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  1. “In war, courage is tested not by a desire to fight, but by sacrificing to save others.” TOTAL WAR! With much of Equestria’s army defending Canterlot from relentless enemy assault, too few ponies remain to keep watch on the countryside. Intent on depriving Equestria of land to grow food, King Sombra deploys raiders to kidnap civilians as slaves and burn everything else in their path. In the secluded valley of Summer Springs, a small band of soldiers is the only thing standing between a peaceful village and complete devastation. This under-strength force must hold out long enough for reinforcements to arrive..... ------ *A FEW MILES SOUTH OF SUMMER SPRINGS* Equestrian ponies were not terribly good at tasks of renown, but at least to Kopis, they were good for growing edible food. Like the strawberries she plucked from a bush two hours ago, during the twilight of the morning dawn. Of course, it would have been unwise to reveal such thoughts to her Master, or to regret how she would never be able to taste any more of those sweet berries again. Even now, that bush, along with many others just like it, was being put to the torch by her Crystal Legionnaires. On Kopis’ orders, entire farms and villages burned in agony behind her, the smoke so extensive that it was blotting out the sky and sprinkling ash on lands miles away. A magically-gifted unicorn lacking pity or remorse, Kopis possessed the cruel temperament required of one of King Sombra’s trusted servants. Loyally serving the Shadow King of her own free will, the periwinkle-coated mare stood out from the rest of her subjugated legionnaires with her uncovered bald head and the ankle-length black skirt of a Kastroti acolyte. Kopis bore no physical weapons, for dark magic was her ally. It was this unicorn whom Sombra entrusted with command over the Crystal Legion raiders in the Solstice Heights. Her pouch rumbling, Kopis levitated a small, glowing crystal orb onto her hoof. A crystal orb rumbling by itself always meant someone wanted to contact its user, so the commander used a stream of magic to ‘activate’ the seeing stone. “Mistress,” the stone revealed an unarmored changeling, one of several scouts hiding on the edge of cliff-top forests; “Our scouts have spotted a small Equestrian force in the Summer Springs valley. We estimate that no more than 200 ponies defend the residents and other refugees sheltering in the town.” “Goooooood,” Kopis cooed wickedly, pleased with the scout’s report; “Stay out of sight, and keep me informed on their positions.” King Sombra would be most pleased indeed if a vulnerable target like Summer Springs fell..... ------ OOC: http://www.canterlot.com/topic/22003-fire-and-sword-pve-ooc-update-117-added-info-to-op/ AU Rules + Lore: http://www.canterlot.com/topic/21933-the-sombra-war-au-update-119-1st-rp-active/ Map of the battlescape: MAP LEGEND: Thick brown lines = cliffs Blue lines = stream Blue blobs on cliff edges = waterfalls Yellow lines = stone roads or bridges Light green lines = unpaved pathways Thin brown lines above rivers = wooden bridges Dark green lines around farmland = hedges
  2. Prism flapped his wings as fast as he could get them, flying from Cloudsdale over WhiteTail Woods, Solstice Heights and the outskirts of the foothills, he needed help! An unexpected cloud had drifted from the edge of the Everfree Forest and was drifting towards Ponyville! Gradually getting bigger and bigger as it went by! The male Pegasus was a streak of rainbow as he tried to head it off, but it was too large for just one Pegasus to bust! "Help! Any Pegasi capable in the area! Help!" He called out, zooming around the town, the woods, trying to get aid "It's heading for Ponyville and I can't stop it Solo!" (Please do not have your character bust the cloud, I'd like it if it became a growing problem that requires team work)
  3. Thanks to the help of her Kin Lady had produced several SEVERAL Barrels of her own, sweet Pink Lady Cider! She had worked hard and was ready to enjoy the fruits of her labour! She opened a small stand situated right between Solstice Heights and Canterlot So many ponies passing this way would get to enjoy a nice, refreshing glass of it! And maybe snack on one of her preserved treats! There were decorative glass jars shaped like apples, filled with her slightly rosy pink jam, slices of fresh cinnamon bread, and even fresh churned butter to go with it! Just a little snack! The sign above her stand was a soft pink and in green letters Pink Lady's Apple Cider! The best in Solstice Heights! Hoping she would draw a big, thirsty crowd, and maybe get as big a line as her Cousin AppleJack did in Ponyville..
