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  1. (featuring: Lightning Dust! In her first outing in the hero AU. Read her back story for info on where she is from and why!) -OS rebooted- -All systems online- -Enforcer states: Online- -Implants states: Online- -ERROR: failed to content to ECCM- -ERROR: failed to content to CCNW- -Offline mood engaged, follow standing directive- -Directive: content to ECCM, CCNW. Irrelevant to primary directive given.- -New directive: deploy the anchor at break. Unknown ware break is- -New directive: locate break, gather info to narrow search window.- Lightning Dust winched in pain for a moment as her eyes opened, the walls of text fading away from her field of view. She… Was crying? Was she? She was upset about something. Irrelevant. Looking around she started documenting the world around her. Green… Trees… blue sky. It was fit for life, just like she was told. Her home use to look like this in days long ago, forests use to be commonplace books say. She wondered why someone will care so much as to plant so many trees and water them. Seemed like a lot of work when you can just scrub the air faster and better than they can. Looking to the city before her she documented it as a small one, crude and on the dirt like old times. No flying transports or cargo ships can be seen, little to no industrial output can be seen. Waste of space and workers but a fine starting point for her work, leaving the smoking crater in the ground she takes to the skies. Up closer look the city was worthless. She was no city development team but the layout was bad, wasted space, useless buildings, useless intermixing of districts as ponies walked about wasting time. Ware are the overlords to keep the workers working? This world was going to be easy to take over and improve. But for now she must find more info about this world. Where to start? Scanning the streets below she spotted a pony in blue, he was enforcing some laws on some of the workers it seems. This world's Enforcers? Only one way to know. She dives down, slamming into the sidewalk it shatters under her legs as dust and concrete is kicked up. The cop did not even get time to understand what happened as she grabbed his head in her claws, forcing his muzzle shut as he flailed and did all he can to remove himself but it was too late, she already had him gravity locked to her claws. She looked over at the earth pony he was giving a ticket too. “I am Enforcer LDEL6370, I demanded to know where the ECO of this city is found.” She asked in a cold almost robotic tone as the cop let out muffled screams as dozens of small black tendrils forced their way inside his nose as as they emerged from around the base of her leg. “Unless you wish to have me remove what I want by force, it’s painful.” She added with without a hint of remorse as the cop flailed and shivered as if he was having a seizure as she started digging around his brain for useful info. He’d live, but he’d not be himself for weeks… Heroes? A wave of news, stories and everything this cop knew about them flooded in to her. This… This was fascinating. Far more than whatever the whimpering earth pony the cop was given a ticket to was saying to her. From what this cop knew they may be a danger to her and her the directive… -New directive: locate a “hero” and study for risk to directive- So she must. Dropping the cop in a heap she looked around the city and the onlookers as her wings opened up. “Thank you Officer Hot Coffee, you will be recommended for Enforcer training.” She says to the twitching and whimpering wreck of a cop as she took to the skies. She must find a hero and Skull Jack them, the risk they may give to her directive was far to great for her too not learn about them. Now… Where to find one.
  2. There was a rhythm to every city, if you could hear it through the cacophony of traffic and advertisements, feel it through the thrums and rumblings in the paving stones, loosen yourself to let it carry you through alleyways, up and over walls. It was a dance, a dance of life through a jungle of concrete and bricks, asphalt and cobblestones, steel and glass shining in the morning and evening lights. And during the nights, you could take a boat out to the harbor and see that the very stars themselves had left the sky, clinging to skyscrapers to be led in a waltz through the city that never slept... Were Flying Brick a poet, she could have made a decent living crafting these thoughts and feelings into words for those ponies who could only live through books. But she was not, she was a dancer with a simple voice, who could only touch the sublime through movement, barely scraping by on the bits thrown by ponies brave enough to face the light of the sun intensified by a hot, bright sidewalk. Her hooves, tough and calloused, cared not for the heat of the surface, dancing in the street where the musicians busked. While she could feel the city through her hooves, more often she would dance according to the music being played. Syncing up with her fellow street performers often ended in them getting more pay together, and hey, a mare has to eat. Colored Dark umber and rawer red-orange, the colors of old and new bricks, the Earth pony mare could dance, jump, and flex like few could, in a free flowing movement for a measure, before breaking up into staccato steps, on four hooves and two as if it made no difference. And so she did, pitching an ear to the sky for the next guiding strains of music...
  3. -OS rebooted- -All systems online- -Enforcer states: Online- -Implants states: Online- -ERROR: failed to content to ECCM- -ERROR: failed to content to CCNW- -Offline mood engaged, follow standing directive- -Directive: content to ECCM, CCNW. Irrelevant to primary directive given.- -New directive: deploy the anchor at break. Unknown ware break is- -New directive: locate break, gather info to narrow search window.- Lightning Dust winched in pain for a moment as her eyes opened, the walls of text fading away from her field of view. She… Was crying? Was she? She was upset about something. Irrelevant. Looking around she started documenting the world around her. Green… Trees… blue sky. It was fit for life, just like she was told. Her home use to look like this in days long ago, “forests” were common place books say. She wondered why someone will care so much as to plant so many trees and water them. Seemed like a lot of work when you can just scrub the air faster and better than they can. Looking to the city before her she documented it as a small one, crude and on the dirt like old times. No flying transports or cargo ships can be seen, little to no industrial output can be seen. Waste of space and workers but a fine starting point for her work, leaving the smoking crater in the ground she takes to the skies. Up close the city looked worthless. She was no city development team but the layout was worthless, wasted space, useless buildings, useless intermixing of districts as ponies walked about wasting time. Ware are the overlords to keep the workers working? This world was going to be easy to take over and improve. But for now she must find more info about this world. Where to start? Scanning the streets below she spotted a pony in blue, he was enforcing some laws on some of the workers it seems. This world's Enforcers? Only one way to know. She dives down, slamming into the sidewalk it shatters under her legs as dust and concrete is kicked up. The cop did not even get time to understand what happened as she grabbed his head in her claws, forcing his muzzle shut as he flailed and did all he can to remove himself but it was too late, she already had him gravity locked to her claws. She looked over at the earth pony he was giving a ticket too. “I am Enforcer LDEL6370, I demanded to know where the ECO of this city is found.” She asked in a cold almost robotic tone as the cop let out muffled screams as dozens of small black tendrils forced their way inside of his nose as they emerged from around the base of her leg. “Unless you wish to have me remove what I want by force, it’s painful.” She added with without a hint of remorse as the cop flailed and shivered as if he was having a seizure as she started digging around his brain for useful info. He’d live, but he’d not be himself for some time… Heroes? A wave of news, stories and everything this cop knew about them flooded in to her. This… This was fascinating. Far more than whatever the whimpering earth pony was saying to her. From what this cop knew they may be a danger to her and her the directive… -New directive: locate a “hero” and study for risk to directive- So she must. Dropping the cop in a heap she looked around the city and all the onlookers as her wings opened up. “Thank you Officer Hot Coffee, you will be recommended for Enforcer training.” She says to the twitching and whimpering cop as she took to the skies. She must find a hero and Skull Jack them, the risk they may give to her directive was far too great to risk not learning about them now. Now… Where to find one.
