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  1. Allen Wailstorm (wip)

    Roleplay Type: Name: Allen Wailstorm.Sex: Male.Age: Adult (early to mid 40s)Species: Earth Pony.Eye colour: Right, pale blue silver. Left, black.Coat: Sandy.Mane/Tail: Tan with grayish streaks.Physique: abit above average height, thicc build.Residence: Constant Traveler so any hotel or inn he can find along the way.Occupation: Priest? Hunts supernatural creatures mostly.Cutie Mark: Dusty Old Tome wrapped in a blackish ghost.Unique Traits: Wears glasses and keeps his tail in a bun or cut short I guess? Also has a 'Demon' that lives in his eye, for the most part it's harmless and just talks to him occasionally. He also focuses physical magic as a defence, and studies in runic magic. History: Character Personality: Calm, Quiet and collected. Though this does not mean he is why and anti-social. He enjoys helping others and is loyal within reason. Though he can have a short patience for ignorance and over zealous people. Character Summary:
  2. Fluffy Fluffy Princess

    From the album Goblin's Artwork

    Showing off my sweet babs Chiasa and her fluffy sparkly wings. Not a princess really, more like a noble lady of an obscure family. She is my precious ballerina and will dance into your hearts.
  3. Eagle Heart stood at his post, looking stoic and alert, but in actuality was very tired. The poor stallion had been given a double shift when Stout Wings got sick. Thankfully, he was nearing the end of it. He couldn't wait to get back to his bed and collapse in his exhaustion, tossing aside his heavy armor. It seemed even heavier after twice as many hours of it pressing on his wings. He longed to stretch them out. Not long now, he thought to himself, reassuringly. He almost allowed himself a smile, until he remembered that Gilded Helm was beside him. Even if the other stallion was asleep. It was only a few more minutes until they were relieved, and Eagle Heart was about to lean over and wake Gilded when he heard a noise down the hall. Was Princess Luna inside at this time of night? No, surely not. She would be watching over everypony's dreams by now. He heard another sound, and gave a soft huff. He had to do something about this. Cautiously, Eagle Heart crept towards the place where the hallway turned, and peered around the corner to see what the noise had been.
  4. Roleplay Type: WOE Name: Chiasa KotakunoaruSex: FemaleAge: Young mareSpecies: Longma Eye colour: Pacific BlueCoat: Chardonnay with Hit Pink scalesMane/Tail: Ecru White, mane is long and incredibly straight. Normally worn down but will put it up for performances. Tail is lion-like and also straight. Physique: Very tall, leggy, and athletic. Larger than normal trumpet swan wings Residence: Family estate in KyomaOccupation: Noble Lady/Ballet Dancer Cutie Mark: Swan lifting off against a pale blue crescent moon. Swan symbolizes grace, creativity, and fluidity while the moon symbolizes her passivity and perception. Earned during her time abroad at a dance academy in Canterlot. She showed exceptional skill as a dancer, earning her the lead role in the academy's production of Swan Lake. At the end of the performance Chiasa grew confident in her abilities and earned her cutiemark. Unique Traits: Incredibly flexible, almost to a freakish degree. Able to contort and stretch her body, and especially her wings, to perform. Ballet. Trained in the Royal Academy of Dance Chiasa is a skilled ballerina who can perform complex moves with precision and grace. Often performs flying ballet dances as well. Multilingual. Due to her travels Chiasa has picked up on a couple of languages. Breath Magic: More for show than anything else. Is actually body temp and nonflammable, blue, sparkly, and used during performances. History: Chiasa was born to Airi and Isamu Kotakunoaru deep within the family's estate in the city of Kyoma. The youngest of five and the only filly she was pampered and babied by all the family and staff. She was seen as a delicate flower despite her rambunctious and curious nature, and was never left alone for fear of her harming herself. Whether it was the staff tending to her every need, or in the comforting presence of her family Chiasa was never given a moment to herself. She did truly love the company of others, but when it all became too stifling she would sneak away into the skies to catch a moment for herself. Chiasa was the strongest and most confident flier of the siblings, often trying complex maneuvers and stunts, much to her family's dismay. When she came of age her parents grounded her to the confines of the estate, chaining her down with tutors, dusty books, and all sorts of musical instruments. Being of a noble family it was expected of Chiasa to complete a formal education. She was versed in history, culture, writing, art and music in hopes of finding what she was meant to be. None of it worked. While she was adequate in all her studies, nothing seemed to jump out at the young filly. That is until a group of foreigners came to town. A ballet troupe was performing in Kyoma, ponies from the Royal Academy of Dance in Canterlot. Chiasa's father decided to take her to see the show as a way to cheer her up, and cheer her up it did. The filly was amazed by the grace and skill of the dancers, and while she was trained in traditional dance it didn't seem to hold much interest. Chiasa was smitten by the dancers and begged to become one. For months she pleaded and bargained with her parents, never ceasing for a moment even when her voice grew hoarse from the constant bickering. Eventually they relented, and allowed her to study abroad in Canterlot, as long as she returned after her studies. In Canterlot she stayed at the Royal Academy of Dance, being paired in a dormroom with a young Pegasus. The two became fast friends with their love of flying and ballet, often seen together warming up or dancing in pairs. Her friend showed her the city and culture of Equestria which only delighted Chiasa more. However, despite her adventurous nature she was not as assertive as the other ponies in the academy. She was taught to listen and obey, to be a pretty, quiet, and cultured creature. Despite her abilities as a dancer she was always passed over for bolder dancers. Chiasa thought she would never get her time in the spotlight, until one day while practicing for the Swan Lake auditions with her friend the head mistress happened across the pair. She was so surprised by the demure fillys' confidence during the dance that she questioned why she did not perform as such when competing against others. She told the mistress of her culture and traditions where mares were seen as more subdued rather than firm and forthright. The mistress did not agree with her views, and urged her to be more assertive and confident to show her rightful place among the other dancers. During the auditions Chiasa performed assuredly and with poise, completing the dance flawlessly and earning her place as the lead role in the ballet. On her performance night the whole of her household came to see the show, where they saw their lethargic and uninterested daughter bloom into a passionate ballerina. At the end of the performance Chiasa earned her cutie mark, solidifying her dreams to be a dancer. She continued to study at the Academy for a year before graduating, and as promised returned home to Kyoma and her family. She brought with her the ideals of Canterlot society and western dance, often amusing the staff with her dances and teaching her brothers different moves. As money was never an issue Chiasa performed for free, either on the streets or in theaters. She began teaching young colts and fillies who saw her perform inside the estate, dedicating an entire room to her craft. She continues to live her life as a noble lady, but also a dancer and instructor. Character Personality: Chiasa exudes an air of calm and restraint that on the surface gives her a placid demeanor. Her soft, knowing gaze, and mellow voice makes for a very nonthreatening appearance. A pleasant disposition and non-confrontational attitude makes her well liked by many who come across her. She is ever patient and empathetic to those she cares for. She is cultured and intelligent, picking up on new studies quickly, but her lack of interest can make her forget. Few things outside her narrow interest bring out strong emotions, making her seem apathetic and uninterested. Her serene gaze makes for a good poker face, but she has a hard time expressing what she is feeling at the moment. Chiasa only shows her more passionate and assertive side when it comes to dancing or other topics of interest. With her ever changing plans and hard to read emotions Chiasa is a fickle creature prone to being unpredictable and enigmatic at best.She likes to be whimsical and daring when it comes to the things she likes, which is dancing and flying. She can often be seen either flying through the skies or practicing ballet wherever she sees fit. Her head tends to be stuck in the clouds with fanciful thoughts, which can make it hard to keep her attention. Due to her upbringing and limited interest she can be seen as self-absorbed or unaware of her privilege as being apart of the noble class. This can make her out of touch with those of a lower standing than herself, even though she tries to not act condescending. She tries to be benevolent in her intentions and to show compassion, but her inexperience with hardship can make commoners seem otherworldly to her. Character Summary: Noble lady who just wants to dance man!
  5. Kumo [Ready]

