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Lost Planet: Equestrian Chronicles ((OOC AND APPS))

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1- There will be ZERO TOLERANCE for mature content. This includes, but not limited to, sexual themes, drug reference, alcohol use, excessive blood/gore and excessive language.

2- Please play fair! This is a PvP RP, and you WILL be battling other players. Please don't godmod or anything of the sort. This is a game for everyone to enjoy!

3- Play nice! This is everyone's game, degrading, harassing, or insulting another player WILL NOT be tolerated!!!

4- please limit yourself to THREE characters!

More importantly....

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

It's been years since the elements of harmony have been used... About how long now? Ten? Twenty? I don't even remember... I was too young... However, thanks to the length of peace since their last use, we were finally able to make excellent advances in technology... We have discovered a new world... It seems to have life on it of some kind... But we are unsure. About two months ago, fire team Alpha was sent to this new world to have a look around... Some time later, their profiles read MIA... Or missing in action... Most fear they may have perished on this planet, however, The princesses beg to differ... And they sent their most elite team out to track down and recover them. My name is Sergeant Brave Heart, First Sergeant of the Misfit 1-3 Delta Force Squadron for the Royal Equestrian Army. While my team and I were briefed, we were instructed that some of these soldiers that were reported missing, in fact decided to inhabit this strange world and rebel against Equestria... If only the Elements of Harmony worked here... I didn't want to resort to possibly having to kill those I once called friend... However, they are the least of our problems... The creatures which originally inhabited this planet... Which we names Akrid, have been noted to be hostile, and will kill anything on sight. It seems we have our work cut out for us... We move out at 0000 hours... I'll miss my family... My friends... I'm sure my comrades will to... We're expecting this to escalate into a full scale war...


"Misfit actual, this Misfit 1-3, we hear you loud and clearly, over."


"Misfit 1-3 to Misfit actual. We're closing in on our LZ about ten klicks south of our position, and we'll be meeting up with friendly forces in about two Mikes."


"Rodger that.... Keep your eyes peeled!"


(Brief explaination of factions)

ELF believes that Equestria had abandoned them on this desolate world, and have made their own organized form of government. Their leader has to be elected and is currently in debate.

EAF The combined sister forces of Equestria, the Royal Equestrian Army, (REA) Royal Equestrian Air Force (REAF, made up of mostly unicorns for maintainers, and pegasi as pilots) the Equestrian Marine Corps, (EMC) And the Royal Equestrian Naval Fleet (RENF)

Stationed on The desolate planet to rescue those who still have hope, and bring them home. Mostly a humanitarian mission.


Enlisted- the main backbone of the EAF, without them, there would be no one to maintain the air craft for the pegasi, to he the main fighting force, or to execute the mission.

Officer- the main strategic part of the EAF. The officers consist of commanders which may take control of a unit, group, wing, squadron and so on. In some cases, may help with combat operations and other mission tasks, though only under certain circumstances.


Unicorn- can use their magic to support the mission, unicorns in the REAF may use their magic to lift and move heavy tools and equipment required to maintain the aircraft.

(HINT- very intellectual and make great officers and maintainers)

Pegasus- skilled pilots and are the only ones capable of flight. They can fly with their wings for fast paced aerial combat, recon, or carry light objects for short distances, they may use aircraft for heavy or long distance cargo missions, bombing, transport, and so on.

(HINT- not only are they skillful pilots, they are also very stealthy and are perfect for rescue operations)

Earth Pony- mostly comprises the infantry, security forces, and ground vehicle operators of the EAF.

(HINT- very skilled with combat and capable of going toe to toe with enemy forces, ideal race for fighting Akrid)




Age: (between 18-38, must be within rank specifications, and important to tell if one is superior to those of same rank. (DOB of character may be required.)

Gender: (male/female)

Species: (Pegasus, Earth Pony, Unicorn)

Affiliation: (EAF [Equestrian Armed Forces] or ELF [Equestrian Liberation Front] please include Branch of Service!)

Rank: (E1 to E9 for Enlisted service members. O1 to O10 for Officers)

time in service (how long your character has been in the EAF)

time in rank (how long your character has been the current rank)

Squadron: (keep an eye when your character sheet when quoted to see what squadron your character will be assigned to. Who knows, you might end up working with a friend!)

