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The Arena - Electrifying Clash of the Nobles! - Sigurn vs Swift Squall

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For a while now, Swift Squall was wondering what for Harmony sake possessed him to travel to this frozen land.

Nobelpony traveled all along the known world back when he was a sellsword. Swift however never visited the Whitescar, and it became one of a few places he could say so. It wasn't any surprise to be honest, the caribou were a proud warrior race and what use would have a nation of battle hardened fighter from a mercenary? They were more likely to be hired themselves if the honesty of political course of  current Hight King was to be trusted.


But all to point, Squall didn't took liking to the Whitescar so far. The land itself, along with it inhabitants seemed to bear the shackles of the past, the era forgotten and buried so long ago under the snow and ice that even it's name was lost. Unicorn wondered if this was always the case, and if it was not was it cooling of the land what made caribou so harsh, or the other way around?

Maybe there were ancient cities, buried under layers of frost, only waiting for curious adventurer to find them?


Stallion shook his head. He wasn't here to over-analyze the caribou and the path their...'culture' has taken. He presence here was primarily to learn and study the fighting styles of horned Whitescar inhabitants. After picking up a yet another false identity - one who wouldn't be tied with the ones used in Equestria - he did just that. So it happened that time for 'Hail Line' first fight came right around now.


Unicorn made his preparations inside the barracks. Observing him, was one-eyed griffon, wearing an eye-patch, while also drinking suspicious beverage from his canteen. The hoariness of his feathers and coat, as well as the collection of scars he beared were clear indication that tis bird was veteran of many battles.


"Hail Line was it? Looks like it will be your turn soon." he squawked in the gruff sounding voice. The pony however didn't seemed to be in the mood for the conversation. This didn't discouraged the old warrior however. He took a sip before continuing.

"It may be no businesses of mine, but you don't look like a fighter sonny. You walk like a one who seen a lot that's I am %^# sure of. And no sing of scratches on you, still as pristine as hatchling who picked up his first wooden sword."

Seeing that stallion was still focused on straps, buckles, and other things that held all of his gear together the old gladiator hunched forward.

"The others have suspicions as well you know? I don't know what's happening in the barracks on the other side..." griffon paused to take another, larger swig "...but I heard they trying something 'special' to check you out. But as I said, it's not my business."

This finally seemed to get some reaction. The currently white maned pony picked up his sight from his tools to gaze at the scarred veteran.

"Special.... like what?"

"Tartarus if I know. It could be a dragon, or maybe they sic a bunch of beasts native to this frozen hole on ya. Once they filled Arena with water and made some poor chaps go against a duo of fish-ponies. If that wasn't one sided then I don't know what is."

"Fair enough." pony answered laconically while sheeting his weapons.

" Fair enough? Sonny you either have guts of steel or really are that good to not ear a single scar on ya."

Swordpony didn't bothered to answer that, instead approaching the gate that lead to arena floor itself.

"I drink for your debut, do you hear boy? Don't make me drink over your chopped remains, I horrible at making good sounding epithaps, gwahahah!"

".....I keep that in mind." Squall muttered in answer, very eager to finally escape from griffon ramblings.

His ears perked up as he heard the working of machinery somewhat below and above at the same time. Machinery that lifted the massive wooden gate he was standing before.


With his mind clear, 'Hail Line' walked towards the dimmed sunlight of the frozen north.

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After her last battle with Captain Starbreezer of the REA, Sigrun had made sure not to pull any punches during her next battle. The lovely mare she'd fought earlier had proven to be a more than worthy opponent that she had to face again someday... and hopefully payback for that rather thorough paddling to the backside she was given with the flat of her own blade. While undoubtedly amusing to the spectators, it didn't serve her reputation well if a pony could bring the chieftain of a clan into such a humiliating situation. So this time, no holding back...