    Name: Howaitorōzu, Gingitsune, Kuroi Chō, the list goes on. Sex: Female Age: very old Species: Jorōgumo Eye Color: Her current main disguise, that being Howaitorōzu, almost never has her eyes open enough for anyone to tell the color anyways, but they share their color with her true form, a Midnight blue. In fact, all three disguises share this eye color. Coat Color: Kumo: Black with toxic green markings Rōzu: Pure White Gingitsune: Purple with sky blue hooves Kuroi Chō: Sky blue Main/tail: Rōzu: She has her mane in a rather wild state, very spiky while also having a part hang down over one eye. Her tail is likewise spiky and wild, ending around her knees. Both are a sky blue in color. Gingitsune: His mane, while rather short and barely reaching past the bottom of his head in the back, is somewhat messy looking. His tail, also short and slightly messy, shares it's gray color with his mane. Kuroi Cho: Her mane is very spiky, being swept behind her with a hair band to keep it out of her face, including a butterfly clipped to the band. Her tail is tied up with some hair ties, raising it up a little bit before the rest of it spills out rather gracefully and ending up before her knees. Both her mane and tail sport a green color with a bit of light green present in there as well. Physique: Being the size of a small dog, her true form is not all that physically imposing. That is something also shared between her disguises, which makes sense given their given occupations. Kumo's markings, which are on top of a silk-like covering that grows out of her back and drapes down to the ground like some kind of organic cloak, are in the shape of a spider's web. Her face also has some markings on it, though looking more like a tiger's markings than a web. Residence: A manor on the outskirts of Polohama. Occupation: Owner (and former founder) of a large and prosperous fashion company. Cutie Mark: Her true form and Rozu do not have cutie marks, but the other two do. Gingitsune has a mark of a puppet being controlled with strings of spider silk, connected to a spider's leg. Kuroi has a mark of a spider weaving it's strands into what almost looks like the start of a scarf from stiching. Unique Traits: Weaving: Over the ages of her life, she has built up her skill in the use of her own strands, eventually making them into clothing that was light and comfortable, soon enough adding fashionable to the list. She can still do more traditional uses of her threads as well, of course, like webs and traps, but she has less reason to use them that way nowadays. Magic: On top of levitation and disguises, she has developed the ability to create magical clones of herself by studying the methods used by the bird yokai that were their own flocks. She never could get it to work to that extent, but she has managed to create clones that are essentially puppets. If she does not control them, they will simply stand around doing nothing. Enhanced Sight: Given her true form has as many eyes as it does, it was unavoidable that she would want to alter some of them to be more useful. She has changed a couple pairs to see magical energy and the emotional energies that changelings feed on. She left the other four alone, allowing her to still see normally with them. Personality: Her personality can switch at a moment's notice as she changes disguises, but in her true form she typically remains as a kind individual, if a bit playful, in more ways than one. Being how she is though, being playful can translate to a web of deceit and manipulation for nothing more than her enjoyment. These webs are harmless, typically, but she does so enjoy weaving them. Love is really a concept that tends to escape her though, as despite her constantly playing at being a family and her long life, she had yet to find anyone to interest her in that way. History: In her opinion, her early years, before she left the nest so to speak, were rather boring. Kumo had spent that time learning the basic skills she would need to survive and blend in, but that was mostly it. For reasons she is still not sure of, they were living very isolated lives, just her and her family in a cave. Eventually though, despite her parents' wishes, she found a way out of the cave and left. They must have agreed she was old enough to leave though, as they never chased after her. Or maybe it was fear of the bears wandering around the mountain, which was understandable given it took all she had to not get caught multiple times on the way down. She made it though, meeting up with a pack of wolves that were apparently enemies of the bears. They were much nicer though, especially since she could actually talk to them without getting attacked for existing. She was granted refuge, and volunteered to help when the talk of bringing the fight to the bears eventually came up. She had established herself as a trickster already, making this come as a bit of a surprise and with some suspicion. Still, she helped them overcome their enemy through traps and hit-and-run attacks, though she wasn't usually involved in the attacks herself, simply setting them up and organizing them. Eventually, the final assault came, and she was sent to help the larger forces make the assault easier for that small group. After the war, she went her separate way from the pack, though she made sure to visit every now and then, especially Taira. Instead, she had been searching for her own territory to belong to. There really wasn't much success with that though, until she found a small town that felt like it could use her, so she stayed. She made a name for herself, though not her true name, as a wonderful seamstress making everything from clothes to blankets, whatever they asked of her. She stayed there through the next war, keeping the hoards of caribou away from the small village where she lived until they were gone, leaving a newly united Neighpon. She began her climb of the social ladder soon after, as well as the financial one as she managed to bag one of the new nobles as a customer. Over the years, her little business evolved into a full-blown company, employing mostly unicorns as they could more easily replicate what she did with the clothing. Of course, she wouldn't turn away other skilled ponies, and she definitely would welcome more of her kind. At some point, the business outgrew the town it had started in, and she moved the headquarters to the bustling city of Polohama. From there she continued passing down her company to herself, her own little dynasty. Summary: A playful, ancient Yokai, Kumo is ready to take on the world with the backing of her high status and her coffers.
  6. Name: Miles Nigrum Age: Adult Gender: Male Species: Koma-Inu Eye Color: Usually glowing a purplish-red Character Color: His fur is a snowy white in most places, though he is also covered in tiger-like markings that are black in color. Mane/Tail: He has a sort of mane, consisting of more white fur braided into a cornrows-type style, with small trinkets braided into the ends of them that look like bones. His tail is like that of a lion, sharing the same colors as the rest of his body. Physique: He is a rather large specimen, very physically imposing. He is comparable in proportions to the larger Diamond dogs usually set to guard duties. He also possesses a pair of large horns that curl forward and dip down past his muzzle which have metal bolted to them in the shape of a skull. Numerous scars crisscross his body. Residence: Wanderer, though still considers the Crystal Empire to be home. Occupation: Knight of Sombra. Cutie Mark: N/A
  7. So simply put, coming up with a design and appearance for my characters is not always the easiest of things... so I am requesting to see if anyone has OC or design, whether they are pony or otherwise, that they are looking to have adopted? Right now I am looking for pegasus and unicorn designs, perhaps also a qilin, though other races might possibly work. Mostly looking for males at the moment but a good female design could work as well. I am looking to created characters for Long Guo, Neighpon, Polyneighsia so consideration of that with the designs. Thank you in advance, I hope the consideration of making this thread helps as I hope. I appreciate any who can help me, it will make the process go a bit easier.
  8. Wartime

