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[Outskirts of Ponyville] Glad Tidings and Derpy's Countdown to Hearth's Warming Holiday House Extravaganza! (Open!)

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It was time! Hearth's Warming was only a few days away, and Glad Tidings wasn't about to miss a single moment of the celebration. All month she'd been working on her traveling home, the Holiday House, making sure that it was fit and proper for only the best wintry celebration Ponyville had seen to date! Almost as if a tribute in and of itself, the modular home was the biggest it had ever been, roughly the size of a mansion with its multiple floors reaching for the stars above.

Its cherry red owner flitted about in the field in which the party site was located, somewhat near the edge of the Everfree Forest. Ever vigilant, the holiday pony had set up a wide perimeter of holiday sparklers and trees brimming to the tinsel with lights! No creature of the dark would even think twice about crashing this party. The tents were in place, the snow was shoveled to a manageable level, and a pathway had been cleared right to Holiday House's front stoop.

In all honesty, Glad wasn't entirely sure how the house was standing, but it was best not to question it. After all, 5 rooms more on the second story were easily supported by the kitchen and dining room below and the ball room above, right? It was simple Hearth's Warming science! With a wide grin the earth pony trotted toward the front door and looked high above to the roof.

"How's everything looking up there, Derpy?!" she called in a jingly voice full of bubbly excitement.

"It's so pretty!" came the response as the familiar blue-grey pegasus hovered about the central bell tower. "There's lights and caramel apples and snow! I love snow!" she cried, her wings fluttering in her glee.

"Me too!" Glad Tidings trilled, bouncing in place until she stopped for a moment with a look of confusion on her face. "Derpy, is that... is that a bubble machine?" she asked, pointing a hoof at the large contraption set on the slope of the roof.

"You know what they are?!" the pegasus squealed, practically hugging herself. "You're so smart! I thought if I added bubbles to the snow, we would have snowy bubbles! Or bubbly snow! It would be my two most favorite things in one!"

"That... is such a great idea," Glad Tidings murmured to herself with a completely serious face. "Derpy's a genius." With a resolute smile that could light up its own palace, the cheermeister tugged a wreath over her head like an evergreen necklace and waved a hoof to her friend above. "Okay Derpy, let them have it!" she shouted.

With a happy nod Derpy flew backwards, orienting herself, then flew directly at the giant golden bell that resided at the top of Holiday House and struck it forcefully with her hooves. The resulting explosive cacophony of ringing sound cascaded outward and over a snowbound Ponyville, the main bell having set off the rows and rows of smaller chimes in the tower below to create a wonderfully upbeat melody that carried to the farthest reaches of town.

Her job accomplished, the mailmare took a very confused and meandering path to downward to land awkwardly next to her friend, with eyes only slightly crossed. After all, big bells were disorienting that close!

"We're ready!" they called together, their happy voices joining the uplifting melody that swung through the cold air.

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(ooc): GREAT idea! Here's a trio of ponies to join in the fun!



ypaJRs.jpgJubilee Flyer

A trio of traveling friends approached the front lawn of Holiday House. One was a Paint stallion with a peace sign cutie mark, one was a lanky light blue slightly older unicorn mare and the third was a happy, petite blonde Pegasus mare.

[colour=#8B4513]"Groovy lookin' place, gals!" [/colour]Mojo neighed as the hippie brony as he took the lead. [colour=#8B4513]"Far out decor for Hearth's Warmin' Eve!"[/colour]

[colour=#DAA520]"I love it!" [/colour]added Julibee as she took flight to get a closer look at all the outdoor decoration.

[colour=#4B0082]"Mojo, are you sure it's alright for us to be here?" [/colour]Starflower asked as the unicorn followed the stallion into the yard.

