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  1. Name: Cynhra Sex: Female Age: Young Doe Species: Peryton Eye Color: Magenta Character Color: She is primarily a reddish-orange in color, though it fades into a golden color on her legs, muzzle, and the tips of her wings. Her horns are a golden color just like her brother. Mane/Tail: As a peryton, she doesn’t have a mane to speak of, but her tail is simply the tail one would expect, with the red-orange on top and the yellow on the bottom. Physique: She does not really have all that impressive of a physique, though it is lithe in a way that shows her enjoyment of dancing. She is about as tall as usual for one of her age. Residence: The Emerald Grove with her brother. Occupation: As the princess of the land, she is technically jobless, but she uses her time as a painter and dancer for the most part. Cutie Mark: N/A Unique Abilities: On top of the magic typical of her race, she has found that she has the ability to conjure small amounts of illusory flames, though it only seems to happen while she’s dancing. History: Cynhra was actually born on the same day as her brother, separated by a matter of minutes. Still though, Oisin was born first and was therefore the heir. Being so close in age allowed her to attend the same lessons as her brother, however, and those teachings helped mold her into what she became. She took to dancing at a young age, more than happy to show off her graceful movements to anyone who would watch, including any guests that may visit her home. One thing she shared with her brother growing up was a love of fantasy, and so often joined him in his re-enactments. Being how she was, both a literal princess and one as full of grace as she, she often ended up playing the part of the princess. She even kissed him on the cheek sometimes when he ‘saved’ her, mostly to mess with him. When Oisin’s fangs emerged, she thought they looked nice, like they helped complete his look, and so she would help defend him against the teasing from the others. She could see what it was doing to him, and she understood this was not fun teasing for him. As she grew older, her grace and coordination only grew, allowing her to dance even more beautifully. She even took up painting, despite how messy it could be, and sometimes poetry. She simply found herself drawn towards artistic pursuits, even as Oisin was crowned the new king. Well, she would still be there by his side, she knew how much help he needed after all. Personality: Cynhra is an odd case, really. She is very friendly, but in a sort of arrogant way. In trying to compliment someone, she may qualify the statement by comparing it as lesser to what she or another peryton would be able to do. Still though, she tries, and she does enjoy making friends. She is very passionate about the arts, wether it be dancing, acting, or otherwise. While she partially performs in order to show off, she will also do private shows to help someone improve in their own efforts. After all, every step closer to her level was another step closer to perfection, it would be greedy to hog all the perfection for herself. Summary: An arrogantly friendly peryton princess, she does her best to continue using her gifts while supporting her twin brother as he runs the kingdom.
  2. Roleplay Type: WoEName: Oisin (ush-EEN)Sex: MaleAge: Young BuckSpecies: PerytonEye Colour: Oisin's eyes start a deep, almost dream likeCoat: Oisin's coat is many different shades of emerald green, but his legs and wings end in a slight shade of dreamy lavender purple.Mane/Tail: Being a Peryton, Oisin has no real mane, but he harbors the usual tuft tail of his cervine like kind.Physique: Slender and almost balletic in appearance, Oisin bears a typical dear like physique.Residence: The Emerald Grove, Velvet Strand IslesOccupation: King of the Peryton Kingdom in Velvet StrandCutie Mark: N/A - Peryton's don't need cutie marks to show off their fantastic skills.Unique Traits: Like the odd few of his kind, Prince Oisin bares tiny vestigial fangs that hold no real power or effect other than maybe being threatening and possibly delivering an inconvenient nibble here and there. It is however doubtful as he is still a full vegetarian. Despite being relatively young and fresh to his princely title, Oisin holds aloft a rather impressive rack of antlers that have either bloomed or been decoratively dye'd a luminous golden colour, the same as his hooves. Oisin has wings just like any Peryton and just as useless as any Peryton's wings should be, however because of his magical affinity the purple tips of his wings seem to sparkle ever so faintly. Whether this is genuinely because of his affinity for magic or simply just showing it off for any onlookers, remains to be seen. History: Oisin was born in the heart of the Velvet Strand Isles - the Emerald Grove, where he and family have lived for generation within the small Peryton Kingdom. Like most of his line, he was greeted lovingly into the world and immediately brought up with ideals of 'Royal Peryton Perfection' and the attitudes he should have to his 'lesser' creatures - even those of his own kind. However he was also taught the importance of nature, of the herd and most of all modesty, leading to a slight clash in teachings to say the least as he developed from a fawn to sprouting his first nubs that would soon become his antlers. His father - King Tiarnán, raised his son to be comfortable with the visitors to the Velvet Strand such as the pony tourists and those that come for the peace and tranquility, it's at one of these visits the young fawn 'met' Princess Celestia on a diplomatic visit, however being so young he had little to offer in diplomatic conversation or regal baring than the odd bow and offering a flower to the tall pretty alicorn. He was raised on books of history, but his love was in fantasy. Tales of swashbuckling pirates, dastardly villains and courtly love. Being lost in books of epic romances of princes saving princesses for hours on end and re-enacting them with all the little does of his father's court with great energetic enthusiasm. When his vestigial fangs started growing out - despite their diminutive size - there were worried whispers that the young prince may end up like his maddened great great grandfather; Drust of the Blight. Learning of the history worried the young prince greatly and the rumors and teasing from his fellow fawns, royalty or not, was still a burden on his tiny mind to the point that it kept him near constantly distracted from his lessons of cultivation. It was only when his mother noticed her son's tired eyes and droopy ears and after a long talk with her and his father, the child's worries were pushed aside and he was soon on his way to the path of his royal teachings. With the passing years, his antlers grew, as did his passive magic. He became much more competent in his baring from the awkward and worried child he was and now had a healthy dose of boastful pride mixed with modesty, however it wasn't long till his father had stepped down from the throne of the Emerald Grove due to irrevocable injury done to his horns and Oisin's coronation took place on a bright spring morning, reigning him as the new if young King. Years before he rightfully should have been the age to become King. Now freshly crowned, the young King of the Perytons now has to face the world of royalty and keep the peace and tranquility of the Velvet Strand as those before him did for generations. Character Personality: Oisin is a bit of an unintentionally spoiled brat at his worse and a socially inept doofus at most, despite his regal baring - social cues and knowing what's best to say in what situation has never been his charm, even when trying to be kind. A compliment will be unintentionally added with 'for a Pony' or 'but not as good as a Peryton' and he'll think nothing of it. But despite such, there is no real vitriol or cruelty in his words, he's just a bit dense when it comes to socializing outside of his own species. Or with the ladies. Being a young buck, Oisin is unfortunately a bit of a doe-eye'd brag when it comes to the ladies, often falling head over heels at first sight for a pretty face and making wild claims of innocent adoration and often quoting old romantic epics he's read thinking the overly sappy saccharine love novels have anything remotely appealing to them. But when he isn't badly handling a compliment for dignitaries or flirting with some poor doe or mare, Oisin is surprisingly competent. He is nature loving, friendly and caring to those in or visiting his household and especially when visiting foreign lands despite any social frollups. Keeping himself poised, regal in times of stress to act as a beacon of tranquility during any trouble - some might see this as ignorant but it's simply to offer a peaceful bastion for any of his panicking people to latch onto. Character Summary: This royal Peryton may come off as a boastful flirt with nothing between the ears but at the end of the day, he's a young buck put into a position given to him too early and doing his best to be a friendly and approachable monarch that will make his people and family proud.
  3. Hello! . I just recently had my new Peryton oc Lockhart Thunder approved for roleplay (His app here), and i just thought i would check to see if there would be any interest in interacting with him? He can mostly be found wandering around the velvet strand looking after his herd of Peryton. Perhaps maybe he could be of help to your oc in some way, or maybe your oc would just like a friendly conversation? Just maybe he has to wander out of the velvet strand for some kind of important reason? I would love to hear if anyone else had any ideas or if there was any interest.
  4. Roleplay Type: Main Rp Name: Lockhart Thunder Sex: MaleAge: Older buck, (stallion in pony terms) Species: Peryton Eye colour: GreenCoat: Light Brown with a white streak on his belly. A white splotch can be seen on his muzzle, and near the bottom of his legs.Mane/Tail: His tail is matching that of deer. Slightly longer than the average deer tail like medium length. It matches his coat color, with white underneath the tail. His mane is black, and short in length running all the way down his head and part of his neckPhysique: Lockhart Stands taller then most in the herd, With a stocky build. His antlers are that of a normal whitetail, but are longer and stocky in size. With large folded wings Residence: He live in small hillside home on The velvet strandOccupation: Protector of a herd of Peryton Cutie Mark: "Not applicable" Unique Traits: All tho being a Magical being in sense, but possessing no horn like a unicorn has, His large antlers act like a conduit for magic which flows through the herd. The points of the antlers pull the magic in from around him and distributes it to other nearby Peryton. A sweet smell comes from around him, Water slowly turns to a crystal clear, and other lifeforms seems to thrive around him. All tho his magic much weaker when he is by himself, and is amplified around other Peryton. History: Lockhart Thunder was born in a herd of Peryton near the NImbusgait lakes in what is know as the Velvet strand. As a Peryton life growing up was vastly calm. At a young age Lockhart was taught to protect the herd, and showed a great promise in becoming a strong protector one day. His parents also being both Peryton brought up Lockhart in caring home, but also drove home the responsibility of keeping the peace in the heard. Years of training grew Lockhart into a large and fit build, and was very good at protecting the others that where weaker. Growing into his young adult years he courted a beautiful doe Peryton named Autumn aura, and to this day can be often found by her side. Being a older Peryton now Lockhart watches over his fellow Peryton, And can be often times found wandering the velvet strand making sure everything is calm, or spending time with Autumn. Being older now he prefers to have a peaceful life like the rest in the herd, But is still plenty strong enough to protect himself and others. Lockhart hopes to one day be able to retire from his job of protecting his kind, and let some other strong peryton take over so he can live in peace worry free. Character Personality: Lockhart is generally a very easy going guy, and can be quite friendly to be around. That is as long as you leave his herd unharmed. When defending his herd he can be quite aggressive and unwilling to back down. He has a very lighthearted mood most of the time, but to some can seems a bit serious, and lacks a sense of humor. All tho it is not his occupation he all to happy to help others relax. If that means sitting with them for awhile so they feel safe. Character Summary: Overall, Despite his looks, Lockhart is a very enchanting creature to be around. He all to happy to help someone relax, and is happy to listen to what they have to say, and can be found wandering around the velvet strand most of the times. He had a very lighthearted mood, but lacking of a sense of humor. His antlers draw magic from around him, and restore life to plants, and purify the air and water around. Lockhart used to be young and wild, but now mostly prefers to be old and wise. He some day wishes he can retire to live worry free.
  5. Zeig


