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[Ponyville] Later This Week

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Continued from [Ponyville] Back To School

Cheerilee fairly glowed as she buzzed around the classroom, ensuring it was tidy for the next day's class. Poneo and Fillyet had been an absolute success, and those little ponies who had gone with her had seemed to rather enjoy themselves. At least, in her opinion they appeared to. She hoped to find out today which ones had been paying attention and which ones had been merely there to show. It was her goal that all little ponies would grow up cheerful and knowledgeable and thus far, she'd had great success and didn't plan to slow any time soon. The field trip to Appleoosa she'd been planning was still in the works, as well as possibly a visit to Canterlot, there were so many things that she'd had cooking in the backburners for their future little pony minds!

A broad smile crossed her face as she remembered how the play went. It had been evening, and all of the lights around the center stage had been softly glowing, like fireflies (In fact, she hadn't wondered if they really had been fireflies!) along their strings. The Travelling Players had set up an amphitheater just outside of Ponyville, to accomodate all of the possible patrons who had chosen to attend. And there had certainly been quite a turnout! Even though they'd likely be there for a few more days yet, it seemed like the entire town had shown up. Cheerilee had seen many ponies she hadn't spoken with in a long while and hadn't even known enjoyed the theatre. Much less with as much enthusiasm! She imagined there would likely be talk of the show for quite some time after they had left. Certainly there had been many possible assignments in the future.

Finally, when she was satisfied the schoolroom was once again presentable for the next day's lesson, Cheerilee turned back towards the front of the school. So much on their lesson plan today, and a slight departure from the norm. There were so many younger ponies in class than usual this year, and not enough for each class to be full on their own, so they had been combined this year. That meant that there would be a number of little ponies who hadn't yet learned some of the things the older ones would have already known by now. There were a couple...she'd been approached by some of them already, and by the parents or guardians of others who were curious to what her lesson plan would be. But she'd never leave a little pony behind, not if her name was Cheerilee! And it certainly was! Cheerily, the teacher opened the door to the school and breathed in the slightly dewy morning air.

*DING! DING! DING! DING!* Went the schoolbell, announcing that the school was now open!

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Another day of school, it had been an all around awesome week. The play was...uhh...a little girly, but nice and he got to sit it out with most, if not all of his school friends. Including his new one! His new neighbour that was staying with the nice pony miss Tea Cozy.

Though he'd only just gotten to know the unicorn filly, Starlight already liked Sunrise's whole attitude and hearing about her exotic home and time on the island. Also it helped to have someone nearer his age to do study with. Oh he loved his aunt but...it felt a little one sided studying with her...and a little bit like cheating.

Smiling to Sunrise as he hastened his clopping at the sound of the schoolbell, the tiny white pegasi couldn't help but beam ever so slightly.

"I can't wait to see what lesson miss Cheerilee has for us today, can you, Sunrise?" Starlight could get very excited thinking of what would await their young minds today as he walked past the threshhold of the gates to school. As he did, he noticed somepony walking up the same old route as usual and made the foal blink slightly as he waved out to the lanky foal coming their way.

"Wormy! Wormy come on, you're gonna be late again! That's Wormy, she's a really nice filly and a good dancer too!"

Well...good was a matter of opinion.

Yes, sauntering with a bounce in her step was indeed Wormy, passing by the same mail box, the same fences, the same tree, doing the same routine as she always had. Saddlebags sat on her back and long, langly legs wobbling every now and then as she kicked them out in some unheard rythm that apparently was only heard by her.

She was good at remembering music. So remembering the rythm to music was easy too.

As she had all hooves on the ground, she shook her tri-toned tail happily before she was distracted. Who was that? Starlight!

She didn't know the other pony though! Tongue stuck out in thought she let the air run over it and giggled at the feeling, nice cold air. Oh! New pony!

Tottering over, she loomed over the other with her long limbs, lowering her head slightly and smiled brightly past that green scruff of forelock that practically drowned her horn.

"Hello!" She piped up happily but maybe a little too cheerfully to greet a stranger, standing at an akward closeness. "I'm Wormy!"

Whilst this was going on, a figure watched the schoolhouse with a faint murmur as he shuffled himself along.

.....Were they distracted....? All the ponies seemed to be going in...maybe if he acted nonchalant no one would notice him? Okay go...

No, no not yet, they'd notice you FULLY then...okay....okay now...

Trudging his way through the gates was Champ, unseen since the incident that happened in the classroom, the blue foal still wore a sour expression on his face but there was a feeling it was ever so slightly forced. And didn't have as much as the effect it might've wanted with the gauze bandaged around one of his back legs and bandaids on both his left cheek and right 'elbow'.

He didn't seem to carry his 'bad leg' like it might've hurt. But it was obviously a little heavier in how he walked with it as he stared forward, past the other ponies and trying to ignore them in the hope that they inturn would ignore him.

As he approached the schoolhouse however, he paused and glanced briefly towards Cheerilee.

Brief memories of that night when she and his father had come to find him made his ears splay back slightly. Ugh. Why was he DOING this? ...Because his dad suggested it.

Walking past the teacher, he murmured and stopped at her desk, rummaging around his saddlebag before he rested a red apple upon it and shot the teacher pony a look that said 'Don't expect this ALL the time' before he moved himself to his desk.

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Snips was nearly bouncing off the walls of his father's shop as he chattered excitedly. "The play was so cool!" he said rapidly, "There were these two feuding families, and ponies fighting, and bright lights, and scenery..."

The unicorn stallion simply nodded his head, not really listening. He had already heard a a similar tale from his son the previous night when the foal had returned from the performance of Poneo and Fillyet. He continued getting the barber shop ready for the day's business, sweeping up hair, cleaning brushes and curry combs.

Snips, in the meantime, continued his recitation. "Oh oh oh! And there were unicorns that were fighting with their magic! I mean, pretend fighting, but still..." he rattled, then finally paused to take a breath.

Taking the opportunity, the barber interrupted the steam of words. "Snips, bring me the scissors from the back counter please," he said.