The Cow strode into the stadium wearing her own armor, a set made for both mobility and defense. It seemed to have been designed with the philosophy of, "Best way to avoid damage is not to get hit... but if you must be hit make sure it doesn't do much." As such some of her more vulnerable looking areas were covered by some plate and wooden inlays that her clan was so famous for. The very type that made certain magical attacks worthless. She had forgone her typical masterwork blade an instead had brought forth the more ceremonial (but no less functional) weapon she would so often carry to special battles. At her side was a blade with an overly long handle and wrapped in cloth black as the night without the stars or the aurora... The cloth was quite thick as it managed to hide the almost monstrous looking blade portion of her weapon. The Cow tossed the cloth aside at the entrance to the gate and carried it in her teeth to the arena. 


The blade looked rather thick but no less sharp, and it's edge was heavily serrated with multiple runes emblazoned on the edge and several mechanical attachments to the hilt area and down the handle... or hoofdle. The Bearer of the mean looking armament stabbed it into the earth before bowing respectfully to her opponent. The silver eyed caribou looked over the pony's face and tilted her head, "Hm... you seem rather familiar. Didn't I see you in the Crystal empire during my last visit?" she asked curiously. Her head leaning in a bit before pulling back to take her weapon in her hoof. "Well, Wherever you're from, Sir. I'll make sure to leave enough of you intact so you'll be recognizable when you are sent back home."


With that confident remark she assumed a stance, readying her muscles so they could react quickly to whatever this stallion had to throw at her... which seeing all the stuff he had on him looked to be quite a lot.

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Squall almost wasn't able to confine his surprise upon seeing who exactly was his opponent.

"That absolutely terrific." stallion thought at the sight of 'Bladehymn' Sigurn as some called her. Squall was looking forward to say - sample an appetizer of caribou combat ways. Instead he was given an four course meal. Unicorn wasn't supposed to show extent of his abilities, but from the situation he was forced to deal with, it didn't looked like he had a choice.


But then came the question about their familiarity. How? Swift after all was wearing the bracelets concealing his true appearance. Aside from being an unicorn and eye color nothing matched his looks. Not even his voice. Was Sigurn perceptive enough to see through this Hail Line disguise? Intuition or not, noblepony noted that he had to be especially careful with this cow.


Somehow swordpony managed to keep the straight face.

"Doubtful." his reply to Jarl question was as laconic as the one he gave to the griffon earlier. Following the one world answer was a throwing dagger - a first of many - aimed straight at caribou face. Jarl dodged that sneak attack of course, but that gave an unicorn time to close the distance and draw one of his long swords.


However despite the first, very aggressive actions noblepony didn't followed through. As the two back-dashed from each other, the unicorn apparently focused completely on defense. When Sigurn swung her blade low he tumbled over it, followed by spin and a roundoff when a vertical strike followed. Some more attack followed, all dodged by the stallion with an gymnast like grace. Sigurn may be fast, but it appeared that the pony was faster - at least when he fully focused at evading - that all this time pony refrained from any sort of counterattack seemed to cement this. His weapon levitated beside him like oversized Heartwarming decoration as he watched, studied Jarl's moments. Every fighting style had a weakness, and it was only matter of time until Squall will figure out Sigurns...

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The Jarl chuckled after the dagger flew past her head, "Seems we're both in this to win at any cost, I wouldn't have it any other way." The cow grinned as the stallion leapt into the air, and slammed his blade into hers with a loud clang. The jarl was not amused, honestly a tad insulted that  the stallion seemed to aim at her weapon rather than her. The stallion had some strength and speed behind him but in the end he'd chosen the wrong place to strike. As soon as that loud clash echoed across the stadium, the runes on the edge's of Sigrun's weapon shined momentarily and she felt a surge of energy run through her muscles. So this was the power of the draconic smithy's special craft... no wonder the kind always carried his spear. 


Almost immediately after the clash, the silver eyed cow launched back at a speed one would never have assumed a caribou her size capable of, a cloud of dust kicking  up in her wake. Before the newcomer knew what was happening she had closed the distance between them and cut a series of powerful strikes that seemed grow nearer and nearer to the pony each time. However, Sigrun noteiced his acrobatic movements and rather unagressive fightign style so she waited and held back on each swing, her blade feinting but never following through even after he'd dodged. This pony would have to exhaust himself at some point. One of her lower swings had resulted in the stallion tumbling purposefully. 


