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[Peryton] Lucy [Ready]

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Name: Lucy - Luce to friends.


Gender: Female


Age: Young adult


Species: Peryton


Eye colour: Spring bud green.


Character colour: Light sea green with white-blue fetlocks, mane, antlers, and feathers.


Mane/Tail/Other: Lucy’s got a short, sharply styled mane that’s a very pale blue-white in colour.


Physique: Tall, slim, and toned. This peryton is tough as nails. She has tattoos along her forelegs and neck in the same white-blue colour of her mane. She tends to wear too much makeup most days - black lipstick, purple eyeshadow, and heavy mascara are part of her usual makeup routine.




Residence: Anywhere her hooves take her. She’s originally from the Velvet Strand, but she left that home behind her many moons ago.


Occupation: Vagabond, grunt worker, wannabe vocalist.


Cutie Mark: N/A


Unique Traits: Like all peryton, Lucy has innate magic that draws other sentient beings to her and helps to soothe and rejuvenate them physically and mentally. It’s a natural magnetism that’s amplified by her charisma and unique...charms. Because of her broken antler, however, her peryton allure is diminished by half. Even so, what’s left is enough to serve her needs. She’s got a rough, smoky, untrained singing voice she loves to put on a show with, and the heart she puts into it plus that peryton appeal helps her pull in any audience she sings for.

She’s also an excellent scrapper.


History: Luce grew up in the Velvet Strand, where she enjoyed a life of...well, she didn’t really enjoy her life there. The islands themselves were heaven to her. Being around other peryton and enjoying the benefits of herd magic, screaming and roughhousing in the shallows with her friends every day, chasing fireflies every night - it was almost as though she had found Utopia without looking for it. Almost. Peryton themselves were all so...stuffy. Snobby. Not that she wasn’t just as self-involved as the rest of them, she just didn’t look down on others the way most of her friends and family did. Not to mention the adults spent their entire days sipping stupid lattes and doing yoga. They were all boring.

So each year that Lucy grew older she yearned to get away more and more. The only thing that ever held her back was the herd magic that made life so...clean. Pure. There was some secret part of her that feared she would somehow become a foul abomination of a peryton if she were separated from her herd, but lucky for her it wasn’t a decision she had to make by herself.

During her late adolescent years, Luce climbed up an oak tree to hide a friend’s favourite doll as revenge for eating her lunch that day. While she was climbing, she misstepped and fell hard to the ground. She had been unable to snap open her wings in time to glide to safety, and the crash that resulted from her fall cracked off one of her antlers. After that accident her life changed drastically. Her friends, her family - they were all uncomfortable looking at her and speaking with her. A peryton’s antlers is a peryton’s magic, and lacking one had made Lucy half a peryton. It wasn’t as though everypery had begun shunning her though, they just didn’t know how to deal with her. Herd magic is everything to their kind, especially on the Velvet Strand. She no longer fit into their neat little puzzle, so they all just started leaving her behind.

At first she rebelled against their cruddy attitudes. She began to collect tattoos and piercings, modifying her appearance to separate herself from them. Peryton, after all, value natural beauty above all else - permanently changing her appearance seriously ticked off most everypery else in the herd. Little mods had always been accepted - something to highlight natural assets. But with where Lucy was heading...hooboy, nope. That did not go over well. That wasn’t enough though, she was still unsatisfied with her life on Cirrus Lake...so she left.

Now she just wanders around Equestria taking odd jobs, singing whenever she can scrape together a band, and enchanting everypery she meets with her obnoxious charm.


Character Summary/Personality: Lucy isn’t exactly complicated. She’s loud, obnoxious,  and she’s got a serious chip on her shoulder despite being a naturally carefree and friendly individual. She can be incredibly rude, gets ticked off pretty easily and isn’t afraid to tell somepery when they’ve gotten under her skin. Even so, her natural peryton charm and easygoing, friendly manner makes it really easy to be friends with her so long as one can avoid getting on her bad side.

If you manage to get on her bad side, well...good luck getting off of it. She holds grudges and has a hard time letting go of the past. And when she doesn’t like somepery? She makes it very clear. Dirty looks, rude words, and rude gestures are all in her arsenal.

That said, get on her good side and prepare for a world of doting. She can be clingy with her friends, mostly because she’s always insecure and worried about losing them. A lingering effect of the peryton herd mentality she clashed with, without a doubt. A history of failed romances hasn’t helped with that, either. Those who have left Lucy have always had the same reasons: being around her gets intense and there’s never a happy medium. When she’s happy she’s stuck at your side, when she’s mad she’s kicking you and cursing your name. She’s just constantly pushing her needs on others without really thinking about their wants or needs at all.


All that comes after getting to know her, though. On the surface she’s tough-as-nails, way too cool, and is always singing happily to herself. She’s got the type of carefree personality that draws others to her when she first meets them - unless she’s around other peryton. She’s always prickly around other peryton because she assumes they’re all pompous, condescending, and ready to judge her about her broken antler. Being around others of her kind makes her feel like she really is just half a peryton, so she’ll always give them the cold shoulder without even giving them a chance.

Her singing is the most important thing to her. She’s not particularly good at it - she’s got no range and her voice is rough and completely untrained. She puts unparalleled energy and heart into her voice, though, and it’s the most sincere way she can communicate. Everything she doesn’t know how to put into words for those she cares about comes through in her music, and that passion and yearning (which is very similar to a fawn stomping her hoof and crying for attention) is captivating for most audiences. Thanks to her peryton magic (even though she only has half of what she should), the bewitching nature of her singing is that much stronger.

She also has a soft spot for cats, loves the summer rain, and lives for the kind of hard work that builds up a sweat.

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I was wondering when I'd see your art turn into a character. Everything looks fine, so off to the next phase of the review process! 

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