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  1. The rooster crows at the first light. As the sun peeks over the horizon, settled fog is exposed in the valleys of the apple orchard giving it the nonverbal command to quickly disperse. Conditions were perfect. It was a relatively beautiful day with a chilly breeze to remind all living creatures of the coming holiday seasons, the first of which was to be a Ponyville tradition known by ponies far and wide. It was cider season at Sweet Apple Acres! Along the road back to Ponyville from the farm were rows and rows of tents where ponies camped last night in an attempt to try and beat the crowds. The famous cider had created an insane demand for its taste, but the Apple family way of doing things would only yield so much cider for so many ponies to drink. Applejack would always assure everypony that there would be enough cider for all as long as ponies were willing to not take shortcuts and wait for the process of making the best cider in Equestria. And even though she would always be faced with criticism of short supply, she would be right all along and in time everyone would eventually go home happy and Applejack would be able to take a few barrels of cider for her family and herself for the next few weeks. The season wouldn't officially start for another hour or so, but even so several ponies were getting restless in their cooperative lines waiting behind the great cider counter set up at where the farm paths meet the road. The counter was adorned with all the spigots and tools needed to uncork new barrels and squeeze the apple nectar into wooden tankards, which were clean ready for their first pour. Applejack allowed ponies to bring their own vessels for the cider, but if not, she had a rotation of clean mugs ready for every customer that needed them. The sign above told everything everycreature probably already knew. 'Two bits for a cup, limit one per pony per day.' "Apple Bloom, could you bring over that spare pump, I think this one might quit on us at some point." Applejack yelled lovingly to her little sister as the orange mare looked over her counter for problems to minimize. To Applejack this was like any other day, it just had the higher volume of customers and slightly more tourism. Ever since the debacle from Flim and Flam trying to put the farm out of business, a healthy coating of sympathy and appreciation covered the cider season operation, with some ponies offering their help on the back end to make more cider and clean equipment involved in the process. Of course, Applejack was more than willing to pay a fair wage to the ones who earned it. She stepped out onto the road and looked down it, seeing the long line of ponies getting excited for their cider breakfast. The low sun reflected off the luster of the Ponyville road. "Howdy! How ya'll doing this morning? You guys ready for cider season to start?" Cider season wouldn't start for several minutes, but it was still nice to have a little moment to make small talk with the colorful ponies of Ponyville to help them manage their expectations and to gauge how impatient the crowd might become this year.
  2. Sunset Shimmer could hardly believe when her friend, Twilight Sparkle, asked her to come on board as a guest teacher at the Ponyville School of Friendship. Sunset... a TEACHER? How absurd!!! The Equestrian girl hadn’t even graduated from high school yet! How was she supposed to juggle her studies and friendships in the Mirror World with mentoring responsibilities back in Equestria? Was Sunset actually worthy enough to be entrusted with nurturing the next generation of friendships? Yet Twilight had a plan. She always had a plan. All Miss Shimmer would have to do was convince the necessary authorities to let her leave school early each Tuesday and Thursday to do student tutoring at the (newly EEA-accredited) School of Friendship, alongside the winner of the last Fall Formal. Twi would then take care of everything else! Although Sunset Shimmer still had doubts, as far as the Princess of Friendship was concerned, the fiery unicorn had proven her worth as a friend and mentor many times over in the Mirror World. In particular, the lavender alicorn believed that Sunset’s unusual background as a villainess-turned-heroine gave her a unique perspective on Friendship matters that most of the other professors lacked. Nopony else had the qualifications to provide lessons in empathy and understanding the nature of lost souls like Miss Shimmer. Needless to say, Twi won Sunset over to her idea using the alicorn's powers of logical and emotional persuasion. And thus, come the new school year, the students of the School of Friendship found a new twice-per-week afternoon course added to the curriculum; “Defense Against Dark Hearts”, taught by Guest Professor Sunset Shimmer. The other teachers also discovered that a familiar magical mirror — once stored in the Friendship Castle — had been relocated to the Teachers’ Lounge. All so that one guest instructor can more easily reach her classroom on schedule. ---------- The hour is coming soon when the Students of Friendship will meet their new Defense Against Dark Hearts professor. Defense Against Dark Hearts classes is take place in the classroom once used by Counselor Glimmer for her lectures. Not much has changed about this lecture hall, although youths with keen memories will note the room’s walls have now taken a reddish hue instead of blue as prior. Two new posters have also been mounted on each side of the chalkboard; one depicts a phoenix burning bright in the sky, the other shows a sparkly “Embrace the Magic!” slogan superimposed onto an idyllic wilderness. One minute until class is scheduled to begin! The professor has not appeared yet, allowing time for punctual students to briefly gossip amongst themselves... or for the more tardy youths to get to the classroom on time.....