    From the album OC Art

    Full size is best size! Felt like trying to draw something that didn't just have a neutral resting expression, because that's really my default and I don't really experiment or draw emotions and expressions that often. Always good to get some practice on expressions! Neighpon is pretty much a mix of feudalistic and modern, and I imagine the role of the Shogun in times of war edges towards the modern side for the most part, except in cases of very important, large-scale battles. And in those instances, the Shogun shows up to fight for the country. I mean, even Celestia has been shown to fight in battles before. ...The Shogun doesn't have the power of an Alicorn, true, but I like to imagine that the power of moral and leadership are just as powerful as any old Alicorn magic, kthx.
  9. Dawn the Unicorn

    From the album aFlat's Creations

    Just an old OC I never got around to drawing up until now. Dawn Sunrise, a gifted unicorn and a born leader, someday I'll update her character sheet since it's been about four years. Maybe ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It's taken me a while , but I've finally settled on brush settings for SAI and a style of drawing I'm comfortable with, so hopefully I'll draw more and share my creations with you all. I can't draw backgrounds. EDIT: If anyone knows how I can go about getting old artwork deleted and would share that method with me, it would be greatly appreciated! Edit edit: TFW you realize you 100% forgot to give your OC eyelashes of any kind
  10. Rat v5

    From the album Rex's Art

    V5 of Ratan's design! He's all apped and is a good bug.
  11. Princess Mane Test

    From the album OC Art

    I seem to be getting a lot of inspiration from random snippets of Discord conversation, nowadays... The topic of princess manes came up in a channel (you know, flowing, magical mystical type manes that Celestia and Luna have) and I got curious about trying to design one myself. Not on a princess, just on a regular pony. Wanted to differentiate it from Celestia and Luna's style, but it was surprisingly difficult to come up with a unique design. Because, many ways can you do ethereal, perpetually flowing hair that doesn't end up flowing in gentle waves? Something fiery that sticks straight upwards I suppose, but I wanted princess-y. Ended up with this design that I really like - the idea is the the top portion of her hair is sort of wrapped around towards the outside while the inside, flowing parts come forward. Not super important, but that was the idea behind it. I like how it turned out - another on the list for that theoretical adoption thing that I always mention but never get around to making, because lazy.
  12. Distant Thunder

    From the album Rex's Art

    The first official design of Thunder. Though I've drawn her many times this is the first properly colored piece for her. She'll be apped along side Lightning who is being reapped for some editing.
  13. Rat Sketch

    From the album Rex's Art

    A doodly sketch of my Changeling, Ratan: better know as Rat.
  14. Distant Lightning v5

    From the album Rex's Art

    V5 of Lightning's design. A noble scholar from Saddle Arabia
  15. Iseiaisha

    From the album Requests, Gifts, Commissions

    The Shogunate of Neighpon has finally been filled with characters! The last addition is DerpRavener's character Iseiaisha, who serves as the Karasu of the Shogunate. Didn't have any details whatsoever for the character aside from colors, so I basically just designed what I thought a ninja-esque character might look like, complete with a ninja-esque outfit, lol. Iseiaisha (c) DerpRavener
  16. Princess Oceana

