level which no other pony seemed to understand and believed they had known each other before. “Discord, are you acquainted with the Lady Cloud?” Luna asked softly. “Not personally no. Though I know her musical brother very well,” Discord purred out as his lion paw twirled in a nonchalant manner. “Given the times we caught him talking to himself and muttering your name, I’m assuming you knew him in ways no other pony did.” Stormstride hid her grin behind her tea cup, but the conversation did catch the attention of Twilight who did not understand the reference. Celestia, Luna and Cadence understood fully, though they noticed Stormstride did not seem to be getting that they were discussing her brother in the present tense, not the past. “I think you might be interested to know, I still know him that well, maybe even better than you know.” Discord said. He watched her eyes narrow sharply, before they widened some and she stared at him hard. She set her cup down and leaned her hooves on the table, as she pushed up slowly and looked him right in the eye. “How?” was all she said. The open ended question was enough to finally coax Celestia into speaking. “We were asking you the same question. Of all our research combined, the spell on the weapon the spirit that possessed you should have separated his life force from his soul and his magic. And yet, all it seems to have done is remove his body. At first we believed it was Discord playing pranks upon us all. Moving mane brushes, leaving apples or other fruits in our pillows or strange books appearing on our dinner tables. Then things began to escalate and grew menacing. At one point we were questioning Discord when a window simply exploded inward with no pushing force behind it. Discord acted to protect Twilight from the falling glass, and then he noticed the existence of a being that seemed to phase in and out of our reality at points,” Celestia sipped her tea as Cadence began to speak. “In the Crystal Empire we had to evacuate a music hall because all the instruments began blaring all at once. Just random noise but at a fair distance it almost sounded like words were being spoken. However it was too garbled to understand, as if it were being spoken through a thick piece of wood.” The Crystal princess set her cup down and then looked to Twilight. “In Ponyville, your brother used to feast on the orchard when he was there. He paid for the apples he ate though, so no worry there. But here recently we keep finding the apples he seemed so attracted too in his bat pony state in my bed. At first it was one or two. But more recently the bed was covered in them. And no pony saw them move. I turned down my covers, moved to my desk to pick up my book, turned back and a mountain of apples was neatly arranged on my bed, covers still turned down. My assistant was right there with me, and he didn’t see a thing. They merely appeared there as if teleported. The orchard is no less than three miles from my castle. That is a long teleport, especially since my friend Applejack knows her apples and was able to match each one to the tree it came from with perfect understanding. They were teleported to their place in the stack, from their spots on the trees.” Twilight picked up a small piece of cake, nibbling as she watched Stormstride’s face. “I have noticed a dark shape flying with me in the night skies. It presents no danger, and causes no harm. But when I notice it and attempt to follow it leads me toward the gardens. The last time, I found a place to land and no sooner did I land than Lightning struck the ground where our battle took place, burning a mark in the grass. That mark was gone with the sunrise, however it was not the last time I saw that mark. Since then I keep finding that mark burned into various places. Always by lightning, and always it is gone with the sunrise. Do you recognize this mark?” Luna lay a parchment on the table, it depicted the radius blade of a lightning bolt in burn pattern. Inside the image of a backward musical note with a bolt of lightning running through it. They had wet a piece of parchment and rubbed it on the wall, copying the burn patter and transferring it to the parchment to show her. “I have had many strange things happen to me as well. When the battle ended, your weapon and the weapon of your brother were never returned to you. They are still held safe if you desire to collect them Lady Cloud, we have already examined them in totality and found that the only enchantments they hold are for self-cleaning purposes. A notable enchantment used by many weapons nobility carry as display. And yet… I frequently find your brother’s sword laid over your scythe on the floor of my bedchamber, as if protecting your weapon from something or someone. No matter where I store them, they always find their way back.” Stormstride was by now fairly certain they were hinting at her brother still being alive yet out of this realm. She set the parchment down and tapped her hooves together. She did not seem as joyous as they thought she would. Her heart was bursting with joy for the fact her brother was not dead. However the question of the matter did not escape her notice. “You were wondering if I could explain how the black magic works, so you can help reverse the spell. That is what you mean isn’t it?” She said, not looking at them, but the parchment. Celestia set her cup of tea down and sighed softly. Well aware how Stormstride felt about using her new found knowledge anymore. She was stuck with it, and had to live with it for the rest of her life. However she loathed using it. Now she was being asked to teach other ponies how it was done. “As much as I want him to be alive, I cannot. What you are asking requires more than just knowledge. It requires death. And if I were not pregnant I would gladly offer my own life in exchange. However, you are asking for something more abomination than knowledge. The ritual alone took me a month to learn. The words are easy, it is the fact you must sacrifice a live pony for the act and they must be a willing sacrifice.” She said as she sat back in her chair. That silenced the princesses, though Discord sipped his tea noisily. Then he nibbled on a cracker with a crunch and made a soft burp, to which he pardoned himself and lightly wiped his mouth with a napkin. Cadence was well aware of how such knowledge would make Stormstride feel, her own coat was crawling at the thought, and a glance at her sister-in-law told her she was feeling the same. However Luna and Celestia were not so shocked it seemed. Perhaps they had come across something similar. “I am familiar with necromancy in many forms. Though I must say, this is the first time I heard of it being a volunteer process. That may be the key there. The spells of this world, even the black ones require a guiding will and force, and the freedom to be cast. Taking the life of another pony intentionally through a specific form of magic like this may just be exactly why this spell requires a living and willing sacrifice to be made. To make up for the fact that the intended target likely does not have the intent to surrender willingly to it and will fight it. However Why did it not work as intended?” Celestia said. “Because Thunderbuck is not an allicorn. Bat pony in part does not make him allicorn. It takes more than a horn and flight to make one an allicorn my sister. The spell was tailor made to kill you, though any allicorn would have done. We could ask him ourselves, however I feel his answers might be less than forthcoming in honestly,” Luna said softly. Stormstride looked up, anger flaring in her eyes as she almost hissed at them. “Why is he still alive?” The minor nobility slammed a metal clad hoof on the table and grit her teeth. “Because we have yet to find a proper means to send his soul to the other side. He would prove too dangerous to leave in Tartarus, and too tempting a target for treasure hunters to seal away in a cave. For now, he remains in the sealed tomb in a secret place here in the palace. Once we can undo the damage he has done, then we can undo the spell keeping him bound to this world. Until then, we have to tolerate his presence.” Celestia spoke in a calm, even tone to sooth Stormstride’s flared temper. She knew the mare likely would attempt to kill the thing and only set it free if she knew where it was. Celestia was wise enough to know when and how to pick the battles she could control. For now, the battle was with Stormstride’s honor and sense of duty. Convincing the pony to help recover her brother was best, though they had to be careful about it. Stormstride was a mare that was pregnant and her magic could become unstable if a foal kicked at the wrong time. However, the first hurtle to jump was her pride, and she was setting the bar quite high.
  13. Since most of my threads are winding down, I figure I have place on my plate for one new one. I look at this one more toward the underbelly of what most of us think of in the world of MLP. The secret backroom deals of political rivals to keep things going in their own favor; while keeping the common pony as in the dark as possible. I am also a romanticizing player that loves a good old fashioned Mafia Novel. Gangster ponies with fast carts and quicker tongue outrunning the law with stolen goods; fully suited and dressed up true gangsters that front their activities in proper tax paying businesses and fly low under the radar of the detectives pursuing them. To that end, I want to make a thread that includes politicians, nobility, crime ponies, common ponies duped into running errands without a clue about their true nature; and a long assortment of other crime genre related Dick Tracy style things. Are there any players interested in this sort of thing? I would like to make it a long running series of RPs that are fast paced, and active with a post a day sort of mentality.
  14. Name: Reader Write Age: 20 years of existence. Gender: stallion (aka male) Species: Pony Cutie mark: Typewriter, signifying his love of writing. Height:....shorter than Big Mac, but not by much. Mane color: Dirty blonde, almost brown. Fur color: blonde. Likes: Reading, Writing, listening to music, sleeping, exploring the world, gaming, trying new things. Dislikes: Violence (He would do a pacifist route on Undertale folks!), having to sit still, being censored in his books. Bio: Reader Write was always interested in reading. The moment he could read, he would have book sitting in his hooves for the rest of his life. He loves reading fiction novels and as a colt, he would even pretend he would go on great adventures like the heroes in his books. When he finally got his cutiemark though, he finally would take his first steps into real adventures, where he would explore the world, meet new ponies and people, trying new things, all while being as kind as possible, and trying to make new stories for all to enjoy. Hey would love to write interviews with the Mane 6 and the princesses. Even Discord's story would be interesting to get onto paper. Reader is all about dreaming big and getting the best story he can make.
  15. Leonarrie [Ready]

    Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Leonarrie Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Bronze Coat: White Mane/Tail: Blonde Physique: Tall and moderately fit, though her lifestyle is slowly softening her Residence: None Occupation: Ronin/Wanderer, so none Cutie Mark: A stylized lion's head Unique Traits: Naturally in tune with the world around her. One of the few practitioners of a hidden sword style, though her ability to use its most powerful techniques has considerably diminished. She still carries her katana and wears her kimono untied, though they're just as slightly scruffy as the rest of her. The kanji on the back, standing for courage, looks meticulously cared for and maintained in comparison. History: Leonarrie doesn't know much about her early life. For as long as she can remember, she has been an orphan. Normally such a filly would have been taken in by a shelter of some sort, or a particularly generous somepony. Unfortunately, in the deep woods of the Badlands, it's quite easy to misplace entire groups, much less a single tiny pony. Thankfully, Leo has always been resourceful. She did in fact have a roof over her head. It was a small cottage with a cozy if simple interior, and the filly experimented with various berries and herbs until she had learned (often the hard way) which were edible and which would result in a long night of a gurgling unhappy tummy. On these long nights, with nothing better to do, Leonarrie would try hard to remember how she had come to be in this empty cottage. Sometimes she could recall whispers of laughter, echoes of the family she'd had. It had been so long that this was all she could conjure from her memory. One thing she did remember was that there was a terrible dragon somewhere in the vicinity. She knew for a fact that her mother had told her about it in warnings, even if Leo couldn't recall her face. There was no denying the truth to the cautionary tale either: the filly could frequently feel the ground shake, hear distant roars, and on rare occasions spot a plume of flame in the distance. Thankfully she never encountered the beast, until one terrifying afternoon in a secluded field. Leonarrie was picking her favorite grains for dinner when the nearby treeline cracked and splintered, leaves and shards of wood flying everywhere. In one single moment of clarity, the pony realized she had wandered very close to where she had supposed the dragon's lair to be. It was even more mane-curdling to actually see the creature. Legs as thick as tree trunks. Scales as black as night. Gleaming teeth like swords. As Leonarrie sat awash in its titanic shadow, she watched as one slitted eye rolled to study her. As luck would have it, apparently giant dragons have little time to waste on fillies smaller than their toenails. With a grunt of something that sounded like "Narrie" (she has no idea what it really said, she was petrified), it snorted a small gout of flame and rumbled back from whence it had come. It was a long while before Leo chanced move again, before galloping full tilt back to her cottage. That night, during a feeling of euphoria at having survived such an encounter, the pony looked over her only two possessions: a plumed golden helmet with a dent in the side, and a blunted shortsword with the name "Leo" engraved upon the hilt. She had no idea what they were, but assumed they had belonged to her parents. There was a small forge behind her dwelling, which she assumed one of them had used. At this point, the filly made up her mind. She couldn't live in the complete solitude of the Badlands any longer, not with only a dragon who may or may not choose to eat her the next time it saw her. Despite having no idea which way civilization laid from her home, she had to at least try. But first, she'd need a name. The pony not only failed to remember her parents from such prolonged isolation, but her very name. Who would refer to themselves in the third person anyway? In the end, she settled upon Leonarrie: a combination of the engraved name and what she had thought the dragon had muttered when seeing her. She wasn't even sure it was a proper name, but a sword and a dragon combination sounded mighty to her! Filled with purpose, she packed as much food as she could carry and trotted off in a random direction. Thus began her history of wandering. Having been self-sufficient for as long as she could remember, life on the road was rather easy. She did in fact find civilization, but never stayed long enough for residents to discover she was traveling alone. For someone to have had as much freedom as she was accustomed to, she didn't really find any interest in the idea of being taken in by somepony now. One town that caught her attention was a community that was almost entirely focused on producing recruits for the REA. Ponies here were proud to have their foals train to one day be valiant soldiers. As Leo had had no instruction in her own abilities beyond what she had discovered herself, she labored to join the academy there and was admitted after arduous consideration. She now had her second home in the dormitories. Over time, the growing pony began advancing quickly through her courses. Most of it was foal's play compared to how she had lived on her own in the Badlands. After her first major examinations, she scored top of her class for acute situational analysis and decisive course of action. It turned out she was a natural leader. This was her official observation summary, though her teachers all mentioned at one time or another that she seemed to express at least some sort of talent in nearly every subject. In response to this personal victory, her cutie mark appeared. She hadn't bothered worrying about it until that point, despite several of her classmates having theirs, but she was pleased all the same. A lion. A symbol of strength and courage. Leo vowed to live up to it. A few more years passed in training, with the now mare continuing her high scores and graduating top of her class. It was assumed by anypony who knew her that she'd be headed straight into a long and storied career in the REA. That's why they were all shocked when she packed her bags and left without much ceremony at all. Over time her ignorance over her previous life, her parents, everything had gnawed at her. She knew that who she was now was impressive, and such thoughts shouldn't bother her, but knowing and feeling are often separate. Leonarrie became a traveler once more, meandering the span of Equestria and eventually moving past her borders. Through her journeys she became rather infatuated with Eastern civilization, and came to wander Neighpon. Each community she visited furthered her attraction. Such was her fascination that