  3. Vitamin-rich mix of leafy greens? Check. Generous helping of almonds? Check. Tasty drizzlings of seasoned rice vinegar and sesame oil? Check. Princess Bluebelle had to acknowledge the due diligence of her predecessor; Twilight had certainly ensured that her school would not run afoul of the cliched “school cafe” food. All students and faculty ate from the same menu, and quite a good menu it was too. Not extensive, but selective. Simple, nutritious, delicious, all from fresh ingredients, likely grown in this town where possible. *I could get used to these accomodations.* She thought to herself, which was a good thing, considering her commitment as the new Headmare. One thing still remained, though, and that was to get to know the other teachers at this school. Twilight she knew of old from Canterlot, though not so well until recent years. But Starlight Glimmer she only knew by hearsay, and Sunset Shimmer barely by reminisce. *I’m not too well acquainted with the other Elements of Harmony either, if it comes to that.* Well, no time like the present to make up for that! She’d given everyone an extra-long lunch break, students and staff alike, for the express purpose of them all getting to know each other, new arrivals especially. And as a new arrival herself, Bluebelle had a feeling that the other teachers would want to get to know her as well as she wanted to know them. And what better way to do that than over a meal?
  4. Heart Shield started the day in his little town home along the streets of Canterlot. He had been notified he was supposed to meet Sombra at the Ponyville train station. To make a trip to the Castle of the Two Sisters. Stretching out of bed early in the morning. He headed down stairs to make himself some breakfast. After finishing up he started to gather his stuff for this trip. He had to come prepared, Especially with the company he would have. Tucking a belt with bags attached to it under his wings. Tightening it, Heart put all his things in it, checking them off as he did. First things first Binoculars. Never know when you might need those. Probably would be good for looking at the castle from afar, to determine the best way in. A lantern. Being a old ruin, It was a given that it was going to be dark inside. Among with tools to open locks, several other small tools and items that might be of use. Last but not lest. His sword. who knew when he might need to protect himself. Not being able to use the one from the guard, He had saved up his bits for his own personal one. Checking one last time that he had got everything, He opened the door to his little home, and headed out into the streets. Heart Shield had originally thought about flying to Ponyville, But with all these items on him he was a bit weighted down. Trotting down the street, he headed for the train station. Approaching the ticket booth he asked for a ticket to Ponyville. Handing over his bits, the station master hoofed over one ticket. Heart shield hadn't waited long on the platform before the train came into the station. Boarding it he wandered down the aisle finding a seat. Getting comfortable, Heart stared out the window at the scenery as the Train began to chug along the track. Admittedly he began to zone out a bit as he watched the scenery wiz past him. Suddenly the train lurched to a halt. They where in Ponyville station it would appear. Standing up. the gray Pegasus filed out of the train. It was a busy cool morning, Taking a deep breath in he could feel the air was still moist from the rain that night. Looking all around the platform, He hadn't noticed Sombra any where yet. Trotting across the station platform he found an empty bench that he decided to sit in and wait. Heart Shield watched as ponies went to and fro about their business. He figured Sombra would have to be easy to spot among a crowd of ponies like this. His blue eyes scanned over the crowd. He was starting to have second thoughts about this trip the more he thought about it. After all he was taking a trip with Sombra to a ruined castle where no average pony dared to tread. It just all seemed a bit risky to him. Heart shield decided he would have to keep his wits about him at all times, and watch his back. Who knew what or who might try to trap him in there. All tho maybe he was over thinking all of this.
  5. Roads, Tempest has seen plenty of them in her life and walked far too many alone in her youth. Yet here she was walking a road she took many years ago to a town she last saw as a runaway in passing. She did not remember ponyville with much clarity do to how long it has been and her age at the time but what few things she did remember were hardly the same. The town has changed a lot in that time… Some more tall and ugly than others but Twilight's dreadful taste in homes was not her place to judge… But if she lived here she may have to plant a tree or two to cover that eyesore up. But regardless of that atrocity she needed to rest. Maybe not in the form of laying around but more mentally. Being alone left her… Alone with her thoughts and after a few days of that she concluded that was NOT a good idea for her at the moment with the turmoil raging inside of her. How will others feel if they knew the truth? Yes in many ways she was lied to and lead astray… But in other ways she did much of it willingly and even enjoyed it. Reflecting on this was troubling as her time alone gave her plenty of time to dig deep into herself and what she was learning was only making it more… unpleasant. She enjoyed, no, she loved the power she had. With a sigh she pushed her dark thoughts away as best she can and looked to the town she was passing… around. She did not feel ready to just walk in to it, it was far too close to Canterlot. They all must have known what she did and will ask to many things she does not wish to be asked about yet as deep down she did not know how to answer them. Guiding her eyes to the countryside she saw the clear layout of a farm. She remembered that farm, she stole apples from it way back when… Apples… That one with the hat, Applejack was it? She said something about living in ponyville. Was this her farm? Maybe it can giver her the shelter she needed and offer some work as well. Farmers were ever in need of an extra pair of hooves after all and many were not tro shy to take on passing ponies for short bost to pony power. So maybe this Applejack will help. She was a friend of Twilights and seeing as Twilight insisted that she and her were friends… Well, friend of a friend helps a friend? That was how that saying worked… maybe. Whatever it may be She made her way to the farm with the midday sun glittering on the black steel of her armor and undersuit. She has… been hesitant to remove it. She can’t explain why but she felt very vulnerable for now and it supplied her some feeling of familiarity, comfort… Pride. Approaching the gate that marking the entryway to the farm she stopped and looked over the home and farmland before her… Forgotten memories glimmer before her like broken glass on the floor. Hiding, rain, stealing an apple to eat before pushing on. She flicked her ears and closed her eyes as remembered her life as a filly. So young and alone, what if she just… stayed here? Maybe they’d have adopted her? It was pointless to think about yet it lasted longer than she wanted it to. With a frustrated snort of anger she opens her eyes and walked past the gate and into the farm itself. “HELLO!? Eanypony around!?” She yelled out, hoping they were not busy and she was not being to bothersome.
