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The Riders,Dragons,((Open,Join!))

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Okay,so this Role Play is based on the Inheritance Trilogy/series

Well, in this Role Play,we will explore Alagaesia and be riders,magicians,or even characters from the books!

We will start off in the book of Eragon,the moments will not all be the same as the book,but the subject will be alike.

Okay,let's get cracking,here are the Characters that you can apply to be:

Eragon: :20:

Murtagh:(Eragon's half-brother) Myself,I called being him :D

Angela:(Witch,pretty much): <3

Solembum(Angela's werecat): Meow

Saphira(Eragon's dragon): Rawr

Thorn(Murtagh's dragon in the second book): Rawr!

Brom(the storyteller): l[]l

Rowan(Eragon's cousin): :fish:

Ajihad(leader of the Varden): :artax:

Arya(courier elf): I also call being her :D

Galbatorix(ruler of Alagesia): :Celest:

The Twins(along with the varden,one RPer for each of 'em): :sad: :mad:

N-asuada(Ajihad's daughter): :Luna:

Urgals(bad guys): :x

Kulls(big urgals,bigger than man,bad guys): :-|

Orik(Dwarf who helps Eragon around Tronjheim): :smug:

Those will be the only characters,simply because we already will have tons of players :D

Another thing,no over RPing: Not ALL roleplayers will be on,so if we leave off on a subject,and it is someone's turn to reply,just wait,don't skip over or speed ahead,if you do,you will kindly be asked to revoke your character,and leave the RolePlay,OR I will just give you a warning,you can get 3 warnings,until you will be asked to leave :)

Now Then,whenever you speak,if you are either Thorn or Saphira(dragons) you will speak in italicized words,like so: You too little one, just NOT in bold letters though!

When roleplaying,it is wise to know little to all information on Eragon,cause if you do not know,then you will get lost in this role play very quickly! So read up on Wikipedia or any other resources on Eragon,so you will have some common knowledge.

Okay then,here is the Application,which of course,you will post here,when all spots are taken,I will post and state once more,who is who,then I will start off the role play :D

Other important news: NO GODMODDING,if you do so,I will kindly ask you to leave the RolePlay,depending on the extent.

If we are ever put to battle by some of the bad guys,don't just block every attack! Let yourself be hit,so we can keep this Role play Alive and up and running at a good pace! If you know of the Ancient language in Eragon,then use it! Just be sure to right in parentheses what it means,for some players will not know what,for example,what Brisingr means,so you would write something like ex.: "BRISINGR!" (Fire) Yelled Eragon as he released his arrow..." Like so,got it?

That is it,so let's get this going!

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(Eragon-Nazi Corrections:

It's 'Alagaesia' :P

Rowan is Eragon's cousin :P

Murtagh is Eragon's half-brother :P

Ajihad's daughter isn't...that mouthful, it's (N A S U A D A, for some reason this sight changes it to that odd name) <3

Anyway, I might be interested. Sorry if my fan-boy attack made you cringe :lol: )

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(Haha,didn't notice that :P and thx,I am just so far into reading that I forgot what relationship Rowan was to Eragon XD)

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(Same here,I am almost onto Eldest,but yet I had to go back and read Eragon over again,just so I could remember the characters,and chain of events that happened :D XD)

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Come one,come all,if you want to be in the Eragon series,come and apply,all you have to do is:

1) Name of Character(s) you want to be

2) Check if they are available

3) post

You are done! Sorry,forgot to post that then,so I did now :D anyone is welcome :D

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