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  1. Howdy folks, So I did have an idea I was putting together for a bit of a Halloween role play, but my classes said "F That!" and now I'm a bit more pressed for time than usual. Anyhow, I still enjoyed the idea of a spoopy Halloween role play to really rattle our bones. If anyone's interested feel free to reply with your ideas or suggestions here, I'm actually excited to see what we can collectively churn out.
  2. While this had not been the first Grand Galloping Gala since the return of Princess Luna, or even since the ascendancies of Cadence and Twilight Sparkle, this was the first year that the organizers decided to truly emphasize all members of the Equestrian Crown, right down to the lighting and decorations. The great vaulted roof of the Grand Ballroom was lit like an artificial sky, with artistic renditions of the movements of the heavenly bodies across it. The Sun and Moon were depicted as arcs of light from horizon to horizon, flanked by the great candelabra of the Stars. Each arc had its own coloration scheme, with the Sun shining in warm yellow, and the Moon in cool blue. Thus, the great marble dance floor was lit in such a way that it seemed to transition from day to night from one end to the other. The Dance Floor, too, was laid on in tribute to Royalty. This time, it was the more recent Princess of Love that was honored; seen from above, the arrangement of the musician’s stage and tables around the edges would form the shape of the Crystal Heart. The Musician’s stage itself was in tribute to the newly crowned Princess of Magic. There were two colors of wood, with dark inlaid into lighter stains to form the shape of a six-pointed star. All these were subtle touches, ones that would take some effort to realize and appreciate. The high-class guests that still largely made up the bulk of Gala attendance loved that sort of thing. Even the ordinary pony could see at a glance the effort and elegance in the designs, even if they couldn’t detect the exact shape. And there, in the center of it all, was Equestria’s fifth Princess… *** Princess Bluebelle had not been nearly so nervous last year. Of course, last year she had been Prince Blueblood, attending the Grand Galloping Gala in his own Grand fashion. The difference this year was largely accounted for by a magical accident vis a vis Twilight Sparkle, which was simple enough to explain, but the Canterlot rumor mills were still grinding away at what it really all meant for the Prince. Or Princess. Which would he or she prefer? Those sorts of questions could be rather irritating to a pony already in a confusing and disorienting position, as at least one maid in this hall could attest to. There were likely to be a lot of such coming at her over the course of the evening, but the Princess steeled herself. Tonight, she would put those rumors to bed, and make it clear to Canterlot, to the whole of Equestria, who she was going forward… Of course, besides her own personal agenda, there was also her social duty tonight. As the head of the Canterlot nobility, it was her responsibility to be a resplendent hostess, and gender-swap or not, she wasn’t about to shirk it now! She wore a dress designed by the great fashionista Rarity, with whom the Royal had made some efforts in patching things up. It was a dark blue number, flowing like the waves of nighttime seas over her feminine curves, offsetting like jewels her golden mane and alabaster coat. She walked with practiced ease and dignity, looking every bit the natural-born Princess. One last difference from previous Galas, rivaling even Blue’s gender swap for significance, was the fact that she had not come alone. Prince Blueblood had long been regarded as Canterlot’s most eligible bachelor; a title which had ultimately proved to be more of a headache than anything else. So many mares, and the odd stallion, would come up to him at other Galas to try their luck that it had gotten irritating, up to the point where the Prince had made a game of driving them off. Now, instead of resorting subtle or overt rudeness, Princess Bluebelle could simply point out the looming, ravishing amazon of a mare that was her “plus one” tonight. Oh, yes, whether or not this would be her Best Night Ever, it would be a Night No-one could forget…
  3. "Okay.... So... Tables moved and out of the way, check... Counter and serving tables set up, check..." Ice Storm began to list off as she started moving from point to point, making sure the Hors d'œuvres that she had already provided where neatly arragned, although she had the more delicate ones sitting in block of ice. They were tiny little chocolates with a variety of different ice creams inside of them. Of everything that she had made for the Gala tonight, these had been the most time consuming because the chocolate had to be at the perfect temperature to where she wouldn't melt the ice cream or harden the chocolate too fast. Even with her affinity towards ice magic this proved to be quite the challenge for her. she quickly popped one of the strawberry ones into her mouth to make sure once again that they were the right consistency. "Mmm. Tasty treats, check!" she continued as she looked at the time. It was nearly sun-down, the Gala would be starting soon. With what small amount of time before she had left, she went upstairs and slipped into her favorite white dress that she had just gotten replaced by Rarity not so much as a week ago. It was satin white, and fit her quite elegantly as the crest was embedded with frosted topaz, and had more of the frosted gem running along each hem of the dress with what looked like a small gust of wind sewn into the pattern, almost making it look like it was blowing small bits of ice around her. She also affixed two blue topaz earrings and another small piece of topaz in her mane, just above her ear before finishing her ponytail with a similarly designed hair tie. For a mare that despised nobility, she could easily look the part without question. It was just another perk of how successful her store had become. Without wasting anymore time ogling herself in the mirror, she made her way back down into where her shop was and saw that it was it was about an hour before the Gala was set to start. This meant that ponies would probably be arriving any moment now to get set up and to see feel out whom else was going to be here. Ice Storm quickly put on a smile. She thought back to how only a few years ago, she had struggled to find a footing, and now, with a few friends, and just a little bit of help, things has quickly turned around and now, she was hosting her own Gala!!! Granted, it was the gala for her guild, but they picked her to host it!! She was more than a bit excited and she wanted to make sure that everypony enjoyed themselves tonight. Tonight was going to be a very special night, and she would make sure that it would be no other way. With a deep breath, she opened the door to the outside, where it was a quite comfortable temperature, and looked into the stars and the moon that was making it's way into the sky, giving a small inward thank you at the guidance that she had received from not just the moon, but from the pony behind it as well. She gently stepped outside, and her dress shimmered in the moonlight as she waited for her guests to arrive.
