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Hortensia Eglantine Fioritura [Ready]

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Name:Hortensia Eglantine Fioritura

Gender: Female


Age: Younger mare


Species: Areion


Eye colour: Indigo


Character colour: Hortensia’s coat is a soft baby blue which fades into lavender and then pink along her legs. There are soft touches of lavender in the webbing of her wings as well. They aren’t typical colours for an areion, which is a fact she knows all too well. Her delicate pastel coat is something she is very proud to have.


Mane/Tail/Other: Her mane and tail both are perfectly coiffed, voluminous, healthy, and a little on the longer side. They begin white at the base before fading into blue towards the middle and pink at the ends.

Physique: Sia’s got a long and lithe figure. While not particularly curvy or feminine, she always carries herself with a posture of femininity and total confidence. Even without any sort of physical vavavoom to speak of, she’s a knockout!




Residence: Hortensia lives in spacious, ritzy studio loft she shares with her husband near Bridleway in Manehattan.


Occupation: Sia’s a rising and seriously in-demand bridleway star.


Cutie Mark: A comedy and drama mask laid over a treble clef.

Sia’s family has been spreading its roots in Manehattan since her father moved them there shortly before she was born. Back then, areion were very rare to come across, especially in highly populated areas. Heart Racer, however, had a passion for theatre that he could not ignore. He could act, he knew it, and he wanted to make it big in Manehattan no matter what it took. Of course, his son and pregnant wife fully supported his dreams and were eager to join him in the move! The day he landed his first off-bridleway role was the very day Hortensia was born, and from the first breath she took she was running lines with her father. Although in her younger years her “lines” were little more than nonsensical baby-babble.

Her father trained her for acting from a very early age, and shortly after enrolled her in voice lessons. She took to both practices eagerly, a very serious and dedicated student from the first. When other foals were out living life with the reckless abandon of youth, Hortensia was running through scales and hungrily reading through every script she could get her hooves on. Heart Racer took her to see every play and musical that was shown in the city, from the lowest budget solo performances to the performances you needed to buy seat for nearly a year in advance. She consumed theatre and music every day, she lived and breathed it, and it was the only thing she truly cared for. Her family did come a close second, however. And of course Heart Racer, for introducing her into this beautiful world, was a very very close second.

She was never the sort of foal who wondered at what her cutie mark would be. She always knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that her flank would be stamped with some sort of symbol that was referential to Bridleway. During her very first audition for the role of Neighva Mareon in an all foals production of Neighvita, Hortensia’s cutie mark flashed into existence. She felt it tingling as it formed but refused to break character. This was her big moment, her chance to prove that she was born to perform! No cutie mark was going to interrupt that. Needless to say she landed the role and was pleased as punch to find that she had been branded with not only a treble clef, but a comedy and tragedy mask as well. This was it. Irrefutable proof that she would one day been the queen of Bridleway.


Unique Traits: Hortensia Eglantine Fioritura possesses an almost otherworldly vocal and acting talent. Years of sacrifice and total dedication to training her voice and allowing herself no pleasure beyond the rewards of her labours has tempered Hortensia’s performing art into something truly remarkable. In the language of flowers, eglantine means “poetry, I wound to heal.” Sia’s second name perfectly describes the experience of witnessing her performances.


History: Hortensia Eglantine Fioritura has lived for the stage her entire life. Nothing has ever been more dear to her than singing and acting, for nothing thrills her so much as watching an audience laugh and cry with every shift in her expression and intonation. For anypony outside the world of theatre she will have had a very boring life, truthfully. The fact that she is an areion wasn’t even a topic of discussion, thanks to her father breaking into the Manehattan scene years before her.

She grew up training her voice and her acting skills until she was a veritable paragon of the art, she landed a job after she had finished growing up, and now she is continuing in that career path. She made her true debut after being given a chance to perform as an understudy during a showing  of Hinny of the Hills and is now regarded as one of Bridleway’s top talents. Her current role as Crystalline in Areion of the Opera has cemented her reputation as one of Equestria’s top vocal talents, and she is working night and day to change that reputation to the top vocal talent in Equestria.

Perhaps the most exciting thing from her recent history is her marriage to the famed wrestler Thunder “The Bolt” Charger. As a mare who is famous for caring about nothing outside of Bridleway, it came as quite a shock when their engagement was announced. Many accused her of taking advantage of the stallion’s slow wit and tricking him into marriage so she could display him as a trophy spouse, and the rumour went wild when she decided against publicly setting things straight. That said, anypony who brings up the marriage when speaking to her face to face will have things set straight: Sia does, surprisingly, love her husband. Or rather, she doesn’t hate him - and for her that’s as close to love as you can get!


Character Personality: Hortensia is passionate, but she is only passionate about Bridleway. She lives to perform and little else in this world can even summon a change in her expression. The way most others see it is that she pours so much heart and soul into her performances that it leaves nothing for her personal life. When she’s not rehearsing or performing she maintains a flat and abrasive personality, at least on the surface. She is cold and uncaring, ignorant towards others’ feelings, and perfectly difficult to get along with. She doesn’t care for anything or anypony outside the world of Bridleway. Striking a casual conversation with her can be painful, as she sees mindless chatter as something particularly stupid. It’s a waste of her time.

That’s not to say she’s a diva. She’s proud of her skills, but she doesn’t lord it over others. She never makes demands outside of her expectations for professionalism, she never expects other to bow before her and kiss her hooves, and she certainly doesn’t take advantage of her fame. Her rudeness and cold attitude are simply a product of uncaring. It’s a saving grace for her, honestly; were she prideful or arrogant nopony on Bridleway would put up with her. Her lack of charisma outside of her performances can be quite grating, but professionals in Bridleway put up with it because she’s punctual, agreeable (while working), and totally dedicated as a professional. There’s no nonsense with her, and find her a dream to work with.

It’s this attitude of hers that makes it hard for others to see any sincerity in her relationship with Thunder Crash. Though he is a doting husband, she shows absolutely no affection towards him. In public she treats him the way she treats everypony else: she’s terribly, terribly cold. Sometimes she even seems downright mean, and she doesn’t even deny that he is a trophy husband. The fact that he never seems to be fazed by this is usually accounted to his dull wit. But the rest of the world doesn’t know the truth of their relationship. When they first met, Thunder tried relating to her line of work by relating his wrestling performances to Bridleway. She called him an idiot, and his puppy eyes were that charming that she fell for him irrevocably. Never in her life has she disliked someone so little, and though she rarely displays any affection towards the stallion, she often tells him when they’re alone together, with her usual flat tone, that she likes him well enough. For Hortensia, that’s as good as bursting into song and dance to confess her love.


Character Summary: Hortensia is cold, flat, and her lack of caring for anything aside from Bridleway often makes her inconsiderate and mean. She’s not malicious, however, and her total dedication to and mastery of her art is downright admirable. She’s a vision to witness perform: her slight, pretty physique, her confident poise, and her ethereal voice make her incredibly attractive and endearing. She has the power to make her audience laugh, cry, rage, cower, and much more with her voice and her acting skills. They are totally at her mercy when she takes the stage, and even the most stalwart ponies can shed a tear when she sings a tragedy. As such, many are willing to put up with her blunt and ignorant personality in order to work with her, though only a hoof-ful are willing to put up with her in order to get to know her better. Most see her as empty and lifeless off of the stage, and the only exception to that would be her husband Thunder.

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