  4. It has been several weeks since the Diamond Dog known as Mutt moved into Manehattan, and things have, as yet, not been looking up for him or the people around him. Mutt had eaten well enough even without being able to acquire a job. Big city inhabitants were wasteful and there was plenty of food of questionable freshness in receptacles that littered his territory, and he found that even if his findings both looked and tasted unpalatable, his doggy body had what could only be considered a cast iron stomach. Mutt had well managed to keep the nights in the back alleys between 17th and 23rd street free from crime, not that there was too very much of it to worry about compared to less savory sections of the borough. But soon after he moved in and had gotten into his groove he learned of a monster they called the Back Alley Beast, a creature that prowled the alleys at night, a lumbering, furry, filthy monster with frightening claws and the strength of ten ponies, a rotten breath and teeth that could only be for ripping meat! So he had to pack up his box and move to another district because he wanted no part of that. He liked that alley. Since then, Mutt has focused his efforts on more pedestrian, daytime efforts of common heroism, and also finding work. Unfortunately, he is not very good at either of these things. He was spoiled before and his dog brain is... AGGRESSIVELY helpful or, well, unhelpful. No individual wants to hire or, say, be escorted across the street by a huge, filthy dog, even in a city containing one of the more shining examples of his kind. Even fewer want to actually be picked up and carried across, regardless of whether it's in the correct direction or not. Through a long chain of what would be hilarious misunderstandings if they were happening to someone else, Mutt has ended up going from a nuisance to being perceived as, and unfortunately, reasonably so, a villain, causing accidental property damage, profit losses, and even injury (to unintended parties) in honest attempts to help, moreso, he seems to get involved in entirely unrelated incidents that nonetheless reflect poorly on him. So it was that the dog Moved AGAIN, continuing on in a straight line, and made his home near the shipping district, desperately hoping to make things right this time. So it is that Mutt is trying once again this foggy weekend morning, to be helpful by helping with the transportation of cargo. Cranes sway to and fro, carting large, hefty loads off of and onto docked ships, a bustle of activity and the cool, salt sea air and early morning mist make for a pleasant enough day to work. Unfortunately he has failed to check and see if his help is actually wanted. “Stop, thief!” is the call from a longshoreman, as Mutt plods along, carrying a hefty crate almost as big as he is, above his head. The cry immediately causes the dog to spin about, sending the contents of the crate bouncing inside. “Where?” Mutt replies, the dog is puzzled, and sees no-one running, especially when he turns back to look in the direction being addressed. “Stop that dog!” In the next several seconds, several important things happen. The first is that local dock authorities spring into action converging toward him. The second is that a sudden, distraught understanding of the situation sparks in Mutt's mind resulting in the dog attempting to explain. “No! Stop!” The third, and most unfortunate is that as soon as he tries to explain, two cranes collide from a malfunction, causing the securing straps on the transport palettes to release and send cargo to start falling toward the dock. Chaos Ensues. Hefty boxes crash down, splitting open and damaging the docks, threatening to injure workers and passerby alike. Mutt stares blankly at the chaos on the docks, ears pinned. He knows he didn't do all that. He's pretty sure, anyway. The dog is immediately struck with an intense moral dilemma. Does he take the opportunity to flee, like usual.. or does he dive in and try to help despite the clear and obvious danger and likelihood that he's going to end up in jail. For a second time. As the cranes struggle against each other, the malfunctioning machine begins to catch fire, and with scattered and splintered wood everywhere, that fire can catch quickly, even at a seaside dock, which it does, rapidly spreading and making the decision even harder for his doggy brain to think over. His ears perk and swivel at the very faint sound of creaking and straining amidst the din, and then scraping and snapping as a shipping container starts to come loose. The decision is made for him as as authorities near him to apprehend him, and the crate is thrown toward the advancing officers, causing the ponies to jump back and halt their advance as the crate splinters, sending ruined tomatoes tumbling... as the container comes down on the crate, the tomatoes.... And the dog, cracking and bucking the dock with a reverberating clang and a resounding crunch as it lands. Things... do not look good.
  5. Ah, Manehattan! An Equestrian city where all the cultures and species of the world could be found, from Ponies to Zebras to Griffons; quite a few Neighponese and Long Guo immigrants rubbing shoulders with horses from Saddle Arabia. And, as one might expect, changelings. Though these were hardly obvious to the average passer-by. One such disguised changeling was Kahz, currently housed in an Earth Pony disguise. It was quickly becoming his go-to look, which might make it obvious who he really was, to those in the know. Perhaps it had to do with the fact that no amount of magic could hide his short and slightly crooked figure, nor the contrasting high spirits in his eyes or warmth in his smile. Once seen, he was never forgotten, which was a drawback for your average infiltrator. Good thing he was a diplomat!... Even if nopony seemed to officially recognize him as such. He sighed, blowing steam off a cup of coffee. 'Made with love' the sign outside the cafe had advertised, and it wasn't lying. It was such a pity that it was paired to such a bitter beverage, but the cafe owner was sweet in her own way, and knew when to chat up her customers or leave them alone. Kahz wanted to be alone right now, and think. His diplomatic mission was having troubles, as Chrysalis' Hive had a huge PR hole to climb out of. He just needed to find some angle of approach, somepony who would actually listen to what he had to say...
  6. THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE!!! Luna's moon was just starting to peak over the horizon, most ponies would take one look and decide it was time to start heading indoors and settling in for the night... But not this pony! Trixie was hanging her curtains from the stage, smiling as she less than gently stomps on the stage "Trixie is most pleased, this stage if of such quality!" she smiled, of course if she had known exactly who had built it, Specifically Applejack, she might not have been quite so happy --- or maybe she would, she was actually fairly neutral to twilight's friends, even if she might even now still harbor a few tiny grudge-like feelings for the alicorn herself... But, she was far from that now, so no reason to focus on it! Trixie finished hanging her curtains and began affixing her stars to the stage, hearing some pleasant sounds, she glanced over her shoulder to see some ponies walking past and commenting on how nice it was to be having regular shows in the park again, which made trixie smile - she liked being the center of attention! She finished hanging her stars and went around the back of the stage to continue unpacking her wagon, she had a good feeling about this performance, what could possibly go wrong?