  4. It began in quite a few places. Kegs were sent out and brought to all across whitescar. Some subtly slipped into shipments as they were brought by the nefarious tentacles of none other than the WRAITH group. Caribou of all walks of life across whitescar were quickly struck by a disease unlike any that they had seen before. Once wise and tempered leaders had been turned into monstrous parodies of themselves which took an entire raid parties to take down on their own... but that merely spread the curse as more and more of the Caribou of Whitescar succumbed to the dangerous berserker plague. Hello, Everyone! This is an ooc I fully intend to follow up on. Thanks to WRAITH's actions and magical/scientific R&D team they have created a bio-weapon that could be used to make the caribou wipe themselves out. Several high profile Jarl's and chieftains have been infected by this plague and many are either holding onto their minds by sheer force of will or turning into beastly berserkers that have achieved a level of phyical strength that many have seen only in legends... but not in the way it seemed to be appearing here. The "Berserker plague" as many caribou are calling it is an infectious disease that is capable of infecting caribou but many are worried it could spread to, deer, and possibly even Moose. The plague has three stages that show in it's victims although the length of these stages of infection severity can vary wildly among the infected on a case by case basis. Stage one symptoms: Increased aggression, slightly paranoia, muscle twinges. Stage two: Fever, bouts of anger, Increase in sweat production. Stage three: The caribou enters the berserker state the plague is named for. Many caribou enter a berserker rage when in combat but their strength and speed are still sensible. in this form however; Limbs legnthen and muscle builds on them. Bone structure grows harder, and the infected grow canines. Eyes tend to glow and sweat production goes into overdrive as the plague's magic disable the limits on their muscle's strength and heals the damage that it would normally cause while heating up their bodies to the point constant streams and ribbons of evaporate sweat and steam can be seen billowing from their bodies. the plague render's tghem merely instinct and rage lashing out at those who have posed an active threat to them and relentlessly pursueing until it is "dealt" with. Stage three is difficult because of the variation the infected can have depending on who they were. Those who spent their lives as couriers and delivery makers are turned into chargers that can move faster than the equine can track in the blink of an eye. Blacksmiths who spent their lives building up their foreleg's strength now have the power to crush raw ore with their bear hooves and lift incredible weights. The average bou who does not have much muscle mass beyond that natural strength of his species now runs a fever hot enough that getting in close proximity can hurt anyone close enough and those who touch them are physically burned while they can strike with enough power to send another bou crashing through a wall at the cost of damage to themselves that the plague's magic knits back together quickly. The high ranking caribou warriors, like jarls and chieftains however are considered nightmarish to face, usually toppling their strongest fighters in their circle like child'splay. This event is goign to be mostly focused on The Askr clan's reaction to and way of dealing with the problem. Due to their relative closeness to their Equine allies, the chieftain of their clan has decided to bring in a group of creatures who are immune to the plagues effects and are skilled enough to handle detaining and saving citizens in her hold who are not professional warriors such as her troops. This is because I can only speak for my own clan creation, but other clans and caribou from them are free to have their own thread tied into this where they are dealign with their problem or assisting others with theirs. I know Clan breen, and clan olin, -could- be affected by this in some way if their players would like that! For the threads that involve Clan Askr I have a few planned with some volunteers already interested. The Concoction of a cure!: Askr's Chieftain Works with experts in curses dark magic, and medicine to create a method to treat this plague and neutralise the infectivity before it completely spreads over whitescar. She has procured the blood of an infected and tries to keep a cool head in a stressful situation with those who volunteered to help end this as soon as possible Characters involved: Chieftain Sigrun, Necromancer Chipper demise, first class medic SKyhaven The capture of the infected!: The hold of the ASkr clan is large and the size of a city with the hall of clan being located in the center. While many of the caribou who entereed stage three have been captured, it was not without cost as the troops sent there had become infected and needed to bound and immobilized before they could join their brothers and sisters in the senseless destruction. The head of the clan has decided that none caribou will have to work to capture the "weaker" straggler infected that are roaming around a now mostly empty city where the evacuation of the citizens are still ongoing. These thread shall be handled By Rainbow fox working as a DM in which the ones responsible for searching for the infected learn about the infected that they are trying to capture before they must find a way to detain the mad stage three they are facing. I would like to use these threads to encourage those in them to think up a good strategy fro dealing with something more powerful than they are so try to think up ways that will alow your characters to win but save the infected in question. Characters involved: Thread 1: Swift Squall , Naj, and Javasun (Charger thread is up!) Thread 2: Cyclone , Ice storm and Stormstrider (Hulker thread is up!) The Tainting of the High King's water!: Lastly is the more bold plan that WRAITH has decided to enact. Wraith has sent their best combatants to protect an operation to pollute the high king of WHitescar's water with the berserker plague's contaminants and send his hold into chaos. It will take some brave ponies from epic and maybe the guard to stop this horrific plot! Characters involved: (EPIC) Dunder Blust, Fire Walker. Star crusader (WRAITH) Dog The battle with the first infected of Askr: I'm hoping to only open this thread up towards the end for thematic reasons. So people don't feel left out I felt i should add that it is fine if griffins or other species such as Qilin or otherwise with to get involved in this. I am considering allowing the addition of the Mane six into the story at some point but only if those involved think it would be a good addition and those who play them know that Whitescar is... very different from Equestria. This event will be able to be started relatively soon, if not today then possibly tomorrow when Rainbowfoxx can start the OP for the capture threads.