she eventually completely adopted its culture as her own. Over time she had come to wear a faded, scruffy white kimono with the kanji for courage upon its back, a single katana, and her prized takuhatsugasa for keeping the sun out of her eyes. Plus, she enjoyed looking mysterious with the brim pulled low. She visited several dojos and schools along her way, picking up various techniques and above all, the samurai code of honor. Despite leaving her accomplishments behind in Equestria, some small part of her still wanted to learn, to achieve. It was during her wanderings that she came to know a ryuma by the name Rakuen Ryuichi. She was working part-time in the kitchen of a somewhat secluded inn and hot spring at the time, mostly using it as an excuse to perfect Eastern cuisine rather than needing the bits. Their interactions were somewhat infrequent, but she decided she liked the fellow. She would go out of her way to speak with him each time he visited. Of course they lost contact eventually, but she did learn that he had risen to become shogun of Neighpon. This would seem to imply that Leo was almost industrious during her time traveling. This was not so. While charismatic and talented when she chose to be, the mare was often fired from jobs for sleeping, staring into space, or eating her own cooking in the kitchen. This resulted in many jobs over time, but also many acquired skills. She even learned how to make her own sake, which was great considering how much she enjoyed the drink. Despite Leo's best efforts, however, she eventually became forlorn. Most of her life had been on the road or bouncing from place to place. She never had any lasting relationships with anypony, any enduring friendships. No family that she knew of. Distraught, she retreated into the mountains in the remote recesses of the province and essentially became a hermit. Days passed without fanfare, she simply existed in the quiet serenity of snow and rock while living out of a roomy cave. Her only entertainment came from trying new manestyles using her reflection in mountain streams, and from caring for her katana. She might have continued that way indefinitely if not for a twist of fate. While out gathering ingredients for stew, she saw signs of an incoming blizzard. Thankfully she had packed a heavy cloak, and quickly began the trek back to her cave. The storm hit not long after, and she nearly tripped right over a pair of huddled forms in the blinding snow. Travelers, lost in the flurries. Not having lost her compassion, the mare took them into her cave for a warm fire and a helping of stew. The younger of the two visitors, the daughter, caught Leo's attention. She seemed somewhat a kindred spirit, a mind buzzing with curiosity. Late into the night the pony shared with the kirin her prized possession: a written code of samurai honor. Leonarrie had rarely pulled it from its protective trappings, fearful that the harsh environment would damage it beyond repair. Once the travelers had fallen asleep in their exhaustion, she was gazing upon her companion, Hanari Rua, with strengthening resolve. This one had the fire she herself had once possessed. What had happened? Before morning broke, Leonarrie had left her cave for the final time. Kimono, blade, and hat were in hoof. Her treasured code, however, she left next to the sleeping Hanari. One sentence she had circled: "Righteousness is its own reward." It was her favorite line in the chronicle, and one that the kirin had inspired her to live by again. A spark of the young pony who trained hard at an REA academy had flared in Leo's heart once again. Nowadays she still wanders, but is much happier for it. She knows that being the best Leo that she can be will result in everything falling into place eventually. Until then, dumplings, sake, and friends made on the road fill her time. On occasion, she even wanders into Kyoma to rekindle her friendship with Ryuichi. She hopes to eventually see Hanari again someday as well. Leonarrie knows that she holds great potential within herself, and that someday she'll need to rise to prove herself worthy of the lion on her flanks and the courage on her back. That day isn't today, however, and thus the sake flows. Character Personality: Lazy. Leonarrie is the ultimate in wasted potential. Her list of favored activities is always topped by snoozing, eating, drinking, and generally fooling around. While there are a great many things that the pony is actually very good at, she finds that the effort is usually not worth the reward. That being said, those things she does focus her attentions on usually wind up very fun or fulfilling. Often quite light-hearted and slow to take most anything seriously, Leonarrie is usually first in mind when other creatures want to have a good time. Seeing as how she rarely has somewhere to be afterward, she puts her heart into enjoying whatever she's currently doing. That mood tends to be infectious, leading her to have quite a few friends. When alone for extended periods of time and feeling introspective, the pony will occasionally turn her thoughts toward her past and her current existence. This leads to one of the few things that will make her rather closed-off or vague, resorting often to one-word answers or quickly changing the subject. In a related note, those who force their opinions of what should be onto others who don't necessarily share their viewpoint is a sure way to rouse Leonarrie's ire. That, or spilling her ramen bowl. Many a site of devastation has been assumed to be the work of a natural disaster, only for it to be revealed that some jerk wasted the ronin's precious noodles. Character Summary: Despite her lack of motivation in most things, Leonarrie is deceptively skilled. Being quite taken with Eastern culture and tradition, she has become well-versed in sake production and the serving ceremony, cooking, and calligraphy to put her philosophical musings to scroll. She knows various martial styles, honorific mannerisms, and can adeptly care for her katana. She can even darn her kimono back into working order after patches wear out during travel. She can often be found in eateries off well-traveled roads if in the countryside, or snoozing in the shade when in towns or cities. True to her calm demeanor, rare is the onlooker who has seen her actually draw her blade for anything. Her favorite companions are those who share her admittedly hedonistic outlook on life, or at least those who know how to have fun. It's the moments where she's truly invested in something that are a wonder to behold, as her innate talents come to the fore. If nothing else, Leonarrie is at worst a great friend to have and at best a very reliable companion. In her own way.
  16. Grim Solace [Ready]

