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  1. Roleplay Type World of Equestria Name Peachy Keen. Sex Male. Age Stallion. Species Unicorn. Eye color Pale Green. Coat Light pink. Mane/Tail Slightly darker pink. Physique Average height and average build. Voice A higher than average tone with a light Canterlot accent. Residence Canterlot Occupation Artist/art store owner Cutie Mark A paintbrush with swirling strokes that somewhat resemble a curly mane. History Peachy always lived in Canterlot. He was an only child who was often spoiled by his parents and other close relatives. It wasn't their intention, but he had a hard time appreciating things since he always got what he wanted. Due to his charisma he acquired a lot of friends and was quite popular in school, but he wasn't close with any of them. Something about authentic relationships felt dangerous to him even at a young age. Perhaps it was due to his parent's disposition towards the idea. They suspected most ponies of wanting to befriend their wealth rather than befriend them, and Peachy picked up on that attitude over the years. He isolated himself from others because of remarks such as, "be careful, they might just like you because you're the rich colt," and, "don't let them take advantage of you." It was good advice, but he never got to hear about the good side of friendship, or why it's worth taking a little risk every now and then His parents owned and managed a high end arts and crafts store. A large upper floor was built atop the building which they called their home while the lower floor was where they worked. Peachy enjoyed the large selection of tools he always had at his hooftips. He also gained useful business skills as he worked alongside his family. Once Peachy was old enough his parents gave him the art store and opened up a new one elsewhere in Canterlot. Peachy had a lot to learn during his first couple years running a store. At first he struggled a bit and had to learn how to adjust to life with lower income. The experience added a bit of modesty to his character and once he got the hang of things, his business flourished and is now one of the best known art shops in Equestria. He's also earned a reputation for himself as an artist and sometimes gets commissioned by some rather famous characters. A little while later, Peachy added a new section in his shop where ponies could sign up to sell their paintings. He also started to sell custom portraits on curtain days to make extra bits, though the main motivation is to promote his work. His goal in life is to just be happy, but there's something in the way of that. It's a difficult thing to place for someone who's always had whatever they wanted but, there's some kind of emptiness he can't seem to fill no matter how much he has or how much praise and admiration he earns. Cutie Mark Story While at the market place he saw a high quality hat and simply had to have it. His parents started to comply but then something happened. His mom stopped and decided he was going to earn it. They still bought the hat, but Peachy wouldn't get it until he had the bits to buy it himself. Peachy was not happy about this new development. All he usually had to do was ask for it and he would get it! Why does he have to earn this one? Because he didn't appreciate it? He appreciated things just fine! Disgruntled, he started drawing angry faces to let off steam while he was at school. He didn't know how he was going to make enough money. He was just a kid and he didn't get paid for working at the art store yet. After searching his thoughts for an idea, he looked up and realized the angry faces he drew were identical to his teacher. He was unwittingly copying down her features. That moment triggered an idea. He loved to draw and paint. He could sell custom portraits! During his day off school he got some supplies from the art store and set up a little place right outside. Soon ponies all around were requesting a portrait. To him, it was exciting to get all that attention and meet all sorts of ponies from many different parts of the world. He even drew a portrait for a royal guard! He found the art of capturing everypony's uniqueness on a piece of paper amazing. So many hairstyles, colors, personalities and not to mention interesting stories to tell. He was enjoying it so much he lost track of the time. When it became too dark to paint he began to wrap things up. And after counting his earnings Peachy realized he made several bits beyond the original goal. But the hat he wanted was nothing compared to the fun he had all day. He loved painting portraits for others and knew he had to become an artist. Not just to draw but to showcase the beauty of life and the individual ponies that live in it. To appreciate the sheer diversity of the world and strive to learn more about it. At that moment his cutie mark appeared. Naturally he was as excited as any colt in that situation and barely even remembered his original goal until his parents had to remind him. Character Summary This pony loves nothing more than to be noticed by and interact with others. His charm and dress code earn him a lot of the superficial attention that he craves. When ignored or disregarded he will act quickly to get back in the spotlight. He's a cheeky sort, often engaging in playful insults and flirtatious banter. Though he prefers stallions, he delights in the ability to make everypony blush. However, when anything more than trivial chatter develops, he puts up a wall that no one's been able to crack. In fact, he's never even experienced true friendship since he pushes others away when they get too close. Despite being surrounded by "friends" there's a deep sadness and loneliness in him. Living such a lively and social lifestyle might be an attempt to cover the pain while also trying to keep other ponies from feeling the way he does. He has a lot of pressure on himself to make sure no one ever sees him unhappy. He can usually push the gloom aside and put on an act for awhile since he enjoys the company of others so much. However, once the day is over and he's alone at home, everything comes back and he is absolutely drained. He often copes with his despondency by painting. A lot of his best art came from those moments. Peachy isn't too awfully fond of his first name, often referring to himself as Keen and encouraging others to do so as well. He of course delights in painting and strives to get better as it earns more respect from his viewers and customers. His love of fashion is also a reflection of his need for attention and validation. Although he's self centered, Peachy thrives on his fascination with those around him. He wants to know their story, what makes them tick, how they're feeling, what kind of knowledge they have ect. It gets his mind off of himself a little. Plus he is listening with sincere interest. He only needs to know a pony's name once and it's a permanent part of his memory. When in public there's hardly a moment when he's not smiling and he has to greet everypony before he's satisfied. Peachy has a habit of walking around in a prance with his head held high. Perhaps he's over compensating for his often deary mood. Most of the time his prancing is meant to be playful and grab attention, but it often comes across as uppity. He doesn't have a very high pain threshold and can't deal with things that are too serious or heavy. He will become petrified when afraid, locked in a daze and unable to move. When the going gets tough he's not good at handling it and can get easily overwhelmed. Despite his seemingly controlled disposition, It wouldn't take much to get an emotional outburst out of him. Peachy doesn't intend to but he often comes off as a snob, especially to those outside of Canterlot. He has a tendency to over pity others even when they're perfectly happy and is quite picky. When given the choice, he only wants the highest quality of everything. Food, clothing, art supplies, ect. He's also somewhat awkward around non wealthy ponies. If he gets agitated and looses composure, he'd beat himself up about it for weeks. He hates nothing more than letting his emotions get the best of him and dwells on past mistakes far too long. It's a rare occurrence, but If he dislikes someone, he tries to get under their skin using remarks, insults and demonstrations of his "superiority." All in all he tries to do the right thing, but there are a few "blind spots" concerning his sense of the world around him. There's also the inner conflict of desperately wanting a close relationship while being too afraid to let it happen. Due to this, he's rather frustrated on a daily basis, but doesn't let that get in the way of trying to keep everyone else happy. Unfortunately, he doesn't know how to do the same thing for himself.
  2. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Shenanigans Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Green Coat: Red Mane/Tail: Razmatazz Magenta w/neon blue highlights whenever I feel like drawing them. Physique: Lithe but still athletic. Shenanigans is strong, but not bulky as far as other stallions tend to be. Residence: Rural sector outside of Manehattan Occupation: Magi-Botanical Specialist/Seasonal Subsistence Farmer Cutie Mark: Shenanigans Cutie takes the form of poison joke viewed from above. When Shenanigans was a foal, he really liked stories of rag tag renegade heroes. He always had a rebellious spirit and wanted desperately to play the hero, which would get him in lots of trouble. One day, his antics got him in trouble with an older unicorn bully at his school and he got beaten rather badly. Needless to say, Shenanigans got frustrated, he felt he had the swashbuckling spirit, but why couldn't he have been born stronger, or why did it have to be so hard to get strong, why didn't he have magic or wings? It got to him so much, he decided to run off. He left town and ran into a forest without telling anypony. Shortly after doing so, he got lost and couldn't find his way back. This gave him a large amount of time to think. As he walked aimlessly in circles, he kept walking through a curious blue flower, and after some time, weird side effects started happening. At first he was terrified, but after some time, he got used to the changes as they came. Soon after that, he started enjoying the silliness of the poison joke. The experience still made him realize that running away was stupidly dramatic, and it didn't really solve any of his problems. Looking back at all he went through, it made him laugh at all the things he was worried about. When he thought about it, everything was all in his head. Then an idea came to him, and he collected a bunch of the blue flower. Sure, he didn't have magic or wings, or strength, but he didn't need them. He was smart, and that was all he needed. Eventually, he found a search party that had been looking around for him, and his parents were greatly relieved that he was okay. Shenanigans' parents and the entire search party suffered the effects of poison joke after being in contact with Shenanigans. Shenanigans confronted his bully. While the bully laughed at Shenanigans for carrying flowers, Shenanigans had the last laugh as the bully discovered the next day that his butt and head switched places. Score one Shenanigans, Buttface zero. At the end of the incident, Shenanigans had figured out a lot about himself and welcomed the blue flower cutie mark on his flank. The symbol of the poison joke on his flank is tied deeply to Shenanigans in many ways. It is a symbol of good spirits and comedic thought. Comedy is a great equalizer that can say that nothing matters, which can be frustrating, but also can be comforting. It is a symbol of his crazy antics and schemes. One martial arts philosophy states, "appear as harmless as a flower, but when necessary be able to extend your thorns." In Shenanigans' case, instead of piercing them with a thorn, he'll turn you into a grapefruit, metaphorically speaking. The poison joke is viewed from above so that it looks like a shuriken, because it is his weapon of choice. Comedy is useful as a form of social critique, making it a valuable tool to accent his arguments and victories. The poison joke is also a symbol of adventure, as it stands as a bizarre trial along the journey. Lastly, the poison joke represents his fascination with magical plants, as it is the first one he became well acquainted with. History: Shenanigans was born to Shanghai and Fooligans in the city of Manehattan. His parents ran a hole in the wall diner that brought many odd dishes from overseas and other cultures. Shenanigans was a rebellious youth, trying to decide justice for himself. He would get into trouble regularly without fail, which resulted in exorbitant amounts of time outs, which Shenanigans was okay with, because he would read about rebellious heroic ponies, which always spurred him on. Shenanigans later got a scholarship to Canterlot University, where he met a straight edge genius named Sirius, who quickly became a rival for him at the university. Shenanigans managed through public critique to dethrone Sirius from his position of president of the student government, which Sirius had won two years in a row. Their was a bad air between the two of them for a semester, but in the second semester of the third year the two of them found themselves stuck in a Pottery class together. Pottery classes were hard to get into because one had to sign up well in advance, so neither were willing to give up their spot. The class became an arena for them to compete against each other. The two managed to find a common enemy in the two faced professor, Mr. Flap Doodle, who took pottery far to seriously for how terrible he was at pottery. Professor Flap Doodle's fatal mistake was pairing the two of them together as partners as a highfalutin punishment. The dramatic scene he made issuing this punishment worked as a nightmare glue, bonding together two howling storms into a diabolical dream team waging a war of clay, witty quips, and public rebuke. It was a battle with pride on the line, of the dastardly duo, the professor, and even pottery itself. In the end, all the spiritual twaddle the professor used in teacherly harangue could not stand up to the scathing knowledge driven roast the two forged together. Needless to say, both Shenanigans and Sirius were expelled from the class, but neither seemed to care because to them they had saved pottery as an artform from the incapable hooves of Professor Flapdoodle, at least for them anyway. Having spent hours upon hours doing research and contacting professionals in the field together, the two had actually grown to genuinely enjoy pottery, and the two of them became fire tested friends. Only 5 weeks into the semester and with an entire 4 hour block of time each week now empty with the loss of the class, the two decided to hang out together. When Professor Flapdoodle tried to motion to the University board for Shenanigans' expulsion from the school, Sirius mobilized many of his contacts to stand up for his continuing education. Subsequently, the action item of the expulsion of Shenanigans was abandoned. With the rest of the semester left, the two of them teamed up in running for the student government, and while they were indeed late comers, through a number of public challenges, clever political pranks, and a couple of 'unfortunate accidents' that couldn't possibly be sabotage, they managed to steal back control of the student government like the rascally rat racing politicians they were. At the end of the semester, Professor Flapdoodle was removed from teaching the pottery class due to a significant number of teacher evaluation forms indicating a general lack of knowledge about the subject. Shenanigans later went onto graduate studies in magi-botanical studies. While Shenanigans and Sirius move onto different schools, they continued to convene for pottery socials. While they both slaved away at their chosen disciplines, they encouraged each other to strive for higher goals, mostly through taunting each others works. They even edited each others theses. Shenanigans became a published expert on magical flora in Equestria, and seeks to expand his purview to the entire world. Shenanigans established a farm homebase outside of Manehattan, where he grew his own food, as well as other plants that could be useful to him. He has since gone on a number of trips around the country to do research on exotic magical plant life. Character Summary: Shenanigans is a bit of a maverick. He is a trouble maker and a habitual line crosser. Its a compulsion of his. He is the type of pony who pushes other ponies into pools not because he is mean, but because they were “standing right there” and they should have seen it coming. This is harder to do pegasi without jumping in with them, which he has been known to do in a pinch, but one creative experiment with the stealthy application of fly paper proved that even a horsefly isn’t invulnerable to being pushed in a pool. Shenanigans has a tendency to be rude and reckless at times, all in the name of a good time. He has an intellectual side, but can get frustrated with the elitism of ponies that do not appreciate his "asshattery". Shenanigans still gets lost from time to time, especially because he likes to disregard maps. In fact Shenanigans doesn't like much of any pony or any thing telling him what to do. If he can find a loop hole in the rules he will exploit it at a critical time just to prove that the rule was dumb. This gets him in all sorts of trouble, but Shenanigans assume if you haven't been banned from at least one formal establishment, you aren't living properly. Shenanigans has an unbreakable sense of humor and can be incredibly pleasant to be around. He likes to embellish on things and describe them as more dramatic or silly than they actually are. He has a spotty record with names, some names he can remember, others will elude him, but this doesn't cause much problem for him because he assigns meandering nicknames to others that can change on a whim. Shenanigans may seem rude to many, but as a result, Shenanigans has a much longer fuse for dealing with others he might not get along with initially. Shen offers many second chances, as he knows he knows he needs them himself. Shenanigans can remember of grudge, especially if it is comedic to do so, but he has a strange ability to flippantly turn his opinion around and forgive. This is probably due to the fact that he sees oppositions and challenge to be a useful tool, and will even bear artificial grudges just to help accelerate progress in the directions he want it to go, or just because its interesting to do so. Due to the efficiency of being an earth pony, and his applied agricultural knowledge, Shenanigans is able to grow much more yield than he can use in a season. He sells a portion of the crop for money on maintenance and hiring specialized help (like pegasi when he wants to grow crops foreign to his climate zone), another portion he donates to the charities, and the last section he stock piles so he can make expeditions from the farm to hunt down legendary magical plants for research, and generally irresponsibly applied tomfoolery. Also, Shen does this to allow the fields time to replenish its nutrients. To curb his own adventurous and swash buckling tendencies, Shenanigans uses his night times to train in a variety of skills and arts, from dance, to martial arts and stealth, and even writing. He also uses the time to plan out what he will do on his next expedition, and how he can utilize the magical plants he is growing. Shenanigans gets requests for various plants from locals, and he even supplies his parents restaurant with various ingredients. When his family's restaurant is doing badly, or his own stock piles are running low, he has been known to burn his fields or even flood them (this is because slash and burn agriculture and wet land agriculture are both tactics for restoring nutrients to the soil for the purpose of using a field in consecutive seasons, but Shenanigans keeps this to himself and pretends to everypony that it is foulplay or sabotage or other dramatic things). Shenanigans is largely driven by a desire for grand mischievous adventure, hoping one day to be a legend of mischief. Other ponies have told him he is going to have an early death, but Shen is really looking forward to being an amazing old person. He even practices in the mirror sometimes for extend periods of time. He wants to be able to write is own legacy of great and rambunctious adventures, with brimming with zings and erroneous names and glorious embellishments. Abilities: Earth Pony Endurance- Shenanigans is tough and able to withstand a lot of trials and trouble. While other earth ponies are particularly strong, Tenacity and stamina are more present in Shenanigans. Earth Pony Agriculture: Plants just kind of love earth ponies. Irony Sights/Poison Joker: From Shenanigans' prolonged exposure to poison joke, he has developed an intimacy with nefarious plant. Occasionally, Shenanigans can sense out latent comedic potential of things in his immediate area. It makes things stand out to him and pulls his attention towards those things. It doesn't tell him why its funny, or what will happen, but it urges him to interact with things a certain way. Shenanigans is almost always cautious in tapping into this ability, because while it can be amazing in a pinch, it always seems to think things happening to himself are hilarious. While it always seems to backfire in some way making Shenanigans the butt of the joke, it isn't always the most important part of it, allowing it to be useful in various situations. It keeps Shenanigans on his hooves and from arrogantly exploiting the ability. This double edged sword allows Shen to do comedic maneuvers that show a level of style and professionalism that would otherwise require more control than he actually has or more knowledge about the area or ponies than he has access to by means of fluke.
