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Searching for a 1x1 rp involving Chrysalis (Chrysalis player needed)

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Well, the title says it all really. I'm in search for a 1x1 rp where Solfire meets Chrysalis.

I always did like her when they brought her into the show.

Anyways, there is no telling what the rp will consist of; I'll leave that up to whomever decides to take Chrysalis' role. Of course keep with into the lines of Caterlot.com's rules and regulations. Nothing 18+, yet I'm okay with mostly anything.


Chrysalis x1

A good plot/setting

Open mindedness (That should be a given)

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Alright then. ^_^

This will start out as a typical 'Pony gets lost in the woods' type deal; and runs into Chrysalis. What happens from there will be determined on how we rp this out. Free-ranged and open for anything; so go nuts! XD

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