    Name: Princess Oceana Wingspan: 5 ft Horn Length: 8 inches Magic Color: Green Cutie Mark: Ocean Wave Ability: Water Control
  17. Kappi Stjarna [Ready]

    Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Kappi Stjarna Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Lykos (Earth Pony strain) Eye colour: Sea Green Coat: Chestnut fur with white markings Kappi has a thick, chestnut fur that is a bit on the light side. From his chin to his belly lay a snow white patch as well as his white feathering along his fetlock. His hooves have a snow blue coloration that match his mane. Mane/Tail: White-silver and snow blue. His mane is long and uncut as it is a measure of his beauty. Marbled with white-silver and snow blue it has a swaying pattern that is mimicked in his dreadlocked tail. Physique: Buff Born and raised from a warrior caste Kappi is heavy set with a thick coat designed for the icy reaches of Whitescar. A third generation he is thankful for his north-born attributes having been set into his bloodline from generations before. Residence: Whitescar His grandparents had migrated to Whitescar from the moors in hopes of building a new way of life against the name of their predecessors. A history of troublesome dealings amongst a rival tribe had forced them to move. His parents were born native to Whitescar and Kappi was born of his parents, making him third generation. Occupation: Astronomer/Cartographer Formerly a warrior Kappi has become an avid star reader and uses it to create maps and navigate the vastly growing and changing world. Cutie Mark: Signal Whip A loud and commanding figure Kappi is known for barking orders without hesitation. He is forward in his ways and doesn’t know how to whisper, but such came in handy with a pony often on the front lines of battle thanks to his size. As a navigator this assists him with keeping together a hunting party and ensuring ponies trust his confident voice rather than straying from the traveling group. Unique Traits: Moorborn: Being a moorland-born Kappi is very resilient in harsh, snowy weather and rough terrain. His oily coat insulates him without fail. He is rugged and built to move for extended periods of time with little rest. Moon Cursed: Carrying the Lykos Curse Kappi is not only vulnerable to its magical weaknesses during full moons, such as a hyper-sensitivity to Poison Joke, but its transmutative properties which include the following: sharp teeth, thicker fur, and increased fighting prowess. History: Kappi was born to his mother Danzleikr (Dancing Song) and father Bjorn Hlaupa (Bear Jumper) in the city of Saarvagerg, who were born to his grandparents, natives of Stalliongrad. It had not been an easy life for the family as they had bound to a tribe that carried the Lykos Curse. It made living in more populated regions difficult and the old views of how to tame the curse, via imprisonment, was not something they wished for their foal. Not wanting their son to live the same harsh life they had lived, Bjorn, now leader of his tribe, lead them to migrate deeper into the Frozen North. Kappi had a strong build even when young, but as such it lead to a heavy frame that found difficulty in simple tasks that proved elementary for nimbler ponies his age. He was hefty, which made him a rather clumsy trotter in youth. Not even a stiff wind could take the foal down! Luckily being sturdy was a requirement of the harsh lands his family had migrated too long before Kappi's parents saw the light of day. It was not an easy start, nor had it been the fresh start they hoped for. Saarvagerg proved to be a harsher land shaped by the fierce order of the Caribou tribes. Kappi learned to fight before he learned to run, his gruff nature shaped by a desire to succeed and built upon the foundation of a curse that increased his prowess for combat. In his youth Caribou games were nothing like Pony ones. Though his family's herd migrated more often than staying in one place, they often met with other Caribou for trade and the like. It did not take like for Bjorn's family to integrate with one of the Caribou tribes, giving up on the idea they could simply avoid the raiders that often pushed through borders. Numbers would be what kept them alive. As it was: Kappi would grow up more Caribou than pony. He had become the one who led the others his age into adventures, be it scavenging the more precarious cliffs for berries and resources, or delving into the harsh snows for a march and practice. Kappi was as hardy as any Caribou, but he still has his limits. Full Moons, while a great time for foraging, was a forbidden time where his family stayed behind in claims of meditation as in accordance to their old ways. With all his size and strength, though, he lacked the ability to sensibly climb sheer heights or keep his hoofing on icy grounds. Size was not always indicative of agility, but it has been in Kappi's case. Despite any of this he felt himself Caribou. He learned to fight like a Caribou, but due to his disadvantages as a pony, such as no horns, his wrestling techniques supported his great size and Earth Pony cleverness. He could feel the land beneath his hooves and use the terrain to his advantage when he could. Because of his capacity in strength the leaders of the tribe entrusted him leading raiding parties. It was not an ideal situation, but they needed to survive and not show weakness towards the other tribes. It was tradition and since they only did so when they required resources, it was more acceptable. Survival was important. A Caribou's strength was important. Kappi grew to become a strong and healthy stallion. An envy, really, with his thick coat and sturdy figure. That envy had triggered a few of his raidmates to start questioning the leaders and him and his strength. They felt it untraditional to be led by a pony and many would claim that Kappi likely used Dark Pony Magic, as ponies were known amongst their unicorn kin, to cast spells, in order to maintain such a prestigious position. Ponies weren't as strong as Caribou. They wouldn't have it. During a raid Kappi's allies had followed him as they usually did, but little would the hero realize their mounting dissent. As the raid reached its peak, Kappi would require a unit to trial up behind him for support. But the support never came. All Kappi could remember was darkness. He had been struck with a kick to the back of his head and blacked out. His raid party cleared the area soon after, returning to the village without the stallion. The traumatic event left the snow-born Earth Pony asleep. In his sleep he dreamt many dreams of stars and world's beyond this one. Beyond those mountains and beyond that sea was a world much greater than him, but he dreamt for a long time, and was sure he would not wake to see, to travel there. He awoke after the pass of a month. He was taken into the care of others for the time he slept. His coma has not subsided his transformations though. He was able to drink, much of his sustenance coming from ground medicines and grasses mixed into drink. Asleep for so long his body was weak, forcing Kappi to retrain himself and learn, all over, to control his beast. Life abound he would repay those who cared for him and, in turn, they kept his secret. They had every right to let him stay within his dreams forever, as the beast he was, but they did not. It took a great deal of stubbornness and pride for him to regain his muscle mass as quickly as he had, so luckily for him he had plenty of both. Time helped as well in his recovery for within two short weeks he was running again. A month complete and Kappi could again fight, but the experienced changed him. No longer was he a pony who sought to fight and march the front lines, but instead he became a leader who stride shoulder to shoulder, or at flank, of his troops. In love with the stars he dreamt of Kappi poured his time between recovery on learning the art of cartography, to become a prestigious navigator capable of leading bands through the most unforgiving territories. He could still bellow orders, but it was for the sake of finding himself a new tribe. Character Personality: Kappi has a dominate type personality, but he is also rather introverted when it comes to his actions, choosing not to participate in large crowds or any place with too much noise. While a great leader, small talk isn’t his strong suit and tends to make him aloof as he goes straight to the point in a situation rather than dallying in insignificant fact exchange. He is good in his nature, but he lacks cowardice and sometimes mouths off his point of view that sometimes gets him in trouble and into a fight. He was honest and quiet, seemingly cold-hearted, but only looking to encourage and help his allies. He has a dry sense of humor, one having to doubletake when his stiff expression shifts to indicate his smirks and grins buried in that fuzzy face. He fancied cooking, never keen on the bland and limited foods offered by the harsh habitats of Whitescar. He feels a Pony (and Caribou) can only be happy with a full and satisfied stomach. He will make a fuss about having proper meals and will even wiggle his way into the kitchen even if he was unwanted there. He liked eggs. Far too much. Sometimes sneaking into hen houses to pilfer them for cooking. He loved to eat and could sometimes be found a wallowing mess after overeating. He disliked noise, but was fond of soft music. His favorite instrument was the flute. He says that it is what the stars sound like in his dreams. He sang like a whale but was good at listening when a friend needed, often laying beside them to give the whole of his attention when they were down and out. Character Summary: Kappi is a straightforward, hearty pony with a focused mind. After being betrayed by former kin, he fell in battle. In his deep sleep he dreamed of stars and refocused his dedication from the field of battle to the maps in the stars and on the land. He works to show others a new way to march that didn't involve cutting down those before you, but instead educating them through leadership.
  18. TenderHeart (OC) [Ready]

