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To Raise Yourself(See OOC) - Canterlot

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It seemed like any average night in the capitol of Equestria. The moon and stars were out on a cloudless sky tonight, and ponies were resting comfortably in their beds at home or in the inns. But while the city sleep, something strange was in the works. A magical pulse that would be barely noticeable by those who would be awake to sense it. And while nothing burst into flames, or suddenly became produce, something had happened. Something that ponies would discover soon in the morning.




Razor groaned as he readjusted himself on his bed. He purred in contentment once again as he found his comfy spot once more and he found himself lulling back into sleep. Despite the sun already starting to rise and pierce through his window at one of the better inns in Canterlot.


He felt a slight weight against his stomach, of something nuzzling up against him. A second purr came about, joining in his. Razor, still half asleep, merely snuggled up to this weight, laying his head on it and covering it with his wing.


'Hmmm, Glimmer must have had another nightmare.' He thought, and he nuzzled the sleeping form.




'Wait.....Glimmer's back home in Rockwington with mom and dad....so who?' Razor thought, suddenly coming awake as he felt whatever was next to him in bed take a deep breath.


Razor snapped up a bit and looked down at a small sleeping form of a curled up griffon fledgling next to him. Where had this guy come from?


Razor stared at the sleeping fledgling, and tried to figure out exactly where this kid came from. He leaned forward and nudged the kid with his beak.


"Hey, uh kid....kid wake up." He said, nudging the sleeping griffon awake.


The fledgling stirred, scratched at its head with a tiny paw and yawned so cutely that Razor couldn't help but smile at. The griffon, then looked around as it rubbed the sleep from his eyes.


"Mommy?" The fledgling said, and looked up at Razor with two different colored eyes.


'Hmmm, kids got similar heterochromic eye color that I do....and....the same...feather color and.....cat fur....and....wait.....' Razor thought as he took a closer look at the fledgling.


He looked like....him!


"Ahhhh! Who are you! Mommy! Daddy, theres an intruder in the house!" The fledgling shouted and jumped from the bed.


Razor leaned back and brought his claws up, "Whoa kid, hold up..."


The fledgling didn't stop though, "Who are you intruder, you are invading on the private property of the Ironclaw Clan, home of General Ironclaw himself, one of the most renowned generals in all of Aquilla. You better leave now before I decide to get rough with you."


'What!?' Razor thought, and stared at the kid with wide eyes.


"Hey kid....whats your name?" Razor asked. Getting a bad feeling.


"Razor Ironclaw. And don't call me kid! Are you gonna leave or do I have to mess you up?" The fledgling said.


Razor blinked, eyes widening.


"WHAAAAT!?" He shouted, no doubt waking everyone in the Inn up.

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Golden Jewels. Once of the biggest jewelry shops in Canterlot and even a fill size company around equestria. The shop was made and ran by a beautiful ex-super model called Golden Beryl. The shop was located near an inn, one that usually had quite some ponies going to stay in it, making the area one of the most busy and visited of Canterlot city. Just the perfect location for the shop.


Golden was asleep in her bed, her hause located at the top part of her shop. It was still closed, and it wouldn't be open but until a few hours later. As the night went trough, she suddenly felt something in her bed. What is it? She could hardly tell, but it was... huggable. She smiled and just hugged whatever it was. She then soon felt that it hugged back, but did nothing to stop it.


As hours passed, the sun soon came out as the beams of light went trough the window directly to the side of the bed. Golden felt something moving beside her, then not so long after she heard somepony shouting. It apparently came from the inn, and since the shop was close, she could hear it rather well. "Ugh.... what a way to start the day..." Golden said sleepy as the shout woke her up


Golden then looked around and saw a small ... something, below the bed sheets. Golden yawned and sighed. Perhaps it was a stallion that broke in at night with out her noticing just to have a cuddle with her. That wouldn't even surprise her... if that was the case.


After a moment, Golden decided to see what was below. She took off the bedsheet and looked at what was there. A filly... a white filly with a golden hair. She just looked.... like her...

Golden yawned and looked at the filly, and after a few minutes, she realized what was going on. She gasped and hastily got off the bed with a gasp. "W-who are you?!" She asked startled to the filly.


The filly woke up at that and let out a cute yawn, then looked around. She looked like having a small age, still a small filly. "Uhmm... mom... dad...?" The filly asked as she looked around. "Who are you?" The filly then asked golden, steel sleepy.


"I-I am Golden Beryl... I own this place..." Golden replied to the filly. "Why are you here?!" She then asked again.


"How silly... you have the same name as I do..." the filly replied.


Golden gasped again, with a loss of words. This filly... looked like she when she was young?! What was going on?!

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When they wake up in the morning, most ponies expect today to be not very much different from yesterday.  This luxury of routine was one of the few Prince Blueblood could no longer afford.  These days, it was honestly a relief to still be Prince Blueblood in the morning.  The stallion's life had become so crazy as of late to make that no longer a sure bet...


A vague premonition that something was off persisted this morning, even after he checked in the mirror.  The sensation grew all throughout the unicorn's morning ablutions, and by the time he began to head down to breakfast, he was positively uneasy.  What was going to happen today?  Another changeling invasion?  A sudden infestation of breezies?  Had the maids all unionized!?


It was almost a relief, therefore, when one of the maids (not openly displaying any proletarian sympathies) finally came up to Blueblood and told him, "Um, sir?  We discovered an intruder in the pantry."


The Prince took a deep breath.  Burglars, then.  All right, not ideal, but it could have been far, far worse and weirder.  This he could handle.  "I see.  I suppose the guards have him by now?  Or did he get away?"  