  3. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Foxglove Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Earth pony Eye Colour: Bright purple Coat: white Mane/tail: Black with purple highlights. the highlights often change color between her appearances. Physique: Foxglove has a build that is rather lithely and impressively built. She’s in good shape but isn’t exceptionally strong. Residence: A fairly large two story cottage in the Hollow Shades. She occasionally leaves to attend booksignings, parties, family get togethers, and other things. Occupation: foxglove is a bestselling horror, fantasy, thriller author, having written hundred of books. The most popular of her books series being called “The Coldblood Chronicles”, a series about a detective who is called in on Equestria’s strangest cases that even the princesses could not explain... Cutie Mark: An eschewed five pointed star with an eye in it’s center. It all began on a trip to summer camp. Foxglove had been sent there by her parents. There had been rumors going around that the colt’s cabin was being haunted by somepony’s ghost… One night, Foxglove snuck under the crawlspace under the cabin and noticed something interesting. There was a small box that once she opened it up revealed a whole bunch of old photos of the camp in it’s beginnings, with a couple of photos of some strange young ponies. Somehow she felt that she should leave this place alone and make sure nopony else did. The next night around the campfire she spun a yarn about a pair of young ponies in love whose wrath would fall upon any who disturbed the resting place of their memories. Once she’d seen at the end of the summer that the place had been left alone and undisturbed she’d noticed a mark on her flank. History: Foxglove was born to a pair of earth pony florists in Canterlot. She gained her name because her eyes matched the color of the foxglove flowers that they grew in their garden. As a filly she seemed to be drawn to horror stories that always seemed to keep herself up at night. Under the covers of her bed, the little filly read of creepy spectres and eerie horrors that crept around in the dark corners of the earth. Dreams that normally might have scared the cutie mark off any normal foal were the things that Foxglove looked forward to every time she went to sleep. Growing up for the filly was rather interesting experience. In her younger days she was always looking around for the unexplainable. Despite her unconventional interests she was always viewed as an exceptional peppy and playful filly who loved to joke around and play with her classmates. Even as a younger filly she seemed drawn to unusual sort of gothic dark styles that she managed to pull off rather well with her color palette. After the filly gained her mark she began to start writing short stories. While she originally wasn’t too confident in them, her parents decided to send a few to a magazine and soon she wound up becoming a published author. Some time after she left Highschool she began to feel she was getting a bad case of writer’s block. In order to remedy that she began to travel all across the globe ,learned all the various obscure non unicorn magics, and supposed hauntings. In her time in all these places she found her inspiration seemed to come from the thrills and chills she got from the increasingly creepy situations. In addition to her experience with all the incredible things she seen, she also made sure to learn all about the various local myths on how to defend oneself from them; all of which she incorporated into an ongoing series of supernatural thriller novels she’d been thinking up… Upon her return she wrote her first book in ‘The Coldblood Chronicles.” A book about a hard nosed detective by the name of Coldblood Trotter who took on Equestria’s strangest cases. The recurring themes in her books were the ideas of ghosts and spectres being creatures who were empowered and given form by the popular consciousness’ thoughts and rumors about them, The hidden thoughts and darker sides of Equine given form, beings from beyond the stars and outside of reality trying to come into the world and driving someponies crazy. Her world building in the secret side of the world that her books often depicted was considered very impressive and the pantheon of entities she created thought of as fascinating. Since she became a bestselling author she has found the constant attention from presses and things is not really where she felt most at home. So to keep those who might spy on her personal life and leave her be when she felt she needed to be on her own, She made a rather controversial decision and decided to move to a cottage in the center of Hollow shades. Anypony, griffin, or otherwise would find this place incredibly difficult to spend very long one with all the mysteries and creepy occurrences there. Currently, Foxglove is living happily in a small two story cottage in the Hollow Shades on her own. The large amount of money that she receives from her books’ sales allows her the opportunity to travel and go to all kinds of places with mysterious and eldritch rumors to them, however she always returns and shortly after she seems to easily pump out an entirely new book in about a month or so. So far, Foxglove is fairly happy with her life. She does occasionally feel slightly lonely and as a result she will often leave her cottage and the Hollow Shades to spend sometime among other ponies and attend book signings. Character Summary: Foxglove is a well reviewed author of horror fiction, with her most popular book series being her Coldblood Trotter series. In addition to her talent as an author she is also fairly athletic, knowledgeable about a lot of paranormal theories, and due to her upbringing knows a great deal about flowers. Some rumors seem to fly around about her constant traveling to various haunting grounds have left their mark on her, as she carries a strange mysterious air about her and has a strange talent for suddenly appearing behind someone when they or noone else is looking. Ghosts, unknown magic, ancient curses, dark relics… all of theses are things that can easily pique Foxglove’s interests. When she is not involved in any of those things for the sake of her work she does in fact other interests to keep her busy. Having grown up around a pair of botanists she has a fairly useful knowledge of flowers and plant life, however she seems to know most about plants that have magical properties to them. Besides botany, Foxglove has a particular love for certain styles of fashion; particularly gothic styles. Her usual outfit with consists of a necklace with her own mark on it, a black camisole, some black boots, and a black umbrella made of various magical materials she’d gathered across the world on her travels. until recently it hasn’t been very often one could catch this elusive author anywhere besides the latest place that’s caught her fancy, but lately it seems she’s been spotted out in public a lot more often. Around other ponies she’s very jovial, witty, and occasionally snarky. The easiest way to tell that she’s shown up in any setting would be to listen for a cry of surprise from the first pony she speaks to due to how most seem not to notice her until she’s right next to them and talking. Despite her rather dark and gothic stylings most find she is very pleasant company to have around. The things that Foxglove often fails at are first impressions. The first time a pony might meet her she may seem a bit odd; with her dark fashion but bright personality seemingly contradicting each other intensely. Another fault is that when she wants to be left alone to write her work… it’s best to leave her alone. If she’s interrupted while writing she has a tendency to be very short and hostile towards anypony who bothers her. There are quite a few things that Foxglove fears, however her love of her craft has caused her to confront these fears at every turn so she can use them better in her books. She still can be afraid, but it’s incredibly hard to get her to show it. In a way, she is a bit afraid of other ponies who can’t relate to her as easily; being scared of offending them in someway. In some ways, Foxglove has begun interacting with the public considerably more so she can not only better write characters she is unfamiliar with more convincingly, but to also better herself. Missing a deadline for her book is something that scares her more than any possible spectre could, as aresult she tends to spend weeks without sleeping and writing nonstop… then collapsing into a tired heap just after she puts her manuscript in the mailbox then re-enters her home.
  4. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Sigrun of Askr Title: The Silver eyed Queen of the east Sex: Female Age: Adult Species: Caribou Eye colour: Silver grey Coat: A dark chocolaty brown, with an even darker shade around her mouth and nose. She has a large patch of white fur that most of her kind have. Her coat is very thick and soft, perfect for keeping her warm in the cold weather Mane/Tail: While Sigrun does not have a mane, she does have some notable tufts of fur on her head that give the appearance of a short cut mane. Physique: Sigrun is the picture of Caribou strength. Her body is muscular, leaned, and well trained from years of training and sparring. She has exquisite reflexes and is considerably fast for her noticeable stature. Despite being a powerhouse in most senses of the word, This cow in particular still retains a sort of lithely look to her that most bucks and cows could consider attractive. When on more casual trips she often wears the fur of one of the more dangerous creatures she has slain. Her horns are tall and wide,not as large as a buck's horns but more then good enough to plow through those who oppose her on the fields of Whitescar. When she Leaves her hold in her homelands she is often seen in the usual warrior armor that protects the chest, neck and hind quarters. She is often seen wearing a helmet that protects her from arrows shot at her when on the field. Even when clad in her armor she still seems keen on wearing her long cloak. Residence: The grand hall in her clan's growing Territory in the east, a hall of drink and merriment that she has since repurposed and modified into a mighty fortress that so far no other clan's have managed to take from her. The lands she hails from in whitescar is unique in that it is the only place the Askrwood tree can grow. The lands of her clan are dotted with thermal springs and heavy with magical energy; conditions in which the tall and resilient Askrwood can grow. The strange trees seem to have adapted to their cold homelands in a most curious way; absorbing magic to grow stronger and gain nourishment in addition to nutrients their roots can steal from the soil. Recently many nations have expressed interest in this timber because of it's recent use as inlays for armor... Occupation: Jarl of the clan Askr, Leads an increasingly large and influential herd in Whitescar. Cutie Mark: Not applicable... she does however have a tattoo located in the traditional cutie mark spot. She and her sister, Ylva got them emblazoned on them as a sign of their determination to bring their species in the modern world and still keep their culture intact. The Tattoo is of a Tree with a Rune for the letter A. History: Many Caribou could say they have lived Sigrun's calfhood... and they would be correct for the most part. Sigrun was born the twin daughter of one of her clan's berserkers. Her father didn't have a special title and neither did their mother, but both were good and loyal warriors to her herd. Sigrun was named quite simply after the thing that the father had experienced that very day before another battle between a rival clan; Victory, her name being an old Caribou word for it. The one more interesting aspect of her life would be her sister, Ylva who seemed to reject some of the more violent ways of the caribou and instead tried to find her own way when she went in exile from refusing to undergo the right of passage. Her sister's action had greatly impacted Sigrun. She had no way to know if she would alone in the frozen wastes or the large world that laid beyond them, she decided to live her live for both herself and for her sister. Since that day, Sigrun has trained hard and made many contributions to her tribe. Her impressive knowledge and instincts regarding combat and battle having won the clan many battles. Even as an older calf she was able to defeat her father and mother multiple in sparring matches. Her knack for learning combat forms and movements serving her well in mastering melee fights. When she grew into her own as a commander of the forces of the current Jarl she began to truly make a name for herself after she and small group of warriors went to clear out a dragon that had been harassing the Askrs for several months. Not only did Sigrun bring them all back alive, but according to her crew at the following celebration, she had fought the dragon nearly the entirety of the day on her own, with only a few scars to show for it... and the blood of a dragon on her hooves. The cow also took the remains of his hoard to the clan and with those incredible treasure her hold grew more and more prosperous over time. The inter-clan wars was a turbulent time for Sigrun's clan. Her clan's primary hold was located far to the east in Whitescar, farther from the assistance of their allied clan of Aured than most of it's allies. The Jarl of Askr back then was a strong and powerful bull who was one of the strongest in the land, still fairly far behind Dragonsong but no pushover by any means... and that was why the enemy clans took the opportunity to attack. Without the lead of the Jarl, Askr hold could easily be conquered and the secrets for their incredible crafting of askrwood, magical inlays, and flying longboats could be stolen from the clan... or so they thought. In those days, Clan askr had fewer and fewer warriors as the need for their trade became more and more necessary. Sigrun was one of the younger and more promising warriors that their clan had and the day the enemy struck she made sure to take charge. While the Jarl was away with his most valued warriors at his side the clan was left incredibly weak with only a few fighters in it's roster. Sigrun was able to inspire the herd in the hold to take action and protect their home in anyway they could, fortify their walls, knock down ladders and anything the civilans could do to help, they did. Every bull, cow, and calve stood tall that day with a weapon in their hoof protecting their home with Sigrun informing the warriors on the best ways to strike at the enemy until the reinforcements came. For ten days, Askr hold stood unbreached and unbroken until the last day when they enemy managed to finally break down the door to the hold. The young calf was barely as tall as the warriors who stood at her side (with her antlers included) but she fought more ferociously than all of them combined. The fight that went on that day was one worth singing of... there were many warriors there that day and by the end of the massive battle there stood a teenage calf and several winded older bulls and cows who with Sigrun's leadership managed to hold off any significant casualties until Clan aured arrived and defeated the army. When the Jarl had heard of her deeds he had made his choice as to who should be the next head of clan Askr. On the day that Sigrun was to take the Jarl's throne, possibly one of the best days of her life. Something happened that made it -the- happiest day of her life; her sister's return. When she'd seen her sister had finally come home she had to hug her tight enough to leave a bruise... and also to hide her tears of joy from her soon-to-be subjects. Her subjects had wanted to throw her out of the hold but the news that Ylva had brought... as well as the sacred plant that hadn't been seen in years and words of a message from the old gods of the Askr clan; Tuktu and Qualipu. The offering of the sacred plant that was thought of as Qualipu, the Aurora god's mane was determined a more than sufficient settlement for her refusal of the rite of passage. Soon after, Sigrun was crowned as Jarl of the Askr clan and all their lands to the east, with her sister, Ylva being called the clan's religious leader. Once High-king Dragonsong was crowned, Both Ylva and Sigrun voiced their support for him and his policies. Since the king has been needing all the help he can for the time being against the dissenters she has made helpful contributions to his armies by supplying them with the magical absorbing wood from the trees native to her homeland. She has also attended many meetings involving the highking and the more influential Jarls and has gotten along with Dragonsong of Heil-barn. There have been whisperings of something going on between the king and the Jarl of askr... but Sigrun doesn't entertain such rumors. Recently Sigrun has become somewhat famous across Whitescar as she has begun a campaign in which her clan has been conquering other clans in her territory and being one of the Rebel clan Olin's biggest enemies and challenging opponents. With the incredible progress she has made with uniting the clans under her banner with displays of power guile and showing how dangerous an enemy she can be to them, her clan's land has grown large enough to encompass almost the entirety of Whitescar's far east map with a massive control over the magic absorbing wood. Due to her clan's power and size, many caribou have been calling her "The Silver Eyed Queen of the East". Character Summary: Sigrun is many things. A loving sister, Weapons master, Jarl of Askr, Charismatic clan uniter... but first and foremost she believes she must be there for those she cares about; including her warriors, her sister, and the caribou who maintain her growing force in the turbulent region that is Whitescar. As a result of her environment and culture, Sigrun is an incredibly talented and well trained warrior. Having been trained in the traditional caribou weaponry and seemingly able to learn most forms of combat very quickly, Sigrun is considered by many to be one of the top combatants in the land. Much like the rest of her kind, Sigrun is incredibly strong and resilient to the cold weather and tough conditions of the homeland. Her presence often seems to command a feeling of authority and gives off a sense of charisma that while it may not work on all species or natives of Whitescar, it has contributed greatly in her growing success as a uniter of clans under a new philosophy. Sigrun and her clan are supporters of the High king and are currently serving him within reason. She has agreed to assist in his dream of bringing his race into a new era, however, she and her sister believe they know the best way to do that is to keep their way of life where their culture values strength but feels that they should make sure their values apply only to their own people in the way they define strength. If the caribou did not wish to be weak compared to the modern world beyond their icy lands and wished not to incur the world's combined wrath if they were to keep to the ancient ways of pillaging and mayhem, Sigrun felt they needed to keep their battles either only between their own kind or offer their strength in return for resources to make their race's live in their harsh lands more bearable. To those caribou who oppose High king Dragonsong's policies of peace with the other races of the world, They have found Jarl Sigrun and her sister to be one of (if not the) largest obstacles in dethroning him. While Sigrun does genuinely desire peace for her people, She does stick fervently to the ideals valuing strength and exiling those who cannot contribute to her clan. She is considerably more merciful than most of her oposing jarls in that she will often give those caribou who often don't measure up to the usual warlike ways of old a chance to find something they excel at and prove it to her that it can be useful to those under her care. While she is intently loyal to the king, she is aware that one day he may be unseated and is determined that if that is the case; she will be the one to take the throne back and restore his ideals and is not opposed to the idea of becoming a high queen someday should the worst happen. The things she cares about in her life would likely include her sister at the top. She and Ylva have been inseparable since their birth, the only time them having been separated having been because Ylva decided not to participate in the right of passage for her clan and left. Eventually the two were reunited when they were older with Ylva telling tales of the land of Equestria and the ponies who lived there. Since then Sigrun has held a fascination with the equine and the status of their country, hoping one day to elevate her own people to such a status. Sigrun is the more aggressive sister, her sister being the calmer and more gentle of the two while still being a powerful creature in her own right. The Jarl of Askr however has been more at home on battlefields and raids between rival clans. Having been trained and taught the way of life for her kind in the olden days she appitomizes the potential of most young caribou who stay true to the old ways, helping her gain a following as her sister shows a similar yet opposite side of the coin. Most of the time Sigrun can be seen training her body, speaking to her warriors and citizens of her holds, or sparring with the new recruits. On other occasions she has often left her hold to attend some diplomatic meetings with the other Jarls. Things the Jarl of Askr dislikes would include pointless bloodshed at the top. While she still feels conflict and fighting are indeed necessary for growth, taking lives needlessly sits very wrong with her. Another thing she despises would be betrayal amongst her ranks. When she found a spy for a rival caribou clan who had cost her a large territory she sent him back home, but only after removing his horns. Around other's of her species, Sigrun keeps up a demeanor of strength and cunning at all times. The only one she tends to drop it around would be her sisters or high ranking advisors whom it would be pointless to hide her natural demeanor from. When around trusted allies, she still gives off a feeling of strength but she is considerably more kind and likely to joke. She still joins in the celebratory merrymaking in the great hall of her castle when her warriors return from battle. Some say she parties far too hard and can leave her bulls and cows three times as exhausted compared to when they originally came back. While on the battlefields, Sigrun could be considered a strategical genius and fighter to be feared should she set hoof on the wargrounds, she is hardly the best when it comes to social interactions with non-members of her species. She will stil seek them out and improve them as her sister has convinced her a sharp tongue and clever words can be just as dangerous and effective as any sword. Another thing she has issues with is subtlety, if she talks with someone she will usually bluntly state what she means or desires from them, sometimes forgetting to say hello. Another issue she faces is a strange physical affliction she has yet to discover she possesses. Since she has lived all of her life amongst the harsh, snowy lands of Whitescar... her nose has yet to effeciently grasp or enjoy the smell or the reproductive method of spring flowers; should she enter any foreign land during spring you can bet that her sister will be comforting her as she sneezes her head off. The thing that terrifies Sigrun most of all is the prospect of failing her clan and/or failing her sister. She has also developed a theory based on her sisters tales of equestria. The tales of the windigoes and their dissapearance has made her wonder if they may somehow be –or have been-- cursing Whitescar and fanning the flames of conflicts between the clans.
  5. Roleplay Type: World of Equestra Name: Mirrored Dreams Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Navy Blue. Coat: A well brushed white coat. Mane/Tail: A grayish black color. Physique: A normal build for a unicorn, nothing too remarkable. Residence: The Residential Districts of Baltimare. Occupation: Psychologist. Cutie Mark: A mirror, held aloft on a cloud. Cutie Mark Story: One night, a long time ago when Mirrored was naught but a Colt, he was having trouble getting to sleep. So he decided to get up out of bed, and go into the kitchen. He poured himself a glass of milk, magically levitating the jug. As he sat by the kitchen table, drinking his milk, his mother walked into the kitchen. She jumped when she noticed, having not expected to see anypony else awake this late at night. Of course, on Mirrored's part, he was also surprised. He ended up asking his mother what the matter was, and found out she was having weird nightmares. Nightmares which revolved around her being trapped within a giant clock, slowly filling with sand, or nightmares with her being trapped within a room whilst the ceiling slowly lowered, with her always waking up just before she was squished. In a flash of inspiration, Mirrored realized that those dreams symbolized that she was overworked, and probably extremely stressed as well. His mother realized he was right, and decided to take a few days off. And as if to symbolize him being successful, he got his Cutie Mark, which showed his aptitude with dreams and finding out their meaning. History: Mirrored was born and raised in Baltimare, a great city. Being raised in the Residential Districts of Baltimare, presented surprisingly few problems for a colt as inquisitive as he. Certainly, his parents didn't have much trouble raising him. In fact, they get along with him quite well, even now. His mother was a psychiatrist, although surprisingly, she wasn't a great factor in him becoming one himself. His father, on the other hand, stayed at home mostly, and looked after Mirrored. His family were the only Dreams who lived in Baltimare, with the rest of the family spread out through Equestria. There were even a few Dreams in Stalliongrad. Mirrored's current life, as a psychiatrist in Baltimare is pretty peaceful, with not much going on. A few clients here and there, but he's in somewhat of a slump. Although he does like to think back on how he got his job in the first place. Ever since he gained his cutie mark, he decided that he would be a psychiatrist. And his parents helped him along with that, and pointed him in the right direction, education wise. It all came to point, when at last, he got a job a few years ago. And ever since then, he's been perfectly content with is job. Although he hopes to be able to be able to get a job one day where he can travel Equestria, and spread his advice throughout it. Character Summary: As noted, when Mirrored got his Cutie Mark, he figured that his special talent must be in showing other ponies what their dreams meant. In fact, a combination of his cutie mark and two other factors are the main reason as to why he became a psychologist in the first place. Those other two factors being his motivation derived from his love of his work, and a desire to help other ponies. A desire so strong, that his main aspiration is to be able to help more ponies outside of Baltimare. The things he enjoys the most, apart from the obvious one of helping other ponies, would be reading and sightseeing around Baltimare. He reads mainly for enjoyment, although he'll analyze a book if he's interested enough in it. He also reviews psychology books every once in awhile, for fun. As for his sightseeing around Baltimare, he finds it such an ever changing city, there's rarely a dull day. As for how he acts around other ponies, at least when he first meets them, he tends to give off an aura of cold professionalism. He himself doesn't even notice this, as he's so caught up in his observations of other ponies, and how they react to what he's saying, he doesn't realize what it is they're saying. But once he's found out enough about a pony, he's quite amicable, and very willing to make friends. Although he does tend to scare ponies off due to his aforementioned professionalism. And as for his faults, the main two that most people would comment on, would be just how obsessed he is with his work, leading to what was mentioned in the previous paragraph, and his very trusting nature. Trusting to the point of being easily taken advantage of, which has happened once or twice. But he hasn't let a few sour apple experiences get to him, so he's still quite trusting. And the one fear nopony would comment on, due to him being the only one who knows it, would be him loosing the trust of his clients. Afraid to the point of it keeping him from sleeping every once in awhile. Attached is a photo of him.