[colour=#8B4513]"Don't go gettin' yur knickers in a twist, love, I'm sure we'll be welcome here," [/colour]Mojo said with a smile. [colour=#8B4513]"It's gonna be a party soon, maybe I could play me guitar, Wings could dance and sing and you Starflower could.. hmmm, what does a nurse do to help entertain ponies? Tell hospital jokes?"[/colour]

[colour=#4B0082]"Very funny, Mojo," [/colour]Starflower said defensively. [colour=#4B0082]"My main task will be to keep an eye on you so you don't get yourself into trouble."[/colour]

[colour=#8B4513]"Whoa! Chill, babe! I don't need a nanny and neither does Wings, right Wings?"[/colour]

[colour=#DAA520]"Right Mojo!" [/colour]the still airborne Jubilee said as she turned to see another Pegasus in the air. [colour=#DAA520]"Oh, hi there Derpy! Did you help put up all these lovely decorations?"[/colour]

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(Oh it's multiple OC time in this Hearth's Warming :D)

Colton Cloudkicker and Darkest Dawn, two ponies, two pegasi from very different backgrounds both socially and location-wise, yet they each shared a similar destination at this time of year. Colton, with his ever loyal pet sparrow, Sparks were leading ahead, eager as foals to reach their destination, "[colour=#40e0d0]Dawn, hurry up, buddy. We're gonna be late to the festivities and all that good stuff![/colour]" Colton stated as he picked up the pace in his gentle fluttering towards this 'Holiday house'.

"[colour=#b22222]Ugh, Colton if you hadn't have shown up here this year I would have just stayed at home. No need to be rushing me. Besides, you know I'm not really one for festivities and such, I'm not a big holiday pony.[/colour]" Dawn replied as he lugged a noticeably large box around.

Colton puzzled over the contents of the box and hovered next to his friend, "[colour=#40e0d0]That reminds me, why do you insist on lugging this thing around all night?[/colour]" The adventurer wondered.

"[colour=#b22222]I already told you, friend, this telescope comes with me at all times at this time of year. There's usually a lot of meteorological activity going on.[/colour]" The black coated pegasus replied as he shifted the box to make his lifting more comfortable.

"[colour=#40e0d0]At this time of day?...Never mind. Just promise me you won't be making staring at the skies your top priority. I don't come to Ponyville that often and I would trust one of my friends here to not be a complete stick in the mud. At this rate Sparks looks like he's gonna have more fun than you, and he's...well a bird.[/colour]" Colton remarked as Sparks gave his master a rather cheesed off glare.

"[colour=#b22222]Fine fine, I promise. But if anything shoots through the sky I'm gonna drop everything. Deal?[/colour]" Dawn asked as the three of them approached the Holiday House, Colton beaming happily as he absentmindedly agreed.

"[colour=#40e0d0]Yeah yeah sure.[/colour]" The white pegasus replied, smiling widely. He looked over the decorations and festive spirit around him, "[colour=#40e0d0]Oh I love this time of year. Come on, let's see if we can meet some new ponies.[/colour]" Colton continued as he hovered over to the establishment, spotting a few ponies out front. He landed softly and introduced himself, "[colour=#40e0d0]Hey, nice place here huh? You guys here for a celebration to-[/colour]" The pegasus cut himself off momentarily as he eyeballed one of the ponies, the paint stallion more specifically, "[colour=#40e0d0]Hey um...I know you from somewhere, don't I? Running a market stall a while back? Um....Mojo, right? Not sure if you remember me or not.[/colour]" Colton inquired.

"[colour=#b22222]Nice to meet all of you.[/colour]" Dawn interjected as Colton conversed with Mojo, "[colour=#b22222]I'm Darkest Dawn and this is my friend, Colton. And that little bird is Sparks. We're here for the Holiday House party it would seem.[/colour]" Dawn continued with a pleasant smile and an extended hoof.

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It wasn't on Books' "Top Ten Places I'd Like to Be", though the young stallion did not really mind being where he was at the moment. He did mind, though, about who he was with.

Besides the coffee coloured pegasus, a unicorn filly trotted along. She was more of an older filly, though not so near mare-hood yet. Doldrums, the young thief whom Books had come to know after a strange.. experience. She was happy as ever, her mane and tail bouncing along as she trotted. A wide smile was spread across her lips, and her pale green eyes shone with excitement beneath her shades-- which she always wore, no matter what time of day. A badger on her back was fast asleep, though. Not sharing the excitement it's owner held.

"Latte! We're here, look!" The mare chirped as they had finally reached their destination. Though Books should have been used to her sudden outburts, the pegasus still jumped up and flitted his wings for a moment. Oh, how he loathed when she did that. Often it.. Was annoying, really. Though Doldrums paid no attention to how she scared the male, so just continued on. "I can see that, Doldrums," Books replied. He slightly shook his head, returning to the ground and walking besides her once more.

