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(Peryton) Silverglade (Ready)

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RP Type: Canterlot Chronicles


Name: Silverglade


Sex: Male


Age: Young Stag (Equivalent to a Young Stallion)


Species: Peryton


Eye Color: Grey


Coat: Silvery White


Mane: Long blonde mane that cascades down his shoulders, stopping just below his stomach. It almost looks white in certain brightness of light.


Physique: Tall and thin Silverglade is in perfect physical condition. Each side of his rack of antlers contains several points which he keeps sharp by rubbing trees. This is to give himself the appearance of being dangerous but he dare not risk breaking his antlers in combat. His wings are large as well, almost touching the ground when fully extended. Upon first glance he is seen as a mixture of imposing and enchanting. He is often seen with grape or ivy vines twisted around his legs and a crown made of woven grape vines in the summer and ivy in the winter.


Residence: The Velvet Strand in the middle of The Great Nimbusgait Lakes. His home is in a cave carved into one of the hillsides which is very rustic, consisting of an open hall with Silverglade’s throne like chair sitting on a raised rock and a fire pit in the center, a storage room off to one side, a guest room, and Silver’s personal room interestingly located behind his chair. Another opening near his home leads to his processing of grapes and apples where they are collected, crushed, strained multiple times, boiled, cooled, and mixed with Cirrus Lake water. 


Occupation: Self-appointed protector of the Velvet Stand, and owner as vintner of a sparkling cider and grape juice company called Silverglade's Wines and Juices.




Silverglade was, like many Peryton, born on the Velvet Strand.  Ever since he was a fawn his parents taught him about the bond all Peryton had with the land, especially their abilities to purify the land and the waters that have been damaged. Silverglade felt a sense of sadness that anyone would dare destroy of beauty of nature around them for profit or power. Surely no Peryton would knowingly do such a thing to their own land! It was in that moment that the fawn realized that it must be other races that were polluting the beauty that were the Great Nimbusgait Lakes, and Silverglade would certainly not stand for seeing his home destroyed.


As he grew so too did his awareness of the world around him. He marveled at the calm clear shallow waters of Lake Cirrus, the power of Neighagara Falls, and the mysterious Everfree Forest which loomed at the edge of the lakes like some monstrous foe. His powers did also grow as he was able to purify water and plants. He found an especial attraction to the few apple trees that stood on the Velvet Strand and the wild grapes that grew there. With a little cultivation, Silverglade was able produce a healthy crop of grapes and apples which he combined with the waters of Lake Cirrus. To his surprise the water didn’t dilute the taste of the fruits but gave it a sparkling taste to it. As a result the idea was born to sell his plan to others, something of an irony knowing that in doing so would draw others to the Velvet Strand even more than before. He already saw it happening as more bed and breakfasts, tea houses, and spas appeared on the shores of the lake. Still he felt comfortable enough that he was ready to open his cider and juice business. He could only hope that his actions did not disrupt the natural beauty of his world. But if there was one Peryton who could protect where he lived it would be him!


Unique Traits:


As a Peryton, Silverglade has a passive form of magic on the land. His antlers act similar to that of a unicorn’s horn, connecting him with the natural world. He has a great sense of navigation in natural settings by observing his surroundings, but this comes at a price when he visits towns or cities as he can get lost. His magic allows him to purify small quantities of water at a time and ensure that his crops are the purest form they can be. His magic also makes him alluring to other ponies, who much to his dismay draw close to see a Peryton.


Like others of his kind Silverglade is able to use his wings to assist him in jumping high into the air and gliding from lofty places. As a Peryton he is able to regain his stamina quicker than others not of his race and be more resistant to sickness.


One of his unique traits is the ability to blend apples or grapes with the purified water from Lake Cirrus into sparkling ciders. To reduce trash and his costs he requests that used bottles be returned to him where he will clean them and fill them again. 


Character Summary:


At first glance Silverglade is seen as an enchanting figure who carries himself and acts like a prince. It is no wonder why many are drawn to him upon first sight. While part of him does enjoy the attention he also doesn’t want to be constantly hounded by ponies. The Peryton when not in the company of others is very skeptical of other races fearing that they will be the undoing of the natural beauty that he knows and loves. For this reason he acts quite aloof to what is happening outside the borders of the Great Nimbusgait Lakes, feeling that fruit of most problems have their roots in meddling with the natural order of things.


While he never chooses to be mean to others, he does treat others venturing onto the Velvet Strand coldly until they can prove that they harbor no ill intentions and respect the land rather than desire to exploit it. If he sees a pony or other race doing so, he will try to correct the actions swiftly. When a pony of another race does prove to Silverglade that they are responsible and offer no ill will he will warm up to them, and those he holds in high regard he will dub then “Friend of the Peryton” which means that at least in his view the visitor is to be trusted and that a promise is made to help the pony in whatever way Silverglade can. Breaking this promise would be a terrible action by the one who had the title bestowed upon them, resulting in Silverglade barring entry to the Velvet Strand and telling the other Peryton of the grievous misdeed.  To other Peryton he is more relaxed and less apt to put such rigorous expectations on them.


His behavior is often mixed with a sense of self-importance and arrogance. Even though he is by no means appointed as the ruler of the Velvet Strand, he feels that he is the one who cares the most for such area and thus is fit to protect it. Vanity is another one of his vices as he makes great lengths to maintain a regal level of appearance and looks down those who do not take care of themselves. This is not to say that Silverglade won’t get his hooves dirty as he regularly does so tending his crops and making his cider.


Silverglade will venture from his home and into smaller towns like Trottingham and Ponyville especially when selling his ciders, but he feels very uncomfortable in bigger more crowded cities like Canterlot and Manehattan. He doesn’t like the press of the crowds and not being connected to nature, and if he does have to travel to these locations he will seek out parks and other natural settings among the stone jungles. He also prefers to travel on hooves, not trusting much in the safety of a train.


He does have a fondness for good sparkling cider and grape juice, music, and watching the stars reflected on Lake Cirrus at night.


Silverglade despite his faults and skeptical nature does care about others and wishes good health and happiness. His wish in life is to live simply and comfortably as he gains an understanding of the ever-changing world around him. In time he hopes to break out of his comfort zone and become more at ease with the ponies that live nearby. 

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