    Name: Grim Solace Sex: Male Age: Middle aged Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Purple Coat: Dark Grey Mane and tail: Forest Green Physique: Physically Fit Residence: No set residence Occupation: Necromancer Cutie Mark: A wisp ascending to the sky. Grim Solace’s start in exploring necromancy began at a young age. One would think that a funeral home would be a dull place of work, and for the most part one would be right. But caring for the dead isn’t without the occasional hazard. One ‘patron’ wasn’t quite ready to leave, and resulted in a haunting. Furniture was thrown around the room, and for a time the funeral home was rendered unusual. Grim Solace was afraid, but also curious. What would drive a pony to cling to the world like this? He braved the room and tried to ask…only to be repelled like everypony else. But he was not deterred. He returned to the room, and while no longer willing to converse with the spirit, he was able to observe it. Creeping around the building, he was able to follow it and listen to it’s mutterings. He discovered that in life it had a beloved pet, and was driving itself mad worrying about what would happen to the pet cat now that the spirit had passed on. Now armed with with the knowledge, he tracked down the ghost’s cat, and returned to the funeral home. When Grim Solace promised to care for the animal, the spirit was calmed enough to move on. That was the day Grim Solace discovered his talent for interacting with and calming the deceased, or those close to them. Unique traits: Grim Solace has a talent for interacting with spirits. As well as the more conventional uses of speaking to or banishing the spirits of the dead, he has also convinced a few particularly helpful spirits to travel with him and assist him on his journeys. As a part of his study in necromancy, he has also picked up a talent for potion making, including the ability to identify commonly useful herbs, and the ability to make potions with various effects relative to spirits as well as a number of useful medical salves and potions. Grim Solace is also physically fit, and has a modest hoof-to-hoof combat ability. He’s no master martial artists, but in his travels he’s found that he can’t rely solely on his understanding of spirits to protect himself and learned accordingly. History: Grim Solace’s parents ran a funeral home, which had been in the family for a few generations. They saw it as sombre but important work. The young Grim Solace took this attitude to heart, and assisted his parents with the running of the business. Doing so gave him a unique appreciation to the effects of a pony passing on, as well as acclimatizing him to the emotions surrounding such events. As he grew up however, Grim Solace grew more and more curious. Beginning with the even where he earned his cutie mark, he grew more and more interested in death and the things surrounding it. Furthermore, being in the most rebellious time of growing up, he had a particular attraction to for forbidden and frowned upon. He began pursuing the skills and knowledge of necromancy. Progress was slow, but Grim Solace persevered, until he eventually found a knowledgeable stallion who could teach him. He lost touch with his family during this time, having followed his new mentor abroad. Grim Solace learned much from his mentor, but over time he came to have philosophical disagreements. The mentor was closer to what many think of as the stereotypical necromancer, consorting with the dead to gain strength at the cost of one’s soul and morality. Solace however wanted to understand the dead, to learn more about what was essentially his family’s longtime purpose, and to help those who most needed it. They began to argue with each other about whether necromancy should be used for furthering oneself or helping the spirits one encounters. Eventually they came to blows, and while Grim Solace was far less experienced, he was able to use his former mentor’s arrogance against him. The mentor was slain, and Solace made sure he would not return.. In the aftermath of losing his mentor, Grim Solace felt aimless. He had learned enough to continue on his own, but the loss of a stable source of instruction meant he was no longer certain what to do with himself. He began to reach out to his family, reconnecting to them through a series of letters, but he was not ready to actually face them by returning home. Instead he began to wander Equestria, chasing down stories of lost or suffering spirits and alleviating their suffering. Amidst his wanderings Grim Solace has reconnected with his family. While the combination of a regret over past actions and a drive to keep helping spirits prevent him from returning home for long, he is welcome there. He makes a point to visit when he’s in town, and is welcome to rest if he needs time to recover after a particularly harrowing journey. Lately Grim Solace has developed something of a rivalry with the caribou of Whitescar, Their own attitude toward necromancy has created what is in his mind an unreasonable number of unresolved spirits, which Solace has taken it upon himself to assist and send on their way. Personality/Summary: Grim Solace is generally speaking a serious pony, and often comes across as cold. He is not as uncaring as his first impression would imply, but he is not very outgoing. He is very quiet, preferring a few words of great impact over more regular speech. He cares about others, and tries his best to help but he’s only one pony, and often finds his attentions divided between the living and the dead. Grim Solace takes a patient approach to challenges. He prefers to wait and watch, then use that information to act precisely. He applies this mindset to combat, as well as puzzles and other challenges.
  17. Sarsaparilla Swirl (Ready)