Upon them, they saw a few other ponies had gathered. About seven were here already, and adding himself and Doldrums, Books felt that possibly more ponies would come with time. Inside, he died a little. Gatherings weren't his thing-- He often came off as a smart-mouth and slightly hostile to some. Often called "cold". If it was his choice, he'd be off at home, though Doldrums dragged him along.

The duo came to a stop. Well, apparently they weren't the only newcomers. Ponies had already begun to introduce themselves to one another, which meant that it wouldn't be so awkward. "Come on, Latte! Let's introduce ourselves 'fore things get weird." Doldrums murmured to Books, so none of the others would overhear. "Coming," he responded, "Sadly."

They came upon the group, and with a smile on Doldrums' face, she flipped her mane. "Hey, everypony. Hope it's not too late to join'in the introductions? Well, if not.. I'm Doldrums! An' the coffee coloured kid--" She had begun, though was interrupted by Books. "Kid? Doldrums, I am older than you, and not a 'kid'." With a wave of her hoof, the unicorn went on. "Well, the pegasus besides me-- His name is Books!" She ceased to introduce the badger on her back. Mercutio, it seemed, would not be introduced.

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Derpy nearly dropped to the snow in excitement when a newly-arrived pegasus called her name, since her legs almost forgot how to stand. It happened that way sometimes. Joy could just override everything you know.

"I sure did!" she tittered, ruffling her feathers in pleasure before trotting forward. "Did you see the bubbles? Those were my idea! They make bubbly snow! Do you like it?"

Meanwhile in the background, Glad Tidings was more than happy to walk right up to her guests as they introduced each other.

"Welcome welcome one and all, to Holiday House now stand in awe!" she sang, the lights on the house and in the trees blinking and flashing in time with her voice. "Tinsel here and garlands there, Hearth's Warming spirit is everywhere! We sing we dance we laugh and cheer, cuz who doesn't love this time of year? 'No pony of course!' comes the blanket cry, certainly not you, nor him, nor I," she continued, pointing out a few ponies in the crowd during the verse. "Now tie your scarves, tug on your boots, cut loose Ponyville, no pony will give a hoot! Give in they should, and certainly will, for Holiday House will fit the bill! A modern marvel, this home of mine, built to fit the day and time! Harmony Day, Hearth's Warming, Summer Sun, and that's only the start of the fun! Now get ready folks, for the main attraction..."

She turned and yelled at the top of her lungs at the twinkling mansion behind her, evergreen mane and tail wiggling in excitement as the jingle bells woven into them jangled with mirth.


In an instant the home made the previous decorations look like a smattering of pale stars across the night sky to the blazing sun of a display it put on now. Wreathes shone like beacons to the heavens, strings of lights were liquid fire in the night. Overall, Glad Tidings was very proud that all the work she'd put in this month had paid off.

"Again, welcome friends!" she said happily, turning back to the group after her little performance. "Would you like some eggnog? Chestnuts? They were roasted over an open fire!"

(Apologies for the delayed response, but I also want to mention this was more of a fun little thing right before Christmas rather than a full on thread. It was to test the waters for full-on threads involving Glad Tidings and her customizable home for different holidays, so let me know!)

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[colour=#DAA520]"The bubbles were YOUR idea, Derpy?" [/colour]the still airborne Jubilee asked with a slight giggle. [colour=#DAA520]"Yes, they are very festive. Great job! Anything I can do to help you out with the preparations?"[/colour]

Like all of the other gathered ponies, Mojo and Starflower stood in awe of the wonderous decorations of Holiday House. The hippie brony then began to introduce his friends to Colton, Darkest Dawn, Doldrums, Books, Glad Tidings and all of their animal companions.

[colour=#8B4513]"Pleased to meetcha! I'm Mojo, this lovely unicorn lady beside me is Nurse Starflower and me blonde filly pal flyin' up there next to Derpy is Jubilee Flyer, or Jubilee for short. This is quite a groovy party goin' on here! How about some music?"[/colour]

The Paint stallion produced his guitar and began to sing a Hearth Warming Eve song:

[colour=#8B4513]"Hearth's Warmin' Eve, a time to believe![/colour]

[colour=#8B4513] In friendship and fellowship, a smile upon every lip,[/colour]

[colour=#8B4513]It's Hearth's Warmin' Eve, a time to believe![/colour]

[colour=#8B4513]In fun and food, I'm in the mood, for Hearth's Warmin' Eve!"[/colour]

