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  1. From the album: ArdillaVerde93's Art

    I know I'm a bad artist, but I've been working on it, and I thought it appropriate to draw my OC. This was done with pencils and coloured pencils. I used a base as reference, but this is my first time drawing MLP without a step-by-step guide.
  2. Name: Hope Goldy Gender: Female Age: young mare Species: changeling. (did come from a princess and changeling, but isn't born an alicorn) To fit in with the rest she will often change between Pegasus and Unicorn. Not both though (since that isn't allowed so I'll do it like this). Eye color: minty blue Character color: very dark blue Mane and tail: light blue with three stripes. Inner stripe is lighter blue than the main mane. Middle stripe is a darker blue than the main mane. Outer stripe is darker than the middle stripe. Physique: like i said in the species section, she changes sometimes between unicorn and pegasus, but will never, unless special occasions, resort to being an alicorn. She's as tall as Celestia and appears older than she actually is due to the length and sharpness of her horn or the length of her wings. Residence: crystal empire Occupation: her job is also her hobby. She writes books about her adventures in dream land and real life. She sells those books but always keeps one or two just in case boredom visits her. Cutie mark: a heart shaped yin and yang. How she got her cutie mark. She wasn't exactly from equestria (not gonna state where she's from though) not that she remembered anyway. Her name in her region was Alyssa and she was 16 years old. Her grades at school were great, but kept getting worse with each day. Everything they tried to teach her, she just couldn't understand anymore, the language seemed so strange.. After school, she ran away, bullies chasing her, wanting to beat her up with magic she didn't have. "Oh sh*t oh sh*t oh sh*t...must escape them!" She panted as she stopped a second. She caught her breath and ran further. When she opened her eyes to look where she was going, she noticed she wasn't in the forest anymore, but instead in the middle of a city. One where everypony was made of crystals, or at least it seemed like it. She felt light engulf her and she changed. Her body was changing. She became a pony, one with wings and a horn. A random pink unicorn told her that if she wanted to fit in, she had to hide her wings. "Easy..I'll just ehh...use magic?" Within a second, her wings were gone. She didn't even have to use her horn. She shrugged it off. She noticed some black shadow up in the air almost dying from the light of the crystal heart. She used her horn to protect him. She didn't have anything against good ponies but she didn't have anything against the bad ones either. She walked over, still new to walking on four legs and helped him up. "I think you should go...just ask me if you need anything!" She told him and he just nodded, confused. He seemed to recognise her. He did leave. She saw light appearing on her flank and saw her cutie mark, yin and yang, but shaped like a heart. Her thoughts before she fell asleep "great. Now i have a tattoo on my butt" she didn't know about the concept of cutie marks because of her past. History: literally the one i told of when she got her cutie Mark. She doesn't remember anything from before, only that her life was the worst somepony could have. But to specify it for any curious ponies around here.. Before cadence was another queen. That queen had an affaire with a changeling male before they went all sucky. They had a kid who didn't only possess the power to change like a changeling, but also use the magic landponies, pegasi and unicorns had. (She was born a changeling, not an alicorn) One day though, she got kidnapped by a pony in hood. She never saw their face and never heard their voice so she couldn't ever take revenge for being taken away from her parents. Her memories of her past life were erased the moment she was taken to another home. From there on, her life became a living h3ll. Being beaten up and left out by everyone made her a strong yet shy pony. Personality: she's very shy like Fluttershy. She's caring around those she loves and can appreciate a good laugh. She is outgoing though and very social. But that's only if she had hot chocolate with roasted marshmallows. that's like her alcohol or drug. She can be sarcastic. With friends it's a funny sarcasm. With enemies and strangers it's a b**chy sarcasm. Does have mood changes and does walk around her home as an alicorn but will change back to unicorn or pegasus when having visitors or going home. (It's like walking around naked in your own home irl but then like this...ah you understand, right? Summary: lets see. Just tell me when i need to edit this summary lol. Lets just say she had a very rough life after being fillynapped from her actual home. Ponies beating her up with magic because she didn't act the same as them, grades dropping because the normal equestrian language became harder to understand each year she lived, always having to run away because of bullies like diamond tiara still existed. She hated her life until she came to the crystal empire, her home. Her grades got higher again, bullies left her alone and nopony beat her up ever again. Now she's on a quest to find out who she is, who her parents were and where her parents are.
  3. Name: Forged Horseshoe Sex: Male Age: Colt Species: Earth Pony Eye color: Olive Green Coat: Light Green Mane/Tail: Both are “spikes style”, not so long and with dark green color. Physique: Although thin and small, he has some muscles, because of using a forging hammer in his work and other heavy stuff. He has a small dot in the right side of the face, near the chin. He also has scars of nitric acid burnt in both front legs. Nitric acid is used to reveal the steel and iron microsctructures at microscope and to give superficial finish in steel and iron objects. Residence: He lives in the residential area of Ponyville. A simple and residence with not much glamour, except by the metallic furniture and minerals used as ornament. It has a great open area beside, with lots of metallurgical and mining equipments where he often work. Occupation: He has a Horseshoe store with general smithing services located in the commercial area of Ponyville. He also forge and repairs armors when a guard or others request the service. He do expeditions to mine ores whenever he needs to forge his products. Cutie