Snips took a moment to realize what he'd been asked. Calming down a bit he answered, "Um, sure Dad." He turned and found the scissors that his father had mentioned. He knew what his dad had meant; he wanted Snips to give him the scissors with his magic. The young unicorn closed his eyes for a moment, focusing his thoughts into his horn. The horn sparked and sputtered before finally beginning to glow. Snips opened his eyes and focused on the scissors, slowly making them rise from the counter. He had began to move the scissors toward his father when his concentration faltered. The glow around his horn vanished, and the scissors started to fall to the ground.

Luckily, his dad had been ready for this, and caught the scissors with his own magic before they could touch the floor. "Snips, you need to stay focused," he chided, gently, while placing the pair of scissors next to the rest of the tools of his trade. "Magic doesn't just happen on its own, you need to guide it."

Avoiding his father's gaze, Snips mumbled, "I know, Dad."

The barber, seeing his son's disappointment, reached down with a hoof and ruffled his mane. "Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it one day," he said in an encouraging tone. "Now, you better get moving, I can hear the school bell ringing."

Looking up, Snips realized that he, too, could hear the bell ringing. He perked up almost instantly when he remembered what today was. "Oh yeah! It's Show-and-Tell Day!" he said, excitedly. Picking up his school bags, Snips set off for school at a gallop. He turned back over his shoulder and shouted "Bye Dad!" as he ran toward the schoolhouse.

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'Come on Wisp, I don't want to be late,' Grim Tales whined a little as he called back to his cousin. He knew she wasn't a morning pony, but she promised to come for show and tell. It wasn't his fault that she didn't sleep the night before after they got home from the play. 'See, there's the school bell!'

He had packed his saddle bags for the the day, some paper and a quill so he could pretend to write. But tucked away in the other side of his bag with the box that held his spider, as well as an inkwell. He planned to hide Scribe in his desk and have him write while pretending to write with a quill. Maybe the teacher wouldn't notice.

'Wisp, come on,' he chided again as he trotted into the classroom.

'I'm...coming...,' Willow Wisp yawned, mid-speech, 'Grimmy. Just relax.' As she stepped into the classroom as well she nodded to Cheerilee. 'Morning, hope you don't mind, but Grimmy insisted I come as part of his Show and Tell.'

The Unicorn mare moved over to sit next to her younger cousin as he set up his desk. She spotted him sliding the box with Scribe inside, into the desk. She just shook her head lightly before yawning again. 'All ready for your lesson today?'

Grim looked up at her and smiled. 'Yeah, I got my paper and pen. And I got my Show and Tell item in my bag still... and you're here. I'm all set.'

'Are you going to take your bags off then?' She smiled already knowing he wouldn't.

'What, no!' Grim pouted. 'You should know that, Wisp.'

'I know, Grimmy, I know,' she shook her head before ruffling his mane with her right front hoof.

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It was quite the eventful first day of school for Sunrise Paradise, with that crazy unicorn foal screaming from the roof and then hurting themselves. Telling that story to her patron, Tea Cozy, elected a single response of "oh my..." from the clearly surprised matron. The good news is that she didn't get in trouble for missing half of the school day. It was unfortunate "Miz Cozy" couldn't attend that night's day with Sunrise, but the kind mare was too close to giving birth and didn't have the energy to sit through such an event. Still, she was used to entertaining herself, or going to events on her own, and the play wasn't that bad. She got to watch it with her neighbor and schoolmate that she had met yesterday, Starlight. He was a nice lil' foal - a lot younger than her, but just altogether too adorable. The play itself was pretty interesting, even if she had trouble at times following along with the words.

Walking back to school with Starlight while effortlessly bouncing a ball on her head with each step, Sunrise felt a mix of excitement and dread. Understanding the play was difficult enough, but writing about it would be even more of a challenge. How was she going to do this? She could barely read, let alone write anything other than basic words. Should she tell her instructor, Miss Cheerlie? She seemed very nice, and she suggested the other day to the class that if anyone had trouble they should talk to her. Still, it wasn't easy - she hated to admit she wasn't good at something, especially something so basic that it'd make her look so stupid.

That train of thought was broken when her small pegasus companion asked her about today at school. "Like, what I'm looking forward to is the show and tell part! That is going to be sooo totally gnarly! Like, What are you going to do for it, Starlight?" She was eager to show off the tricks she could do with a beach ball or a volleyball, or multiple ones at once, and she was sure that she was the best athlete in class. While mentally going through her routine again, she didn't notice, at first, the odd unicorn Starlight was waving over. So, when the odd filly was was suddenly right in her face and cheerfully spitting out her name, Sunrise recoiled in surprise and disgust. "Say it, don't spray it!" she cried with some annoyance as she stepped back. She regretted snapping at the unicorn right away - she didn't want to be mean, especially since Starlight seemed to like this gangly filly, "Um ... It's, like, Sunrise Beach, by the way", she remarked in a rather more subdued tone.

Looking up at the schoolhouse as the bell rang, she sighed. She gathered her strength, knowing she had to inform her teacher of her problem. She dropped off her saddlebags and her ball by her desk, then walked up to Cheerlie with a whole squadron of butterflies in her stomach. "M ... Ma'am? I uhh, like, uhh, need to tell you something..." She looked downward for a moment and bit her lip, taking a deep, shaky breath, before lifting her head and continuing in a quiet voice. Her eyes darted around to make sure there was no one close enough to hear her save for Miss Cheerilee. "I, umm, have trouble reading ma'am, I ... I like can't really read or write well at all".

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Sweetie Belle had been so excited about a play! She and her Big Sister Rarity! They'd watch it, and enjoy it, and then they'd talk about the costumes, and how she and Rarity could have made them better. There would be a musical number, and Sweetie loved musical numbers!

But to Sweetie's disappointment, the play wasn't a musical. It was a love story, though, and Sweetie loved Love Stories, so that was all right, except ... it reached the end, and ... they both died! She had just been stunned for an hour, feeling empty, feeling betrayed. Even now, she couldn't believe it. Her paper took forever to write, but it was very short, and not up to her usual quality.

