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  1. Prancing plates (closed)

    Buck stopped the cart just outside the town, looking at the sign. He figured it would be best to park here where the road was rather than try and find a place to park it in town. He looked over his shoulder at the mare slumbering in the cart. She was still in her armor, and likely uncomfortable. Nodding to himself, he pulled off the road and into the open pasture. Bracing the cart against a rock and putting the brake on, he moved to the back and pulled out their tent. It only took him a few moments to levitate it in place and secure it. One it was up, he levitated the sleeping mare and took her into the tent. Helping her to get out of the armor and lay back for a proper sleep. That done, he came back out and picked up the guitar case from the cart. HE had no worry of any creature bothering the cart and tent. They were small, barely noticed, and protected by a few small enchantments. As he walked into town with the guitar case on his back, he looked about for a place to set up. He needed a clear space to set up and play. He could leave the case open, or drop his cap on the ground to collect the coins if ponies threw him a few. He was fairly happy with the way their life was, and gladly accepted their lot in the world. Finding his way to the central fountain in town, he levitated the case to the ground and left it open. Sitting on the rim of the fountain basin, he turned the guitar for a moment before closing his eyes. His horn lit up, casting a single spell to amplify the music and his voice to let it float all over town. The last thing he did was levitate a harmonica next to him, but not to his lips. Instead he used his magic to play it in time with guitar, allowing him to play both at the same time. As his hooves began to dance over the strings, he sang softly. A gentle song of love and peace. It was an old song many ponies would know, and many likely loved. As his voice carried over the town, he began to notice ponies drifting his way. They were attracted by the music, listening to him play and a few even tossing a coin or two in his open case. His voice was low and gentle as he smiled and sang to them "See the west wind move...Like a lover's sooooul upon the fields of Barley...Feel her body rise, when you kiss her mouth...among the fields of gold... I never made promises lightly, and there have been some that I've broken... But I swear in the days still left, We'll walk in the fields of gold..." The stallion sang clear and clean like fresh wind. His body rocking softly back and forth as he played. His eyes dancing over the crowd around him. His pale green eyes gleamed brightly as his silver tangled mane blew in the breeze. His dark gray coat seemed to soften and sway over his muscles as he moved a little at a time. He was a large stallion for a unicorn, and much more muscled than most. He was used to physical labor. But as he sang, one could tell just how much joy and life there was in him. How much love he had for the world around him.
  2. Moonshade Gleam [ready]

    Name: Moonshade Gleam (Moon Gleam) Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Unicorn Character Color: Sleepy Grey Mane/Tail Color and Style: Night grey and star yellow Eye Color: Star yellow Physique: Average build, slightly above average height Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Stargazer and researcher Cutie Mark: Crescent moon with star sparkles and clouds unique Trait: Lunar and nocturnal based magic. History: Moon Gleam was born to any other family, a mother and a father, his mother being a pegasi and his father being a unicorn. He inherited his father’s horn but shares both his parent’s colours. Ever since he was a young foal it was hard to get him to sleep; always staring up at the silver moon with the mare in it. He loved that story and was entranced by the moon and the monster said to had lived in it. He always practised night based magic such as sleep spells or creating small glittering stars and moons in his room. He got his cutiemark at a sleepover when he helped a friend with insomnia. From then on he wanted to study the moon, nocturnal magic and help those with insomnia and nightmares, though dream magic is still out of his grasp. Personality: Moon Gleam is calm and collected, helping out others in a calm manner, even when it’s meant to be stressful. He always has a tired yet happy gaze (Mostly because he stays awake all night) Yet still manages to function normally. He values his friends and ponies in need over anything, ironic since he helps those with sleep related issues yet still stays awake all night. Not a lot gets under his fur and bothers him, other than the sun. He loves Luna’s Bat pony guards, what can he say. He loves a stallion in armour and who can stay awake all night. Character Summary: Moonshade Gleam is a Unicorn who specialises in lunar and moon based magic. Helping out ponies who have trouble sleeping and wishes to do dream Magic and enter Ponies dreams just like Princess Luna
  3. Chibi Peachy Keen

    From the album OCs

    Been working on a chibi style lately and I thought a cool way to practice would be to open an art request thread here. It's been too long since I did anything here and I want to do something. Peachy Keen belongs to me. Painted in FireAlpaca.
  4. Stormstride watched as she walked beside her brother. Of all the places she did not want to come, this had to be the top of the list. Canterlot itself, seat of Equestrian power and home to no less than two princesses at any given time. This place was a magnet for all things she disliked. The mare wore her armor, though her helmet hung from a hook on her sash. The heavy clack of her metal clad hooves on the cobblestone street echoed softly as she watched. Her mane glittering in the sun, the silver hair blowing lightly in the breeze as they passed by vendor stalls and shop fronts. They needed a place to park their cart. She was searching for an Inn or a hotel. As she was looking, Buck trotted along quite happily as he pulled the cart. His large stature letting him see over the tops of most of the crowd and his cheerful smile offset the rather irritated demeanor of his sister. He greeted every pony he passed with a cheerful tone and a bright look upon his countenance. While he wore no armor, the stallion was wearing saddle bags and the hitch for the large cart. He walked on a powerful set of legs, displaying the fact he was used to manual labor. Though when he spoke it was with a slight accent. "Sister, smile. We are only here for a few days! There are so many places to see! new foods and music for us to try, and a chance for us to catch up on the news we missed these thirteen years!" He gave a light skip, lifting the front of the cart up an inch as he did. Chuckling he watched her roll her eyes before finally smiling at him. She could never keep a scowl on her face with her brother around. The pair walked until they spotted a hotel. Pulling up front, Buck looked for a place to park their cart while Stormstride walked inside. Buck finally found a spot just across the street. It was an empty lot, with a few carts in it, but it was right beside a school. Buck figured it was for public use, because he did not see a sign stating otherwise. As he moved the cart into position, he paused to look up at the school. IT was really no different than the school he attended when he lived here in Equestria all those years ago. Though it was larger and likely better equipped than his school had been. Smiling to himself he unhitched form the cart, moved to the back and lowered the gate. Sitting himself on the edge, he pulled a an acoustic guitar from the stack. As he strummed over it, he began to smile brighter. His hooves danced over the strings, coaxing out a rather happy melody as he hummed at first. Then he began to sing, and his deep, soothing voice lifted into the air with a crisp loudness that was audible over the city sounds around him. He could already hear a few ponies talking and looking his direction. Which was fine, he wasn't hurting anything and always loved an audience. In the hotel, Stormstride turned an ear to the door as she heard her brother begin playing. Though she was focused on the clerk behind the counter and trying to work out how many days they were going to stay. Stormstride was also inquiring about local places to eat, purchase supplies, and the like. She would need work done on her armor soon, and would need to restock her supplies for caring for her weapons and armor. As the Clerk was trying to think while he registered their room, Stormstride just set the bits on the counter for him to take. She expressed that she needed to run an errand very shortly and would return within an hour to pick up the room keys for herself and her sibling. The clerk nodded and eyed the stack of coins rather happily. Stormstride stepped out and crossed the street to the cart where her brother was playing. She smiled brightly, always loving to hear him play. It was especially so when he sang like that, so full of life and energy. He could coax the sweetest notes from any instrument he picked up and that old guitar was his favorite. She had seen him work it over so well, and his hooves danced over the strings like a ballerina. She could hear other ponies coming to them now and moved to the side of the cart. She tossed out the hat that Buck set out to collect bits. Then she returned to tapping her hooves along with the tune. (OOC: This is the song he is playing. He isn't playing multiple instruments at once, just playing the piano parts on the guitar )
  5. This thread would be set in and around Appleloosa, and would be centered around Thunderbuck and Stormstride rolling into town with a recent caravan. Both are looking for temp work, and have a wide range of skills outside their primary talents. As well it would introduce some of their personality quarks and and a better back history for the pair. It also explains a few bits about their nature as vagrants and their choice in living outside the norms of most pony society. No combat in this thread, but deep discussions between characters are welcome. MLP Cast characters are welcome in context to the area and situation. Such as AJ visiting her family or the mane six coming to check on the peace between the buffalo and pony kind. The main theme here is social interaction and getting to know each other.
  6. King Sombra