  6. Name: Dusty Skies Gender: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Forest Green Character colour: Light Tan Mane/Tail/ Dark brown in colour, but she has dyed a light blue streak in both her mane and her tail. The mane is often messy due to a lack of attention, only making it look nice for special occasions. She is always found with her flight goggles, whether on her head or hanging around her neck. Physique: Dusty is pretty well built, as she likes to keep herself slim and fit for flying. Residence: Manehattan Occupation: Weather Pony Cutie Mark: A tornado with a dust cloud around it. History: Dusty was born and raised in Manehattan, a pegasus with unicorn parents. Her parents were very high up socially in the city, and very... prissy, to say the least. They never wanted their daughter to get dirty, for fear of embarrassment from their friends. And as such, they never let Dusty fly out on her own. Dusty hated this. All the other pegasi her age were flying whenever they wanted, so why couldn't she? Eventually, she got so fed up with this that Dusty began to sneak out and fly on her own. It felt amazing to her, just the freedom of it all was great. In fact, she loved flying so much that she began to sneak out more and more often. She even began to teach herself tricks, her favourite one being flying around in circles until a mini tornado appeared. Of course, the dirt she picked up always got in her eyes, so she bought her very own goggles to prevent that. One day though, Dusty was caught. Her parents were furious and she was immediately sent to her room, which Dusty went to reluctantly. Eventually though, she got bored of pouting. Her parents seemed to be talking about something interesting. So, she put her ear to the door and decided to listen in. They were upset because the antiques they kept in the attic were needed for an auction tomorrow. But neither of her parents wanted to go up there because everything was so... well, dusty. Dusty knew exactly what to do. Grabbing her flight goggles, she sped out of her room and into the attic, her parents following curiously. She then began her trick of flying in circles at top speed. Sure enough, a mini tornado formed. After a moment, she stopped, grinning ear to ear at her parents. All the dirt had been swept away, and everything was clean... except Dusty, of course. The filly was covered head to hoof in dirt. But she didn't care. And frankly, neither did her parents. However, she was still sent to immediately take a bath. As she was washing herself clean though, Dusty noticed something on her flank. Her cutie mark. And so, Dusty's parents let her fly whenever she wanted, regardless of how dirty she got. One day though, they announced something- her parents were moving to Canterlot. There was more sophistication there, they said. But they gave Dusty a choice- she could to with them to Canterlot or stay here and make her own living in Manehattan. By now, Dusty was a young mare, perfectly capable of living on her own. It didn't take long for Dusty to make up her mind. If Manehattan was prissy, she couldn't imagine how bad Canterlot could be! Nope, Manehattan was fine, thank you very much. Her parents didn't argue. And so the mare was left to live on her own. She makes her bits as a weather pony, eventually enough to buy herself a small house in the city, where she lives now. Character Summary: Dusty has been, and probably always will be, a tomboy. Girly stuff is just not for her, she'd rather be flying and getting herself as dirty as she pleases. And although she may not show it, she has a kind heart. She can appear sarcastic, brash, and risky, but Dusty is always willing to help out anypony in need. Her favourite place to be however, is in the air. When she's not doing her typical weather pony tasks, she is always out practicing her stunts. It's Dusty's dream to be able to perform these stunts for the ponies of Equestria. Heck, she could even be a Wonderbolt! Regardless, Dusty is fairly content with her life at the moment. She has a house, a job, friends... what could be better? Dusty's life is far from perfect though. Her biggest pet peeve has to be the prissy ponies of Manehattan. Their snottiness has always bothered her, and she tries her best to steer clear of those types. Her other dislike, or more like fear, is embarrassment and failing. She can't stand to mess up in front of anypony, and tries her absolute best to avoid it. However, Dusty loves making new friends. If you weren't rich and snotty, you were alright in her book. She's a pretty accepting mare. From pulling the occasional prank to racing and doing stunt-offs, hanging out is one of Dusty's favourite things to do. All in all, Dusty Skies is a mare with a passion for flying, not caring how messy she gets. She hopes to become something great, but doesn't plan on it. For now, she'll just have to stick with pulling off stunts in her free time. (Here's a picture, something I whipped up in Photoshop since I don't have much time to draw. Maybe I'll draw her soon, I dunno.)
  7. Roleplay Type WoE Name Flaxen Feather Sex Male Age Stallion Species Pegasus Eye color Blue Coat Light pastel blonde Mane/Tail A slightly sharper blonde than his coat. Physique He's of average height and a little on the chubby side. Residence Canterlot Occupation Botanist and Dendrologist Cutie Mark A Sakura branch filled with pink blossoms. Cutie Mark Story Ever since he was a foal, Flax loved the massive garden in the back yard. He would spend almost all his free time there and accompanied his mom when it came time to water them. The thing he liked most about plants and trees were the sheer variety, uses, and colors they came in. The flowers were beautiful while the fruits and veggies were delicious. He couldn't think of a single reason why anypony would dislike plant life and trees. One day, he decided he would plant his own set of flowers in the garden. He used his allowance to buy some seeds. They were going to grow into beautiful daisies. Flax dug tiny holes and put them in the ground. After watering them, he just sat there and watched. The little colt was eager to witness the first sign of life. The first little sprout. Everyday while doing his homework, Flax watched it closely until the day it finally sprouted. However, his excitement was short lived when the plant soon afterwards shriveled up and died. He went to his mother, sobbing over the plant he accidentally killed. He was terrified that Celestia would find him and throw him in a dungeon for taking a precious life. That poor baby flower never deserved such a fate. But after getting him to calm down, and assuring him Celestia wan't going to get him, his mom told him the flower wasn't in season yet. That's why it died. She explained that you must care for each individual plant differently and learn about it beforehand. That settled it. The flower's death shall not be in vain. Flax went to the library to look through a list of plants and trees that were in season. He was soon taken aback by an image of a cherry blossom tree. It was just gorgeous! He had to have one of those in the garden. These particular trees were especially delicate so extensive research was necessary. Once Flax felt like his knowledge of the Sakura tree was good enough, he purchased a little tree and carefully planted it in the garden, following all the steps he read about in the library. With his new found knowledge, he nurtured the tree with the utmost dedication. And after awhile, it was clear his new baby survived the transplant and was now flourishing. And he did it all by himself! He was so proud. Not just of himself, but of his Sakura tree. It showed so much bravery and strength for recovering so fast. That's when he knew this was his calling. To become a plant and tree biologist. Studying and nurturing plants and trees was his absolute passion. In fact, from this day forward he would strive to become a professor of plant and tree science! His flank sparkled and his cutie mark flashed into existence. A Sakura branch filled with beautiful pink blossoms. History Flax was born and raised in Canterlot by his mom and dad. His mother, Honey Bliss, is a doctor while his father, Russet Dabble, is a successful inventor. His father preferred to go under the name Dabble Doodle when refereed to as an inventor, but is addressed as Russet by his wife. He is rather close to his family, and Flax enjoyed his company. However, he often gets embarrassed by his dad's need to showcases his wealth and has a bit of a hard time getting through to him. Flax finds his mother easier to talk to, even if she's a bit eccentric herself. She's very kind and caring but also loves to prank ponies. Flax doesn't quite share her sense of humor, but they get along very well. Both parents are very understanding and supportive, but also firm when need be. He has a very close bond with his sister, Hazel. They are inseparable and rarely seen without each other during their free time. Hazel balances out Flax's tendency to be a bit of a push over. Flax met a unicorn named Vesper who was struggling. He about to loose his apartment and didn't seem to have a place to stay. Flax knew he couldn't just leave him there and offered to let him stay at his house. Vesper eventually agreed and took up residence at the mansion. He seemed a bit uncomfortable at first so Flax tried his best to make him feel at home. Because of Vesper's eagerness to repay them for their kindness, Flax decided to offer him a job as a housekeeper. Since then, Flax took it upon himself to help his new friend grow and flourish in the world, just like a little sapling. Ever since he was a foal, Flax loved plants and greenery. He used to think his destiny was to play the violin but soon realized his future was instead to be a botanist. He stills practices the violin as a hobby and enjoys playing to the plants and trees. Flax expanded the garden with his parent's permission and converted it into a large sanctuary. He loves to travel Equestria, searching for plants he's never seen before and collecting their data. Or bringing them ack home is the conditions are ideal. He's becoming quite a skilled scientist and hopes to one day be a famous professor. Flax and Hazel crated an enchanted comic club recently, hoping to make a connection with a community of fellow fans. There's nothing like being immersed into a story on such an intimate level. It's a blast to say the least. They took to calling their club Infinite Realms. Character Summary Flax is a tender hearted fellow who once cried when he realized snakes didn't have any legs. He's profoundly caring and empathetic to a fault. He'll let himself suffer in order to avoid hurting somepony's feelings. Even if they needed to hear the truth. He'll also offer to help others even when his schedule is full, making him overwhelmed easily. He is a sitting duck for anyone who wants to take advantage of him. He's not necessarily naive, he just feels like everyone deserves a chance. To him, every pony in the world is a potential best friend. But his abundance of comfort around others gives him the tendency to say sappy or melodramatic things. He gestures quite a lot and is almost always smiling. He also trots with a spring in his step and is hardly ever seen without looking happy or content. He's quite motherly towards anypony he considers a friend, always trying to make them feel like they're loved and appreciated. But he tends to jump at the opportunity to save someone from an unpleasant experience, even if it's necessary or helps them grow as a pony. Flaxen has a low threshold for pain and tears up easily. He's also easily distracted and has trouble making decisions on his own. He'll stay in the same shop for hours, trying to decide which toothpaste to get only to return it to the shelf later after realizing he bought toothpaste a few days ago. He tends to attach a personality to each plant and tree, even going as far as naming some of them. The one thing in the garden that holds a special place in his heart is the cherry blossom tree he planted as a colt. He took to calling her Sakura, and takes extra care to make sure she's healthy. As a result, she's gotten quite large and beautiful when in bloom. He loves to play the violin in the garden and believes the plants and trees really enjoy the music. He loves sweets and can't pass a bakery without purchasing something. He also loves fruit and has a hard time drinking tasteless liquid. He took up cooking and loves to use fresh ingredients from the bountiful garden. He's not the best cook, but his dishes are still impressive. Flax took it upon himself to make sure Vesper had a healthy diet since he would live off of nothing but toast if left to his own devices. The unicorn assured him he didn't have to do that, but he still eats the food and that's enough encouragement for Flax to keep it up. All in all he's a very friendly pony who treats plants and others alike with as much care and consideration as he can. Hoping to see them learn and grow to someday become something great.
  8. Roleplay Type WoE Name Vesper Haze Sex Male Age Stallion Species Unicorn Eye color Green Coat Grey Mane/Tail Dark Grey Physique Slender and muscular Residence Canterlot Occupation House keeper and part-time knitwear designer. Cutie Mark A couple of knitting needles nestled in a green ball of yarn. History Vesper was born and raised in Canterlot. His mother worked as a weather pony and his father was a fire fighting pony. His relationship with them was a bit complicated. His closed off and quiet disposition made it difficult for them to decipher what he was actually feeling or wanting. They also had high expectations for his future, wanting him to be the best student in school and obtain a high paying occupation. The severity of their pressure and expectations increased as he aged, and became especially vexing to him as he was reaching adulthood. They always wanted the community to see them as successful and accomplished. But In Vesper's mind, they must have been less concerned with him and more concerned with the embarrassment of having an underachieving son. The problem was, Vesper didn't mind setting such modest goals. He never wanted a future very extravagant. Just a modest job with enough bits to live comfortably by. As Vesper grew further away from them, he became closer to a group of trouble makers. He ended up moving in with his new friends to get away from his overbearing parents. However, soon enough he started to mature while his friend's didn't. Vesper broke it off with them and turned his attention to cleaning up his act. He moved into a new apartment but struggled to make enough bits for it. Nothing seemed to be working out and, to his disgruntlement, it was starting to look like he would have to move back in with his mom and dad if things kept going like they were. One day, as he was searching for work in the streets of Canterlot, he encountered a pegasus stallion named Flax Feather. After learning of his troubles, Flax excitedly announced that they could be roommates. Vesper initially declined the offer before Flax could even finish making it. But after some serious consideration, Vesper eventually agreed. Flax's abundant friendliness may have reach uncomfortable heights, but it was still a far better option then returning to his parents. As It turned out, Flax's house was actually a highly sophisticated mansion of all things, complete with a giant garden in the back and architecture complimentary to the city of Roam. Flax, his sister, and his parents all lived in the same house since it was practically four homes put together. Despite the staggering amount of wealth he was surrounded by, Vesper found himself taking comfort in their gigantic house. Everypony was far more caring than he expected and he eventually formed a very close bond with Flax and his sister, Eventide. At first he assumed their empathy was just a facade but over time he learned their dispositions were entirely genuine. Vesper ended up getting a job there as a housekeeper. Over time he's gained a few illusion spells and became very skilled in crafting knitwear, designing and selling his creations part-time to a local clothing shop. Vesper is often dragged into Infinite Realms. An enchanted comic club Flax and Eventide created. Vesper and other club members have to fill the roles of fictional comic characters and overcome obstacles within the story to get to the end of that week's book. At first he didn't like it one bit, but after getting the hang of it he's starting to show up on a weekly basis, armed with a lame excuse of course as to why he had no choice. On top of fictional adventures, he's often accompanying Flax on one of his many quests to find undiscovered or rare plant life. Cutie Mark Story One day, Vesper found a ball of yarn and a couple knitting needles that were left on a rocking chair. He supposed his grandmother left them by accident last time she payed him and his parents a visit. After gazing at them curiously, he eventually decided to try it out. At first it was quite frustrating to the young colt. But after some perseverance, he actually started to enjoy knitting. It calmed him down considerably and served at a great stress reviler after school. However, he was afraid of anyone discovering his new secret hobby. After all, knitting was only meant for elderly mares, right? Two weeks before Hearth's Warming Eve, Vesper discovered that his teacher wanted a sweater with the image of a kiwi weaved into it but couldn't seem to find one. At first, he simply dismissed it. She would surely get herself a kiwi sweater eventually, right? But after a week had passed she made a passing comment on how she was starting to think kiwi sweaters were extinct. That was it. Vesper couldn't suppress the call any longer. He was going to craft her a kiwi sweater for Hearth's Warming. The little colt got to work in secret, knitting everyday until the sweater was complete. There was only one problem once it was done. He couldn't bring himself to admit he was the creator. Instead, he resolved to pretending it was purchased from the store. He got to school early the day after Hearth's Warming and presented the gift before school started. His teacher was pleasantly surprised. And when she opened the box, her eyes lit up and she excitedly thanked him. All the other colts and fillies in the classroom became curious and wanted to see the sweater. That's when he heard his teacher announce the dreaded words. "Look what Vesper made me!" He was in shock. How could she possibly know he made it? His face burned hot and he quickly corrected it, telling her he bought it from the nearby store. She simply smiled and explained that knitting a sweater was certainly nothing to be ashamed of. After a moment of flustered silence, Vesper worked up the nerve to ask her how she knew. She explained that she could just tell when something had that "special home made touch" to it. (It wasn't until later in life did Vesper realize that actually meant, "because it wasn't made well enough to be sold in a shop," much to his amusement.) Vesper was a bundle of nerves. But his teacher happily put the sweater on the told him to embrace his talent. All the colts and fillies in the room weren't concerned with mocking him like he expected either, they were just gawking at the sweater or talking amongst themselves. It made him feel rather silly for being so ashamed of knitting. His teacher was right. If he loved to knit, then he should embrace it. During class, he reflected on how much he enjoyed creating the kiwi sweater and how happy it made his teacher. After school, he went about the day until his father stopped him, asking him when his cutie mark appeared. Confused, Vesper took a peek at his flank and noticed a couple of knitting needles nestled in a ball of yarn. He was pleasantly surprised by the discovery. He certainly didn't expect to get his cutie mark the day after Hearth's Warming. Vespers parents were a bit surprised to learn that knitting was his special talent of all things. Fortunately though, they weren't too judgmental and accepted it rather quickly. To this day, Vesper's still a little bit dubious about others learning of his special talent. But he's been able to handle it pretty well and can usually resist the urge to cover it up in most situations. But If somepony asks him directly about it, he will get considerably self-conscious. Character Summary Underneath his unfriendly disposition, Vesper is empathetic, caring, and protective. He would take a bullet for his friends and does everything he can to keep them from getting hurt. He's highly intelligent and alert, able to read others like a book and predict outcomes through deduction. He's above average when it comes to combat but certainly not the best. He also likes to "strength train" his levitation capabilities and learn a few spells now and then. He's able to magically lift an entire pony for a short period of time and likes to play with small scale illusion magic, such as bubble manipulation. He's a bit on the overly cautious side, getting jumpy at night or after hearing a scary story. He also has a weak stomach and can't even watch somepony eat an over easy egg. His impatience gets in the way of things often such as cooking. Every time he tries, he burns everything to a crisp. as a result he only eats quick fix things when left to his own devices and would live almost entirely off of buttered toast. Surprisingly, his impatience never rendered him unable to knit. For some reason he doesn't get nearly as frustrated with it as he does with practically everything else. In fact he finds it rather soothing. Vesper tends to feel like ponies are judging him. Rather it be for his intense gaze, awkward behavior or tattoos, he can't help but think he's off putting to a lot of them. He also doesn't like to show weakness under any circumstances. Unfortunately for him, he blushes very easily and it also quite shy much to his vexation. But it often comes out looking more like anger due to the inner conflict. Vesper is not completely comfortable with others learning about his special talent right off the bat. One of the reasons he got tattoos was to draw the eye away from his cutie mark. The other reason was because he loved the look of alchemic symbols. He's dabbled in alchemy a little but never really had an actual interest in it. It reminded him of cooking too much, which he hates. He is quite the grumpy pony and his sentences are often riddled with vulgarities due to being in a near constant state of irritation. He can also be a little over-protective, wanting to accompany his friends any time they travel or go out in public. If he's not able to go with them, especially during a long trek, he's a nervous wreck until he hears from them again. He actually likes animals quite a bit, though he's never considered having a pet. They're more pleasant to be around in his eyes than foals and young ponies. Despite his seemingly disinterested demeanor, Vesper's actually a jumpy bundle of nerves. He's easily stirred by almost anything considered creepy and is quick to leave the room if he thinks there's a bug in it. Or a ghost for that matter. He's also afraid of heights and can't hear a scary stories without loosing sleep at night. Vesper loves sleep, and ends up taking a nap at some point on a daily basis. He gets so stressed out over every little thing that he ends up exhausted at the end of the day. As a result, he likes to use a bubble blowing pipe to help calm him down. The bubbles are perfect for his illusion magic. One of his favorite pass times is turning the bubbles into "bubble animals" while his knits.