Poneo and Fillyet was a bad play. Poneo and Fillyet were in enemy familes, but fell in love. They tried to run away, but they didn't tell each other the plan. They both killed themselves, and the play had a sad ending.

This play was bad. Love and friendship are very powerful, but this play shows them as not meaning anything. It leaves you feeling sad and hurty at the end.

She sat at her desk, feeling bad about the short report, but unable to think of anything to add to it. In her saddlebags waited the things for her show and tell, and she couldn't even feel worried about it, she was so busy being worried over her homework.


Purple Haze was excited. She usually hated her homework, but she had a great paper today! Of course, that's because it was such an exciting play! She had been dreading some musty old play, but it had swordfighting and adventure and tragedy and more swordfighting! She didn't know those old plays were so awesome!

Her paper was all about the choreography. The back-and-forth across the stage! It was so cool! She couldn't believe it!

And show and tell today, too! She had pulled her little cart to school, and it was waiting, full of a whole lot of delicious carrot dishes! This was the best school day EVER!

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Cheerilee waited by her desk as all of her students filed into the classroom. She beamed a smile at each one, trying to catch their bright eyes each in turn. The teacher couldn't wait to hear what everypony had thought of the production! She'd certainly enjoyed it. It had been a great show, one of the best she could remember the Travelling Players having done yet. She'd had a few new good ideas after watching the show, including the writing exercises, of course. Maybe a little self-exploration...there was a good idea! If she could get each of her little ponies to identify with a character from the show, and then try to explain why each character they chose did what they chose to do...that could be a lot of fun, perhaps!

"Good Morning, Starlight!" she chirped to the little foal as he entered in the classroom. She raised an eyebrow as she noticed the new pony who had accompanied him into the classroom along with Sunrise. This was a new pony! She didn't know she was getting any new students today! Delight! "Who's your new friend?" she asked him as they entered the room and took their seats. She'd have to make sure she found out where this new filly lived. Such a strange looking one, but then all of her ponies were special! Maybe not quite -that- special, but still...she looked so eager!

When Sunrise Paradise followed in behind Starlight, Cheerilee gave the little filly a big smile. She'd keep her secret, about her reading, and though the filly seemed a bit worried about being judged at being behind, the teacher knew that she seemed to have a great friend in such a little foal as Starlight. He was so bright and friendly, it was easy to forget your world's worries. They'd make a great study group, as little Starlight certainly had to learn to write as well. "That's quite alright, Miss Sunrise. A lot of our little ponies can't read or write, some younger and some older than you, but we don't judge here. I'll just have you study that portion of your lessons with Starlight and the other ponies with similar studies. Since we've got so many different ponies of different ages here, we're doing things a little different. And it's nothing to be ashamed of! One of my best friends managed to hide her inability to read or write until long after she'd got her cutie mark, and she went on to be a librarian in Manehattan. So anything's possible!" Cheerilee beamed at the little filly. "So don't worry, you're in good hooves here."

And when Champ entered the room, she inhaled slightly for a moment when she took in his state. He'd had such a troubled night that night, and even though she was relieved to see him back at school, she still felt a little afraid and anxious for what had happened. They still had a long ways to go together, and she still refused to give up on him. But she didn't comment on his limp, or his bandages, or acknowledge any sign of weakness in him and instead gave him a bright smile as he set the apple on her desk. "Why, thank you, Champ. That's very sweet of you!" even though she noticed the look, she let it roll over, off, and behind her. The colt was trying, she knew he was, and now she understood him even more than before. She loved all of her students, yes she did, but Champ was truly deserving of that of anyone. Maybe even, in time, they could be friends.

Then her attention turned to Snips as he came into the classroom. Cheerilee stifled a giggle as she took in his new haircut. His father was one of the best barbers in town, but Snips's mane always looked like it chose when and where it was going to get a trim. "Good morning, Snips!" But he'd been so surprisingly eager and attentive during the show, it had taken her completely by surprise! She'd never really thought much of the two troublemakers, Snips and his cohort Snails, but they still managed to surprise everypony, including herself on a fairly frequent basis. The more she got to know them as growing ponies, the more she was sure they were going to be fairly well-rounded members of society when they were grown. And he'd brought something for show and tell, of course!

Next, little Grimmy was behind Snips, and...his cousin? "Good morning, Grim! And...Ms. WillowWisp! What a surprise, it's good to see you too! I've never had a pony bring another pony for Show and Tell, but I'm interested in hearing what inspired you to bring her! Would you like a seat?" she stepped out from behind her desk to nudge the bench she and Boyd had sat at only a few days before. "Here you go, hopefully you'll enjoy the show as much as I will!" Cheerilee poured a glass of water for Willow, knowing how sometimes school could be thirsty work for anyone who was waiting. "Please, feel free to help yourself to anything in the staff room if you need, it's just through the hall there." she indicated on the other side of the room.

When Sweetie Belle entered the room, it was as if angels had begun singing! Well, not quite, but certainly that angelic little voice the filly had seemed to have a life of its own, at least in Cheerilee's mind. She'd heard Sweetie singing, and knew she had such a great gift, if only she could be convinced to use it in front of others on her own! She, and Rarity seemed to enjoy much of the play, but to the teacher's disappointment, neither of them had seemed so enthused by it, especially the ending. She hoped Sweetie's report might shed some insight to what parts of it they liked or didn't like. Everypony was always affected by it the most, and sometimes it was hard to get subtly into the youth, like there was here! But she was eager to hear it from Sweetie Belle's perspective. "Good morning, Sweetie Belle!" she called as the ivory filly took her seat.

And then there was Purple Haze. Now there was a filly that had so completely surprised Cheerilee. She'd had no idea she'd enjoy the play nearly as much as she had! The teacher had secretly observed her students as much as she'd been watching the play, trying to gauge their reactions and possible impressions of the story and acting. And Purple Haze had really seemed to go for it! Cheerilee was curious as to what she'd thought of the whole thing. And she was such a good baker, as well! The delicious smells of the treats she'd brought along with her as they wafted in through the open door gave Cheerilee an idea. "Why, it's such a gorgeous day outside, I think we might better enjoy our show and tells and reports out on the lawn beneath the big tree. We can all enjoy what Miss Purple Haze has brought for us all." she shouldered her own saddlebags, then picked up the apple and set it on her back prominently between them as she headed towards the door and waited for the rest of her class to join.