  4. A light snow was falling as Russet Apple stepped from his house. He didn't mind the cold as where he was going the chill was a welcomed reprieve compared to the hot summer days with a tug he pulled open the sliding door open and stepped into his forge. The space was neatly organized, dominated by a massive stone furnace. There was a container of water, a pile of metal, and racks of tools. "Time to get to work," he said as he lit the furnace and began operating the massive bellows to the forge, heating the furnace to a roaring blaze in a matter of minutes. He then put on a thick apron and goggles before grabbing a metal piece and setting it part way into the fire to get it heated. Soon he would begin to shape the metal while being ever ready to sell his metal creations or to take requests.
  5. The Shelves were stocked to bursting! There were delicious dried apple slices, dried apple pies, turnovers, ect were placed out so the whole shop smelled of rich warm apples! The shelves were lined with Jams, Jellies, Preserves, and jars of delicious apple butter! Glinting in the warm sunlight. Lady let out a breath and wiped her brow, before getting her special lemonade out and sat it on the counter, as well as some clean glasses, that had a little sign by it "Refresh yourself while you shop! Free Lemonade!" Instead of Ice it had frozen bits of apple, pear, and cherries floating in it as Lady liked to take care of her guests! Once the shop was obviously ready for business she flipped the sign from closed to open and beamed! She'd harvest her apples later in the afternoon! Socializing and money making time now!
  6. "Melon Stand?" Watermelon Gush looked at the place she built with her own hooves. It was more of a bunch of boards thrown together nailed together and a painted sign which read Watermelons for Sale! but she was proud of her work. Check! Lots of yummy watermelons to sell? The filly looked over at the cart filled to the top with the ripe sweet fruit. She couldn't lay claim to this as her parents were the ones who gave her the watermelon to sell. Still he did have a hoof in growing and picking many of them. "Check! Cuteness Powers?" The filly jumped up on the table of the stand and struck a pose while giving an adorable smile, hoping that it alone would being in the customers. "Check! Alrighty, time to sell some watermelons!"
  7. [colour=#FF8000]It was a day without worries for Spitfire the Wonderbolt. She decided to fly down from Cloudsdale to Garden Gait on her day off. She planned to give her wings a rest, perhaps go shopping or stop for lunch. Whatever it was, she would be walking, relaxing her wings and giving her hooves an overdue exercise. She lived in the clouds, she trained in the clouds, and all too often her hooves went weeks without touching solid earth. The cool stone streets felt nice against her hooves, creating a light clip-clop as she walked. She glanced at the different shops, looking for something to catch her interest. The walk was nice, no doubt, but she hadn't been out and about for a few weeks now, and there were some payday wages burning a hole in her saddlebags. That was when Spitfire spotted a coffee shop. Yes, that would be just the thing to get her up and going this afternoon. Of course it was afternoon—Spitfire had gone to bed earlier than usual the previous night, but had still taken the opportunity to sleep in. No sense wasting a day off in getting up early. Spitfire opened the door, and a little bell above it chimed to announce the arrival of a customer. The fire maned Pegasus took in the menu before ordering her drink—a chocolate latte. She sat down to enjoy her coffee, breathing in its scent and then letting out a breath, allowing herself to be calmed before she took a sip of the beverage. Today was starting out good.[/colour]
  8. “Ugh, I poured my life’s work and three months of financing into this place, I would have hoped for some new business by now…” A brown mare commented while wiping a wooden bar table off, which she often did when she was out of things to keep her busy. It wasn’t so much for the money though, as one might have expected from her. This mare named Masala Chai was simply tired of the routine. First thing in the morning, the same three ponies ordered their teas and left without a word. Boooriiing. Then in the afternoon, Apis paid a visit, followed by a mess to clean up, which she silently decided was his job next time it happened, not hers. He wasn’t unpleasant company, not at all. However, it seemed as though he was content to reserve his klutzy moments for when he was among friends, and with her being the only one in his immediate area, that was a bit of an annoyance. Then, late night, a cup of hot cocoa for a chocoholic artist that happened to wander into her store after getting lost a few weeks ago. They came every day, but new ponies added new possibilities, new brewings, new conversation, and yet another chance at finding what she was really after. The grating routine made her begin to lose hope, and become rather tired of work, even after only five months. Maybe it was the location? Did the building materials look ugly compared to its surroundings? Not ‘fancy’ enough? Whatever the case, it wasn’t getting her much business, but the