    -General Stuff-Name: TenderHeartNickname/Alias(es): TenderRace: PegasiGender: MaleAge: StallionAdditional Status: Famous for being one of the best flower growers, for a Pegasus that is.-Physical Stuff-Pelt Color: Deep redMane/Tail Color and Style: Pure white, short cutEye Color: PurpleCutie Mark: petals in the shape of a heartOther Scars/Markings: N/APhysique: Average build but shorter than most Stallions.-Social Stuff-Current Residence: CanterlotJob: Florist, Runs his own shop called "Flying Flowers"Mother: Soaring RubyFather: Thunder Streak Sibling(s): Love Thrasher (Sister)Other Family: N/AClosest Friends: N/ACourting/Courted By: N/AMate: N/AFoal(s): N/A-Personality Stuff-Likes: Flowers and plants in general, honest and kind ponies, tea (Just enough caffeine to get him going), music boxes (He was always fascinated by their soft melodies), peace and quite, forests, rain (The soft sounds of rain hitting the ground and rooftops)Dislikes: Loudness (He likes his peace and quite), coffee (Too bitter and too much caffeine), rudeness, thunder (Too loud and scary)Motivation: Making everyone happy and helping out couples. That is at it's most basic form. He strives to help ponies find love and happiness, he gets happy when others are happy. He hopes that one day he can find a stallion of his own.Strengths: Gardening abilities, his ability to make friends easily, knowledge of most plants, flowers and some herbs. Weaknesses/Flaws: Too trusting, general anxiety around other stallions, gets flustered easilyFears: Being alone, being forgotten or replaced, thunderOverall Persona: Tender is soft spoken, well mannered and kind. He rarely gets into fights unless it's for a very close friend or special somepony. He has a positive outlook on life though fears he will be the only one not to find love. He get's flustered around other stallions. He had only recently came to accept his sexuality so he still feels awkward around other stallions though tries his best. He can get attached easily to somepony though has been used to being let down when they're not looking for a relationship. He still tries to remain friends with them and keep them close. Tender tends to value his friends over himself and has had moments of disregarding his own health just for ponies he cares about. When he was a teenager he had a rough disagreement with his family and had kinda left them, he knows when to cut ties and for the right reasons. One thing that he both loves and hates is praise. He loves when his plants are praised but get's flustered and awkward when he himself is praised. A goal of his is to be the main florist for the Grand Galloping Gala and get to meet the princesses. His favourite flowers are; Heart's desire, Lilies, Carnations, Gardenia and Lilacs from their colours, design and to their meaning. One thing that he loves yet gets heavily flustered and shy around are the Royal Guards, what can he say. He likes Stallions in armour.History/Background: He left Cloudsdale at the young age of fifteen. He still didn't have his cutie mark and with no other place to go he begged some Earth Ponies if he could stay at their farm until he made enough bits to get a home of his own. At first they were hesitant, it was rare for a pegasus to want to work on a farm, they barely knew how to grow things. But of course Tender was determined to try and help around the farm, that was when he found out his gardening abilities and began to put them to the test, growing flowers as a side project while he helped around the farm.Soon his flowers grew large, bright and of course they smelt amazing, with Hearts and Hooves day around the corner he began to make his own stand and pick and make his bouquets. When the day had come he got up early and started to try and sell his flowers of course, being new to business and being young he did under and over price a few which shied away potential customers. With the day coming to an end and barely any flowers sold he was about to close shop when a stallion ran up to him, he had everything planned to ask a mare to be his special somepony but the bouquet and most shops were had ran out and were closed, Tender of course quickly helped him pick out a bouquet of his and help him with giving his line to her before watching from afar with a giddy grin. As the mare accepted his cutie mark began to appear, two petals in the shape of a heart. Now the reason he cut ties with his family is their displeased view towards him. His parents had always been a bit rough towards him and made him feel like the black sheep. They seemed to slowly get worse as he got older. Not something terribly bad but they always nitpicked everything he did or said.To the point where Tender felt like an outcast and nothing he did or said could fix it. Tender had always been a soft colt and he always tried to make up for whatever he did, even if he didn't know what he did exactly. His parent's marriage was always a bit of a rocky one but one thing that the couple always agreed on was how much better his sister was. After a while his parents barely talked nor looked at him. When dinner came his place was always left blank, it didn't help with rude and bully like older sister who constantly teased him and was favoured by the two.T he second week after his sister didn't stop saying that he would be kicked out of the house soon. With some heavy thinking and a sad sigh, he packed up his things and left in the dead of night. It became clear to him that he couldn't fix anything nor get his parents to like him. He doesn't know how his parents reacted nor heard anything of them and his sister since. After earning enough bits at the farm it was time to say farewell to the lovely family he stayed with. He still sees them come to his store every now and then and chats with them. He found his way to Canterlot where he had been eyeing a small store with a house above it. That day was the day to finally seize it for himself and set up his own business. After buying off the property he spared no time and began to move in, slowly making the store of his dreams over a few years. Every few months something new being added to help him like shelves, a greenhouse and seeds. Though as many new businesses, his was slow to grow. He was just barely a stallion and not many customers had come, many of his flowers sadly withered before being sold, though he didn't let that bother him. He just kept plowing through the weeks with a determined smile. He only began to get popular after a few regulars had began to talk of his store and flowers, no less grown by a Pegasus which wasn't common. Though his customers questioned why he would close up for a week or two, with a small sigh he smiled and told them that he would sometimes go out and collect seeds himself, sometimes having to go into deep forests or certain spots to get the plants he wanted to showcase. That was what set of a chain of events that let his population grow, A handsome and charismatic stallion, rare talent for a Pegasus and going off on his own little adventures just to get some flowers. That was the right concoction to get word of him out there. For the first time his shop was almost out of flowers. He was known throughout Canterlot, not a big business or anything. Nothing like other Earth Pony florists who grew better and more flowers than him, but just enough to get himself a known spot and a steady flow of bits. His store still has room to grow and he still has to achieve his dream. Canterlot is a large city and he just got onto the radar of known stores.
  19. From the album OC Art

