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Free For All Character Information

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You do not need an approval stamp to play as your FFA character!

This also means that you also do not need to put WIP or READY tags in your character sheet.

This subforum is for you to post character sheets that you and other players can reference in your RPs. There is no standard format for character sheets in FFA. The standard World of Equestria character sheet will be reprinted here for reference.

Be creative and have fun!

Topic Tags: Please add appropriate tags to the Topic Tag field under the Topic Title.  At a bare minimum, this should include the "OC" tag for original characters, the "FiM Cast" tag for cast characters, the name of your character's species, and your character's name in "oc:NAME" format.


Name: Names must be in the flavour of the roleplay and species. Names are subject to staff review and discretion.
Gender: Female or male is fine for this field.
Age: Any age that is not numbered. Young, old, teen, filly, mare, colt, stallion are all fine.
Species: Refer to our species list for acceptable species for play in Canterlot Chronicles.
Eye colour: Eyes that relate to the species are fine. Any colour is fine, though be reserved with use of glows or strange pupils.
Character colour: What colour is the character?
Mane/Tail/Other: What colour and style are the mane, tail, hair, etc? Other: Do they have any accessories like hair bows, an eye patch, or braces?
Physique: How is the character described? Can you get a good visual idea of what shape they are? Anything different about their body should go here (lost wings, broken horns, an extra toe, etc.)
Residence: Any location on our map resources is acceptable, including Ponyville.
Occupation: What does the character do? If they don't have an occupation, what do they do in their free time?
Cutie Mark: Applicable to pony species only, including Zebras. Adult ponies must still possess a cutie mark.
Unique Traits: This is a new space where players can list fun things about their character. Do they carry swords, specialize in ice magic, or do they like to bust flight tricks? Beware of characters that want to be analogous to Cast or emphasize power over a certain other character.
History: Just a brief history of the character is fine. No reason for a fanfic here. They may mention family if they'd like, but focus should be on this character.
Character Personality: What are they like to meet personally? Try to push away from introverted -- it makes no sense for a social roleplay. If they want to be socially cautious or shy that's fine.
Character Summary: Everything about the character should be nicely summarized here.


Admin Edit 8/7/15 : This sub-forum area may now be used to place character log threads as well. ~ Rose

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