Mark: His cute mark is a horseshoe and a forging hammer right of it. How he got it: When he was young he frequently asked his father, Cast Horseshoe, to teach him how to work in metals and horseshoes or to watch him working. Forged Horseshoe was always interested in father’s profession, and many times traveled with him in ore expeditions. There was a day that he broke his horseshoe, and his father wasn’t home. He decided, audaciously and joyful try to repair it alone. Usually this is not safe to young foals, cause needs high temperatures oven and heavy tools, but he felt secure cause of watching his father doing it a lot of times. First he used a blowtorch to join the two cracked parts melting them locally, after he took it to the coal oven over around 500ºC for some hours. He didn’t know why he must do it, but he did cause his father always did like this. After it cooled down, he put in his hoof and tested, in this moment his cutie mark appeared. When his father got home and saw the cutie mark, asked how he got it, so he told the story. His father got surprised about it, and then started to teach him deeply the art of metallurgy. Unique Traits: He is able to work with almost all kinds of metal found in Equestria, but he can’t work with enchanted metals and objects, unless using proper tools that he don’t have. He is able to mine lots of kinds of ores, and use them to obtain useable metals. He knows to work some with acids and chemical mixes, make fire and useful products. He’s able to build machines, tools and gadgets. Due to his work, can walk long distances carrying medium weight getting just little tired. History: Forged Horseshoe born in Ponyville and haven’t met his mother, she went away when he was very young. Since very young his father, Cast Horseshoe, have teach him metallurgy, and prepared him to take on his business of selling horseshoes and general metallurgy services. Someday a letter arrived for his father, requesting a service in the earth of the dragons, and this letter had an royal stamp. Due to the nature of the request his father could not refuse the request, and said that he could spent much time out, but would come back. What happened is that he didn’t come back til nowadays, and has 2 years since he didn’t come back. Forged Horseshoe don’t know much details of this story, but plan someday to go to the earth of the dragons try to discover where is his father or what happened with him. Since his father left, he assumed his business and is diving deeper into metallurgy. He become the best metallurgist of Ponyville and dream of become the Royal Smith, and work in the Castle of Canterlot, doing armors and weapons to the royal guard. Character Personality: Forged Horseshoe is very curious and has a great thirst of knowledge. Although his profession, he is likeable and kind. Is a little obsessed about his areas of interest, and use to spent much time with them. He’s the nerd kind, and use to make friends like this. He many times use complex words and technical description of things, even when it’s not necessary or annoy other ponies. He admire a lot Princess Twilight and her knowledge, and have a little crush on her. He likes adventures, although often not have the guts for it. Don’t get along well with animals in general, he prefers machines and gadgets. He’s a little messy, and so his house. Loves fine coffees and chocolates. He usually get bored easy and is a little impatient. He likes a lot science in general, but have no interest in magic. Character Summary: Smith and Metallurgist pony, that make and sells horseshoes in a store. Want to find his father and to become a Royal Smith. He’s nerd kind, but like to do friends.
  4. WHITE FEATHER SHE HAS WINGS JUST WANTED TO SHOW OFF THE CUTIE MARK Roleplay Type: World Of Equestria RP Full Name: White Feather Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Pegasus Eye Colour: Rich Brown Chocolate Eyes Coat: White with hints of cream undertones, along with light creamy zebra stripes due to a genetic mutation. Mane/Tail: Her mane is long and delicate but often kept in a fancy updo, while her tail is usually flicking about. She is part-zebra after all. Her mane and tail are a rich pink with soft pink tones. Physique: Her body is light and delicate, but slightly lanky to give her a graceful willowy appearance. She is tall for a half-pony. Residence: Solistice Heights Occupation: Fashion Designer Cutie Mark: History: White Feather was born an only child to her two beloved parents Brute Stripe and his wife Ivory Wings inside their quaint, spacious home in Solistice Heights. Her mother was a fashion designer and her father worked as a royal guard. Due to being born so close to the woods, a young White Feather was always fluttering around on filly wings, introducing herself to the various animals that lived there. Her mother and father never worried. Though with the animals, she seemed to have a natural bond and due to spending so much time quiet and still she was able to observe so many details. One day she decided to preserve the memory of them, and brought her art book out with her paints. She watched, painting all that she saw. By the end of her masterpiece she was surrounded by her animal friends, and she'd blushed softly since they seemed very happy with her art, she scarcely noticed the cutie mark that appeared on her flank. It was a winged paintbrush, the paintbrush symbolizing her eye for detail and artistic nature, while the wings symbolized the graceful and quiet nature that let her get where other ponies could not. She had a slightly hard time making friends in school because of the fact that she was merely shy, but the ones she did make were long lasting and dear to her. After schooling, she got into fashion design instead of painting. Her strange and unique designs got her recognition from fashion designers all around. Due to so much alone time as a child White Feather is very quiet and very sensitive in nature, but this slowly changed as she grew. After a while, she grew less shy and grounded. Instead of breaking out into tears she tries to fix a problem immediately or discuss it so she can understand. Though shy in nature, White Feather never stands idly by and lets others be put down or bullied, especially for their differences since she's always felt a little bit like an oddball. She is a gentle soul with a strong will and her sunny outlook and cheery disposition will take her far one day.
  5. From the album: Random OCs