  6. It was a sunny day in Ponyville. Only a few clouds left over from the morning weather pony could be seen, not so much as in imperfection but possibly an intentional flaw to give Ponyville that quaint charm it was so good at showing. It was the normal midday hustle and bustle in the marketplace and from a distance the occasional shopkeeper's bells could be heard ringing their invitation for customers to browse wares and goods of all kinds. But on the outskirts of Ponyville where the grass grew longer and the hills began to roll, it was much more peaceful. So peaceful, that the flapping of a pair of butterfly wings against the soft breeze created the ambiance for what would otherwise have been considered an ideal place of meditation. A pony seeking relaxation could trot themselves to this spot and be able to sort out their thoughts and their dreams with comfort of interference. But of course, that was not the plan for today. Instead this grassy hoofhill would be introduced to a pair of wings with a very young mind controlling them. An orange pegasus pony flying only a couple pony heights off the ground was fluttering inconsistently towards the crest of the hill. The colt was not flying very fast, but the excited sounds from his mouth made the noise of what it might sound like had he been flying at breakneck speeds. The foal slowed to a hover and after a few seconds of wobbling himself down to an even-hoofed landing, he struck the ground with the force of a small jumping fall. After a short wince, he looked back from where he came and yelled excitedly to his mother who was following close behind. "Did you see? I was flying fast! Faster than you!" Zap Apple had spent ample time with his mother Applejack on the apple farm, where he learned all about the apple trade and the farmer pony family values. He learned how to toughen his skin and how to deal with animals. The small amount of time he spent in the Everfree was experienced alongside Applejack who was always there to protect him, but to also remind him of the dangers that lurked where few ponies canter. And Zap had spent time with his other mother Rainbow Dash, but he had only just started to really learn how to fly. A couple weeks ago, he was able to take to the sky without any help from his mother for about five seconds. It was a big win in his eyes and made him feel motivated to fly higher and longer. But so far, his flight was still limited to the strength of his wings, which was only showing the beginning signs of being able to deal with more enduring flight challenges. Zap Apple had dreams of being able to fly above the clouds and do stunts and tricks like his mother Rainbow Dash did for the Wonderbolts. And he was so sure of himself that he would join her in wearing that blue suit even though he had no concept of what that meant. This grassy hill had become a usual spot for Rainbow Dash to show Zap the beginnings of pegasus mobility, and since they arrived for today, Zap was eager to get started with what he wanted to do, as if it was up to him. "We're here, now you can show me how to do tricks. I wanna do a big trick!" He fluttered in place, his wings buzzing violently, before his wings gave up and he landed back on his hooves.
  7. [[OOC discussion]] The sun hung lazily in the west, still shining brightly over Ponyville, but beginning to approach the end of Celestia's day. A large, old caravan lumbered along the dirt road on its way into town. The paint, somewhat faded from years of sun, depicted a stylized stage with lights around it. Emblazoned over this display, were the words "Tour d'Equestria" in large ornate letters. Under which it said "Touring Theatre". The vehicle swayed side to side gently, pulled by a very large, sturdy Earth Pony riddled with scars. He smiled as he crested the hill and saw the town come into view. He stopped a moment and stomped thunderously on the ground. "What is it, hoof?" called a voice from inside "Are you tired?" He stomped once. "Just a moment." the voice requested. some rustling from inside and a crash then out came a grey pony "What is it?" He asked Hoof gave him an expectant look. "Sorry" the grey pony said "he's asleep" Hoof pointed to the town down the hill. "Thunderhoof," The grey one started "get ready for a real bed. We're here." Hoof stomped excitedly, and continued on. Grey went back inside. Inside, grey pony walled over to a sleeping unicorn and gently shook him awake. "Stage!" he whispered "Stage, wake up. We're almost there!" Stage stirred, spoke a few words in French before "Flaire, please. Let me sleep. It has been a long week." He grumbled "Wait. We are here?" he asked "Almost." Flaire answered "Maybe 5 minutes." Stage groaned. "I tell you what. You know where the list is, yes?" he offered "Yes, director, of course. I'll take care of it, you guys can sleep." Flaire answered "Don't forget the grease. That wheel has been driving me up the wall." "Don't worry, I've got this." He was met with snoring. "Alright. I've got this." Flaire said to himself. A few minutes later, the caravan stopped moving, and he heard a heavy thud outside. He grabbed his saddle bag, and climbed out to the driver seat to check on Thunderhoof. He heard loud snoring coming from the ground. He looked down and saw Hoof crumpled in front of the caravan sleeping soundly. "It really has been a long week." Flaire chuckled. He climbed down the short ladder from the seat down to the axle, and jumped to the ground. They'd made it to the outer edge of the small town. Flaire could see the star-shaped spire in the distance that belonged to the castle of friendship, signifying that he was, indeed, in Ponyville. He looked around. There were a couple of ponies still up and about. The day was not yet done, but time was not on his side. Flaire trotted down the street looking about the houses and businesses for the stores he needed. As he looked, his face slowly contorted from an excited smile for a new place into one of confusion and mild concern. until, all at once, he stopped and quietly exclaimed. "Oh, Fi!" he complained "I don't see what I'm looking for anywhere! Maybe I should've waited for Stage to help me after all." He reached in his bag and pulled out a list in his teeth, putting it in his hoof to look through. "Do we really need that many apples?" He questioned. Then, thinking about Thunderhoof's insatiable appetite, said "Actually, better get more, to be safe." Then a gust of wind blew the paper away "Ah!" he exclaimed "get back here!" He began galloping after it with reckless abandon. Paying such little attention, he didn't notice the pony he was barreling straight for.