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Talking to Miss Cheerilee made Sunrise Beach feel a bit better that she barely knew how to read or write.  The mulberry colored teacher certainly was the understanding and kind type; were all teachers this caring and friendly?

Despite Miss Cheerilee's encouraging words, though, Sunrise still wasn't entirely comfortable.  She knew she would be placed with the youngest foals in her studies and in doing so, she would still stand out to the rest of the class.  As much as she liked her neighbor Starlight, she didn't relish being in the same study group as the tiny pegasus.

Just as she was thinking that nothing could cheer her up, her mood and ears both perked up when she heard the lessons would be outside!  Awesomely radical!  She was much more comfortable in the outdoors than in a stuffy classroom anyway.  This way she could really show off when it came to show and tell, nothing to knock over when she showed off her rad athletic skills with hoof and kick balls.

With her forehoof she kicked up one of the white color balls she had brought with her, and caught it with her head, balancing it perfectly on the tip of her horn.  The other, blue with a white strip, she drew in with her hoof and stomped on it, bouncing it up into the air and keeping it juggled as she trotted out the door with a proud smile.

Once outside, Sunrise quickly looked about for a nice grassy spot and sat, bouncing the ball she balanced on her head off so it land right in front of her, where she quickly caught it with her forehoof.  She waited for Starlight to come out so that she could wave him over to sit by her, happy to spend more time with her first friend in Ponyville.

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Diamond Tiara walked up to the school building humming a tune and pulling a cord attached to a small suitcase on wheels. She smiled to herself. It was the perfect choice for show and tell. Something that was all about her. She wasn't quite so confident about her report, however. The play had bored her to tears and she had spent most of it making snide comments about the acting and the fake-looking props. Her report had inevitably ended up sketchy and rambling as she had tried to piece together what little she had remembered.

She had only just gotten through the door when Cheerilee announced that the lesson was taking place outside.

Outside? On the lawn!? She thought as she looked back at the suitcase. Oh, I hope it won't get dirty, it's so hard to clean. Maybe I can get a sheet or something...

She walked towards the teacher. "Morning, Miss Cheerilee. Uh, if we're doing this outside I'm gonna need, like, a sheet or tarp or something 'cos I don't want my show and tell stuff to get dirty."

As she spoke she glanced over the rest of the class. She hadn't yet had a chance to really get to know the new students, but was already cataloguing them in her mind.

Lets see now... dork, nerd, she might be cool (nice ball control!), baby dork (is he even old enough to be here?), ugh she kinda looks like Snails! What a freak. Speaking of which, here's Snips, king of the freaks. Woah, what happened to him? she thought as her eyes finally rested on the pony with all the bandages. Was he playing sports? Or in a fight? I'll have to ask.

She suddenly remembered who she was talking to and, turning back to Cheerilee, gave her best smile. "Uh, please?"

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Outside on the LAWN!?

Outside on the lawn! That's great!

I wonder if there are any swimming birds and flying fish...

Smiling brightly at Cheerilee he'd almost forgotten the question earlier and as he trotted over to meet with Sunshine, the little foal nearly skidded as he turned and blinked curiously in memory. A soft 'oh' escaping his muzzle as he shifted a hoof out towards the lanky brown filly who was currently staring up at the sky.

A small, faintly impish expression coming across his face as he moved to settle himself down to his new neighbour and companion, he liked Sunshine. She was very nice. And was super amazing with a ball!

"That's Wormsicle, ma'am, she doesn't come to school often 'cause of her being a touch forgetful and nervous."

Gesturing yet again to the long legged filly who only now realised that the class was being moved. Poor Wormy. Starlight shook his head with a soft smile touching his muzzle, noticing the new foals aswell and finding it brightening up his features. He then glanced to his neighbour.

"This is gonna be so fun!" He chirped happily.

Was she mentioned? She was.

Her ears swivelled and she plinked her big eyes at Cheerilee before a big, bright smile split open her muzzle, tongue still stuck out before she slurped it in to talk to the teacher. Atleast she assumed it was the teacher.

Starlight acted like she was the teacher.

So did the other ponies...


Must be the teacher.


"Wormsicle, yeah! I got a note from my mama, Wormy isn't good at rememberin' places here yet. She gonna pick me up early."

It was fairly articulated, but she spoke whilst glancing all over the place. The lawn. The ponies. Very briefly making eye contact with Cheerilee, but then it was changed yet again. Her saddlebags rustling as she moved to sit down whilst moving to pick herself up a chunk of carrot cake which she munched and chomped happily.

Why outside?

He'd just gotten INSIDE. Why did he have to go OUTSIDE?

Groaning he slid off his desk and slid himself from his desk, hooves clopped against the floor as he steadily moved himself out the door and glanced briefly at the new filly. Had he seen her before? She looked mighty prissy with that tiara. But he didn't give her that much of a second glance as he moved out, briefly looking to the other ponies, especially those he'd met and...uhm...ruined the times of, the other day.

But he remained quiet and just tried to sit himself atleast as far as he could away from the others on the lawn.

Atleast the grass was soft. Sprawled slightly so he lay with his leg stuck out to rest on its side, he hefted a small sigh and watched the others.

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Outside? But but... Grimmy frowned. That would ruin part of his show and tell. How was he suppose to set the scene when they were going to be outside in the bright sun?! He looked as all the other ponies started to head out and he had to do something. Maybe they could be the last to go? But it sounded like the teacher had the whole lesson planned for outside now. So maybe he'd just have to go first.

"Wait!" He hopped up and waved his right front hoof. "Ms. Cheerilee? Can I do my show and tell in here? I need a place that is dark."