    From the album: Requests, Gifts, Commissions

    Since Bellosh is so awesome, I demanded he let me draw something for him politely asked if there was anything he'd like me to draw. He requested Shadowmane, the mysterious and fear-inspiring leader of WRAITH. She's suppose to be fairly covered up so that no one is able to guess her species, which is why she's got her horns, ears, muzzle, tail, and wings completely covered. Really cool character, it'll be interesting seeing her in RP. (The Kracken is not a cutie mark, but it is the symbol of WRAITH~) Shadowmane (c) Bellosh
  6. Name: September, but often goes by just Sep. Gender: Male Age: Young teen. Species: Peryton Eye colour: Burnt orange Character colour: Reddish brown fur, with some patches of white on his tail, muzzle and some spots on his back. Mane/Tail/Other: His mane is a dark brown, longer than average but not too long, and hangs loosely. Physique: Skinny, almost frail looking, but Sep makes up for it in agility. Residence: The Whitetail Woods will forever be his home, but he travels around Equestria, trying to learn as much as he can about the pony species. Occupation: None currently. Cutie Mark: None Unique Traits: September does know a thing or two about herbal remedies from his parents. He can identify just about any kind of plant in the forest and knows what's useful and what isn't. History: Like many deer and peryton, September was born in the Whitetail Woods. His parents were kind and loving to him, but also overprotective. And while Sep loved them every bit back, their overprotectiveness went completely against the young peryton's curious nature. He wanted to explore more of he woods, go on adventures! But no, he was almost always stuck at home, his parents lecturing him about every herbal remedy possible. So one day, while his parents were busy, Sep decided to sneak out and explore a little. He went to places of the woods he had never been to before, where his parents had forbidden him to go. It was exciting! However, not long into his journey, Sep found himself crossing an area of loose rocks. And so, the young peryton's curiousity overran his cautiousness, and it wasn't long before one of the rocks slipped right out from under him. Sep fell hard onto the ground, and landed on one of his forelegs at a funny angle. When he tried to stand up, a horrible pain went through him, and he was forced back onto the ground. Sep freaked out. How could he be so stupid as to hurt himself like this? After what seemed like forever (although it was only a few minutes), someone finally came to the young peryton's aid. A young pegasus mare who had been camping in the woods, who had heard the fall and decided to come see what happened. She had a first aid kit with her, fixed up Sep's leg, claiming it was nothing more than a sprain and that it would heal rather quickly. And then, with a smile, she left, leaving Sep in awe. He had never met a pony before. And one just came and practically saved his life! When he got back home, Sep's parents were furious, but Sep himself didn't think much of it. He was more fascinated by the pony who came to help him. He wanted to know more about these ponies and how they lived. Heck, he wanted to be just like them! It took quite a bit of convincing, but after stating his case, Sep's parents agreed: they would let him leave the forest. Sep was overjoyed. He could finally be on his own! And so, after a couple days of letting his sprained leg heal, and packing up his things (with plenty of remedies his parents made him pack) Sep set out. And this is where he is today, traveling Equestria to learn as much as he can about ponies. Character Summary: September has just about any trait of a pony that is beginning to grow into an adult. He's always had an excellent sense of curiosity, wanting to explore anything new and different. However, his sense of cautiousness has developed too, and doesn't want to set his hoof into anything too dangerous. He's also very innocent, so to speak. His knowledge of Equestria is still somewhat limited, but he's trying his best to learn. He's also gullible in this way, and will fall for just about anything he hears. Overall, Sep is a bright and optimistic peryton, always looking to learn and explore new things and meet new ponies as he continues this journey.
  7. Name: Lucy - Luce to friends. Gender: Female Age: Young adult Species: Peryton Eye colour: Spring bud green. Character colour: Light sea green with white-blue fetlocks, mane, antlers, and feathers. Mane/Tail/Other: Lucy’s got a short, sharply styled mane that’s a very pale blue-white in colour. Physique: Tall, slim, and toned. This peryton is tough as nails. She has tattoos along her forelegs and neck in the same white-blue colour of her mane. She tends to wear too much makeup most days - black lipstick, purple eyeshadow, and heavy mascara are part of her usual makeup routine. Residence: Anywhere her hooves take her. She’s originally from the Velvet Strand, but she left that home behind her many moons ago. Occupation: Vagabond, grunt worker, wannabe vocalist. Cutie Mark: N/A Unique Traits: Like all peryton, Lucy has innate magic that draws other sentient beings to her and helps to soothe and rejuvenate them physically and mentally. It’s a natural magnetism that’s amplified by her charisma and unique...charms. Because of her broken antler, however, her peryton allure is diminished by half. Even so, what’s left is enough to serve her needs. She’s got a rough, smoky, untrained singing voice she loves to put on a show with, and the heart she puts into it plus that peryton appeal helps her pull in any audience she sings for. She’s also an excellent scrapper. History: Luce grew up in the Velvet Strand, where she enjoyed a life of...well, she didn’t really enjoy her life there. The islands themselves were heaven to her. Being around other peryton and enjoying the benefits of herd magic, screaming and roughhousing in the shallows with her friends every day, chasing fireflies every night - it was almost as though she had found Utopia without looking for it. Almost. Peryton themselves were all so...stuffy. Snobby. Not that she wasn’t just as self-involved as the rest of them, she just didn’t look down on others the way most of her friends and family did. Not to mention the adults spent their entire days sipping stupid lattes and doing yoga. They were all boring. So each year that Lucy grew older she yearned to get away more and more. The only thing that ever held her back was the herd magic that made life so...clean. Pure. There was some secret part of her that feared she would somehow become a foul abomination of a peryton if she were separated from her herd, but lucky for her it wasn’t a decision she had to make by herself. During her late adolescent years, Luce climbed up an oak tree to hide a friend’s favourite doll as revenge for eating her lunch that day. While she was climbing, she misstepped and fell hard to the ground. She had been unable to snap open her wings in time to glide to safety, and the crash that resulted from her fall cracked off one of her antlers. After that accident her life changed drastically. Her friends, her family - they were all uncomfortable looking at her and speaking with her. A peryton’s antlers is a peryton’s magic, and lacking one had made Lucy half a peryton. It wasn’t as though everypery had begun shunning her though, they just didn’t know how to deal with her. Herd magic is everything to their kind, especially on the Velvet Strand. She no longer fit into their neat little puzzle, so they all just started leaving her behind. At first she rebelled against their cruddy attitudes. She began to collect tattoos and piercings, modifying her appearance to separate herself from them. Peryton, after all, value natural beauty above all else - permanently changing her appearance seriously ticked off most everypery else in the herd. Little mods had always been accepted - something to highlight natural assets. But with where Lucy was heading...hooboy, nope. That did not go over well. That wasn’t enough though, she was still unsatisfied with her life on Cirrus Lake...so she left. Now she just wanders around Equestria taking odd jobs, singing whenever she can scrape together a band, and enchanting everypery she meets with her obnoxious charm. Character Summary/Personality: Lucy isn’t exactly complicated. She’s loud, obnoxious, and she’s got a serious chip on her shoulder despite being a naturally carefree and friendly individual. She can be incredibly rude, gets ticked off pretty easily and isn’t afraid to tell somepery when they’ve gotten under her skin. Even so, her natural peryton charm and easygoing, friendly manner makes it really easy to be friends with her so long as one can avoid getting on her bad side. If you manage to get on her bad side, well...good luck getting off of it. She holds grudges and has a hard time letting go of the past. And when she doesn’t like somepery? She makes it very clear. Dirty looks, rude words, and rude gestures are all in her arsenal. That said, get on her good side and prepare for a world of doting. She can be clingy with her friends, mostly because she’s always insecure and worried about losing them. A lingering effect of the peryton herd mentality she clashed with, without a doubt. A history of failed romances hasn’t helped with that, either. Those who have left Lucy have always had the same reasons: being around her gets intense and there’s never a happy medium. When she’s happy she’s stuck at your side, when she’s mad she’s kicking you and cursing your name. She’s