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Crystal Spire - The Crystal Plaza

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One of the key features of the Crystal Empire is the central Crystal Plaza, and the Crystal Podium that is located at its heart. The Crystal Podium is the display location for the Crystal Heart, the ever important magic artifact which channels the magic of the Crystal Ponies to the Empire. A unique example of Crystal Pony Architecture, the Podium is located in a sail dome at the very center of the city which is built directly into the base of the Crystal Palace. A magic force keeps the heart in place between the podium and a long architectural spike extending down from the ceiling of the dome.


The open, public display dome for the Crystal Heart at the base of the castle reflects the Crystal Ponies' ideals regarding the Heart and how it is something belonging to and to be nurtured by all of them collectively. The Heart stands proud at the center of the city, practically unguarded, allowing anypony who pleases to walk right up to it. Standing there for all to see at the base of the palace, it has become one of the most enduring symbols of the Empire.


The Crystal Plaza itself encompasses the podium and dome and the open areas immediately around it. During the Crystal Faire, these areas are said to buzz with excitement as many tents and other temporary structures are put up by vendors of all kinds to accommodate eager fairgoers. It is said that during Faire times nearly the entire population of the city crowds into the Plaza fairgrounds to enjoy the festivities and celebrate their rich traditions and history.

~Canterlot Research Journal

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