  7. The hustle and bustle of the big city. Manehattan... one of the great landmarks and biggest cities with the most character and life in this strange continent. Rin had seen and read a lot about this city, although mostly through the lens of those pulp novels that occasionally got shipped to her home back in the far east. The second the wandering Ryuma entered this place she could tell it was going to be quite an experience. Since she'd left her land she'd taken only a few things in addition to the tools of her true trade, those things being a cart she'd made quite an investment in. Since she couldn't go around working as a mercenary in a peaceful land like this she decided to open up a small side business so she could make ends meet; as a Ramen vendor! The traveler had tasted some of the official "eastern cuisine" available in Manehattan, and found it... well okay. She couldn't really say it was bad but it clearly had changed quite a bit to become something that worked better for the ponies here. So She decided why not use her family's old ramen recipe in order to make some bits until she could move along to the next stop on her journey: Canterlot... although knowing her own terrible sense of direction she may wind up somehow in Unyasi instead. Throughout her first day, Rin had been feeling rather sluggish and weak but figured she'd sleep through it. It turned out that fate had other plans for the young Ryuma... as that following day she found she felt even worse and didn't look to good either. Her snout was tinged pink as well as underneath her eyes. Her nose was itching and twitching as if it was eager to show off for ponies by doing a jig on her face. Back in her homeland they had a thing for this sort of occurence: a face mask! These masks were usually to prevent infection of other ponies or Ryuma back home and it was considered incredibly impolite to forego them, only problem for Rin right now was that as soon as she got them out she sneezed a flash of blue fire that turned them to ash on the floor. When she took her temperature though...she didn't have a fever, what did this mean? Well she wasn't contagious so that was good. If she just managed to keep herself from messing up and seeming ill she may actually have some more customers! Some of the citizen's of this land did a double take when she passed them on the street. Sniffling Dragonponies were clearly a rarity in this town, or maybe it was the fast she get making small flashes of blue fire with each cough and sneeze as she pulled her cart around... Finally the cool colored Ryuma managed to find a nice place by the park where she could set up her little cart. The little wooden cart stuck out like a sore digit on a dragon among the hayburger and veggie sausage sellers on other blocks adjacent. It had a clean look to it as any sanitary vendors cart should. She set up four stools on the side closest to street and left enough room on the other side for her to get behind the curtain there. She brought out the bowls and set them up on the side... got out the utensils and checked to make sure all the ingredient's were ready in the cooker. "Yep!" She coughed a moment (making sure to shut the lid before she did) and looked through the various drawers until she found the hanging lantern she was going to use to signal she was open for business. The mare strolled over to the front and set up the lantern, with a bit of her breath magic the lantern was lit. The traveler was wearing a simple looking but rather cheap and worn Kimono with patchwork done on random places over it. While it was long enough to obscure her cutie mark from view it was still a bit of an annoying garment as she neglected to cut holes for her wings to come out of it, so it looked a bit awkward to see the bumps on the sides of her body looking rather out of place and offfputting. "May the dragon's grant me good fortune on this da--Haa..." An itch in the mare's snout caught her off guard and just as she was preparing to hope for good fortune, "Hah-CHOOOO! " the resulting sneeze set out a larger burst of blue fire from her mouth and nostrils. The Ryuma blinked and hurried went over, inhaling the flames in again, but the damage was done and the front curtain singed... "Yare yare dawa..." Muttered the easterner as she rubbed her hoof to her scaled snout, "This doesn't seem like a good omen..."
  8. (Description and such to be added when I'm not feeling so lazy...but it's not all that great. 'Rundown' might be the best word. XD Despite his assumed name, Tech works graveyard shifts at a convenience store earning minimum wage and thus has barely enough to pay rent he splits with a roommate he's not fond of. Luckily, said roommate is almost never home, but when Tech is, due to his late night work, he's usually sleeping.)
  9. Well here she was back in the big city again, tucked away in some hole in the wall pub with a neat whiskey in hoof. Birdy tapped her hoof on the old wooden table, idly keeping time with the rhythm coming from the drums on stage. The Prancing Pony wasn’t one of her usual haunts, but she had been seeing more and more of it with her last few visits. She stumbled in there one night while she was on her way to her favourite speakeasy, mostly out of a desperate need to find a washroom before her bladder fell right out of her! Well, needless to say the Pony had charmed her. It was a little dingy and rundown but the regulars were all boisterous and goodnatured sorts who drank heavy and sang loudly - exactly the type the vagabond vocalist got along with best. The band that was playing had been on stage the first night Riff Run had stumbled into the joint as well. Their music was simple and straightforward folky-feelgood stuff that she didn’t usually get hooked on. Something about their charm was ridiculously catchy, however, so she found herself pulled back to check ‘em out. Pleased as punch to be out on her own, Birdy polished off her drink and bounced over to the dance floor. How could she resist the chance to dance to a catchy, upbeat folk tune? The answer was simple: she couldn’t. So there she was, bopping away spiritedly on the dance floor. Birdy’s philosophy on dance was this: stick to the beat but move however you damn well please. None of this look-at-me hip swaying or body weaving - just good old-fashioned hopping and bopping and having a blast. Her moves definitely weren’t trained or polished, but everypony she danced up to couldn’t help but join her and laugh along. She had an infectious, fun-loving personality and did her darnedest to spread the sickness as much as she could! Laughing and singing along in her chocolatey tones, she grabbed the nearest pony to her without a second thought and began to spin around with them. “I guess this means that you and me are thick as thieves ooh-oh!”
  10. *OOC Here* Do you notice things? Do you really look at the things upon your eye rests? Do you actually sit down and think about anything odd that comes to your attention, instead of just dismissing it as 'just one of those things'? Then, perhaps, you would have noticed this: on one street, that the surging currents of pedestrians had for the moment left calm, a poster was being reflected in one of the cafe windows. It was one of the many advertisements pasted upon the brick walls of the city; this one proclaiming that "Tonight at the Tower of Eyes! You won't be able to believe your own, before the Masterful Illusions of Mr. Glass!" The text was accompanied by a picture of the said unicorn, dressed to the full in a magician's outfit and tinted glasses. Not much out of the ordinary... except, that instead of the text being backwards in the reflection, it read normally from left-to-right, as if the poster was designed to be seen in a mirror. But, when one looked to the wall opposite, there was only a blank space where the reflection showed the poster to be. There was nothing pasted on the cafe window; the advertisement only existed in the reflection.
