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What a beautiful day. The sun was shining high in the sky above, the air was so warm and the clouds brought brief relief whence it passes over the sun to cast a dark shadow. There are ponies every which way and that; enjoying their afternoon on the park benches.. or there are foals on the playground.. Or older colts playing a rousing gave of hoofball. Young mares with their hoolahoops and an old grandmare feeding the pigeons.


It were almost picture perfect, the kind of scenery that only box art could rival. Where everypony was either smiling or looked content beyond their years?


They knew not of the struggle some faced all but a few meters away, through the trees and in another grassy opening; a meadow by a humungous rock.





A powerful ray of thick, off-white blue energies blasting through the air, colliding with a small, sapphiric shield, refracting off in all directions. Where's upon the slopes of a frosty mountain there stand two ponies. One tall, powerful unicorn stallion and one beautiful Pegasus mare. Each gifted with long, flowing white manes and piercing red eyes... The male bore a bladed horn; the magic withering away briefly so that he might collapse.


"Lancaster!", the mare catches him; her right eye covered in but a ragged black eyepatch; bearing incredible scars and bladed wings that shimmered and clacked together with even the slightest movements.


They were both sunk down several feet into the ice; bunkered against the blast which had come from something even they had not prepared for.


"That were.. a most powerful attack..", he murmured quietly.. his legs trembling as he does so valiantly attempt to pull himself back to his feet, "I am just a bit sapped is all.. Nothing to worry.. Agh!..."


The mare gasps, "You are hurt.. Your horn is steaming!"


"I overclocked the shield, nothing more!", The darker, olive brown stallion


"... Hm hm hmm..", the air thickens as a very dense voice; filtered with such deafening power washed around them. The land shook.. the air grew colder. Snow belted off the ground and high into the air. The light brown mare's piercing red eye glint to mere pinpricks.. looking up... and up... and up. Into the eyes of a great and powerful Frost Wyrm. A giant by even standard, dragonic proportions. Who's sheer presence lay waste to the land around him... climbing his way out from the underside of the mountain peak, "Foolish little Equines. You dare to venture so high into the mountains. To dragon's peak? You dare to challenge my territory? You dare to challenge ME?!-", the air itself rattled.. the mighty drake revealing his armada of teeth. His wing hands slammed into the rock.. articulating such that he could rip the rest of himself free.


Massive plates shutter and grind with each and every movement while his hind legs eventually clammer up.. standing before them.. Almost on top of the two near defenseless ponies. His eyes an icy blue.. his body mixtures of greys, off-whites and frost sea. A behemoth of a wicked creature forged by greed.


"You dare challenge Fraule?!~", it booms, "You barely stand after all but one blast.. What hope do you have?", his head craned down... shoveling snow in his jaws before his cold.. moist breath rocked over the two.. leaving a coat of frost on their much smaller, near-microscopic bodies by comparison.




Both Lilly and Lancaster's gorgeous dark cloaks flutter in the breeze laidened upon the mountainside, facing this daunting task.


The shorter Pegasus leans into her elder brother, "What... do we do?", she shudders.


His red eyes shift between she and the dragon, "... I am not beaten yet.. But I need.. T-time..", they are both perpetually freezing, "-Look out!"

FWOOM! The ground lifts beneath them as a huge tail begins something of a small avalanche; sending the flying into the air and back down into the cold, fluffy snow, "MEHAHAHAHAAA!! You Assume I cannot hear you! Meddling ponies! I am a dragon!"

They land several meters apart from one another; struggling to climb back to their hooves whilst Lancaster rises, his white mane fluttering in the cold wind; his horn blazes with light, "Enough of your rambling monster! Have at you! FIREBALL!!", like a loud, rattling cannon a mighty fireball licks from deep within his core.. shooting straight for the dragon; bouncing off and blasting apart upon the beast's massive chest as though it were nothing more than a petty firework.


"Hmhmhmmm...hmm...", the Wyrm begins to slowly advance.. taking it's time as it looms ever closer. Able to ignore the numerous arrows plinking off of even it's huge, flaring eyes. "My scaling alone provides me with armor far beyond what your petty magicks can summon, Child. You will both make an excellent treat... As I do so admire your tenacity..."