just constantly pushing her needs on others without really thinking about their wants or needs at all. All that comes after getting to know her, though. On the surface she’s tough-as-nails, way too cool, and is always singing happily to herself. She’s got the type of carefree personality that draws others to her when she first meets them - unless she’s around other peryton. She’s always prickly around other peryton because she assumes they’re all pompous, condescending, and ready to judge her about her broken antler. Being around others of her kind makes her feel like she really is just half a peryton, so she’ll always give them the cold shoulder without even giving them a chance. Her singing is the most important thing to her. She’s not particularly good at it - she’s got no range and her voice is rough and completely untrained. She puts unparalleled energy and heart into her voice, though, and it’s the most sincere way she can communicate. Everything she doesn’t know how to put into words for those she cares about comes through in her music, and that passion and yearning (which is very similar to a fawn stomping her hoof and crying for attention) is captivating for most audiences. Thanks to her peryton magic (even though she only has half of what she should), the bewitching nature of her singing is that much stronger. She also has a soft spot for cats, loves the summer rain, and lives for the kind of hard work that builds up a sweat.
  8. RP Type: Canterlot Chronicles Name: Silverglade Sex: Male Age: Young Stag (Equivalent to a Young Stallion) Species: Peryton Eye Color: Grey Coat: Silvery White Mane: Long blonde mane that cascades down his shoulders, stopping just below his stomach. It almost looks white in certain brightness of light. Physique: Tall and thin Silverglade is in perfect physical condition. Each side of his rack of antlers contains several points which he keeps sharp by rubbing trees. This is to give himself the appearance of being dangerous but he dare not risk breaking his antlers in combat. His wings are large as well, almost touching the ground when fully extended. Upon first glance he is seen as a mixture of imposing and enchanting. He is often seen with grape or ivy vines twisted around his legs and a crown made of woven grape vines in the summer and ivy in the winter. Residence: The Velvet Strand in the middle of The Great Nimbusgait Lakes. His home is in a cave carved into one of the hillsides which is very rustic, consisting of an open hall with Silverglade’s throne like chair sitting on a raised rock and a fire pit in the center, a storage room off to one side, a guest room, and Silver’s personal room interestingly located behind his chair. Another opening near his home leads to his processing of grapes and apples where they are collected, crushed, strained multiple times, boiled, cooled, and mixed with Cirrus Lake water. Occupation: Self-appointed protector of the Velvet Stand, and owner as vintner of a sparkling cider and grape juice company called Silverglade's Wines and Juices. History: Silverglade was, like many Peryton, born on the Velvet Strand. Ever since he was a fawn his parents taught him about the bond all Peryton had with the land, especially their abilities to purify the land and the waters that have been damaged. Silverglade felt a sense of sadness that anyone would dare destroy of beauty of nature around them for profit or power. Surely no Peryton would knowingly do such a thing to their own land! It was in that moment that the fawn realized that it must be other races that were polluting the beauty that were the Great Nimbusgait Lakes, and Silverglade would certainly not stand for seeing his home destroyed. As he grew so too did his awareness of the world around him. He marveled at the calm clear shallow waters of Lake Cirrus, the power of Neighagara Falls, and the mysterious Everfree Forest which loomed at the edge of the lakes like some monstrous foe. His powers did also grow as he was able to purify water and plants. He found an especial attraction to the few apple trees that stood on the Velvet Strand and the wild grapes that grew there. With a little cultivation, Silverglade was able produce a healthy crop of grapes and apples which he combined with the waters of Lake Cirrus. To his surprise the water didn’t dilute the taste of the fruits but gave it a sparkling taste to it. As a result the idea was born to sell his plan to others, something of an irony knowing that in doing so would draw others to the Velvet Strand even more than before. He already saw it happening as more bed and breakfasts, tea houses, and spas appeared on the shores of the lake. Still he felt comfortable enough that he was ready to open his cider and juice business. He could only hope that his actions did not disrupt the natural beauty of his world. But if there was one Peryton who could protect where he lived it would be him! Unique Traits: As a Peryton, Silverglade has a passive form of magic on the land. His antlers act similar to that of a unicorn’s horn, connecting him with the natural world. He has a great sense of navigation in natural settings by observing his surroundings, but this comes at a price when he visits towns or cities as he can get lost. His magic allows him to purify small quantities of water at a time and ensure that his crops are the purest form they can be. His magic also makes him alluring to other ponies, who much to his dismay draw close to see a Peryton. Like others of his kind Silverglade is able to use his wings to assist him in jumping high into the air and gliding from lofty places. As a Peryton he is able to regain his stamina quicker than others not of his race and be more resistant to sickness. One of his unique traits is the ability to blend apples or grapes with the purified water from Lake Cirrus into sparkling ciders. To reduce trash and his costs he requests that used bottles be returned to him where he will clean them and fill them again. Character Summary: At first glance Silverglade is seen as an enchanting figure who carries himself and acts like a prince. It is no wonder why many are drawn to him upon first sight. While part of him does enjoy the attention he also doesn’t want to be constantly hounded by ponies. The Peryton when not in the company of others is very skeptical of other races fearing that they will be the undoing of the natural beauty that he knows and loves. For this reason he acts quite aloof to what is happening outside the borders of the Great Nimbusgait Lakes, feeling that fruit of most problems have their roots in meddling with the natural order of things. While he never chooses to be mean to others, he does treat others venturing onto the Velvet Strand coldly until they can prove that they harbor no ill intentions and respect the land rather than desire to exploit it. If he sees a pony or other race doing so, he will try to correct the actions swiftly. When a pony of another race does prove to Silverglade that they are responsible and offer no ill will he will warm up to them, and those he holds in high regard he will dub then “Friend of the Peryton” which means that at least in his view the visitor is to be trusted and that a promise is made to help the pony in whatever way Silverglade can. Breaking this promise would be a terrible action by the one who had the title bestowed upon them, resulting in Silverglade barring entry to the Velvet Strand and telling the other Peryton of the grievous misdeed. To other Peryton he is more relaxed and less apt to put such rigorous expectations on them. His behavior is often mixed with a sense of self-importance and arrogance. Even though he is by no means appointed as the ruler of the Velvet Strand, he feels that he is the one who cares the most for such area and thus is fit to protect it. Vanity is another one of his vices as he makes great lengths to maintain a regal level of appearance and looks down those who do not take care of themselves. This is not to say that Silverglade won’t get his hooves dirty as he regularly does so tending his crops and making his cider. Silverglade will venture from his home and into smaller towns like Trottingham and Ponyville especially when selling his ciders, but he feels very uncomfortable in bigger more crowded cities like Canterlot and Manehattan. He doesn’t like the press of the crowds and not being connected to nature, and if he does have to travel to these locations he will seek out parks and other natural settings among the stone jungles. He also prefers to travel on hooves, not trusting much in the safety of a train. He does have a fondness for good sparkling cider and grape juice, music, and watching the stars reflected on Lake Cirrus at night. Silverglade despite his faults and skeptical nature does care about others and wishes good health and happiness. His wish in life is to live simply and comfortably as he gains an understanding of the ever-changing world around him. In time he hopes to break out of his comfort zone and become more at ease with the ponies that live nearby.