    I did this one 2 years ago.

    © Made by me! No stealing or using unless it's an oc i made for you.

  6. HopeGoldy

    Hope Goldy

    From the album: Random OCs

    I did this one today at 2:00 AM Amsterdam time.

    © Made by me. No stealing or using unless i made it for you.

  7. Roleplay Type:World of Equestria Name:Thrilly A. Scrapperclaws Aka 'The Amazing Miss Thrill-A' Sex:Female Age:Late Filly/Early Mare Species:Abyssinian Eye Color:Green Coat:Brown & Light Brown Mane/Tail:Light Brown Physique:Slim Residence:P.T. Barn-Um's Traveling Circus (When In Season) Occupation:Circus Entertainer/Acrobat/Flying Trapeze Cutie Mark:None Unique Traits: Humanoid cat covered in brown fur, with lighter brown fur on her stomach and sides. Has a rather long and shaggy tail. Small claws on her fingers and toes. Big green eyes and scruffy fur on the top of her head. Generally can be seen in light clothing. Wears an skin-tight white leotard with THE AMAZING FLYING SCRAPPERCLAWS printed on the front and back when performing. History: Thrilly was part of an family of acrobats that toured the known lands. This family was known as the 'Amazing Flying Scrapperclaws' and had performed with an assortment of traveling circuses during the last few generations. While Abyssinian cats were known for being quick and agile, the Scrapperclaw Clan boasted to be even quicker and agile then most. They were also known for their stunningly insane and complex aerial routines. Sometimes family members would try to outdo one another, or even rival circus families. From the crazy speeds of the 'The Deadly Leap' to the 'Pegasus Pirouette'. Very few dared to compare to the Scrapperclaws. She usually teamed up with her twin brother (and catcher) Achille. They were the youngest of the family and expected to continue their family's long legacy of death-defying feats of daring do! The pair had been performing together since early kitten-hood and had started to slowly gather up a few unique routines during the last few years. This went well, until one day as she and her family were touring Canterlot during the off-season, Thrilly decided she wanted to explore Equestria. See the sights. Taste the food. And even get to learn more about their culture. She still had a few months of free time. She could return to the circus before it started traveling again. Character Personality: Thrilly considers herself a bit of a thrill seeker, but she does not simply charge into things. As one who does dangerous stunts for a living, she has to plan EVERYTHING...Usually with a partner..And while is comfortable performing in front of an large crowd, she sometimes has issues dealing with a conversational partner and can get a little fidgety and sometimes come off as a little shy. Even worse, if the conversation gets a little too 'dull' for the cat, sometimes she will decide to start practicing a few moves. Maybe she'll stand on her head or even try a few somersaults, while making sure to mention that she is still 'listening'. She is not. This may be considered rude to most people. Sometimes she might simply get distracted by something interesting and even just wander away. Since Equestria is new to her, this might happen often for the cat. Even with these little quirks, she is still rather capable of making friends, who in turn simply get used to her quirks. While she is the 'runt' of her siblings, she can be rather protective of her older, much larger family members and is usually ready to pick a fight with those who insult her sisters or brothers. She also really, really, really hates cat jokes. She is also the same way with her friends well. Place nice, or you will get the claws! (unfortunately her claws are rather dull and she probably couldn't pop a cheap balloon with those suckers.)
  8. I... um in a nutshell, im an alicorn I'm yellow with deep blue in my mane and tail, i also have a music note as my cutie mark, and I'm a very thoughtful guy who is also clinically insane. And I'm 19 going on 5...thats about it I guess
  9. Name: Tiger Blood Gender: Male Age: Stallion Species: Earth Pony Eye Color: Golden. Character Color: Light reddish-brown with reddish-black markings. Mane/Tail: Both are rather short and simple, the mane a sort of short mohawk that falls to one side and the tail kept in a kind of bun. Both are a sort of dark gray, perhaps with a bit of purple in the mix. Physique: Making his job and life fighting, he has a well-muscled physique, though it’s also lean, built for defense through dodging more than blocking. He has a few scars on his face, mostly some across his nose and one across his right eye. Thankfully, this did not cause any damage to the actual eye. Aside from that, there are various markings imitating zebra stripes on his back and chin, as well as a tribal design circling the top of his right foreleg. Residence: Beakbreak City Occupation: Guard, fighter. Cutie Mark: A black paw pad design with red lines imitating scratches coming off the claws. To him this represents his ability to fight and win, no matter what happens. He earned his mark one fateful day while exploring the wilds of his home country. He ran into a wild animal out there that did not take kindly to his presence. After a tough battle, in which he earned multiple scars including the one over his eye, he emerged victorious and returned home having proved himself. He hadn’t even noticed the mark appearing until he made it home. Unique Traits: Training- Over the years, he has had extensive training in multiple areas, though mostly fighting. Well, as extensive as it gets where he’s from. Fighting Style- He fights mostly with spears or his own body, usually preferring to fight fair, at least initially. If he feels he is losing, or he doesn’t feel like playing around, he is not above fighting dirty to win. Throwing sand in the eyes, hitting below the belt, everything is fair game to him. Outfit- His typical outfit is really just a pair of simple light brown pants with hoof coverings on his back hooves. Finishing off the ensemble is a necklace of animal teeth he knocked out during fights. History: Born and raised in a small settlement in Hesperia’s borders, his life was anything but boring. The town featured a small arena of sorts, and was the origin of a couple of famous combatants. Between his parents, both hunters and protectors, and the rest of the fighters in the town, he learned many lessons on the field of combat. Even from a young age, he excelled at it, especially when fighting bare-hooved and with spears, and he ended up with an undefeated streak for a long time. The only one who seemed to get close, and consequently posed the greatest challenge, was his younger brother. He even managed to best Tiger one day, and from that point on they traded places on the leaderboard almost every time they faced off against each other. Eventually though, a wanderlust awakened inside him, leading him to leave home as soon as he could and make his way across the country, and some of the world, until he settled for Equestria and the city of Beakbreak. He relished the challenge of sparring against dragons, and being a guard payed the bills. Personality: Brash, egotistical, loud-mouthed, all words that could be used to describe him. They are not all he is though, he is also rather hard-working and loyal, a friendly guy. He’d rather break up a fight by taking on both sides by himself, let them get their anger out while giving him some excitement. Etiquette is something of a mystery to him, he’ll address a princess the same way as any other mare he meets.
  10. dragonofruin