  8. It was a nice warm sunny day in Ponyville, just like most of their days, the sun beating down in a gentle golden beam across the wide streets of the quaint town, ponies wandering back and forth, attending to their businesses or their general needs, the food places filling their outside seating on a day like today, while many establishments had their doors open to let the cool air through their buildings. One such building was a rather large one, a combination of a quaint home, with a bookstore bolted onto the front, what made this special however was the stock; filled with first and only editions of some of the rarest and oldest tomes in Equestria and from beyond its borders, one could easily get lost between the shelves of the impressive range, no labels on the shelving units, but it was all organised in a way that only the store owner seemed to know about. On the topic of the owner, he was stood behind the tall oak counter in the store, wearing a rather nice pinstripe suit jacket on his grey body, his mane short and cut in a formal way that may have been trendy a few years back, on his front left hoof was a rather fancy and most likely expensive watch, and what was even stranger about him was his age, looking like a moderately young stallion, not the sort to run such a large store on something that would look at home in a grandparent's attic, and yet here he was, hard at work as always, the ever peculiar Coltson, so happy to be living with so little risk in his life.
  9. [[RP post]] There's a new pony in Ponyville. He's just a bit different, but hopefully, he'll be accepted all the same. He needs some help getting some things, cause he's new here and has no clue where to go. If you have an OC who would realistically be out in Ponyville in the evening, and would greet a new face and offer to help, then I'd love to see where it goes. Just lemme know you're interested and I can write an intro, and get the rp started. I'm not super good at multitasking, so I'd prefer to have just one other character in the rp. Two would be ok, but pushing it.  Any and all questions are welcome, and I'd be happy even just to discuss OCs if you want (even if you're not in the rp/don't plan to be. I love chatting about my OCs). If you saw the already underway rp and really want to join for whatever reason, go ahead and ask here, and I might consider it. Thanks in advance. The OC I'm using is going to be the freshly accepted Dramatic Flaire. He's a part changeling earth pony who's an actor in a traveling theatre called "The Tour d'Equestria" which has just stopped in Ponyville. They need some supplies (mostly food) and Flaire was tasked with getting them while the others sleep. Later, they're going to put on some plays for the public, and stick around for a while before moving on to their next location. PS I might, for future rps, make apps for the other members of the theatre, depending if anyone expresses interest in them after my intro.
  10. It's been a while since Swift Squall was in the Castle of Friendship. Various commitment and obligations always got in the way fro another visit, preventing Squall from dropping to say 'Hi' to his Sweetheart or asking the Princess Sparkle for opinion on some important matters. Unfortunately, his presence here this evening was once again dictated by duty. There was something made Swift spent his nights sleepless lately, and for the welfare of Equestria and beyond it had to be addressed.... "Sorry to drop by so unexpectedly Dear....." Swift apologized to his fiancee while they stood in the Castle's main hall - now illuminated by the pale light of the moon. Princess Sparkle was away right now. For how long? Who knows? It didn't wasn't really relevant right now - especially seeing that he had to exchange words with her as well, regarding the same issue. "I just felt.....that this place is more secure then most. And Saraneighvo....Well, Saraneighvo isn't really an option, is it?" he said, almost sounding apologetic to the crimson pegasus. "......I am not sure who else will come. I tried to reach out to however many I could yet....." he paused for a moment, before taking a deep breath. Noblepony turned around and gazed at the Fire. "....You agree with me, do you? At least on the part that the current course can't continue?" he asked, almost hesitant.