  9. The Velvet Strand - Picturesque Home of the Perytons Sloping out of the western waters of Cirrus lake is a large series of tranquil, hilly islands that is home to the peryton race known as the Velvet Strand. This island chain is arguably the most tranquil area in all of the known world. Surrounded by shallow, clear water which mirrors the world around it and lush with silvery grass and countless wildflowers, these verdant islands are bright with life and harmony. The air, the flora - even the dirt of the Strand is pure and beautiful. This is thanks to the innate magic of the peryton who have been living here since the formation of the Great Nimbusgait Lakes. When living together in herds, their passive magic acts upon the world of its own volition. It purifies land, air and water and breathes life into everything around their herds. After countless generations living on the Velvet Strand their magic has transformed it into something wholly irresistible: a fact that they are very aware of. In order to maintain the natural beauty of their islands, very little is done to alter its pristine, natural state. Aside from a network of silvery aspenwood bridges which connects even the smallest islands of the Velvet Strand, there is no modern construction to speak of - at least not on the surface. Homes and businesses here are all built into the hilly slopes of the islands, the entrances completely grown-over with flowering vines. A home or business address is defined by the district names carved into the nearest bridgepost and the type of flower growing upon one’s door. Even the interior decoration is rustic, the mentality of “less is more” very apparent in peryton tastes. Being a species known for its undeniable natural beauty has certainly influenced the way they view the world around them. If something is not beautiful in its own simplicity then it is simply not beautiful: no amount of dressing up a wooden chair with velvet and jewels could improve upon the colour of the wood nor the artistry in its grain. Minimalism is key in their design and architecture: too much ornamentation is viewed as tacky and tasteless. This very same mentality has resulted in very little curation of the flora of their islands (excluding those northernmost islands dedicated to agriculture). A lack of forested areas or modern construction results in the Velvet Strand appearing surprisingly nondescript from a distance - even trees are a rare sight here. For any who are unfamiliar with the peryton homeland, it would even be easy to believe the islands are uninhabited. Of course, drawing near the islands would still pull any traveler in - they are home to the largest herd of peryton in the known world, after all. The natural magnetism of their magic and the sheer size of their herd beckons any travelers who venture near the islands like a siren-song that lives in the very air of Cirrus Lake. The true splendor of the Velvet Strand, however, can only be viewed at night. Sitting in the middle of still water that mirrors the sky and home to thousands of fireflies that are drawn to the flowers which bloom here, a clear night on these islands can only be described as otherworldly. Above, below, and all around you is starlight. Wading into the shallows of Cirrus Lake at night, it is easy to feel as though you are suspended in the night sky itself. There is very little to distract one from the lovely vision of the stars beyond carefully-tended torches near the bridges and the tiny, glowing fireflies which float around you. It is no wonder that the peryton who live here are so eager to preserve the natural beauty of their islands - to detract from such an experience would be tragic, and it certainly would not help with tourism. Many travel to the Velvet Strand just to experience a single night on the waters of Cirrus Lake, and having experienced it I can certainly understand why. Equestrian Travels Volume 4, Journal no.136, penned by Ryx Blackwing, Aquellian Archives
  10. Perytons - Creatures of Enchantment (Art by community artist MudBug) Sprawling along the western rim of Cirrus Lake is a chain of low-lying islands known as the Velvet Strand. The gentle, grassy slopes which rise out of the shallow waters are home to the peryton: flightless, winged deer who have made their home in the Nimbusgait lakes since they first welled up with water. While there are no solid records of where exactly these mysterious creatures came from, a favored legend amongst them and their pegasi neighbors tells of a forbidden romance between a famed pegasus general and the princess of a herd of whitetail deer. After entering an arranged marriage under the command of her father, the princess often wished she could fly far away, to a world where she was free. Every night she gazed at the stars and wished to be one of them, and every so often, when granted a taste of freedom, she would venture to the western shores of Cirrus lake. Here the shallow waters grew so still that they perfectly mirrored the shimmering expanse of the night sky, so the whitetail princess would wade into the waters and close her eyes, dreaming that she was a star and far away from her life. One night, a pegasus general famed throughout the world for his ruthless tactics and cold command of pegasi armies spotted the princess wading through the waters. He instantly fell in love, and it was not long before his affections were returned. Once every three months they would meet in the waters surrounding the Velvet Strand, until years later they were discovered. The princess was cast out from her home in the Everfree forest and left to fend for herself in the wilderness. Desperately wishing to help her, the general abandoned his rank and his home to live at his banished princess’ side on the Velvet Strand. It was their love that gave birth to the peryton race, so the story goes. Whatever the truth may be, the peryton race has proven itself to be a vital entity in the Nimbusgait lakes. Though individually they appear to possess no supernatural talents beyond the ability to walk on clouds, in groups the peryton are armed with precious, life-giving magic unlike anything else in Equestria. Their collective magic is passive, and the larger a herd is the stronger its effect upon the world. It is difficult not to notice the change in the air and the water around a group of peryton: murky water slowly turns clear, smog and fumes transform into sweet, clean air, and wilted plants spring to life and flourish once more. Simply by coming together, peryton have the ability to purify and revitalize the world around them. It does not happen overnight, and the area of effect is limited to where the herd dwells, but this magic has been purifying the waters of the Great Nimbusgait Lakes for countless years. There is a reason the waters of Cirrus Lake are famous for being so clear and pristine, and that reason lives on the Velvet Strand. Because of their uncanny magic, life amongst a herd of peryton has a quietly enchanting atmosphere. They regain their energy faster among their own kind and are much less susceptible to illness, while the lingering feeling of magic weaves its way through everything and everypony. Indeed, it is not just peryton who feel these effects when living near a herd, and as such it is not rare for ponies and other creatures to find themselves drawn to the winged cervidae. Being near them is cleansing for all life, and for sentient species the effect is mental and emotional as well as physical. Being in the company of a single peryton is quietly uplifting, but the effect a herd has can heal many kinds of hurts. Peryton are well aware of the effect they have upon other creatures. Thanks to this, they possess a natural sense of self-importance and arrogance. Vanity and selfishness go hoof-in-hoof with peryton, so when the enchanting appeal of a herd is removed and one must deal with them individually, their charm quickly diminishes. Even so, peryton still retain a certain magnetism when separated from a herd. It is not uncommon to hear stories of those lost in the Everfree woods near the Great Nimbusgait Lakes being drawn down a safe path after catching a fleeting glimpse of a mysterious, winged deer through the trees. Even without the intention of rescuing lost wanderers, their natural allure has helped many travellers and earned them something of a heroic reputation in heavily wooded areas. Scholars who excel in the field of Aetheric Theory have long puzzled over this peculiar brand of magic. Though much of it remains a mystery, Canterlot researches have discovered that it is a peryton’s antlers which connects them to the magical community of a herd. The antlers behave similarly to lightning rods, attracting magic that is naturally present in Equestria and channelling it through the peryton. Though they are most similar to whitetail deer in appearance, unlike their wingless cousins both male and female peryton have antlers which they do not shed. It has been observed that breaking off an antler nullifies their natural magnetism and can even lead to ostracization from their herd. They are prideful creatures and their antlers are their greatest source of pride. Seeing one of their own so disconnected from the essence of what makes a peryton a peryton causes a great deal of discomfort, making it difficult for them to know how to behave around those whose antlers are broken, or worse yet those whose antlers never grew in. In modern Equestria, peryton have taken full advantage of their passive community-based magic. The Velvet Strand is famous as a spa/resort destination, where creatures from all walks of life go to relax, rejuvenate, or even to heal. They excel in careers designed to help with de-stressing, and it is common to see peryton across Equestria running spas, salons, massage therapy clinics, yoga classes, and other businesses of that ilk. The best summation one could make of peryton is that they are beautiful, irrevocably self-involved, and most importantly: they are uncommonly enchanting and irresistible. Equestrian Travels Volume 4, Journal no.137, penned by Ryx Blackwing, Aquellian Archives
  11. From the album: OCs