    From the album Just sketches

    bow before the god of darkness.
  7. Vinyl

    From the album Just sketches

    Resident DJ pony enjoying herself.
  8. Trixie

    From the album Just sketches

    Just Trixie
  9. Thunderbuck

    From the album Just sketches

    Stormstride's younger brother. Happy go lucky in his whimsical ways.
  10. Stormstride

    From the album Just sketches

    Stormstride is never impressed, and hardly ever surprised. She looks at life with no real wonder anymore. It just happens and the only good part in it is her brother.
  11. Shining Armor

    From the album Just sketches

    He is about to be slapped and he knows it.
  12. Rarity

    From the album Just sketches

    As lady like as there ever was.
  13. Thunderbuck (Ready)

    Roleplay Type: Full Length/Canon Name: Thunderbuck Montigrue Cloud Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Unicorn Eye color: Pale Green Coat: Dark Slate Gray Mane/Tail: Silver Physique: Large, well rounded and strong. Taller than average unicorn stallion, with lightly defined muscle tone, but not equal to an Earth Pony. Can pull a heavy cart without casting a spell, but not able to plow fields like a large earth pony can. Residence:Transient Occupation: Musician, manual laborer, messenger. Cutie Mark: Lightning Bolt through double Musical Note. Thunderbuck discovered his talent when left to his own devices one day while his sister was working. He happened to wander through the town to a music store, and sat at a piano. As his hooves danced across the keys, the store patrons and owner marveled at how the foal could perform so well at. Buck's talent allows him the ability to understand and operate any instrument, given a few moments to familiarize himself with its operation. Overly complex instruments, such as a triple decked keyboard with sound board attachment would take him a longer to grasp, but would still be within his ability to learn within an hour. Unique Traits: Buck is larger than the average unicorn male, but not exceedingly so. He is roughly as large as a good sized Earth pony, but still does not possess the Earth pony physical prowess. His horn is shorter, but much thicker, and with a slight upward curve. Buck has totally unmanageable mane and tail, letting it just flutter about in the breeze and never bothering to brush it. He has a multitude of scars from a working life on his body, but most are very thin and mostly faded. History: Thunderbuck is the younger brother of Stormstride. He was only five when their parents died, and was too young to understand what actually happened. He witnessed their deaths, through a failed magic experiment. They were attempting to harness energy from left over weather, and the magical construct that was intended to house the energy exploded, sending fragments of glass and metal in all directions. Buck was only saved because his mother was in the right position to shield him from the blast. Though deeply saddened and suffering from a mild trauma he managed to cling to his sanity while safe in the hooves of his devoted big sister. Stormstride came running home after hearing the explosion, having been working in a nearby town at the time. She was shocked, but being a protective big sister took over in her mind, and she grounded herself by focusing on Buck. Thunderbuck grew to smile again within just a few months as Stormstride promised him they would travel the world together. She taught him the value of a honest day's labor, and worked with him. He was never hungry, as she always made certain he had a full tummy. His education was not lacking par say, however he was a bit slower to join other ponies his age when he could get into a local school wherever they happened to be living at the time. When there was no school available, or it was too far from their work, Stormstride would provide him education with whatever books she could find. His early years were centered around a single concept that Stormstride drilled into him. Be kind to all ponies, even the mean ones. As he grew older, and larger he took on more physical labor jobs. He became accustomed to working long hours in things ranging from farm work to mill work. While he could not perform as well as the earth ponies he often worked with, he was an equal to them in spirit and did not rely on his magic to do the work. They respected him for that, and he made friends with almost any pony he came across. Buck often entertained his fellow ponies when on lunch breaks with them by playing with any instrument close to hoof. His talent for music gave him the ability to understand any instrument he picked up with just a couple moments to familiarize himself with how it played. Buck grew to enjoy having ponies around, and spent a good deal of time working longer hours. He began to see his sister less often as she took on more and more combat related work. When he did spend time with her at the end of the day, he was always intent to make her smile. His travels with his sister through Maretonia slowly showed him how much he missed being in Equestria. He understood the power dynamic, and knew that he was getting special treatment because he had a horn on his head. Where as most of his fellow laborers lived in barracks and groups, Thunderbuck lived in a private room with his sister, and was provided ample food. He also knew that his sister worked for the local authority, and that being unicorns gave them certain benefits. While he was certain it was not fair, he knew his sister worked hard to afford this for them and did not complain. He merely tried to share some of what he had with his friends. However the longing to go home was starting to gnaw at his soul. There was just something he could not get here, that was available in Equestria. He needed new music, new songs and instruments to learn and play. He came to her, expressing his desire to go home and she promised him they would. It took several years for them to save the money to do so, and after his 18th birthday they purchased two tickets on a swift ship back to the shores of their homeland. Thunderbuck and his sister manged to make a bit of coin on the trip over by acting as both spare hooves on deck, and en-route entertainment. Arriving back in Equestria, they set about purchasing a cart and other supplies. Thunderbuck had a small collection of instruments which he kept in top conditions. Returning to Equestria, Buck provided the main source of income, as Stormstride's abilities were not often called for and she refused to work for the REA. They both were willing to put their shoulder's under weight and work hard, however it was the music that Thunderbuck produced that brought in their primary coin. Buck's personal selection of instruments includes several small woodwinds, a drum set, an acoustic guitar, a free standing keyboard, and an electric guitar. The means of powering the electronic instruments and their speakers is quite simple. Stormstride's lightning magic provides an ample source of power. She and buck have formed a set of small orbs, surrounded by multiple shield spells. These are then charged by Stormstride and the energy contained within is used to power their electronics. Being the larger of the pair, Buck takes more time pulling their cart than his sister does. He is also the primary cook when they are not in town with a restaurant. Stormstride is more alert to the surroundings as they travel, and usually focuses on keeping their cart safe. On occasion they travel in a caravan if Stormstride can land a post as protection. If not, they travel on their own, which Buck prefers. As much as he loves being around other ponies, he wants some private time to spend with his sister where they can just talk and she smiles again. Character Personality: Cheerful, happy almost all the time. Helpful and willing to go the extra mile to get his tasks done. Character Summary: Thunderbuck enjoys performing his music, and leaves his case open to collect any bits ponies throw his way. He never expects much, and spends his spare time trying to get his sister to smile for him. He is a bit naive, but good natured and self-supporting. He never asks for more than his share, and is willing to share his with any pony he sees in need. Thunderbuck often goes by the nickname "Bucky" or "Buck" to friends he knows. When entering a town, he stops by any place that has a notice board up to see if he can find temporary employment. He has a broad magical knowledge, but a lock of practice with combative and defensive spells. His central use for magic is his music, and the occasional "dance spell" he might use to help get a gathered crowd of ponies into a better mood.
  14. Stromstride [READY]