Starflower looked rather stunned at her friend, not realizing that the odd hippie stallion could write and play such a wonderful little song. She and Jubilee joined in on the next chorus, which was the same as the first one:

[colour=#008000]"Hearth's Warmin' Eve, a time to believe![/colour]

[colour=#008000]In friendship and fellowship, a smile upon every lip,[/colour]

[colour=#008000]It's Hearth's Warmin' Eve, a time to believe![/colour]

[colour=#008000]In fun and food, I'm in the mood, for Hearth's Warmin' Eve!"[/colour]

The petite Pegasus mare even added some 'midair ballet' to her singing, hoping that perhaps the other Pegasi in attendence would join her in the dance.

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Colton lowered himself back to the ground when greetings were being exchanged, "[colour=#40e0d0]Hello Mojo. Nice to meet you too, Nurse Starflower.[/colour]" Colton then turned his head upwards to see the before mentioned Starflower to give greetings back, all be it in a louder voice due to the distance between them, "[colour=#40e0d0]Nice to meet you, Jubilee![/colour]" The pegasus continued as he smiled with great festivity at this new group of ponies.

Dawn felt the need to comment on Colton's attempt to see if Mojo had remembered him or not, "[colour=#b22222]Well somepony's memory seems a tad off...but which one?[/colour]" The black coated stallion chuckled as Sparks couldn't help but giggle with him.

"[colour=#40e0d0]Yeah yeah, you just stick to the telescoping and less of the wise cracks.[/colour]" Colton replied cheerfully with a slight chuckle. The two stallions and a sparrow were then surprised when two of the new ponies they had ran into started singing. Colton shrugged it off as merely holiday cheer and was even tempted to sing with them, though Celestia knows how he would figure out the words. Dawn on the other hoof slightly tilted his head at the sudden musical number.

"[colour=#b22222]'Tis the season I suppose.[/colour]" The red eyed stallion stated happily.

Colton then turned his attention back upwards to see a sight he found most cheery, bubbles! The stallion hovered upwards with a wide smile on his face, "[colour=#40e0d0]Oh sweet, bubbles! Great job on the house, guys.[/colour]" He commented as he lowered himself back down to the ground, "[colour=#40e0d0]Glad Tidings and Derpy Hooves, right? I came from Canterlot to see this house and I have to say I don't regret it for a second.[/colour]" The white pegasus remarked.

"[colour=#b22222]I only came from down the street but I'm surprised I never saw this before, truly spectacular work here. Very well done.[/colour]" Dawn continued, with Sparks standing upright on his head and nodding along.

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Books had watched the other ponies begin to introduce themselves. They seemed more than happy to be doing so. Which was actually quite nice, seeing that they at least were enjoying themselves. The majority, though, was mostly Pegasi, and about an equal amount of Earth Ponies and Unicorns. An odd mix, though it truly didn't matter.

The Pegasus gave a nod to each pony introduced, followed by a murmured "Hello" to each. They did have interesting names, he guessed. Though he could have pondered the meanings for their names, his attention was now upon that of Glad Tidings, as she made quite a show for a few moments. The house, amazing only moments before, was now stunning and beautiful. He gave out a large breath of awe. "Well," he began, "That's one of the most amazing things I've seen."

Doldrums nodded in agreement. "Ain't gonna deny that." Her attention turned back quickly to the ponies, who had introduced themselves. "Nice names," she said with a rather large smile. Just as she was about to open her mouth and speak, one of he ponies began singing. Mojo, she believed. He had whipped out his guitar, and began singing about Hearth's Warming Eve. Not long after was he joined by his two companions.

The unicorn didn't have a singing voice, so she just hummed along. Mercutio, awakened by the chatting, sat up on her back. A small yawn escaped his mouth as he rubbed his eyes. Festivities? Why was he not told that they'd be going somewhere? Though he was rather fond of the sight. He stood on his two back legs and looked up, at the bubbles. They sparkled beautifully, due to the light positively radiating from the house. A small, lost bubble found its way towards him. And popped as he reached out to touch it.

Books saw this, and slightly chuckled. He looked at Glad Tidings, the pony responsible for this. "So," he began, "You put this whole thing together on your own? Or did you have help from.. Uh.. Oh, yes, Derpy?"

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Derpy shook her head in response to the question about decorations.