    This is a scene from the event thread where Silver Belle saves my idiot peryton from some caribou warriors. There was just something about the way Zoebel described this scene that gave me the coolest mental image. I just had to draw it. As you've probably noticed, this is a new shading technique I'm trying out. To be honest I freaking love the way it turned out. I wanted to give it an epic sort of look cause I just adore pony drawings with 3D type shading. I didn't add any caribou though cause I'm lazy. Plus I didn't make a design I'm happy with yet.

    © art and august by me. silver belle belongs to zoebel12

  12. From the album: Trades and requests and whatever.

    Did an art trade with Captain McDerp. Here's my half! Her peryton, Winter. This is my first completed art since getting my new computer (read: Dio's old computer) and using my tablet again. I'm actually pretty happy with it, and with the shading and highlighting I tried to do. Also I'm really happy with those flowers I spent like maybe a minute drawing. :I

    © Art (c) Ghost Girl, Character (c) Captain McDerp

  13. “You cannot kill that which is already dead.” Roleplay Type: Canterlot Chronicles Name: Petal Klobb (AKA Shadowmane) Sex: Female Age: Middle-aged doe Species: Peryton Eye Color: Orange Coat: Darkish-brown umber Hair: Shaved off Physique: Just a little bit taller than an average pony, and extremely fit on account of her leadership duties. Like with many peryton does, her antlers are stubs in comparison to stag antlers. Hidden with a mask are pieces of shrapnel embedded throughout her entire face Residence: Hollowed-out Mountain Lair in the Eponnine Mountains. Occupation: Former Chief Special Agent within the Royal Equestrian Intelligence Network (REIN); betrayed the organization to found the World Revolutionary Agency for Imperialism, Tyranny, and Hostility (WRAITH). Cutie Mark: NA Unique Traits: As the figurehead of WRAITH, Shadowmane can usually be found at the forefront of the organization’s dastardly operations. The specific nature of her prior work in REIN has enabled the doe to be exceptionally skilled in hoof-to-hoof combat. But when her hooves and her Hawkins Fighting Knife won’t do, Shadowmane is also a skilled shot with Kestrelson & Sons’ experimental Cougar semi-automatic pistol; one of the first Aquellian weapons of its kind and specifically customized for handling by a hoofed creature. Shadowmane keeps her true identity as Petal Klobb a secret at all costs. Except in the privacy of her own living quarters, the supervillain wears a black, scifi-inspired jumpsuit covering almost her entire body, even the wings. Shadowmane determines it not necessary to be able to glide out of situations unless at the very utmost of need. The leader of WRAITH is also always sighted wearing a steel helmet, designed to hide her small antlers. To complete her disguise, Shadowmane wears a blank white mask intended to offer no real clue to the leader’s species. Shadowmane’s “unnaturally” thin legs are falsely claimed to be a result of her once being a wraith, before being brought back to life. Hence the WRAITH saying; “You cannot kill that which is already dead”. The final weapon Shadowmane possesses is using her special peryton ability to manipulate how others around her perceive her voice. Back in her days in REIN, Agent Klobb’s forged identities benefited from being able to use different manners of speaking without requiring vocal training. Now, as the public voice of WRAITH, those who hear Shadowmane tend to hear a tinnish, almost-golemlike sexless voice. Depending on one’s point of view, Shadowmane intends herself to be viewed either as an otherworldly prophet... or an inequine terror. History: Nobody knows for certain the origins of Petal Klobb. A long time ago, the freighter Klobb was sailing through northern waters when its crew spotted a little peryton doe adrift at sea, sleeping on a piece of driftwood. Mysteriously, the only other debris around were scores of flower petals. Hence, the crew named the survivor Petal Klobb and brought her back to Equestria. Without any known family, the peryton was entrusted to a Stalliongrad orphanage for safekeeping. Life proved rough in the overcrowded, underfunded orphanage. Fed up with its poor conditions, the young Klobb escaped from the facility one day, choosing to take her chances in the streets of Stalliongrad. Out there in the most unforgiving of urban crucibles, the peryton learned how to steal, deceive weak-minded ponies, evade pursuit, and defend herself from threats to survive. Not intending to live as a street rat forever, Petal Klobb also made full use of the public libraries of the city to give herself an education. Years passed, and the peryton became mature and clever enough to get on the wrong side of Stalliongrad section of the Royal Equestrian Intelligence Network. When REIN finally apprehended Petal Klobb, their agents surprised the orphan by not threatening her with imprisonment, but by providing her an opportunity to join REIN as a field agent. REIN knew full well that Klobb lacked any hope of legal employment, so its top brass figured it would be a shame for the doe’s natural talents for special espionage duties to go to waste. Petal Klobb went to work for her new employers, who gave her combat training to make the peryton an even more valuable asset. It became quickly apparent that beyond standard intelligence gathering, Klobb was an exceptional field agent, capable of avoiding capture and fighting out of danger as needed. Her skills were legendary in the community, and the doe even became one of the few Equestrian civilians ever granted a license to kill. But as time passed, and Klobb earned promotion after promotion, REIN’s directors worried that their prized agent was turning into a loose cannon. Petal Klobb’s methods of going after threats became more brutal, and the ‘messes’ she left behind harder to clean. She grew dissatisfied going only after organized crime syndicates and corrupt businessponies. Klobb came to believe in the existence of a grand conspiracy by Aquellia to undermine the very fabric of Equestrian society, and started heavily advocating for REIN to morph into a secret police force to counter this perceived gravest of threats. The expected clash over REIN’s direction... never took place. On a highly dangerous mission to destroy the private weapons cache of the dangerous Capt. Brenda Razorclaw, Petal Klobb wound up surrounded by the Opposition right as she was planting explosives. Rather than face capture by Razorclaw’s marines, Klobb prematurely detonated her bombs, blowing the cache sky-high, and the peryton with it. Assumed dead by both Razorclaw and REIN, the grievously wounded agent miraculously survived to find refuge in a dark corner of Aquellia. It was during her private recuperation when Petal Klobb