Willow Wisp shook her head. "Grimmy, we can still share you item without being in the dark. It's okay." Honestly she wanted to avoid that. Being outside gave her a good out. She knew he cousin wanted everypony to see her strange appearance in the dark, but it was something she was rather uncomfortable with. It might scare the foals and she didn't want that.

"But it won't be the same, Wisp." He frowned, sticking his bottom lip out in pout. "I want everypony to experience the whole thing like I do. That's what makes it special."

Sighing she reached out and ruffled his mane. "I know, I know... if Ms. Cheerilee doesn't mind, but it'll be okay if we have to go outside."

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The teacher nodded to each of her students as they made her special requests and comments, all the bustle and to-do of a new school day, it was always so exciting! It made her stomach dance with butterflies with every new experience they brought to the schoolroom. She watched brightly as Sunrise headed outside and began to play with her toys. She was definitely another one that would be good for the hoofball team! It was as much a coordination sport as it was a running one. When Champ was feeling better, maybe she could introduce the two of them together during one of the after school activities. Hoofball wasn't starting for a couple of months anyhow, so there was plenty of time to get organized with it. There was no doubt, though, Sunrise was good! Once she was caught up to speed with her reading and writing, she'd progress even faster. Cheerilee got the feeling that Sunrise was very bright. She had to be to get so far with something so important missing in her education!

A familiar voice piped up nearby, and she turned to face Diamond Tiara. This little filly was still one of her dear students, but she was always so full of herself. Her friend Silver Spoon had been curiously absent a bit lately, she wondered if maybe they were on yet another family trip somewhere. But Cheerilee managed to relax and even gave herself a smile. Someday she'd likely be an important member of society, and it never hurt to know some as they were growing up. She wondered if Diamond Tiara might not enjoy being a part of the chior. She had such a strong, clear voice, it was a possibility... "A sheet? There's a few blankets in the cabinet over there if you would like to borrow one, just be sure to put it back when you're done, of course. Folded neatly this time! But you're welcome to use them." even the teacher wondered what Diamond Tiara had brought in her suitcase for Show And Tell.

"I'm pleased to meet you, Wormsicle! Welcome to the school. Don't be nervous, we're happy to have all little ponies come to school, and I promise we'll have as much fun as we'll have the boring..." Cheerilee gave Wormy an odd look as her tongue began to emerge from her mouth of its own accord, only to flick back in as she'd spoken up. " ... lessons. If your mother's going to pick you up early, we'll be sure to let you go first just in case. Oh, Starlight, I see your new friend Sunrise has brought some toys with her for show and tell. I'm going to have the two of you working together on your reading and writing, so would you be a dear and help me with that? Wormy can go too, if she likes, at least until I've had a chance to evaluate where she is in her studies."

But as Grimmy spoke up, she paused the students as they were heading out the door. "Dark? Well, certainly, but now I'm curious to what you've brought to show us. The shutters can be closed from the inside, if that's what you need." she held the students back from going outside just yet. "I think we'll let Grimmy go first so he and Miss WIllow Wisp can join us outside afterwards in the sunlight. Grimmy, go ahead dear, you've got the floor."

[OOC Note: Sorry to interrupt the thread like this, but I hadn't quite expected the sudden influx of great ideas for show and tell, not to mention the special requirements! I'd intended everyone to go outside to enjoy Haze's treats while doing theirs, but didn't know Grim was going to need darkness for his, so if we could just edge back a smidge and assume all the events that took place before Willow's post and mine took place -after- everyone headed outside? That would be awesome. :)]

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Sweetie Belle had just started getting up from her desk to go outside - a class outside, what fun! But then she was sitting down again, curious about her new friend Grimm's presentation, that needed darkness! She turned her head to smile back to him. "Break a leg!" she whispered, eyes shining happily. He was so brave! He looked eager, not nervous ... and that reminded her that she was going to have to present to the class. Oh dear. Well, perhaps it wouldn't be that bad. At least she didn't have to do very much, just show her items.


Purple Haze was on her way *out* the door when Miss Cheerilee called everyone back. She was sooooo excited! She got to make carrot dishes for everyone in the class! Oooo, she wondered which ones they'd like? She could barely sit still, or focus on anything, waiting for Grimm's show-and-tell to start so that they could go outside and she could do hers! Oh, comon, comon! Hadn't he done it yet? Oh, it'd only been ten seconds. Commooooonnnnn!

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"A sheet? There's a few blankets in the cabinet over there if you would like to borrow one, just be sure to put it back when you're done, of course. Folded neatly this time! But you're welcome to use them."

"Thanks Miss Cheerilee! I will!" replied Diamond Tiara, moving over to the cabinet and pulling out a large blanket that she draped over her suitcase. When she heard that the dreary looking foal was allowed to do his presentation inside she scowled a little, but then brightened up as a thought hit her. Oh well, mine will look better out in the light where everypony can see it. Still, why does this nerd get special treatment? And did he bring his Mom for show and tell? How totally lame!

Tiara went to sit down at her desk, passing by Sweetie Belle on the way. She had neither forgotten nor forgiven what she and her blank flank friends had done to her Cutecenera*, the damage to her reputation being severe for one who lived for popularity, and she was itching for payback. Narrowing her eyes at the young unicorn, she was already planning her first insult of the day when the look on Sweetie Belle's face stopped her. The white-pelted foal's eyes were completely focused ahead and a faint smile had formed on her face. Tiara turned to view the target of Sweetie's gaze.

Him? Really? I thought opposites attract, but obviously dorks attract dorks! I bet I can totally have some fun with this...

Deciding to save her breath she quietly sat down at her desk and smirked to herself.

*(OOC: Did I spell that right?)

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Grim's eyes lit up when he was give the go ahead and quickly bounded to the front of the class. It wasn't like him to show so much energy but this was something special he wanted to share.

"Um, okay, well first this is my cousin, Willow Wisp. I'm living with her right now." He nodded to the black Unicorn as she moved up to the front and stood by him. "She's always been the one to look out for me when mom and dad were busy. And she's the best story-teller I've ever heard! Especially for ghost stories."