Mane/tail style

mane/tail colour

pelt colour

eye colour



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Name: Spear mcwingtip

Gender: (male

Species: Pegasus,

Affiliation: ELF [Equestrian Liberation Front])

Rank: E-6

time in service 15 years most of his lifetime in rank 6 months

Squadron: lol "boss i'm a military stallion thru and thru you but me where you need me!

Mane/tail style- high and tigh military regs, his mane grows fast in sort of a natural mullet so near then end thats what it will look likemane/tail colour - yellow like applejack' colour- dark navy blueeye colour-rather bright gold

Biography- Spear enlisted right out of school eager to work hard and prove his might, starting off in a few small jobs working patrolls at random bases, he made the plunge and joined the equestria emergency combat and rescue team. spending most of his career doing intense rescue missions and quick fire fights. after becoming a seinor member, Spear thought he was going to quit. after having being unable to transition to civilian life Spear re-enlisted forced to take a dead end job at a base near hoofington. spear did well training his green troops on flying and advanced fighting techniques and received commendations. Spear eagerly volunteered for this mission claiming "I go where I'm needed, and we both know i'm needed here"

Personality- having spent most of his life in the military Spear is highly disciplined and reserved. Spear holds a lot of his feelings back and prefers to focus on his job at hand. that said Spear is a extremely hard worker and always focus's hard on his current work. he has a bit of a random/weird sense of humor often making strange comments "well sir, there's nothing else we can do here. ... everyone go home and eat nutella" Spear deeply cares about his men and mission particulary younger enlisted.

that said when Spear left the armed forces for a short peroid, he developed a deeply designed resentment for the politicians in charge towards the world in genral. "my whole life I never questioned, never ... allowed my self too ... .... sorry. sometimes I just question whether or not its worth it to do what we do nowadys, it feels like they don't want us."

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this looks like it could be fun, I loved the first lost planet, but missed the second one.

sorry if I messed up any of the required info

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Ok, there is one thing that needs to he added, and that's my fault. I need to know his Branch of service.

His personality seems to be an add on to his history, so of you could please tailor that, that'd be great. :)

One thing I noticed with your character's past, what dead end job? Because there aren't any real dead end jobs in the military.

Also, I don't get the Nutella quote. Equestria doesn't have Nutella, so if you could clarify, please do. :)

Hope I wasn't too strict! We'll look over it again once you've fixed these. :3

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Go ahead and add branch of service in the affiliation part. And then fix the problems I listed up top! :)

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Name[colour=#282828]: Specialist Iron Willmane [/colour]

Age[colour=#282828]: 27[/colour]

Gender[colour=#282828]: male[/colour]

Species[colour=#282828]: Earth Pony[/colour]

Affiliation[colour=#282828]: EAF - Royal Equestrian Army[/colour]

Rank[colour=#282828]: E4[/colour]

time in service[colour=#282828] 8 years[/colour]

time in rank[colour=#282828] 1 year[/colour]

Squadron[colour=#282828]: Misfit 1-3 Delta Force[/colour]

Mane/tail style: More commonly known as High and Tight, in other words clipped short enough to be seen as tightly pulled together

mane/tail colour Black with gray speckles much like his pelt

pelt colour Gray with assorted black speckles

eye colour Brown

Biography: Iron Willmane was an orphan from age 13, toughed up by living in a bad neighborhood, only lucky to survive long enough to find an orphanage with food. He remained there, learning how to defend the other kids and himself, all from fighting against the rough and tumble gangs who liked to hop the fence and bully the orphans. When he turned 18 he was asked to leave, but was encouraged to try and apply with the military, due to his large stature and muscular build. He took up this advice, and when he was 19 he signed up with the Royal Equestrian Army. He remained there, never having truly been to war because there wasn't one to fight. He was promoted to Corporal just before the incident on the new world was announced, and made a Specialist due to his high proficiency with heavy weapons and close combat. He was immediately assigned to Delta force, and this will be his first real live mission.

Personality[colour=#282828] Iron tends to mostly be quiet, so its hard to tell exactly what he's thinking or what kind of pony he truly is. One thing that is visible, however, is that he will never let somepony pick on another who cannot defend themselves. He always steps in for the underdog, even when its foolhardy to do so. He obeys orders unquestioningly, but he's more than prepared to make some slight adjustments to help out his comrades.[/colour]

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so here is a quick questions, will t-eng be a important part of the plot? or just regarded as something they need like fuel and food? what do the V.S look like? are they bipedal like the game or will they be more pony like?

finally will there be snow pirates or is that the e.l.f's job?