  11. Having contemplated seeing the sights around equestria outside of his home in the Velvet strand, Lockhart Thunder walked down the path out of his beloved home village. It felt a little bit strange for him, and he worried about being away from his herd. Lockhart had always dreamed of traveling around equestria, But he was always to fearful to leave his herd, anxious that something might befall of them while he is gone. Having talked about it for a long time to his Dear Autumn, She and a few other close Peryton finally managed to convince him that the herd would be just fine, and that a few other younger bucks were willing to fill his place for awhile, and that he should takes some time to relax and enjoy it. Having crossed the lakes, Lockhart headed down past Cloudsdale and into Ponyville. Trying to put the anxiousness of being away behind him The winged deer trotted over a hill looking over Ponyville. Stopping to rest for a moment on the path he gazed upon the town below. Looking in amazement at all the houses around. The Pony kinds homes where much different from that of his homeland which where all simple underground homes dug out of the hillside. These on the other hand where all above ground structures, with various features and designs. Some being more intricate than the other. Something that was totally new to someone with simple tastes like his kind. Walking into town Lockhart looked around at all the things to see. It was so much more busier than at home. Taking it all in The large winged deer trotted down the dirt paved street through town, a sweet smell trailing behind him. His magic was much weaker alone, but was still prevalent around him. As he wandered around looking for something to get into, he noticed all the ponies going about their business, and walking the streets like him. Lockhart had been used to being around ponies as his homeland was much visited by their kind for the Peryton's magic, But this felt different. Back home he was around his fellow Peryton. He was however the only one of his kind here, He felt out of place, exposed, He felt like he stuck out among all the other ponies and could be easily spotted from afar. Even being a large Peryton, Lockhart couldn't shake the thought in the back of his mind that he was vulnerable, and exposed. Taking a deep breath in and exhaling out, Lockhart tried to put his mind off of it as continued down the street gazing into the windows of shops as he passed by hoping to find something to occupy his mind and help him relax a little. Perhaps maybe he should visit one of the baked goods shops around to see what kind of cuisine the ponies liked. Lockhart thought to himself as he searched around for such a shop. he gave a bit of a nervous chuckle thinking about all the looks he might get walking into a shop. He knew the Peryton didn't get out much, and he figured it would come as a surprise to ponies to see one of his kind in Ponyville. He almost wandered if he was drawing attention even now, as he let his surrounding slip from his view as he searched for a shop to visit. Something that he wasn't much used to.
  12. Hope and optimism spring ever eternal in the minds of ponies. At least, that was what must have been so for a mare to run, for years, a wine and grape punch shop smack dab in the middle of cider country. Not that Berry Punch resented the Apple family at all! It was just that she thought there was room enough for all fruits in this town. Enough of her fellow citizens seemed to agree to keep her shop afloat, but not quite enough to make it a success. "Success" being defined as enough to give her little filly the life her mother felt she deserved. Dreams of little Ruby Pinch being Equestria's fifth Princess aside, Berry really did need help to move stock this year. And wouldn't you know it, but a new mare from the Crystal Empire came to town, one skilled in making crafts from crystals! Just the sort of thing needed to showcase her wonderful beverages. It being a slow day at her own shop, Berry felt no shame in shuttering early, and trotting down to the new mare's house, rapping on the door with great expectations...
  13. Being in Ponyville always brought some... very conflicting feelings up in Bevel. The memory of the type of mare she was before she even came here was still fresh in her mind and it an image she dearly wished she could forget. Thankfully, she managed to schedule something that could keep her from being completely alone with her thoughts on this trip: A tour of the (relatively) new castle of Princess Twilight, and the company that would be with her for it. In this case it was her good friend Dunnie, who had come to her with a problem that Bevel was able to find a treatment for. Now the treatment evolved somewhat to where her friend was able to keep her new look indefinitely so long as she kept her bracelet on. The guide for this tour was someone Bevel had come to know through a regular customer of all things. When they'd first met the inventor knew she was a guard, but she definitely didn't realize that she would soon become more literal example of a royal guard: Being a guardian to none-other than princess Twilight herself. A couple letters later she managed to arrange a trip through the castle... aren't connections wonderful? Bevel had decided to go for a more casual look today, for once she wasn't seen with a bandaid across her nose. Instead, she was wearing a pair of thick eyeglasses on her muzzle. Normally she might have worn her contacts or goggles but didn't expect anything particularly troublesome or exciting to occur. With a small yawn the prench pony looked to the friend at her side, “So um... how's the bracelet been working since the modifications?”
  14. @tacobob ------- Sweet Apple Acres was a big place. Aside from the number of orchards they had, from reds, to greens and even Zap Apples having their own patch: theirs was a land built on the backs of their ancestors who had first settled Ponyville. It t’weren’t no small operation. It was up to them to provide food for all the ponies settling here and so as more and more came to settle more orchards were planted. Sweet Apple Acres came to be more than just the acres originally settled. That meant there was a whole lot of work to do. The work fell squarely on the shoulders of the Apples and their kin to tend the fields. The spring was finally here. Thanks to Twilight being in charge of the planning for the committee Winter Wrap-up went by faster letting them sow seeds sooner. Though it meant starting work earlier, something Mac was at odds at. He liked keeping busy and maintaining the barn was a regular chore, upkeep with the fields seasonal, but it was a full time jo and Mac here liked taking naps on occasion. His sister was more the workaholic where as he was responsible so stealing away for naps in a pile of hay wasn't much a surprise for his kin to spot. Today was such a day. With lunch abiding the red apple a well deserved break he decided to just take a moment to collect himself. It was in that moment he was leaving the barn. Shaking out his boss the substantially built Apple would loose hay from his fur, catching a straw between his lips before he let out a snort. Reaching up he'd give a good brush of his honeysuckle colored mane to ensure any and all evidence of his leisure was dusted away.