  11. "Why did you quit?" Solfire questioned his friend; the retired runner. The stallion sighed and closed his eyes, still having bandages around his body and on the left side of his face. "There shouldn't be any reason why I have to explain why I'm leave, Sol. Look at me, for crying out loud!" He said as he turned in the chair he was sitting on, showing the full extent of the damage and bandages. "When I signed up for this, I was not told that we would cross pass anything as dangerous as... as... that thing!" The stallion said, then gritted his teeth. "I don't even know what happened to the guards... I can only hope they are..." The stallion did not finish his sentence, but the look on his face finished it for him. "Accursed forest." Solfire looked forward at the tablet he and the stallion were at; looking down at the wood. The two, along with many other, were at a local pub, the usual hangout for most of the runners. Sol didn't drink himself, but he did like hearing the stories from his fellow runners. Sol then heard hooves clatter onto the floor and he looked up again, seeing the stallion getting out of the chair and walking towards the door. "I'm heading home. Take care Sol." The stallion said and left the pub, walking down the street. Solfire stayed silent for a moment, then sighed softly. "Yeah... you too." ▓▓▒▒░░ ▓▓▒▒░░ ▓▓▒▒░░ ▓▓▒▒░░ ▓▓▒▒░░ ▓▓▒▒░░ ▓▓▒▒░░ ▓▓▒▒░░ ▓▓▒▒░░ ▓▓▒▒░░ ▓▓▒▒░░ ▓▓▒▒░░ ▓▓▒▒░░ ▓▓▒▒░░ ▓▓▒▒░░ ▓▓▒▒░░ A week had past and Solfire found himself walking down the street, heading to the building that had a sign hanging over it reading 'Runners 13 Traveling Caravan Service'. Once he finally got up to the door, he opened it. Instantly he saw everyone else moving around and getting their own equipment and supplies ready for the missions today. Smiling, Sol walked in and closed the door behind him. He said his hellos and greetings to everypony that acknowledge him. Once reaching the middle of the warehouse like building, he found that his cart was there, and already filled up for him. Strange, who was here to do that for him? He looked around, but he didn't see anyone that seemed to of taken the time to do that. Shrugging it off, he moved closer to the cart and made sure everything was there; which it was except for one important item, a bit pouch. No runner was allowed to even leave the warehouse without one, or even two if the Runner Captain thought they would make that much. He set out to one of the crates not that far away and grabbed his own pouch; one of the rather big ones, just in case. He then turned around and was ready to head back to his cart, but instantly there was a crowd where he just was. Tilting his head in curiosity, he walked up and tired to get a view of what was going on. "Alright runners, listen up!" A mares voice said loudly so that she was heard over everyone else. In the center of the group was the Runners Captain; Flare Wing. Despite the name, she was sporting a dark gray coat with bright blue eyes and a mane and tail that looked as if she just got out from military training; short and combed neatly. The room quieted down as they awaited to hear what was next. "I know last week we lost a valued member due to an unforeseen attack to the caravan and all members along with it." She started off, instantly noticing that some of the other ponies looked down a little. "Well, I want you all to meet the new Runner Seven!" She said, then looked back to introduce the new runner, however she wasn't there. Flare slightly sighed and looked around. "Runner Seven... Miss Eclipse!" She said to try and get Eclipse's attention. Solfire blinked a few times. A new pony to take Runner Seven's position; so soon? Either they forced whoever this Eclipse mare is to take the spot, or she really wanted to be a Runner. Thinking on it now, he didn't know a Eclipse, so more than likely she was not a Traveler trying to move up; so just who was this mare? More importantly, where was this mare? It looked like if she didn't show up soon, Flare Wing would blow a gasket.
  12. A pair of blazing amber eyes glared back into her own, disapproving and disappointed. Though Lightning Dust figured it had to have been more of the former. It wasn't as if she was completely unaware of what they were doing. Spitfire's hooves-off approach had made it easier to get away with, she had thought. But of course, after Rainbow Dash put all their business out in the open, it wasn't hard for the captain of the Wonderbolts to track her down and remove her lead pony badge before directing the AP's to escort (read: shove) her away from the academy clouds. Weeks had passed, while Lightning Dust remained in a serious funk over the whole thing. What was it she had done wrong? The Wonderbolts were about being the best! The fastest flyers in all of Equestria! How could she, who pushed herself harder than any of them, even Rainbow Dash, get tossed out on her flank like she was the one with a problem? The other ponies were just collateral. Accidents that wouldn't have happened if they had just been better at flying. But wasn't the Academy all about making them better flyers anyway? The rest of the cadets didn't have it made like Rainbow Dash and herself, full of pure talent and a handicap of being rather new to advanced flight techniques. And so it had been a rather big surprise when she had been called into Spitfire's office the other day. Not an entirely unwelcome exercise, she felt, given that word had quickly spread about her failure, and hadn't received much in the way of work for her weather pony job. Maybe she'd get put on again. Maybe the captain would give her one more chance. That was a great thought... ...that was quickly banished and put in a cage when she was handed the slip of temporary suspension. The estimated date of release being..."until further notice is given." The drafts around Manehattan were unbelievably annoying. Either they were hotter than the sun, or colder than ice. At some point, Dust concluded that she had made a terrible mistake by taking the jobs few, if any pegasi wanted out in her area in the south. Manehattan was closeby to Southern Cloudsdale, and as such was deceptively easy for anypony who lived in the area to take care of. The operating word being "deceptively". Manehattan would often receive clouds in amounts that many would deem unreasonable, and while Lightning Dust would always be quick to challenge herself and her limits to the fullest, she would readily decline anything that would take as long as the day and a half spent up in the blistering heat or the freezing temperatures to get all of Manehattan clear by herself. With the reputation Manehattan had gotten as such a trouble spot though, the pay for clearing it was jacked up noticeably. Seventy bits to clear Manehattan? You'd walk away with a nice piece of change, that was for sure. Adding onto the non-commission pay from being employed and active during the course of a week? There was no bigger reason to suck it up and head out there. Lightning Dust had taken it upon herself to claim the job, and do it solo at that. The aforementioned hot and cold fronts were colliding, high above the skyscrapers and massive structures that were strewn about the big city. She timed herself to arrive in Chronos Square at exactly twelve am of the previous day, and went to work with nearly no breakfast, no drink and all her motivation. Clearing the clouds around the heart of the place was actually pretty fun. From experiences she didn't wish to go into too much, Dust had managed to set off a more controlled version of her midair twister, pulling the clouds in whilst not interfering with the lower atmosphere, where it could and would land on the ground, and rampage through the city. She sat back on a leftover cloud far off while she watched her handiwork. At the very least, she had managed to get that under control. Of course, at this point, she had decided to take a break and shot down below for a bite to eat. Time spent with her grandparents gave Lightning Dust a sense of direction and culture in this city. She could easily get from Chronos Square to Avenue D where her great-grandmother and grandfather lived and see every inch of the city while she was at it. It didn't take long before she found a stand, and she tossed a few bits to the owner.[colour=#40e0d0] "One knish, mustard."[/colour] One savory treat of potato pastry later, and she was back up in the air, dealing with new arrivals on the way to the cumulus conventions at the perimeter of the city. Dust considered clearing it all by shearing the edges and just going round and round until the middle was finished. It was a bit tedious. but she'd leave the prettying up of the city for when she was close to being finished. For now, she would set herself to autopilot. Lightning Dust was in a steady bank to the left, mowing down the clouds from the edges inwards. Eventually, the cold had became only colder as she went, and this high up, she was having difficulty breathing or even staying awake at this point. Cutting thick clouds like these took time. Ordinarily, if scattered and all about, she'dve had this done in a few seconds, ten at the most. Here, with these snow clouds-- "Snow clouds?" she said aloud, eyes widening in alarm. She should have known. Lightning Dust had experience with just about all weather conditions, but out of the ones that gave her the most difficulty, she despised snow storms passionately. Mostly in that they were much, much too difficult for her to control alone. Something her mother had warned her about working on when she had left home. Was it a good idea to call for help? [colour=#40e0d0]"Nah." [/colour]her pride simply disagreed with her. [colour=#40e0d0]"It'll take a while. I just need ten minutes break after this go round. It'll be fine."[/colour] Lightning Dust continued her task, ignoring the frostbite nipping at her hooves and making her ears go numb. She sped up the process by keeping her wings extended before suddenly, she found herself unable to draw breath. [colour=#40e0d0]'I spent too much time this high up! Ponyfeathers!'[/colour] Dust cursed herself, feeling the beginning of a descent toward ground. Her left wing seized up and snapped to her side, and then the right! Lightning Dust cried out in exertion as she entered the lower atmosphere, struggling desperately to overcome her frostbite-ridden extremities to pull up--but to no avail.
