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This idea involves Ninja Ponies and Romance! What more could you want?!

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EDIT: This idea is curently not available at the moment because I have someone to roleplay it with me at the moment. I appologize. ...I probably have started a separate thread with other ideas though, so please look at that. ^w^

I am using Fluttershy as an example but her role can be replaced by Twilight, or Rarity just as easily with some tweaks. The OC involved can be male or female, and can be played by me or you. I haven't really fleshed the character out, so we can talk about the details later.

Also this would be a Canon x OC pairing, most likely, but if you're not into that it can be converted into a friend-shipping.


[colour=#2f4f4f]...One night Fluttershy is tending to her animals outside, when a strange pony in a black hood approaches and asks if her name is Fluttershy. Once she says that that is her name, the pony draws a sword and tries to attack her. She runs, but is eventually cornered because this pony is very agile. But at a crucial moment, they hesitate. They realizes that they can't bring themself to hurt her and starts to lower their blade.[/colour]

[colour=#2f4f4f]Right about then, one or more of her friends break in and only see a pony with a sword near Fluttershy. They tie up the mysterious pony and demand to know why the pony just tried to assassinate their friend. They tell them that he is not from Equestria, but from the far away land called Nipony. The pony says that they have sworn fealty to a Warlord there, and that they were told to do away with a pony named Fluttershy in Equestria, but he was not told why. ((The real reason is because an oracle predicted that Fluttershy would take away the warlord's power from him.)) The hooded pony is distraught because they nearly killed an obviously innocent pony. They now realize that the warlord that they serve is evil.[/colour]

[colour=#2f4f4f]The friends soon realize that as soon as the warlord learns that is first assassin failed, he'll simply send another. They aren't sure what to do. Fluttershy then decides to ask for the mysterious assassin-pony's help, because he knows the warlord best, and can show them the way to Nipony, because this warlord must be stopped. The others object, but Fluttershy trusts this pony. The myserious pony is very greatful, renounces their old master, and pledges that they will protect their new mistress, Fluttershy, with their life.[/colour]

Also, here's a picture of a Kinono-pony that I drew about a year ago. XD ...Maybe she's the Evil Warlord's mistress? Who knows. I certainly don't.


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