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  10. Roleplay type: World of Equestria Name: Rubble Rose Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Unicorn Eye Color: Orange Coat: Muted Khaki with a splash of freckles across her muzzle and cheeks Mane/Tail: Scarlet with a streak of yellowish orange in both her mane and tail Physique: Rose is a mare of great stature and exceptional strength, things one could easily see in her build. Many areas of her body have considerable but not overly noticeable muscle to them that show her underlying physical aptitude: being built for both speed and power. Appearance summary portrait: Residence: Due to her unique talents and specialization in the field of demolition and deconstruction she travels to various places across Equestria. She was however born in Fet loch. Occupation: Demolition and Deconstruction worker. Cutie Mark: Eight arrows pointing outwards with what appears to be a wrecking ball in the center, over an explosion. When Rose was a filly she always seemed have a knack for taking things apart, much to the puzzlement of those who often gave her gifts. Usually this was an accident on her part as she always just seemed to have bad luck from her perspective; usually touching an area on an object that would render it easiest to breaking. One day while she was playing hide and seek with her friends she had a very memorable experience. She could hear the pony who was it having finished her countdown and rapidly closing in on location. She starting to panic a bit in that usually way a young pony would of such foalish things and spotted an old looking shed a short distance away form her. She ran as fast as her legs could carry her, which turned out to be a big mistake as she'd built up enough speed she wasn't able to stop... just before she hit the wall her horn began to glow and before she knew it she'd crashed through the wall without harm. After a hesitant look back which she was pretty sure she'd regret, she saw the entire structure come tumbling down and shortly after that the ecstatic declaration of "FOUND YA!" from the Seeker in the aforementioned game. She waited awhile for the owner of the shed to turn up and soon he did. Instead of the reprimand she expected from him he was actually very thankful, the pony was of the older variety and had actually been wanting to get rid of that old shed for a while now so he could have a new one built. Once the old stallion finished thanking her for tearing down the old thing for him she felt a mix of astonishment and pride at the results of her actions... then low and behold, her mark appeared! Unique Traits: *Great Strength and Endurance: Ever since she was a filly, Rubble Rose has always been very strong and statuesque. Living on and helping out on her family's farm has only improved her already impressive strength. Her Raw physical prowess has often been made use of in her jobs lately by hauling heavy equipment and materials to sites so she can help with reconstruction. Her excellent physical aptitude is often attributed to her tendency to usual emerge from debris and things with mostly minor injuries that would be a lot more painful to normal ponies. In one story of about her told among her coworkers is that she once took a nap while the crew nkocked down a ten story building in manehattan while she was in it, She just pulled herself out of the rubble and asked when lunch was. *Immense Magic power: Rose's magical powers are incredibly potent, stemming from years of very hard work on her own talent based magic in Celestia's school for talented unicorns. While her magical abilities are formidable she's limited to only magic that is based around her talent; Entropy and deconstruction. Because of her talent based limitation she is unable to learn almost any other form, she's unable to teleport ,harness elemental forces to perfection, or learn other fancy spells like most other students might be able to, instead she uses her magic in conjuction with her physical prowess and knowledge of ways things can be destroyed to make many job easier for her. Destruction, deconstruction, and Entropy magic: Rose's potent magic is based almost entirely around her talent, and seems to be based around the simple concept of "Break stuff". Due to her training in the school for talented unicorns her magic is exceptionally fine tuned and is able to break even the sturdiest of structures. Because she a mostly peaceful and laid back pony she has rarely ever head to try and make use of it anything but inorganic matter, and inorganic matter seems to be where her abilities are most potent, with enough concentration she is capable of reducing even naturally occuring corundom and diamonds to dust. Rose's magic, while strong does not have very much range unless she intentionally tries and exerts herself, instead of just directly manipulating her magic via horn she's been making use of a more unconventional method for applying her magic; imbueing the magical spell itself onto her hooves and often bucking or striking pillars or the like and delivering the spell directly in to the target and spreading a multitude of cracks(the amount depending on how much magic she's put into the spell) throughout the structure before reducing it to ...rubble. The mare's magic seems to allow various uses and sometimes seems to change it's nature according to the needs of it's caster, Sometimes it induces shockwaves through structures or can cause explosions. One of the most interesting traits of her magic would be her ability to effectively break down magic with her own by attacking and breaking the process in which something is conjured or smashing apart even the toughest of magical barriers with ease. While Rose is not accustomed to projecting her magic from her in a blast like method she -can- do it but she prefers not to because it's harder to "Direct and tune" as she would say; sometimes overshooting the intended area in a cone in front of her and then needing to give her horn a rest a moment before she tries again. As her magic is based around the breaking of things it can be used to effect spells as well depending on the strength behind them usually weakening or in more intense cases even disabling certain magical types until they can't be used for a time or are rendered ineffective. Rose's most powerful spell would very likely also be described as the most impractical because it requires her to completely exhaust her magic for the day to project a large dome of magic that spread over a large diameter around her and causes almost any inorganic structure to come tumbling down and fall apart, obviously she has rarely made use of this skill because of the strain it puts on her except on the most difficult of demolition jobs... where the employer couldn't afford a wrecking ball. Through practice she's still improving her magic's capabilities and range and the rest time for each time she uses her strongest spell seems to decrease with each use. Structural instincts: Has the ability to very easily tell just how strong any structures and usually has a feeling of just how much and in what areas to apply in order to break it apart. This ability includes a natural tendency to target vulnerable areas or have a general idea as to what moment she should do something as well. History: Rubble Rose was born to a pair of wheat farmers in Fet loch, named after an event in her foalhood where she accidentally buried herself under some building blocks and pulled herself out, with the rose part of her name being inspired by the coloration of her mane and tail. Ever since she was a foal the unicorn showed exceptional strength, growing up this never changed; in fact it seemed to improve as she insisted on helping out her parents on the farm; often plowing or helping with the harvest. Life on the farm in the cool moors of the highland area was very nice for the young mare. Farm work was tough but rewarding and when she was finished with her chores she got to play with all the other fillies in town... and sometimes she even got visits from her uncle brougham and his foals. The two foals he brought with him were a bit... odd, both were from an upper class upbringing but apparently Rose's uncle enjoyed taking them out to that area during some vacations. His daughter was actually pretty fun to hang around with, she even had a fascination with the farm life Rose's parent's were so proud of. Rose's parent's have always been fairly laid back ponies; a trait which seems to have very easily rubbed off on her. Upon Discovering her own unique talent in regard to deconstruction she eventually decided to try and see if the school for talented unicorns in Canterlot had any insights in cutie mark based magic such as hers. In school Rose had proven to be a bit of a one trick pony as while she was good at her own type of magic that allowed her to easily deconstruct or tear down various forms of matter, she was absolutely terrible in regards to any other type of magic and had difficulty remembering a lot of all the history attached to magic; she barely scraped by magical history class with a C-. While her academics may have not been top notch, socially she was pretty well off among her teachers and fellow students. Her relaxed and somewhat aloof yet kind (and occasionally clumsy to the detriment of the walls) personality allowed her to meet and befriend many different types of ponies, Even today Rose tends to try and keep in contact with them via letters and the occasional visit. Post graduation, Rose decided the best way to make use of her talent was as a demolition expert. Nowadays Rose is more or less how she thinks most other ponies are living; happily and just sort of taking life as it comes to her. For now she's more than happy to continue traveling and meeting new ponies.. and breaking down things as needed or help out in any way is needed. Character Summary: Rose's talent's are based around primarily deconstruction and demolition magic, As a result things seem to have a way of easily falling apart around her via a combination of her own physical aptitude and her magic's unique properties. While at first this proved to be pretty inconvenient as a talent for a pony born to a pair of farmers as when she first discovered her magic (which often seems to activate reflexively when she collides with something that might harm her; such as a wall) she would -and still does if she's not paying attention- bust straight through even brick walls without having noticed a thing. While her magic is very powerful and could be considered rather dangerous to some, she has full control over it when interacting with other creatures. It's only when her head is in the clouds that the walls have anything to worry about... although they rarely are since she often has her headphones on. Ever since she was born, Rose has shown incredible strength and endurance for a unicorn. Being raised on a wheat farm in the moors of Fet Loch have only improved her already impressive physical strength since she had been assisting with plowing and harvesting since a young age. The mare is seen exercising fairly often in order to keep her impressive physique as she's often been called to carry or haul in heavy supplies to certain sites so that rebuilding can begin quickly after her usual routine is finished. Rubble Rose is fairly happy in her current situation and lifestyle, while she doesn't have any dreams or aspirations at the moment she's more than willing to try new things and have new experiences in her life although if it's something she's not particularly comfortable with it may take a nudge or two from her friends. Ultimately, Rose has many of the usual dreams and desires of any normal pony, a happy life, a special somepony in their future if they're lucky, those sort of things. While Rose does enjoy her job as a demo-mare her interests have not been overtaken by them. One thing that can easily win her over is the idea of sweets... primarily hard candy and things such as that; in fact she's almost never seen without a lollipop in her mouth. Another thing she loves is music, primarily rock but she can enjoy many lively kinds of music and when she's managed to be coerced into doing so she proves to be a pretty decent dancer although doesn't know any fancy dances. In her constant habit of bashing through walls by accident she's taken to wearing long coats to keep dust off of her and after going through quite a few coats in her life has become a bit of a connoisseur of them. The last of her most loved past-times would probably be reading, being a fan of quite a few adventure books back at her old room at her house in Fet loch... and a few in the over-sized Saddlebags she carries with her when she's traveling. Relaxed, aloof, reserved, soft-spoken, and a bit absent minded would be a good description of Rose's disposition. Rose almost always has a slightly sleepy, half lidded look to her eyes that reflects her extremely laid back personality. While she's not the best when it comes to conversation(usually keeping her words to two syllable responses if asked yes-or-no questions) she proves to be a good listener and always willing to lend an ear if somepony needs to talk about their problems... she may not have answers but she's a nice listener. She occasionally has a dense moment when she may not understand an idiom a pony may use and as a result may go into her own little world in her head as she attempts to deconstruct and understand it, once she's snapped out of it and has it explained she'll be back to her normal self. One of Rose's biggest fault would be her difficulty to absorb information, except in regards to the things and individuals she cares about, In school she would often cram information into her head and then toss it away once tests and stuff were done with. While she could tell you the perfect place to apply enough force to a wall that would turn it to rubble in moments but ask her about equestrian history and she'll draw a blank. Other areas in which she's lacking would be wariness of her surrounding when not working, this combined with her already notable strength and durability often can lead to a couple pony shaped holes in the walls of buildings if she's not careful, as a result of this problem she usually has a checkbook and quill in her bag so she can hand out checks to pay off her damages... and if that's not enough she'd be happy to try and work off her debts. Rose is a very trusting pony deep down and as a result this allows her to be very easily manipulated or lied to by almost any charismatic pony that crosses her path. The last issue she has is her immune system seems to be on the weaker side(ironic given her strength) She's fairly susceptible to communicable ailments and as a result tries to keep her distance from sick ponies. Despite her aloof appearance at first glance and imposing physique, Rose is no stranger to fear. As a filly she was often scared of the dark and today she still can act anxious and unusual if left in very dark places. Due to her upbringing on a farm and living on the moors this mare is no stranger to folk tales and after having heard quite a few ghost stories being told by her friend's at night down by the loch she's a bit frightened of the idea of ghosts and other things like that.
  11. Roleplay type: World of Equestria Name: Rubble Rose Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Unicorn Eye Color: Orange Coat: Muted Khaki with a splash of freckles across her muzzle and cheeks Mane/Tail: Scarlet with a streak of orange in both her mane and tail Physique: Rose is a mare of great stature and exceptional strength, things one could easily see in her build. Many areas of her body have considerable but not overly noticeable muscle to them that show her underlying physical aptitude: being built for both speed and power. Residence: Due to her unique talents and specialization in the field of demolition and deconstruction she travels to various places across Equestria. She was however born in Fet loch. Occupation: Demolition and Deconstruction worker. Cutie Mark: Eight arrows pointing outwards with what appears to be a wrecking ball in the center. When Rose was a filly she always seemed have a knack for taking things apart, much to the puzzlement of those who often gave her gifts. Usually this was an accident on her part as she always just seemed to have bad luck from her perspective; usually touching an area on an object that would render it easiest to breaking. One day while she was playing hide and seek with her friends she had a very memorable experience. She could hear the pony who was it having finished her countdown and rapidly closing in on location. She starting to panic a bit in that usually way a young pony would of such foalish things and spotted an old looking shed a short distance away form her. She ran as fast as her legs could carry her, which turned out to be a big mistake as she'd built up enough speed she wasn't able to stop... just before she hit the wall her horn began to glow and before she knew it she'd crashed through the wall without harm. After a hesitant look back which she was pretty sure she'd regret, she saw the entire structure come tumbling down and shortly after that the ecstatic declaration of "FOUND YA!" from the Seeker in the aforementioned game. She waited awhile for the owner of the shed to turn up and soon he did. Instead of the reprimand she expected from him he was actually very thankful, the pony was of the older variety and had actually been wanting to get rid of that old shed for a while now so he could have a new one built. Once the old stallion finished thanking her for tearing down the old thing for him she felt a mix of astonishment and pride at the results of her actions... then low and behold, her mark appeared! History: Rubble Rose was born to a pair of wheat farmers in Fet loch, named after an event in her foalhood where she accidentally buried herself under some building blocks and pulled herself out, with the rose part of her name being inspired by the coloration of her mane and tail. Ever since she was a foal the unicorn showed exceptional strength, growing up this never changed; in fact it seemed to improve as she insisted on helping out her parents on the farm; often plowing or helping with the harvest. Life on the farm in the cool moors of the highland area was very nice for the young mare. Farm work was tough but rewarding and when she was finished with her chores she got to play with all the other fillies in town... and sometimes she even got visits from her uncle brougham and his foals. The two foals he brought with him were a bit... odd, both were from an upper class upbringing but apparently Rose's uncle enjoyed taking them out to that area during some vacations. His daughter was actually pretty fun to hang around with, she even had a fascination with the farm life Rose's parent's were so proud of. Rose's parent's have always been fairly laid back ponies; a trait which seems to have very easily rubbed off on her. Upon Discovering her own unique talent in regard to deconstruction she eventually decided to try and see if the school for talented unicorns in Canterlot had any insights in cutie mark based magic such as hers. In school Rose had proven to be a bit of a one trick pony as while she was good at her own type of magic that allowed her to easily deconstruct or tear down various forms of matter, she was absolutely terrible in regards to any other type of magic and had difficulty remembering a lot of all the history attached to magic; she barely scraped by magical history class with a C-. While her academics may have not been top notch, socially she was pretty well off among her teachers and fellow students. Her relaxed and somewhat aloof yet kind (and occasionally clumsy to the detriment of the walls) personality allowed her to meet and befriend many different types of ponies, Even today Rose tends to try and keep in contact with them via letters and the occasional visit. Post graduation, Rose decided the best way to make use of her talent was as a demolition expert. Nowadays Rose is more or less how she thinks most other ponies are living; happily and just sort of taking life as it comes to her. For now she's more than happy to continue traveling and meeting new ponies.. and breaking down things as needed or help out in any way is needed. Character Summary: Rose's talent's are based around primarily deconstruction and demolition magic, As a result things seem to have a way of easily falling apart around her via a combination of her own physical aptitude and her magic's unique properties. While at first this proved to be pretty inconvenient as a talent for a pony born to a pair of farmers as when she first discovered her magic (which often seems to activate reflexively when she collides with something that might harm her; such as a wall) she would -and still does if she's not paying attention- bust straight through even brick walls without having noticed a thing. While her magic is very powerful and could be considered rather dangerous to some, she has full control over it when interacting with other creatures. It's only when her head is in the clouds that the walls have anything to worry about. Ever since she was born, Rose has shown incredible strength and endurance for a unicorn. Being raised on a wheat farm in the moors of Fet Loch have only improved her already impressive physical strength since she had been assisting with plowing and harvesting since a young age. The mare is seen exercising fairly often in order to keep her improsive physique as she's often been called to carry or haul in heavy supplies to certain sites so that rebuilding can begin quickly after her usual routine is finished. Rubble Rose is fairly happy in her current situation and lifestyle, while she doesn't have any dreams or aspirations at the moment she's more than willing to try new things and have new experiences in her life although if it's something she's not particularly comfortable with it may take a nudge or two from her friends. Ultimately, Rose has many of the usual dreams and desires of any normal pony, a happy life, a special somepony in their future if they're lucky, those sort of things. While Rose does enjoy her job as a demo-mare her interests have not been overtaken by them. One thing that can easily win her over is the idea of sweets... primarily hard candy and things such as that; in fact she's almost never seen without a lollipop in her mouth. Another thing she loves is music, primarily rock but she can enjoy many lively kinds of music and when she's managed to be coerced into doing so she proves to be a pretty decent dancer although doesn't know any fancy dances. In her constant habit of bashing through walls by accident she's taken to wearing long coats to keep dust off of her and after going through quite a few coats in her life has become a bit of a connoisseur of them. The last of her most loved past-times would probably be reading, being a fan of quite a few adventure books back at her old room at her house in Fet loch... and a few in the over-sized Saddlebags she carries with her when she's traveling. Relaxed, aloof, reserved, soft-spoken, and a bit absent minded would be a good description of Rose's disposition. Rose almost always has a slightly sleepy, half lidded look to her eyes that reflects her extremely laid back personality. While she's not the best when it comes to conversation(usually keeping her words to two syllable responses if asked yes-or-no questions) she proves to be a good listener and always willing to lend an ear if somepony needs to talk about their problems... she may not have answers but she's a nice listener. She occasionally has a dense moment when she may not understand an idiom a pony may use and as a result may go into her own little world in her head as she attempts to deconstruct and understand it, once she's snapped out of it and has it explained she'll be back to her normal self. One of Rose's biggest fault would be her difficulty to absorb information, except in regards to the things and individuals she cares about, In school she would often cram information into her head and then toss it away once tests and stuff were done with. While she could tell you the perfect place to apply enough force to a wall that would turn it to rubble in moments but ask her about equestrian history and she'll draw a blank. Other areas in which she's lacking would be wariness of her surrounding when not working, this combined with her already notable strength and durability often can lead to a couple pony shaped holes in the walls of buildings if she's not careful, as a result of this problem she usually has a checkbook and quill in her bag so she can hand out checks to pay off her damages... and if that's not enough she'd be happy to try and work off her debts. Rose is a very trusting pony deep down and as a result this allows her to be very easily manipulated or lied to by almost any charismatic pony that crosses her path. The last issue she has is her immune system seems to be on the weaker side(ironic given her strength) She's fairly susceptible to communicable ailments and as a result tries to keep her distance from sick ponies. Despite her aloof appearance at first glance and imposing physique, Rose is no stranger to fear. As a filly she was often scared of the dark and today she still can act anxious and unusual if left in very dark places. Due to her upbringing on a farm and living on the moors this mare is no stranger to folk tales and after having heard quite a few ghost stories being told by her friend's at night down by the loch she's a bit frightened of the idea of ghosts and other things like that.