  13. WEATHER PONIES LOST IN THE EYE OF STORM! WILL THE PRINCESS CRACK UNDER PRESSURE? UNICORN GIVES BIRTH TO SEA SERPENT! Did you know? Many ponies know that in ancient times, unicorns were tasked with the raising of the sun and with the raising of the moon and stars. But what you might not have known is that it is now impossible for a large group of modern-day unicorns to accomplish this monumental task! Some speculate that there has been a gradual decrease in the strength of a unicorn's power over time, or that Princess Celestia keeps tight reins on the sun since an inexperienced group of unicorns could make raising the sun a dangerous activity. But the truth might, in fact, be much more sinister than that. After all, if we didn't need the Princess to raise the sun and moon for us, what WOULD we need her for? MARE IN THE MOON SET TO BRING ETERNAL NIGHT! by Honeydew Today, everyone is gearing up to celebrate the 1000th annual Summer Sun Celebration, which sources say will be held tomorrow in small-town nowhere Ponyville. Since members of the press are kept on the sidelines during the celebration to "avoid distracting the Princess," and since the Saddle Arabia Diplomat Incident involving noodles and angry pegasus guards has barred this journalist from a select few special functions, there will be no members of The Daily Turnip present. But fear not, dear readers, one way or another, The Daily Turnip will get the whole scoop. And this writer has it on very good, very solid facts that the scoop tomorrow will be the biggest one yet! For tomorrow, an old pony's tale will come to life. Investigative reports written by the hard-working staff at The Daily Turnip have long held that old pony's tales either contain some truth or the whole truth. They are almost never made up. A Canterlot scholar on traditions and ancient history, requesting to remain anonymous, describes the "Mare in the Moon" tale as one of the most interesting anomalies in ancient literature. It has no known writer and was chronicled alongside important, actual historical events and observations on magical discoveries that we take for granted today. The Canterlot scholar refused to comment on what this might mean, but it's more than obvious that the "Mare in the Moon" could not possibly be just an "old pony's tale." This 1000th annual Summer Sun Celebration is the "longest day of the thousandth year" that the tale speaks of. The tale tells us that the stars will aid in the mare's escape and that she will bring about nighttime eternal. But how could this be? What's so special about the stars tomorrow? Chip Potter, expert and former astrologist, has been charting the stars most of his life. An exclusive interview revealed that Chip Potter has concerns about the potential for disaster tomorrow. According to him, Ursine Major and Ursa Major are lining up and the results may be cataclysmic enough to result in the birth of a new star. The stars of Orion's Saddle are in perfect formation. The Three Friends Constellation has broken up. Chip Potter says this means that the magic potential of unicorns will be at an all time high tomorrow and would be perfect for giving any alicorn mares trapped in the moon a chance to escape. Naturally, this means we should all be preparing less for the Summer Sun Celebration and more for the coming of eternal darkness and a new tyrant to oppress and subjugate us! This journalist, for one, believes there really won't be much of a difference. Regardless of whatever happens tomorrow, The Daily Turnip will continue to be at the forefront of news and printing the details the mainstream press DON'T want you to know! Daily Horoscopes Jackalope: You will find yourself venturing into unfamiliar territory. A fog of doubts might cloud your judgement. You may want to invite some friends; be careful not to leave them behind! Ursa: If you find yourself catering to an unexpected guest, make sure to make them feel welcome. Try not to insist on having things your way. It might be very rewarding in the near future! Hydra: Your propensity towards making ponies laugh will be a great asset today! Just remember that there's a time and a place for everything; a giggle at the wrong time could be disastrous! Spider: Don't be afraid to step out of the background. Remember, you can be a special somepony; you just have to show them you're inner drive and spirit! Manticore: Your pride might be getting the better of you today. It's time to accept the help you need when it's offered. You'd do the same for anypony else, after all. The Mare: A bad mane day is right around the corner, but don't despair. If you prepare now, you'll set it straight! Balance of Harmony: Your friends are there to support you, no matter what. But nothing good comes from keeping to yourself! Cockatrice: If you're invited to a party, go! But try to tone down your dead-on wit and sarcasm. Nopony is going to appreciate it today. Arrow: You're not going to find what you're looking for outside. It's time to take a deep breath and start anew. Chupacabra: You're not really sure what's going on today, and if that bothers you, you might find yourself being too controlling. Just try to relax; everything will get better soon! Cloud: Somepony wants to talk to you but isn't sure how to approach you. Maybe you should try visiting some of your friends and letting them know that you care about them. Guppy: Remember, you can please some of the ponies, some of the time, but not all of the ponies, all of the time. Be yourself!