    Roleplay Type: Full length, Canon. Name: Stromstride Minerva Cloud Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Unicorn Eye color: Dark Emerald Green Coat: Dark and Light gray patches with no distinct pattern Mane/Tail: Blended White/Silver Physique: Lithe and toned, Strong without large amounts of muscle. Shoes permanently mounted to hooves via screws through the hoof and bones, magically deadened nerves prevent constant pain. Residence: Transient, Mobile cart and tent. Occupation: Mercenary, Body guard Cutie Mark: Spear over Lightning Bolt Unique Traits: Lightning mage, Tactically gifted. Stormstride sports a suit of armor the likes of which is different than Equestria. It was almost primal in its appearance. The plating on her flank was layered to resemble heavy dragon scales, where the front looks more like traditional heavy armor. Under this is a thick layer of goat fur and leather to act as an insulator against the weather. Under this layer is a chest, underbelly, back, and hind leg covering layer of thick chainmail. Around her neck was a set of dragon's teeth, pointed outward to act in a dual purpose. The primary purpose is to protect her neck from incoming weapon's blows. Dragon teeth were chosen for their intense durability to chew through gemstones without breaking. The secondary purpose is to ensure that any pony that tries to grab her in a choke hold would have deep lacerations on their body from the attempt. Rather than be made of the traditional steels or golden metals, Stormstride had the armor crafted from lighter but more reactive metals. It was also beset with multiple large crystals. Each was cut into round settings, and polished smoother than glass. The purpose was to hold the various enchantments for the armor. Her armor is unique in that it is both for show as a display of their actual monetary wealth, but as well it serves the purpose to help her cast more difficult spells without draining herself. One large gem in the center of the chest plate acts as a sort of magical battery she charges up periodically due to dispersal of charge from lack of use. If needed she can rapidly draw the power from this gem before tapping her own magical reserves. While these enchantments are not impressive in power, they provide her a few advantages in combat. Simple things like making her armor lighter on her body, deadening the feeling of pain, and durability enhancement grant her a better chance of winning. The finishing touch to her armor is a solid black metal helm, mounted on each side with the horns of a mountain goat. It was designed to make her look more dragonic, which in her mind would instill fear in those she had to face. Her mastery of lightning magic is good, however anything other than the basics escapes her for all other forms of magic. She can use the simple spells all unicorns learn, however she devoted too much time to honing her lighting and forgot many of the more common place things of the day, such as multiple object levitation. She must focus on a single object to levitate it, and even then it wobbles. History: Stormstride was only 17 when her parents died. This left her in charge of her baby brother whom was only about 5. Stormstride tried to seek assistance but upon learning that her brother would be placed in a foster home, she took him and began a life of vagrancy, selling her magical skills in exchange for food and shelter. As she honed her skills, and trained her body she became exceedingly efficient at combat. She hired herself out to the highest bidder, often for less than publicly acceptable but still legal matters. Security jobs were her primary source of income, however being tough muscle and at times an intimidating messenger also fell into her list. Equestria had no end to ponies looking to hire some dumb muscle to stand guard over something trivial, and the nobility paid enough she could save up some coin. Stormstride had heard that in Maretonia, unicorns were more respected, especially the more powerful ones. Taking everything she could to sell, she garnered enough bits to afford passage across the seat for herself and her brother. Arriving was easy, and she immediately she pushed her weight around as much as she could. While it garnered her little more than trouble with the local magistrates, she did manage to impress upon one of the lesser nobility her prowess with lightning magic. She was hired on as a guard, and her brother given room and board. Stormstride worked that job for ten years, never really rising in rank but commanding the immediate respect of her co-workers. She was a problem solver. If a worker got out of line, she got them back in line. Her methods were often a bit more brutal than needed, but often garnered more lasting results than just hitting a pony with the butt of her spear. She would often force the offender into a position where they were publicly displayed as she berated not just their own efforts but made it clear she had no qualms with the thought of causing them serious physical harm. Her raised force and often vibrant magical displays frightened many a pony back into line until she was not looking at least. Stromstride spent all of her down time with her brother, improving his education and training. She was proud to see him grow into a rather large young stallion, and his talent for music made her smile when he played. She loved his most unusual style of working modern methods into classical pieces to create something she had never heard before. However, his need for more and more music pushed him to often desire to return to their home in Equestria. She expressed little displeasure at the idea in front of him. Secretly, she hated the idea of returning to Equestria. She had let the loathing in her heart stay there too long and it had formed a deep hatred of the whole country. She looked upon its system of rule and law as a falsified promise of hope. She did not want to return, however she wanted her brother to be happy, and thus promised him that when he was of age, they would return. During the time between that and their return to Equestria, Stormstride worked harder. She saved up every scrap of money she could and purchased herself a brand new suit of armor. That done, she began increasing her time at work to ensure that she had enough wealth to care for her brother until she could secure new employment. Once her brother reached the age of 18, she brought him back to Equestria at his insistence and has traveled with him as both family and personal body guard. She wears the armor often, displaying her lack of empathy with the Equestrians around her. She has, however, raised her brother to be open, and accepting of all ponies, especially the Equestrians she disdains so much because she does not want his heart to be as full of hate as her own. Character Personality: Calm, calculated, and rebellious. Disdaining of authority and the hierarchy it represents, she respects only her brother and coin. Her brother is both her moral pet and her concience. She has no pity and no guilt for most any other pony. Her own restraint is that she has mostly no issue with foals. Character Summary: Stormstride spares few words for ponies she has no business with. She looks upon all Equestrians, even other unicorns as part of the problem. She Has no respect for the princesses, though follows their laws for the majority of her life. She holds no special considerations for friendships or love, and cares not about the machinations and festivals of the lands. Her sole gleam of joy is her little brother and his happiness. She longs to see him smiling constantly and thus puts in as much effort as she can bare to be "friendly" by faking a smile and making a show of how much she loves being in public. In truth, she is ever on guard, and waits for no pony but her brother. She is semi-militaristic in her mannerisms when he is not present, blatantly ignoring all other ponies that attempt to speak to her unless they state clearly and plainly that they wish to hire her. Her preferred weapons are a thick wooden staff that has been highly varnished and polished, and a short curved sword made of black metal. The staff she uses more as a means to defend, where as her sword is purely for attack. She is unskilled in professional soldiering, however her unconventional combat methods can make her an even match for a single, average soldier in one on one combat.
  15. King Sombra [Ready]

    Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Sombra Sex: Male Age: Adult Species: Umbrum; visibly a unicorn Eye colour: Red Coat: A plain grey Mane/Tail: A long, wavy black mane often kept swept back from his face. His tail is kept short, but has the same wavy quality as his hair. The only noticeable facial hair he keeps are sideburns- all kept well groomed if he is able. Physique: Sombra stands at a height that allows him to tower head and shoulders over most ponies, and his tall stature is matched by a physically fit appearance- what can best be described as buff. Somewhat barrel-chested and athletically toned, without the awkwardness of overly defined musculature; sturdy in appearance. Residence: Previously the Crystal Empire. Currently nowhere. Occupation: While he currently holds no job, Sombra spends his time traveling and it is mostly in search of new knowledge, to see how much the world has changed since he'd been gone, and to see Equestria with his own eyes at last. Being a foreigner, he has a lot to discover about the modern day. Cutie Mark: None Unique Traits: Red eyes with cat like pupils, a curved horn, and visibly sharp teeth. Seems to be able to morph into shadow, but never in the light of the sun. Skills Dark Magic: The only brand of magic Sombra is capable of using. Its source is rage, and Sombra employs offensively or defensively when it's required of him. It is most often used in doing one of the things he is best at, casting curses, as well as creating traps that target a pony's greatest fear. Along with that, he can make doors open up onto small rooms or serve as a portal to another spot, so long as it's in the same area or building. Crystals: Perhaps an addition to what he can do with dark magic, Sombra can make strange, black crystals grow from the ground. Spread by his corrupting influence, or used defensively as a barrier between himself and others. Fear: Capable of feeding off of the fear and despair of ponies the way changelings feed off of love. Weaknesses 'Light' Magic: Any magic considered to be pure, such as the Elements of Harmony, and the crystal ponies' combined magic through the Heart. The two sisters' magic is equally as capable of hurting him more than the standard unicorn's. Love Magic: As an opposite for what he seems to stand for as an embodiment of hate, the love magic that is used by Princess Cadance and her possible ancestor, Princess Amore, can do the worst damage to him. The light and love channeled through the Crystal Heart is enough to destroy him. Other: Sombra cannot swim, and his own arrogance is enough to be his undoing. History: Originally found by the crystal guard outside of the Crystal Empire, a young grey colt was brought to the city's orphanage, run by a mare named Chestnut Falls. With no knowledge of pony language, the only word he knew or was capable of speaking later became his name, Sombra. He had no knowledge of any parents or where he came from, and so the orphanage took him in. It is there that he learned how to read and write, with some difficulty, and described learning to speak the pony tongue 'like chewing peanut brittle'. His broken speech and dull, dark coloration earned him the mockery from his fellow orphans, as he was the only non-crystal pony in the city. Out of all of them, the only one he found a friend in was a fellow outcast by the name of Radiant Hope, a kind and imaginative filly. It is she who he would grow up with as close friends, and together tried to find their cutiemarks; a task that they never seemed successful in. Sombra would first learn a hint of what is to come when he and Radiant Hope visit the Crystal Heart a time before their first Crystal Faire, remembering what they'd been taught about the Heart showing them a glimpse of their futures. While Hope saw herself as a princess, Sombra would only see a shadow with glowing eyes that would haunt him for the rest of his life. It is here, too, that he would meet Princess Amore. When asked of what he saw, Sombra lied and claimed he saw 'nothing, only darkness' and he would feel guilt about lying to the princess. When the Crystal Faire came, the magic of the Faire kept Sombra bedridden by the pain. Nopony could figure out what was wrong, and the pain was gone by the time the Faire was over. Hope would always be by his side no matter how badly they both wished to see the Crystal Faire, and this would continue for every Crystal Faire after. There came a time in their early adulthood that that magic would nearly shatter Sombra, but Hope used her magic in desperation to prevent this. In doing so, she finally gained her cutiemark in healing. The development of such magic earned Hope a chance to study under the princesses, and it was both what she gained and this offer that would drive Sombra to flee in hopes that he would find his own destiny as she had. It drove him out into the frozen wastes surrounding the empire, where he would encounter a strange red crystal that spoke to him, naming itself his mother. She revealed him what he was, and that he was forced into the form of a unicorn in order to allow his escape. She unlocked his dark power and bid him to find the door to the prison and free them all. Driven by this purpose, Sombra returned to the Crystal Empire that night to steal the Crystal Heart. Princess Amore confronted him, and Sombra discovered then that she knew exactly what he was and kept that information in hopes that he would make the right choice, to choose not to be like 'those monsters.' Both her insult and the information she'd knowingly withheld angered him to the point that he lashed out against Amore, turning her to black crystal and shattering the statue. Hope, witnessing this, attempted to reason with him and fled when she could not. Sombra covered up the hurt caused by her parting words and gladly accepted the title of king of monsters, disowning Hope as a friend with unspoken regret. Sombra went on to do what he was known for: enslaving the Crystal Empire's citizens and forcing them to dig, all in order to find the door to the umbrums' prison buried deep beneath the city. It was only a matter of time before the princesses arrived to banish him beneath the ice for a thousand years. His last act of defiance was ensuring the empire disappeared along with him in a curse he cast. A thousand years spent in an icy void would take its toll on the king when he returned disoriented, desperate to regain his throne. It was this desperation and fury that drove him to act so recklessly. He would find his second defeat at the hooves of Twilight Sparkle and her friends, and the new crystal princess, Princess Cadance. The magic of the Crystal Heart would shatter him at last, freeing the crystal ponies of him once and for all. It would only be a few years later that he would rise again, his body reformed but temporarily weakened by the toll the Heart's magic took on him. With nothing but his cape left intact and his mind clear again, Sombra left the Frozen North behind to venture south. Character Personality: Sombra has a passion for knowledge and uses his intelligence to his advantage to manipulate, scheme and prepare against possibilities. His greed and a rage born of lifelong bitterness once drove him to achieve his goals by any means necessary; though his defeats have tempered this, he still holds a belief that he deserves something in life. He is also gruff, self-conscious, and uncertain about his identity, calling himself 'the king of monsters' because of how many times those he once trusted flung the word monster at him. He believes it to be the truth of what he is, not only because of how others choose to see him, but because of what he'd glimpsed in the Crystal Heart. A vision of his future and his destiny, he did not believe that he could choose a different path. Sombra is outwardly confident to the point of arrogance and does not shy from interacting with ponies if he absolutely must. Those who meet him may describe him as rude and rather grumpy. Some of his overall personality and actions are a coverup for how he truly feels- self-conscious, alone, and lost without his intended purpose in the Empire. He is fiercely protective of his true emotions and has a difficulty opening up or trusting others because of his past. His treatment at the hooves of others leads him to believe he is justified for what he has done to the crystal ponies and he refuses to acknowledge that he is wrong for it. He is equally unafraid of lying and being dishonest when it suits him. Notable guilty pleasures, that anypony could notice if they pay close enough attention, is that he has a hidden love for stories and will gladly sit attentively during any that are told, and he adores having his mane stroked or petted to the point that he'll go still and relax whenever anypony touches it. Character Summary: King Sombra was once the tyrant of the Crystal Empire that he enslaved, ousted from his throne twice by the actions and decisions of the princesses and their allies. Once controlling and power hungry, he remains a deeply flawed individual who allowed others of his kind use him to fulfill a purpose, and he hasn't yet learned the importance of choices. Without a way to follow what he believes to be his destiny, he feels he has lost his purpose and chose to travel south into Equestria, giving up on a place that has once been a home and a bane on his life. He mostly intends to lie low and see what has changed in the time he'd been gone. Most of it is based on what was seen in the show and comics with my own interpretations, additions, and development.
  16. Sunset Shimmer There are other worlds out there, just waiting to be explored... Name: Professor Sunset Shimmer Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Unicorn Body Color: Golden yellow, the color of the midday sun. Mane/Tail Color and Style: Fiery orange-red, with a single yellow streak Eye Color: Cyan Physique: Average for a mare of her age and profession, though she does her best to keep fit because adventure is demanding! Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Adjunct Professor of Aetherology at Canterlot University, specializing in planar travel and multiversal navigation. Theoretical, of course. Part-time adventurer. Cutie Mark: A fiery sun with its disc marked by interlocked orange-red and yellow swirls in the approximate shape of a yin yang. Unique Traits Walking Arcane Encyclopedia. What Sunset lacks in raw magical strength she makes up for in quick thinking and such a comprehensive, internalized well of arcane knowledge that she can virtually craft any spell in her head and execute them with surgical precision, aimed at just the right spot for maximal impact. Education Nonpareil. Having grown up in Canterlot to enthusiastic parents and in a climate that demanded academic excellence, Sunset Shimmer is a peerless intellectual. While her primary focus is in planar travel, she has spread her net wide and caught knowledge of many things. If there is anything that could potentially be an academic field, Sunset probably knows of it, or has at least heard of it, even if she is not an expert or direct practitioner. Portal Specialist and Planar Theorist. Sunset’s expertise is in portals and planar travel. Not so much instant teleports, but deploying precise portal entres and exits for traversing hazardous terrain during adventuring or simply getting from one place to another. She is also an expert in deploying and maintaining teleportation circles and assessing artifacts that facilitate teleportation. Daydream Shimmer. Rumors abound that Sunset conceals the true magnitude of her abilities. Such hearsay is dismissed as the idle daydreams of her students. As the good professor herself would say, “I would prefer not delve into the bottomless abyss that is my students’ fantasies of me.” Character History Personality Since the portal incident, Sunset has softened her image, though she is still well known for her sarcasm even in research circles. She can always be counted upon to respond to dangerous situations or unexpected lab results with an exasperated eye roll or wry quip. She is unflappable under extreme stress and level-headed in the face of danger. Despite the mask of the jaded, hard-boiled researcher she wears, Sunset has a soft spot for those who genuinely put forth effort but still struggle. Building her academic career from the ground up when challenged by both her peers and titans of her field before her was no easy task; indeed it was overwhelming at times. She is willing to sit down with students who need a bit of extra help. She has little tolerance for troublemakers and this is perhaps where she gets her frosty reputation. Sunset sees her teaching job as penance for her terrible treatment of her classmates in her youth. But even with most of her time devoted to teaching, a fire for hands on experimentation, research, and adventure still burns within her, the same drive that led her both to her calling and her fall. Given the opportunity, it is conceivable that she might be lured out of her lab and back into adventuring in the wide world of Equestria!
  17. Name: Yoru Arashi (In’ei Tate is the spirit) Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Unicorn (unicorn spirit) Eye Color: Golden yellow (blood red) Character Color: Light blue with purple hooves (purple with light blue hooves) Mane/Tail: Orange and yellow, it is tied into a large ponytail in the back. In the front it still has some spiky bangs. The tail is fairly long, almost reaching the ground. It has a short spike of orange at the top, with two long sections of yellow and orange beneath it. She also tends to wear a small pair of eyeglasses. (Being a spirit, her mane and tail have become very wispy and flowy, ending up looking more like a fire in slow motion as they are constantly moving. Both are mostly black with streaks of gray in them.) Physique: While healthy, her body is not exactly impressive. It is the body of one who only exercises enough to keep from gaining weight, but otherwise focuses more on other pursuits. She would be considered thin, as well as being a little shorter than most mares. (She is much more physically imposing than her counterpart, boasting a body bigger than most in terms of height and muscle. Surprisingly though, she has little in the way of battle scars.) Residence: A home in Canterlot Occupation: Teacher/scholar at Celestia’s school (guardian) Cutie Mark: Three sky blue lightning bolts aimed for the same spot. The lightning bolts signify both her aptitude toward electric magic and the speed at which she tends to learn new things. She got this mark while enrolled in a special class about elemental magic. As they went through the various elements, fire, water, ice, wind, she would be among the first in her class, the others being those who were predisposed to that particular type, to understand how each element functioned and how to make use of them. She could not actually use these elements though, aside from very basic things in some cases, but she understood the theory behind it all. And then the class reached the portion on lightning magic. As soon as they started, it clicked for her, and she learned all the spells as quickly as they teach them. She hadn’t even noticed her mark appearing at some point during this, too focused on learning new things. (A light purple crescent, which signifies her drive to protect others, even if it meant doing things most people would disagree with.) Unique Traits: Yoru: Photographic Memory: On top of her nearly insatiable desire to learn, Yoru never seems to forget anything she reads. Lightning Magic: While she knows the theory behind most magic by now, most of the spells she can cast are lightning magic or are based on it. In’ei: Shadow Magic: Conversly, In’ei’s magical skills lie primarily in utilizing the shadows with her magic in defensive and offensive ways. Weapon Proficiency: Her use of weaponry spans from bows to swords to spears, though her weapon of choice is a classic sword and shield combo. Both: Transference: Either form can draw on the strengths of the other, allowing Yoru to utilize shadow magic and In’ei lightning. They both can communicate with each other silently, allowing for the sharing of information. This also allows them to switch who is piloting, which also at least seems to physically change the body. History: Yoru’s history was a rather quiet one, all things considered. She grew up as the only child of her family in Neighpon, and she was a curious child indeed. She would always be trying to explore her surroundings and learn about them even at a very young age. This desire for learning only intensified as she grew, leading to her traversing the school system with an insatiable hunger. On top of that desire to learn began to grow a desire to teach others as well, directing her later efforts towards the required materials that would allow her to pursue this new career goal. Soon after she graduated though, her parents had died, leaving her suddenly without a home. Thankfully, she soon found a job with a local school and was able to get herself a place to live. Once things were stable on that front, she went to visit the graves of her parents and pay her respects. That day led her deeper than she intended though, as after wandering for a bit in grief, she stumbled upon a crumbling grave. Saddened by this, she decided to fix it as best she could with what was left. Once she was done, she felt a strange presence, and suddenly she was floating in a sea of darkness, In’ei being the only other thing in it. After conversing for what felt like forever, Yoru agreed to let In’ei stay and protect her as needed. Sometimes the simplest kindness can be the most important. A few years later, her desire to learn, both about her situation and the knowledge of other cultures, lead her to start traveling. Unfortunately, she only got to Equestria before encountering a problem, there were so many books just in Canterlot’s libraries she had yet to read! Well, that and her previous salary did not leave much funds for traveling the world. As such, she settled down in Canterlot and got a job at Celestia’s school. At least until she ran out of books again. Personality: Yoru has always been an incredibly curios mare, wanting to learn more about every new thing she comes across. This, coupled with her somewhat shy yet friendly nature, led her into her current line of work, as well as gain her many new friends. She is really not much of a heavy-lifter, preferring roles that let her use her brain and her words to solve problems. (In’ei, on the other hand, is much more outspoken. She is not shy about speaking her mind, especially when it’s against someone she doesn’t like. Surprisingly, that’s a fair number of others, as she does not make friends easily. Luckily for Yoru, she considers her host’s friends to be her own. Once someone becomes a friend of hers though, they gain a loyal protector as well as a loyal friend.)
  18. Astral Star