"Well.... he didn't get away, but we're not sure the guards are necessary...."  The maid looked a little nervous and strained, as if she were stifling a scream... or a laugh.  The latter was more likely in Blueblood Manor, but neither prospect soothed the nerves of the Master of the House.  Said stallion's own face was growing more concerned, despite or because of the maid's assurances.


"Well, where is he, then?"  Blueblood asked pointedly, before the maid stepped aside, revealing another servant, holding a squirming colt in a small, black captain's hat, with a cute little skull embroidery.  The Prince stared at the white-furred young scamp, whose golden mane was specked with pastry crumbs and confectioner's sugar. 


"Unhand me at once!"  The little lad did his best to bellow like an admiral, which was more adorable than fearsome.  "The Dread Pirate Blueblood shall keelhaul the lot of you!"


Upon hearing these words, the older Blueblood's eyes grew wide as portholes.  Dread Pirate... that brought back memories of his foalhood.  While his adult life tended to be stiff with propriety, he'd been as rambunctious a colt as any, at least until his parents caught him trying to run away to sea.  But this couldn't possibly be... "Where did this... child come from?"  He asked.


At the sound of the question, the foal looked utterly shocked, almost crushed.  "What are you talking about?  You know, Dad!"


"Zu-ba-wai-WHAT!?"  The power of speech flew straight out the back of Prince Blueblood's brain, leaving him spluttering in shock.  For a moment, he wasn't sure what was going on... until he remembered that it was not, in fact, physically possible for this to actually be his offspring.  As yet.  "Uh, no.  I am not your father.  I am not anypony's father."  He said the last insistently, hoping to quash the inevitable rumors this would start among the servantry.  "I am Prince Blueblood, the fifty-sixth-"


"No, I'm Prince Blueblood the fifty-sixth!"


There was a pause, and silence, as the room took into account the competing claims.  "Young lad..."  The Prince said slowly, before realizing he had nothing to say after that.  The younger Blueblood, looking around at the deepening expressions on everypony's face, gradually began to look more scared as the silence lingered.


"Where's... where are mother and father?"  He asked, stiffening his diction in an attempt to stave off tears.  The older Blueblood remembered how he used to do that, back when he found out-


"Unyasi."  He blurted out, suddenly.  "They're in Unyasi.  They, ah, will be gone for a while."  For good, in fact.  Oh, Celestia, how was he going to handle this?

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Naj sighed as she trudged over to the bed of her rented room, tired from more than just the day's travel.  Canterlot could be something of an exhausting city for her, having been the stage for two equally important events, though there were of opposite natures.  This was the site of that disastrous attack little more than a year or two ago, yet it was also where she was officially allowed to be a resident.  The capitol represented some mixed and very powerful emotions.


Ordinarily Naj didn't have much business here, and that was the way she usually preferred it.  She conceded that she'd be happy to visit if Red Ceder ever felt the desire, the stallion's presence was sure to make up for any additional stress.  And she did have a few friends here that she admitted she should visit more often.  She made a mental note to do so before this particular outing was finished.


That wasn't why she had been here today, however.  This was a simple delivery- or at least it was supposed to be.  The only reason she'd agreed to it was that it was supposed to be fast, and nopony else was available on this short notice.  But then she ran into an issue with the local guard, easily resolved but a delay nonetheless, and had some trouble finding the house.  By the end of the day she was exhausted, and decided it would be safer to just spend the night rather than try to make the journey back.


Not wishing to impose on anypony, she tracked down the nearest decent-quality inn and rented a room, which she was no inside.  Having shut and locked the door and closed the curtains, she dropped her 'disguise', flopped into bed, and moment's later was fast asleep.




At the sound of faint shuffling, Naj's eye snapped open.  She didn't know what time it was.  Her head snapped around rapidly, scanning the room, her first thought being that someone was after her.  Even with recent events, she still didn't think she was that much of a visible target, but the fear was there.


That wasn't the case this...evening(?) though, as the room was still empty.  Any attack would already be in motion, had she imagined it?  Naj rubbed her eyes, then started to move toward the window intending to check the time of day.  The moment her hooves hit the ground though, she heard a small yelp come from under the bed.


Naj paused.  Well, she wasn't imagining things.  She didn't even bother trying to guess what it was, jumping ahead right to investigating.  She crouched down, and lowered her head so she could see into the space between the bed and the floor.


Underneath the bed was a tiny, black shape quivering and covering it's eyes with a pair of hooves.  Certainly not what she was expecting, at least not in her hotel room, but that wasn't the most surprising thing: a second look revealed that it was covered in chitin instead of fur, and its hooves were full of holes.

What?  That was a changeling nymph!  There was no reason Naj could think of that a nymph would be Canterlot.  Well, only one way to find out, and she couldn't just leave the poor thing cowering.


“Hey,” Naj tried her best at a comforting voice, though it wasn't one she used very often, “you don't have to be scared.”  Realistically, Naj knew that the nymph could have any number valid reasons for being afraid, but panic wouldn't help either of them at the moment.  “What are you doing all the way out here?”


The nymph peeked out from behind its hooves and sniffled.  “I...I dunno...I think I got lost but...I didn't go to sleep here.”


Naj frowned.  She wasn't sure what to make of it beyond it being unhelpful.  But at least the nymph was relaxing a little being able to talk to a friendly changeling, and that was enough for Naj to keep going.  “What's your name?”


The nymph seemed pensive, looking around the room to stall while she decided whether or not she should tell this unfamiliar changeling about herself.  After a moment, the nymph guessed that any punishment that came from this would be worth it to get back home.  “...It's N-Naj.”


Naj froze in place, and her eyes widened.  It had to be some kind of trick.  But the nymph clearly wasn't lying.  The nymph wouldn't have even known her name to guess!  The more she looked the more the nymph seemed oddly familiar...that was impossible!  She wasn't even in Ponyville!  There was only one response Naj could give to that particular revelation.


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