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Crystal Spire - Farming District

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Juxtaposed with the harsh and barren Arctic terrain surrounding it, the Crystal Empire abounds with lush, green land perfectly suited to farming. This is of course possible due to the powerful magic of the Crystal Heart which creates a protective field to shield the empire and its fertile soils from the cold. Upon these bountiful farmlands the crystal ponies have built a proud and distinct agricultural tradition.


The empire farmlands are situated in the wide open areas areas between the city and the outer perimeter set by the gates. The land itself is quite hilly, but exceedingly fecund and easy to tend, even for crystal ponies who lack the connection to the land that earth ponies possess. Numerous farms populate the region, producing for the Empire more than enough food to feed its populace each year.


Crystal Empire farms grow a wide variety of produce, including the region's most popular staple crops: crystal corn and crystal berries. Much of the what is produced on Empire farms is region specific and often having a somewhat crystalline appearance. This is generally thought to be a result of the crystal pony magic in the air having seeped into the land.


Farmland not used to produce food for the crystal ponies is often utilized instead as grazing ground for the distinct breed of small, vibrantly colored sheep prevalent in the region. These sheep are prized in the Empire, as their wool is vital in providing warmth to ponies who venture outside of the Empire and must face the harsh elements outside the Crystal Heart's protection. As a result of their value and charming appearance they have become a cherished symbol of the Empire.

~Canterlot Research Journal

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