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Crystal Bash at the Blossom Estate! [By Invitation Only]

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Lilac Briolette was dashing around her house, straightening picture frames and rearranging flowers in a panic. Very shortly she would be opening the doors to her home and welcoming the many guests she had invited for her soirée. The majority of her guests would be the staff and performers from the Trillion Ballet Company, celebrating the success of the previous night’s small performance put off by Lilac and a few other dancers. With just her coworkers attending, Lilac felt like she could have relaxed a little more. Tonight, though, she had welcomed many guests to the Crystal Empire and some of the locals to join in the festivities as well! And that was exactly why the crystal mare was a hectic little bundle of nerves. Would they like her house? She had laid out the blueprints in a display case in her study for those interested – Lilac was always eager to promote the work of the Crystal Empire’s artists, especially the work of the architect who had designed her home. And would they like her decorations? Her tastes? The food? The music? The band had already set up and begun to run scales to warm up their instruments and get into a lively mood – and something about an arpeggio when her nerves were frayed made everything feel much more dramatic, unfortunately.

And what if the Princess actually made an appearance? What would she think? It was just a common home – it was called the Blossom Estate, but only because that was the title the architect had given it. In truth it was a small, albeit elegantly designed abode, and it was definitely nothing impressive when compared to a palace. At the very least, Lilac hoped the flower arrangements hanging around would make her house smell fragrant and fresh. One last time, she wiped plates of hors d’oeurvres , adjusted the positioning of her decanters of wines and spirits, and of course gave her hair and makeup one final check in the mirror.

The prima ballerina was wearing an elegant dress tonight as well: thin layers of tulle topped with floral lace patterns that hugged her curves tightly. Her hair was held in a loose bun with a rose gold hair pin in the shape of a bird, and of course she wore her necklace of rose gold vines with kunzite blossoms. She was rarely seen without the necklace unless she was dancing, in fact.

When the old grandfather clock in her sitting room alerted her to the time, Lilac jumped and then rushed to her door. It was time to open the doors and wait for her guests! With a deep breath, she swung the crystalline doors to her home open and began the wait. Nervously, her eyes darted to the ceiling. It had been covered with many draped fabrics to hide a surprise for later in the night: she just hoped she had made the draping look somewhat artful, and that it didn’t call her tastes into question. With a sigh, the prima ballerina poured herself a small sip of wine and let her gaze flick to the grandfather clock. Nopony ever showed up to a party on time, so she still had time to spare – but the wait was killing her!

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