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Q: Who can donate?

A: Anyone with more than three posts can donate. This means members, RP certified, and RP apprentices.

Q: Where is my money going?

A: Your money will go into a Paypal account used by Canterlot.com to pay for server upkeep. You can view transactions, donor history, and current balance in the Canterlot Ledger.

Q: What do you plan on doing with surplus donations?

A: A portion of any funding surplus will be allocated for board traffic reserve. IPS cloud services are billed based on average number of users per 48 hour period. While we do not anticipate huge traffic variations, it is possible that average online users can spike during events (as demonstrated by the Crystal Faire 2015). The reserve will help smooth out server costs over the course of any given year. Further surplus may also be allocated for projects such as website front end improvements and additional plugins for expanded board functionality. We will also look at using surplus funding to purchase contest prizes and other goodies, though our current priority is to keep the server running and the board functional.

Q: Will you ever use ads?

A: We plan to run small, unobtrusive ads to assist with server costs. Code implementation is still in progress.

Q: Are you ever going to offer subscriptions?

A: Subscriptions are the model we are aiming to use, but like the ads system, code implementation is still in progress. Subscribers will be exempt from seeing ads on the page.

Q: Will there ever be any perks to donations?

A: The only currently available perk is the cosmetic donor badge. We will try to offer more tangible benefits with future updates. Stay tuned to this section for updates as they are deployed!

Q: How do I donate?

A: Using the following steps:

  1. Go to Paypal.com
  2. Click on the "Send" tab.
  3. In the "email or phone number" field, type in CanterlotLedger@gmail.com
  4. Type your selected donation amount in the appropriate field.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Log in to your Paypal account to send money.
  7. Review your information.
  8. Add a note to the donation with your forum handle so we can credit you with the donation! If you wish to keep your donation anonymous, please indicate it in the donation notes.
  9. Hit "send money"
  10. You're done!

Q: Are you offering any other means of donation?

A: We are currently only accepting Paypal, but are researching other payment methods. Please watch this forum for updates!

Q: I have another question! What do I do?

A: Post it in this forum! We welcome feedback so we can better serve the community!

We will continue to improve the donation process as time goes on. Our aim is to keep the donation process as transparent and streamlined as possible. Any feedback on the system would be appreciated. We're all learning this together, so help us help you!

Thank you for your donations and your support of Canterlot.com. Together we will make this a great place for all pony fans!

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