    Name: Astral Star Gender: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Calm Crimson Coat: Dark Crimson color Mane/Tail: Crimson and Black Physique: Astral is tall as he is strong. He’s very physically active than most of his family. Broad chest with a slightly longer horn than the average unicorn. Residence: Canterlot Mountains Occupation: Doctor and Adventurer Cutie Mark: A Falling Star Unique Traits: Astral’s magic is quite strong. Although, his real unique trait is his imagination. He loves using spells in different ways other than what they were intended for or using it in ways than what many ponies may have never thought before which leads to unexpected, yet beneficial results. Astral’s cape is imbued with magic, mostly wind magic. It does a number of things but specializes in mobility. History: Astral was born in Ponyville alongside his sister, Sarune. Unlike his sister, Astral usually stayed in his room reading books about adventures and Equestria as a whole as well as magic. He wasn’t very socially active when he was young because of it. Though it wasn’t like he suffered for it, his sister was always around him every step of the way whenever she came home after hanging out with her friends. His mother, Celestine, always made sure that they had everything they need while growing up. His father, Crimson Star, worked in Canterlot usually and never home a lot but did whenever there was any sort of holiday or when he could get away. Astral hit a growth spurt during his younger years and grew to be very tall unlike his sister who was a bit on the short side. It was long soon after when Astral craved to have an adventure like one in the books he had read. Not just him but his little sister as well. They got their wish their wish the day Astral received one of the last gifts he would ever receive from granddad, a map. Crimson, when asked from Astral, told him that it led to something special though he wouldn’t tell Astral what it was neither did he tell his daughter Sarune when asked. Telling them that they were old enough to set out and follow where it led. That was all Astral and his sister needed to hear before they set off in Equestria to find where it ended. Which it stopped within the Canterlot Mountains, what lied there was something Astral would come to use everyday just like his sister. It was older belongings from within their family passed down through generations. Character Personality: Astral is a bit of a shy stallion considering he never had a very active childhood and only a few friends, one including his sister. Even though he was taught by his father and mother to have a bit of ‘cool’ personality whenever he starts to feel nervous when meeting new ponies. Although, he’s kind although with an open personality meaning he doesn’t hold back what he thinks or feels. He knows how to have fun but also when to be serious. Character Summary: Astral is a stallion who craves adventure even when the risks are high. He’s very outgoing and kind, considerate of others. He loves magic and follows it closely like those who think highly of it in Canterlot. Above all else, Astral may be shy but he does things with action rather than words.
  19. Pin Cushion [READY!]