When he was done with his performance the Jarl calmy strolled towards him, not wasting her energy in a gallop if this stallion was only going to keep dodging, She could see the pony studying her movements and she chuckled before she stood before him once more and thrust her weapon forward in a well executed feint, intending for it to look sloppy but not too much so. and it worked, after all that dancing and flipping he was doing he came in for an attack and tried to slash at one of her legs, and then slice at her side. This one had spirit she had to give him that... however his spirit wasn't going to be enough.


Hail Line was a swift unicorn indeed but he seemed abit overzealous and tried to land a hit across her chest and that was going to prove to be a big mistake. She'd been making sure not to waste her energy by putting all her strength into the flurry of feints from before so she moved swiftly to the side, The blade did indeed cut her chest and draw blood, however Sigrun had a plan for it. She'd managed toquickly tug one of those daggers the stallion had at his side and then while He was close, jabbed it into his hind leg. With him slowed down a bit his backdash would prove to slower, not by much, but by enough...


And backdash he did, just as Sigrun Thrust her weapon forward. Normally the stallion would have been out of the weapon's reach... that is if this was a normal weapon... The Jarl tighted her grip on the weapon and suddenly the handle of the curved sword extended just as Hail's dsh was nearing it's end and then it was followed by a powerful swaith aimed at his upper body. The thing about Serrated blades was that when they made contact with flesh... they were most definitely not clean cutting like a typical blade would be. Instead of parting flesh it would be more appropriate to say that it tore the flesh off the area it came in contact with and that's what Sigrun's weapon did. If Squall didn't duck or evade this strike than if it didn't his his body it would take off a bit of that armor he was wearing.

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Squall's over focus on trying to figure out caribou fighting style coasted him deeply. When Sigurn made her feint his body was on auto-pilot, and instincts told him to strike at the weakness so strike he did. The Jarl made sure to make him pay for that slash across her chest, and even though pain was an old friend to him as well, the stab compromised his mobility somewhat...


And she wasn't done either. As it turns out 'Bladehymn's' sword was one of those famous expendable blades.

"Not so trick-less after all." passed through his mind. In a split second he admired to himself how well this weapon was made. The shark-tooth weapons tended to be very effective...too much in fact. Due to how many viewed this kind of arms as 'cruel' - due to horrific wounds they could inflict - one had to posses special to own one in Equestria.


Sigurn most likely knew this too...which made him not dodging even more shocking. Both the cow and stallion could feel the tearing of the body suit. She through her blade, and him directly - as serrated edge chewed through the protective layer. Some slightly longer protrusions even managed to draw blood. Even the dipping in special alchemical formulas didn't made the suit sturdy enough to withstand such force.

And the it stopped. Sigurn could see the magical aura surrounding her weapon. The physical might was opposed by the might of the will.

The cow stumbled a bit as the unicorn pulled the blade forward, forcing her to make half a step in the same direction.

"Do you enjoy it that much, Jarl Askr?"

Another pull, and caribou founded herself at eye level with an unicorn pony. Pair of jade eyes pierced the cow like a Röntgen rays. As if the owner of this gaze knew her deepest insecurities and shames. He didn't seemed to notice or care about crimson trickles that appeared on Sigurn's weapon, even as the started to drip onto arena floor. He deliberately allowed himself to be injured to hold her in place?

"You kin revel in battle and worship strength. What remains when you strip that down?" nobelpony asked with a deep, throaty rasp.

With that he magically hurled the heavy sword aside, the weight of the weapon dragging the cow with it. Using the opening, Squall cut, once more through the caribou chest, but this time deeper - forming a X-shaped wound in the process.

"The Hight King, his daughter and you claim that you want to built the new future for your people, but you still using the same bricks to do it! Tell me, what you - the caribou - have to offer to the world besides more fighting? What can you do, that belongs to you only, that can make it the better place? I will beat the answer out of you if I have to!"