  12. Area of Roleplay​​​​: World of Equestria. Name: Glesando (Descrescendo) Key, but known by Glesando, Gles, or Gliss. Sex: Male. Age: Young stallion. (Collage years.) Species: Pegasus, or Equinus Potentae if you want to get technical. Eye Colour: A dark navy blue, easily mistakable for large pupils. Coat Colour: A slightly lighter colour than his eyed, but still navy blue. He has a small circular imprint on the back of his left hind leg, a presumed birthmark. Mane Colour & Style: His mane is an eccentric neon green, with tomato red tips, long length for a stallion. His mane is scruffy at edges but not noticible unless you scrutinise. His tail is similar, but kept trimmed short and stubby. Physique: He is quite tall for a stallion, but not so much he stares down on everyone. His physique is very large, and toned around the edges. Broad shoulders, and the ends of his hooves uncovered. His accent is strongly Scottish, which he hides to his ability, to allow ponies to understand him. Cutie Mark: His Cutie Mark is simply a black tenor clef, signifying that his piano playing is unique and complex, and that when composing, he thinks outside the box by using what is already there, in a whole new, harder view. He got his cutie mark when he turned the equine equivalent of 7, his aunt brought over her old honky tonk piano, and like any young foal, he got curious. His hooves gingerly started to press a few keys, and eventually he made a small melody. Afterwards, he taught himself basic sheet music theory and terminology, and when he played at a school talent show, he got his cutie mark to his amazement. Residence: He currently lives in Canterlot in a small apartment. In his current situation, he wishes to save up so he can head over to the university, to get a getter musical education and let his unique qualities be shown, instead of hidden in the old city. He often gets the train to Ponyville to get away, but not for long periods of time, a week at most. Occupation: Currently, you could call him a student, since he is currently studying musical theory and hoping to get into Canterlot Stud of the Musical Arts. His aspiration it to make it to Carneighie hall. Right now, he takes up odd piano playing jobs, like one off performances at restaurants, or back-up preformences, but nothing prominent. Currently, he gets an allowance​. History: Glesando was born in Trottingham, but was raised with a Fet Lochish family, hence where he gets his culture and his accent. He had a pretty decent foalhood, he had everything that he ever wanted, that really wasn't much. He was a pretty contempt foal. A stick would keep him contempt for a while. Due to this, he never got what you called 'close friends', but was still very social. Gliss was the stallion that every pony knew and would hang out with, but not really know whether to trust or not with serious things. He wishes to change his persona, his link into adulthood a fresh start for him. When he turned 16, he did very well on his exams, but unfortunetly was one mark off of getting into Canterlot university. Devistated, he moved to Canterlot and began his new life. His parents, well... For the last year or so he hasn't seen them at all, ever ence he left home. So right now, he is a pianist who just wants to get further in life. Character Summary: When he was younger, he wasn't really the type to have a group of close friends. Glesando was that foal that everyone knew, but didn't know much about. On his own, he was quite ambitious, becoming successful in a few other things, like Rugby and Rowing. If he failed at something more than once, he would usually be reluctant to do it again. Usually he won't express himself through anything except music, but if someone truly shows interest, he'll basically give them everything. Some would say he has a charming dance around him, and can be pretty playful at times when he's feeling better than usual. He talks at a mediocre speed, but with the accent it's hard to tell. If he's given a project, he could do it if he had the motivation to do it, so if it's a 180 page book on the life cycle of ducks, no. A symphony on the majority of the light of life, then yes. He can be easily offended, and will give a very astute observation of it before replying. He's extremely predictable, but on rare occasions he can surprise. He really enjoys life bust mostly because of his aspirations.
  13. Because I totally need yet another character, amirite? And it just so happened that it was high time to add a foal to my character logs. - - - Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Tripp Hardy (more commonly answers to Tripp, Tripps, Trippers, or Hardy) Sex: Female Age: Young Filly Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Royal Blue (#2B60D3) Coat: Dusty brick red (#C11B17); short and soft, prone to cowlicks and fluffy bits poking up (especially around the shoulders and a spot on her rump just above her tail) Mane/Tail: White with caramel orange streaks (#F87217); layered to above the shoulders and pulled back into two low-hanging tails either side of her neck, very fuzzy and prone to flyaway. Her tail is just as puffy, hangs down to just around her knees, and is similiarly tied at the end in an attempt to keep it tamed. Physique: Smaller than average, yet very nimble and quick; is actually soft and round enough to be considered EXTREMELY plush and cuddly-looking, but detests being reminded of this trait. As is typical for earth ponies of her age, Tripp is fairly strong and durable, though with her excess of gusto and enthusiasm she can quickly burn through those stamina reserves if she exerts herself too much at something. Residence: Baltimare Occupation: Student Cutie Mark: -blank flank- History: Tripp lives with her parents Berry Sunrise and Ocean Walker in the residential districts of Baltimare; her mother, Berry, is a full-time waitress and bartender at one of the restaurants dotting the Boardtrot, and her father, Walker, mans the docks and handles incoming cargo. As loving as they both are, this arrangement does mean that Tripp is left to her own devices a great deal of the time until one or both of them come home, which honestly probably only gives her more chances to get into trouble. Her parents have tentatively considered giving Tripp her own key so she can let herself into the house after school, if not for the fact that she'd likely manage to drop or forget the key somewhere. Hence, she ends up spending a LOT of time either wandering around town or at a friend's house until Berry or Walker can come to pick her up, and has ended up becoming fairly well recognized among a good number of the locals for one reason or another (usually for the shenanigans linked to her presence.) Character Summary: When a foal looks so fluffy and cute, one would likely expect them to have an equally sweet and mild personality to match. Such is...not the case with Tripp Hardy. She can sure pour on the charm when she feels motivated, but for the most part she is rash, hot-headed, and more than a little smart-mouthed--speaking before thinking, leaping into action without properly thinking through a plan, and then using sharp retorts and deflection to save face when her hastily cobbled plans blow up in her face. Tripp is a filly focused on accomplishing two things with her life--to have the best time ever, and to do so in an especially, epically AWESOME way. What "awesome" means in this case, she couldn't actually put into specific words, but who cares? She's bound to become awesome sooner or later if she just keeps doing things that sound and look brave, cool, or remarkable at the time, right? Of course, the fact that she doesn't really stop to think these things through means the results tend to end up less awesome and more....well--anticlimactic at best, and downright disastrous at worst. It probably doesn't help matters that she reacts to being called out for her recklessness by getting defensive and doing her best to out-argue or out-namecall the other pony or ponies doing the calling out. Nor does Tripp seem to absorb scolding or lectures--she'll sulk and behave for a short while just to get the lecturer off her back, and then a day or two later will go right back to doing her own thing again, seemingly ignorant of the lessons or failures of the last time. For all that, though, there's not much evidence to suggest that Tripp is WILLFULLY bad or a troublemaker. For what it's worth, she is quick to fiercely defend the few ponies she regards as "okay" enough to call her friends, and she...tries, at least, to do well at schoolwork. She actually does have a strong idea of where the moral line lays between "sort of good-ish" and "plain old bad and awful", and strives to always stay on the side of right (discounting the occasional unforeseen consequence of doing something half-baked, of course). Heck, she can even dial down the sass for a bit and be genuinely nice and helpful if she feels remorseful enough or is genuinely concerned for a pony. She's just remarkably lacking in inhibition and a filter between her brain and her mouth. Tripp has a surprising knack for impromptu writing projects. She may not seem like a filly who'd have the patience to sit down long enough to organize and write something, but if she's writing freeform about something she knows then she can actually turn out some pretty well-written and entertaining pieces. When asked about it, she'll indifferently brush it off as any possible hint of her future cutie mark's shape, claiming she only does it because she likes to write about herself and the way she sees things. Why would she want her cutie mark to be something like a journalist's or bookwriter's, after all? That's not NEARLY as awesome as she's surely bound to end up becoming. (Pointing out that she couldn't have any way of predicting the future like this usually just causes her to shrug, grunt, and go off to do something else.) Tripp has an immense liking for spicy foods, despite the likelihood that she'll bite off more than she can chew and end up tearing around in a frantic search for water or milk to ease the stinging. Even if they do make her mouth burn something awful, she loves the tough "grown up" feeling she gets from being able to chow down on spicy stuff. In this vein, hot cinnamon candies are currently up there at the top as her favorite sweet treat, tied right alongside saltwater taffy. Despite living next to both a harbor and a river delta, Tripp has never yet learned to swim. Her dad promises that he'll teach her someday soon when he has the time, but...well, so far free time has been scarce for him, and her mother isn't exactly the best of swimmers either. Tripp can sort of do a clumsy Diamond-Dog-Paddle to move herself around in the water if she's wearing her floaties (the only way she'll be allowed around bodies of water), but she hates the floaties for making her look like a baby and will mostly choose to stay away from water rather than willingly subject to those Celestia-awful things.
  14. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Golden Sky Sex: Female Age: Teen Species: Griffon Eye Colour: Amber Coat: Golden Sky has a Golden Tiger's coat. She keeps it silky and soft with great care. The stripes are a dark gray color and the main color of the coat is more of an amber than the usual strawberry-blonde. As the amber nears the belly area, it lightens to a cream color. Mane/Tail: She has a number of feathers that curl over her forehead. They're dyed three different colors: red, blue and green. Her tail is the standard tiger's tail; complete with black stripes and a light orange color. Golden Sky also likes to wear a rainbow-colored ribbon around her tail. It trails along when she walks or flies. Physique: Golden Sky is small compared to other griffons, but her build is rather muscular. Her wings are a little big compared to her body and her wingspan is much longer than her body. Residence: Not Applicable (Golden Sky travels so often because of her job that she doesn't really settle down anywhere) Occupation: Private Investigator Cutie Mark: Not Applicable History: Born in Rockwington, Golden Sky comes from a family of four. Her older sister, Silver Sky, works as part of the ambulance squad and is 6 years older than she is. Despite that, the duo have always been close and Golden Sky has always lived a rather normal life. Of course, because her life was normal and dull, Golden Sky longed for danger and adventure! This longing was what set her off on her journey in hopes of getting a nice job somewhere once she was old enough to leave her family. While she was a griffon and would be entering pony territory, Golden Sky had a feeling she would be fine because she never let anything get her down. Sure, an insult would get her angry, but she'd never feel as though it were true. During her journey, she met many kind griffons and ponies and greeted them all the same. When she encountered mean company, she'd treat them as though their insults meant nothing. If they were particularly nasty, Golden Sky would retort with a nasty comment and she would either be left alone or a large fight would ensue. Thanks to her small body, however, she was much quicker than her opponents and always got away. Once Golden Sky reached Canterlot, she ended up crashing into a pony and when she apologized, the pony pushed her down and ran off in a hurry! Golden Sky was so angered and insulted by this that she decided to report the pony to the police but when she got there, she saw the same exact pony! Golden Sky demanded to know why he had pushed her down earlier and the pony introduced himself as Clandé Stïne (anypony can take this character and use him if they'd like~), a private investigator working on a puzzling case with the Canterlot police. He explained that he had been chasing down a suspect when the duo crashed into each other but Golden Sky wasn't even listening. As soon as Clandé said he was working on a case, Golden Sky jumped to help them out. She asked to help and at first Clandé refused since she was a griffon and had no business in pony affairs. Golden Sky pouted but then asked what would happen if a griffon was involved in the case. Clandé replied that if that were true, the case would be something both ponies and griffons would have to investigate. Golden Sky took this information and stored it away with a grin before marching out of the precinct to investigate. She was investigating the crime scene when she came upon a feather stuffed in the wheel of a cart. A griffon feather. Golden Sky smiled at this new piece of evidence and carefully used a bag and gloves to preserve it for the police. She flew back to the precinct before any guards around the crime scene could find her and shoved it in Clandé Stïne's face. After this new evidence revealed itself, Clandé reluctantly let Golden Sky join in on the investigation since it would be faster than going to griffon territory and asking for some griffon police. (In reality, he couldn't say no to Golden Sky's 'please face'.) And so, the duo began to search through the suspect list for anyone who could have left the feather and stopped at two possible suspects. An elderly grandmother who had been shopping at the grocery store right next to the crime scene and a young teenager who was playing ball with his friends at the park across from the grocery store. While all the clues pointed to the young griffon, Golden Sky couldn't help but see the grandmother as suspicious. She was the one who had called the authorities about the bank robber but she was also the one to accuse little Clawde. Just as Clandé was about to arrest Clawde, Golden Sky stopped him. She explained that it couldn't have been Clawde as he was nowhere near the crime scene at the time. His friends vouched for him. Clandé claimed this wasn't enough since Clawde's friends could be lying to protect him but Golden Sky pulled out the feather again. It was white, unlike Clawde's brown feathers. Clandé gasped when he realized his mistake; he had forgotten about the feather's color and rushed to find the elderly griffon who was trying to make her escape. Golden Sky wasn't about to let her escape so she flew up and tackled the griffon down so hard, the grandmother's wig fell off! This was when everyone gasped at the realization that the grandmother wasn't a grandmother, but a full grown, adult male! Clandé arrested him for two charges: false testimony and robbery. He thanked Golden Sky for her help and took the robber to the precinct for a proper trial. Meanwhile, Clawde thanked Golden Sky for saving his tail and she just waved it off. "It's nothing. Just doin' my job!" she said. It was true. She now knew what she wanted to do! Golden Sky decided from that point on to be a private investigator! Character Summary: Golden Sky was always called 'talented' by her family but she had a hard time believing it. She can sing, write stories, imitate voices, solve mysteries/cases very easily, draw, and even play an instrument. Despite these talents, Golden Sky has many flaws. She can't dance, she gets distracted easily, is a tad impatient, and has trouble making friends because of her shyness around new faces. Her friends also say she's kind, caring, fiercely loyal, polite, and rather smart but Golden Sky dismisses these and counters them with the traits that most would consider bad. She's rather lazy when it comes to things she's not interested in (paperwork, historical tales, non-fiction books, and much more), short-tempered, cocky at times, proud, and often ends up doing something bad because she succumbs to the temptation. She does feel the guilt but she's also rather forgetful, so she'll forget she did anything wrong and Golden Sky ends up getting away with it.
  15. Roleplay Type: FFA Name: Princess Haywire Gender: Female Age: Mare (Physically), Filly (Emotionally) Species: Alicorn Eye colour: Blue Character colour: Rust Mane/Tail/Other: Yellow Physique: Larger than normal pony Residence: Undetermined Occupation: Pony Princess Cutie Mark: Slingshot Unique Traits: Has power magic that she's just learning how to master History: Little filly Haywire lived on a hay farm in the Nimbusgait Lakes region of Equestria with her brother Hayseed and her older sister Haymaker. In school and at home, the adventurous blank flank was a bit of a troublemaker and show off. She became quite skilled with her slingshot as well as creating/using her hoofmade firecracker rockets. Though she was quite intelligent for somepony her age, Haywire never really applied herself to her studies in school. This presented numerous problems for both her siblings and her teacher. Though she was a friendly type of filly, many ponies often viewed her as a misfit, a malcontent and a troublemaker. This led her to a friendship with another Equestria 'misfit', Misty Magic, the unicorn mare prone to magical mishaps. One day, when Haywire was walking in the woods with her friend Misty, she began to share her dreams. The previously night, the blank flank filly dreamed of being a pony Princess, like Celestia, Luna, Cadance and Twilight Sparkle. The rust colored filly described her dream with such detail that it created a vivid mental picture in the mind of Misty Magic. As she nodded her head, agreeing that Haywire's dream was fantastic, Misty tripped over a rock in her path and fell down on the ground, tumbling to a stop in front of a tree in her path. Haywire rushed over to her dazed friend, asking her if she was alright. The yellow pelted petite unicorn mare struggled to get up on all four hooves before casually thanking her, calling her Princess Haywire. At the exact moment, Misty Magic's horn began to glow and before the unicorn mare could figure out what was going on, a magical beam shot out and zapped her younger friend. Terrified, Misty tried to focus on stopping the spell, but it was too late. Young Haywire was lifted from the ground, encased in a magical glow and by the time the glow faded away, she found herself transformed into a fully adult alicorn! Misty was stunned to see what her miscast magic had done this time, so she frantically tried to reverse the spell, but to no avail. Immediately, the two traveled to Canterlot, first to Misty's grandfather, Professor Hoofcourt 'Starswirl' Magic, who despite his best efforts, could not change Haywire back to normal. The group then went to the castle and appealed to the Princess sisters. When neither one of them could reverse the spell, they rushed to the royal Canterlot library, trying to find a spell that could return Haywire back to normal. When none could be found, an emergency meeting of all Princesses of Equestria was called. It was decided at that meeting that they had no choice but to accept Haywire as a royal Princess. When they also decided to permanently depower Misty Magic as well, alicorn Haywire objected, standing up to the other royal Princesses in defense of her friend. When they told Haywire to stand aside, the angry rust colored alicorn's horn glowed brightly as the entire castle began to shake violently. Quickly, Celestia announced that the decision to depower Misty Magic had been reversed, this stopped the magical earthquake. This action caused now Princess Haywire to demand that Misty Magic become her royal assistant and that her unicorn mare friend would remain under her personal protection. Though privately, this action upset the four royal Princesses, under the circumstances, they felt they had no choice but to accept this arrangement. They did not want the newest Princess of Equestria to become their enemy, especially since she seemed to possess a very unique, powerful and untested magic. However, fearing for the safety of the royal castle and the residents of Canterlot if she remained in the city, Celestia and Luna gave Princess Haywire a mission: send her and Misty off on a long educational journey throughout Equestria. The other Princesses reasoned that travel and time could bring her more maturity. They further instructed Misty's grandfather, the retired Professor of Magic from Canterlot University, to give Princess Haywire elementary teaching in the magical arts before she left and to mentor her during her travels. Hopefully, with Hoofcourt's guidance, the newest alicorn in Equestria will, in time, become a responsible, mature member of the Royal Court. Perhaps, her 'mission' could buy them enough time to come up with a magical spell to 'cure' Haywire. Her siblings had different reactions to the sudden transformation of their younger sister. Her brother Hayseed was very encouraging while her older sister Haymaker, after fainting and then waking up, feared for the future of Equestria. Character Summary/Personality: Princess Haywire is still a very fun loving, very happy mare. She'd still rather turn trees into giant slingshots and zap whoopee cushions on chairs and benches than to concentrate on all this royal Princess 'stuff.' She's still getting used to being an adult as well as using magic and flight. Emotionally, Haywire is still the young, adventurous filly she always was. She leans heavily on Hoofcourt and Misty for advice and counsel. Her lack of maturity still shows in her actions and speech. Haywire hasn't let being a Princess go to her head, but at the same time, she has no problem 'pulling rank' to get her way when she wants to.