  5. With Spring and a new MLP Season upon us, feel free to celebrate both occasions by participating in this year's Winter Wrap-Up. This is the first Event we're running since we upgraded our forum software and changed the cast rules, so it's going to be exciting to see how everything turns out. Don't expect any nasty surprises like sudden snowstorms or treacherous invasions; this will just be pure Winter Wrap-Up fun! So come join us today; we'll need every helping hoof we can get in order to bring about the upcoming spring!
  6. Hello everypony, Ice Storm here! It's that time of year again... Are you excited for Hearth's Warming Eve and Day this year? I know that I sure am, and so is Spellbound! I have been asked to host this year's Hearth's Warming Gala, and it will be in my normal shop area, (Minus all the tables and benches and the like, giggles). With that being said we do have a few things that we will need to clear up before so, here are the important details. This Year's Gala is located at Frozen Delights, I will make sure that we have enough space to accommodate.The Gala will be held the Saturday before Hearth's Warming Eve. This is a formal event, Formal attire is required before entry will be permitted. The Gala will be open to Spellbound Members and their guests only for the time being. Although this is subject to change at any point up to and even during the event. and Treats, Hors d'œuvres, punch, and other amenities will be provided.Please RSVP in advnance and let us know that you're coming. Here's who's replied so far: Bellosh: Moony, Ingrid Marie Ice Storm: Icy Mojo: Professor Hoofcourt (Starswirl) Magic, Mighty Magic, Abracadabra, Misty Magic Zeig: Nocturne Wisp Lyipheoryia: Candles Fyre-Amore (The Magical Duo Disguise Changeling) Presteza: Presteza Tacobob: Pocket Brianblackberry: Cheerilee Scootalux: Fire Heart FireFoxx: Touch Stone TwoBits: Crystal Clear MidnightMask: Witchweed Charm Thanks for being awesome Spellbound! Icy
  7. Hello everyone! Your friendly neighborhood LeoCat is here! Providing you with an interesting RolePlay idea that I would like to see come to life! A bit of planning is going to be required on my part, so I would like to know how many people would actually be interested in joining the rp! But if you are! I hope to provide you with something... entertaining. Our lovely pony engineer JavaSun has designed a different model of an Airship that he had been dreaming of for years, and spent a good amount of his life on as a personal project. And finally, he breaths life into that very dream after the aid of many benefactors, and unveils it to the public for it's first mass test flight! Of course it has been tested many times well before hand. Depending on what is planned... this RP may actually allow only a limited number of people. And... for those who are interested in what it may entail... The Summery! Flyers flutter around through the air of all the major cities, and even the small hamlets of Equestria! These small pamplets have been made with exciting and attractive colors and printing to attract the eyes of even the most conservative of ponies! Carefully painted and placed in the background is what looks to be a Unicorn relaxing in a beach lounger on the deck of a rather impressive ship. Just past the railing one could see a balloon. Instead of the sea, one would notice clouds and the sun barely being slightly above the mare. “A Grand Adventure Awaits!” Brought to you by a fellow equestrian, an interesting one time attraction will bring you to the heavens above! Relax with the breeze of the wind from the greater heights blowing through your mane! Laugh the idea of gravity being what keeps you bound to the planes below! And see the world from another perspective! A drawing will be held for free tickets! With a grand adventure like this, nothing could go wrong! Could it? ​
  8. ((This is a sponsered thread and is ran by Canterlot.com Helpstaff. A lovely surprise is in store for those participating in Sponsored Threads, but we ask for this special occasion that a character can be inserted into one Sponsored Thread only, and that you only use one character within a Sponsored Thread.)) She thought it was a good idea. Applejack trotted out of the barn and she pulled out with her a large wagon. She had gotten some suggestions about what sort of activity she could unveil for this year's Nightmare Night festivities. She wanted to lure as many ponies as possible in order to better entertain her guests. And she agreed with her friends that the most important thing the party was needing was a nice relaxing hayride around Ponyville.Tonight, Applejack was wearing sticks, all around her legs, wrapped around her mane and ears, and even placed carefully in her teeth. These sticks together was her costume for the event. She was a timberwolf. After being criticized that Applejack's original plan to be an apple wasn't scary enough according to her friends, she decided to change. That, and someone else she knew was already dressed as an apple. Applejack arrived near Ponyville's center with her well-stacked hay wagon and shouted out to all the ponies around. "Hey you all! Come get a free relaxin' ride around Ponyville! And to all the ponies who ride all the way back to the Sweet Apple Acres barn house, there is a sweet surprise waiting for you!" ​
  9. ~The Iron Pony Obstacle Course~ A tan earth pony stands beside a starting line; a long, winding course full barrels, spotted with mud, and other obstacles stretches on behind her. Ponies have gathered along the sidelines of the course, watching contestants tackle the course one at a time. There is much ruckus as one of the participants falls into a pool of mud, ponies cheering or shouting encouragement- the whole scene is energetic, and alive with the spirit of competition! The tan pony earth pony spots you and calls out to you, her brown mane whipping in a slight breeze. Her enthusiasm strikes you as she calls out- "Welcome to the Iron Pony Obstacle Course! Do you have strength? Agility? Finesse! Speed?! Do you have what it takes to be number one?! Step on up and show us what you've got!' Event Description: Everypony can test their mettle on the obstacle course! The object is to get over, under, and across as quickly as possible to reach the finish line. The obstacle course is made up of four obstacles. The first obstacle is a long, shoulder deep pit of mud the width of the track; so cross it your going to have to get a little dirty! Sturdy, strong ponies will do well on this leg of the race! The second obstacle is a wall of barrels - stacked six high at its peak, there are too many to jump over from ground level! Each pony must be careful to scale the barrles that arent stacked as high until they can reach the top, and jump over. Be careful not to slip, some of those barrels can be wobbly! Ponies with agility will do well here! The third obstacle is a long straight stretch of the course where ponies must sprint to cross it as quickly as possible to reach the next challenge; ponies with great speed will excel through this challenge! Finally, the last challenge and fourth obstacle is a row of three thick wooden poles sticking up out of the ground. Each pony must retrieve three fresh apple pies at a nearby table, and are required to balance all three pies on their back while they weave between the wooden poles to the finish line. Move quickly, but not too quickly! For each pie that falls, there is a time penalty, so dont let those pies fall! Ponies with the utmost elegance and balance will shine brightly in this leg of the race! Event Rules: 1 )There is no flying, no magic, and no use of outside equipment; everypony must compete using their natural ability to overcome the obstacle course! 