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"That's right, I hope you're ready to start going on official missions." the blonde woman said, smiling softly as the crowd began to leave. "Let's go and get briefed on our first mission together."




"Yes we shall before anything else happens!" Oobleck yelled as he zoomed around.

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They, split up? And the fact that Slash Wasn't with them wasn't at all a good sign. While the other cat did have many flaws, which Midnight would need a lot of time to list out, he also took full charge of the team. Meaning vanishing wasn't an option. Meaning, he was lost, unlikely, or...something out of his control happened to him. CAt Faunus don't get loss, and if he did. Midnight would make him pay for it, if nothing else, Cat Faunus had their pride dammit! If Slash was worth his ears....

Still, out of them all, she had the best way to track Slash. After quickly bandaging herself up, and taking a long drink, she walked over to Andrea. Ohh how this would be embarrassing. 

"Andrea, Slash is missing and, well, i doubt the professor will find him by running around. I know you and Slash hold hands quite a bit, meaning there is a high chance his scent will be on," Gods this was embarrassing, of all people, Andrea! "J-just, hold out your hand for a bit...A-and i swear, you pull any funny business, i don't care if i'm bleeding, i'll bury you" 

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