    (Image Coming Soon) Roleplay Type: Mane RP Name: Pin Cushion Sex: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Sky-blue Coat: Ash grey. White freckled cheeks, a white muzzle, and white sock only on his forelegs. Mane/Tail: Rose Pink in color (#FF66CC), it is naturally curly, though he likes to straighten it and wave it according to his style of the day. More often than not, his mane is seen as a mix of curled and straightened, with his tail kept long, and often naturally curled. Physique: Long-legged, and a little on the thin side for a stallion his age, Pin Cushion is a petite shorty! Residence: Canterlot, formerly Manehattan Occupation: Animal Costume Designer/ Costume and Cosplay Repairs Pony. Runs a small shop in Canterlot called "Pins and Needles and Bears, Oh My!" Cutie Mark: Red tomato pincushion with three white-headed pins stuck in it. Unique Traits: Where Pin Cushion lacks luster with use of a sewing machine, this gentlecolt is known to excel dramatically with traditional needle-and-thread sewing! Pin Cushion has a knack for matching exact colors to the best of his ability when it comes to the custom designs of each costume he makes and often spends hours and hours finding the perfect fabrics. He also has an affinity for snakes, cats, and dogs, and can calm and amuse them when others cannot, as he has a deep appreciation for these animals, even if he cannot communicate with them. History: Pin Cushion was born in Manehattan to a pair of outwardly normal unicorns for the Manehattan. They all put up a front of being as rich and fabulous as those around them but always fell a bit short. In reality, the family was rather poor, struggling month to month to keep their home at all. Growing up surrounded by the rich and rather snooty would have been a good thing for the poor colt if he weren't so outwardly honest. When the other foals would bring toys and games to show off and play each year, he ended up bringing something out of the ordinary, and out of style with the others delegated to be of a lower class. And it was true. But of course, the colt was always hurt by the realization of the lie he lived and strove to stay as honest as he could be - not knowing how much it would hurt him. Now his honesty wasn't always seen as honesty by most ponies. In fact, Pin Cushion was often called a liar for his words, and his parents were no exception. His father was always out working to fix some cart or wagon or another, and when his mother was too pre-occupied with her own worries and thought with high-life appearance on a near-peasant budget, she hardly believed any of what her son had to say when it came to "what happened" or any sort of thing that was beyond her comprehensive reach. Out in public, Pin Cushion and his folks would keep to themselves unless addressed, though Pin Cushion was often held quiet so not to cause trouble or spill the beans about their life at home. Life at home was no merry-go-round, either. They ate simple foods every night often for weeks at a time, and always saved and ate what leftovers they could. Any outings were far and few between, consisting of formal parties and extended family get-togethers. At home, one wrong word, or something not done to satisfaction earned the colt plenty of time spent silently in a corner, or to school with a new set of bruises under his sweaters. Nights were spent lying awake at night in his room, listening to his parents' fight, while Pin-Cushion took comfort in his plush-toys and his stray-born cat, a little dilute tortoiseshell kitten named Kira. His spare time was spent drawing cartoon animals from imagination and using animal photo books and shows as a reference. Sometimes he wrote stories, but more often than not, he would read or perhaps play video games on a handheld system. Outside was very pretty, of course, but the little colt was shunned by others, so he stayed inside with nobody to share it with. Pin Cushion became a doormat his parents would tread all over as they grew apart. For years he took mind-games and physical blows from his parents, screamed and hit for things that he knew other little colts and fillies would only get a warning for - if anything at all! But he was blinded, of course, for these were the ponies that raised him and told him they loved him, no matter what. When they divorced, it tore him apart, It was even harder when he was forced to leave the house upon their divorce. Blank-flanked, and barely out of school, the colt was troubled and more than a little lost. He left manehattan for Canterlot instead and found a home with his grandparents. While they'd adored him and loved him. he found himself not always able to appreciate or take their affections in his older age, especially after the damage done before. But despite his anxieties, he returned to art with their support, and he began to find a way of his own. Often, his grandmother would work to tailor and repair clothes or other fabricated items, and Pin Cushion watched. One day, after practicing and helping his grandmother with any sort of sewing and repairs, the colt had gone out to start a project of his own, creating his first animal costume in time for a convention! There, he wore his animal costume at the convention, as well as a few fictional cosplays he'd scraped together, and got plenty of attention - he felt loved, and a sense of belonging came over him. But still, he had no cutie mark, an odd thing for an older foal who'd finished schooling. But he soon earned it that year! During that same convention, a good few ponies had needed repairs to their costumes, ones that the repair station couldn't properly handle. But Pin Cushion was able to repair them with ease, and soon earned his cutie mark, doing what he loved in making designs come to life with touch-ups and repairs, and even whole new pieces to complete the look and make it picture-perfect! After that, he had gotten more inquiries about his skills needing to be put to use, and worked from his room at his grandparent's house, until he'd gotten enough to make a home and shop for himself, all based on custom costume repairs, animal costume creations, and cosplays of all types. There he stays, a young stallion proud of his work, and striving for complete honesty in it, staying true to the concepts and originals and doing what he can. His shop in Canterlot is known as "Pins and Needles and Bears, Oh My!", and while it's a humble little place, it's kept neat, and he lives and works quite happily there, despite his moody looks (he isn't always grumpy, but he sure can look it even when he doesn't want to0). When a customer comes in and walks away with a new costume, or some fancy upgrades, he always serves them with a smile, having the time of his life. Character Personality: Normally a bit quiet, he keeps to himself and doubts himself in social situations, and is often frightened by older mares and stallions, thinking he cant match up. However, when it comes to arts and costumes, he's a proud colt willing to bend and strengthen with new and old methods alike. He hopes for a set of close friends he can trust and make into his own little 'family', and to find a steady relationship if he can someday, no matter who, as long as they have a good heart and mind. Character Summary: A young unicorn with a ragged past, and little trust for the world around him, Pin Cushion takes things to heart, all with good intention, despite the foul hand he's been dealt in the past. But nopony makes costumes as fantastic as he does, using only the best fabrics and a simple needle-and-thread. He would love a close-knit 'family' of friends (once he makes them!), and maybe a romantic partner to share his time with someday.
  20. Button Blitz (Final)

    (Created on Generalzoi's game) Name: Button BlitzGender: FemaleAge: Late Filly YearsSpecies: UnicornLikes: Video games, ribbons, leveling up, soda, chipsDislikes: Reading, school, work, defeat, sleepingCoat: Charcoal BrownMane/Tail: Dark black. Her mane is short but done in a similar way to Rarity's, although, the curls in the back are more accentuated. Her tail is identical to Rarity's aside from color.Eye Color: Ash PurplePhysique: AverageResidence: Canterlot (Former), Ponyville (Current)Occupation: Part-Time Comic Book SellerCutie Mark: Purple game controller (Similar to a PlayStation controller)History: Button Blitz was born in the heart of Canterlot, at the time, her Father was serving in the Royal Guard and so her Mother had to raise her alone for the first couple years of her life. Upon her Father's return, he felt guilty for not being in his daughter's first few years of life and retired as a Royal Guard and worked as a local construction worker to put his strength to use. Although, when Button Blitz was entering her early Filly years, her family decided Canterlot wasn't the best place to raise their daughter, it wasn't a very fun place for a Filly, especially since the city is very formal. Upon realizing such, they decided on someplace nearby, Ponyville. It was perfect, plenty of Fillies for Button Blitz to play with and plenty of small job opportunities for her Mother and/or Father. At first, Button Blitz was an exceptionally social filly, she had plenty of friends around the humble town and would often be seen outside enjoying the beautiful days... That is until Button Blitz was introduced to the term "Bullies" and "Electronics". Button Blitz was considered a blank flank even if she had plenty of talents, although, none were powerful or meaningful enough to gain the Filly her cutie mark and of course every school has their fair share of bullies that enjoy teasing blank flanks. Button Blitz immediately became a target, but unlike most, she brushed off the mean insults and teasing as if it were just dirt on her hooves. Around that time, she had gotten her first gaming consul, it was small and similar to a GameBoy. Almost instantly, the young Filly was wired to the GameBoy... Literally! She couldn't put it down and would often spend restless nights just pushing at the buttons and leveling up one after another. It was like a drug for her. Her parents grew worried about her health since she would fall asleep at random times, that including school, which was evidently causing her grades to simmer down. While so many negative things were coming from this new addiction... One good thing came as well. That was Button Blitz's cutie mark, it matched her perfectly, the ash purple game controller was something out of the ordinary in Ponyville. While gaining her cutie mark was an amazing thing, her parents did have to put their hooves down on Button's extreme obsession with this electronic device. While it pained the young Filly, she did abide by her parents' rules and followed the schedule for when she could and couldn't waste her time on the foul thing... As her parents like to call it. The mare once again became a social pony, would be seen wandering around with a few of her friends and although the teasing stopped about being a blank flank, it started again because of her weird looking cutie mark. In Blitz's eyes, she could tell the bullies just wanted to find any way to tease her, even if it was ridiculous like how her cutie mark (which is supposed to be unique) looks weird. Button still didn't care and continued to brush the teasing off as if it was nothing, because it was, in fact, nothing. By the time she reached her late Filly years, she took up the offer of working for a local comic book store, it was the perfect little job for her considering the fact she was obsessed with superheroes, video games, comic books, and other strange things like that. She enjoyed the job as well, which was a plus one. Although, it was only part-time since the Filly still had school to take care of and other family occasions that were important to her. Character Personality: Button Blitz is occasionally hyper and/or energetic if she hasn't gamed for longer than she should, other times, she is just completely out of it and can be seen trudging around with heavy eyes and pretty much sleep trotting. She has an unhealthy diet of chips and soda, adding to her very lazy and carefree behavior. Although she may seem like the type to have a "Nerdy" friend group as most would call it, she has a very diverse range of friends... She is just too busy at home, locking herself in her room to play videos games to ever be seen with them. Blitz is friendly, just extremely unhealthy when it comes to her wellness.Character Summary: Overall, Button Blitz gained her cutie mark in the easiest way possible, by sitting around on an electronic gaming device. She was proud of her cutie mark and thought of it as a great accomplishment especially since she felt she might never get one, even if the teasing didn't bother her. Button Blitz doesn't pay attention to reality much, which is why insults don't phase her, she is too busy in her own head thinking of strategies to level up her avatar when she gets home. Button is a very stubborn older Filly and doesn't believe in "Defeat" when it comes to her precious video games, she will sit for hours, ignoring anyone, just to simply avenge her own death. While her addiction is unhealthy, it doesn't seem to phase her either and she continues with her unhealthy diet, habits, and sleep schedule which consists of staying awake longer than she should and sleeping less than about four hours. In result, the older Filly can be seen "sleepwalking" as most would call it because of her zombie-like state during the day after a late night of leveling up and playing at least twenty levels before passing out from exhaustion.
  21. Redd Hot{Ready}

    Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Redd Hot Sex: Stallion Age: Grown Stallion Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Yellow Coat: Light Apple Green with white freckles on the muzzle Mane/Tail: Short layered mane in a deep maroon, with highlights of a darker green apple shade, Tail is the same color and kept long and flowy Physique:Limber and elegant Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Head Chef at the 5 star restaurant The Pepper Pot Cutie Mark: Three Spiraling red chilis Unique Traits: Uniquely high spice tolerance, culinary magic, able to embed spice into any food item, and can play the kazoo with his nose. History: Redd was born to a well-to-do Aristocratic family, with their lineage proudly stemming from farmers, and cooks! His father running many farms all across Equestria, from his estate in Canterlot, and his Mother having a thriving writing career as a critic of high end but still hearty cuisine. Being a curious tyke, Redd would be found loitering around the manor, lightly pestering the staff, but none more than his idol and role model, Greasy Spoon, the family's cook! Always bothering the other "What's this?" "What's that?" "Can I try?" Greasy Spoon was more than happy to entertain the wee colt, since the enthusiasm he had for cooking, mirrored the old stallion's own in his youth, and happily taught him all he knew about the culinary world, and how to read trends, and to adjust flavors. It was the act of making his OWN recipe for Greasy that earned Redd his cutie mark! He wanted to spice up the dish, but they were out of peppers, hot sauce, really spicy beans, all of that stuff, so the other stuck out his tongue, focusing his magic, which lit up his horn in a sunny, light glow, and he shut his eyes tight! There was a light POP and the food shimmered.... Hesitantly tasting the food, Redd proceeded to breath fire! It was PERFECT! So excited to share his creation, and tell Greasy about his spell that he didn't even notice his cutie mark! As he grew, Redd focused more on harnessing his magic for the culinary world, learning the fine finesse of julianing veggies, knowing just the right heat to magically tweak a flame to for the ideal simmer, all that good stuff! When he went to Celestia's school for Gifted Unicorns, the culinary magic program was the one he attended, and passed with flying colors, which landed him his current job at The Pepper Pot. Character Personality: Cocky, friendly, warm, and adventurous, always seeking the newest and most interesting flavors to combine with spice, and eagerly sharing his experiments with friends. Character Summary: A Peppy, Peppered Pony Popping with Potential
  22. Aphrodite Rose (ready)

    Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Aphrodite Rose; "Rosie" Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Angelic Blue (#5ce4ff) Coat: Regal Silver (#abacb0) Mane/Tail: Cupid Blonde (#f8f8bf) styled in a high pony tail that cascades like molten gold down her back, her bangs covering the left side of her face in a mysteriously endearing manner. Physique: Slender and toned; very obviously puts a lot of effort into her looks. Residence: Among the nobles in Canterlot. Occupation: Fashion Icon/Model/Personality Cutie Mark: An ornate, glittering gemstone shaped like a star; signifying her beauty and her wealth. Unique Traits: > Her left eye is lazy and she always has her perfectly styled mane covering it - and will not allow ANYPONY to photograph that side of her - lest they see that she is less than perfect. > She always brushes silver glitter into her coat as her own sort of signature. History: Born into nobility within the richest of the rich in Canterlot, Aphrodite Rose had everything she could have ever wished for growing up, and as such, never really got used to doing things for herself. When she began to come of age, she was popular with her peers, and especially garnered the attention of the young colts within the high society - and beyond. Spurred on by the attention, Rose began to care more and more about her looks, so with the help of some high-end potions and products, Rose started to shine brighter than a crystal pony - and it didn't take long for some talent scouts to notice the beautiful filly. On the day of her very first photo shoot with an up-and-coming fashion editor Rose could hardly contain her excitement as she was prepped for the camera. Standing in front of the bright lights and photography equipment, Rose posed, the camera flashed, and she was momentarily blinded. Except that it wasn't the camera that had flashed - it was her flank. She had rightly earned her cutie mark - and as if that wasn't enough, the camera had captured it all! Safe to say, the iconic shot became a hit (she still recieves the royalites to this day!) and Rose's reputation skyrocketed faster than an airborne Wonderbolt; earning her contracts with some of Equestria's most important editors and photographers, keeping her busy all year round between photo-shoots, balls, and other prestigious events. Character Personality: Conforms very much to the blonde stereotype and is seen oftentimes seen as a bit of a "bimbo". It doesn't help that Rose prefers to let others speak for her rather than speak up for herself and such can be seen as a doormat too. Despite this however, Rose loves to talk about the things she likes, including but not limited to; cats, oatmeal cookies and premium coffee! She is a playful mare who works hard but isn't stingy or snobby - she enjoys spreading her wealth with her friends and to those ponies that may be a little less fortunate than she. Rose is also a mare who is constantly trying new things, and isn't afraid of it. She will seek out the newest dishes in her favourite restaurants, visit all the hangouts on any trips she takes and she loves to see businesses benefit from her publicity. As a given, Rose is vain and spends a lot of time preening and poking around with herself in front of a mirror and she can occasionally be quite rude and uptight about her looks. Most of her friends have learned not to take it personally and understand that these kind of behaviors are part of the job - but Rose always encourages her friends and family to call her out on these things should she say something offensive or rude. Character Summary: A blonde bombshell, yes, but a lovable mare none the less, Aphrodite Rose is a picture of beauty and wealth, but has a warm loving heart for those she cares about.
  23. Agent Coltson [ready]