2) Only one post (run) per competitor (OC)! 3) You may participate in this event with more than one OC. However, only one post will be considered for judging, please indicate which OC/post you want to be judged in the competition at the top right of your post by adding the following: *This post submitted for judging* 4) This event is running for three days- don't miss your opportunity to give it your all! 5) All global forum rules apply- keep it clean and safe for all ages! Event Judging: This event will be judged by three simple criteria: Completion, Creativity, and Quality. There is no actual timing, or time penalties factored into the judging, the winner will be decided solely based on the overall quality of their RP based on the above criteria and following guidelines. The listed criteria will be used by the judge to determine the winner, no scores will be given or made public, and the winner will be announced upon the completion of the event! Specific information on each criteria follows: 1) Completion will be based on appropriate post length (not to short or inappropriately long), and responds to all event criteria. Completion checks to see that the competitor has met all of the requirements of the event. 2) Creativity encompasses every writer's unique approach to solving the event, how entertaining, and how original the post is. Is there character development in struggle, however small? Do we learn something about the character through their actions, thoughts, and attitude? Is it humorous, or does it make us sympathize with the character? Is it enjoyable and well thought out? 3) Quality focuses on the physical quality of the post- are there spelling errors, or grammatical errors that throw a wrench in the reading process? Does the post flow well when read? Does the post look good, or is it riddled with colors that don't match and pictures that don't fit in? This criteria focuses on basic readability and penmanship. Getting Started: All you need to do to get started is to respond to this thread with your post of your OC going through the obstacle course! Good luck everypony, show us what you've got!
  10. ~Tug-of-War~ The shouting, cheering, and laughing of a crowd of ponies catches your attention- there is a big splash and the crowd erupts in laughing and cheering again. As you approach you see that the throng of ponies are huddled around a pit filled with mud, a large thick rope spanning over the top of the pit from one side to the other. Emerging from the pit is a once light sky-blue pelted pegasus, who was now obscured mostly by a coat of muddy brown. She laughed with the others as she shook her coat and mane out before addressing the crowd. "And thats how its done! Just hang on for as long as you can before these three-" she gestured with a hoof across the pit at her three competitors "- pull you in! The pony who puts up the best struggle and lasts the longest wins! Who's next?!" Event Description: Tug of War is an endurance contest against three other ponies! The goal is to pull your side of the rope against your competitors to prevent them from pulling you into the pit for as long as possible. Conveniently, the pit has been filled with mud so nopony will be injured when they are pulled in- the mud will be there to break your fall! So dig in those hooves, pull and tug and resist as long as you can before the three ponies on the other side eventually pull you in! Everypony eventually ends up in the mud, but how long can you resist before you take the final plunge? Endurance is important, but an Agile pony might also find be able to delay the inevitable with some quick thinking and clever hoof-work! Show us what you've got! Event Rules: 1 )There is no flying, no magic, and no use of outside equipment; everypony must compete using their natural ability to pull, tug, and stand their ground! 2) Only one post (round) per competitor (OC)! 3) You may participate in this event with more than one OC. However, only one post will be considered for judging, please indicate which OC/post you want to be judged in the competition at the top right of your post by adding the following: *This post submitted for judging* 4) This event is running for three days- one week! Don't miss your opportunity to give it your all! 5) All global forum rules apply- keep it clean and safe for all ages! 6) You are welcome to RP the 3 NPC's you are tug-of warring against; the judge will not be RPing these NPC's! Your reply should focus on your struggle against the inevitable, muddy end that your pony will meet, but feel free to spice it up by including the NPC's in your post! Event Judging: This event will be judged by three simple criteria: Completion, Creativity, and Quality. There is no actual timing factored into the judging, the winner will be decided solely based on the overall quality of their RP based on the above criteria and following guidelines. The listed criteria will be used by the judge to determine the winner, no scores will be given or made public, and the winner will be announced upon the completion of the event! There will be a first, second, and third place. Specific information on each criteria follows: 1) Completion will be based on appropriate post length (not to short or inappropriately long), and responds to all event criteria. Completion checks to see that the competitor has met all of the requirements of the event. 2) Creativity encompasses every writer's unique approach to solving the event, how entertaining, and how original the post is. Is there character development in struggle, however small? Do we learn something about the character through their actions, thoughts, and attitude? Is it humorous, or does it make us sympathize with the character? Is it enjoyable and well thought out? 3) Quality focuses on the physical quality of the post- are there spelling errors, or grammatical errors that throw a wrench in the reading process? Does the post flow well when read? Does the post look good, or is it riddled with colors that don't match and pictures that don't fit in? This criteria focuses on basic readability and penmanship. Getting Started: All you need to do to get started is to respond to this thread with your post of your OC accepting the sky-blue pegasi's question of who wants to go next! Good luck everypony, show us what you've got!