    Or, as she's called nowadays, Ochiru. I honestly wasn't expecting to app another character when I started designing this. I got in a discussion with someone the other day about Wolf Yokai designs, and I started wondering to myself how I might design another Okami - how I might use one or two elements from my first design, but change it up to make it look unique in and of itself, so that Kakushi's design didn't look like straight template/basis for a new design. I ended up liking it enough to app a whole new character. I probably like it more than Kakushi's design, because the mask on this one gives it a more uneasy feeling, like something's not quite right about her (at least in my own opinion). Hopefully I'll get a chance to start RPing her soon - should be fun!
  20. Female Inkbrand

    From the album OC Art

    Got a human!Inkbrand in this gallery, might as well throw in a little fem!Inkbrand as well. Actually drawn up as a bit of fan service for a CERTAIN SOMEONE, to hopefully satiate his inane and ridiculous head-ships.
  21. Akarui Uta [Ready]

    Name: Akarui Uta Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Longma/Ryuma Eye Color: Yellow Coat: A bright, eye-catching red, with white scales and underbelly Mane/Tail: Her mane is a medium-long assymetrical cut, longer in the front than in the back. The longest parts are pulled back in a braid, woven with flowers in shades of pink, purple, and yellow. Her tail is cut into a similar shape, like the feathers on an arrow, with the shortest part at the center and growing longer as it fans outward. Both mane and tail are an ombre of blue to white. Physique: Akarui is taller than average and very slender, even for a Longma. She almost looks as if a stray breeze could knock her over, if not for how much positive energy she radiates. Residence: A small apartment beside the night club Hitobanjū odoru in the Tech Town of Polohama Occupation: A singer, dancer, and waitress at Hitobanjū odoru Cutie Mark: A pair of purple, white and green fans used for traditional dancing. It almost seemed like she would never get her cutie mark. Poor Akarui had tried nearly everything she had the slightest talent in, from cooking to dancing to dog-walking. But still nothing. It didn't help that she was so frail and sickly that she couldn't try most things. She had finally given up when she was walking through the park on that fateful day. A troupe of traditional fan dancers were practicing in the open field at the center of the park, and their light fluid motions captured Akarui's attention instantly. She ran up to them and begged to learn. None of them wished to turn away so eager a filly, so she was allowed to watch and learn as they went. She came back day after day after day. For months, she watched, and she followed. This form of dancing was something that was easy on her, and she loved it as well. It was no surprise to anypony in the troupe when Akarui's cutie mark appeared at the end of her first public performance. She was overjoyed, and they invited her to join them whenever she wished. Unique Traits: She is very sickly and frail, often needing to rest in order to avoid feeling faint or dizzy. She can be seen alternating between flying and walking while traveling on her own to avoid overusing her wings or legs all at once. Breath Magic: Specializes in lifting things, shifting the weight of things (or even ponies) in order to navigate the world around her more easily. Outfit: If she is wearing anything, it is either her waitressing uniform, a costume for a performance, or an otherwise required outfit. She feels that clothing weighs her down and tires her out more quickly. History: From the time she was born, Akarui's parents knew something was wrong with her. The baby pony was too weak to even cry, her wails thin and haggard. Her mother, Soyokaze, took to carrying her around at all times because otherwise she wouldn't even hear the crying. Because of this, Akarui Uta didn't learn how to walk until long after she could speak. And even then, her walking was weak. Her flying was a little better, but not by much. She grew tired very easily, often taking long naps every few hours. Her parents were obviously very concerned, and sought the help of specialists. They found that her lungs were too small, and it led to a number of other issues. It was very serious. There was always a doctor on call for them, in case she pushed herself too hard. But despite her shortcomings, Akarui was determined to do everything other ponies could. And her parents did their best to support her, and were fortunate to come from old money in order to do so. They found a teacher willing to come to their home, as well as a Breath instructor. They let her play outside with other fillies and colts, so long as she was supervised, and she was happy. As she grew older, Akarui learned how to adapt for herself around her sickness. She found her limits and kept to them, played to her strengths, practiced the Breath magic that would help her the most, and found things to do that didn't put too much of a strain on her. By the time she was an adult, she was able to be a (mostly) productive member of society. She had a beautiful voice, and found that in short bursts, should could give grand performances. Her parents helped her find somewhere to live close to her job (which a family friend helped her get), and that is where she currently resides with her childhood friend, Yoru Kagayaki. Personality: Very sweet and bubbly despite her condition. She is also patient, outgoing, energetic, and inspires happiness in others. However, when she pushes herself and starts to get tired, she gets cranky, sluggish, and distant. The pain makes it hard for her to focus, and she loses some of her manners. While she is normally very amiable and pleasant to be around, she becomes blunt and slightly aggressive the more tired she gets. She will always apologize for it later, but not while it is happening. Summary: A very sweet mare, with reminder of her wealthy upbringing, until her sickness starts to take over her.
  22. TenderHeart

