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Blue Team vs. Rainbow Team: The testing of the guard [Closed]

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Drills could only prepare guards for so much.  Repeated marches across a green, weapon strikes against an immobile dummy, and spit-polishing armor meant nothing unless they could integrate their skills, together with their comrades, to address a situation.  What was more, these situations could come on at any time, practically without warning.


Given the... recent performances of the guards of Canterlot during previous crises, Prince Blueblood was not convinced that their current training regimen prepared them sufficiently for such situations.  Well, he certainly wasn't going to stand for that in his honor guard!  Hence, the little exercise he'd come up with for today...


"Guards!"  He called them to review in his back garden.  There were currently only two of them, Captain Star Crusader, an absolute titan of a mare, and Arcus, a recent assignment whose mettle Blueblood hoped to see demonstrated.  

"There will be an extra drill today.  A test, almost a practice game, if you will."  He held a dueling cane in one hoof, stalking back and forth as he addressed them, aping the style of a commander talking to his troops.  "I have contacted a certain specialist to test our perimeter and personal security measures.  For the sake of the exercise I will not give a name, or expected tactics.  They will be trying, on their own initiative, to breach your watch and... inflict certain things upon my person."


He frowned a little at that.  It sounded wrong, but he honestly didn't know what was being planned on the other end.  "The exercise begins now.  I wish you good luck hunting.  That is all."  He nodded at them both, signaling them to return to normal patrols.  Or at least, their practiced patrols given a heightened security threat.  To be perfectly honest, Blueblood wasn't exactly certain how confident of their success he ought to be.  He'd be the last stallion in the world to denigrate Star Crusader's performance, and Arcus had come highly recommended... 


But the "red team" was no slouch either.  After all, one didn't become an Element of Harmony and "fastest mare in Equestria" for nothing.  *I hope she was kidding about that green dye...*

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