  11. Umm, hello everypony... I just wanted to inform you that I've started up a Secret Santa event for those in the My Little Pony fandom... There are still two weeks left to join before applications close, so if you'd like to participate, you've still got some time to apply, and it only takes a few seconds to do. If you don't celebrate any denominational or seasonal holiday, that's fine; I don't either. It's moreso an excuse to make new friends and share your special talents with others, what ever your special talents may be. Instructions on how to join are listed on the front page of the group. Please read through them before submitting an application; there is vital information there that I must receive. Thanks everypony, and I hope to see you all taking part. Sincerely; ~Zephyr Blue
  12. I want to thank and congratulate everypony that participated in this years' running of the leaves event! I know it came early, but you were all troopers and stuck with it, and I am frankly impressed with the amount of interactive RP that emerged from this whole concept. I would very much like to hear your feedback about the race, and any ideas to mix it up/alter this type of system for future events. This is very important to me so please take the time to provide feedback and your thoughts- I busted my flanks for two weeks, please take a few minutes to let me know what you think can be done better/differently, and what went well! As a thank-you for participating, Artax and I (which means I talked a lot and he did all the real work), have come up with a few special awards to give to everypony that participated in the event. Those few lucky ponies who managed to take the top three slots will get a much more rare, special award celebrating their achievement! Congratulations you guys! You are what make this board worth having, and this is a little way for us to reward those who participate in the site's special events! Wear your award with pride- there are only going to be 37 of them on the entire board! And now finally, what you are all waiting for! Here is the current leader board for the Running of the Leaves, 2011 as per the first FINAL segment of the race! THIS IS IT! Your winners and final rankings are below! Thanks for being patient everypony- updating this every other night has been a real challenge with everything else going on in my life, but I had a ton of fun doing it. You are all worth it; and I would do it again. And I probably will many times :heart: The Leaderboard Final Results: For reference: Scores are shown above- the first number is the random 'roll of the die' score, the second number are points awarded for RP quality, length, and pozzaz! My scoring range is 0- not much there, 1 - A bit minimal, saw room for expansion, 2 - Good RP post covering all of the bases, 3 - Very good RP, including reacting and initiating interaction with other ponies, or in some way adding a unique and delicious flavor to the RP.
  13. The Setting Rp here your placement post-final segment of the race! Congratulations to all of you who made it through from start to finish! You have three days to RP this section before it closes- any celebrating/post race RP character interaction can happen here before the event is permanently locked! -Lampwick 'Flicker' Jane- Lampwick felt alive. Her hooves found the earth but barely seemed to touch it- she floated like she was riding the breeze that swept through her mane, slipped along and underneath her, through her legs and over her back, catching her tail for just a moment then gone- this must be what its like to be wind. Her surroundings floated along with her. It seemed like it was all moving in slow motion; but that slow motion was happening really fast. There were so many ponies alongside her- colors of every sort as they dashed towards the finish line. Lampwick watched them- could see the effort of their breath, the strain of their strong legs- the determination in their eyes- it was like Lampwick was so alive that life had nearly slowed to a stop. To one side was a beautiful white and mint-maned pony, shining in the dusky light as leaves whipped around between them. On her other side were some more ponies and a griffon- amongst them a young foal with pastel shades of rainbow in her hair, and the sky-blue pony with the golden Lyre along her flank. Lampwick opened her mouth to say something again, but as the falling golden autumn leaves crossed her gaze and fell in between them, she lost her words and simply watched the beauty of all the motion around her. She couldn't find words, there just weren't any that could do such a moment justice. In silence, but with a peaceful smile, and a burning appreciation for the day in her chest, she watched the mare, griffin, and foal all slip on ahead. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath- then pushed herself even harder- then felt the rush and roar of the crowd as she bolted past the finish line. She kept running for a little while, as the noise and pack of ponies quickly fell behind her, she felt the excitement and exhileration bleed out quickly, allowing her to regain her senses, and allowing time for her tired body to ring in from all sorts of locations she had forgotten about in order to complain. Slowing to a trot, then slowing to a stop, she looked back the few hundred feet at the throng of ponies, and shouting, and noise. Wow. That was so much fun! I'm- so- tired! Whew! For a long burning moment (or perhaps that was her lungs), she felt a companionship with the ponies that she'd run with; a sense of kindred-spirit with so many strangers that were all sharing that incredible journey with her. As much fun as it was, I think I'll stick to walking when I travel... Taking a few deep breaths, and feeling the wobbliness in her legs start to take over, she thought it would be best to keep moving- walk off the exertion before her muscles cramped up. She circled a few times in place, watching and listening to the voices of many ponies congratulating one another and receiving medals. How exciting- maybe next year, I can take one home to show Pa! Someday, my treasure chest will be bigger than his; and then-... well, that didn't matter right now- she still had an entire year before heading back home to Canterlot. By then, she'd be ready! Turning away from all the excited hubub- but with a pleased sway in her trot, and the rest of the world at her hooves, she headed down the path out of White-tail wood.