Wisp gave a sheepish smile and cut in, "Ah but I know when to reign it in so as not to scare a younger group."

Grim nodded and started up again. "And this," he reached into his bag and pulled out a book. "This is my favorite story she tells me. She made it up and I use to have her tell it every time she was watching me before I went to bed. But one summer she was going to be with her dad on a trip to Canterlot while he gave some lectures at the Academy there. Which is a big honor since he's an Earth Pony, but he's really smart! I was sad though because Wisp was going to be gone all summer long. So the day she left she surprised me with this book. She asked the local book shop owner to help her make it and that way I could read it whenever I felt lonely. I keep this book under my pillow when I'm feelings down."

He glanced up to Wisp with a big smile. "And that's why I brought her with me too! I want you to hear my favorite story the way she tells it... because it's not just story, but a song!" And without any warning he set the book back in his bag then hurried around the classroom to close the blinds. "And to make it all the more fitting, it needs to be dark."

Sure enough when the light in the classroom was out, Willow Wisp began to glow with her ghostly blue hue and her red eyes. But she smiled, a bit embarrassingly, trying to not scare the foals. "Yes, this is what happens when I'm in the dark. It's a part of my magic I think, but I've never been able to make it turn off."

Grim hurried back over to her and sat down next to her. "So, you'll sing us the song right?"

"Of course," she nodded.

Wisp never considered herself much of a singer, she wasn't bad at it, but it was just a hobby when telling her cousin his favorite tales. She started out by humming a swing style tune.

"When the moon is full on darkest nights

the shadows give you and awful fright

your heart starts beating like a drum

and that's how you know he's come

it keeps a rhythm, it's in the swing

so don't try to fight it, it'll be alright

He's the boogie woogie man,

who goes bump in the night.

Your hooves start tappin'

you wanna start clappin'

The music chills you to you soul

He strolls the streets

with his monstery beat

While the creepy and the crawly follow

The moon is like his disco ball

The stars his party lights

Cause he's the boogie woogie man

who goes bump in the night.

You can try to hide

you can try to run

but the beat will always find you

So jump in line

You'll be just fine

you got the ghosts and witches keeping time!

So if you hear a spooky tune ring out in the night

there's no need to cower or take flight

Just throw out your dancin' shoes

head out into the street

soak up that rhythm and feel the beat.

When the morning sun begins to rise

the party will be done.

The ghosts and ghouls take their leave

after a night of chilling fun.

You may look around to see him

but he'll alright be out of sight

just remember when he comes a swinging

He's the boogie woogie...

the crazy and cooky

Boogie...Woogie... Man!

That goes bump in the night!"

As she finished the song she smiled and looked back down to her cousin. He had a big smile on his face. It was something she knew he hardly showed in public.

"And that's my show and tell!" Grim looked out to the rest of the class. "My favorite story and my favorite pony, my awesome cousin!"

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Sunrise Beach didn't mind waiting for the shy grey earth pony to go first. She was pretty curious why he needed the dark of the classroom and the help of his ... Aunt, wasn't it? No, cousin. She didn't really know this colt; she just remembered that he was possibly the coltfriend of the very cutesy white unicorn she met yesterday. Hearing that same unicorn whisper words of encouragement only cemented the idea in Sunrise's head that they must be a couple.

Sunrise wasn't surprised that his show-and-tell was a book, not with that quill and inkwell cutie mark. Well, she couldn't see it, obscured as it was with his saddlebags, but it must have matched the quill and inkwell of his bags, right?

Watching the room get dark and Willow Wisp start to glow with such an eerie blue light, Sunrise's eyes widened. "Whoaaaaaaah", she murmured to herself in awe, as that was just so cool! She had seem a lot of strange things, striking out to explore whenever her mom was working, but see never seen a unicorn glow like that before. I wonder ... like, could I learn that totally awesome trick? she pondered to herself.

When Willow Wisp finished her spooky sound all Sunrise could say was "RADICAL!" before ducking down and covering her mouth with her hooves while blushing, "uhh ... heehee ... sorry".

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"Mornin'... MIss... Cheerilee!!" Snips gasped out as the teacher greeted him. In his excitement for today's presentation, he'd galloped all the way to the school house, and now found himself out of breath. He hadn't even waited for Snails to catch up as he normally would have.

The little unicorn dropped into his desk to rest as the rest of the class filed in. There seemed to be a lot of new ponies coming into the school in the past few weeks. There were two unicorn fillies in the classroom this morning he'd not seen before. Well, wait, the blue-green filly had been here before, right? But the brown filly was definitely new. She somehow reminded Snips of Snails, but he wasn't sure why.

Most of the ponies in the classroom were familiar though. Champ looked like he'd gotten beaten up somehow. Snips didn't know what had happened with Champ and Miss Cheerilee the other day, just that he'd run out of the school after shouting at the teacher, and hadn't been back since. Maybe whatever had happened to Champ had improved the bully's attitude?

Speaking of bullies, there was Diamond Tiara. Snips saw her gaze lock on him for a second before dismissing him like a bug. Snips stuck his tongue out at the stuck-up filly as she turned away.

As the rest of the students finally filed in, Miss Cheerilee announced that they'd be holding class outside today! Snips had already bounced out of his seat to head out the door when the teacher talked to Grim, and Snips had to turn around sit back down again.

As Grim began his presentation, Snips wasn't too surprised it was a bout a book. He didn't pay too much attention to what the colt said at first, but Snips did wonder why Grim had brought a book and his cousin. Until the lights went out. "Woah, that's cool!" Snips gasped. He loved seeing magic in action, but he had never seen anything quite like Willow Wisp's glow. He'd heard about unicorns whose eyes glowed, but never their whole body! It definitely made the song she sang more eerie. By the time she finished, Snips was already picturing how he could make that glow into part of his magic show, if he ever figured out how she did it of course. At the end of the presentation, Snips politely clapped his hooves on the desktop, wondering when he might get a chance to pester... I mean ask the mare about it.