  16. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Brougham Trundlehoof Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Earth Pony Eye color: Green Coat: A tan-ish golden yellow with freckles below his eyes. Mane/tail: Slightly messy, Dark Brown with streaks of grey. Has grown out his mane into a chin curtain beard style. Physique: Tall, Sturdy, and stocky. Has a powerful muscular build gained by a long life in both the R.E.A. and before that pulling Cabs in Trottingham. Residence: A large Extravagant Manor in North Trottingham, Shared with his wife Silver Belle... and a large amount of serving staff. Occupation: Brigadier General of the Royal Equestrian Army Cutie Mark: A tower overlaid upon a wheel Since he was a colt, Brougham was always a very protective pony, particularly of his family and friends. During a certain field trip to a mining Facility in Trottingham His resolve was truly put to the test. During the trip Brougham and a certain friend of his had gotten into an argument prior and in fit of recklessness his friend had galloped deeper into the caves. After going off on his own to try and reconcile and fix what he viewed as his fault he eventually manged to find him. The colt in question had apparently decided to try and 'experiment' with the mining Equipment and the result of his tinkering had caused a small rockslide that was coming right towards the oblivious pony due to some earmuffs supplied by the trip. While the slide wouldn't have caused his friend to be heavily injured. Acting quickly, Brougham pushed a large minecart in the way of the rockslides path and used all his strength to hold back to growing slide. Through a combination of resolve and natural athleticism he was able to hold the slide back for about three minutes before a worker managed to find the two and got the two young ponies out and to safety. While strictly reprimanding his friend (who had more or less forgiven him) the worker brought attention to the appearance of his Cutie mark on his flank. Character History: Bastion was born In Trottingham to a family of simple Cabby ponies, the trundlehoofs. Originally his family had made a living as farmers but since Tourism had become a source of income for the city of Trottingham his family had provided a reliable service pulling carriages all around town. He was named after the carriage he and his family were transported in to and from the hospital. Growing up as colt In trottingham, Brougham's life was fairly peaceful. A lot of his time was spent playing his friends and practicing for the day he would contribute to his family's business(usually by training with a plow and exercising). When Brougham became old enough he began to work as expected by his family in the job of a carriage drive/puller. In time the stallion began to feel rather unfulfilled in his life and decided that perhaps his talents would be best suited for the Royal guard. Initially his parent's had their protests but he eventually won them over. He wasn't the only foal they had after all and just one child pursuing a different career wouldn't really hurt their business at all. When the stallion came of age he enrolled in the R.E.A. and started out as a simple lieutenant in the Royal guard's Trottingham Division. While his service in this station was commendable he apparently still made enough time for Romance as he wound up dating and eventually marrying the wealthy socialite and unofficial 'duchess' Silver Belle. His relationship with Silver Belle eventually produced to foals that also pursued their own paths in life. Through a long period of service in the Royal Equestrian Army Brougham gained many achievements and has served at many stations across Equestria, Because of his Strong Constitution and talent for Defensive Strategy he has been given the unofficial title of "The Wall of Trottingham", But he very much prefers to be addressed by his well earned rank of Brigadier General. Because of his high rank though his job has been calling for more attention than he would like because of the recent emergence of new threats to Equestria, he has been unable to spend as much time with his family as he would have liked. However lately he has been seeking to remedy this situation and spend more time with his family and his wife. Character Summary: The brigadier General has a great affinity for Defensive strategy and has a very quick and intelligent mind. Due to both the training of the Royal Equestrian Army and his work preparing to pull heavy loads of passengers via carriage in Trottingham before changing his choice of career, Brougham was (and still is) exceptionally strong and fit ,well beyond the norm of Earth pony standards. Today, due to his less physically demanding position his strength has faded but only slightly, he is still a very strong pony despite the lines of gray in his mane. In addition to his talent as a tactician he is heavily interested in the arts and has a bit of a creative and artistic streak. Because of his Deep and sonorous voice he has an excellent singing voice and often uses it to raise morale or to entertain at parties. Brougham is outwardly a very stoic pony with a naturally intimidating look to his eyes and a deep a powerful voice that is useful for addressing his troops. Inwardly he is a genuinely kind and caring personality and strives to tale care of and improve his troops in both character and performance. Amongst his Superiors and subordinates alike he is known as a firm but fair, yet intimidating general worthy of loyalty and and the bravery those under his command would usually give him. The term 'stone-faced' us a very accurate term to describe Brougham's expression while interacting with other ponies, although if one spends enough time with him they find he has a dry sense of humor and can occasionally crack a smile when amused by something in a social setting. While with friends and family he is known to be much less serious and will usually have a serene smile. When scared he rarely shows it and when he does show fear it is usually at the potential of those under his charge being in danger (or learning his wife is angry at him.) So far the only pony who has ever managed to make Brougham actively blush and nervous has been none other than his wife and children. In contradiction to his tough looking appearance, Brougham has a rather potent Sweet tooth and can easily be drawn to various confections. Another surprising quirk of his would be his slight hayfever, a trait he seems to have passed on to at least one of his offspring. Perhaps one of his more embarassing traits would be the fact he can often suffer from Motion sickness and as a result he seems to prefer either rest on long trips by train and keep far away from boats.
  17. Name: Rain Tree Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Zebra Eye Color: Bright Green Coat: Rain’s coat is striped dark grey and white. The stripes are evenly placed over her body, getting closer together as they travel down her legs towards her hooves. The stripes on her body are fairly far apart, leaving a good deal of white in between the dark stripes. Her hooves are a light shade of grey. She has a swirling sort of grey stripe on her forehead that is mostly hidden by her forelocks. Mane and Tail: Unlike most zebra’s, Rain’s mane is long and flowing. She has tied various beads and bit of colored twine up into her mane. Her tail looks like the average zebra’s tail, though it has had beads tied into it as well. Physique: Rain is slightly lighter in build than most zebras. She keeps herself trim and fit and seems quite light on her hooves. Upon moving to Appaloosa, Rain acquired a black cowgirl hat. She wears the hat every where she goes both for fashion to help her fit into the style of Appaloosa and as necessity since she is often out in the sun on adventures! Residence: She resides in an apartment above a starting out saloon in the heart of Appaloosa. It is a humble dwelling that has a small living room, basic kitchen, bathroom, and a bedroom. At night it is easy to hear the noise from the saloon but Rain Tree is fine with that. Occupation: Primarily, Rain Tree works in the cider saloon, the Tumbling Crow, that she lives above. She serves cider and on the side she often plays her jumbe box drum to entertain patrons and passersby of her work place. Cutie Mark: Rain’s cutie mark is an ornate symbol for musical beats with a musical note to one side of it. She earned this mark when preforming for her friends and family on her jumbe box drum. She was able to make such a wonderful beat that her family and friends couldn't help but start to dance! They were not just dancing for the wonderful beat but also because Rain Tree was able to bring the beat in so many different ways. Her personality gave other ponies courage and energy. Truly she was able to bring the beat to life! When she finished her performance she saw that she had earned her mark and every pony started to dance and celebrate! History: Rain Tree moved from her native land of Unyasi when she was old enough to leave home. She was an older filly at the time that her parents deemed her wise enough to enter the world on her own. Rain grew up with a loving family in a traditional setting in her homeland. Her parents are potato farmers and still live where Rain grew up. The day of her departure to the Equestrian maneland was bitter sweet. Though she was very excited to go and explore the world before her, it was tough to leave her parents behind. She knew of course that she could always go back to them but she had to go make a life for herself. Rain had always been fascinated with Equestria, especially the town of Appaloosa. She had heard all about the wild western area from a book on Equestria she had been given as a birthday present. Something about the hot dry land, the desert plants and animals, and the life of the Appaloosa ponies beckoned her. They were tough, they survived off the land, they made good with what they had. It seemed a wonderful place for her to go. After making her way to Appaloosa with a few personal items, including her box drum, Rain Tree began to look for a place to live and for work. It was a boom town area with lots of opportunity for new jobs and new direction in life for Rain Tree. One day she set up her box drum and began to play. The ponies in Appaloosa had never heard music like Rain Tree’s and many very much enjoyed it! A particular griffon, Diamond Claw, heard Rain Tree playing and invited her to play in the Tumbling Crow, the start up cider saloon she owned. Rain Tree played and drew in many ponies that day! Soon Diamond Claw had offered Rain Tree a job serving cider and playing her box drum for patrons. This worked to the atvantage of both; Rain Tree now had a job and a place to call home, and Diamond Claw had a great way to draw ponies and griffons into her new establishment. Character Summary: Rain Tree is a boisterous zebra. She does have a soft side but more often than not she has the ponysona of a hard working, fun loving, western mare. She often challenges other ponies and griffons to various competitions from cider drinking and hoof races. When Rain Tree is around, you never know what might end up happening! She is much skilled in the art of rhythm and beat. She plays the box drum extremely well and can pick up any other percussion instrument without a problem. She is great at giving other ponies energy and can easily put others at ease and help them to have fun. Rain Tree adorns a good adventure! When she is not working in the Tumbling Crow she often takes to the trails around Appaloosa. She has made acquaintances and even some friendships with buffalo in the area. She takes naturally them for the their innate skills in working and living off the land. Since she was raised with such knowledge, she is very interested in learning the way of living off the land in the desert. She also loves to dance and has often been seen doing so in the Tumbling Crow. Rain Tree is able to keep up report with most ponies and griffons. She does take challenges very seriously and will not let down until she has either won or been bested. When she is beaten Rain tends to retreat for a while to lick her pride wounds but she soon bounces back for more! She really likes to be around others that have lots of energy. Although she would not be outright rude to anypony, she doesn’t really like to spend time with gentle or quiet ponies. The zebra had been known to run into her fair share of social problems. She is still learning how the poines of Appaloosa live and work. Sometimes she can be seen as a bit of a slacker as she is often playing her drum and getting up to various forms of mischief. She also has quite the prideful streak running through her, which can lead to misunderstandings with various ponies and griffons. One of Rain Tree’s greatest fears is not being able to make it in the world. She depends of her job at the Tumbling Crow quite heavily and the thought of not having it scares her. She loves to feel needed and that she belongs, both things the Tumbling Crow provides for her. Not having her job would make her feel aimless as she uses it as an anchor in her life. She is very free flowing in life, but she needs a few anchors in her life. Overall, Rain Tree is a very likable zebra. She brings energy, fun, and excitement whenever she goes. Others look to her as a source of strength and for a smile when they get down. Her sometimes rough exterior is tempered by a bit of softness inside, making her a fun friend to interact with!
  18. Role Play Type: World of Equestria Name: Gender: Female Age: Mare in the prime of life Species: Pegasus Eye color: Amber Character color: Her coat is bright yellow like flickering fire light. Mane/Tail/Other: Spitfire’s mane and tail both have the look of being tossed by the wind from her various acrobatic endeavors. Her forelocks are kept back and away from her face lest they interfere with her high speed flight patterns. Her locks contain the colors of a smoldering flame, transitioning from rich golden yellow to bright orange. When she is flying these colors give aid to her appearance as a pony so fast she’s on fire! Physique: Spitfire is ready for action! She keeps herself trim and in shape, befitting her role as the leader of the fabulous WonderBolts. She has lightness to her steps as if she could spring off into a death defying air performance at a moment’s notice! Spitfire is usually seen in public in her Wonderbolts uniform. This cobalt blue and vibrant yellow jumpsuit covers most of her body, protecting her and allowing for less wind resistance during her flights. She also sports a pair of functional flight goggles atop her forehead, ready to protect her eyes from high wind speeds. Residence: This mare’s home is in Cloudsdale. She spends a large amount of time training recruits at the WonderBolts Academy but she also maintains a personal dwelling in the city. Since she is part of a traveling air show, Spitfire often finds her home to be wherever the next show is taking place. This doesn’t seem to bother her much, it just adds to the adventure her life has turned out to be. Occupation: She leads the Wonderbolts in all their endeavors. Part of being captain of the team is making up the new maneuvers that will be used in the show and approving new moves created by the other ponies on the Wonderbolts. She helps design their shows and flies point in most of their performances. She is also chief in charge of choosing and training new recruits for the Wonderbolts Academy. She takes this very seriously since she still remembers how she felt when she was chosen as a Wonderbolts recruit. Spitfire also heads up Cloudsdale’s water transfer service, cycling water from the ground up to her cloudy home with many other pegasus ponies. Aside from her more serious jobs Spitfire and her crew have also been known to make appearances to promote various ventures. It seems where ever something big is happening, the WonderBolts are not far away. From helping control a rampaging baby dragon in an adult’s body, to flying high over the Grand Galloping Gala, the Wonderbolt’s captain seems to never be far from the lime light. Cutie Mark: Spitfire’s cutie mark is three tongues of flaring fire that resemble a phoenix. This mark embodies her athletic ability and her motivation in life. They show off her self- determination and her burning desire to live life for all it can offer. Just as the phoenix rises from the ashes to new life, Spitfire uses the challenges life presents to thrust her forward. This is also a perfect symbolism of the mare’s personality. Anypony that knows her sees this fire of determination burning brightly in her eyes and her heart. History: Spitfire was born in Cloudsdale on a fine summer morning to loving parents. While some ponies are given names that reflect their parent’s names, others are named for certain habits or abilities. Spitfire was named for the latter. Even as a young foal she had a dangerous light in her eyes. She required lots of attention in her infant days as she was often found wandering and exploring her world. As soon as her wings could flap Spitfire was on the go! She had such tenacity and a spirit that would never give up. It was for this that her parents decided on the name Spitfire. During her filly days Spitfire attended school in Cloudsdale. Though she was average in all of her classes, she lived for physical education. This was the young filly’s place to shine! She easily took to the various sports and games that were taught in school, excelling above most of the other ponies in her class. As she learned of her love for physical activities, she began to test herself more and more. It was not uncommon for her to challenge other young pegasi to races around Cloudsdale. She pushed herself to her limits, finding that she could fly at incredible speeds and perform intricate feats in the air that most other pegasi could not. It was around this same time that she began to idolize the famous flight team the Wonderbolts. She imagined herself flying with them, thrilling the crowds, and feeling the rush that came with death defying trick flying. Her parents noted her budding flight abilities and bestowed her with her first pair of flight goggles. She loved the gift and began to imagine herself as part of the legendary Wonderbolts even more so when she was wearing them. Her dream to be part of the fantastic flying team flourished during this season. She began to train herself, with help from her parents, to fly the difficult maneuvers and mid air acrobatics mastered by the Wonderbolts. Though she did not succeed right away, her tenacity helped her to stick to her plans and accomplish her goals of flight mastery. It was during her time of intense training that her cutie mark appeared. Burning flames in the shape of a phoenix representing her deep desire to live a life fueled with determination and a willingness to let setbacks push her on into all she could be! Once her parents agreed that she was skilled enough, she set up a flight show to perform for the locals of Cloudsdale. The show would include barrel rolls, loop the loops, cloud hurtles, flag weaving, and all the other intricate feats preformed by the Wonderbolts team. She was able to draw a small crowd and they were at first skeptical when they saw what the show would consist of. How could such an inexperienced filly possibly pull off the tricks presented in the obstacles she had set up? This skepticism soon turned to mutters of amazement and then to open cheering as Spitfire went to work! She was marveled as a pony that could fly so fast she caught on fire! Everypony agreed after the performance that she was ready to attend the Wonderbolts training Academy. Spitfire was nervous when she showed up at the training camp. Were her skills really enough to perform like those ponies she idolized? Could she really make a place for herself among the great fliers of Equestria? She was determined. She could do whatever she put her mind to. That same flame that had fueled her to begin training took her through her time in the Academy. When the time came, she and her good friend Soarin’ were accepted into the Wonderbolts team! Spitfire never let up. Any flight trick that failed she would practice until she could fly it perfectly. She stood out like a flame in the darkness during her time at the Academy. She was chosen from among her peers to fly with the performance team after a few seasons of preparation! It was not long after that she was named as one of the top Wonderbolts fliers and soon after the next Captain of the Wonderbolts! It is this position that adds intensity to the fire in her life. She was now the leader of the group that brought her so much determination as a filly. She would make the Wonderbolts the best they could possibly be! Character Summary: This all changes when she dons the Wonderbolts uniform. Spitfire is a no nonsense leader when it comes to perfecting moves for Wonderbolts performances. She does not mince her words to her teammates when they are practicing. She is respected for having this attitude when it comes to her profession. As far as talents go, Spitfire is an ace in the sky! She can fly circles around many other pegasi and reserves the rank of the top flier at the Wonderbolts academy. Along with speed flying, she excels in aerial precision. Her flying is her number one passion and she is always striving to top previous feats. Aside from flight, she is also a passionate leader, challenging ponies to reach new heights under her training. She is the lead trainer at the Wonderbolt academy and runs the school with discipline and confidence. Spitfire brings energy to all those she is in contact with. Her passion for life and her tenacity to keep after her goals are an encouragement to many ponies. She has grown a great deal of self confidence since becoming the Captain of the Wonderbolts team. She has an air of boldness about her that both brings other ponies courage and helps her to reach for the stars. This pony is into living life on the edge and reaching for her dreams! She likes to top challenges and to be around other ponies that live life with the same ferocity she maintains. She does not like to be around those who do not see life as something to be grasped. She also dislikes being held back by anything that might keep her from attaining the heist level of excellence in flight. Spitfire spends a large amount of her time attending to tasks that have to do with the Wonderbolts. When she is not travelling and performing in flight shows, she can be found at the Wonderbolt Academy, helping to bring up the next generation of top fliers. Her hobbies include making up new obstacle courses, traveling around Equestria, and spending time with other ponies that understand her tenacity in life. She gets along well with most other ponies. Spitfire enjoys a good party or gala and is more than willing to make social appearances. Though she is a little rough around the edges she can fit in with high class society thanks to her position in the Wonderbolts. She is mindful of the fact that she is a celebrity but she tries to not let this go to her head. Spitfire does know that many ponies idolize her which she uses as fuel for her fire to do the best she can. Though she appears to have no end of friends, she does desire to have an inner circle of ponies she can trust. Most of these individuals are part of the fight team of the Wonderbolts. She does maintain a few outside friendships as well. Those who know her outside of the Wonderbolts tend to see a bit more of Spitfire’s relaxed side. She likes to spend time with other ponies, laughing and generally having fun. She does have her set of fears. Most come from the possibility of her falling short. Spirfire does what she must to keep herself on top, and sometimes that puts other ponies in the position of choosing what is right to do. She tends to cover for any weaknesses she might have by pouring on extra brashness and being stubborn in her training methods. Since her dreams have been built upon her own two wings, Spitfire fears ever having faults in maintaining the image she has set up for herself. Overall Spitfire is a fun pony to know. She is always up for a laugh or a race with her teammates. She has a bold and energetic exterior and maintains a gregarious demeanor with friends and fans. Though she does not always make the best decisions when it comes to competition, she is not above learning from those around her. Spitfire’s demeanor encourages others to reach for their dreams! “It's not just about pushing ourselves. It's about pushing ourselves in the right direction.”