    From the album: Mal's art!

    An OC of mine! She was previously an alicorn when I rp'd her elsewhere, but she was adjusted for Canterlot.
  11. dragonofruin


    From the album: Mal's art!

    Another OC of mine~
  12. dragonofruin


    From the album: Mal's art!

    'nother OC, this one an older one that I redrew some months back.
  13. dragonofruin

    Yuna suit

    From the album: Mal's art!

    An art I did of Yuna from the setting outside of Canterlot, when I rp'd her as an alicorn. A friend showed me a reference for a suit to draw her in! I think she's a suit mare. Can't remember where the suit design came from and I'll have to dig for it, but credit to them!
  14. dragonofruin

    Shadow Dart

    From the album: Mal's art!

    This was my very first mlp character, who I drew a lot of art of and eventually fiddled with her design to make it nicer than it was. I hardly ever use her since finding a personality for her is,, difficult. But I still love her.
  15. dragonofruin

    Striking Rain

    From the album: Mal's art!

    Another OC I haven't used much, a former mercenary that's turned to farming.
  16. dragonofruin


    From the album: Mal's art!

    Yet another OC who I enjoy rping, when I get to use her. She was formerly a vampire back in the place I used to rp, altered for Canterlot as well. Now she's just a pegasus with a love for growing roses~.
  17. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Passion Pure Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Blue Coat: White Mane/Tail: Big is in style this season. Passion's blonde mane and tail are both as full and fluffy as they can possibly be without adding in such things as obnoxious curls. Physique: Sleek and athletic is the way to be for Passion. She exercises constantly to keep her body in the best shape possible, never allowing even a single pinch of flab to form on her flank. Residence: Ponyville Occupation: Matchmaker/Relationship Coach Cutie Mark: Passion's cutie mark is one large pink heart with two smaller pink hearts to the right of the larger one. Unique Traits: Passion has the uncanny ability to find love, even if only fleeting, for everypony but herself. History: Much of Passion's life has remained painfully uneventful. She took up her strict regimen of self-care from a young age and her parents assumed that she'd eventually find her way to working in or perhaps even owning a salon or a gym of some creation. What actually happened was incredibly surprising to all who knew her other than Passion herself. As her parents' marriage began to crumble destructively around the family, a willingness to bind her family closer welled up from within Passion slowly over time. One fateful night, as her parents neared the end, Passion had finally had enough and used her voice in an attempt to make her parents realize how much they really loved each other. Her words, though she was still young, rang true and the relationship was mended and saved little by little. It was then that she got her cutie mark and her love for what would become her future profession. Nowadays she works on the fly, randomly matching ponies on the street she thinks would be perfect for one another while also taking requests to find that perfect pony by those lonely few. If she's not browsing the market or looking for that next perfect match, she's probably at home exercising her fool head off or getting a good mane styling session in. Character Personality: Mildly self-centered, it would be difficult to come up with any way to convince Passion to get herself dirty or to mar her flawless mane and coat in any way outside of life or death emergencies. She can also be incredibly brave or ridiculously cowardly depending on just how threatened she's feeling and if there's somepony she wants to impress involved. Passion is a firm believer in the idea that love is an even stronger power than friendship, but she lacks the motivation or actual know-how to prove her theories as anything more than the occasional grandstanding speech. That doesn't really stop her from voicing her opinion. When it actually comes to real friendships, however, Passion keeps her bonds strong. There isn't anything that can convince her to give up on a friend once made. She wouldn't be much of a love pony if she wasn't fiercely loyal, after all. Character Summary: Passion is all about realizing the true power of a true and passionate love and will do almost anything to find it. At first glance it may seem as though Passion puts herself before all else... and perhaps sometimes that's true, but when push comes to shove she can be the friendliest and most loyal pony in the entire world. Just... don't touch her mane or her tail, alright? Image:
  18. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Candy Cain Sex: Male Age: Young Adult Species: Unicorn Eye Color: Sage/Mint Green, Forest Green Coat Color: Cain has a coat that is roughly wheat/tortilla colored, with decorative swirling strips of faint pink, though it is hidden by the white/pink collared shirt he wears. Mane/Tail: Cain's mane and tail are a hot pink color, his mane not going all the way down his neck. His hairstyle is a middle-parting, wavy style, slightly hiding his ears. His horn comes up slightly behind the parting. His tail is a little thin and wavy as well, looking sort of like gum. No, not chewed-up gum. Good gum, or cotton candy. Physique: As a whole, Cain's body is mostly lean, tall and athletic. Not as much built for speed or power as it is built for endurance. Residence: Wanderer (However, since he visits Ponyville so frequently, he might be considered a Ponyville resident.) Occupation: Confectioner, Showman Cutie Mark: Cain's cutie mark is a pink swirl mint, the dark stripes seeming to float off the candy itself, signifying some sort of magic. Cain received his cutie mark the day he created his living replica of Canterlot. Though Cain has had many achievements with his sugary designs, he's never been able to pull of anything quite as grand as the Canterlot replica since. Unique Traits: Cain's an architect. Though he would never call himself that, Cain's occupation is very similar to that. He designs sweets (mainly candy), and creates art and structures out of the sugary substances. Then, the unicorn animates those things for all to see. Try and eat anything before Cain's done, though, and he might lose his marbles. Cain has a rich city accent (almost like a Boston accent), and a swaggering confidence in almost everything he does. Almost everything. History: Like all of his family before him, Candy Cain grew up in the rich, colorful capital of Equestria, Canterlot. His family ran a small business up there, one that had to do with everyone's favorite thing; candy! (no, no, NO, not those blasted pastries. Candy!) They created and sold the sweets in a smaller shop on the edge of the city. Growing up, Cain was always acutely aware of what his parents and older siblings did, and what they could be doing instead. No, Cain didn't prefer to have fun as a child. He designed things. Candy, as a matter of fact. As a unicorn, Cain could use magic an many ways, and shifting the usage over to candy was no problem for him. The end result was one that no one had expected from someone like him. Up until his early teen years, Cain had always experimented with shifting candy and sugar into different forms with his magic. They hadn't always gone so well. There were a few scattered successes, but not much. One early morning, though, Cain's parents and neighbors woke up to see not a little trinket, but a living replica of Canterlot, made entirely out of candy. Cain's mastery of manipulating so many different tiny things was extraordinary. This was the start of something new for Cain. When Cain moved out, he started up his own business, taking the name of 'Candy Cain's Confections and Art'. There, one would be greeted by a smile and something wonderful; a world of candy. Some of it was life-sized, others miniatures. Some was made to look exactly like something in real life, down to the colors, other things were of Cain's imagination. Almost everything seemed to have been brought to life by Cain's magic. For a time, Cain was happy with himself. But still, there were some out there that couldn't see his works. Lots of things couldn't be moved, really. So Cain made his final decision. Cain sold off some f his works to buy a large cart full of materials to make candy. With this cart, Cain would go down to Ponyville and other populated areas, stopping where all could see him to preform his art. Not just show it- but create it in front of everyone's eyes, and let them see the magic and emotion put into it all. Some might have thought it was ridiculous, going to a mobile shop when he had no real need to, but Cain didn't mind it. All could see (and taste) his creations, and it made for good cardiovascular exercise. This is what he does to this day. Cain has not yet moved into Ponyville fully, since he doesn't think he's fully prepared for that kind of project, but every week, for a couple days at a time, Candy Cain visits Ponyville and populations beyond to show them what magic should truly be used for. To make you feel like a kid again. Personality: Candy Cain has a rather infectious personality, a real showman's attitude. His voice is one that can reach the back of a crowd without breaking, warm and full of life. Combined with his rich, big-city accent (sort of like a Boston accent), he is an instantly-likable character. Like Santa Claus. Claus from Boston. He always laughs at a joke (even if it's corny), and always has time to listen to a story or request. He especially likes kids. He's always making them little candy trinkets to bring home or eat. His attitude sort of grinds to a halt when it comes to mares, though. He left the house before anyone could teach him how to directly speak to one. He doesn't stutter, but he loses his train of thought from time to time. Though some think Cain's a little too open to new folk sometimes, he doesn't care. After all, everybody was a wide-eyed kid at some point. They all deserve kindness and a smile, right? As long as they aren't messing with his stuff, they're fine! Character Summary: Candy Cain is certainly a pony-person, being open, always smiling, and always having time to give a colt or mare a bit of sweetness when he's around. Getting used to Ponyville might take a little time, but he'll get around to it. Cain might be too trusting sometimes, but hey. He's a candy-colt. You wouldn't really take advantage of a guy like that, would you?