    From the album Ocs

    Here Is TenderHeart, His cutiemark is two petals in the shape of a heart.
  23. Eagle Heart

    Roleplay Type: WoEName: Eagle HeartSex: MaleAge: StallionSpecies: PegasusEye colour: YellowCoat: Brown with pale brown pinto splotchesMane/Tail: Short, wavy, and medium bluePhysique: Mostly average, but just a bit on the stocky sideOrigin/Residence: Born in Cloudsdale, but currently lives in CanterlotOccupation: Royal GuardCutie Mark: A golden eagle flying upwards, with a blue and gold shield overlayMotivation: Protecting the Princesses (and anypony who needs it) and carrying out his duties, proving himself in the high class society of Canterlot, and the idea of a possible romance.Likes: Flying, birds, protecting others, praise from his superiors, kind ponies, sweets (although he tries to hide it), reading, magic, warmth, naps in the sun when he's off-duty, swimming, jokes, and making other ponies smile.Dislikes: Seeing other ponies cry, failure (his own), being looked down on, being the center of attention, speaking in front of crowds, studyingHistory: Born and raised in Cloudsdale most of his life, Eagle Heart was actually rather quiet and kept to himself. This was due in part to being teased for his odd coat pattern, which only drew more attention as he grew up. He spent most of his time avoiding other foals and practicing his flying with birds. When he was just a small colt, a certain eagle caught his attention and tried to race him. The eagle won, of course, but kept looping back to encourage Eagle Heart to keep trying. This turned into a daily routine, the pair flying together t train the young pegasus to grow faster and faster. One day, another colt from his class, one of Eagle Heart's bullies, spotted him and started trying to knock him out of the sky, taunting him. The eagle swooped in and flapped in the offender's face until he gave up his attack, and from then on, Eagle Heart knew he wanted to be as brave as his bird friend. Not long after, he returned the favor by scaring a large feral cat away from the tree were his friend's nest lay. The cat attempted to scratch out his eye, but he stood his ground against it and nearly knocked it from the branch they were standing on. The cat hissed, but gave up and leapt away, deciding he wasn't worth the effort. It was this moment when his cutie mark appeared. Eventually, he grew into a fine young stallion, and grew to be an even faster flier than his eagle friend. He then applied to the Royal Guard Academy, where he studied (slowly) to become a guard. While his written tests were average at best, he excelled in the physical, proving himself determined and able to do the job. He graduated after 6 years, and was employed in Princess Celestia's palace. This is where he currently is employed.
  24. Name: Chesster Pierce Gender: MaleAge: StallionSpecies: Crystal PonyEye colour: Amber Character colour: The Coat is a very creme off-white color, with brown at the tip of the ears and a bubble gradient from hoof to elbow/knee consisting of a light red, shaded red, brown red to brown at the hoof. Chesster has two short scars across the muzzle and one on his left ear, all of them earned in scuffles with childhood bullies who didn't like being tricked by the clever colt. He has a longer scar on his left side, extending from his shoulder blade to his hip, and forked slightly in the middle. This scar is from when he first joined the guards and got into an accident while sparring without armor. Mane/Tail/Other: The mane is an ombre of a neutral red to dark red at the hair tips, and is light and fluffy, ultimately straight. The mane is about shoulder length, and partially covers his upper back. His tail is the same way, and is similar to a cow's tail. He also has a short goatee, the same color as his mane and tail. Physique: Chester is a tall, muscular stallion without the stocky build of most distinguished stallions, and measures to about 5 foot. Though what he lacks in a broad barrel body he makes up for with his athletic, slim physique, good for sprinting and low endurance activites. Residence: In the canon universe, he lives in a secluded manor in Whitetail woods. In the Sombra undefeated universe, he lives in the Crystal Empire. Occupation: Originally, he was a soldier and then a commander of the Crystal Empire, due to his talent for strategy and tactical decisions. Under King Sombra, he was ruthless and deadly efficient, as one must be to survive under King Sombra's rule. After Sombra's (second) defeat, he fled the empire and makes a living from his manor in Whitetail Woods. As a hobby he goes to chess competitions and jousting matches, and if he needs the money he does mercenary work, dealing with threats from the Everfree and elsewhere that occasionally come out to torment the ponies of small towns. Cutie Mark: His cutie mark is a knight and a pawn in four alternating squares of black and white, the chess pieces representing his propensity for strategy, careful decision making and tactical decisions. He also happens to be really good at chess, checkers, and most card games. Chesster first got his cutiemark when he defeated his bully in a battle of wits, and got revenge by humiliating his bully. Unique Traits: Chesster learned how to battle in heavy armor and fight with a sword, overcoming the challenges being an earth pony posed for sword duels. To make up for his lack of magic and to confuse his foes, he has a helmet with a sharp, fake unicorn horn on it, for fooling attackers into thinking he's more skilled in magic instead of other areas (such as strength) and as use as an extra sword, his helmet horn can be used in a sudden thrust or to parry a blow, or act like a spear while charging an opponent. History: Chesster is from the Crystal empire, from a family of poor grain farmers. As a foal, he was small and weak and