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Fallout Equestria: Outcasts of Fort Snowpoint (OOC Page)

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Great app Saronyx! I cant wait for Derpyy to start it up!

Like now......

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Name:Frost Wind

Sex: Female

Species Unicorn

Personality: Kind ,Insightfull, Quite quiet and Mostly keeps to herself. She Is understanding and wise at times. Likes to Help whenever she can

Distinguishing features: Icy blue Eyes, Icy Blue coat, Long white mane. One scar going Vertical over her right eye. Wears Tundra Light armor with a Pullover Face Wrap to keep warm. Cutie mark is of a Ice shard with a Compass over it.

Fighting Style, Long range if she can help it. Uses A Lazer Rifle.

History: Frost Was born and grew up in the Equestrian Wastelands. She Had Lived with a trading Caravan for most of her days with her parents. She worked as A Guard for the Caravan and as well worked to keep everypony together in times of stress. She Had gotten seperated when they had begun to Take a trip up north to the Settlements above when A rock slide Seperated her from them. She yelled she would find them again within 3 days. When she got to the other side of the Mountain range she had finnaly gotten her cutie mark for navigation and Cold tolerance. She found her Caravan and her parents Had been raided By A band Of Looters. The cold would have taken them if it were not for them in the first place. She had been wandering the Frozen wastes of Nuclear Winter. She Wished for A group to join, A Home to call her own. When one day she heard a Raidio Brodcast from a Settlement, Stalliongrad, (When we start she will be just ariving to the Settlement, She will have a camp set up just a mile south and stay the night there until dawn to Travel the last distance.)








This is Dabom's application. For he is on Xbox and would have had to type every word again. So I copied and pasted for him! :D

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As stated in her app, Dodger is 19 in human comparison. Tungsten is 24, being five years her elder and all.

Because why not?

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Sorry for not posting this earlier.

Name: Pyro Blaze

Sex: Male

Age: Young adult

Species: Unicorn

Personality: Temperament of a fire. Usually nice, but becomes angry quite easily. Bit of a loner at times.

Any distinguishing features: Fiery hair, sunglasses almost always on.

Preferred fighting style: Power through. (idk what to say really. Pyro would probably fight full power the whole time so he can finish faster and move on.)

History: Pyro grew up learning to do the right thing, no matter the cost, and he still lives this way. The rewards he gets are nice, but it's not really the reason he does what he does. He does it to protect those that can't protect themselves from thugs and the like. Pyro lived like this, traveling around and such, for a couple of years before he heard a distress call coming from an abandoned radio that somehow still worked fine. Pyro decided to help whoever sent the message and set off towards them. Pyro considered protecting others to be his full time job, so he never tried to get another one.


S- 8

P- 6

E- 6

C- 5

I- 5

A- 6

L- 4

Perks: Pyromaniac, Little leaguer, and demolition expert.

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Name: Scipio

Sex: Male

Age: Young Adult

Species: Earth Pony

Personality: Cynical and sadistic, Scipio has the personalities of a slaver and happily works as one in what he views as part of the natural cycle in the Equestrian Wasteland.

Any distinguishing features: N/A

Preferred fighting style: He wields a Light Machine Gun as his primary weapon, relying on his own personal experience to wield it rather than sheer strength. To help him, he also carries a battle saddle, where the LMG can freely attached and detached. In addition to this, he carries a standard Service Rifle and a 9mm pistol. He wears metal armor, due to the fact that he prefers to be 'safe than sorry'.

History: Scipio was born in your typical Wasteland community, a town that ran a number of caravans, including ones that traded slaves. Whilst it didn't actively enslave others, it had no qualms with trading them. Life was dangerous and chaotic, as you would expect. He was brought up to be a merchant and worked on a number of caravans at young age. Constant raids meant that he was on his toes and he learnt how to maintain, load and fire a weapon early in his life. Many of these run-ins were particularly brutal and it was often a strong case of sink or swim. Constant travelling means that he eventually became literate, a skill that would be highly useful and more rare in a post-apocalyptic society. Upon reaching his teenage years, he decided to leave his home town, joining a group of mercenaries that were passing by. He spent several years working for them, performing a wide variety of contracts with them. Experience in combat would prove to be useful in the future. When he returned home, he worked in the caravans again, but he felt that he wasn't earning enough to support himself, once again leaving. He met a group of slavers, who offered an alternative line of work. His experience in the caravans and that as a mercenary would prove to be useful. However, slavers always have a poor reputation and after a failed raid against a small town which made a counter-attack, massacring most of the slavers , Scipio ran, taking a few slave collars to continue his business. Feeling lost in a big world with no way to get back, he bunkered down in an old radio station, which had long since broke. The radio station was able to intercept the distress call and Scipio, being the optimist that he is, headed there in the hope of either work, or ponies that he could capture and sell into slavery.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L: Strength: 5 Perception: 6 Endurance: 6 Charisma: 7 Intelligence: 6 Agility: 6 Luck: 4

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