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Maybach Black [Final]

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Name: Maybach Black

Gender: Female

Age: Mare

Species: Unicorn

Eye colour: Violet

Character colour: Jet Black coat.

Mane/Tail/Other: Meticulously styled plum/white mane. A set of bangs at the front while the rest of thebushy mass is brushed to curl up at the ends.

Physique: Slender. A real genetic lottery kind of mare in terms of looks. But only insofar as appearance.

Residence: Canterlot

Occupation: Black family matriarch. Head of the Unicorn Branch. Current owner of Maybach Carriages and shareholder of a number of other interests in Equestria.

Cutie Mark: A white shield covered by a black rose; the family crest of the Black family matriarch.

Unique Traits: Pricey rectangle frame glasses decorate the bridge of her nose every day. Her most commonly worn color being white. Maybach Black is the current head of the Black family, a wealthy family in Equestria.

History: Maybach is the current acting matriarch of the Black family. Born into a life of sinful decadence and privilege, Maybach quickly surmised at an early age that money was the driving factor of the world. Her mother and father imparted to her that a more demanding and tangible thing was the one true higher power than Harmony itself. Money. She learned business and etiquette, groomed for her position at the head of the family table. Home-schooled and kept to her own devices, Maybach hadn't much opportunity to experience more than what her parents would foist upon her itinerary day by day. But they passed early, before they were officially ready to pass on their duties to her.

Maybach was coming into marehood at the time, and at some point, she had taken an interest in carriages. Comparing different wheels and reins and such from her favorite fairy tales, she eventually became enthralled with designing them. The creation of her first carriages, stylish white and black affairs were put on the market to commemorate the passing of her parents. Every carriage was always styled with a white shield covered by a black rose. This earned her her cutie mark, the Black family crest.

Since then, Maybach has been used to using her considerable inheritance to bring better carriages to Equestria, and invested in a number of other business ventures. She focuses on the goal of someday, making everypony rich, phasing out small businesses until everypony can have a big business and make bit stacks higher than Cloudsdale.

Character Summary: While her life's goal is noble in nature as well as her family credentials, the way Maybach goes about such might not be considered so. Her business strategies revolve more around retaliation when her poor diplomatic skills cause a mutually beneficial business agreement to go awry. Real life is measured in bits and more bits to her, and without them, you may as well not live at all. Wealth means everything to Maybach. She couldn't imagine another life for herself. Maybach believes she was destined for it, in regards to her cutie mark and the setting she grew up in. She is well aware of the social paradigms around her that demand a nicer mare, but does not allow herself to depart from her parents teachings, as she believes them to be the way to success. Maybach has no friends to speak of, finding the idea of business associates as more attractive, and the idea of enemies to be downright romantic. Without the attachment of emotion, Maybach believes smarter decisions can be made, and to always trust the head above the heart. Friends are things she finds at detriment with her lifestyle and opts to have absolutely none, whilst calling certain other noble ponies business associates. There is no middle ground and only business associates will suffice as those are the ones who will help her move forward in the world.

Personality: Maybach is a very straightforward mare who bases all her decisions on how it can benefit her the most. She's very droll, opting to make fun of whatever strikes her whimsy as well. Maybach's overall ability to socialize is hamstrung by the way she was raised, and thus can be considered quite a jerk.

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You may now un-Seppuku yourself.

Format the app properly, please. Once that is done I stamp.

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