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Dante Silver-Tongue

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Name: Dante Silver-Tongue

Gender: Male

Age: Stallion

Species: Unicorn

Eye Colour: Blue

Character Colour: Dark Orange

Mane/Tail Color:  Light Orange and Blue

Physique: Bigger than the average Pony, but not by much.

Residence: Canterlot

Occupation: Poet/Writer

Cutie Mark: A quill floating above a vial of ink

Unique Traits: Very sharp witted, and is able to conjure up a great tale. Is knowledgeable about magic, however is still learning and understands this.

History: Born in Canterlot within a wealthy family, he was raised with much etiquette. He took very fondly to the Canterlot Archives, reading about magic and other tales when he was little. Eventually he realized his natural ability to write himself (gaining his cutie mark) and he too began on his path of adventure throughout Equestria with Lightrunner Showerfall to write his newest story.

Character Personality: Very laid back, and would rather watch the happenings unfold instead of intervene, but with if he feels it is necessary. Loves art of all kinds, and loves the outdoors. Wants to inspire other ponies to become who they want to be and help all that need it. Doesn't talk to much, unless he is excited, and he loves to watch other ponies overcome the challenges they face.

Summary: Dante Silver-Tongue is a male unicorn who was born and raised in Canterlot. He is a poet who wants to find adventure and help those in need. 

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