  14. [colour=#000000]The world ends with you. If you want to enjoy life, expand your world. You gotta push your horizons out as far as they'll go.[/colour] [colour=#000000]You're dead. Sorry to deliver such bad news, but you'd find out eventually. What now you ask? Well first, we must take what you value most. Now that that's over with, you must play the Reaper Game. It's quite simple really. Over a course of seven days, you will wander the streets of Manehattan doing missions for the reapers. If you get the most points, you come back to life, and what we took is returned to you! If you win, but don't have the most points, you can choose to be erased, play again, or even become a reaper. If you lose, you are erased. Need me to be more specific? Most missions involve either going somewhere in Manehattan or fighting off Noise. Noise? Basically, little creatures that live between this dimension and another, travelling about causing discord and strife amongst the living, all while erasing players. The only way to fight the Noise is to find a partner, and use the pins. Learning how to use the pins is up to you, though. Any more questions? Good.[/colour] [colour=#000000]Ready? It doesn't matter. You have seven minutes to find a partner, or face erasure![/colour] So pretty much, this is TWEWY, but in Equestria. Manehattan is just my choice for now, I was also thinking of Las Pegasus, though I'll probably leave it. As the creator, I'll play the Game Master. I might play the composer and some angels, but I'm not sure if they'll ever even be involved. I suppose I'll allow canon characters, as long as the app is good enough. I'm assuming you're here that you know about TWEWY, but if you have any questions on this, go ahead and ask. I'll open up the RP when we get enough players. I'll also let you play reapers, because why not? We need some anyways, and I can't play them all. Anyways, APP TIME! Kind of just making them on the spot, might update them later. Also, reapers, when they're in the UG (the place the game takes place in) they take the appearance of alicorns, except with black wings and a black horn, no matter what your normal colour or species is. Player app: Name: (Do you remember your name? I'm sure you have one.) Gender: (Don't tell me we took away your gender.) Species: (Still a pony? What kind? Or perhaps you're a griffin? Some other annoying sentient species?) Appearance: (What do you look like? ... This is a rather boring question...) Age: (A simple question. So boringly simple...) Personality: (Be interesting, please. Tell us your hobbies, your interests, quirks, and of course, your flaws.) History: (What was your pony like before dying? They're reaction when they died? When they lost what they value? Remember, DON'T be boring!) What was lost: (What did we take away from you? Oh, I hope it was painful!) Pins: (What pins can you use? Remember, minimum of 1 and maximum of 6. The number of pins you use, and what they do, all depends on your imagination!) Reaper app: Name: (Reapers still have names, after all.) Gender: (Why this is important, I shall never know.) Appearance: (We know you have wings, but for some reason, I must know more.) Age: (How old were you when you died? How old would you appear if you aged?) Personality: (Not that I care, but the Composer demands that this be on your application.) Noise: (What types of noise can you summon? What can they do? PLEASE tell me they're interesting!) Noise form: (When fighting a player, can you transform? Into what?) History: (Why did you become a reaper? How did the game change you? What was your life like before joining us?) Anyways, hope you all enjoy it! Any suggestions or ideas are highly valued! Apps [colour=#000000]There's only one way to stay alive in Manehattan. Trust your partner.[/colour]
  15. Oil Wells was wandering the streets of Manehatten in the cover of the night. He loved the way the buildings were lit up when it got dark out, the way the streets still buzzed with life without being crowded, and how the night air blew against his mane after a hard day at work. He took a deep breath and let out a sigh of pure satisfaction as he gazed up at the beautiful structures that stood ever so high, admiring the craft and time that went into each of them, mostly that of his own "Wells Kerosene and Supplies". He took a turn and stepped into a restaurant, finding a spot back in a corner away from the majority of the other costumers. He didn't wish to eat anything, he just wanted to sit and watch. Sometimes he found other ponies, though a tad annoying up close, interesting to watch from a far. Their habits and ticks on display for him to study, their conversations were his to imagine, and he did it all from the safety of his own solitude. He sat in silence, sipping on his drink, just looking out into the mass of ponies.
  16. It felt like a long day of nothing. No ideas, no inspiration, she felt like she couldn’t even think outside of the depth of a filly pool, like something was gnawing at her... but what? Ornatia was the lavender unicorn’s name, and she decided that perhaps what she needed was a breather from the worries of now. She was a pony who put her trust in fortune telling and such oddities like that though, and the tarot probably would have told her not to even bother going outside today, with her luck. Nevertheless, she chose to leave the confines of her own hotel room to take a trip down to an art museum and meet a few ponies. Much to her embarrassment, though, she couldn’t help but think she gave out an image contrary to what she was expected to portray, representing an entire country and all. While at the little get-together, she came to meet another colt who seemed to be just as much of a shut-in as she was. Or maybe he wasn’t? Whatever the case, Ornatia felt that he wasn’t saying something he was meaning to say, and while she knew it to be rude, she half-wanted to try and pry it out of him. She shook her head at that last thought, as though trying to loosen it from her head. How could she be so insensitive, after all? If Bramble Rose wanted to keep what he wasn’t saying a secret, then that was fine with her. For now, anyway. Ornatia made her way up the stairs that led out from the exhibit room and eagerly awaited Bramble’s doing the same. She looked down at him with anticipation. Though she seemed excited to grab a carriage and see the town, truthfully she just wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible, no matter what the means. She had made a fool of herself enough down there. She called down to him, “Vaya, Mister Rose, I would prefer we wait as little time as we are able!” And then turned away from the wide staircase to check the time via a clock tower just outside. It only took her a moment to realize... She had no idea why! Ornatia tapped her own head, admonishing herself for being so flustered and rushed, this was exactly what she was trying to get away from! Ornatia instead inhaled and exhaled slowly, organizing her thoughts into the rows and columns they used to be in before today. Opening her eyes slowly, she calmed herself down with another deep inhale and exhale, before returning inside the building and waiting for Bramble at the top of the stairs, saying, with a much more apologetic look on her face, “My apologies, Mister Rose, I’ve been... out of sorts, today. It’s been a tad bit frustrating, I hope you understand.” A tad bit frustrating indeed.
  17. The Noble Flare stood perched high atop one of the tallest buildings in all of Manehattan, watching, ever vigil, as most of her city slept. She was a protector. She was a guardian. She was the beacon of pure light in the pitch black Manhattan sky. Her mission was to protect the city and its ponies and ward away any who might do them harm. In her bright white protective armored costume, she resembled the light she felt she represented. With her high powered telescopic goggles, she could see from up above down into the city streets with ease. With her arsenal of restraints and her flare light she could incapacitate any evildoer before they knew it. She was the Noble Flare, and under her watch, this city was a little safer. Vivid Flair liked to think so at the very least. Being a real life superhero was a thankless job that demanded from her considerable time, physical and mental stress, not to mention money. Inspired by her father, there was no way she could give the Noble Flare up, but often it was hard to maintain this second career of hers. This was especially true when, in her first career as a research engineer with major machinery company Northern Storm Industries, the big boss had just decided to put her on a major project. She was set to be head engineer on the Trans-Equestria Railroad Project, which would fill in a lot of gaps in the Equestrian railroad system and even connect all the way out into Aquelia. It was an important project, and one Vivid was glad to do, but between it and her time as The Flare there were many sleepless nights these days. That didn't mean the Flare would be any less vigil. She would protect her city. It had become her duty, her obsession. She scoured the streets for signs of wrongdoing of any kind. A faint cry suddenly hit her ears, causing her to focus in on a particular spot. Smoke was rising from a small house on the edge of the city. Vivid gave a nod to herself before immediately taking wing, and darting toward the scene. The fire soon became visible as Vivid got nearer. As she landed, she found a family of ponies outside watching the scene. A young filly seemed quite distraught and even intent on running toward the smoldering building, her mother having to hold her back. "Is anypony still inside?" Vivid asked, taking a deep, commanding voice. "Who are...?" the stallion of the family started, staring at the oulandish white costume. "Yes. We didn't have time to retrieve our daughter's cat. But--" "Say no more," Vivid said with a firm nod, before bounding ahead right into the flaming house. Her bodysuit was made of special protective materials she had tested in the lab. It would keep her fairly safe from burns so long as she didn't stay too long or get touched by anything directly. The bigger problem was running out of oxygen. She had to move quick. She raced through the burning home, checking each room she crossed until finally she saw a particularly desperate white cat trapped by burning rubble on all side. Vivid raced toward it, grabbing it up in her arm and then taking to wing, flying up out of a hole that had opened in the roof. Flying back down she placed the cat on the ground, allowing it run toward a very relieved young filly. All at once the family began to thank and praise her. Okay, sometimes it wasn't so thankless. It was such moments that made it worth it, even with the sleepless nights. Under her concealing mask, which obscured even the fact that she was a hippogriff, Vivid smiled. Then, without a word, she took off, flying away to meet other challenges! Or at least as far as that family would know. In truth, she landed out of sight just nearby in order to take a much needed moment to recover before she did anything else. ((OOC: Topic will feature Neoniie's Neon Stargazer, but is open to any interested others after she posts.))
