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I wasn't going to apply for any cast characters... But then Gilda became available, and apparently I'm one of the few people who really like this character. I think she'd be fun to play. I decided to do her application in character, as I'd seen some like that before and I thought it'd be fun. Anyway, here goes nothing:

Name: "It's Gilda. Don't forget it."

Post colour: 996699

Sex: "I'm a chick. Don't think that holds me back though."

Age: "I'm an adult, obviously."

Species: "Heh. Griffin and proud of it. Half eagle, half lion, all awesome."

colours: "My body and wings are a sweet shade of brown. The feathers in the front are brilliant white, with ends of the ones at the top highlighted in a wicked purple."

Tail/Markings: "My tail is typical to a lion: long, frayed at the end. I got these talons in the front too. Believe me when I tell you, they're as sharp as they look."

Eye colour: "Stunning gold."

Cutie Mark: "Is this some lame joke? I'm not a stupid pony!"

Physique: "Gotta say I'm pretty flawless. This body is strong and fit. These wings aren't just for show! I can out fly any griffin, pegasus or whatever else wants to try me. Just you wait and see!"

Origin: "Talonopolis, home of the Griffins."

Roleplay Type: Mane RP

Occupation: "Only losers and dweebs spend their whole life working some lame job. I'm a flier. That's all I need to be."

Motivation: "To be the fastest and coolest griffin in all of Equestria and put all the dweebs and lame-os in their place."

Likes: "I just love the feel of the wind against my wings as I soar through the sky. I have a serious need for speed. Heh. And there ain't much more fun than pulling a good one over on some dweeb. Basically, if it's cool, I like it, and if not I don't."

Dislikes: "Dweebs, ponies, flip-floppers, slow-pokes. You know, basically anything lame."

Character Summary: "So you want to hear my story, huh? I don't blame you. Who wouldn't want to know more about a griffin as cool as this one? Losers, that's who.

I'm Talonopolis born and raised. My family life was lame. My parents are total squares who just didn't understand anything about being cool. They tried to force me to go to school and pay attention to all that useless **** they try to shove down your throat. Needless to say, I rebelled. I flew that coop first chance I got.

You see, I understood it all from early on. Nothing in this world cooler than speed. My place was in the skies, putting my wings to the test. Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats pulling off some awesome tricks high in the sky while onlookers watch, jealous they can't be so cool.

Guess that's the only cool thing my parents ever did, sign me up for the Junior Speedsters. It was hard to get used to being around so many lame ponies, and there was that totally stupid chant they made us do, but I learned a lot about flying there. It pushed me past my limits and made me even more confident in my speed. I came out of there with confidence I was destined to be the best there ever was.

What? Rainbow Dash? Why are you bringing that loser up? After what happened in Ponyville, I'm so over her. I could out fly her any day. She'd rather hang out with that dork Pinkie Pie and those other pony lame-os than me, so why not let her? I totally just don't care. I'm better than that. I used to think she was cool. Junior Speedsters, she was the coolest pony I had ever seen, but no, apparently she'd rather be just another dweeb! I can't believe I ever considered that lame pony a friend.

E-emotional? Shut up! I am not becoming emotional. Why would I? It's not like that slow-poke Dash means a **** thing to me anymore! It's over. She chose to be a dweeb with her dweeb friends and I chose to stay cool. That's that. It's dead and buried. I've already forgotten all about her, so just stop asking me about her or I'll make you regret it..

So yeah... *cough*... My life is in the sky. I'm a trick flier, one of the best in the game. Those overrated Wonderbolts don't have nothing on this griffin. I can out fly them all. You got that? That's about it for this griffin. I suppose it's not a lot, but it's a simple philosophy for me: stay fast and stay cool."

Just to clarify:

- Gilda is certainly not over Dash, regardless of what she'll say. In general, Rainbow Dash is a very touchy subject with her. And though she's far too proud to actively pursue reconciliation with Dash, she definitely regrets how things have fallen apart, and does kind of wish they could be friends again.

- Gilda doesn't have a formal job. She does stunt flying in shows on occasion, but beyond that, her poor work ethic and general bad attitude get in the way of her actually carrying a legitimate job. Of course the resulting lack of income doesn't trouble Gilda, as she has no qualms about stealing what she needs when others aren't looking.


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Thanks to you both. :)

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Heh. Thanks! That's probably a sign I did something right.

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