  19. Name: Gilded Narrative Alias: Narry Goodmare Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Pegasus Eye Color: light pink Character Color: Ivory Mane/Tail/Other: Unkempt, golden fluffy mane and tail, with streaks of lighter yellow. Wears a band pink around the base of her tail. Physique: She is slightly shorter than an average mare. She is also slightly more heavy-set than the average mare, with a stout snout. Residence: Las Pegasus, in her room at the Gold Rush casino. Occupation: Casino floor manager, former journalist, occasional rabblerouser. Cutie Mark: Her cutie mark is a tattered, golden scroll. She learned her talent was spinning stories, whether for entertainment, or for manipulation. Shaping the narrative, some might say. The specific instance in which she earned her cutie mark occurred when she convinced an entire crowd of ponies to visit her family's establishment, luring them away from the glamour of the Las Pegasus strip. Unique Traits: She is good at perception and sizing others up, her moxie, charm, convincing others of things, and playing cards. She is not good at mane and coat care, making friends, being friendly, or dealing with extremely noisy situations. History: Gilded Narrative was born as the oldest child, and only filly, of Gilt Collier (a miner earth pony who struck gold outside of Las Pegasus and built a casino on the spot), and her mother Desert Star (a pegasus florist and ex-weatherpony specializing in desert plants). She grew up in a busy and noisy place, often doing work at her parent's casino, whether promoting it on the streets, or helping police the casino floor. Growing up around lots of noise, and with two younger, rowdy brothers, she decided to go for a change of pace and moved to Canterlot when she was old enough to live on her own. She quickly grew to dislike the haughty culture of the capital city of Equestria, and began circulating a newsletter under her pseudonym “Narry Goodmare” and writing a column for a local newspaper. However, due to her confrontational and typically controversial nature, she was eventually fired. After making very little bits focusing on her newsletter and producing propaganda posters on the streets, she decided to move back home with her family, where she currently lives. Personality: While she can be a bit bossy sometimes, and quite frankly somewhat of a jerk, at the end of the day she always has the best in mind for the ponies she cares about. Despite this, her means of achieving things is often underhanded, probably due to growing up in the environment she has, and can be opportunistic at times. She will almost always remain calm and try to portray herself as in charge - and even tries to take charge in many situations - even if it isn't the truth. She prefers not to fly very high, as she is a little bulkier than many pegasus mares, and isn't very confident in the air. Character Summary: To put it simply, Gilded Narrative is a conpony with a heart of gold. She can be loving and caring to those who manage to wiggle their way into her heart, but otherwise doesn't hold others in very high regard. She is slow to make friends, but longs for it none-the-less. Narry is a troubled mare. Picture:
  20. Name: Night Star Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Zony (Zebra/Pony hybrid) Eye Color: Pink Character Color: Mostly magenta, with the stripes being a darker magenta. Mane/Tail: His mane is somewhat long, reaching to his back and a bit past that on the side. It is a bit wavy, curling slightly at the ends, and is mostly a darker pink with light pink strands. The tail is a similar story, reaching most of the way down his legs. Physique: Despite being a stallion, his physique would lead others to believe he’s a mare. He’s about average height of mares his age, with a somewhat lithe build. Residence: Home in Ponyville Occupation: Astronomer Cutie Mark: His cutie mark is a yellow shooting star over a blue crescent moon. This represents his love for studying space and all its mysteries. The day he got his mark, or rather the night, was the first time he saw a meteor shower. Night and his family had gone out to watch the shower together, and they even brought a telescope along to pass the time while they waited. Night was already interested in space, but on more of a hobby level. Even so, he remained glued to the telescope, and between what he saw through it and the later meteor shower, a true passion was born. Another thing that was born; his cutie mark. Unique Traits: Training: During his childhood, his mother trained him in traditional zebra potion-making and how to fight using a staff. Not to say he is a master of either, but he knows the basics. Personality: He is a rather caring pony, if not a somewhat introverted one. He tends to prefer being alone, but the friends he has managed to make along the way are a close second. He will do everything in his power to help out his friends. Making new friends or initiating conversations proves to be difficult for him, but he can manage if need be. He has always been a night owl, staying up late and getting up late. Consequently, he tends to prefer Luna over Celestia. History: Growing up as the child of a zebra mother and an earth-pony father certainly was a different one. Even from an early age though, he was quite the academic, learning from both parents and both cultures. This meant that, on top of his equestrian teachings, he also learned basic alchemy and how to defend himself. As he got older, he managed to make some friends along the way, keeping in touch with them even as they scattered to go through their final stretches of schooling. Night, of course, went into astronomy and even a bit into astrology for good measure. After graduating, he moved back to his hometown of Ponyville as it was easier to see the stars without the lights of the bigger cities.
  21. BlueBook