concluded without proof that her superiors sent her on a suicide mission to silence her, permanently. Aquellia wasn’t the true enemy; it was Equestria’s weak government itself! Klobb no longer wanted to put up with the Princesses as corrupt rulers when she herself could better rule the country with an iron hoof. With a newfound thirst for power and revenge, the former agent crafted the identity of Shadowmane, and used her knowledge of the underworld to establish the building blocks of WRAITH, an organization devised solely for conquering the world. After years of growing in the shadows, WRAITH and Shadowmare are now ready to make their first strike..... Character Summary: Among Shadowmane’s greatest traits is her charismatic public speaking. Her oratory has proven many times in the past to be effective at exploiting divisions between groups of ponies, rallying her troops, and luring others to WRAITH’s cause. She publicly upholds a warrior’s code of honor, emphasizing such values as righteousness, courage, and loyalty to one’s group. Not one to let emotions lead her to pointlessly fight lost causes, the usually calm and collected peryton has no compunctions over retreating, preferring to live to fight another day. On a darker note, the leader of WRAITH is infamous for her extraordinary intolerance for failure, reserving harsh punishments for those she accuses of incompetence and treason. For all her supposed care for her followers, Shadowmane would never give a second thought for sacrificing them in achievement towards her ends. If the peryton has one vice, it would be her need for public attention. Shadowmane always leans towards actions that instill mass terror, even when using such tactics is counterproductive. Within WRAITH itself, Shadowmane is to be addressed by her subordinates solely as “Number One”, especially during official meetings and assignments. Those minions who form a more intimate bond with their leader are exempt from having to follow this courtesy when other WRAITH members are not around. REIN Special Agent Klobb is believed to have perished in the line of duty. The fact that she survived, and is in actuality the megalomaniacal Shadowmane is a secret known only to Klobb herself. NOTE: Work on this app might be a bit slow as long as I'm stuck on the physical design.
  14. Roleplay Type Canterlot Chronicles Name Winter Sex Female Age Doe Species Peryton Appearance An average height for a Peryton, she has a pure white coat with pink eyes and nose. Her hair is very short expect for the bangs, which cover one eye and sport a large cowlick atop her head. Residence Canterlot Occupation Traveling merchant History Winter grew up in Baltimare with her parents and older brother August. Her mother and father used to be traveling merchants, and would occasionally express interest in going back to their initial occupation once their children were older. While Winter preferred to abide by the rules, August was persistently looking for ways to bypass restriction and get into trouble. Stress became second nature for her as she worried about August on a daily basis. But no matter how much she protested, there was no stopping him. Early on she resolved to keeping her thoughts her herself regarding his choices. Despite their conflicting personalities, they had a close relationship. In fact, Winter felt like she was the only one August really cared about. Not long before they would reach adulthood, August threatened to leave out of anger but she never took his words seriously. Not until he vanished one mourning with his belongings missing. Winter was distraught, as were her parents. They searched and searched for over a year, but couldn't find him. At this point, Winter felt he wasn't coming back. She sometimes wondered if something happened to him, but tried to remain optimistic against all the odds. Over a year after August disappeared, her parents decided it was time to become merchants again. Winter joined them as they set off into the land of Equestria. She grew fond of the new occupation. Transporting goods from one place to the other for profit was nice. While Winter didn't enjoy the sometimes daunting side of constant travel, she managed it well enough. Over time her abilities became proficient, and after saving up a decent amount of bits, she decided it was time to depart from her parents. She set off on her own but kept in touch by means of writing letters to her parent's home base in Manehattan. To this day she makes a living off the profit of her trade goods while keeping a careful eye out for her brother. Her home is located in Canterlot but she rarely stays there for very long. Character Summary She's a rather cautious doe. Striving to avoid danger, conflict, and general unpleasantness by taking great measures to reduce every risk possible. She's easily startled and quick to suspicion, mapping out various self defense methods to keep herself out of harms way. Because of her lack of strength, she resorts to agility and wit to get out of trouble. Winter discovered her magical ability at a young age. She could feel the emotions of others, and the stronger the emotion was, the easier it became to experience it. This level of understanding contributed to the tolerance she had for her brother. Her empathy allowed her to get along with other unlikely characters on multiple occasions as well. She enjoys the company of others, especially if they're agreeable and calm. If she encounters anyone she finds obnoxious, she will attempt to understand and interact with them for some time. But lf it it becomes too much to handle, she'll try to politely excuse herself. Winter can't stand seeing others go through pain or put themselves at a risk. This has lead to her "mothering" everyone, telling them to be careful and scolding them when they're careless. She also finds herself getting easily annoyed when things are disorganized and messy. Neatness and cleanliness are a valuable assist for her. She also dislikes close contact with others for fear of catching something from them. Drinking and collecting tea is a favorite pass time for her. In fact, she has set a goal to try and collect every tea in Equestria one day. She also favors sandwiches and dislikes fruit, desserts, or anything sweet. She enjoys reading fiction and easily gets immersed into a book, tearing up during emotionally heavy scenes, laughing, and on occasion shouting at the characters for being stupid. Unicorn magic is a point of interest for her as it is far stronger than peryton magic. She finds the concept of spell casting intimidating but simple levitation would be a welcomed skill. She may have wings, but her fear of heights prevents her from gliding unless she absolutely has to. Just watching pegasus wirl around in the sky gives her the willies so her wings remain folded safely to her sides,
  15. CaptainMcDerp