  14. The Setting And here they are! Its a long stretch, and everypony is s for the finish line! So many ponies neck and neck- this is what you saved that burst of energy for! Put all your effort into this final sprint! Who will win this years Running of the Leaves? It's been a fantastic race everypony, but it will be up to the judges to determine the winners! -Lampwick 'Flicker' Jane- Things had gotten crazy. Really crazy. The race had turned from a race into... well, not really a race. Ponies and creatures alike had stopped to unbury each-other from the puddles of sap, sometimes banding together into groups of three or four to remove one another from the sticky hang-up. For all that it had seemed- the race had stopped. Lampwick was intrigued. She slowed down and found herself pushing, or pulling a few stuck ponies here and there until everypony was free. Once a group had freed all of its immediate surrounding ponies, it would then move to another group of ponies. What had once been a small crowd of ponies was very quickly turning into a dense pack again, much like the pile-up at the bridge; except this time ponies werent competing to get across- they were helping one another so that no-pony was left behind. It was then that Lampwick realized the underlying attitude and lifestyle of the ponies gathered here in around ponyville for the Running of the Leaves- while the race was competitive, everypony here deep down was a team player. While many many ponies had become stuck in the sap- not one pony would be left behind today- even the leaders of the race had stopped to help a very cross looking griffon. Lampwick had always been a rather solo-going pony; loving company, but always finding peace within her own thoughts. Witnessing such... spontaneous teamwork, and loyalty to what seemed complete strangers, found a little nook in Lampwick's heart, and warmed it. In a way it all made sense- the trees here needed the ponies, and the ponies needed the trees; much like the ponies in the race needed each other. Lampwick felt like she was witnessing something important, but she couldnt quite put it into words, or thoughts. All she knew was that it made her feel good and warm somewhere deep down; and when it came down to it, it was moments like these that Lampwick traveled for. The little unexplainable. beautiful, mysteries in life that really made her feel alive. Lampwick had just finished helping a group of ponies free the last of the trapped, and for a long moment it seemed everypony had stopped. Heads began to turn towards the last stretch of the race when a large shadow passed overhead- the large balloon from the beginning of the day rose out from behind the tree-line, and in the distance voices and shouting could be distantly heard. Squinting ahead, Flicker could see a large banner, and a growing crowd of ponies along the treelines, waving and shouting. The finish line. A few leaves fell from the still heavily-laden trees. It seemed everypony was noticing all at once. Lampwick saw other ponies begin to move from the pack, starting up to a trot. Her legs burned and the excitement she had felt earlier exploded in her chest. This was it! Rearing up, Lampwick gave a loud whinny amongst the large group. "Lets go everypony!" Lunging forward into a full sprint, Lampwick burst towards the front lines of the group at a gallop. Her mane whipped in the wind with her speed, and she had never felt so alive and fast. Here it was, the last leg of the Running of the Leaves!
  15. The Setting: The sidelines of the race- feel free to RP any OC's or cast ponies who would like to RP around the Race event, but not within the race threads itself. Enjoy!
  16. The Setting Wow, can you smell that tree sap? It'll make some wonderful syrup once it's all been gathered! Watch your hooves, or you may end up in a sticky situation! There are drops of tree sap everywhere, making a lot of the path way sticky. Although, I bet that syrup is mighty tasty... -Lampwick 'Flicker' Jane- The world was fuzzy and warm all around her. She was dimly aware of the flecks of sun that flowed over her coat like warm speckles. The world swayed back and forth, rocked, bounced lightly; it was rather soothing, like being carried along her Pa's back when she was just a foal. She used to drape her arms over his shoulders, stick her nose in his mane, and fall asleep there. Maybe thats where she developed her first love for traveling. Lampwick yawned loudly- so loudly that she woke herself up. Blinking groggily she stopped her canter and looked around. The rocky path had turned back into soft earth, and trees were more dense again, and there were puddles of water lying all around. "Well thats not right... last thing I remember is taking a break next to that sign... how did I end up here?" Lampwick looked down and observed her legs; they felt a little tired, but they didn't ache with the exertion she had felt before she stopped to rest. Looking around proved that she wasn't in the same place as before... Lampwick suddenly realized that she'd been jogging with her eyes closed. No, that wasn't quite right; shed been racing while asleep! Placing a hoof against her ear, she gave her noggin a good confused rub. She could see ponies in the near distance, both in front of her and behind her, perhaps she had followed them by scent and sound. Either way, Lampwick felt pretty good- but she could certainly use a drink of that water; she felt parched after that nap! Stepping up to the nearest puddle she immediately realized it wasn't water. The sweet smell of the liquid was unmistakably sappy; and while this sap smelled awfully sweet, she was certain it would simply make her mouth that much drier. Truth be told, she feared it getting in her mane or tail far more than that simple inconvenience though. Maybe she could come back after the race with a few empty jars and fill them up to have later. She liked that idea- and promptly deciding that that is exactly what she would do once she got back to Ponyville, she set off down the trail again to catch up with the ponies around her. A slight blush crept into her cheeks. Hopefully too many of them didn't notice her unusual behavior; and maybe she could overhear just exactly where she was in the race too. Oh colt, would she have a story for her Pa when she saw him this year!
