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The Meeting at the Crystal Fountain

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Earlier this week I posted an incomplete version of this image to the forums gallery requesting opinions. This is the completed penciled sketch of this piece and I finally labelled it "The Meeting at the Crystal Fountain". I've considered writing a short simple story to go with it, but that's just an idea I'm toying with atm. The work itself is not actually finished, however; I still intend to paint it digitally and then transfer it into a 3D image [something I've done before with recent pony artwork, ask if you'd like to see the older examples]

I also considered doing an illaborate clay sculpted frame for this image complete with a detailed paint job (to make it look antique-ish). If I do, I'll use this thread to showcase the work in progress.

I would had posted it again to the gallery, but I felt it was a bit too soon, and I might risk looking like a spammer if I did so... so I decided to post it here [despite how inactive it usually seems here]

So, what do you guys think so far?

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