hung out with the smart, nerd kids, which got him picked on and beat up frequently. Escaping bullies led to Chesster becoming quick witted and clever, and he became disillusioned with friendship, since his 'friends' often betrayed and abandoned him to save themselves. He came to rely on himself, and focused his skills with years of study and research to develop his skills, studying famous commanders and tacticians to improve his skills. He trained himself with vigorous excersize, making it his goal to join the royal guard, to prove that he could rise above his roots and become greater than those who tormented him as a foal. Chesster climbed his way to where he is (or was) by being the smartest, and the most determined. He demonstrated great skill in combat and strategy and joined the royal guard, but his intelligence and cunning helped him climb the ranks. Due to a incapacitating 'accident' caused by Chesster in his ambition for power and position, the commander at that time became unfit for duty, and Chesster was promoted. He used his position for power and personal gain, sometimes blackmailing to get what he wants, among other unethical methods to amass a small fortune. When King Sombra rose to power, Chesster immediantly swore loyalty to him, recognizing power and realizing Sombra was his chance to rise above. Chesster demonstrated his loyalty by helping to enslave or imprison the crystal ponies, and kept the rest of the guard in line and following Sombra's orders. Chesster took his duties very seriously, taking every opportunity to prove his loyalty, through any means. When Sombra was defeated and the Crystal Empire fell to Sombra's curse, Chesster fell with it. When it returned, Chesster had his memories blocked like the rest of the crystal ponies, though he remembered his loyalty and understood the logic behind the block on his memories. Chesster prepared for Sombra's defeat or victory by gathering his belongings and his wealth, and a small portion of his most loyal guards. When Sombra was defeated by Twilight Sparkle and her friends, his memories returned and Chesster left the Crystal Empire, fearing repercussions for his role in enslaving the crystal ponies. Chesster built a small manor in isolation in Whitetail Woods with his ill-gained money, and spends his time preparing for King Sombra's eventual return, sending out search parties to find any trace of the King of Monsters. Character Personality: Chesster is clever and devious, always using underhoofed, dirty and sneaky tactics to win. He's very proud, has a strong sense of loyalty and tends to be selfish. He doesn't care who he has to defeat to rise to the top. He has no pity for the weak, since he believes if he could escape his weaker self, so too can everypony else, but they simply don't want to. He cares most about himself, but on occasion can be selfless for personal gain, or as an investment. When Chesster wants to be, he can be quite suave and charming, usually coming up with clever and flirtatious compliments to mares or superiors he's kissing up to for favors. Chesster can sometimes have a large ego, and takes critisicm poorly. He's very prideful of what he does and a cold, quiet anger takes him when his skills are called into question. Chesster puts on a cool and collected exterior, preferring to appear mysterious. He acts cold, but deep down he really wishes somepony would make him feel something more than a lust for battle and power, however his cold, logical and calculating nature can put ponies off. Chesster also doesn't recognize most of his flaws. His redeeming qualities would likely be his extreme loyalty, He's very loyal to his king and his guards, and wasn't loyal to the original ruler of the Crystal Empire because he secretly believed she was too weak to rule. When needed, Chesster is willing to set aside his pride if it benefits him in some way later on. Chesster likes fine dining, sparring with his loyal guards, and winning. Chesster dislikes other ponies acting like they're better than him, hot weather, and ponies telling him to get a haircut. He can be somewhat vain about his long hair, however impractical it is for battle. To remedy this, he gets somepony else to put it in a bun or ponytail. He likes strategy games and riddles. He has regal, lavish taste, a penchant for the finer things in life, and believes he deserves nothing less. His sense of style is modest but expensive, and he prefers dark tones or shades, particularly mahogany and red velvet. He likes dark brown and red, and may be biased due to his coat colors.He likes to pass on his skills, and enjoys teaching them to the next generation, however rare that may be. Character Summary: Chesster is an ambitious crystal pony with a skill for strategy, originally a commander of the crystal empire under king sombra, and since his defeat he has retired to a manor in Whitetail Woods, awaiting King Sombra's hopeful return. While waiting for his king, Chesster sometimes leaves his manor in disguise, to participate in chess competitions, or other such competitions requiring a level of intelligence, sometimes jousting. Whether he wins or not, Chesster evaluates his tactics and plans for better ones next time, growing and learning however he can. He also prefers to be called by his last name Pierce, as he believes the name Chesster isn't nearly as intimidating enough. He greatly prefers Lord Pierce and Commander Pierce. Chesster thought of the crystal fair as a distraction and preferred to focus on his studies and training, secretly though he envied the fun that other ponies had and wanted to go, but his reasoning was that he had nopony to go with him so there was no point. Chester's base design
  25. Like Night and Day

    From the album Moonlight Symphony

    An image I have worked on back in 2k14

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