  19. Roleplay Type World of Equestria Name Brooke Sex Female Age Doe Species Deer Eye color Light teal Appearance Her coat is light grey with a white spotted muzzle and white legs, while her hair is a medium length, spiky, and has been dyed smoky salmon in color along with her tail. She is almost always seen wearing a salmon colored saddlebag with a pattern of white swirls. It's where she keeps her sketch book and travel journal. Physique Slim and somewhat tall. Voice Deeper than the average doe, her tone is very soft with the tendency to crack at times. Residence Garden Gait Occupation Travel writer and sketch artist. History Brooke grew up with her parents in the quiet little village of Garden Gait. Being a tight knit community, she grew up feeling like everyone was family. There was never a moment where Brooke felt like she had to tip hoof around anyone and was more often than not totally comfortable around others. Her father and mother encouraged this by putting value in honesty and sincerity. Ever since one of her childhood friends got their cutie mark, Brooke had been fascinated by them. So much so that she began to sketch the cutie marks of every pony she knew and would often interview them about their special talent. During her time out of Garden Gait while accompanying a friend, Brooke ended up not only documenting cutie marks, she also loved to write about her travel experiences. It wasn't long before her goal in life was to become a travel writer. After awhile, she had an extensive collection of travel literature and felt it was time to make it official. With a lot of determination and a bit of a struggle, her first book was finally published. She was not at all a big name in the book industry, but it felt good to know others like to read her books. To this day, she travels through Equestria and documents her experiences. And after gaining enough skill from sketching cutie marks, she also began to illustrate her books as well. Character Summary Brooke's disposition is calm, thoughtful and soft spoken. She's not one to babble and usually resorts to short and to-the-point sentences, but she's friendly enough and manages to seem so without putting any effort into actively displaying it. This is because of the overall gentleness she naturally possesses. Her keen logical sense and ability to tell it like it is makes her quite popular to those who need advice. Having grown up in a family-like community, she'll openly express irritation, be a little blunt, and willing to bicker with anyone. Like her father always said; "You can't be close friends without sharing a few arguments." She's not at all easily offended or upset in social situations so she assumes everyone else is the same way. Her inattention to formality knows no bounds. For instance, she will ask to document any pony's cutie mark in her sketch book no matter how esteemed they are. She'd ask Equestrian royalty if she got the chance. Brooke has a wide vocabulary due to her occupation and enjoys literature of many types. She also became quite skilled at sketching because of her cutie mark collection. She is very fascinated by cutie marks and studies them during her free time. She also started dying her hair and tail a shade of salmon. It may seem like it, but Brooke doesn't wish she were a pony. She's simply inspired by their colorful mane and tails. This sometimes causes others to mistake her for a strange looking pony. Credit: Image drawn by me.
  20. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Spinel Fix Sex: Female Age: Younger mare Species: Crystal pony Eye colour: Dusky emerald Coat: Aquamarine; it goes without saying that she bears the translucent, crystalline coat effect typical to crystal ponies. Mane/Tail: Gradient hues of cool, mellow grassy and emerald green; Done up into a careful, modest updo of meticulous curls, and bound with glossy bronze ribbons. The tail is likewise wrapped in more of the same ribbons, though allowed to hang down. Physique: Petite, slender, fit Residence: Crystal Empire Occupation: Crystal Guard medic Cutie Mark: A thin sprig of sage curled around an emerald heart History: When Spinel Fix was born to a pair of doctors, it was expected that she would grow up to carry on the family practice, and for a while it certainly did seem that she would meet her fate as yet another nurse from the clinic in the residential district. Being a timid little filly, Spinel found it hard to be around other foals, and so she turned her efforts instead to learning as much as she could about the family trade, knowing this could help her to compensate for her social ineptitude and eager to please her mother and father by following in their hoofsteps. Naturally she developed quite an aptitude for the medical vocation, and the early arrival of her cutie mark made her one of the first ones in her class to reach this important milestone. The cutie mark itself came about as a result of Spinel being assigned to help care for her first patient, a little colt who had been brought in after an unfortunate fall into a creek and was consequently running a high fever and coughing and wheezing. For a little bit, Spinel wasn't quite sure what to do with this colt--despite his obviously ill condition, it was still difficult to begin treating him as the hospital environment made him remarkably tense and resistant to all efforts to get a full measure of his affliction. After a few failed tries to coax him into cooperating the worried and flustered filly really felt that she could do no better than to go and fetch her more experienced parents for help--before leaving, however, she did brew up a quick tea with sage and honey for the patient, hoping that drinking it would at least bring him some brief comfort. A few minutes later Spinel and her mother returned to find the tea gone, and--much to Spinel's pleased surprise--the colt had not only begun to breathe a little more easily, but had calmed down remarkably and was even accommodating of further treatment. Spinel had not expected that such a simple gesture--a sage tea, of all things!--could do great things to help another pony, but it became apparent then that she'd made the right choice in using such a simple herb to soothe her frayed patient. She decided then that she wanted to learn more on how to connect to other ponies, and to help ensure that their recovery would be as smooth and calm as possible under her charge. And so, as the gentle and nurturing nature of her talent was determined, so too did her cutie mark begin to glow into existence--the representation of her budding affinity as a caretaker. For a while, Spinel was perfectly content to work alongside her parents in the clinic. She loved the satisfaction and achievement of helping to comfort and bring good health back to ailing ponies, whether for ailments minor or serious, and in a way working with many patients actually helped the filly to become a bit more confident around others, and gave her the experience to become quite adept at calming down upset or frightened foals and older ponies. After a few years, though, as she grew older and took on more responsibilities in the ward, she began to feel inexplicably...restless. Yes, she was proud of her job, and she so dearly loved her family and the familiar little hospital she'd grown up with--but, she gradually realized, she was itching to do more. She desperately wanted to take her healing skills to the next level, beyond what she could expect to ever exercise as a mere family pediatrician. And so it came to be that one fateful day, she made the next step towards finding her true destiny. Once she came of age and graduated from standard schooling, the typically reserved and gentle mare surprised her parents with the news that she had applied to the Crystal Guard as a unit nurse, submitting with her resume her lifetime of medical knowledge and practice; though surely she could have done just as well serving as a commonplace civilian doctor, Spinel just inexplicably -knew- that the Guard was where she needed to be, and where she had the most potential to grow both in vocation and in character. She saw the next number of years furthering her skills and learning the ropes of the Guard in academy, and once she graduated and was granted her desired position she went on to spend a great many more years dutifully tending her unit's Crystal soldiers and their wounds during their adventures, until the time came when King Sombra usurped the throne to the Empire and eventually caused it to plunge with him into darkness--and, like all the rest of the crystal ponies, a terrified and battered Spinel Fix fell into a seemingly interminable slumber, unaware of the passage of time throughout the rest of the world until waking up in a haze one thousand years later. Spinel has since adjusted to the shock of returning free of Sombra's reign in a new time, if anything using the knowledge that she survived such an experience to bolster her own confidence and surety. In the current day she maintains a steadfast post and continues to brush up on her long-neglected skills, prepared for the day when her fellow Guardsponies will need her at their backs to keep them standing and capable. Character Summary: Spinel was already a tentative, socially inhibited pony from the start; while her time serving with the Crystal Guard has certainly done its part in helping her to work around others, she is still a cautious and reserved mare who attempts to compensate for her interactive imperfections by throwing herself wholeheartedly into her work. Her general shyness and reluctance to speak too much may lead one to assume this pony a timid, impressionable waif--this is quite as far from the truth as one can get. Her hesitance in idle conversation does not make an appearance when she is on the job, mending wounds or prescribing medicines, and in fact her years of dealing with patients of many temperaments have formed her into a mare who can be quite formidable and stern (though not unkindly so) when circumstance requires. Overall, Spinel Fix is well-suited for the profession of healer and caretaker, dedicated to keeping ponies at ease and in good shape but also ready to bring somepony back down to earth when something unpleasant or frustrating needs to be done. Since the Crystal Empire's revival, Spinel has begun to foster a growing curiosity of the lands beyond her home kingdom in concurrence with the recent influx of new ponies and trade systems. Presently speaking she would not think of simply leaving her post in the Crystal Guard, not when skills such as hers could end up being greatly needed in the future...and yet at the same time, she can't help but host a small, insistent feeling that she could help to do so much more good for ponies out there in the wide, unknown world beyond. At the very least, exploring and learning about new cultures, histories, and remedies could carry some extra benefit to be applied to her own healing techniques, much to the benefit of others. And so, even as she continues to work diligently away where she is called for at home, she continues to strive and learn as much as she can of the lands beyond the borders, so that she may be prepared should the opportunity ever come for her to set off into the world.
  21. RP Type The Mane RP Character Name: JavaSun Sex: Male. Age: Stallion Species: Earth Pony Coat: Java's coat consist of a deep murky brown. Almost the type of brown you'd see when looking into a cup of coffee. The fur is a little bit too long, this being apparent around the hooves and an apparent sag when his fur is soaking wet. The other quirk, is that while his fur indeed is clean, it tends to always have an insane disheveled look to it, with random bits of fur softly jutting off his body. However, it still holds a neat look as if some attempts had been made to keep it down. The fur around his chin lightens up just a little into a slightly lighter color. Mane/tail: Like his coat, his mane is in no better shape. The mane is a dark black, but not quite pure black as shadows still show it's self under the hair, as well as light bouncing off. It is quite clear that the stallion does not bother with the maintenance of his mane. It's rather nappy, and a jumbled mess. In fact, it would look more fitting on a mad scientist rather than any normal pony folk. His tail is also black, but thanks to the thickness of it's hair, it's not tangled. Instead it's actually neat when compared to his mane, and appears to be on the same condition of his coat. The tail is cut short, and wrapped with a white ribbon near the base. Vestment As part of his job's uniform, He wears a black vest with a few small tools located inside the pocket, and a small black book for notes in the inner pocket. Cuffs Strapped to his ankles are canvas cuffs holding more commonly used tools for easy and fast access. Strapped on his back is a pair of small khaki canvas saddle bags. Accessories A pair of safety goggles rest around his neck like a necklace when he is on the job and not immediately in use. When he is doing actual work that requires eye protection, then they are on. even when he is traveling around town. The reasoning had been taught by his current instructor as "Rather have it and not need it, then need it and not have it." They may also be swapped out for tinted, or heavier safety equipment if called for. The safety goggles, cuffs, saddle bags, and tools are all removed leaving only the vest, book, and a pen when ever he is off the clock and does not plan on using them for anything. Eye Color: Brown. Not much special about the eye color. Though under the eyes would be visible bags from the lack of sleep. Physique: The stallion holds a lanky build. While he does have muscle definitions under his long coat of fur, it remains completely unnoticed till one touches him. Instead, the most they see is a tall pony with a slightly bulky body and legs. Underneath that fur is a sturdy body with some features of a work horse. Cutie Mark: A dark gold Sigma. Sigma being the mathematical symbol for summation of. His symbol appeared after a run in with a professor who had visited the classroom. Caught in awe by the wonderful contraptions that he presented to the class, Java quickly chased him outside of the class room in excitement. When prompted to take Java with him, the first answer was a decline. Java continued to insist by jumping up and down. The Professor, who then decided to see if he could stump the foal, presented him with a challenge. However, he was surprised by Java when he was able to provide an answer almost immediately without much thought. And even more surprised with the answer actually being correct. The cutie mark then appeared on his flank with the typical flash of light, however it went completely unnoticed by the excited foal. Residence: Canterlot. While Java’s salary is high enough for him to afford a decent and humble home in Canterlot, he openly choose to have a portion of his pay be taken to rent a space owned by his master a little ways in the outer edge of the capital. He felt that buying a home with his wages would have him obligated to be near the elites. This would force him to be too close to the aristocrats and noble families for his liking, whom a handful he dislikes for their arrogance. The space was originally intended to be a personal study completely separate from the house. However it has not seen much use outside of storing a large collection of books and a handful of boxes with scrolls inside. The basement acts as Java’s bedroom. Small contraptions, building blocks, toys, and diorama can be found stored in the shelves, and sometimes scattered across the floor of the study, along with concept drawings and sketches. Hung on the wall are completed designs of his that have reached his expectation of perfection and ready to become a project. There are also paintings of scenery and copies of peoms that he enjoys. Occupation: Engineer. Currently an Intern under a Doctor of Science and Engineering (NPC till made/offered). The pay is well enough for Java to live on his own in a large house. However, he instead opts to have an amount pulled from his salary for rent in his mentor's separated study. History Java had been born to a family of proud textile factory workers in manehatten. A common trait was their pride in their work, generally being very meticulous and usually preferring to get the job done right on the first time. His father, Gearshack, had been a mechanic from Dodge Junction that came to the city seeking a different life. He had been well known about taking in pride for his work, even if it was a simple task of fetching a glass of water. He works in the factory as the head mechanic, in charge of overseeing repairs, and machine inspections for safety, and to be sure they are still in operable condition. His mother, StarBreezer whom was a Noble from Canterlot decided to leave on the account of the cities snooty atmosphere. She had been well known as a rather loud girl who did not mind dirt or grime. Java had always been real close with his family. Generally taking in moments to assist and help out around the house without being asked to and taking life lessons taught by his folks to heart. Though maybe a bit to literally. His father had always taught him lessons about surviving in the world and finding his niche. How to be successful when it wasn't given to you. And his mother, well, how to be assertive. His life in Manehatten had been well lived and happy. Not terribly uneventful, but of course nothing severely traumatizing. He had a handful of close friends that he would play with daily, and outside of that, acquaintances, just a group of ponies he felt friendly with. In class he was known as an odd ball that would openly argue with the teacher about morales from children stories, Equestrian history, importance of some topics. But when he was silent, the teacher would just give him a raise of the brow, almost expecting the foal to say something. But when he didn't she would sigh and shake her head. After the events leading to his Cutie mark, the professor had asked the child to lead him to his home so he could speak with his parents about his apprenticeship. They both agreed to it, and asked for him to wait for a week so they can wish him off with a celebration. Afterward, he left for Canterlot to study with the professor for the years to come. Every so often he would board a train to visit his family and friends for a week, before returning back to his studies. Java has grown a deep respect for the professor as a mentor, and eventually developed a brotherly like relationship. He would often ask to go with the unicorn when he left to visit a board of scholars in Canterlot. He would trek with him excitedly when he’d leave for trips or other forms of excursions. He’d even ask him a series of questions that normally would be left in family. Both awkward and mundane. And with each question he’d receive a casual but thoughtful response without delay. Such a bond is easily expected when someone has been under another’s instruction since he was a foal, and through his years as a young colt. Even when he became a stallion, Java had always kept the relationship between the two as close as he has with his own personal family. While no longer a pupil, he is now an intern working along side many other scholars. He rented a house from his previous mentor, and quickly furnished it to his liking. However, he had always found the house to be lacking something. It was quite empty no matter how much clutter it held within it’s walls. It always had this same lonely tinge to it. Character Summery: Javasun's behavior has been known to be a very odd mixture of seriousness in the workplace and eccentric elsewhere. Even when he's serious, however, the other side of him still shows up with bits of jargon being uttered out here and there but only on rare circumstance. His work ethic is powered by his own passion for learning and pure efficiency. The drive of efficiency however has gone far enough that Javasun had developed a terrible habit of not sleeping for nearly a week or longer, which is fueled with coffee. His true fated talent lies within mathematics, leaving him with an almost purely natural knowledge of different levels of math, with some room to learn. This talent gave him a solid foundation for his learning in the field of engineering, taught under his apprenticeship. Other side skills involves some degrees of art with pastel media, and of course coffee brewing. While he is slightly above the average pony height, and smaller than a workhorse. Java does actually have quite a large amount of power in his body, but nothing absurdly ridiculous. He is also quite athletic, but not devoted to making himself stronger. He is an avid fan of boxing, and made a small career out of it back in Canterlot Academy, and partially through his years in Canterlot's University. Java is very prideful of his family ties to both the Tough and Strong Gear family, and his noble family. However, he will usually keep the later a secret from every pony else. He is also very proud of what he has. Generally, he prefers to work for everything he has. And absolutely hates it when his grandparents try to spoil him. His hobbies clutters his living environment's shelves, walls and sometimes floors. The most notable would be the fantasy maps and figurines used for table top games located in the basement shelves. And even music will usually fill the air from a record player. He dreams for an efficient world, but only obtained with the happiness of all ponies and races. Java's weaknesses lies within his insecurities, which greatly effects his emotional stability. When the right buttons are pressed, one could easily leave the pony bawling his eyes out on the ground. Or if the pony made an unfortunate jab, turn Java rancorous almost immediately. Generally, when Java gets angry, he skips multiple stages and exposes his distant rage issues. He does not hold any stages between ticked, and rancorous. And when he goes off, he'll be snarling at who ever did the damage. It does have to do with his own path. As a few ponies who turned into bullies usually sought out nerds or dorky ponies. Though Java never did anything about it, he just allowed it to happen and simply ignore it. After getting into sports as a way to vent, his rage suddenly became much easier to expose.
  22. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Star Gaze Sex: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Emerald Green Coat: Dark Teal Mane/Tail: Both are short and wavy. They are a dark blue color. Physique: Star is of average build and height. Residence: Fillydelphia Occupation: Librarian Cutie Mark: Star's cutie mark depicts a golden telescope. While most ponies would simply see this as having a talent in stargazing, few actually see the true meaning of such a cutie mark. Star is able to point out and identify many, if not all, constellations, but that is just a scratch on the surface of his talent. Star has incredible observational capabilities; he can quickly find and disclose the location of nearly any hidden object. Not only that, but he excels at reading other ponies; he is able to tell the lie from truth with great ease. Star discovered his talent when he was very young, one of the first ponies in his class, in fact. One day, about a week or so after Ruff, the new puppy, was added to the family, he went missing. Star was frantic, searching high and low for any sign of his lost friend. Eventually, he came across some puppy tracks that looked like they could be Ruff's. He followed them and came across Ruff playing with a foal. Star could tell that it was Ruff, but he still went to ask the parents of the foal where they found him. They claimed that the puppy was always in their family and left it at that. Star looked at the happy foal one last time and left, without another word. Of course, he could tell they were lying, the mother's ear twitched and the father never looked him in the eye, but once he saw how happy Ruff was with his new family, he just couldn't take him away. His cutie mark appeared when he returned home and told his parents what had happened. History: Star had a wonderful childhood. His family was very loving, he had many friends at school, and he made good grades. One of his best friends was a filly named Rose Thorn, he might have even called her his crush. She was kind, caring, and seemed to know exactly what to say and when to say it. She was a little shy around other ponies, but she made friends quite easily despite that fact. The both of them would always explore Fillydelphia and find new ways to get in some kind of trouble. When he was younger, Star had a mentor who very much enjoyed his company. Her name was Clover Blossum and she was the smartest pony that Star had ever met. He strived to be just like her in nearly every way he could. He read books, studied hard, went to the library, just about anything he could do to boost his intelligence. He looked up to Clover in so many ways, she was smart, kind, beautiful, anything that a pony could admire. He hated the day that she graduated him. As soon as he could, he began searching for a job. He wanted nothing more than to earn some bits of his own and buy his own home. Of course, it wasn't to simply leave his parents, he wanted his own space to do his own things in. He found work as a librarian, but wasn't too thrilled about it at first. He assumed that he was wasting his talents simply telling ponies where this book is and what book would be good for researching Celestia knows what. His viewpoint didn't change until he met the head librarian. She was an older pony who very much enjoyed her job. When she caught wind about Star's feelings, she immediately sought him out. She explained to him that being a librarian is possibly the most important role in all of Equestria. Without them, who would keep track of all of the important records? Who would tend to keeping spell scrolls in pristine condition? Nopony has time to do that during their busy schedules, so a librarian is a pony who has devoted his or her life to doing so. From that day on, Star felt a newfound pride for his job and respect for librarians everywhere. Character Summary: Star is a very kind pony, he usually goes out of his way to help anypony who is truly in need. He is very loyal to any and all of his friends, staying by their sides in even their darkest hours. He can't stand anypony who would leave his friends behind for his own personal gain. He is very observant, as his cutie mark represents. He very much enjoys his job at the local library and hopes to one day be the head librarian of the Canterlot Archive! Star is easy to speak to; nearly anypony will feel comfortable while around him. He is just an all around amazing pony to be friends with. He doesn't ask for much from his friends and will go to the ends of Equestria for any of his true friends. One of his deepest fears is being alone. Not in the sense of being left alone in a room with nopony to talk to, but as in having nopony to turn to, nopony to call friend. Even he doesn't believe that he will ever truly be alone, but he just can't seem to get rid of the fear at the back of his mind.