ponies that did give the place a shot loved it, which meant it must not be getting enough attention. So, Masala, being a busybody when it comes to attention, especially when deprived of any busywork outside of scrubbing the bar table, made signs advertising her shop and eagerly placed them all about the Heights last night. She hadn’t slept since then, but was just as sane as she usually was; it took more than just a day’s lack of sleep to get her on the crazy side. She assumed that it was just getting to be morning, since the outside streets looked a bit brighter than they were a few hours ago. She put the washrag on the table, and moved over to the window to see how things were going. Her café was natural and fairly homely, being made of dark wood and fresh logs, almost like a cabin of sorts. It had a porch out in the front with two tables, sheltered by a slanting roof. The inside wasn’t much different: light wood bar table (her greatest foe) with matching barstools, six tables to the left, were you to walk in the door, with a few bookshelves filled with light reads, from commonplace to oddities in the world of novels. On one table, a chess set stood, with the pieces in their proper place. Apis would play the game with himself from time to time; whatever amused him was fine with her, she didn’t judge. The lighting was basic, firefly lamps hung above the bar table did the trick, day or night. While Masala was well used to it, the humid air, filled with the smell of herbs and spices, would have hit anypony coming in for the first time. To the right was a door leading to a singular bathroom, just for the sake of being thorough. On the inside face of the bar table, cabinets stored cups and plates of all kinds and sizes, the plates being for some small treats she sold, on a shining silver display platter on the rightmost edge of the bar table. There was a back room as well, where Masala grew the plants she used from scratch, and brewed them into teas of many a kind. It was an expensive trade, especially how she did it, but it was worth it to her. She noted that the lamps outside began to dim, meaning that it was almost morning, which also meant that she could expect those three ponies in a few hours. But she kept her hopes up, thinking that somepony must have noticed the signs she posted. Masala trotted back over to the bar table, removed the washrag and put it in a sink behind the table, and waited for her first customers, or anypony that may happen to show up before them.
  9. It was just a normal day for Apple Bumpkin as she wandered around Solstice Heights looking for a new kind of plant to add to her garden back home that she kept just for exotic flowers that you couldn't find anywhere else. She had gotten a tip that there was a kind of flower that only grew up in Solstice Heights so she set off for there not knowing the lay of the land but trusting that she could find her way around if need be. The weather was nice though, it was sunny with just the right amount of breeze to not be too hot nor too cold. The sun was just coming up which meant that there was nothing but opportunity ahead of Apple Bumpkin and anypony or other that she would meet along the way to finding this elusive flower of hers. " 'Ah just hope 'Ah left enough food for the Chicks and all." She said with a slight frown as she stretched before beginning the assent into the heavens in search of this flower. She kept thinking about her beloved chickens and her apple trees that would be left unattended while she was hunting for this flower, also she thought about all the bits she was loosing simply by not going to market for these few days that she was up here. " 'Ah guess 'Ah'll just have ta find some way ta supplament my Bit income someway or another." She sighed as she kept walked, it was a nice thing for her to do though, getting away from the farm for a while and not being on her very strict reutine would help her find some peace and quiet so long as she didn't fall down or anything. "The sooner 'Ah find this flower, the sooner 'Ah can go home and take care of the Chicks." She said with a determined face as she looked up into the clouds. "T'aint no turnin back now." She began to climb again thinking to herself, 'Ah don't rightly like heights. ((OOC: Please PM me if you would like to join into this RP, only Jester is allowed to jump in here without asking. Thanks with love, Alison))
  10. Any comments? Anyone interested in helping my expand my OC's family?
  11. ((You are going on the magical airship, the Star Wing! A once in a lifetime opportunity, chances of getting a ticket by random 100 to 1. But, to ask for a ticket, well thats easy! Just go here!)) It was a sunny day, and in the lightly forested areas nearing Whitetail Woods, a unicorn trekked through the mountainside. The invitation had appeared on his desk, and the inky black unicorn had known the handwriting instantly. He had always dreamed of the day he could go on an airship, and he was going on the honorary tour of an old mare friend of his he had met as a colt. She had returned to her house and was going out again, on her birthday for a wonderful party in the sky! Yes, pegasi were invited, but it was mainly a trip that wingless ponies could enjoy at a leisurely pace.