    From the album: OCs

    I recently made an app for August's sister so I decided to draw her. I gotta say I'm pretty dang happy with the new shading techniques I've been experimenting with.

    © art and character by me.

  16. Roleplay Type Canterlot Chronicles Name August Sex Male Age Buck Species Peryton Appearance. His blue eyes are a contrast again his deep rusty red coat. His wings, hair, and body are all the same shade of red while his antlers and hooves are a very dark grey. Physique Slender Residence (Former) Baltimare Occupation Pickpocket and part-time cook of the Equestria Thieves Guild History August grew up with his family and sister in Baltimare. His mom and dad used to be traveling merchants and often talked about going back to their former occupation once August and River were old enough. His parents struggled with him constantly due to his lack of respect towards authority. And he disliked all the rules and standards they set for him. He expected River to feel the same but she never did. It baffled him to no end and he bugged her about it often. But even though they had countless disagreements, River was the only one he ever felt close to on a genuine level. Not long before August would become a full grown buck, he decided enough was enough. That day he prepared for his departure and left during the night without saying a word. He became a thief and traveled the land of Equestria. His new life was absolutely thrilling and he had no regrets regarding his decision. That is, until he was caught stealing and sentenced to one year in a dungeon. Due to multiple attempts at escaping, the year long sentence soon became two years. August gave up on premature freedom, not wanting to dig the hole any deeper, and instead pasted the time training his basic combat skills. Upon finally being released, August immediately began to study and better develop his abilities as a thief. With his new found determination to master stealth, be began to improve at a brisk rate. The time he spent within the walls of a dungeon was not something he wished to repeat. After a little while of enjoying his new found freedom, August built up the courage to return to Baltimare. No one else shared a bond with him like his sister, and he thought it was high time to see her again and apologize for disappearing like he did. But, once he got there, he quickly discovered his family was gone. August questioned everyone who knew his family about their whereabouts. According to them, his parents returned to life as traveling merchants half a year ago and River joined them. Upon learning this, August wasn't deterred in the slightest. He resolved to find them one way or another. August had been wandering trade routes and gathering as many clues as he could on their whereabouts. During this time his abilities improved drastically and he became quite a proficient thief. One day, he encountered a pony with quite a bit of loose change on her and decided to take advantage of it. August executed his usual pickpocketing routine. But after he lifted the money from the saddle bag, he was immediately approached by another pony as the victim went about their business unaware of their stolen bits. August was expecting a confrontation, but instead the pony simply invited August to demonstrate his skills for a chance to join the Equestria Thieves Guild. August was reluctant to join a group during his later days as a thief. But working alone was to blame for far too many close calls. And If he wanted to be truly successful, he would have to learn how to work in a group. He accepted the challenge, and after showcasing his proficiency in the art of pickpocketing, was invited to the guild. Later on he became an official member and took on the primary role of pickpocketing and general deception. He also enjoyed signing up as a part-time cook when he needed a break from wandering the land of Equestria. Unique traits Deception is one of his greatest tools. He can put on a flawless performance in order to make himself seem like a compassionate law abiding citizen. He's also adept at combat, using his agility to gain the upper hand before landing a punishing blow with his antlers. August is highly agile. Able to run, leap, climb, and glide with great skill. It is a powerful asset in regard to his lifestyle. His wings are also not just limited to gliding. Like pegasi, he'll often use them to hold things, open and close saddlebags, shield his face, ect. With an impressive understanding of others behavior and tendencies, he's able to determine thoughts and predict reactions with surprising accuracy after spending enough time with someone. Character Summary August's natural personality is extremely crafty, confident, and impish. He is highly intelligent and likes to showcase it. While his mind is restlessly searching for weak points and information, his behavior is devilish and often times brash. Reading others is a favorite hobby for August, but unlike most, he'll express his deductions to the subject's face. This is usually a method used to provoke a fight. He loves to spar but found it much easier to anger them into fighting rather than asking. While August isn't very compassionate when it comes to emotions, he refuses to inflict too much injury on someone as long as his they aren't out to kill. Despite his apathetic view towards any kind of formality, August cares deeply for those he's formed a bond with. Though his interactions are still rather thoughtless in regard to respect, he's a caring and formidable ally to anyone who can manage to truly befriend him. August is quite a picky eater for a thief. He usually prefers a cooked meal rather than consuming raw ingredients. As such, the peryton has learned to cook quite decently during his travels, and will often carry a shopping list of sorts while he's out. Sometimes he steals bits while other times he'll take food straight from the market if he deems it an easy target. While he whole heartily enjoys sweets, his favorite thing by far is over easy fried eggs and fizzy drinks. The cooking skills he's developed have proven useful when providing meals to the Thieves Guild. He fully enjoyed cooking there thanks to an assortment of ingredients being readily available to him. It allowed August to truly test his skills and better advance his techniques. Over time he improved drastically, becoming quite an impressive cook. He would have opened up a restaurant by now if he didn't dislike being stuck in one place for a substantial amount of time. August adores exploration and discovery. Particularly the exploration of dangerous and frightening places. From the Everfree forest to The Dragon Peaks, August would take on the task of treading through those lands without a moments notice. However, he's not one to leap into such a mission without extensive research and preparation beforehand. And since he craves danger and excitement, the peryton is rarely afraid and able to think effectively in the midst of threat and danger. Of all the land, there is one place that holds the highest fascination with the traveling thief. He's read and studied countless books and legends on the subject, knowing even with all the knowledge and theories he's gained, he couldn't possibly begin to imagine what lies beyond the Gates of Tartarus. No creature has or possibly ever will make it through the guarded gates to the underworld. But nonetheless it's August's favorite subject to discuss and study. It's danger, it's legends, it's mystery. There's nothing else quite like it. And if anyone ever discovered a possible way of reaching the top of the Knight's Peak alive, overcoming Cerberus and walking through the gates of Tartatus, he'd sign up without a second thought. App image by me.
  17. CaptainMcDerp


