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Name: Fluttershy

Gender: Female

Age: Mare, just 1 year older then Pinkie Pie

Species: Pegasus

Eye colour: Aquamarine

Character colour:soft buttery yellow

Mane/Tail/Other: soft pink tail and mane. Her tail is long and leads to a curled end, her mane is long and flows naturally.

Physique: Fluttershy is slightly bigger then your standard Pegasus due to the fact that she spends most of her time on the ground. Despite not being much a flier she does get a good bit of exercise with taking care of animals all day keeping her at a nice weight.

Residence: Fluttershy lives at the edge of Ponyville, not too far from the Everfree forest, this helps her take care of the animals. She has a lot of property to keep room for them many species of animals she tends to and keeps shelter for.

Occupation: Fluttershy is an animal caretaker, usually by the choice of the animals owner, though there was the one time she took Philomena from Princess Celestia. She also works closely with the Ponyville vet and runs her own shelter, she will let ponies adopt the animals from this pet.

Cutie Mark: Fluttershy's cutiemark is three butterflies in a somewhat triangular pattern, all three have pink wings and the thin bodies are blue. She recieved her cutiemark after she fell from the sky during a race that Rainbow Dash was doing to defend her. Before she landed and got hurt a flock of butterflies saved her and she soon found the magical place on the ground. She soon fell in love with the land around her and all of the creatures that inhabit it. But as she was enjoying the animals a sonic rainboom scared them all away, but Fluttershy calmed the animals down and soon found out she could talk to them as well, it was at this point that her cutie mark appeared on her.

Unique Traits: Fluttershy has a good ability to sew and knows quite a bit about sewing and tailoring; Fluttershy is also amazingly talented at animal care due to her obvious natural talent with critters of all kinds. Fluttershy has a good sense of music and is able to coordinate her animal friends to play lovely tones, usually teaching her birds to do so. Due to being a Pegasus she has a natural ability to fly but having lived on the ground for so long she is a very weak flier, she is only able to fly strong and fast when her friends are in need. Fluttershy has one final talent of hers, though she is not very keen on using it unless in dire need, its called The Stare. This talent is used to keep misbehaving pets under control and is only used when no other option is avalable, Fluttershy does not take this talent lightly and will attempt any other way before resorting to The Stare.

History: Fluttershy was born and raised in Cloudsdale as to be expected as she is a Pegasus, but she never fit in well up there; Fluttershy was a very weak flier and her parents worried for her ability to fly and sent her away to flight school, hoping to boost her confidence and flying ability. This enevitably back fired as Fluttershy was made fun of due to her inability to fly well, but luckily she found a filly mare named Rainbow Dash who stood up for her. One day Rainbow Dash raced against some bullies to protect Fluttershy, and even that lead to Fluttershy earning her cutie mark after learning she could talk to animals. Soon after Fluttershy started living in the cottage near Ponyville and began to start her animal care. Through this animal care she began to get mroe friends, starting with Applejack and Rarity, meeting them from time to time as she helped take care of there pets. She also began to spend time with Rarity at the local Ponyville spa, and although Fluttershy didn't do as much as Rarity did, she did get some spa services done. After living in Ponyville for a little while she met Pinkie Pie, local party pony and baker, and soon enough Rainbow Dash moved to Ponyville for weather control.

Life was normal and Fluttershy never thought too much of her being special, but that all changed when Twilight Sparkle came to town. Fluttershy was quite shy around Twilight at first but opened up when she saw her adorable talking pet dragon named Spike. The day twilight came to ponyville was the anuall sun celebration, though this time the sun was never raised and instead the Evil Nightmare Moon attacked. After a long night with all of her friends as they chased down and defeated Nightmare moon, turning her back into the Moon Princess Luna, Fluttershy learned she was the embodiement of the Element of Kindness. From then on Fluttershy became great frends with Twilight and together with her other friends they went on many adventures, helping her overcome many of her fears, she has learned how to face dragons, be a little more assertave and even how to speak up for herself. Though despite all of this Fluttershy is still a good neatured mare who is very shy at first but will be the kindest friend a pony, or draconequus, could ever have.

Fluttershy has more recently helped reform the spirit of Chaos, Discord, so that he became a good natured, though still a little shifty, friend of the Fluttershy's, and she also has helped Applejack with a bat problem. Though during the events of the vampire fruit bat infestation at Sweet Apple Acres, Fluttershy was accidently turned into a fruit bat pony for a little while, and though it seems to have been removed from her, there may still be a bit left in her. She also recently helped a group of Breezies return home after they got seperated from the group due to a certian dragon wanting to get a closer look. She has also helped The Ponytones when Big Mac lost his voice y hiding behind the curtian and using poison joke to turn into "Flutterguy" and singing in his place, in the end she got a little carried away but it helped her learn to over come her stage fright just a little bit.

Character Summary/Personality:

Fluttershy is an extremely kind and sweet mare, sharing a love for all animals and pony species alike, she feels everything has a chance at being good and has shown this countless times. Fluttershy is still extremely shy when meeting a new pony for the first few times, staying very quiet and hiding behind her mane are common traits for her. She harbor a fear of large dragons though as overcome this fear once in order to save her friends and help ponyville from the smog that covered the sky, though they still make her uneasy, except for spike since he is still a young dragon. She knows a lot about all the types of critters around Equestria and wants to meet and love every single one of them, this sometimes leads to her using slightly unconventional means, especially when she cannot get the critters to come to her.

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