  12. The weather was almost perfect that slightly nippy fall day, with the sun shining bright above the small cottage at the very edge of the woods, bringing warmth and life to the ground below. Clover was up early as he always was, tending to the house before going out to tend to his clover beds, First things first he swept the boards of the floor till they were clean, polished the windows, and made sure everything in the little cottage was spic and span! Putting on a bright copper teakettle on for boiling later since he would have plants to brew; One window was perfectly cut at the right angle into the roof above to make a square of light right on the counter, in this square of sunlight he placed a cloth since this was where his plants would go for drying, filling their house with their sweet scent. Now that the chores were done Clover fixed his hat upon his head, making sure the golden strands of his make were neat underneath it before strolling out into the sunshine, a soft shiver passing through him since the air was a little cold, but he got his bucket and headed to the well that was infront of his fields and got it brimmed with icy cold water, it went from the bucket to a watering can and he picked it up in his mouth and glanced out upon the patches of green that made his crop, ears pricked up and taking a deep breath in through his nose he headed foreward, carefully moving between the rows to water each shining green clover bed. Once the watering was done he tended to the weeding, and when the weeding was done he fastened a basket to his back and started to pluck himself a good basket full of his crops, plucking the juicy green leaves, and the delicious fragrant purple blossoms. Finally done with his morning chores he went back into the warm house and let out a deep breath, eyes glancing around the familiar but as always empty room that was slightly blurry around it’s edges, he was lonely...but perhaps today he would get visitors! He set aside a good crop of his plants for drying to take in to Canterlot, and to take to the small buffalo tribes of Appleoosa later in the week, the rest of it ? Well some of the blossoms and leaves went into the teapot and set to boil, the rest were added to his big cauldron over the fire which contained a rather rich smelling stew to add a boost to it. The Soup and Tea smelled wonderful as they cooked.. but then Clover Face hooved HARD “Celestia be ! I forgot the bee’s!” He exclaimed, kicking up his heels and headed on out “Goodness glaciers” He muttered . His friendly bee’s looking at him with unamused looks “Tis not my fault” He huffed moving to gather the Honey that they had produced, making sure to take only what he needed since it was not a day for sales “Don’t give me that look” He added huffing playfully. Back inside he scraped the honey off the combs, and strained the golden elixir into a honey pot, setting it upon the table, The wax he reserved for candlemaking later in the night “There we go..” NOW to attract guests, he propped open one of his windows so the sweet smell of good food and clovers would drift down the path… maybe today someone would come see him.