    Name: Sarsaparilla Swirl Sex: Male Age: Colt Species: Earth pony Eye Color: Cool grey Coat: A muddy shade of brown Mane & Tail: Fluffy curly and rather messy Physique: Athletic for his age Residence: Dodge Junction Occupation: N/A Cutie Mark: A large mug of his namesake with a scoop of ice cream on top and whipped cream with one cherry on top and another at the side. One busy day at the saloon, a young Sass was helping out his pa by retrieving and washing steins. Customers were pouring in and soon something called away his father. Not wanting business to slow down, Sass moved up to the counter in a smaller uniform to take orders. It was a VERY busy day so he got every type of order and combination that the patron's could think of! At one point he made a mistake and put ice cream in a customer's order, he couldn't afford to break pace though. He asked the pony ordering if he could make do with this if he halved the price. He agreed and so on the day went. Once his father returned he took the helm again, though now that Sass was off duty one of the patrons from before came back to tell him the 'messed up order' he'd received was actually amazing! The news brought a smile to the colt's face... and then a stamp on his flank. Unique Traits: Herbal knowledge: Is far from a professional herbalist, but is very good at finding organic materials for his drinks: such as the roots for his root beer. Can often be found out taking long walks to find the ingredients. Cooking: Has learned how to cook from a young age. nothing special or fancy but very capable of making his own lunches. History: Born in Dodge Junction, this colt was the product of a saloon owner and an ice cream maker. Due to his overly curly mane, reminiscent of suds and a funny incident when he got out of his crib as a foal and was found the next morning playing behind the bar with a little stein, His parents gave him his name: Sarsaparilla Swirl. No matter how small he was as a foal, Sass had a knack for nosing about and exploring. His excursions sometimes getting him in trouble, other times getting him some new friends, sometimes weirder stuff happened. Whatever the outcome Sass was always eager to try out new things. School for him was not terribly unusual. Sass had a rough time studying since he tended to veer away or forget the things that teachers couldn't find a way to make interesting. Even when lessons managed to grab his attention though he clearly preferred to learn through experience and action rather than reading. It should come as no surprise then that he has a profound love of field trips. Currently, Sass lives with his parents in Dodge Junction but regularly visits his aunt Cherry Jubilee. His relationship with his parents is about as normal as any colt's he'd imagine. A series of ups, downs, and zigzags that leaves him with a fun family life. Despite his young age, Sass likes to help out at his family's saloon. Even at his young age, Sarsaparilla Swirl has a good idea of what he wishes to do when he's an adult: Run his own little soda saloon... and then maybe extend it outwards into a bigger business. Summary: Bubbly, and eager is an excellent way to describe Sarsaparilla. He's never short on jokes or late for parties (at least not often) and enjoy cheering ponies up. Due to still being so young, it can often be hard to get him to focus on things for very long unless he can find it in himself to become interested, this trait having lead to a slipping of his grades in school: Not too a terrible degree, but enough for his parents to give him a lecture once in a while. Despite his nickname among his friends: Sassy. Sarsaparilla is actually a very open and amenable pony, He enjoys talking to new ponies and has a tendency to go about a mile a minute. Even with his general good nature and playfulness, even he tends to get carried away by his passions. Typically this flaw manifests in his tendency to move ahead on reflex when others are trying to catch up in an activity. Even with his moments of hyperfocus he can occasionally be distracted by the nnext thing that catches his interest.
  18. Kappi Stjarna [Ready]

    Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Kappi Stjarna Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Lykos (Earth Pony strain) Eye colour: Sea Green Coat: Chestnut fur with white markings Kappi has a thick, chestnut fur that is a bit on the light side. From his chin to his belly lay a snow white patch as well as his white feathering along his fetlock. His hooves have a snow blue coloration that match his mane. Mane/Tail: White-silver and snow blue. His mane is long and uncut as it is a measure of his beauty. Marbled with white-silver and snow blue it has a swaying pattern that is mimicked in his dreadlocked tail. Physique: Buff Born and raised from a warrior caste Kappi is heavy set with a thick coat designed for the icy reaches of Whitescar. A third generation he is thankful for his north-born attributes having been set into his bloodline from generations before. Residence: Whitescar His grandparents had migrated to Whitescar from the moors in hopes of building a new way of life against the name of their predecessors. A history of troublesome dealings amongst a rival tribe had forced them to move. His parents were born native to Whitescar and Kappi was born of his parents, making him third generation. Occupation: Astronomer/Cartographer Formerly a warrior Kappi has become an avid star reader and uses it to create maps and navigate the vastly growing and changing world. Cutie Mark: Signal Whip A loud and commanding figure Kappi is known for barking orders without hesitation. He is forward in his ways and doesn’t know how to whisper, but such came in handy with a pony often on the front lines of battle thanks to his size. As a navigator this assists him with keeping together a hunting party and ensuring ponies trust his confident voice rather than straying from the traveling group. Unique Traits: Moorborn: Being a moorland-born Kappi is very resilient in harsh, snowy weather and rough terrain. His oily coat insulates him without fail. He is rugged and built to move for extended periods of time with little rest. Moon Cursed: Carrying the Lykos Curse Kappi is not only vulnerable to its magical weaknesses during full moons, such as a hyper-sensitivity to Poison Joke, but its transmutative properties which include the following: sharp teeth, thicker fur, and increased fighting prowess. History: Kappi was born to his mother Danzleikr (Dancing Song) and father Bjorn Hlaupa (Bear Jumper) in the city of Saarvagerg, who were born to his grandparents, natives of Stalliongrad. It had not been an easy life for the family as they had bound to a tribe that carried the Lykos Curse. It made living in more populated regions difficult and the old views of how to tame the curse, via imprisonment, was not something they wished for their foal. Not wanting their son to live the same harsh life they had lived, Bjorn, now leader of his tribe, lead them to migrate deeper into the Frozen North. Kappi had a strong build even when young, but as such it lead to a heavy frame that found difficulty in simple tasks that proved elementary for nimbler ponies his age. He was hefty, which made him a rather clumsy trotter in youth. Not even a stiff wind could take the foal down! Luckily being sturdy was a requirement of the harsh lands his family had migrated too long before Kappi's parents saw the light of day. It was not an easy start, nor had it been the fresh start they hoped for. Saarvagerg proved to be a harsher land shaped by the fierce order of the Caribou tribes. Kappi learned to fight before he learned to run, his gruff nature shaped by a desire to succeed and built upon the foundation of a curse that increased his prowess for combat. In his youth Caribou games were nothing like Pony ones. Though his family's herd migrated more often than staying in one place, they often met with other Caribou for trade and the like. It did not take like for Bjorn's family to integrate with one of the Caribou tribes, giving up on the idea they could simply avoid the raiders that often pushed through borders. Numbers would be what kept them alive. As it was: Kappi would grow up more Caribou than pony. He had become the one who led the others his age into adventures, be it scavenging the more precarious cliffs for berries and resources, or delving into the harsh snows for a march and practice. Kappi was as hardy as any Caribou, but he still has his limits. Full Moons, while a great time for foraging, was a forbidden time where his family stayed behind in claims of meditation as in accordance to their old ways. With all his size and strength, though, he lacked the ability to sensibly climb sheer heights or keep his hoofing on icy grounds. Size was not always indicative of agility, but it has been in Kappi's case. Despite any of this he felt himself Caribou. He learned to fight like a Caribou, but due to his disadvantages as a pony, such as no horns, his wrestling techniques supported his great size and Earth Pony cleverness. He could feel the land beneath his hooves and use the terrain to his advantage when he could. Because of his capacity in strength the leaders of the tribe entrusted him leading raiding parties. It was not an ideal situation, but they needed to survive and not show weakness towards the other tribes. It was tradition and since they only did so when they required resources, it was more acceptable. Survival was important. A Caribou's strength was important. Kappi grew to become a strong and healthy stallion. An envy, really, with his thick coat and sturdy figure. That envy had triggered a few of his raidmates to start questioning the leaders and him and his strength. They felt it untraditional to be led by a pony and many would claim that Kappi likely used Dark Pony Magic, as ponies were known amongst their unicorn kin, to cast spells, in order to maintain such a prestigious position. Ponies weren't as strong as Caribou. They wouldn't have it. During a raid Kappi's allies had followed him as they usually did, but little would the hero realize their mounting dissent. As the raid reached its peak, Kappi would require a unit to trial up behind him for support. But the support never came. All Kappi could remember was darkness. He had been struck with a kick to the back of his head and blacked out. His raid party cleared the area soon after, returning to the village without the stallion. The traumatic event left the snow-born Earth Pony asleep. In his sleep he dreamt many dreams of stars and world's beyond this one. Beyond those mountains and beyond that sea was a world much greater than him, but he dreamt for a long time, and was sure he would not wake to see, to travel there. He awoke after the pass of a month. He was taken into the care of others for the time he slept. His coma has not subsided his transformations though. He was able to drink, much of his sustenance coming from ground medicines and grasses mixed into drink. Asleep for so long his body was weak, forcing Kappi to retrain himself and learn, all over, to control his beast. Life abound he would repay those who cared for him and, in turn, they kept his secret. They had every right to let him stay within his dreams forever, as the beast he was, but they did not. It took a great deal of stubbornness and pride for him to regain his muscle mass as quickly as he had, so luckily for him he had plenty of both. Time helped as well in his recovery for within two short weeks he was running again. A month complete and Kappi could again fight, but the experienced changed him. No longer was he a pony who sought to fight and march the front lines, but instead he became a leader who stride shoulder to shoulder, or at flank, of his troops. In love with the stars he dreamt of Kappi poured his time between recovery on learning the art of cartography, to become a prestigious navigator capable of leading bands through the most unforgiving territories. He could still bellow orders, but it was for the sake of finding himself a new tribe. Character Personality: Kappi has a dominate type personality, but he is also rather introverted when it comes to his actions, choosing not to participate in large crowds or any place with too much noise. While a great leader, small talk isn’t his strong suit and tends to make him aloof as he goes straight to the point in a situation rather than dallying in insignificant fact exchange. He is good in his nature, but he lacks cowardice and sometimes mouths off his point of view that sometimes gets him in trouble and into a fight. He was honest and quiet, seemingly cold-hearted, but only looking to encourage and help his allies. He has a dry sense of humor, one having to doubletake when his stiff expression shifts to indicate his smirks and grins buried in that fuzzy face. He fancied cooking, never keen on the bland and limited foods offered by the harsh habitats of Whitescar. He feels a Pony (and Caribou) can only be happy with a full and satisfied stomach. He will make a fuss about having proper meals and will even wiggle his way into the kitchen even if he was unwanted there. He liked eggs. Far too much. Sometimes sneaking into hen houses to pilfer them for cooking. He loved to eat and could sometimes be found a wallowing mess after overeating. He disliked noise, but was fond of soft music. His favorite instrument was the flute. He says that it is what the stars sound like in his dreams. He sang like a whale but was good at listening when a friend needed, often laying beside them to give the whole of his attention when they were down and out. Character Summary: Kappi is a straightforward, hearty pony with a focused mind. After being betrayed by former kin, he fell in battle. In his deep sleep he dreamed of stars and refocused his dedication from the field of battle to the maps in the stars and on the land. He works to show others a new way to march that didn't involve cutting down those before you, but instead educating them through leadership.
  19. Hero V4