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Starlight joined with Sunrise when she'd moved into the school house again, curious to see Grim's presentation and why it had to be shown particularly in the dark. How interesting! But then, Grim was a very interesting pony, he wished he could be as tall as the earth colt one day instead of how tiny he was now. It'd really help him getting up the stairs of school and such.

Once sat inside of the school house and making sure that the brown filly was also inside and not cloud staring, the little foal's eyes widened at the eerie glow Grim's cousin produced. That was awesome! It reminded him of his daddy's job with the night lights!

And the song was good too!

When the song was over, he clopped his hooves on the desk in a rounding applaud.

"That was COOL!"

The brown filly on the other hand, didn't really understand most of the story Grim told at the beggining, or the glow Willow did, most of her focus was on the rythm of the song at hand and where she stood near her desk ready to go out again.

She started bouncing on her hooves.

Tail swishing and head bobbing to the rythm of the song the nice lady sang and liked her little dance that she'd invented on the spot. She'd have to remember that rythm later.

Once the presentation was done, Wormy just smiled brightly in thanks. Trying more so to remember the song, more than trying to seem thankful.

Champ had refused to move.

He wasn't going to move to watch some stupid presentation from that equally stupid dork that'd foiled his plans the other day. No. He'd just stay out here and rest his leg on the sun warmed grass, it was soft and gave much more comfort than that hard school floor.

Shifting his legs slightly, he watched and listened to the inside of the school house, the cheers and singing. Hrmph. Who wanted that?

Any want he may have had for company was dampened as he stared off through the grass and continued to rest himself.

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Sweetie Belle sat in awe ... Miss Willow Wisp was so beautiful, glowing in the dark like that! And she sang so beautifully! Ohhhh, Sweetie Belle hoped that some day, *she* could sing like that! And so bravely sung, up in front of so many strangers!

When Grim started moving back towards his seat, Sweetie Belle leaned over. "That was wonderful!" she said softly, then looked up to his cousin Miss Willow Wisp. "You sang that song so beautifully! And you looked so *pretty* with the way you glow in the dark! Thank you so much for sharing that with us, both of you!"

When the class finally started filing outside once more, for all the rest of the show-and-tell presentations, Sweetie Belle couldn't help herself. The song was stuck in her head, and as she trotted out happily next to Grim and Scootaloo, her soft voice was singing, in a low undertone so almost nopony else could hear, o/~ He's the boogie woogie colt, who goes bump in the night. Your hooves start tappin' you wanna start clappin' o/~


Purple Haze really, really liked how Willow wisp looked. She was all creepy and ghostly ... it was AWESOME! The song was all right. Kinda bouncy, kinda kiddy... it woulda been better if it was spookier, but it was still all right. Nothin' to complain about, really. But if it had been spookier, it would have been soooo cool.

When all the ponies started filing outside, one of the ponies - a unicorn - started bouncing a couple balls on her way out. Purple Haze was delighted. "Oh, that's a bonnie trick!" she said happily, "Ye're a roit nimble sort, areye nay? Giv'us a pass!"

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Cheerilee took a seat behind her desk again as she waited for the presententation. She nodded as Grim took out a book and smiled. She approved of her little ponies reading, there were so many good things in books! She wondered if Grim had met Twilight Sparkle yet. Maybe she'd be a good influence on his reading habits and let him borrow books from her library. She made it a point to introduce them at some point if they hadn't. But then as the lights went down low, Cheerilee lit a lamp until all the other ponies had found their seats again before she blew it out. Then her eyes widened as the gloom was lit by Willow Wisp's strange and beautiful power. She'd never heard of a unicorn that could do that before!

Then she began to sing. The teacher pony nodded her head, and even found herself bobbing a bit as Willow sang, listening to the song and its eerie words. Such a strange little story to tell a foal for his bedtime, but she imagined it was part of why they were so close together. Unusual pictures swam through her mind, images that were helped along by the song, but before long it was over. The words continued to whisper in her mind as her eyes opened again and she smiled to the two spooky ponies. "Wow, Grim. That was very creative and special. And thank you too, Willow Wisp." she stamped her hooves on the floor of the school, encouraging applause by the other little ponies in the classroom. "A very good Show and Tell, Grimmy!" she lit the lamp again and proceeded around the classroom to open the blinds again, unfortunately damping out Willow's glow again, but it couldn't be helped as she encouraged all the ponies outside.

She'd noticed Champ had been missing from it, but she supposed that the poor colt had probably enough of his ordeal and she decided to let him be. Her heart went out to him as she saw him laying on the grass on his own, though the sounds of other ponies filing past her towards Purple Haze's cart caused her to turn back. "Orderly, class, orderly now, there looks to be plenty for everypony, don't push! Sweetie Belle, would you be a dear and take something over for Champ? He looks like he could use the company. Maybe you and your friends could cheer him up a little, would you do that for me? Wow, Purple Haze, these treats look delicious, did you bake them all by yourself? They are wonderful..."

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As cool as the glow in the dark spooky reading was, Sunrise Beach was certainly glad to be going back outside. School was alright, but school outdoors made it that much more enjoyable for her. It was unusual for a foal her age to be excited about school at all, but she had never attended one with any regularity before, so there was this newness to it all, a sense of uncertainty which she found exciting. Plus, she'd be able to meet foals her own age, and maybe make friends, for once. Friends she could keep.

As she was trotting back outdoors, bouncing one ball on her head and rolling the other in front of her, she would have sworn she heard the white unicorn singing to her coltfriend, but it was soft enough she couldn't possibly make out the words. Like, I wonder if that is what she is going to do for Show and Tell, sing? Looking about at the others, there were plenty she still didn't know yet. Was the pink earth pony wearing some sort of tiara? That was rather showy! Looking back the other way, she noticed the large, blue earth pony still sitting outside just waiting for everyone as she trotted by, "Like, hey, how's it going?" She figure she could at least be openly friendly to the lonely colt. He looked like he was the outdoors kinda colt who would love sports, but he was all banged up just now. Glancing back behind her, she gestured to Starlight to come join her

Sunrise was about to pick her spot under the shady tree and wait her turn when she heard another pony call to her in a rather strange accent. She'd heard it before, when she and her mother had to live in the valleys near Canterlot for a year, but she wasn't expecting it here. Turning around, she noticed the dark green earth pony motioning to her to toss one of her balls. Sunrise just smiled and, without saying anything, bounced the ball she was bouncing on her head up extra hard, and when it came down again, she ducked her head forward, arcing it towards Purple Haze in a nice, broad arc so she have just enough time to try and catch it.