    New style

    From the album: BlueBook's art stash

    Decided to try and improve my art style and this is what happened. Did this in the span of one night, pretty proud of myself. The oc depicted was created be me for a friend, please do not use him at all.
  22. Hello everyone! So, I'm going to be making an OC to be able to RP with you all. I feel like I might be almost done with it. Besides me needing a good name for my OC/Sona, I do need what jobs would be canon to the RP World of Equestria. I hope you all have a nice day!
  23. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Hyper Jack Sex: Male Age: Teen / Young Adult (Colt) Species: Earth Pony Eye color: Jack has two eye colors- left being yellow, right being aquamarine. Coat: A thin white coat that fades into a light blue towards his hooves and upper back. Mane/Tail: Jack has a deep blue mane and tail, his mane being streaked yellow and falling down his neck, ending a little above his shoulders. His mane is more choppy than most, shaggy and thick with spiked bangs, one thick bang in particular almost entirely covering his left eye. His tail is left untrimmed and shaggy as well, a slight nuisance at times. Physique: Jack isn't exactly muscled, being a tad weak on terms of strength. He's a little on the thin side, being slightly smaller than most male ponies his age Residence: Ponyville Occupation: Gamer, Bartender Cutie Mark: A small controller (specifically an old Atari Joystick), it's cord wrapping around itself once and trailing down his hind leg. Unique Traits: Hyper Jack isn't 'Hyper' for nothing. He always seems to be on some sort of coffee of sorts when he's around people. Jack also has a reaction time that is far higher than a normal ponies, which is why he excels at adventure and speed run games. Regardless of his hyper nature, Jack always appears to be tired, with small rings under his eyes. History: Hyper Jack was born up north in a noble family of Equestria. The family considered themselves 'higher' in almost everything, regarding other pony families as 'inferior'. As a result, they isolated themselves from those less fortunate than they were, leaving Jack to a life alone for most of his childhood. I like his parents, however, Jack had other things in mind than continuing with the family business. With no real life friends, he turned to games, buying his own arcade machine and playing for high scores, locking himself away on his room. As Jack grew older, he became more distant from his family as he realized how they treated others, purposely turning to games just to ignore them. He'd sneak into small towns down South in the middle of the night and meet a couple others with similar hobbies, trade scores and names. Fake names. Eventually, Jack left the house without permission one night, fleeing to that town 'Ponyville' , where everything seemed to lead. With little money that he had taken from his parents, he got to rent an old room in an old bar, with an old stallion willing to let him stay if he payed his rent. Eventually, Jack made a living by working the bar and playing in the arcade after-hours in contests and for people that gathered around. Though he wasn't much of a talker behind the bar, Jack was able to make friends with a few of the ponies that watched him play. A few of the closer ponies had similar lifestyles, never getting out and meeting people. Jack got his Cutie Mark when he returned all the generosity and kindness in person at the bar, finally making true friends with loners like him. He still doesn't get out a lot, but he's eager to give you a story and introduce himself if you ever find him working the bar. Personality: One might be tempted to say that Jack almost has a triple-personality. Hyper Jack: Outside of the bar, Hyper Jack is, well, hyper. He's friendly in a very talkative way, sometimes being somewhat clingy to new folk. If not, he's rapid and shy, feeling pressure in groups of more than. . . One. Most of the time, he talks too fast for anyone to really understand what he's saying. Other times, Jack just screams his sentences when he's really excited. Though he usually never leaves the bar, if you do catch him out and about, he's holding a creamy espresso, loaded with sugar. Maybe two. Some days, those are needed. Other times, Jack does slow down when needed, showing surprising warmth to people he hasn't met before (If they don't sneak up on him, or he's expecting them), and be as understanding of them as possible if they're upset. He has the uncanny ability to read a mood. Tired Jack: At the bar, Jack is more like a young worn colt that's seen more than his years seem to tell. He acts a lot more relaxed around others (seeing as they're usually regulars) and is always there to lend some advice, company, or condolences. He's a friend, and a shoulder to lean on when the going gets tough. As long as you don't sneak up on him. Frazzle Jack: In private, Jack just seems tired. Though he was only caught once, he's appeared exhausted and sort of blank when he isn't playing. Running two occupations back to back are very taxing on him sometimes. He doesn't let that slow him down in public, though. With the reasoning that he should always be there for his fans and others, Jack tends to neglect the little rest time he gets to reach out to others. Quote(s): "How can I be sad when everything's always so. . . peachy? I say, y'all are peachy!" --Hyper Jack with friends "Sometimes, I look back and remember leaving my family, throwing in my lot with all of these goofballs, working past midnight, living in a bar. . . I still don't regret a moment of it." --Jack's Diary
  24. Butter Cheer Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Butter Cheer Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Teal Coat: a tannish yellow Mane/Tail: both dark blue. her mane is bouncy, quite like Pinkie Pie's, held with a pink ponytail holder. Her tail is small but still bouncy Physique: she is sized like a normal mare. Residence: Ponyville Occupation: not really an occupation, but keeping ponies happy! Cutie Mark: a butterfly (from Fluttershy's cutie mark) surrounded by two small pixel hearts. She got her cutie mark one day when her sister, Daisy Meadow, was sad and she cheered her up with hugs and... butterflies? She somehow got butterflies inside the house. Without getting in trouble. Unique Traits: She's always been able to use her magic quite well, even as an older foal. Butter Cheer also somehow manages to get butterflies in the house quite often. Not a unique trait, just... where else do I note that? And her puppy dog eyes (like the ones Apple Bloom does in Episode 1) most of the time can't be resisted. Except by equally as cheerful ponies. History: As a young foal, Butter Cheer was obviously cheerful. She was born in Ponyville, a few years (about three) after her older sister, Daisy Meadow. The foal almost never cried, except when her diaper was dirty or her big sister was being rude. Her magic spurts were mostly just flying, due to the fact that her older sister, mom and dad were all pegasi but she wasn't. She often wanted to go outside, but her parents wouldn't let her - what good parents! Her sister often took her outside though, and her parents were fine with THAT. Just... not her going outside alone. When she got older (still a foal), she went outside with Daisy Meadow and her parents quite often. She'd sometimes BEG to go outside, and her parents had to go, due to Daisy Meadow going to school. Those outside trips mostly included playing with butterflies, singing and meeting new ponies! Despite foals