  13. The morning air was crisp and damp with the morning dew. The Sun was waxing ball of fire on the distant horizon as its rays began to warm the white birch forest of Solstice Heights Foothills. The previous week's Running of the Leaves went off with out a hitch. Almost all the leaves had fallen from the trees, leaving a blanket of red, orange, yellow, and brown, over the forest floor. As the Sun warmed Equestria all sorts of birds and animals began to stir. The leaves rustled as a slight breeze blew through the trees. The rays crashed upon a large oak tree on the edge of town. However this tree was unique, inside of it lived a pony. The rays streamed though an open window and fell upon a small bed where this pony slept. She tossed and turned as the Sun edged in on her dreams. Suddenly a cacophonous ringing filled her small bed room. She reached out a hoof and bopped it upon its top. She grumbled and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Stretching she got up from the bed and headed downstairs, through her living room and into her kitchen. Once in her kitchen she pulled out some milk and alfalfa. She placed these gently upon the small kitchen table and headed for the bread-box. Taking the bread out she placed it in the cast iron toaster. She looked at the fireplace and sighed, her banked coals had not lasted the night. Her breakfast had to wait for the moment as she restarted her cooking fire. She trotted off towards her wood-shed, the dew clinging to her hooves. With the tinder and fuel in tow she trotted back to her kitchen. She arranged the wood in a small teepee and smiled a little at what was to come. She clicked her ankles together unfortunately the -CLINK- that she had grown accustomed to was not to be heard. “Sugarplumbs!” She murmured to herself. In her haste to wake up she had forgotten to adorn her ankles with the trademark bracelets that she had worn since basic training. After a quick hustle up stairs and some rummaging, she returned to her kitchen wearing her bracelets. “Time for another try.” She quietly mused to herself. She clicked her fore-hooves together again and the -CLINK- that she was expecting filled her ears. She closed her eyes and felt the usual hum in her skull. The vast ocean of the aether appeared before her eyes. An ocean of pure energy, the ebb and flow of which could create and destroy worlds. A small, insignificant firefly of energy sparked into existence upon that sea of power. It wafted and swayed like a dingy in a storm. She marveled at that firefly for a moment, admiring its fight for life. She, with her magic, reached out and scooped up some of that energy from the sea. She channeled that magic towards the firefly, feeding it, nurturing it. The firefly began to consume the energy, very quickly. Greedily it gobbled the energy that she fed it, growing more and more powerful with every moment. Back in Equestria a thin tendril of flame seemed to slink out of nowhere. It wove its way slowly towards the wooden teepee in the fireplace. It coiled around the base of the teepee and the wood slowly began to catch fire. She slowly opened up her eyes again and watched the fire catch. She slowly severed the connection between the fire and the Aetheric Ocean, the wood would surely keep the fire going. She pushed the kettle on its swing arm over the fire and hung the toaster near the flame. Soon she would have tea and toast. She snacked on her alfalfa as her breakfast cooked. She gazed out the window towards the woods. The fog still hung heavy in between the trees and covered the hills and dales. “Ugh, why did it have to be damp today?” She remarked as her kettle began to whistle. The smell of toast filled the cottage as she poured herself some tea. She deliberately munched upon her breakfast as she pondered the day's work that awaited her. With a soft grumble she stood up and placed her dishes in the sink. She figured that she would wash them later when she returned home. She went to her office and picked up her campaign hat and placed it on her head, with her vest soon to follow. As she exited her home she took a deep breath of the air and looked over her yard. Her flowers were growing nicely and the picket fence was holding up well. She put her Forest Ranger vest on and exited through the gate in the fence towards the forest. “Today is a big day. Going to need to check the forest and make sure all the caution signs are up, then make sure everypony is at a safe distance, set up some fire breaks, and finally get the fire going. Big day.” Pyrite spoke to herself as she walked off into the fog of the early morning in Solstice Heights Foothills.
