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5 hours ago, batponyisbestpony said:

Is everypony sfw?


I'm on there as well, as well as quite a few members of this site :) 

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I'm on Equestria Forums here and there. I used to be really active there three years ago, then I drifted away for a while and forgot my sign-in and such so I re-joined it recently. There's not much left of it though. I check in from time to time and there's nothing different; no new threads or even many new posts. There appears to be about a dozen or so core members that just hang out there together and that's about it. I tried digging up some older threads just to have something to talk about and got poked at for it. Silly me.:!:

I was on a couple of others (not as SunGuppy). I think one was Friendship is Magic forums (something like that) but I didn't stay because I couldn't figure out the layout of the place. I can't remember the names of the other ones. I think they're gone now. 

I tried MLP Forums long ago, but I didn't really know much about forums then and didn't have a very good experience. Maybe I'll go back someday. 

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