    Roleplay Type: WoEName: ColtsonSex: MaleAge: StallionSpecies: UnicornEye colour: Sapphire blueCoat: Light Grey Mane/Tail: Both his mane and tail have the same dark brown colour, kept trimmed moderately short, though it is up for debate whether his mane is just receding or not, his tail is definitely trimmed short however.Physique: Coltson is moderately tall for a stallion, although nowhere near the height of a Saddle Arabian, he is noticeably taller and slightly more muscular than the average stallion.Residence: PonyvilleOccupation: Agent of S.M.I.L.E. Totally just a book seller.Cutie Mark: A full looking file. Coltson got this cutie mark at a very young age, where he was finding the school experience highly difficult, unable to remember all the things he needed to remember for exams the normal way as he was a very slow reader. After having to commit all his time solely to trying to study he was finding himself getting very tired one night, and in a half deluded state of boredom and inspiration, levitated a book with his magic, as he read he started to try and translate those words with the feelings of his magic and slowly but surely, his magic started to scan through the words, the process getting faster the more he practiced it until one day he finally managed to ace an exam, a feat more impressive because of the fact he studied through all the material in the minutes before the exam took place.Unique Traits: Reflection Deflection: A S.M.I.L.E. classic, a spell that erases one's memory of encounters with an agent, although use of the spell is extremely limited, even more so for extended removal of memory, so most agents live in the hope it will only be used to get rid of quick minute encounters. Case closed: Coltson has an ability to quickly sift through information in books around him via magical scanning of texts, allowing him to get through paperwork quickly and back to action. Beam Team: Coltson has a major magical specialization on beam spells, able to shoot powerful beams of magic from his horn that can have a range of affects based on the spell used. History: Coltson was born in Ponyville, his parents nothing really special, his mother a housewife for the father, who owned a very lucrative antique store on the outskirts of Ponyville, monopolizing off of the reputation of the town, while his wife tended to their home and child, and sometimes went along to help lend her eye for detail to some of the rarer items her husband would get in for the shop, working together to figure out just the right price to sell it at. Their son, who seemed very unremarkable in all ways seemed to struggle at school with the academic side of things, being very socially able and an expert on making connections, but who only ever seemed to remember anything when it was written in a comic book, making them both somewhat worried for his future, as even though his father wanted him to take over the shop; he also knew that his son would not be able to, as he was far too attached to antiques to just sell them on. It came as a welcome surprise to them both when he showed his talent for magic based reading, as it opened up a whole new world to him; a world of literature. He would spend many moments in a day just scanning through whatever books he could find to read, being one of the most widely knowledgeable ponies of his age group, and seeming quite content with his knowledge. A few years later he would find an employment opportunity, when the secret anti monster agency S.M.I.L.E. was recruiting for new agents to join them with a more cheery outlook to get better connections with possible witnesses and be able to negotiate information out without blowing their cover, and it was with this criteria that Coltson would attend his recruitment interview, acing the exams and personality test he quickly earned his suit and sunglasses, being a valuable agent for many operations, getting to the point where he was tasked with rebuilding a Ponyville base of operations, allowing him to return to his home town after being out on an 'extended business venture' returning with enough bits to buy a decent sized building, and stock it with all the ancient books he could get his hoofs on, many from his father's store, rare and expensive books lining the shelves he then went about adding a slightly musty atmosphere to the place, with dark woods and ladders to reach shelves, the way into the secret base being hidden in the back rooms, underneath a rug with hoof recognition, the panel made to look like the door for a floor safe, leading down into the S.M.I.L.E situation room, an area of the building unknown to the public, just knowing the pony as a book seller with a fashion sense, who seemed to never really part with many of the really special books, mostly selling ones where he had multiple, but allowing others to read the ones in store. Character Personality: Coltson seems like a pretty open book to the public, as a rather typical book collector and seller, being very inquisitive, and curious about the details of anything that is going on, with a strange knowledge of everything that is going on around him, even if it is a secret, he comes across as nosy sometimes, being a bit too keen on the lives of others, something explained away by most as the book collector's relatively dull existence surrounded by dusty tomes of times long passed. He is a pony who seems to know everything about anything, no matter how trivial or useless the information may seem, and regardless of its place in the past or present, most likely due to the fact that he has read every book in his store at one point or another, leaving others to wonder how long he spends locked up in his home. Unknown to most is that this pony is actually a daring secret agent of a anti monster agency, set with the task of setting up a new base in the town of Ponyville, now deemed to be a hotspot of activity regarding their agency, as such he can retain quite a bossy tone if a fellow agent tries to directly go against his orders or thought out plans. He is incredibly talented with his magic beams, however the direct nature of the beams means he is usually up close to his target to make sure he does not miss, or at a long distance up high, both meaning he is incredibly patient, but also quick thinking, a feature that can lead him to think about too many situations at once and overthink a scenario, needing others with him to keep him on the right path when that happens. Character Summary: A charming secret agent with a deep cover of a slightly doting book seller, with a skill for beam magics, and mind erasing spells.
  24. Vixey Kitten

    Name: Vixey Kitten Age: Young mare (20) Gender: Female: Species: Unicorn Appearance: see photo Occupation: Veterinary Pony ~ ~ ~ to be continued ~ ~ ~
  25. Bunny Hop (Ready)

    Character is copyright myself, art is copyright Kat McCauley aka Nightcloud (the above art was a paid commission piece) Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Bunny Hop Sex: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Teal Coat: Bunny Hop's main coat color is a dull denim blue. He has olive green hooves that are covered by medium length strands of hair, Clydesdale-style. He also has an olive green muzzle, neck and belly. He also has an olive green "eye dot", which is a small solid olive green circle above both eyes, like those found on certain breeds of dogs (e.g. Rottweiler), which are known as "kiss marks". Mane/Tail: Bunny Hop's mane is olive green, parting on the left side of the head naturally, and is of medium length. It is usually unkempt, shaggy, and overall disheveled. Bunny Hop's tail is also olive green and is very short, resembling a deer tail, in that it comes to a point and in its length. Physique: Bunny Hop's body is just a tad smaller and shorter than other stallions his age. Residence: Bunny Hop currently resides in a cottage on the outskirts of Whitetail Wood, not too far from Quickrun River. Occupation: Currently Bunny Hop sells his artwork as a means of getting by, although he sometimes takes care of animals in need around Whitetail Wood, and even visits his father from time to time to help out on the bunny ranch. He dreams one day of having his art in a museum or gallery. Cutie Mark: A light cream yellow star with rounded edges with a white bunny head thickly outlined by a black line in the center of the star. One late afternoon, when Bunny Hop was forced to look after the ranch by himself, he was tending to the bunnies when he grew tired. He ended up taking a nap next to his bunny herd, and before he knew it the stars were already out. Panicking, he looked over the ranch and found that one of the smaller bunnies had somehow escaped. Determined to find this bunny, Bunny Hop made sure all the other bunnies were safe before he took off into the woods. After finding evidence of the bunny that was missing, Bunny Hop followed her trail and saw that she was in grave danger. The small bunny was stuck between a devastatingly tall cliff edge ... and a pack of hungry timberwolves. To get to the top of the cliff, Bunny Hop would have had to climb around and up a series of hills and mountainous terrain, and there simply wasn't enough time for all of that. The timberwolves were closing in, and with little time to spare, Bunny Hop did the only thing he could do... he ran and then gave a giant leap of faith! ... ...And he was able to snatch the tiny bunny from the top of the cliff edge! Miraculously, Bunny Hop's father was able to catch up to him and saw the whole thing as it unfolded. He told his son that Bunny Hop "jumped so high that (he) touched the stars"! Then, there was a bright flash that lit up the entire area and subsequently scared the timberwolves away was Bunny Hop's cutie mark! Unique Traits: Bunny Hop can jump extremely high. He can jump higher than anypony he knows with ease, and the highest he ever jumped was when he saved his small bunny friend from a pack of timberwolves. He is very good at taking care of animals, especially bunnies, and also has a great talent for art. He mostly draws and paints, but he also enjoys arts and crafts. History: Bunny Hop was born to a unicorn (mother) who was married to an earth pony (father) that owned and maintained a bunny ranch. Bunny Hop's parents were poor, but they did what they could to get by. Bunny Hop brought much delight and wonder to his parent's world, and they were ecstatic to have their own little colt. As time went on, the need for bunny ranchers went into decline, and due to poor sales of bunnies as pets, Bunny Hop's mother left to Canterlot to look for a job. This was a hard time for both Bunny Hop and his father, who had to take care of the ranch by themselves. On one particular late afternoon, Bunny Hop's father was gone to the market later than usual to get some food and supplies, which left Bunny Hop by himself to look after the ranch. This led to him discovering his unique talent and earning his cutie mark when he had to rescue one of the smaller bunnies from a pack of timberwolves in the forest. After a while, Bunny Hop's father persuaded him to go live with his mother in Canterlot and study magic at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. While he took his father up on the offer, he declined to join the school, feeling that magic wasn't as important as his love for his bunny friends and his artwork. He can do basic magic, such as pick things up/levitate objects, but has never shown an interest in anything beyond the basics. While in school, Bunny Hop joined an after school art club, where he met his best friend Fire Star. He has refined his art with the help of his friends and the club and mostly draws and paints things from nature, especially animals, and of course bunnies. His art tends to dabble into the realm of fantasy, with bunnies dressed up in elegant hats, pearls, and having tea, as one example. After his schooling was complete, Bunny Hop moved back to Whitetail Wood, where he made his own small cottage. He concentrates on his art and makes an honest living selling his pieces. He visits his mother and father from time to time, and sometimes he even takes a trip to Manehattan to visit Fire Star for a while. Much like Fire Star, Bunny Hop was made fun of because of his "ugly" colors. He felt rejected most of the time, but when he met Fire Star and found out she was treated much in the same way, he was able to bond with her even closer. He has his small group of friends, but his best friend is definitely Fire Star. He also has a pet. The small bunny that he saved so long ago from the pack of timberwolves is his close and personal favorite pet, Molly, who is a smaller than average brown lop eared bunny. Character Personality: Bunny Hop is shy and gentle, very soft spoken and has a big heart. He is generous, sweet, and caring, although he is timid. He will stop at nothing to help those he cares about. Character Summary: Bunny Hop is a gentle young unicorn stallion with the ability to jump higher than most and has the knowledge to take care of animals, especially bunnies, and has a great talent for drawing and painting.