  17. The Setting Make sure you follow the sign! Well, usually. Sometimes there is a pony or two who like to switch the sign pointing to path ahead over to the path leading up the mountain side. Careful though, the path is very rocky right here, and a pony could easily trip and hurt themselves. -Lampwick 'Flicker' Jane- Phew! Lampwick's lungs felt like they were on fire! As the thought shot through her head, she took a cursory glance down at herself to make sure that she wasnt indeed, on fire. Relieved to rule that terrible option out, she decided that the next immenent threat was that her lungs might explode. Pretty sure that wasnt the case, Lampwick still thought it a good idea to take a break until she felt a little less likely to catch on fire, or explode from her exertion. Puttering out fast along the increasingly rocky trail, she trotted up to an old rickety sign and leaned up against it. Lampwick liked old rickity things; she loved things that had the feeling of age and mystery about them. Sure, it was just a sign, but it felt like a little piece of home sticking out of the ground. Phew- she had run hard that last stretch- all the ponies clustered up about with her; all the leaves falling throughout the forest, the wind and motion and life in the air as they stampeded through- it was just so exhilerating. Lampwick had never been an athletic pony, even though she had been a very mobile pony all her life; but for this day she thought she could really understand the excitement and joy that pegasi seemed to feel when gliding through the air. It was exhilirating. She was pretty surprised she could keep up; but that wasnt going to happen without a rest- she knew she'd pushed herself harder than ever before, and the race wasnt even over. Her eyes were droopy, and her lungs tingled uncomfortably. Long deep breaths seemed to help calm her thudding heart- and it felt so good to shut her eyes and just let them rest... Lampwick was soon asleep; dozing away against the old rickety signpost. As she leaned into it to let it support her weight, the little arm of the sign was pushed out to point down the trail branching off to the right. Unknowingly, Lampwick had pointed the sign to the quicker and easier trail around the mountain side; the steeper old-trail path to the left wound up the mountain, and over it down the other side to meet up with the other path. It was a longer and harder path, but the view it offered was also breathtaking- from a vantage point that high up, a pony could see quite a bit of the race from above.
  18. The Setting The most important part of the race! Here is where there are the most trees—and the most leaves! There's the smell of bark and sod in the air, along with the buzzing of bees and twitter of birds. Such a lovely site... Ooops, don't get too caught up in the scenery now! -Lampwick 'Flicker' Jane- Lampwick had narrowly avoided the hub-ub at the bridge- she considered herself lucky. She'd just had her fill of the crystalline pure cool water and was heading up the bank when ponies began falling into the water. Hornets began to fly, and what was once just a small crowd had turned into a furor of confusion and bustle. Lampwick found this all interesting enough, but she certainly didn't want to find herself in the thick of it. Turning away from the throng of ponies laughing, cheering, and jeering, she focused along the trail before her. She'd thought she'd been in the forest before- but had come to realize that the forest was much more thick with the golden and molten hues of fall than any landmark previously before. The trail was littered entirely with the colors of the sunrise and the sunset, and she could barely make out where there was trail, or simply forest floor. As if responding to her in like fashion- the forest erupted with sound as a sudden gust and breeze passed through the uncountable number of leaves still clinging to the trees. For all that had already fallen- many many more needed the encouragement of the stampeding ponies to bring them down. Lampwick had lost the commotion of the world around her, caught up in her new momentary fascination with the forest. For a long moment she just watched the forest- drinking it in slowly, just as she had the water from the creek before, but this drink filled up a cup deep inside her- a place in her that yearned for wonder, mystery, and beauty; and here in this moment, she had found it. A smile spread slowly across her muzzle. Feeling a part of the forest for that brief, private moment, she reared up onto her back two hooves, held her stance for a moment as her weight shifted- then like a pendulum in swing from one extreme to the other, she brought her weight and force down, smacking the ground with all the force her body and hooves could muster. For what seemed like a long moment she waited, searching the trees with her eyes. A few sparse leaves broke away from the maze of color that enveloped the canopy above her, swaying in the calm air as they made their way to settle upon the path. Feeling mildly dissappointed from the lack of reception, Lampwick looked back up at the leaves of the trees expectantly. It was then that a griffon blew past her at break-neck pace; followed by a brown pony, the skye-blue pony from earlier, and suddenly many many more. The force of the building stampede as it unwound from the bottle-neck of the bridge grew quickly; and as the earth trembled with the collection of hooves the leaves all around Lampwick began to fall- not just a few here or there, but hundreds- thousands even- maybe even hundreds of thousands! Lampwick's eyes grew and her expression lit up- now that was like the stories her Pah used to tell! The sight was breathtaking. Without loosing another beat of her sped-up and excited heart, she reared, gave a loud whinny, and was off to stampede with the others through the heart of Whitetail Wood!