  23. Role Play Type: Canterlot Chronicles Name: Rainbow Dash Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Pegasus Eye Color: Violet Character Color: Sky blue Mane and Tail: She lets her mane and tail flow freely while she flies which adds up to her locks looking untamed. Dash’s mane and tail are strikingly colored like a rainbow! Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet hues flow throughout her hair. Physique: Rainbow Dash keeps herself in tip-top physical condition. Her muscles, especially her wing muscles, are toned to a tee. She works out daily, when she’s not napping, lending to a body of athletic prowess. Residence: A cloud house near Ponyville at the edge of Cloudsdale. Occupation: Weather manager for Ponyville, Wonderbolts trainee Cutie Mark: A fluffy blue outlined cloud with a jagged bolt of lightning coming from it. The lightening is red, yellow, and blue. Dash earned her cutie mark while defending the honor of her friend Fluttershy in a pegasus race! She took on two colt fliers in a race around Cloudsdale to show them why her name was not “Rainbow Crash”. After swooping around cloud barriers, plunging through rings, and gaining top speeds in an attempt to beat the other contestants, Rainbow Dash made a direct approach to the finish line. She gained so much speed that she created her first sonic rainboom! Discovering her love not only for flying, but for competition and winning, made the filly the first in her class to earn her mark. Unique Traits: Dash tries to remain at least “20% cooler” at all times. This leads to the mare sporting various accessories including her ball cap, Wonderbolts trainee uniform, and of course her shades! She has a pet tortoise named “Tank” who can sometimes be seen flying alongside his owner with his own propeller attached to his shell. Tank is not the quickest fellow but he and Rainbow Dash get along just fine. History: Rainbow Dash grew up fast! Her foalhood was regular length, but she was a quick flyer from the start! She was born to two Cloudsdale pegasus residents and grew up happily with them. Her father was a competitive flier and instilled Dash’s early training in flight onto his daughter. Dash grew up enjoying all the accoutrements a young pegasus mare with a thirst for flight could want. She was enrolled in summer flight camp as soon as she was of age and not long after earned her cutie mark doing what she loved. Her parents both instilled a desire to do one’s very best into their daughter. Many were the days that Rainbow Dash went to watch her father compete in flight races, hoping that one day she would be able to fly as fast as him. After she earned her cutie mark, everypony in Cloudsdale could see that she had a special talent for fast flight. The sonic rainboom had turned into nothing more than a legend until Rainbow Dash busted one out during a summer flight camp race. After that day, Rainbow’s parents began to take her training very seriously. Her mother offered her support while her father took the main roll in teaching their daughter all her could about competitive flight. Rainbow grew quite close to her father during this time, mirroring his athleticism, prowess, and pride. She was competitive in the young flyer racing circuit during the rest of her time living under her parents’ roof. Though she still resides near Cloudsdale, Rainbow Dash is a regular in Ponyville. When she was old enough she moved out of her parents house and took a job as a weather pony for Ponyville. Though it is not her dream job, being a weather pony suits Rainbow Dash just fine. She gets to spend lots of time in the sky busting clouds and sneaking in naps. She is also the team leader of the weather team during winter wrap up. In this special season Dash is responsible for leading the team that busts up the clouds to make way for spring! As she continues to grow up, Rainbow becomes more confident in her abilities. She has taken home the title of Equestria’s “Best Young Flier” and was even called the most accomplished flier in Equestria by Princess Celestia. Her dream in life is to become a full fledged member of the Wonderbolts! Spitfire, the captain of the Wonderbolts is a role model to Rainbow Dash and also one of her heros. She idolizes the Wonderbolts and is one of their biggest fans. She discovered, upon her meeting of Twilight Sparkle that she had a special gift in the area of loyalty. Though she is incredibly driven by a determination to make herself stand out she is also powerfully given to the protecting and care of her friends. In fact, during their attempts to save Equestria from the evil Mare in the Moon, Rainbow gave up her own dream of success with the Shadowbolts to help her friends. This move both strengthened the tie Rainbow had with her friends, and helped to show her that there are some things that are more important in life than personal gain. Character Personality: Rainbow Dash has a multi-layered personality. She is incredibly competitive and athletic which leads itself to providing the drive by which she lives her life. She can also be quite brash, easily irritated, and even mischievous at times. Though her friends can sometimes get on her nerves, at the end of the day, she would rather give up her heart’s desire than give up on her friends. This stems from her innate sense of loyalty to those she loves. She has also been seen taking frequent naps. This may be caused by laziness or from an overconfidence in her abilities. Why clear the sky of clouds right off the bat when she can easily take a nap and bust them all in under ten seconds? Dash lives an exciting life and some ponies even look up to her as a role model. She has a special friendship with a little pegasus filly named Scootaloo who sees Rainbow’s way of life as something to be emulated. In her loyalty, Rainbow takes Scootaloo under her wing and often shows her tips on life and flying tricks. Character Summary: Rainbow Dash is an incredibly driven and energetic mare, living out of a passion for speed and competition that burns deep within her. Her fervor for life has earned her much notoriety in Ponyville, enough so that she boasts her own fan club! She also has a deep desire to protect her friends and to see them succeed in what they do. Expending all that energy also means this mare has her down times, and sneaking in a nap on a cloud is an almost daily occurrence. Though she cares deeply for her friends, she is also annoyed quite easily by them at times. Dash can have a hard time seeing things from outside her own view point. She is able to learn from her mistakes, though because of her pride it can take a while for some concepts to sink in. Speed, personal success, and loyalty to her friends are Rainbow Dash’s main motivations in life. The Wonderbolts characterize so much of what Rainbow Dash hopes to become. A famous flyer, known throughout Equestria for her amazing skills in the air! She is a trainee in the Wonderbolts academy and her life goal and dream is to be an official member of the Wonderbolts team. She pushes herself to the extreme in everything that has to do with athletics and flight, especially when it comes to trying out for the Wonderbolts team. Because she is rather brash, lots of the life lessons she walks through are lived out loud. Ponies that are friends with her may end up helping Rainbow as she walks through her short comings. She has a hard time losing anything or not being the absolute best at what she is trying for. She get very competitive with ponies that might stand in the way of her victories, and very irritated with ponies who don’t understand her desire to excel athletically. Rainbow Dash loves feeling the wind in her wings and most of her talents come from her flying prowess. She is fantastic at busting clouds, making record times for clearing the sky. She is incredibly agile in the air, making her more than able to handle obstacles in flying races in Cloudsdale and at the Wonderbolts Academy. Though most of her skills are airborne she also has a hobby that brings her back down to earth. Dash loves reading! She especially loves books featuring the hero Daring-Do. When she first discovers her love for reading it became so intense that she faked an injury just to finish one of Daring-Do’s adventures. Rainbow Dash lives life with zeal and passion, balanced with a touch of laziness and brashness. Her fervor for flight, her drive of determination, and her ever present energy make her the awesome pony she is!
  24. Name: TaDaa Gender: Female Age: Younger Filly Species: Unicorn Eye Color: Happy daffodil yellow Coat: Her coat is a perky shade of light violet Mane/Tail: TaDaa’s mane is extra bouncy and she makes no effort to tame it. It is full and spills curls down her neck and onto her back. She also has long curly forelocks that sometimes get in her eyes. She often has to puff a breath of air upwards to clear her eyes from forelocks being in front of them. Her tail is cropped short and it bobs about when she moves. Her mane and tail are two toned neon pink and a light shade of purple and pink. Physique: She is a stocky little filly, given to prancing about at a moment’s notice. Though she is getting the hang of it, she still seems to not always have complete control of her hooves. She is just about average on her height and weight. TaDaa has lots of pent up energy and she has all the spirit of a young filly who’s ready to laugh, play, and gallop! Residence: TaDaa resides with her parents in a town home near the edge of Canterlot. There is a small yard out front and TaDaa can often be found in the yard playing with her friends or trying to sell her creations. Occupation: She is too young to have a full time occupation, though she is enrolled at a Canterlot academy for young colts and fillies. TaDaa does occupy herself in various ways when she is not in school. Being very creative lends to her having no shortage of interesting predicaments to get mixed up in. History: TaDaa was born and in being raised in Canterlot by two loving unicorn parents, Gilded Lily and Sure Fire. Both parents very much want their little filly to grow up into a proper Canterlot mare, though they have seen TaDaa beginning to mature into something a little different than what they thought. Even though she does not quite fit the description of a Canterlot mare yet, both parents are still quite proud of their little unicorn. It was about three days after TaDaa’s birth that she began to display her magical powers. They had both heard that young unicorns tend to have magical surges when they were young, but they were still thrilled to see TaDaa’s horn in action! The little foal would get so very excited whenever a pony greeted her. It didn’t matter who it was, mother, father, post pony, every pony the little foal saw got a burst of sparkle and color from TaDaa’s overly active horn! The little foal would just giggle and bubble when the magical surges happened and her parents were so proud! As TaDaa began to grow up the random surges of sparkle began to become controllable. Now she could produce the magical bursts when she wanted to. She was able to delight lots of ponies in her young days with displays of light and color, along with a bubbly personality and a huge smile. When she began attending school she found she very much enjoyed it. Being around the other little ponies, learning from her teacher, and exploring many new experiences helped TaDaa to come out of her shell. She loved to run and play during recess and was a well behaved little pony in class. Her favorite time of the day was when she got to have art lessons. Instead of light and color coming from her horn, she was able to blend paints together to make beautiful swirling paintings. All the ponies in class were impressed with her work. TaDaa’s favorite part of her paintings is seeing the eyes of other ponies light up as they look at the lovely colors swirling together. TaDaa lives happily in her home in Canterlot. When she is not working on school work or spending time with her parents she can often be found playing in her yard with her little pony friends. Sometimes her parents allow her to set up a little booth where she sells her paintings to ponies that happen to be walking by her house. Cutie Mark: She has not yet earned her cutie mark. Character Summary: TaDaa’s main talent lies in her artistic abilities. She can make beautiful works of art with paints and has even tried other mediums like marker and crayons. She also enjoys creating little bursts of color, sparkle, and light from her horn to please other ponies. She is only a little filly so her main motivation in life is to please her parents. She loves to make her parents proud when she does well in school and when she makes nice paintings. TaDaa loves to play with her pony friends. She finds great enjoyment in using her creativity and imagination to set up make believe worlds for her and her friends to play in. She also loves to spend time with her parents. When she is with her father she likes to run and play with him. When she is with her mother she loves to sit and listen to Gilded Lily read her stories. Her hobbies include flying kites, playing games of all kinds, painting, making up songs, and generally living her free spirited filly life. TaDaa has a hard time when she is not in a good mood. She doesn’t like rainy days as they tend to make her a little sad. She loves to be happy all the time and has yet to learn how to deal with the occasional tear. She can be fearful of the dark. At night her parents gave her a little night light that she leaves on. It makes her feel much safer to always have a little bit of light. TaDaa is a gem of a filly to know! She is great at making other ponies smile and laugh. She is a fun playmate and loves to help other ponies learn to use their imaginations. Her cheery disposition and her bright optimism make her a special pony to be friends with.
  25. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Gigavolt “Volt” Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Yellow Coat: Blueish Grey and just a little shaggy. The fur around his right front hoof always grows in white due to an electrical incident in his younger days. Mane/Tail: Silver with a few blue highlights running through it. His mane is usually kept in a slightly unkempt style. Gigavolt also wears a thick gold band in the middle of his tail. Physique: Gigavolt is of average height and fit. He’s a little bit leaner than most stallions his size though. Residence: Canterlot (But he moves around Equestria quite a bit due to his research). Occupation: Geophysicist Cutie Mark: A lightning rod being struck and discharging electricity. Volt has always been a pony with odd tastes, and one of the oddest was his fascination with the natural sciences. Of all the forces he had witnessed in his young life, lightning had proven to be the thing that he could never seem to stop thinking about. It was beautiful, powerful, erratic, and fleeting; everything about it touched him on a deeper level that he couldn’t understand at the time. In his fascination, young Gigavolt took to learning everything he could about electricity and anything related to it. As he began to understand more on the phenomenon, he started to realized the potential of harnessing its power. Sadly, the development in the applications of electricity seemed to receive little attention. Determined to make ponies see just how practical electricity was, the colt built a small electrostatic generator out of rather mundane materials. His presentation was meant to demonstrate that the properties of electricity could be manipulated and harnessed. The colt knew that electricity could be used for energy, but he failed to double check his work, the switch wasn't insulated. Gigabolt flipped the switch he received a shook. Still though, in that moment when the electrical current surged through him he felt his magic activate, showing him a rough idea of the electrical properties between his shoulder and the lamp. After he discharged the electricity he felt a tingle on his flanks and when he looked back he saw that his cutie mark had appeared! Volt couldn't tell if he squealed in joy or surprise, all he knew what that he had to know more about this electricity. History: Gigavolt was born in Canterlot. He’s the son of the unicorn musician couple Adagio (father) and Furia (mother). His original name was Ruvido; his parents expected him to be a music talent like them. Growing up, Volt was exposed every venue of Canterlot high society, but in his youth rebelled against the stiffness, starting his anarchistic streak. His parent thought that more structure would level him out, so they started giving him musical lessons on the sax to push him towards his special talent. The colt was good at the instrument, but to his parents dismay, Gigavolt was much more interested in science and reading. This caused tension between him and his parents; them pushing him one way, while he constantly went against the grain. They found beauty in the musical, but the songs math and science sang to him were much more beautiful in his opinion. The colt was conflicted between his love of science and his instrument; he had no idea what he really wanted to do with his life up until he earned his cutie mark. His parents were equally conflicted about their child’s cutie mark. They were glad that he had found his calling, but saddened that it wasn’t music. They still wanted him to stay with them and perform. Even though his parents still wanted him in the band with them, they knew that having him spend most of his time on music would only stifle his talents. Adagio and Furia made an effort to ensure that their son got the time to study in Canterlot's libraries as well. They also paid several scholars to tutor Gigavolt in his studies about how the world worked on a non- magical level. He learned about seismic activity, volcanic activity, gravity, magnetism, fluid dynamics, and the relationships between extraterrestrial bodies and their world. Gigavolt even learned to build a much more powerful electrostatic generator (which he injured his hoof with). Everything fascinated him, he even studied natural weather patterns. Eventually, Ruvido, now a young stallion, enrolled in the Canterlot's university. He excelled at his university studies, with the support of his parents, and took many volunteer projects in his major, earning the respect and recommendations of several professors for his displays of intellect, enthusiasm, ingenuity, and skill (most notably his project in understanding the planets natural electrical properties and helping to prove that the planet’s surface held a near constant voltage). Upon graduation he was offered a induction into one of Equestria’s most renown scientific associations. He joined, jump starting his career and placing him in the thick of the work he loves. He settle down and found his place as a geophysicist. Character Summary: Gigavolt is an electricity enthusiast through and through. Everything about him from his magic to his profession reaffirm this. Gigavolt really shines when equations and other forms of data mining are in front of him. It’s easy for him to get in the zone when numbers are involved, specifically when measuring energy and natural phenomena such as lightning, earthquakes, and volcanic activity. Gigavolt is a natural at the sciences and quick to grasp most subjects, even biology and anatomy (“The body is a machine; one made of flesh and blood instead of steel and cable.”). Gigavolt is a scientist, as such, he seeks knowledge. Absolute truth is an unattainable goal and he’s accepted that fact, but it doesn’t mean he won’t enjoy the ride his research takes him on. He still retains his colthood dream of showing ponies that electricity is a practical energy source for everyday use. His only real goal is to continue expanding his understanding of the world around him. It’s a given that Volt loves the sciences. Any information available to him, he’ll gladly absorb. The stallion also has a peculiar love of sweet potato dishes. Kiwi’s are a close second on his list of favorite. He loves stormy days and often takes walks in the rain so that he can watched the lightning. There’s a sort of peace to be had in the rhythm of the pounding rain the booming thunder that he takes a special joy in. Of the few things that gets under Gigavolt’s skin are individuals one won’t put forth their best effort towards their goals, seeing wasted potential annoys the stallion. He also dislikes rubber, both its texture and insulating properties are not to his liking. Outside of his work, Volt enjoys jogging. The burn in his muscles and the pounding of his heart really get the gears of his mind turning. Meditation is also another one of his pastimes, seeing as how he can get a pretty unique sense of the world when he allows his mind to wander. Though playing the alto saxophone was something his parents pressured him into, it is an activity that he still enjoys to this day. It may not be his special talent, but that doesn't mean he isn't good at it. He prefers these solitary activities to allow his mind to recharge after long days of interaction with other ponies. Gigavolt is a bit of a scientific anarchist, constantly rejecting ideals, both magical and mundane alike. The stallion is convinced that even without the interloping of ponies or the princesses, the world would fall into homeostasis on its own accord. It’s an opinion he isn’t afraid to share, but he doesn't trot around preaching to ponies. It’s not uncommon for Volt to give away whatever extra commodities he has, or volunteer his time at schools and universities. The stallion loves to teach magic and science to any who are willing to learn. Gigavolt may seem single- minded, but the truth is that he prioritizes tasks and tackles them in the order most appropriate for his schedule. Often times he comes off as aloof, and calculating, especially when his work is on his mind. Volt is a fan of curt responses and deadpan delivery, but that is his style. Like lightning he tries to be timely in everything he does. Because of this Gigavolt has difficulty making friends, but those he does have, have seen the stallion’s generosity. Despite his love of jogging, Gigavolt is terrible at most sports. Outside of his comfort zones, he has two left hooves and is terribly uncoordinated at everything from soccer to dancing. Volt can’t cook anything more complicated than a pancake. Sometimes he snaps at ponies doubting the validity of his claims, but he doesn't mean it and quickly apologizes.. Gigavolt’s only real fear is that the tension between him and his parents may drive a wedge between them. He's also worried that they may be disappointed in him for not taking up music as a career. Gigavolt worries that his ideas and studies could make him flop in the eyes of the popular scientific community.
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