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Since its anthro, the V.S. will be biped.

T-Eng will just be a resource until I can find some important use for it.

And that would be the ELF. Since I couldn't find any way to put a snow pirate faction in.

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Name: Ruby Dust

Age: 29

Gender: female

Species: Unicorn

Affiliation: ELF

Rank: Sergent E5

time in service: 10 years

time in rank: 7 years

Squadron: The Rat Pack

Mane/tail style: Messy, unkempt, just below shoulder length mane and just above knee length tail.

mane/tail colour: Dirty White

pelt colour: Maroon

eye colour: Hunter Green

Biography: Finding herself in a bit of financial trouble, Ruby enlisted in the EAF at the age of 19 to help ease her debt. As a gift, her marefriend at the time gave her an engraved revolver with both their names on it, Ruby Dust and Fire Bind. Fire had been the one who suggested Ruby join the service in the first place, herself having joined right out of school. With her natural and almost scary aptitude for machines, Ruby thought it was worth a shot. When the chance to go to the other world came about, both Ruby and Fire jumped at the chance, and both got accepted. Upon arrival however, the akrids attacked their camp, and Fire was killed. As one of the few survivors, she and the rest of the team were later found by ELF scouts, and given the choice to join them. With no other option but death, and the ELF in desperate need of a decent mechanic, she hastily agreed, if for no other reason than to have some way to fight back against the planet that had wronged her.

Personality: Ruby is sarcastic, callous, and doesn't respect authority. She is a chain smoker, and likes machines better than she likes most ponies. She isn't agreeable, and her outlook on life is rather dark and depressing, even though she herself is not depressed. She also has a dark sense of humor.

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Alrighty then! You're accepted without a doubt! You're currently with auger's character watching Delta Squadron for the EAF. I've gotta try to get the private back into the rp.

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Name: Lightning Shadow

Age: 18

Gender: male

Species: Unicorn


Rank: E2

time in service 1 year

time in rank 1 year

Squadron: EAF

Mane/tail style:Spiked and slicked back in a way that makes it look like he has blades for hair.

mane/tail color Yellow and black alternating

pelt color Purple

eye color Yellow

Biography:Lightning was born into a fairly normal family and grew up pretty much average, he had friends who he spent time with every day playing games in the park, watching TV, and playing video games, he got a good education, scoring higher marks than average on his classes, he excelled in magic above all other classes. The only real problem was that he didn't enjoy his life, he felt like he could be doing something more important with his life than just sit in a room doing paperwork, day in and day out. His dad saw this slump of sadness and decided to do something about it, Lightning had always enjoyed watching documentaries about the Royal Marines, so one day his dad took him out into town and treated him to lunch, followed by a visit to the Royal Marines Recruiter, Lightning was overjoyed and signed up right away, a few months of waiting later he shipped out and started his training, he completed it with pride and was sent to Lost Planet not long after becoming an E2.

Personality: Lightning is hot headed and very out spoken, he has trouble controlling his temper but when he is able to he is the nicest guy you will meet. He is over protective of his friends and likes to prove himself when the odds are against him.

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Actually, I'm gonna have to Force Balance you to EAF for now. We already have two players for ELF and I'm the only one for EAF.

If he's 18, he can only be either E1 E2 or E3. It depends on of he signed up for a 4 or 6 year enlistment. And even at that, it would take him years to make the next rank.

Time in rank... He cannot be in the military at 16. The youngest I can allow is 17. That would be with parental signing.

Your story is very vague and doesn't make a whole lot of sense. It only mentions that he was bored with his life.

When you enlist, it's called a recruiter. In order for him to be ELF, he would had to have been EAF first. Because the ELF are rebels. There are no "good or bad" factions here. It's based on the player's beliefs, and then if I auto balanced them.

And even still, marine training is over 12 weeks long, and you don't make E4 until 20 at the least.

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Ok, so the only thing I'm finding wrong is where he was taken to enlist. Just change that to Marine Recruiter and you'll be good to go!

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