  15. Today was the big day! Captain Fire Walker made her way through the (currently) quiet pathways of Ponyville as she balanced an box of recently baked muffins she purchased from Sugar Cube Corner on her back. Like the good little officer, she was on time to meet both Ponyville's beloved Princess Twilight, and six very special ponies that would soon be protecting the happy little village that had become the center of rather important events during the last few years. This included the return of Princess Luna, a rather epic battle between an oversized vampiric centaur and the purple princess of friendship herself, not to mention more than a few invasions. As the village grew in stock, the greater the 'events of interest' became, so they needed a proper guard to keep an eye on the place. The red Pegasus silently pondered the small group of ponies her new boss had picked. Some she knew, others she did not. The first was a officer named Flash Sentry. His once promising career hit a bit of a roadblock after he had been kidnapped and brainwashed into aiding the infamous attack against the Crystal Fair not that long ago. And while he had later been tried and cleared of his 'crimes', he had been pushed into the unglamorous role of an R.E.A paper-pusher. The stallion deserved a second chance, and while she had never encountered the Pegasus pony, Princess Twilight had only good things to say about him. Fire even asked her brothers in the guard about him. Things like 'He's a really nice guy' and '"FLASH SENTRY helps his friends whenever they need him! Sergeant Bonfire was next. Like Flash, he was another pony the mare had not been properly introduced to. But from what she heard, he was a well rounded, experienced solider. The hefty unicorn was an fully trained Pyromancer and an certified R.E.A instructor. While shooting fireballs at his foes was very useful, the guard would need him more for his experience and discipline. He would be very useful in training new recruits and Ponyville citizens.He was stern, but fair pony who did not creep her out like that General Pummel did. Oh how he gave her the Jibblies! And there was Rapid Fire. Oh dear. How did he end up on the list? He was a highly skilled and respected officer, but sweet, baby Celestia, he was an utter hottie. Like meow. But would he be suitable for the job? Did it matter? Fire Walker had attended more than a few training missions with the very model of horsey perfection back in the day, but never had the courage to speak to him. And while she later found out that he was into stallions, this was a guy she could still admire from afar. But now she would be near him and oh. Maybe she should just think about those muffins she had on her back. So hot and so firm. ARGH! Next was Raven Shadowfire, an young recruit that held a good deal of promise, or at least that what's the red Pegasus had read about her. She had suffered a serious horn injury at a young age but would not let that stop her from doing what she wanted. She would be an ideal student for Bonfire. With all the skilled soldiers and wizards marching about, they needed somepony who could help those effected by Ponyville's occasional bouts of crazy. Placidity was a highly skilled psychologist and while born a mute, was skilled in telepathy. Not only could she aid Ponyville citizens in dealing with unpleasant situations, she would be also handy when dealing with their foes. Sometimes an enemy could be defeated with the powers of friendship and understanding. If not, that's when the fire magic and pole arms fit in. And finally there was Applejack. Why in the world did the already very busy earth pony throw her hat into this? Not only did she have a foal to take care of, there was also her elderly grandmother and an filly sister she needed to keep an eye on. There was also a farm AND a school she worked on. Yikes! That gal did more in one morning than most ponies did all week. Still, she was one mare the officer could count on and utterly impossible to say 'no' to. The mare arrived at the castle and quickly made her way into the room they were to use as the 'meeting' are for now. There was a small table with an rather festive pink coffee maker mounted on. There she would place the muffin box and start up the coffee maker. Comfortable chairs all needed a goof 'fluffing' which she started on.......She was early, so hopefully the others would be arriving soon...
  16. Starshine's pink mane fluttered in the wind at the train stop. Using a simple levitation spell, Star carried her suitcases off of the platform she arrived at. Tucked away in her suitcase was an invitation to the animal shelter in Ponyville. Just thinking about the animals that were waiting for her made Star giddy. She couldn't wait to take care of them! The light breeze that carried through her mane, causing it to lightly flick her face, reminded her that she needed to focus. Star had only ever been in Ponyville a couple of times, mostly on the outskirts, and would need to be observant if she was going to find the shelter. Starshine began trodding through the streets of Ponyville. All around her were buildings of different shapes and sizes, some were curvy and ornate, others rectangular and formal. Overall Ponyville was a diverse place, so it was no surprise that the building themselves were unique. Star scanned her area, she recognized the fields where she had helped during Winter Wrap-Up awhile ago, but that was really it, aside from the obvious landmarks. It took Starshine another twenty minutes before she finally asked somepony for directions. The mare gave her exact directions, before hurrying along. It took Star not even three minutes to find what she was looking for. Star, upon seeing her destination wheeled her suitcase behind her, packed with supplies, at an increased speed to reach the shelter. Once she had walked inside, Star wasn't exactly sure what she was supposed to look for. The invitation hadn't really told her which pony she should talk to, so Star stood there, a confused look on her face. As far as she could tell, nopony seemed to aware of her presence, and nopony seemed to recognize her as their guest... Was there a specific pony that she was supposed to meet? Had she arrived too late? Too early? She released the levitation spell on her suitcase handle. She unzipped it and pulled out her invitation, and then rezipped it. She left it floating in front of her as she reread.