The swordpony pulled all the stops. He first ripped of the remains of his bodysuit before throwing it at Sigurn. She brushed it aside, obviously annoyed, but it gave the unicorn a moment long enough to draw three remaining swords. The all four blades assaulted the Jarl, and 'Hail Line' wielded them no less skillfully then the single one. She being an experienced warrior managed to defend herself, nothing more the small cuts came from levitating weapons. Even the few slightly deeper ones did nothing as Jarl body was built like a stonewall. However she was constantly pushed back, as stallion himself attacked independently from the weapons. Starting with the material art kicks of his armored legs, back to the to the more throwing daggers, Hail gained more and more ground. He didn't spared his wounded leg, and only stopped momentarily, when well aimed punch between whirling swords hit his face. At his point the will hit an Arena wall and his upper-hoof will be even more prevalent.


Suddenly Squall caught a small sound, the same one as before. He leaned backwards just in time to be outside of reach of extended blade. With a snake like reflexes he stroke back. Another dagger flew off from under ragged duster. But not at the Jarl. Instead pony jammed it the blades mechanism. Both of them could hear the scrunch as the dagger, and something inside the blade broke. It's was still perfectly usable weapon, but there was no way to change it's length anymore.


So focused was he at neutralized that unpredictable weapon, that Squall forgot about one that was provided to nature by nature itself. In a surprise maneuver cow used that impressive antlers of hers to bullrush him in sudden attack! The much lighter pony was knocked down and still used her appendages to further crush him. Soon his ribs will pop like piñata!

And the the Jarl could feel his hind-legs locking around her neck! It was a game of chicken at this point. Either he will roll to the side, but with a broken rib or two or she will back off to avoid being chocked into unconsciousness.

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Just like that the stallion's protective armor was ripped from him by the teeth of Sigrun's blade. A faint glint coming off of a dagger in one of the many holsters it sported, something that the Jarl made sure to remember. Soon her attention was pulled as her blade was engulfed in a magical aura. This was hardly the best course of action to take, as the blade's runic enchantment allowed it to slowly absorb the magical energy as the stallion held her weapon in place and prevented her from pulling out of this situation. Soon the stallion tugged her to eye level with him and from the look he was giving her it was like this pony thought he had heat vision or something, and then he posed a question to her that made her smirk.



"We've also got good mead, food, camaraderie, and my clan's chieftain has a backside ta rival your sun princess." she jabbed back playfully before her body was pulled along by her weapon as Hail threw it aside. Seems this judgemental stallion had a bit of a strategic mind after all. The smile on her lips only grew wider as she felt the X pattern carved into her chest armor. This will make for an interesting addition to her armor's appearance... Then she heard something that caused her smile to fall. 


Those silver eyes zeroed in on the stallion and glanced for a split second at the rest of his armor that he have thrown aside, a cute diversion. Then came the rain of cuts, the stallion had the advantage of magic and unconventional angles from which to strike. Sigrun was more then experienced enough to evade some of them but others she was able to glance off the tougher sections of her armor. She admired this pony was willing to continue using his injured leg however presenting it to her in the form of a kick might not have been the best move. Her opponent might have seen the glint in her eye as she spotted an opening in his wind up of magical swing and planted a powerful punch on the stallion's face. She'd made sure to use enough strength to do enough damage that Hail might have gotten his nose fractured, but she made sure not to punch him hard enough to rattle his brain. While the stallion was dazed she reached for her weapon which had momentarily returned to it's shortened form and she immediately began her counter attack, activating it's lengthened form only for the device to be jammed by a thrown dagger... inconvenient, but at least it was in it's lengthened state. 


Choosing to make use of her tuktu given traits she swiftly lowered her head and slammed him down with the force of a downward aimed horn attack before she pushed the small pony's body into the stadium floor, sparks coming off the ends of her horns as she ground the stallion into the ground and reached the remnants of his armor... and one of the knives it held. Just as she was running low on breath she snatched up a dagger in hoof and slammed it into the stallion's backside, right on his cutie mark! The stallion loosened his grip and grunted loudly in pain, Sigrun reared up, the stallion's legs hanging down from her horns as he was heaved into the air and then thrown to the other end of the arena with the wind knocked out of him. 