"Nope! We made sure the house was all ready for you guys before you even got here. I didn't even know it was done yet, but it wasn't hard!" she explained, catching a bubble on the tip of her nose and wrinkling her muzzle. "But it sure is great to see so many friends coming to the party with us!"

When Mojo started to play his song, Derpy watched Jubilee dance through the air. It was almost mesmerizing to see the other pegasus float so gracefully that she didn't notice an odd twitching for a few moments. What was that? With a curious glance over her shoulder, the mailmare discovered that it was her flank bopping in time to the beat! Well, if her cutie mark was dancing, that meant she should be too right? She landed next to Mojo and started singing at the top of her lungs, albeit a bit off-key.

Glad Tidings was swaying happily in time with the beat, enjoying the compliments on her hard work until she was asked directly about Holiday House and its current state.

"Oh no, not on my own. Derpy helped quite a bit! My house has endless ways to get through it, but her flight just makes things easier and faster to move on the outside. She's such a good holiday assistant." In a tiny burst of holiday cheer, she tapped a hoof against one of her jingle bangles to make it ring. "Are you enjoying the party so far? Can I get you some punch or cookies?"

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As Mojo continued to play his guitar, he glanced over at Colton.

[colour=#8B4513]"Oh, sorry bout that, Colton. Guess me mind's too much on the holiday! Course I remember ya, dude! How ya been?" [/colour]the hippie brony asked as Starflower took over the 'singing' of the song:

[colour=#0000FF]"The fire of friendship lives in our hearts, as long as it burns, we can not drift apart.[/colour]

[colour=#0000FF] The quarrels in life their numbers are few, laughter and singing will see us through! Will see us through![/colour]

[colour=#0000FF] We are a circle of pony friends, a circle of friends, will be to the very end......."[/colour]

Both Mojo and Jubilee were stunned at Starflower's beautiful singing voice.

[colour=#8B4513]"Whoa there, babe! That was smashing!" [/colour]Mojo neighed.

[colour=#DAA520]"Wow Miss Starflower! How'd learn to sing so well?" [/colour]asked a still airborne Jubilee.

[colour=#0000FF]"I do love to sing, just never had the opportunity to do it that often," [/colour]the lanky unicorn mare said as she turned to the host of the party. [colour=#0000FF]"We're having a great time!"[/colour]

[colour=#8B4513]"Jolly good time, miss!" [/colour]added Mojo.

[colour=#DAA520]"Loving every minute of it!" [/colour]Jubilee shouted from above as the Pegasus mare resumed 'air dancing' to Mojo's music,

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Colton lowered himself back down to the ground as Mojo corrected himself in not recognizing the pegasus before. He turned to Dawn and couldn't do anything except grin and make a snarky remark, "[colour=#40e0d0]Somepony's memory seems a tad off.[/colour]" Colton stated, imitating Dawn's voice as best he could but also being out of tune to the point of being smart, "[colour=#40e0d0]Somepony needs to have more faith in other ponies it seems.[/colour]" Colton finished as he patted his pegasus friend on the back.

"[colour=#b22222]Yeah yeah, go socialize. And I do not sound like that.[/colour]" Dawn chuckled as Colton went to do just that. Sparks departed from Colton and hovered in front of Dawn with a smile on his face, "How a bird can put up with him all the time I will never know." Dawn chuckled once more as he gave the sparrow a pat on the head, "[colour=#b22222]Enjoying yourself then?[/colour]" He asked the small avian companion. Sparks nodded and then waved his wing towards all the singing and festive cheer going on a few feet away from them, "[colour=#b22222]...I'll get to it later.[/colour]" Dawn responded, to which the sparrow started dragging him towards everypony else, "[colour=#b22222]...Fine.[/colour]" Dawn sighed.

"[colour=#40e0d0]Ah don't worry about it, Mojo. Happens to the best of us. I've been great, been around a few new places and such. And how about you? Last time I saw you you were working a market stall, now it seems like you have a whole choir with ya.[/colour]" The blue haired pegasus chuckled as he stood and listened to the singing that was going on. Dawn, being dragged in by a small bird, couldn't help but listen in on said singing as well. Once this brief song by Starflower had finished, the two pegasi and bird couldn't help but clap their hooves and or wings.

"[colour=#b22222]So, what's planned for today then?[/colour]" Dawn inquired.

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