    From the album Rex's Art

    A fixed up reference sheet for Heroic Star

    © Belongs to RexDraco

  20. Pop Reference

    From the album My OCs

    Pop! He likes ice cream and is super giddy!
  21. Berry Punch [Ready]

    Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Berry Punch Sex: Female Age: Full-grown mare Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Purple Coat: Lavender Mane/Tail: Burgundy Physique: Voluptuous; Berry’s a curvy mare and proud of it Residence: Ponyville Occupation: She runs a small shop selling both fruit juice and wine. Cutie Mark: A bunch of grapes with a strawberry. Sho originally got her mark after an incident where she asked her parents for an increase in her allowance. Instead of just giving her the money, her mother insisted on her actually learning how to make some herself, by working alongside the family produce business. She suggested juicemaking, which the young filly tried, and soon found that she had a talent for, blending different fruits into new combinations that were very tasty and popular. The increased business from both the product quality, and the cute filly selling it, were more than enough to get her both the desired income, and her cutie mark! Unique Traits: Despite her common, unsophisticated manner, she has a cultivated taste. Berry can pinpoint what kind of grape a wine is made from, and usually from where the grapes came as well. History: Berry was originally born in Canterlot, to a pair of earth ponies who sold produce to the city-dwellers. Her father had worked his way up from running a small street cart to the status of respectable middle-class shopkeeper alongside his wife. Despite his own hard-working nature, he tended to be a rather doting father, much more inclined to indulge his only daughter rather than inculcate his work ethic. While this was balanced by the efforts of Berry’s mother, as a foal she was given more leeway to play and have her way than many of her peers. This didn’t prove to be much of a problem at first; young Berry was as willing to help around the house and shop as she was to get into trouble as a young filly, which was fairly often in both cases. Nonetheless, after getting her cutie mark, a fairly steady future seemed set out for the young mare, either taking over or branching out of her parent’s business. And it wasn’t as if that would necessarily make her unhappy, either; she enjoyed running a business, bantering with customers, and convincing them to leave with just a little more than they intended to buy. However, a few curveballs were set ahead of Berry as she grew into a mare. First off, there was no denying that Berry had grown up to be a very attractive mare, who could catch the eye of any passer-by. And in Canterlot, these passers-by can be very high up indeed. Her parents were not blind to the possibilities this could open, and hence would both allow and encourage her to pursue a social life that could bring her into contact with all classes. Secondly, at one of these little get-togethers, Berry discovered and developed a taste for wine. Like most ponies who were new to the stuff, it had a tendency to go to her head. Thus, her early adulthood was full of increasingly wilder parties with the scions of the upper class, opening the gates with her looks and ostensibly there to promote business contacts. Sooner or later, this lifestyle was bound to catch up with her, and as it turned out, the consequences came rather soon. After one very busy and poorly-remembered night out, Berry found that she had become pregnant. Who exactly the father was remained uncertain, but it was telling that several prominent families of unicorn nobility were willing to pay good child support money to keep the whole business quiet. And they did pay; Berry’s parents made sure of that. Truth be told, both of them felt a little guilty that their own pressure and ambitions had led her to this. For Berry herself, the experience was a sobering one, in both the literal and metaphorical sense. In time, they all came to the conclusion that the best course of action was for her to move to another town, one with a lower cost of living, and use the money gained from keeping quiet to open that other shop they’d talked about. No sense leaving a single mother without any source of support, after all. After some deliberation, they chose the town of Ponyville as a quiet but promising place. They’d all come down to visit, and found the town to be particularly welcome to outsiders, even those with less than stellar paths, priding themselves on being good neighbors and supportive of newcomers. Berry could not think of a better place to raise a foal, and so was rather eager to get started! The money paid for a small house and a market stall, again where juices could be sold to refresh the passers by. However, some trace of her old life stuck with her, as Berry also branched out into fermented juices, bringing in good wine at affordable prices to her now-fellow citizens. Soon, the mare gave birth to her daughter, little Ruby Pinch; prime competitor for cutest unicorn filly in the world, as far as her mother was concerned. Although, it had to be said that Berry did make some effort to make sure that Ruby didn’t go down her own path; teaching her from the outset to regard all ponies as equal, no one worth impressing more than another. She couldn’t be prouder of how the little one is growing up, and her business is doing well. By now, Berry is seen as one of the fixtures of Ponyville life, always willing to pour a little out to sample for her customers, even picking back up a few of her old flirtatious ways with particularly nice ones, and generally enjoying village life. Recent incursions by Princesses, monsters, and magical mayhem notwithstanding... Character Personality: Berry Punch is an open and friendly mare, a loving mother to her daughter, and always willing to talk with her customers. She has a good eye for business, despite her easy manner, and is always putting a few bits aside here and there for her daughter’s future. She tries to strike a balance between encouraging a star-striking ambition, and keeping a level head of practical, protective realism about her. With other adults, she is friendly, sometimes outright flirtatious. She has rather developed than lost her good looks, and she is still not afraid to take advantage of them to get traffic into her little wine and juice shop, though she’s rather more careful about moving past business to the personal. She’s an active participant in Ponyville town life and events, and has grown to love her second home even more than her first. Again, magic and mayhem notwithstanding. Character Summary: A loving mother, friendly and flirtatious shopkeeper, and active Ponyville citizen.
  22. Heroic Star at Rest

    From the album Rex's Art

    Born and raised in the coldest of northern reaches Heroic Star is good at leading others, giving them commands, but never takes any of the glory nor marches in the front lines of action. After an accident he woke up from a dream that had him traveling the universe and he now works as an Astrotnomist, charting the stars for everything from calendars to navigational charts.