  18. Honeydew sat in front of her typewriter and stared at the blank piece of paper set in it with growing frustration becoming evident on her face. She had a deadline to worry about. She couldn't be sitting here staring at a piece of paper! She lifted a hoof and started to press a key but stopped herself in time. This wasn't working. Maybe she was pushing herself too hard. Maybe she just needed to get out and take a break. Yes, that sounds like a good idea. I'll take a break. Maybe I'll take a jog or something around the block a few times or sit at the park for a little while... she thought. She put on some legwarmers on each of her legs and put on a headband to keep her bangs out of her eyes. Then, she got out of her apartment and started to trot at an even pace. Maybe if she was really lucky, she'd run into some creatures from another planet or an aristocrat of some kind to chase down and ask questions. That would get the writing juices flowing.
  19. "...so this is Manehattan..." The short pony, mostly obscured by her massively shaggy and deepest green mane and tail, was turning her head this way and that to look about with her gray eye as she disembarked from the train. Her indigo coat was actually next to invisible, mostly covered between the shaggy green and the dark canvas of her saddlebags. Her expression was not the gape-jawed wonder of a rural pony in an urban setting, though; she'd grown up in Canterlot after all. Amethyst was no stranger to immense or fancy architecture at all. Her father's career as an architect practically guaranteed that the scale of Manehattan's buildings nor their shapes would be all that foreign to her. No, what struck her first was not how grand or impressive the city's structure was, but the fact that she was finally in a place that she didn't actually know anything about. Amethyst Pine was not stunned- she was curious. Intensely curious. Manehattan was a different sort of environment from Canterlot for all that it was still a very large city with more than a few important personages about. For one thing, the fanciful freedom of Canterlot's buildings with their varied shapes, frequent gardens, and curved or triangular layouts was completely missing, replaced with a chaotic sort of orderliness, each lot a square or rectangle but the buildings often of such disparate sizes as to completely disorganize the strict lines of the streets. The sheer number of clearly-lit signs was something new as well, and it was a difference she could spot without even hitting the streets yet, only seeing the skyline of this busy city from the windows of the train station. Being a small pony, of course, had its difficulties- one of them that getting caught up in a crowd was all the more dangerous. Because of this, the filly (nearly a mare, if not for her lack of a mark upon her flank) waited for the rush from the current train to die down a bit before making her way to the door of the train station. There was, of course, one thing to do before any other- find a place to stay for the night, if not for a couple of weeks. There would be more than a little exploring for Amethyst to do, seeking opportunities to try new things and perhaps earn a few bits along the way.
  20. Cosmopolitan grumbled as she looked about her office for the article that she was supposed to have two hours ago. The pink Unicorn was looking increasingly cross as she lifted the last of the debris away from her desk to reveal an immaculate room as everything was sent to precisely where it belonged. She shook her head, lime-green mane flying in minor disgust with the writer. A deadline was just that-a deadline! She stormed out, her blue eyes almost ice-chips as she began a fast walk to the exit. She paused by her lead designer's office, smiling tensely as she spied the mare hard at work. "Well, at least we know you're doing your very best, Wish. If you see our new writer before I get back, please inform her that her deadline is over two hours past and that I'd like to see her in my office. I'm going to see what scarves are in the nearest store...maybe that will keep me from firing a skilled talent..." She muttered, relieved when the designer waved her off with a hoof in both acknowledgement and farewell. She left her building, the size and noise of Manehattan pervading her senses before she gave a sigh of relief. Shopping. She needed to buy a new scarf, for sure. But what, really, was fashionable to wear for such a powerful young Mare? After a half-hour of searching the stores, she squealed. There it was...her new hot item. The scarf itself was very simple, a two-tone that could only look right when worn in a certain way. She chuckled as she twisted it around her neck, the light and dark blue contrasting her pink pelt nicely. The price-tag winked from a loose end, her eyes widening in surprise. It had to be on sale! If this was a sign, by Celestia, she would follow it! But what could go wrong now?
  21. It was pretty early in the morning, the usual Manehattanites weren't up and about and for a moment she could pretend that the land was her own. The park she had chosen had no visitors at this early hour and the peaceful scenery was just what she needed. Estrella took a deep calming breath, horn softly glowing with her magic as she sat down by a nearby fountain, her makeshift stage for the morning. Slowly the scenery before her began to change as she told tell her tale. Long ago, when the land was still young and unexplored by adventure seeking ponies, even before our Princesses Celestia and Luna were born, the land was kept healthy and lush by other powers. Her horn flared brightly, magic pouring from it and into the surroundings, the city outside of the park disappeared, replaced by a lush sea of green trees and grass. The sun rose up above the tree tops and into the clear blue skies to complete the peaceful picture and the skittering of a few animals could be heard. One Deity kept the balance of the land in check, the earth goddess Gaia. Time skipped forward as the sun arced across, below the orb however an earth pony with a mane and tail as green as the trees she stood under galloped across the grass, her body the brown color of the earth. The embodiment of the earth, charged with protecting the land she stood upon...however...being the only one to bear this task was no easy feat. The earth pony's head was bowed in unhappy loneliness as she sat underneath the shade of a large tree, the sun disappearing behind behind the mountains to make way for the moon. One night a plan was made by the mother of the earth, a plan that, if went well, would ease the lonely burden put upon her shoulders. Estrella's horn flared up once again, the scene before her shifting to the moon, a small piece of the large celestial body falling away and hurtling towards the earth. Before it impacted upon the land the moon rock split down the middle and crumbled away into dust. Another pony was made from the piece of the moon, a dark blue Pegasus landing softly upon the green grass, tossing her white mane and flicking her tail as she gazed about with eyes the color of newly fallen snow. A pair of crystalline wings spread from her back as she launched herself into the sky, snow falling upon the land and covering it in a blanket of white, putting the world to sleep. The first of her children would put the land to rest. Her name was Mother Winter.