  19. The Setting Ah, the smell of apples! Some of the racers may be tempted to stop for a quick snack! The race has just begun, but it's not too early for some ponies to take a rest. The leaves may leave the trees, but most of the apples still need to be bucked off. There may be a few tasty ripe treats laying around though! -Lampwick 'Flicker' Jane- Flicker had watched the flood of hooves, feathers, manes and bodies pour forth from Ponyville for a good minute or two. The last time she'd been to the running of the leaves was when she had visited from Canterlot as a foal with her parents. She'd watched the ponies run through white-tail wood, but eventually became more interested in the wood than the contest itself, and wandered off on her own. The way the light poured through the branches and leaves of the forest in sparkling shafts to illuminate the forest floor had seemed so mystical in her youth. It was a common sight for a traveling pony of her age nowadays, but something nostalgic stepped into her; and she felt her limbs itching with that ever-so familiar need to just...go. Taking only a moment to drop the flag from her mouth and fill her lungs with an excited breath, she then nimbly hopped over the discarded piece, and fell into the wide margins of the race, trotting casually alongside the more evenly-paced ponies that seemed to be there for the exercise rather than the competition. There was a lot of jostling up ahead as someponies competed to get into the front of the pack, but many more seemed to just be happy to be part of the event. Lampwick fell in beside an older pony the color of sea foam who was trotting beside a young filly of similar shades, but with a mane the color of a morning sunrise. She listened to the older pony tell her grandfilly of the many great races in the past that she'd participated in, and how athletic and young she had been, and thats when she had met the apple of her eye, a handsome stallion with eyes the color of emeralds. They had raced neck and neck for hours... Lampwick's thoughts began to trail off from the old mare's story as the sweet smell of apples began to fill her mind. Taking a moment to look back she could see that the first leg of the race had already dissappeared quite a ways behind her! She had been trotting briskly, keeping up with the main pack of ponies, and gave a moment to admire the old Mare's spunk for keeping up with such a lively group of ponies in her old age. Perhaps there was more truth to the Mare's story than one would have initially expected. Up ahead Lampwick could see a few of the other contestants of the race stopping to catch a quick breath. The path ahead seemed to make a slow and lazy curve down the crest of a hill, perhaps opening up into a valley. Flicker picked up her pace a little to catch up and see what the other ponies had stopped to admire, and as the last of the trees blocking her vision fell behind her, she too slowed in her tracks. For acres and acres as far as she could see- apple trees spread over the horizon- their glossy red fruit lost in the reds and golds of fall, swaying in the early afternoon light. "Woooow...." Flicker managed to breathe out; her words tinged with the awe she felt for the beauty and size of such an orchard. In all of her travels, she had never seen a valley like this, and it was breathtaking. In the near distance she could see the shadow of the large balloon that had been floating over ponyville earlier. Beneath it, in its shadow, the leaders of the race were blazing down the trail as it wove its way through part of the orchard, before disappearing again behind trees and hills. Flicker squinted her vision to see if she could make out who was in the lead- but there were so many ponies clustered together that she couldn't make out any distinguishable features. Many of the ponies nearby had caught their breath, and were determined to catch up to the leaders of the race. A wrong turn in the orchards could easily allow the other ponies to catch up. Flicker wasn't much into competition, but even so the thought of it was a bit thrilling. Mustering her energy and long endurance gained from traveling extended distances, Flicker set off to see who would would win this race! But perhaps not before she might try one of those delicious looking apples hanging from the nearby trees...
  20. *Update - Sept 4th, 2011!* The event is now live! The first leg of the race can now be role-played in! Hop on over there quickly and dont get left behind!!!! The Starting Line *Original Post* Oh My Little Ponies, could it really be?! It is! As the summer season burns off, we here at Canterlot are ready to kick off a new season- season 2 of my little ponies, and the season of fall! The Running of the Leaves Roleplay Event will be a forum-wide race that anypony can participate in! A forum race?! How the heck does that work?! Let me explain! :smile: -The Running of the Leaves is a race that spans through the White-tail woods. We will have a special thread for every two days of the race- each of these two days represent a different 'neck' of the race through White-tail woods. -Everypony on the forum can race with one Mane RP approved OC. For each 'neck' of the race that user RP's their OC running through, we (the staff) will roll a die, and add it to their 'race score'. There are seven sections of White-tail wood to be raced through! -We will also evaluate the quality of each post per section of the race, awarding it 0-3 (up to 3 possible points) and add that to the 'race score' for that section of the race. Quality of posts will determine how many points are awarded. You can post more than once in a section of the race, but quality will always beat quantity! The person with the highest race score at the conclusion of the race will be the victor! -This system leaves a lot of the race up to random chance (which is much like a real race- you never know the strength of all your competitors!); but everypony will be able to directly affect their chances by how well, and how often, they choose to RP the race. -Because of the way this is set up, even if you miss a 'section' of the race, you wont necessarily be out of your chance for 1st place- hang in there and give it your best! If you join late to the race, no problem at all! Just start RP'ing from the section that everypony is currently on- you never know, luck may just be on your side! Summary! -7 sections of White-tail wood = 14 days of RP! -Each section will be open for 2 days- Thats two days to RP each section of the race. Once a section has passed, you will not be able go back to RP in it! -You will earn race points for each section of the race you participate in (1-6 random chance, + 0-3 based on quality/frequency of RP. Thats a potential 9 points for each section!) -There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place! Give it your best shot! -If you dont have an OC for the Mane RP, now's the time to submit! I'll be making personal rounds these next few days to help get as many OC's approved as possible for the race! :heart: The Running of the Leaves will be starting September 4th, 2011, and will conclude September 17th, 2011; the same day as the premier of season 2! Be sure you don't miss YOUR chance to show Equestria just how Iron Pony you are! We look forward to seeing you there! P.S. We've got so many events planned for the upcoming months (soon to show up on our calender!) that the Running of the Leaves is going to take place a little early (at the beginning of fall, instead of the end of it), but we think thats a fair trade-off for the upcoming projects we have in mind. If you're excited about what's to come, let everypony know! The more the merrier! This post has been promoted to an article This post has been promoted to an article
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