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That Romantic Bandwagon [Mane OOC]

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Let's see... Latest research of forums indicates increase in all kinds of romantic threads outburst. Further investigation suggests that the reason behind this might be an oncoming "Hearts&Hooves" day. I've tried searching for a reason why shouldn't I hop in, but didn't manage to find one. And since I never actually tried anything like this yet, I've decided to give it a shot now, in the season.

Now, seeing how I've lately grown fond of Rising Star, I guess I'd like to find a stallion for her. Any form of relationship here. From light to serious one, but that's already a topic to discuss via PM's or something. During the creation of her app, I've skipped the topic of her approach towards feelings and stuff. But that doesn't mean I didn't have any ideas about it. Therefore, it will be implemented in the description below.

Without further delays...

[colour=#33FFFF]~[/colour] [colour=#00CCFF]R[/colour][colour=#0099ff]i[/colour][colour=#0099CC]s[/colour][colour=#0066FF]i[/colour][colour=#0066CC]n[/colour][colour=#0033FF]g[/colour] [colour=#FF3300]S[/colour][colour=#FF6600]t[/colour][colour=#FF9900]a[/colour][colour=#FFCC00]r[/colour] [colour=#FFFF00]~[/colour]

A tall, grown, beautiful mare with model-like physique living in Canterlot. Setting great store on healthy lifestyle and her appearance. When she was a filly, her family believed that due to her melodic voice and outstanding appearance, she'd make great career in singing, acting or modelling. Little did they know that if she chose any of those professions, the predictions would become true. She was a natural at those activities. But Star passed on these opportunities. She followed her dream, that's why instead of great career she's barely a photographer. A professional one, but in comparison to who she could have been...

Star was a loner throughout most of her life. Of course, she had contacts with stallions, so she knows how 'things' work. But her career and chase after dreams was much more important to that peculiar mare. She wasn't lonely though as her pet, Imperio, remains a loyal companion to her. She appreciates his efforts of pulling her away from loneliness. Risi remains a cheerful mare with optimistic approach to life. Mare enjoys being active and intuitive while, on the contrary, dislikes anything that's static and logical. Career still matters a lot for her, therefore she's not searching for anypony special. At least intentionally, of course. Somewhere inside she hopes for a stallion which will come and charm her when she least expects that. Thus, she might not take things serious... at the beginning. In other words, she shares same feelings as any other pony, but it might be just a bit harder for her to express them.

My question is: Will she gain any attention?

Edit:Answer: Obviously, she did already :) But the outcome of PM conversation gives quite an experimental approach, thus the thread remains open.

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