    © Character and art belongs to RexDraco

  23. Flash Gun

    From the album Rex's Art

    A photographer from Manehatten. He works for the Neigh York Times, taking pictures for the tabloid section. He has a bit of a mouth, and a phobia for most critters under the sun and moon.

    © Art and character belong to RexDraco

  24. Hearty Harvest [Ready]

    Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Hearty Harvest Nickname: Hearty(No, whenever I say Hearty I mean the OTHER Hearty, duh. Kidding, if you can't tell) Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Earth Pony Eye color: Mild/Dark Green Coat: Light/Pastel Green Mane/Tail: Light Brown/Green (For color reference only, not actual representation of pony: ponytown image - - )Physique: Muscular - not giant though Residence: Appleoosa Occupation: Farm...hoof?(Farmhand doesn't sound quite right if you know what I mean) Cutie Mark: A simple farming scythe, wooden handle and silver/gray blade. Hearty loved helping out in the fields of his family's farm. His father, however, wanted him to take over managing the farm, saying, "Some ponies are paid to work, and others pay for work to be done. I pay the ponies in the fields so that Equestria can be fed. My son shall not become a common laborer." Hearty didn't like this, and so he still snuck out whenever his father wasn't looking. One day his father had enough, and said that if Hearty wanted to be a fieldworker, then he can sleep in the barn, like real farmers do. And his father promised that if the fields were harvested entirely by the end of the week, he would be allowed to work to his heart's content. Hearty Harvest began the hardest week of his life. He roused the others that stayed on the farm well before their normal waking time, and had everyone working by the time the sun finally peaked over the horizon. He himself did as much as a little colt with hardly any experience in anything other than eating and sleeping could. With only two days left to spare, Hearty came up with what he thought was the best idea his little mind had ever come up with, stay up and work through the night! As soon as all the other ponies began to call it a night, he for help with his idea, but all they did was laugh, saying that nopony can work without sleeping, especially on a farm. So he just got back to work, despite the objections from the others. Come the due date, Hearty's father walks into the field closest to his own home, and finds his son, asleep. He roused the little colt, "So, you didn't even make it through the first field, huh? I told you, you can't handle it." Just then, one of the fieldworkers comes running up to Hearty's father, "Sir, yo- *Gasp* you'll nev- *Gasp* you'll never-" "Sweet Celestia, take a breath! Now from the top, what are you trying to say? Slowly this time, don't choke on your own tongue!" He took a moment to breathe, then began to speak again. "Sir, you'll never believe it!" "Believe what, might I ask?" Hearty's father asked, genuinely baffled as to the stallion's meaning. "Your son! Look!" The worker shifted his weight onto his left hoof and pointed with his right at Hearty. "His Cutie Mark! Isn't it wonderful? Some ponies never get them this early!" Hearty's father stared for a moment, then walked off, muttering something along the lines of, "Where did I go wrong?" Before the stallion returned to work, he glanced at Hearty, who was already up and walking off toward the barn. Just as he turned to leave, the laborer swore he a tear roll down Hearty's cheek. Unique Traits: Seems tireless at times, usually when working. Good with most farming tools, scythes included(shocker). Not a fan of the plow though. He enjoys reading every now and again, but prefers listening to music, or occasionally singing along. Generally works well with all crops, but specializes in things like wheat. Never goes anywhere without his lucky hat and bandanna, both of which were gifts from relatives. One of his best friends is his pet sparrow, Twit, who likewise stays by his side as much as possible. History: Hearty was born on his family farm in Vanhoover. He always traveled with his mother when he was little, while his father managed things on the homefront. Their trips continued in full swing until Hearty began school. Their trips became few and far in between. They came to a complete stop when Hearty's mother got ill. The doctor said she would recover in about a week. Then he visited again, and said the same thing. After a few more visits, Hearty knew she wasn't going to be fine in a week. He didn't have the courage to ask if she would survive, but he didn't have to. She passed away roughly three weeks after they all celebrating Heart's Warming. Hearty and his father tried to get along, but it was clear they were far too different, and could never find any middle ground. Eventually Hearty had enough and decided to leave. Not knowing where he was going or how he would get there, Hearty hopped on a boat, and found the nearest train and headed out on his journey. After an uneventful ride, the first thing he noticed was the air. There was little to no humidity at all, and he was fine with it. For once, he felt free. He was in a place he remembered from books he used to read. Appleoosa. Without thinking, he had gone to one of the few places he knew by name. He decided to stay for the time being, and started to explore. Eventually, he landed a job at an apple farm and began his new life. Character Personality: Hearty was raised to believe that violence solves nothing, and all that all ponies should have some degree of manners, no matter the situation. He tries his best to live by these rules, and almost always succeeds. When around friends, he loses the formalities. Hearty hates being picked on or made fun of, though he tends not to confront anypony about it. He always puts others ahead of himself and acts with the utmost kindness, even toward strangers. Hearty believes that, "Everypony deserves a first chance. At least give them that. Then we can talk about second chances." Character Summary: Hearty is a farmer originally from Vanhoover. He lives in Appleoosa ever since his late teen/early adult years, where he works as an apple farmer. He is friendly, kind, and loves meeting new people, and hearing all of the stories they have to tell from where ever they come from. And that's my presentation on how Equestria was made, I hope you all enjoyed!
  25. Flash Gun WIP

    From the album Rex's Art

    A photographer for the Neigh York Times. He dreams of his photographs being displayed in a museum as art, rather than some junky tabloid.