losing their magic spurts at her age, she didn't. She still had her magic! When Butter Cheer was a filly, there was only one thing she loved more then butterflies, Daisy Meadow, family in general and friends. School! She made most of her friends here, including some background ponies who lived in Ponyville (Derpy... pretty much just Derpy ) and Rarity and Applejack. School was the best! One day, Daisy Meadow was sad. Because it was raining. And she said she was going to visit her friends' houses! Then, Butter Cheer immediately charged her with hugs. And butterflies. Needless to say, her sister was happy. And, Butter Cheer got her cutie mark! Basically the rest of that day was her cute-ceañera. Another love of hers was drawing. She'd often go outside and draw. When ponies were sad, she often drew pictures for them. They were mostly just animals and butterflies . As an older filly, around the age of Applejack in Where the Apple Lies, she pretty much just ran around Ponyville making friends with everypony... like fifty times. Not to mention she'd also sometimes scare Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash up in Cloudsdale. Not on purpose, on accident. Birthdays are pretty much her favorite thing, especially her birthday where she finally became a mare! There was cake, friends, Pinkie Pie! The party was planned by Pinkie Pie, you see. And then it's the present. She was at Pinkie's welcome party for Twilight, at the Summer Sun Celebration, Twilight's coronation, the Summer Sun Celebration, etc. Character Personality: she is clearly extroverted, loving cheering up other ponies. She is always cheerful and kind to other ponies, even those who are mean to her. Character Summary: Butter Cheer (I almost forgot her name) is a cheerful mare, friendly and loves her family! You can often find her in Ponyville or Canterlot, occasionally in the Everfree Forest.
  25. Name: Mint Sprig Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Earth Pony Eye Color: Baby blue Coat: A bright mint green. Mane/Tail: Her mane is a soft shade of lilac and is kept about shoulder length, though the front part of her mane is cut short to her brows to form bangs. Her tail is allowed to grow out with the occasional trim to keep it off the ground. Both her tail and mane have a natural flip to them. Physique: Mint Sprig would be considered above average than most fillies her age in height, but is otherwise completely average in every way. Residence: The Ground District of Las Pegasus Occupation: Fortune Teller Cutie Mark: A white, sparkling sphere on a golden stand. Unique Traits: Mint Sprig makes the best cup of tea of any fortune telling, mint green, lavender maned pony in Las Pegasus! But, no, really, Mint is pretty good at serving a nice brew, though she mainly does it to perform a tea leaf reading. Aside from that, she's excellent at reading other ponies and can spot a pony in need of guidance (read: customer) from a mile away! She's been capable of intuiting the mental state of even the most stone-faced of ponies, though errors can be made here and there... (Not even a cutie mark can make someone perfect, after all!) History: Mint Sprig's home and heart will always be in her hometown, Ponyville. She was born and raised there, after all! She was the oldest foal of four brothers and sisters and, as a result, spent much of her time growing up watching after them. She had her bad and good days with the extra responsibility, but Mint eventually grew to love the times she spent with her family. This became especially evident to her when everyone started growing up and moving away! Despite being the oldest, Mint Sprig ended up being the last pony to leave her parent's home and find her own place. It wouldn't be a lie to say that she hesitated on moving out for so long to try to squeeze in as many moments with her baby brothers and sisters as she could before they escaped from their smothering, overprotective big sister. But, once they had all went to greener pastures, Mint Sprig decided it was time to find a way to better use her greatest talent. When Mint Sprig was a young foal, she had an obsessive hobby with all things pseudoscience—and this didn't mean magic, either. Mint Sprig loved the stuff that had nothing to do with the very scientific use of magic and had all to do with intuition and the powers of the universe. Things like cleromancy, alectromancy, crystallomancy, and so many more. One day after school, having grown bored of playing with her origami fortune teller, Mint decided to invest some of her allowance into a genuine crystal ball. She initially couldn't figure out how to work with the device—there were no numbers or colors or anywhere to write the fortune on! So, she allowed the ball to gather dust in her room, only deciding to drag it out for show and tell on a whim. While showing the crystal ball to her classmates, she prompted a foal to allow her to demonstrate the art of scrying for fun. When he had approached, little Mint had looked at the reflection of her classmate on the crystal ball and was overwhelmed by a strange urge. If pressed, Mint Sprig would admit that she doesn't know if it was the power of the universe or if she had just been struck by inspiration, but the advice she gave that foal did turn out for the better. He met his beloved wife and started on his path to becoming the best hot air balloon operator in all the land by sticking to what Mint Sprig told him. More importantly, Mint Sprig graduated from her blank-flank days and earned her cutie mark. Mint Sprig went on to do all kinds of readings, now driven to explore the various ways one can communicate to the universe. But, there were only so many clients she could find in Ponyville and Mint couldn't help but feel she wasn't benefiting ponykind as much as she could have been. So, once her siblings had grown up and moved away, Mint Sprig packed her bags for Las Pegasus, a tourist hot spot full of ponies who could use some advice! Needy, rich ponies who could pay her lots of bits to let her travel around the continent to bug her siblings. Mint Sprig's traveling stand in Las Pegasus became well known as a quirky tourist hot spot, drawing in her pick of customers. She would have preferred to use this popularity to pick only the ones that gave her that unique sensation of a true fortune, but, more often than not, Mint would pick whoever had the nicest things and settle with a good tip over personal fulfillment. Character Personality: Once shy and withdrawn, Mint Sprig has developed into a spunky, carefree pony with a wild imagination. She's pretty energetic and easily excited about trying new things or meeting new people. She has a fondness for foals and critters and can easily attach herself to just about anypony she encounters. She's the type of pony who considers one good conversation about the weather a sign of a strong bond and has a habit of approaching acquaintances as best pals. Some might consider her standards of what makes a good pony to associate with low, but Mint Sprig just views it as being open-minded. In truth, Mint Sprig views other ponies in extremes, sorting them as either best pal for life or monstrous villain with little evidence of either. She's darn loyal to her labels, too, so falling in or out of either category can be a difficult mission indeed. Character Summary: Mint Sprig is a friendly, energetic earth pony originally from Ponyville who likes critters and foals. She now lives and works in Las Pegasus as a fortune teller. Art by Unichan, Base by Klewgcg
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