  17. It was always a rare chance to spread her wings, and escape the chains of her lofty position. The pristine Canterlot castle was steadily shrinking behind her, and overhead, the sky was slowly developing an orange tint to the blue as the sun slowly began its descent towards the horizon. Being awake before the sunset was the earliest time she'd risen thus far, and although she enjoyed her sleep, a period in which she could peacefully rest, her restlessness had been growing lately. It'd been far too long since she'd gotten out of the castle, and not for an event that required the presence of a princess to oversee it. It was about time that she tried to pursue something that she missed: the freedom she once had those thousand years ago before her fall. When she could freely explore the Everfree Forest with Melvin, and spend what time she could wrangle out of her sister.. before she'd begun to get shrugged off more and more in favor of ponies. Her blue wings were spread wide, beating every so often to keep her aloft as she flew towards a location that was semi-familiar to her. It wasn't terribly far from Canterlot, thankfully, but even still she needed the exercise. Being cooped up in a castle most of the time didn't often give her the chance or the reason to fly, and flying was one of her favorite things to do. It was.. freeing. All of her worries and stress were simply swept away. Princess Luna wasn't sure what she would do once she reached Ponyville, or if she would simply fly past it in favor of the Everfree Forest. Hopefully, around this time, there wouldn't be as many ponies on the streets with the onset of the setting sun; she didn't want to make a scene by suddenly dropping in. Even now, Luna knew how much the ponies favored the princesses for the crowns they wore and the protection they offered, almost to the point that a glimpse of them in public was enough to excite the citizens. Luna didn't want to get swarmed by them when she still had something of an aversion to crowds and the noise they brought with them. Her starry mane fluttered, streaming back from her head as she descended towards the steadily approaching country town, and the closer she got to it, the more she began to pick out more notable buildings outside of the tall Town Hall as her teal eyes searched for a quiet, empty street to touch down in. She wasn't sure if it would truly be empty, or who she might run into on this little, spur-of-the-moment visit to break outside of her repetitive schedule.
  18. It'd been a matter of some months of traveling south into Equestria on hoof before he found anything of interest. It would have been faster if there was another form of transportation, but Sombra had not yet learned of the train- he had only ever seen the odd tracks of wood and metal, crossed during part of his travels. Equestria, Sombra came to notice, was terribly bright and sunny, made up of great swaths of untouched wilderness with pockets of civilization. The first place he finally stumbled upon was a lively, sprawling town. The architecture of the buildings and the material that made them up looked entirely alien to Sombra's eyes, having only ever seen the Crystal Empire. Pale walls, wood trim, and yellow straw-thatched roofing. The ponies, on the other hoof, were nothing new; the only difference was that they didn't have the shine that the crystal ponies had. They were bright and pastel, but dull. Dull, like him. It might've been a nice change, if the mere sight of ponies hadn't set him on edge. It was after some quiet backpedaling that Sombra decided to skirt the edge of the town, wandering in between the scattered buildings and studying what he could see thus far without drawing attention to himself. Or so he believed. It was still, entirely possible that ponies had seen him, and some no doubt still saw him, lurking on the edges like a wolf watching a flock of sheep. For the first time in a very, very long time, King Sombra found himself at an utter loss of what to do. He was still weak. No throne, no crown, and no position of power. He couldn't take what he needed by force, and not in Equestria- if the royal sisters got wind that he still lived, they'd certainly come after him. The thought of being locked away again in some other manner of prison by their hooves filled him with fear, and he hated it. After Sombra had gotten to see a little of this town of ponies, he withdrew towards the dark forest that seemed to border part of it. Having no knowledge of what it was or its history, the only thing that he saw in it was temporary refuge. A place to linger until he had some sort of idea, some sort of plan, on how he would deal with entering this town. If anypony dared follow, he might not see them; he was too wrapped up in his own thoughts, for the moment.
  19. Ocellus was not a naturally brave changeling, but she was a friendly changeling, and to her that was well enough to start working on her shy personality. She was wondering around the streets of Ponyville, keeping near the School of Friendship so she didn't get lost in the winding streets. Currently she was relaxing near Sugar Cube Corner, just sat down on a bench in her changeling form, enjoying the warmth of the day, a few books open on the bench with her that she flicks through, enjoying the tales and stories that pony books had to offer. Her translucent pink 'mane' let the light shine through it, casting a few little pink beams of light on the bench in front of her as she reads, her similarly translucent wings flapping every so often to keep a cool breeze around her.
  20. @SteelEagle To say Scootaloo was nervous would be understating it. It'd been pretty anxiety inducing, approaching Rainbow to ask about the upcoming Sisterhooves Social - mainly because the two of them never participated in it together before. Still, she managed to buck it up for the time being and ask. Scootaloo thought that might be the end of it; once Rainbow said yes to it (which she did, thank Celestia), then Scootaloo would have a merry ole' time and the two of them would blow away the competition once the actual Sisterhooves Social came round. Scootaloo even remembered being excited at the time once Rainbow agreed and arranged a place and a time for the two of them to meet to prepare for it. The little pony had been counting the days down as they came by, and now that it's finally happening... ...that's when the doubts decided to make themselves known. Here Scootaloo sat, at the spot that Rainbow herself established for the two of them, and if she wore any she'd be quaking in her boots. Some nervous chattering of her teeth and shuffling of her hooves later, and she managed to suppress the butterflies running rampant within her stomach enough to look the part of the confident pony. To be fair, the image was pretty practiced at this point, so it was easy to slip into; but it did nothing to actually quell the worries that came floating by. After all, as luck would have it, this was when her thoughts decided to crash upon her, setting her into a state of supreme unease. What if I'm not cool enough? What if I get hurt? What if she gets hurt? What if I get her hurt? What if I mess up the routine and she'll never wanna see me again? The doubts became so prevalent that they were practically paralyzing, and it took her attempting to observe a tree in the fields to refocus herself. She swallowed thickly, straightened her sitting position, and hoped to the sun above that Rainbow would get here soon. Surely she'd start feel better once the rainbow-maned pegasus appeared to put all of her fears to rest. That was, of course, assuming she'd actually show up. "Where is she?" Scootaloo muttered to herself, agitation growing. Okay, so she was here early, but still! Surely Rainbow wouldn't ditch on her... Right?
