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Fire Emblem- Equestrian Legends/Enlist here.

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Submit apps here, all are welcome to this Anthro crossover of the best show AND the best game EVER!!! If I can get to it, I may write a manga featuring your characters (With your permission, of course) Censored of all mature content. It was killing me to do this at work this morning and I HAD to give in. It will all start in Canterlot.

I'll make one as an example. In parenthesis is what is available

NAME- Strong Hooves

GENDER- Male ((Male or Female))

RACE- Earth Pony ((Earth Pony, Pegasus, Unicorn, Alicorn, Creature*PLEASE DEFINE*, Griffin, FiM Cast, or Crystal Pony))

CUTIE MARK- Pickaxe crossed over a hammer

CLASS- Swordsman ((Swordsman, knight, mercenary, thief, archer, pegasus knight *PEGASUS ONLY* Monk, bard, dancer, ---healer, mage UNICORNS OR ALICORN ONLY---

FAVORITE WEAPON TYPE- Swords ((Swords, Bows, Lances, Spears, Magic,* ONLY UNICORNS OR ALICORNS* Axes, Staves, Gauntlets))

LIKES- Friends, Food, and protecting others


HISTORY- Born and raised in Stalliongrad Strong finally set on his own where he then took up residence in Trottingham.

ARRIVED TO STORYLINE- Arrived to Canterlot to fill an order of jewelery but then he noticed something was wrong with the castle so he went in to investigate

SUMMARY-Strong is generally a kind and gentle pony to his friends but highly aggressive with those who mean harm to them. He is more or less a skilled fighter and can fight bare handed if needed.

If there's anything that was left out, lemme know!

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may join...im thinking about it...are hybrids aloud?

Yeah! All are welcome! Unless its a demonic monkey named Mimi who shoots pixie dust from his rear... Then I might have to say no... Lol

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