While Hail was regaining his senses his opponent had sped towards him and then lifted him up by the scruff of his neck in her hoof and then brought him towards her face ... and then there was a loud snapping sound that echoed over the stadium. A horn was held in between her teeth and then spat on the ground, "You seem to be more than happy to try to turn a fight into a debate. Cute. But while you are in Whitescar... you respect those who have earned their power. You may disrespect me all you desire... but you will not de-value my king, or Randgrid while I draw breath." With that The Cow through the stallion to the middle of the arena, from his perspective her face was entirely in shadows, the only thing in her expression visible being those dead focused, silver eyes of hers on her opponent...


"No more magic today... let's see how you do with your bones and muscle..."

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To be cut from his magic was....strange. It didn't hurt surprisingly - as much as Squall would expect it. Instead it resembled being taken from water to the scorching sun. Or maybe from sauna to the frozen outdoors. Regardless losing his horn like that was rather embarrassing. The


But it wasn't important. While the unicorn struggled onto his hooves, Sigurn's words hit his ears. While Squall's ire was wild as his namesake so far, her comment congealed it into a cold, tranquil anger - just like the climate of this land.


"I see. So Whitescar is just like so every other place in the end. There always are some puppet who ends up following without question a goal that's not even their own." he said in almost monotone voice. "If you King would order you to raid defenseless settlement or jump from a cliff would you go with it?" he asked just as he stood upright.


"But of course this isn't your kind way to ponder over such things, isn't it? You judge others on their 'strength' not bothering to ask if there are other, maybe better criteria to recognize others value. You cling blindly to you traditions without wondering why they were established or if they still serve any purpose at all. And did you ever wondered why King Dragonsong is doing what he does?" he kept asking, getting more and more emotion into every following word.


"There are few things that I loathe more then soldiers and warriors who blindly follow orders. Bladehymn! I will teach you importance of making questions." swordpony proclaimed while moving into combat stance. Right now he needed no weapons anymore.  For a passing moment Sigurn could see a faint shape of titanic serpent coils shifting behind the stallion. But it was absurd. She herself broke his horn after all. As if guessing what she was thinking 'Hail' responded to her later words.

"Magic is more then a sorcery and throwing things with your mind Jarl. Every living being share the aspects of it that are more important then this. Love, hope, courage...there are just a few. Allow me to show you what you lack mighty warrior. SIGURN ASKR!" noblepony cried his opponent name, before making leap that seemed impossible with his injured hind leg and flank.


The caribou did not allowed herself to be surprised. Her heavy sword was quick to respond to this new offense. But somehow the stallion managed to evade this attack, twisting his body in fluid motion. Like a water....or rather like a snake. Before she could even finish her swing a quite words were said by the unicorn, more to himself then her.


"Shui She Shang An..." which were followed by two strikes from his hooves, almost to fast to see, let alone respond. One of them hit her leg pit, the attack somehow making her drop the blade, despite not being that strong. The second one hit her elbow, and she could fell as it fractures, the bone braking and essentially making the limb useless. She did not make a sound however. As a seasoned warrior Sigurn has suffered worse, and besides what kind of Jarl would she be if allowed herself to be bested by pain? Still it was baffling that just like 'Hail' managed to break her leg. To pay him in hooveful she struck back with an uninjured leg before the pony could shift into proper stance. And again, he displayed lighting reflexes. He was not to fast to step out of the way like with a sword, however his leg wrapped around caribous limb mid punch, softening the blow. It was still strong enough to send him sliding backwards a few meters.

"You strike like enraged aurochs and fast as a weasel Jarl Askr." stallion complimented the cow while shaking off the fatigue, in the leg that took most of of the strike.

"However a warrior without the cause can't best me." he announced, while shifting back into the stance. One of his legs moved in the way that simulated the angry viper. Both fighters walked in the circle, both of them waiting for the slightest sign of the opening.


Suddenly the unicorns tail moved toward one of the pockets in his now ragged duster. In an unexpected maneuver he used it to toss another throwing dagger before - once more - closing the distance.