"Aw come on this is like.. too hard!", complained a small filly named Lilly, who were still laying on the grass about two meters away. Her mane was in fact.. not white; it were a straightened, downy black. And she wore sweet, emerald green eyes as opposed to red. The tiny pegasis tucked her wings and puffed out her cheeks very tightly, "Fraule is OP!"


The same could be said for her brother, Lancaster. His real, given name were something far more.. unusual; Umekile. A darker, olive brown unicorn colt who's horn was in fact.. straight and curled much like everypony elses. His eyes were a piercing sapphire. And his mane? Well! It too was black; not Elven white. "Lilly shoosh! I'm trying."


"Hey! You said I could be the dragon! And I'm a super big dragon! And dragons are tough!", protests the third companion of them... another unicorn. Who's coat was an icy blue; a frazzled, creamy white mane and yellow eyes. Atop his head was that which marked him the dragon... A small, gray lizard; an Anole. who emotionlessly twitched it's head to and fro.. the height not too high enough that it would hurt jumping down.. but too high enough to want to even if the three of them were all very small.


"I don't have any magic spells! And you said my arrows don't do anything to you!", The smallest of the three whines.


"Well yeah, duh! I'm a dragon! You're using plain iron arrows aren't you?"


"I was using my Diamond tipped arrows!"


"Ohhh!... Then they maaade-"


Umekile steps in with a sneer, "They made dents in your armor and are getting lodged in your scales! Like a pincushion!", he clips his hoof against the grassy floor beneath them, "Another few good shots and I think one should get lodged in your eyeball!"


"WHAT?-... Aww.. Alright I guess. Diamonds.. Pfft!", the blue unicorn with the frazzled cream mane was Cryoshock; an equally nerdy but more stout compared to his tall, lanky friend in front of him, "Okay! But remember.. That landing damaged your wingblades, Lilly! And Ume!... My chestscales are waaay to tough for a simple fireball."


"Oh.. Alright! I'll just have to try harder!"


"So you would think!", Cryoshock grins, his horn glowing; but his eyes go cross as the lizard crawls down the front of his face, looking into his left eye, "Hey! Fraule! Get back up there!"


Most of their commotion is hidden by a small layer of trees and brush.


Lilly then asks, "Hey.. We're on a mountain right?"


"Yes." Both Cryoshock and Umekile answer simultaneously, as if slightly annoyed.


The sweet little Pegasus hops to her tiny hooves and then proudly proclaims, "Okay!-"




Whilst the Wicked Wyrm's attention is pilfered and drawn by the loud boasts of her tenacious elder brother. The mare pulls herself from the snow, grunting and weakened.. Her wing extends; grabbing for her bow, "Almost-!... Agh!... Gotteem!", she squeaks.


Lillith draws a thick headed arrow from her now snowed-in quiver. Striking a match and lighting it ablaze, "KEep talking Ume-I mean Lancaster!", she whispers as she takes aim.. and releases the flaming arrow high above the dragon; a mighty 1000meter climb to a peak above them. Followed by a small BOOM...


The two bickering males turn their head up; yes even the dragon's attention is drawn to the heavens above as the earth begins to shake.


"Lillith! What have you done?!", cries Lancaster as he immediately begins to hop toward her through the deep snow.. trying not to stumble over while Fraule is distracted by the coming torrent of snow and Ice.


"Burying the dragon!", she answers as she yelps, getting swept in by her brother.. A shield casting while the roar of that great drake was drowned out by a mighty, mile-deep avalanche of ice, snow and rock!




Back to reality the three small ponies merely TOSSED themselves to the left.. With Umekile hunkered over his smaller sister and Cryoshock taking his small, pet lizard Fraule into his hooves and making a garbled "RAAAWWRBRBRBRBRLLRL!"

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Qaline stood among the trees, midway between the park and the clearing. she leaned against a tree, listening to the foals as they played their game. "...I wonder if they have room for one more player..." she mused quietly.



after a few minutes she straightened and trotted towards the clearing. she ran through her character in her head, making sure she knew what she wanted to do.

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Toothie stood among the trees, midway between the base of the trunks and the highest of branches. Well, he wasn't standing as much as he was latching onto one of the branches for dear life; peering through the brush of leaves around him concealing his whereabouts. Up until the point where the small white colt failed to maintain his grip on his perch as the mountains crashed down upon the terrible dragon.