  14. Solstice Heights has always, since it was first settled, been a land of both extravagant and unique presence. Across its heights, buildings of all kinds have skimmed its many hills, scaled its countless slopes, and dotted every valley in between. The Chai Mare is one of these many places of business so daringly placed near the center of Equestrian authority. This very elegant (and equally expensive) tea shop has been the practical port of the finest teas from all around the world. It's owner, Masala Chai, is a mare who moved from Itaily to Equestria, seeking to run a business in what was then considered a more profitable environment. Though not many have ever had enough bits for a good cup of her tea at the end of the day, those that do often end up becoming regulars to the shop: pricy as it may be, it's great stuff. Since his move to Equestria, one such regular has been Senyor Apis. He and Masala have known each other since long before she had left Itaily, back when she was running a highly successful, but very small, tea shop in the border town of Troteste. Making his way up the slope of the street to the shop, Apis hummed a happy tune. Today, he was going to her shop on account of an invitation. Masala invited him to the shop to help promote a sale for her tea. According to Masala, she suddenly had the realization that if she gave the opportunity to have her tea sell cheaper, more ponies might be inclined to come to the shop, and, hopefully, equally inclined to return. Of course, she had made arrangements for banners and advertisements all over this town, so Apis smartly came trotting up before it opened, to make sure he avoided the predicted crowd when it came. Of course, promoting The Chai Mare was only half the reason he was going. A second reason was because he had invited a friend he had met from earlier in the month, and was hoping to see her again and perhaps get to know her. After all, this being a tea shop of notable prestige, how could she refuse? Apis's busy mind drew to a halt as he approached the door to the shop. The door was a very fine one, made of unpainted and well-sanded mahogany, with simple but polished brass hinges. A thin window at the top displayed store hours, and just as he predicted, Apis looked upon his reflection from the window with a marginal amount of confidence: He had arrived exactly ten minutes ahead of schedule. Apis raised his hoof, and gave the door a soft knocking. Shuffling could be heard from the other side, and the sound got closer as the door opened. Apis gave a warm smile to his longtime friend, Masala Chai, now standing before him in the doorway. Masala had maroon hair, pulled back from her face and in tousled waves. A wide, short, and saggy scarf colored just the same way coiled her neck in a very simple and perhaps lazy manner. Her cutie mark, a cylindrical cup of very foamy tea, with a tea plant coming out of the foam, was pronounced and fully visible of her flank, despite Itailian custom for ponies to cover theirs in polite environments. Masala welcomed Apis inside, and closed the door behind her with a bit of force. Apis looked around: The place was obviously a good bit fancier than before, with a few bookcases to keep customers busy, a game or two on the tables to the side, even a deck of tarot cards, placed in preparation of another guest Masala had hoped might arrive. Apis turned to his friend after sitting on a small chair near the entrance, and said, "Miss Chai, it's good to see you again, since you've had the shop closed for a few months! I can see you did some redecorating." Masala replied. Her voice was not particularly loud, but her level of attitude spoke volumes. She was, after all, a mare with some serious spirit. "Well, Mister Apis, you don't expect me to be closed and come back without anything changed, did you? No, this time, I'm going a step back to my start-out. Lowering the prices, raising the population, and believe me when I say that I won't rest until I can't do so much as move around in this shop during business hours!" She laughed, almost sarcastically. "I just hope enough ponies caught wind of the ads and decided to show up here! Until then, business is business, so what can I get you, sir?" Apis smiled and said, "One ginger tea, and since I'm feeling adventurous I'll go with a gunpowder tea. I'm expecting another pony to show up here when the store hours st-" Suddenly, the bell on the clock Masala kept on the counter rang. Store hours had begun. Masala hastily scurried to the entrance and removed the closed sign, opened the door, turned some sign around in the front porch, and then briskly closed it once again. " I guess she'll be coming real soon then!" Masala hurried over to the bar-like counter against the side of the large room, where she kept boxes and boxes of tea from all around the globe. Picking out a bag out of one box all the way to the right end, Masala brought two steaming cups of water out from behind the counter, and put the tea bag in to steep in the right one. Then, she rushed over to the door outside, where Apis knew she kept her tea garden. She came back out with a bundle of fresh leaves. Taking a kettle, Masala placed the leaves in a strainer, set it over the kettle, and poured the already boiling water over the leaves in the strainer. Then, she carefully put the kettle over a covered stove, set the fire on, and left it to boil for a moment. Masala left Apis to his own business as she waited at the bar for the bell on the door to ring, and another customer to arrive. This time, she hoped, she was going to get off the ground on a different hoof.