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Of course Grim had been excited to hear his cousin sing. Then again he was excited every time he hear his favorite story. And it seemed the rest of the class had enjoyed it too. That made him happy. He never would have asked her to share this back home. He really didn't feel like he fit with the foals his age back home. It was one of the reasons he kept so much to himself. But here, they all though it was interesting.

"Oh thanks," Willow Wisp actually blushed a little with the applause from the class. "Well if you all like stories, you can always come by and I'll tell. I know some spookier ones too for you brave little fillies and colts. And I have some travels and personal experiences that are pretty neat too."

That said she walked with Grim as he headed out with the rest of the class. She was going to leave but her cousin looked up with her wearing a hopeful smile. So she decided she would sit next to him and watch the rest of the show and tell.

"Wow these look great," Grim was looking over the treats Purple Haze had brought. "Did you really make them all? Everything looks good... I don't know what to eat."

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Purple Haze let out a soft *eep*! She'd forgotten this wasn't recess, but was in fact show and tell! And she had to show off her cooking! She caught the ball on her chest, dropped it to her feet, and bounced it up once before kicking it back to Sunrise. Then she hurried over to where she'd left her cart!

"Aye, Oi spent most th' noit cookin' it up!" she said happily, "Mi brae wouldnae cook it fer me! If'n Oi were nae here, he'd eat not but raw carrots alla time!" She spoke up as the other foals gathered around, so that everyone could hear. "Oi, this here's th' basic wavy-cut carrot chips, an' this is garlic-roasted spicy carrot fries. Here we've a carrot potatoe casserole, an' here Oi made a carrot pizza wi' a ranch dill sauce, an' here's a Carrot Pot Pie! An' here, Oi've somethin' new Oi've nay tried afore! Cheesey Shredded Carrot Burritos! An' fer desert, Oi've made some tomato-carrot smoothies!"

She smiled happily at Grim's compliment, glad that someone seemed to like carrots as much as she did! "Well, Oi kin always give ye a bit o' everythin', lad!"

Sweetie Belle followed along with Grim, still softly singing Willow's song, till she reached the cart. She ooooed appreciatively over the selection. "Oh my! There's so many choices!" she said happily! She picked one of the plates and smiled sweetly. "Thank you *so* much! This looks wonderful! You have such a special talent!" She giggled softly. "I'll have two plate of the samplers, please, so I can bring some to Champ!"

She made soft noises of approval as Purple Haze spooned lots of different carrot dishes onto the plate, then a second plate, and Sweetie Belle balanced one plate on her back while she carried the other in her teeth over to Champ. She set it down next to him. "Oh my... that looks like it hurts... let me know if you need some help with anything, all right?"

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Starlight had managed to nab himself a piece of carrot cake before joining Sunrise outside, as much as Champ annoyed him at times, he had to admit that he did look really banged up. Sat down beside his new friend, he rested the cake in his tiny hooves and ate it quite contently as his muzzle covered with a thin layer of cream and chunks of finely minced sweetened carrot.

Not joining in the conversation just yet, but mentally preparing himself for his turn when it came to speak for show and tell.

The blue colt was...in a less than chipper mood.

Sat outside by the tree, he hadn't expected anyone to come out and meet him in the slightest bit. Mostly because he didn't want company right now with himself in utter shambles...and mostly because it just ached to move so socialising would be just a little hard at the moment.

But never the less, when Sunrise and Starlight came waltzing over, he could barely contain his wince as he stared at the two under a furrowed brow.

At the question, he snorted and then gestured to his bandaged hooves.

"Oh I'm -dandy-, don't I look dandy?" He sneered before trying to sit up, limbs shaking before he winced and sat up, peering at the two as his ears fell back. The voices of his father and miss Cheerilee kept ringing through his head as he looked over his wounds, jutting out his bottom jaw in thought.

However when Sweetie Belle came along, he blinked at what she brought with her.

She brought food. Food for him. Blinking curiously as it was set down, he watched the pale unicorn for a moment and then tilted his head. Why was she so nice?

"Uhh...nah it doesn't hurt that bad...'m not a baby y'know." Peering at Sweetie Belle with faintly narrowed eyes. He didn't like to be babied and if that was the case....well...he didn't like it. But the anger in his voice had become reasonably restrained.

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(ooc: My apologies for taking so long!)

Diamond Tiara gazed off into the middle distance as Grim begin speaking. Barely paying attention, she was surprised when the colt suddenly closed the blinds and his cousin began glowing in the dark!

"Woah! That is so totally freaky!" she exclaimed. Looking around her, it seemed that most of her classmates disagreed. She let out a Hmph! before folding her front legs over her chest and sitting back to watch the rest of the presentation.

The song was... okay. Kinda catchy, but nothing special, Diamond found herself thinking. She couldn't deny that the song, along with the glow, had kept her attention, though. When it was over she gave a polite, yet half-hearted clap, and rolled her eyes at the other students.

As she walked out of the school building she moved over to Purple Haze's cart. Diamond normally hated carrots, but there was one meal she'd make an exception for. "Hey, do you have any carrot cake?" she asked. She looked at the green pony with the orange mane and put on her best fake smile. Messy mane, slight overbite, and the carrot cutie mark was a dead giveaway of a working class pony, but she wasn't going to poke fun when there was free food involved.

When Sweetie Belle went to give a plate to the battered looking colt she sidled up to Grim. "Hey there! I'm Diamond Tiara, I don't believe we've met. Well done on the show and tell! We were all very impressed." she said, before moving in somewhat closer. "Especially Sweetie Belle." she added in a quieter voice. "Are you two, like, friends?" she asked, with a sickly sweet smile.

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