The collective expression of the pain one would experience from falling out of a tree, the sheer surprise of the occurrence, and the absolute terror of being discovered by those he was spying on were blended together to make a concoction of an expression abruptly burst suddenly and unexpectedly through Toothie's lips:


As it is a known fact that falling from high places straight onto one's belly is an uncomfortable and often undesirable situation, the vibrant colt rubbed his tummy to sooth the ache that he had earned. Fortunately, recovery was swift for his young body and Toothy was soon looking at the other individuals without the confusion of blurred double-vision.

It took about four seconds for Toothie to realize that he had gathered a grand total of too much attention. What made the idea worse was that it was more than likely that the ponies he was spying on found it blatantly obvious that the pony from the trees above had been watching them. The worst part was that Toothie was the pony from the trees above.

As if his new audience was not already astounded by his previous speech, (which oozed with sheer emotion. seriously, that 'Oof' was the most legit thing Toothie had said all day!) Toothie mustered up what wits he still had about him and formulated the perfect cover for his crimes:

"Oh, uh... hi?"

The delivery might not have been spot-on and a smidgen unsure, but the slight wave of his hoof to accompany his words undoubtedly wooed them to believe his innocence.

Nailed it.

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"Egads!" A voice squeaked from the bushes that nestled under the tree the colt fell from. It wasn't long after did a head pop out of the brush. A filly with light green eyes stared in shock before wiggling her way from her hiding spot. The light strawberry colored filly walked around the fallen colt before stopping in front of him. "Ya took a right nasty fall there." She asked her accent dated to that of earlier times. "You okay, slick?"


Canary Twist, being the amazing detective that she was er...strived to be, had taken it upon herself to find out the noise coming from this little field. What she discovered was a bit mind boggling. Foals running about and shouting things of dragons and talking in a funny way. They seemed distressed in some way but, she didn't see anything. Maybe it was invisible? Or could they have lost their marbles? And was that a lizard? Truly the case of the century! It was nothing she couldn't solve right? However, it took her by surprise when a foal suddenly fell from the tree above.  First lizard wielding foals and now colts raining from trees?!


Maybe she was the one who's marbles were lost....

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She stared...urgh...such foals.  Stupid rolleyplay or something.  Whateves.  She turned to go, but their excited shrieks and calls made her freeze for just a moment.  As a young teenager, Lyi had just grown past the age of fillyholt daydreams and entered reality.  Games that might have peaked her interest once now seemed annoying and bothersome, like, not worth my time.  At all.  


She was certainty studious, following in close steps the education system.  She studied hard for every tests, and always handed things in on time. She was smart and careful, never bragging about her Honor Roll marks or scholarship award.  She never dared to flaunt her talents, nor her strange ability to shape shift her wings.  It wasn't anything much-just a Changeling trait that resurfaced into her genomes from her ancestors (from way-back-when).  She was, by no means, a nerd, either.  She loved to play sports, chill with da 'mates, listen to electronic music, and enjoyed plenty of extracurricular and school clubs.


She was a strange Pegasus indeed.  Her wings rarely shifted by themselves, and she could only fly with them in their original state.  Her coat was peach, and her mane and tail were black (with colourful highlights, of course).  She loved colour...and she loved roleplaying.  Used to love roleplaying.  


She turned back to the group, and began making her way towards them, better late than never.  In any case, I'd be glad I spent one more season roleplaying before I have to grow up and take the university courses.

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(Whops, sorry, i didn't get the notification for Lyi doing her post.... :razz: Il edit this post sometime tommorow with a post, its 11 at night right now)


Star Shine was walking around the place, looking at every filly or colt as he passed. And every single one, he shyied away from, not willing to make eye contact with any of them. He was always shy.... at least now he was. He was carrying a single bag, in the shape of a guitar. As he was walking around, he looked forwards, only to bump straight into some pony. He quickly apologized, then ran towards the forest.


Once he was inside, he looked around, and noticed a group... talking to each other near a rock. He stayed hidden in the bushes, watching them. 

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(who's turn is is it? Finest's?)

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((I do believe so.))

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