  15. The Foothills (G.E. East) The rolling hills of the Heartland quickly give way to massive foothills, great mountains, and wide valleys in the East. Much of the area is covered by a large forest known as Whitetail Wood, a decidedly less dangerous analog to Everfree in the west. The heart of the Foothills region is the Solstice Heights, hills and mountains and nestled among them are the great white towers of the capital of all of Equestria, Canterlot. To the south along the Seasaddle Bay lies some of the densest Cities of the Foothills Canterlot - Built into the side of a mountain, Canterlot is a fantastical city of alabaster spires, winding streets, and arcane mystery. Although rather small in population compared to other cities, it is the most important city in all of Greater Equestria, not least for being as the seat of government and capital of Greater Equestria. Manehattan - Manehattan is an urbanized business powerhouse and the center of the Equestrian service industry and the central trade hub for much of Equestria. The hustle and bustle of the city provides plenty of opportunities for practically anything a pony desires to find. Hoofington - Hoofington is a seaside city with an unbreakable connection to the water. Famed for the quality of the fine pearls and seaweed harvested by its residents, as well as its famous lighthouse, Hoofington remains a quiet and unassuming town. Garden Gait - A small, nearly forgotten farming community within the Solstice Heights, Garden Gait is regarded as one of the most serene locales in Equestria, as well as one of the most distinctly beautiful. Fet Loch - Located in the highlands of the Solstice Heights, this village is mostly known for the curious accent of its inhabitants. Generally at the mercy of harsh weather, the residents of Fet Loch leave a distinct and often challenging life. Hollow Shades - A small village nestled deep within the confines of the valleys of the Solstice Heights that draws both the curious and the adventurous determined to witness the paranormal for themselves, with the most determined eager in their determination to be the ones who finally solve the mysteries behind what is often sold as Equestria's supposedly most haunted spot. Hoofenheim - A unique town in the isolated far eastern regions of Equestria across the Eponnine Mountains, Hoofenheim is mostly known for the festive and often old fashioned attitudes of its residents, as well as its distinct and hearty cuisine. The town's economy is based largely on mining and artisan metalworks. Roam - Hailed as Equestria's most romantic city, Roam sits on the far side of the Eponnine Mountains. With its distinctive and beautiful architecture, it is a hotspot for tourists and artists seeking inspiration. Calnais - Playground for the rich and famous, Calnais sits in the southeast corner of Equestria beyond the Eponnine Mountains. A rich and expressive culture thrives here among the picturesque scenery. The town has in recent years become the hub of the nascent motion picture industry. Tall Tale Town - Tied intimately to the nearby Foal Mountain of the Eponnine to which the small town sits at the base of, Tall Tale hosts tourists and fortune seekers of all manner. Some come to enjoy the outdoor scenery and mountain climbing, others drawn by the stories of great hidden treasures in the massive mountain that looms over the village. Major Natural Features Solstice Heights - The foothills, mountains, and river valleys spread out in every direction from the magnificent mountain that houses Canterlot - Solstice Heights provides housing for the less wealthy or less magically inclined residents of the greater Canterlot area. A veritable suburban paradise holding such settlements as Garden Gait and Fet Loch, many workers and teachers house their families here and commute to Canterlot for work every day, others support the various specialty farms that dot the various river valleys. Whitetail Wood - Sitting on the opposite side of the Roundbottom Hills from Canterlot, the Whitetail Wood is a more thoroughly explored mirror to Everfree, with younger trees and generally less dangerous wildlife. Here, ponies help control the weather and change the seasons for the forest. Other geographical features The eastern border of the Foothills region is marked by the Eponnine Mountains, one of the greatest ranges in Greater Equestria. The mountains themselves are among the tallest and, some ponies claim, still hold an active volcano or two.
  16. Trillium was trotting along a sun-dappled path, humming softly to herself, a basket full of cookies attached to the side of her small saddle. Later, in the summer, the trees leaves would fill in a lot more and this part of the woods would be in deep shade. But this time of the year the leaves were small, and the spotted light was so fetching on her pelt. It was the perfect day for a "chance" encounter. The pale green pony had brushed her coat, mane and tail until they gleamed, and put a fresh trillium, the flower she was named after, behind her ear. She was in a great mood, joyous and playful. She knew that the stallion she was secretly in love with, her very good friend River Birch would be checking on the new birch cones among the trees. SO she was conveniently wandering this part of the woods, with of all things the very cookies he loved most of all. She heard some twigs snap nearby, so she looked up. On the crest of the hill she saw a dark shadow that resembled a stallion. She whistled. The figure did not respond. "Oh, River Birch, I know you're just tryin' to fool me, but I know it's you, so you can just stop it right now" She called out in an amused tone, rearing up playfully. "If you don't, I'm not making you cookies anymore!" She broke into a gallop and nimbly dodged tree roots that crisscrossed the path to greet her friend. Trillium froze, mid-gallop. This pony wasn't River Birch, not at all. This stranger was huge, dark and strong, and Trillium was just a little afraid!
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