But Jarl Askr was prepared for that! Just like at the beginning of the fight she moved out of the projectile way. This time however, she reached out and caught the handle with her teeth! When Swift was back near her, for some face to face exchange. Using her enormous strength she forced the pony into a grapple. When his forelegs meet with hers in this contest, she yanked her head and stabbed him into another leg. Sigurn's neck muscles were more the fit for a task and stallion ended with another deep stab wound, in another limb. Cow didn't even bothered to pull out the blade from is leg. Both knew that fight was nearing it's end, and if he would focus on retrieving the weapon she would crush him with her superior physical might. Which Silver Eyes Queen was nearing of doing anyway, seeing that Squall had three injured legs against her one.


But when all seemed set, Swift shifted his injured front leg a little. Stallion then flexed his muscles inside it, and a stream of blood gusher from the wound, straight into caribou eyes!

Taken completely by surprise she released him from her grab. Knowing that he will not have another chance, Swift unleashed one last attack.

"Gŭlăo De Xīnzàn Dúyè" he said, in an unknown to Sigurn language.

In the corner of her blinded eye, Sigurn was able to see an approaching attack. And again, for fleeting moment it seemed to be not a limb of the pony, but a bare fang of the attacking snake. Jarl clenched her teeth for the upcoming hit to the head. It didn't come. Instead the technique hit into the X shaped mark on her  armor, sending the pieced of it flying, and hitting the cow straight in the chest. For the moment both combatants stood in place as if frozen. Sigurn slowly rosed her eyebrows as if in 'Really?" kind of the question. Stallion own face expressed nothing. He seemed to wait for something...


But then she could feel the sharp pain under her ribs. Cow had her fare share of wounds before, but never felt something like this, pain sharp enough to make her breath shallow and short. She took few steps backwards as the vision became dizzy, raising her healthy leg to clutch hurting chest. As her vision started to black out, her legs having up under her. Before she lost consciousness, she could see that unicorn turned to the side a scream something - still with a calm face. She was able to make out words "healers" and "cardiac arrest" before and then blackness swallowed her.



             * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Few hours later 'Hail Line' was sitting next to his still unconscious ex-opponent, his chin propped front. The equipment that he took to the battle put into the corner next to him. The medics took care of her a while ago. The wounds from the cuts were dealt with quickly. The stopping blood circulation was another matter entirely. On the surface stallion looked much worse then her, with bandages all over his body, limbs as well as his horn (which successful re-attachment came as a huge relief). But - again - the important part was 'on the surface'.

"So?" Squall asked the medic that approached the bed.

"Worry not Mr. Hail Line. Lady Sigurn will be all right. Although I will be lying if I didn't say that this wasn't an unusual body trauma. If you didn't told us what exactly was happening to her..."

"That's a relief. It was not my intention to put her into jeopardy. However in the heat of the battle one doesn't think like that"

Healer only nodded before leaving - perhaps he heard that kind of excuse few times to many.

Swordpony glanced up at the Jarl still unconscious form. He better would not be here when she wakes up. Still there was something that he had to do before that

"I not sure if you hear me or not but I believe you may need your explanation." Swift begun as he glanced at her through his sunglasses.

"You may wonder 'why'? And while I can't say that I know you at all I believe I can explain that. Frankly speaking you are a better warrior Askr. I didn't imagined that I will meet somepony with a bigger pile of experience but life have it's share of surprises. In the talent department we are about equal. And when it comes to physical characteristics...well I was feeling as if I was hitting a stone wall." noblepony confessed, allowing himself an amused smirk, if only for a moment.

"The reason why I am talking right now, and you play he mannequin, is because you don't have a cause to fight. Or rather you don't have a cause that you could call truly your own. I allowed myself to ask around about you. Your title as a Jarl is hereditary, and your skill as a warrior was something that the environment expected from you. You took the first as you duty, and developed the second to not disappoint your followers. But while you accepted both, in time finding cause to strive for Sigurn, Jarl of Askr, and Sigurn, The Silver Eyed Queen of the East, you never found one for Sigurn the Caribou." he said while standing up. She gave the cow another long studious gaze before picking up where he left.

