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Espionage (Ready)

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Name: Espionage, often called Es or Espy, the latter used for annoyance.

Gender: Female

Age: Mare

Species: Areion/Bat Pony

Eye colour: Light piercing silver, lighter than her mane.

Character colour: Dark grey, not quite black.

Mane/Tail/Other: Her mane and tail are a light silvery grey, but have a dull looking appearance to them. That and the overall messiness of their style is due to her lack of attention to them, and so her mane hang long and loose with some strands falling in her face.

Physique: Agile and speedy, as she enjoys playing defensive rather than offensive.

Residence: Mainly on the streets of Prance, but by night she travels wherever she pleases.

Occupation: Prench librarian by day, cunning theif by night.

Cutie Mark: A black eye surrounded by unknown tribal markings, showing her talent in stealth and sensing things around her. 

Unique Traits: Espionage appears to have more enhanced senses than the average pony, able to see and hear anyone trying to sneak around her. She also has a large vocabulary when speaking to others, derived from reading many books at a young age.


Es wasn't exactly born to the most fortunate of families, but she did have a loving one nonetheless. She, her older brother, and her parents lived on the streets of Prance, in makeshift shack that she called home. Her brother and father were well known in the area's black market, and as such spent most of their time out thieving. And so her mother stayed at home, becoming both a caretaker and a teacher to the young areion. 


One of the most valuable lessons, however, was when she learned how to read. Reading became like a second nature to her, not to mention giving her something to distract her from the long and cold nights. She often made trips to the library, stocking up on as many books as she could and just...reading. She read stories of adventure, romance, mystery, and everything in between. It was also around this point that Es began to use a bigger vocabulary than most ponies, sounding like a mature adult at a filly's age. Her favorite stories, however, were ones about spies. Their stealthiness and secrecy had always fascinated her, and she wanted to be just like them someday.  


But luckily, that dream almost came true the day Es began to learn the ways of a thief. It started off as nothing but a quick pickpocket, but the idea of doing it was practically nerve wracking to the filly. But her family was giving her all the encouragement she needed, and so she mustered enough courage to do it. And she miraculously pulled it off- nabbing a nearby stallion's wallet out of his bag and ducking into an alleyway. Exhilaration and pride filled her as her family came to congratulate. But it wasn't over yet - Es suddenly heard a noise that sounded like hoofsteps, that the rest of her family didn't seem to notice. Without saying a word, the filly flew up to the top of the building to hide, and the rest, while confused, followed. Sure enough, it was the pony she stole from, but she wasn't noticed at all by him. And after that, her cutie mark appeared. 


After that, Es went out nearly every night thieving. She was getting better and better at it, but unlike her father and brother, preferred to work alone. In fact, she began spending less time with her family altogether and more time out lurking on the streets. She felt at her best there, like nothing could stop her. She even got a bit cocky about it.


But eventually her brother grew old enough to set off on his own, and a few years later, she decided to as well. However, she needed a more direct source of money other than stealing, and so got a job at the local library that she often visited. She did nothing more than put books on shelves, and as such gave her a chance to sulk off in the corner and read whenever she wanted. However, she still spent her nights out thieving, even enjoying going to other towns to do so, and continues to sharpen her skills to this day.



Character Summary:

The first thing one would notice upon meeting Es would be the way she speaks. Words that come straight from the dictionary combined with a Prench accent makes her sound like a politic rather than a thief on the streets. However, her use of vocabulary is a habit that she has no intention of breaking, and rather enjoys it. 


She is not a pony to give out trust easily, if at all. Interactions with others besides her family are hard for her, and, due to her skill at her trade, is often conceded sounding when she speaks to others. She tends to think of other ponies, especially the ones she steals from, as something less than her, even if they do have a better lifestyle than her. 


In fact, underestimating others is probably the mare's biggest weakness. She has been in few fights, but she often finds herself not realizing the power that others have, and so is more of a defensive type when it comes to fights. 


In short, Es is a mare who lives her life day to day, usually alone with no intention of putting her trust into anyone. She has an obvious snarky side, but also the skill in thieving to back it up. She's a rather odd mare who still tends to read a lot with an admittedly cold heart, but all it would take is one pony to fix that. 

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Bumping this one up to Ready status!


I also fixed the spelling of her name, heh. 

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I've looked over this app and found it to be CC ready! I'll send it in for a second review :)

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