  22. ~Pancake Diner Event~ -The setup- It was a rather warm autumn's day, in the busy city of Manehatten. Today, the pancake shop near the center of town was having a small late evening meal event as a thank you to a number of kind customers and donatores. One-wing, being on the list of these participants, had been invited as a guest for his a few of his donations and his time as a customer. He had also been given an extra guest seat which he could bring a friend with, but he had no clue as to who, and the meal was not until the evening. so a walk around town was his idea, maybe he'd even meet somepony he could bring along to the meal? ((ooc: this roleplay will most likely stay invite only., but if anypony wants to join, pm me and ill give it a thought. however for the meal itself i might consider opening it, or giving more spaces because a meal isent a meal without other ponies....but until then I'm pretty sure it'll stay invite only/pm to request joining) ---note this list updates, so some may be added and some may be removed. so if you want to be well informed check it every so often--- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- list of current Rpers/characters 4/4 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Halofan303- One-wing Phil the time wizard- Midnight brand Bronies For Life- Fly-by Dusty - Dusty hooves ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ((ooc: that's not here for a specific reason, but rather for me too keep track of things personally so i don't get lost )) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Event Que list 4/6 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Halofan303- One-wing Phil the time wizard- Midnight brand Bronies For Life- Fly-by Dusty - Dusty hooves ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (just cause ye aint a guest of honor or a guest of the guest of honor's doesn't mean you can't be with! but there is only so much room in the pancake diner!) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ((ooc: the second list is cause we can't have a big dinner with only 4 ponies now can we? there is of course background ponies, but we still need a couple of extra's to join in...so yea theres a bonus 2 slots for those who wanna be at the event!-might add more later on, idk-)) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ((ooc: a note; this isn't an official event rp thing like rotl, just a roleplay. i just chose to get creative with it.))
  23. They never listen. Zephyr told them that he wouldn't deliver to Manehatten when he filled out the preferences in his mail pony job application. Yet here he was, delivering to Manehattan anyway. All the other mail ponies that normally deliver there were either on vacation or were sent out on other deliveries. The parcel could not wait till one of the others returned either. This needed to be delivered ASAP. It was the only time Zephyr ever argued with his superiors at work. They wouldn't budge and told Zephyr that he was the only long range flight pegasus available. There was no way around it, he had to take the job. He never wanted to return to Manehatten again, it reminded him of how much he hated his past. Reluctantly, he took the job, though he had no choice this time. The trip to Manehatten is a long one and he didn't want to stop in Ponyville on the way there, so he packed himself a light lunch for the trip. The day was nice around the north, though he had heard there might be a light shower around Manehatten that day. It was nothing too severe, but he did say he would fly in storms in his application. That was the main reason his boss wanted him to take the job. Maybe a lot of the others didn't like storms. The flight was calm, it was the only part of the trip that was nice though. The closer he got to Manehatten, the more nervous he became. He tried to calm himself by thinking of the flight itself, but it just wasn't enough to offset the negative thoughts floating around in his mind. Zephyr tried telling himself that he would only be there for a short time. All he had to do was deliver the goods and he could leave. It didn't help. As he got closer to Manehatten, he noticed the storm clouds were a lot thicker than the weather report said. 'Great, they said light rain, not a full on thunderstorm. This day really can't get any worse can it?' Zephyr thought to himself. And Manehatten was still a ways off. He knew he may have to stop for shelter if the storm was severe enough. This only brought on the realization that he may be in Manehatten for longer than he predicted. The storm clouds were overhead much sooner than he thought too, they must be coming toward him. The rain started to come down. If it got too bad, Zephyr would have to take to the ground, it was too hard to fly in storms with his wings getting too wet.
  24. <p>(A few days ago)</p> <p>The whole studio was in chaos. Her secretary, her under photographer, and all of her models had all decided to quit. Something about not getting the proper pay. <em>Vhy vould zhey be vorrying about zee proper pay?</em> she wondered to herself, <em>Vhen zhey should be vorrying about haw zee studio is going to be running!</em></p> <p>The rest of the day was filled with getting the interns to print out advertisements, and post them in the paper, announcing a contest for Equestria's Next Top Model.</p> <p> </p> <p>(Now)</p> <p>"Ok, so zee new models should be arriving sometime soon...I should make sure that zee studio is all swept up..." She glances about the studio. "KARL! VHY IS ZHER PAPER ON ZEE FLOOR?!"</p> <p>She had decided to make it a contest. Each model would go through different challenges, and each week one would be forced to leave the studio. She also had decided to post each challenge in the paper, with the winner and the loser of each contest, therefore drawing more business to her studio! It was genius that only Photo Finish could cook up!</p> <p> </p> <p>All she had to do was be patient.</p>
  25. <p>In the busy streets of Manehattan, Colts and Mares go about their usual business. Some head to work, ready to work their flanks off for another day's pay. Others head to lavish playgrounds of the rich, known as casinos, to gamble their pay away. A few even go to the theater, excited for the latest big musical they are about to perform. All enjoy the high life know, and could care less about what else happens to them.</p> <p> </p> <p>But then there are those....not so fortunate. They are the poor, the homeless, those who either work in the most dangerous of jobs just for the minimum pay, or end up on the streets, having to go so low as to make everything they need from the dumpsters and dropped goods just to survive. They are looked down by those who have more bits, no matter if they were once poor themselves, or were born into riches. The highlight of their day is simply knowing that for one more day, they can keep on trying, dreaming and hoping for a better life than this.</p> <p> </p> <p>For one particular colt, this was the life he had to live. The cards he was dealt, so to speak. Eventually, due to both a painful goodbye and a rage-filled departure, he left the only family he knew, angry at those who ridiculed him and other like him to the point of hatred, only because of the number of bits they had. This led him to the current life he lived, and to what he was getting ready to do to the next rich stallion he came across.</p> <p> </p> <p>He walked up to the door of a fancy mansion, a strange briefcase held by one hoof, and his watch on the other. <em>"If this works...."</em> he murmured to himself with a bit of contempt shown in his voice, <em>"That'll be one more who realizes their stupidity."</em> He straightened his green tinted sunglasses, making sure whoever was there would never see his eyes, and thus making it easier for him to do his 'job' properly. He calmed himself down, ever-tempted to just throw the briefcase at the door to let out his anger right there, and took a deep breath.</p> <p> </p> <p>He reached a hoof out to the door, knocking on it three times. If he was to make his plan work, he needed to look, act and <em>be</em> convincing to whoever opens that door, no matter how much he would want to tear their fancy suit off to spite them. He waited for the door to open, ready to get this over with and make his 'job' as a 'salespony' work flawlessly, lest it goes horribly wrong.</p>
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