    From the album: OCs

    This be a currently pending peryton character I've apped.

    © Art and character by me.

  18. From the album: Falling Star

    this is a line art of a new OC I'm working on. She's a peryton! I had never heard of this species until I joined this forum, but deer are my favorite animal so I just HAD to make one. <333 Admittedly, I went a bit overboard on her hair(mane?). I broke away from the simplicity of the pony style and sort of went back to my normal hair style a little.. please forgive me. ; 3; I have yet to come up with a name for her, but I already have her colours!

    © me

  19. From the album: Falling Star

    Yeah, so.. there they are. :3 I'm pretty happy with how she came out, I just hope her markings and stuff aren't too complex for the pony universe.

    © still me

  20. Roleplay Type: Mane Name: Fleetfoot Sex: Male Age: Young Adult Species: Peryton; Strongly resembles a Water Deer Eye Color: Pale Amber Coat Color: Dark mottled dusky Brown, faintly speckled a lighter tan along his legs. His wings are a faintly darker brown, fading to a lighter shade at the tips of his feathers. Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: He has a darker brown, wavey forelock that hangs over the right side of his face; being a Water Deer he also has a pair of six inch long tusks that resemble fangs of sorts. These are light cream colored. Physique: For a male, Fleetfoot is very sleek and feminine, slim and in toned shape from his dancing. He is almost always seen with his blue and orange wool scarf wrapped around his shoulders, knitted for him by a very kind pony he'd come across in his travels. Cutie Mark: N/A Origin/Residence: Born in Whitetail Woods like most Perytons, left and began wandering at a young age. Currently lives in Everfree, he's stayed a bit longer than usual as the odd creatures captivate the curious peryton. Occupation: None, Fleetfoot is a very reclusive forest dwelling creature, he lives off of the land and has no need for paid jobs. He's an incredibly skilled dancer, though. Likes: The night hours, the time time when he can travel without too much worry of being seen. Secretly Fleet longs to meet the alicorn responsible for the beautiful night. He, of course, is very fond of rhythms and dancing, he preferably loves tap and ballroom dancing, though he's been known on occasion to indulge in a little more modern styles. Though solitary, he enjoys a bit of company now and again. Flute music, rivers, song birds, complimenting colors, and warm weather are a few of the little things that make this peryton smile. Dislikes: Being surprised, Fleet is easily spooked and takes off at the slightest disturbance. Extreme temperatures, let it be hot or cold. He's particuarly sensitive to the cold, as he doesn't like how it feels on his nose. Large crowds make him very nervous, and he does not in the least bit like being ridiculed for his tusks, sometimes he doesn't even enjoy having them noticed. Character Summary: Being a breed of deer that naturally doesn't have antlers, identifying Fleetfoot's gender can be a little bit difficult at times. His personality doesn't really help this case at all. Fleet is incredibly shy and reserved around strangers, though it really doesn't take him long to open up. Once you get to know the odd thing, he actually can be a bit out going and fun, with a very good eye for color and fashion designs. What he enjoys most out of anything, though, is his dancing. Ever since he was a young fawn, Fleet loved dancing. Now, after years of practice, he's incredibly skilled in almost every style of dance and has a wonderful sense of rhythm. It isn't uncommon to see him enjoying a solo dance in the moonlight of Everfree. Fleet is very soft spoken, with a smooth and feminine voice that has a bit of a musical tone to it. As a child, his parents were slightly concerned, as he never enjoyed rutting around with the other male fawns, and had much closer female companions growing up. As well as being an odd breed, he wasn't too well liked in general once he developed his water deer tusks. He was ridiculed with the nickname 'vampire' all through his childhood. As soon as he was sure he'd grown big enough, he bid his parents farewell, and left Whitetail Woods to see the world. Though unknown to them, he'd left partially out of shame for being so different. Since he left, Fleet's life has been peaceful and serene, if not a bit lonesome. The sweet little peryton rarely can get the courage to seek out a companion, and sometimes is seen talking to the woodland animals. Very happy with where he is, Fleet still aims to one day share his dancing with others, it would take him a bit of coaxing to ever even think of revealing himself to the local pony population though. All in all, Fleet is a friendly, shy, sometimes slightly vain little peryton, quick to flee but quick to trust as well. ((I'll get an image up as soon as I can ))
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