  21. The sun was beaming down upon Ponyville, showing the town in all its glory from the shadows cast by the charming thatched buildings to the reflected beams of light from the titanic crystal tree that was the home of the Princess of Friendship, however another building was now influencing the light, positioned on the other side of the lake that sat next to Twilight's castle was the School of Friendship, a charming building that took inspiration both from the quaint townhouses, and the bold colours and spires of the castle it shared a lake with. The school was bustling with activity as it always was on a school day when classes were starting to wrap up. Within the school, one of the more unique students was quickly walking towards the exit, not quite happy with being caught up in the crowd, it would be hard to know she was not a pony; she certainly looked like one at current, with yellow fur and a blueish mane with a ladybug cutie mark. However this pony was not as she seemed, for starters she was a changeling, the only changeling attending the school, having been sent there by Thorax to study friendship and it's values as a gesture of good faith to the princess running the school. Once outside again, Ocellus lets her guard down, changing back into her real form, with her teal body and translucent pink mane. She carefully wanders through town, exploring every little detail as she also keeps an eye out for any more book shops.
  22. From the album: Bolt Pictures

  23. The mostly quiet town of Ponyville was as quiet as it normally was; it was the kind of place which lived in opposites; one day you could be relaxing at the cafe enjoying a nice hay sandwich, the next the cafe could have been flattened by the newest creature to escape the Everfree Forest. And yet ponies seemed to rebuild and carry on as normal; this was the Ponyville way, to carry on and only question it when in the company of good friends for a nice laugh. It certainly helped Coltson do both of his jobs well; nopony ever questioned how the bookstore was always left standing after such attacks or even how a store like it could stay in business when the owner had such a penchant for holding onto the valuable books; it was just the way things worked with him. It did confuse some ponies however on how the pony who ran the store almost always wore a suit and sunglasses at work when inside, however most passed it off as just another quirk from the young businesscolt. And today was a day just as any other for him; he relaxed at his counter, eating a hay sandwich he had picked up from the cafe for lunch, the sun was out and rain wasn't scheduled for another few days, so he had his door wide open, allowing the golden rays to spread across the shop floor, causing the embossed spines of the books to shine with colour, especially from the ones with foil emboss. There hadn't been many customers today; most just stopped by for a chat or to catch up with the colt, it was as pleasant and boring as you could get.
  24. Boulder Dash took a deep breath of crisp sir as he trotted through Ponyville with his saddle bags and a small sleigh behind him with a shovel and other tools on it. Though Winter Wrap Up was still being planned, Boulder Dash had volunteered at a local meeting to get a jump start on things by clearing areas most frequently used by Fillie and the elderly. Always willing to help his friends and neighbors, especially after befriending he Princess of Friendship herself, Boulder was always happy to lend a helping hand with his great strength. Looking at the Town Hall as he passed it he pulled a letter out of his saddle bag and began reading it as other Ponies around him went about their day. Dear Boulder Dash, On behalf of the Ponies of Ponyville, I wish to thank you for your help today and say how grateful we are to have you back home and for your volunteer work today. Below is a list of spots to clear today as requested by our citizens and businesses. Once again thank you for your help and please stop by my office if you have any questions. Yours Gratefully, Mayor Mare Boulder Dash smiled and made his way to his first stop, The Ponyville School Building. As he approached he recalled his own days attending the school when he was a filly himself. He waved to the young fillies as some went into the School to get warm while a few stayed outside to watch the large Earth Stallion work. Approaching a large oak near the school playground Boulder Dash saw it was still covered in snow that was slowly melting. Smirking he walked over to the tree, adjusting his hat, and cracked his thick neck. He then smashed his head into the tree causing it to rattle and shook as if hit with a Boulder or a large club, and then all the snow fell from the tree into the ground. The Fillies watching cheered and a few stamped thier hoofs approvingly. Boulder Dash bowed like a play wright to them, only to be hit on the head by a last plop of snow on the tree. "Whoa!" he shouted as the snow hit him, causing a few Fillies to chortle and laugh loudly.
  25. She felt the rumbling of the train start to slowly decelerate as she woke up from her short nap. Normal ponies probably wouldn't be able to notice the slight change at that point, but her passive heightened senses made it more obvious. The trip from Ponyville to Canterlot was long based on the fact that traversing up a mountain isn't easy for a train to do, so the most straightforward path wasn't the safest. She could almost feel her hometown within reach. She was going to miss this town when she leaves again eventually, but she couldn't just stay in this town forever. "Hey Ejaz, wake up. We're basically there," She said to the pony next to her before getting up herself. "Welcome to the most peacefully dangerous town in Equestria," She announced after the stallion awoke. "The train should be stopping any moment now and you don't want to miss this." She felt the train stop and the train's whistle announcing the arrival. She stepped off the train rushing off the platform momentarily forgetting about Ejaz, before stopping and heading back to him. "We're heading to my house first, I think it's too late to do anything else unless you want to take a detour for whatever reason."
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