"This empty space is impairing your growth, both as a Jarl and the Warrior. I can relate to be honest. Some time ago I had the same problem. But then I met sompony. And just like that I realized that even through I have a heavy duty myself, even through I must put my effort to by my best in the way of the sword, there is still enough space to find happiness."


Unicorn started to gather his equipment, in preparation to leave, but still had some parting words left.

"I too learned a lot today myself. Perhaps when we meet next time you will find that cause I think you lack." Squall hoped, before marching towards the door.

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The Cow's face showed no sign of change as Squall spoke, the shadows covering her visage blocking any nuances that could normally be visible to read her expression. She listened to the stallion's words and soon she poke in a much calmer tone than her normal jovial register she'd used this entire fight. "You speak of questions... of causes?"  She narrowed her eyes at the pony, her gaze almost predatory and the coloration of her irises almost made it look as if her eyes were glowing. 


A deathly silence fell over the audience for a moment, at least for the caribou portion of it. They'd heard of how dangerous the chieftain of Clan Askr was when she dropped her playful guise. Her clan called her that avatar of their war god for a reason. When the stallion leapt up into the air She swing her extended blade in and arc towards him. At first it seemed like his nimble dodge would let him evade this swing... but he'd not realized the second mechanism on her blade was still intact. Her weapon couldn't shorten anymore but the blade's additional function was still capable of being used to turn the tables in a battle.


A click was heard and blade on the end of the handle flicked backwards and Sigrun yanked the weapon backward's midswing. Hail could feel the teeth of the blade's serrated edge dig, deep into his back before he was pulled up into the air and then launched down as his now bleeding back was roughly released from the edge of the weapon. The stallion tried to get back up but soon the Pommel of the extended handle met his chin and  lifted him up a few feet before it slammed into his stomach and into his diaphragm; the resulting blow knocking the wind out of his body and leaving him entirely breathless.

"You spoke of love, hope,  and courage... I am all of these to my clan. The king knows if he strays from his goals of bringing our land into a brand new age of prosperity... than I would kill him myself." She simply watched as the durable pony got back up, apparently having caught his breath while his opponent loomed over him, her weapon now mimicking a scythe like form before switching back to it's previous spear shape. "You think our kind merely savages with no hopes for the the future or a cause of our own? What do you fight for sir? Equestria? Clearly not as you're here, debating another warrior in the ring. A better Whitescar? You seem to hate our land too much to want it better... what have you done with yourself that could improve others lives over your own gratification?"  

The Stallion merely gritted his teeth and took up another stance This time his opponent chuckled Wryly, "You're right... enough talk." She readied her weapon once more...


'We finish this bout, now' She thought to herself as she steadied her eyes on her opponent initially but also took in her surroundings. The stallion limped over to a nearby shortsword on the ground and took it up in his teeth. The Stallion gather up all of his strength and then galloped towards her, channeling the last of his strength into this beaten body. Sigrun in the meantime was running mostly on adrenaline but the blood loss she'd been enduring in this battle was starting to get to her. Maybe this was the stallion's plan all along? It didn't matter, she could tell this would be the last strike for them both. Hail because his body was beaten and broken in several places and sigrun because the loss of blood on her part was dulling her senses and reflexes...


The two charged at eachother and their steel flashed as they both swung, but Hail's had stopped as it had cut into Sigrun's side. The stallion looked up with a lok of triump in his eyes before he felt his body lurch forward as the cow on the receiving end pull the blade in deeper slight so a powerful punch to the chest and then the gut... The chest punch sounded like it had cracked one or two ribs and the one to the stomach felt like it had knocked his soul out of him for a moment before he passed out into unconsciousness...


When Hail had fallen, Sigrun looked up to the crowd and raised a hoof to the heavens. There was a pause over the crowd followed by a resounding cheer that shook the arena to it's foundations.

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After deliberation, Sigrun has been declared winner of this well-fought battle! Congratulations!

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